How an Attack on America Would Probably Begin: Possible Courses Of Action By Foreign Military Powers

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    We’re going to take a look at a potential attack scenario against the United States.  We’re going to analyze it strictly from a military-economic perspective and weigh possible courses of action by a foreign power or powers in an attack.

    Firstly, it is my belief that there will be foreign powers involved, yet one will initiate the entire thing: North Korea.  Let’s start up the scenario.

    1. North Korea launches an EMP attack, via ICBM or satellite.

    This will be the “kickoff,” and enable the game to begin.  As of right now, the Chinese and Russians are already positioning themselves.  The Chinese are moving naval assets into the South China Sea and also into the Pacific.  The Russians are prepping their naval assets in the Med, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and in the Arctic region.

    The EMP attack will effectively shut down the entire U.S. economy and infrastructure.  Many non-hardened elements of the United States armed forces will suffer loss, and the response time for a conventional incursion will be drastically reduced.

    2. Command and Control Areas of the Government, the Military, and the Economy will be nuked.

    The most probable cities that will be taken out will be as follows:

    (East Coast) – Washington, D.C., New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Norfolk, VA, Philadelphia, PA, Dover, DE, and Sarasota, FL.  This will effectively cripple 90% of all command and control by government and the economic hubs of the country.  The latter city is home to Special Operations Command, SouthCom.  Additional targets will be Ft. Meade, MD (home to the NSA), Ft. Bragg, NC (home to the 82nd Airborne Division, and Special Operations Command), Camp Lejeune, NC and Virginia Beach (home to Seal Team 2).

    (West Coast) – Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA.  Strikes will also be conducted on Ft. Lewis, WA because of the Ranger and Special Forces unit & group there.  The weapons will be airburst of fairly low-yield in the attempt to not irradiate with the prevailing westerly winds.

    (Interior) – Denver, CO, and Ft. Carson, CO [the latter emphasized for Cheyenne Mountain, recently reactivated, as well as 10th Special Forces Group (Abn) and 4th Infantry Division].

    This may seem to be “light,” in terms of targets, and there is a reason for this: they want to take the land and resources, not irradiate them into uselessness.

    3. The invasion begins with Special Forces, followed by airborne units and then conventional forces.

    The Special Forces units of the invading nations will have already been inserted weeks earlier by drops, by sea, or allowed to reach their destinations in a clandestine fashion disguised as civilians and traveling from different locations, separately.  Those special units that will be utilized on the initial invasion (for strike missions against targets of varying degrees of importance, such as generators and hydroelectric plants) will be held at the line of departure on a leash until the attack begins.

    When the EMP renders a “lights out scenario” it will probably occur at night, and immediately afterward will come drops of airborne troops and Special Forces assets.  These will be shock troops to secure areas assigned until the main bodies come ashore.

    4. Areas of Responsibility:

    The Chinese will take the entire West Coast, the Russians will take Alaska and drive southward, securing the coastline for their naval assets and taking control of the pipeline (which neither side will bomb or irradiate).  The Russians will either halt at the southeastern corner of Alaska, or they will drive downward through Canada until they can perch themselves just across the border on the state lines of Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  The Russians will also mount an invasion on the East Coast, bypassing “hot spots” of irradiated cities previously mentioned in the initial nuclear strikes.

    Later the two nations will coordinate for their drives into the interior.  Meanwhile the armies of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Cuba will make their way into the unguarded underbelly of the United States into Texas and the Border States via Mexico.  Their objective will be to seize the cities of the Gulf of Mexico.  Airborne and Special Forces units of their respective countries, along with the Chinese and Russians, will aid them: all of these will be inserted into the interior.

    Their targets to seize and occupy will include Indianapolis, IN (the central railway “hub” of the entire U.S.), and New Orleans, LA (the critical port city where the Mississippi river empties into the Gulf of Mexico; critical for shipping and transport).

    5. The Russians will amass submarine assets in the Atlantic with secondary nuclear targets if needed.

    At this point, it is worth mentioning that all U.S. naval assets abroad, such as carrier groups, will be nuked.  The attackers have the advantage of no nuclear reprisals being the policy of the Obama administration when the EMP is initially delivered.  There are several reasons for the limited nature of the nuclear strikes.

    Firstly, the West Coast would be subdued without damaging the Imperial Valley, the breadbasket of the U.S. that produces almost 1/5 of the fresh, domestic produce in America.  In addition, these nations do not want to irradiate the Midwest due to the corn and wheat, as well as the cattle industry and other segments of domestic food production.

    With the EMP, there will be a 24 – 48 hour window of almost stultifying confusion that will lead to semi-paralysis.  There are many cities (especially the ports) that will be kept intact due to the desire of these nations to take our resources and ship them by rail to the ports and then back to their home countries, minus a percentage to upkeep the foreign troops.  This follows Sun Tzu’s principle of resupplying your troops with the enemy’s supplies and provisions.

    In the next article, we will cover what areas of the U.S. hold what particular interests for invaders, and outline what the U.S. responses and courses of action will be, from both a military (active duty and national guard) and civilian perspective.

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    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Anything is possible I imagine. Not sure what those on watch will be doing prior to the initial strike. Picking fly shit outta black pepper probably. I’m sure there’ll be enough landscape glow to see by even after the lights go out. Not worried by it nor about it. Gonna have me some fun until then. On another note, Smith and Wesson got downgraded by the rating houses yesterday. It appears to be struggling somewhat. Hope it doesn’t go by the Colt way. Just goes to show you just how much the average Joe has reigned in on the purse strings. Get it while you can afford to. cheers.

        • Best thing to do is get set for a long, hot summer. When it gets stinkin’ hot in the cities, and the elections don’t seem to be goin’ BLM’s way, then them hamsters are going to ape-off and turn those places into hornets nests. I’m sure it’ll spill over in other places as well. Will be enough going on with the insiders without worrying about the outsiders.

          • YOU’RE HIRED!!!

            Trump reveals how he would force Mexico to pay for border wall
            04-05-2016 •
            Donald Trump says he will force Mexico to pay for a border wall as president by threatening to cut off the flow of billions of dollars in payments that immigrants send home to the country, an idea that could decimate the Mexican economy and set up an unprecedented showdown between the United States and a key diplomatic ally.

            In a two-page memo to The Washington Post, Trump outlined for the first time how he would seek to force Mexico to pay for his 1,000-mile border fence, which Trump has made a cornerstone of his presidential campaign and which has been repeatedly scoffed at by current and former Mexican leaders.

            The proposal would jeopardize a stream of cash that many economists say is vital for Mexico’s struggling economy. But the feasibility of Trump’s plan is unclear both legally and politically, and also would test the bounds of a president’s executive powers in seeking to pressure another country.

            Campaign 2016 Email Updates

            Get the best analysis of the presidential race.

            In the memo, Trump said he would threaten to change a rule under the USA Patriot Act antiterrorism law to cut off a portion of the funds sent to Mexico through money transfers, commonly known as remittances. The threat would be withdrawn if Mexico made “a one-time payment of $5-10 billion” to pay for the border wall, he wrote.

            “It’s an easy decision for Mexico,” Trump said in the memo, which was written on campaign stationery emblazoned with “TRUMP Make America Great Again.”

            Sounds good to me. You Got My Vote Mr Trump!! Git er Done!!


            • Oh ffs yes please.

              Awesome. About goddamned time.

            • I thought he was going to ship the illegal aliens home. If he does that, how will they even be here to send (or not send) money to Mexico?

              • There will still be the legals that will be sending money.

                • There will be no EMP. Investment in spy cameras, spy boxes and surveillance apparatus is the only multi-billion $$ infrastructure investment the US has made over last decades. All of their control grid over us is decimated and fried if EMP occurs. that is one false flag they WONT pull. It would be NWO suicide.

                  • Here’s one possibly paranoid scenario: Suppose TPTB simply directed local power companies and cell phone providers to shut down, with a promise of criminal prosecution if they spill the beans. Then, TPTB need only TELL a local population that there’s been an EMP, and while not as serious as it COULD be, no travel outside the area would be permitted (cars, after all, will not have been fooled). People would be permitted to survive as best they could, without refrigerators, heat or electricity. Chaos would ensue,people would begin to starve just as if there’d been a real EMP. Gun ownership could be outlawed following the wave of violence that would surely sweep the city. TPTB could promise food and water–or even medications to those who turn in firearms or other “contraband”, and rewards of EXTRA food and water for turning in anyone they knew who still had such “contraband”. Paranoid? Sure. Even paranoids have enemies, though…

                  • Breen, good point. They would have already done it anyway if it was going to happen which it isn’t. Just me: I gave up on informing others years ago, too decadent and dumbed down people, like the EU idiots are as invaders turn the countries into an Islamic hell. I stay low key telling no one my biz or plans. Voting is BS, waste of time as no matter who the bozo in office is/gets elected, he is a globalist puppet scum bum.

                  • excellent point.
                    Thank you!

                  • EMP is indeed extremely unlikely.
                    A couple of points of education to clear up miss-conceptions.

                    The old Hiroshima – Nagasaki type fission bombs were indeed radioactively quite dirty. Nevertheless, did they or did they not rebuild??? The newer H-fussion critters are by comparison very clean burning. You of course would still not want to be downwind.

                    Most of todays H-nuclear bomb radioactivity falls off or diminishes at what is called the 7/10 rule. Every 7 hrs the radiation measurement reduces by 10-fold, or is 10X less. e.g., if 1hr after the blast your meter reads 1,000,000 whatever… then 7 hrs later it will read aprx 100,000, 7hrs later 10,000, 7hrs later 1,000 etc.! Yes bad, but far from the end of the world, esp if you get out of the downwind path for a few weeks. So, even thousands of them, while not good, would still be far far from the ELE Green Piece types would try and have you believe. Ground bursts do however create some nasties that are much worse than air bursts, though generally following the same rule.

                    That said however, we have in fact been intentionally lied to and insidiously deceived by those in the nuclear power and weapons industries with vested interests. Make no mistake about it, those morally compromised politicians, investors, scientists, engineers and media were themselves blinded by and self-deceived by their own vested interests, $greed, arogance, pride and or ignorance.

                    The incredible dangers of nuclear power plants… i.e. that they were the “totally safe (& could be shut down easily & simply etc…) and free energy savior of mankind” was from the onset evil. Nuclear power plants do in fact create totally different types and levels of incredibly long lasting & toxic isotopes. Chernoble & Fukushima, case closed.

                    Now, understanding that virtually ALL major terrorist events are done by self, proxy states, and or groups, of Russia, China or the US for “plausable deniabillity”… do u honestly believe that one of us three would give the green-light for a large scale continent wide EMP?!?!… especially knowing that at least dozens of the 100 plants would be totally fried (including the computer controlled back-up generator systems).

                    Fukushima ALONE is considered to be a slow-burn ELE. What of 30 to 100?

                    So let me see now; “Wow, that EMP would sure be a swift & genius level military victory, would it not comrade?” … “Well, a, a, .. hummm..but at least we got lots of free land and a few million survivor slaves that we can re-equip to grow that beautifull American glow in the dark corn and wheat for us & our tumor laden, three eyed four armed posterity for 10,000 generations to come!”

                    Understandably,this does not discount the possibility of an insane rogue actor or a solar EMP. Additionally, we need to understand that powerfull major factions of both Russia and China are increasingly refusing to go along with the NWO ideas & plans anymore, though groups within have indeed been quasi-NWO themselves. It is my belief that they both feigned weekness, then played and suckered the NWO owners and now that they have technologically caught up and gained wealth and strength, are ready to embark on plans of their own.

                    Im am sure of one thing though, and that is that in the end im not sure of anything. But, i do have faith that God is sure, and is in control, and certainly has his plans too.

            • mexico, a key ally? were they not subtle supporters of Germany in WWI and WWII?

          • A foreign invasion of any sort will stop dead in its trouble “spills over” from urban areas, the rest of us prepare for the fight

            • I’d wager that many of the invader’s personnel assets are prepositioned, with more arriving daily. They will likely be handed many of our own material assets. And, also consider direct aid they will receive, intel, and other means of support, from the left, and assorted marxists. The United States has been usurped from within. While people were having a good time, your mortal enemies worked overtime, for decades, to set all this up. I hear a fat lady clearing her throat…

              • Right on: Previously:

                1. Colonel Stanislav Lunev/GRU – former Officer in charge of all N. American Soviet/Russian Intelligence and Operations: Has testified to Congressional Committee, that there are dozens of hidden weapons caches all over the Northern U.S.
                2. Don McAlvany Intelligence Advisor and former CIA: Russians had from 60-100 operatives around every major city and military base in USA. They initially mapped all infrastructure, utilities, and geography: Operatives are rotated every five years. In event of orders to attack – these operatives, mostly Spetsnaz and Special Operations Officers, set charges on water, electricity, principle bridges and choke points – then proceed to all potential leaders homes and places of residence at, let’s say, midnight on Sunday. All potential leaders, i.e. Police Chief, Major, local Military Commanders, Fire Chief, City Council, etc, are taken out. Then leave the city to chaos.
                4. Soldier of Fortune Mag: Had revealed intel from CIA and Canadian RCMP, that evidence has been found indicating Russian Spetsnaz Teams reconing major Canadian Dams in Northern Manitoba and Ontario that supply many states and Canadian cities with hydro power.
                5. Customs Officer a few years back told reporters during California dock strike: We have sold several deep water ports in California and West Coast to Chinese. Each port has at one time several cargo ships unloading with many more waiting out of port to enter; each has 1000-7000 containers. Only 1% of containers are searched because of lack of manpower and not to stifle movement of ships. Officer stated many of the 1% have been found to have weapons.
                6. In the last 15 months, Customs Officials have reported that in 3 Western Ports and 2 Eastern Ports in the USA, Russian and Chinese shipments of “heavy weapons and shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles have been intercepted”.
                7. Don McAlvany: Personally has seen aerial and satellite photographs of many Russian and Chinese ships unloading heavy armor, personal carriers, ammunition at Mexican Ports; whereby these military cargos and equipment, even some tanks, have been put in Mexican Salt Mines within 100 miles of the border to hide from satellite surveillance. This past summer over 20,000 Russian and Chines soldiers paraded through Mexican Streets in Mexico City in annual parade.
                8. Presently, over 25,000 and up to 350,000 foreign troops have been training in the USA under United Nations auspices, supposedly for training in “civil disturbance”.
                9. Don McAlvany says that over 200-300,000 Russian/Chinese/Foreign operatives and special forces have been constantly maintained and rotated in the USA, all waiting for orders to “move”.
                10. Obama: Has tried to purge the military of all patriotic officers and especially those with combat experience and loyal to the USA. All 72 government agencies have been militarized and furnished weapons and ammunition along with training with the expectation of a coming civil war. The military has been reduced in numbers and most combat units station “out of country”.\
                Homosexual, Marxists, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, and Black Radical/Marxists have been placed in most of all the 72 Government Agencies higher positions.

                According to over 100 Catholic mystics, stigmatics, and visionaries: God is going to let our enemies punish us severely, both the “Church” and the peoples, for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, immodesty in dress, pornography (in nearly every home via home movies, internet, etc), contraception, etc. That when all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem doomed, then and only then God will intervene after His Justice has been appeased.

                America gets attacked from six or seven sides:

                1. Florida: Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and several other S. American Socialist/Marxist countries, side with Russia. As of now, these and more have been receiving on a monthly basis, Russia fighters, tanks, and heavy weaponry. Agreements and plans have already been made secretly.
                2. Mexico: As above sides with Russia.
                3. Minnesota: Russian and Muslim elements strike out to sabotage, railways, bridges, dams, utilities, electricity, airports, roads, etc. Mich. Minn. Dakota’s have tens of thousands of Muslim and Russian immigrants.
                4. Alaska: Russians attempt to drive down from Alaska and Artic to meet at US/Can border south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in order to assault down the Mississippi and cut America in half – but are stopped by US and Canadian forces.
                5.Pennsylvania: East coast – Russians and other elements? attempt to drive from East Coast to interior past Pittsburgh.
                6. California: One million man Chinese amphibious assault on he West Coast, “with help from our own government traitors”. They take to Rockies for six months before we drive them back into the ocean. They kill millions. Please read: “2005 Speech of Chinese Minister of Defense” to Chinese Military Officers and Government Officials. Explains it all.

                No electricity, food, transportation, stores, utilities for over a year, nothing but chaos, civil war and revolution, initially oppressive Martial Law – and when all is in turmoil and chaos – Russia attacks with her allies.

                We win in the end, but the fight is severe and costly, over 50% of America dies, but as I said, the saints reveal we do win in the end, but at first its seems far away. All the enemies of God, His Church (including those within up to the Top, and our countries, are annihilated in the end, but again, at first it will seem the enemy is winning.

                1. Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 7, 1990: Russia will attack both all of Europe and America.
                2. Blessed Sister Elena Aiello, Italian mystic and stigmatic, (1895-1961), from her revelations and visions: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her “secret armies”. Every major city in the world will be destroyed by either the war, massive earthquakes and tidal waves. Whole cities, provinces and countries will disappear in massive apocalyptic earthquakes.
                3. In 1984, Pope JPII, asked a reputable German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities. Russians had been secretly amassing massive numbers of tanks, missiles, fighters and military weaponry, little known by the West.
                4. St. Nilus/5th century: “In the 20th. century, the world will abandon all morality, women will dress shamefully in mens clothes, following will come God’s chastisement and deep drenched in blood shall the world lay. Over a dozen Catholic saints and mystics from as far back as the 5th century have warned specifically in the “20th. century” the world will fall into total immorality, the Church will be also infected and shortly thereafter comes an apocalyptic chastisement where over 75% of the world dies.

                All to happen very soon, according to all these revelations: Watch for the pope to die and a “disputed election” which is the start of the “big events”. Get out of the cities, ammo up, food, and necessary items. Find a cabin, lodge, farm, relative, somewhere to go to when things start, but near every soul in the cities will die, so say the mystics an saints.

                • Pretty hectic. But, oh well. Trying to wake most people up is like talking to a pile of bricks.

                  Good luck, Marine.

                • Don’t know just what this means, but in 2004-5 I was at a gunshow and saw a group of mostly young men in their 20’s and an older man in his late 40’s or early 50’s. All were clustered at a table with some semi-auto AK-47’s and the older man, speaking in Russian seemed to be lecturing them about the weapon, pointing at various parts of the rifle. I don’t speak Russian, my father and his parents did, and I heard enough at home to recognize the language, but couldn’t translate in my head. Don’t know if they were Russian mafia (they ARE here, own a prominent local strip club)or military.

                • Hey Jarhead…you left-out / neglected to touch upon…”the 3-days of darkness prophecy.”

                  ..research it, soldier!!!

                  –Dio Vindice–

              • You’re absolutely correct. The invasion has already begun due to Obama’s policies and the politicians that support them. The only hope we have is Donald Trump-if the country is around that long and if we have an election.

            • ARs against tanks ? It’s been done . At great loses. But they got to get out of those tanks sometime. At great losses It will not be easy?

              • Why would civilians armed with light weapons confront tanks directly? Somebody has to refuel those things.

                • AR’s against tanks. Now if that doesn’t spell stupid, nothing does.

                • Sticky bombs were used on tanks during WW II. They’re nothing more than hand grenades covered in something to make it stick like a heavy coating of axle grease. If you know where and how to attack a tank, light weapons are all you need.

              • Saw jars of what appeared to be paint aimed against armored vehicles in a news report about Ukraine. A guy was using a giant, mounted sling shot to launch them. Can American tanks be blinded this way? Would molotov cocktails dropped upon such a tank make staying inside impossible? If so, an AR-15 might be just the ticket…

                • Not a Molotov, it’s a type of focused eye eedee perfect for penetrating armored vehicles engines from ambush (also used remotely via fabricated AP mine). Was seen frequently during the push towards Baghdad because tank battalions led the way; after the shelling. Combustible liquids burn up too quickly to be effective and any concussive/shrapnel based device does superficial damage at best.

              • Save yer ammo.
                Tanks fall pretty easily to molotov cocktails.

          • A lot of old crazy white guys will be having fun in the event of a large scale EMp …. Especially in urban rich areas .

        • It’s all the Libs fault and Obama’s! If the Libs hadn’t fatally weakened us, then we wouldn’t have had to worry about these sorts of scenarios.

          • The Johnson said, I think 2 or 3 articles ago, that we could expect to be hit by N Korea any day now. That was probably a month ago or more. More fear porn from this fraud. Punk.

            • I heard at least a half dozen nuclear armed North Korean subs have sneaked into the Great Lakes and are just lying low there waiting their orders to launch.

              • I thought that new version of Red Dawn really sucked.

              • LMAO what you sniffin?

              • OMFG! Ships in the great lakes? I live real close to there!And here i thought i was safe. Seriously. Scary!

              • Considering the average depth of Lake Eire in the western half is about 12 feet. The deep channel is about 35 max. Ignore either you have to go through the locks at Niagara falls, or very carefully navigate your submarine up the falls. Forget when you get to the puddle called Lake St. Clare you could Po-go Stick across it. Could you explain how they are doing this? Mayhap they could hide in Great Salt Lake disguised as a Banana. Whole article is BS! A. Lincoln said 150 years ago: If we are united, not all the armies of the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio. Well it’s a hell of a lot harder now.

                • Last year, on our local news (ABC) they reported a visit from a German Cruise ship, docked at Milwaukee, WI, and the German passengers were getting their pic taken with a statue of the “Fonz” this ship came in by way of the Great Lakes. So if a ship of that size can come in I dont doubt other ones can and will as well! I am sure you could google the ABC story, its out there!

                  • No doubt; but the key to Submarines is they go underwater. Even the old WWII subs took over 30 ft of water to just clear the surface. Somehow I think the people at to Soo Locks would notice something.

              • The St Lawrence seaway is not very deep

            • Fear porn .? Or a wake up call? Look around . There’s a lot of conflict. Rumors of war? Ww 2 had a lot of fear porn before it happened. Deny our situation . At your own risk. Don’t lull others. The more prepared the better for us all. Doesn’t our military prepare for every possibility.we should too?

              • I visit the city 45 miles away twice a month to bring food to my stupid starving son. I worry about emp and having to walk home and i also bring my two dogs with me in the van. I think i am stupid for doing that, or maybe i worry too much? Always thinking and worrying. I can’t walk home 45 miles with two dogs. I think i should leave them home,but they bark and drive me crazy when they know i am going out. I take them for a lot of rides in the big van. I do have leashes in van, but doubt i could walk ten miles with a bad back much less more………am i doomed? I am hoping my son moves back to the country soon.

                • There’s NO SUCH THING as an “EMP”.

                • Could just kick the bum to the curb and tell him “learn to swim”. Your the one that’s tired of his mooching off of you. I know. “it’s easy to say” but my mother did me that favor after the military and I never looked back. It was tough but I’m alive,opened a business and ran successfully for almost 30 yrs, married almost 40 yrs to a wonderful lady,retired, debt free,etc. Kick the bum to the curb, you’ll appreciate the end results. He will survive. Peace

                • You’re the one that sounds stupid.

            • This article is basically a (bad) rehash rip of Dave Hodges work from recent posts on the Common Sense site. Jeremiah Johnson does this type of thing constantly and is apparently incapable of producing anything original.

              • Hey WWTI: Have you as Yet read the Entire word for word transcript of Trump’s recent, two weeks ago, Speech to, AIPAC and the over 20,000 AIPAC Attendees?

                If not yet read it?…Read prior to eat lunch! it may cause one to puke if lunch is consumed prior to reading it.

                Trumps overall speech has in almost every sentence/line more ass kissing, slobbering and abject Praise regarding AIPAC type’s than almost all other speeches or claims made within past 30 yrs by the usual crop of liberals and Neocon repub ass kissers.

                And NO..I do Not believe it when folks claim something such as “oh trumps just saying that stuff to Act as if he’s same as typical polititions etc and it is designed to Fool AIPAC and Israel-firsters etc”

                To that I say BS!…Trump already told a different Press Club DC group of same as aipac ethnic persons, that he Trump refuses any of their campaign cash…So obviously trump didn’t speak at aipac to get any cash period.

                And #2…Votes cannot be the reason…because of Two important issues…Issue #1…In most Past elections going quite far Back in time now…on average the usual percentages of those enthic persons I cannot name here, always have Voted a consistant 87% for Dems…NO other ethnic voter base has such High percentage dem voters but Black voter base which is usually at 95% dem votes…

                And their entire nationwide in usa number of total possible votes can be NO larger than “maybe” a couple to small few, 3 million or so votes total…

                Their entire usa POP consists of aprox. Low of 5.5-Million people to as High as 7-Million total.

                Weed Out the too young to vote kids, the stay home never vote group etc and at Most three million votes on avg per election sounds about right eh…if that many.

                So if not the Cash and not enough total votes to make much of any real difference nationwide?…Plus if again 87% vote dems anyways?…

                It Begs the question as to just Why did Trump even go do that aipac speech?…Other than to use it as another oportunity to slobber over and praise over and over in every line how wonderfull and swell he thinks aipacs members, and as an extention, ALL of aipaics related tribe are in the mind of Trump?

                I don’t know about you WWTI…But I too was hopeing for once we finally had somebody that really is opposite of the rest in Both dem and neocon repub parties.

                But after I read his Entire every word aipac speech a day after it was posted up online and taken word for word from the major usa newspaper that published it…

                To say I am very Disapointed barely reveals just how disapointed and I now see trump as same Ol same Ol in different suit and tie combo is all.

                In Fact…If trump meant even 10% of what he stated in that long winded speech, or was it a Sermon in abject Praise and Worship of the attendee listeners?

                I will not be shocked if he gets elected and disapoints his supporters as bad as hobammy has or worse.

                Maybe his true aims are to get into a better key position to do the biggest Real estate “Deals” within Israel than ever yet seen in any global areas yet.

                A person can look Past it that his two daughters converted to talmudism and married aipac types…But no real thinking person can possibly get passed his aipac Speech as spoken by Trump….I also read that his son in law aipac member is whom wrote the speech. If truth? that add’s to make it yet worse.

                Let me know if you want the speech and cannot locate it as I saved it in an email to myself for referense..

                I’d Post it up here but it is so long Mac will probably get pissed and I can’t fault Mac for it if he did delete it or snip 1/2 of it off due to length…Probably contains at least 100-lines and every single line either Praises and Worship’s that group or praises himself..Or does Both!

                Overall just a rather very sickining outpouring of Worship like speech one would expect from Hillery or Schumer or that Fla dem Debbie Wasserman bitch tribal shiksa.

                About the Only thing worse yet Trump can now do, would be to allow for, say like Bush Jr did, for Pat Robertson and John Hagee and that fox tv ex govner arkansas Huckabee acting as a pastor, to do a huge in public affair where all three preachers Lays hands upon Trump while praying some mambojambo’s that claim “God Told Us three that Trump IS His Anointed Pick for usa Prez folks!” amen and amen and hallafuckinluyah folks!

                While Yes a certain segment of neocon voters eat’s that “God Spoke to me/us” stuff up and never ever questions it, then Obey such fraud apostates…Todays usa contains less and less such foolish deluded folk, and their foolish numbers dwindel as the weeks pass by now.

                So all in all, I think that AIPAC speech may return to Haunt Trump at the Poll’s next fall..

              • This is Original and currently happening:

                Remember Fast & Furious? and Brian Terry the Border Patrol Officer “killed” on duty in AZ with a “fast & furious” gun?

                He was murdered, whether by Mex Cartel or Feral Gov. is the only question. Brian Terry was reporting arms shipments going south over the border and was told by his superiors to let them through. Terry reported this to his Union. He also kept a journal with times and gps co-ordinates of the violations, that was discovered in a boot of his personal belongings.

                The guns were going to the Sinola Cartel as payment for their snitching on the other cartels to the DEA.
                But, Now it appears weapons directly from manufacturers in shipping crates were shipped to Mexico to Morocco and on to Algeria and the Libyan Benghazi operation.

                These “weapons” were automatic rifles, grenade launchers, night vision goggles, etc. AND it is still ongoing right now!

                GSA also has lost used military equipment, and weapons being re-purposed supposedly out to Feral Gov. “friendly” domestic police forces. Some of this may well be turning up in the Middle East or even into Europe for the “Refugees” to use in their jihad.

                Do not assume “domestic terrorists” FIB/CIA inspired and supplied are not being similarly supplied.

                Now the Chamberpot Repub Traitors no longer even mention the topics you have “petitioned the government” on. We are governed by Criminals and Traitors, when Hilarity becomes president it should be obvious to anyone with eyes and ears.

                CYA doesn’t even begin to meet the danger we face.

        • Anything is possible correct, what is more probable is that the USA is pushing for a war to support its huge arms industry. It would appear that the USA loves making war in countries other than in your own. Please take off the blinkers and stop exporting the great USA war machine to the rest of the world.

        • Saturday, Apr 9 @ 12 Noon Committee of Safety establishment “Call to Arms” 605-562-3140 ID # 385-698. Solutions

      2. The only reason to invade right away is to take all the infrastructure intact. If they wait for the mass die off post EMP, they can walk right in, and subdue what’s left after engaging our military assets abroad ahead of time. I could see it go down either way.

        Common thread: be ready for a fight!

        • V: I agree. Just do a few EMPs and then wait for the US to self destruct.

          • Sun Tzsu basically said that if your enemy is self-destructing, stay out of his way.

      3. Great topic Jeremiah. What has been discussed so far are nut jobs brainwashed by supposed leaders in their country/religion. If a REAL war would be fought then I think it would be a Chemical War. A foreign country could easily convert the massive, enormous amounts of chemicals in this country into nerve agents and other nasties. E.g. pay off someone at the poison x,y, or z plant and have the tanker labeled as water of something.

        Heck, there are literally millions of men and women who were victims of nerve agents and the like in arabia and the USA military will not even admit it. Imagine if some enemy released Chemical Warfare in the USA. There is simply no agency to respond. EPA basically works for CDC is focused on viruses. Poisoning millions could go on for months before anyone realized it.

        Poisoning the enemy military would lead to zombie soldiers who keep messing up. That might be MORE effective than killing them!

        I suspect the next war is something much worse than we can predict.

        • Great/interesting topic–somewhat sophomoric outlook however. I usually like Jeremiah’s posts but this one sounds like a Friday night game of “Risk” or “Axis and Allies” with a case of Buds and a few friends.
          I won’t go through item by item or location by location, but there are chasms in pretty much each of his postulations/suppositions.
          The biggies are A) the USA would not be able to counter-strike after an EMP. First of all there are the obvious nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and the most technologically advanced navy in the world- but VERY large amount of US forces are located all over the world ( fighter jets, bombers and yes-even the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 10th Special Forces Group he mentioned.) However, even weaponry, ICBM’s and much technology is well safeguarded from EMP type of attacks within the continental USA. To think that the military technology is as unprepared as our outdated power grids is naïve.
          B) Obama would order a stand-down or veto a retaliatory response. REALLY? The man is not god or emperor–between the outcry of the populace, State Reps and of course, the military brass, I’d be more surprised if we didn’t just blow everyone up.
          C) A land invasion and/or paratroopers dropping from the sky. We have jets, aircraft carriers and bombers by the THOUSANDS, on HUNDREDS of military bases around the world–not a single transport plane would drop paratroopers onto the US, let alone enough to subdue a few hundred million Americans armed to the teeth and with over a TRILLION rounds of ammo in private hands. Logistically this is just as silly as thinking that we could start a land assault on Chinese soil–power grid or not, it would take months and months to even land a significant enough force of tanks, artillery, troops, supplies, tech and combat vehicles from across the vast oceans and to carve out control over a city the size of San Fran.
          I could go on but it is pointless– a strike against the USA better be a “kill shot” and radiation be damned, because if the assailants do anything less than annihilation, payback from 3000+ nukes ( and any secret weapons we may have) would be devastating.

          • A ground invasion would take months due to logistics and they would have to except a full nuclear response. You can’t invade the U.S. without suffering some serious blows.

            Javelin is correct.

      4. the Attack on us has already began ..this story teller been under a fuckin rock er something?

      5. Nukes against land targets are unlikely. Carrier battle groups, probable. A land attack will almost certainly result in a reprisal attack.
        There were some Chinese and Russian attack plans circulating around in the 80’s that centered around infiltrating ports with equipment, staging more equipment off shore on civilian cargo containers and just running soldiers across the borders as immigrants, then landing them in mass at airports on civilian transport at 400 per plane load. It was estimated that 1,000,000 soldiers could be in country within a week.
        If you look at todays equipment trends, everything is container based these days from missile systems such as the 3M-54 Klub to light chinese armor that fits inside of a standard shipping container so I would say the plan is still on the table.

        • We’ve already been over run by 17 Million Illegal Mexicans and 7 million Jews. So what did the US Army Do about that to protect us? We are doomed for sure. Focus GI Joe, Focus!!


      6. JJ: Normally I enjoy your articles. It looks like you are mixing up an old Red Dawn or On the Beach or old cold-war scenario with the present time. It is an interesting thought experiment but some of the scenarios are implausible and too complex.

        I agree with proposition number one; however, I disagree with the use of ICBMs or satellites as the delivery method for an EMP. I am an adherent of Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is usually the best. North Korea or some other bad actor hired to perform multiple EMP attacks on the US would only require a few junk cargo ships and some atmospheric tactical nukes launched from off shore over target areas like DC, NYC, and San Diego / LA.

        There is no reason for Russia or China to land troops in the continental US. Three EMPs launched over the areas I mentioned above would be enough to cause the US to implode in upon itself. Many people are helpless without electricity and their electronic gadgets. Why waste the lives of any troops? I wouldn’t.

        It would be easier to just watch Americans turn on each other. Urban populations are vulnerable without electricity and modern communication and dependent on just-in-time delivery methods to keep grocery store shelves stocked. Most people couldn’t even buy or sell anything after an EMP because most people don’t even use cash these days. The stores cannot function without electricity nor can they even ring up your order without a modern cash register which is, again, dependent on electricity. Gas cannot be pumped unless the gas station owner also has some type of diesel generator to run the pumps and the cash registers. (Look at Superstorm Sandy and the aftermath as evidence of how quickly things break down without power).

        • Used to manage 3 gas stations in the 70’s. The main backup then was a hand pump in case electricity went out,go figure.
          I recently asked a young clerk in a store what would they do if the electricity went out, she had no idea. The older clerks knew about hand pumps but didn’t know how to set one up or calculate quantity. jeez. Talk about handicapped…

          • ONV: good to hear about old tech from the olden days.

          • ONV – I managed a gas station in the late 90’s but know nothing about hand pumps. It’s not either clerks’ fault they don’t know about them. It’s the fault of whoever was in charge of their training and, if it was like mine, it was zero.

      7. I don’t see and Russians in Mexico and as last I seen the South China Sea was over by China. I think there may be some Chinese restaurants in Mexico and Canada but no Chinese military presence.

        No one is attacking the USA. MIC wants to sell more weapons.

        • JJ has copied the story line of the Invasion America books.

      8. It will never happen. More fear porn. If the US goes down the crapper, it will from our own greed and selfishness.

      9. World Wars I and II were walks in the park compared to what’s coming. For the past three or four years, in a valley here in Appalachia, a large Russian unit has been training. On many occasions, we have seen unmarked planes, slightly larger than a C-130, flying into the valley and dropping below tree level. There must be a landing strip there or they’re just going in low to drop cargo, etc. It is quite disturbing to see this. Hikers have reported being told to leave certain trails by men in black uniforms with heavy Russian accents. Russian wives and children have been encountered in various places. When asked if they were on holiday, one little girl said that her daddy was here to kill Americans. Why would a child say something like that unless she had heard adults say it first?

        • Nub:

          Russia has an underworld of gangsters. They are not Caucasan. They are members of the race who pose as a Religion in order to avoid criticism. They are the best educated thugs that the alphabet agencies have ever seen. This combination of sophistication and ruthlessness has shocked our guys. Could be your Russians are drug dealers dropping large shipments of cocaine and/or heroin. We all know, drugs kill. Just something to consider.

          • BfCA – I know about the gangsters but never considered them as a possibility. That really is something to consider.

          • BfC: I remember this one gal when I was a student. This was during the heyday of grunge so most of us showed up to class in thermals and jeans with a to-go coffee mug. Anyhow, this one class I took there was this chick that showed up in thigh-high hooker boots, red nails, fishnet stockings, and red lipstick. For a 9:00 a.m. philosophy lecture. Everyone stared. Even the other females and there were probably only 2 or 3 of us, her, and about 20 guys.

            So this gal was Russian and had been brought to the US at a young age after her family escaped. This was around 1995 so go back 10 years to 1985 and the US and Russia were not on friendly terms (or so they told us). Anyhow she spoke excellent English. I picked her brain about Russia and I remember her telling me about the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. She said that they were expert at stealing and killing. She warned me about the Russian Mafia.

            Gal said that they would slit your throat for a pair of Levi’s and not get blood on them. And then take your passport, too.

            I agree, I tried to go to St. Petersburg because I wanted to visit the Hermitage museum but I was deported from Belarus. Russia made it clear they didn’t want poor students showing up in their cities and I got the boot. I ended up having an entire train car to myself. Beyond weird.

            The Russian Mafia? Scares me. Ruthless.

            • Average Russian chicks are hotter than 95% of American chicks. I think the average American woman is now a size 16.

            • @ Philo…after that description of your classmate, I have to go take a cold shower.

        • @ Nubmaeme
          “For the past three or four years, … a large Russian unit has been training.” Bullshit. Hearsay piled upon someone’s over-active liquorred up imagination. Photos or it didn’t happen.

          Russia is a huge nation, surrounded on every side by foreign powers, Western imperialists or political Islam, that want what it has. Land and resources that even with modern technology it doesn’t have the resources to fully defend. “The Russians are coming!! The Russians are here!!! Oooh, ooh, time to wet our pants.

          Iz pure bullshit, Natasha. Photos or it didn’t happen.

          • They took my camera!

      10. According to attorney and Yale graduate and former Lead Counsel at the World Bank, the Generals Obama fired were fired because they refused to bomb the United States with a nuclear bomb in what I can only imagine would have been a false flag, another Pearl Harbor.

        • By mixing plausible truth with ridiculous lies, people can be easily mislead. Whistle blower, Karen Hudes, now claims that aliens from outer space run the world. She is close. They are aliens alright. But they are from planet earth. They have dual citizenship, not spaceship. So expect a false flag invasion from outer space hoax. Well, if you can convince people to give up their money to a foreign power, give up their liberty to appease them of whatever bull story victim hoax they concoct, what’s to keep them from creating these schemes.

          • B from CA: you are correct…We in usa since kids were told and led to believe that the real kommie soviets were simply “the Same as Us…Whites but spoke Russia and were all Atheists”…And of course being atheists was what caused them to be able to act so ungodly in mass murdering one half of eastern europe populations.

            But….The only real truth to it all was, Yes to Kommies, Yes to soviets…However the main leadership’s at every level in ALL of eastern european nations overtaken by the Red Terror death machine…Was run by and done by peoples that Look white, unless one is capable of deeper thought and the ability to look also at various distinct facial and eye features etc and overall skull shape especially from a side profile…Thats when you see it was not whites per se…and they also spoke fluent Yiddish.

            And they were not such abject athiests since, they yes did destroy 40,000 Christian churches..However if true atheists?…Why did they not ever destroy a single Synagouge?!…Indeed kommie bolsheviks, them we can’t name here, are a very smart and devious bunch that use every type deciet and lie and murder and theft’s one can conjure up…

            it is probably due to a lifetime since birth belief system that only their tiny segment of the 7 billion peoples on earth are actual Humans…while the Rest are just all Goyim…Goys being a Sub-Human Souless species created by god so to serve as slaves to the tribal non goys.

            but they aint a real “race” neither B from CA…Their state laws of israel state that if ones Mother is a clan tribe member?…So is the kid…OR/AND…ANYbody that does a successfull conversion to Talmudism, they too will be accepted as a bonafied member period.

            They also hate black african’s that are those I cannot name here and at present have been rounding up and store-housing all blacks present within Israel for future deportations, as soon as another nation can be found to accept said negro tribe members!

            Nuttyahoo himself recently spoke of that and stated that He and They Demand israel to be ONLY a “jewish state” and consisting of ONLY folks that Look like a whitey!

            Back here in usa, every of the many dual citizen polititions rant and rave daily 24/7 calling Us usa whites rassist and whitey “Seperatists”!!

            Talk of huge Hypocrites eh!

            “Beware the leven of the Pharisee’s! for it IS Hipocracy!”…Jesus Christ said it.

            IE: Leven meant Yeast and same as a tiny bit yeast causes entire lump of dough to get mixed with it and it then is impossible to remove the yeast once it permeates entire dough lump…..Christ was speaking of the way the pharisee priests twisted Gods words into meaningless drivel etc….Same as they Taught todays lib dems and now too neocons, to say that but mean this…and keep changeing word meanings to confound and confuse everone and everything with total chaotic hipocracy.

            once these type nation wreckers are fully understood…it then is NO wonder at all as to just How can Anybody or any group act in such inhumane and evil ways?…Easy when it is IN their birth DNA eh!

            • Well, who would have believed it, our old friend shows up slobbering drunk once again at 1.43 Am, the vampire of shtf himself. Keep on rambling and take another drink, it’s the only thing you’ll ever be capable of, action is not on the list for you so take another drink and try to figure out which poster I am NOW. Keep babbling gramps, you’re powerless to do anything else but sit back and watch as your great ” menace” destroys your society and the only thing you can do about it is to make the Jack Daniels distillery wealthy.

              • J: ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Brilliant!

            • So, Them Guys, you actually studied “…various distinct facial and eye features etc and overall skull shape especially from a side profile(s)…” of all them Joos of the old Soviet Union? You say they’re not “really white”, yet coming from the region of the Caucasus mts. is it possible to say they’re almost as good as whites?

      11. IMHO, there will be no invasion. With 10’s of millions of Americas armed to the teeth. Madder than a hornet on crank. Would be best to let them kill each other off.

        An invasion would only unit millions of Americans looking for payback.

        I also think there would be some American nukes arriving onto their homeland.

      12. Wrong…

        You are forgetting so many things. The retaliatory capability of the US will dissuade little Kim. He would much prefer to have the finest foods, finest living, finest Korean snatch, than to risk being a permanent bug smear upon the land.

        US Command and Control does not rely upon fixed locations and any invading forces would ultimately fail due to the 2nd amendment and American spirit.

        Yes, we can be attacked, but not likely, unless it comes from our own elected government.

      13. This one seems like a novel and made for tv, too many unlogical logistics. Some of the scenarios, seem probable but way to much fiction. Didn’t enjoy this one but will look for the movie.

        • Too many un logical logistics ? It seem that everything is unlogical?

      14. I beg to differ, nuclear submarines will b the biggest deterrent, possible scenarios, but it will be our own governments first, then the nukes will fly, and if anyone thinks there won’t be a nuclear retaliation, you are delusional.

      15. F6 on your Bona Fides: You are a “POSER”, not the real SF soldier that you claim to be.

        1. Anybody that has been in SF for more than a year knows that Sarasota is not the home of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Tampa is. And that’s on the west coast of Florida not the east coast. Southern Command is located in Doral, Florida on the east coast near Miami. You geography sucks too.
        2. Jacksonville and Mayport Florida would be hit because of the submarine base.
        3. Ft Bragg is the Home of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC).
        4. Virginia beach is home to 4 SEAL teams not just Tm 2.
        5. Your mentioning of Ft Lewis and the SF unit there and group shows you are a “POSER” not the real thing. 3 Battalions of the 1st SFG are stationed at Ft Lewis and one in Okinawa, Japan.
        6. Ft Carson’s 10th SFG was not just recently reactivated at Ft Carson. 10th SFG has been in existence since 1952. They moved to Ft Carson in 1995. They were at Ft Devens, MA. With a Battalion forward in Germany.

        *****For all that read JJ comments, take them with a grain of salt. He is a “Fake” a “POSER” pretending to be SF. How do I know–real ones know. Enough said.

        • He also forgot the largest Marine air base in the world, US MCAS Cherry Point, NC.

          ht tp://

          • Of course JJ is a poser. Check out the first articles he had here- basically he asked for info from us to use in his articles, to do his work for him. Mac posts his stuff because he brings in the clicks.

        • Trump wins in a landslide over Hitlery……

          A false flag and BarryO bullshit stops the newly elected president cold and civil war ensues.

          No outside interference needed !!!!

        • I haven’t seen Omaha mentioned. Air base Offutt and the strategic command center there I would of thought would bring some hell down on it….no?

      16. Sounds like a Red Dawn movie.

        We might not win but neither will they. Response from our subs after they can’t get communications with The PTB will launch. Out satellites with their nukes (yes they are up there) will launch.

        When they land forces on the states they will meet with one hell of an army. It might take some time to get it put together but it will happen. May God have mercy on their souls, Because the forces that they up against won’t.

        The scenario above sounds like a dream that I have twice. China takes on the West coast but is stopped at the western side of the Rockies. Russia lands on the east coast and is stopped on the east side of the Appalachians, and try to come down CAN-AM on the west coast, and with the help of the Canandians they are stopped in Idaho. Half of Texas is over run by turds from South America. Texans respond with the Holy Wrath of God. Texas goes by twice its size at the end of the war.

        China finds out that they can’t feed their army and starts getting their asses kicked right back into the Pacific Ocean. We use everything we can on them (NBC). West of the Mississippi take on the Chinese and the Russians. East side of the Mississippi takes on the Russians. Russia and China get attacked from the inside by the Muslims, Europe is so messed up they just turn into a pile of mush. They are attacked by Russia, and the Muslim inside their countries. Europe goes into a dark age. Israel takes on several mid-east countries and breaks out their nukes and pushes them back. They become a larger country than they are now. 1/2 of Lebanon, 1/2 of Syria, and the Sinai peninsula.

        All I can say is if this comes to pass you had better be ready with everything you can get. It was only a dream, but it scared the HELL out of me. Woke up in a cold sweat.

        We will look back on this, and say these were the Good Old Days!!!!


        • SGT Dale. I doubt there are nukes in space. They require constant parts replacement and maintenance.
          It is very, very difficult to make conventional explosives that will last very long in a vacuum. The stabilizers and plasticizes evaporate.

          • Ed
            You might be right, but I wouldn’t put anything past TPTB when it comes to weapons in space. Maybe not nukes, but how about the thing that might have hit China a few months back and destroyed several blocks.
            I have a brain fart and I can’t think of the name of the thing. Rad of God, Shaft of God or something like that.

            Remember we where sending the space shuttle up on secret missions for many years.

            Who really knows until they use them.

            Thanks for the come back.


            • Rod of God. Not Rad. Should have the readers on when I type these things.

            • @ Dale …ED said HE deteriorate over time in a vacuum….which means NO conventional warheads AND NO nukes, as they need HE to detonate.

          • We couldn’t keep our space station in orbit the Russians could? Don’t under estimate?

        • Then again, It could just be another Sunny Day in Paradise, like it is here today, or for the next decade, and its 5 O’Clock some where. My biggest threat here in FL Country is Sunburn. The BOL is looking dandy, like a Big Green Park. Birds are chirping, and then I read this article above. Think I’d rather grab a beer and good cigar, and go walk the property. Good day fellas..ladies..


      17. If they where smart they would wait for after the die off from the EMP. Patients is a virtue.

        • Yep.

      18. Preposterous…….Once we’re completely collapsed, financially and morally, we will simply be taken over and ruled by the worlds elite. Whom control everything.!!!!

        • I believe that’s already happened. By the way I live in the Imperial Valley we don’t take kindly to no foreign armies. But ya we do produce the food. Lots o’ farmers with guns. We will protect the border.

      19. So tired of the fear-generated propaganda and scenarios driving the sheep from one side of the pen to another, storing up more crap they will never use up. There are ~ 170 million adults in the US. Of those probably 80 million gun owners, owning more than one gun. 4 million are in the NRA (your active gunners)and a total of 8 million are likely trained to some degree in survival – ex-military, civilians regularly training, etc. Those numbers are larger than many combined nations’ militaries. There is also a loose network of comms in this country which will survive the dreaded “EMP”. My God, gents: organize yourselves where you live into groups of 20-30. You know: a “well-regulated militia”? Not everyone needs to be a rifleman, either; but all likely have skills to contribute. It has nothing to do with “Party”, “Left” or “Right”. Grow up and stop buying into the divisiveness and fear B.S. My 2-cents.

        • That is true. Fear, that is my signal for BS. I just made a post, perhaps you may have an insight? Why is mentioning the term ‘no-go zone’ taboo. It is slang, & I must not have been paying attention to not have realized. I could easily have used another definiton or slang term?

        • Unfortunately, there are still many that have not figured out Right IS Left. Those that still think there is a shred of difference between the two do not believe .gov is bad for US.

        • @Eaglesnest

          The good news is that your number is low. There are about 245 million adults in the US with an estimated 250 to 300 million firearms in private hands.

          Plus the Armed forces and LEOs have ? firearms (and other stuff) in the lower 48. We probably have enough guns and ammo for anyone who is willing and able to participate.

          In truth, small arms will mainly give us an opportunity to choose the manner of our passing while maybe taking some of the invaders with us.

          I hope that many of us would choose to go out standing up. That would be my desire.


      20. But, but, what if they’re coming to liberate us from the bad people in Washington, D.C.?

        • Keep your fingers crossed. The only way to take down Sauron and the Witch King is to invade or disable Mordor-on-the-Potomac and Mordor-on-the-Hudson. When? Sooner rather than later.

      21. It’ll be Da or Nyet.

      22. I think the author didn’t read Joshua’s article about nuclear meltdowns. If an invading army encountered power plants emitting nuclear juice around the USA, they’d have much less turf and resources to take.

      23. We as conservative Americans, could not get this lucky. It would be OVER for liberals, once we got back on our feet and got control of the government back. the FBI, law enforcement would hunt them down. Traitors would hang, everybody would fall in line BLM would vaporize. illegals would go back home. there would be Millions of pissed off heavily armed whites. driving around looking for somebody to kill not to mention millions at every state capital in America. Crazy pissed off white people BURN continents.

        • It will be beautiful….

      24. Hey, why is the term ‘no-go’ zone taboo? If the US is occupied (which we are?) why doesn’t that come up? I figured this would be a place to bring it up. No-go zone is an occupied area like a dmz demilitarized zone in korea, but usually in a neighborhood. Can be paramilitary, I know muslim extremists are being used but they are a tool, so a cabal of sorts. Sundown, same occupied area that has some semblance of business during the day then their jackals are released at sundown. Personally I believe that the Civic authorities & what ever cartel (I am just using that as a filler, but we all know), so I interested if I find this still taboo? If not a have a burning question to throw out. Yes EMP likely, It could come from the interior, people will panic.

      25. Yep still can’t get here from home.

        Error: connection timed out.

        Going in from a search engine too, it’s the right link…

        Anyone else seeing this? Think it’s a Verizon thing…

        • TheGuy, thanks for the heads up — I am going to see if I can duplicate on a verizon home network (so far we are able to see the site from Verizon mobile).

          apologies for the problem here, but if our site is blocked at the carrier level there is not much we can do, though I will most certainly get in touch with them and see if maybe they can trace the routes and figure out why it is blocked.

          I suspect you aren’t the only one having this problem.

          Thank you,


          • Please note that Verizon at my site transitioned to Frontier Communications just… days ago. I’m not sure if that’s true of all of Verizon, or if that’s true of just my State, or what. However I guess you’d probably have to try it on Frontier Communications.

            • Thanks TheGuy — I will see if I can get them to look at this issue.

              I hate to even mention it, but it might be faster if you either give them a call or open a tech support ticket … They should be able to track the problem
              Down from your IP fairly quickly. I do understand that’s kind of a pain in the butt, so no worries either way, but figured I’d mention it.



      26. Let see how the chi-com fare when they attack Texas and most of the one that they brought here to take us over are enjoying the good life getting laid and other measure activities, now they are being told to attack us.. I have talked to chinese males that have told me that they are told that we are the enemy and they said that they won’t be attacking us and that China sucks and that they like American way of life.. so go luck Z, you boys may not be following orders to avoid getting their asses shot the phuck up in Houston…but your invading chi- coms they are little different, and we will be ready for them. as for you jihadist, your dead as phuck..

        Phuck with Texas then refer to Sarge dream, you get the picture.


        • HCKS
          Good point.
          ‘How you gonna keep em down on the farm once they’ve seen the bright lights of the big city.’
          Same with sleeper Moslems.
          They get a taste of relative liberty here and POOF they disappear into the crowd.
          The hardcore Moslems are a pack of sexually frustrated old farts with warped minds. The younger guys see their chance to get out and they bolt.

      27. 1. North Korea launches an EMP attack, via ICBM or satellite.

        This will be the “kickoff,” and enable the game to begin. As of right now, the Chinese and Russians are already positioning themselves. The Chinese are moving naval assets into the South China Sea and also into the Pacific. The Russians are prepping their naval assets in the Med, the Atlantic, the Pacific, and in the Arctic region.

        The EMP attack will effectively shut down the entire U.S. economy and infrastructure. Many non-hardened elements of the United States armed forces will suffer loss, and the response time for a conventional incursion will be drastically reduced.

        2. North Korea is instantly turned into a puddle of radioactive glass as our subs launch on it. What bombers we have in the air are unaffected, and our ICBM silos are utterly unaffected. Maybe a few are taken down by internal saboteurs but hardly enough to make any difference. We immediately go to Defcon 1 and point every-fucking-thing we have at Russia and China and tell them to politely fuck off or die.



      28. (West Coast) – Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA. Strikes will also be conducted on Ft. Lewis, WA because of the Ranger and Special Forces unit & group there. The weapons will be airburst of fairly low-yield in the attempt to not irradiate with the prevailing westerly winds.



        Sigh Dammit Beavis… LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!

        You know you want to see it happen… fucking everyone in the country does…

      29. I can understand Fort Meade, etc….But why nuke Baltimore, MD?

        • because baltimore is a detroit.

          • Baltimore is a sea port, and lines of communication.
            Remember ANNAPOLIS is also there too.
            NSA is there too.
            Use your imagination…….

        • Better question is Why not? Please get all of NJ while at it.

      30. The attackers have the advantage of no nuclear reprisals being the policy of the Obama administration when the EMP is initially delivered.

        Flat out bullshit.

        I don’t care how badly he’s stacked the military in his favor, once one of our cities goes we’ll launch with or without his approval. You know it as well as I do.

        You make it sound so easy.

        The’ll be sitting there off the coast in their little boats with their little dudes sneakin around trying to take over the fucking DWP and meanwhile Vladivostok and Shenzhen will be smoldering craters in 15 minutes.

        It would be a total shit show.

        • TheGuy – unless things have changed quite a bit since I worked with missile crews back in the 70’s and 80’s, missiles could not be launched without a code from the president, an authentication from the Pentagon, verification of both, and then two missile officers turning keys in different locations at the same time. If they are not turned at the same time, the launch is a no-go. In the launch control centers, the keys that need to be turned are at least 10 feet apart – too far for one man to reach. No one person could launch missiles then and that probably holds true today. If our troops on the front lines today have to have approval from Washington to return fire in combat, then there’s going to all kinds of controls on missiles.

          • I’m assuming they did the sensible thing and back-doored that entire process once heads started rolling at the level of Generals. God knows if I were them I would have.

            If not well we’ll just have to “get” authorization. If you follow me. Cough coup.

            Cities start going vapor cloud… somehow I think the process of working around that little technicality is going to be rather radically accelerated.

      31. There are several reasons for the limited nature of the nuclear strikes.

        There are several reasons why ours would be anything BUT limited.

        1. Never planned out the scenario
        2. Total panic
        3. No idea how bad it’s about to get…

        We would not just merely launch we would launch everything. Like EVERYTHING.

        Does this look like a dumb plan yet?

      32. Look what’s going to happen will happen and there is absolutely nothing we as average people can do to stop it. The only thing we can do is prepare for our families as we see fit.

      33. HCKS, I’m with you all the way. I’ll say f#$% with north GA where my family is, refer to Sarge’s dream, you’ll get the same picture.

      34. I guess the economic news is not bad enough. For years we’ve heard Planet X is going to reverse the poles but several deadlines have passed, then it was said asteroids strikes, then last summer Ebola was going to be pandemic and take out at least half the population, now I read to get ready for starvation. I guess the next thing had to be nuclear attack and a massive invasion of foreign armies. It seems persons writing these type stories are popping up everywhere. And what is just as bad, there are vast numbers of people who believe it. They eat this stuff up; and I’ll tell you why, they really want to believe it.
        I have read articles that were merely reprinted from other publications from several years ago. Many reprinted stories are presented as the latest news. Apparently, there are a lot of people who are poorly informed, perhaps that is why they are gullible. Then there are those prophets who predicted a variety of dire scenarios, and they happened to know for a fact, or they had unassailable inside information something would occur in only a matter of weeks or a few months. Yet We’re all still waiting, some after many years, yet to happen. How sad, all the wasted years and lives, waiting for some event. Why haven’t the prophets lost public credibility. Propagandists teach the more ridiculous and baseless the story, the more it is believed.
        Then there are those nut jobs who say they have children, or even grandchildren, yet write they want economic and social collapse. Are they so miserable, or are their lives so devoid of purpose they are willing to see suffering visited on their own families?
        For God’s sake, when will rational thinking be restored and be the norm again? Nobody said things are good, a lot is really shitty. Yes, a fruitcake could launch an EMP weapon, but stop hoping for catastrophes to occur. Some of these simpletons believe silliness, yet deny facts and then call others losers.

        • Bill,

          I think that’s the sanest comment I’ve ever read here. Yea, some sicko’s actually want this stuff to happen, even when they admit they have young grandchildren. I think you’re right about the reasoning behind it all, I believe it stems from so many wasted years and possible ruined relationships with wives and girlfriends, waiting and hoping for ” the end”. They’ve been calling for the end of the world for thousands of years now with the only difference now is with computers it can be delivered at the speed of light. I think it all boils down to some people would be willing to have the whole planet blown to Hell if they got their big chance to jump up and down screaming ” I told you all this was gonna happen, but you wouldn’t listen to me!” For these sad people, that is their take on satisfaction, and there is no remedy for that type of thinking, it’s sorry to say.

          • I think we all should live in government housing and share more than we do now. I Love Bernie. What better way to live when what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. A judge to decides what materialistic pleasures we control. Do it for the children. The hunted seals and whales. Do it for clean air. Do it for the Planet.

        • Bill you make some valid points. First we get lied to by the MSM, now we have to wade thru the bs on the net. But the net does provide info that is factual and won’t be on CNN. I take it all with a grain of salt. And live my life. I learned a long time ago, stress and worry and fear kills more people than bombs, criminals, and asteroids; which, by the way, fall to planet earth every day. Most burn up in the atmosphere giving us what people call “falling stars”. Those that do make it to earth usually wind up in the ocean or on uninhabited land masses. Thanks for your perspective on the hysterical fear mongering, it does get very boring.

      35. We have to have a Nuke sub parked somewhere and IF someone did fire on use first (EMP or Nuke) we would be able to strike back right away. Nnless you can make sure your won’t get hit back why would anyone actually start this up on a global scale? You would have to make it look like a terrorist attack and not claim responsibility this is why we wont see a full scale invasion of this level it would be suicide for whichever country starts it.

      36. OK, such stupidity, you could at least get the command centers correctly. Sarasota, Fl???? Really????
        Southern command is in Miami, FL. and SOCOM along with Centcom is located in Tampa, Fl.
        After that credibility gap I quit reading.

        • The stupidity is to think the military tells the real control centers?

          • There are obviously “Secret” command and control centers. nevertheless what I stated is true about Miami and Tampa as existing command centers and they are not in Sarasota.

      37. Wolverines!

      38. The author referenced Sun Tzu.
        Sun Tzu #1 rule was you need to know and understand your enemy.
        So why start a war to get what we Americans are more than happy to sell to you? Give Democrats some money and they’ll sell you our Uranium mines. Toss some money to the right Republicans and you could buy ADM( corporate food producer).
        War is not good business. It is far cheaper to purchase politicians businesses, and property than conduct a war and maintain an army across an ocean.

        • rellik

          How true.

          I believe that has a lot to do with the globalist goals which are interdependency. Your hesitant to bomb facilities you own in a foreign country and if you buy enough of them you influence their politics significantly.

          Everything officially proposed promotes globalization and “One World”. Nothing put forward from official sources promotes nationalism.

        • Relic:
          That is the difference between the Arabs and the Chinese. In the 1980’s I had a kiosk in a shopping mall. The mall was purchased by God know’s who, a store in the mall was purchased by Asians. They dismissed the Caucasian whites and every single worker in their store was Asian. No problem.

          I took courses with a Chinese student in BioTech. She said she was going to work at a BioTech company and said they only hire Asians.

          Only by taking the reigns of our banking system will we be safe. The Globalist international cartel bought off our government, sold our old nukes to whomever and sold us all down the river. So yes you are right. Why fight when all you need do is buy what you want. Know your enemy. By the way, that is the real reason these sites are allowed. So TPTB are cataloging our thoughts. But by sharing our thoughts, we inform and enlighten each other more than TpTB expected. They are afraid of just how powerful a tool of communication the Internet has become. For that reason I expect they will shut it down and blame China. Well, we’ve had a good run old man. Don’t you think.

          • To Determine if an inside job attack?

            Check Dates various wars or conflicts happened at Least as far back as Bush Jr Iraq war…Most every time if it was a usa+best pal allies did it…It then occured on the Holy day of “PURIM”….the day a certain fanatical religious cult celebrate the too many times to list wars or events in which their cult has mass murdered their goy oponents….And it matters Not if so called oponents are simply old folks, women and kids…Goys are Goys and all goys Are ENEMY!

            Why did Bush Jr Begin carpet bombs over Iraq at 1:00 AM?

            That was exact time/Date based on the moon phases Purim started…research many other wars etc see if it is just a “coincidence”…

            • Yeah, like it’s just a ” coincidence” that you always post your slobbering drunk commentaries between midnight and 5.00 Am in the morning to.

              • That’s because the bars close at 2:00 am…

      39. This would be interesting! Lock and Load! Remember what the Japanese Admiral said, “Don’t want to invade because there is a gun behind every bush!!” Or something to that effect anyway. Lesson, EMP isn’t going to lock down simple weapons. So — – – buy more ammo! They will play hell coming across the border into Texas! Maybe we ought to invade them?

      40. That whole scenario is old school theory strategy. The old strategy was to take out the other sides population. Now the new strategy is to get the other sides population to do it for them.This is achieved by taking out the food/transportation structure. It will do the job of the Nukes with little effect on the planets biosphere.
        No get me wrong they will use Nukes but not in mass. Very few and strategic. Mostly Military tacs and emps..FYI a country with millions of starving people is a war of chaos that is far worse than anything one can imagine.

      41. Re. point #5 – is it safe to say that if this report is correct (which it seems to be) then all of this will come down before year’s end? Possibly just after the November election?

        So Obama won’t retaliate with nukes. That doesn’t surprise me. But guess who would? Trump….who I support as POTUS, btw.

        If Trump wins they would have to carry out these attacks prior to his inauguration.

        • Diana, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about getting nuked with a trump victory. As of today, the odds makers are giving Trump a 12% chance of winning the Presidential election. Hillary, on the other hand, is currently rated at a 66% chance.

      42. MAD, mutual assured destruction. Any country that uses nuclear weapons as a first or preemptive strike will be immediately destroyed. A first strike would attempt to destroy the countries ability to respond. That is, try and hit all nuclear sites and must use 3 or 4 nuclear weapons to do so. The victim state only has to hit the major population centers and they do not have to be that accurate and 1 per center would be enough. Why the fear mongering? Informed persons would not be sucked into such a plan.

      43. What a load of horseshit!
        Why does SHTFplan post such nonsense?!

        I began rolling on the floor laughing when I read that, “Meanwhile the armies of Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Cuba will make their way into the unguarded underbelly of the United States into Texas and the Border States via Mexico.”

        Yeah, they are just going to drive up through Mexico, unnoticed, hiding at small motels along the way? –huh?

        What a load of rubbish!

        • How many things were ounce believed impossible ?

        • Rolling on the flor and laughing ? He who laughs last ? It seem the situation should be taken seriously ?

          • Are you kidding?
            Armies from the south invading the USA?!
            What a hoot?!

            This guy writing this stuff is right out of the black-helicopter crowd in the vein of Steve Quayle and the rest of the scare ninnies.

            No credibility at all!
            Worry about shit that is real.
            Crap like this is just disinformation to distract brainless dopes like you from focusing on the real problems facing the liberty movement.

            What a dunce you are!

            • Well i’m glad some of you think it won’t happen cuz i sure as hell can’t walk back 45 miles when i vist it the city!
              I think i am more worried about an economic collapse….gotta feed those duks!

            • Hooray, another person who sees Steve Quayle as LOONIE!

        • They won’t be seen because they’ll be driving those stealth Toyotas that ISIS drove without detection.

      44. It’s like this JJ: If we get hit with EMP attack,the country will be down. So will any invasion force that invades. Also,what’s the point of invading and occupying a country that is destroyed? Why would the Russians,Chinese,and anybody else want with a country laying in absolute ruin? Kinda misses the point here. Instead,the country could be compromised and left whole in order to pay some kind of tribute. Really JJ,you need to think these things through.

      45. I appreciate what Mr. J. wrote, that he wrote it, and how he wrote it.

        But everything he states I have already read at, Dave Hodge’s site.

        What he has left out is the following:

        One, I believe our Military has countermeasures in place for each of Mr. J’s aforementioned events so that once it detects an EMP launched, it will counterstrike appropriately. The question becomes that if any country attack us in any of those ways, are they willing to do so knowing our Military has already “anticipated” and prepared for such?

        Two, no one is in charge of any of these events. The Person who is in charge is God: God will decide what God will permit and God will decide when and how He will intervene. Simply put, Satan wants to destroy ALL of humankind, even those who have bought INTO his lies (of riches and world domination) and thus God will not permit Satan to destroy all of humanity, nor will He permit its subjugation.

        Third, more than ever, each of the 7.5 billion of us on this earth need to decide if we are going to turn to our egos, our weapons, our willfulness, OR, if we are going to turn in prayer to Almighty God because with God nothing is impossible.

        Look, I’m not a holy roller! I just know that IF I have read both the Old Testament and the New Testament and understand them, than NONE of us can afford to underestimate the power of the One who gave birth to the entire whole of creation! That is why each of (the 7.5 billion of) us need to give our heart and will over to God, remove our egos, and let HIM (and not Satan) dictate what our fate (if you can call it that!) is or becomes!

        In short, prepare in every way possible, especially spiritually. Get right with God, every day. Don’t despair, no matter WHAT happens. Trust God. And you will see the Light. The Eternal Light. Much more preferable to the eternal fires of hell.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Okay you are quoting another uber-goof ball, Dave Hodges. This guy is one of the lest credible people on the internet. Nothing that he lays claim to, or predicts ever happens or comes true. He is just another scare monger with no real contacts or sources other than the ones he creates in his mind.

          • Hooray for somebody else saying Hodges is nutso (pretty much another Alex Jones)

          • So which part of the government do you and Stevor work for? Your logic is fallacious, at best. Is that all you got?

      46. Taken by surprise ? The hope of every general? We hope for the same thing? Be ready for a surprise ?

      47. Wasn’t that book called Red Dawn? I don’t know our capabilities today, but based on the stuff they have been using on us, l’d say our command and control is global, mobile and has thousands of locations. Last time I checked the USA is the only country that has ever shot down a satellite.

      48. Do we have Star Wars. Or did our government pocket the money? Who knows ? But we might soon find out?

      49. I don’t buy the absolute effectiveness of an EMP attack.

        There’s millions of car and trucks in the US, many would survive. Industrial explosion proof equipment is well shielded and grounded. Much of the telecom industry is non conductive fiber. There reall is a lot of military equipment that is EMP hardened and when not in use, is stored in steel boxes.

        If we believe an EMP is supper effective, then there is no useful equipment in the US for the enemy to use and this country is huge. They would need to bring working everything, transportation, communications etc. they would need to bring along enough working infrastructure to run America. If I was the US military I’d wait for the enemy to drag it all here, set it up and then EMP the US leaving the enemy in a strange land with no infrastructure.

        If I was attempting resistance against well armed, trained foreign forces who had EMPed the US, I might just burn down the local fuel distribution center instead of taking them on in a standup fight that I would likely die in, so their vehicles run out of gas and they become sitting ducks on foot trying to survive. In a huge country with no supply chain and millions of armed pissed Americans.

        To beat America they would need to vastly reduce the population without making the place radioactive, poisonous and otherwise useless. Germ warfare with a weapon they have the vaccine for would be the only way. But all those bodies become toxic, unless disposed of, which again would render the best real estate in the US worthless.

        Why would anyone engage in a war they likely couldn’t see a path to final victory. Face it America is going bankrupt fighting wars all over the world. What nation could afford to fight a war in a country the size of the US?

        The current NWO plan to bankrupt the US and get Americans to give up their sovereignty is much better. Their man Obama has just about sealed our fate. We have become a fascist state run by foreign corporations and banks. We can elect anyone we want, it changes nothing, they all seem bought and paid for! The two parties are just two cheeks of the same ass.

      50. For an EMP attack to work–and that is, knocking out cars, computers, electrical grids and everything that works off of computerized electronics…. it would have to be a massive attack, with massive weapons, blanketing the entire USA. One bomb will not do the trick as many believe–one bomb could knock out a regional power grid and unleash all the chaos that follows.

        But one or a few bombs would not knock out all the electronics, cars and so forth… it would only knock out the power grids. But you would have a massive after effect that would last for months, perhaps years.

        North Korea does not have, nor will have the capability to launch even one such weapon, let alone blanket this country with an EMP attack. Russia or China would know full well the retaliation if they ever launched an attack, and it would not be a retaliatory EMP attacks–we’d level their cities.

        This invasion “fantasy” is just that–a fantasy that has been played out within the liberty movement for the last two decades or more. It is just that–fantasy and disinformation propaganda.

        • Bullschit. An EMP strike would have a cascade effect as Law and order and other circumstances are removed making the effected areas DESPERATE, with resultant failure of all levels of government as they attempt to compensate.

          9 meals / 72 hours to complete chaos.

          EMP ELIMINATES Banking, Just in Time (72 hour) delivery systems, eliminates essential services like Clean water and sewer (so illness WILL EXPLODE within a week of these services being unavailable), eliminates fuel production and delivery, eliminates electricity and ALL functions dependent on it, and ELIMINATE ALL BANKING but I said that, so the ENTIRE ELECTRONIC transactional system is gone (not to mention the EBT/SNAP being eliminated).

          I promise. I am right and it is sure fire strategy to bring the TECHNOLGY DEPENEDENT WORLD to an end, and make what is left move in ready for ANY power who wishes it.

          hate me for the TRUTH, I really don’t care.

      51. OK….GET REAL!

        WHY would China and Russia and other countries go through all that trouble and expense?

        NOPE. They WILL come here. On CRUISE SHIPS and commercial airliners and take over without a fight…..BECAUSE OUR “LEADER” WILL JUST LET THEM IN WITHOUT A FIGHT. Probably give them free health care too.

        Somehow using FUTURE tense in a story like this seems rather silly.

      52. This sounds like a lot of BS.

      53. Sure, it may LOOK like the above scenario with No. Korea and such, but it is MORE LIKELY to be a giant False Flag event perpetuated by the CIA/Mossad (with the same mercenaries that CIA/Mossad employs as “ISIS”).
        No, I don’t think THAT will be the real thing, at all.

      54. Here is how you BEAT the Entire Western World in ONE sentence. Guaranteed to work if you are patient.

        EMP the Western nations, wait six months, and then just move in. The populations will wipe themselves out. I promise You could probably move in in 60 days maybe 30.

        9 meals / 72 hours to complete chaos.

        EMP ELIMINATES Banking, Just in Time (72 hour) delivery systems, eliminates essential services like Clean water and sewer (so illness WILL EXPLODE within a week of these services being unavailable), eliminates fuel production and delivery, eliminates electricity and ALL functions dependent on it, and ELIMINATE ALL BANKING but I said that, so the ENTIRE ELECTRONIC transactional system is gone (not to mention the EBT/SNAP being eliminated).

        I promise. I am right and it is sure fire strategy to bring the TECHNOLGY DEPENEDENT WORLD to an end, and make what is left move in ready for ANY power who wishes it.

        hate me for the TRUTH, I really don’t care.

      55. The most misunderstood and unaccounted for weakness to any defense is the power of human PSYCHOLOGY when they are starving.

        9 meals / 72 hours to anarchy..

        All your clever planning and thought processes ROUTINELY fails to account for hungry grumbling stomachs, especially when kids are starving, as to how fast morality and laws become meaningless to people trying to save their starving selves/kids/family or when they are dying from PREVENTABLE sanitation related illnesses.

        And if you think people are going to go to work under threat of death, for “money” when their (police/military/emergency services/utilities workers) refuse to go to work to stay home and defend their own, then you also earn a fail for understanding how devoted (human psychology again) when they have NO technological advantages to help them.

      56. Well, that’s one way for the Feds to be gotten rid of. More likely, any “attack” on the U.S. will be against only the people and conducted BY the U.S. Government with their foreign “partners” (which includes their so-called “enemies”) used for blame or as the “excuse” for the crackdowns that will follow–crackdowns also carried out by those “invading” (or “invited”) foreign forces working for the same elites. One thing that can have changed by all that, though: the American people may not consider foreign invaders to be sacrosanct, like they do “their” “own” government against whom they’re too skittish to defend themselves. Oh, and big-industry-dependent small arms guns and the quickly depleted and easily deniable, esoterically-derived materials essential for making the ammunition required to be used in them WON’T get it when it comes to defending oneself and one’s loved ones against world armies, air forces and navies’ armaments. The people will have to think way outside their comfortable little big-industry-dependent box in which their elite masters have them corralled in order to beat their governmental enemies as well as the “petty criminal” ones (all the same thing).

      57. Ya’ll are missing the elephant in the room with a grass skirt on!

        Not one of you arm chair generals mentioned any of the strategic key bases to US hegemony…in Hawaii.

        Yo, the Japanese figured in out I’m sure the Chi-comms will too.

        I guess this oversight is because Hawaii isn’t on the “RISK” board…ha ha

        • Got tie ties to keep things tight; a bag of beans and a sack of jerky. Canteen’s full.

          My M1 Garand is sparkling clean, K-bar’s a razor, steak and eggs in the frig; this shit’s boring.

          Bougainville, Iwo, or the Rocky Mountains, it don’t matter.

          f ’em

      58. Will we at least have a chance to know who won the ‘final season’ of American Idol?

      59. I think you are mistaken about sarasota.
        all military ops are in tampa at mcdill afb.

      60. They don’t need to invade at all, Obama, the Clintons and all the others will give it to them as long as they are untouched and able to live the good life, openly inviting tens of thousands of unscreened muslims and illegals should warn everyone of their intent
        If it is possible I think they will use EMP’s and totally take you all off line, no food or water coming for the unprepared, they will gladly join a queue and be a sheep. The prepared will have to watch their backs, as others will gladly sell them out for more rations or other items.

      61. Isaiah 13, 14 and 47
        Jeremiah 50 and 51
        Revelation 17-19

        If you can’t figure it out there….. Don’t bother looking elsewhere…..

      62. With all due respect to everyone here. You’re all wrong to the point of absurdness.
        The powers that be, who control the worlds entire military industrial complex, have preplanned to have usacorp destroyed to bring about the nw0.
        They can & will use scalar weaponry, which makes all known military technology obsolete. They can also speed up the half life of radiation, so although they don’t need obsolete ICBMs they can use them and scrub away any fallout.
        They can use scalar weaponry to give entire nations super flu or any detrimental ailment or physical condition. You all severely underestimate the enemy!
        Research; col. thomas e. Bearden, nikola tesla and maxwells original 20 differential equations to get a clue! Shalom ephesians 6:10-20

      63. The method is well-known. What is not known is it will be SUDDEN and a COMPLETE surprise at what is done and how it is done.

        You will wake up with Chinese, Muslims, and Russians barking orders stripping you all naked and raping your women and children in front of you.

        Then the negro sodomite will go on TV and say you must surrender and he will be grining from ear to ear with the America generals the background having guns held to their heads by raghead Muslims all grinning ear to ear like the sodomite from Africka.

      64. I can see North Korea doing this.. I can also see a false flag blaming who ever.. The event you describe seems like a movie .. Why would Russia or China and there Ali’s waste good nuke on a country who will be begging for aide with in 10years and has 1000s of nukes to retaliate.I can’t see the US being destroyed by nukes.. China is buy up US real estate factory and has major influence American politics.Russia would leave most of the US to China except for the artic Canada Alaska. Russia would claim Europe parts of the Mid East .. Lots more to divide.. We have no crystal ball to know the event that may take place.. We do have the bible and it has a record of be 100% acurate..American think the prize is the USA.. The prize is Jerusalem..stay focused ..

      65. attack them at their source of entry. If it’s by plane, attack the airports and don’t let them land. If it’s by sea, attack them at the ports and don’t let them off the boats.

      66. If we are hit by a sufficiently broad EMP attack then an invasion won’t be necessary. Our enemies aren’t stupid, they read the same reports and books we do. After the EMP, they’ll just sit back and wait. Numerous estimates are that 90% of us will be dead after 1 year. The remaining 10% will likely be starving. All they’d have to do is walk in and take up where we left off. No need to destroy any infrastructure.

      67. You guys gotta stop smoking weed. Never happen in the USA.

      68. SOC South is not in Sarasota Special Operations Command South
        29401 SW 125th Ave
        Building 600
        Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL, 33039

      69. WHY would China attack California? It already IS more communist than they are.

        • Envy.

      70. Even if America was hit by the EMP it takes so I am tole a 25 megaton device. This rules out North Korea because they have a ten megaton device but no delivery for anything larger than six megaton. If they have a satellite it wasn’t put up by themselves and don’t have the technology for a pinpoint delivery of a nuclear device an attack on America would put Canada in danger so they would retaliate as well Could this be why obama wants to close Gitmo? this is an asset that would provide a sizable force to repel an assault. This is why we need to listen to what obama says and realize what he means.

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