If Delta & Omicron Didn’t Scare You, Prepare For DELTACRON!

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    For those easily panicked, this will just be another excuse to get another shot, muzzle up, and hide under their beds. Apparently, the Delta scariant and the Omicron fear-mongering didn’t do the trick. So now, we have Deltacron; a mashup of the two.

    What these scumbag rulers continue to expect us to believe gets more ridiculous by the day.  The fact that anyone is still afraid of getting a cold is unbelievable. According to a report by WION News, the United Kingdom has reported their first case of Deltacron, and new COVID-19 scariant designed to panic the sheep into getting more injections so the permanent slavery agenda can be rolled out.

    State-Sponsored Omicron Propaganda Has Not Convinced Americans To Get “Vaccinated”

    According to MailOnline, the hybrid ‘Deltacron’ was developed in a patient who caught both variants, Delta and Omicron, at the same time. The Uk “authorities” and ruling class are monitoring this hybrid variant.

    So far, there is no official word from UKHSA about how infectious Deltacron is, or how severe its symptoms can be. The Deltacron variant was allegedly first discovered by a researcher in Cyprus late last year. Leonidos Kostrikis, who works at the University of Cyprus, claimed that his team identified 25 cases of Deltacron.

    Apparently, there was a global pushback against Kostrikis’ “discovery”, with many leading publications dismissing Deltacron as “lab error”. Thomas Peacock, a research associate at Imperial College London’s Barclay Laboratory, which focuses on coronavirus research, said on Twitter that Deltacron “looks to be quite clearly contamination”.

    But Kostrikis defended his assertion and maintained that the new strain indeed is a hybrid of Delta and Omicron variants, and spreads faster than both of them. In an emails statement to Bloomberg, The Cyprus researcher said that the cases he has identified “indicate an evolutionary pressure to an ancestral strain to acquire these mutations and not a result of a single recombination event”. -NDTV

    The main theme seems to be the endless rollout of variants designed to make people turn to the “vaccines” and their masters for safety.



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      1. Knowing these sick fucks,
        I’d say this will be more like
        DeltaCON as in another
        conjob to try and create
        more fear.

      2. Thank you for calling these
        creatures scumbag rulers
        because that is exactly what
        they are!

        • Really an insult to regular scumbags.

          • @Bill, very funny! ?

      3. By hybrid, does this mean that the Delta and Omicron variants mated with each other and produced an offspring called Deltacron?

        • Yes and it can’t decide whetther to be a boy or a girl.

        • It’s a hybrid of, Horseshit, Bullshit, Dipshit, and Idon’tgiveashit!

      4. It’s probably just one of those “coincidences” that
        Deltacron is in the UK right
        after they lifted most of
        their restrictions. What better way to instill fear in people
        once again and of course
        have reason to implement
        restrictions once again.
        How very convenient.

      5. Just take 2-50mg of zinc, & wash it down with EGCG rich green tea, in between meals.

        Kills the cold, flu, small pox, ebola,
        marsburg, etc.

        (Look up zinc ioniphores sometime.
        A KEY TO HEALING!)

      6. Recently read this
        about the Fauci covid
        fanatics. worth reading:

        “I want to scream. The pandemic is not fucking over, because children under 5 cannot get fucking vaccinated. Do not tell me it’s usually really mild for kids. I won’t mention that if I get it, too, I’ll be able to take off the mask I will have been wearing around the clock inside my own home. He’ll get his second and third shots or however many he needs, and eventually he’ll be just like you, as protected as possible, safe enough to go about his toddlery business with COVID being just another risk like accidents or the flu. But we aren’t there yet. And what’s worse than not being there yet is how the world seems to have utterly forgotten we exist”.

        Trust me, lady, I can’t wait to forget that people like you exist.

        Meanwhile, a “research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said Thursday that parents should do everything they can to avoid giving their children the coronavirus vaccine, insisting that the potential harm far outweighs the benefits.”

        What will the crazy moms do when more and more “experts” prove them wrong?

        Despite all this hopeful news about children and the pandemic, these lunatics are not ever going to let go of their masks and vaxxes. They will cling to them bitterly, eternally.

        It’s time to crack open the blinds and peek out at the world, ladies. Like Dorothy post-tornado. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

        Er, on second thought, maybe we don’t want these women recirculating in society. Maybe it’s best if we let them continue hiding in their apartments, windows and doors sealed shut. Perhaps these Fauci fanatics are the contagious variant we should fear most. We can’t have their dangerous ideas catching hold.

        And now a short aside. In 1942, thousands of French mothers and their children were herded into the Velodrome d’Hiver, a bicycle stadium in central Paris, to await shipment to Auschwitz. After a week with no food or water, some women tried to kill their own children before they were separated and sent to an even worse death. Of the 4,000 children imprisoned in the Velodrome, only six survived the war.

        Why is this relevant? Well, perhaps you will find it interesting that the French official in charge of the Vel d’Hiv roundup was Jean Leguay, who later became the head of pharmaceutical company Warner Lambert, which later became….


        When the Faucimoms are finally put to rest as old women, will they stipulate that their rotting corpses wear masks?

        Based on how they are treating their children, I doubt there will be anyone at their funerals to object.

        Article from

        • The fauci moms will be dead before long. Same with their kids. Even when most stores here required masks a lot of people didn’t wear them and no one said shit. I have yet to see a Karen around here, they would get their ass handed to them…

      7. The good lord will take me when he wants me, regardless of if there is a pandemic, regardless of if I wear a mask, and regardless of my vaccination status. He tells me to live everyday as my last, just in case it is my last. I am with peace with that.

        • @Jocko, ain’t that the truth!

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