How Gun Control Laws for “Mentally Ill” Could Disarm Those Who Question Authority

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    This article was originally published by John Vibes at

    In the growing debate surrounding the natural right to self-defense, one of the most popular proposed methods of gun control has been restrictions on gun-ownership for those who are deemed to be mentally ill. This is a measure that is often suggested by liberals and conservatives alike, but it is important to stop and consider what something like this might entail.

    When any collective group is banned from owning a gun, they are effectively turned into second-class citizens. In the case of mental illness, that classification is so vague and open to interpretation that it could possibly be applied to over half of the population, depending on which criteria you use.

    Mental illness can be very hard to identify since there is no kind of official test for most conditions, most people are diagnosed according to the subjective opinions of the doctors that observe them. Even the most severe conditions, like schizophrenia, can be very difficult to identify and is often misdiagnosed.

    Psychiatric drugs are another possible factor that could get someone marked by the government as mentally unstable, but a classification like this would allow for large portions of the US population to be disarmed.

    According to a 2016 study by JAMA Internal Medicine, more than 1 in 6 Americans are on some type of psychiatric drug. This is not to mention the large number of people who report symptoms of depression or anxiety and don’t take medication.

    A policy like this could also allow the government to disarm dissidents and political enemies. As psychiatry became more influential towards the middle of the 20th century, rulers around the world began using “mental illness” as an excuse to lock away anyone who might disagree with them. The Soviet regime became notorious for this practice by labeling all political dissidents as “mentally ill” so they could be locked away in institutions where they were no threat to the establishment.

    The United States government also has a long history of slapping unruly citizens with the mark of mental illness. President Franklin Roosevelt famously called his detractors “the lunatic fringe,” and this type of attitude towards activists has carried on in the halls of government to this day.

    In the dictionary of mental illnesses, known as DSM-5, published by the American Psychiatric Association, there is actually a condition listed for people who have a problem with authority. Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a name that psychiatrists made up to identify children who won’t do what they are told, and now even adults are being diagnosed with this condition as well.

    Meanwhile, politicians and mainstream media are quick to label anyone who questions the official narrative as a “conspiracy theorist,” a term that has been falsely associated with mental illness in pop culture.

    A study in 2017 set out to determine whether or not believing in conspiracy theories was a form of mental illness. As expected they found the exact answer that they were looking for, people who don’t trust the government and mainstream media are crazy, and suffering from something called illusory pattern perception.

    There is another dilemma that arises in the discussion of disarming people who are accused of having a mental illness, and that is the fact mentally ill people are 10 times more likely to be victims of violence than the rest of society because they are often seen as easy targets.

    Complicating matters further is the fact that these people can’t depend on the police to help them in these situations, as studies have shown that the mentally ill are 16 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than the average person.

    According to the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center, a minimum of 1 in 4 fatal police encounters ends the life of an individual with severe mental illness.

    To prevent mentally ill people from owning firearms is a severe form of “ableist” discrimination, and also opens the door for nearly anyone to be classified as mentally ill.

    There are sometimes extreme cases where a person’s mental instability is creating a dangerous situation for the community, like the recent Parkland shooting, for example. In this case, the shooter had a known history of violence, regularly made threats and was visited by police on numerous occasions because of his threatening behavior. In cases like this, it is reasonable to keep an eye on someone, restrict their access to firearms, or possibly quarantine them from society in the most extreme situations.

    There are many laws on the books currently would have allowed the FBI or local police to intervene in their initial encounters with the shooter, but they decided that a student known for violent outbursts and talking about carrying out school shootings was not worth looking into.

    As TFTP reported earlier this month, there is a law on the books known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order or ERPO, which went into effect in June of 2017. This law is used when a person is considered an “extreme” threat as reported by police and family members. An ERPO must be approved by a judge and only after this person is proven to be a danger to themselves or others can police move in to confiscate their weapons.

    These types of targeted approaches specifically aimed at individuals who are a known source of violence in the community would do far more to prevent tragedies from happening, than a wide-reaching law that could threaten the rights and safety of millions of innocent gun owners.


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      1. Heyyy
        Thaaaaats greaaaaat,
        What next

        • Most people will hand over their weapons and some will blow off the traitor’s fucking heads.

        • don’t pay your taxes, loose your guns.

          In my county, if you don’t pay the property taxes on your house you can’t get your car registration renewed.

          They do this to make the police bill collectors. They will arrest or ticket you for expired car registration.

          • I don;t understand; the voices tell me everything is Ok as long as I keep my gun handy.

            • In all seriousness, there is no such thing as insanity. There is only good and evil. People don’t go crazy, they get evil. There is also run-away fear, manifesting itself in fear, but paranoia is not insanity.

              Schizophrenia is usually either extreme fear or possibly demonic manifestation or possession. Ted Bundy, John Gacy etc.. were not insane, just Evil.

              The Left doesn’t recognize evil and good, only sanity and insanity. Their value system is based on situational morals and ethics, instead of an empirical ethics system. Talking about evil is against their world view. After all, to a Leftist, what is Evil one day, may be declared by state fiat or a show of hands to be good the next. That is why they put every thing in terms of Psychology, sane and insane. We must not use their terms, and bring everything back into the world of ‘Good and Evil’. The Cadres of Marxist media talking Heads will always try and drag the discussion back to their discussion terms. They try to remake our very language to reflect their insidious values. In their world there is no evil.

              • “In all seriousness, there is no such thing as insanity. There is only good and evil. ”

                I don’t understand. If someone thinks he’s Napoleon, but he’s completely nonviolent and presents no threat to anyone, that person is evil?

              • This is going back to controlling our right to our freedom of thought. Just because you have a different idea does not make you mentally ill. The elite NWO will try everything to get control and make you a slave. They long to make you simply a robot doing their bidding. The individuals who make up the NWO already have all the wealth, and now they must own all the power and control. You are responsible for your outcome. May GOD be with you.

          • John: Man the system is beyond words of Fuc$ed in the rear-end. Gov’t has become the true criminal element – if you do not do what they say, well, they will make your life very, very difficult and it should not be that way. At this point in my life, I have about ZERO faith or respect for the Gov’t at all 3 main levels.

        • Google

          Jared Taylor Makes The Case For Eugenics-YouTube

          China has research ongoing for “designer babies”
          China has raised the average IQ to 107
          China is ending retardation by abortion

          Americans are aborting high IQ babies
          Americans are refusing to use Eugenics
          Americans are falling behind
          Americans are ignorant and equate everything with Nazi atrocities


          This is a two part tape, listen to the second ending.


          • Americans are aborting high IQ babies? REALLY?

            The vast majority of abortions are black. They are certainly NOT “high IQ”. And I am not sorry if this FACT offends anyone.

            • 2014 USA Abortion Rates by Race.

              White 51%
              Black 39%
              Other 11%


              • Because there are many more Whites. This is a fallacious use of statistics.

                What is needed is- % of each race that has abortion- that is, the fraction of White ladies that abort, the fraction of negro ladies that abort, and so on

            • Fact is, blacks are not aborting nearly enough. But yes I agree they are certainly low IQ organisms.

          • You best leave the creation of lives to the creator. You will answer for your deeds in the future. Science will answer like everyone else. Science does not get special consideration for all the things they’ve done to humans or the environment. A doctor once told me many years ago that a spontaneous abortion (an abortion not done by man)was natures way of getting rid of a baby that had something wrong with it. This earth and the human body was created to take care of and repair itself. It has been man who has interrupted the process.

        • People are strange.

      2. I believe that most Democrats are mentaly ill.
        Studies have proven that the liberal mind is not a normal mind.
        Of course there are degrees of magnitude of the illness
        Like, Maxi Waters to Manchin of WVA.


        • Jak,
          I totally agree.
          I’m curious which studies you refer
          to about the Liberal mind, but common
          sense tells you they should all be
          restrained or at least constrained.
          Every Democrat politician should be forced to watch
          the video of the execution of Nicolae Ceaușescu
          and his wife.
          I have a copy of it somewhere.
          They were very good Democrats.

          • rellik: Dems are Marxists to the core incl rep. Paul Ryan, and Marxists posing as Rep, like Ryan and McCain, etc. They even want their kids and g’kids to live under communist/socialist ideals or Islamic horror like leaders in the EU. This scum should be booted out of the country, sent to NK, China or the middle east to help run these countries. Don’t know if watching a video of the C. executions would help these scumbags that cannot think straight/ have zero ability to use logic.

            • Laura: You are right – The Left, the DemonRATS, the Progressives, ALL deserve to HANG before they ruin what is left of the damn country!!

            • Laura Ann, I also think watching that video won’t have the libturds at all. It would be totally lost on them.

          • Rellik, Id also like to see those studies but I agree that all libturds are mentally ill. I just got back from the BOL 2 hours ago and read this article and fall out of my chair. This is one more step toward civil war 2.

            • Yeah Deplorable, how are things in the “BOL” (your sister’s trailer)?

              • DRR, everything is great at my 2nd home and it’s a CABIN, not a TRAILER. Hillary said I’m deplorable so I wear that label with pride. I adopted the name during the campaign.

        • Then, there are those with co-occurring disorders (Liberalism and Trump Derangement Syndrome). They are doubly dangerous.

          • JS, thanks for that video clip. Hit the nail right on the head. Same thing applies to the neocons.

        • Jakar: Liberals are definitely Mentally DAMAGED big time! You cannot talk to them nor reason with them. And if you go against them or disagree with them, their response is violence and it’s all downhill at that point.

      3. JAK

        That is why they GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.

      4. This is the work of the REPTILIANS folks ?
        Are battle lines being drawn ????????

      5. Just ignore the attacks on the 1’st&2nd till they actually try and enforce the insanity,then,tis a war for the country.The right of self defense/free speech are birthrights just reminded/in theory protected in bill of rights.

        Oh,and remember to bloat,i.e. buy lots of ammunition today!

        • WC, good to hear from you! Hope all is well and you are sane lol. I must admit you were right, I did have to percure some more mettalic projectiles for some tools. I had a new baby in .40 cal that I had to get outfitted properly so I figgered 800 rds. to be a good start. Plus holsters, dies, powder, projectiles, parts kits, glo sites, brass, shok buffer, etc. Man just the accessories for a kid cost as much as the kid lol. But it is my son and I love it 😀 . With multiple 15 rd. mags it is pacified lol. Good thing I never question authority (myself) only those who imply they have authority lol 😉

          • I never question authority. Mother Nature is truly the only authority, just as the laws of physics are the only true laws that cannot be ignored or violated.

            • Not quite true, Mother’s laws can be ignored. The hospital bills can be expensive but they can be ignored.

              • Gun Control means you cahit a paper plate 25 Feet away consistantly with your carry pistol.

                5 Things, I bet You did not Think of Lately.

                1. Back up all your data off your laptop onto a USB Memory Stick.  Just insert, open the folder, drag and drop your files into the folder, click exit to USB stick and save all your data, family photos, files and important prepper data on multiple USB Memory sticks and keep high and dry in other places safe.   A USB memory stick it like what?  $8.

                2. Check the Air in your auto spare tire, Spares can lose 5 to 10 Lbs of air per year, just sitting in your trunk.  You want to be stranded on the highway in a Zombie Apocalypse, with creeps stopping to help you?   Same with wipers, get some spares.  Read the Poem, “For the Want of a Nail”.    Flock your gear!!

                3. Maintain at least 5 ways of cooking food, Grill, charcoal, gas, wood for smoking ribs, mini 2 burner stoves, Propane tanks 6 Min, Bug out bag pocket stoves, rocket stoves, learn to cook a meal in a Cast iron Dutch oven on a burned out tree stump or fire pit.  Have at least 1 cast iron skillet with a cover even better.  Practice all your fire starting skills with various tools, and off grid cooking skills now and prepare your fuel sources.   Hunger sucks. 

                4. How is your every-day carry working out so far?  Keep a pocket knife, multi-tool, hand gun and a few extra magazines, lighter, flashlight, fire starting stick.  And how is your Auto’s To-Go-Bag- Get Home doing?  Have at least 2 to 3 MRE’s, snacks, bottled water, knife, hand gun, ammo, flashlight, first aid kit, tourniquet, extra socks, rain poncho and boonie hat, and consider rain pants,  I found just wearing a poncho when it rains, the water will drain down onto my pant legs, get wet and down into my shoes..  Keeping dry is key.    Compact umbrella, Walking boots or shoes, glow sticks and marking tape for marking areas or trails and Paper Maps of your County where you live.  Short cuts and watering holes and take the trail less traveled.  A pair of binoculars to see far ahead to avoid hostile areas.  And Camo or green tan blends to blend into your surroundings.   Stay stealthy.  Watch for dogs.  Don’t become a victim.    

                5. Expiration dates and rotating all your stored food.  Create Bins and keep and eat first all the soon to be expired food in bin #1, and the next bins numbered 2, 3 and 4 on, for the food that expires later on, or next year.  Mark all your food can tops with the food contents, and expiration date in large print like Peas – 4/19.    I opened up a few cans of chicken chunks I had stashed in a 5 gal bucket with sealed rice, and they were 10 months past expiration, still good and perfect yet tasting chicken.   Plan accordingly.

                Stay Armed and maintain your situational awareness.   Exercise your freedoms.  Never give up, and F@ck Globalism and their Tyrants.   The Preppers and the Meek shall Inherit the Earth. Zeus told me so.

          • People talk like it would be civil war, but I think it would be more like the French Resistance. A gorilla clandestine warfare where we kill the government stooges trying to disarm society.

            • John: Nice, they ALL more than deserve whatever they end up getting…may they truly burn in hell!!

            • There should be a constitutional right to shoot any mother fvcker in the face that opens their blow hole and says any kind of sentence that includes limitation of the right to own any weapon you want.

              • NB, you already have that right IF they take it real serious and try to disarm you.

        • Warchild, it’s high time you came back. How’ve you been? I just finished another 2-week trip at the BOL. Speaking of ammo, there’s a gun show in my area next weekend. I can’t miss out on that.

      6. This whole crazy, insane, mentally ill thing is governed by one critical insight.

        Those aptitude, intelligence and personality tests the school system administers to children just entering elementary school The test you took is different than the test a child is taking today.


        Because if you gave the kid the same test you took 20-years ago to a child today they would be found to be crazy. Or suffering from some spectrum of autism, or Asperger’s (a disease that does not even exist), or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD).

        The crazy card is pulled all the time.

        How do new ideas come into society? First, the person proposing something new is called crazy.

        • This whole crazy, insane, mentally ill thing is governed by one critical insight.

          The Oath Keepers have been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

          The SPLC has been taken over by the liberals and now puts a “hate group” label on anything that is opposite the liberal agenda.

          When the people in charge can make the determine who is mentally ill, then then people that oppose the powers that be are then mentally ill.

          • JS, the damn SPLC has ALWAYS been libturd. They target anyone and everyone who stands up for white people, America, in other words everything we hold near and dear. I wouldn’t mind taking some of those scumbags to the woodshed. They need to be careful what they wish for.

      7. Well I think if you are receiving a government check based on a mental disability. You shouldn’t get to own a gun or get to vote. and shouldn’t drive a vehicle on the public roads.

        • Brain dead statement, old fart.

        • OG, the problem is; what defines a mental instability? Being old? Being a vet? Having gotten in a fight somewhere along the way? Dang ….. I’d dare say that not one regular poster here @ SHTFplan couldn’t be found to have at least one or two so-called ‘instabilities’. C’mon, think. Just receiving a social security check should be construed as having a serious loss of contact with reality!! There ain’t no money in the system; yet, people still think they should get one. They say, “I paid in all my life!!”. Yeah, sure you did. And somehow you think your should be able to get back multiples of what you got robbed of?
          Or that 1+/- now-working slobs for some reason owe you a monthly paycheck? It’s gone. Don’t exist. It’s like belief (sorry for this guys and gals if it hurts) in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Let alone being a convinced that socialism is a cure for pension planning. Get real. Or retirement will equate to having lost your mind. Let alone a thousand other reasons they’ll come up with.

      8. Psychiatry is a slippery slope. It is what? It is the brainchild of Freud? Sorta, but not really. Rhetoric and Philosophy were the basis, Socratic method (asking questions to evoke an understanding, realization, epiphany).

        So along comes a perverted drug addicted physician with some rediculous ideas about toilet training and other vulgar degraded fantasies of his, and he’s pushed forward and puffed up as the creator of psycho-analysis. It’s called that because you have to be psycho to believe in it; and anal, or have an inclination toward your sister.

        It was established in order to mess with the minds of the masses.

        _ “I bring the plague.”

        _what more did he need to say?

        __ Read about Communism. The use of insanity as an excuse for false imprisonment.

        __ Insanity as an excuse for violation of inalienable rights.

        __ How many serial killers were pillars of the community? Many.

        __ How many geniuses were thought to be insane because the simpletons couldn’t comprehend.

        __ When do we put these little tyrants in check.

        __ Checkmate


        • Psychiatry is something that’s totally bogus and has always been abused by governments as long as the practice has existed. If TPTB gets real serious about this, there will be blood running in the streets.

        • Anybody who voted for Hillary is batsh!t crazy and does not deserve to own a gun.

          • “Anybody who voted for Hillary is batsh!t crazy and does not deserve to own a gun.”

            Actually … anybody who voted for the lesser of the two evils are batshit crazy … retarded beyond belief, self medicated assholes.

            Anybody supporting figureheads such as Trump or Hillary and the like are not worthy of breathing. Believing in “words of hope & change … & MAGA again speeches are for the ‘tards who want to be led by authority while at the same time, not having the ability of critical thinking.

            Most here at SHTFplan should know that our political system is beyond corrupt … but … most seem to think it has some sort of moral and upstanding individuals who will do right by it’s people it represents.

            What a crock of shit!!!!!

            Voting every 4 years and supporting government when it is wrong … is not the duty of a citizen … but a duty of a slave.

            What is it going to take … for the majority of Americans to re-establish the Constitution and the Laws of this Land back again?

            Keep pointing fingers at the Democrats and their traitorous allied folk all you like … the Republicans are just as guilty for allowing it to go on.

            This Dem/Rep system is nothing more than a “good cop/bad cop” routine.

            Many seem to enjoy this shit show for what it is.

      9. Using the DSM-5, you can diagnose just about any normal human emotion as a mental illness. Don’t like being told what to do? You have Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Now turn in your guns. Slippery slope indeed.

      10. Thing is…depression is mental illness. They can take tour guns….

      11. The Soviets put people who disagreed publicly with communism in “mental institutions”. The justification was you have to be crazy not to see how great our system is.

        Sound familiar?

        • Exactly–the eventual outcome will be the “Facebook and Twitter Standard”….what I mean by this is that if F & T ( possibly youtube also)consider your views “extremist” then it is less than a half step for a person to be considered “mentally —-“. The wording here will be clever, like Mentally In Question, or Mentally Extreme, or….”Extremist Mentality”. Presto–get a dozen or so of the leftist psychiatrists ( and it is a pseudo-science dominated by leftists) to declare “Extremist Mentality” a mental disorder and Voila!…no more guns for anyone who disagrees with Big Gov…….

          • Javelin, you say psychiatry is dominated by libturds? VERY interesting, never knew that. That’s even more reason to declare psychiatry totally illegitimate.

            • Yes, psychiatry, psychology ( especially involving the screwing up of kids heads) are the new “women’s studies” and “Human relations” of the pussy-hat wearing feminazi crowds.
              They take behaviours that were once considered aberrant or even criminal (think men wearing women’s clothes or going into women’s bathrooms) “diagnose them initially as mental issues—then 10 or 15 years down the road they push for normalization……..the psychiatric field has been very prominent in the cultural Marxism push ( especially in the gay, transvestite and child molester push)………

      12. If a person is too mentally unstable to own a firearm, he or she shouldn’t have a license to operate an automobile or fly a plane. He or she shouldn’t be allowed to follow an occupation that requires rational thought(politics would be okay but surgery would not). In choosing who should determine sanity, we need to screen out nut jobs who favor gun confiscation. Obviously, they lie so we would need a polygraph test.

      13. A Third Of American Millennials Aren’t Sure The Earth Is Round, Survey Finds.

        We’re sooooo fuccccccked!! [in the voice of Ben Kingsley]

      14. Primary care doctors are the ones who write the majority of SSRI prescriptions, and they will write them at the drop of a hat. Same with the “calming” meds. Psychiatric evaluation not needed. How many people have ever been prescribed these meds? Since they are also the first line of meds for stress, it is likely safe to say more than half of America was or is on one of these meds at some point in their life. Now imagine the number of meds there are for stress, depression, and other mental symptoms. Even blood pressure meds fit in the calming catagory. Public speakers often use them.

        Even though many shooters are on some SSRI or other med, it really is meaningless. It is like saying the guy with the heart attack was on blood pressure meds.

        The only mental disorder that truly scares me is anything related to schizophrenia, such as bipolar mania. I have seen this with a former friend, and it was far worse than glenn close in fatal attraction. His wife and I had him committed, which only means being forced to see doctors. He should not have access to weapons.

        • Psychiatric drugs alter the way the mind works, and there have been connections to SSRI’s and violent, destructive, and anti-social behavior developing in a large number of those who take them.

        • Primary clowns were also giving out all of the sweet painkillers – Vicodin, Percocet, oxycodone, etc, etc…deep down I think the Gov’t wanted millions of the populace hooked on the junk…

      15. Psychiatry and Psychology are there to protect society from the individual not the other way around. Psychiatry and Psychology should be protecting the individual from a very, very, sick society. Now just replace society with THE STATE.

        • Blame-e, psychiatry and psychology are totally illegitimate, false sciences. They should be abolished. They’re not useful for anything.

      16. Now you see why many vets don’t get help for PTSD. They lose their guns….


        The Sworn Cowards in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America could care less that they swore an oath to the FANTASY and LIE of the US Constitution, or that they swore an oath to protect the innocent from PSYCHOPATHS controlling the criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government, because the drunken dumbed down toxic dump Sworn Cowards JUST WANT TO GET DRUNK, WHORE OUT THEIR CHILDREN TO PSYCHOPATHS, AND SHOOT SOMEBODY!!!

        The Sworn Cowards could care less that the children they should of NEVER had have been under CHEMICAL ATTACK and poisoned with toxic vaccine hell, GMO Fake FOOD Endocrine Disrupting Chemical(EDC) horror, fluoridated and chemical filled water, and hours upon hours of electronic insanity-all for the dumbing down and de-population agenda of the PSYCHOPATHS, because the drunken bum Sworn Cowards JUST WANT TO GET DRUNK, WHORE OUT THEIR CHILDREN TO PSYCHOPATHS, AND SHOOT SOMEBODY!!!

        The Sworn Cowards could care less that the United States CORPORATION Government is controlled by PSYCHOPATHS, who send our children to die and be mutilated in wars they create with WMD LIES for their Globalist One World Government Agenda, and ALL other FALSE FLAG treasonous CIA caused events the PSYCHOPATHS come up with, because the drunken bum Sworn Cowards of damned and doomed New Babylon America JUST WANT TO GET DRUNK, WHORE OUT THEIR CHILDREN TO PSYCHOPATHS, AND SHOOT SOMEBODY!!!

        The Sworn Cowards could care less that their money is FAKE FIAT MONEY controlled by Central Banking criminal treasonous PSYCHOPATHS, who enslaved our children with trillions in debt, and they could care less that their doomed Pensions are connected to a FAKE CONTROLLED STOCK MARKET, because the drunken bum Sworn Cowards JUST WANT TO GET DRUNK, WHORE OUT THEIR CHILDREN TO PSYCHOPATHS, AND SHOOT SOMEBODY!!!

        The Sworn Cowards could definitely care less about taking away a person’s right to defend themselves and their families in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America, because the drunken bum Sworn Cowards JUST WANT TO GET DRUNK, WHORE OUT THEIR CHILDREN TO PSYCHOPATHS, AND SHOOT SOMEBODY!!!!

      18. “In this case, the shooter had a known history of violence, regularly made threats and ”
        Can we drop this narrative? Eyewitnesses have seen the shooter in black protective gear with helmet and all, at the same time another eyewitness was walking down the hall on the opposite end of the school with Nicholas Cruz. NC may have had issues, but I don’t believe for a second that he was the shooter. There were also a group of LE or something, that came out of the back of the school a few min later carrying a long black bag and they put it in the back of a white van. All this is on video. I’m left wondering if the real shooter got shot to shut him up.

      19. Anyone who believes in the MSM narrative is mentally ill. That will leave a large amount of unarmed citizens.

      20. So unless you are collective lennies saying en mass yah yah ayh anything you say George you are mentally ill and things do down hill from there. If you are dumb enough to give people that authority over you, you deserve to be locked up as a lunatic. Look how well things worked out between Europeans and Native Americans once we moved onto reservations Give up your freedom of action and freedom even thinking for your self and you are a domestic herd animal.

      21. Governments in the former USSR and Iron Curtain countries weaponized psychiatry against their people for purposes of control. Clinically trained psychiatrists and psychologists were more agents of the state than doctors. They were used as tools to legitimize the actions of the state. Anyone who did not abjectly comply to the state was declared a spy, a criminal, or mentally ill. The world was watching, the regime wanted to be seen as humane, so they accomplished their goals using drugs and “treatment” without placing them in prison or gulags.
        The gov’t here is not saying that elements of society are trying to undermine the gov’t, but are saying that one’s insistence to using and maintaining our Constitutional rights are a sign of mental illness, outside of normal society, existing on the fringes. (The other reason for curtailment of rights of course is for our “safety”.).
        In reality, only the party leaders and gov’t officials were mentally ill or criminal; they had a pathological obsession for control, and justified employing all means to achieve that including so-called “medication”. Who do you think you are? Our leaders know better. Now, individualism, and independent thought, speech, and action is not inclusive; it is selfish, hateful, and privileged. Loss of personal identity and compliance is the highest virtue. We must now let others define us.
        Almost without exception, throughout history, all tyrants and authoritative governments began incrementally eliminating freedoms using “common sense” measures, or for “purposes of public order”, or “public safety”. But usually, it degenerated into violence against the people. Of course we are a humane country, so people are being deprived of their rights for their own good and for the good of society. Every time another targeted group is “pacified” the greater goal is easier to obtain. A vacuum cannot exist, regardless of method, the loss of rights is always replaced with authoritarianism.


        I have seen the latest and have heard a couple of stuff. Check this out.

        My post this morning is for real preppers, who know that I am no fake. I am busy working, working out, etc and I have been monitoring, so I talked to my source. Its getting ready to go live in 30 days, according my source. The trolls on this site have warned about not listening to HCKS. For all we know, everything I post is just pulp fictional bullshit. or is it real? You be the judge, I can tell you this much, the soldiers I talk to have told me some serious facts, that the chi-coms and its allies plan to talk out Texas first because of its size and that the other states are a lot easier, but Texas will be a very difficult place to take, no brainer here for us who live here, it wont take genius to figure this one out said the soldier cop source. No need to worry about the antifa, they will be wiped out in 4 days by pissed off cops, the militas, and ex military and the patriot populous will scare the shit of these groups of wannabees, and the minorities will be hiding in their houses from the whites. Hey shtf-effers, this ain’t from me, just telling you what I heard, but it adds upt. So you piss ass trolls, as you little pussy ass jokers, i don’t know what your going to do to talk you way out of this one, with the HCKS is crazy, a liar delusional and other stupid shit, keep trying, I understand, that you on the clock and that you have do your job at the fusion center. I completely understand, its your job, but fuck you. Oh I just read on info war that antifa killed a conservative professor in Austin. So they are wanting a war on patriots, because they have chi-com and other military to back them on American soil, interesting.

        For those in the know. What I have been warned about, is now in the public alternative media. Yes, I have confirmed it, its looking really bad, the National Guard is really heading toward our border. Chi-coms soldiers will be invading Texas, from the south, and from the central Americas. Governor Abbott has activated the national guard, and they are heading toward the border right now, as I am typing. Chi-coms and muslim jihadist, ms13, and other central American military will be launching and attack on Texas, inside and outside of California, and from cuba in 30 days, yes 30 days, unless something changes and Trump strikes first, per the source. Laugh all you want. When you taught this was bullshit, look what Hodges just posted and listen to all the videos. The time frame I was told is the end of April, 2018, that Texans will literally be fighting major military gun battles in the streets of Houston, Dallas, all southern towns, etc with chi-coms, jihadist, Iranians, Columbians, Nicaraguans, panamains, and the chi-coms in that are going to activate go into uniform that is all the major cities, and take on the population, the war is about to go active, and then the other rogue elements, antifa, and the left wing communist that will attack the conservatives, whites, and the military and Patriots from the inside of the country. China will then make its move on Taiwon, Kim dung little 3′ inch dick wang, is trying to prevent Trump from attacking NK, but its not going to work. NK will be doing something, for certain. Watch the trolls go on the offensive, once this gets posted.

        I guess when the veteran and patriots enter the streets and the battle zone, its probably going to look like this. Watch the video, this is how the local ex mitary, red necks etc will handle the situation.

        He who laughs laughs best.


      23. Good comments, points raised, etc. Christians will be an important vector of attack for these very unpleasant people in establishing mental competency for a variety of things including fitness to be a parent.

      24. The reality is “crazy” is a subjective judgement.

      25. How do you prove you’re not mentally ill? You won’t. “Yes sir no sir where do I go sir, what do I do sir what do I say?

        • Aljamo, the only thing I have to prove is if someone wants to harm me it won’t end well for that person.

      26. There are those of us that have M.S.; we prep, own firearms; cripes-these cretins will use this book against not only those that are well, but those that have this “hidden” issue as well.
        Be well, y’all…

      27. Open Carry Rally in Olmos Park, Texas today.

        Reminding local gubbermint who the boss is.

        ht tps://


        Be safe………BA.

        • Yes, NOMFI.

      28. If the population didn’t contain the entitlement/felon shitholers we wouldn’t have this problem.

      29. All those in government are mentally ill, then. They’are all megalomaniacal and have a superiority complex that gives them delusions of grandeur if they kill those who don’t obey them.

      30. “This is a measure that is often suggested by liberals and conservatives alike, but it is important to stop and consider what something like this might entail.”

        Well yeah, because republicans are the same useful idiots that the left are.

      31. if you ever watched CNN you’ll be put on the list and never get a gun or ammo again

      32. 1 out of 6 on mental altering drugs thus lose their guns. Neat trick Next put them on reservations in protective custody for their own good of course. I have wondered to change the subject what if a city was established where only people with an IQ of 120 greater could live what would society look like How would they view guns and crime

      33. Looks like there’s another book going on my wish list:

        ‘The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness’ by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D.

      34. Thanks Mac for deleting my post on the info I just heard about the fact that war will start soon.


      35. No accident here, that info was obviously deleted by your moderators.


        • STFU YOU PSYCHOTIC DRUNK. OH, THE CHICOMS ARE INVADING HOUSTON. Bet you have spiders crawling on your arms also. Your IP addy comes from a mental hospital.

      36. buy way more ammo than you need……….I use this site and save money and time……………its worth a look for sure

      37. Using mental illness to confiscate guns from people sets a precedent for using this against other people for other purposes. You might find yourself on the receiving end.

      38. We have recent cases where you DO have mentally unstable people. All signs indicating a shooting soon, yet they did nothing.

        All about gun confiscation.

      39. Mac, thanks for posting my comment.



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