If President Obama Sees This Picture It Could Lead To A Major War…

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Headline News | 188 comments

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    There’s not much that can keep President Obama off the golf course. According to the Obama Golf Counter, the President has spent some 192 days on the golf course since he took office, fully 10% of his term thus far.

    Democrats and Republicans alike have complained about the President’s handling of foreign policy, especially as it relates to the most recent upsurge of the Islamic State. Last week, after a video of reporter James Foley being executed was released, Obama left the golf course to give a brief speech about the incident. Almost immediately after he returned to the green.

    So what kind of motivation does the President need to get engaged in this and other policy issues facing America?

    The following cartoon, posted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform, could be motivation enough if ISIS rebels were to do it for real.

    As Zero Hedge notes, THIS would be unthinkable…

    beheading of golf club

     Source: Cagle


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      1. Would be a lot funnier,if it didn’t mean the future death of millions.

        • I thought the cartoon was hilarious, I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I scrolled down the screen and the picture came into view.

          Obama = Bob Hope and change links.

          • Someone sure has some wit don’t they?

            When I watched BO talking about the beheading of Foley I couldn’t stop to think that BO was part of this and the whole thing was all staged so the U.S. can save the petro dollar. I can’t of course prove it, but it was like the grandest of false flags playing out. There is even talk that the beheading was faked and Foley is still alive. It was like watching some bad scripted movie when BO was talking about this, bad acting and all. What do others think of this I wonder?

            • Would of been a better picture had it been bo’s head instead of a golf club

              • I sold all my guns and ammunition a long time ago…
                Waste of gas to come to my place…looking…?

              • Or Malika or liquida or whatever there american African names are??

                • They’re…so sorry… PS let it go…

                • They’re…so sorry… PS let it go…

            • Foley is dead. ISIS has killed thousands of people, sold women and young girls into slavery, committed countless atrocities on a grand scale.

              • Good one Mac. Thanks.


                • Might be time we start saying “Federal Golferment”.

                  • I think if the guy’s name had been Michael Brown, or his skin had been darker, Obama would’ve paid more attention. Especially if the killer was white.

                  • What time is it?.?.?


              • Correct you are Barn Cat


                if you care to take the time and research it..

                IS,not ISIS, is a covert operation out of control that is financed,trained,,and weaponized by you know whom..

                You got it..a state sponsored terror organization funded by none the less than our own black bag opps in cooperation with the Saudis,Qatar,and others..

                There’s a group think tank that laid out the plan to divide Iraq into 3 or more separate states…amongst the Sunni,Kurd s, and Shiites once we left ..

                Never mind that our own McCain posed with the future rebels in Syria…and never mind that the state dept is now considering aligning with Assad to defeat their own Frankenstein run amok..

                What a damned windfall for the weapons manufacturers..eh?

                We’re now destroying and bombing our own equipment..

                Never mind the recent media release of IS targeting the US..


                A never ending war on terror..forever!

                Just by financing these jihadists to the extreme..giving them weapons and money..then justifying every damned spook agency to once again quell our rights and freedoms back home..all the while filling the coffers of their weapons and military contractors..

              • I don’t understand how anyone could down vote that statement Barn Cat.

                • Does anyone actually think that a crazy muslim could cut the head off of a 9-iron with an 8″ stationary blade? I’m smelling a rat here. I don’t think we’re getting the whole story

                  • Here’s something to keep our collective eyes on for the future:

                    “Here’s Why The Pentagon Wants Less Armor On The Next Generation Of Military Vehicles”

                    ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/why-pentagon-wants-less-armor-on-next-generation-of-vehicles-2014-8

                • O’bummer should be indicted for treason, convicted, and given the reward for treason; but as long as he is POTUS there is nothing wrong with making his decisions on the golf course.

                  It’s not like he has to be at his desk crunching numbers and inserting data into an Excel spreadsheet. He can be briefed, given the facts, have a conference call with his aides, and choose from the alternatives.

                  This is how CEO’s run their companies, and I am sure this is how Valarie Jarrett runs the country. 🙁

              • @ Barn Cat. I have looked all over the You Tube and not one of them shows the actual beheading. There might be one, but I have not seen it. All that is shown is the so called aftermath, which with good Hollyweird production can produced what appears to be a dead body and head. I have seen other horrifying beheadings by isis and they are real, makes you want to vomit. Why no real proof of what was supposed to have happened?

                This whole thing smells of deception from BO right up and down the line. Everything seems to be fitting into a perfect puzzle piece for a nice false flag war. To gain the natural gas line through Syria for Qatar to kill the monpoly that Russia has to Europe. AND to save the U.S. dollar from no longer selling using the dollar for oil and gas. It stinks of real life conspiracy.

                • There is sufficient evidence as reported by digital forensics specialists to suggest that Foley’s beheading was staged. That he died, no one disputes. But the way it was put out and by whom? That’s the question. I think that when the dust settles, it will be observed that Foley’s death was a result of an attempt to foment the public’s disdain for ISIS, a CIA construct that has been instilled, funded, and promoted by our own government for the purpose of perpetuating public support for further American invested conflict in the Middle East.

                • Not that I miss Foley, who was pro-Jihadist.

                  • Shows what appeasement of these sub-humans gets you.

                • Be Informed:

                  I cannot honestly figure out whose side the beheading video is supposed to support. One thing’s for sure, in that many Americans are now saying that they saw something that they didn’t actually see.

                  This does not benefit the ISIS side at all. If it should benefit some shadowy propagandist group over here in the States, then to what purpose?

                  A practice run to verify that sheople can be reliably counted on to delude themselves? Which would be a useful control strategy, but also one which could backfire if a counter message could be issued to the sheople. There’s no a priori guarantee that the shadowy group’s message would not be countered by a more convincing deceptive message, IOW.

                  I don’t get it.

                • @ BI- I have also wondered the same thing. Also- wheres Bin Ladens body? Dont tell me the “buried him at sea”. Total BS.

              • Barn Cat,

                I don’t understand all the red thumbs against your post. You are 100% right. ISIS is coming to a town near some of us very soon. I don’t think people are taking this as seriously as they should. I personally don’t find any humor in the cartoon, I don’t think Mr. Foley’s parents would either.

                The video was on line for a while and millions did see it, I did not by choice, but I have no doubt that it is real.

                • Ever hear of crisis actors..they were at Sandy Hook..BTW that school was closed for 5 years when that faked you out…Boston Bombing..ha!..crisis actors from Sandy Hook were there too…and guess what…at the Super Bowl..those kids singing at half time were the “slaughter kids” of Sandy Hook. Never forget who this fake CIC’s supporters are…HOLLYWOOD LAND

              • Well BC…the world pretty much knows this was faked..the blue screen of death has fooled you..next we’ll see the fake assassination of the messiah and his miraculous rising from the dead…

              • AND…here at Home, we have Huge Media coverage regarding the unarmed black man in Ferguson MO….but NO COVERAGE of Dillon Taylor…an unarmed white man killed by a black officer….while doing nothing wrong, except he had headphones on and did not hear officers tell him to get down on the ground…HE had no idea that someone had committed a crime anywhere near where he was….had no clue that HE was a “target”…..but was shot dead by a black officer…..this happened two days after the shooting in Ferguson….has it gotten ANY national media coverage? NO. But, the media thinks it is wonderful to have a live feed of the funeral of a thug. A proven criminal. Wonder just why so many “sheep” believe all they are told? Blame it on the “media”…which has now become Entertainment News….I sure long for the days when reporters just stated the FACTS.

              • And you know for sure because,,,,

            • The cartoon certainly fits, but I think he needs a hacksaw to cut it.

            • ISIS? Who are they?

              Depends on the foreign policy objective of the day.

              When they were fighting against Assad in Syria, I believe John McCain referred to them as “freedom fighters”.

              As soon as they crossed the border into Iraq and threatened the oil patch they were called brutal terrorists by Lindsey Graham…lol.

              Empire foreign policy becomes clear when the International Oil Companies need protection.

              • ISIS: anyone notice how close they are to Israel…

            • The US knew who that ISIS murderer was before the govt said they would find out who he was. That part was staged for sure. They made a bfd about getting him. They already knew who it was.

              Think back to other atrocities like Daniel Pearls beheading. Did the govt ever say theyd find out who beheaded him?

              They think were all as stupid as they are. Idiots.

            • I was thinking the same and another thing how often do they get the guy who did it they are releasing the name of the rapper guy it totally looks staged. It seems way to easy. I know they haven’t got the guy but I bet they will in the next few weeks.

            • His initials are B.O. because he stinks.

          • The cartoon was hysterical. Now I’m sending NSA a bill for a new keyboard, since there’s coffee all over mine.

        • Someone the other day said he would like to know how many Americans are awake and know what’s happening. Well, I often talk to strangers– sometimes at the bus station, sometimes at the library, or even off the street– wherever. And so far, everyone I talk to KNOWS what’s happening.

          For example, one day, as I waited for my friend to finish shopping, I sat beside an old man. He was a big guy, didn’t look all that cool, uneducated, etc. But he was very angry at what’s happening in our country! He mentioned that he had several types of guns, shotguns, etc and has taught his wife how to use them.

          And there was the time I was stuck with no way home after traveling by train, and this VET (a wonderful, totally unselfish person) started talking about the government… I agreed fully with his comments.

          It seems most everyone I talk to is fed up with all the corruption, knows we have a police state and predicts a revolution in the near future…This ain’t no scientific pole, but A LOT of people are aware!!!

          • Wee..not so much in Zombiefornia.. But the earthquakes should keep them bizzay…yo

          • @ Anon,

            Bingo! CWII staging in the wings…NOW.

          • I went into this chain store in the mall to get a haircut a couple months back when I first moved here, and the lady who cut my hair mentioned that she thought were on the edge of WW3. She was not a big fan of Obama either. But then again, nobody here is.

          • I work for DIRECTV as an installation technician. I do 4-5 jobs a day. That’s 4 to 5 separate households, from wildly varying socioeconomic groups. From broke ass hoods to rich subdivisions and everything in between. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, whatever. I’m in all their homes.

            Once I’ve activated the receivers and all that jazz, the first thing I do is channel up (to get it off that stupid DTV information channel) which lands me on CNN. 99% of the time it’s something about the government, terrorists, civil unrest, economic blah blah. You know what they show. In a week I might run into 1 or 2 people that aren’t aware of what’s really going on.

            I like to know what people are thinking. What they believe. How they feel. So I start up a conversation. I usually start with something like… “I’m not sure I believe that…” or I’ll shake my head and say “Looks like the world is in for some serious trouble…” or “I doubt it went down like that” That’s all it takes. Next thing you know the customers entire family is talking about how corrupt the government is, how our freedoms are being taken away. They talk about how they’re preparing for “The Collapse.” or how they’re afraid of this or that happening. They go on rants and raves ranging from 9/11 being allowed to happen, to how we’re making shit up to invade other countries. It’s… remarkable.

            I’ve come to the conclusion that the American people are aware, and pissed the fuck off. They KNOW that SOMETHING isn’t right, even if they’re not sure what. That things are vastly different from what they’re being told. They know their being manipulated and lied to. They’re angry. A lot of them just talk, because while they’re aware of the problem, they’re just too lazy to do anything about it. A lot of them are stockpiling things from food to weapons. One thing they all have in common though, is that they ALL agree that SOMETHING is gonna happen soon.

            My observations aren’t scientific either. But after 5 years of being in so many homes a week.. I can only come to one conclusion. People. Are. Pissed. If so many “normal” families are talking to a total stranger about these things, and not holding anything back.. that says a lot in my opinion. A hell of a lot.

            You can reach your own conclusions, but I feel a whole lot better about things knowing that everyday Americans are just as aware and pissed off as I am. I believe that we have a much better chance. Whatever happens, however it happens, I don’t feel so alone. And that gives me hope that once it really starts to hit the fan, we can come together, instead of fighting each other.

            • This makes me proud and gives me hope for the future. Thanks for posting it.

          • Wow! You people are giving me some hope! This is ALL good news, well, for us.

            There may be a lot of ignorance about how to fix this but it does appear people are paying a lot more attention than we realize.

        • He is a sorry ass fucking puppet, just as the next scumbag they bring along will be.

          • Can you say scumbag puppetess? Hellery Clinton…..

        • fossil fuel industry, fringe contrarians, right-wing nuts & such.

          Judith Curry abandons science | ThinkProgress

          thinkprogress.org/climate/2010/11/11/…/judith-curry-climate-s…- Similarto Judith Curry abandons science | ThinkProgress

          Nov 11, 2010 … Now that I think of it, though, lots people on this planet don’t pay taxes. … My one- time lecture-circuit companion, Dr. Judith Curry, Chair of the School of …. rise as high as 7 °C above pre-industrial values by the end of the century. ….. is mostly free of fossil fuel interests (although the Sourcewatch stuff is a …

      2. If an ISIS terrorist threatened the First Lady with a beheading, you know that Obama wouldn’t let that go.

        • Yeah he would..cause we don’t have a first lady

          • I feel honored to have my very own personal troll…must be really getting under that foreskin…

            • Talon1776, you’re right about Moochelle NOT being a first lady. I would say she’s the first communist bitch.

          • Yes, Michelle is a transvestite. Barry is gay. It’s creepy!
            I don’t know where they got their kids? 2 for 1 on the black market maybe?

            • In the break room at any large company:

              Black man: I’m proud to be black!

              White man: Glad you’re happy with who you are. I’m proud to be white.

              Black man: Racist!

        • If an ISIS terrorist made a video of him scissoring up a picture of the First Lady, I don’t think Obama would go back to golfing.


            • Dear ISIS…

        • Obama’s wife is a dude and he is a fag

        • He would be lost and wouldn’t what to do. Who do think is running the white house?

          • Valerie Jarrett and her comrades….

            • Got that right POG!

      3. In other non-news from the corrupt leftist media, turns out there was a robbery in the SLC area, in which the 20 yr old white male was utterly and completely uninvolved. He had earphones on, listening to music, and did not hear the African-American cop tell him to lay down. When reaching into his pocket for his cell phone, he was shot and killed. An innocent young man, just starting life. As you know, the leftist media was outraged. OK, well maybe not. OK, actually, since they can’t make political hay out, they could care less, and NO ONE in the national lamestream media reported this (and where it was report, the policeman was, in good Orwellian double-speak, reported at “not white.” In fact, except for WND and local report, this “never happened.” From Freedom Outpost:
        He was a white kid, 20 years old, who was killed by a black cop on August 11. This happened two days after Michael Brown was killed. Dillon Taylor seems to be a young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was leaving a 7-11 convenience store. Officers were in the area because there was a report of a man with a gun. Taylor had headphones in and did not hear the police when they asked him to lay down on the ground. Taylor, unfortunately, reached into his pocket, for a cell phone, and that was the last thing he ever did. He had no gun. He did not rob any stores. He did not assault a police officer. ??? Only the local Salt Lake Tribune has a story on this at http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/58304981-78/police-taylor-lake-salt.html.csp as does alternative WND at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/black-cop-kills-white-man-media-hide-race/#ZMCsihcmDXZBiAUL.01 Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where’s the NY Times, the Washington Post? Where is the bought-and-paid-for leftist media??? Can also see http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/08/black-cop-killed-innocent-white-man-utah-press-silent/

        • You missed a couple of assholes

        • The media was not interested because there was no outcry from the community. What was so shocking and news worthy about the Ferguson incident was NOT the fact that a young, unarmed, black guy was killed for nothing by the police– they kill innocent black kids all the time. What was astouding was what happened AFTER THE INCIDENT– the towns people went bezeerk! It almost turned into a revolution– people were coming from all over the country to get a shot at the cops, and the militarized cops got close up shots on TV.

          As has been pointed out before, we complain, complain, and complain about the take over of our country by a corrupt elite group but do nothing about it! Blacks do something about it. And THAT is news worthy.

          • I agree with folks being doubtful of truth of police shootings and all,that said,don’t burn neighbors car/business/stores.You go against say the cop shop/city hall,well,go for it.That said,this story and the details change on such a daily basis do not know who to believe anymore.Mike did rob that guy feel no mercy,that said,those photos of him robbing could be faked in a few minutes with a good program.I have no doubts that some cops are getting away with murder,just doubt all sides of the tale without a lot of evidence.

        • wrong- stupid
          wrong– narrow-minded
          wrong– dividing our country
          wrong– afraid of blacks/anyone different
          wrong– coward
          wrong– afraid to engage/get to know someone different
          wrong– afraid of ET’s, would try to shoot them instead of communicating(beyond his scope and ability to communicate effectively, so he just shoots, verbally abuses people)

          wrong– probably killed Indians in another incarnation since has no communication skills. (easier to kill than to communicate).
          wrong– will have to come back (several lifetimes!!) as a black person until he learns what he needs to learn
          wrong– hasn’t evolved with the rest of humananity (still half animal).


            We don’t evolve.

            Anonymous – Fool

            • wrong– you don’t evolve; that’s true! Good, wrong, you finally got something right!

              Other people? Yeah, we do evolve– intellectually and spiritually.

              Unfortunately, as the Bible says, “we reap what we sow” and you WILL have to come back as “the other race” until you learn to stop being so stupid!!!

          • Anon must drive a Prius and probably has a Coexist sticker on it and maybe even a nice rainbow sticker.

            • Wrong, you are right. anonymous sounds like a lost soul to communist influence. sounds like the people that the last article spoke about.

            • Yeeeee-Hawwwww

            • No, but I would if I could… just because I am not a low life like you, does that mean I am not accepted here? (Ha, ha, ha!) Must be so… who gives a shit.

              Anyone who would take up for some jerk who’s contribution to the board is a 5-worded sentence full of childish, derogatory comments about someone who is not the same color as them– well, like who gives a fuck what you dumb assses think?

              I only come here because I can’t find a place to make comments with other tree huggers/environmentalists. Direct me to their sites and I will gladly disappear!

            • Uh Who,there are some great coexist shirts and bumper stickers,take a look and tell me I am wrong!: ht tp://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2010/04/15/coexist-in-firearm-manufacturer-logos/ ,as always,spaced http to avoid the moderation game show.

          • Anonymous, you should be ashamed of yourself talking about wrong like that. You know you’re lying about him. You sound like just any other black loser from the NAACP, NBPP, etc. who goes around having bad intentions toward white people. People like you are the reason relations between black and white don’t improve. People like you are part of the PROBLRM between black and white, not the SOLUTION.

            • go fuck yourself, Renegade– you whine everytime Eisencrap takes a punch at you…

              No, relations between blacks and whites don’t improve because of wrong’s comments– CAN’T YOU READ??? LOOK AT HIS STUPID COMMENTS!


              NOW GO TO STORM CLOUDS GATHERING WEBSITE AND LOOK AT HIS POSTS… He (editor of storm clouds gathering) is an INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING!!!

              • OK, Wrong is responsible for all this black/white stuff?

                Wow, he’s pretty good at it, then.

                • Didn’t realize I was so powerful.

                  Anon, I find it interesting at your attempt at quoting scripture and at the same time talk about reincarnation… I’m obviously not as brilliant as you, so could you show me where, in the bible God talks about this?

              • OK, anonymous asshole troll, I’m thru trying to be civil with you. Obviously, you don’t have any real experience dealing with black people, do you? I work in a company that is 80% African-American. Now there’s a clear majority in anyone’s book. I work and have fun with other black people 5 days a week and relations between us are great. Yes, there are plenty of individual success stories out there. I would just love to see all problems between black and white go away someday. I don’t want any war between black and white. What about you? White people are NOT the problem. It’s the NAACP, National Urban League, Nation of Islam, NBPP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. who are the real problem. They make their living keeping the pot stirred up with so many false complaints against white people. just think, if black and white could set aside all their differences and come together in a common cause, only God knows what we could accomplish working together. All of your so-called ‘black leaders’ would get scared and go into hiding, because they know what that would really mean for them. They have never done anything good for average black people on the street and never will BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, PERIOD. THEY DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIME TAKING PLACE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY EVERY DAY. What about you, anon? What do you say about all of this?

                • Anon, BTW, if you’re really serious about some environmentalist/tree hugger sites, try huffingtonpost.com, one of the best leftist sites out there. You’ll probably feel right at home there. They kicked me off their site back in 2012 for telling it like it is only after censoring me. don’t believe it? Try posting a comment there contradicting their position on any issue and see what happens.

                • You know, Braveheart, I never owned anyone but my own children. Never had anyone to clean my house, not one time. Neither did my Mother. My aunt had a black woman come in 2 days a week and clean. She was paid decent wages. But I can say truthfully, before my uncle died, he bought and paid for a brick house for their house cleaner. Just can’t figure out why they think we are all racist.

              • Anon, you go f#$% your own self! Go to the MSM sites. You’ll find the company you’re looking for at any of them. We are not a communist website.

                • Thanks for defining the one unifying factor for those who come to those site: we all hate Communism. It is the globalist tyranny that opposes the individual freedom that made once great America. Many of us may die in a hail of bullets, but our children will live in a free America.

            • Braveheart:

              Our anonymous troll is stalking at SHTF again. Didn’t take him long to get on another computer.

              • Good evening, Granny. I’m trying to talk some sense into this person. I could be wasting my time. We’ll see soon enough.

          • I’m not black– I am part Indian though…

            FUCK YOU, you stupid, narrow-minded, lowly evolved scum, PO’d Patriot…

            and you ain’t no Patriot… you are just a supid country bumpkin

            • Your secret is safe with us.

            • OK Haji, the fuckin’ magic carpet you rode in on.

              • I’m an EO hater. I hate dotheads too. They smoke hookahs, smell bad.

              • Might be the other type of Indian.

                Red Cloud, Sitting Bull or Geronimo.

              • Probably Ka-lija. He could never answer yes or no.

              • I also like to kick hippies.

          • Happens a lot to me PO’d….

          • You’re one of the fools who’s so open-minded that their brain has fallen out.

        • Wrong, you forgot Holder, Sheila Jackson Lee, Spike Lee Jones, ex-Mayor Nagin, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangle, Elijah Cummings, Keith Ellison and John Conyers.

          • I realize that I missed a bunch of assholes. The list is endless…………………………………

            • I feel really bad this morning.
              My best friends on shtf got into a terrible piss fight.
              I don’t even know what to say right now.
              So much brain power gone awry…..
              I hope this isn’t irretrievable.

        • Bad analogy. When an innocent American is gunned down by police, all should be irate.

          Don’t fall for the racial division as U are an enemy of the government no matter what color U are.

          • Dead right

      4. If ISIS really wanted to get Obama’s attention they would start a campaign to chemically defoliate golf courses all across America, staring with those near D.C.. Not a single blade of golf course grass would be left standing. Scorched Earth.

        • YH WRONG! He rarely plays golf around DC. To close to work! Trekker Out.

          • No kidding MT, obama only goes to DC to rest up from vacation and to have his staff plan his next one. And while he’s there he has hollywood throw him a party and a few private concerts.

          • The only 18+ Holes in Wash DC are the A-Holes in Congress.

          • I stand corrected!

      5. An apology from the black community of Ferguson for rioting and looting, etc.

        Not all off the black community is responsible, in fact, some of them tried to help stop the riots.

        I don’t recall seeing any references to MLK or any of his speeches during all of this. MLK was about equality of character. When blacks like J. Jackson Jr., etc. began to get arrested, they had no character to stand on, so they made it about race.

        A bad character is a bad character no matter the race.

        • The LAST thing the likes of Messy Jackson or Al dullton want is to be judged by the content of their character.

      6. I would have thought it would have been a picture of Obummer having sex with Larry Sinclair.

      7. I think this turd POTUS has relied on the worshipers that have chosen to ignore all of the BS that we all notice and now his ability to do it is now slipping away. It looks like the left are finally turning on this POTUS. There was an article in Salon where Cornel West was interviewed and he blasts the chairman. I read excerpts in ZeroHedge on it.

        “Cornel West Blasts Obama Is A “Brown-Faced Clinton”, A “Post-Traumatic Depression” Will Follow”

      8. Obama has no interest in events because he is a puppet who does what he is told to do and say. He is the ultimate patsy president who is close to having outlived his usefulness. Bring on the murderer Hillary, that will be a novelty. Or some other asshole hanging from strings.

      9. What a useless excuse for a human. Most kings in history were better leaders.

      10. Walmart still running a special on 2 16.4 oz propane cans for $5.

        • Stock up now.

          Could be a little better price once Labor Day is past and National BBQ season officially ends.

          Did a 10-day campout project a year ago, took two Coleman propane stoves, and a Coleman propane griddle, we cooked two large meals each day and heated water for washing, shaving, dishes. Used exactly 2 full canisters and the 3rd was still half full. The 2 replacements went on the stoves on the 7th day, I believe.

      11. I can curl a 40 lb dumbbell for 12 reps 4 sets.

        • Let us know when you’re up to 60 pounds, and 6 sets. Don’t cheat with your back, keep your elbow parallel with your spine and your spine straight.

          Bend over double, and lift them straight out the side in a flyaway hold, hold them there for a 10-count, work up to a 60-count. Recover under control each time.

        • Acid says he is a dumbbell? Now THAT is a revelation!

        • Great, and all I want to be able to do, is Drop and Do 20 push-ups on my next birthday in Sept. Trekker Out.

          • Hah! At the county fair a couple of years ago, there was a marine recruiting center handing out free t-shirts for 15 chinups. I could only do 13. dang.

        • Do 100 sit-ups with that 40# on your chest. Do 101 to beat the girl who did it…me.

          • Point is etch-a-sketch, that ain’t nothing to brag about.

      12. A good addition to your prepping library is:

        Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills.

      13. For Maddog:

        They are headed your way, Maddog. The Burning Man scrounges. I can smell the stench from here.

        Rain predicted for that area. Hope a lot of lightening is involved.

        • POG the fucking degenerates are everywhere. There are thunderstorms in the black rock desert today so the highway patrol has shut the gates to hell down. The fucking hippies have nowhere to go and are hanging out where ever the shitmobiles happen to be buss stops, truck stops. What a shitstorm. Ran into one in the store. Fuckin 60 year old man with a silver pony tall to his ass, free flowing rags, sandals and nose ring. It is usually bad enough having them pass through now their settling in. Hope the ran stops soon and more importantly the shitbag hippies remember where they where going and leave. We already have enough moving in from the Peoples Republic of Californication.

          Thanks for thinking of me at this most disgusting time. One thing for sure the debauchery in Black Rock is becoming more representative of mainstream America at lightening speed. What a shit hole the libtards are creating.

          • Love all the thumbs down with no response. Shows the lack of balls in the country. No wonder there hasn’t been any revolution. Apparently courage is no longer a virtue. America, I miss you dearly, God rest your soul.

            • Maddog,what is there to say,I don’t live in your region and you would probably just label me a “hippy” as I have long hair

              • “you would probably just label me a “hippy” as I have long hair”

                Not sure you know what burning man is. However long hair really has nothing to do with being a hippie. Are you a communist? Do you wear your hair in a silver pony tail, smoke dope and believe in the collective for your salvation? How about free love and abortion to relieve yourself of any responsibility? I could go on and on but it would be pointless because individuals who know what I’m talking about already get it and I have no desire to convince fucking commies. I really don’t give a fuck if anyone attempts to disparage me for trashing the fucking hippie movement. If those people do not understand the ideas that came from it are what has destroyed our country, I want nothing to do with them anyway.

                • Burning man,your worried about burning man?!You have all political spectrum’s there.Is not just commies by a long shot.My uncle who is up in the years went last year with a friend on a lark,actually had a good time and picked up some info. on alternative energy ect. there,said it was a very diverse crowd and some folks he thought “a bit odd” but said to be expected at any large gathering.On a side not,my uncle is not a “hippy”,a 20 year military man with a tour in Vietnam war games.The locals there am sure make some decent money from the festival,tis only a week.I realize tourists a pain in the ass as my mum lives on Marthas Vineyard,just a seasonal nuisance that brings in a lot of moneyt,be happy,your season is only a week!

                • You would probably love going to Burning Man, it’s an experiment in SURVIVING.

              • Warchild:

                For an up to date look at Sodom and Gemmorah check out the 160+ pictures of these maggots at burning man.

                Saw posted somewhere that Ramsey Clark (ya, the one who thought about running for potus) was in attendence.

                If there was a lay over in your town of these scrounges you might have an epiphany….

                • Tis worse Granny,me mums home island invaded by obola and before that the billiaries,give me burning man any day!

          • They only come out for this kind of thing, it their defining moment of the year, apparently.

            They are not representative of mainstream anything, they are brain-addled dopers who have dropped out of society due to failure of the drugs as a coping mechanism to their self-induced inability to face the day like the rest of us.

            Events like this just reinforce their daydream that they made the proper choices in life, being surrounded by hundreds of other losers just like them.

      14. A pair of golf balls should have been tied to the club a little lower and then cut off, that would have sent a message also.

      15. Stop worrying about that halfbreed fool in the wh and start figuring out how to beat the bitch from hell.

        • I’ll have to say, you’ve said it all! I agree 100%

      16. It looks like everything’s being set up for a potential major terror attack on US soil (real or false flag) or a major war or both. The Mossad trained Al-Baghdadi was released from US custody in 2009 and ISIS members were trained in Jordan in 2012. Obama did nothing while they overran the Iraqi army and let them seize all that military hardware plus 88lbs of low grade uranium and Saddam’s chemical weapons plant. Now they have billions of dollars from robbing banks, extortion, ransoms, and oil sales. They just seized the Tabqa airbase in Syria. The borders are still wide open and ISIS has threatened to attack cities and malls and any Americans anywhere. Obama launches a few insignificant airstrikes that only provokes them. There’s an ebola outbreak in west Africa, missing nukes from Dyess AFB, and MH370 is still missing. Inhofe is warning they’re planning to blow up a major US city, Hagel is saying they’re an imminent threat to all our interests everywhere, and Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney fears a 9/11/14. Obama doesn’t care and is still golfing and vacationing.

        • “Obama doesn’t care and is still golfing and vacationing.”

          thats because he knows his plan is on track..

      17. Is it a co-incidence that

        1929- Stock Market crash
        1933- Great Depression and Weimar Germany
        1940s- Nazi policies using a minority as scapegoats and justification to enforce fascism

        1940s- WORLD WAR 2

        2008-2009 Stock Market crash
        2010-201? Great Depression
        201?-201?- A leader will use a minority group as scapegoats to enforce fascism/communism

        2018- World War 3?

        • ” A leader will use a minority group as scapegoats to enforce fascism/communism”

          White Christian Tea Party Patriot – no question about it

          “2018- World War 3?”

          Wishful thinking. Everyday that I wake up and the collapse has not happened is another day of borrowed time.

      18. I’m a tennis player so this doesn’t effect me.

        • First, they came for the Golfers, and I said nothing…

          • Smokey! That is rich!

      19. I want a 2 weeks vacation all expenses paid by the tax paying worker bee slaves.

        • I’d be happy with just getting free-to-me a lift on Airforce One…

      20. Two dyings –

        Karl Marx, born in a Christian Jewish family, originator of Communism.
        On his deathbed surrounded by candles burning to Lucifer, screamed at his nurse who asked him if he had any last words:
        “Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”

        “Isn’t he lovely!”
        – E.T. Byington, who saw Jesus as she died.

        • Karl Marx may have “popularized” Communism, but he most certainly did not “originate” it. He had several predecessors, including his mentor, Rabbi Moses Hess, who refined Communism to destroy the Catholic Church.

          Read the chapter on Moses Hess in Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit, ISBN 9780970378453, available as an inexpensive Kindle eBook at:


          You can even take a “Look inside” at that link.

          • “See this sword?
            the prince of darkness
            Sold it to me.

            With Satan I have struck my deal,
            He chalks the signs, beats time for me
            I play the death march fast and free.”

            — Karl Marx in “The Fiddler” dedicated to his father.

          • I don’t know about the rest of the people who are part of this community, but I am sick to death of you two taking over this discussion with your incessant rantings and ravings. For what it’s worth, your shrill points are probably just scrolled right over by most of us, so you’re basically just having yourselves a little circle jerk.
            Mac, please give these two a-holes each other’s email addresses so they can have their little pissing contests on their own time.

      21. Wait a minute here…
        From a strictly logistics point of view…

        Bozo has only spent 10%…10% of his time on the golf course…
        Are you sure about that?

        • Yep. Of course, if he’s been in office for 60 months now, that means 6 MONTHS spent on the golf course.

          • Well…when you put it in those terms… 🙂

            Anybody know his handicap?

            On the golf course of course…let’s keep this to what’s important!

            • He IS the handicap, jerry.

            • Don’t know what his handicap is, other than being a Marxist, but a week or so ago he broke 100 in, presumably, 18 holes.

              Not a very good golfer, at all.

      22. Why does everybody bag on the president? He is not the leader of this country. He is just another puppet having his strings pulled by people with real power. It’s like getting mad at Tony the Tiger when you found out Frosted flakes are not really good for you.

        • That makes Tony Tiger a co conspirator then.

        • I think a little better analogy, Steve-O, would be he’s the guy shoveling your body into the furnace for the commandant.

          He might be taking more orders than giving, but he still ain’t innocent.

      23. OMG!!

        …the inhumanity of it! I’m going to be SICK!

        That cartoon should have at LEASST an R-rating.

        • 🙂

      24. 10% golfing

        10% basketball breaks

        10% smoke breaks

        • 20% “Barney Frankin'”

      25. Bullshit makes the First Lady’s garden grow.

        Compost yourself, Mr. President.

        • She must have some awfully big melons then.

      26. I still say he is in office due to voter fraud, voting irregularities in key swing states

      27. There’s a perfect storm brewing & if you stop to look at the big picture puppets like Obama start to reveal themselves as the irrelevant puppets they are.

        tptb pilot every project before the main implementation. Obama could spend 100% of his time on the golf course and without urgent correction the course we are set upon would remain unchanged!

        So far we have

        1. Boko Haram & ISIS both committing atrocities too horrific to contemplate and bringing the apocalypse to previously multi=faith regions. This is the natural progression of the stupidity & unlimited funding that created Al-cia- duh, several fruitless resource wars & the mess that is Is-ra-hell and palestine.

        2. Total food and water control being quietly implemented globally.

        3. the blatant creep of a totalitarian state – globally.

        4. Cypress for those poor phlebs who still have skin in the financial game was a successful trial run.

        5. The finer details of martial law and quarantines via the cordon sanitaire. Think of a big city being treated in the same way as the leper colonies of old. this is a pilot of things to come!

        Note too that Monsanto have entered the Ebola game. http://www.naturalnews.com/046259_Ebola_outbreak_drug_treatments_Monsanto.html monsanto being involved tells its own story.

        I haven’t touched on earth changes, the Ukraine, Fukishima etc. China is experiencing serious environmental issues from no bees, to heavy pollution and ghost cities and a generation of males with no hope of aquiring a partner. Arabia & Persia are imploding, and taking the Maghreb, the ‘Stans East Africa down too. West Africa is enduring the march of Boko Harem and Ebola – South and Central Africa’s populations have already been ravaged by aids and famine. Most of Europe is now a basket case economically stretching from Romania in the east to Ireland in the west. venezeula is fingerprinting it’s citizens, Argentina has imploded financially and the rest of south america is ravaged by the war on drugs. India has been monsantoed. Australia is plagued by drought.

        Even the lone defiant Wolf Iceland is on earthquake alert!

        It doesn’t take a genius to work out that humanity is circling the drain & needs to pulls its head out of its ass sharpish like.


        Where will BE HEADING for next ????????

        • If Barry does an EO on Amnesty… We are heading for the symbolic pitch forks and torches. Which is what they are impatiently wanting. Sometimes..if not all the time ..I wonder which moment will be a Lexington moment…we sure have a wide variety to pick from now. We are in Crisis False Flag Overload..I wonder when we will have national cohesion or are we just waiting for somebody else to do it for us..going to take a lot of guts for We The People.

      29. NAW … barry wont care he’s his ziojew master’s goyim puppet globalist billionaire now.

        he can more than afford to lose a few gay C.I.A. gun runner heads like he did in Benghazi Libya

        Now if that was barry the fairies personal pet Reggie Loves lil’ putter it might just be the Start of WW3 !


      30. Best way to get him is to let someone else to keep score. Mulligan is his middle name.

      31. A list of things NOT stolen in Ferguson:

        – Work boots
        – Math school textbooks
        – Hammers and saws
        – Bibles
        – Business attire, even business casual for work attire
        – Dress shoes
        – Dictionaries, thesaureses
        – Roberts Rules of Order
        – Book containing the words of the constitution.

        So… lessee… all these folks voted for big government – essentially a return of the plantation mentality – and now they don’t like it.

        As a matter of fact, there WERE black slave owners in the South, and John Newton, the slave trader who became a Christian and wrote Amazing Grace, reported that he was kept as virtual slave during his time on land in Africa. (Read the story yourself). I our *thinking* black brothers thought for a minute, the wise ones would realize, as Solshynitsyn wrote from the uSSR gulags, that ******the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our OWN individual hearts.”

      32. obullshit would go to war over this. The worst president ever.

      33. “We have met the enemy, and he is us”, said the comic strip Pogo.

        Well, given that ISIS is a CIA creation, do ya all see that Satan has infiltrated the highest levels of our government (intelligence community included) to bring about a SLAUGHTER, and of WHOM exactly??

        – CHRISTIANS!


        – JEWS!

        In other words, just about 95% of everyone who COMES to this site and most of the U.S.’s POPULATION!

        That’s YOU, and that’s ME!!!

        Wake the freak UP, people!


        And the President is SILENT!

        Dylan’s lyric is right on point here:

        “How many deaths will it take ’til he knows that too many people have died?”

        THAT is why this cartoon, while evidencing talent, is in VERY VERY BAD TASTE and ought never have been published!

        Young Christian girls and young Christian boys are being beheaded AND their heads put on sticks!

        Where’s the OUTRAGE about THIS?

        What if in YOUR drive to work your eyes literally SAW such evil?

        Sure, I enjoy a good laugh, in fact, I NEED a good laugh. But THIS cartoon by Mr. Cagle, regrettably MINIMIZES that FACT that if HITLER could be a GROUP, it would be ISIS.

        Imagine, INSTEAD, if this cartoon showed this golf club during World War II being TOSSED into a GAS CHAMBER/CREMATORIUM!.

        Wouldn’t be funny at all, would it?

        What is HAPPENING to us, dear good people?

        So FIGHT the DEhumanizing effect that ATROCITIES have on you!

        And RESIST dehumanization!

        Don’t you see how GROUP evil NUMBS and DEsensitizes us to LIFE, HUMAN life????

        Don’t you see that the VERY thing that MAKES you “Human” is being HACKED AWAY at through political COWARDICE as well as MINIMIZING, DISMISSIVENESS, and ILL-placed humor?

        Isn’t the beheading of just ONE young boy OR girl ENOUGH to BOIL YOUR OWN DAMN BLOOD???

        I’m SICK of Mr. Obama’s SILENCE and his COWARDICE!

        SILENCE is COMPLICITY with the ISIS Evil!

        So is COWARDICE!

        I’m SICK of all of our SILENCE! We need to JAM the phone lines of our Senators and Congressmen and DEMAND that this EVIL be PUT DOWN!

        The TASK of evil is to PACIFY you, SCARE you, make you think it is the OTHER person’s responsibility to DO something ABOUT IT!


        It’s all about CONTROLLING YOU, my dear friends!

        And you are playing RIGHT into their hands!

        It is ALL of our responsibility!

        Let me be CLEAR: that which you are ABLE to do IS your “response-ability”!!!!

        I got news for you all: Mr. Obama doesn’t give a RAT’s ASS about these beheadings!

        And he would take PLEASURE in how such cartoons are PACIFYING Americans into “ACCEPTING” that this evil can NOT be stopped!

        I was NO fan AT ALL of Ronald Reagan, BUT if REAGAN were President, these people would have met their match, and THEN SOME!

        Nor would President KENNEDY have been cowardly about all this going on!

        Even Bill Clinton said his BIGGEST regret was NOT doing ANY thing about the Darfur-Rhuanda Genocides.

        The HEALTHY response to Evil is REVULSION!

        Mr. Obama is NOT revulsed!

        Are YOU???

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil results when good people remain silent.” – Edmund Burke

        “Insensitive to our own suffering, we tend to become insensitive to the suffering of others. Treated with indignity, we lose not only the sense of our own dignity but also the sense of the dignity of others.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D., in “People of the Lie: the Hope for Healing Human Evil”, p. 221.

        “At MyLai the killing was face-to-face, but I believe our use of technology in the war had served to deaden our sensitivities. Several years of placing all our gadgetry between us and our victims had had the effect of insulating our consciences. I suspect that the similar use of technology will always have that effect.” – Dr. Peck, p. 235

        “But there is something unique about human killing. Human killing is not instinctual.”
        – Dr. Peck, p. 244

        “Many animals may kill to protect their territory. But only a human could direct mass killing of his own species so as to protect his ‘interests’ in a far distant land he has set eyes upon.

        So our human killing is a matter of choice. In order to survive, we cannot not kill. But we can choose how, when, where, and what we will kill. The moral complexities of such choices are enormous…” – Dr. Peck, p. 244.

        “…I cannot escape the conclusion that in rare previous moments of human history it has been necessary and morally right to kill in order to prevent even greater killing. I am profoundly uncomfortable with this position.” – Dr. Peck, p. 248

        • I understand your rant, but: ” We need to JAM the phone lines of our Senators and Congressmen and DEMAND that this EVIL be PUT DOWN!”

          That is EXACTLY how they have manipulated us into another war in the past. There is already talk that IS is CIA-ran and U.S. sponsored…that makes THIS a possible FALSE FLAG event. So I’m not so quick to just jump to as ordered this time. I think we need to figure out who is REALLY behind this “IS” and get rid of THEM.


          Al Quaeda WASN’T REAL, it was a U.S. controlled terrorist group
          Boko Haram is a Clinton-backed group
          The Banksters funded HITLER, as they have ALL wars
          9/11/01 was an INSIDE JOB
          The U.S facilitated the coup in Ukraine
          and IS is also a U.S. controlled terrorist group.

          IsIs is nothing more than a plan hatched by the banksters to keep the petro-dollar alive…because WE NEED TO FUND ANOTHER WAR.


          • Sixpack, thank you for your thoughts, but beheadings of Christian children and Christian adults are VERY real!

            Yes, we created ISIS, meaning, those in our own government cooperating with the evil guy gave birth to ISIS.

            We have already BEEN manipulated into this war, and we who do NOT remember the lessons of history stand to REPEAT them!

            If not now, then when, sixpack?

            If not there, then here?

            Silence and inaction become complicity with the evil.

            According to Dr. Jim Garrow, on October 4th & 5th ISIS terror cells are bringing the war to OUR country by attacking malls on that weekend.

            This isn’t about “manipulation”, it’s about the wholesale genocidal slaughter of both Christians and Jews, so only Muslims and their Masters are left.

            Thank you for your comment.

            – the Lone Ranger

            • “This isn’t about “manipulation”, it’s about the wholesale genocidal slaughter of both Christians and Jews, so only Muslims and their Masters are left.”

              Actually, isn’t it about BOTH?

              I agree the beheadings could be real, but the presentation of such CAREFULLY SELECTED info is indeed “manipulation”. The MSM wouldn’t be even mentioning any of it, unless they are beating the war drums for our approval. Only GOD knows what other atrocities are committed around the world, that we never hear about, because it serves no political purpose. Those are just as real.

              My heart breaks for those people…AND for the other atrocities that we don’t hear about…it’s all very real to those facing it.

              In short, yes it’s REAL…REAL EXPLOITATION, and not letting a good crisis go to waste, for the propaganda value…thanks for your response.

      34. I believe we should be taking this seriously,(not making light of the situation) because our enemies sure are!!!!

        • The problem is, WE DON’T KNOW FOR SURE WHO THE “ENEMIES” REALLY ARE. We can’t go by what we’re told, it’s all lies, but we have no other info to go on.

          Who are we supposed to be fighting?

          THE Terrorists? If so, WHICH ONES?

          The CIA?
          The NSA?
          Boko Haram?
          Obullshit himself?
          Congress in general?
          The Rothschilds?
          George Soros?
          Dianne Feinstein?
          The IMF?
          Al-Nusrah Front
          The Local Police?
          The Globalist Elites?

          Here’s a few more ideas:
          ht tp://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/other/des/123085.htm

      35. Obama is a puppet for the Israel boys….last name Ro…

        • Obama hates Israel just as much as the rest of the Arab world. You can’t see it because you fall for all his lies! If they all attacked Israel tomorrow Obozo would not lift a finger to help. Hell I was waiting for him to suck face with that imam on last meeting! Probably go to the golf course and call Netanyahu and tell him “sorry you’re on your own, good luck I have to tee off now”

      36. The issue is not golfing or vacations. I think he should spend more time away from the decision making process. Critics of leisure rather than fucking things up should shut up. You all shut the fuck up.
        All kidding aside, things are out of control and if Obama gets more involved, look out. The idea of criticizing Obama for detachment falls under “careful what you ask or wish for”. I think he should take up water skiing, knitting, what ever. Just keep busy with anything other than governing.

      37. It is so wonderful to be on a site with so many people who question everything and can see through all the B.S. Ten years ago I would not agree with any of the comments here because I was asleep and unaware, thankfully I have kept an open mind and because of that I have learned to see reality not illusion.
        When I saw Obama leave the conference and go play golf I thought to myself, “he is not taking it serious because he knows nothing really happened and he is not going to get us into a war over a play acting performance.

        • Either that, or he already knew it was just another part of the plan.

      38. Actually, Obama is just a puppet, doing photo-ops for his masters. What is he supposed to do when not in front of the camera? Foreign policy is determined by AIPAC, the neocons, and the globalists who run them. Domestic policy is run out of Chicago by Ms. Jarrett. Remember where Bush Lite was on 9-11? They had him reading “My Pet Goat” to school kids. I think Obummer’s bosses are slipping (or they figure Americans are stupid enough to buy anything). That Foley video was one of the dumbest fakes I have seen. Starts out with his hands tied behind his back, and ends with his white plastic arms folded across his stomach, with no blood on them. They should have rolled the CPR dummy around in the dirt a bit. I saw more blood when I stabbed a carjacker with a 3 1/2 inch blade. This looked like a cheesy SyFy channel project. Sharknado was better-done.

      39. Why care or worry about ISIS or ISIL……as long as it over there not here…When those clowns get here that’s when we get to clean their clock……………..Why spend our treasure there..we have too many needy right here at home………..As far as our news reporters being killed, well maybe they should rethink what and why they do what they do.and where was their news agency when it came time to rescue….nah, let the tax payers pay.bullshit…………

      40. swingonastar, you think isis is coming soon to a neighborhood near all of us, I got news for you THEY ARE ALREADY HERE! Not only that they were invited by that piece of shit Muslim in the White House. The borders are wide open not just for the greasy little bastards out of Latin America, it’s an invite for all the neerdo wells who aim to take this country and turn it into a third world country with the help of our own Gov’t. courtesy of the Democratic Party! They are fresh out of the stone age and want to take all of us with them. The power grid will be the first strike, then just wait and see what they have in mind for us next.

      41. If it all comes crashing down, I’m prepared. I have a wig, a special suit, some face paint, big floppy shoes, and a big red nose to wear. Yes ladies and gents, I will be dressed as a clown. When cannibalism is running rampant, they won’t eat clowns because they taste funny…..but if worse comes to worse and you become a cannibal, don’t show up late for dinner……you will get the cold shoulder.

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