Hostile Takeover: Ron Paul Delegates Barred From Voting at the Republican National Convention *Video*

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Headline News | 207 comments

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    The farce known as the American electoral process has proven, yet again, that the voice of the American people is to be heard only if it speaks in lockstep with the status quo.

    Republican National Committee officials essentially reshuffled the makeup of Maine’s delegation to the convention after determining that the state’s delegate-selection process in May was riddled with illegal votes and parliamentary violations.

    As a compromise intended to satisfy the Romney and Paul camps, RNC officials replaced 10 of the 20 Paul delegates with 10 Romney supporters.

    The switch gave Romney a 14-10 delegate edge in Maine, including the state’s four undeclared delegates, all of whom support Romney.

    After exhausting all other appeals, Maine’s pro-Paul contingent plans to ask the full convention Tuesday to reject the RNC’s revised list of delegates and re-seat the slate of 20 Paul supporters who were elected during the state convention in May.

    Source: Press Herald

    The move to bar duly elected Paul delegates from voting led contingents from Maine and Texas to erupt in anger and walk out of the convention, perhaps foreshadowing what Mitt Romney can expect from Paul supporters come election day.

    Video via The Daily Sheeple, From the Trenches

    In any reasonably legitimate democratic system of voting, what transpired Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention would be considered election fraud. In America, it’s politics as usual.

    Coming from a Party that claims to be of higher ethical and moral standards, and one that is supposed to respect the rule of law, the last-minute rule change implemented at the RNC is indicative of our current political culture – win at any cost, fairness and equality be damned.

    It’s a disgusting, disgusting display of a hostile takeover from the top down,” said Maine delegate Ashley Ryan, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. “It’s an embarrassment,” she’s quoted as saying.

    Source: Infowars

    The move to disenfranchise a significant voice of the American people demonstrates yet again that unless you tow the Party line, your vote really doesn’t matter and what you have to say is irrelevant to the establishment.

    While Governor Romney may have thought it was a good idea to re-appropriate legitimate votes from Ron Paul for the benefit of his own campaign, it shows that the Republican Presidential candidate is just more of the same and willing to silence the voices of millions of Americans in the process.

    In February of 2012 we noted that this election will come down to non-Party line voters:

    It seems that Ron Paul’s often marginalized supporters will be the ones responsible for determining who the next President of the United States will be.

    Primary results and the latest polling suggest that Paul will not be the republican nominee this year, which means either Romney, Santorum or Gingrich will be going head to head with Obama.

    In that situation, at the eleventh hour, will Paul supporters remain steadfastly opposed to voting for another candidate, and by doing so handing the election to Obama? Or, will the prospect of four more years of a President who has lived up to at least one campaign promise – that he will fundamentally change America – be enough to drive them to the polls in support of any republican with a heartbeat?

    The answer to this question will be the single determining factor in this year’s Presidential election.

    Make no mistake. The Republican Party has made a gross miscalculation by continuing to marginalize the concerns of third-party voters.

    This is very bad news for Mitt Romney.

    Ron Paul voters, fed up with being treated liked second-hand citizens and extremists by both major political parties, may very well just stay home on November 6th and they’ll take a huge chunk of the popular and electoral vote with them.

    The only saving grace Mitt Romney has is that Libertarian and third-party voters absolutely abhor the policies of Barack Obama. Whether this is a powerful enough motivator to get Paul supporters to shift their support to Romney remains to be seen.

    We’ll find out in a couple months.


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      1. When you deal with criminals, you should expect them to at that way. I think that not only should Ron Paul supporters stay home, but so should everyone else.

        Your vote only means you support the criminals. By staying home, you are making your voice heard as well as by voting for the lesser evil.

        • A vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil. Please people, stay home. DO NOT allow these morons to claim a mandate for their policies.

          It doesn’t matter who wins the election if only 10% of the people show up to cast their “vote”. The more that stay home and refuse to participate any further, the louder the silence will be.

          • we only had 60% turn out in 08 so 40% did stay home and look what that got us

            • 60% turnout is a majority. 10% turnout is total condemnation of the system and shows a total lack of support for the “winner”. From that position, the corp citizens could stop the madness from within the corp, and no mandate can be claimed.

              For the record, I am not a registered “voter”, ie. member of the corp., or a citizen of the corp. If most were aware of the “legal” ramifications of being one they would run for the hills. Voter registration is proof of jurisdiction for the corp in any matter it’s goons care to bring against you. A voter registration card is a membership card in the corp. No thanks.

              Really, you can vote if you want to. It matters not to me. It amounts to digging your own grave in which to bury your Natural Rights and Lawful protections from the crimes of the “elected” officials that win the scam election, whether you vote for them or not. If you are a willing participant, you are voting for who you want to represent your owner and make rules and regulations for you on their behalf, relinquishing any right of self governance and all Lawful protections as a free inhabitant of your state.

              It is not even a matter of WHO you vote for, it is a matter of WHAT you are voting for. When either candidate offers more of the same, you are voting for more of the same.

              It continually amazes me that so many willingly participate in the act of burying their individual rights, then complain when those same rights are violated by the very process they support.

              A vote IN the corp is a vote FOR the corp and a vote AGAINST yourself and your Natural Rights. It really is that simple.

              Thumb me down. Vote. Don’t vote. Do as you wish. In the end, there will be no effect on me and it will have no affect on my Natural Rights or my status as a Lawful inhabitant, or the protections I have against those you may vote for.

          • I never stay home. I strongly recommend you vote third party. Vote libertarian, green party, communist party.

            Just vote third party.

            If you vote, your vote is counted and they know you will vote against them.

            Stay home and they know they have your vote as both parties are in effect the same thing.

            • You make a compelling point Patrick.

            • Vote communist?! Too late, people already did in 2008 and that landed obama in the white house.

            • I think what Blutarsky is saying is to vote for *anybody* but one of the ‘big two’.

              It does backfire on occasion (example – the 1992 election had enough Perot voters to put Clinton in the White House).

              On the other hand, even the conservative folks are saying that there’s no real diff between the two. For example, Mark Steyn in National Review mentions that Obama’s economic policies would drive us off a cliff at full throttle, while Romney’s would maybe downshift towards that same cliff at 3rd gear.

              Personally, I want to write-in my dog as a candidate… it’ll do just as much good, and Dachshunds are less prone to monkey with the system (unless it’s for a hot dog. they’ll launch nuclear missiles at Lichtenstein if it means they get a hot dog out of the deal… still puts him a few IQ points above the current leading candidates, though.)

            • Why do so many want/need to be told how to live? I really dont get it anymore… Isnt God and ones own wits enough?

            • Concur, Patrick.
              And if you stay home, what of those who are the ballot for lesser offices? What happened to the thought of, “Reelect nobody”? If independents/libertarians boycott the elections, the only certain outcome is that the incumbents will be given another opportunity for mischief.

            • If they had let Ron Paul speak I was going to vote Romney. Now I’m voting for Gary Johnson. They don’t want me in the republican party anymore.

            • A vote whether or not you believe it is a lesser of two evils is irrelevant. You vote Mitt and that is a vote for his policy. You stay home and you have a clean conscience.

          • Great call GC! And never worry of the naysayers, they still havent realized its their participation that has brought them this far. The greatest past time of America will continue to be “its their fault! I voted for the good/(equally sick in the head) guy!”

            Make for a great tragic comedy though! Maybe some day we’ll meet, have a beer at have a good chuckle when the heads are between the legs 😀

            • Peter,

              I speak the truth as I know it regardless of whether the message will be well received. I knew I would get a lot of thumbs down for it, but it needed to be said. Those who refuse to hear can not be helped at this time. They are not ready for freedom and its responsibilities, so they vote for third party to ease their conscience and relieve them of their guilt.

              Is it not amazing that the same ones who have thumbed it down are the very ones complaining loudest about election fraud and candidate mistreatment?

              And yet they will still go to the polls and pull that lever for more of the same. “Thank you sir, may I have another”.

              The best I can say about them is that they are either half awake or just plain sleepwalking. If you think those first posts got some thumbs down, wait til this one sits here for a couple of hours.

              Still, if I can get one man to understand the message there will be one more to fight for freedom when the time comes. I will gladly dismiss my ego to help the one who hears it.

          • GC I do not vote either. I don’t vote for religious reasons, but fact of the matter most politicians are crooks and liars. The good ones are so far and few between they can’t even get elected.

            • GC
              Ego dismissed. I am with you.
              God bless America

          • I hate to say it but I would rather have someone threatening to tax me more that have some stupid bitch like pelosi, feinstein, clinton, bloomberg, CONSTANTLY harping on gun control. It does wear me down even though I know the deal. Ron Paul has every right to run but does he want obama elected again? WTF? Get obama the f*ck out of there, PLEASE!!!

            • Sounds like you are going to get your wish to be taxed more, unless you are on the rich side whereas you’ll get a tax cut!

          • Staying home is allowing THEM to have all the say. Go out and vote for a write in. I am not a Ron Paul supporter but I would write him in before I would vote for either of the other bought and paid lackeys. But with the computer voteing machines it won’t matter. The machine will flip the vote. That is how the network news shows can tell you who will win after only 3% of the national votes have been counted. They own the machines so they determine the computer program that “counts” them.
            They did not use computers at the convention so they had to force Paul supporters out of the convention.

          • I can agree but we cannot forget the write in, so instead of staying home go and write in Ron Paul. Let them see the number of votes they lost due to their lack of concern for the Constitution and Liberty.

        • GC
          i always read your posts but i have to disagree on this one. vote but vote 3rd party i believe gary johnson is the libertarin candidate and he is alot like ron paul.i know he stands no chance of winning but its away of making your voice heard

          • @ Mark. Gary Johnson would be wonderful in comparison to either one of these piles of manure. BO sucks, he has done nothing good for this country, but romney would be nearly as bad or could be even worse. “Yes, even worse. I don’t see how, but it is possible”. I don’t trust romney, he is two faced as they come. Basically all we have left is the 2nd. Amendment, and romney has a terrible record on supporting it. There is an old expression, be extremely careful for what you wish for.

            I know there is a lot of people out there of the LDS faith that voted a couple of years ago in Wyoming for a LDS republican candidate solely on the notion that he was of their faith. This character fully supported someone that brutally raped a woman. The mormon vote for someone like this was close to 100%. Remember that back on facebook, that terrible rape. Matt Mead got the nomination and became governor easily and is completely pro-gun for the state. The fact was that romney might be part of the LDS faith, but he will turn on them the nanosecond that it doesn’t benefit him or his crony elitists. Just because someone SAYS they are of others’ believe doesn’t mean that they can be trusted, BY ANYONE.

            I cannot stand either candidate, they both suck. Their policies are the same, romney care=obama care, romney anti-self defense= obama anti-self defense, romney kiss up to the establishment= obama kiss the establishment. We are totally f’ed with either one. We might as well make a statement that there are still freedom driven people out there and vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul.

            I would love to see just how many people out there of the LDS faith that would still vote for the moron romney IF Ron Paul or Gary Johnson had 33% of the vote or more. I am not bashing the LDS, I am bashing the general nature of “most people” that will not go beyond the conformity that they have been conditioned to and vote and think what is going to save the U.S. This sheeple conformity is one reason that this country is dying, because people don’t want to do what is right for the country as a whole. Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or any third party 2012.

          • Mark, I hate to say it but pulling a lever in a booth is not your voice. Nobody will hear it.

            Your voice can only be heard when you speak to someone in front of you. The myth that voting gives you a voice is severely over rated and fostered by those in office who really don’t care what you have to say anyway.

            If you want your voice to be heard, you must get in their face and SPEAK for yourself. You should do that any time your Natural Rights are attacked, be it by a cop, a judge, or anyone else who feels they have “authority” over you.

            That is the cost of freedom, and the only solution to the problem.

            • I find the idea that it is somehow more effective to be MIA on voting rather than voting for a third party candidate to be completely illogical. How is remaining silent somehow speaking louder than a vote for a non-mainstream party?

              As to how your “non-vote” gives you all sorts of rights and privileges, that is more than a thin reed to lean on…it is observably absurd. The FBI for one has all sorts of information on the “sovereign citizen” movement. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should be. I am, and I don’t recall seeing anywhere that your claim of sovereignty will be respected. In fact, depending on what other things you say, they are very prone to label you a terrorist.

              Personally, I think voting for a third party candidate beats being on an FBI terrorist list any day. You may disagree, but from a real world, empirical view, it is not even worth discussing. The idea your personal sovereignty will be respected, that a federal court will mysteriously roll over when you repeat certain incantations, is absurd.

              For the rest of us still on Planet Earth, resistance isn’t futile and staying home is not some magical way to show just how powerful you are. But don’t worry…if you get enough people to go along with your “plan,” you won’t have to worry about elections soon anyway.

            • who’s saying that i dont speak to people. but what i get from your comments are that there should be no laws or leagal system? that nobody can set rules for society to live by? from what i read of your comments that would lead to total chaos. however if thats how you feel i support your right to feel that way i just dont agree with it.

            • No mark, what I am saying is that God has already given the Laws for men to live by. There’s only ten, and 11 if you count that “don’t add to or take away from them” thing.

              There need not be additional laws or a legal system for the People, only men willing to enforce Gods law for violations done against his neighbors. That was the original purpose of government.

              The corp does need to have laws for its fictions if they exist. But should they be allowed to exist? Corporations (perpetuities) and monopolies are in violation of Tennessee’s constitution which says they are “contrary to the genius of a free state”. They exist in fraud to shield corrupted men from the responsibility of crimes they commit. They serve no other purpose.

              So what you have is a bunch or “regulations” on behavior that are not really law. The sole purpose of those regulations is to generate revenue for the corp and it’s owners, from it’s chattel (you). 86% of the federal prison population are there for crimes without a victim. Politicians write “laws” to protect themselves from those they abuse and put there. And established a “legal system” to provide for those protections when they do harm to a man in violation of Gods Law.

              Commerce should be regulated, but the men and women should not be regulated by the Law Merchant as is the case today. Also by fraud against the people in violation of Gods Law.

              The People would do fine without anything but a small local government to act in the enforcement of Gods Law. But only if corporations were no longer allowed to exist.

              Because they do exist, illegally and Unlawfully, the people have been brought under the law for corporations. The claim is that the Supreme Court said corporations were persons, when they never said that. A footnote, not supported in the decision, was added to a case in the 1870’s that implied it, but nothing more.

              The people need to take back their Law, and disregard the laws of corporation. you can’t do that by voting in the corporation that makes the corporate laws.

              You can do that by enforcing Gods Law on that corporation and it’s agents.

              It’s about your choice of law. And yes, you do have a choice. Most believe the only choice is the corp law. When they finally learn that Gods Law is also an option, hopefully the will to accept it will be strong enough to break the grip the corporate fictions have, with the implied support of all who vote.

            • I forgot to add, the result would not be chaos, it would be freedom.

            • thank you for replying with a well thought out statement and not insults. i find you veiwpoint interesting and i’m going to read uncle gus’s book this weekend to try and understand better.

            • Grapes of DLR,

              “The FBI for one has all sorts of information on the “sovereign citizen” movement. “”

              There is no such thing as a “sovereign citizen”. That is a media catch phrase intended to trap those uneducated in the law, but seeking to resist the government based on some pipe dream they don’t understand.

              A vote for a third party, or even a post here, is likely to get you “watched” and tabbed as a “potential terrorist”. Welcome to the club.

              “””The idea your personal sovereignty will be respected, that a federal court will mysteriously roll over when you repeat certain incantations, is absurd.”””

              The idea that my rights will be respected is a very reasonable expectation. To do otherwise would be a criminal act. There are no magic incantations, as you put it, when the Law is concerned. But there are many topics of interest in any case that a court will not hear for fear of exposing larger crimes. They can be very effective if one is forced into such a corporate court because they do have to keep records. Still, I will never make an appearance in one.

              You are a perfect example of the problem. Appease the criminals rather than bring them into the light of day and get belligerent in the protection of your rights. Thus, you and the vast majority, have nothing worth fighting for.

              Freedom and its maintenance require knowledge and courage. Slavery is simple. You choice is obvious, as is mine.

          • Yeah, my dad voted for Ron Paul. I thanked him for electing obama. Fuck getting your voice heard. How about keeping your mouth shut because nobody wants to hear it anyway and HOPEFULLY get some more time to get prep affairs in order. Is Ron Paul really that great??? I have never heard any President who said ” I support the working class and fuck the parasites, bums, illegals, athiests(?),queers, etc “. It sounds like some people will take obama getting elected so their voice can be heard. Who heard it last time? I did for the last 4 fuckin years!!! That’s who!!!

        • staying home is a bad idea.

          i agree that it is quite disappointing that the establishment is trying to crush any future dissent in the convention with this and that delegate trick they tried to pull earlier this week, but at least romney still want america to operate as america. i shudder to think what america will look like w/ 4 more years of obama basically making the rules as he sees fit.

          the job here is to keep pushing the ball uphill. made some inroads in 2010, may make some more here with guys like ted cruz and make see if we can turn things back in 2014 as the tea party crowd keeps gathering strength.

          • @ lena. BO stink big and romney will do the same to the country, sell it off to the enemy and all the other poor countries in the name of free trade. We lose with either of them. The fact is romney cares about only other elitists, and BO is just crap. The only chance is a third party. At least if 10% voted for a third party it would be hope for the future that 10% of the people still cared about freedom and the constitution. A 50-49% vote will show that the country is embedded into the two party system that has killed the country. WE LOSE WITH EITHER PILE OF CRAP. Those that are banking on romney saving everything or keeping the country from falling into the abyss would be extremely disappointed if he was elected, very disapppointed. It will suck if BO is elected, and it will suck if romney is elected, plain rock and a hard place.

        • people are going insane – the craziness is becoming more and more apparent – stay away from crowds or risk getting hurt. the time to hunker down is passing quickly.

          Take Care!

        • After these antics at the convention, I hope Obama wins the general. As a Paul supporter and a Mormon, I’ll say that the Romney campaign, Fox, and the GOP have made a mockery of our election system in the primaries. When Obama wins, we will continue on the accelerated path of pain and downfall that will ultimately lead us to correction and the re-establishing of the founding principles that made our country once great. As President, Paul would have led the charge to make this as painless as it could have been, but now I hope Obama brings it on quick instead of slow and painful so we can get done what needs to be done.

          • You’re a bigger optimist than I am. I doubt that ‘correction’ will ever occur, but will instead drown in the hungry mobs of self-entitled people who found themselves without food.

          • Thank God that there are still Ron Paul supporters of ALL faiths. Not so much because Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or any other third party is ALWAYS better than the 2 party poison, but because Ron Paul and other third party supporters are for what America was meant to stand for, FREEDOM and FAIRNESS. Ron Paul was completely treated unfairly by the gop (glops of piles) and I mean piles of rancid decaying stinken filth. Would it have hurt anyone to play by the rules that they established so long ago and showed Ron Paul some true respect that he absolutely deserves as a person and as a true patriot of the USA and the foundations in which it was meant to stand for?

            It is sicken for Ron Paul and a direct slap into the face of those millions of people that respect him. It was humilating to a good and decent person that would make a hell of a good leader any day of the week. That obama clone romney and the whole gop can take a flying leap off a cliff with the democratic party, as they are two heads of the same stench ridden beast.

          • SS, I agree exactly with what you are saying. I plan to write in Ron Paul’s name if I’m allowed or I’ll walk out without casting a vote. Phuck’em. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. If O’bama wins the election so be it. After seeing what the repubs are doing at the convention they don’t deserve the whitehouse either. O’shitforbrains can finish the rest of this paint-by-numbers-battle scene as far as I’m concerned. Standing by/standing ready.

          • Sterling Silver- What you are suggesting is possibly a big mistake. Besides you don’t know that is what will happen for sure, do you ? No offense and I really mean that. Paul is not going to be president. You got 2 choices my freind. Face it poeple, 2 choices and one of them IS going to win. When you wake up the day after the election what do you want to hear less? Sorry for the sad reality but you better think about it hard!!!

            • With our choices in who we are going to have fuck us next term I am thinking the newest of prep items Should be a 55 gal vat of KY. ( you sure as hell know they not gonna lube it for you, and might as well get more bang for your buck out of the oil use (( PUN TOTALY INTENDED!!! 🙂

            • i hate to say it, but your right. I still plan on writing in Ron Paul.

            • @64 Echo Mike: with all due respect, I have as many choices to vote for as I choose. When they take away my choice to vote for Ron Paul, then the battle begins, but right now I have the choice to vote my conscience and stand on principle. Let the chips fall where they may.

        • I am sure I will be lambasted for asking this but it is I feel a legitimate question.

          Okay, I won’t pretend to know much about American politics but having followed the race to be a nominee I have read what the candidates stand for, what they believe or say they believe in.

          Now Ron Paul seems to me to be the most grounded, straight talking pro-the people candidate of all, on both sides.

          Now the question.

          Considering the above would his party not want him to be the candidate that represents them? Surely someone as popular, someone so for the Americans he represents would be the first choice of anyone in their right minds?

          Be gentle with me…I am genuinely trying to understand this.

          Take care

          • The candidates are selected by creditors of the United States to serve their interest.

            The two parties exist solely to keep the masses arguing over irrelevant topics of no consequence to the banksters. They are funded by the same.

            So no, the parties have no interest in you or America in general. They are interested only in people that will enforce their maritime lien against their hypothecated chattel, which is you.

            Quit trying to understand the political parties and focus on understanding your status in Law and regaining it. Read the book below for starters.

            • GC

              Bit like over here then, all interested in furthering their own means rather than those of the citizens and therefore Paul might actually do his own party a disservice as he does not tow the company line quite so much.

              Thanks for taking the time

              Take care

            • I don’t know exactly how things work across the pond, but since the creditors are the same, the “money” is equally worthless and under lien, and our Law is derived from yours I suspect things are almost EXACTLY the same.

              And that it was planned that way.

          • Brut the Brit, my friends and conservatives I spoke to were unnerved about Ron Pauls stance on national defense. I could not convince them to cast a ballot for him based on that.

            Rightly or wrongly, they felt he would make us unsafe.

            They also felt he was not strong enough of a debater or personality to beat obama – because the American public would not warm up to him – despite his great ideas.

            They liked everything else about the guy though – perhaps someone like him with a bit of charisma will enter the scene in 2016 – like his son!

            • Mr B

              I have read about his son, I see what you mean about him being more charismatic


              Take care

          • Best UK parallel I can think of?

            Think of the Tories w/ a loud pretense of morality, but a penchant for purging their ranks of any politico that even halfway approaches an honest and/or pragmatic approach to mounting economic ills (I know, I know – bear with me here.) Instead you’ll be stuck with them presenting you a PM candidate that is the conservative equivalent of Tony Blair, but taller and with better hair.

            • OQ

              Got it. Thank you

              Take care

        • Suggested reading:

          The Errant Sovereign by Uncle Gus

          You can get it free at the link below.

          Save it. Read it. Understand it. Take the actions it suggests.

          When you know who you are, the elections will not matter any more to you.

            • Got it, and will read GC

            • GC what did you think of the book I got??

            • BJ,


              The problem is that most will have no idea how to apply the information. In particular, the briefly touched upon item on page 53 about the FRCP jurisdictions.

              e) mere maritime hypothecation

              Throw that at a judge with a jurisdictional challenge and he will dart quickly for his chambers without comment.

              Everybody should read it. Except for those two idiots that down thumbed the link to Uncle Gus’s FREE book.

              Most, it appears from this thread, are not ready to accept the responsibilities of freedom. They still seem to think that a vote for anyone is a vote against themselves and their own freedom. You know what they say about the best slaves….

            • ooops, I meant to say they still seem to think that a vote for anyone else is NOT a vote against themselves.

        • I’m thinking of writing in Jesus Christ. He’s always on the ballot.

          • Who’s his running mate? 🙂

            • “””Who’s his running mate?””

              Whoever cast the vote for Him.

            • Dunno, but the cabinet is already picked out – all 12 of ’em.

            • Jesus’s Father would make a GREAT Vice-President! After a thousand years, Jesus says He Will Step Down and Let The Father Reign for Eternity.

              God Bless

            • Odd Questioner:

              “Dunno, but the cabinet is already picked out – all 12 of ‘em.”

              Don’t forget the 12 Elders. That makes 24. 24 thrones surround THEE THRONE.

          • Better than that write in God with Jesus as his running mate!

        • I disagree with staying home… man one vote. However, I wouldn’t vote for Romney or Gary Johnson. I may write in Ron Paul, but I will cast a vote.

        • The fix is in, there is no-one, nothing you can “vote” for that will change it. The parasite’s agenda will not be stopped. If Mittens is installed, it will noly be to placate, and lull the White “voter”, but the destruction will continue. America is toast.

        • I’m not sure staying home is the right answer. What would be interesting though, would be if everyone stayed home and no one voted, would the electronic voting machines still spew out numbers? Perhaps, as if pre-programmed to have a certain outcome.

      2. This voting for the lesser of 2 evils garbage is out of control. How did we get to the point where the last 2 candidates are both worthless?

        Say you were on a mission one night to pick up a date at a bar. You get there only to find out that all the good looking, disease free people are nowhere to be found. What’s left are two fat, ugly, people. One has herpies & the other gonorrhea. You don’t want to take either of them home but for some reason you feel that it’s your duty to take one of them home with you only to spread the disease.


        • I cannot agree with you more. However in this case I think B.O. has AIDS and Romney is a case of itchy rash.

          Neither one is something I’d look forward to but if I am forced to chose I know which one I’d rather have.

          The rash is manageable. AIDS is fatal.

          • Who is forcing you?

          • Indiana – thank you. I mean that. The lesser of evils is all in how you look at it. Lets take for example a chainsaw accident. You accidently cut off your finger or you cut off your dick. I know which one I choose but I think some would cut off something else to spite…… who knows what. I don’t know.

        • Dont vote, stay at home on any election, dont comply, disobey, live your life how you see fit (remember were all grown ups here (hopefully)), try to be compassionate to others as those who arent will be forced to learn quickly, do your best to be self sufficient, dont support corporations only mom and pop shops (as much as you can), love your neighbor, “learn” your own children, grow a garden, purchase silver and use as “barter” for those who accept it, pull your money out of the banks and markets, pay as little to no taxes as it is your money and you can decide where and when it is best spent, collect rain water, set up your own solar system, find a good hobby that can make silver/(cash if you choose) and again report none of it.

          Just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. We should not ask/state to ourselves or one another “there has to be a better way”, but know the “better way” is YOUR WAY, how you choose. Everyone, please find true freedom for yourself, you’ll be much better off, and so will our future gernerations, they will thank you later for standing up for yourself as well as them. All the money (plus interest/self worth) the bankers say the future generations owe doesnt have to be. Ignore it, when they come to collect, ignore them. When they lay a hand on you or your property, dispose of them, simply, plainly.

          • mom talked to the lord and he said we can bury them out back

      3. Again I refer to Mark Twain……If voting made any difference, they wouldnt let us do it….

        • Couldn’t agree more. This dog and pony show is just that.
          Welcome to the worlds largest reality TV show people.

          Ever wonder why the two mainstream candidates spend millions upon millions of dollars just to get a job that pays $400K a year?

        • Good call Blankone!

          Everything we are allowed to do/think (“Freedom”) is all passed through a TSA security check, if it doesnt pass the “its shit and wont work” test, it gets tossed. And after 200+ years of tossing, we are where we’re at now. Rinse and repeat til it all comes down, then on to a new more childish game.

      4. i thought i distinctly heard the minnesota and nevada
        dekegates vote for ron paul…

      5. I don’t understand why anyone would vote. The system is too corrupt and fraudulent to support. As has been said here many times, the left and right walk hand in hand together leading us to our destruction.

      6. Ron Paul needs to run as a third party. It doesn’t matter if he gets 1% or 15% of the vote, he needs to show people that there is another choice. This other choice is what is going to save at least part of the population when SHTF hits so hard. There are a tiny people that prepare, 1%. If Ron Paul ran, just maybe that number might jump up to 2-5% because people would see that there is a choice, not just between presidental candidates, but LIFE itself.

        People are totally stuck into this two party system, and stuck into the conformity of it. Both parties suck bad. To screw the most honest and the most pro-freedom person out there should show everyone that the elephants are just an offshoot of the jackasses. To endorse a party that rams this up a good man like Ron Paul is almost as bad as supporting that stink bug BO.

        It is not even about getting rid of BO anymore, because you will get a clone of him in romney. Remember romney did NOTHING to help keep 2nd Amendment rights alive and well while he was governor of one of the most anti-freedom states there is. It is about supporting Ron Paul and the freedom of this country and getting enough people to at least send a message to the establishment that there is a significant population out there that still want true freedom. A BO and romney president vote in November without a good third party like from Ron Paul will set in stone the two party system and the end of the country and the constitution no matter if which one of these piles of crap win.

        • maby its time we just from scratch with those who survive our founders had to do it that way only the strong survive

      7. If you disagree that the left and the right are the same then tell me why Goldman Sachs “advisors” have been by EVERY presidents side for the last 40 years.
        They are all warmongering big corp. interest mouthpieces that care not one whit for us, the people.

      8. Every last vote for Ron Paul is a middle finger up to the establishment of the U.S. that has turned the presidental elections into something that is similar to when the Soviets and other communist countries would have a vote for a new dictator.

        • Every last vote is a well loved hand job for the establishment, they laugh and still cant believe people are buying in to the biggest con in world history. So sad I can only laugh now.

      9. But I thought the Republicans were the good guys?

        I guess ole George Wallace was right…except for the dime part.

        • That would be the problem is ppl thinking that any gov is the good guy, ( minus the very very very few exceptions Like crazy Uncle Ron. )

          • Maybe, but at least three ThumbDowners suggest there’s some still buying into the “left-right” crap.

            It’s about freedom vs. control. Period.

      10. I say everyone who doesnt want ot vote for Mitt or Obama,, go in with a sharpie (perminant ink marker) and write across your ticket in bold black letters Ron Paul

        or some version like that

        • Unfortunately, the vote tabulators in Spain will never see them….

          • Agreed… So, is it we have too many jobs in the US? Which is why we outsourced the con ballots to another country? Or spain is to be more trusted in counting, their economy as an example? Why not Iceland, too honest?

          • Yeh, but Soros will get a kick out of it, its his company.

      11. They don’t even try to hide the corruption anymore. It’s getting about time to vote from the rooftops.

      12. It comes to a point where one must take a stance, when one who has lost his grip must let go. I have great respect for Mr. Ron Paul, but I feel that Mr Paul has failed to embrace the American dream by not taking sides, opposing that which is destroying America. We must Stand United with those who have the upper hand and a will to make America Strong again. Support our New President and Vice President (Mr. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) I ask Mr. Paul and his followers to join Us (WE who still have hope and know The United States of America is the Greatest Nation in the World with freedom and liberty for all) Together we will make a difference.

        • How much do you get paid per post?

        • “failed to embrace the American dream by not taking sides”

          Tell me sir, what is your definition of the American Dream? Because I think you and I define it differently. My American Dream is one of a Constitutional Republic where as a citizen I can enjoy the natural born liberties and freedoms without fear of tyranny and oppression. I can express my opinions and stand up for my rights without corporate influence on our laws and in our politics. To live out my life and see my children’s lives prosper with hard work, education and opportunity.

          What you fail to understand sir is that there are more than two sides to this historic election year Ron Paul picked a side. The side of the American People. And when we’re engaged in WW3, with our citizens begging for handouts after loosing their houses from a crashed economic system, remember what side you picked as your candidate is safe and sound in the White House or in one of his 12 mansions.

          Good day sir.

        • Never in a thousand lifetimes

        • In answer to this one im nto going into the unity thing andthe two sides of same coin thing or the they all suck ass thing or the…… im just going to …….. and say I hope the next Uncle Ron ( Justin Amash is looking good so far even if i do not agree with everything he thinks, jsut liek uncle Ron. ) is as straight and can grow a record that will tell his truths thru actions not words liek much of Uncle Ron.

      13. I know I am not voting for Romney or Obama . Ron Paul the only choice

      14. What the heck is a libertarian doing running in a Republican primary anyway? Well they are quite honest to admit that they wanted to hijack the Republican party for their own agenda. Ron Paul & the Paulbots got what they deserved for trying to hijack a Republican convention. Bunch of damned whiners.

        But Ron Paul’s ego knows no bounds. One of the most ineffective Congressman ever and he insist he could lead the country better than anyone else. pfft

        I seem to recall another short ego maniac politician with his hair parted on the side… Oh yes, I went there.

        Disclosure: I live in Congressional District 14 and we don’t think Ron Paul is so damn special. Invite him to your district if you do. We’ve got enough damned kooks as it is.

        • Yep! Sorry to say, you’re right on.

        • @Silly ME : Give me one “kooky” idea of Mr. Pauls? I challenge you.

          • There’s that whole sound money thing… and stopping unnecessary wars…. and that transparency issue… and some weird argument about returning to our Constitutional roots…

            Dude’s nuts.

            • Legalizing 12 million illegals…

              “We can’t send them back”

              Sure we can. We have before and we can do it again.

            • So which candidate obama or romney is going to send illegals back?

          • Kooky is being a Libertarian and thinking you will be successful with Libertarian platform in a Republican primary.

            If you want to hijack a party go hijack the Democratic party from the communists.

        • He’s running as a Republican because in this broken political system we have where the public has been brainwashed to think that anything outside of the two party system is “kooky”, it’s the only way he can try and alert the sheep that the sheep dog is leading them off a cliff.

          Don’t be mad he played by the two party system rules, he didn’t invent them.

          • I’m not mad. I actually enjoyed Ron Paul’s participation in the primaries. Republicans would do well to adopt some items of his platform.

            But Paul was a Libertarian in a Republic primary with an agenda to hijack the convention and paulbots act offended when Paul is treated rudely.

            Give me a break. That’s like being invited to a BBQ on my ranch and then being offended when I don’t allow you to hawk Amway products to my other guests.

        • My understanding is that Ron Paul tried to go the third party route originally and he found the state election systems so biased against third parties that he was unable to gain much traction. He had the supporters but the infrastructure for getting on the ballots was a major stumbling block. I think he decided there was no way a third party candidate could win due to this bias and that led to his association with the republican party.

      15. It was blatantly unfair how Ron Paul delegates and supporters were treated by the GOP. Did you notice how the upper tier in the convention was dark without lighting? That’s where the states supporting Paul were assigned to sit by the RNC. Did you see the big handmade signs for Romney prominently displayed? … despite rules the Paul people were given prohibiting any signs, placards, or banners? Or how the RNC kept changing the rules right up to when the convention doors opened? Or how delegates for Ron Paul were simply not allowed to be seated or sent on long bus rides by RNC drivers who got “lost” while the GOP changed the rules to bar them?
        This has been the most obviously corrupt and dirty campaign I have seen in my 60 years of life!

      16. I’m very surprised you actually feel this way. Did you think the RNC considered the Ron Paul supporters a valued and important constituency?

        The GOP is a private club they can put up anyone they want for their candidate. Your rights as an american citizen have not been trampled. You are just finding out that you are not welcome in their private club. I think they have all the right in the world to do such a thing. Is it a smart move? Possibly. Maybe not. Its their choice.

        Just as it is Ron Paul’s choice to stay in their club or move out to form his own.

        My god!, its an argument about how many votes the looser got when he ran to be president of the country club. First, He’s the looser! who cares how many votes the private club wants to acknowledge, second it’s only a country club, they pick and choose their members in the first place, no one has a constitutional right to be accepted by the republican party, finally the best way to avoid this sort of dissapointment in the future is to not join such clubs.

      17. Once again proving that the PaulBots, no matter how well intentioned they may be, will bare considerable responsibility for another 4 years of hell under the tyrant Obama. Great job, hope you all are proud of yourselves and that your children and grandkids will forgive you, and all of us for that matter!

        • Because all of this has happened in just the last four years right? It’s now the fault of Libertarians who are fed up with a system that has been raping and pillaging the people for decades?

          Bush had nothing to do with it?
          The umpteen Congresses that have sat and stripped us of our liberties, wealth and future?

          We could go on, I think….

          That’s the fault of the “Paulbots?”

          All due respect John, but I think you have a narrow view of the true nature of this animal…

          • Mac, I would suggest a total lack of understanding and comprehension of life. Giving all due respect, he gets none.

          • The end result, at this point, is the same whether Obama stays or Romney takes the helm.

            Will the Patriot Act be rescinded if Romney is in office?
            Will he take any action to repeal Obamacare (a system closely resembling his own in Massachusetts..)?
            Will the NDAA be repealed?
            Will Mr. Romney refuse to put 30,000 drones in the air?
            Will the NSA stop building their massive spy center that monitors the activities of every American?
            Will the indefinite detention of veterans stop?
            Will Americans who speak out still be labeled extremists?
            Will TSA be disbanded ?
            Will the international coalition against American gun ownership be put in its place?
            Will the stripping of hard earned dollars from working Americans to redistribute to the “less fortunate” come to an end?
            Will they privatize retirement accounts?
            Will the tax code be simplified?
            Will this web site and all those who post on it be removed from the red list?


            I hate to be a pessimist, but it is what it is…

            • In solidarity with the Republican National Convention Committee a new rule change will be implemented… All Thumbs Down votes will be updated to Thumbs Up Votes!!

            • and these are questiones he should be cornered on and given to the public straight up answers to..he needs to be limited to just yes or no answers..than we go from there

            • Mac, I say, God Bless those that think there’s still hope. I am a true doom and gloom, fully prepping fool!!!

              If people still want to believe there’s still hope, GO FOR IT. But Don’t mind as I laugh my ass off in 3 years when we’re in a bigger pile of shit than we are today.

              How anyone can feel hope at this moment, about politics is amazing! And I truly mean, Good for you guys!

          • First, grow up “Gods” Creation!

            Secondly, no Mac, you put words in my mouth. You should know better than to do that. Without writing an essay, if folks have read my past comments, they’d know that I believe the system is broken, that it’s bought and paid for, that this started a very long time ago, and most importantly that WE ARE TO BLAME!!!! This has happened to our system under your watch and my watch AND under the 30+ years of the professional politician named Paul! We ALL are to blame.

            Realistically, Paul hasn’t a chance now, you know it, I know it, everyone here knows it, and hell – even his own son knows it! So which is better Mac? To continue in a pipe-dream, or live within reality? To give all to a dying cause, or live to fight another day? To get the Kenyan Tyrant out of office, or aide in his illegal reelection?

            Those are truly the real questions at this point.

            • I would like nothing more than to see a new President in the White House come January…

              But man… Romney… That’s a tough sell for me for a number of reasons…

              I certainly understand your point, though.

            • John, I was going to comment on your first post, but I’m glad I read down to this one. You put the question that I’m dealing with right now in perspective:

              Do I want Obama out enough to vote for Romney or do I voice my true opinion and vote for a 3rd party risking another 4 years?

              If I voted Romney and this country entered/started WW3, how would I feel about that? If I voted Romney and the stock market crashed and we entered the 2nd great depression because of fiscal decisions or budgets that he passed, how would I feel about that?

              I just don’t know…yet.

            • Thank you Mac.

              But, to you and everyone who’s understanding is that I’m for Romney, I’m not. But I will vote (like it even matters) for the best odds of removing the idiot we have now, even if that means Romney. The truth is, our system is broken beyond repair right now. It took years to bring it down, and it will take years to restore it. Unfortunately, the must sadly come crumblin’ down first. Albeit with Paul, Romney or inevitably Obama at the helm. It’s already chosen, a prophesy in the making if you will. All the other very important matters you mentioned will definitely have to be dealt with, but in their own time. Right now we must remain focused IMHO.

            • Arkaden,

              Well said. I know where you are at, and of which you speak. Thanks for reading ALL my comments before lambasting me, that shows character.

              Read my 2:21pm comment, and I’ll add this — I wholeheartedly believe of all the things you mentioned, that it matters not in the slightest who is in the Oval Office anymore. Any, or all, of those things you mentioned will happen in any event in my opinion. TPTB will see to that, and will use whichever – or all – of those scenarios to meet their needs.

            • John TP, I grew up long ago.

              I am not to blame for your problems or those caused by the corp fraud. The people were sold out long before most of us were born. The difference is that I have taken the time to understand HOW the fraud works and have escaped the worst of it while you still live in it without a clue as to why.

              The collective can not free you from the fraud. You must gain any freedom on your own, then fight like hell to keep it when attempts are made to take it away. It takes courage to fight the fight, and that is all that is lacking. You will be offered no solution by the corp and getting the Kenyan out of office will change nothing.

              Blaming everyone else for what happened before they were born is not the answer either, even if you feel better by sharing some small part of it yourself.

              Educating yourself about what is really happening is where you will find the answer. Learn who you really are supposed to be, and act accordingly. When enough have what it takes to do that, things will get better.

            • GC,

              It’s quite evident you didn’t take the time to read all my comments and felt it necessary to continue your immature attack.

              If you would have read all my comments, you would see I don’t need your condescension nor your tutoring on the fraud, when it started, why, and so on. So, act like your name (I can only assume you’re a Christian) and realize neither you nor I have all the answers to such a complex problem as we face.

              Just for your knowledge, I did not go into detail about our problems nor write an essay (as I already said once) about it all. You want to know why? I’ve had shoulder surgery and am having to type with one hand, and my non-dominate hand at that. Amazing what you find out when don’t prejudge or assume, isn’t it??

            • John TP,

              I wish your shoulder a speedy recovery.

              But I still say that the solution is in the masses of INDIVIDUALS protecting their own freedom, one attack at a time.

              It’s too easy to keep acting as an easily controllable collective and deferring personal responsibility to others.

            • GC,

              Thank you.

              But I still find it quite assuming of you to think I am deferring any of my responsibility anywhere. Be specific by telling me where you feel I have done that by anything I’ve said.

              If it’s because I’d rather be hopeful instead of a defeatist, then your point is mute. I believe we are told in the Good Book that we’re to live by faith and hope for all things. I think we’re to do at least these things first, and at the very last resort “attack” them one at a time (according what you mean by attack).

              Be that as it may, believe how you want, but do me a favor — allow me and others to have the same rights. After all, as of tonight, it’s still America — albeit barely.

            • After reading posts tonight I’m getting the impression that ” you people ” have a problem with OUR political system. Here I am sitting in the middle of a hurricane hoping the power comes back on and it does. Hey I can go on SHTF for a little while. Mother Fucker I think I’m ready for the power to go off agian. Many arguments tonight. I hope I haven’t come off the wrong way with some of my comments tonight and it does appear everyone is pretty pissed overall. I’m just gonna say anybody but obama and leave it at that. My kids are safe. My house didn’t flood. I have so many things to be thankful for. I am going to include all of you ( even those of you who are wrong…just kidding ) in prayers tonight and ask forgiveness for my very bad language tonight. God bless all of you for caring and vote for whoever you want to. I probably doesn’t matter anyway. Lock and load!

            • JohnTP

              It appears that you wish to elect someone who will get the government off your back for you. That is deferring the matter to an elected official. I think it is each Mans responsibility to keep the government off their own back.

              You do that by attacking them when they get out of line, not with a gun, but by enforcing Gods Law against them.

              It is important to realize that the government runs the government. You can’t vote for government officials unless you are part of the government. By doing so, you have forsaken Gods Law, in favor of mans law, placing the government before God.

              From that position, all you can do is use the government law against it. It just depends on what you law you care to operate under, and accept as your Law.

              Not that it matters, but your amount of “all due respect” has increased considerably. You heart is in the right place, but you are still somewhat in the dark about who you are and what your choices are.

              You can have all the rights the government allows, or you can have all the rights God gave you. You can’t have both. I have no say in which you choose, nor a desire to impede you in following your own direction.

        • John T.P. that’s a load of crap. There is virtually no daylight shining between Romney and Obama in my opinion. They are both prostitutes bought, packaged, and paid for by corporations and virulently anti-American special interest groups. Again we see this fake fight taking place between two wings of the same bird. Romney and Obama keep throwing a few political footballs back and forth to entertain the masses, and lazy uninitiated observers think it’s real.

          There is no substantiative contrast between progressive Republicans and Democrats. None. ZERO!

          • Let me boil it down to one question for you.

            One supports Obamacare, the largest tax in U.S. history, the other will repeal it.

            The choice is up to you.

            PS: As a small business owner I beg you to consider taking the Obama Administration’s jack boot off my neck.

            • Best comment on the board so far. Thank you!!

            • You assume that because Romney says he will repeal Obamacare that he will do so. Obama made a thousand promises and hasn’t kept a single one. Romney will be no different.

            • Silly me, change your handle to: SillyRabbit. Can you honestly say that just because O’Romney promised to scrap Obama care that he’ll follow through? This is the guy that built the blueprint FOR Obamacare. I’m a small business owner too but I’ll be GODDAMNED if I’ll cowtowl to it no matter which of the two jackasses calls Washington DC home in January.

            • PO’d and GC,

              Why are you two lambasting Silly Me for voicing an opinion, repeating what the candidate said, and for being honest?

              If your visions of America is unless we all agree with you, then we’re wrong, stupid, ignorant or whatever — then you can keep it!! That is NOT my America!!

            • People can be as gullible as they like. But it will solve nothing. The best one can do for them is to shine a light on the truth and hope it is seen.

            • This is the whole point! What F’ing choice is there!!! Not voting is not an option and the choices have been made for us. Death by hanging, or death by lethal injection. It is no choice at all! Voting for Romney is far worse than the lesser of two evils. I will do whatever I have to do to get Barry, or whatever the hell the imposter’s’ name is, out of our White House, but don’t think for a moment that Romney is any better. At least he can produce a legitimate birth certificate….I think.

        • @ John T.P.

          Just what makes you think this country is going to hold together for the next four years? Reguardless of who is elected. It’s a dog and pony show for Christ’s sake!
          I have a Grand Child.

          • Please read my comment to Mac at 2:21pm.


        • John T.P.:



          I take you for a very angry servant, like lucifer, along with the other 1/3 of the cast out losers! No offense. And God Bless!

          • Angry? What out of my comments showed anger?

            And you have the Obama-like audacity to then say “no offense” after comparing me to lucifer… Really?

            I think it was you who used all CAPS wasn’t it?
            Just sayin’

      18. I am reminded of the quote by Josef Stalin,

        “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

        • In that case, we’re definitely screwed!

          When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation.

          As the largest election results reporting company in the US, SOE provides reports right down to the precinct level. But before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.”

          ‘Ol Joey Stalin knew what he was talkin’ about…

          • We are screwed beyond all recognition, morally, socially, economically, and politically. We have crossed the rubicon, beyond the point of no return.

            All we can do at this point is brace for the hard landing and hope to be around to pick up the pieces later.

            Thanks for the article link Mac. Great Job.

          • So we have a Foreign Corporation counting our votes?

            Nuff said. Banana Republic!

      19. They just pissed off a lot of people.If voting counts anymore Romney has just sealed his fate. He will not be elected.I will not vote for Willard or Barack. I will write in Dr Ron Paul.

        • Valiant men have died for your right to throw away your vote.

          • Wrong again silly me. They fought to give us the right to vote. Thats it, you silly twit.

            • we fought and those of my brothers and sisters who died, died for AMERICANS FREEDOMS ie: constitution was a major part of the oath I took.( or so we thouhgt ) too bad they died for corp. greed and interests. Is one of two reasons as to why I resigned my commision. The other is total lack of faith in the direction our goverment was taking us becasue under both a rep and a dem pres. ( ghb and mr bill )I was doing the same shit to the same ppl heading the same direction. I was done with Killing not only men but women and children, all for corp. greed. What ppl think my brothers and sisters in camo died for is not what they ACTUALLY died for. Sorry to break that shit to you but me and ALOT of other military members lived this shit day to day. And those of the military that never got in as deep as I allowed myself to be dragged down good for them they saved their SOULS, Me I will burn for what I did, unless god sees it to forgive me for the atrocites I commited against his children.
              Hmmm guess this is why my views are so fucking twisted and jaded. Guess this is why I see we need to UNITE. This is why the one person I respect the most was this man he is my fucking hero and hes not american OMG!!.

      20. I may just end up leaving the “president” section of my ballot blank. They’ll still count the ballot for the other selected items.

        The bankers did everything they could to keep Ron Paul away from them. It is up to the people from here on to force the issue of the Fed and the IRS.

      21. They just screwed the pooch.
        Forget about any audit of the Fed or a return to a semi gold standard. Forget about everyone being included in the Republican Party. It just proved it is all about power. They will not be able to smooth this over in my eyes. But I will still vote. Have to have some skin in the game to complain.
        To the Romney supporters heckling the Ron Paul delegates. GFY.

      22. “The only saving grace Mitt Romney has is that Libertarian and third-party voters absolutely abhor the policies of Barack Obama.”

        I think this is a mischaracterization, I’m a Ron Paul supporter but I’d much rather have Obama than Romney. While government can often be the problem, and is partially responsible for where we stand today, most of the blame is on Wall Street and it’s corporate cronies. Romney will be much much more supportive of the banks than Obama has been, or will be.

        • The argument about bank regulation and corruption is moot as long as the Federal Reserve Central bank is allowed to continue. BOTH candidates support the FED. Therefore, neither will be any better than the other. That Obama is better at dealing with the banks than Romney is absurd. He appointed as his Treasury Sec Timothy Geiter, head of the Federal Reserve bank of New York. Until the FED is abolished, there can and will be no “deregulation”…Glass-Steagal or not.

        • Jeremy, that is such crap. Obama, Timmuh and The Bernank are all toadies of the banks, and firmly in the pocket of Goldman. It would be hard to be any more supportive. Research how much the major investment banks gave to the Obama campaign. Here it is in a nutshell: Obama-campaignbundling-Corzine-MF Global-GoldmanSachs. Gummint is the most important and powerful corporate crony Wall Street has. The right jackboot and the left jackboot are both attached to the same face-stomper.

      23. The only, and I mean ONLY real difference that I see between Romney and obama in the WH (only for the moment though) is that Romney will have to stay in step with the 2nd amendment as this has been a traditional and historical platform for the republicans. If Romney is to stay in good with his own party, he’ll have to keep to this. However, with some huge event heading downstream toward us, I can see even the GOP establishment paying tribute to their masters and abolishing the Bill of Rights just as the Obama admin is currently attempting.

        • Great point SS. I got in a long “discussion” with a friend of mine who said he wanted to fight verbally. The first thing I said was I don’t want BO in the office for one reason (many but if I had to chose one), and that is the 2nd amendment. Obummer would go after those guns on day two of his reelection. Not one doubt in my mind.

          Although, personally, this whole conversation makes me laugh, bc if something dire doesn’t happen by January, I’m goign to start eating my preps…=)

      24. Nothing more needs to be said about the Republican Party. When the procedural rules are changed at the last minute to prevent free speech that in itself shows the immorality of the people in charge. In a way this is a victory for the Liberty movement and even more incentive to continue the fight against the tyranny of the present “status quo”. A very bad move on the part of the RNC if they were trying to stifle freedom.

      25. For all the diehard Republicans on here perhaps you can answer a question I’ve had for some time. Why does the GOP logo have the stars upside down on it? Any symbolism be the ruling elite has a meaning. Nothing is left to chance.Anyone?….Anyone?…Bueller?

      26. Unless Ron Paul is on the ticket, or registers as a write-in candidate, I’m not voting.

        Fool me once shame on you
        Fool me twice shame on me
        Fool me thrice shame on me
        Fool me 8 fricking times I give up sunshine.

        I know Obama’s policies are abhorrent.

        I’m missing the part where Romney’spolicies are any less abhorrent. In fact they are so close to identical you may as well not even have an election. Obamacare is incredibly similar to stuff Romney did.

        So ok, you’ll drill for a little more oil and gays won’t be able to marry. You’ll also get a war with Iran I guarantee it, and all that Social Security money they stole out of all my paychecks will go poof and I’ll never see it again. I’d take a payback right now of $0.20 on the dollar just to close that system out, but the idea that they simply stole all my money and I get jack-shit kinda bugs me a little. As does being radioactive and paying $15 a gallon for gas because we’re too busy meddling with people we shouldn’t give a shit about.

        I have no choices here.

      27. What amazes me is how many people on a site like this are still obviously unaware and asleep at the wheel as to the corruption in the electronic booth that has been clearly and irrefutably proven to be. The next president is already picked and WILL win no matter what.. No matter who you vote for between the two or even if you vote in a third party…DOESN’T MATTER. Look up the evidence on the net on how different results come out of the machine then what the voter’s put in. You can find videos on it proving it. Also the little girl and granddad who did a study and found all but one President to be all related adn to the same King……no way that is a coincidence.

      28. You know what scares me a lot about the 2nd. amendment is that at least with BO, the NRA and other pro freedom groups know for sure that BO stink big time is against guns and can continue to garnish massive support to keep gun rights alive and well. With romney the guard is going to be so much let down and you will no longer have the type of vibrant support to keep the 2nd amendment strong. Remember romney is an elitist and the very first thing that some tyrant does is take away the people’s right to defend themselves. It would be far easier for a turncoat that SAYS that they support the 2nd Amendment to take it away than some piece of garbage that everyone knows wants to try to abolish it.

        The fact is romney is two faced and you don’t know where he stands on anything. IF he was so pro gun and so pro self defense, then why did he do nothing to try to help support gun rights and self defense rights of Masschusetts? This state is one that bans non-lethal stun guns and stun batons. At least the NRA and other pro gun rights groups can fight some creep head on that will take away everyone firearms and their self defense, but with romney they could get shot or stabbed in the back when they were not looking. That is frightening to say the least, because like I said before basically all we have left is the 2nd Amedment. Something to think about to all those that think that romney will save the country or keep it from falling off the cliff.

      29. sigh … USSA AMERIKA IS A LIE !!!

        GET IT !!!








        … only One thing will change this … ARMED REVOLUTION !

        PREPARE .


        • This world can’t destroy my soul or throw it in the lake of fire.

          Although I agree with most of what you said.

          • @Iowa ;0) … when living over seas I came across many roman catholic Philippinoes who more than tried to Enlighten save me(an agnostic unbeliever) on Faith and the majority of them felt Earth is Hell a time of testing of ones True Faith in Their God ! Their BS Belief System .

            So You may be more correct than You Think !

            I always found it remarkable how so many (millions) across the globe in such different cultural ethnic race backgrounds agreed as a collective mind on such things together as One !

            Keep your Faith ! Share it with others ! It will serve you all well in the times ahead !

            Respect !


        • C’mon…Let me have my dream. Even if it is CFR team A against CFR team B.


            The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. Founded in 1921 and headquartered at 58 East 68th Street in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C., the CFR is considered to be the nation’s “most influential foreign-policy think tank”.[1] It publishes a bi-monthly journal, Foreign Affairs.

            • The CFR is also one of them there secret societies with the public ” front ” and the private ” back “. I read Bill Clinton was all big into them and their anti-American agenda. It was a short article but I wouldn’t doubt it. Anti-gun bastard.

      30. And this is the party all you anti-Obamites want? Good luck with that.

      31. BI,

        I counted the number of quakes in the world during the past six (6) days. Is there a point in history where there is a comparison? I was surprised to see the increases.
        Asking myself should I leave the coast of SC and move to the mountains of Montana?

        This is alarming:
        Aug. 22 – 13 quakes
        Aug. 23 – 20 quakes
        Aug. 24 – 24 quakes
        Aug. 25 – 40 quakes
        Aug. 26 – 155 quakes
        Aug. 27 – 120 quakes

        Y’all Beware!

        • @ Y’all Beware. Let me first say that I throughly enjoy all that you have to say, and I think your humor is first class. South Carolina is an earthquake zone, the Weather Channel did a special on this, could it happen tomorrow. South Carolina is more than likely to have a maximum 7 which is more than survivable. I actually would be more concerned about the fact that hurricanes are going a lot stronger as the atmosphere is trying to re-adjust itself. Hurricanes are nature’s air conditioners. The only thing right now I would be concerned over is the Puetro Rico trench area.

          The eastern part of the Caribbean plate is a place in which you could have a good size thrust earthquake in the range of 8+, has happened before will again. Haiti earthquake was a precursor to come. You are probably about 800 miles away and not in danger of the earthquake from this, but a tsunami is a different story. The Caribbean fault system probably would affect the faults in South Carolina, so you might want to exercise some earthquake readiness as the Caribbean fault seems to be warming up to something big. If I was within a mile or two of the coast I would be concerned

          The new real-time earthquake map they have on the USGS is actually not bad. This shows the plate boundaries and you can see even on this map where the Caribbean plate would affect South Carolina.

          Montana is one of the free states and probably one of the last places to fall when this happens. The east coast is more of a problem on the political sense of martial law than the geophysical scale. They do say in the end times that people should get away from the coastlines and get inland as much as possible. The issue always with moving from a warm place to a cold place is adaptability to it. Short summers mean that a person must be ready to face the winter and lack of food to forage with for probably late November through at least early March. Much to consider.

          By the way the earthquakes were flying all over the planet after that 8.6 mega strike slip horizontal earthquake months ago. Something is coming, I think the southern Pacific is the worst place to be geophysically.

      32. Got a friend in a state LE for 25yrs, last 12 was a guard at the place where the votes are counted. After the first time he never voted again, why, he said it is such a scam its not funny, before the first vote was counted (LOL). They already knew who won period. He said any place will 100,000 or more people its a done deal for who they want and thats for all elected offices. The smaller towns are different they count those votes. As for the bigger places all offices, local, state, fed. are done already. They let you vote to say you had a say in the elections, a pacifier if you will. this aply’s to everything that is on a ballot.

      33. Bubba and Nadine were watching T.V. one night when Nadine asks Bubba, “What do you think the two guys running for President?”.

        Bubba says, ” I would not piss on Mitt Romney’s head, if his hair was on fire”.

        Nadine looks at Bubba in a confused way and says,” Budda Lee Buford, wasn’t it you who has been calling Obama a Communist for these past 3 1/2 years and wasn’t it you that said that even though He claims to be a Christian Man, The President sure as hell acts like a Moslem…YOU HYPOCRIT!”.

        Bubba answers back, “I don’t think you understand what I just said. If I saw Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama both with their hair on fire, I would not piss on Mitt to put the fire out, but I would put the fire out on Obama’s head……with a shovel”.

      34. If you don’t show up AND EXERCISE your vote, then don’t open your mouth about where you find yourself next January. I didn’t say you had to support EITHER Mittens nor Barry O. Choose to leave it blank, but there are always other issues there to vote on. Local issues. I will pull the lever for Ron Paul while THE WHO plays “Don’t get fooled again” in my head! MEET THE NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS…..

      35. God’s Creation….wise words my friend, it is a hard path we follow…

        Voting = If you vote a person into office and they tell military folks to drop stuff out of jets that go boom…..and kill lots of kids and women… are responsible!

        If you had a printing press that printed $100. bills, would you borrow any money? Didn’t think so, yet you keep paying the INTEREST on the debt…….to the Reserve…wow!

        My children, how long must I bear with your chosen ignorance?

        When a person claims to be God’s Creation, maybe you should listen to him, maybe he understands the deeper things of life………?……..Maybe?

        Personally, I will never participate in things that are not representative of My Father the Creator of All things… him what you like, it matter’s not to me.

        Ask yourselves, What Would Love Do?…..then if you have the courage…….Do it!

      36. Ron Paul lost fair and square. Frankly, he sounds like a looney tune. You can find a video on youtube where he says that we should treat Iran with more respect. Ahmadinejad has threatened the US and Israel with nuclear weapons but Ron Paul says they have the right to develop them. And of course, you can’t take someone seriously who believes in the legalization of drugs. Sorry, Ron. No legalized heroin for anyone.

        • And of course, you can’t take someone seriously who believes in the legalization of drugs.

          That’s right! Of course, it makes more sense to listen to someone else decide what should go in your body, who makes a living expanding control over your body and who increasingly has taken the role of a little god in your life so that you have to jump every time one of them decides something new you should or shouldn’t do.

          And Ron Paul is loony tunes? You sound like Charles Manson crazy by comparison.

      37. One could think that the Republicans are afraid of Ron Paul. It seems like it , looking at their behavior. The Democrats on the other hand are laughing like hell at all the BS infighting. I do believe we have just guarenteed that the current Criminal in Chief just got another 4 years. People, don’t you get it ? This is what they want, decention in the ranks. Given all the “pull Together” bs talk we will never be a free nation again because of this.We, as a body politic, have shot ourselves in the foot time and time again. The endgame is near us , far closer than we like to admit. If this hump stays in for another 4 years, we are truly fucked. Belize is looking real good now.
        When will we realize that we are the ones that killed this nation by allowing this crap to continue. We allowed the Govt and its agents to basically take over our lives without firing a shot. Now we have a bunch of tough talking computer Rambos saying “Start the Revolution. I’m Ready !!” Really? C’mon people . Do you think you can hold off an army of heavily armed agents, contractors and military with your civilian bought AR15 and 30 days worth of MREs and second hand surplus equipment ?
        We may out number them for awhile but who really is willing to start the ball rolling ? I know of noone that is willing to cross that line, I include myself in that statement. We sit hear on our computers and quote the Fore Fathers and other patriots as if it were the word of God himself and that’s as far as it goes.
        I believe that we have already lost this “Revolution” before it even got started. Why, you may ask? One word comes to mind. APATHY. ” Not my problem, Doesnt effect me , that’s in another state, couldn’t happen here ETC” I am tired of the same old retoric from the same sources.
        You all want change? So do I. Force the change.
        Brute force will change minds quicker than anything I know.
        If you choose to reply I welcome all input. I do ask for some license when it comes to my spelling.

        • Hey Christ45, I’m gutless, sold my AR’s because I saw how useless it really is.
          If this were the 1960’s be would be in a civil war, but too many years of infiltration and a marxist slanted media has done it’s job. It’s not ment to be an excuse, just a fact, as I see it.

          Red Dawn happened Nov. 2008, the Dictatorship has already begun.

          The last Patriot in America, please lower the Flag and turn off the lights.

          • Right you are.

          • Yeah, they are baking up their sordid dream cake in the ovens of government. They’re licking their lips, been a long time. They thought their recipe was gonna workout great for them.

            Time for the final broiling to brown the top.

            Now open the oven!


            Oooooh gross!

            “I think I’m gonna die!” they all say!


            Think again, and think again, thinkers. Think, think, think!

            Epilogue: Live and leave well enough alone. That is all that works.

            • Wow QB…that made as much sense as the lyrics of MacArthur Park–seriously. And since you got the song in my head, I’m going to return the favor to EVERYONE: “Someone left the cake out in the rain/ I don’t think that I can take it/ Cause it took so long to bake it/ And I’ll never have that recipe again/ Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo….!”

              Bwa ha ha ha!!!!

            • I guess the sense I wanted to make was as we live our day to day lives we have more and more people in the employ of the government who think about how we ought to live our day to day lives and try to tell us more and more how to live our lives.

              We live, they just think.

              We’re better.

              We get it, they do not.

              Now, sung to the tune of We are the World:

              We are the host !

              They are the parasites !

              We are the ones who do what they would do if they did anything …

              I am off key… uh…

              But at least I’m singing !

              (how does that song go?)

      38. Write in Ron Paul in November, If we get there at all

        Put up your middle finger at the establishment cantidiots

        and show they are number none

        the Watcher

      39. Be informed,

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. I too have enjoyed your writing and appreciate the information that you share.

        I see dolphins swim by during the day and I catch a wide variety of fish, clams, crabs, shark and shrimp so, cooking is a pleasure down here. However, real bad weather is a week away. One year a hurricane stopped travel on I-95 in SC, as people were fleeing FL, GA and SC from that hurricane.

        Our State Government decided not to open up all for lanes of I 95, let traffic go north, and it became an 80 mile stand still. I left the following morning and had no delays.

        I would rather wait for the second coming by the original cast, than listen to that idiot for instructions again.

        I’d like to be in a location that provides a higher elevation. My SUV is my BOB.

        Y’all Beware! Thanks again.

      40. Thought long and hard about posting this. Here goes. I can’t “prove” this, although we are working on verification.

        My friend’s housekeeper for 15 years is an older Guatamalen woman. She is very shy, doesn’t speak or write English very well, and in about a year or two, plans to return to her birth country with savings and social security. She will live very well.
        She has been on a path to citizenship, and has been taking courses. This week she attended the test and oath ceremony. She offered the following, after my friend’s wife asked her how the ceremony went.

        ” We took the test, there were about 500 people. Then we watched a 15 minute movie about Mitt Romney. After the movie, “they” told us Mitt Romney hates us and will deport us if elected. Then we were told we could now vote, and “they” handed out forms and we signed up to vote. “They” told us we were getting our citizenship because of President Obama. Then they gave us voting forms, and told us we can vote now. They reminded us Pres.Obama loves us. (she was asked if she was told to vote for Obama, and said “they” made us feel we wouldn’t get our certificates unless we did.). She said ,then we got our certificates and a letter from Obama thanking is for voting for him.
        About this time, realizing the reaction and questions she was getting, she clammed up, saying she was afraid to say any more because “they” will deport me.
        The gov USCIS. You cannot get through to them by phone.
        This woman has no need or benefit in concocting this story. I believe it 110%. it is the perfect crime. You would never get the names of these folks in order to question them, and if you did, they would be so scared they wouldn’t say a word.
        This is a FED GOV department. I always felt things like this went on, but never have been this close to proving it. If I posted how this makes me feel, I would get a visit, no doubt. Talk about early voting, heh?
        Maybe I could call Eric Holder’s office and see if he’ll look into this.
        This is not a work of fiction, my word, for what it’s worth.

        • Gee Rich99, you sure sound paranoid. It’s almost as if you believe in some sort of conspiracy. Welcome to the Party Pal!.

      41. Mac Slavo says: August 29, 2012 at 12:58 pm

        “In that case, we’re definitely screwed!”

        I have seen this for a very long time – I call it “Software Buddies” and I feel that if it is close, our Republic is DONE. ‘They’ will adjust the numbers wherever necessary.

        We as a people will be sitting on our asses and asking the question, “How in the hell did that happen?”

        So, here are my questions and some others have asked the same:

        How do we get together?
        Where do we meet?
        How do we communicate? They will put this site OOC – Out Of Commission.
        So, the fun we have had talking to each other will be shot. Gone, Nada.

        To that I say bullshit.

        I will and do stand with those that have a voice for freedom.

        Y’all Beware! Let’s Start!

        • @ Y’all Beware.
          You just about had enough of it? We sit like a bunch of penguins on an ice flow. Waiting for the first one to enter the water. Knowing the danger that lies beneath. Eventually one does and the rest follows. But this is not the time. We will have to reach a point when we can not stand the yoke of tyranny no longer and only when those of the apathetic nature are forced to endure what they could not face, can we do, what needs to be done, with clear conscience. The Torries better find a place to live when its over.

      42. It seems that the people on here want to throw a tantrum, stomp their feet and lie on the floor and start kicking and crying because they don’t get their way. The post on voting, or should I say “not voting” is simplistically idiotic. Americans are trying to get someone to get us out of the mess Obama has put us in and the opposition to him says don’t vote, boycott the elections, or vote for a third party. A third party has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning any election in America. What that will do is merely keep the ursurper, tyrant and Marxist in power.

        You think your rights will be safe with Obama? Give him another four years and you won’t have any more rights than those in Russia or China. Obamacare is an example of how your rights will disappear. So show your disgust of the election process by not voting and making some effort to replace this idiot in Washington and you will reap a Country that has gone communistic and the installing of Shariah Law. Obama will make it possible for Shariah Law to be installed.

        The worst thing one can possibly do is not exercise one’s Constitutional right to vote. To do that requires you to stick your head in the sand and believe the Lion coming down the beach won’t bite your butt off. Forfeit your rights to vote and not exercise that right makes you a slave. God never said just do something to make things worse…He said do what is right. Throwing a tantrum and sticking your head in the sand or making the problem worse is not doing what is right. This too, will most likely not be received well. But, as many of you have said about your own thoughts, this needed to be said.

        • You have made a mistake assuming that your vote counts at all. Those choosing not to vote or vote 3rd party are making a statement and KNOW that no matter who they vote for does not matter anymore. Nothing will change this election and it does not matter one bit who sits at the head of the table. The rest of us will be served a shit sandwich.

        • @ WhyDieLost. I am in no way supporting BO, nor is anyone else with sense. I am in no way supporting the romney clone either. Two words that scare the hell out of me, TROJAN HORSE. That character from massachusetts could be the absolute worst THING that came to gun rights that there is. At least now the NRA and other pro freedom self defense knows their enemy. Get that elitist in there that only cares about you if your net worth is over 50 million, that did nothing to support gun rights while governor, and you could have a worse problem than now for gun rights.

          Dictatorships take away people’s self defense, and a true elitist wants no one to own any type of weapon, period. Massachusetts has one of the worst self defense restrictions of the 50 states, even regulating pepper spray. This is where that character romney CHOSE to govern and CHOSE to live by his own free will. This must send up a big fat red flag. He is such a liar and so two faced that you cannot trust him. You get someone in there like this and the pro-gun rights groups will let their guard down as it will be a relief to get rid of the marxist. This is exactly what an enemy of freedom wants so they can stab you in the back. I sure as hell could see an elitist doing this to the COMMON person that they regard as vermin or less than a serf.

          You say to exercise your right to vote and not doing so is empowering evil in a sense. OKAY, then what is wrong with the people voting for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or even God?

          What you saying to do is that if you don’t vote for romney, the other head of the two headed beast, you wasted your vote. You are saying that those that do exercise their right to vote and vote for Ron Paul or even Mac Slavo for president have done the same as not voting. Yet you encourage someone to exercise their given right to vote or they are sticking their head in the sand. Why do I see an oxymoron, paradox, or total Irish bullshit with this?

      43. Here is my open letter to Libertarians:

        Dear Libertarians,

        Stop attempting to support politians who do not make the right kind of efforts for the cause. Do I support Ron Paul? Yes. Does it really matter? No. Why? Because he is part of the Republican Party. Why are we wasting our time supporting a candidate who we knew 200% was not going to be nominated? Instead of focusing our attention on someone like Gary Johnson, we fell into the trap of supporting a great person who was on the wrong team. At this point you can even call it the “conspiracy theory” of maintaining the status quo by tricking us to remain focused on Republicans and Democrats. Do any of us have a brain (including myself)? As much as I support Ron Paul, think very hard about the following question. Why are Libertarians supporting Republicans? They are two completely different viewpoints. We need to stop thinking about the individual, in this case a politician, and start thinking about who we are representing and who is representing us. That being said, I vow to NEVER support a Republican or Democrat. Supporting someone because he/she is the “lesser of two evils” is exactly why the United States of America’s future does not seem very pleasant. Has anyone ever considered that if we take ALL of those votes for Ron Paul (Republicans) and give them to Gary Johnson (I only use his name as an example) it will make a huge dent in the numbers? I ask that we stop being fake Libertarians and start supporting the real revolution. I am not only referring to voting. I mean even journalists/bloggers, like Popoye, need to stop mentioning Ron Paul, simply because he belongs to the Republican Party. Are we not able to realize that no matter what a politicians views are, we are foolishly promoting what we oppose? I promose that we all find a local or national Libertarian Party that shares your views, and promote that party ONLY. Let’s stop inadvertently supporting Republicans, Democrats, and the mainstream media by mentioning them, and let’s start promoting real, libertarian issues.

        Juscelino M. Acevedo

      44. slingshot,

        I think I understand what you are saying. First we need to get together as a group of penguins. Then we decide how many grenades we throw into the water for shark or seal.

        I think y’all see that it is time to establish alternative methods of our exchanges!

        Y’all Beware! Trying to stay ahead of the curve. If it is already established tell me to shut up! Send the Info.
        I will present a new email later this week.

        • There are no solid lines of communication. The ingrained notion of OPSEC takes precedence in all sites that I read. Fear of reprisal, threat of raiders, etc, effectively paralysis all of us. Most will not even identify which state we live in and still more who read here and will not post. How many would join a militia, fearing the first to be rounded up. With all the data collection the government does, I believe they have the goods on us already. I would suggest that we meet at gun shows. Just to get started.
          I am reluctant to say anymore as to not jepardize this site.

      45. Like the last election I am voting for Ron Paul. (Write in)

      46. I was a delegate to the senate district level convention of the Republican Party in 2008. I watched as the people running the convention steamrolled the Paul supporters. The party people wanted to make sure it was all about Juan McCain. When it came time to vote, a third of us voted for Ron Paul.

        Similiarly, the proposed platform included things like abolition of the Federal Reserve and called for strict immigration law enforcement. We all knew the platform would be watered down by the party people along the way.

        In short, I am no longer a Republican. The party talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. I won’t tell anyone how they should vote. I know, though, that I sure as hell won’t vote for Osama, err, Obama.

      47. Ron Paul lost period. For better or worse. The question now becomes the lesser of 2 bad choices and those who say ” then I choose neither” are being either short sighted at best or petulant at worst.
        America WILL have 1 of 2 people as president, pragmatism-from a patriotic standpoint-would indicate ensuring the least offensive choice fill the spot. Even if only to keep the downfall as slow as possible in order to allow more time for us to prep, wake others up, etc.
        Anyone who sees Romney as the same as Obama in that light is partially responsible for the accelerated downfall if obama wins a second term.

      48. @Be Informed To have several decisions available to and not make a decision is to have made a decision. To not vote because your candidate of choice is not available is a vote for Obama. To vote for the lesser evil, as it is said, is actually the step in the right direction…towards good. To not vote for the lesser evil is to vote for the evil. To be a Party voter is nonsense and it helps nothing. To believe a candidate of a third Party is better than a Republican or a Democrat simply because he isn’t a Rep. or a Dem. is ridiculous. The candidate is human and open to all the same evilness as the others.

        Personally, I would vote for Donald Duck if he were running against Obama. Obama is out to destroy America. He has to be gotten out of Office. The other candidates, from other Parties had their chance and they failed. Now we are left with what is available. Those people who diliberately do not vote because their candidate wasn’t selected have no one to blame but themselves when the country go to Hell. To not vote against the useless Democrat Congress is to continue to allow the runaway spending and the further indebtedness. America will go belly-up if Obama is given four more years.

        Those who run for office do so for the money that they can get while there. Congress is crooked, yes! But it’s the only one we have. We keep trying to get better people in there. Obama will share all of our secrets to the Russians and China. He will let the UN decide what is good for us. He will de-militarize the USA. He will make the USA a third world country. Will I vote for the lesser of evils, yes, in a heartbeat. God bless the USA. 2Chron 7:14

      49. In my extreme fits which this news caused me to enter, I realized perhaps it will be better if Obama wins. Why? Because, I think if he were to order the military to lock us down, they would not obey his orders, and hopefully arrest him and we could all get back to the Constitution. With Fuhrer Romney I would expect the the flames of nationalism to be sparked and they may pledge blind allegiance.

        Oh well, we’ll see. But if Obama does win, don’t shoot yourself in the head, just saying, it may be the better choice for the culmination of this criminal political class and the emergence of a Free America once again.

        I hope Romney flips into small governance mode instead of flops into ‘saving’ what has grown into a monster which is not worth saving.

      50. anyone but obama!

      51. To vote for the evil party,the ignorant party or not vote,that is the question…

      52. i know some RP supporters who were elected delegates to the rnc and i warned them 3 years ago that to play in politics at a local level can be ok… county can be tough, state level cut throat… but i told them flatly that when it comes to national level politics, they don’t have the juice, the corrupt connections, the power of rule making to make it even in the front door.. they simply didn’t stand a chance… that decisions of who the rnc candidate would be is decided long before the convention even starts…

        the ENTIRE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT… it’s way past time for a political laxative in this country wherein all the crap gets flushed… there is nor will there ever be any changing this cancered system from inside as they have now discovered… note: NONE of the rest of the republican tribe has stood in defense of the duly elected reps who got axed… in the words of cher: “and the beat goes on and on and on… yeah the beat goes on…”










      54. People- Romney was on the bottom of the list of my conservative candidates…that being said he is the one the establishment foisted upon us. As much as I disliked Romney out of all the conservative candidates, I hate what Obama has done to this country and one more term from this bastard and we will simply not recognize this country; in fact I don’t much recognize it at all anymore!

      55. Don’t stay home folks. Go vote and write in Ron Paul for President. Make your vote be counted, but counted for whom you want for president, not the choices they are trying to force.

        It would be nice to see at least one state carry Ron Paul and reject the two evils that the parties are trying to force on us.

      56. Write in Ron Paul. That’s what I did in 2008.

      57. Corrupt elections elsewhere, eg Africa and South America have been readily monitored and supervised, but only if the US says so. Well? You have just witnesses the put down in real time of our only hope. How do you spell rogue?

      58. looks like the fat guy in the video….LOST LIKE ROMNEY!!! LET GO RON PAUL!

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