How To Survive Occupied America: “Red Dawn Just Started… And You’re In It”

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition and is the second part in a series. You can read the first part of the series here: How To Survive Occupied America: “To Survive, You Must Possess Two Qualities”

    occupied-amerca-part2Readers, we briefed you here in the last article in this series on the needs for the two keys to survive an occupied United States: resolve and patience.  You are an intelligent and informed readership who knows about basic fundamentals of survival and then some.  This “venue” or “arena” (the better term) is your country under occupation, either by a tyrannical dictatorship (we are in a soft dictatorship at the moment), and/or a foreign army or armies.  Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts.  This info is “hardball” and you will need it; you need all the tools you can acquire.

    Now that CISA was passed into law and (by Ted Cruz’s admission on national television)the government is monitoring approximately 100% of all telephone calls, you will see how serious this article is.  First, let’s take care of this disclaimer:

    The information presented in this article is for information and entertainment purposes only.  Many of the procedures and items here, if practiced would violate Federal, State, and local laws and statutes.  The owners, editors, and writers of this site are not advocating acting in any way contrary to Federal, State, or local laws or statutes.  Furthermore, and its staff do not condone, recommend, or approve of violent acts, actions or techniques outlined in this article.  Consult your lawyer for questions pertaining to any of the information in this article and obey all applicable laws and statutes.


    It is a Friday evening, and you’re on your way home from work.  Your son and daughter are making dinner for you, and you’re looking forward to the weekend.  You have about three more miles to go to reach your house in a middle-class suburban neighborhood.  Suddenly your Lexus goes dead and starts to coast on the road to a stop, just as you look out your passenger-side window: it appears to be a star, but very near, with a type of “halo” around it up above.  The star flickers out, and all of the street lights, the lights in the homes, the businesses, and cars nearby flicker out.  You realize two things: you’ve been hit by an EMP, and the dinner plans for tonight with the family will probably be postponed indefinitely.

    That is how quickly it will happen when it happens.  Self-assessment and situational awareness are your first priorities.  Quickly! Let’s run through it.  Is your “go” bag in your vehicle, with enough food for three days, water for one day, a weapon, ammo, extra clothing, and all of the things we covered in previous articles?  Quickly!  Do you have good hiking boots?  Change into them now: you’re walking, because the Lexus just became a two-ton paperweight.  Commo?  Did you pack a Yaesu hand-held shortwave in Mylar layers and material to shield it from the EMP, or Motorola’s?

    Better get moving.  “Red Dawn” just started…in the “open-air” theatre…and you’re in it.  Do you see how critical it is to have all of this stuff done yesterday?  Hope the kids know and rehearsed the drills…hope there is a plan of initial contact, when the event occurs.  It’s dark, with a modicum of light on the horizon…. but you see a tremendous multitude of planes coming in from the west, and what looks to be popcorn dropping from the sky.  Nope: they’re parachutes, because the airborne operation is taking place, just at the turn from dusk to nightfall.

    Refer to the previous articles on staying out of FEMA camps as well as the one on the 6 Rules for Survival to refresh on basics.  School’s out, here, and the occupation has begun.

    You know the situation in the world.  The Russians and the Chinese do not play softball, and they are on a war footing at all times.  The invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 followed after Soviet doctrine (and the military doctrine of then is currently in use by Russia now), as such:

    “The strategic offensive has one alternative form.  This is sometimes known as a “Friday evening” offensive…. The operation therefore begins…. with a surprise attack by a group of Fronts against one or more countries…this operation caught the Czechs off guard – profiting by the Friday evening relaxation…after a working week.”                 

      (“Inside the Soviet Army,” by Viktor Suvorov)

    Such a Friday attack, as can be seen here, isn’t coincidence: it’s doctrine, and it’s intelligent doctrine.  Such was the venue for the remake of the “Red Dawn” film with the EMP accomplished right after the Friday football game.

    What Do You Do?

    Now what do you do?  You go home, as quickly as possible.  You will have 24-48 hours of total confusion and chaos.  Hopefully you do not live in an area that is a nuclear target.  Hopefully you have at the ready a good supply of cash, precious metals, food, and supplies in the home and the means to take them somewhere and get out of dodge.

    JJ’s scenario preference is the invasion by the foreign power over that of the totalitarian governmentThe reason: a war of the totalitarians versus the people is a war of attrition that only weakens the nation overall and still leaves it ripe for conquest by a foreign power while it is in the throes of weakness.  With the invasion, you will know on sight who the enemies are and that you must engage them.

    Engagement: to oppose, combat, harass, or interdict an enemy or opponent.  The mission of the U.S. Army Infantry is simple: to close with the enemy and destroy him.  Canning season is over, and that greenhouse project you planned on finishing in the Spring may have to wait indefinitely.  Congratulations!  You just stepped into the shoes of the Founding Fathers!  Now comes the time to “water the Tree of Liberty,” and Jefferson’s words will have to be kept in mind as you put into practice the words of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, and Rogers’ Rangers.

     Are you trained up?  Are you a part of a small group, or are you keeping it in the family?  I hope you studied those infantry tactics and small unit tactics mentioned in other articles.  You need to be fully trained up on first aid, communications, and you should be in possession of a smattering of whatever language the foreign invader speaks.

    There are three big differences between a foreign invader and a totalitarian dictatorship.  Firstly, the latter is already here in the U.S. and almost “omnipresent” regarding all 50 states.  Secondly, their supplies are here, and resupply is readily available.  Third, the culture and language is not alien to the dictatorship: they have an “edge” regarding the control and understanding of their citizenry.

    Under the dictatorship, all commerce will either halt completely or be completely nationalized (remember that EO that Obama signed, the Defense Preparedness Ready Resources Initiative, nationalizing everything, including human labor under his “czars,” his cabinet in time of national emergency).  Under the dictatorship all movement by the citizens will be monitored and controlled: some form of internal passport will emerge.  Under the dictatorship, all Constitutional rights will be abrogated and relegated to the pages of history.

    Better learn about this stuff while there’s still time.  Here’s a great work that will elucidate many things for you: Government by Emergency,” by Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., American Bureau of Economic Research, Ft. Worth, TX, 1991.  It has it all: bartering and “black marketing,” evasion, breakdown of controls over the economy, collapse of the banks, depression, and tyranny.

    How about when MRAP’s and armored assault vehicles cruise down Main Street into Happyville?  How will you deal with them?  Here’s another great work for you: “The Bridge at Andau,” by James A. Michener, 1957 (no Card Catalog Number or ISBN: sorry!  It’s out of print, but you can find it on if you look it up).  It is the true story of the Hungarian Revolution against the U.S.S.R. of October 23, 1957, and the civilian resistance before the Soviets crushed them.

    Guerilla warfare is what this is, whether against a foreign invader or a totalitarian dictatorship.  This will take years to fix with a high price and no guarantee of victory.  Remember those two keys I gave to you last week?  Resolve and patience.  It is the only way.

    Subjects for your personal study and research:

    • Black marketing/underground economies (read of occupied nations under the Third Reich during WWII)
    • Infantry and guerilla tactics (Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and US DOD publications)
    • Special Forces manuals and literature (how to form teams, train them, and how to conduct unconventional/guerilla warfare).
    • There are other disciplines to study to help you in your “schooling,” that you can imagine but will not be mentioned here in this article, regarding firearms and tactics and their ilk.  Use your imagination.

    Keep up the study, the prepping, and an eye out for more to come.

    You can read part 1 of this series here: How To Survive Occupied America: “To Survive, You Must Possess Two Qualities”

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready

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      1. How do the MRAPS cruise down the street when your Lexus is caput? Are they hardened against an EMP? How does the military communicate if and EMP hits? Everything in the military is hardened? I don’t think so….

        • Most things are EMP hardened in the military. It’s a battlefield reality that nukes can be used. It would be dumb not to.

          • Most military equipment is not EMP hardened the military leadership is so stupid they don’t even believe that an EMP is a real threat so the military will also me grounded when The SHTF or WROL hits!!!

        • I am going to go out on a limb here and say something that goes against normal thought of the subject of EMP: It might NOT take out your vehicle. Why? Well, a vehicle is essentially a Faraday cage and most vehicle electronics systems can survive a direct strike from a bolt of lightening. In fact, they are tested to be able to do so. The question is how good of an antenna will the car’s wiring be in unprotected areas? It’s a bit of an unknown as modern cars have never been subjected to an EMP test, however, older ones were. If you look at the Apple II test (Operation “Cue”)(I think I got the test name right), and watch the raw footage that was not made into a propaganda film, you will see soldiers flipping back over Jeeps that had been exposed to the blast of an atomic bomb and driving them away. The test also showed that radio transmitters of the era (granted, they are tube type and not solid state) also survived almost unscathed.

          What can be done then? One of the things I do with the small short wave receiver I carry in my bag is that I removed the antenna and placed it in the bag with the radio. This is because the antenna is the item most likely to focus enough energy from an EMP and fry the radio. As for your car, I give it a 50/50 shot of still being usable as a vehicle post EMP. It may be degraded, but it might just be functional enough to still work. It all depends on how close you are to the EMP and if you can get fuel.

          In this scenario, it might not be a bad idea to have an older high efficiency car like a Geo Metro ready to go. It won’t be fast or good in a fight, but it is simple enough to fix that an improvised Faraday cage made from an ammo can could hold a spare PCM and ignition system in case it’s needed. Plus, having the ability to consume as little fuel as possible will let you make the most of very limited resources.

          • A Geo Metro? Are you Art Bell? Anyhow, thanks for the positive spin. No one really knows. At this point it is all speculation.

            • If you have ever worked on a nice, simple 3 cylinder/ 5 speed Metro you would get the love. I actually fix them for other people I know who have them for cost of parts only. I do it because I love working on them so much that the opportunity to fix one is payment enough. They are so cheap to fix and so logically laid out that they are probably the easiest vehicle to service that has been made in the last 25 years. Plus, look at the message you send to the rest of the world when you drive one. It says to anyone watching that you are poor and lack resources. It’s the perfect vehicle to be ignored in when there are many better targets in SUVs fleeing the suburbs.

              If we aren’t talking about an EMP, one of my other favorites would be a well maintained Toyota Prius. They get even better mileage than a Metro and can handle more cargo. Plus, to most people, a Prius is the antithesis of what a well armed prepper would drive. They are also ubiquitous, so you would blend into the surroundings if you have one in a popular color like white, silver or beige. Whenever possible always use social norms and expectations to your advantage.

              If going for a truck, get one with a minimal trim level, like a work truck, and get it in white. Again, I’m going for the ability to blend in with traffic. I’d also get one with dual tanks and a diesel engine (diesels will run on a variety of fuels in a pinch) because you can theoretically make biodiesel yourself. If needed, you can also use filtered fryer grease, a number of different veggie oils or even motor oil and transmission fluid so long as the viscosity is not too thick. To thin it, you use unleaded gasoline or kerosene. It would probably damage the fuel system in the long term but if you just need to get away it would be a viable option. Alternately, a gasoline engine can be made to run off of wood with a wood gas system, but that’s a much more complicated discussion.

              • Don’t try to run a 2007 or newer diesel on WVO/VO, you will ruin it. Instead of the fuel injector pump, they have common rail like a car. On top of most of them having an Urea system. Plus anything newer than 1995 probably has electronically actuated fuel injectors, so may not survive EMP. Do the research and see what is old school mechanical in the diesel department. Army surplus Chevy Blazers and PU’s have 6.2 non turbo diesel with all mechanical systems. The only thing electronic is the glow plug relay. There a few starter relays too. Easy fix though, have several spare in an ammo can or learn how to jump across starting solenoid under the vehicle. (Ford’s are different here if you can find one.) Small squirt of starting fluid will bypass the need for glow plugs in a pinch. SMALL squirt. In cold weather you may need to do it a few times, before it stays running. I say all of this from MUCH experience.

                • I was thinking much of what you said when writing that post. There is just too much information to disseminate on the subject though, and exceedingly long posts tend to be TL;DR for most people.

                  As for ruining the injection system, I agree that it would happen on modern common rail diesels. However, I would still try it if I were in a situation where I had to get to a safe location and the grid was down. In other words, a situation where the truck was out of fuel and I would have to abandon it anyways. In that case there is no real survival cost to potentially destroying the truck. It’s always a good idea to have all possibilities hidden in your mind when dealing with life or death situations. Sometimes doing a “bad” thing is what it will take to live to fight another day.

                  • Agreed. Mix it with gasoline if you have too. Poor in Kerosene etc. You do what you have to to get to safety, or as close as possible.

          • Hello Winston,
            The reason the Jeeps were simply turned back over and started is because they had a points ignition system in them designed to absorb tens of thousands of volts by design. Your references to EMP effects are from unclassified/declassified experiments. What few take into consideration is that these EMP effects are a byproduct of something. They are not effects from a weaponized system designed for maximum EMP where the EMP is the purpose, not the byproduct. In fact rumor has it that there are weaponized “directed energy” EMP systems that are portable and have the ability to kill a modern car just by directing the pulse towards it. That is another subject all together.
            To make an analogy, the known effects of an EMP are like the known effects of rubbing your feet against the carpet and causing a static spark to arc to someone standing still. Now compare that knowledge with that of a stun gun specifically designed to maximize a static charge from a battery then release it to a directed target. That is where we are at right now. Fortunately
            if there ever was a EMP strong enough to knock out a points ignition system then likely starting your jeep would be the least of your worries. You would probably be vaporized a mircrosecond later. My advice with those of means is to buy an older pickup that is carbureted (pre 1987 for most trucks) and buy a new points distributor and coil from ebay or amazon. (less than a couple hundred bucks) You could get hit so hard from a weaponized EMP that your teeth fillings would spark, but your truck would not miss a lick. Keep on truckin!

            • That is probably the safest method. However, not everyone has the space for an extra vehicle and using something that old on a daily basis is asking for trouble if you drive a lot. Parts can be hard to come by as parts stores are starting to discontinue some maintenance items as regular stock. They also aren’t all that good in an accident, so while you may be able to survive an unlikely EMP, you may not survive a more likely traffic accident with a more modern vehicle.

              I still stand by my premise though that it may not take out every modern vehicle simply because the electronics in a modern vehicle are designed to be able to survive a lightning strike (plenty of both current and voltage) to the car’s body. Now this doesn’t mean that I think an EMP will do no damage. In fact, it would essentially destroy society as we know it if for no other reason than everything is reliant upon power and data lines. These large stretches of metal wire WILL concentrate a considerable amount of electrical energy and feed it into everything they are connected to. This will lead to overloads and fires in every building that is grid connected. (This is precisely what happened during the Carrington Event.) I contend that this is the main objective of deploying such a weapon. Also, the effects will naturally be more pronounced the closer the vehicle is to the hypocenter of the EMP detonation, so your results would undoubtedly vary.

              As far as points are concerned, they can’t cope with as much as you think. While less susceptible to the effects of an EMP than a transistor, they were only capable of supporting a 6 volt electrical system otherwise they burn out quickly. This is why 12 volt vehicles with points employ a ballast resistor to cut down on the voltage and current the points and condenser see. I would just keep a spare module, pickup and coil for the electronic system in case it was needed. Plus, 1987 is still a bit new to avoid electronic engine controls in a truck. GM was using it’s CCC system (computer carb) as early as 1982 and Ford was EFI starting in the mid 80’s, if memory serves. As for Dodge, I am not certain how integrated it all was, but I do know they were using the troublesome lean burn computer dating back to the late 70’s.

              • With all do respect, I disagree on nearly every point you make. If a Jeep can be in line of site of a nuclear blast such that it gets blown over on its side, and then can be driven away afterword, it is a safe bet that the ignition system is pretty stout. The idea that older vehicles are inferior to modern ones is also fiction. My old mans 2011 F150 has had more issues than I can say. Serviceable parts
                availability problems is also fiction. Everything is available over the counter at advanced auto. My truck is a 1986 F150 4X4 300 six. Other than having to replace the gas tank for 100 bucks, there is little I have had to do to it other than basic maintenance. I am not afraid to
                drive it anywhere whenever wherever. I tested it out once (off road of course) with kerosene. 1/2 inch wrench and a slight adjustment to the distributor and she ran just fine. I had to switch it back to gas before I shut her down though. Anyway I hope you are right about everything. EMP is a pretty sensitive subject, but I can guarantee you the nonsense the blogs puts out there about its capabilities is quite watered down. I have personally seen some pretty astonishing things that the “experts” on EMP would say were impossible.
                Thanks for your input anyway.

          • I have read a great deal on EMPs and vehicles. Older diesels that used a shotgun shell to kick ‘her’ over plus had a fuel pump driven off the crankshaft (like all the 50’s/60’s cars once had) are EMP proof, and can run on vegetable oil if you have no diesel (or your own ‘corn-grown’ diesel. Also, there’s the question of grounding. Since you are sitting on rubber tires (assuming it is not raining), you are not grounded (to earth) …so it is electronically unknown precisely what might happen….but it certainly appears that there is a great ‘chance’ that many cars will be totally unaffected. (Many newer cars already shield their electronics from “noise” (but if you are very concerned just start wrapping your fav electronics (yes, even the electronics “in a box” in your car, with layers of mylar (like emergency heat-reflecting mylar blankets). Tell ya what about mylar …at first I took one layer of the stuff and covered every window in the house (for the winter cold). WoW! We are enjoying an easy 80 degrees (toooo hot!) with half the energy usage. So, I got busy and covered the inside of this old place with “solid” mylar “floor to ceiling” (and it’s also “all through” the attic and is wired into the walls. (All the walls were then covered with a thin, aesthetic paneling (boards or whatever) …we had to do that to keep the place from looking like the inside of the space station. Does it work? Dunno …ain’t be EMPed yet, but it’s impossible to get a radio station while inside the house)! lol…
            *PS: The garage is essentially the very same way (and we do keep everything not being used (electronic) wrapped in multiple layers of mylar. (freaky stuff)!

        • NFX,
          i don’t know IF all MRAPS are emp hardened BUT allot of them are they have been hardening for at least 8 years that i know of and was working on them (testing) for much longer than that!

        • They were two different scenarios.

      2. Uh, boy.

        • The mere fact that Red Dawn was used in the title tells me everything I need to know…

          • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • This is one of the silliest mall ninja-baiting, tacticool-wearing wet dreams I have seen in a while.

          • +1

      3. Yeah, I remember ” Red Dawn”. Has to be one of the stupidest movies ever churned out by Hollywood. It was a pathetic attempt to turn Swayze into the next Chuck Norris and Rambo, laughed my ass off.

        • I agree, stupid movie. Nuke strike: head 90• north or south of wind direction. Ships use a system called “fresh water wash down” what it attempts to do is flush radioactive material off the ship using sea water. Other may be a way to do that for a house but then the yard is contaminated. Most military installations arent emp protected, at least to my knowledge, ships are vunerable if their electronics are running as like any other running electronic system (nothing 100%). A/C will have more empemployed protect than most: vehicles ???, but probably with a high degree of confideconfidence: police are not! That means; they are not coming. Fires won’t be put out, robberies won’t be reported, stores will not be protected by rent-a-cops: so what’s happening? The first to get to the most critical resources will have the best chance to secure they’re own safety. Sounds diabolical I know, but who has penicillin on hand? Ampicillin (for those allergic to penicillin)? Think, think, think! If I have some medicine that AcidEtch needs, do you think he will care that I’m a Mohawk Indian? Hell to the f’ing No! Same with the arguments of the women here. As a human being, I would be obligated to heal AE if! If I could look him in the eye and determine. That my friends is where individuals will be judged before the throne of God with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

          • What was stupid about it ?

            • Anybody who’s surfing the internet at 5.00 in the morning asking that question will answer your question of what was stupid about it, people like yourself who thought it was a good movie. Thus proving that Hollywood movie makers know there’s a large segment of their target audience they can sell stupid fantasy crap to and they’ll actually LIKE it.

              • Stupid fantasy crap . Like Star Wars and Star Trek ? Or saving private Ryan?

              • I get up early for work . If that’s alright with you.

      4. This subject seems to be just a bit too much to take in. Soldiers train for years to learn this and they work in trained teams with command support.
        I am very unclear how this could apply to most citizens. Add to that the change from modern society to pre 1900. WWII citizens did not suddenly get thrust back in time. Their systems were intact. They had power or alternative systems that had been in use in rural areas and were well known. I do not mean to be negative but the first priority, and it will be huge, will be survival post EMP.
        Let’s not forget about radiation sickness.

        • Cara,we’ve never had a Tribulation before.

          • I carry a good 1st generation atv on the back of my truck. Screw walking.

        • Cara – I agree with you….its just so much to take in. Like for instance a handheld ham radio I have no clue about them and outside of the understanding that I could hear communications from other places I have no idea how they are helpful. We have begun some preps like buying food and water and a generator and have even bought seeds but with each purchase there seems to be sooo much I need to educate myself on: gardening, how to know how long we could survive on the food we’ve stored, how to ration it, how to get it from point A to Point B once we have a point B – do we need a point B? If our vehicles aren’t running we won’t get there anyway so now we need some kinda emp-proof vehicle… lol it’s often feels like quick sand to me!

          • Tammi and Cara: you can sign up for a weekend course and get a basic Ham radio license. It isn’t that hard and it doesn’t cost that much.

            When your cell phone and computer are tits up you will be happy you spent the money and time learning that basic skill.

            You can store some basic hand-held radios in a galvanized metal garbage can with a lid.

            I would suggest you throw in a good AM / FM / Shortwave radio and some batteries. Maybe even a basic solar panel that can charge batteries and the radio. Throw in a cheap cell phone for when the grid works again. Keep a paper list of your contacts phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses.

            The grid is fragile. How fragile? Well when it disappears you will find out is my best guess.

            • Thanks for that Philosopher! My husband and I are going to get some things this weekend like the solar recharger Etc – for flashlights anyway. While I’m all about getting the license for a ham radio for getting information – no doubt a precious commodity in an emp sitch. What worries me is the loss of communication w my husband who is an airline pilot in such a situation. If he is in San Fran or Boston or God forbid the Domincan Republic I won’t be able to contact him – that scares me silly. That my 12 yr old and I would be alone.
              Thanks for the advice!

              • Tammi: it scares a lot of us. Is it worth a weekend course to get in touch with some local Ham radio folks and learn the basics? That is for you to decide. Good luck.

                I am female and I agree, these are scary times. Learn how to be strong.

          • Tammi
            i havent been on for awhile but unless you are legless
            you have emp legs…i call mine tom and jerry also known as left foot right foot,,,thats why years ago i joined the army instead of the navy,,,,,,i can still walk farther than i can swim,,,,
            So you CAN get from point A to point B if needed…


        • “The mission of the U.S. Army Infantry is simple: to close with the enemy and destroy him.”

          Except when Obama and the Libs set the Rules of Engagement for the troops.

          • I have seen a lot of types join for the education and jobs

            Out of 100 of those they are probably lucky to get 2 real killers out of that group
            The 98 are going to say
            We didn’t join up for this ( figuratively speaking) or they are there to meet guys
            Yes the men and the women

            Our military is gutted
            And on purpose
            Because this bunch wants us invaded
            It’s happening right now

            And our hot shit soldiers ain’t doing squat about it

            • Hell the border patrol just went from catch and release
              Just sit in yer truck and Jackoff all day

              • And today, Feb. 9, 2016, I read somewhere that there are some 500,000 Muslims with temporary VISA’s that the U.S. government can’t account for their whereabouts!

                I suspect some of them are in the twenty something Muslim training camps that are located across the United States, some have filtered into Muslim no-go communities Like in Detroit, where they are sheltered and some are just in plain sight, working odd jobs with businesses whose owners are sympathizers to their cause.

                I worked for two food processing companies in the Northern Kentucky area that have an 80% Muslim employee base. In the 10 years I was employed with these two companies (about 5 years each) about 30,000 Muslims were filtered into this country. That is only two companies that I personally aware of.

                How many more companies are complicit in the same stealth invasion of this country?

                There are far more Muslim Terrorist in this country than the U.S. government is willing to acknowledge – and they won’t, because this government is actively driving the Muslim Jihadist invasion!!!

            • I would be surprised if 30% of the US soldiers show up to support a Totalitarian govt or Dictatorship…..

              • The last numbers I saw showed that 40% (or more) of all US Army servicemembers were not citizens. They were serving in the US Army to get a green card.

              • I read in Janes, that the total 11B/0311 troops is around 60,000 men. Everything else excluding the rest of the combat arms branch (including combat engineers and your purty Sapper Tabs.) is there for support.
                The NCO/enlisted guys that Ive served with, would lead me to support you 21B. The Orificers, on the other hand…

            • I’m related to a guy in the military that has had discussions with guys in the service about this very concern. The guys he works with are absolutely not going to make war on American citizens. My gut feeling is that the govt will not bother trying to use our own military against us. They’ll bring in mercs or foreign (UN?) troops…

              • That is the scenario Matt Bracken lays out in his novels, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.”

                If you have not read his books, read them. He has a blog: Gatesofvienna dot com

                He also posts articles on WesternRifleShooters dot com

                The man is brilliant.

                • Thanks for the heads-up, Philo!



        • Cara ,an EMP blast 250-300 miles above your head you would not feel effects of radiation. Also they have EMP devices that have very little radiation now

        • What I can recommend, is to be proficient in the use of fire arms. Pistol, Shotgun and Battle Rifle. At least you can defend yourself. With that said, you may not be a “Soldier.” Guerrillas need infrastructure too. They need a safe place to hide, eat rest. They intelligence of enemy movements etc. You may be the one that provides these things. I’m assuming you are female, by your name. You are in town trying to find some supplies and you hear of an enemy movement into the area. You don’t do a thing about it, but you know who to tell. They take care of the rest.

          There are so many Veterans out there, that if only the Veterans fought, they would out number any one army in the world. There will be more than that. On the Veteran note. How many Combat Vet’s do you think there are from the last two wars. There 2.5 Million of us. Plus other conflicts and Special Forces deployments in between. The number is large. Add to that non combat Veterans that have the training and the number gets larger. I’m not saying don’t fight, just that other positions are important too. I know I can have you trained for combat in 3-4 weeks. Just saying.

          • Azrael,
            I agree with you. There are plenty of veterans much younger than this 61 year old woman. I would be able to provide food and hidey holes for sure. Laundry. Clean water and a cuppa. My garden can feed a lot of people. Have no doubt the government will use their Cadre of Welfare Recipients to snitch in order to maintain their support. I like part of my food supply to be native and “invisible”. Good luck to us all.

            • Not that you are a clan mother, but you would be one in ‘an event’. If you’re native you know what I intend to say.

              • Nels, that is the kindest thing you could say to me, made me tear up a little. I am honored to serve the clan.

              • Nels: Red Hat Becky would sell your and your sister and your daughters to the highest bidder if it meant she could eat for one more day.

                Becky is a fraud, a fake, and liar.

            • The only welfare snitch is you bitch. But you knew that. You’re an expert on snitching.

            • Hmm – we’re of an age, lass! About that garden of yours, there will be raiders, especially from the cities (which are a great lace to starve or die of thirst) who’d take anything they could eat, uproot everything else and leave it to die on the ground. There are entirely too many of those destroyer-types around these days. Be careful!

              • Hi Ian

                How are you doing these days?

                I know, most of my garden looks like a plain old pinyon juniper forest. I have been building raised beds, on bed 6 now. They are not visible from the street nor the hill opposite mine.

                Safe? Luck will have a say in that, but I will keep my head low.

                • Rebecca – Still fighting health trouble and delays in everything seems like, but the first two words in this reply pretty much say it: still fighting. Working on a trade: this property is more than I can care for alone and can’t afford paid help on SSDI, so I’m working on that trade: a good, solid older diesel truck with NO solid-state anything in it (and extra fuel capacity) to pull a relatively new travel trailer with everything my three gatos and I need and then a bit plus a bit of pocket change. With that at least I have a roof over my head plus a bit wherever I go! (Also have a small spare ‘fridge and a few other things “Faraday-wrapped” so to speak – cya). Can’t walk far, but I can pedal a bike for store trips wherever I stop. There’s nothing in this small town for me any longer, and I’ve relatives and friends I’ve not seen in over 20 years. That’ll also give me a chance to check out the Eastern part of the country and the mountains and maybe find a few relatives back thataway! Besides, until tshtf, I’ve my instruments and a decent, pro sound system (Mackie), which have always been a source of slightly above pocket-change level (or more if I stay for a bit and develop a local rep) anyplace I go. Busy deciding what I’ll leave in an unused, easily sealed silo belonging to some good friends until I send for it or can come get it, what I’ll sell or give away, and what comes with me. Still trying to regain weight I lost when my food stores were raided repeatedly & oven, ‘fridge, washer and freezer all destroyed, all by local junkies. I should weigh 195 or so (I’m 6’2″) but have only gotten up to 155 lbs; working on it. (The local “party crowd” as they call themselves, those who are still around, won’t come NEAR my place anymore! * EG *) Just need to finish packing, pick up a few things, make some minor (but necessary) mods to the trailer – including a more advanced security system since I’ll be alone – and I’m outta here! I’ve also got Internet-met friends I’ve known for fifteen years or more and never met in person I’d like to see.

                  If nothing else it’ll be one REALLY interesting trip!
                  Whatever else, life remains interesting! Glad to hear you’re doing well, lass!

                  • Ian
                    Almost… everything in me screams stick with the dirt for a garden!
                    A little part of me… is yelling go for an adventure!
                    So I wish you luck on your trip back east and clear across this beautiful country of ours. I have never been farther east than Louisiana (one short weekend to bring my dad home when he was dying of cancer and needed care). Will you be able to send us some of your adventures like our tales from the buffalo hunt?
                    In any event, stay safe.

                    • I’ll do my best, for sure! It all really depends on how much I can get done and in time and how much $ I have for Internet to stay in touch. I hope it’s a long, boring tale of lotsa road! *grin* I kinda doubt it though. Not sure where to post it, either. I’ll look into that. Odd, this never occurred to me that someone might be interested…

                      I lived in Gretna (right across the bridge from New Orleans) for a short time many years ago. I’m from Texas, Spent 15 years in the California High Mojave Desert, but over the years got addicted to mountains. I’ll be checking out The Redoubt as well, if I don’t get snagged in the Austin music scene too long. Assuming I get that far in the first place! I have people I want to look up here and there – one in Washington, one near Portland, Oregon, one in Ohio, another in Florida… No real itinerary planned; I may miss some people or places, add a few, and any of it is subject to change at any time. Shortly here I’ll be putting together a shopping list of EMP vulnerable parts in the trailer that I can’t protect but CAN replace after. I’ll do the same for the pickup as well as soon as I have it. So much to do! I can’t take a fraction of what I’d like to, of course. I can snag an inverter, too… Have a battery bank and rooftop solar panels.

                      I’ve a brother in L.A. who doesn’t believe anything will happen, other friends, but none with any understanding what’s going on. That’s one of the best reasons to be elsewhere. Yeah, I can survive alone pretty well in a lot of different circumstances, but I think a “lone survivor” is, first, almost a contradiction in terms, and that gets worse the more time passes, especially starting out disabled like I am. Life remains interesting anyway… I keep hearing “May you live in interesting times”, and I’m trying to remember who the loudmouth who said it to me was…

                    • Ian
                      have a great trip, and stay safe.

          • All good points. Also though, don’t forget about all the hunters in the U.S., sure, not military trained, but proficient with guns.

            • Hunting means nothing if you have no tactile precision, those spec op guys will eat their lunch. However, anyone with any experience hunting or shooting will definitely be useful during the highly unlikely invasion.

              • Bull shit seems to me i remember dont “FIRE UNTILL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES” YOUmay need to rethink that statement


          • Azreal thank you

        • Won’t be radiation sickness from the EMP. But if and when the nuclear power plants have their storage ponds go dry, then we will have a hundred Fukishimas on our hands.

          Incidentally, no one knows how this will play out, but I will tell you this: If you look at a map of a likely EMP strike, over the dead centre of the US, look closely. You will notice Nova Scotia is completely unaffected. Now, no one knows how this would actually play out, but presumably they could hit the somewhere near the middle of the country. Just a thought for those of you who want a bug out location.

          Nova Scotia is on the Gulf Stream so it doesn’t get super cold, and well watered, some very fertile areas, Halifax is a world class city, but not too big, has a couple universities, international airport, etc. Also, while the rest of Canada has been through a major real estate boom, the Maritimes have seen almost nothing, so property is cheap. And of course, the hordes are not going to be going from Atlanta, NY or Chicago to Nova Scotia. And the Muslim population is virtually nil.

          Just some grist for the mill. Americans can buy land no problem in Canada. One good site I like is Dignam – been selling rural Canadian land for 100 years.

          Just some thoughts

          • Thanks for the real estate site. I was wondering how I could be your neighbor. I haven’t settled on a location yet, still hunting but 1/2 of my family are Mainers from Aroostoock County, Maine. Some traveled south across the border. Given my height they were Scandinavian. When I was in the Nederlands, until I opened my mouth and talked, I looked exactly like the locals. Tall, thin.

          • Do you have a link? I saw land for sale in Ontario. Thanks!

          • Canada’s gun laws may prove too onerous…

        • Cara, you don’t always need a trained army to go up against another trained army. Read up on what the Afghanis did to the Russian troops when they invaded Afghanistan.

          • They were smoking dope and we were giving them some really neat weapons. I’d love to have a Stinger, or the old LAWS stashed away,
            when that police Black Hawk or MRAP shows up on the road to my house.

            • With that old LAW make sure you holler, “Backblast clear!”

              • LOL, I just watched some funny video pf users who had no clue which end was which…

                • Are you serious? Holy moly!

                  • Yeah, in one clip, the ordnance came out behind him and demolished his tent. The funniest clips were of the old kind with the bell on the muzzle (I forget what it’s called)where it’s really obvious that this idiot is about to toast his friends behind him.

                    I thought to myself “Gee, that’s what you get for giving a bunch of ARABS weapons with the directions printed in ENGLISH! LOL

                    • Six: I remember when the first attacks happened in Paris and people were claiming the guys had to trained to shoot an AK. This was the MSM BS on CNN and FOX. I laughed. These guys were clueless and not trained at anything which came out after the attacks.

                      Those videos were funny. Inspirational even. Thank you!

                    • I think we’ve all seen the article where the pentagon said they sent defective/old weapons to the FSA – well, I think this video shows the results


                    • Sixpack! Dang dude you just proved that you have to holler “Backblast clear” holy moly!

            • rellik – I suspect that at THAT point “the Law” won’t matter a whole bunch. I mean, if you’re in (or about to GET into) a shooting match with soldiers (or anybody else for that matter!), whether you have a 30.06, a slingshot or even a few Hellfire missiles, they’re going to be fairly serious about killing you… And what OUR soldiers would be doing at that point is as illegal as anything gets. The Constitution they’re SUPPOSED “to protect and defend” will pretty much be a mud-mat by then. Or TP, like it is in the White House now. I miss my country.

          • Afghanistan has been using the local terrain, to their advantage, against invading armies for nearly 2000 years. It is a craphole where armies go to die. From Alexander the Great to the Brits to Russia to the US.

          • They were trained and equipped by US SF. Read Charlie Wilson’s War. Fascinating book.

        • Cara, go chill out. Take a bong hit. Go watch the Kardashians. It will be better tomorrow.

        • Cara, just FYI there is no fallout/radiation from an EMP weapon. Almost all of the radioactive material is blow around in the really high altitude atmosphere and most will not reach the ground for a long time and the radioactivity will have decayed a bit by then. but it will only be a small amount at that.

        • You’re right, it is. Just keep it simple and plan on being mobile. No one really knows how this is gonna really begin, other than it is and were well on our way now. I have my own opinions and I keep them to myself cause who can compete with some of these know it alls? Stay quiet and be smart.

      5. Got all the above in place. Getting back from work would be a long trip but my bob is good for 30 days.

        • Yup!

          I would have an 18 mile walk from work to home and I have 9 days of food in my go bag!

          I figure that for the first 24 hours after an EMP, things will be pretty calm out in the rural areas. Within the cities and suburbs – not so much.

          In highly populated areas, I can see where the thin veil of society might begin degrading with the first nightfall, following an EMP strike!

        • So say we do lose all grid power.

          Has anyone stopped to ask what will happen to the 140 or so Nuclear power plants across the United States?

          It’s said that each Nuclear power plant had a two week reserve of Diesel fuel to keep the fuel rods cool.

          So lets say that several of the Nuclear power plants run out of Diesel fuel. This is plausible because it is unrealistic to believe that the U.S. government could adequately and continuously maintain a Diesel fuel supply to keep them cool.

          As it currently stands, at least 24 of those Nuclear power plants are the same exact design as those that have been melting down at Fukishima, Japan since March of 2011.

          Has anyone stopped to think that, in reality, the United States may well be rendered totally inhabitable for at least 1,000 years?

          Has anyone stopped to consider that there are an untold number of chemical plants that would need to be maintained by some external power source?

          I personally know for a fact that there is at least 100 million pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia in just the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky tri-state area. The refrigeration units that utilize this deadly chemical MUST be cycled down properly, else they will rupture and… every community for at least 100 miles down wind will become potential victims of atmospheric poisoning.

          The fact is, when that inevitable EMP attack does finally happen, there will be far more threats to your safety and well being than the obvious scenarios that are typically discussed.

          There will be extremely hazardous elements that will catch you completely unaware because they have been hidden behind the veil of societies advanced industrial infrastructure and it’s mandated safeguards that will no longer exist.

          Just some additional food for thought!!!

          • Those diesel (or propane) power backups are in place at all nuke reactors for the purpose of (if power does fail), to run “on site” generation for the purposes of shutting down each reactor. Usually takes about three days (? I’m unsure of that one….). Nominally, that much fuel would enable all stations to shut them down well before their fuel ran out. (It’s when the sites get “trashed and torn” that all hell break loose). I do believe that most of what we are told about nuke sites are just not going to happen — these things were provided for prior to construction (in the USA). In Maine, they shut down the nuke in Wiscasset “no probs” years and years ago …just because she was getting old (and everyday Central Maine Power would ensure that the power to it would fail for about an hour, and then come back up). They never came close to anything ‘horrifying’… just saying.

          • You’ve read, like most of us I assume, the “estimates” of 90% to 98%+ death rate for the U.S. (by the so-called “elites” – apparently that’s their target number of American deaths. A LOT of our fellow Americans will be getting seriously hungry and weak around about then, too. This is going to be a mess…

      6. Major Clusterfuck.

      7. Start killing invaders and arm others with the weapons from them thats about all you could do and have them branch out and do the same once they are armed

        • After you jog home steal a bike walk incognito through woods fields ect 3 miles isnt that far can walk a mile fast like 30 45 min

          • Godsoldier: Slingshot: gotcha, the invaders will kill us if we don’t stop them first. They want to set up an Islamic state under shiria law with U.S. gov. support. The E.U. is falling under Islamic rule now, with mass warfare and killing ahead. Cara: dump dead bodies in the rivers or in the landfills, another solution is burn them with limbs and branches from dead trees. Bears and other animals will eat them if left in the woods. Bears, mt. lions, buzzards and coyotes are most everywhere.

            • Don’t dump dead. things in or near water sources please. Better to have a nice large hole already dug a ways back to fill and close up later.

              • DM: You would think folks would know better than to pollute their water source. Obviously that knowledge is not inherited or obvious. Thank you for the reminder.

                • OMFG! Do not ever dump a dead body in the water that people will need to drink sometime. That’s how they poisoned and made people sick in mideval times. They dumped a dead sick body down peoples wells and they drank the water and died from whatever disease that dead person had. YUK!!!

        • I thought about the dead bodies. What to do with them.
          Remove the sewer covers and dump them in there. No electricity no sewer pumps. Temporary fix. Solves disease and bad smell of decomposition. Burn the uniforms and unwanted items.

          • If you have a heavy rain the bodies will plug the pipes and you will have liquefied human remains all over the place in the streets and yards. It will stink and be very visible.
            Plan B?

            • It can also back up into homes and businesses. We see that in this area when we get heavy rains.

              • Cara
                Must be in a low area with an underperforming lift station. Also we have talked about plugging the line to your home to prevent sewage intrusion.
                Them you have to deal with your own waste.

                • No problem. It’s a chore, but bury them deep and cover with good soil. The bodies will help enhance the soil for planting. Worms will take care of them, and their leaving are pure compost.

                  I’m not joking.

                  • Sitting Elf,
                    I know you are not kidding. At the most basic level you are 100 percent correct. Burial ceremonies for loved ones grew out of the dire need of safe disposal. From dust to dust. If too many die at once, even pit burying can foul groundwater for a while. Piles of putrid bodies foul rainwater runoff into rivers. One of many reasons I am no longer living in cities. It would take a while, but soil is the best possible purifier. Water is slower to clean.

            • Cara

              Sewer system is separate from water drainage. City sewer that is. Not septic tanks and drain fields.

            • Cara, correct. Disposal is a massive issue. One done by hand under those circumstances. The plagues in Europe were nightmares of disposal. Those who want 90 percent death better figure out how to dispose of 10… 100… 1000… 10000… 300 million dead bodies.

              • Use BO’s 10 man coffins he has stacked all over the place, then seal them up. . .

                • Yeah, back when Alex Jones and um (he’s an older ex-SEAL and white haired wrestler/retired I think …a real work of art ya know who I mean)? I watched them checking out stacks and stacks of them in Georgia ….but lo, where these things WERE stacked is totally void of everything that was in that ‘pasture-like’ area! Notta!
                  Where’d they go?

                  • You mean Jesse Ventura. He was also Governor of Minnesota. Big guy, and very smart. He doesn’t mince words.

                    • James George Janos (rhymes with James George Anus) aka Jesse Ventura was NEVER a SEAL. He was a BUD/s team member–no small accomplishment in itself, but only the first level of training those trying out for the SEALs must go through. It’s like having a high school diploma and calling yourself a brain surgeon, since all brain surgeons started out with high school diplomas. Read more about this phony at:

              • That is what hogs are for.

              • Store LOTS of lime……

            • Get out of the city. There are no manhole covers anywhere near me. Everyone in my area has their own septic system.

            • Another problem I’ve read about: a man in S. America lost his daughter during a collapse because people dug latrine holes in their back yards only a foot or two deep. When it rained feces just floated/percolated to the top and infected the wet grass his daughter (and other kids) played on with bowel contents. You need at least 5 – 6 feet depth.

              The holes in education and training and many other circumstances are becoming obvious – MAKING IT obvious that what we’ve been calling “civilization” has been sabotaged a piece at a time for a VERY long time.

          • Only bad thing is it will clog and sewage will back up into homes or just start comming out of the man holes then we got rot and shit best bet would be burn them

            • yes
              fire is the best way

              • Agree to burn the bodies if you have the fuel and the place to do it without drawing attention, Burnt flesh smell awful.

                • wont really need much fuel

                  the fat will feed the combustion just fine

                  • The fires of the burning bodies will help light up the night just put a pile on each street corner

                  • Eots
                    If bodies burned easy the the Nazis would not have struggled with disposal.

                    • I don’t buy the “official narrative” on that pile of Barbara Strisand

                      Ever hear of burning fat for light?
                      Spontaneous combustion? That’s driven by the fat

                      What ever you choose to believe , I believe many will get burned
                      Some will be burned alive

                      Some will be decapitated than burned

                      Soilent green?
                      Anyone hungry ?
                      Eating Raule or what ever the name of that movie was

                      Trust me
                      You get a hot enough fire going , they will burn

                      Welcome to the hell you wished upon us , is my thoughts

                    • Those poor people in the concentration camps didn’t have an once of fat on them. They were all skin and bones by the time it came to try and burn them.Fat Amerika is different!

                    • Actually once you get it going a normal human body burns pretty good. The problem the Germans had was they had starved the prisoners so much there was no fat on their bodies. Plus they had to use green wood at some of the camps, so could only kill 1000 or so per day, by some accounts.

                    • Rellik, people who starve to death aren’t going to be fat. Decomposition would take them all before the remainder could dispose of them safely. Realistically, better to move out of the cities now.

                      and of course the cats and dogs would be after them, and the cannibals.

                      This is why I am no longer living in a city.

                    • A bit of propane or “wind-assisted” flames will reduce ANY hunk of flesh OR bone (literally) to dust. Cremation is the name for it, thus Hitler and his cronies were none too bright (it seems).

                    • Equorial,
                      You made me laugh. Noooo I would call the final solution guys the brightest knives in the drawer! But WWII Germany was real short on propane and good flammables. Who knows, Germany might have won the war if Hitler and his buddies hadn’t spent so much time and money on eugenics and genocide. If you are at war with living, breathing, gun toting soldiers… worrying about black haired Mirium next door is pathologically stupid.

                    • Equorial,
                      You made me laugh. Noooo I not would call the final solution guys the brightest knives in the drawer! But WWII Germany was real short on propane and good flammables. Who knows, Germany might have won the war if Hitler and his buddies hadn’t spent so much time and money on eugenics and genocide. If you are at war with living, breathing, gun toting soldiers… worrying about black haired Miriam next door is pathologically stupid.

            • GS

              It is all about timing. Things you need to do NOW and fix it later. I am not going to dig a hole to get rid of a enemy soldier when it only takes a few seconds to dump him in a sewer.

              The learning experience here is now you know that this could happen and that you must take precautions against sewage home intrusion.

              This not your everyday deal.

              • Yep dump cement into the cleanout pipe outside can always dig up and replace later and the hell with digging a hole the ditch will work why risk hurting your back

                • Besides id be too busy fighting to worry about the bodies let the ones who wont or cant fight do the cleanups

                • Use hydrolic cement, it hardens under water, in just a couple minutes..

              • I’d cut the soldiers head off put it on a pike and leave the rest for his fellow soldiers to see or light it up

                pretty demoralizing when you see your comrade dead and decapitated ,, really can take the fight out of some

                • EOTS

                  Ho. Ho. Hoooooooooooooo.

                • I agree display them all them telephone power poles can be used

                • Vlad the Impaler repelled a much larger Muslim army with psychological terror tactics.

                  • So he put pigs in dresses ans sent them down the road?

                  • Well go ahead and tell us about those tactics. Cat got yer tongue today?

                  • Putting the bodies on stakes for the enemy to see, thus his namesake: The Impaler.

                • That would just piss me off and make me fight that much harder.

                  Remember how pissed you were when they started hanging American’s from bridges in Iraq?

                  • This is true
                    It can have that as a side effect

                    So in order to make your opponent think twice

                    Large numbers of heads everywhere

                    • Yeah like marbles!


                    • Vlad the Impaler did whole bodies. Scared off his enemies.

                      Remember: A man fighting for his home can be a more fierce fighter than the best trained soldier.

                • Cara,plan B?Tis the winter,stack bodies like cord wood/long pig.

                  • Wouldn’t suggest “long pig” what with the way U.S. food is poisoned these past few decades…

          • Sewers drain to waterways. Makes as much sense as dumping them into a stream.

          • Hey i like that idea. Sounds plausable. That;s if ya live in the cities and then there would be too many to dump. While yer busy dumping bodies down holes someone will come up behind you and knock you down, steal what ya got, etc. Naw, leave the bodies and get far away from the cities. In the country we don’t have man holes to dump bodies in. Bury would be best. I like the idea of letting the animals eat em. The poor dogs will be roaming and hungry. Yeah feed the sheep, i mean the people to the dogs……..

            • Hog farms will be a great place to get rid of the dead, that’s what scavengers do. Also large ocean going barges, dump the bodies in the ocean, plenty of scavengers there too.

      8. The only people who care about the Constitution and Individual freedom are old. The young just don’t see things the way we do. They blame us, not government for America’s problems.

        The young just want more free stuff, now they want their college debt forgiven. To them that is a “Right”, not the individual natural rights enumerated in the Constitution.

        It’s the baby boomers vanity that we think we still matter.

        • Yep and if sanders wins im gonna beg borrow steal and may even trade my right nut for all the silver i can get cus if he gets in it is over

          • Its already over.

            • Maddog: yuup, it’s over. The prez is a puppet run my Soros and his pals. But: Hitlery the blond witch, Jeb Bush, and Sanders will push it along faster as Marxists freaks would. Congress is benign, bought off idiots. The GOP has been hijacked for some time. If Trump is too aggressive against the globalist agenda, he could end up like JFK.

              • Obama is owned by Goldman Sachs et al just like Hillary and Teddy Cruz. Soros is his friend… and Obama yanks prepper chain to get gun sales for Soros profits.

            • With all due respect, MDog, you sound like Grima Wormtongue

          • Sanders brings out some good points that need to get traction.

            1. Glass-Steagall absolutely, positively, needs to be reinstated
            2. The wars ostensibly against terrorists that we created and fund, but in reality are to overthrow countries has to stop.
            3. Bankers that break the law need to go to jail as a deterrent.
            4. Free Trade has been a disaster that has destroyed the middle class

            Trump MAY be in agreement on #2 and Maybe #4

            The rest of the present candidates, including Hillary are against any change in 1 through 4 above so from my perspective, ” it is over”.

            QE, which has subsidized Wall Street corruption has dwarfed the increase in entitlements that interestingly were largely caused by 1,3 and 4 above. #2 wasn’t cheap either in money and don’t forget the 6000 US lives; feel safer now that Saddam and Gadaffi are gone and large sections of both countries are controlled by Islamic Fundamentalists?

            • Yes, you are right, Kevin. Sanders absolutely has some good ideas. So did Hitler. And if Hitler had died in 1938, he’d be remembered as a hero who brought Germany out of the economic doldrums.

              So, to resolve the issue of stratification of wealth, do we do what has worked for 200 years in this country, truly free business, low taxes, low state interference, or do you go with Sanders’ rhinestone Marxist approach. And if the latter please tell me a SINGLE country where that has worked: Zimbabwe? Under Mao? Under Stalin? Venezuela? Kirchner’s Argentina?

              Just because crypto-commie Sanders has some no-duh analyses that a jr high student could make doesn’t make him anything. There are many conservatives who want Glass-Steagal (remember it was Bill Clinton who signed off on that); bankers? Every conservative here wants the rule of law. What makes you think that is some special province of Bernie? Our Founders wanted minimal involvement in foreign wars. As a matter of fact, it is you leftists and Democrats that started almost ALL the wars. Yes, really. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman in Korea, JFK/LBJ in Vietnam, Clinton in his escapades, and all of Obama’s splendid little wars, Hilary’s cackling “We came, we saw, he died”absurd comment. In contrast, yes, there is the Iraq wars. But my point is, don’t exonerate your leftist heroes. I just noted why.

              • Brilliant repartee, Test, absolutely brilliant!

              • TEST,

                Republicans want Glass Steagall back? They have the majority in both houses. Every other day they send repeal of Obamacare. .. not once have they sent Glass Steagal through. Snort.

                Bush had the wall street perps on deferred prosecution agreements and could have put them in jail after the crash without further trial because they already confessed! Do not pass go do not collect $200 jail. He did not do it and Obama did not do it.

                What does that tell you when a SOCIALIST is the only one ready to take these btards down? If the Republicans did their jobs the people would not run after socialists who are telling the truth. You may not like his solutions, but the Republicans won’t even discuss the problem, let alone offer a solution. Republicans are selling socialism with their corporatist bs. Shame on them.

          • I agree, but i think the Witch might be even worse. So who would be worse? Bernie or the Witch??? It’s a tie eh?

        • Sorry, my point is the young wont fight. I just don’t see “pajama boy” taking on the Chinese.

          We have become the French before WWII and they would not fight for their corrupt Government then and we will not fight for this corrupt/obscene society now. That is why they rolled over. They thought maybe things will be better under the Germans.

          Would we be more communist under China?

          They have more rights in Russia. Their citizens have a RIGHT to carry a firearm, I don’t!!

          • I can walk down the streets and markets of Peru with a beer in my hand , i can take a ride on a bus with that beer, a ride in a cab with my beer

            can we do that here?

            freedom? right !
            fuck me

            • Enemy of the State, I know. We ain’t free! They just haven’t put the boot on our collective throats YET! But we know they are putting the pieces in place to turn this soft dictatorship into the kind we all are expecting.

              When Constitutionalists are considered terrorists, you know the end is near. When veterans are considered terrorists, you know the end is near.

              We all see things that we thought we would never see in our lifetimes, but here we are.

              • agreed, Justice

                • They put the words “free” and “brave” into a song and the majority accept is as fact. There are very few that are brave and even less that are free.

              • “When Constitutionalists are considered terrorists, you know the end is near. When veterans are considered terrorists, you know the end is near”

                Very true
                Not hard some days to feel like a person without a country
                Or one in the crosshairs of your oligarchy and police state

                • EOTS…
                  Native Hawaiians have felt this way since 1893
                  Native Americans have felt this way since they traded land for beads and nails.

                  Well…it’s all cyclical evil….this time around won’t be a cake walk. So they write laws to protect themselves. Bribe and coerce. Set man against himself. No one gets to breathe without a tax. No one freely associates without approval. The subjugation and serfdom, the murder and lust for murder, the senseless greed to cover will all crash when the scheme and curtain are lifted.

                  Live Free or Die…so this is the little man who shook kingdoms…lock,click, boom

              • If you had said back in the 1950s that virtually all newspapers and TV stations in Maine would decry gun ownership and laud homosexuals, you’d have been locked up as a lunatic.

                The Portland (Maine) Press-Herald ran a FRONT-PAGE article last week that joyfully chronicled a local 8-year-old boy who has undergone a sex change.

                Now I understand why people withdraw from society as they get older. I find modern society repugnant.

                • Karl V.
                  I am 61 and I find an 8 year old having a sex change way past repugnant.

          • Yea the pc put in them would be like we are just culturaly different lets all get along

          • Justice

            Putin is no saint and Russians have no right to carry a gun. Putin does have 7000+ nuclear weapons and should not be pushed into a position where we militarily confront each other as both have the capacity to utterly destroy the entire world.

            The Chec (Spelling) Republic has the right to carry what you legally own.

          • I live in NW Tennessee” not a lot of “pajama boys” around here. Most of the young people I know around here are pretty tough and will not take a lot of shit from anybody. Huge difference in geographic locations as far as people’s temperament. People in south and Midwest young or old would fight tyranny or invasion. The east and far west, fuck em who cares.

          • And yet when i was a child in the 1950’s our gov told us that the russians were the evil ones and we had freedom over here….bwhahahah….all lies even back then. Damn.

        • come on now, I’m 24. I have friends my age that are (were) ron paul fans.
          we own guns
          we have B.o.B’s
          we have plans too. theres just not MANY of us

          ..and we hate Bernie Sanders

          • I know this to be true
            I know 5 myself in that age bracket
            And I don’t doubt they have friends that I don’t know about that are with it

          • As my Aussie friends say, Triggy, good on ya. I like Ron Paul too. Folks like you are the big hope we have for this country. Keep up the good fight, don’t get cynical, and as Churchill said in similar circumstance, never, ever, ever, ever, EVER give up

      9. “Consult your lawyer for questions pertaining to any of the information in this article and obey all applicable laws and statutes.”

        HAHAHAJAHAHA Consult your Lawyer? .. yeah the pukes that are enabling this crap ? sure .. no problem


        • If that went down and you happen to see your lawyer you had better shoot him cus he will prob sell you out to them

          • no kidding

            thats his job.. selling his clients out to the machine he is a part of

            • I know this first hand. I had a lawyer f*ck me real good once. Once. It will never happen again. Should not have happened in the first place.

          • HAH!! Wanna hear a story about a crooked lawyer? My old senile friend got a $10,000 inheritence from his dead aunt. He was behind on credit card bills and didn’t want his bank account frozen again, so he gave all the money to his lawyer friend to hold for him. The lawyer spent every penny in under a year. Said he was sick and couldn’t work. My friend let it go. That made me so mad!!

      10. in that story it said he was 3 miles from home

        does he really need all that shit ? just walk the three friken miles to home base and work it out from there

        story is a bad set up..IMO

        now if he were 10 to 20 miles from home..ok than

        • Enemy don’t take it so literal , the point the author is trying to make is always be prepared! I like your thinking . For all you new folks trying to get prepared just do one thing at a time
          1. Get food stored ( start with 30 day supply and work up to longer 1 year worth if possible)
          2. Weapons and ammo for them ( shot gun , pistol, long gun , also get a 22lr rifle 10/22 good survival rifle. Don’t just get one box of ammo get 1000 reds each to start
          3. Good supply of water
          4. Bob bags 3 day type for each member of family
          The list can go on and on you can find list on different websites folks ( )

      11. Is your “go” bag in your vehicle, with enough food for three days, water for one day, a weapon, ammo, extra clothing, and all of the things we covered in previous articles? Quickly! Do you have good hiking boots? Change into them now: you’re walking, because the Lexus just became a two-ton paperweight. Commo? Did you pack a Yaesu hand-held shortwave in Mylar layers and material to shield it from the EMP, or Motorola’s?

        he’s only got 3 friken miles to jog or run ..why weigh yourself down ,, get fuckin moving !!

        • Better yet try to start your car. Chances are it will work. Car computers are pretty well protected.

          • Trying to start the car could work, grab the negative battery cable and with all your might twist it off, wait a minute and put it back on an try to start the car, it will reset the computer. Worth a try if your far from home.

            • PA, thanks for that info about the negative cable. It’s worth trying, won’t take much time and could save any number of us. People, file that away in the memory bank!

        • I think the point is that you can be on the road home when it happens. What if you work 30 miles away, and just as you get going it happens. Or while you are in the office/workplace. As rellik says, try and start your vehicle if it quits or isn’t running when an EMP goes off. It may start. If not you need to hump it home. Me I work from home for now, but when I don’t I have my old combat boots and a medium assault pack and Multicam IOTV ready to rock. (On a side note I have been thinking about my IOTV drawing too much attention. Any thoughts?)

          • I get that
            But that’s not the story I just read
            It said 3 miles

            We all know if yer coming here that S can Hit at any time

            And your 30 mile scenario would have been a way better set up , than this guys
            Than yes , you better be geared up for 3 days or more
            If my family was in possible trouble 3 miles away
            Dude … Color me gone 1st move !
            30 miles AFter a bad event ?
            Yeah dam straight you better be set up good

        • Nope Enemy, I wouldn’t want to leave that stuff behind so it would go with me. Plus, you never know what might happen on the way home so best be prepared.

          • I didn’t say leave anything behind

        • Any suggestions for someone who likes to travel short distances with her two dogs in the van? I have leashes in the van. In summer i sometimes travel to city for a few hours to shop and visit son. I worry so much about EMP. I would have to walk 45 miles home with two dogs. Carry a bike on top of van? Doable. Carry roller skates? What else?
          The dogs are my children. When i go out they come with me. I take em for a burger too now and then.

      12. How long does it take before your comments are finally posts automatically and is there a way to speed this up? I’ve posted probably 10 times so far and it still says its waiting approval and that one of these days they’ll trust me… Ugh so frustrating.

        • Put in an email address. If you post enough with the same name and email it will go right away.

        • And it doesn’t have to be a real email address. I use a fake one that I made up. Just put something @ aol (dot) com.

      13. Interesting thought experiment. I like the paragraph-long disclaimer at the beginning of the article. Good to see that there are different places making an attempt at educating people about the dangers of an atmospheric tactical nuke with one goal: to cause a massive EMP.

        I am not sure if this was discussed in “One Second After” or “Lights Out” but one of those books talked about planes falling out of the sky. Small planes can glide down to safety and land. Helis can auto-rotate and land if the pilot is experienced enough. There is one plane out that comes with its own parachute.

        I don’t think the invading army scenario is real. Why bother? In the first thirty-to-ninety days many Americans would end up fighting each other or die from drinking bad water to exposure or even from starvation.

        • also small aircraft’s ignition system are magnetos ,, they make their own juice

          plus the glide ratio is very high

          experienced pilots will not be crashing to the ground , they are trained to fly the aircraft even if the engine isnt running can safely land

          over 400 hours in G.A.

          • Now if they are flying in IFR
            Or in bad weather where reliance on all your instruments for your ground and obstruction clearances
            Or low ceilings etc
            Yep , that could get ugly real fast

            • EOS: Yes. The commercial planes with all that fancy electronic gear would go “poof” and be fried.

              • Yup
                That would be the bad , when it comes to the big guys (commercial jets etc)
                There might be a few hot shots that could hand fly one all dinked out on systems
                But it would be few no doubt

                • It would take someone like Capt Sully who has lots of glider experience to bring one of those big boys down with no engines. I sure wouldn’t want to be on one no matter who’s at the controls.

                  • Nub: I agree. Captain Sully was also a military-trained pilot if I remember correctly.

                    • He was an Air Force Captain. Became a glider instructor while still at the Air Force Academy. Later flew F-4s before returning to civilian life and becoming a commercial pilot.

                • The newer commercial jets are fly by wire and would probably crash. Older DC-9/MD80 are hydrolic control. Just hope those hydro pumps will keep running. While there are some batteries onboard they are heavy and won’t run things long. The auxilery power plant would need to be running and just maybe they could land it. They will glide further than you think, but you need control surfaces working.

                  • I meant to say batteries are heavy, so they dont have a lot of them and won’t run things long.

                  • So it all depends on the experience of the pilot. Got it.

          • the big airlines are in trouble computer driven.., i be safe in my cessna, 1890 hrs in MO.

        • Absolutely correct. An EMP will cause many to die through lack of water, food, violence, suicide and disease. You won’t need an invading Army right away. Save your troops and let the people die through the above listed ways. After a few months when the disease factor and stink/rot has stopped, there are other weapons to reduce populations. Anyone left after that will either be taken prisoner or killed. I’ll fight to the end. I’ll die free on my feet. Not kissing a f@cking boot.

          • Anon: same here.

        • Blackhawks can loose avionics and still fly VFR. EMP won’t take them out of the sky.

        • Modern jet liners they are talking about ! They would fall from sky’s

        • Planes falling out of sky….scary! I am in my 60’s now. At least 35 years ago i had a dream where something happened and my girlfriend could not get medicine at the drugstore for her sick son., AND i saw two planes fall out of the sky. I never connected it way back then cuz i didn’t know about EMP then. I have had phrophetic dreams all my life. Two weeks before the Challenger blew up i dreamed there was a scientist in a lab working on computer like screens and he was saying, “lets see if we can bring it in.” And then in my dream i saw something blow up in the sky and i heard an extreamly loud scary boom that woke me up. Two wks later the Challenger blew up. I felt and still feel it was sabatage cuz in the same dream i saw young children being hit by arrows that a robot shot.

          I also dreamed 0 yrs ago about a President named KERR, and a major war broke out. I could hear the warning beeps in the background. It was a war that a country was shooting missles from one land based country to another close by. I saw a big map of the world and printed in front of the map were the words “President Kerr”. A man was standing next to me showing me the map. I woke up and couldn’t remember the country., but it was extremely criticle. I kept hearing the warning beep beep beep and then i woke up. The letters on the map were in all caps. At the time i felt that this war was way off in the future and i thought it would be in the late 90’s but it hasn’t happened yet. I am old now, so i won’t be here in 20 yres., but some of you who are in your 30’S and younger just remember the name President KERR. I thought it could be Kerry too, with the y off the end, but he didn’t become presient….yet.

          • Correction….I dreamed of the Kerr dream 30 yrs ago.

            • sorry about the number mistakes. Was typing fast.

          • I do remember tho that it was NOT the U.S. It was some other country way far off. Yes, I feel it was the middle east where the major war started. I don’t mean conventional. I mean like nuclear. The feeling i got from the dream was “Situation Critical.” I even sent a letter way back then to John Kerry cause i thought it might have been him with the Y off the end. But who knows maybe a Kerr will come along. Anyone in congress now named Kerr??

      14. I guarantee u if your in your car when something like this happens, you’ll most likely be farther than 3 miles from home.

        The point was if something this bad does happen. Atleast have it when/if u need it regardless if your the next town over doing some valentines shopping at a jewelry store or still sitting in your driveway.

        • I agree. Not just this type of scenario, I live in an earthquake zone. If I am commuting 60 miles each way (which is a normal commute in my area) and the bridges collapse that means I am a 60-mile hike from my house. I am strong and fit and I estimate that I would be able to hike around 10 miles a day. That would mean it would take me, if everything went fricken perfect, six days to get home. If it didn’t go fricken perfect who knows? 10 days? 20 days? 30 days?

          I do not go anywhere without a compass, a knife, good socks and boots that I know are broken in and fit me well, a water filter (I actually have four different kinds in my go bag), some easy to prepare food which is either ready to eat or you can eat by adding boiling water. That is my short list.

          • Don’t forget to get a Lifestraw

            • Yep. I have one of each kind: regular and nuclear. Just in case.

          • I am prepared at home, but i do not have a survival bag in car and i go out almost every day. Usually ten miles from home and once or twice a month 45 miles to city. What kind of stuff should i have in van? I will put a good pair of boots, water filter, and knife. Some can dog food, a few small bottles of water, tuna, sardines. What else? Something not too heavy to carry. I am older now. Oh, i have some ready to eat meals too. I can put them in van.

      15. How to survive an Occupied America.

        Don’t do Stupid Things that will get you hurt.

        How many of us have taken a risk to get the job done. Didn’t have to do it . It wasn’t a life or death situation. But you did and what did you get.

        Sprained arm, leg, ankle, finger, wrist. dislocated knee, shoulder, hip arm. Some major laceration, Eye injury because no eye protection. Hit your finger with a hammer or drop a heavy object on your foot.

        All these injuries would not be life threathening but do impact you survival and combat readiness.

        Might not be a doctor nearby.

        • An infection from a cut or tooth can kill you. It used to happen way back when. Best to stock up on antibiotics and know which ones do what.

          • Fish antibiotics recommends Dr. Dr Bones (MD, wife is a nurse) at – check out his recommendations on antibiotics. Patriot Nurse on YouTube is also good.

            • Here is some good websites also to get meds

        • Very solid points

        • I saw a survival vidio and they said to go to the Dollar Tree store and for one dollar each get some finger splints. Good idea. I keep forgetting to do it. This wk i will.

      16. EMP is a myth.

        Effects would be minimal, localized and easily repaired.

        Government taking advantage of it to establish totalitarian rule might be another story.

        • You son are so wrong saying emp is a myth. When in service I was trained in a certain tactical nuke ! Went through nbc training also! We talked about this in class and it was a long subject. In 1966 U.S. Test a air burst nuc in the pacific , 900 miles away Hawaii lights went out luckily they had an extra generating system off line at time to supply power for them

          • You both are correct qnd kind of wrong at the same time. Prepper that test you are talking about, I’m pretty sure was Starfish Prime 1.3 Megaton. Anonymous if that kind of weapon went off over the US, there would serious issues. N Korea doesn’t have the ability to build one that big. Unless China gave them Super EMP technology, N Korea could do it. Now China or Russia could, but we would know if they launched anything. Someone could do if from a ship and blame a rogue nation/group. That’s playing with fire. U.S.retaliation wouldn’t be in the best interest of China or Russia.

            • Couldn’t

        • So, Starfish Prime was a myth? Roscoe Bartlett, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who has a degree in nuclear design is a myth? The Carrington Event is a myth?? Pry’s site is excellent. Here is his testimony before U.S. FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION TECHNICAL CONFERENCE,%20Homeland%20Security.pdf Former CIA Dir. Woolsey in the WSJ on EMP: and the excellent Family Security Matters has good reading on this here: Free Republic has a good article at

          If you like WND, their article is here:

          Look, I hope this NEVER happens. The weak, the infants, the retarded, the innocent – all will suffer and maybe die. Some estimate 90% death toll over the course of a year. But sticking your head in the sand won’t help anyone.

          • Test: awesome links. An EMP would be the end of civilization as we know it. Hard core. I have trained for, and thought about, how to deal with the consequences of an EMP for many years.

            I can’t imagine being one of the sheeple just thrown into reality all of a sudden, face first into a brick wall.

            They have laughed at me for years. Good. If an EMP happens I will not be laughing. Nor will the people I have warned. I only hope I said enough to save them.

      17. If my Lexus quit running I would sternly get on to the next person I came in contact with about the fact of it not running ( sorry could not resist the sarcasm )

        I like the fact that communication is mentioned that is something that is often left out. You can get a cheap radio off Amazon for about $23 that can receive and transmit all high frequency bands aviation,ham,military,emergency response,police,etc. it can be used solely as a scanner or also to transmit with. You have to program the frequencies into the radio but all that information can be easily acquired online and print it off and one or two pages, wrap those two pages around the radio with the battery disconnected in a Mylar bag sealed inside a faraday cage

        • I think in a pinch one could use very thick aluminum foil? I put some radios in a metal trash can, put one radio on, put lid on and could still hear radio. Must have been a leak in the cover. Then i got some metal tape and taped it all around the lid. Couldn’t test cuz had radios inside turned off. Hope it works. I have another radio wrapped like a burrito in heavy tin foil. Hope that works too.

        • Cool! thank you very much!

        • Not so. It’s a preview with pages left out.

          • So it is not the whole book? Dang. Thanks for the heads up Archivist.

            • I checked through it to make sure. A lot of it is there but part is missing. They do have a lot of free books to download, and I have downloaded as many as I could.

      18. There are many that poo poo the EMP threat and cite sources that conclude that disabled vehicles will be few,
        and that most systems would simply have to “reboot” in
        order to return to normal. The sources cited however are
        from declassified/unclassified sources that reference
        experiments from the “side effects of an EMP”, not the
        actual effects from a weaponized EMP effect designed as such. A flashlight can temporarily blind you, but the long term effects are none. Focused enhanced light however
        can and will burn your eyes out permanently. It is a safe bet that the small potatos experiments that show minimal effects from an EMP no where near depict the actual effect from weapons specifically designed for an EMP purpose.
        The “Red Dawn” possibility will be small potatos compared to the immediate threat our fellow Americans
        pose to us. Armed drug addicts, welfare rats, and gangster anarchist of any flavor pose a far greater danger to my well being than a foreign soldier does.
        The 20 somethings that are involved with drugs that are parasites of society surround me here in northern NY.
        Lord only knows what they will do when their Obama phones quit and their Benefit card can no longer buy them Red Bull and Cookies. They are my true concern.
        One of the big things I recommend to anyone who has the means to do so is to acquire an older vehicle that runs on points or can be converted to points. Nearly all carbureted engines can be retrofitted with a points distributor and coil. Amazon, Ebay, and others offer newly remanufactured points distributors for less than 100 bucks. Ad a 20 dollar coil and some new wires, and you will be able to take as many EMP hits as they throw at you at such a level your teeth fillings sparkle, and you will still be able to motovate down the road. Remember, it is not about having answers to everything, it is about having options for some things, and those things involving an EMP attack are quite real. I can’t live forever, but it is sure peace of mind for me to know that for less than 150 bucks I will have something other than my sneakers to get me around if ever there comes a time when the naked people are running in the streets.
        If that ever happens and you don’t have a vehicle, then you might want to get a custom made T-Shirt that says “Don’t eat me! I would be bad for your Cholesterol!”,
        and make sure it is printed on the back so those you are running from can read it and possibly let you go.
        Reality is a very scary place, and for those who live in it, find it at times, a very lonely place.

        • Sounds good except if most other cars are dead and you are the only one for miles who has a running car –well, wouldn’t that attract attention? The roaming crowds would soon surround the vehicle, break windows cauz they are animals, etc . Best to get a couple old bikes and keep in basement or garage. How far are ya gonna go when there’s no more gasoline???

      19. What silliness. None of our adversaries – not one! – have the strategic force projection capability, to include long-range sealift and airlift assets, to mount a RED DAWN style attack on CONUS. In addition, all of them, without exception, are experiencing major economic downturns that would preclude launching such a costly, doomed-to-fail undertaking. In addition, what enemy in their right mind would first inflict incalculable damage on us with an EMP, then send troops to occupy us and deal with the dangerous wasteland we would rapid devolve into?

        I don’t worry in the least about foreign paratroopers dropping in on us. I worry far more about Officer Friendly appearing at my door, wreathed in smiles, as he shows me an order from the Provisional Emergency Committee authorizing him to search my home and confiscate “hoarded food, equipment, firearms, and ammunition” to be redistributed “fairly” for the “greater good.” Oh, and for the children, of course.

        Serious, SHTF Plan, you only hurt your credibility publishing doomer fantasist drek like this.

        • Nailed it imo.

      20. Hmm , not so sure what i would do until it all happens.

        But i do know i’m no soldier , might be in good shape and be able to shoot , but that and a bullet makes me dead .
        Run around and scream like a little girl maybe , hahaha

        • That might be a good defense
          It all has to do with location location location

          And I would think , timing is everything

          • Nobody out here but some cows , hahaha

            • Lol

      21. Well JJ….
        My dirt bike with saddle bags holding extra ammo water,Baofeng UV5R and a half gallon of fuel in concert with my type 53 is going to be it for me…I’m trapped in LA So like the NVA…they used the tropical jungle to wage hit and run. I’ll be using the concrete jungle in like manner…but how long this last is questionable.

        Live Free or Die…I hope I make it to the State of Jefferson

      22. You see it your way
        And I see it mine

        But we both see it slipping away

      23. My family will initially bug-in within our gated community which is somewhat separated from mass population. We’ll leave only if the situation becomes extremely dire. That is if foreign troops are invading our locale.
        Our neighbors are prepping along with us, and we have defined specific skill sets amongst ourselves that cover many of our survival needs. Neighbors include:
        -A retired Marine Master Sergeant who’s son is currently active duty Marine as well.
        -A Pharmacist who will have instant access to supply a mass of drugs and other items for local storage when the SHTF.
        -My Wife, who is an active duty Air Force Colonel and Critical Care Nurse.
        -Myself…a former Army Officer who was connected with Special Ops
        -A couple who spent a great deal of time in Africa, teaching efficient gardening and food production techniques, with the added benefit of being a golf course frontage house on a fairway that would become a great veggy gardening plot if necessary.
        -Multiple other veterans in the neighborhood, and some of Cuban descent who are vociferously anti leftists!
        – There are other skills as well, including woodworkers, electricians, and solar experts.

        We live on the Atlantic Coast in Florida, so our primary concern is hurricanes. The last one that did extensive damage was Andrew, and the Southern tip of Florida was decimated, not recovering for many, many months. That being said, we are also concerned about nefarious incidents, attacks, disasters, tyranny, invasion, and epidemics, and as such are prepping for multiple scenarios.

        We have fields of fire determined and ranges marked. Our firepower is sufficient to resist marauders/invaders beginning at more than 1000 yards with clear shots. We train at a very extensive range near our neighborhood, and we have an alternate bug-out area to regroup if necessary.

        We believe gold and silver will be virtually worthless for bartering within 3-6 months of SHTF. You can’t eat it, grow it, shoot it, or use it for bartering if the people you are trying to trade with don’t have a use for it or don’t want it. It will work initially based primarily on the belief that all will be well soon, but once it becomes clear that the grid is not coming back online anytime soon, it will lose its luster, and its value as a trading commodity.

        Most of us have our long-range preps pretty much covered, and only adding or replacing as necessary, or as new products become available. Some of us, including my family, have buried emergency supplies cached as well. So…our concentration now is on buying and storing barter items for outside our community, and I list some of those below that we believe will be in high demand to trade for goods and services that aren’t generally mentioned in articles on prepping….

        1. .22LR Rimfire Bullets! The reason is that 22 cal guns are EVERYWHERE and extremely useful for small game hunting, and to a lesser degree, defense. They are also not as loud as other calibers. The reason 22LR rounds are so valuable is that they can’t be reloaded, so once shot, the brass is useless, unlike bigger calibers that can be reused repeatedly (I personally reload six different calibers and have the brass, bullets, powder, and equipment to last for many years). When the unprepared run out of 22’s, the supply is going to get even more limited than what we experienced the last couple of years. I have stocked more than 25,000 rounds of the 22LR, bought in Remington,s Bucket of Bullets bulk loads and stored properly. Buy them as you see them available in Academy, Bass Pro Shops, and elsewhere. .223, 5.56, 7.62, and 9mm bullets will be tradeable, but will always remain readily available in large numbers, so their barter value will be appropriately lower than bullets that are not so readily attainable.

        2. SCOTT Toilet Paper (Single Ply). My Attic has over 1000 rolls stored. The reason I say Scott over other brands is that they are more environmentally friendly as single ply, and will break down quickly either in the outhouse, or in the compost pile. Those rolls will be very valuable when the SHTF for more than a couple of months and folks start having to use leaves, newspaper, old cloth, or god forbid, their hands! I know if I didn’t have any, that I’d trade food or services for the ability to wipe my behind without pain, marks, or “leftovers”! LOL!

        3. HEIRLOOM Seeds. Forget the hybrids. They are grown once, and then done. The Heirlooms will produce viable seed, producing essentially the same plant repeatedly. Buy and store them NOW! We have stocked a very large variety of these seeds for both our use, and for barter. We have also doubled our seed stock within our buried cache.

        4. AA, AAA, and CR2032 batteries. Now that Duracell and others have a shelf life of a minimum of 10 years, it only makes sense to purchase bulk batteries for later barter. We rotate the oldest ones each year and replace with new…and in large quantities, bought whenever there is a sale on them in the warehouse stores.

        5. Soap….and lots of it. Doesn’t really matter what brand, but we purchase unscented as it will be somewhat generic for trading.

        6. Shampoo…. We have been buying those hotel-type shampoos that are good for 1-3 uses. Easy to store, and can be used for barter without having to trade full-size bottles.

        7. Liquor….NOT beer. Alcohol has SO many uses in addition to drinking, though that is also very important. We are stocking various full liter bottles, the mid bottles, and the mini airline types for barter and other uses. There will come a time when liquor is one of the most valuable commodities you can have to trade.

        8. Playing Cards. We are storing 12-pack loads of playing cards for barter when there’s no internet, phones, or electricity, and folks need something to keep them entertained. We have stored 200 decks for barter.

        9. WD-40 and Lubricating Oils. Essential for keeping tools, equipment, and other items properly maintained and lubricated. We buy a LOT in the warehouse stores for barter later.

        10. Tobacco and rolling papers. Packaged cigarettes will be long gone in short order, but bulk smoking tobacco can be stored and traded with rolling paper much cheaper than the packs. Smokers will trade almost anything for their habit.

        There are many other items that we have been hoarding for trade, but the 10 listed above are among what we think will be the most valuable non-food/water commodities as time progresses without the comforts we have become accustomed to while the world is operating normally.

        Cheers…and remember to Duck and Cover!

        • Very good post. Thanks

        • Well 22 is most certainly re-loadable. Check it out here: ht tp://

          • I grew up reloading and we never reloaded .22s. But I guess if you have to do it if there is no other choice . . . I am interested in high power pellet guns. “Locusts on the Horizon” had some excellent information on alternatives to a gun and I found the comments on owning a high-power pellet gun informative. Easy to use in the suburbs, quiet, good for hunting anything from squirrels, to possum, to racoon and birds. The ricochet factor is minimized and pellet guns are quiet. They are an excellent option for people that are not trained in how to use a firearm or for young people. For women and young people that are afraid of a firearm a high-powered pellet gun can be an excellent choice.

        • I always keep a deck of cards on hand. I bought an old hard-copy of Hoyle’s Games (to settle disputes and make sure everyone is playing by the same set of rules, of course!). I have a backgammon board, cribbage board, chess and checkers, heck even an old Monopoly game. Cheap entertainment and you don’t need electricity.

          I don’t really see myself going into the trading business. Any of the small stuff I have I would just give away to my neighbor’s or friends if they needed it.

          I like the option of just making my own alcohol with a still or making my own beer.

          If things go tits up I am not going to want to deal with strangers.

        • Wow. I am so jealous. You are doing great! If you can’t afford to stock up on loads of toilet paper, get some old telephone bks saved up. Tear one page out and keep crushing it in your hands until it gets soft. It will get real soft like toilet paper and be strong too. Get a bunch of old phone bks from your liberal friends….hint, don’t tell em why you want them……

      24. For your reference, re. that Malheur, OR. standoff – from a recently retired state trooper (personal friend, was fairly senior). This is as he wrote it, with just one typo corrected and a couple paragraph breaks added for readability. Will be interested to see what Sgt Dale has to say. Here is what he wrote me, in response to my inquiry if he thought the shooting was justified or not (I had asked what a “bad shoot” was):

        Bad shoot is a police term for unjustified. It was an execution in my opinion. He swerved to miss a roadblock set up around a corner is my understanding. One of their ridiculous attempts to justify the shooting is that he almost ran into an FBI agent. Reaching for his waistband is NOT justification by any stretch. They had the benefit of cover and superior firepower. Until you actually see the gun you cannot assume that is what he is reaching for and murder him.

        I almost took out an illegal immigrant who was traveling with some gangsters late night. He reached under his jacket when I told him to get out of the car and you could hear about six cops getting ready to light him up. After using verbal commands (yelling our lungs out to get his fu#@&*&) hands up he figured it out. Turns out he didn’t speak English and was nervous and reaching for a cigarette. That’s what cops do.

        It was amateur hour, of course he swerved into the agent since that is how they set up the roadblock. The idiot agent was standing right where the vehicle had to swerve to miss the roadblock. For that matter why a roadblock at all? There are strips that you can lay across the roadway that puncture the tires. Real cops have been using them for as long as I can remember. Cars and trucks can still drive on flat tires but that is cop 101, disable the car and then attempt the stop if necessary. How long did they think he would drive on flat tires in the snow? All they did is invite a confrontation and it turned out bad.

        That’s what happens when the FBI tries to play cop, they have no idea what they are doing. I’ll take any Chicago street cop any day to diffuse that situation peacefully without killing grandpa. But of course they are going to send these idiots in to investigate every police shooting but there will be no investigation of this incident, he was a white guy with a Bible and a gun!

        • I don’t think they were cops , I think FBI
          And mercenaries
          Hired killers , hired by you know who
          And we’re you know what

          If there were any cops there
          It wasn’t one of them that shot him
          LaVoy was targeted .. Murdered
          To shut him up , and scare all the others into shutting up too

          They want what’s in the ground out there , and they will kill anyone that gets in their way
          Or incarcerate them on bs charges and F up their lives and livelihood
          Wait til they all say fuckit

          Think we got food problems now ?

          • I think these guys would kill a cop if paid to do it

            They have no loyalty but to the $$$
            And the one paying them that $$

        • I thought my group was bad ass. We have SF medics. No doctors though. All combat tested, except one of our helicopter pilots. One has over 1300 combat hours, the other zero.

      25. You people have it made and don’t know it yet.

        Air Force Col. Master Sgt. in the Marines. You have Doctors and Paramedics. All those resources that you have in your area. Masters and PH.D.’s, Scientist.

        I’m running around with Billy Bob but he can make your tractor do a 10.5 in the quarter mile. ;0) Good people but will only get in when it starts. Leaves our so called group at a disadvantage.

        • Group ? Yeah , tried but the average attention span around here is so short that …

          Hey !did you see that squirrel ? Git yer 22 ….

          LOL , and its over , hahaha

          • hammerhead
            Yep. ;0)

      26. Gonna sit this one out Jeopardy is more interesting.

      27. The biggest question here is how EMP hardened is our military. If they are, then there will be no airplanes dropping soldiers over the country. Third, all the militaries on earth could not air drop enouph troops to take over the 100 million+ gun owners that would be waiting for them. Also, should they hit the US with such a device, there countries would be also be nuked by subs, ICBM’s, other allies etc. etc.. Of course, it would not be a surprise if the US has space based weopens already that would rain down on whoever they choose. So I am not to concerned about it.
        As far as a runaway govt., that is happening now.
        Word to the wise, I was watching teenage mutant turtles with my boys and heard a very wise statement. They were getting thier ass kicked by a man in a robot suit when their rat sensie told them to attack the man, not the armour. Everybody has to eat and drink. Even a tank needs fuel. So don’t target the armour, target the soft targets and you will take care of the armour.

        • Fuel, food. Exactly what the Germans were after in the Caucasus, Romania (Ploesti – oil), etc. Stalingrad, while a bit north of that, was part of the oil fields, was part of that push. Look where they ended up.

          An even easier target? All this garbage take co-opted people. There CAN be no police state where a man knows that he has to answer to a God who is loving, but also JUST. IF we can just communicate well, and compellingly, we will win.

          What is there was another spiritual revival, like there was in the First Great Awakening? Recall that pre-Wesleyan England was as corrupt and decadent as the US is today. If this occurred, where do you think they would get their mercenaries to do their dirty work? What if people took literally and seriously Jesus’ very sobering warning “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.” And remember, Mr. Mercenary, that you are going to be dead a WHOLE lot longer than you are going to be alive… so is it worth it?

          “If individuals be not influenced by moral principles; it is in vain to look for public virtue; —James Madison, in response to Washington’s first Inaugural address, 1789 Of course this depends upon what the meaning of “is” is.

          . Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

          Samuel Adams once said, “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.

          And from Pat Buchanon, for your additional reading pleasure: “In this deepening crisis, what is being tested is not simply the resilience of capitalism, but the character of a people.”

      28. What an utterly laughable article. Keep reading the fear porn kiddies, 90% would die during an EMP, but somehow your old, fat ass is gonna make it.

        Whatever to sell ad revenue I guess.

        • Yep, and 8 million years from now, nothing will have happened. We’ll all still be watching DWTS, NFL, whatever.

          As a matter of fact, scientifically speaking, there WILL be another Carrington Event. In fact, we JUST missed on a couple years ago by a couple weeks in our orbit.

          But, then, I’m assuming have no idea what the Carrington Event even is, do you?

          The point is not doomer porn; rather, it is to simply be aware of threats, make a probability analysis of them, and take action accordingly. There is a VERY low probability that my house will burn down. Heck, I’ve never even had a car accident claim in 40 years of driving. But at the end of the year, I don’t say “Darn! I wish my house had burned or I had a car crash do I could have gotten my money’s worth out of the deal!” Rather, preparedness is insurance so you DONT live in fear, and don’t have to live a dependent lifestyle.

        • Blah blah
          That is not Fear Porn, that is Magical Thinking.

      29. I wasn’t going to comment on this thread- but, all the discussion on dead bodies and what to do with them compels me to make an observation.

        Nature absorbs death. Very few animals on earth have a burial when they die. The practice of “sky burial” where a corpse is exposed to the elements and animals, is one example of an ancient practice still observed today. The trouble we have more as modern humans is staring death in the face, so to speak. But, back in our not too distant past, our dead were laid out in our front parlor for a viewing. The term “living room” was coined in opposition to the old fashioned (then) idea, that the formal parlor was a room of death.

        The primary danger in a mass of bodies is water contamination and disease transfer through insects, primarily flies. So you will want to remove bodies to a dry, high place and let the animals take care of business. Here in Texas, the fire ants alone would make short work of a corpse.

        Unless it is a person who means something to you, you are not going to want to expose yourself to danger in taking the time burying bodies outside in the open where you can be attacked. Funeral pyres attract unwanted attention through their smoke.
        Best thing to do is wrap them in a tarp, drag them downwind far enough, unwind them and let nature take her course.

        • I agree. Most people are sheltered from death. In Tibet the ground is hard, and may be frozen, so bodies are taken to a hill where carrion birds take care of everything.

          I grew up near woods and we would find dead animals. Well, usually our husky dog found them. They didn’t last that long. You don’t find skulls or even antlers or bones in the woods or forest. Why? They are eaten by mice and creatures for the calcium. It all just ends up as duff on the forest floor and it doesn’t take that long.

          • wow. You are so right. I have a wild possum who comes around and i leave him all my chicken bones….and he eats
            EVERYTHING !! Not a tiny piece of bone left. All gone. Yep!

      30. FYI The Hungarian debacle was in 1956. When it happened I was right down the road at Tolz. Less than30 minutes from Red paratroopers. I still hate sirens after midnight. Scared the snot out of this fourth grader and I have been a good Boy Scout, survivalist, and prepper for the last 60 years!

        • Please share your stories and your history. Too many people have not been taught or have not heard about the past. God bless.

          • Well, i am 67 female. When i was a kid in the 1950’s the cops were great. They didn’t wear black like natzies. They wore blue shirts. My dad was a drunk. Every weekend we would drive to the country when i was ten and he would get pretty drunk. We went to see my aunts and stopped at a couple bars. On the way back to the city my dad drove fast and real fast around the curves. I was with him most of the time visiting relatives. Not ONCE did we ever get stopped by a cop. I would remember that. They never harrassed them. Not saying that drinking and driving is good. Just saying that even tho my dad needed to be stopped he never was. Now a lot of the time i see cop cars all over the country where i live. I am in western ny.

      31. Justice: “the young won’t fight” ” the young don’t care about freedom”. I am 23 an a daily Viewer of this site an also a passionate prepper. If the time comes I will be dishing out 308 an 556 along side my older patriot comrades. I will be in slim fit pants tho..

      32. There is a lot being said here about how weak the grid is. Ask yourself this question,why doesn’t the government fix it? Because they want Americans to die? They can’t fix it but they can see how fast a shrimp can run on a treadmill? How about billions of taxpayer dollars given to our enemies? How about our social security money to illegal aliens and enemy refugees with healthcare while our vets are treated like yesterday’s garbage!!! The government in power hates Americans!!! Wake the F#$% up!!!

        • God forgive us! lets us return to you, and bless us with your truth! Thank you Patriots for providing the rest of us with great info! Be safe!

        • I agree totally. Too many of us. They want us dead. What better way than by war, disease and starvation?! I believe they don’t care about the grid cuz they already have their underground bunkers with food, greenhouses, water, medicine, animals for meat, etc.
          By the way 25 yrs ago i lost my job and i starved for three months. I had just enough money to pay the rent and the lights and gas. I had no extra money for food. I went to a soup kitchen 3 days a wk for one meal and ate sometimes at my moms, but i remember going to bed hungry every single nite. I had popcorn and crackers. No butter, nothing else. It’s a horrible feeling to go to bed hungry. I learned my lesson!!! Now i tell people that even if you are poor make sure you have some rice and beans. It will fill up the belly.

      33. I think we need the young ones to help the old ones!!!

        • ” I believe they don’t care about the grid cuz they already have their underground bunkers with food, greenhouses, water, medicine, animals for meat, etc.”

          I figured out a LONG time ago that the grid was being sabotaged with simple neglect. I was laughed at. Now here we are, and America is a House of Cards: one simple shove and it all comes down. Worst for me is I’m now disabled, post 7 back operations with “massive nerve damage and chronic intractable pain”, and can’t walk any distance. Income is mostly SSDI – just enough to pay the utilities and avoid starving – usually. It’s not going to be easy. Oh! They’re also cutting down pain meds to a mostly useless dose and pushing SSRIs and other garbage. After (FINALLY!) about five years of being able to function at least, it’s back to almost no sleep, etc. Ah well – nobody lives forever.

          • Ian
            For strong, non narcotic pain relief, try wild lettuce. Dry ( in a car will work) and use for tea or in a tincture. Free for the picking. I now have this growing on my property, grabbed seeds from one in a parking lot in town.

      34. It’s been occupied since 1789 by the Federalists’ government. How are people faring under that? Not well at all, if they desire individual liberty.

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