How to Get Free Weed… “4200 Joints For Federal Legalization”

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 36 comments

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    Visitors coming into town for the inauguration may be greeted with an offer for a free joint.

    If they take it, they can legally possess the weed in D.C., though they can’t legally light up in public.

    A pro-cannabis group is using the high profile day to raise awareness about the important developments in the battle for legalization by handing out 4200 joints full of legal pot.

    via KCEN-TV 6:

    You might catch a strong smell of marijuana on Inauguration Day. That’s because there will be thousands of joints handed out—for free—by the DC Cannabis Coalition.


    “The main message is it’s time to legalize cannabis at the federal level,” said Adam Eidinger, the founder of DCMJ, a group of D.C. residents who introduced and helped get initiative 71 passed in the District.


    “We are going to tell them that if they smoke on federal property, they are risking arrest. But, that’s a form of civil disobedience,” said Eidinger. “I think it’s a good protest. If someone wants to do it, they are risking arrest, but it’s a protest and you know what, the National Mall is a place for protest.”

    The group is not an anti-Trump group, but they have publicized their concerns about the attitude of the new administration, given that the foremost legal figure in the country will be former Senator Jeff Sessions, if he is confirmed.

    Session’s strong fight against marijuana legalization may speak volumes about the uphill battles that are likely to face efforts to end the drug war.

    Eidinger is worried, though, that all this progress will be lost with the Trump Administration, specifically, with Trump’s pick for attorney general: Jeff Sessions.

    “We are looking at a guy who as recently as April said that they are going to enforce federal law on marijuana all over the country. He said marijuana is dangerous,” Eidinger said.

    7 states have now legalized some form of recreational marijuana, while 28 states have recognized legal status for the medicinal use of .

    President-elect Trump has stated that he believes: “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.” But he has also wavered in his position, and it could shift depending upon the advice he gets while in office.

    More recently, the DEA moved to reclassify CBD oil, the non-psychoactive cannabis oil that has been used to treat epilepsy and block tumor growth, as a schedule 1 drug, classified next to heroin as having no medicinal value.

    According to Claire Bernish:

    After the DEA moved to further constrain Americans’ access to medically miraculous CBD oil by classifying it alongside heroin and cocaine, Britain chose compassion and common sense — and just classified cannabidiol (CBD) as a medicine.

    On Monday, Britain’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) decided CBD — which can treat illnesses and conditions from severe childhood epilepsy to autism to cancer — warranted the classification as a medicine based on credible evidence of its efficacy.

    Thus, unlike in the U.S. — where the substance is now considered devoid of medical benefit by the DEA — CBD meeting quality and regulatory standards may be legally obtained by any British citizens who need it, reports High Times.

    Though this determination is absurd and goes against common sense and scientific understanding about its value, it makes perfect sense in light of the big moneyed interests in the pharmaceutical and medical industries who are intent on protecting their patented synthetic drugs and propagandizing their use in health care treatment.

    The prospect of a simple but highly effective remedy is not a welcome development for affordable medicine, it is an assault on profit.

    Who benefits from such a criminalization of cannabis, in either recreational or medicinal form?

    Check the donors, and see what happens over the course of the next administration.


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      1. I’d smoke it but it doesn’t help with anxiety

        • Wonder what they are spiking that “free” pot with? I’d say there will be 4200 liberal zombies smashing shit on inauguration day.

          • Those boot licking pot smoking brain dead psychopaths. Better get their free pot from the government because if they try to grow their own, the EPA will come and drain their pond and or swimming pool. But who cares cause they ain’t nothing but scum sucking cookey munching dope heads anyway.

        • Are you smoking an Indica or Sativa? There is a difference. A pure indica (not hybrid) is known for helping anxiety,it gives you a more narcotic effect. I take good pure CBD hemp oil which has no THC which helps me thwart anxiety attacks. It’s not cheap but should help. Also, If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal I would suggest an oil called Charlotte’s web where it is mostly 97% CBD oil.

      2. Good people don’t smoke pot until the right people are positioned to make money from the sale of pot. Then it will be better than ok.

        • Thats a true statement.

        • But regular cigarettes are A-OK With the FDA which contains over 105 poisonous carcinogens, chemicals including arsenic, tar, nicotine, and the list goes on and on. Jeffy Sessions is a Hypocrite.

      3. There are things here that were granted to us for our health. I’ve long ago shed the stigmatism of anything the cowards in DC pitched as being bad for us so called peons.

        • BTW, do I smoke Marijuana? Nope haven’t touched it since high school. Would I now? Yep if I was sick and felt it would benefit my recovery. YMMV. Carry on!

          • “P”
            Never touched the stuff myself. If I was sick and it would help I WOUMDN’T smoke it. Smoking POT is an excuse for the pot heads. If I was sick I would eat it, and ground it up and put into shakes. So you don’t need to smoke it. There are side effects to smoking it. That is if I’m already fighting one thing I don’t have to fight the side effects.


            • Sarge,some folks get better medical effect from smoking pot or another cannabis product depending on what condition they are trying to help/relieve ect.,trust me,I know.

              A friend was a grower for years,made a lot of money/paid off a home/has value stashed.A smart friend of his told him to shut down,got away with a lot of money with no police attention,just shut down,he listened to his smart friend,to a degree.

              He now grows and makes all sorts of oils/brownies/cookies ect. for different folks medical problems,usually cancer treatment relief and does this for free,not a penny cost to folks/this includes a system similar to meals on wheels were product delivered to folks who are really fucked up due to
              medical conditions.

              I hope you and your family never need it,but,if you do ,post and would set you up,this happens nationwide.

              On a sidenote,do not smoke pot and feel legalize ALL drugs and end the drug/cop/court/prison/gang cartel bullshit!It is nobodies elses business what a person chooses to do when no harm to others,the laws cause the harms,freedom,you are either for it or not folks!

              • I will happily admit to smoking marijuana (regardless of the possibility of potential trolling). I am not sick, and I certainly am no criminal. The opening paragraph to the U.S. Bill of Rights states, “It is the duty, of every American citizen, to refuse to follow any unjust law.” I cannot regard it to be a reasonable law to 1. Criminalize a substance that at best increases ones quality of life, and at worst harms only the user, and 2. Under no statistical measurement has marijuana shown to be significantly dangerous, and significant data that shows perfectly legal (Albeit regulated) substances are significantly more harmful.
                The mexican drug cartel happens to benefit from marijuana sales in the U.S. something to the tune of %76 of their operational funds. Legalize marijuana and you’ve basically de-funded a primary supplier of illegal immigrants to the U.S…

      4. On of the unpublished problems that Obama has left us with is allowing the marijuana industry access to the banking system.

        When they let the marijuana growers deposit proceeds into the bank they have also allowed the drug cartels to do the same.

        Our country will look like Mexico before long.

        • Yeah that is so. But our government has always wanted to cut out anyone who could make money from the proceeds they deemed illegal. These bastards have had their fingers in legal and illegal ventures since God gave breath to Adam ( no disrespect to those who don’t feel the same). Frig these bastard pups! Everyone should do what he feels is right.

        • “When they let the marijuana growers deposit proceeds into the bank they have also allowed the drug cartels to do the same.”

          How are the illegal drug dealers allowed access because the legal marijuana sellers are?

      5. The government has no right to tell an adult what they can and can’t consume or put in their body. Especially as something as harmless as pot. I was liking sessions up until I read that quote from him. Only way he can save face is to prosecute the cunt and lock her up.

      6. ?? FREE WEED ??
        •lambs quarters

        Unlimited Supply

      7. People who want to outlaw religion and guns and legalize marijuana have seriously warped values. I will concede that if you are shooting your gun, you shouldn’t close your eyes in prayer or smoke cannabis. You especially shouldn’t do it if you are anywhere near me while you are shooting!

      8. Doesn’t outlawing weed interfere with one’s “right to the pursuit of happiness?”

        Senator Sessions needs to sit in on a joint session of Congress.
        Put it on you tube, we could use a laugh.

        • Where does the “right to the pursuit of happiness” come in when it comes to hanging crooked politicians

      9. Marijuana became a Title 1 dug, the same as heroin, in 1970 because just so conveniently its users were prevalent in both the Anti War and Civil Rights movements. It gave the government an added tool to suppress these groups.

        Its a fact.

        • Damn, I got the munchies just reading this article. Grow your own off the grid and scatter the plants around. Blend it in wth bamboo.

          • Jonny Appleseed with a twist

      10. This stuff causes people who are smart, healthy, and active to become complacent, lazy, fat, and slow and forgetful.

        It is a terrible idea for teenagers to smoke it because everyone else does.

        On the other hand, it helps hard core heroine addicts to detox safely, with less pain and less chance of going into a seizure.

        For epileptics, it means the difference between pot and surgical removal of half their brain. Pot is then a no-brainer. Just do it. The law is there to serve the people, not the DuPont family.

        Cancer patients don’t puke as much.

        Anorexics eat.

        Pressure on eyes is relieved saving vision.

        Some mental states are improved.

        The doctors find more than a few reasons to justify the medical use. So why the taboo. Because there are synthetic substitutes which make the big Pharma types rich, and frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn.

        I suggest people do what is best for themselves, and keep quiet about it. If my kid was having 25 seizures a day, guaranteed, I wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever I had to to save that child. I’ld strangle a politician before I’ld let some corrupt or ignorant person hurt my baby. So, watch yourselves.

        Potheads may moan, and switch to a legal drug, or just do without.


        • I would not necessarily agree with you’re assessment that marijuana can cause those things…Much is the same with many other, perfectly legal things. The discussion should not be about addiction, as alcohol addiction also can cause those same attributes, let alone many other much worse traits. Should we now return to alcohol prohibition, as it would be best for ourselves? No I think not, I tend to agree with Warchild Dammit!, “It’s freedom, you either like it or you don’t.”

        • From a legal perspective:

          There are too many laws. I don’t believe we need to involve law enforcement in the drug business. I would like to be able to choose whatever drug I wanted to use. I don’t think any drug should be illegal. They should be over the counter. I do believe in freedom.

          That doesn’t mean I want to see three year olds shooting heroine. I think we need to be responsible for teaching our children the dangers and appropriate use of drugs. Unfortunately, too many people take dangerous synthetic drugs, leaving the decision up to doctors. This abdication of responsibility is killing America.

          I don’t like using drugs, period. But I don’t need Big Brother over my shoulder, and in my business 24/7. So legalize everything. No taxes either.


          • I don’t disagree with you entirely. I’m not on the same page with all drugs, ie the synthetics that apparently cause people to eat each others faces, these have displayed an obvious danger to others. I totally agree with the three year old on her ion deal. At the risk of sounding hypocritical on freedom, I do think a modest level of appropriate regulation would be necessary, and if taxes attributed to pot were dedicated to the federal deficit, I wouldn’t mind taxation either.

      11. B from CA You totally confused me, when it comes to epileptics. You say one is surgical removel of half their brain and pot is a no-brainer. I think I’ll go with the surgery and half a brain sound better than the pot method.

      12. Sessions has an opinion. And so do I. I don’t like weed but if I did, I’d smoke the hell out of it.

      13. It’s called dope for a reason. I don’t burn but hey if people wanna kill their brain cells and waste $ that’s fine by me. I had a buddy that grew some and he had all these chemicals to put in it. Fuck that shit not good for your health I don’t care what anyone says.

      14. Not sayin’ it doesn’t help some folks. I know it does. Not sayin’ I never smoked it. I went to college.


        I wonder how the families of the LEOs who were killed in the line of duty for the War on Drugs feel when states legalize weed for the tax profits. I think I would feel somewhat betrayed.

        The state can sponsor gambling (lotto) and drugs (weed) for profit? Sad state of affairs.

        • And Grandee your statement is the only reason why its legal now….the tax money. All my early years when I heard nothing but how it would lead to harder drug use and how bad it was. Alcohol abuse is worse. My two or three times of smoking weed never did much for me so I left it alone. I didn’t care for cigarettes either. Now a good cigar? Mama mia!

      15. It amazes me to see the sort of reefer madness you would expect from hard core conservatives. The level of ignorance on cannabis here is simply stunning. It still seems that people actually believe what the government is saying about cannabis is true. I thought that those who posted here had much more common sense. Cannabis is non-toxic, cannabis is food, cannabis is simply put, the most important plant in human history and not one death has ever been reported in over ten thousand years of use by humans. It is the most useful plant on this earth and has more uses than any other commodity. anything that you can make out of oil you can make out of cannabis. For that reason and a few others it was made illegal in the 1930s. Time magazine even had a cover that said Cannabis would be the first billion dollar crop and then it was made illegal by the powers that be. DuPont Hearst and the Rockafellers made sure of that. Ask yourself who actually benefits it being illegal? Educate yourself people and stop relying on government propaganda concerning cannabis. It cures cancer for gods sake among many other diseases/aliments of mankind. Watch some of the videos of people who are having a seizure and take cannabis oil and it INSTANTLY stops the seizure. Imagine all the little bald headed angels that DO NOT have to be in hospitals. Imagine telling those children that they will never have to be in pain or fear of their life ever again. My infant daughter spent her whole short 5 months in 3 different hospitals in 3 different cities and I saw thousands of little babies and children that did not have to be there but for the fucking government keeping cannabis illegal. Who is the real criminal? Now you tell me: are you going to deny this miracle cure to those angels? To their parents? Are you seriously going to tell those parents “yeah we have a cure for you child that has NO SIDE EFFECTS but you cant have it because assholes a hundred years ago made it illegal even though before that every doctor had cannabis in his black bag…sorry…here is some big pharma drugs with horrible life threatening side effects though!” and as far as it getting you high as well as curing cancer etc….why is feeling a little bit better when you have been in chronic pain a bad thing? Are you telling me those people don’t deserve to feel a little better once in a while? who are you to deny them that? And as far as it being “addicting” well cheeseburgers are addicting, cigaretts, coffee, caffine, sex, gambling, ALCOHOL, sugar…sugar is killing hundreds of thousand every year….but cannabis, a substance that has never killed anyone ever, yeah that is dangerous.

      16. As someone who had smoked cannabis for well over 45 years I call BS on those who seek to denigrate this miraculous plant based on lies. In keeping with positive comments made above tptb and their parroters are strikingly stupid in their police state lust. Smokers question authority with real facts . Cannabis is by it’s nature is antiwar, a fact the establishment cannot deal with, make love not war is 100% correct. Trump needs to clean house at the FDA. Using cannabis is for every American, even those brainwashed for whatever reason.

      17. The most interesting aspect of this Federal Pot issue should be solved with one simple assessment… Do a patent search on MJ and you will find 3…3 patents filed by the feds for medical use of MJ.
        With MJ in question, regarding “medical” use, why is it that “we the people” can not use the item so plainly listed under patent, to be beneficial as a rather simple “natural” medical plant that has been used for thousands of years ?
        Simple….no $ involved for the feds !

      18. I want to help legal weed. April smith I need it for med, n pain.

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