Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Starting CO Wildfire

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    An illegal immigrant has been arrested for starting a wildfire in Colorado. Police say that the arson charges against the illegal immigrant are due to the Spring Creek wildfire in southern Colorado that has destroyed homes and forced evacuations.

    “The initial cause of the fire was human-caused,” the Costilla County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday in announcing the arrest of Jesper Joergensen, 52, reported Fox News. He was taken into custody without incident. Reuters reported that Joergensen is not a U.S. citizen (he is a Danish national) and will be handed over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement once he has faced the charges against him. Deportation officers lodged an immigration detainer to hold Joergensen with the Costilla County Jail “following his arrest on criminal charges,” ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said.

    Jesper Joergensen’s mugshot

    Deportation officers lodged an immigration detainer to hold Joergensen with the Costilla County Jail “following his arrest on criminal charges,” ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told Fox News Sunday.

    The Spring Creek fire has been burning east of Fort Garland in Costilla and Huerfano counties and has grown by more than 8,000 acres, reaching 41,292 acres as of Saturday evening, according to reporting by the Denver Post on Saturday. The wildfire was started Wednesday afternoon and it spread rapidly with the help of dry, hot, windy weather conditions, the paper reported. The fire has been moving so fast firefighters have been unable to tally the destruction to homes and buildings as of yet.

    The fire was zero percent contained, the Denver Post reported. The Spring Creek fire was one of a dozen wildfires firefighters are battling across the state. “As you can see by the plumes behind us, it’s not a great day for firefighting,” one official said during a news conference addressing the dry conditions and extreme heat that has swept across the state of Colorado.


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      1. Now, I’m shocked.

        A Dane?

        What next? And, for heaven’s sake, why?


        • BCA: He is probably MUSLIM – you know peaceful, loving brother sort of maggot!!

        • Might have gotten tired of being overrun in his own country.

        • A real shocker to somebody expecting a Mexican, right, right???

      2. Looks like his nose started the fire.

      3. Just HANG the god damn vile rat bastard!!

      4. Hey’re here to do the jobs Americans won’t do and stay warm I guess???

      5. Came for the weed…stayed for the bonfire.

      6. I will bet a paycheck that the reason why his name,face and country of origin was published was because he’s white and from a predominantly white country. A paycheck

        • Yep, if he was muslim or even mexican we’d have to search to find out.
          Black… they usually don’t go into wooded area’s.

          I would like to know what he was doing or if it was on purpose.

      7. Set the illegal alien on fire as retribution. Or just a quick 2 shots to the head.

      8. How have most of these fires not been arson? There have been so many. Illegal immigrants as arsonists? Not as far fetched as perhaps once thought. Not as extreme a thought anymore.

        Bet it is still politically incorrect to blame illegals for destroying the forests. But not now.

        What declares your true intent to burn the whole country down better than actually burning the whole country down to the ground?

        Bet they start blaming (President) Trump any day now. He made them do it. Triggered them.

      9. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is being identified as a terrorist illegal, so WASP’s know they’re not part of the in-group.

      10. The USA should start contracting N.Korea to handle illegal aliens prison terms.

        • Glen Beck said, ‘the next thing you know, they’ll bring up FEMA barges.’

      11. he isnt a fking us citizen, us laws dont even apply to him, he will just be deports to come again

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