Hypocrite Socialist Bernie Sanders Is In The 1%

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    It should come as no surprise that socialists are hypocrites and Senator Bernie Sanders is no different.  He likes to spend his time blaming capitalism and free markets for the 1% when he himself is a true 1%er.

    Sanders has never actually created much of anything over the course of his life, other than the hot air he expels as he looks down on those who actually produce wealth in a country with a very limited (if any) free market left.  He may have written some books in which he bemoans the system that has allowed him to get rich, but Sanders is wealthy not just from his books, but off the backs of the taxpayers.  Don’t let him fool you – he became a millionaire in 2016.  He was rich because the government steals money from producers and gives it to him and other criminal hypocrites as a salary for being an authoritarian politician. And this was going on long before he wrote a book.

    In the “Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave,” it isn’t uncommon for imbeciles to follow along what Sanders and other socialists proclaim.  They will jump and cheer if the government ever confiscates wealth from those who have worked hard, all because they have never actually created enough wealth to provide anything to society – other than the constant complaining about “the system” that keeps them down (the very system they want to be expanded and larger.)

    Totalitarian millionaire, Bernie Sanders, who has infamously made income inequality a hallmark of his presidential campaign, earned with his wife about $566,000 last year and $1.15 million in 2017, putting them in the nation’s highest income brackets, according to tax returns released by the presidential candidate Monday. Sanders and his wife are officially in the top 1% of income earners in the United States according to The Washington Post.

    Ironically, the money made from his book, which is a battle cry against freedom and free markets was only able to be successful in the teeny arena of capitalism the United States has left. Sanders is essentially using the system he rails against daily to get wealthy.  But it’s not like he wasn’t rich before – that was just money stolen from others who mostly made less than he did to be his slaves.

    Sanders’s annual Senate salary is $174,000. Much of his income came from books he has written about his democratic socialist platform, which includes a call for higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans – such as himself.  Perhaps he should lead by example and give up 90% of his income to the government.

    This should really not come as a surprise. After all, if socialists were logically and morally consistent, they wouldn’t be socialists.


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      1. It’s my understanding that “The Bern” is now leading in the D’s polls. I know that I see a lot of support for him when I venture into the Berkley of the South, Gainesville Fl.

        OFF TOPIC
        Dr. Allan Keyes has a good article on his site, “Renew America” concerning what might lead us to Civil War2.

        Stay prepared and watch out fur dem hogs!

        • I hope Bernie slips in the shower and breaks his neck.
          “Watch out fer dat soap!

          • 2 funny dat!

            • Gud 1 nyuk nyuk 😛

          • holy shit I just spit my coffee out my nose. hilarious mental pic

        • Here’s the real issue with all this “make the %1 pay for it” garbage:

          In the global economy, factoring in the entire population of the world, If your household makes $32k (usd), YOU are the 1%

          SO- once the precedent is set that the %1 “deserve” to support the masses through heavy taxation, its not a stretch to see where things will head from there.

      2. Bernie is just another fake propped up to deceive and divide the voters. The establishment choice is crazy Biden on that ticket. Sanders should be wearing one of those beanie caps with a propeller on top.

      3. Republicans will never arrive at any calculation, in which a man supports a family, confidently, by the sweat of his brow — ensuring poverty, illegitimacy, and the need for state services.

      4. He’s not merely hypocritical, he’s a liar. He said he’s a millionaire because he wrote a best selling book, and that if you write a best selling book you can be a millionaire too.

        That is not a Socialist way of thinking. A real Socialist would say something like, “I’m a millionaire and here’s nine hundred and seventy five thousand dollars I’m giving the government so they can give some of it to everybody else.” This is why there are no real socialists.

        Therefore he is not a Socialist. That means he is misrepresenting himself, and this means he certainly should not be representing anyone else either.

        The fact that he did not realize his statement was entirely unsocialist also means that he’s ignorant, and maybe stupid.

        Sorry to use these potentially objectionable terms that might cause snowflakes to melt, but truth is hard to recognize if real words can never be used. Just trying to use correct English here. That’s all.

        • A millionaire? I know countless blue collar people who retired as millionaires. Most were raised as Democrats who switched party’s three or so decades ago. Now a billionaire is an exclusive club.

          I guess the Democrats use the term of millionaire to be synonymous with oppressor because they tend to seek votes from those with virtually nothing who seek solace in blaming others exclusively for their station. I use the word exclusively because that .0001 have guilt but not exclusive guilt.

        • I don’t believe that “crap” that he became a millionaire because he wrote a book! He can say that all he wants, doesn’t make it true. Only stupid brain dead people would believe Uncle Bernie. That’s what todays college snowflakes are, brainwashed and braindead.

      5. Bernie Sanders is not a Socialist.
        Bernie Sanders is a hard core real life full-fledged Trotskyist COMMUNIST. I don’t mean merely in the sense of his philosophical leanings. I mean that he is a former head, former leader of an actual Organization self identified as COMMUNIST. HE ACTUALLY DISPLAYED A COMMUNIST FLAG IN HIS OFFICE FOR MANY YEARS.

        COMMUNISM is a fraudulent ideology. While using equality as its drumbeat to reign in youthful disadvantaged idealists, Communism delivers in reality, more misery and more inequality.


        • In my world, Communist/ Socialist are one and the same. I don’t care about the nuances that supposedly makes them “different”, they are still on the “left”.

      6. I find the 1% label quite interesting and I believe this number was picked because of the poor math cognitive ability of far too many Americans. Your Physician who went to school at least until they were 27 and longer if specialized and spend tons of money and time and provide a necessary service and works is in the 1%. He / She no more political influence in politics than you or I. They like us are de-facto servants to the .0001% or the so wealthy to be the “one in a million”. Call it maybe 300 people or thereabouts in the US. They and to a lesser degree the .001% and maybe some .01% have significant disproportionate influence. A sub group of the .0001 likely .00001 more or less (and its more) run the show. This is why the study found that the US is a plutocratic oligarchy. Spare us all the “one man one vote” when that one voter has 150 billion dollars. These are the pushers of slave labor “Free Trade” which has eviscerated the US middle class. There are the core backers of MIC and a to put it mildly a belligerent to the point of recklessly dangerous foreign policy.

        h ttps://www.businessinsider.com/major-study-finds-that-the-us-is-an-oligarchy-2014-4

        • Thanks K2. I think we need to change the national anthem ending. Maybe something like ” For the land of the plutocratic oligarchy….. and the home of the slaaaaaave.”

          And this too:
          I pledge alleigance
          not to some fag
          or the plutocratic oligarchy of amerika
          Or to the new world order for which it stands
          being whipped like a dog
          with misery and injustice for all.

      7. “Much of his income has come from books he has written…”

        Just like the Clintons and Obamas, no one really wants to read their books. But they all write them don’t they? A book deal is a great way to hide payoff money . You launder it by way of a “book advance”. That way, even if no one buys your book, you still get your bribe money.

      8. I like the way the archives are listed in the side bar now. I never really had any luck searching the archives with the old format. Now I can easily search all the meaningless comments I made over the years…Thanks Mac Slavo!

      9. Bernie Sanders is rich because of “white privilege”. He should redistribute his wealth among non-whites if he is to be true to his beliefs. Fat chance of that!!

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