IMF Chief: CBDC Should Be Used Alongside Social Credit System to Enslave Humanity

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Headline News

The elitists whose goal is to make our enslavement permanent claim that a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) should be used alongside a social credit system to completely control humanity. The International Monetary Fund chief wants to control what everyone is allowed to but using a CBDC.

The deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently explained how Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) can be programmed to determine what people are allowed to buy and insisted they should be used alongside a China-style Social Credit Score system. If humanity accepts a CBDC, the slavery we under now will become permanent with no escape.

On Friday 14th October, the IMF streamed a meeting called “Central Bank Digital Currencies for Financial Inclusion: Risks and Rewards.” The live stream of this meeting went under the radar for many but a video surfaced of Bi Li, the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, explaining how CDBSs can be programmed.

He said: “The smart contract would allow targeted policy functions, like welfare payments, consumption coupons, food stamps, etc.”

“With CBDCs, we can precisely control what people can and can’t own. Also, what kind of use this money can be programmed for, like food only.” – Bi Li

Consider The Possibility That This Is Already The Dystopia You Fear

He went on to say that: “CBDCs can’t solve every financial inclusion challenge, but they can work together with financial literacy and digital literacy.” So, a CBDC would work with other policies like digital identities and digital wallets. This goes hand in glove with what the World Bank Group described in November 2021. Digital identity verification is essential to the operation of CBDCs, particularly in cross-border transactions. “

The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

“Tradable digital assets must be tied to a digital identity system, which in turn should be tied to an automatic KYC and AML/CFT verification system.“

“This is a foundational step to the potential use of CBDCs, and emerging developments in regulatory and compliance technology may benefit central banks’ experiments in the digital currency space.” –Open Knowledge

Those who want to control humanity are working tirelessly behind closed doors to make sure they sell the slave system to the population. The goal is to track and trace and surveil every person on this globe.

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