Illinois Moves to Outlaw Modern Firearms and Criminalize Owners

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Headline News | 600 comments

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    Illinois Senate President John Cullerton will reportedly introduce a draconian bill today in the Illinois legislature that will effectively ban all modern firearms, criminalize their owners, and subject their guns to confiscation by the Illinois State Police.

    The proposed outlawing of firearms was confirmed by the NRA’s Illinois rep, according to Robert Farago, writing for The Truth About Guns website.

    The move coincides with a federal effort by Senator Dianne Feinstein to introduce legislation outlawing semiautomatic firearms and imposing de facto confiscation.

    From the Illinois State Rifle Association:

    Based on what we know about Cullerton’s bill, firearms that would be banned include all semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Pump action shotguns would be banned as well.

    This would be a very comprehensive ban that would include not only so-called ‘assault weapons’ but also such classics as M1 Garands and 1911-based pistols. There would be no exemptions and no grandfathering. You would have a very short window to turn in your guns to the State Police to avoid prosecution.

    Folks monitoring the effort to disembowel the Second Amendment in the Land of Lincoln say the bill has a 50-50 chance of passage. They advise gun owners both in and out-of-state to call Senate President Cullerton at 217-782-2000 and contact state representatives at

    In addition to outlawing a large number of firearms, the legislation will target shooting ranges in the state. “Not only are they going after semi-autos and magazines, but they are going after ranges,” the Illinois Carry website reports.

    In November, we reported on Illinois governor Pat Quinn’s attempt to circumvent the legislature and impose an assault weapons ban. State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, a Republican from Okawville, led an override that defeated the governor.

    In early December, gun grabbers in the state were dealt a setback when the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state’s ban on carrying a weapon in public is unconstitutional.

    “We are disinclined to engage in another round of historical analysis to determine whether eighteenth-century America understood the Second Amendment to include a right to bear guns outside the home. The Supreme Court has decided that the amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside,” the court ruled.


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      1. Hopefully this will get shot down in court. So much for the Constitution.

        I just don’t see how this could get voted in to law, but then again, I don’t know how half of the laws get passed.

        • One more national incident involving guns and this will be the norm all across the country. The snow ball is rolling down the hill now. They are drooling at the mouth in anticipation of disarming all of america and making you a pariah if you do own a gun that they can’t take yet.

          • Gun confiscation is being planned for Americans. They are actively pushing it now. WE KNOW that disarming citizens only results in higher crime rates. It won’t matter. New “data” and “polls” will be found to SHOW that disarming citizens is GOOD for us.

            “Gun Free” Chicago Ranks #1 as the Deadliest Alpha World City – More Gun Laws, Bans, Restrictions Just Don’t Work
            (Patriot Action)

            NY Gov. Cuomo: Gun Confiscation “Could be an Option”
            (Conservative Byte)

            Feinstein’s Gun Control Bill Will Trigger the Next American Rev0lution

            • After numerous attempts, direct links to the articles will not load.

              • Try a right-click on the link and select “Open in New Tab.” Worked for me everytime.

                If still having trouble, clear your browser cache.
                If still having trouble, try in a different browser.

                • @everyone:

                  just read this — gun ban bill looks defeated, yeah.


              • Links…Type in Article Title at website

                patriotaction dot net

                americanthinker dot com

                conservativebyte dot com

                alt-market dot com

                • Here is what the Russians are telling us from their history, and the history of other tyrannical governments. Read it and weep.

                  Please read and learn from history:'t think for one minute this isn’t incremental.

                  I am also thinking Cloward & Pivens/Saul Alinsky: i.e. get so much going on in the way of gun control that the system becomes overwhelmed, gun owners become overwhelmed, and then the laws slip through.

              • never a thought of your own but always the thoughts of someone else.

                • Tried to post a thumbs up but it would not take it
                  So here is your thumbs up

                  It is hipoccracy ( probably misspelled ) you get the point though

                  the Watcher

                • Here’s a thought: Blow me troll!

                • To all Star Wars fans:

                  When Anakin Skywalker first turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader, he was sent to the Jedi Academy to kill all of the younglings! For those of you not into Star Wars, the younglings were all of the young kids, from across the galaxy, who were strong with the force. They were recruited to school from a young age and become Jedi knights.

                  Even though it was just a movie, when he went there to do it, I dropped my head almost in tears and thought: NO ANAKIN, DON”T DO IT!

                  Darth Vader slaughtered ALL OF THE YOUNGLINGS!. NO ONE BLAMED THE LIGHT SABER1

                  I talked with a friend of mine who was a federal law enforcement agent for25 years,
                  his comment was that he wished that we would have been there. He with his 25 years of experience and me with a concealed carry permit and many thousands of rounds of training!

                  We BOTH would have put our lives on the line to stop this madman. What we need is well armed citizens to stop the madmen. They DON”T care about no gun zones, they DON”T care about no gun rules, they DON”T care about right and wrong, they do care about the possibility of well armed people to shoot and kill them before they can complete their goal. PAY ATTENTION! How many of these shootings take place in no gun zones? VIRTUALLY ALL OF THEM! Gee I wonder why!

                • @ Mikey. And don’t forget that light saber in the Star Wars saga became Luke Skywalker’s. It is not the TOOL that is evil, it is the scumbasket that commits these horrid crimes that is evil. You mentioned about these abominations occurring in gun free zones, this the anti-gun extremists just can’t figure out. These events occur and the media swarms on it like flies on manure that drives “law makers” into snap irrational decisions that don’t benefit the people. How often is it that a story about how someone using a gun to stop a terrorist stays on the news more than a couple of days?

                  The real problem now, even more so than the past, is that sheep people are being conditioned to not think and use their rational minds, just use raw emotionalism. I say that these bleeding heart liberals will eventually run out of blood, yeah to the brain.

                • next time you have a thought……..let it go

            • KY Mom, you forgot also a lot of dead cops and civilians. If this passes, I can see it happening here in Maryland, and the same results will occur.

              “At seven pm the ‘ol cook came on deck and said,”Fellas it’s too rough ta feed ya.”
              “At eleven pm the main hatch way caved in and he said, “Fellas it’s been good to know ya.”

              -“The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald”- Gordon Lightfoot

              • @PO’d Patriot:

                Sir, do you live near Portland, Oregon ?
                Have you been to Threat Dynamics ?

                I am asking because I am going to be in Oregon for a few days this month.

                Feedback from anyone near Portland would be rewarded with cookies!

                PO, Sir, if I have your 20 wrong, I apologize.

                • BA, No I’m not. Wish I had a chance to meet you though and possibly do a three or two gun run with ya!

                • @PO’d Patriot:

                  Thank you for the quick response.

                  Check out threat-dynamics-dot-com……too cool.

                  Ever out to NorCal, the gun range (Laguna Seca) is on me.

                  ….I’m a quick study………

                  ..the gun in my hand IS my permit….BA.

              • Parts of Maryland have become havens for criminals because it’s very difficult to get licensed. A challenge to the current law was successful, but there’s a stay pending an appeal. When I say parts, I mean those closest to DC and Baltimore.

            • Ky mom
              It will be very interesting to see what legal gun owners do if and when a mass ban and confiscation takes place. Will all of us realize we are in a war, us against them and what extent will we be willing to secure our children’s future. I hope all of us stand our ground at our front doors, this will require a very personal sacrifice one that could mean death or being separated from our families and carrers being lost along with property.

              There is nothing else to take folks, the actors are all playing their roles, the Republicans look like fools and the takers of the world are rubbing their hands together. After this without the ability to defend and protect you and yours they will require us to share our homes with the homeless, divy up our supplies and tell you when you can and can’t leave your home.

              Where has everyone drawn their lines, how much further will we allow this anti- American Muslim to control our lives and how will you feel when your daughters and sons are slaves and abused long after you are gone? There are no more maybe’s it is here in your face, Satin is at your door, do you give in, run or fight. Do you live as a slave to a country of takers, die a free person or just hide and hope it all goes away.

              The answer is easy for me, I am willing to put my life on the lines, slay those that come to slay me, give up everything I posses to hope to give my grand kids a better, safer and free life. God Bless each of you, the choice is yours and you will live or die with your decisions.

              • Ditto your Patriotism times at least 20,000,000 of us. Come try it TRAITOR SCUM. Get ready to fucking DIE. And in the end I PROMISE you TRAITORS: YOUR death will be by slow, indescribably agonizing, public, prolonged TORTURE. Think we are kidding??

              • @Tk4: I am with you 100%. It’s 2013 and we’re in the calm before the stormtroopers come. Liberity has no friend but the simple, brave American. Rebel with me, with us, because it’s not fashionable. Rebel out of season when it’s truly necessary and truly risky. Get involed now so that we perhaps don’t have to give’em our teeth later. BTP

                • And how do people “Rebel with me, with us”. What happens when a few stand against the tyranny? They will be isolated and we’ll be demonize, people will not know the truth, that being, we were standing up for ourselves and not surrendering our 2nd Amendment Rights. I see it coming but I without a clue, I see people dying either way, sooner or later. And know I’m not a coward, so don’t judge my words/questions.

                • gun owners, what can your guns do when the military comes to take them away with tanks ?
                  what will you do ?
                  Stage the last stand at Fiji ???
                  Or surrender your guns and choose to stay alive and not be steamrolled out of your house?

                • Hey, Lemmy KayMister…

                  Pardon the French here, but FUCK OFF you coward!!!

              • Amen, liberty or death, let the lord sort out the rest,
                There will be no compliance or coming along quietly,

              • What does the President of the United States have to do with some crazy Governor that should never have been voted into office?

                • In response to your question ” what does the president have to do with the governor ” he is the king pin, he is getting all of his leftist terrorists together to piece by piece disarm and enslave U.S. citizens. Do not think for a minute that all of these sick diseased ass holes have not made these planes long before they sanctioned the killing of twenty children and six adults at sandy hook.

                  Yes I said it, what we all have been thinking, this government probably has been behind most of the mass shooting. Find a weak mind, make them believe that they will be immortal in everyone’s thoughts and it is good for the country, to them we are all lab rats. In response to a earlier comment, ” what good will my stand be if no one knows I did it for freedom ” we’ll you will know, if your life and freedom means nothing to you unless others know why you did it, then you have already been enslaved and I am sorry for you.

                  Each one of us will have to see the sadness in our families eyes when we choose to stay the course, we will either suffer death or imprisonment in a FEMA camp and those around us will look upon ours as traitors. But in the end when the tyrants are beheaded and their families are put on a boat and pushed out to see. When freedom is yours to have and the only price to pay is work for what you want, then people will look back at others they didn’t even know and say thank God there were real Americans that stood up against loss of life that I am able to have what I have today.

                  Is this not the same thing you say about those that came before us, our founding fathers, our parents and grandparents that went to war to protect your right. If we as free people of this world do nothing then we have dishonored every American that died for us, and we have disrespected every returning vet that will use a wheel chair for the rest of their life.

                  To those of you who are plants on this site go back to your Muslim thief and tell him the day of reckoning is coming. As in old days his head will be imbedded on a post as you enter D.C. The rest of his body will be tourn into four parts and sent to the corners of the U.S. the other traitor politicians will be executed in the center of town. War is here you want to disarm us and take our rights go ahead, just be sure to call your families for the last time, because you and I will die that day, I fucking promise you.

            • I think they see the dollar crashing, and they don’t want The People armed when the masses (that haven’t prepared) find out we’ve all been defrauded by Wash DC.

              • Tayronchan: Makes perfect sense, because TPTB can’t stop the dollar’s slide and the eventual demise of the American economy. They’ve made plans to get out of Dodge and have their little hidy-holes all set up. They don’t want too many of us aremed and angry citizens coming after them. I can hear Montgomery Burns (Simsons) saying “It’s all falling into place”. Time to top off our preps.

              • yea you are getting warmer

            • The American people have rolled over for every power and rights grab for forty years. This will be the final straw where we will now be slaves. I watched the Hunger games last night and that is where we are at. We exist for the amusment of the elites. Pretty soon they will start killing us for sport. Boehner is either the most incompetent speaker ever or he is actually working for Obama.

              • He’s working for Obama…


                “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered–death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights…in Sarajevo–but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport,” Hedges wrote. His account, coolly factual yet full of passionate intensity, was written not for his own paper but for Harper’s Magazine, which sent Hedges to Gaza on his vacation.” The Nation, March 11, 2002


            • Not to worry My Peeps. Time for Patriots to push back. And they will. If these politicians who want to take OUR guns think there will not be any “blow back” I predict they will be sadly mistaken.

              They will probably be the first ones targeted when the real shooting starts and the body count starts to mount.

              I suspect someone on the fringe in Illinois is already identifying where they live, who the members of their family are, and how to best access all of them to make his voice heard. They will probably take his wife and kids out first, just to make a point.

              I call these “fringe” individuals “Seal Team America”, but you can call them “Patriots” if you want.

              When a dozen of the most outspoken opponents of American Rights are found dead in their homes and the bodies of their families are strewn across the house, others might get the message; but its not likely until its their blood that is spilled and their lives are in the cross hairs.

              That is the history of resistance in America.
              The PTB never get the message until there is blood on the streets and their political power is at stake. Then and only then do they recant their treasonous ways.

              The PTB want to take OUR guns while they are protected by armed guards. Typical hypocrisy by government bureaucrats.

              There are 100 million gun owners in America. WE are the biggest special interest group. Time to emphasize OUR interests.

              Its either a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” or its a government at war with the people.

              Its up to US. Engage these MF’s or be disarmed by them and live at the mercy of the golden hoard “flash mob”.

              If not US, who? If not now, when?

              • They will probably take the TRAITOR’s wife and kids out first, just to make a point.


                • I am sure this is going to be a very unpopular post, but…

                  DK, what the FUCK is wrong with your head? And the heads of the weirdos agreeing with you?

                  So called patriots slaughtering innocents in cold blood?

                  Rejoicing in the vision of mothers chased through a house, trying to protect their babies?

                  Babies and children strewn dead in pools of blood, taken out by the big tough men of “Seal Team America”?

                  Is this the kind of savagery you stand for, over LEGISLATION?

                  DK, you are deliberately encouraging some psycho to commit atrocities. I am a staunch gun rights advocate, but I find the evil and stupidity of this encouragement to be repulsive. People here have accused you of being a plant before, and I think you have just tipped your hand. Beyond the disgusting savagery, if gun rights advocates start destroying, murdering families, every true patriot is going to be tarred with that same brush and we will ALL be destroyed in the battle for hearts and minds.

                  And now a really smart government operative could read your post here, take out a family, point to your post, and frame some poor SHTFPlan reader from IL who is suitably “fringy.” DERP!!!

                  Hey black rifle warrior, feel like being framed for the death of a mother and her three children as they ran crying though their house in terror, with shot after shot fired? Children pulled out of closets and from under the bed? Possibly raped?

                  Brilliant plan, DK. We have already had 20 children martyred, why would you encourage people who care about our country and constitution to add to that count?

                  And great job to the several folks who got really excited over the death of innocents. Deep down in your soul, you really suck.

                • Mama Bear: To begin with, anyone who tramples American Rights is not “innocent”. The penalty for treason is death. That’s not my verdict, that’s the Law of the Land.

                  I am not advocating violence. I advocate political action and I have been urging Patriots here to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for quite some time.

                  I am describing, I am predicting, the outcome of an egregious gun grab and describing the scenario I believe will develop when Illinois goes for the guns. I might be wrong.

                  As far as killing “innocents” that’s not my style, my mama taught me better than that, but I suspect that those on the “fringe” in Illinois might remember Ruby Ridge and Waco where “innocents” were ordered killed by the PTB without a second thought.

                  I believe that “Seal Team America” in Illinois will send an unmistakable message, that’s all I am saying. Before the gun grab attempt is over WE may all be members of Seal Team America.

                  In a civil war there is collateral damage. Take Syria as the latest example. How many innocents died there? How many are dying there every day? Does the PTB care?

                  If it is the gun grabbers, the globalists, and their families that die in a civil war in America, I will not shed a single tear for them.

                  Not one. I will thank God that WE are rid of them.

                  As for the additional mass murders of children you speak of, you can bet your ass that it will happen again, and soon, as the PTB let loose another wacko under psychiatric care and psychotic drugs in a gun free zone in a vain attempt to justify a gun grab.

                  The stories of the last two killers they set loose on American kids have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

                  The O’bummer girls are protected by Secret Service and the school they attend has more than 12 armed guards to protect the kids of the rich and famous that attend there.

                  But the schools of the kids of average Americans do not have a single armed guard since the PTB killed funding for a program that only cost taxpayers $20 million a year, each year, over the past ten years.

                  Free Trade with China cost US more than $300 billion last year; Mexico, more than $100 billion; Illegals, more than $250 billion. Yet WE do not have $20 million to protect OUR kids ? GMAFB!!!!!!!!!!

                  The penalty for treason is death. I will not shed a single tear for the death of any traitor or any member of their families that die for their guilt.

                  Not one.

                • Wrong answer, MOMMA BEAR

                  Your hormones are typing, not your brain.

                  Are you so foolish as to believe these anti-life, anti-human, anti-GOD political cretins will not transfer their ideology onto their own womb-droppings(offspring)?

                  Why do you think GOD(in the O.T.), commanded the true descendants of Jacob…to put to the sword(kill) every man, women, child & even the animals of certain tribes they encountered?
                  Have you busted GOD’s ass in writing because he was cruel and commanded genocide & infanticide?
                  Well have you?

                  I’ll tell you why he commanded such…because their souls were utterly corrupt. Said tribes likely screwed their animals too(an abomination before him), thus their flesh was unclean.

                  Gun banning politicians as a group, also advocate abortion & homo-sexual marriage as…’worthy values’!
                  Rather unclean values, don’t you think?
                  They’re very anti-Christianity too!

                  Yet, you see fit to ream a man who recognizes evil of this type & comments, on what’s likely to happen to them in this life…because of their wickedness & love of such?
                  Get a grip lady!

                  You think those whom Mr. Kidd references gives a shit about you or your kids? Do you really?
                  Their agenda & publicly stated intentions beg to differ!

                  They seek to DENY you, your children & all the rest of us…the GOD given right to protect our own from evil, via the ‘sword of the day’…(i.e. the gun)!
                  But they’ll be given a ‘special privilege’ to have such, never doubt!
                  And so will their offspring.

                  Yours won’t!

                  In the end, this debate boils down to a binary solution…WHO’S OFFSPRING IS MORE IMPORTANT?

                  YOURS or THEIRS?

                  Theirs are highly likely to mature into the next generation of godless tyrants…thus perpetuating the anti-life & anti-GOD agenda!

                  Yours/our offspring if nurtured, educated, loved & afforded PROTECTION…are likely to mature into intelligent, productive, GOD fearing human beings, as the creator intended!

                  GET IT?????

                  In defense of Mr. Kidd, nowhere did the man state that he ADVOCATED such tactics! NO WHERE!
                  He merely opined in the 3rd person…that he could see a fringe-type someone doing such! Go back & reread his comment SLOWLY!

                  His reference to ‘Seal Team America’ merely reflects an understanding of the concept of ‘TOTAL WAR’…as this is exactly what our enemies are ADVOCATING!

                  Thus, the total gun-ban agenda must be viewed as a core LIFE or DEATH issue and before you bash me in retaliation, know this…I am not advocating said tactics either.
                  But I believe they’re coming!

                  Just for the record…DAMN-STRAIGHT, my offspring is more important than theirs! Never doubt!

                  Brutally honest? YES!
                  Don’t like it? TOUGH!

                  Total War is a nasty business.
                  They’re the ones initiating this shit.
                  Let them reap the consequences!

                  Others may buy into your guilt tripping post…but not I.

                  If you cannot comprehend what I am attempting to convey…get off the computer & hike your butt in the kitchen & clean something!

                  …if you understand then…peace madam!

                  NOTE TO NINA-O & DAISY:

                  …don’t touch this…I am right!

                • The penalty for treason is, indeed, death. But where in the foundations of western civilization, of Christendom, does it visit the penally for treason on the INNOCENTS down through the generations, to the grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great grandchildren? It is pure and monstrous evil, and you are approving of it…and don’t try to weasel word out of it, like a certain king tried when he asked his knights, “will no one rid me of this turbulent priest.”

                  Just because Randy Weavers wife and son were murdered doesn’t make it right. Just because the children of Waco were murdered doesn’t make it right. Nor does Assads murders, or those done in retaliation.

                  You are encouraging the psychos on the fringe, lionizing them by calling them seal team America, and telling them it needs to be done NOW. I agree that there will be another false flag, the Obama girls are well guarded, etc. But that has nothing to do with celebrating the bloodshed of five year olds, nine year olds, boys and girls, just because of who they are related to. even Sherman, in his march to the sea, or the British in hanging Nathan Hale, were more decent than that.

                  Additionally, use your freaking brain. There is no tactic more powerful than that of righteousness, and if you START your battles by destroying the innocent, chasing CHILDREN through their house, rather than just the guilty, you are going to fail. Even Al Queda managed to figure that out after too many years.

                • Anton ~

                  I have all the respect in the world for you. I consider you a dear friend. But yeah, I’m touchin’ this. Come on – did you really think I wouldn’t?

                  It is not my HORMONES when I fully support what Mama Bear has to say. It is my HUMANITY.

                  If you behave in this fashion, murdering, yes MURDERING innocent children, then how on earth can you consider yourself superior to those who would do that to us? How does this “pre-crime prevention” work out as somehow acceptable?

                  I agree that in the Bible God spoke and said to kill every man, woman and child. But I sure as heck have NOT gotten a message from God to do so again. He also suggested in the old testament that child sacrifice was the thing to do before he stayed Abraham’s hand, and I don’t believe we should do that either.

                  I’m telling you right now, line in the sand, I will NEVER murder an innocent person on some high horse of vengeance because they happen to be related to someone else. There are RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. What is being promoted here has no honor.

                  And don’t you DARE suggest I go clean something or engage in some mindless pursuit because I wholeheartedly disagree with you. The anatomical ownership of a penis does not make you smarter than me, so do not pull that sexist crap with me.

                  ~ Daisy

                • @Anton, I am fully aware of what total war is. As I said above, even Sherman had the decency not to rape and murder little children, although they were likely harmed by the hundreds of houses he burned.

                  Regarding the God of the Old Testament, I believe that bloody covenant was overturned by the sacrifice of Christ. The Jews wiped out entire cities in limited instances when commanded to do so by God. I don’t recall those orders being given in the New Testament, so perhaps you could refresh my memory. I do know that the early Christians were busy fishing pagan babies out of the toilets and trash heaps of Rome, and their decent, gentle treatment of the least of these eventually won the admiration and conversion of pagans.

                  I just have a silly expectation that real American, Christian patriots could conduct themselves to a higher standard and not stoop to the horrifying atrocities that are the hallmark of TPTB. And like Nina, would REVILE it rather than JUSTIFYING it by going back to the Pentateuch.

                  As to the cleanliness of my kitchen, thanks for being an asshole about it, but you will be happy to know that my cleaning ladies have left it in impeccable condition, and I cooked my dinner outside on a Kelly kettle which has since been scrubbed.

                • Mama Bear: I am not “approving” of the deaths of innocents, or starting anything. I am merely describing the carnage and “collateral damage” I believe will likely occur in a gun grab attempt.

                  Granted, it was not a pretty picture I described, but shit happens in the fog of war and if you had ever been to war, you would know that.

                  The PTB need to great care in their actions as they may miscalculate and kindle a firestorm that they do not want unleashed. Hopefully the gun grab will be stymied and cooler political heads will prevail.

                  But no Rogue Administration could withstand the onslaught of 100 million American gun owners; not even 10,000.

                  I daresay that even if only 1,000 Patriots rose up as individual entities on any given Sunday on a thousand different “fronts”, the PTB could not endure the outcry and political outrage.

                  If they win the firefight and kill 1,000 Patriots, and they would, they would lose the war. Even in victory they would face defeat because they will lose the hearts and minds of the American people.

                  In the end a tyrannical government, even using Gestapo tactics, would join the other such governments upon the ash heap of history. the future of humanity is freedom.

                  Any government that turns its guns upon its people is not fit to rule over them. O’Bummer has said this himself about Libya, about Egypt, and about Syria. Does he think it would not apply to him in America?

                  Gun grabbing is a war the FEDs cannot win if America chooses to resist. It is a fight they should avoid.


                • Daisy

                  Ok…per this episode, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree, madam. That said…I still love ya!

                  Again, I am not advocating such tactics…but I believe we’re gonna see them manifested soon. I will not partake in such. Nor will most other men, for that matter.

                  I do believe the female gender fails to understand the concept of ‘Total War’, as perpetuated by this govt & others throughout history…both currently & in the past.
                  See Waco & Ruby Ridge & manifold others for blatant domestic details.

                  FYI…in war, innocents die. Yes they’re often murdered in the advancement of some nefarious agenda…see real-time 21st century neo-con strategy & its results.
                  Ditto for all the previous millenniums as a whole.

                  In short, I am saying ‘bad shit happens’ & Mr. Kidd recognizes such also…ditto for a bunch of other vets too!

                  I also think, per your use of the sexist epitaph & said alleged superior penile mindset, hurled my way…is endearing(no sarcasm or animosity here).

                  That said, you & most women(my better half included)…have no idea of the catastrophe & all its horrors, that is headed our way…should we be collectively forced into the decision to disarm or fight!

                  Civil wars are always the bloodiest & most inhumane!

                • Again MOMMA BEAR

                  I said (quote): If you understand…then PEACE!

                  Per your kitchen cleanliness, good for you!

                  But before you again attack & revile another(DK) for opining on what’s likely to be the worst of warfare…ask for clarification why he expects such.

                  His answer may surprise you.

                • Guys, I agree 100% with your two most recent posts, and 90% with the previous posts.

                  Do not think, that because I am a woman, that I do not fully understand what total war encompasses. As a medievalist and as a student of American and Soviet history, I have read of more atrocities than one could ever care to, and it is this knowledge that gives me nightmares and provokes a strong reaction, not hormones. I am blessed not to have hands on experience with actual warfare, although I come from a family of warriors.

                  I am a close and careful reader, and DK, I read your post multiple times before I responded. I am grateful to have the clarification, but if I took from it that innocents are in play, or that Anton feels god sanctifies the massacre of the innocents, then how much more likely is it that some delusional fringe guy would take that as affirmation, and do it? Words matter. Patriots need to scrupulously take the moral high ground, because we don’t own the media or the reins of power.

                  Thank you both for taking the time to argue and delve into this more deeply. This is a very important point to discuss, and to have the record reflect the discussion.

                  And yes, Anton, I do occasionally bust God’s chops in prayer, for which I am sure to be duly smote some day, but He is the one who created me with a pugnacious, fighting, protective spirit, so that is what he gets, pathetic as it is. :-/

                • DK is not advocating violence, he is pointing out a truth that some cannot bear.

                  .gov has made it abundently clear that there are NO prohibited targets. Wars are very ugly affairs, and internal conflicts are magnitudes worse. Drone-fired missles are proclaimed to have been made smaller and more accurate to avoid collateral damage. Really, they have been made so to allow small drones to carry them. The US government has become everything it has railed about in the past. Ask the kids in waco how it felt to have tanks projecting devices (that were well known to cause fires) into your wooden home. Ohhhh! That’s right, you can’t because they were all slaughtered, and the site quickly bulldozed to prevent any outside investigation.

                • MOMMA BEAR.


                  We’re both on an even keel now…and yes, somewhat grudgingly I see your point…and its has much merit, to be sure!

                  Yes, I did see fit to bust yer ass (unwisely, btw…see 20/20 hindsight)…because of an inherent perception ingrained in your reply to Mr. Kidd.

                  I perceived that…as an affront(IMO,) to those brave men(my brothers) who’ve suffered/died/been mutilated for life, for lessor & unworthy regime sanctioned causes.
                  …and the wicked agenda they’re still pursuing, unchecked.

                  Truthfully, its all because some sons-o-bitches with a fancy title/position/authority & $$$ connections, have self-righteously decreed, such is in the interest of…national security!

                  What a waste of blood & treasure! Right?

                  …and the rest of us be damned…per their philosophy/doctrines/agendas

                  I understand your point clearly now! An initial error of logic, on my part.
                  …and yes, it was/is a matter of perception & first impressions…no!?!

                  Surely, this goes both ways!

                  …on a side note, Kudos to the Creator! The fact that he created us both…with all our faults…reveals, that he has a great sense of humor!

                  …at least in my condition, that is!

                • Is this where we have the group hug? 🙂

                • Mama Bear: I appreciate your re-considersation of my comments. However the potential scenario I described is accurate.

                  If a shooting war between Globalists and Patriots breaks out over an illegal gun grab (and it would) there would be many innocent victims (children).

                  That is the ugly reality of war and that has always been the ugly reality of war. This time would not be different. It might even be worse as civil wars are especially nasty.

                  While civilized people like you and me want to believe that there are “rules of engagement”, in truth once the shooting starts a Pandora’s box of blood lust is released that will not be easily quenched.

                  There are many tens of thousands of gun owners, many of whom are combat veteran’s, who are sick and tired of an oppressive government, an illegally elected POTUS, and a treasonous Congress who has allowed the American means of production be shipped offshore, while raising their taxes to support the Uber Rich and Uber Poor.

                  These gun owners hate their government and are looking for an excuse to explode upon a rogue administration.

                  The scenario I described may also occur as a False Flag Attack, where gun grabbers kill a prominent politician opposed to the 2nd amendment (while she herself has a license to carry) like I described and blame it on “gun nuts”, calling for the eradication of guns.

                  In the case of Sen Feinstein, she is getting a little long in the tooth and Gov Moonbeam would appoint her successor so the Globalists in government would not lose a seat in the Senate by sacrificing her on the altar of Globalism.

                  That scenario should not be a surprise to anyone either since We are dealing with the same people behind 911. They are ruthless and diabolical and relentless in their quest for domination.

                  For them everyone is fair game if it advances their agenda …. Agenda 21 … which to succeed, requires the disarming of Americans and the dissolution of the US Constitution.


              • @ Durango Kidd:

                You’ve got it.

                Unless and until we start seeing heads on a stick-
                ain’t nothin’ gonna change…

                • Just my two cents here—When one of us kids got bullied at school, my wise Dad used to tell us, that if we have to fight, make damn sure we draw blood, and hurt them bad enough they won’t want any more of it. He said, that’s the only way any bully will ever leave you alone, if you make them fear you the first time, there won’t be a repeat.

                  Of course nowadays, the bully would go get a MAC10 and come back looking to kill you, but the mindset is the same. I firmly believe the elites think they can’t be touched, they are protected from our wrath, and that empowers them to do as they please…They need a demonstration that this is not so.

                  Did they show any MERCY at Sandy Hook? NO. They made their point loud and clear.

                  While I’d avoid harming the families and pets, if it was me, I’d make sure the example I left ‘hanging in the square’ was an ample warning to the rest that, yes, they CAN be touched, and, as can be seen at Sandy Hook, there will be NO MERCY.

                  My Dad also said: “I can’t stop you from doing something wrong, but I can sure make you wish you hadn’t done it”.

              • Excellent Mr. Kidd. Your best & most rousing post ever!

              • DK,
                Call them “John Brown Patriots” as it will anger and befuddle the Progressive sheeple bleating for the evisceration of the Constitution via the Second Amendment, which of course girds every other precious right and responsibility of citizenship enumerated in that oft-ignored, oft-trampled document that we all hope to resurrect one day.


                • I like the moniker, “Seal Team America”. It has a certain “ring” to it, doesn’t it? And it honors those who truly put their lives on the line for OUR liberties.

                  Seal Team America.

              • DK,
                One thing we agree 100 percent on.
                The Suits must be Target First…

                The Tea must morph into the III,
                and the Militias of One,
                must come.

                The Traitors do not want,
                The Vets to rise up
                in righteous indignation,
                for we shall visit upon them,
                a fierce conflagration.

              • We may be an army but we have no mouth to speak with, no plan of action, and no chain of command. It will be one-on-one and we will have chosen a hill to die on. It has been coming for a long time. There seems to be no solution except death for many on both sides. I’ve read a lot of the comments here and I am also reminded, “The spirit is will but the flesh is weak”. No I am no coward, so don’t paint me with that brush.







                ” Be careful when you fight monsters, lest you become one yourself !”



                ON THIS I SWEAR MY LIFE !

                ~N.O. ;0p

                • We Have Already LOST the WAR for our FREEDOM from tyranny …

                  sigh ;0P … we have already Lost the Revolutionary Civil War against the NWO UN ZOG Fed Commie Gov Traitors … And it hasn’t even started yet ! ~N.O. ;0P

                  You Two @DK @AH … just don’t get it and i’m honestly tired of explaining sheeit to dimtard morons on this website .

                  * ” If you start killing abusing defiling the non-combatant innocent women and children on either side of the conflict … ” YOU WILL LOSE THE SUPPORT OF THE Non-Combatant CITIZENS PUBLIC at Large !”



                  GET IT !!! ;0p






                  ~ N.O. ;0p

                • MORALITY of WAR –

                  Violence is something brutish, and this is most prominent in war.

                  Wherefore the greater care must be taken to temper it with humanity, lest by too much imitating beasts we absolutely forget the man.

                  ~ N.O. ;0p

              • DK, I don’t think any here would stand idly by, and let innocents be killed. I know I won’t. If things get ugly, and I pray they won’t, I will stand for Rule Of Law and the Constitution.

              • I thought you were better than this, DK. I concur wholeheartedly with Mama Bear and Nina O – your comment is sickening, corrupt and evil.

                You have plummeted to “the other side” in my estimation. I’m disgusted.

              • Equally ugly would be the blowback after any attempt to hold people’s kids hostage to force compliance with any such power grab. People would reason “If they would hold kids hostage over THIS, what else are the willing to do it over?”. I understand you are not encouraging violence (as I don’t), but predicting the ugly reaction to backing people into a corner, then hitting them with a cattle prod. It’s like playing with a lighter and aerosol can in a fireworks store. Sure to end badly.

                One possible outcome would be to awaken the gun owners (and non-owners)ever come after my trap gun! “They’ll NEVER come after my trap gun! I don’t care about those rednecks and their ASSAULT rifles! I only have normal SPORTING guns!”.

              • Rememeber MORTON GROVE ILL back in the 80s. First to ban guns.
                Who pushed back?
                Oh, that’s right, it was NO ONE.

                Same this time.
                And next.
                YOu will ALL comply like it or not.

                Push back. Yeah, right.

                Ya’ll talk a real good game.
                You’ll look funny cowering in the corner like the Katrina people who ushed back.

                Oh wait… none did. I forgot.

                Happy New Year Durango Tough Guy.

                Keep puchin there fella!!

                Lemme know how it all works out for ya.

            • @ KY Mom. You know what this is, a dry run for exactly what you are saying for nationwide gun confiscation. It won’t get around the 2nd. Amendment, but the Al Bundy state of Illinois once again proves to be a center point for the mafia and other crime syndicates taking away citizens’ rights to protect themselves. I won’t even go near this state to even visit, it is way too dangerous.

              Once again, when states and nations disarm their citizens, the crime explodes. This is why ONLY EVIL wants the people to not be able to defend themselves. I feel for all the people that are stuck in Illinois like a dungeon that cannot get out and move to a free state like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, even Vermont that understands that guns are there for people’s security and protection and save people from becoming victims.

              • It will come to all states, even Wyoming as an example!

            • confiscation of FREEDOM devices = genocide – 100% of the time in the past 100 years. Case closed. Come try it, and get ready to DIE THAT day – gun grabbing suicide cases.

            • Planning and doing are different things. They can plan to take our guns and pass laws to take our guns but that does not get our guns. They have to come and forcefully take them. WE ARE TALKING WAR IF THEY TRY THIS WHERE I LIVE IN TEXAS. PEOPLE WILL SHOOT THEM BEFORE THEY GET TO THEIR DOOR.


            • Shitcago is long gone, they think they can tell the nation what to do because Obuthead’s from there. Corruption,extortion, intimidation, dealing with everything, these Assclowns taught Obama well. It will all come crashing down on their heads, like a brick shithouse. These people dont have the muscle or the moxie to pull off anything nationwide. Oh yeh it will happen a little bit here a little bit there, but once people start getting sick of it, duck! ( for u libs out there; Duck 2nd definition verb: avoid,evade, lower head )

          • since i am not going to follow any new laws in acted my the fed. it looks like i will be a outlaw. the best part about being a outlaw, you don’t have to follow the law. just remember this one key rule. never trust someone that you haven’t known for years. and for all of the honest people that is about to become outlaws in Illinois, good luck and show the world how it is done.

            • Omega, it is illegal to pass a law to make a previously legal action retroactively illegal. That’s called ex post facto and it is such a clear violation of all that is good and right, I have to think it will be easy to legally dismantle the “no grandfathering” provision. I’m not a fan of the ACLU but they would be well suited to take a leadership position in this if they can look past their left-leaning bias.

              • Prepper says: “It is illegal to pass a law that …”

                You really need to get out of this mindset. It doesn’t matter what the constitution says. It matters what 5 justices say is says.

                Most modern federal law is unconstitutional because it is based upon a wildly unreasonable definition of congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. But the supreme court says it OK. So… what have we got?

                Legal or not 6 guys in swat gear show up @ your house with an “administrative search warrant” signed by the hundreds by a judge with the names and addresses left blank. Filled in by the guys just outside your door. You going to discuss the proper interpretation of the constitution with them?

                Sad but true.

                Mao said “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. Ain’t it the truth.

                I will never surrender mine.

            • Omega
              Thats sorta where my head is at, the feds can pass whatever they want but they cant take what they cant find, first wiff of this stink and its the forest for me, itll be one long last hunting and camping outing. If im going to be an outlaw, im gonna have some fun with it.

            • Considering the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of laws already on the books, we are all outlaws – whether we realize it or not.

              There is no such thing as a ‘law-abiding citizen’ in the USSA of the 21st century.

              Anyone who thinks otherwise is grossly delusional.

              Doesn’t matter if you’re an anti-social quadraplegic who never leaves the house- or a recently deceased grandmother who wanted your ashes scattered in the park where you met the love of your life – you will break one or more laws throughout the course of a normal day.
              Such is life in our modern police state.

              Folks, the best any of us can do at this point is to try to live our lives in accordance to the principles of liberty to the best of our own personal abilities; ie, go peacefully about our business, do unto others as we would have them do unto us- and kick the living shit out of any parasitic vermin who would stand in the way of doing what is truly just and right.

              Oh… and just my $.02:

              George Orwell was an optimist.

              • Autistic Savant says: “Folks, the best any of us can do at this point is to try to live our lives in accordance to the principles of liberty ”


                No. The best we can do is not be fatalistic about this and do our part (no matter how small) to resist & frustrate the fascist police state we find ourselves hurdling toward.

                Our part is to realize that the beast runs on $$$. It needs us in the formal economy so that it can extract $$$ from us in order to fund its insatiable hunger for power & control.

                If you pay taxes you are part of the problem. Don’t fund your (on others) oppression.

                The best you can do? Help cure the problem. The least you can do? Don’t fund the oppression.

                Lifestyle adjustment in order to achieve that?– you bet. But you can do it & should do it if you are living your politics. SO… Live it.

                Bottom Line>> (1) Arm up; (2) don’t support the state with your money.

          • Just say NO!!! Ann Barnhardt has the right thinking on this. They can make all the “laws” they want to, but just like the Marines, I refuse to uphold or obey any illegal, unconstitutional laws and I don’t care which communist passes such nonsense.

            Do you realize we send these yahoos to Congress and to the White House JUST to make laws for us 24/7, x-days a year? That’s all they do all day long — make crap “rules” and crap “laws” ALL DAY LONG. They do nothing else. We “elect” them to make all these stupid rules and we seriously need our heads examined. Nobody can keep up with the garbage they spew out on a yearly basis.

            This is the Illinois Oath of Office — and THEY ARE VIOLATING IT!!! THEY NEED TO BE TOSSED OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

            Each prospective holder of a State office or other State position created by this Constitution, before taking office, shall take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:
            “I do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the
            Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of …. to the best of my ability.”

            (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

            • I would guess that we now know why they bought all that amunition. How soon until they start using it. Despite what all the Rambos on here think resisting this will not be easy as they have many ways of tightening the screws.

              • I disagree John W: Wars of insurgency always win. Once the carnage becomes overwhelming the PTB will have to recant.

                A government that is at war with its biggest constituancy is not fit to govern. As I have been saying now for two years: 100 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

                The whole world wants to disarm US. Its not just a few commies in Illinois. Everyone read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots. This Day has been predicted centuries ago and now it has arrived.

                “God, Country, and Constitution!”

                • Point 1. The first Revolutionary war was started by a small percentage. Should it go hot, it will still be a small percentage. But we should be able to win.

                  Point 2. Make a list of all the traitorous Politicians, Judges, LEO’s, Media people, and Actors. This will be a purging of traitors.

                  The Constitution is great because it grants the people the most freedom out of ANY country. The enemies have eroded those freedoms to what we have nowadays.

                • But 100 million gun owners will not fight for their rights. That is just how humans role. I would say half will not even make a sound and hand in their rifles maybe even 3/4.

                  If they do it in stages most people will just not fight back. Start with perceived assault rifles, then in a few years large caliber rifles, if done in stages people just will not fight back.

                  Why? Simple they have family and their 6 year old is worth more than their freedom its just how things role in the real world. Most of the world is not free but a big chuck of Americans forget that as they drink their Starbucks.

                • My guess is that we will be the ones suffering carnage. I would also bet that medical care will be denied to any wounded. Not saying I don’t agree with you but if anyone thinks this will be a replay of 1776 they better sober up.

                • Wars of insurgency can win IF they have the backing of an outside power. History is littered with failed insurgencies. The Roman Empire had hundreds of them. The Communists crushed the White Russians even though the Whites did have aid from Britain, Poland, and the USA. We Americans would never have won our war if France and Holland had not supported us, and they only did that to stick it to Britain, with whom they were already at war. Better work on another plan, dk, because the only “other powers” we have in the world now are the Chinese and the Musloids. I for one ain’t gonna make common cause with either of them.

                  We still have the ballot box. Our problem is that the only electorate that is awake is the welfare coalition. The freedom coalition has no cohesion and no candidates to get behind. Too little local organization to fix the vote fraud. Too little organization to rectify the corrupt school boards and zoning commissions.

                  When something big comes up like this Illinois assault on the 2ndA we wake up, set the phone lines on fire, and as we now know the bills get withdrawn. Then we go back to sleep. You watch – NY now has a bill proposed that will be outright confiscation. The phone lines in Albany will go cherry pink for a few days, and the bill will be withdrawn. And the voter fraud in NY will continue unabated.

              • John W., part of what you say appears to be wise, to you. In reality you’ve never had to resist without the fear of death. WHEN you do, then see how wise your thoughts are. When an individual does resist with the mind set of ” I’d rather die free and fighting than to be enslaved” it even has bigger effect on one’s enemies.
                The corp volunteers will be fighting for approval from their leaders not with the intent of life and liberty.
                How do you think the Afganies beat the Russians?
                Many of us know freedom and what it takes to keep it.
                If you can’t fight along with others (rambos?) on this site, you become the enemy. As Jesus said ” you are either with Me or against Me”. No middle grown. That my dear man is the simple truth.

            • We need more primary challengers to get rid of those who are already part of the machine. I know my two senators from Tennessee feel secure in their seats and they need a challenger. Get rid of those already in office. Good lord, what we really need is a well financed 3rd party.

              • No neighbor, what we need is paper ballots.

                • Amen to that. The balance is so close that 1% fraud tips it.

          • I think some of these “extremes” are so the sheeple will buy into what they really want – the death by a thousand blades. This won’t stand in today’s supreme court – of course Scalia could die of a heart attack any moment.

            I have not heard if the Republican Congress is caving to anti gun ideas yet or not? Anyone have any input on that?

            As for me, here in CA for 9 more months until I can move to Nevada, they have to be watching this IL thing and asking themselves – do we add bb guns to it so we can be the most extreme?

              • There is no Republican Party, its all made up, all Party are owned by the Elite so get over the one party is better than the other, its a game and both side are on the totalitarian side with just a few dissenters.

          • And I bet that national incident is already planned and in the works.

            It will be every bit as apalling as a bunch of little kindergarteners being shot point blanks in order to maximize the horror from the public. Don’t be surprised if it’s another “child sacrifice” to move forward the agenda.

            • isn’t that a bit synical

              • 1) Cynical is spelled with a “c”

                2) It is not cynical, that’s how politicians work. Either deal with it or get rid of them.

            • Daisy You are getting cold as you age. Maybe you have become more enlighten on the way the world really is??

              • I’m not cynical or cold. We’ve all seen how they work.

                No matter how kind-hearted a person is, how much they want peace and flower petals, it’s important to understand the machinations of the enemy. That is how we resist the manipulations and how we don’t end up like the masses clamoring for someone to protect us.

                • you really beleive sandy hook was the feds killing school kids?

                • Large Target

                  I have nothing but a confluence of odd circumstances to support this but my gut tells me this was arranged. This was a false flag operation just as surely as 9/11.

                  I call BS on every bit of the official story. On Adam Lanza’s involvement, on him being the lone shooter, on his mother being at fault, all of it.

                  The connections with LIBOR, the ties with the Aurora theater shooting. Anyone with their eyes open can see all is not as it is portrayed.

                  And the worst part is, this child sacrifice was made simply so the PTB could exert their control and take over the US by removing the defenses of the people.

                  Yes, I sincerely believe this all to be true.

                • Large Target

                  I have nothing but a confluence of odd circumstances to support this but my gut tells me this was arranged. This was a false flag operation just as surely as 9/11.

                  I call BS on every bit of the official story. On Adam Lanza’s involvement, on him being the lone shooter, on his mother being at fault, all of it.

                  The connections with LIBOR, the ties with the Aurora theater shooting. Anyone with their eyes open can see all is not as it is portrayed.

                  And the worst part is, this child sacrifice was made simply so the PTB could exert their control and take over the US by removing the defenses of the people.

                  Yes, I sincerely believe this all to be true.

              • FBP

                Daisy cold? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! LMAO!!!

                Listen dude, I know DAISY! She’s HOT! She’s SMART! She’s TOUGH! She’s FEARLESS! And she’s AWESOME!
                You have no f#%king idea of whence you speak.

                Give her a good recurve-bow & she’ll put the arrow thru your head at 40m.
                Mess with her progeny and she’ll extract your heart and hand feed it to you!

                Back-off Face-book, you’re about to get in…way over your head!

                • She’s gorgeous also!

                • *blush* – thank you, Anton. You’re always a gentleman.

            • I think you are right. They know these events will continue to happen. They are using Big Pharma and the FDA to put these psychotropic drugs in doctors offices, then on the street. In all these events psychotropic drugs were being taken. Adam Lanza was taking Fanapt, a really nasty drug. You notice the MSM never talks about that, of course they get millions in add revenue from the Pharma companies.

            • The very worst thing would be if it is one of the surplus/expendable legislators. That would indeed be the SHTF event.

            • Ms. Daisy’s right, as usual.

              The more blood the better, the smaller the victim the more media play.

              While people who are good guys, and STOP something, get no play at all.
              I’m thinking, what if the media were suddenly made a target, and told to TELL THE TRUTH, OR ELSE…
              The media makes me as angry as the bloodsuckers in NY and DC.

          • First Rule of Gun Club.

            • Can anyone say “false flag Illinois”?

              Time to practice “duck and cover”.

            • Time to buy a gun range and depository in Gary Indiana.

            • Send Illinois gubbermint a “Come and Take it” postcard.


          • I’ll still have my compound bow… don’t laugh…imagine getting shot in the face with that if you enter my house uninvited. I’m good with it.
            If I’m out of arrows… it’s a battle ax…. metal.

            Yeah, no match for a gun….but an intruder would not know what hit him and it’s silent.

            • I do love the silence of a bow – not a sound until that soft, solid “thwap” of an arrow impaling a target.

            • how about a 100# pull pistol crossbow..silent but deadly

              I can hit a tums at 10 yards with this sucker

              It would really suck to never hear the boom ,or see the flash, but have a bolt go thru your eye

              (bolt is what they call the short projectile “arrow” out of a small crossbow)

              • VRF – I would quite like one of those. Too bad Santa did not drop one down my chimney. I’m looking at crossbows for my next purchase. 🙂

        • Didn’t ever think a half a term senator would be elected President either

          I can’t predict crap

            • Complete mis-interpretation. The Talmud is many things, but the law it is not. When this was written, for the most part Non Jews are not tried in Jewish Courts. The exception was when a state court would say, let the Jews decide what is to be done, they where saying they did not care if the accused was executed for the crime, but did not want to directly make the sentence. The Jewish court would not continue to exist if it allowed the so accused free as if he committed the crime again, they Jewish court would be found responsible. So the test was light as they really where being used as a tool for the state. Reading this out of actual historical
              context is simply ignorance. As such, I could see how this would seem other than what it really is to the unlearned in history and Talmud.

              • The cited passage from Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b is halacha, which is in fact rabbinic law. The context in which it was written is the late 2nd century A.D. The context in which it would be applicable is the Judaic ideal where/where ‘Jews’ openly rule over non-Jews according to the harsh double-standards which the passage clearly and unambiguously describes. An observation of the treatment of non-Jews in the Israeli state gives a hint of this.

                Further, a modern translation has been quoted, dated circa late 1990’s, by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz who is himself a member of Chabad.

                • Thank you, Maurice.

                  By now the goyim should be familiar with the rabbis’ “context” dodge, a completely phony alibi for the Master Race misanthropy and genocide that pervades their “holy” books—pervasive, not at all “out of context.”

                  “‘Context’ is everything for the defenders of the Talmud. Fair enough. But by ‘context’ they do not mean taking into account the surrounding text, but rather submitting to Judaism’s own narrative about itself, which includes how it presents problem texts to non-Judaic audiences…. The rabbis even deny in many cases that there is a plain meaning…. It is enough that [the rabbi] states it and gentiles believe it; anything else is ‘antisemitic.’ This pattern of intimidation and thought control is repeated with monotonous effect, by thought cops and apologists for Judaism. It is a stock response intended to frighten off the opposition, premised mainly on the moral authority of the declarative sentences used by the ‘expert’ on Judaism. Debate (‘polemic’) on the part of informed skeptics is not permitted, since it constitutes the ‘misuse’ of a scholar’s knowledge of rabbinic texts. Debating tactics and polemical tools are reserved solely for rabbis and their allies, along with just a dash of permissible dissimulation to leaven the burden of swallowing the pottage. And when deception and ‘out of context’ statements serve to advance Judaism, they are all well and good….” —Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit. ISBN 13: 9780970378453 pages 137-138

                  An inexpensive Kindle edition is available:

          • I know how you feel. I used to be spot on in predicting things.. but that was before the world turned on it’s head and right became wrong, North became South and common sense became rare.

            • I can assure you, the North hasn’t become the South.

              • Well played UnSo….

                …..Long Live Dixie !!…..

              • i don’t know about that…i’ve lived in the south all my life…there are more damned yankees down here than ever…the south ain’t what she used to be

                • Amen,
                  Don’t mind yankees, some are pretty good, just wish they wouldn’t stay. They say things are screwed up in the North, so they come down here… ok… Then Why are you trying to bring your WAYS down here?

          • You mean half caste too. He is muzzie through and through.

          • @ largetarget:

            Holy crap!

            A man after my own heart.

            I salute you, sir! (madame??)


        • Any attorneys out there? How can a state pass a law that is contrary to the Constitution? Won’t that automatically make it invalid in a court challenge? Why do they bother? Unless this is just an attention getter to get people to yell for changing the constitution.

          • It All ends up at the supreme court

            So if BO loads the court we’re screwed

            • Noticed how arrogant Obama is now? I was surprised he did not bitch slap Boner in public view. We are real close to being Cuba. Think about that. Fidel wins after sixty years where we pretended that he would be forced from power. Jokes on us.

          • Since when has any politician cared about what the Constitution says!?

        • Takes years and unlimited funds to fight in “their” courts. By then the damage is mostly done.

          The time to fight the Fascist Illinois gun laws was 40 years ago.

        • A thought occurred to me regarding this whole gun ban thing.

          If history has taught us anything at all, it is that the banning (or even heavy taxing) of anything is a virtual guarantee that a black market will be created. Look what happened with alcohol prohibition in the 20’s and the drug laws in more recent years. (most drugs were not illegal in this country until the 20th century). All that they succeeded in doing was creating a whole new criminal class. Heck…they can’t even keep drugs out of prisons. How are they going to keep guns off the streets?

          Not only that, but I predict that if they ban semi-autos and virtually every other “modern” firearm”, there will be an escalation in the number of full-auto weapons, grenades and grenade launchers, squad type machineguns and RPG type weapons on the streets of this country. In fact…..I guarantee you that will happen.

          Look at Mexico. Mexico has some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books. It is virtually impossible to possess any weapon as a civilian in Mexico that is in a military caliber.

          Now…..where do you suppose you will find more fully automatic weapons, RPG’s and grenade launchers on the street? In the USA or Mexico?

          The reason is not hard to figure out. If you’re going to go to prison or be killed for having a gun, you might as well have one that can do some serious arse kicking.

          So…..a gun ban in this country might well have the opposite affect of what they say they are trying to accomplish.

          (of course we know what they are REALLY trying to accomplish by banning guns)

          • I agree,
            I’m playing around with a gatling gun design, for 22LR.

        • This is Illinois reaction the the 7th circuit ruling in moore v madigan, declaring the ban on open carry unconstitutional.

          Time for the Citizens of Illinois to nut-up.

        • I don’t see how these people remain in office. Look at that John McCain he rides both sides of the fence and is still in office. We need to de elect these idiots.

        • Norse Prepper
          it just might when all those dead folks up there vote for it,,some have been dead for 50+ years,,,


        • Perhaps ALL gun owners, even outside Illinois need to take the cue and use the contact info in the article. Maybe even some non-gun owners as well. THIS IS A TEST…if this works here, we can all expect something similar rammed down OUR throats in the near future.

        • Verify Verify Verify!!

          There is NO proof from the state of Illinois website with this language in it..

          Check it out for yourselves..!!

          The supposed introduction of the bill was slated for 530 pm today..and nothing to verify any of this from all searches just conducted by myself..

          If anyone can refute and post 100% proof otherwise..I’ll most happily indulge..

          Let us not fall prey to serious disinfo if it may be..

          Mac..any updates on your end?


          • Chicago Sun Times
            Updated: January 3, 2013 2:23AM

            Illinois Senate panel OKs ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines..

            SPRINGFIELD — Driven by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, gun-control legislation designed to ban assault weapons and the ammunition that feeds them passed a Senate panel late Wednesday, setting the stage for a possible floor vote on Thursday.

            The Democratic measures advanced out of the Senate Public Health Committee, which historically has been dominated by gun-control advocates, on party-line votes.

            Late Wednesday, Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) told the Chicago Sun-Times that he expects both measures to get full Senate votes on Thursday. Senate Democratic sources predicted ultimate narrow passage of the contentious legislation, but Cullerton was not prepared to publicly handicap things that way.


        • The following I just sent in an email to Sen. Merkely. I just sent similar emails to the rest of our senators…I’m looking for ideas and suggestions to make my next one more “effective’. I know some think it won’t matter, and it might not, but I wasted about 7 minutes of my time on it either way.

          To Senator Jeff Merkley
          State of Oregon
          Jan 03, 2013


          I’m responding to your email dated Jan 03, 2013.

          Okay, good job in making some progress of the “fiscal cliff” issue, but…you might want to watch out for unrelated “riders” that will most likely be included in the future, to abridge our constitutional rights. The one I speak of in particular is our Second Amendment rights. The recent tragedies at the hands of psychotic people, has only steeled my resolve that ALL AMERICANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES and we can better do that ARMED, at least as well as the gunmen that you cannot disarm.

          There are twenty dead kindergarteners to remind us that the police cannot predict the future and be there to intervene before a tragedy. The gunman had our permission to walk in and murder those children, unchallenged, and we should be ashamed. There should’ve been somebody there, with the means to revoke that “permission”. You know what I mean, there should’ve been an armed protector standing between those children and the flying bullets…the unarmed staff who forfeited their lives in an effort to save the children might still be alive had they been armed. As it is, they died for nothing.

          This is a sore spot for me personally, because I am physically disabled and living in an outlying county area…alone. I have grandchildren in school now and more coming. I will personally hold every legislator responsible for every needless death, caused by legislating away our right to protect our families.

          Our children deserve better than being used for target practice—they deserve to be defended with every and all means we have, including our right to stop an attacker in their tracks if necessary…we cannot do that unarmed.

          Legislation has not stopped criminals from acquiring either drugs or guns, and in some cases, our own government is responsible for putting both in the hands of criminals (“fast and furious” ring a bell?)

          If you really care about your constituents, you’ll recognize that the very same people in congress, who are trying to ban OUR right to protect ourselves, have their own families guarded by armed guards. Maybe they can afford it, but most, if not all, of your constituents cannot. The second amendment does not afford the right to bear arms only to the “important” people, it defines it for us all. Actually, Ms. Feinstein offends me with her “better than the rest of us” attitude and she should step down or face the consequences.

          I expect you to defend our rights as vigorously as you do your own. That’s the only way you’ll get another vote from me. I think there are a number of disarmed shooting victims who might agree with me about the right to protect ourselves—if they could vote, that is…

          A. Lambert
          Sandy, Oregon

        • On a happier note, A Montana lawmaker is proposing amendments to the Constitution to nullify the effects of laws in the works to outlaw firearms.

          Rep. Jerry O’Neil, a Republican from Columbia Falls, has vowed to work with the Montana state legislature to adopt amendments protecting the Second Amendment and national sovereignty.

      2. I suppose the only surprise here is that it’s Illinois and not California. Because it’s worked so well so far for Chicago.

        Just watched Mad Max yesterday – all decked out with a side by side. Guess that’s good for Illinois.

        • Chicago is the land of peace and love Guns aren’t allowed.

          the criminals just politly ask for your valuables.

        • My mistake chicago is where they will kill you to steal your Nikes.

          Why Because only the thugs have guns.

          well i suppose security for politians and celebrities have them too but they also qualifies as thugs

          • Now what was that Charles Bronson movie ????????

        • Didn’t we just read that Chicago, home of gun control, is the murder capital of the United States?


        • I have heard it called “ChiCongo”, as in a war zone fought by numerous gangster warlords where many innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire. Just sayin, it’s new name for me is “ChiCongo, Hella-Noise”.

          Anyway, this will never fly. So many vets already calling this move a declaration of war on the American people. If they keep this up, it’s probably going to get real ugly, real fast. By the record sales as of late, meaning everything is being ripped from the shelves, I think there are a lot more waking up to the reality of what’s happening. So, even if only a small handful openly resist, you can expect a rapid escalation.

          They know this. They know an outright ban will never fly. They know there are probably more than half in their ranks that would sabotage their own shit. They know the gray wolves would come out in great numbers (the people that blend in well, have a cover job, you’d never suspect, but is the guy that just did some serious shit to them hours before, only to blend back in).

          Nah, instead, they’ll probably aim high and shoot low. This way they get a small bite of our rights again and can come back for more later. These scumbags work over decades, not weeks, months or years. They are the masters of incremental destruction. My grandchildren won’t know the freedoms they are missing out on as I don’t know the freedom of my grandparents. Do you see how they work?

          I could be wrong though. This could be their big move and they’re just tired of fucking around with us anymore. Maybe they think they can actually pull it off. We’ll just have to wait and see over the next few months. You’ll know in your heart what you have to do. Choose your destiny wisely.

        • See now some of you guys were shitting all over Commiefornia… seems were not the shitty-est state after all!!!! hahahaha! dont get me wrong there’s PLENTY about this state that SUCKS!!! but at least were not the first A-holes to try and pull this BS! I guess our shitty politicians dont want to be the 1st tried for Treason???? or tar and feathered who knows? oh by the way AK clones are legal to buy here (time permitting) @ BI what time frame till were shaking to pieces??? guess-tamation?? week, month, year, decade?

      3. Yea,,, Write your con-gress critters! The SAME one’s advocating this nonsense.


        • I agree with your sentiment Ken… The time for getting your representatives to do ANYTHING Constitutional is long since over and waiting until the next congressional elections will be too late… there truly is only one alternative left to the American people – and I quote: ‘But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…’ and folks, whether you like it or not the only alternative left to us is doing this ‘by force’ – which is exactly why they want to take our ability of doing this by force away from us.

          Three points: One – The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ARE the supreme law of the land

          Two – the ‘Dick Act of 1902’ (Major General Charles Dick) passed into law forbids gun control and legally can’t be repealed.

          Three – Article 1 Section 9 (clause 3) No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

          Ex post facto is a Latin term meaning “from a thing done afterward.” Ex post facto often refers to a law that applies retroactively, thereby criminalizing conduct that was legal when originally performed.

          Yes, I understand the argument that this is exactly what o-bubba and his gun grabbers want – so they can declare martial law… personally, I say “let’s dance”.

          • I was chattin with my Bro about this, and had a Idea, how about the Citizens of Illinois, disarm, the Police before they get around to Knocking on Doors,,You know have Three Pick-ups do a Felony Stop on a Cop Car, relieve him of his weapon, and Uniform, and let him Walk Home? There Illinois I fixed it for Ya!

          • I wish people would think like the founders, im in, but wheres everybody else

        • *sigh*
          it’s over a year (or is it more) since I first came to SHTFplan. Back then I posted messages with this idea: “time for peaceful change is past, the only way people of USA, Europe and the world will oust the goobermen is through violent and bloody revolutions”

          back then there were some who called me extremist. most didn’t, but even they would hold on to the moderate opinion regarding the situation.

          and now, mere 12 month later (a blink of an eye actually) all I read in the comment section of our beloved SHTFplan is “To Arms! To Arms!”

          there were few who said that it is past time for that either. I still think that it is not so. but time is running out! Here is why:

          You, in the USofA, and, in fact, all of us around the world, are at the cusp of times. The incoming ban of semi-automatic weapons is the final line. If you do not draw your line here, then all is done and we as free people (all around the world) can pack up and line up for whatever the 1%’ers intend to do with us.

          Reasoning is quite simple. you can not fight a war with pistols and shotguns. I know there will be some who will propel the never ending propaganda cart with loads of “you can’t win against drones, tanks and what-nots of government”. That IS propaganda! You can and you’d win if moral imperative is strong enough.

          But without semiautos you’re done. And we (the rest of the inside-out world) along with you. Make no mistake, the rest of the world is nicely disarmed, and it is only in American patriot populace there lies a hope.

          Some of you know how much I dislike Amerikan policies (especially those of foreign direction). But I will give what’s due where needed. You ARE free world’s last hope. But only until you relinquish your semiautos!

          Semiautomatic rifles, carbines etc are meant for defence and attack against tyrants and their armies (be it foreign invasion or domestic creeping tyranny). They give you a fighting distance of 300-400 m. You do not fight wars with pistols and shotguns. Not even a guerilla wars! For to use a pistol you must smell their bad breath, for shotgun – see their eyewhites. Ask yourself – how often will you get that chance when martial law is declared and road blocks manned with DHS/TSA/whatever goons with itchy trigger fingers and lots of ammo on hand?

          Take heed dear American patriots! This is the last chance, the last line, the last defensible position. This is most definitely your second Alamo! If you let them have it, there are no fall back trenches!!! If they acquire your semiautos, you’re as good as done.

          You know your enemy and you know it well. They used incremental takedown of your constitution and this is truly the last bolder on their way. Remember, there was a time when citizens could own mortars, antitank guns and other heavy toys. Then again, there was time when citizens could own machineguns, submachineguns, full-auto rifles and other fully war capable weapons.

          And now you are less prepared to fight your enemy than your fathers or grandfathers were! But you can still fight! As long as you have semiauto rifles! But just that – AS LONG!

          I’ve stopped posting comments, I’ve stopped commenting everywhere. I’m tired of naiveté. I’m tired of blindness that prevails even among the so called “awoken”. Not all, but many, maybe even most.
          The time for fine words and rousing speeches is long gone. The days when we all could satisfy ourselves with rants and spiteful language, with venting and swearing are gone and will never come back.

          The time to water The Tree has come.

          Call it what you like. Call it “inciting violence”, call it “terrorist”. Mac can delete this comment. Do, or do not. Just don’t fool yourselves, don’t be blind, don’t hold your breath and DO NOT HOPE “that somehow everything will be just fine” because it won’t.

          You had your “Burning of the Reichstag” on 9/11, the Rubicon was crossed long ago, the only question remains – will enough patriots stand with the armies of Republic, or will Caesar sweep away the remnants of “outdated constitution”

          Will you see your country and the future of your children being forfeited?
          Don’t answer it with high speeches to my comment –
          train hit-and-run tactics,
          establish small resistance cells,
          cache away guns and ammo
          and when they outlaw the semiautos, you outlaw them.

          • 1000+ thumbs up Guirza from someone who has a globally located extended family – it’s getting DARK out there.

            One way to defeat this is to assume that Illinois has just declared it’s unilateral seccession from the United States as an unarmed citizenry of one state is a risk to the national security of all. Given Chicago’s key role as a corrupt powerbase for the current cabal tptb won’t want this.

            Once disarmament starts it doesn’t stop. Here in England there is a current propaganda campaign from a group “doctors” to ban the sale of kitchen knives. The upper classes still have access to the protection of armed goons.

          • Its not inciting or terroristic to state the obvious…youre right,times run out and things are about to get nasty..times come to fish or cut bait….most people are not going to say too much online cause they know the PTB are watching…there are alot who are ready and will act…but it takes alot when people still have something to lose…wait till more lose what they have….at this rate we aint far froma critical mass…

            • I’m old and disabled, but I can still cut bait and defend the camp…and reload the empties as handed to me.

            • All you need to do is look at Syria, poor bastards trying to go about their business in a warzone until their family is touched, then there are shop keepers, bakers, masons all with ak’s taking shots when they get them, its real

          • BRAVO…GIURZA!!!

            BRAVO & SALUTE!!!

          • @Giurza – You nailed it. The time is HERE, NOW. As individuals, we must make a decision. Die free or die a slave or in a gas chamber with 100+ other genocide victims at one time. I have come to peace with this matter. I am over 50.

            If any SCUMBAG TRAITOR EVER comes to my door to try and take my guns, I will instantly, with zero reservation, respond with lots of lethal force, stuff they would not expect. I will die. I will take one or MORE of these scum with me. I am ready for death, mine AND theirs. This is no drill…

            Prepare with not just guns – get your “Bar B Q” flame gear ready. Rail guns, air compressor guns; make em.

            I agree we are at the end game. We must form up, gear up, and develop resistance squads – join a militia – NOW. Fuck this fascist government. You have already infuriated me for over 15 years, and I cannot wait to waste the first one of you…

            Try me.

      4. See my post 994578 in last article.
        This how I see it and what I’m going to do, and that is stick with my BROTHER and SISTERS in ILLINOIS!

        This very well could lead to Matrial Law.

        • I’m already under “Matrial Law”.

          It’s called Marriage, 42 years and counting. lol

          • ‘Preciate the humor, but this is DEADLY serious, not time for jokes.

            • @ patriot. You tell the other poster “there’s no time for jokes”. But if your posting then you imply that there is time for posting comments. Are you rounding up the Calvary or something???

      5. America is toasted. Things are happening very fast. Too fast!

        Hopefully for the innocent people that the gangs and cartels will turn in their guns too.

        • “Hopefully for the innocent people that the gangs and cartels will turn in their guns too.”

          Now, you know that isn’t going to happen.

          When this is over, the two group you wish least to have all the guns will have them, criminals and the government. I hear Pelosi has one, you think she’s giving it up; no she’s going to use it to itimidate you the day after she has yours taken.

          I had thought that I’d have all of 2013 and most of 2014 to prepare for the dark roads the US is headed down, I’m not so sure of that anymore; things seem to be picking up speed every day for the advantage of the state.

          • Bullshit, when this is over our constitution will be fully reinstated, the commies will not be in our goverment. Real patriots will be running our country. No more tsa pat downs, but most important our kids will live in the intended USA…and people like fienstein will wish like hell they never fucked with us

            • Correct Apache!

              Time to ‘count coup’ on politicians.

        • Ugly,

          With the U.S. federal government arming Mexican drug cartels with thousands of battle rifles and ammunition, it appear that these murderously blood thirsty cartels have now become agents of the U.S. federal government! There is no way in hell I’m disarming in the face of that kind of overt threat.

          • We need to remember exactly WHO the drug cartels work for—look no further than the fact that OUR government runs the drug business, like in Afghanistan…OF COURSE THEY ARE ARMING THE DRUG CARTELS, they are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES TOO!

        • Do ya think?!?!

        • UGLY…

          You’re hoping the gang-bangers comply??? Good luck w/ that! Your negativity confers a defeatist mindset/attitude.

          Why are you surrendering before the contest begins???

          …are you male or female?

          If female, help the MEN who fight! Provide a safe-house…intel, if you’re in a position to do so…medical help if you’re so trained…help nourish/feed the underground….do something!!!
          Anything to contribute!!!


          If you’re MALE & aware….you’re hereby…DRAFTED!
          …no excuses!!!

          …and FYI…”think” Amerika is toast…not the Constitution/BoR.
          Pray we win…and avoid the Balkan path!

          • @Gunsmith

            Im male and live in Eastern Idaho. The crime rate here is pretty low. I dont own a gun, but will purchase one or two this year.

            For the first time in my life I feel the need to be prepared to the fullest as possible, and also own a gun or two.

            I do help. I have voted conservative all my life, whether Republican, Libertarian, or Independent. Our Governor is a gun owner so hopefully Idaho is safe.

            The Liberal areas of this country are going insane. I would never live in an area that is controlled by liberals.

            • UGLY…

              Then GOD-speed your efforts & the best of luck to you & your family(if blessed w/ such).

              I would recommend a center-fire, mil-spec type hi-cap/rifle(w/ lots-o-mags)…a 12ga.pump-gun & at least a .357 mag(min 4″ barrel) wheel gun…plus lots-o-ammo for each!

              If married/attached…the wife & kids can utilize the pump-gun/revolver easier in a…high stress life/death situation!
              Train them well.

              If single, go w/ a hi-cap 9mm(min)…or a .40/.45(better)

              Good luck…& report for duty…if/when the balloon goes up!

              • @Gunsmith and others–

                Thanks for reply.

                The 12ga is what all my friends tell me. They say it speaks the Universal Language.

                Americans, ready or not, here it comes–

                The New World Order.

                Be prepared the best, and dont panick. No one knows the day or hour, just the times.

            • UGLY: YOUR Govner recently let CHINEESE Kommies govnt get a 99yr leese on 50 thats FIFTY Square Miles of Idaho land to create a CITY and Industrial “Economic Zone” there!!!!

              You Need to wake up man! No offence but it seems most of your posts has quite alot of self contradicting in them.

              Kinda as if you are a wishy washy flip-flopper type.

              There is ZERO middle ground. It Is either US or THEM and THEM=Enemys!….None of us likes this neither but it is what it is. We got nowheres else to go to, and aint got the luxery of stating “I aint concerned because this wont occure untill at least 40-50 yrs from today and I will be dead and gone by then anyways!”

              Thats what us boomers elder gen told us alot…Now like it or not its fallen on Our shoulders. Yours also!

              • @Angelo–

                Yeah I know. But I was refering to gun ownership. I havent seen this stuff being built yet around Boise, but have not been by Boise for a year either.

                The chinese ‘buying’ US ground is another issue. But how many Chinatowns do you not see in the US in bigger cities?

      6. Should this type of legislation ever come to pass in CA (or most other states for that matter), the police are going to suddenly be overwhelmed with millions of reports of stolen firearms. “Hello, Police? I just left the house for a minute and my two AR-15’s, three shotguns and seven semi-auto pistols were all gone when I came back. And all of my ammo was taken too.”

        • Not to mention, these cops will no longer get any help from any of us..
          this will blow thier “neighborly” position right out the door.
          there will be no trust from the general public, its low now as it is, this will just tank it all to hell and back..

          I dont trust em now, I would trust them even less if they went along with this or if they were armed and I couldnt be..that is bullshit

        • I would then say here comes the search warrants (of course that is if they don’t dismantle the 4th Amendment after taking away the 2nd Amendment)!!!

          • Bush killed the 4th years ago.

          • They do not need search warrants. The Patriot Act and NDAA allow them to do whatever they want. All it takes is the terrorism charge and after a few cops or whatever are shot everyone will be considered a terrorist. Land of the free home of the brave. Right.

            • Why in the hell do you think they want to put microphones and recording devices on public buses.
              these Lying Shit Weasels know were getting Ready.

              RECALL every one of the F*&%ing Bastards and do it now
              Get petitions and start now

              and if that doesn’t work Get ammo and GET ready
              Flying Trunk Monkey

            • Can’t think of anything more patriotic than violating the Patriot Act.

            • John W.

              Why is it the overwhelming bulk of your comments appear skewed towards the….you’re screwed if you resist or the govt is all powerful & unbeatable?

              Care to explain that one?

              Your comments reek of a slick govt psy-ops troll.
              You’re really good at it, btw!

              If you’re merely a sour-puss pessimist, try to refrain from spreading your contagious hope killing pathogen amongst the readers here. Ok?

              If you are a fed COINTELPRO trained specialist…GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

              • Anton – I’ve been asking myself the same question!

                Excellent assessment!


                • Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

                  great minds think alike, no?

          • NDAA

            That supercedes the constitution,
            This is why we need to be worried.

            • No. It is why WE must be armed.

      7. This is completely unconstitutional! How is it that states can even think of bringing this to the table? Or that it is thought that they might pass this? All this is going to do is one of two things. Start a civil war or Illinoise will looase alot of citizens. The murder/crime rate is ridiculously high in Chicago where guns are banned, but criminals still break in to homes (all the moreso knowing no one has a gun to stop them). Then all of the homeowners are defenseless againts invasion. If the government or the celebrety’s that propose gun bans would practice what they preach and have their guards disarm themselves, I think we’d see a different picture.

        • TTM43, NDAA is completely unconstitutional. This disgusting POTUS whelp’s EOs are unconstituional.

      8. i’m fond of the coach gun , hammers and all
        , stoeger makes a nice one for home defense

        • Their nickel plated one with walnut stocks is purdy

      9. I will be making a list of companies in the demonkratic state of Ill. I will not spend another cent doing business with any that are located in that state. It truly is an evil state, good people should move the hell out now before you become cannon fodder.

        • @VET: The sad thing is thousands can not just pull up and move, mainly no place to go, or money to get them there. If this pass’s there will be a fight when they come for the guns.
          How many of patroits from other states will come to the aid of the Illinois Patriots that are doing battle. I will but I don’t think many will, its not their state, but it is all patriots way of life, TO LIVE FREE.

        • I work for a company headquartered in Cook County, Illinois. Chicago suburb.
          No, I’m not quitting my job to make a point.
          They’d replace me in a heartbeat, and the only “point” I would have made is now my family is hungry and homeless.

      10. Sorry for the folks in that state, but they are the wake-up calls for the rest of us. If you are luckyy enough to live in a state that is further down the list for doing stupid things like this, it goves you an opportunity to see how it will unfold for the rest of us eventually. Watch it closely and be prepared for it when it gets closer to your A.O.

        Dear government,
        I WILL NOT COMPLY in any way shape or form!

      11. I hate Illinois! This is the worst run, highest taxed, broke-ass state in the Union and these fuckin idiots think they know what they are doing. Did you guys outside of Illinois know that it is wrong for your to carry a concealed weapon? Thats what the brain-donors in this asshole state think. I am NOT turning in my guns, I can’t because my dog ate them anyway, but I wouldn’t even if he didn’t.

        • Yes sir. – I hate Illinois. I am from the Chicago area myself. 24, looking for work in Iowa to get out of the mess. “modern firearms”, so black powered guns it is! I hate how my state is held hostage by Chicago.

        • Speak up I couldn’t hear you.

      12. How can they possibly know who has what ….people sell shit privately all the time

        • it doesnt matter. If you register one weapon, they will have you in thier sights. The BS “I lost them” or “I sold them at a gun show to Bill Smith” will fly as far as a brick. Everyone on every comment section has said that they lost them or whatever. The only answer is DO NOT COMPLY. If every Patriot doesnt comply we will win.

        • And some states do not register guns, and many do not register, long guns, such as hunting rifles, and shotguns of all config’s.

          like as if they are going to take these died in the wool sportsmen with thier semi auto 12 guage 1100’s or the Mossburg 500’s or remmington pump 870’s..there are just too many and not one of them in my state at least has ever been registered

        • They will do it over time. When they find them they will drop the hammer on the person then. It will be like the Drug War. A lost cause. It will go on for ever.

          ANd all the pot smoker that will get out because of legalization. those spot will be filled with gun owners that did not hide them or were caught using them. If we do not stop this now.

      13. How could this get past a second amendment challenge.

        The first amendment this idiot uses to spout this moronic idea, is protected only by having the second amendment

        • largetarget,

          It would take years of appeals for this garbage to be deemed unconstitutional. Meanwhile the state, using tax payer funded SWAT police thugs, are going door to door forcing law abiding citizens to disarm at gun point. People are still angry over the 1994 Clinton gun ban, I know I am. This time around I’m willing to bet gun owners will not be quite so….civil

          • YH,

          • it will be even easier next year.

            after you have to register all your grandfathered in guns

            “you can keep you guns WE just need your Photo,Address, and Finger Prints”

            • Just like the orginal RED Dawn Movie

              the envading force goes to the sporting goods store for the LISTS of gun owners.

              Then it’s off for door to door searches. turn in the guns or of to the concentration camps

              • yet they left the ‘ol mans re-loading equipment..yeah I saw that.

            • largetarget,

              The nice thing about all of this is that I don’t have to do anything. Zero, Zip, Nada. If you get my meaning?

              “They” can change the laws and use whatever means of intimidation and coercion they choose to, but in the end, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

              If they want to make a federal case out of my non-compliance, then they can bring it. It’s on! I know what history has taught me about gun disarmament and I will not be a willing participant to my own enslavement by my own government.

              • I imagine trips to the local public range are going to be a bad idea very soon. They’ll just sit out a bit with a camera and ID you, your guns, your vehicle, etc. and show up at your door the next day. God willing I’ll be setting up my own little range in the next 2-3 months. Gun discussions with strangers (especially online) will become a thing of the past as well.

                Does anyone have any great ideas for hiding weapons (that do not require a shovel)? i was thinking of storing mine in the large return duct of my HVAC. If I cut in from the top, I can put duct tape over the cut and no one will be the wiser. This will allow for easier access than burying. I don’t know if the return duct will have increased humidity that could affect the items. Any opinions?

                Esse Quam Videri

                • Southpaw,
                  Since you just posted it on a public forum it is easy to see how long you will survive. Shoot your mouth off much? Get a clue!

                • Southpaw,

                  I’ll just have to drive a little farther out to the country to find a nice quiet spot to shoot. I hope the alligators don’t mind the noise.

                • Taking notes are we, John W?

                • 6″ pvc pipe, sealed on both ends, buried.

                • Thanks John. I’m sure if there are agents monitoring this site they will ignore everyone who posted about weapons lost in a boating accident and head straight to my HVAC. I’ll do my best to come up with a new plan once I have moved.

                  I’m guessing James Yeager is right in that if we think it’s time to bury our weapons, we’d better be digging them up. I would think if TPTB are ever going door to door, we have shown that we were not willing to use our weapons and have already lost. It’s not like the French Resistance in WWII where we could hide them for use once we start getting some help. Reagan stated correctly that this is the last stand of freedom. We will not be assisted by a liberating force should our Government try to disarm us.

                • dont bother hiding will be playing into thier hands..

              • even if you keep your nose clean.

                if they run across your guns now you will be a felon, with no right to a gun.

              • Maybe a neighbor says you have guns,

                maybe you buy ammo and use your store discount card.and the computer puts you on a list of non registered people buying ammo,

                maybe you get seached because you make comments on sites like this,

                Thenopps you are a felon.

                • Always pay cash for ammo.

                • Largetarget,

                  There are worst things in the world than being a felon. Being defenseless and at the mercy of totalitarian politicians with no political means of stopping them. That IMO is far worst than being a felon.

                  I cannot believe that I am actually contemplating the emergence of an openly fascist totalitarian government on U.S. soil in 2013. In the past they operated under cover and behind the scenes, now it’s in our face and they are daring us to be defiant. The problem is they have the support of those who re-elected them.

                  I hate where this is going, and it hasn’t even begun yet.

              • bang bang, boom boom, burn burn, and a lot more X 100,000,000

            • L-Target

              Most “real Americans” will not register an effing thing!!!
              Fingerprint sessions, photos & paperwork, be damned!!!
              Screw the tyrant puppets & their judeo-banking masters!!!

              We are smart enough to lay low, observe the enemy’s actions and do some…ummm…recon…while the debate rages!

              …if the enemy “self validates” their unconstitutional dictates…well then that’s when ‘HARD-CORE'(patriotic) ops….must shift to high gear!


              Remember, we vastly out number THEM & our cause is JUST!
              Our mission parameters include:…

              a.> Deny their zones everything necessary for life/comfort….EVERYTHING!!!!!!

              b.> Ambush their roadblocks.

              c.> Aim small…miss small…DO NOT WASTE AMMO!

              d.> Shoot-n-scoot…do not dally…hit hard & egress rapidly.

              e.> If you encounter an unknown group is attacking the same target as YOU…afford them flank protection, if you can!

              f.> Be creative & unpredictable…never use the same exit routes.

              g.> Always make use of any publicly planned protest(back-ground noise)…to tie-up enemy resources…while you strike somewhere else.

              h.> Have a good method for team comms(a must)!

              i.> Fight smart…use your brains!

              j.> Avoid suicide missions if at all possible, because your loss will affect others, in ways we cannot calculate!

              k.> Be disciplined & ever conscious of OP-SEC(it’ll help keep you alive!!!).

              l.> Engage, carry the fight to the enemy!

              m.> …fill in the blank…


              We’ll see how this plays out soon enough.

              …in the meantime…stout hearts to all!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Hi Gunsmith,


                Sound advice that is short, simple and easy to remember!

                Almost time to give them HELL!!

                JD – US Marines, Patriot, Loyal American.

                [This comment, and the advise it endorses IS US Marine approved!]

              • Gunsmith,


              • @Gunsmith:

                …and fire is our friend…..


                • JD/YH/BA…& others + (Yental/snake)

                  I am honored to be in the company of such men/brothers…as you!


                  You are…what you do…when it counts!!!!!!

                • @Bad, Roger that – first set out marshmallows by the door….

              • Thats why its good to use 5.56 and 7.62 so when you raid the beast you can use their own bullets to level the field.

              • Gunsmith, you are correct with your ‘to do’ list. It seems to me that ya’ll have read a book- The War of the Flea by Robert Taber. Library of Congress #65-24365. It details how most of your ‘to do’ list works very well.

                God, Country and Constitution

                • Desert Rat

                  Its so late & past tense, per this thread-line that 99.98% of the community/lurkers here, will never see your post or my response.

                  …that said, know this….yes, said book is in my library & I probably read too much as it is…!!!


                  …fearsome/hardcore honorable men….trained me!

                  …and they didn’t do it all on Sam’s dime, either!

                  —(big grin & a wink)*—

                  …that kinda shit still goes on today, never doubt!

          • But if the neighbors don’t aid those being raided, then all is lost.

            • Apologies Tayronachan…

              I meant to give you a green one….fat fingers keyed too soon!

          • Oh for fuck sake. Really think the government is going door to door? Wow, you are stupid

      14. My Fellow Americans:

        Hopefully they will pass it!,.. and this will be the spark that ignites our version of Lexington & Concord.

        It is time to abolish this perfidious and treasonous filth called the US Fed Gov’t,.. which is nothing more than an, “Enemy Force In Occupation”.

        It is time America,… time to declare this gov’t null and void,.. and if it comes to a shooting match to do that,.. well then,.. that just proves the wisdom of the Founding Fathers when they made the 2nd Amendment the 1st Order-Self Preserving Right that it is.

        JD – US Marines – Civil War is upon us,.. get ready.

        • Indeed good post. I to hope they pass it, I would rather die a Patriot than a Slave.

        • Yep, like nancy pelosi says pass it so we can see whats in them, err or something like that, its time, these dim whits in government are far too arrogant, its about right for a good purge of the current so called leaders.
          God save us all

        • Hey, JD..where ya been for so long??
          Missed our posts.

          • Hi JayJay,

            Thanks for the warm comment!

            I spend a lot of my writing/posting time on, “From The Trenches World Report”

            A very good site with very few trolls, as they get pegged the instant they rear their ugly little heads!

            You should give it a view,.. all you need to punch into your search box is, “Fromthetrenches”, and that will usually bring you the link.

            Thanks – JD – US Marines

        • I had to scroll down a long ways before I found someone saying what I intended to say: Go ahead and pass that s**t.

          I would vastly prefer that these idiots over-step their position outrageously and find out what their enforcement is going to be like, as opposed to the boiling-frog approach, which astoundingly continues to work just fine with the vast majority of American sleepers.

          A prediction though. Any sheriff worth his salt is going to require that Senator Cullerton be the person knocking on each door, or tell him to screw himself. Seriously, there will not be a massive gun confiscation, because law enforcement won’t do that. Like someone above said, they’ll just pick them off every time they give out a speeding ticket or serve a warrant.

          • I too am sick of being slowly boiled to death, Nehweh Gahnin, you said it just the way I was thinking it..thanx

        • The Superbowl is coming up. Maybe some can tear themselves away from the TV. We will get back to you. We have to go with whats important. Second amendment? How passe.

        • Thanks for your service Marine. GOD Bless you and yours!

          I am an instructor in training for Appleseed. For those of you who have not heard of it: Google it!

          WE teach about April 19th, 1775. That is the day that lit the spark of the American revolution. The British set out to confiscate gunpowder, as well as to potentially disable cannons and confiscate firearms. In other words the government of the day wanted to institute gun control!

          This is the day that lit the spark of the American Revolution! We refused to be disarmed! We teach about our history: If you don’t know where you came from, how do you know where your going? We teach rifle marksmanship to honor the marksmen who gave us our freedoms.

          April 19th, 1775! Thats the day that Americans were slaughtered at Lexington on the Green. That’s the day that Captain Isaac Davis gave his life for us at the battle of North Bridge! That’s the day that 78 year old Samuel Whittemore took on the British and was bayonetted 13 times——-and survived. Thank you and God Bless you Sam! Thats the day, Hezekiah Wyman, “Death on a Pale Horse”, extracted his vengeance on the retreating British!


          • @Mickey, FANTASTIC organization!!! My husband is active duty and has taken our 4 kids through appleseed. HIGHLY recommended!!!

      15. So I guess that means that states death rate will sky rocket.

        Or if people were pissed enough the population of that communist state would drop, but would it drop enough to affect , say the pay of the government in that state?
        because with idiotic shit like this thats what needs to happen..put the politicians on the unemployment line , than see if they do the peoples work than or not.

        Stop paying the bastards that are fucking you

        • VRF must be on drugs. Why don’t you rent a gun and buy a bullet… u know the rest. Moron

          • Troll.

          • psyco prepper,

            What’s good for the goose… u know the rest.

            Go back to school and learn how to spell psycho.

          • @sico(joeinnc)prepper:

            Wipe your chin.

          • Is That You Joe?

          • Ha! got his attention didnt I?

            cute screen name

      16. I’m amazed at how much things have picked up so quickly, in terms of gun ‘control’. In a way, I will be happy that the spark will finally be lit. We’ll have to figuratively cross Mordor before emerging again in Liberty. I think a few tens of millions will either leave the country or be killed before we get there, though.

        • I wouldn’t put it past those bastards to close the exit holes on them, making escape nearly impossible (unless you are an illegal alien)

          • I say, lock the doors and keep the fight in house; but if you want to add NATO troops to the mix … the man or woman with the most blue helmets at the end of the game …..wins!!!

            God, Country, and Constitution !!!!!! 🙂


        Senator Dianne Feinstein,

        I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection yet decry me having the same a crime. You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain. I am a Marine Corps Veteran of 8 years, and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object, yet carries one, tell me I may not have one.

        I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.

        I am the man who fought for my country. I am the man who learned. I am an American. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR-15 because of the actions of some evil man.

        I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.

        We, the people, deserve better than you.

        Respectfully Submitted,
        Joshua Boston
        Cpl, United States Marine Corps

        • Baracalypse,

          Excellent! Two Thumbs Up!

        • Thanks Josh for your service!! Couldn’t agree more with your words and will stand side-by-side with you……

        • AMEN! You have a great way with words!

        • One thing …ma’ the south is a form of courtesy extended to a lady..note: Marine, lose the ma’am in this case.

        • Words without action are meaningless.

          • FYI eisenkraut: BUYING 10,000,000 +++ guns and BILLIONS of rounds in one week is officially called “ACTION” – MORON.

            • Guns are not the answer. We need an ideological shift. We are in a minority and waving guns around is only going to scare people and cause them to beg the government to crack down on the prepper movement.

        • Not my words, C+P’d from the news story. Very important all the same!

          • I understand that. I only meant that we have to stick to each other like glue, and strive to expand our prepper community to reach as many people as possible if we want to have a chance.

        • Not sure about this Marines common sense. Also if I remember correctly the Marine Commandant of Camp Pendelton for instance requires Marines to register all privately owned firearms even those in off base private housing. Once this Fineswine law takes effect and becomes a direct order he will be placing himself in danger of a UCMJ violation by ignoring it. I do admire his spunk.

        • Maam? You DID mean “whore slut zionist SCUM”, did you not, or was that a type?


      18. Thank you to everyone here that voted third party! I am sure if we had Romney in office everything would be exactly the same…

        Good job on your protest vote.

        • Seriously?? Was not romney that signed the AWB in Mass saying there is no legitimate purpose for blackk rifles? (Paraphrased of course)

          No sir. He would have been after the same thing too. The plan is bigger than either romney or obama.

          • Yea he did, but I bet the Supreme Court judges that 0 nominates will not be as friendly to the 2nd as Romney’s would…

            One more Supreme and the 2nd is done…

            Can you agree with that?

        • The G.O.P. treated Ron Paul supporters like a bunch of idiots and WE all said to them that WE will not compromise OUR principles by supporting the lesser of two evils. Show me ONE Republican that is standing up for YOU and OUR gunrights!…..John Cullerton should be tried for treason.

          • You were right to vote Ron Paul in the primary and that does not make you an Idiot.

            In the general… Well…

            Reality check time. 100% chance O or Romney would be the next POTUS. You and millions did not choose either. Now we have O and you just said above he is the greater of the two evil’s

            So, thank you for the protest vote!

            • You STILL do not understand do you?…..let me put it this way….Would you rather drink you Koolaide with rat poison or Draino in it?…..It looks like the shills are on this site also.

        • you are being sarcastic right ?

          • Yes.

        • Sorry if I don’t like to vote with the sheep but more for whose values I more closely align myself to. I’m sorry that those who felt they only had two choices voted for Romney. And I’m sure the system will just change itself if we continue to play the two party system like TPTB want us to.

          Good job on your vote to keep the two party system alive and strong!

          • Make your point in the primaries. But in the general election? You had a choice between TWO people. Simple as that.

            • Do you still believe in the tooth fairy too?

              • Just reality. Thanks for the contribution to the comments.

                • LOL…

          • You are a fool. Look what you now have. I hope you feel smug and superior when they are kicking your door in and dragging you and your family away to the camps. Sometimes you just have to go with the lesser of two unsavory choices. No matter what his faults Romney would not be plotting to violate the Constitution.

            • WAKE UP! – there is ONE “party” the zionist nwo party. Do you not know this??

            • So let me make sure I understand you clearly. I am a fool because I voted 3rd party based on my personal beliefs and not yours? When did this become an “if you’re not with me you’re against me” country?

              There is no amount of arguing that you can possible say to make me compromise my own values just because the corporate driven crony you are supporting (or maybe spiting in the reverse case) can’t provide a better choice.

              Insanity is voting for the same two parties over and over again and expecting a different result. Did I actually think Gary Johnson was going to even come close to winning? Hell no, but I was hoping he’d inch closer to that 5% needed to be recognized and funded with the big boys next time around.

              I’ll be damned if I’m going to vote against my values because the weaker of two evils needs my help to keep the stronger one out.

              “No matter what his faults Romney would not be plotting to violate the Constitution.” – Where did you get your crystal ball? Because I could use one of those.

              • He got 1% of the vote. 1.2 million people. That was the record high for any Libertarian that ran for pres in our history. Sad because he would be better then O. But I don’t think your plan for him to “be recognized and funded with the big boys next time around” worked out…

              • The problem with thinking about the 5% vote needed for funding in the next election, was, quite simply, we can’t abide another 4 years of Obama. He will either destroy the economy and middle class by the end of his term, or we will be in civil war. I don’t think of it as voting against my values, it’s voting for what is best for the country, looking ahead at the forseeable future.

              • “No matter what his faults Romney would not be plotting to violate the Constitution.”

                Oh, that is soooo funny.


            • Yeah, I’d rather lose my money than my constitutional rights…

            • He is a shill

        • I agree, if Romney was in office we’d see the same thing. I voted Gary Johnson, and have a clear conscience. He did an excelent job as 2 term Governor for New Mexico. He left the state with a budget surplus while lowering taxes. Of course he was blacked out by the MSM.

          • Agreed

          • +1

      19. I support armed American citizens, and the Second Amendment because I do not know what the government has planned for us next. Whatever is planned cannot be good because no one wants you disarmed and helpless unless they intend to do something extremely harmful to you without resistance.

        • Drugs are illegal and yet they are available,
          If guns are banned, you bet your ass that the only ones who will have guns are criminals.

          If guns are banned than no one is safe!
          The law is to for whose protection???

          My vote is to leave the 2nd Amendment the way it is!

          • What the %^&()*&*$#!,

            I agree. Cell phones have been used to detonate hundreds, if not, thousands of improvised explosive devices around the world killing tens of thousands of people, yet we can walk into any cell phone dealer and walk out 15 minutes later with a new phone no questions asked and no background check.

            Our Constitution was created by the brightest minds of their time. I may not understand ever single aspect of every sentence in the Constitution, but I know it was designed with one goal in mind, to protect The People from tyrannical government power. I say leave it alone.

      20. This is great. It’s about time we get the guns off of American streets.I’m moving to Illinois.

        • KY Mom,

          Then we won’t need police armed to the teeth with expensive pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers, ammunition, tanks, helicopter gunships, armed gun boats, (soon to be armed) drones, area wide x-ray and night vision tech, etc.

          Just think how much tax money will be refunded to the taxpayers once society has been completely pacified!

          I’ll take Jefferson’s society of dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery any day of the week KY Mom, including weekends, and holidays.

          Happy New Year.

        • The “real” KY Mom did NOT post this.

          Some TROLL has “hijacked my name”

          • We all know you, KY Mom – it’s pretty obvious some troll is trying to discredit you. Please don’t worry – we can see right through it!


          • Oooops! My apologies to the real KY Mom. I’ll pay closer attention next time.

      21. Gun? What gun? I sold it at a gun show for cash to send money to Greenpeace…

      22. Sorry but when it comes to the Constitution, a Sheriff can throw a State boy behind bars if he steps out of line.

      23. Well good luck collecting up those guns… looks like the short road to revolution. I don’t imagine the good folks of Illinios are going to line up like sheep for that.

        • They have so far. Don’t you guys ever learn? People love being pushed around.

          • It’s the “hit me, hurt me, make me turn in my guns” mentality…

      24. I’m really confused as I do not understand why the headline doesn’t scream


        “In a shocking development today, the citizens of Illinois have decided to abandon their responsibilities in the event of an invasion of the United States of America by abandoning their responsibility to maintain a citizen militia as required by the 2nd Amendmentment.

        Neighbouring states worried by the risks of having an unarmed, gangridden cesspool of corruption on their doorstep have taken the necessary steps to protect their own borders against foreign and domestic insurgents. The federal defence strategy has been amended to exclude Illinois, with immediate effect. Banks will be closed for 2 days to allow for the transfer of US dollars to the chicago ruble at a rate of 1 dollar to 250 CR’s. Federal Welfare programmes will also no longer be availble to the subjects of Illinois from Midnight on Tues 15th Jan . . . .

        The borders of Illinois are closed for the forseeable future ……………………………

        Someone clever in the area of legalese and Orwellian double talk needs to explain to me why this isn’t being considered as an act of secession from the United States and therefore the first official step towards WW2. I honestly thought that the 1st secession application would come from the Southern Conservative states, not Chicagostan.

        Is this an act of war against the United States or am I being fanciful?

        I’m VERY confused!

        • I’m not a lawyer, but the way I understand it, just like California or New Jersey, any state can ban any type of firearm or magazine that they see fit to.

          This is why you can own an AR-15 in PA but not NJ one state away.

          It’s why you can smoke weed in Denver, but not Phoenix, state laws vary.

          • Youre a fucking moron. You need to learn what federalism is. Can NJ ban free speech? Can Phoenix prohibit trials by jury? Fucking idiots like you are the reason the holocaust and the red revolution happened.

            • Eisen,

              Back off, if you are going to call names back up your opinion like an adult, not some spoiled child. If you are soooo smart, please tell me why I can own an AK in Florida, but not California, huh? Or a gay couple can get married in MA, but not TX?

              State laws vary. They are not banning the ownership of all guns, “just certain types”, so your free speech argument is bogus. Next time, instead of reacting with your emotions like some little girl, try thinking things through……Justified.

              • Raylan Givens

                The 14th Amendment ties the Bill of Rights into the States. Just because it’s not honored regarding it’s intent does not mean it does not exist.

                “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

              • As long as they allow the ownership and possession of some firearms that will be their argument that the second amendment is not being violated. Revolvers and single shot/bolt action weapons will probably satisfy the courts. All it will take is some other moron to stage a shooting event and even those guns will be outlawed. Sucks that they can punish everyone for what certain people do.

                • Communist countries ban poitical speech and still claim that they have freedom of speech because you can talk about other things.

                • So i say everyone pick up a nice .50 mcmillan bolt gun and clean house,

              • Talk “like an adult”. You stupid, spineless old people are the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

                The reason we dont have nationwide gay marriage, flat tax, and a ban on all gun laws is because old people like you are too stupid to understand that America is not a democracy and the idiot populace doesnt have the right to have an opinion or to vote on what rights others shall possess. When I was a teen I thought that the world would be a beautiful place as soon as you stupid old people finally die off. Now my fear is that my generation is even worse. God help us all.

                Emotions dont need to be seperated from intellect. That’s why college professors are all social misfits. “First with the head, then with the heart”. Like “The Power of One”.

                I have thought a lot through.

                • Eisen-dude,

                  Your words>>>>>>>. “First with the head, then with the heart”. Like “The Power of One”.
                  I have thought a lot through. <<<<<<<< end quote.

                  Ok, I guess that's relative to the number of functioning synapses, you possess.

                  Or the dosage of your bi-polar meds.

                  Chill dude!

              • Raylan-G.

                Well said!
                In truth, I think your point falls under the 10th amendment(states rights).

                • Hackl,
                  10th amendment? What’s that? The Feds no longer acknowledge the Constitution. The states are so hooked on federal money that they will go along with anything. Think Boner or the other losers in the stupid party are going to do anything? No I am not keeping track of anything bit people better get over the habit of posting stuff that should be kept to themselves. The rules have changed as have the protections we used to take for granted.

            • @eisenkraut – call it what is WAS dude; the fucking HOLOHOAX!!! 6 million jews killed, suuuuuure. We KNOW THE TRUTH.

              • I have stood in a camp where Jews and others were put to death. I have placed my fingers in the holes where the bullets hit the large wooden posts that they tied the prisoners to for the execution. I have seen the pictures of the very camp I was in and peoples knees looked like melons compared to the size of their legs because they had been starved. I was a tough young soldier ready to kill and there I stood with tears streaming down my face. I know Eisenhower was right. Douchbags do deny the holocaust.

                God will deny the douchebags.

                You have every right to promulgate your hatred and ignorance. You have NO right to change the facts.


            • I am not a lawyer, nor a US resident Eisenkreutz. I never met anyone as rude as you, when I visited.

              The governments of Argentina, Brazil, India, Nigeria and Bosnia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are also organised along Federal lines to name just a few. “Federalism” means something slightly different to each of them though. Switzerland also relies on a citizen militia for civil defence, yet is organised very differently from the US.

              I will never apologise for having a sincere desire to learn, and for having the bare faced nerve to ask those questions which will enable me to do so. It is a global game being played against us.

              If that offends you then that bothers me not at all.

            • USA is going the way of USSR. It will be much more violent, though. many of will have to decide where to migrate to. Don’t count on your county sheriff too much, although many will resist the idea of being the ones to do the dirty, dangerous work. The feds know they don’t have the money or manpower to carry out large scale raids on a widespread basis. They

          • So does that mean if some state decides they want to say…….put Jews, Gypsies and gays into concentration camps, they can?

            • Walt,
              Don’t think that they can do that, might be a few 1000 lawyers getting involved.

              Sad fact is, certain states like CA and NJ have banned certain types of firearms already. That is fact.

              I’m not saying that I want this to happen, or agree with it, but if CA can do it, so can Ill.

              • So far the USSC has “danced around” the intent of the Second Amendment with first Heller and later MacDonald. They’re avoiding the very center of it’s intent. It’s like justifying Free Speech with pornography but not political.

                If and I say IF some of this works it’s way through the legal system to the USSC it will be so interesting.


                1. Avoid the case entirely (most likely).
                2. Do some serious recreation of meanings of words to justify the law and ignore the mountain of evidence including both the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence regarding intent. It would be a legal laughing stock on the order of the Dredd Scott decision with a slave being 2/3 of a man.

                • The Dredd Scott decision was not about a slave being 2/3 of a man. The 2/3 thing is an antislavery facet of the constitution.

                • Dred scott 2/3’s issue was about in counting citizens to figure out how many reps per state etc…Since black slaves was not a ‘citizen” with full rights etc they agreed to only count african blacks as 2/3 of one person.

                  Its modern day monkys such as jessie jackson or al sharpton who “spin” it into a Tool used to stir up hate of todays whiteys and cause blacks to Riot & Loot etc.

                  And look how swell it works too!…One main sentence from sharpton bashing whiteys, and he has 100 yellow busloads of wild angry Militant violent prone Apes gearing up to kill whiteys and burn down usa.

                  Unless….Enough whiteys decides that wont fly.

                • What does “…shall not be abridged.” mean?

              • Yeah I see the few 1000 lawyers who got involved and stopped the Third Reich.

        • LMAO!!


      26. How can this even remotely be Constitutional? And how does interact with the court’s decision late last year regarding Illinois and CCW permits? Hard to carry concealed if you can’t possess a firearm.

      27. I’m so thankful I live in Texas. The disarming of citizens would never happen/work here. No level of state, county or city government would go for it either.

        • Favorite Ron white Joke

          The rest of the country is tring to outlaw the death penalty.

          Texas is putting in an express lane

        • No because that is a civil rights issue and there are specific federal laws that apply. Problem with the Constitution is that it was set up for a nation with an informed populace and a ethical govt. Neither of which are in evidence today.

        • Is that before they finish that Trans-Texas Corridor…or after???
          Just saying…Perry is trying every which way to screw Texas…and our nation.

          • Perry will have a very short term as governor if he doesn’t change plans…very soon. I don’t care who has apparently bought/paid for “him”. HE will never cash that check! We born-n-bred Texans will “lose him” in some deep south Texas brush country that the coyotes, buzzards, and rattlesnakes have yet to find! Don’t believe me…stay the current course asshole!

            YOU serve Texans…or you cease to serve!!!

      28. Drugs are illegal and yet they are available,

        If guns are banned, you bet your ass that the only ones who will have guns are criminals.

        If guns are banned than no one is safe!

        The law is to for whose protection???
        Thus the 2nd Amendment!!!

      29. Drugs are illegal and yet they are available
        If guns are banned, you bet your ass that the only ones who will have guns are criminals.
        If guns are banned than no one is safe!
        The law is to for whose protection???
        Long live the 2nd Amendment!

        • Fine, We’ll just call them “gun parties” – like tupperware, only now “coltware” parties, “sig parties,” “h-bar parties”…

      30. It says “Modern” fire what constitutes a modern fire arm?

        and dont think for a second, that someone very good with a black powder pistol , couldnt get in 3 re-loads without opposition.

        the problem with the current gun laws is they dont take into affect that the outlaws arnt paying attention to thier stupid laws

        • Exactly!

          • +1. You could Josie Wales their ass by keeping extra loaded and capped cylinders for a quick change.
            OR….you could perform a “New York reload” by dropping one empty gun and reach for a fresh one.

            • I’ve practiced several different reload techniques, but the “New York Reload” is new to me. I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

              • That technique was coined by the famous Jim Cirillo of the NYPD. Jim sent over a dozen scrotes to their maker before he retired and moved to Idaho or Washington state. Tragically Jim was killed in a car wreck after surviving all those undercover shoot outs. BTW, he usually carried at least two snubbies in .38. RIP Jim.

        • VRF
          A black powder Colt Navy 6-shot revolver with a couple of extra cylinders = a Glock 17 in firepower. Maybe not as fast, but just as deadly. Just as Wild Bill.


          • exactly the point i was making, in the right hands anything can be a weapon

        • I hereby declare all of my weapons “post-modern” and therefore do not need to comply.

          • I hereby declare this government post mortem and do not obey the Corp.

        • So is a 61 year old MOsin a modern weapon.

          cause you can crack out 5 rounds and reload pretty darn quick

          • Yes it is. Only Pre 1899 are not concider modern.

            • Then my Ivers and Johnson hammerless is golden.

        • …..pre modern/black powder? Okay I want a lincolns war era “Gatling Gun”….lets see how that works against the NWO enforcers….heheheehehheh!

          • Im picturing The Rifleman style shooting with my 30-30

      31. I concur and echo the proud Marine…thank you for your service to a free people of the US.

        Clearly these fucking idiots have no idea what they are about to start. I am a Police Officer and there is no fucking way I’m going to anyone’s house to do anything except warn you that you better get ready to shoot anyone who thinks they can take your freedom.

        No true Cop or Sheriff Deputy or American Soldier would ever follow that order because it is treason.

        I took an oath I will never betray…to uphold the constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC and I can’t do that without every fucking gun I wish to own and without my fellow countrymen by my side armed to the teeth to fight tyranny.

        Politicians and the state media and hollywood can go fuck themselves…stand firm defy tyranny and never ever ever give up your right to protect yourself…we can’t and you know it.


        • L-or-D @(I.D. #995169)

          Respect! I salute you, sir!

          …prepare & train for the worst…hope for the best.

        • Bravo, i would be happy to provide cover, hope more of our brothers and sisters in uniform are thinking like this

      32. One thing i haven’t heard mentioned is the fact that if these criminals get rid of the 2nd amendment the other 9 important ones in the bill of rights are gone too. the 2nd amendment is what keeps the other 9 amendments called the bill of rights intact. They don’t need to come after each individual amendment…all they need to do is get rid of the 2nd and the other 9 vanish that same second.
        No guns means no 1st amendment freedom of religion, speech , press, right to assemble.
        No guns means soldiers could come to your home in a time of war and stay there eating all your food and taking your belongings getting rid of the 3rd amendment.
        No guns means no more being secure against unreasonable searches and seizures like the 4th amendment guarantees ( seems like they already got rid of this one ).
        No guns means no more 5th amendment and you might be forced to be a witness against yourself.
        No guns means no more due process of law getting rid of the 6th.
        No guns means you could be tried for the same crime twice (double jeapordy) with the 7th gone.
        No guns means the state can set your bail at any amount they choose getting rid of the 8th amendment.
        No guns means constitutional rights could be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people with the 9th.
        No guns means an all powerfull federal goverment will make choices for the states that the states have the authority to make for themselves getting rid of the 10th.

        Again folks….if the 2nd amendment falls… do the other 9 in the exact same second. It’s not only the second amendment thats in danger here folks….it’s all 10 of the bill of rights.

        • The 4th, 6th, 9th and 10th have been pretty much gutted. Regarding the 3rd you bring up a good point. They redefine words to fit their intentions and War has become a word no longer used to describe war (Conflict, Police Action and the best Peacekeeping) but is used to describe everything else as in the War On Drugs, War on Terrorism, War on Poverty and War on Crime.

      33. Fellow friends on this Blog.

        If you find yourself on a Municipal, District, or Federal Jury hearing violations of this crap “Do Your Civic Duty”
        Fallow the constitution.


        Stay Brave

        • Jury Nullification, amen:


      34. they have made examples of people in the past…expect that will start picking up on a much larger scale all over the US…buck the system, say something or god forbid protest against tptb and you my friend will be the next terrorist or potential nut with a gun…by the time the media gets done bending the info provided your own mother wont reconize the perp they are writing about is you.

        • Just ask the prepper that got stranded in hawaii

        • Oldman…

          …well I look at it this way….we all have a cross/burden to bear…whatever said burden is.

          …its up to each individual to find the courage/strength…to shoulder it and carry on, irregardless of the consequences!!!!

          Think about it!!!!!!!!!!

      35. Just wondering. Are they going to ban the after market stocks as well. I kinda figured they would. Would be pretty dumb of them if they went through all this trouble with the actuall firearm then let the sales of the fancy pistol grip adjustable stock go.. just a thought.

      36. People of Illinois, wake up. The stage is being set, thanks to corrupt people in government. They are telling us right to our faces that we must do what they say in surrendering our freedoms. Our answer is NO.

      37. I bet the murderers, rapists, gang bangers, home invaders, and thugs in general will all be calling their representatives in support of this bill. It will make their jobs much easier and safer.

      38. First time poster here…Love this site.
        I’m so thankful I live in Texas. The disarming of citizens would never happen/work here. No level of state, county or city government would go for it either.

        • TEXAS Chic,

          Welcome and Happy New Year.

        • In ten years time Texas just like California will be subject to Mexican law as they will be a part of Mexico. You Texans have fallen for your own BS while reality has moved on.

          • Talkin Texas here, not Cali. Two different planets.

            • No we are not. In just a few years Texas just like Calif. will be a majority Mexican state. Not Tejanos but Mexican nationals that just happen to reside in the state. I guess it will all depend on where their loyalty lies.

      39. Even if this does not hold up in court, if they get it passed they can confiscate and destroy thousands of guns before the court stops them. If you live in Illinois, you had better hide your weapons out of state until this is over ruled. You will never get them back once they are gone.

        • Fuck hiding them stand your ground and cause riot so large that anyone coming after your arms will not think twice they will just pray you have no ammo. Stop this hide your arms shit, get theorist Illinois is just the first we are all next, it is war like it or not.

        • Where will you hide them? This will be nationwide. they are not stopping at state lines. They have the momentum and emotions on their side and they are not going to back down.

        • once seized they’ll be gone like a fart in the wind

          ask the katrina folks that lost weapons

      40. This bill will not pass. Mark my words. This type of bill will never happen in the US. Title of this should have been “EPIC FAIL: Illinois Moves to Outlaw Modern Firearms and Criminalize Owners”

        This croc of shenanigans made me lol.

        Well I gotta go. I’m gonna go shoot my AR-15 off my back porch.

        • The anti gun people are doing us a favor by showing the gun owning fence sitters that it’s “Your gun’ they’re after.

          Got to love the inclusion of .22 rimfires.

          • A supressed .22 might be the most useful gun in SHTF.

          • Did they really? They must be really scared. Love the Ruger 10/22. Wish I had one.

        • They already did this once in the ’90s and nobody did shit to stop them. Wake up.

        • I’m hoping you live in Chicago!

      41. It says they are only banning modern guns, if I lived there could I mount a .45-70 Gatling gun in the bed of my truck and on each corner of my house? They are definitely not modern!

        • Only true black powder ones made before 1899. The one colt sell now is concider a modern firearm with serial number and a NICS check to buy from a dealer.

      42. I bet the Illinois state rep owns a piece of Big Pharma and is trying to make a killing off of blood pressure medication.

        A little tongue and cheek and to put the shoe on the other foot:

        The Supreme Court recently ruled that the 2nd is a right of the person. A willful disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling by the state of Illinois then could be considered secession and in order for Illinois to stay within the Union, the citizens would have to take control of the government and arrest the secessionist as traitors. The State Sheriff or National Guard can act as the agent for the citizens.

        • As good a place to start as any.

      43. @dingo
        no they wont ban aftermarket stocks…that would prevent le from stating to the media “we recovered a modified weapon!!”

      44. I’ll turn in my guns right after the police and military turn in theirs.

        • With respect….I wont!

          • I have no respect whatsoever and I still wont. Fuck ’em.

      45. There is a very disturbing video on utube titled “Innocents Betrayed”. It’s a brief (59 minutes) history of gun control and the Tyrants who pass the laws, then kill off the “Enemies of the State”. (Like Conservatives, Christians, and Preppers?).

        If you are looking for ammo to back up your next discussion with your liberal Mother in Law, of pencil neck Liberal neighbor, it’s worth the view.


        • I believe that viewing this YouTube offering, “Innocents Betrayed” should be required of high school, college, military and all of the people in the USA. It is tough to view some scenes, true, yet the threat to those of us who want to protect our self, family and land, is historically, accurately and graphically portrayed. If you think government (any) is going to protect you and yours, be prepared for a brutal awakening. History has the habit of repeating itself. I will diary myself to watch it again in a month; by then the next phase will have begun. Be safe, y’all.

          • WVHillBilly:

            Thanks for the recommendation. I plan to view it later today and if I can do safely, share it with my college students when the semester starst anew. Certainly a good topic on which to frame class discussion and a possible assignment.

            Pete, tWCV

        • Muslims are exempt from Obamacare. I will bet they will also be exempt from gun control. Wait and see as a waiver is put in the bill.

          • Well sure they will be exempt. Islam is the religion of peace….

          • Not true. Keep it real.

      46. The Million Minuteman March…

      47. I’ll turn in my guns right after the police and military turn in theirs.

        • I wont turn mine in under any circumstances.

        • Again…not I….

      48. Alls I can say is that these people who introduce this shit better have some kind of fantastic security if this kinda bill passes, no matter what state, county, or town.

        • PO’d……

          If they only knew whats coming for them….

          They’d shit themselves!!!!!

          • …….and fall back in it.

      49. @ dingo
        no they wont ban aftermarket stocks…it would prevent le from stating to the media “we recovered a modified weapon!!”

      50. Civil war coming.

        • WK
          Is that a prediction, or are you planning to be the first guy to dance?


          • It’s a guarantee.

            As for whether or not I’m dancing, I’ll let this guy answer for me…..

            “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.
            –Capt. John Parker, Lexington Green, April 19, 1775–

        • Nope – revolution coming. There are the People, all of 120,000,000 armed one of us v. a few tens of thousands of zionist scum. That is not a civil war. It will be a bloodbath – theirs, as they shall soon discover…

          • we cant stop until ALL the trash gets taken out..especially all the ones that will be hiding

      51. It sounds like Communist Illinois is where the next American Revolution will begin. To the gun owners in that state, I say this: NEVER, EVER, SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! ALL OF YOU NEED TO COME TOGETHER ON THIS ISSUE AND STAND UP AND SAY NO TO YOUR STATE LEGISLATURE. IF ANYONE COMES TO TAKE YOUR WEAPONS BY FORCE, YOU MAY HAVE TO KILL THEM IN ORDER TO STOP THEM. I understand it’s your decision to make. Your state is being used as the test ground for an all-out federal gun ban. if the gun grabbers are allowed to succeed in your state, it will only encourage them to carry it out in the rest of the nation. Do the right thing and resist any attempt to take your guns. The rest of the country will stand with you. The nation’s eyes will be upon you. Braveheart

        • I imagine there will be LOTS of gun owners passing through, I mean shooting through the zionist boy emanuals state if they try this….

          IL – Shoot them on sight if they try it – We have your back…

      52. I voted for Gary Johnson with the other 1 million people that know how to vote for real change. Ron Paul was my first choice.
        I will not be a slave to the NWO.

        I would rather die on my feet then die on my knee’s!
        No slave owns guns!

        I didn’t lose sh!t. There right here fully loaded.
        If you think being a domestic terrorist fits you better then being a free constitutional patriot then come get em’.

        Another thing,
        If I so dare see a person doing a mass shotting in my neck of the woods. Your going to be a dead mother f’er.

      53. Forget the mindset, “This will not lower crime”. It’s not meant to lower crime any more than Free Trade was meant to increase your standard of living.

        Understand the definition of the word Ostensible because it is the root of virtually everything coming from government.

        Adj. 1. ostensible – appearing as such but not necessarily so; “for all his apparent wealth he had no money to pay the rent”; “the committee investigated some apparent discrepancies”; “the ostensible truth of their theories”; “his seeming honesty”
        seeming, apparent
        superficial – concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually; “superficial similarities”; “a superficial mind”; “his thinking was superficial and fuzzy”; “superficial knowledge”; “the superficial report didn’t give the true picture”; “only superficial differences”
        2. ostensible – represented or appearing as such; pretended; “His ostensible purpose was charity, his real goal popularity”
        counterfeit, imitative – not genuine; imitating something superior; “counterfeit emotion”; “counterfeit money”; “counterfeit works of art”; “a counterfeit prince”






        • Right beside you Bro….

      55. LIBERTYORDEATH, welcome aboard and you’re certainly in the right kind of company at this site. I’m with you all the way. Badpuppydog, you’re right about the ENTIRE Bill of Rights being in jeopardy. The NWO agenda cannot be carried out in the US without disarming us first. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is really all about; preventing the establishment of tyranny. JAS, someone will take your guns ONLY IF YOU LET THAT SOMEONE! All of us gun owners are going to be forced into a nightmare scenario none of us ever wanted. The only way, I believe, for us to prevent our guns from being taken is to kill whoever comes for them. Doesn’t really matter who it is. I made my decision way back in the Clinton era, in 1995, when the same Jew bitch Feinstein was saying, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn in your guns.” The gun grabbers are about to experience the backlash of their lives. Hell has no fury like the wrath of American gun owners. Braveheart

        • Wrath? Naw. Wrath to the 100,000,000 power. The TRAITORS have no fucking idea how they, and all their families will ALL be dead within 12 months…Just ask the People.

      56. New signs going up along interstate entrances into Il.-“Welcome to Illinois, peoples republic of.”


        * I predict VERY soon the DHS wanna be Smurf Rent-a-Cops an every town city county in AmeriKa will have Police Officer , Sheriff Deputy positions available and hiring in the thousands of new hires … they will even give you “free” slightly used uniforms … if you don’t mind a few bullet holes in them and some blood stains .

        ;0P pssszzt

        Bring It … Ya’ ZOG Fed Commie Gov Traitor Bwiatches ! Let’s get this party started … I need the LIVE FIRE target practice ! ;0P

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • Where will they get the funds? Many forces have been cutting heads due to budget constraints. I suppose there is the possibility of federal handouts, but it would be inflated FRNs.

          • @ScoutMotto ;0) … Respect .

            On the day of the 9/11 ZOG Terrorist False-Flag Israeli Mossad Executed Attacks over 5 FIVE T-Trillion Dollars $$$ of worthless AmeriKan Fiat Dollars was STOLEN by the Traitor ZOG U.S. Pentagon from the Free AmeriCan Citizens of Free AmeriCa .

            5 FIVE Trillion Dollars $$$ buys you a lot of Equipment and ManPower for a Tyrannical Commie EnSlavement Campaign against the Free AmeriCan People !

            PLUS … lets not forget the 100’s of BILLIONS $$$ that are set aside hidden each year for the ZOG Pentagon’s Military and ZOG CIA’s “BLACK OPERATION GROUPS” and their illegal Domestic Projects .

            They have more than enough stolen MONEY $$$ , Fuel and FOOD to pay their ZOG GESTAPO DHS ENFORCERS .

            and besides All they have to do is “PRINT IT” by hitting “Enter” on THE FED’s money printer keyboard !!!

            ~N.O. ;0P

        • @NinaO:

          Happy Holidays,Sir.

          ..a target rich environment…just sayin’

          …come and take it….BA.

          • @BA ;0) … Respect .

            Right back at you Sir .

            Got Ammo ? ;0)

            I just bought a Hand Re-loader for my .45-70 today and loading supplies . That’s how serious it’s becoming to me .

            I want to make damn sure I can still throw lead out of my .45-70 … no matter what kind of bullsheeit illegal NWO UN ZOG baby jesus killer Commie Fascist Nazi Tyranny dis-armament Laws they pass next .


            * If any one feels under armed as things heat up in the Tax Debt Enslaved ZOG Commie controlled Fascist AmeriKa just buy what you can afford … be patient … SOON GUNS AND RIFLES will be littering the ground around the fallen recently deceased bodies from lead poisoning of TRAITOR LAWDOGS and Lil’Blue DHS wanna-be Piggies who try to Enforce their NWO ZOG Freemason Masters U.S. Constitution Illegal violating Orders to Dis-Arm the Free AmeriCan Citizens !

            Buy More Ammo Free AmeriCa while you Still Can .

            If you do Fire your weapons in Self Defense of your U.S. Constitution Guaranteed Freedoms which so many Free AmeriCan’s have suffered and sacrificed their lives died to give to you .

            Please try to Remember FULLY IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET , Remember IDENTIFY WHAT IS BEHIND YOUR TARGET before pulling that trigger if possible Free AmeriCan Patriots .

            No Woman No kids – Do No Harm to Women Or Children !

            Treat All Fire Arms as if their Loaded … Especially around Children .

            ~N.O. ;0P

            • Thank you, Nina, for always having the basic decency to stand up for the innocents. You have always been a consistent friend to mothers and their babies. It is duly noted and appreciated.

              • @Mama Bear ;0) … Respect .

                and “Thank You” for your kind words .

                I am merely an Agnostic Warrior Monk who once was a True Destroyer Predator of Life … who now seeks life long Forgiveness by … A Self Imposed Life Sentence of …

                Atonement – Amends or reparation made by an individual for an injury or wrong; expiation upon others .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • Nino,

                  Happy New Years brother.


        • Something we agree on. I have felt that way for along time that existing police will be replaced/suplemented one way or another.

          • Good! Get the good AMERICAN, constitution obeying, oath keeping cops out of harms way—THE REST ARE TARGET PRACTICE!

          • @john w … ;0)

            the best way for Free AmeriCan Patriots to fight this illegal NWO UN ZOG Banker illegal Unconstitutional Tyranny is going to be through indirect guerrilla warfare action against individual gestapo enforcer jack-booted targets .

            take them out one at a time .

            catch em’ ambush them individually when their alone .

            direct confrontations will only get Patriots killed uselessly .

            they can keep replacing them … i’ll just keep “permanently retiring” them as long as i can . ;0)

            ~N.O. ;0P

          • I just listened to a 30 minute broadcast from a, not Lindsey Williams..and the LEO former intelligence dude said he has it on faith that 75% of police officers, sheriffs, deputies, etc. will sit this one out–confiscation of weapons..

      58. An interesting letter in the “Australian Shooter Magazine”:
        If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.
        The firearm death rate in Washington, DC is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period. That means you are about 25 per cent more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. capital, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S., than you are in Iraq.

        Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington.

        • Secession coming any day to your State – DEMAND IT!!!!

        • Perfect stats VRF! Just beautiful! You are my hero for today.

        • @ VRF. “The U.S should pull out of washington”, that has to be the most clever statement I have seen on this site in months. I shall repeat this very witting sentence as it makes more horse sense in reality than any politician could ever come back with any type of response other than, DUH! I wish I could hit that green thumbs up button over and over again for you.

      59. V pour Verities

        I’m gonna ask you nicely to listen to some rap. This French Argentian Artist sums up what’s happening in a way that is now understood right across the med’ yet Americans still seem unaware of her.

        I know it’s not the favoured genre for many of you but the message is too important to miss. People need to understand that the end game is one of oppression and genocide.

        Just for kicks you also need to hear “La Rage”, (turn on the English subtitles). This song has reached the young from Argentina to Turkey and is very popular as a marching tune.

        • “Argentinian”

        • The people shown in that video look like the foreign invaders who burned Britain in 2011 and who just torched hundreds of cars in France. Rap and Hip-Hop is the anti-Western, primitive bellowing of the ghetto, and is the official (but artificially generated) art form of the mongrel universal ‘culture’ that has been created by the new world order to bastardize and deracinate all Western nations. If music affects brain development (e.g., the “Mozart Effect”), one can say that this garbage promotes stupidity and primitive savagery. It is alien to the European culture soul and it is the WAR CRY of the aliens of THIS country who will side with their savior Obama to fight against Americans in the coming battle.

          May the American AND European peoples awaken and reclaim their birthrights.

      60. They’re putting this out there now so that Feinstein’s piece of legislation doesn’t look as extreme. Don’t fall for the mind games.

      61. Zionists Are a Fifth Column in America;

        Israeli dual citizen Sen. Carl Levin (left) has suspended
        the civil rights of Americans,
        another in a series of treasonous Zionist acts
        that some believe include the JFK assassination; the USS Liberty false flag;
        the Jonathan Pollard spy case and the 9-11 false flag.
        Still waiting to hear more on Benghazi.

        Latest (Jan. 1/13) Zionists in Forefront of Gun Control
        “Disarming the goyim,” says Brother Nathaniel will leave Americans with no option but the Gulag.

        In the Shadow of Hermes – by Jyri Lina, What Illuminati Jews (Bolsheviks) Did to Unarmed Russians

        “A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

      62. although they “reached a deal” on the fiscal cliff..dont think for one second it was done for our benifit..

        Take a guess. Which of these put more pressure on US lawmakers to strike a deal and avoid the “fiscal cliff” – voters or global financial markets..

      63. Gee what happened to the ‘ol political hack’s go-to line…..”Well folks we’ll let you keep those guns for hunting.” “We’re not interested in those”. The time is ripening to make these bastards pay for the error of their ways, IN SPADES!

      64. John Ross said it the best:
        One of two things (is going to happen). One of the political parties is going to have to wake up, smell the coffee, and start restoring all the articles in the BILL OF RIGHTS- the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments.

        IF THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN, then we’re going to have a CIVIL WAR.



      65. I hope they pass it, just to gauge the response from law enforcement in the Great State of Illnoise. Will they be oath keepers, or just follow orders? Would be good to know, for us in the other 49 States.

      66. So tell me again how prohibition prevented people from buying alcohol?!?!
        It only created a decade of massive crime. How’s the drug war working out for you, Fedcoats?
        It’s only illegal so you fargin bastages can skim profits of the top at every level!

        Can you imagine what a gun ban would do? It would create the largest black market in the history of mankind. In fact, now everything would be on the table….grenades, RPGs, drones, etc. Not a wise move. Besides, the last time I checked, the US supplied 77% of arms worldwide. I wonder how many children were killed with the weapons you supplied, Herr Obama!

        Once again……
        MOLON LABE

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


          • Guess we are going to find out faster than we thought.

          • @zioneisenscum – GFY, dead boy.

          • I hope you show up at my door to take mine….

          • Eisenkreutz,

            Hi..Joe-n-NC…we didn’t recognize you in drag & hyped on ecstasy.
            My goodness, you’re a clever boy. aren’t you?

            • Im not a troll. Im trying to be the conscience of the movement.

              • The bowel movement? You would make a good head turd.

          • its going to be the “MOTHER OF ALL WARS”… for real this time.. apache…

          • SERIOUSLY… need to get rid of your screen name. You don’t live up to it. Not at all. I’m not good with the German language but maybe someone else here can tell us what “Asshole” translates to.

            • Arschloch is German for asshole.

      67. Anyone paying taxes this year? Just curious.

      68. On too many occasions in the history of civilization, people have accepted authority without subjecting that authority to rational examination. A complacent population leaves itself wide open to control. Eventually the abusive bureaucracy demands too much. The end is either revolt or subjugation. Perhaps the problem is not with the power of the abuser: perhaps the problem is with the individual who is willing to submit. Free men and women need not apologize for being enraged by arrogance in government.


        I think I know what real courage is. REAL COURAGE IS TO LEAVE THAT NICE CHAIR AND WALK INTO THE FLAME OF HISTORY. Real courage is to fight when there are so many places to hide, so many excuses. The halls of forever are long. Somewhere, far from this time, you may have to look into the eyes of your children once again. Somewhere, far from this time, you may have to look into the eyes of Patriots. Somewhere, far from this time, you may have to look into the eyes of a young soldier who never got to hold the tiny hand of his firstborn; WHO TOOK THE HIT FOR YOU BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT SOMEWHRE, SOMEHOW, IN ALL THE CONFUSION OF HIS YOUTH, FREEDOM MATTERED.
        Bill Branon; (Let Us Pray)

        We’re all going to die someday. What counts, and what will count, is how you lived your life!

        Stand Tall and Live Free!

      69. those with experience must mentor those who have never been there…dont let a life go to waste because they freeze in place when it all goes down…remember that person you look out for just might save your ass later.

      70. I’m sure that once this happens in Illinois, our Messiah will state that there is legal precedence to ban all firearms outright across the country.

        Then he can charge the TSA with going door to door to collect all the firearms.

        After everyone gets an invasive pat-down of course.

      71. THIS IS TREASON!

        I hope you folks realize this. Your government is committing TREASON!

        Unless you threaten them with treason and you will thereby arrest them and put them on trial!!!

        They will continue to commit treason till you find out you have no weapon, no job, no food, and the commie 3rd world pagans armies are surrounding your house courtesy of the UN.

      72. I am an officer and I can assure all of you that this is the main topic of conversation at EVERY station in America. I can also assure you we are not being polled by politicians for our views. I am not afraid of guns I respect them. What I am afraid of is a committed (insane) operator. They will arm themselves however they can. I can also assure that MOST officers have no intention of taking ANYONE’S gun that legitimately possesses them ( free American ). I deal with the criminals so many have brought up in this post not the politicians. I also deal with the Free Americans in this post not the politicians. Your police are a composite of your community only slightly more conservative so if you live in Texas you’re lucky, California not as much. I believe in the Constitution as much if not more than you and me and my brothers and sisters will likely be the first defense. Our forefathers gave blood to ensure freedom. A soldier hates war more than all but trains hard in hopes he never has to use his skills. I to have trained hard. I to am prepared to pay the price for freedom as I have for the last 20 years.

        • @ Dick
          Bring your Depts. tank and full auto’s when you leave ;0)


        • I respect and appreciate your patriotism Dick, not singling you out or anything – but if this passed in your State, what are you going to do? Order your desk sergeant not to confiscate the firearms brought in by citizens that decide to abide by this new law? Return those already confiscated to their rightful owners? Resign in protest?

          • NOONE in my department will follow a confiscation order. I won’t need to resign but if given the order it will be refused. At that point “The Power” giving the order will have to decide what to do with me and my brothers who have become a family through shared sacrifice. Me and my folks know what we are doing. We will Protect the Constitution.

      73. DO IT ILLINOIS!
        Make all the guns illegal. Make Obama come back to his hometown.

      74. I’m shocked!

        • It’s okay to be shocked, as long as your boots are moving when they hit the ground…

      75. Check it Folks..

        “I recollected that her eye excelled in brightness, that of any other animal, and that she has no eye-lids—She may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.—She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage.—As if anxious to prevent all pretensions of quarreling with her, the weapons with which nature has furnished her, she conceals in the roof of her mouth, so that, to those who are unacquainted with her, she appears to be a most defenseless animal; and even when those weapons are shewn and extended for her defense, they appear weak and contemptible; but their wounds however small, are decisive and fatal:—Conscious of this, she never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of stepping on her.—Was I wrong, Sir, in thinking this a strong picture of the temper and conduct of America?”

        Benjamin Franklin

      76. Americans:

        Can you imagine this President and this Senate taking the guns away from Thomas Paine, Andrew Jackson, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Quincy Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and so on?

        We are living in the times of Revelation where it says the White Horse is ridin by a Peace-Maker, but peace is furthest from his mind. It follows wars and famine. The beginnings of this will take over one-third of earth (2 billion).

        Today, the ‘real’ talks of a cash-less society and a one-world currency is real. So is the mark. One of the early things in Obamacare is the embedded chip.

        Are there any Liberals today that would say:
        ‘Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death’

        No! They say, ‘Better Red; than Dead’

        I just about trust no-one anymore.

        Somedays my decisions are a 6pk oly or a 12pk oly. Who wants to live a very long life in this crap. My hope is to give all I have to my kids and then fight the commies.

        I also want to ‘dine-and-dash’ on a Liberal.

        Liberals are stupid. When Agenda21 and Bildenburgers and others say that a sustainable planet is 2 billion or less people, are the libs so stupid that they think only conservatives will be the ones perishing? Dont they know, as useful idiots as they are, that they will go too?

        The New World Order is here! The bible says when Satan is cast to earth, things will move very fast because he knows his time is short.

        Preppers, help other preppers with good ideas.

        PS. I use bible references because I am christian. I have muslim friends; good people. I have agnostic and atheist friend as well; good people. It is Governments that kill, most people do not want to.

        • obama can stick his “chip” mark of the beast, in his ass..

      77. Get off your butts and do something. Get your web gear right. Do your weapons check and preposition your stuff. I am waiting for those SOB’s to pull this crap in Florida. Teaming up with two Marines.

        What have you all been doing?

        • At SOCOM, waiting with you.

      78. I scrolled through 305 comments.
        Notice to Whoever:
        Come get ’em.

      79. Mi churche we usem snakes to prove da powah, me is a snakes handler firste classe if those dag gone pohl lease cume to take my shotgunz , I use for possume hunt in …for my chitlin and possume sour grass pie I will showe dem the powah of the… rattlermsnakes hehehe dey a rested mi pastor and freind Cooter for habing too Manny rattlerz but we hidz most dem in the back shed nex to the moon shine we wuz cook in hehehe.
        I gonna invite dat guy from moontaana tah visit a spell
        Da one that spellz all funly… Nina O for some white lightning- go go juise and some home cooked vittles from grand ma…she maid fresh chaipe sauce and pickled Ramp oh and scooter waves helow to our new freinds dayze and be informef
        Ure freind Elvis

        • Nice Ebonics, troll. Do you put on blackface and dance around at minstrel shows too?

          • What an idiot. I guess Mac did not order us better trolls like you requested previously. These trolls don’t offer even the slightest challenge.

            • Expect the proposed infiltration to proliferate as THEIR time continues to grow shorter with each passing day. The more the merrier. An internet billboard that WE are ON TARGET!

        • Stay dead.

          • To those cauling me names,

            I have not curse, cussd at or insultd any 1 hear …

            i jus disagread once bout eartquakerz why are you doin that too Elvis? Making fun of me?
            I may needs sum mor learnen …I ain’t Ben soo gud at skewll …
            soo don’ be cruwel to a heart that tru… hal s to the king!

            Whut is this ebonicas stuff? We don’t hab none of that hear n kenttuky hillz country.
            If use wants to learns bout me my baptist snake handlin churche is there on the internetz cooter tole me to cume too the librari and learnem bout computors an use the on hear too talk to use all … I not hear to make yu mad… grandma say ed to be nice to all l yu citi folx

      80. My right to defend myself derives from my humanity. It is a basic human right, not a gift from government. I have drawn my line in the sand. You may or may not have such a line. Yours may be drawn in a different place. I have decided I will kill, and if necessary die, but I will not live on my knees as a slave. Whoever kicks in my door can expect I will open fire. No more unanswered Wacos. No more unanswered Ruby Ridges. You come against me as though you are the persian emperor I will stand against you as though I am one of those 300 Spartans. I fully expect that will drastically shorten my lifespan. What you JBT need to comprehend is, it will drastically shorten yours too. Does your wife look good in black?
        Molon Labe.

      81. It is not even a crime fighting ploy anymore. The socialist agenda is to disarm Americans as quickly and as completely as possible. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but I suspect either way the country I grew up in will never be the same after Obama.

        The people have allowed so much to happen right in front of their eyes, the politicians have lost respect and fear of the voters. Much like a bully who sees a victim back down over and over, politicians have come to realize Americans will no longer stand up to them.

        We just watch our TV, our movies or play on our damn cell phones. The kings of old had wandering minstrels to entertain the unhappy peasants, our modern kings have Hollywood.

      82. I think we all knew this was comming, its not really that much of a surprise, is it ? Above all I am praying this doesnt get out of hand and it can be handled in some calm and collected manner. I pray that blood does not get spilled, I pray that reason and common sense prevail, that our Constitution is left alone and I also pray that my oath to defend it is never called on. I do not have very high hopes that my prayers will be answered the way I would like. I believe that this is the point of no return and it could spark a civil war. The knee jerk reaction is to drop some lead on those MFs and it would be justified. The rational reaction to this I have not yet figured out, Im not sure there is one. Its a very sad day for America and the events that could follow this if it goes to the street and folks start taking matters into their own hands will be horrible beyond compare. What I dont get is how a nation that has been at war for so very long now, could even for the briefest of moments even think that disarming its population is a good idea constitution or not.
        I hope this can be cleared up, I hope that there is such a cry from Illinois citizens that it will be a source of embarassment to that government and never ever brought up again. I doubt it.

        I do not want to see dead cops on the streets of my town.

        This could be the last days for America as we know it, she could be split in two after this.

        Here is my one call out to any Liberals that may be here on this site


      83. Standing-by to engage all enemies foreign and domestic!

      84. Lots of rubbery ridge and Waco coming soon to a patriotic neighbor near you.

      85. For some strange reason I cant get the tune of Dixie out of my head. Think politicians caused that?

      86. Over the objections of gun-rights advocates, bills banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines were approved by an Illinois Senate committee Wednesday night and sent to the full chamber.

        House Bill 1263 bans the possession and sale of semi-automatic assault weapons

        House Bill 815 bans the possession and sale of large-capacity ammunition magazines.

        This will ban every semi-automatic handgun that accepts a magazine

        Nearly 60 gun manufacturers are located in Illinois.

        The Senate could vote on the assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition bans on Thursday or Friday before senators are scheduled to leave town for the weekend. Should it get out of the Senate, the measure also would have to pass the House, which is scheduled to come back Sunday.

        Time is running out at the Capitol for major legislation as a new General Assembly is set to be sworn in Wednesday, meaning proposed measures have to be refiled and the approval process started again from scratch.

        Hopefully this doesn’t pass. Where’s a major snow storm or flu outbreak when you need it?

      87. a great piece by Paul Craig Roberts
        former official in the Reagan administration

        left wing sheep
        right wing sheep

        “It is ironic that the left-wing, which has a large repertoire of tales of societies in the clutches of shamans, witch doctors and priests, imposes its own artificial or make-believe realities on social, political, and economic explanations. Leftists who appear to be oblivious to the militarized murderous police state erected by Bush and Obama still go out of their way to tell me how evil Ronald Reagan was and that I must also be evil because I served in the Reagan administration.

        It is ironic that the Republican federal judges that the right-wing said were so desperately needed to save the Constitution are precisely the ones who have destroyed it. Americans can be indefinitely detained or assassinated by their government on suspicion alone without due process, because Republicans are enamored of the “unitary executive” theory of presidential power. The Republican Supreme Court gave private business corporations the right to purchase the US government in the name of free speech, because Republicans believe private interests should prevail over public interests.”

      88. This is Why You Arm Up … Prepare to Fight if necessary to Keep Defend Protect Your U.S. Constitution and Your Bill of Rights …

        Quote Zionist* banker, Paul Warburg::

        “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (February 17, 1950, as he testified before the US Senate).

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • FreeMan Knight Paladin,

          Paladin business card,(Have gun will travel). My Dad’s favorite show way back when.

          • Have Gun—Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was rated either number three or number four in the Nielsen ratings during each year of its first four seasons.[1] It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted November 23, 1958.

            Richard Boone as Paladin.

            The show followed the adventures of “Paladin,” a gentleman gunfighter (played by Richard Boone on television and by John Dehner on radio) who preferred to settle problems without violence; yet, when forced to fight, he excelled. Paladin lived in the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, where he dressed in formal attire, ate gourmet food, and attended the opera. In fact, many who met him initially mistook him for a dandy from the east. But when working, he dressed in black, carried a derringer under his belt, used calling cards with a chess knight emblem, and wore a stereotypical western-style black gunbelt with the same chess knight symbol in platinum attached to the holster.

            The knight symbol refers to his name—a nickname or working name—and his occupation as a champion-for-hire. The theme song of the series refers to him as “a knight without armor.” In “The Road to Wickenburg,” Paladin draws a parallel between his methods and the chess piece’s movement: “It’s an attack piece, the most versatile on the board. It can move eight different ways, over barriers, and [is] always unexpected.” Paladin’s routine switch from the expensive light-colored suit of his genteel urbane persona in San Francisco to his alter ego, who wears all-black attire for forays into the lawless and barren Western frontier, is also a chess reference. The chess knight also appears on his iconic business card, which inspired the quip “What’s Paladin’s first name?” “Wire, of course—look at his card!”

            Paladin was a former army officer and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He was a polyglot, capable of speaking any foreign tongue required by the plot. He also had a thorough knowledge of ancient history and classical literature and exhibited a strong passion for legal principles and the rule of law.

            Have Gun ? Free AmeriCan Patriots —it will soon be time to Travel .

            ~FreeMan Knight Paladin

              • I think the orig Paladin’s were Knights of 800ad era(?) Under King Charlamaigne and his palaidn Knights were kinda like a swat team or seals team used to defend travlers coming or going in the kings territories.

                Paladins protected common folks from hiwaymen bandits and robbersmen….Bandits similar to todays ghetto dweller carjackers etc.

      89. We need more gun laws!More laws, that’s always the fix!

        Adam Lanza violated, I believe 23 laws in his heinous attack, but don’t ya know, if we just had that 24th law, he woulda stopped and said, hey this is wrong….I’m breaking the law, I better not do this.

        Well I’m ok with more gun restrictions,after all they kill people, not as many as doctors, automobiles, cigarettes, and toasters( yeah, look it up….there deadly) but still, guns kill people. every night I’m haunted with the thought that that one of my guns I lost in my last boating accident is gonna rise from the water and kill me…man getting shivers just typing this.

        Yeah, we need too restrict guns, and magazine capacity as well, why its utterly ridiculous to think that a law abiding citizen should be able to have the same weapon as those that would, murder, rape, rob, torture, control, or shackle them.

        I mean come on people, we made drunk driving illegal….you don’t hear about people dying on the highways from someone disobeying that law?

        I know that lady that was SUPPOSEDLY recently raped in my town has to be lying…..because the guy accused is an illegal immigrant and that’s impossible, we have laws against that?

        Give me a B….
        give me a I….
        Give me a G….

        Whats that spell?

        Big! Big! gov…..It the cure to all our woes!

        DISCLAIMER: The first person that thumbs this down for not catching the complete SARCASM, and utter DISGUST of where are nation is….then please do us all a favor and self remove yourself from the oxygen chain.


          MESSAGE FROM COMMITTEE DEMOCRATS: “Eliminating law-abiding gun owners is a good ‘first step’ towards a ‘civil society.’”

          Votes on HB815 and HB1263 were split along party lines in the Senate Public Health Committee Wednesday night with the committee Democrats voting 6-4 and 6-3 to send the bills to the full senate. If these two bills become law, they will resulting most, if not all ranges in the state going out of business as well as the banning of ALL semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns as well as banning all pump shotguns and rifles.

          In comments made during testimony, committee Democrats stated plainly that HB815 and HB1263 were “first steps” and that these bills have as their objective the creation of a “more civil society.” In other words, elimination of lawful gun owners is a required first step for creating a more civil society. Of course, there was no mention of the impact of eliminating criminals.


          1. Call Senator Dave Syverson at (217) 782-5413 and tell him “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

          2. Call Senator Shane Cultra at (217) 782-6597 and tell him “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

          3. Call Senator Christine Johnson at (217) 782-1977 and tell her “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

          4. Call Senator Carole Pankau at (217) 782-9463 and tell her “THANK YOU” for supporting lawful gun owners by voting “NO” on HB815 and HB1263.

          It is very important that you praise these Senators for their support.

          The ringleader of the effort to shut down shooting ranges and take your guns away from you is Senator Dan Kotowski. You may wish to call him at (217) 782-3875 and politely explain to him that, as a law-abiding gun owner, you do not appreciate being treated like a criminal and that you oppose any efforts to regulate shooting ranges, ban semiautomatic firearms, or ban standard capacity magazines.

          • VRF

            I’m afraid this is just the is starting to happen all across the nation town by town,county by county,state by state…they will be relentless in their pursuit to ban guns..and confiscation will be the next door to door..but by law making ownership a felony and a short window to comply or then face the consequences of fines and /or arrest for non compliance!


            • And don’t forget, felons are stripped of voting rights. Once gun-owning Conservatives are arrested and charged with gun-owning felonies, they can no longer vote. Then the Progressives/Commies will have their established voter majority through the sheeple and the gimme-some-o-dat voter block.

              • The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.

                Joseph Stalin

            • We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?

              Joseph Stalin

            • Then it will be time to take the fight to them.

      90. Isnt it Ironic?

        The New York newspaper that sparked controversy after publishing the names and addresses of nearby gun permit owners is now taking up arms in an apparent response to threats.

      91. call your state representative,join a group like the NRA,plan to hide some of your older non registered guns.

        Get ready for a fight,but its worth fighting for….

      92. Is this another one on his way out?

        Congressmen Confirm That Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out

      93. “Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.”

      94. Hey..American taxpayers! They have been unable to come up with a reasonable measure to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff” they themselves constructed months ago. Yet, when it comes to expanding the power of the government to spy on American citizens without warrants, both the House and the Senate last week fairly tripped over themselves in a rush to pass legislation doing just that; with President Obama almost gleefully waiting to sign the bill.

        If you need a kick in the head to show you they are out to screw us all, well here it is!

        • maybe we should be working as hard as they are dismanteling this shit! yeah its our money being used against us..the only way to stop it is to break its financial ties

      95. VRF will you shut the Fuck Up.

        • No way in heck this is our KY Mom. Go away troll!

          *sprays aerosol troll repellent*

        • Yeah, good try..I know its not her..
          and to be honest Troll, it wouldnt matter if it were..I dont change what I know or my opinions for anyone..Im not here for the here to get the truth out

          • VRF,

            I did NOT say that.

            I do NOT want Americans to be disarmed. Also, I have NO plans on moving to Illinois now or at any time in the future.

            KY Mom

            • I knew it wasnt you, its not your style

              • VRF & Ky Mom,

                I see you both got a troll follower, don’t worry the most sincere form of flattery is a imitator. I have a few on this site as well..LMFAO


        • The “real” KY Mom did NOT say this.

          Apparently some TROLL is using my name to spread hate and vulgarity.

          KY Mom

          • DON’T SWEAT IT. The regular “base” knows better! Consider the “attack” an acknowledgment from TPTB that you are consistently “over the target”. Keep flying straight-n-true, “trolls” always fade long before the actual fight. Cowards…one and all!

        • Ky Mom DID NOT just type that!!!!

          • She’d never resort to foul language like that and I think we all know where she stands on freedom.

            Classic “shill” – does everyone remember that article a while back?

            The “troll” at work here is trying to discredit one of the most popular and productive members of the group while distracting from the REAL conversation. In my opinion, this just shows how scared “they” really are when they see the good people planning to resist.

            Guess what, trolls? Y’all better step it up because this is NOT WORKING.


            • Thanks Daisy for having my 6, and KY Moms too

              I know I can be abrasive, I know sometimes my tongue lets slip a foul word or two at times, hey Im a passionate happenes, I also have worked in the heavy constuction industry for over 30 years…words like those will not hurt my fragile sensitivities..(LOL i dont have any)

              But one thing if you will notice , people..
              I have not directed any of those words to any members here personally..And I doubt I will ever, unless purposely provoked, and than I might not even respond to it, because I know thats what they want, and I like pissing off those who think they are in any type of control

              And saying im “full of shit” without being able to back that up, just proved to me and to the intelligent people here, who is really the one full of it.

            • Daisy,

              Thank you for standing up for me! I really appreciate it!

              And the strangest thing is I couldn’t even log on to this website this morning until nearly noon.

              Thank you! Take care!
              KY Mom

              • Any time! 🙂

      96. VRF is full of shit

        • Wow, VRF, you sure peed in this troll’s cheerios – congrats, my friend!

          • Hahhhaaha Yup, thats when I know I hit a im right on track..thanks troll for the vote of Righteousness

            suck on that! troll

            and I also found a way to make the magazines too, really easy shit people..

      97. Direct link: The traitors in Illinois are moving faster than anyone expected. It’s almost time to lock-and-load! Braveheart

      98. The time for beating our gums together is OVER! I am done talking to any politicians and begging them for my Constitutional Rights. You all better learn, Battle First Aid, cause it’s not an X-Box screen shooting back.
        The part I am worried about is all those who brought new weapons, can they clear a jam or be able to disassemble them and put them back together. Most might show up with a cosmuline filled barrel.

      99. Hey, everyone check this out. Direct link: The pos in Springfield are moving faster than expected. Time to lock-and-load! braveheart

      100. Joseph Stalin Quote:

        ” The only real Communist power comes out of a long rifle barrel !”

        * Prepare Arm yourselves Free AmeriCan Preppers And Patriots … there will be violence , blood will be shed .

        ” It will be the Darkest of Times for All … before the Light of a New Dawn for the Free Republic of AmeriCa rises on the horizon !”

        ~N.O. ;0p

      101. If the opposition disarms, well and good.

        If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.

        Joseph Stalin

        “Molon Labe” (“come and take it” nwo un zog freemason puppet prez barry soetoro and your zog baby jesus killer TRAITOR bwiatch diane feinstein , come and take it ).

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • Not to be concerned Paladin

          We will all turn in our weapons and then receive an EBT card,Barry phone prepaid, along with a gift certificate to Walmart…

          A happy ending for us all.

          All is well..


      102. Asymmetrical Warfare

        What we in 2013 are about to be dragged into will be the ultimate Asymmetrical Warfare.

        Americans do not tend to think of WARS as Asymmetrical. Most believe that warfare has its own symmetry. Therefore Asymmetrical or “the lack of symmetry” seems impossible to believe because WARS are “symmetrical by nature” in the minds of most people. However a quick glance at recent history proves otherwise.

        The NEXT-ATTACK upon America will most likely resemble the 1933 attack upon the Reichstag buildings in Germany. The fire-bombing left that nation without a formal seat of government and opened the door for Hitler to take over in its’ wake. Feinstein is already making noises about how “we need another Reichstag in this country.”

        This is parallel to what PNAC (Project for a New American Century) called for, BEFORE 911, when they said they needed “A New Pearl Harbor”.

        In the Reichstag Fire, the1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the September 11 attacks on the USA: All three false-flag attacks had the same things in common. Each was an orchestrated and encapsulated event in itself. Each involved their populations that had suffered massive and immediate effects which sent shock waves thru their governing bodies that had to be dealt with. Each of these three events changed the course of their own government’s original-direction, at the time. False-Flags are used because they tend to work, unless as in our own case they have been overused to the point that the public is more than AWARE of them.

      103. @ Mama Bear.
        All the earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Solar storms and volcanic eruptions have moved to the back burner and GUN CONTROL has come front and center.
        It is the Clear and Present Danger and it is going to force people to act. This is no more about putting canned goods away or how much land or water you have acquired. It is going to be about WAR. War is ugly where the sane become insane. It is dirty and collateral damage is an after thought. Will I think about the consequences? Yes, but not while those bastards are trying to kill me. Can’t stand the heat of the kitchen, Stay Out. I do not need some one second guessing me in battle. We have already been demonised to the point that we are savages.

      104. Slingshot, DK was not talking about the fog of battle…he was encouraging the deliberate stalking and killing of innocents, chasing them through a house to murder them in cold blood. He was celebrating it. He was not talking about collateral damage.

        Even crazy John Q. Public has enough integrity to say prosecute the guilty, leave the innocents alone. Bullets for traitors, not for their babies.

        If it comes to war, hopefully you have the integrity and insight to know the difference. I am sure that you do. Conduct yourself accordingly.

        • @ Mama Bear.
          Something to consider and I am not going to say if it is right or wrong as the chess game proceeds.
          I have no doubt that the opposing forces will care nothing what happens to our loved ones. It is a matter of complete control either by submissive means or total aniliation. Which will include innocents. I would not be one to innitiate force against innocents but either will I condemn a man whose family has been deliberately harmed to retaliate in same manner. I will concur that we should try to take the high moral ground but under severe distress it will be subject to breakdowns.

          • To point out that the government has killed innocents in the past and may have committed the same at Sandy Hook to further gun control laws. Tim McVeigh paid for his killings with his life. Did any of the law enforcement pay for the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents?

            • not one..and some ,if not most of them are still working in high up positions..never skipped a beat or missed a payday

            • From my readings yesterday about false flags, etc…

              I was scanning this article and noticed this—probably what they do to all the patsies, anyone ever seen the body after they shoot themselves?? I didn’t think so.
              In the case of Timothy McVeigh, who hails from the Buffalo, New York USA area, his execution appears to his family to have been a staged event.
              After speaking with a member of his family, I was told that he was taken into protective custody, had since been given plastic surgery, and he now lives and works somewhere in South America, where he is known by another name and background.
              No member of his family had gone to the execution, and this is because they were told by McVeigh NOT TO ATTEND. I believe this family member more than I believe the government of McVeigh’s fate. Like Oswald, he too had begun work in the military intelligence community.

              • @JJ: I have a friend who retired from the Fed Prison at Terre Haute, IN. You are so right he was knocked out and left 2 hours after the convoy that had another inmate in it that they put to sleep, this man had no family. McVeigh left in the back of a van, taken to the airport that is an AirForce base there flew out to who knows where. My friend he drove the van.

          • I know what you are saying, Slingshot. And I know it will happen, but hopefully the “good guys” will continue to conduct themselves honorably.

            Although wrong under any circumstances, DK was calling for families to be taken out NOW or SOON, when the shooting starts, as a preemptive measure.

            It is one thing to surgically snipe a traitorous, monstrous gun grabber and her war profiteering husband. It is another thing to hunt down the younglings, as referenced above, and well and truly joining the dark side.

            • I agree.

            • If “we” think that we are going to be the ones to rebuild, what is the point if we’re going to be just like “them”?

              Just because they are corrupt and have no moral character doesn’t mean we have to fight fire with fire.

              The sure way to end up with a Mad Max world is to become as vicious and ruthless as those against whom we would rebel.

              Decency has to be in the forefront of our minds. Innocents should not be harmed if it can be avoided at all. I realize things happen in battles but that is entirely different than deliberately going out to hunt down the innocent.

              Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyone who would do that is NOT welcome at my homestead.

              • Which doesn’t deter from cutting off the head of the snake.

            • Mama Bear: You are putting a lot of words into my mouth that I have not said and drawing conclusions from my comments that are not correct interpretations of my thoughts or comments.

              SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!!! 🙂

              • You shut the fuck up, bitch, or learn to better and more carefully state your case.

                • Oops…forgot to add the smiley after calling you a bitch. Here you go: : )

      105. Mac,

        Glad to see the website is back up and hope you are ok. Earlier this morning your website was “gone”.

        KY Mom

        • I felt a little bit of stress when it went to the godaddy page. I thought they were starting the take down, better known as “the night of the long knives, 2013”.

        • Well
          for a minute I was looking for Danica!!!!!LOL

        • Mac

          I thought you suddenly “retired” and traveled to Cuba at government expense when the site was down this morning.

      106. This is just one way to try to dismantle the constitution that the PTB want to ultimately get rid of.
        Article in the NYT from a professor of constitutional law @ GU…His last paragraph (below) sums up his disregard for the constitution and states where he really believes it will go in the future…;

        “If even this change is impossible, perhaps the dream of a country ruled by “We the people” is impossibly utopian. If so, we have to give up on the claim that we are a self-governing people who can settle our disagreements through mature and tolerant debate. But before abandoning our heritage of self-government, we ought to try extricating ourselves from constitutional bondage so that we can give real freedom a chance.”

        It seems clear to me that perhaps why we see our politicians not able to “settle our disagreements through mature and tolerant debate” (as quoted above) is a deliberate precursor to fundamentally changing our country’s governing structure and people like this professor are teaching this treasonist rubbish. Likewise this obviously fits with BHO’s stated desire to fundamentally transform this country….OUR country. Things will look very different in our country soon – once we are not able to pay our debts (or pay the 51% that receive $ from the government), or become disarmed or any of a number of scenarios or crisis’s; we will look entirely different – similar to a 3rd world country – of course as the documentary 2016 depicted from factual material, this too is the goal.

        God help us and our children and grandchildren – I cannot fathom why people do not see this, care about it, or try to determine how to survive it for their children’s sake.

      107. The Arab television network Al Jazeera said Wednesday it has acquired Current TV, the U.S. network started by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

        Al Gore will net $100 million in the sale, he had to sink the deal before the year end..2012/.. and he did

        its a major conflict of interst for this country, and from the heels of one of our VP’s?
        fox in the hen house anyone?

        watch the propiganda thats going to come flying out of this pile of shit..

        wouldnt even hear an offer from Glen Beck

      108. Credibility is a hallmark criteria for determining whether a person can be trusted for truth, ability, and motivation. Credibility is earned through the track record of decisions and actions a person or persons makes. When a person or persons fails to live up to these standards, their credibility begins to decrease proportionately to the level of their failure.

        Let me say that I am a firm gun rights advocate and a conservative who sees this nation slipping further and further towards progressive chaos and anarchy.

        After reading all the posts up to this point, Possee seems to be the only person that appears to have read the bills and the amendments and truthfully/accurately assessed what was in them. However, even Possee seems to have backed off of his initial position of:

        “There is NO proof from the state of Illinois website with this language in it..

        Check it out for yourselves..!!”

        Yes the amendments, not the bills they were attached to, contain restrictions to semi-automatic weapons, the associated hardware, and the operation of ranges. But, nowhere in the amendments do I see language that requires people who own these weapons prior to 2014 to turn them in. In fact the amendments provide an exemption for these. The only requirement is that they be registered with the State Police (defined as the Department in the amendment). Nor does there appear to be any requirement for the police to confiscate any of these previously owned weapons. Additionally, I do not see anywhere in these amendments where all weapons of all types are being outlawed. The amendments only address semi-automatic weapons.

        As I said above, I am a gun rights advocate. I bring up these points about the amendments not to say it is a good idea to pass this legislation. I bring up these points because gun rights advocates lose their credibility and lower themselves to the same level as the gun rights opponents when they speak and act from a place of ignorance. Instead of showing one’s lack of understanding of the issue that is being addressed, the person should be well versed in the issue and speak from an informed, reasonable position that demonstrates rational thinking instead of emotional, knee-jerk reactions. When a person looks as ridiculous as their opponent, that person is unlikely to make any substantial gains in defeating the opponent. On the hand, if the person takes the higher ground, firmly established on a solid foundation of conservative principles, and actively stands up for those principles, the likelihood of victory is greatly increased.

      109. Obama (a.k.a. Frank Marshall Davis Jr.), Holder and their dual-citizen handlers have big plans for the gun-owning white rural demographic (formerly known as the ‘average American’) in the post-gun confiscation environment.

        Everything from a South African-style slow genocide to a “Night of the Long Knives” carried out by rioting urban ‘youths” is on the table. In addition, if you think the regime’s bailouts of the dual-citizen run TBTF’s were unprecedentedly huge robberies, you will be astounded at the level of THIEVERY that the CORRUPT regime and its INSIDERS/CRONIES will be carrying out when they can do so with utter impunity.

        There are OTHERS who see great ‘potential’ in the upcoming gun-grab: Obama’s long-term pal, Weatherman Comrade Bill Ayers and his Bolshevik yenta wife Comrade Bernardine Dohrn (nee Ohrnstein) are salivating in anticipation of your longed-for defenselessness, and those “reeducation camps” in the desert southwest (intended for twenty-five million ‘reactionary elements’) are as close to their hearts today as they were when they were overheard discussing them in the nineteen sixties with their Weather Underground pals.

        It is important to ALL of the members of the Obama Politburo that, in the process of their bringing about our destruction, we be made to SUFFER.

        The fly in the ointment for these swine is this: their program of OUR destruction can only work if WE cooperate, and it can NEVER happen if we DO NOT. The choice before us, as well as the eventual fate that awaits those who ‘comply,’ is OBVIOUS.

        We have nothing to LOSE except a future of oppression, ethnic cleansing, expropriation and complete dispossession followed by a degrading death, and EVERYTHING that makes life worth living to WIN.

        What will YOU choose?

        • AHAB: well said. Have you seen or heard of a book from last year, written by one, of if not The, top rabbi’s in isreal?

          From memory may not be exact: Book title is “Why it is Not Murder for jews to kill gentiles”.

          No MSM in usa noted this book, silence as per usual. But the rabbi who wrote it got Rave reviews and much acolades all over isreal and NY jewish areas.

          Basically its aprox 270(?) page book describing why its ALWAYS ok and Never a sin or crime to murder any/all gentiles!

          He the rabbis explaines even gentiles small kids and Babies is ok to kill for jews. This in His warped evil mind is based on talmude verses and his opinions that.

          Even all gentiles babies and New borns gentiles, are very likely to grow up to become an enemy of all jews regardless where the jew lives or in what nation.

          So acording to the famous isreali rabbi, it is at times better to kill gentiles as Young as possible to avoid future problems certain to arise if said baby or small kids are allowed to mature into an adult gentile!

          About a year or so ago many wbsites that deals with such stuf had many articles about this rabbi’s book. And the fact that so many rave reviews from all over isreal were written and spoken of it, and of course all in Full agreement with this evil mindset towards gentiles.

          It seems to fit swell with that talmude verse which states:(paraphraseing not quoteing)

          Even the Best of Gentiles Should be Killed off. In fact They should be Killed off First or asap, so the remaining gentiles will lack their intelligence and leadership abilities to thwart jewish Dominence….

          And so many folks Still wonder why that tribes been booted from every nation they ever infiltrated since 245 ad?…

          And just look at where Finestien and most all the top antigunners are from!…Watch em all on LIVE CSPAN TV!

          Both us house and senate and see how many are from that evil tribe of murderous Bolsheviks…Exact same as the prior bolshevik jews who Murdered so many of MY polish christain ancestors!

          My Grandma had 12 other siblings…Only she made it to america!…The others waited too long to decide, and was never heard from after 1918 era…

          I know not what others hearts or minds believe?…For me though, I refuse to allow such brutal kommie bolshevik talmudic jewish methods, or systematic tourtureous Murdering Kommie filth and Evil demonic filled beasts murder me. Nor ANY other fellow true american patriots.

          I Hope to live to see the day arrive when such filth as finestien and her evil tribe members are forced to stand against a cement wall awaiting Our fireing squads!

          Or….Hangmans Gallows and Nooses!…Time to Rid america of such evil demon Possessed filthy minded Mongral tribe.

          And way Past high time for any so called “Good” ones to SPEAK OUT NOW!…No reason for “good” to end up dead due to lifelong teachings or beliefs that cause them to always refuse to go against the Evil ones eh…

          Thanks Ahab for such swell posts! I evny your ability to articulate as not many others can!

          • Thanks, Angelo! We may yet live to see the day when these scum (Likud or Bolshevik, they’re all on the same side) receive a different kind of ‘people’s justice’ than the one their sadistic Red slime ancestors previously administered to their helpless victims in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Germany etc.

            In its own interests, Israhell had better rein in its agents in ‘our’ Congress like Feistein, Levin, Lieberman, Schumer, Boxer and Lautenberg NOW while there is still time, because Israhell will one day be confronted by a de-zionized US government armed with ICBMs and an outraged American people that will have lost millions of its compatriots in the death struggle against ZOG.

            If Israel’s fifth columnists ignite a civil war here by declaring physical war on the people, and gun confiscation will lead to exactly that, they will lose — and this ultimately culminate in the END of Israel itself and ALL of its overseas agents and colonies. This virus will be totally, completely and comprehensively ENDED. For all time to come.

        • Ahab

          Maybe its important to query the newbies/the confused & the fence straddlers….but to those who are of Albion’s seed & his brethren…& who understand…

          ….said question is moot.

          There are no doubts here!

          We are aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • dam, what am I going to do with all these throwing knifes?


      110. Thanks to Dick and BRAVEHEART…brothers in arms.

        Scrolled through the majority of the posts here and am impressed with the Patriots who are aware and prepared.

        Also disturbed by the mention of shooting anyone who is not an enemy combatant…a politician may be a scumbag liberal but I have no interest in harming anyone who is an innocent family member or not posing an immediate threat to myself or others. You have the wrong idea and discredit our cause which is DEFENDING FREEDOM.

        Many thanks to the Soldiers here who have had their lives forever altered to keep us FREE. THANK A VET TODAY

        We owe you no less than our total commitment to defend what you have secured…no one here who is real will argue that we are committed to lay our lives down for what is at stake.

        This may not come to pass now but it is coming without exception. An armed people cannot be controlled enslaved or murdered without a fight and taking as many of the traitors with us.


        We are not the enemy the puppetmaster politicians and the cronies who do their bidding are the issue here.

        Who will enforce the confiscation? Who will go on the clear suicide mission to your home to collect a law abiding citizens lawfully owned and beloved gun collection?

        Every one of my firearms are treasured family heirlooms including my EVIL AK-47/AR-15 etc. I worked fucking hard for them and I sure as shit am not turning them over to anyone unless IM FUCKING DEAD…and if I am you will probably be as well.

        I don’t know one true cop who would obey that order.

        When that day comes it will be my last day on the job and I will then prepare for what I have trained my entire career to do…UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC.

        There are many good FEDS as well but they are infested with TRAITORS who would think nothing of kicking in your door to do the Governments bidding…and when that day comes they are the problem and will be dealt with accordingly because they have committed TREASON.

        Your mind is the ultimate weapon and must be trained accordingly you must decide NOW what you are willing to die for…make no mistake about that.

        For me it is the PRECIOUS right to live free or die defending what is mine… our forefathers pledged thier sacred honor,fortunes and lives and we cannot give one inch. You must not give into tyranny.

        No matter what we must unite as one in defiance of any assault against the 2nd ammendment…JOIN THE NRA and support your legislators who are willing to fight for gun rights.


        • HOOAH!!!!!!!

        • @LibertyOrDeath…

          No offense meant, but a radical reading of military and LE behavior over 236 years says otherwise. Howard Zinn, in The People’s History of the U.S., writes at length about those who provide the Power Elite its enforcement arm murdering the common man. Again and again. The Whiskey Rebellion, Shay’s Rebellion, genocide against Native Americans, 100 years of labor demonstrations as recently as Kent State and OWS where .mil and LE brutalized people … excuse me for thinking it’s a pollyanna daydream that any large number of the power elite’s thugs won’t do what they’re told.

          Many draftees in the VN era military could justifiably say they didn’t want to be there. Yeah but, the few who really meant that went to prison or Canada. There hasn’t been a draft in 35+ years. How many sign up for an authoritarian culture, Sir, yessir, because they LIKE it? How many freedom firsters do you really think there are, when out blood begins to flow?

          Hundreds of thousands who have been conditioned to obey without thinking about what or why or who, are all of a sudden going to be “going hot” libertarians? One can hope, while realizing that in the real world that isn’t too bloody likely.

          Dinner table conversation in thousands of military and LE homes in the U.S. soon:

          “But Bill, what are you going to do for a paycheck if you’re ordered to disarm them and you don’t? And what if LT decides to shoot you in the head on the spot … what are Janie and I supposed to do?”

          They didn’t care how high that quarter bounced off your bed. They cared very much that you learned to kill upon command. All they had to do was wave the “But they attacked us” flag, and define the people they wanted murdered as “Other” and there have been and are multitudes of all too happy to do what the guy in the suit told them to do.

          I hope the Oathkeepers and similar are nine-tenths of those on government’s payroll. Instead of the 5 or 10 percent they probably are.

          If you think most of the Power Elite’s enforcement arm will switch sides radical history, the uncensored version, says you are dreaming.

      111. My friends, I just finished reading a book about a man that survived a famine that spread across China in the late 1950s. Millions upon millions of people were starving and died. People were not allowed to hoard food and everyone was forced to give up what they had. People were dying everywhere. Many ate dirt, grass, and when other people died they cut out the hearts and organs of those who died and ate those. People also committed suicide because they could not live anymore, they were dying anyway. The man who survived described seeing rivers and streams filled with corpses. Dead bodies everywhere. The only way he survived was by traveling on foot through the bitter cold mountains of Mongolia and China (without a coat, I might add) and sleeping in caves and behind rocks during the day to escape notice. He only traveled at night, with only the moonlight to light his way. He knew about plants so he knew what plants and berries were safe to eat. He traveled liked this for 16-18 months, before he was able to escape to Hong Kong. It is an incredible story. He barely survived and nearly died of hunger himself, and encountered benevolent strangers at times who helped him.

        The reason I am sharing this with you is because you may be off better of taking mountain climbing and botany than doing what you are doing. This did not happen that long ago, a little over 50 years ago. I hope nothing like this ever happens here in the US, but it is certainly possible. Think about what it is you are preparing for, it will not be possible to continue on your current way of life or even close to it, if anything like this happens.

      112. folks i see civil war in the near future…

        • Wally

          …or REVOLUTION 2.0

      113. I like this…it’s from

        “Here’s my question: Do Americans share the republican values laid out by our founders, and is it simply a matter of our being unschooled about the differences between a republic and a democracy? Or is it a matter of preference and we now want the kind of tyranny feared by the founders where Congress can do anything it can muster a majority vote to do? I fear it’s the latter.”

      114. Now wouldn’t the likes of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin be very proud of Feinstein and her resurrection of the Jewish Bolshevik programme of total disarmament of the American proletariat? (She should be jailed for TREASON.)

      115. Actually I do get mad sometimes. Like now!
        Fuck Off Bunker Gal

      116. “Welcome to the inland Kalifornia”

      117. Those suicide bombers over in the ME think the exact same way—they’d rather fight and die, than submit. They die with the satisfaction of knowing that they took as many of ‘them’ with them as they could. Like it or not, this is the same mindset displayed here. I’m not calling it right or wrong, good or bad, just brutally effective.

        That is the heart of ‘insurgency’. It ain’t pretty, and it isn’t intended to be. HIT ‘EM HARD, HIT ‘EM FAST and GO HOME EARLY. Leave them something to be afraid of. I didn’t make up the ROE, but I understand why they are so efficient, they are designed to get the job done with the least amount of casualties and expense, while protecting innocent life if possible.

        • Your absolutely wrong. That is not the same mindset as some individuals posting here. suicide bombers target civilians to create terror for expanding their specific ‘religious’ cause.

          Most people here look like they just want the gov to leave them the fuck alone.

      118. In these politician traitors hysteria to deceptively rush gun bans through a lame duck session as amendments attached to 2 separate and unrelated bills, they still managed to allow exemptions for their elitist hollyweird kalifornia komrades.

        This Section does not apply to or affect any of the following:
        (10) The manufacture, transportation, possession,
        sale, or rental of blank-firing semi-automatic assault
        weapons and .50 caliber rifles, or the weapons’ respective attachments, to persons authorized or permitted, or both authorized and permitted to acquire and possess such weapons for the purposes of rental for use solely as props for a motion picture, television, or video production or entertainment event.

        Imagine that.

      119. It was in the late 1960s or early 1970s that efforts were made to start emptying America’s mental institutions and to allow the mentally ill to have a place in society. What a mistake that was!!

        It is the mentally ill who commit nearly all of these multiple-victim gun crimes. We need to once again warehouse the mentally ill and keep them out of our neighborhoods and cities—regardless of whether or not they are taking their medication regularly. The only mental patients who should be allowed out of the asylums are those who are medicated and also able to maintain a valid $10,000,000 liability insurance policy that would provide liability coverage per occurrence of injury to another person. Parents of any minor mentally ill children should be required to maintain such a policy on each mentally ill child living in the home. If they are unable to do this, their children will be committed to a mental institution until such time that they are able to do insure them.

        It’s bad enough that we have to pay for their “special education” classes and that they are mainstreamed into the public school system. Why should we have to be subjected to their violent outbursts as well?

        All mentally ill people must be required to register their addresses, as mentally ill people, with their local police department for life in the same way that sex offenders are. Information concerning their whereabouts must be made available online just like it is for sex offenders.

      120. Anonymous6.8, the majority of personnel in the military love this country and its constitution for which they have sworn an oath to defend. They are conservatives for the most part and are not happy with how the 2012 election turned out because of the direction the current president and the progressive cabinet and congressional members are taking this country. You are sorely mistaken if you think they will be obeying orders that direct them to confiscate everyone’s weapons, especially in direct violation of the 2nd amendment.

      121. What a bunch of Idiot GOP’s. Get a Life you prepper loosers.

      122. They’re trained to follow orders. Historically that’s what they do. History supports this.

        In the event of the above expect the National Guard to be Federalized and moved out of their home state for duty far away from home. Perpich v DOD has established the power of the Federal Government over the National Guard to be absolute. Actually from a legal perspective the National Guard is a Reserve component of the regular Army.

        “The dual enlistment system requires state National Guard members to simultaneously enroll in the National Guard of the United States (NGUS), a reserve component of the national armed forces. 10 U.S.C. §§ 101(11) and (13) 591(a), 3261, 8261; 32 U.S.C. § 101(5) and (7).

      123. “When men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind.”
        Frederick Douglass

      124. @anonymous6.8

        You are entitled to your opinion but they are like assholes.
        I have 19 years on the job and have spent my career protecting unappreciative people like yourself and I understand the paranoid attitude you have. Cops are no different from most of the people you associate with everyday…we just go to work every day expecting to die. I wear a target on my back and deal with people usually on the worst day of their lives…it’s what we do.

        We are not robots, we do our job and go home to our families. I don’t need a paycheck if it requires me to violate my conscious and the constitution. There are more like me than you know.
        Hopefully you will see what I mean when this new reality in America transpires. I can’t be a cop when I need to be about the business of protecting my family and planning how I am going to survive as a newly appointed outlaw by the corrupt govt that has gutted the constitution.

        I don’t know what you do but unless you know any cops or sheriffs deputies or military than you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

        • L-or-D

          Bravo, well said sir!

          LEOs such as yourself ARE NOT THE ENEMY…& never were.

          The shaved-head steroid-injected robo/rage-droids ARE THE ONES I WORRY ABOUT!

      125. Keep Calm and Open Carry.

      126. well you can have it state police after i dump the mag into you

        • Tough guy. Walter Mitty bought a computer. Goodie for you

      127. Our constitutional rights are being interpreted and changed buy the people they ment to protect us from. We are in full right to bare arms and that shall not be infringed. We are slowly reverting back to british rule. When is enough going to be enough.

      128. Just saw on CNN, Obama investigating executive orders regarding gun control. Won’t that be awesome?..we wake up tomorrow, and more guns in America.

      129. Illinois and California are both attempting anti-2nd Amendment legislation to see how far they can push the people and how the Supreme Court will react. My guess is that Chief Justice Roberts won’t do anything to defend the constitution regardless of recent cases where decisions were made in favor of the 2nd Amendment. This will end in bloodshed if our government doesn’t stop trying to take our rights away. You can be sure that if they outlaw guns “legally” or otherwise, the other rights we enjoy will rapidly disappear.

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