Hundreds of Unemployed, Poverty Stricken Americans Line Up For Food Vouchers

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Headline News | 140 comments

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    As millions of Americans lined up at shopping centers around the nation last week, Black Friday had a completely different meaning for hundreds of Floridians who began lining the streets for free food vouchers. Because there were only 3000 vouchers available, many showed up well in advance of the Saturday giveaway, hoping to ensure that they could receive one of the vouchers worth about $120 and redeemable for a bag of food containing pork, rice, beans, milk, bread and other items.

    Any American who still thinks there is nothing wrong with our economy and the direction we’re headed need only look to this latest example for evidence that things are not at all as pleasant as they may seem:

    (Video Report Below Excerpts and Commentary)

    Some people began to line up last Friday. Many of those who waited in line for hours were either unemployed or they live on a fixed income and can’t afford any extras.

    “It’s very, very hard,” said Mosas Hernandez. “We need something free because right now,  I lost my job, I need to pay my rent, so believe me it’s very hard.”

    The line wrapped around the block outside the voucher distribution location. Concerned about safety, the City of Miami Police Department was in attendance to keep order and look after the sick and elderly.

    “It was tough to get donations?” asked CBS4′s Stephen Stock.

    “It was tough for everybody. Tough for everybody,” Guitierrez told him.

    Perhaps no one symbolized the change in economic fortunes more than Angela Llamas who, with her friends and family, stood in line for more than 24 hours.

    The government’s social safety nets are weakening under the unprecedented strain of entitlements and emergency funds. For now the private sector is picking up the slack. But eventually, with half of our available workforce without labor, nearly 50 million on food stamps, and 100 million Americans living in poverty or right on the edge, not even private sector donations will be enough. What happens next is anybody’s guess, but we’d venture to say that people won’t be lining up peacefully in the hopes of acquiring food. They’ll take whatever measures they need to in order to get the essentials like shelter and a meal. If that means rioting in the streets or mass raids on grocery stores, then that’s what they’ll do.

    Video Report from CBS:


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      1. Where do I park my Mercedes? A better question is where are the SSGN’s.


          • You are aware that CAPs Lock can be turned off, right?

            • That is a Weak Comment, That’s all you got? I like to see what I type, so sorry if you are so sensitive, if you are sensitive about something like that, how will you handle it when TSHF??

            • @bear don’t be a D–K your giving agnostics a bad name… mhm is one of the best here… so pls nock it off!

          • take your party bias bullshit SOMEWHERE ELSE DUMBASS.we don’t like either party or the POLITICIANS in them. you are one poor blinded fool. may god have mercy on your soul.

            • I’m an Independent so I dont have any party Bias Idiot. I don’t Believe in God so don’t need any mercy, No Thanks!

          • Bear, you need a nap. Trust me, you will feel much cheerier when you wake up.

            • Already had a nap, I feel fine, Thanks for your Concern.

          • bear?

            • Henry, Please don’t Insult the Semi Intelligence of some readers here. THat’s all you Got?

          • The part that scares me is the fact that he’s proably right. I know no one wants to hear that because they want to think that “getting the current party out of office” will solve something, but remember how bad Bush was? You really don’t.

            McCain wants to arrest all of us as terrorists. Remember?

            Obama’s GOING to lose. And then it’s GOING to get worse. If we get Ron Paul it will get worse for less long. That’s about it.

            • With Ron Paul at the helm it’ll get worse faster but it won’t get better sooner. This era is at an end. If we’re lucky, we’re entering the 1940’s but without the war.

          • Bear, they are all a bunch of crooks, it doesnt matter one bit what party they are from. And yes, evetyone one of them is a fake christian. If they really believed in the gospel and teachings of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they couldnt justify any of what they do.
            On another note, is Manos doing ok? I havent seen any of his posts. I am praying for you and your country Brother.

            • Well said Jim; just keep in mind that bear’s mind is made up no matter the facts.

          • If there is gonna be murder in the streets it won’t be the Christians who will be doing it. I do agree with you though that if the republicans win the next election cycle that there could be rioting by the underclass. Obama isn’t the problem; he is more a symptom rather then the disease. The problem is that too many Americans believe that political leaders are the solution to the citizens’ crises. Too many Americans are looking for someone else to blame for their lack of industriousness and ambition.

            • This is the part I do not agree with —Bubba writes: “If there is gonna be murder in the streets it won’t be the Christians who will be doing it.”

              This the part that fits for me. Bubba is on target here. …”The problem is that too many Americans believe that political leaders are the solution to the citizens’ crises. Too many Americans are looking for someone else to blame for their lack of industriousness and ambition.”

      2. The private sector will be helping people long after the government sector collapses.

        Unfortunately, there will never be enough to go around with what is coming.

        • The private sector….you mean the evil 1%ers? You know I speak in jest but you are spot on.

          My guess is a lot of those people lined up for free food still have the Internet plan on their iPhone, and the latest whatever game for the xbox…..

          • Don’t forget the Direct Tv. The poorer the neighborhood, the more Sat. dishes attached to the houses. Some in this area have two and three dishes stuck to the outside of the homes. And this in the “poor” neighborhoods…

            • Probably Dish Network… DirecTV does credit checks.

            • Huh?? I live in a rural area and believe me, it’s not poor. We all have Direct because thats all thats available out here. I don’t think it has much to do with being poor as it was the same price (if not more) than cable….

          • Jim..before I even started reading the comments, that was my first thought!!

          • Check before you make those assumptions. They may have had those goodies at one time but by the time they swallow their pride to line up for food stamps they’re out of resources. Darned few Americans willingly accept assistance but nearly a quarter of them are getting to the point of having no other choice. Have compassion and ditch the schadenfrued.

        • GC; didn’t this present admin. empty out not only the gas reserves but also the wheat? It appears what they are doing is following the script to collapse the system. Obama and ilk have already moved the money, they’ve stolen from this country, out side the US banks. When it collapses they’ll probably flee this country and the expected wrath of the American people.
          Anyone that donates to Obama’s reelection is just lining his pockets to live without working (the norm for his entire life) after he is gone from the white house.

      3. This is to all of the leftist liberals that scan this site trying figure out how to attack and to outwit Obamas decenters and pump up the left. In 58 years I have never seen anything like this and it likes like it is going to do nothing but get worse. I want to say “Thank you “to the leftist progressives. You just made it a whole lot easier to know who not to vote for next November. For all I care you can go and stay in your little tents and live in squalor, enjoy it. I just wonder though. Out of the 3000 that received a voucher, how many would support Obama? It might be something to look into..

        • Yeah, let’s all put in the Republicans for 8 more years as they did such a great job last time around. In all seriousness if you believe that the answer is either Demacrats or Republicans it is neither nor.

        • This was always coming regardless of what party is in office and it will still happen, regardless of what party is in office. Since the moment the Federal Reserve was put into place, to the senseless depletion of a finite resource, to religious devotion to infinite growth, this was coming to pass. And there ain’t no political fix. Politics? It’s a fools exercise.

          • What you say is true however, America could not have picked a worse bunch of bufoons to be in office at this time if we tried.

            The truth is that yes, probably a majority are still watching the NFL and worried about basket ball but, at least some in the Republican party have woken up and are either fighting the Rinos or have left for the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party. The Dumbs on the other hand are still out protesting for free stuff and to have someone pay for their “free” college degree.

            It really is the (productive, self reliant) people VS the ruling elite and a boatload of useful idiots.

        • *Comment Removed By Admin*

          • How does anything out of your mouth make any sence even to yourself. I didnt even have to look at the other post to know they were right when a person as yourself resots to that you know the other has all ready won the arguement.

          • If a BEAR posted on a forum would anyone care what it had to say?

            • “Only you can prevent Forum Fires”

            • Does a BEAR poop in the woods?

            • You can always tell a leftist by their way of condusting any sort of debate. As soon as they realize that they have no facts to support their total BS position….they get nasty & head to the personal attacks. I see it on the news….& with any of the Marxists that I come into contact with. Guess their Mama
              never taught them the “stick & Stones ” thing……
              Oh well…it sucks to be them. We all need to remember one of Murphy’s Law Corrilaries ” never argue with an IDIOT….cause folks might get you confused. Nuff said.
              Montgomery County Texas

          • ooooh must have hit a nerve.

          • Hey, Boo-Boo Bear, for a moment I thought I’d stumbled onto by mistake. You’d fit right in over there.

            Hi everyone; lurker from Maine checking in-love this website.

            • I’m an independent, so you lose again

          • someone pissed in his picinic baskit eh Boo Boo?

            • Looks like the US GOvt Sht in your Piknik Basket

          • Just keep voting for Obama and his like, dipshit. Too damd bad you can’t see past the end of your FUCKING NOSE! When it hits the fan this guy is going to one of those that are hiding a back closet with a steak knife, franticly dialing 911 as some thug is kicking in the front door looking for food and females. Good luck you worthless chunk. He will be waiting a long time for the left to deliver on their promises. He will be so sad when he finds out.

          • Please get out of caps lock, place a comma after Hammerrun, and a period at the end of you sentence. However, it still makes no sense. Is there a thought in your statement?

          • Bear, please watch the language and slanders. Mac, i know you dont like to block people, but if this man cant control his language and nasty attitude, maybe you should block him. I am all for a free discussion on here, but a little compassion towards other peoples beliefs should be followed

            • Learn some history, I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it, Patrick Henry
              Maybe if you learned something, you would not sound so much like an ignoramus

          • Mac,
            Why are are worthless and offensive comments such as Bear’s allowed to stay on here? It does nothing for credibility of the site – none of us are learning anything new from it, and it may turn a LOT of good people off from reading the good, helpful comments.

            Bear, you are a hateful,sad, pathetic and scary PIG of a person. I bet if they did open heart surgery on you, all they’d find is a big black mass.

            Sorry if a Christian hurt your little wittle feewings. I’ve had some athiests hurt me pretty bad, but I don’t go painting them all with a broad brush or go out of my way to offend them and thier beliefs. If you dont like being around Christians, maybe time to find somewhere else to live – because we ARE a Christian country about to celebrate a very Christian holiday. Merry CHRISTmas.

            • Most of our visitors know my stance on comment moderation… In general, I let most anything through unless it is a call for violence or straight up racist with no intention but to spew hate. Many times we miss these comments as we fly through moderation queues (as they are really more to prevent spam than to moderate the conversation). My apologies for those that have been insulted by the comments. While insults alone are not enough to have me remove a particular comment, if it adds nothing to the conversation and the comment’s intention is only to offend, then we will certainly consider removing it.

              In this case, we’ll review Bear’s comments and pull those that are a waste of time and add no value. We definitely want to keep free speech alive and well, but at the same time want to keep the conversation centered around the issues.

              Thanks for your feedback guys. We’re on it.

            • Read above Comment Ignoramus

        • You are an Idiot, Do you think things will be better with a dumb republibot?? Answer no, Under that last dingbat W Bush, we Got the Patriot act, Homeland Security and the TSA, More rights were lost under bush than at any time in history. That is a Fact, you might not care for facts, but is is a fact.

        • Visit the Huffington post and you’ll see the same problem in the opposite direction. Trolls are everywhere. You are young enough that you should be able to handle it if us old fogies can. In any case, if you get beyond ideology you’ll find that the folks on the Left and the Right have pretty much the same beefs and have pretty much been brainwashed out of knowing what to do about it. If you aren’t in the 1% you’d better adjust your sights away from the 99% and concentrate on the real problem.

      4. I really do feel for people that are going through hard time’s .If something where to happen really bad the U.S.A. These people would be the one that would start a lot of bad stuff.Around Christmas it is very hard for family’s.I know it hard for me.Thank god some people still know how to give.

      5. Just a matter of time before we see flash mobs targeting supermarkets and walmarts and stealing groceries instead of flat screen televisions. There will be jobs for the unemployed as armed guards in front of the entrances and out back at the loading docks. When it gets bad enough, expect to see employees paid in food instead of inflated fiat.

        • I agree mistress, pretty soon going to the grocery store may get tricky. I can see it now, you will need a security guard just to walk you to your car after you buy the groceries. My wife usually buys the groceries, but I can see a time I will have to go and go armed. Peace

          • You mean you dont already?
            Hell I been packing and shopping with my wife since 2001
            I never leave home with out it
            my American express card stays home, but my .40 dont

            • Mr. H and K goes with me almost everywhere and he’s forty. Sixteen plus one friends.

            • Funnily enough, Mr. H & K rides in the seat next to me. He’ 45 and his name is Mark(23) and he has less friends than yours but he calls the shots so I leave that up to him. His smaller blood brother, who is also 45, is a bit shy, compact in stature, and hangs out on my hip, sort of behind the scenes character. He has even less friends than his older brother, but all of them together can create quite an impact. The bigger brother is considering going into silence since it’s in his designed nature. Never a dull moment with with those two around. Fortunately the rest of the family stays at home.

            • “Colt made all men equal”.
              “…………..Never leave home without it”
              Two admirable quotes.

          • cupons check
            cash check
            22 in ankle holster check
            ruger in the pants holster check
            we ain’t even going to talk about the garrot or knives check
            almost forgot the colaspible baton check

            • You going shopping or spending an afternoon at the Folsom Street Fair?

          • Read the novel “Lights Out.” The author covers this very problem. My problem with concealed carry is that I can never settle on any one gun. It’s a fashion statement thing. I usually keep the Hi Power in the truck and carry a .357 snub Ruger into the store. My wife and daughter want to get carry permits. I never thought I would see that!

          • Hello Clay ! My reccomendation is to get a carry permit & go armed starting now. I am always carying…& try to be ready. A big part of this has to do with being very aware of your surroundings as well. Part of not being a victom is what they teach the ladies in personal protection….but it really applies to all of us.
            Get you chosen weapon, become proficient with it…and carry it always. Many folks wait until they get robbed to get serious about protecting themselves. We all have some of that “it will never happen to me” thinking….because in the USA we grew up in ….it was not a real hazard. The problem is that we are headed into uncharted waters. Things that NEVER happened before are now happening. It is getting worse day by day. When will it really SHTF? Today. Next week…or next year ? I don’t know…but when it does if you are not at home, you will really wish that you had been carrying. Even worse if something happens to a family member or friend & you could do nothing to stop it.
            We are all prepping food & such….personal protection is another major preperation. Always enjoy your posts from NY. I grew up in PA & have spent some time in your neck of the woods. Beautiful country ! Stay safe & keep on postin .
            Montgomery County Texas

            • Hey Random,You hit it right on the head there. Being from NY it is very tough to get a carry permit. I have no criminal history, but misspelled an address I lived at over 20years ago, and it got rejected. No, I’m not kidding. I corrected it and sent it back in and I am still waiting. Do you think they would freak if I walked into Walmart carrying my AR or my M&P15 22 lr…lol. If you hunt, how’s the hunting in Texas?

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

          I agree with you. I can see this coming soon too.

          Recently, part of an order of storable food was “stolen” in trasit from Fedex. It was never found. The company reshipped the “lost” part.

          Just a thought…The Fedex drivers in this area know where food has been shipped to. Don’t think they don’t know what boxes from Emergency Essentials, Shelf Reliance, etc. have inside.

          KY Mom

          • Hi KY Mom.. I have wondered / worried about that very thing since I have to order all of my stuff for delivery.
            When the Fedex or UPS guy knows your name and even where you like stuff left if you aren’t home.. you know you’ve been noticed

            • Yesterday we had folks on the news in Houston who had been ripped off by bands of roving thieves who follow the delivery trucks around & watch when they put packages on peoples front porches. I have my UPS & special preps shipped to my work address….& the warehouse guy sets it aside for me. Keeps it out of sight. On Wednesday my preppin project we to remove all the tall bushes & trees close to the house. It looks pretty sparse now…..liked when a new house is built.
              The good thing is that there is no place where anyone can hide close to the house & have any cover. Now they have to be at least 50 ft from the house to have any cover. I will work on cleaning that back as well over the next couple of weeks. While it is cool out is a great time to physicel work like dropping trees… splitting firewood…etc.
              Montgomery County Texas

          • I’m not a follower of the Mormon way or faith, but they have excellent canning and base stock food centers around the country where you can buy a lot of rice, beans, and other items and #10 can it right there – if you don’t know how they are nice enough to help. Then the Fed Ex doesn’t know what you get.

            • Jim,
              Just gotta say…the hot cocoa from the LDS cannery is fabulous!! Best cocoa we’ve ever had!! That being said…the Gov’t is now targeting the LDS canneries…My sister in Fl (Plant City area) was told that they cannot can the food there anymore…and I just had a friend tell me the same about the cannery in Knoxville! Big brother DOES NOT want us prepping…and they are doing everything they can to stop us!!

          • @KY Mom,

            I would not be as concerned about the Fedex drivers as I would about Uncle Sam. I would imagine the drivers probably do not take much notice of what they deliver unless it is from some sex toy company but I am certain that Uncle Sam does. He has access to everyone’s credit card billing statements, debit card statements, and has the computing power to connect the dots; see who is buying what. I am sure he knows what a bunch of bulk food purchases from a survival food store indicates about the purchaser, and has those billing and delivery addresses flagged for future use. For those who think they can outwit old Uncle Sam by paying in cash or from a paypal type account, there is always the monitoring of the company’s shipping information to see who is buying what.

        • In 2008, on Rt50 by the beltway, in Fairfax Va, a new grocery store was being built.. I noted with some induced paranoia, that this new grocery store had no windows. It had brickwork that looked like windows, and an entrance way that looked like an entrance to castle, with massive steel roll down security walls. I imagined what the designer’s design criteria might have been for some time and this helped me decide to sell my home of 25 years, a few months later, and buy PMs.

      6. betcha if you take all the illegals and chronic welfare abusers out of that line there would be plenty for all.

        • @operator223 your not the brightest bulb in the room, are you!

          your comment shows you have “0” situational awareness as to what is happening in your country around you!

          stfu and go back to your barracks… i’ll call you when the sheeter needs to be burned or a deep hole needs to be dug!

          your dismissed!

          dumbass grunt

          • But he is most likly right

        • Perhaps some folks aren’t as intelligent as you are?

          Or not as careful with money.

          Or not as well read and informed as you are.

          Praise GOD that most folks are not as Self-Centered, and Arrogant as YOU.

          You ARE your brothers keeper.

          It takes a pretty BIG MAN to demoralize someone who may, or may not, have a disability or be disadvantaged in some way.

          may you one day experience and know these folks pain… shame on you.

          • lol such a hypocrite, you condemn his judgemental statement and then wish suffering upon him because of it. what a wonderful person your god makes you. I hope you both suffer 🙂

            • walk a mile i these folks shoes before you all judge… god fearing or not… they are still creatures of mother earth “Gaea” and deserve compassion!

        • I lived down there during Miami’s last hurricane. People were pulling up in Mercedes after waiting in line for hours for two bags of free ice. No gas was pumping or street signal lights (electricity) for weeks. The three people that junked me earlier can Kiss My ASS. :>) Miami lets beggars swarm you at street intersections and they will vandalize your car while you are waiting for a green light. You are virgins and not street smart.

      7. I guess all these people are wishing they’d prepped by now. Wishing they had seeds so they could grow a garden. Nah, my guess is it still hasn’t dawned on most of them.

        I’m all for charity. But not chronic charity.

      8. Operation Garden Plot, Panama, door to door searches Iraq, weapon caches to disarm insurgents, hey great practice, you surely can figure out why? I tales to an elderly couple in Walmart today, she was buying a hunting knife in sporting goods. She stated a Mexican male came up behind her in her yard and grabbed her by the back of the neck, you know the fear on her face was very telling. Even the elderly said this country is done. It’s coming folks

        • Sorry: should have said talked!

      9. The problem with this is…..Most Americans can not cook! Most Americans don’t know what to do with a bag of beans, rice or pasta.

        Today, for example, I made a big pot of lentle soup. It is a delicious soup with sausage, carrot, onion, garlic and seasonings (No salt).

        So I call up 3 friends and invite them over for a hearty bowl of lentle soup and homemade corn bread. Believe it or not….not one of them is coming over for soup and corn bread.

        Each one of them asked me “What is lentle soup?” So I explained that it is small like split pea, but a different flavor. It’s really good and hearty.

        They all declined the invitation because they didn’t like split pea soup????????Duhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

        Friends have taken food from the food bank over the past couple of years. They have it stored away just incase. Good thing, right?

        Well, come to find out they don’t know how to prepare it or season it or even if they are going to like it when they are done.

        I dought that this food is utilized, it will be tossed aside with the trash.

        Most of us have been warned not to stock food that the family doesn’t like, because you will starve to death before you eat something you do not like.

        It is coming true in America with the millions of Americans dependent on food banks and food they have no idea how to prepare and will most likely not eat.

        I’m not saying every American is this way, but far too many of them are.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Sounds wonderful. What time should I be there for dinner?

          Seriously though, we’ve got black beans beans, rice, onions & chicken planned for dinner. The combination is super.

          • Oh, and I would love the soup recipe please.

            • Ditto on that recipe! We eat a lot of red beans, great northern beans, black-eyed peas, and pinto beans but haven’t tried lentil. Sounds like we’re missing out on some good eats.

              Agreed on people not knowing how to prepare food from scratch. I’ve been telling my brother to prepare for what’s coming but every time he goes to the store it’s all frozen and prepackaged/processed junk food he brings home.

              It’s like talking to the wall.

              Best wishes to all and may God bless.

            • yankeeprepper had a killer recipe on his youtube channel. good stuff!

            • Mr. B – my wife makes the best lentil soup I’ve ever tasted.. no secret recipe; just cook the lentils in chicken broth instead of water.. add a little garlic, salt / pepper to taste and some onions. She puts in a little fresh spinach for some reason.. kind of weird; but it works wonderfully.. add some hot peppers while cooking and you’re in lentil paradise..

        • Woops! posted this under wrong comment.

          The same applies to preppers who don’t really know how to prep by not diversifying said preps. You got the guys stocking up on nothing but guns and ammo thinking they can just barter with those because everyone will need guns and ammo post SHTF, then you got the people stocking up on nothing but food and maybe they have a handgun with one box of ammo, then you got the PM bugs who are hoping to cash in once the metals prices skyrocket so they can barter with them to get anything they might need. And I am willing to bet a lot of these preppers don’t have any medical supplies or even a retreat plan or defensive plan for these retreats.

          • oh, Beefcake–you must read my email—“I have 20,000 acres behind my house, and a pond not far from me with plenty of fish”..after I advised one to stock on food and water.
            Don’t these ‘hunters’ even figure there will be thousands of fathers in those woods and fishing in those ponds after week 3…to feed their children..???

            • JJ, you really think it will take 3 weeks?

            • JJ,

              You are correct. I have tried (repeatedly) to get my sister to stock up on food. I hear the same argument. She lives several states away, in a rural area about 30 minutes from a large city.

              But, not to worry…she told me she has a pack of lettuce seeds in her freezer.

              KY Mom

        • My Wife makes lentle soup, all the time. Really good and full of nutrition..probably better then pea soup

          when they dont have a bunch of junk food and they are hungry..any soup will do.

          or maybe there will be no soup for them once the Nazi’s have their way with this country

        • @ Mona,

          I love lentil soup. 🙂 It is really sad that people don’t know how to cook or prepare food. If it had not been for my righteous mother in law teachiing me, I would be in the same boat. I tried to emulate her Proverbs 31 ability 🙂

        • If I was invited over Mona I would bring over a loaf of homemade cinnamon sliced butter roasted almond raisin bread to be toasted and some Tupelo honey butter for your household breakfast.

        • Mona,

          I would have loved to share soup and cornbread with you. 🙂 Not only are there very few people who know how to cook, but it has been my experience that women tend to look down on women who do know how to cook very well and have traditional domestic skills. When did it become so unusual for a woman to know how to cook a nutritious meal for her children and to take care of them? Why am I such an oddity for cooking, sewing, canning, etc? Does it mean that I’m uneducated? Nope, my MBA says otherwise. So what’s the deal???? I know that if I get called “Little Suzy Homemaker” one more time I’m gonna slap somebody so hard they’ll be able to look down and see their own butt!

          • Anonymous, just look for some of the magazine articles on the knitting, home butchering, meat curing and canning renaissance amongst hipsters in places like Brooklyn. Weave foodie memes into your conversation and reference the NY Times articles on your passions, and you will have those same sneqering folks sitting at your feet wanting to be a disciple. Then you can open your 6-pack of whup ass on them in a productive manner.

            • That should have been SNEERING…naughty iPAD. I also wanted to add that I have a hambone in the freezer from one of our numerous thanksgiving dinners, which makes me very happy, looking forward to making ham and beans and cornbread for my father in law, just like his mom used to make. Also two plump chickens from a local farmer for chicken n dumplings, to keep a happy husband!

          • On my annual checkup visit, I took 3 pints of pickled squash for doc and the other two employees..he just went on and on that noone does that anymore–yeah, doc, I know!!
            Next time, green tomato relish.

        • Around here they have something called “The Good Food Basket.” It is extremely reasonably priced and anyone can purchaseit. For $20, you can purchase local produce for a family of 4. It is heavily advertised at the food banks, the welfare office, etc.

          I once overheard a little girl in line at the food bank ask her mom if THEY could get a Good Food Basket. Her mom said, “No, it’s just yucky stuff like turnips and spinach.” It made me so sad, because it was a great low cost way to introducea curious child to that delicious stuff and I realized that the woman probably had no idea how to prepare it. (Just like you said Mona)

          So now, one of the things I do for volunteer work is I write a newsletter to go into the Good Food Basket. It explains how to prepare the foods included, has some simple recipes and includes some nutritional information.

          Education is everything!

        • The homemade cornbread got me! YUM!! I think you need to get some different friends! We all volunteer! 🙂 I made homemade corn bread for my turkey stuffing last week…everyone loved the stuffing! Had two request for the recipe!! Homemade is the way to go!!

        • That’s pretty damn funny because lentils kick ass.

          I’m cooking, potroast-style, two t-bones given us by a friend, from a gamey ol’ cow he had and then stored ins his freezer & ours a total of at least 1-1/2 years, it’s the kind of meat you cook a while lol.

          Roosters are good too, when you raise a bunch of chicks and the males start fighting each other, it’s time to catch or cap ’em and make coq au vin. Stringy so you have to chew longer but the flavor makes the extra chewing worth it.

        • “Most of us have been warned not to stock food that the family doesn’t like, because you will starve to death before you eat something you do not like.”

          I doubt anyone could actually starve themselves to death watching us eat your lentil soup with enthusiasm.

          Baby lima beans, onion and hamhocks. Or, sis & I were remembering ma’s oxtail soup. Very tasty but darn expensive now.

        • Mona,

          I would have loved to come have homemade lentil soup and cornbread with you. (It was your friends loss not to come.)

          I have cooked pinto beans many times, but never lentil soup. If you would like to share your recipe, I will gladly try to fix some.

          God bless and keep on prepping! 🙂

          KY Mom

        • Mona,
          Speaking from personal experience, you will eat the roaches on the wall and drink from the bottom of a mud puddle if you are hungry enough.
          It will be that bad for some.
          In order to survive you must realize that it may be that bad and mentally prepare for it.

      10. The same applies to preppers who don’t really know how to prep by not diversifying said preps. You got the guys stocking up on nothing but guns and ammo thinking they can just barter with those because everyone will need guns and ammo post SHTF, then you got the people stocking up on nothing but food and maybe they have a handgun with one box of ammo, then you got the PM bugs who are hoping to cash in once the metals prices skyrocket so they can barter with them to get anything they might need. And I am willing to bet a lot of these preppers don’t have any medical supplies or even a retreat plan or defensive plan for these retreats.

      11. hunger will drive these folks over the edge… go ahead stop feeding em’! an then lock your doors , guard your small pets an livestock and guard your gardens.

        food stamps are the bread lines of our times… 48 million receipiants!

        thats a lot of hungry families. 1/7th the u s population.

        and those illegals alone are 30 milion strong!

        they will not go away nicely.

      12. wow kids, here it comes!

      13. I ran out of water on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean before. That led to running out of food, because we opened cans and drank the liquid!

        Surprising how much more of an order water is over food, in the short run of 3 days.

        Eventually steered under a rain cloud, hence I’m alive today. Aqua es mui importante! [sic]

        • Everyone should have a “top of the line” water filter, e.g. Katadyn Pocket filter (it’s expensive but worth it’s weight in gold). Always carry one in my B.H.B. (Bug Home Bag. I tend to think the only safe place will be home so I have a bag/pack with the essentials to get myself home if I have to abandon the vehicle some where “out there”).

          QB, Katadyn also makes an emergency desalinator ( model 35) that isn’t cheap (around $2K), but again, well worth the investment for an blue water sailor. Don’t leave home without it.

      14. Seeing what I’m seeing now give me great pause……and thanking God for the wisdom to have the some four to five thousand dollars worth of foods and various gear here neatly tucked away. For I fear what is coming, Yet now keeping a low profile, ammo and guns, water and such. There seems to always be somethiing I miss……
        I will stay at home, living in a small town, and like minded souls are welcome.

        • @ Kent :
          Exactly what we are doing here. We are about 50 miles NW from Houston TX….it what used to be the “country”. The new gated communities have been getting closer with their 400K homes. We are on 10 acres….and have some 800+ acre tracts of woods withing 1/4 mile. I agree with your “like minded souls are welcome” . We will welcome those that want to earn their keep. Help garden, work security, & lend a hand with what ever the project of the day is. I expect that out here in the country….I will not have much trouble finding folks that are willing to become part of the team.
          Montgomery County Texas

      15. pinto beans soaking for tomorrows supper…these folks on food stamps and relief do not know how to cook the food they are allowed to get or that has been donated to them and we are speaking of at least three generation families that dont know the first thing about nutrition, cooking and using what they have. i have seen whole apartment bldgs full of welfare recipients that get commodities each month throw some thing out into the trash before even trying it…even peanut butter! now there is an idea..the homeless just need to hang out around the government housing dumpsters at the right time of the month. many throw out the powdered egg, the cheese, the peanut butter and the dried beans/peas, and yes i have seen them throw out dried milk too. well, uncle sam has lifted the restrictions on testing of horse meat…that news should give us all good reason to believe something bad is coming our way…

        • A horse of course!

          • Wilburrrrrrr, what are you doing with that gun??????

            • Are Y’all saying I need to move our 3 horses closer to the house to be safe????? I ahd not thought about horse security yet…….Guess that is why I love reading this site…always learn something new.
              Thanks Mac for such a great forum !
              Montgomery County Texas

          • A few years ago I read in article online about how people’s horses are being slaughtered right in their owners pens in the Miami, FL area by cuban illegals selling the meat on the black market. Isn’t “diversity” wonderful??

            Glad my horse is near the house.

      16. Obama voters?

      17. Heads Up – Cabella’s has 22 LR, 36 grain on sale for $67.99; 2100 count with a free dry box.

        Also, the Ready Store is still offering their freeze dired scrambled eggs for $18.34 per #10 can.. $1.15 per serving.. pretty good deal.

        • Freeze “dired” indeed! A cheaper bellyache you will never find!

        • Sam not sam,

          Thank you for the lentil soup recipe. I will try making some soup.

          KY Mom

        • Thanks for that link, Fed Up. Heartening to hear.

          • It isn’t very often I find stuff like this, but when I do it pleases me. A lot of “bad press” has been in the news about LEOs lately, and I like to believe folks know they’re not all a bunch of gestapo jerks. This article shows me that somebody was raised right!

      18. Is there a point when you would stop storing food? That you have enough?

        • whatever your’e comfortable with. me it’s three years. others i know have one or two. acouple have five and one guy has ten. he’s also rich as soros and probably just as loonie toons; but who really knows.he donated a handmade organ to his church[price tag 20k+].he just mayb
          e planning on taking care of others.

        • One thought to consider: Stockpile enough to keep you going “as long as you think you can stay put”. For some people, that might be a very long time. If you live in a heavily populated area, though, things might get crazy enough that you might need to “cut and run”. If so, having more food than you can carry might simply be something you have to leave behind because, if things get that bad, fleeing with a lot of goods might simply make you a bigger target. Instead, you might want to allocate resources taking into account the necessity to abandon ship, and have things on hand that will make that survivable, or even tolerable. Good luck and god bless.

        • Good question. Law of diminishing returns. 3+ yrs. for me.

      19. I am a true believer of “never can have too much.”

        Famine fact: As a rule, men tend to die sooner than women during a famine…has to do with less available body fat and that the hunting of food and necessary items tends to burn calories faster.

        So make sure you store enough calories to maintain a reasonable body weight, with allowances for energy expenditure, for all your loved ones.

      20. Poverty is knocking on the door and starvation is starting to loom on the horizon… Chalk it up as another great success for the Amerikan regime! Their philosophy can be summed up as “A day NOT spent f-cking over the USan sheeple is a day wasted.”

        And yet, with all this unemployment, economic hardship and homelessness, they are still bringing in hordes of immigrants form Africa, Asia and Latin America, only because it’s “good for the Jews.”

      21. are those earbuds to an iPod the very healthy looking one has in his ears..?? poverty…??? sorry, i have a much different image in my mind of what real need looks like and it doesn’t look very well fed with the latest electronics in hand… i’ll pass on this one, thanks…

      22. Mac, PLEASE block BEAR out. I love your site but can’t not stand to read that about Jesus. Thanks and God bless. Merry CHRISTmas LC


        (all caps to be in character)

        The bashing of Christianity is his cry for attention. While it is horribly blasphemous and offensive, that is his intention. It’s an attention-grabbing techinique designed to get folks off-topic and conversing with (or towards) him.

        My thought is to ignore his offensive intolerant posts and give attention only if he posts something work commenting on.

        Bear, it’s fine to have a different opinion, a mistrust of organized religion, even an outright lack of respect for Jesus Christ, if that is how you feel. But if you want to have ANYTHING to discuss with the intelligent people of this website, you’d do well to monitor your tone and blasphemy.

        BEAR = SHUNNED

        That is the only way to deal with crap-disturbers like that. Once they no longer get attention, they either go away or straighten up.

        Just my $.02.

        • Thanks for your constant wisdom Daisy. You will be a blessing in the community when the SHTF. People are fearful right now, when they should be responding, and not reacting…share your encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge with as many as you can…opps you already are..You go girl…and blessings to you.

        • i’m thinkin it’s time we just elect daisy shtfplan sheriff and give her a badge and gun… ;0) GO DAISY!

          • *blush*

      24. Thanks Fed Up for the story about the 103 year old woman and her daughter. There are a lot of good , decent Americans out there. And I love lentils and cornbread.

        The other day my Uncle told me he was sitting in the parking lot of our food market in town and he saw this woman taking the groceries out of the back of a truck. He said he yelled at the person, “what are you doing”? And she put the bag down and ran to her car. That made me think about how I always leave bags in the back of my truck when shopping around town. Times are a changing.

        I’m praying for Bear, he is certainly in mental pain. Why is he here if he hates us and our way of thinking.

        pray and prep. Lynda

      25. 300 Winchester Magnum. I have found it works well on Deer, Elk, & BEAR. I have noticed that there is a whole lot more local hunting in my area of Texas…then there has ever been over the past 14 years we have lived here.
        I think that there are a whole lot of folks that are “off the deer lease”….and now hunting at home.
        Leads me to believe that the when the SHTF ….the local game will be gone in a week or so. After that things will get interesting.
        Montgomery County Texas

      26. Random

        I have to agree with that some what, However the people that have never hunted will have a very hard time. I have been hunting most of my life and still come home empty hand sometimes. This has been a great yr for the white tail deer here in the panhandle, got 4 so far and was planing to go again tomorrow, but I may have to wait out this damn winter storm, But then again a little ice and snow may just slow them up. I also talked to the game wardon and 1 of the ranches I hunt and told me to feel free to take more then my 4 turkeys this yr. He claims that the are way over populated. Kinda sounds like some wild turkey for Christmas dinning

        PS If you practice shooting at a still target you better hunt with your AR15.

        • You are right on about hunting – I can only imagine what will happen by the time the shtf with hunting. Here in the NW, the wolves are taking over the elk and deer (and everything else that moves) thanks to some bigshots thinking we needed to reintroduce them to the this area. Even seasoned hunters are having a hard time snagging meat for the freezer, and believe me, MANY families depend heavily on game to get them thru the winter here. I have a feeling there will be a few deer snuck into freezers this winter once the pressure of hunting season wears off and they are easier to get. Wolves get the three S’s but there are still far too many…..

      27. DPS
        PS If you practice shooting at a still target you better hunt with your AR15.
        ;0) lmao
        wtf … just lead em’ a little.

      28. These people are being trained for passive stupidity. It doesn’t cost much to eat healthily if humbly. Lentils, some carrots will do you for a meal. All it takes is effort. Eat an apple for dessert.

        So many people are food-retarded and need to learn the basics of nutrition and cooking. They also need to do it themselves and not go to food banks. Food banks just make things worse.

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