Hillary Clinton May Question The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Election

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 51 comments

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    Hillary Clinton has officially opened the door to questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election – the very election she lost. But she still claims it’s Russia’s fault Donald Trump won.

    In an interview that aired Monday on NPR, Hillary Clinton she “would not” rule out questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election if Russian interference is deeper than currently known. Unable to give up on the Russian hysteria she and other Democrats created out of thin air, the former presidential candidate is going to whine about it instead.

    According to CNN, this just means Clinton firmly believes that Russia helped president Donald Trump win and she still isn’t taking any responsibility for the fact that Americans just didn’t want her to be the president. Clinton has said previously that she conceded to Trump quickly and attended his inauguration because the nation’s peaceful transfer of power is critical. But her comments to NPR signal that as the imaginary and completely made up depths of Russia’s alleged interference are revealed she could envision a time when she questions Trump’s legitimacy as president.

    Not that that is surprising at all. Most Democrats at some point have questioned Trump’s legitimacy. This was happening since the very beginning when the media announced he’d become the 45th president of the United States.

    NPR‘s Terry Gross asked Clinton directly during the interview whether she would “completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now?”

    “No. I would not,” Clinton said. Gross asked: “You’re not going to rule it out?”

    “No,” Clinton said. “I wouldn’t rule it out.” –CNN

    Although in her book that she’s been promoting, What Happened (a reflection on her stunning loss in the 2016 election) she doesn’t question Trump’s legitimacy. It is, however, filled with several instances of ad hominem attacks against the president.

    Clinton also devoted an entire chapter in her book to Russia and lays the blame on them for their “meddling” and “hacking” of the system which she alleges led to Trump’s win.

    Glen Caplin, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton, reiterated her comments in a statement after the interview aired. He said that the former secretary of state “has said repeatedly the results of the election are over but we have to learn what happened. I would hope anyone in America concerned about the integrity of our democracy would feel the same way if we got there. But we’re not,” Caplin said. “Right now Bob Mueller and several congressional committees are investigating to what extent the Russians impacted our election and who exactly helped them do so.”

    But Trump stood up to the ridiculous claims by the left. “This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed to win,” Trump posted on social media in March.


    “The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality.”


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      1. Proof positive that this woman is bat-crap crazy. I swear, are there any sane Democrat women? Any at all? Someone needs to tie her colostomy bag in a knot and let her choke to death on her own b.s

      2. Man, Am I glad she didn’t win!! God Bless, James

        • No doubt as maddam clinton is a raving lunatic.

        • Personally, I question the integrity and the legitimacy of the democrabic candidate. After her accusation that Trump would not accept the vote totals, if he lost, interesting to see who is having a “hissy-fit” because she lost. Personally, she is as illegitmate as a candidate can get….a “serial enabler” of her husbands rape of women, a candidate who thought nothing of the deaths of five gallant soldiers who died because she was too unconcerned about the Benghazi situation—even when soldiers near Benghazi were armed and ready to engage the enemy and save their own. Then, there is her antipathy toward the 2nd Amendment. Hillary would take all the weapons of individual private citizens, presummably, arm all her supporters and run rough-shod over the rights of citizens. Then, for icing on her cake, there is her “private”, non-approved server stuck away in her house. Finally, there are all those critics of the “Clinton cartel”, who suddenly got killed right before they were going to speak about the Clinton’s criminal conspiracy. Here’s hoping that she gets arrested and put in jail for HER crimes

      3. LOCK HER UP.!!!!!!!

      4. Will you just get over it already
        jeeze lady , you lost !

        this is like listening to a 5 year old piss and moan about losing a game of hide and seek.. yes we know this has to impact your collusion , and all those you had pay you for favors, and all the cover up she and her cronies were getting ready to undertake , but lady (term used loosely) face it , you suck, and only the assholes of this country even remotely like you

        • It takes a village to tell her to go fuck herself.

          • Guy. LMAO! Good one!

      5. I question her legitimacy at birth!

        • Legitimacy at birth? What about
          Chewbacca’s husband the illegitimate
          U.S. president from Kenya. Just
          before the election he said
          “There is no serious person out there
          who would suggest somehow that you
          could even rig America’s elections,
          in part because they are so
          decentralized and because of the
          numbers of votes involved.”
          Then he mocked Trump for suggesting
          the election was being rigged for
          Clinton. He told Trump that rigging
          an election in America was impossible
          and that Trump should “stop whining
          and go try to make his case to get
          Apparently, elections can only be
          stolen when Democrats don’t win.

      6. At this point, What possible difference could it make.

      7. The Dems fostered the very radical left and now it comes home to haunt them. Pelosi was surrounded and shouted down by radical leftists yesterday. The Democratic party is moving even further to the left. That’s a good thing. They’ll marginalize themselves. Even more.


      9. I wish she would put a belt
        around her neck and hang
        herself from a door knob.

      10. Perhaps a challenge would prove the fact that given the amount of rigged votes she didn’t win the electoral college either. Despite their best efforts they still lost. What a revolting development.

        • I’ll bet you are right, Grandpa!

      11. There is no way to describe the damage the Clintons have done to this country. It is frightening that we have a system so corrupt that people like Bill and Hillary can be in any office let alone Top Office. Obviously no rules apply at that level unless your Republican, (and maybe not even then).
        There is a deep state in this country that is poised to bring this country down and putting people like Hillary in office just gives them a front person so that the deep state can keep operating. Sad.

        • Problem is very simple.
          Democrat and union voters.

      12. Jeezzzz, she’s like a yeast infection that won’t go away; yo not only see it but can smell it. Yikes!!

      13. Hillary Clinton May Question The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Election…

        ahahahaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……who cares ???

      14. Any challenge would open the door to auditing the ballot box stuffing that occurred in DNC controlled states. That would result in Trump DOJ having election oversight in those states and the Democrats permanently losing power. Thieves think everyone steals, liars think everyone lies, and the corrupt think everyone is corrupt. Just retire Hillary, the serious money is not listening.

      15. ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE in Mexico– just occurred– the SECOND ONE in last 2 weeks. Also, earthquake in California this morning– 1.5– small one. And of course, a bunch of hurricanes on east coast–(following Irma–never heard of before that violent, winds 200 mph) and the West is on fire, and Texas was inundated few weeks ago, etc.

        Remember this past spring, Trump was warned that a series of earthquakes is due to start soon…violent earthquakes…??

        And all this occurring just after the “breaking up of some conditions in the south sea”, just as Edgar Cayce predicted. (I just saw on TV yesterday that more ice shelves breaking apart in the Antarctic, which is located in the south sea).

        BEGINNING OF EARTH CHANGES (Edgar Cayce predictions). He said it will all begin after “the breaking up of some conditions in the south sea”… first, parts of the Carolinas and Georgia will be destroyed and then earthquakes out west… the great lakes will run into the gulf of Mexico, most of Florida will disappear.. the greater part of Japan will go into the sea… But it all begins with the breaking up of some conditions in the south sea and then the Carolinas/Georgia.

        • Cayce was a fraud. The lowest barometric pressure hurricane ever was the 1935 Labor Day hurricane in the Keys *wind speeds were around Irma speeds as well); there have been THREE Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic before – this season is unusual, but not unprecedented. Harvey rain? Tropical storm Claudette in 1979 had a GREATER rain total over 24 hours, while Harvey beat her over a multiple day period. Buffalo Bayou flooding back decades ago in Houston reached levels in the mid 50s, while Harvey, last I looked, was “only” in the upper 30s (tho admittedly still rising).

          Interestingly, the area around Charleston, SC is seismically active. But I’m not expecting it to end up off the Cameroons any time soon.

          • T,
            I went through a 920 MB
            Sandy for example was 940 MB,
            Katrina was 902 MB
            and we know what that did to the east
            and gulf coasts.
            I can’t imagine what an 870 MB
            as you mention would be like!
            For all you out there 1013 MB is sea
            level normal.
            I’m not a meteorologist, but when
            you move trillions of tons of moist
            air like that, bad stuff happens.

        • Small three something quake in southern IL at 0647 this morning….

      16. Someone (was it katy…) posted that on the 23rd of September– that will be the big event– something about some planet–just wondering if she/he knew what they were talking about.

        • Doomedy doomedy doom dee doom Nibiru LOL

        • On 9/23 it will be Niburu. Back yet again for a reprise! It has been hiding under my bed – at least when I looked through the Mt Palomar telescope last week. Prior to that it was hiding in my closet, just behind my old discarded Mayan end of the world calendar…. which, incidentally, stopped at the date it did because Tenochliatan, the calender maker, didn’t pay his gas bill and they turned off his oven to bake clay tablets.

          • TEST, uh, let’s be careful with date-setting. I love what you do here so I don’t want to see you get egg on your face.

      17. AT ZEROHEDGE: “Buildings collapse, thousands take to the streets after powerful Quake shakes Mexico City… 7.4 magnitude —

      18. Mac, how many more times do we have to see a picture of this witch?

        • I think Mac has the hots for her…. That is why her picture is always there….

      19. KHillary Clinton May Question The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Election

        Let her. See what happens.

      20. Most 5 year old’s are more mature then she is, they lose a game, or a privilege they go on, not her she will be crying about it even after she is 6′ under. I am so sick of her picture on the internet & TV I could throw up, please Mac no more.

      21. Klinton, don’t go away. Just GTFOOH!!!

      22. Angry old dyke. Who cares what she says or thinks.

      23. Al Gore self destructed after his defeat. Hillary Clinton is doing the same. Any Democrat who regretted her loss, should have no regrets that she is not president. They may still not want Trump but they can console themselves that Hillary is not president. At least, Al Gore had hanging chads!

      24. Even the mirror has had enough!

        • Jim, I have to take my hat off to any mirror that has her reflection and DOESN’T break. That’s saying a lot for mirrors, LOL!

      25. I don’t buy any of this that Putin and Russia are Americas enemy. Russia as the enemy has been set in immovable stone for decades, the gift that keeps on giving to the American war uniparty. They sure are bothersome those Ruskies trying to expand outside their borders with military conquest, smh. The only people being played are the uninterested US sleeping public who are too busy to realize the gameplan involves their overall demise and complete collapsing futures. What a setup and nearing completion the unfaltering NWO controllers have in store for them. The water is quickly approaching a boil.

      26. Chillary has lost her grip…Big Time! The sooner she’s committed to an institution, the Free People of the US can finally live their lives with less lies and BS.

      27. Can’t she just dry up and blow away?

      28. She likes walks in the woods right ?

      29. She has been questioning the 2015 election since the results were announced almost a year ago. This is nothing new. The Democrats are about as emotionally mature as a spoiled teenager and should be dealt with accordingly.

        • Excuse me, 2016 election. Not used to this new keyboard yet.

      30. It is a dead issue… wasting her time… Her time came, she missed it, opportunity lost.

        Her time has passed.

      31. Um,actually it’s getting kind of embarrassing now. I don’t think it’s funny or annoying anym9re. I am beginning to feel embarrassed for her.

      32. Southside, you don’t have to feel embarrassed for her. She brings everything on herself.

      33. I’m surprised that no one is embarrassed by our President. Everyone saying that she’s immature – Oh my gosh, Trump’s maturity level is that of a child. Let the evidence speak for itself in regards to Russia. It’s coming. There is way too much smoke. Let’s not be so naïve.

      34. YO JEFF!! JEFF!!!! Can somebody PLEASE wake Sessions up long enough for him to get off his as s and put this lunatic bit ch under the jail where she belongs?

        • She’s a bigger asset to the Republicans as she is. Let her keep ranting and raving and lying, she’s just driving more people to the right of center. Anything that makes the Dems look bad and makes them go into self-destruct mode, I’m all for.

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