How To Build Wealth In This Economy: “Rattle Snake Investing”

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    In recent years, as the greatest depression has taken hold, we’ve seen double digit wealth destruction in America.

    With global economic fundamentals signaling further degradation in the system for years to come, it should be clear that we’ll continue to see debt-based asset values collapse.

    So what investments are going to survive when others fail?

    The answer is simple: Hard assets.

    When traditional money (such as Federal Reserve Notes) becomes worthless, people will always be willing to trade for physical assets that maintain an inherent value – whether that’s food, gold, copper, or even the labor skills you’ve developed.

    Marin Katusa of Casey Research, who we’ve featured regularly on this web site, and who recently warned that the bubble in asset prices is invisible to most because they are embedded deeply inside of it, has some very insightful ideas for those looking to diversify into investments that will survive when others won’t.

    In addition to an extremely knowledgeable overview of the future of gold, silver and other commodities, Marin shares a wealth of actionable information. If you’ve got a child entering college, or even getting out of college with no prospects, consider some of the ideas he puts forth about how to succeed in today’s unfriendly labor market. Moreover, Marin shares his thoughts on where and how you should focus your energy as it relates to personal finance and wealth building.

    Unprecedented times call for unprecedented strategies, and Marin Katusa’s got some great ideas.

    Watch this interview from Future Money Trends, featuring Marin Katusa:


    (Watch at Youtube)

    Marin Katusa on how to position yourself for the long-term:

    You just have to be patient, I call it rattlesnake investing.

    You just hang out and you wait, and when the opportunity’s there, you have to snap up and grab it. And I love this market. And I don’t think we’re going to be out of the woods for another couple of years, but it’s the choices you make today that are going to position yourself for the big upswing.

    Not sure what to do? Whether you’re an investor, or you’re considering building your own businesses, stick to what you know and love:

    Basically, get in to something and become as knowledgeable as you can as possible. Submerse yourself into it, and take some big risks.

    Get in on these things early, find the right people who you can learn from. Doesn’t mean you’re going to have success, but my story, I saw the big potential first in tungsten, then in uranium. But get out there, meet people, read, find your passion and develop that. It might not be resources for your people but it might be bio tech, it might be whatever it is, but you have to follow your passion. And I truly think that the first step if you want to become a truly successful investor, it doesn’t matter what, it could be in utilities, it could be in pharmaceuticals. You have to follow your passion, if you don’t love doing it. For example, I love going out. I’ve been involved in building copper mines. If you don’t like going out there and kicking rocks and getting out there with the miners and the geologists and the engineers and raising the money and dealing with the politicians and the social issues and the natives, and all of these aspects, you’re not going to succeed at it unless you love it, so follow your passion. That’s the one, only thing I can say is follow your passion.

    There are still great opportunities out there for people looking for jobs in this dying job market  (even if you only have a high school diploma!) – you just need to know where to look:

    Look, if you’re a young, aggressive, hardworking guy, and let’s just say that you don’t have an inclination towards education or the academic or the financial world, go to a copper mine, you can start making at base a hundred thousand a year driving a truck. That’s just base, that’s not including bonus.

    You can read the full transcript at Future Money Trends



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      1. Invest in tangible items that you can hold in your hand.

        They are the only thing that may save your life…learn how to negotiate for tangible items.

        All these guys are fos.

        • For every dollar lost, there’s a dollar earned.

          • This is a very good strategy in regular times, but these are bizarro strange times. It would almost be a good idea to take the philosophy of totally investing with the off the wall attitude. In other words think on the crazy side, as crazy seems to be what is taking hold.

            Other than this, you just cannot go wrong investing in food, water, and other supplies that you WILL use if you can keep a good rotation schedule. There are far more personal SHTF events that hit everyday life than the mega ones yet to come. With the high price of food and the shrinking of packages to hide inflation, when you buy tangible goods and put them away, this is money in the bank. The bank of life and survival. 🙂

            • “Rattle Snake Investing” has always existed within classical investing. It has long been the classical idea of holding a portion of your assets in cash, so that you can move on an opportunity of value when it pops up.

              And it will pop up.

              Taking “risks” is not really necessary if you have real knowledge about the subject or business that you are contemplating.

              The keys to good investing are PREPARATION and PATIENCE. With real knowledge you will recognize the opportunity when it presents itself.

              With the proper education, you will recognize your place within the cycle and will be able to anticipate the turning of the wheel; whether it is oil & gas before winter, orange juice futures in January, or the seasonal adjustments of the gold market. Not to mention real estate.

              Once you have reached this level of understanding and perception, you must move quickly when an opportunity arises because there will be others with equal or superior knowledge to your own.

              With stocks and bonds it is not necessary to be first. with real estate it is. If you miss out, hey, don’t worry! Another, maybe a better opportunity will come your way. It always does. Use the experience from the last one to prep for the next.

              Experience pays BIG dividends. Experience is collected over time. Use time to your advantage and make it work for you, a little bit every day as you apply yourself to the task at hand. 🙂

              • It’s important to be first with real estate, you say?
                Ah, you always cheer-lead for the realtwhore section.

                Comment by Housing Analyst
                2013-10-20 12:00:33

                “median price has dropped about 8 percent since June”

                Falling median prices through out the “peak selling season” tells us what?

                Housing prices are grossly inflated.

                Housing demand at 14 year lows tells us what?

                Housing prices are grossly inflated.

                Borrowing costs at 50 year lows while demand sinks tells us what?

                Housing prices are grossly inflated.

                Considering new construction costs are $55/sq ft (material, labor and profit), the current median asking price has a long way to fall…. a very long way to fall.


                You say that With real knowledge you will recognize the opportunity when it presents itself.
                And that is why you’ve been telling people it’s been a good time to buy for the last several years (decades?)?

                If you miss out, hey, don’t worry!
                No doubt about that.

                • I don’t think I’m alone but I got real gun shy back in 04-05. Remember back when your local professional real estate/brokers were like rabid ferrets urging anyone and everyone “make that initial investment and get into a house we can get anybody approved.” The market is roaring, get in the game, you will make a ton of profit.
                  Do you remember that shit?
                  The economy was wildly better than it is right now, by a moon shot!
                  And this guy is touting essentially, get ready to throw your spare Capitol in on some wild scream at the drop of a hat and if it don’t work out. Go and drive a copper haul truck..for a $100K.
                  This is nonsense and nothing but.
                  The absolute LAST thing I would do right now is wing ANY financial security in a market scream of ANY type what so ever. Let those big trading houses feed on each other till they are broke and gone.
                  How stupid is this shit?
                  Could you imagine and add in the want adds saying, Kennacott Copper. Wanted; truck drivers, starting wages a $100K plus bonuses?
                  What kind of and how big would the riot that would occur? Friggen thousands and thousands of people would camp out for weeks on site.
                  This dude Marin Katusa must be living in a box somewhere or so disconnected he shouldn’t be where he is. He sounds like a charlatan or a fool!

                  • Mac,

                    If we oppose surveillance (and we do!), why does the SHTFPlan home page infest my computer with 20 or 30 “cookies” when I visit?

                • It tells me that there are more sellers than buyers. Farm ground is holding it’s own and increasing in many cases. If corn prices drop bellow $4.00 you could see farm ground follow the downward trend, but feel it may lag grain price by a year or more. Grain farmers have lots of cash and could support the agricultural ground market.

                  Question for Housing Analyst about what kind of house is being built including profit for $55 a square foot? Basic basement remodel will run $40, generic house with basement is at least $100. Add oak trim, a nice counter top, wood/tile, and you are at $125. Get your wife involved and you are at $150. Than add your lot price to that figure. Lots around here average $3 a square foot.

                  Wonder if HA has ever analyzed it by actually building a house?

                  • Well, Shootit. Many of the farmers you hype have a huge income stream built from & dependent upon gooberment subsidies. Have you considered that?
                    Additionally, farmland prices are increasing because easy Fed funny money is finding it’s way there.

                    Also, analyzing something from building One, is called anecdotal evidence, especially when you ignore things like averages, as ‘wrong’ does below. Such carries no water. It’s much like Kulafarmer down below saying “Ag land is always a good investment”, it just ain’t so, and hasn’t always been so. Unless you pretend the land booms and busts of the past never happened.

                    I posted the link above if you really wanted to get more info for the questions you asked, it’s there.

                    But if you all want to go ahead and think these things and say stuff like, “Foreclosed properties are a good investment too”, you just go right on ahead. Yeah, a depreciating liability is an investment, sure. …Just don’t say nobody tried to warn ya.

                  • You are correct. Farmers currently have huge revenue streams driving agricultural land prices along with the funny money. We are seeing non-farmers purchasing large tracts of land with ie funny money. Unless you plan to buy and hold long term or pay with cash it may not be the best investment. Some of the negatives of having your assets tied up in ground is that they are tied up in ground. On paper I am worth millions, but don’t have the cash to buy a new truck. A couple of things to look at before purchasing ground are population growth, hedge against the dollar, cash flow of said ground, and ability to live independently.

                    I feel qualified to comment on housing costs based on the fact in last two years I have built 2 garages, 1 house, 3 additions, flipped 4 houses, numerous decks, remodeled kitchens, baths, replacement windows, and poured 100’s of yards of concrete. I am sure I forgot something, but you get the idea.

                    It is like any investment. You better understand the investment. I would feel confident in making an investment in a Foreclosed property because of past experience. Would I recommend it to a novice. Nope.

                  • AG/Clark: If you knew anything about farmland values you would know that the highest priced “farmland” is also in the oil & gas belts.

                    Many of these speculators are not looking to grow corn or hogs, but “trees”. Do you know what a “tree” is? LMAO! 🙂

                  • “The most expensive farmland in the U.S. was in New Jersey at $12,200 an acre, followed by Rhode Island at $12,000, according to the USDA. The cheapest land was in New Mexico and Wyoming, each at $560 an acre. The Corn Belt was the most expensive of the 10 regions tracked by the USDA, averaging $5,560 an acre after gaining 18 percent from the previous year, surpassing the Northeast, the most expensive area in 2011. The Mountain region was cheapest at $974 per acre.” – Aug 3, 2012


                    With the cornbelt being the most expensive region, the growing of trees does not seem to be a major force pushing up farmland prices. The cornbelt isn’t known for its trees.

                    Ya, sure, farmland has gone up the most in the Dakota’s and Nebraska, however, this comment was interesting:

                    “There have only been 3 times in the last 90 years we’ve seen this amount of increase in farmland values. We are getting close to the peak if the charts follow the previous paths. Since this is driven by low interest rates and grain prices inflated by Govt sponsored ethanol demand, what will the future hold?”


                    And don’t forget, lumber prices are supported by a housing bubble fueled by easy Fed Money. Tack on some increases of taxes on land, and things might get tight for the speculators. If they dump and run, look out below.

                • New construction costs $55.00/sq ft????? What state do you live in??? I’m building a very small (32×30 with 18×18 open loft) in northern Michigan right now. My bid was $126,800.00. Out of the three builders that bid it I was the middle guy. Built on a slab, decent windows, super insulated with pine doors and trim, nothing fancy. Your saying you could build this for $70,620.00? Materials Labor and Profit!!!

                  Sorry, I’m calling bs on that one…

                  • Wrong

                    A contractor in my area says
                    building an addition or anything
                    else, better count on $200. a sq ft.

                  • No kidding. I just built a 300sf shop, on slab, very nice construction matching the house, it cost me $18,000, and I did the work myself but for the concrete finishing, wiring, and a buddy/laborer for 3 weeks. It would have cost me over $35,000 to have it built by a contractor, and it would not have been as good of a job when completed.

                    Could have done it for about $14,000 if I didn’t run gas/cable/phone lines, put it on a reinforced and insulated 6″ slab, use plywood and not mushboard, cheapout on the roof, insulate and finish the interior, or put patios on two sides, but it still ran over $50 a sf with minimal labor costs.

                  • WRONG – i may have been one of the other contractors LOL.
                    anyway , you are right , and the price you agreed to is definetly fair, i have put up alot of those cabins in the last few years.
                    Gettin alot of Detroit rich dudes lookin for a BOL .
                    It really is laughable sometimes.
                    best of luck.

                  • As usual, Average Guy/Clark, does not know shit from shinola and pontificates from his mother’s basement without either education or experience. This time it is about the cost of construction.

                    Clark, check Marshall & Swift. 🙂

                    When he is not reading the rants of 18th century socialists he is probably watching Looney Tunes.

                    Clark, get out of the house and get a job, ANY job, or go back to school and get an education. When the hyperinflation that you believe will hit, HITS, that debt will be worth pennies, and the salary you will be able to command will be worth dimes.

                    Its all relative, Clark, but its better than living off mo and dad. 🙂

                  • So you guys aren’t going to like this quote either:

                    Comment by Housing Analyst
                    2013-10-22 04:37:40

                    “As painful as the truth might be, if you paid much more than $35/sq ft for a house, you got ripped off. If you financed it? You’re screwed.”



                    Rural land values are on the rise all over the nation, but prices remain highest where real estate in general costs the most

                    “Plant nurseries and dairy farms are widespread, but much of this land is also used recreationally by city slickers looking for a place to relax or raise alpacas for extra income.”


                    Think about that. And beware the former bankers and other cheer-leaders of the realtors.

                • Sellers Will Have To Get Realistic

                  Comment by Whac-A-Bubble™
                  2013-10-21 09:01:25

                  Was there a farmland bubble in the runup to GD1? […]

                  “In general, if you ask, is farmland in a bubble, I’ll say, no,” said John Taylor, national farm and ranch executive for U.S. Trust, a private bank that is part of Bank of America Corp. “But if you ask, are some people paying bubble prices, I’ll say, yes.”


                  Also, based on the red thumbs, it looks like some people don’t want to hear that Housing prices are grossly inflated.
                  I wonder why?

                • AG/Clark: Anytime is a good time to buy real estate if you understand the investment particulars and the local market. You don’t.

                  Now is a great time to buy real estate if you have the cash and analytical skills and know what you are doing. Again, you don’t.

                  The lack of demand (buyers) in the residential market (a 14 year low according to your analyst) makes it even better if you are a buyer and have negotiation skills to cut a great deal. Again, you don’t.

                  The smart money buys when no one else is buying, and sells when others are lined up for a lottery to see who gets to purchase. Your stupidity is exceeded only by your ignorance. 🙂

                  While national trends are a good indicator of the state of the economy, real estate is a special animal that requires education, experience, and special expertise to be successful. You don’t have that education or those skills.

                  Once you have acquired those skills you must be the first to pull the trigger on the investment opportunity or others with that education, experience, special expertise, and cash will get there first.

                  Every piece of real estate is as unique as every individual. But like with really hot chicks, the Principle of Substitution always applies. 🙂

                  • The great and powerful Durango Kidd has spoken!!!!

                  • He sure is a vile person, isn’t he, Anonymous?
                    Lashes out about the same as a zombie would, too.
                    You gotta watch yer back with those sorts when times get rough, that’s when the fangs come out.

                • AG/Clark: You said, “Falling median prices through out the “peak selling season” tells us what?

                  Housing prices are grossly inflated.

                  Housing demand at 14 year lows tells us what?

                  Housing prices are grossly inflated.

                  Borrowing costs at 50 year lows while demand sinks tells us what?

                  Housing prices are grossly inflated.”

                  No Clark, that is not how to interpret the data. The demographics for housing are over. Free Trade that you tout so much has destroyed American purchasing power.

                  YOUR purchasing power.

                  And if you remember (you can check the archives) I said early this year that housing was likely to take a double dip with the economy.

                  Housing prices are only grossly inflated compared to YOUR ability to buy. Dig a “Hobbit House”. 🙂

                • Where in the U.S. can you build for $55 sq ft? No where, double that number and maybe you could build a very very base home. Good Luck.

                • I have read most of these comments and Old Coalburner has a few pieces of advice. 1.Stick some gum on the darned camera. 2. Yes, the comments on here are a lot better than the article. Some of you folks in Real Estate need to get the free advice from Martin Weiss. He got me out of some properties just before the fall in 05, 06, 07. 4. And yes Real Estate is still at least 30% overpriced and when I built on last summer it was $90/sq/ft and my labor and general contracting was free. Did a little remodel this summer on a rental, spent 3 times the plan. Dang it! 5. Oh yes I am all for better negotiation skills, I work on that and teach my Grandkids all the time but after SHTF I want my sharp eyed Grandson with a CORE30 and a 20 round mag on the roof backing me up. You interesting folks out there or as Jim Sinclair calls you,CIGA’s for Comrades in Golden Arms, need to seek advice from some old codgers, I did before I was one. What the writer of the article was saying is always be ready to cash in on a good situation. Those depression survivors got really good at that and some got rich later on with what they learned as half atarved kids. Good Hunting to you all.

              • How long is this REALLY sustainable, not to mention a diversion?

                Today’s National Debt Clock:


                • Two sayings/phrases, come to mind when reading this article: Invest for the long haul/long term, and “Cash is King”.

                  I don’t believe there will be enough time left to invest for the long term as in years. That is, if one is planning to invest in the paper markets.
                  Investing in preps and “heavy use” items, is the only long term investing I’m doing now.

                  Cash is king for now, and i don’t mean dollars sitting in a bank account. Cash that is easily accessible that is within reach for immediate expenditures.
                  Whether it is $500.00 or $5000.00, it could prove to be worth ten times as much in a collapse/chaotic event that happens within hours, not days.

                  I can’t say for sure that it would happen this way; but, I can see a scenario such as this one as a high possibility whereby cash on hand would/could save lives.

                  Scenario: In the middle of the night, an EMP over central USA that takes down 90% of the grid. No access to funds via bank cards. No access to goods without cash or silver/gold.

                  John & Jane Doe have discussed prepping for a couple years, yet they never got serious about it because thay felt somewhat secure by keeping a rainy day nest egg tucked in a wall in the utility building or barn with about five grand total there.
                  As they awakened to find no electricity and finding the neighbors in the same boat, they got word after a few hours by somebody who knew somebody who “was” totally prepared and had a HAM radio and Faraday Cage unit and just got word that there had been an explosion over central USA earlier in the morning.

                  From their “looking” into prepping and talking about possible scenarios, the Doe’s realized the possibility of an EMP and long term chaos erupting within days.
                  Having an old pick=up truck out in the barn, without the modern electronics, they found the battery box in the basement that had been fully charged after being used in the fishing boat earlier in the month. Seeing that it had juice in it thay hooked to the old truck and poured some gas in the two barrel carb and she sputtered to life.

                  After grabbing the “rainy day cash”, they made a run for the local grocery store. The store manager, not knowing what had happened, had an assistant screen people at the door and explaining that they would only be doing business with “cash” customers until the power came back on. John and Jane dare not tell the people waiting outside that it wasn’t coming back on today,tomorrow or the day after; until thay filled up buggies and their pickup with supplies.

                  As they left the store, John turned the opposite way from home and Jane said WTF are you doing. John drove straight to the local gun shop and sure enough, the same deal was happening; cash paying customers only. Within 15 minutes, John had bought a couple thousand dollars worth of guns and ammo and the couple were heading home.

                  Little did they know, that they had beat the clock and the system. A few days later they learned all banks were under lockdown and martial law had been invoked.

                  Cash “was”, king for a day. Then reality set in that it was the same day that the music died. Death and Hell followed, along with all the folks that had invested in Wall Street and the ways of the world…..Greed.

                  • Mac,

                    If we oppose surveillance (and we do!), why do visits to your SHTFPlan blog infest my computer with 20 or 30 “cookies”?

                  • It’s a business, John Q.

                    Data collection pays bucks. SHTFplan even has at least two of it’s own tracking cookies…”shtfplan” and the “” cookie.

                    I require third party notification and selectively disable the tracker cookies as they appear.

                    I just assumed everyone did this. It cuts down on incoming spam I think and my wife doesn’t get any midget porn ads when she logs on. lol.

                  • Pissin onurself: that sounds like a fairy tale scenario. Nobody is firing up the old chevy in the barn with no modern electronics with a fishing boat battery and cruising to the store. If this is yours or anyone plans for survival ur already dead. Cash Is about as valuable as kindling or ass wipe if an emp fell. That’s it. 15 minutes to fire up the chevy go to the grocery store stock up and head to the gun store and stock up… Ahahahhahhahah. U high? I wouldn’t sell u a rock for 5 grand in an emp attack. I would however give you a hot 5.56 armor piercing incendiary rightin the mouth and take ur shit from U. That’s shtf. You people are not ready for every creepy crawly fuckin scumbag to come out of the woodwork. And have you and your families in thier sights.


              • Hey DK, you know that just about everything you post I agree with. Except one thing: Gold. Other than that you are a pretty smart guy.


                • Big B; I called a low for gold at $1200 here, last year, when it was priced at $1700+/-. The lowest inter-day price was $1180 before the rebound.

                  Its in the archives. 🙂

            • beer, moonshine, and marijuana. grow it, brew it.. profit before or after shtf

          • First you must spend less than you earn.

        • Negotiating will get you anything. That is the most important skill anyone can learn in this life and especially post SHTF.

          You can barter, keep peace, lead and be someone valuable in your bugout community.

          I bought this survival – prepper game which really sharpens your barter and leadership skills. It is also a great team building tool for ANY bugout group. Check it out.

          There was an ad for it here and I just went for it. Glad I did.

          • Bartering…sounds like the open markets here in Kentucky.

            I went to the local open market over the weekend. They had fresh garden produce, homemade baked goods, canned produce, honey, homemade quilts, homemade furniture, tools, ammo, guns, mre’s, survival equipment, clothes, etc.

        • Business suits mean trouble: Politicians, Lawyers, Funeral directors, Insurance salesmen. Feel free to add to the list.

          • Bankers, Realtors, Hospital Administrators…

        • Tried this myself and sure enough error 404 and a cheesy shooting video… weird

           jp, aljamo, and everyone else. I found a way of getting it through to Mac and now I will send what 12 words were blocked with the contact form and the comment section. Others have also received that 404 error message because of a key word(s) that they have used I imagine. I used simply the number that a letter represents in the alphabet. Here is the idiotic sentence that made the computers not accept it.
          Let a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14, 0=15, p=16, q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26.
          Yes, believe it or not those 12 words prevented the whole message from getting through on the contact Mac, and the comment section here. I mean it is nothing, it is only a statement that is very true, but something doesn’t like. I am thinking it could even be some hidden problem with SHTFPLAN site that some compuer analyst would need to figure out. Or some government doesn’t like it for some strange reason. I am clueless, I think it is ridiculous.

          • Many years ago I hung out on GodLikeProductions-which has a close relationship with the government and there are some words that you were not able to type in a comment…such as Jason Lucas, Tavistock, etc and you would be instantly banned from the site.
            I don’t believe that’s the case here, however, the guy that owns GLP(Jason Lucas) is a computer genius supposedly and he sold some of his many programs, malware, spyware to the government and I have no doubt that it’s being utilized on a number of sites to prevent certain phrases or ideas from being put into the comments or emails.
            Isn’t it just wonderful that freedom of speech has disappeared into neverland!

          • I just tried posting the forbidden sentence and got the 404 video.

            • I typed all the message; the only word not accepted when I typed was ‘reap’, so I used _ _ _ _ and it wouldn’t accept the message when submitted.
              404 message too!!

      2. Damn! A hundred grand a year to drive a copper truck? I’m in the wrong business.

        • It might just be me and I may be totally wrong but I just don’t think this article is true to reality…I mean if it were then there’d be a mad rush to drive copper dump trucks and the wage would go down…you know…supply/demand?…besides how many copper mines need drivers…cant be too many…

          • Copper huh, just read an article on two different sites a couple of days ago about a copper glut and prices starting to tank.

            • I believe he was using that job as an example…
              Just like say… if you know how to make buggy whips…
              After an EMP, hey…

        • Don’t rush for the job. These trucks are now becoming drones without drivers, operated by remote control. how much “Game Boy” experience do you have?

          Just asking. 🙂

          • Does “Pong” / “Collecovision” / or “Atari 2600 experience count? If so, I am so there! 😉

        • I would rather bid on a violin used once on the Titanic. FU Pelosi. FU McCain.

        • $100,000 is really worth about $50,000 today.

        • Anonymous,
          Ain’t hard to make 100 grand driving a copper truck. Guy in town drove a copper truck and made moocho bucks. A couple guys would go into repossessed houses and cut out all the copper pipes and throw it into his truck. Made all kinds of money (till they got caught.)

      3. I am not a big stock investor. if i had some money that might be a different story. but, he’s right. being passionate about what you do is the key to success. if nothing else, at least you’ll be happy.

      4. @ Mac. You are not going to believe this. I tried to send you those 12 words that blocked the article I was trying to transmit to you, and they still won’t go through on the contact site or the comment section. How about that. Did you get the article I wrote without those 12 words? Someone is continuing to block certain key words on this site, as well I bet with other people. This is disturbing don’t you think?

        • BI, What are the twelve words being blocked. I can’t imagine.

          • @ aljamo. I tried just now to send you the 12 words broken up by a bunch of other words, it still gave me the 404 error message. This is freaking weird. The computer, somewhere is blocking a simple little sentence that anyone could say, it is not threatening or anything, just a true statement. Things like this puzzle me a lot.

            • BI…
              Have you tried it this way-

              Trying to say
              Have you been there
              Either not

              World worst example
              Or not
              Roll it over
              Do you see it
              See it now

              The capitals spell out the words….it’s juvenile, I know!
              But then again, so is what’s being done…

              • @ jp, aljamo, and everyone else. I found a way of getting it through to Mac and now I will send what 12 words were blocked with the contact form and the comment section. Others have also received that 404 error message because of a key word(s) that they have used I imagine. I used simply the number that a letter represents in the alphabet. Here is the idiotic sentence that made the computers not accept it.

                Let a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14, 0=15, p=16, q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26.


                Yes, believe it or not those 12 words prevented the whole message from getting through on the contact Mac, and the comment section here. I mean it is nothing, it is only a statement that is very true, but something doesn’t like. I am thinking it could even be some hidden problem with SHTFPLAN site that some compuer analyst would need to figure out. Or some government doesn’t like it for some strange reason. I am clueless, I think it is ridiculous.

                • If that’s what was being blocked….then somebody in the gov is getting really paranoid!

                • them below those all from benefits the all reap few select a

                  • Wolfy,
                    Have a snickers bar,
                    Your just not yourself when your hungry

                    • I might need more than that. There is something very strange happening with my posts in regards to BI’s 12 words.

                    • Yep, sort of troubling isnt it

                • meht woleb esoht lla morf stifeneb eht lla paer wef tceles a.

                  Bwahaaha, mental exercise ..


                  hint.. stairway to heaven.

                  • A select few all benefits…

                  • from all those below them. Put reap in front of “all”.

                  • Reminds me of the kid on Christmas Story who was in the bathroom deciphering his decoder ring he got from the radio show. It said, “Drink your Ovaltine”.

              • @ jp and others. I found a way of getting what is being blocked to the comment section, those 12 words, and I sent it, but left it for Mac to moderate just in case it is some malicious set of key words that could hurt the site or something else. It is really strange because I have had this happen before, as well as other people with that 404 error message garbage. As soon as Mac OK’s it you can see what it was. It is so absurd it is laughable.

                • BTW, when I tried to repeat the same sentence back to you, I got the same 404 error and a video!

                  • @ jp. SEE, I am not too crazy. 😉 Isn’t that strange? I mean at least you and others did it and the same 404 error message came up. Seriously, I was worried about it that I was going nuts. If it is someone in the government doing this, they have throughly lost their mind(s).

                  • BI….I didn’t think that you were crazy, but I really couldn’t figure out what was so threatening to the gov in that sentence, so I had to give it a try.
                    I think that they send in the trolls first and if the trolls aren’t having a lot of success and they aren’t on this site, then they step-it-up to what we’re experiencing now…how sad! America is no longer the country that I grew up in…it’s now a caricature of what it once was!
                    And it will only get worse…..:(

                • WOW, I typed in the sentence backwards and it is in moderation now but when I posted it correctly error 404.

                  WTF is that!!

                  • Wolf, can you try and duplicate that issue? and when you get the 404 error can you copy the browser URL and email it to me?

                    sorry — working on this !!



                  • Wolf … You and I must think alike, did the same thing. But it went thru right away… LOL


                  • Mac,

                    are my previous posts with that sentence held up on your end in moderation or did they disappear?

                    • Some showed up — the reverse post did hit mod queue and i deleted it… will look for the email you mentioned… thanks wolf!

        • BI: Had a dream the other night about a three quake relationship. It starts in Vanuatu, about a 7.5 or more; then another in La Jolla, and then Pelee erupts in the Caribbean and LAND rises in the Gulf of Mexico.

          A trifecta. Just saying. 🙂

          • @ Durango Kidd. Vanuatu has had 12 major earthquakes from the present sequence, I just counted them. The La Jolla area is actually overdue and the fault off shore many feel is actually connected with the Newport Inglewood which is a dangerous 90 degree fault. This type of fault can produce a tsunami if it is large enough and shallow enough. Pelee erupted on May 8, 1902 and killed 28,000, and would be a little early to erupt this year. If the land rises in the Gulf Of Mexico this planet is in some serious trouble.

            It is interesting that a lot of energy is coming from the area between the Mariana Islands and Marshall Islands to Hawaii. There is suppose to be a massive magma bubble under this region that in millions of years is suppose to create a new continent and volcanic activity not since since India was formed at about the time of the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs. It is still pointing more so towards Japan, China/India, southern Alaska and the Cascadia fault, and the Nazca plate off of South America for a real huge quake.

            Dreams can sometimes come true, I can see these precursor quakes that again and again show just what is coming, because it has happened before. This coupled with plugging in a lot of numbers gives a decent answer to where the next major earthquake is coming. Even after the first 3 major earthquakes, the outer rim divergent quakes continue to say that a massive quake is coming. To think that back in 1976 the same area hit today, two and a half weeks later several hundred thousand people in China lost their lives is most disturbing what the planet is trying to tell us.

            • Thanks again BI
              Keep the data rolling!

      5. You have to build your life around making money in order to do so…moneys okay…need some myself from time to time and can usually use more than I have… but I played that game when I was younger and decided I don’t like that game enough to play it or to put up with the type of people that are generally drawn to that mindset…I went the other way and built a life that doesn’t need a lot of money to function…I found I couldn’t stand being around people who worried about…and thought about money all the time and who schemed and connived constantly to make more and had no time for just normal living or normal people…again Ive nothing against money but it just seems that you have to sell your soul along with your time to get much of it and you cant keep it anyhow so why bother?…just sayin…:(

        • I hear you REB.

          I was just reminded of how fortunate and blessed i am to be of this same mindset.

          Yesterday I ran into a close friend that had just visited a couple of “old” friends that we used to run with during the nineties and early 2000’s.

          They made their fortunes in Christmas tree farming and own thousands of acres and millions in cash/paper accounts. He is 57 and she is 56. Instead of living in reality that the Chrismas tree markets of old are gone and they don’t need more,more,more, they are now miserable and have turned into sickly, heavy drinkers, consumed by their lust for more money and scheming/planning for ways to convert their land into another commodity or usage.

          Instead of prepping their souls for eternity, it is quite evident that they are planning for more headaches and sinking farther down into the living rat hole of worldly greed.

          It is sad but true, that most of the world lives as they do.

          Not this daddy rabbit, my preps are in place and my sights are set on the light at the end of this long dark tunnel. The dark tunnel is life in a world of shit and the light at the end is Jesus Christ.

          Peace to you brother REB!


          • Thanks man…you too! 🙂

      6. We’re fully prepared. We have our savings split between cash and silver.

      7. I have found that the best way to learn how to do something is to watch someone who knows how. Most rich people have investments that rise and fall. They don’t always time things correctly. But one thing I have noticed with most rich people is that they invest a lot of money in art, automobiles, jewelry, and other collectibles. Whenever they get in dire straits, they always have collectibles to sell which bring in lots of cash.

        Most of us don’t have the money to invest in the same things rich people do. So we can copy the rich people on a smaller scale.

        I have done this. Here’s an example. In 1974 I bought a comic book (issue number one) for 20 cents. That comic book is now valued, depending on where you check, at over $100. If you have older comic books in very good to near mint condition, especially if they are the first issue, then you should keep them. If I had put that 20 cents in the bank, I might have $1 or $2 now. Even now, if I go into a book store that sells comics, I look to see if there are any new titles so that I can buy the first issue, put it in plastic, and store it away.

        Many of these small collectibles will fail to survive a major collapse in large quantities. Comics burn, and glass items break. Hopefully things would someday get back to a new normal. There will be new collectors looking for hard-to-find items. If you have kept your stash safe and in good condition, you might be able to do quite well.

        You may already have small collectibles. Some have said to sell your collectibles now for whatever you can get so that you can buy more preps. I am keeping my few items, since they take up little room and might be worth a lot more in the future. In the meantime, I can still enjoy them.

        Check into small collectibles, such as comic books, stamps, baseball cards, coins, etc. And it doesn’t hurt to diversify in the collectibles field.

        • Buy dirt. They don’t make any more of it.

          • I once new a contractor who used to make dirt and sell it.

            He’d get massive piles of sticks leaves and such….pile it up..grind it up and
            run his eq. over it. Add this… ad that..
            Then sell it for quite a bit… garden soil.

          • Earth gathers roughly 42 tons of debris mostly about the size of a grain of rice, filtering down from space. So, there is actually new dirt being made.

          • {{{Buy dirt. They don’t make any more of it.}}}

            Tell that to my mantle!!

          • You missed my slang. Dirt/ground/farm ground/land/surface area of earth where you can actually live. We compost all the time making dirt, but it doesn’t increase the size of my farm. I still have 160 acres.

            If you guys keep messing with me I am going to take my football and go home. 😉

            • Right there with you!
              Already doing that to some degree, but push me more and it will be all the way,

      8. hmmm..

        I started out as a cook wanting/loving to be a chef some day some 30 years the time I earned my stripes I was earning well over 25 an hour..then the economy tanked..

        Now the prevailing wage is well under 20 an hour 10 years later..


        am I missing something..???


        • possee asked, am I missing something..???

          Yeah, perspective.

          Many realtwhores and flippers were making much more than that before the crash.
          Afterward, they were making nothing.
          Or worse, they owed.

          You came out much better than they did.

          Not to say your disappointing wage gains are nothing to be upset about. Much of the nation’s people are in that same boat.
          Regulatory capture & massive regulation burdens, taxes, and inflation from The Fed stepped on you and a whole lot of others. Your particular job sector just didn’t gain due to all that. A lot of companies have a problem with anticipating those things and how they will affect them. It’s called, regime uncertainty.

          • average guy

            … at least I’m still working full time…the point is the article states find your passion,look for opportunities,be patient..

            That’s a no brainer if it were 20 years ago…hell everyone I work with is earning prevailing wages of 10 to years prior..and the only ones with any assets all have spouses working in the public sector..go figure..

            I work in the health sector as a chef..even nurses are earning less than they were years ago.and spend the majority of their time pushing pencils for state and federal regs ad nauseum..

            This leviathan of bureaucracy has crippled us “former” working middle class to our respective knees..and those fortunate enough to hold on to our homes are living week to week..if we’re lucky.

            The employment situation is dismal at best..100’s apply for one position in foodservice,,and they usually hire youngsters at a lower wage,under 30 hours(no benefits), as us “professionals” have too much experience and they know we’d be searching for a better wage somewhere else..except there isn’t any!

            I am not crying about my is after all survival of the fittest.. in this so called recovering economy..

            Right now my passion would be driving one of those copper trucks @ 100k a year..

            Sign me up..


            • I am making about the same as I did 15 years ago, but my household expenses have gone up about 50% since then. Hard to accumulate wealth that way…..

        • @Possee
          Thats what has happened with the trades over here, lots of guys working for less than they were 20 years ago just to have work, because of the unique nature of our market there are always high end jobs but there are nowhere near as many as there used to be.
          Union wages are good, but with hundreds of guys on the bench it can be a long wait and a lot of job calls.

        • Possee
          Sorry to hear your hours have went down. My Son is in the same boat.
          My have gone up. Crime is on the rise. theft and burglaries. If some one tell you its down they are full of CRAP!!!
          Make sure you secure you stuff. Sleep with one eye open and get a invest in a dog that will bark at anything!!! This just might save your bacon!!!

          • Thanks Sgt!

            Violent crime is supposedly down..yet all the others are up..robberies,burglaries,break ins.etc..

            My one eye is 1 in the chamber and 10 in the magazine..she comforts me everywhere..and I sleep very well indeed.
   she is by my side 24/7..

            regards to my sweetheart..Ms Ruger.


            • My sweety is miss colt, and she is usually always not far from my grasp.

          • I used to raise and sell AKC Boxers. There were many things i loved about the breed. One thing always stuck out in my mind; their lack of casual barking.

            When they did bark, it usually meant they wanted my attention towards something or someone. That type dog is a valuable asset.

            I now have a rat terrier that can smell and hear through the walls. They are amazing mutts. He stays inside with us so we are aware of anything or anyone messing around the house.

      9. “All hail the NWO…our Gods and masters.”

        Yeah right….

        Thank you founding fathers for the 2nd amendment.
        We will protect it and use it wisely.

        • That was very disturbing.

      10. Ag land is always a good investment, here in the islands there are some prime large pieces,
        Also some smaller 6-20 acre pieces on the Big Island that are priced right and a real good investment. Creative finance if you dont have the cash, maybe get together a group to buy?
        Land taxes arent too bad yet, and year round growing season means you could also have an excellent place to live.
        Foreclosed properties are a good investment too,
        Same strategy, get a group together, be cautious though, not all locations are created equal,
        I do know that our prices tend to track a lot more stable than other parts of the country, but there are still some bad deals,

        • Some day Agenda 21 will catch up with you…

          • Could be but i wouldnt hold my breath for that in my lifetime. More likely to be able to sell to a Chinese investor.

      11. Learn to weld, pipe fit, mechanics of any sort, electronics technician (plenty of engineers but not many tecs), become a nurse, learn all you can about the construction trade, anything IT (yes even in the grid down they will still be needed), heavy equipment operating, farming. When it goes to crap these will be needed trades. There are many others I have missed.
        Invest in Ground, Guns, Gold, and Grub first. Then look to pick up good deals in investing. Also have a rental or two will give you income even when things are bad. People always will need some were to live. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS……

      12. I think it might be a little irresponsible for someone who has already amassed a small fortune when times were good to encourage the general population to take big risks with whatever savings they’ve managed to hold onto. I would say if you’re young and don’t mind working your ass off and the college scene isn’t you’re thing there’s pretty good money to be made working in the oil industry. I know there’s been a shortage of truck drivers and roughnecks in west Texas and in S. Dakota last couple of years. Cell tower technicians make pretty good pay too. Speaking of collectibles, I’ve got some I’d be willing to sell if someone is looking to invest. Very collectible early 70’s restored muscle car, nice vintage writing instruments collection, very unique knife collection, vintage time pieces. Unfortunately, most of my large comic book collection was stolen a few months ago but I’ve still got a few. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can talk.

        • Isle,if you are going to try and sell a classic car at least let folks know what it is!We talking Vette/Goat/442 with w-30 package/Runner or Superbird/Pantera what?!

      13. IMHO, Marin Katusa is a moron. He’s living in a time bubble stuck in the 80’s. He talks about being near the bottom. How about we’re in a nose dive? Most major economies are printing up fiat like there’s no tomorrow. There WON’T be an upswing until the shooting dies down.

        We are approaching the End of the age of Fiat Currency.

        If you don’t have physical possession. It will be like it never existed. Banks will be closed and the government will confiscate much.

        When asked about a recovery. He says he’s not smart enough. Go ahead moron! Stick your head in the sand!

        The only thing I got from this is WHAT not to be like.

        While there are pockets of money in the U.S. Most of us are living in a shrinking economy. Best to hunker down and get the food growing. Not listen to this fool.

      14. Define money and I will show you a fool.

        • @ Satori. 3 hours with EBT, 3 days without… unless looted, which will probably happen in a city.

      15. Invest your monies widely,realize a lot of folks barely making it paycheck to paycheck,even then,a few bags of beans ect. a week,some candles,basic med kit ect.The littles do add up quickly,most will never have all they want in a SHTF scenario but every little thing you can add helps.Knowledge is another important item,so print up manuals ect. that may be helpful in bad times(read em now!)and perhaps a laptop with solar charger and info in disk in a small home built faraday cage,sure,best to have all knowledge in brain pan but realistically can only take in retain so much,backup is a good thing.Live and enjoy today,prepare for tommorow.Tis time for me to go out and scare deer as bow hunting season opened.Though I like to think of myself as a stealthy predator probably sound to the deer like Godzilla rambling thru Tokyo!

      16. @ Mac. Is everything OK, did you figure out why these words were being blocked? Did you get the article I sent you? It sure is screwy that certain words are being blocked and you get that 404 error message isn’t it?

        • Tried it to, many different ways..404

          it wont go for some reason

      17. I’m just a lowly prepper. I’m going to invest in gun, Ammo, Food, Water and Water purification equipment, Solar and Wind power, tools and the top two GOD and FRIENDS.
        We all know that when the EMP hit or the Grid goes down, WWW III, ends, or TSHF its going to be the 1800 all over again.
        When it dose come crashing down we might by the Grace of God end up with a better world. We can only PRAY that it is. I’m going to look on the bright side.

        • I forgot SILVER, LEAD, COPPER.

          • sarge,fishing equipment might be a nice addition and never forget,a chess set/other board games,copies of your favorite books ect,perhaps a few extra sets of guitar strings.Will be nice to survive tough times but still have as I like to say items that will help you enjoy the day.Enjoy today and live for it,prep for tomorrow.

            • War Child.
              Thanks so very much for the advise!!!!
              Be getting some more very soon.
              Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

              • Just dont fish in the Pacific!
                Glow in the dark sushi!

            • Cheap playing cards. Gene and I spend hours playing rubbikub with cards–we adapted the game a little.

          • Sgt. Dale
            The word from investment brokerages is to diversify….
            So I take that advice and diversify:
            45long colt
            380auto etc.
            also water hand pump, plenty of food, garden, plow, disk, cultivator, 3 tractors full of fuel and stabilizer, and very rural…

            • My next purchase is going to be a combination mill/lathe
              Soooo many things you can do with one,
              Also a generator to connect to the PTO on my tractor, the deisel will store longer and can mix vegetable oil with it to streatch it,

            • SAY
              already did. Add a couple 30/06 30/30 30 Car.
              Got some small farm equipment to put on the ATV X 3. Got most of the stuff, got solar, and wind power.

              This VERY GOOD advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      18. The website is acting strangely this morning.

        This article is completely hidden. I was able to get to it only by clicking on a comment.

        Is anyone else having this problem?

        • Mom,have had a few glitches leaving replies,hence will leave this one and see if it goes thru!

        • Had that yesterday, so far today seems ok,
          I would bet its gov dickheads meddling

      19. The most important thing you can invest in right now is your own brain. I’m not kidding. The best strategy is to become informed, keep a reference library, and learn to read between the lines on all of the horsecrap coming from media. Reading, writing and math were taught to us for a reason before programs like Common Core are being taught to todays young and useless. If you have time, learn to read music and play an instrument. In times of strife people love music to brighten their dreary world. Your brain is the best resource you got…use it.

      20. This article doesn’t ring true to me either and I’ll tell you why:

        We have never seen such danger coming down the pike like we are right here, right now. Is it good to have preps to trade? Absolutely. But we are on the edge of the NWO…and they will not take kindly to beating the system to trade. You won’t be able to go to the grocery store when it falls apart. I read about a place that had a power outage and they just shut the doors. No transactions whatsoever. There would be no transactions because there would be a safety risk and people’s lives would be in danger – they will just button up. People better understand that right now. Perhaps the Ma and Pa stores would remain open but the corporations will shutter their doors people. The bartering will only go on so long before that is cracked down on or they confiscate. Get right with God…because when the hammer comes down, it will come down hard.

        • From Walmart Headquarters:
          To all store managers. When EBT system is down, escort customers out the door, lock the doors. Send employees home.


          CEO of Walmart

        • Glim,do you perchance live on west coast and are building a boat?If so,the dog says Hi.

          • No. Midwest

        • Can’t get a cleaner case. Pastor, minority, carry permit.

          Amazingly it gets MSM coverage.

      21. In a real SHTF, long term survival scenario, during the first few months, most commodities will change hands. Other people can fight over whether you should have gold, silver, diamonds, led, copper, whatever – I’ll stick with investing in some serious skills. When all the preppers run out of food, booze and medicine, they’ll do anything to get more. Anything.

      22. I usually don’t have a problem getting through with a comment. What I can’t do is rate a comment, never have been able to once, could be the phone I’m using.

      23. KY
        Yes it keeps loosing my name and e-mail address.
        Big brother messing around again.
        They know each and everyone of us, and we are SCARING THEM!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale,

          It is doing the same here.

          Take care. Be safe.

          • same here

      24. Yet another earthquake, number 20 now, saying that a huge earthquake will strike soon. Within a 7 miles radius of today’s earthquake on the south Mid Atlantic Ridge, when this exact spot was hit in the years and decades past look at what happened after it.

        7.6 in Fiji in 1980
        7.5 in the Phippines in 1984
        7.8 in Sumatra in 2000
        7.5 in the Philippines again in 2002
        8.2 on Antarctica Ridge in 2005, 19 days later

        This is an extremely tiny spot to narrow it down to, 7 miles. Yet when this spot has been hit in the past, 5 huge earthquakes occurred after it. The 20th time out of 22 that these divergent zones have been hit and in the past at a 7.5 has followed, mostly 8+ as today. The previous precursor quakes that hit before major earthquakes never had this window of so many 7.5+. Most of these other sequences have been 6.5 to low 7’s. This time though again and again these spots that are hit show something very large coming. These are tiny little pinpricks on a map, yet 20 of these micro-spots say from the past records something huge is coming. Highly likely in the areas mentioned before.

      25. I can get a comment through. I can’t rate the comments, never have been able to yet. Maybe this phone is not able enough. I would like to approve or disapprove comments because there are a lot of good comments.

      26. I am posting this anonymously.

        My husband does computer service and repair. He has been seeing a lot computers with viruses, malware and ransomware. Becoming more common now is where a virus remotely activates the camera and takes a picture of the person sitting at the computer.

        If a hacker can do this, DHS can do this and more.

        • Most likely thats who is doing it is DHS and their NSA cyber bullies

        • You can UNallow remote access…Hit Start, find Computer and then right-click and select Properties…click on Remote Settings and uncheck “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.” Under remote tab, click on “Don’t allow connections to this computer” then click OK.

        • Not if you have a bandaid over the eye to the remote camera!! Which I do! DUH!!
          They just ain’t smart as us Kentucky rednecks.

          • That comment was to Anonymous post.

      27. I share this as a reminder to “BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU DRIVE.”

        Brooklyn, NY – A group of ten black youths (ages 12-18) stopped a car and beat a young white couple. During the attack, the youths yelled racial slurs.

        This was not even reported in the news until SIX DAYS later.

        Ronald Russo suffered a “fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder. He was treated and released from Beth Israel Medical Center.”

        Alanna Russo had a “black eye, bleeding and difficulty breathing, but refused medical attention.”

        • KY Mom

          If that had been me, I would have introduced
          them to “my little friend” beneath the seat.

          (45) Auto insurance, Don’t leave home with out it!

      28. Americans Sign Petition to Support ‘Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State’…To keep everybody safe…

        “After illustrating their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights, a video shows Americans happily signing a petition to support a “Nazi-style Orwellian police state,” in what easily represents the most shocking footage of its kind to date.”

        “Dice’s previous videos illustrate how Americans are willing to support just about anything, so long as it is done in the name of supporting Obama or the government, including granting Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office, adding birth control drugs to the water supply, and repealing the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution while detaining gun owners in concentration camps.”

        infowars dot com

          • You know,in some ways perhaps a SHTF scenario not so bad!Would certainly quickly clean the country of clovers like those folks!

        • KY Mom

          Saw the same video..and one wonders why the feds feel so empowered?

          Look at the average ‘cattle’ or sheep interviewed..

          Thank God there’s a few,not many, of us like minded souls here..



      29. “Let a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14, 0=15, p=16, q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26.”


      30. a reap all those benefits from them select all few the below

        trying the 12 words mixed up

      31. I was wondering what you meant Wolf! I read several languages but your post at 1:33 was not among them. Strange!

      32. I drove truck for 40 years. There isn’t anyone paying 100 grand a year to drive a copper truck. I know this because there isn’t any reason to pay that much. They can easily get help much cheaper. Now maybe a owner operator might gross over 100 grand but he wont make 100 grand in profit. Truck driving whether by the hour or mile pays between $15 & $20 per hour. Or 32cents to42 cents per mile. So because of that ballant $100,000 lie Ill call the whole article bullshit.

      33. @ Wolf359 and Kulafarmer. I still can’t believe what this site is going through. Last year I tried and tried to post a comment, and I narrowed it down to two words that were giving me that 404 error, POKER FACE. Those two words work right now, but last year for weeks it didn’t. I wrote Mac a really long article and these mere 12 words out of several thousand were keeping the whole thing from getting through. I changed the wording of the sentence and Mac got the article I wrote.

        What is so disturbing is that other people with other key words have had this happen. this means one of two likely issues. the site has a virus deeply embedded in it to cause problems with certain words and phrases just for the hell of it. OR the really horrible thought is that the government doesn’t want certain words out there and is censoring them. This could mean they are trying to simply destroy information sites such as this, or these are some code words for something and on occasion people just happen to stumble upon them. This is possible since I wrote Mac a really long article.

        If anything it shows the site is likely under attack, maybe this issue is meant to be made more aware so Mac can protect the site from someone trying to harm it. It really freaked me out yestrday because those 12 words together really don’t mean anything, other than a type of truth about life. I am glad that others are experiencing the same issue with the same words, it tells me that at least I have not gone totally nuts yet. One other thing, to anyone attacking this wonderful site screw you, and have a really F$%^ed day.

        • Be Informed,

          I have gotten the 404 error in trying to post links.

          I have found that the ‘problem’ words that are creating the error change from day to day. Certain words might be blocked one day and go right through the next.

          • @ KY Mom. The $128,000 question is why and whom is doing it and for what sick reason. There are some truly very opinionated comments here, especially about BO, yet they get through. What is it with some of these key words? It does show something is wrong for whatever reason.

      34. Here we go again, Number 21 of the earthquake precursors showing a huge earthquake coming. This same region, this time in the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge, when it was hit in the past, many mid 7’s occurred, the largest one in NE Russia in 2006 at 7.6. This one is aiming at the Pacific coast region, from Mexico to Alaska, and Russia down to Japan, and big time at the Caribbean. After this same spot was hit back at the end of 2009, 15 days later about 250,000+ people lost their live in Haiti. This is very disturbing as the past two days the same areas were hit and decades or years ago, then about two weeks later almost 1 million people died together in massive earthquakes, in 1976 in China, and 3 years ago in Haiti. These same areas getting hit, 21 out of 23 times that says a huge shaker is coming.

        This one really takes aim most of the time within 15 days at the west coast, or the Caribbean, or Asia’s northeast coast. Still getting a lot of energy from China and India down to Mynamar.

      35. Apparently, some people will sign a petition for anything…

        Americans Sign Petition to Support ‘Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State’…To keep everybody safe…

        “After illustrating their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights, a video shows Americans happily signing a petition to support a “Nazi-style Orwellian police state,” in what easily represents the most shocking footage of its kind to date.”

        “Dice has proven that some element of trickery is no longer necessary to convince Americans to support ludicrously draconian policies.”

        “Dice’s previous videos illustrate how Americans are willing to support just about anything, so long as it is done in the name of supporting Obama or the government, including granting Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office, adding birth control drugs to the water supply, and repealing the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution while detaining gun owners in concentration camps.”

        Infowars dot com

      36. I’ll try it, other posts don’t post, so maybe the words morphed into an entry code. A chosen amount take all the good things from all those beneath them. What else is new?

      37. Good Evening Everyone,

        By pure serendipity, I happened to be on-line just as an M-1.0 was recorded by the GOES-15 platform. Said event occured at 00:22 UTC and was preceded by somethinbg of an unusual ‘aborted’ prior attempt. The genitive source of this flare is most likely 11875, which has over the last 24 hours become suprisiingly complicated magnetically. Needless to say, this area likely warrants further scrutiny over the next few days in light of it’s current, demonstrated, rapid evolution thus far.

        More to come as, and if, warranted.


        PS: 11875 is prgressing towards it’ arrival at the the Solar polar meridian in the next ~32 hours soooo, this could get ‘interesting’…

      38. hammerhead

        Not Mesick but not to far away. Pretty funny. I didn’t know it at the time that anyone else was bidding it. I wasn’t trying very hard to get the work cause I’m so dang busy. The folks are from Detroit and seemed pretty nice so I said “what the heck”. Now I have more work than I want. I’m too old for all this. Gotta earn the money now so I can help support the sheep. [email protected] Old email address that I’ll check out the next couple days. Cripes, we could have our own small group around here. I know of several others.

      39. Because the word ‘reap’ can be rearranged for ‘rape’???

      40. JayJay says:
        Comment ID: 2826681
        October 21, 2013 at 9:30 pm Because the word ‘reap’ can be rearranged for ‘rape’???

        The above comment is not in the order I submitted it!!!

      41. We are in an economic war. It is a war between those who create
        wealth and those who believe they have some sort of divine mandate
        to appropriate wealth. They don’t have such an authoritative command.
        I don’t think they ever did. We have tried their command-andcontrol
        methods for nearly a century because they said they knew
        better. It is now obvious that they didn’t

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