High School Seizes Yearbooks Because Of “Build That Wall” Student Quotes And Other “Controversial” Comments

by | May 11, 2017 | Headline News | 49 comments


The Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham, North Carolina has seized this year’s yearbooks after school administrators received complaints about controversial quotes included by some students.

The yearbooks, like most others, featured photos of graduating seniors and included personal quotes from each student. According to reports, numerous students included inappropriate comments, one of which was apparently a reference to President Trump with the quote, “build that wall.”

All of the yearbooks that had been distributed at the Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham have been taken back by the school after some senior quotes were deemed controversial, the school system says.

Graduating students at the 10-year-old school, which has 259 students, were allowed to share a quote under their picture in the yearbook. After the book was published, officials in the school and district administration found several of the quotes inappropriate, including one credited to President Trump, said district spokeswoman Ashley-Michelle Thublin.

None of the students were disciplined for the quotes, Thublin said. The school and district administration felt several of the quotes submitted by students were inappropriate, Thublin said.

Specific examples were not provided.

“As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students,” the school district’s post said. “In each situation, our goal is to provide for the well-being of all of our students and prevent recurrences of inappropriate conduct.”

Source: Sac Bee

The school responded to the incident on Facebook:

No additional “inappropriate” quotes and comments have been shared.

Users on social media immediately highlighted the fact that a high school was censoring the free speech of students simply because it was deemed offensive to some students:

To be clear, no threats of violence have been reported by the quotes. No “bad” language was used. It was simply students with political opinions.

In previous reports we’ve noted that it is now inappropriate to engage in a variety of traditionally American activities, such as wearing red, white and blue, demanding that teachers know how to read, and even showing up to class on time.

This is tolerance in 2017 America.


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    1. Anonymous

      As the monkey who cut off his tail said…….

      “Won’t be long now”……..

      • Menzoberranzan

        Its good to know that some of these illegal scum dreamers who have been so openly vocal about defying our immigration laws are going to be sent packing back to wherever the hell they came from. Good riddance scum illegals.

      • semperfortis

        when kids see a hispanic they should KNOW the truth.
        1. lower pay
        2. increased housing costs
        3. degraded opportunity

        all by people that were NOT part of building this country OR any of the struggles.

        they were A WEAPON of the globalists to LOWER our quality of life.

    2. laeagle

      Build that wall!

      • Wilson

        I would have held on to mine. I paid for it, it is mine.

        • Fred

          You got that right…note, fellow students didn’t find the comments offensive BUT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS and TEACHERS.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        and for CRIPESSAKES!, build it on OUR side so we can patrol it from BOTH SIDES!?????????????????

      • Waiting

        Build that wall!

      • NunyaBidness

        much like prohibition, a failure before the first brick was laid.

    3. george

      great racetrack

    4. J

      Says the books were taken back, or seized. Did they mean before they were distributed? They must have got them before they left the school grounds…otherwise, who would give them back voluntarily, but a whimpering obey the law no matter what fool. My quote would have said “deport the aliens”….or “Hildabeast for prison”. LOL

    5. Jim in Va.

      So much for freedom of speech……I want my money back!

    6. B from CA

      Do you want your kids educated or indoctrinated?

      How many of these graduates took chemistry?

      How many learned calculus?

      How many can recite the Constitution of the United States by heart (memorized verbatim)?

      How many can write an “intelligent” essay on any one or two Amendments to the above?

      How many can tell you what a continent is, how many and their names.

      How many can spell Mississippi, and identify the State and Draw the River on a blank outline.

      How many can fill in a blank outline of the United States identifying and naming the States, rivers, lakes, mountains, and Capitols.

      How many know where Washington DC is located, the names of their Governor, mayor, Senators, and Representatives.

      How many know anything out our Federal Reserve System and how it led us into every war since it’s inception? How many realize that unless they overthrow the International Banking Cartel they will most likely be required to fight in a war to make Bankers richer than they already are, and possibly come back home with their brains smashed, their faces melted, and limbs blown off?

      How many know what stupid Communist brainwashed teachers they have?


      • Wojo

        How many can “axe” me a question?

        • Jim in Va.

          Ban that word axe….might be construed as a weapon(sarcasm off)

      • Braveheart1776

        B from CA, damn good points. I’d say the answer to your questions are ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.

      • Archivist

        I didn’t learn calculus in high school, because it wasn’t taught in high school back then. I took it in college.

        I don’t need to be able to recite anything. I have a copy in my pocket I can pull out any time.

        I can label all the states, but I sure can’t label most of the rivers and lakes in other states because they don’t matter. Of course, I know the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, the Great Lakes, Great Salt Lake, and Lake Drummond in VA, but I don’t know the minor ones, and don’t ever intend to learn.

        Some of the things on your list should be known by everyone, but a lot of them don’t matter.

        When I was in school back in the 1960s, you were told to take chemistry and physics only if you were going to college. I took them. Most people didn’t, because there weren’t enough classes and teachers anyway.

        Oh, and I don’t know my mayor because I don’t have one, since I live outside of town, like everyone on here should by now.

        It sounds like I was set off, but I hate lists of things that “everyone” should know. Most of those lists include a lot things that one person thinks of only because they themselves happen to know them.

        • Anonymous

          Archivist, Same here. I agree with you more than with B from CA. Your post makes sense.

          • Mountain Trekker

            But it would be nice if a college grad at least knew that Washington DC and the State of Washington were two different places. Trekker Out.

    7. Brian

      Global climate change causes severe brain damage in those who believe in it. The result is liberal thinking. Outbreaks of crazy thinking like the above are the most powerful proof of global climate change.

    8. Asshat

      A student should be able to write build that wall if it’s ok with the person who owns the yearbook says it is. Usually people write good luck stuff like that so I don’t see it as appropriate but it shouldn’t be silenced and it isn’t. Unless the school faculty is going around looking at yearbooks for political opinions they want silenced and confiscating yearbooks.

    9. Asshat

      Don’t ax me for shit. Ha ha sounds so uneducated. When people say ax I automatically think they never graduated high school.

      • Mountain Trekker

        At a Klan rally you can always tell if there is a infiltrator under that robe when you axe for the pass word, which is “Ask” Trekker Out.

    10. Femaregion1

      If that were me I would have written “John 8:44 explains everything” as my quote.

      • Waiting

        Nope, you can’t mention anything to do with Christianity. You might offend the Muslims.

      • Waiting

        Stopped to look that up, and found I already had it marked. Tells you exactly who Satan and his followers are.Waiting

    11. Braveheart1776

      If that were me, I would’ve smacked any mofo trying to take my yearbook. Interesting that it was LIBTURDS who did this. Inappropriate conduct? I think libturd censorship of white peoples’ speech is ‘inappropriate conduct’. How about them apples?

    12. aljamo

      How many believed a wall would be built at the southern border anyway? Like everything else Trump campaigned for, up in smoke. Yet somehow people still cling to one or the other mirrored images of deceit.

    13. oops

      Those things are expensive. Parents should go to the school they pay taxes for and protest, like yesterday.
      My kid stood for their rights several times and the school called me up there.
      My kid was correct and I back my kid up the school was shocked and lost on several issues.
      Parents need to get off their azzes and get down to the schools all across America in numbers! Make you tax payer voices heard.
      What happened to the concept of the one paying the bill calls the shots!

      Removing Civil War statues! This is a shot across the bow

      • B from CA


        This is not about racism. This is about Communism.


        • B from CA

          Taking down statues and monuments is what conquerors do to the conquered. The Communist Globalist using Black hurt feelings and bs racism charges is really just erasing all historical proof of America as a free Republic. Communists ALWAYS promise “the workers or the people” some type of benefit of equality, but then they stick it to them, they never give the people the equality that is promised. Communists are mass murderers.

          Get real. These Southern heroes and President Jackson are your history, your story. Whether or not these men were perfect Angels does not matter. America’s history is being grounded up and poured down the memory hole. This is serious. Blacks, Whites, Latins, Asians, Native Americans must put aside beefs, whether real or propagandized bs, and fight the traitors who want to take our freedom! No Communistic suppression of our historical reality by Communist traitors!!




          • laeagle

            I watched them take down the statue! It was a sad ? day! Not enough people understand the sinificance of what is happening. Many are in the group that voted for the last disastrous president. New Orleans was unique in the whole country/world and managed to find a uniquely middle ground in race relations but the situation is changing for the worse now. Intolerance and racism is raising its ugly head. Perhaps it was inevitable. New Orleans will never be the same. It will go the way of all the other once great cities like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc. Major corporations have all but completely moved out. The tourist industry is finally coming back but it is potentially tenuous at best. The libturds are ready to destroy another great city. Revisionism cannot change history!

          • oops

            The other night I watched a recording of the Russian Revolution “in Color” whoo-hoo, its 100 years later.
            One of the first things Commies do, Take Down Statues!
            In the primary stages the commies pit one against the other, stigmatize, then they ramp it up with violence. When they get in control, tear down anything form the previous system like Statues!

            When US entered Bagdad locals torn down down statue of Sadam. That’s all we saw on the news for days!

    14. cecilhenry

      Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.

      OR ELSE!!

      It’s important to say nice things about diversity or reporters will get you fired and you won’t be able to afford living away from diversity

      What we see is that the sole issue Liberals will not compromise on is the urgent need to replace the White population of all nations with the Third World asap

      Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

      • Menzoberranzan

        It makes target identification and acquisition easier.

    15. B from CA

      Donald Trump fighting democrats over wall.
      Ted Cruise puts bill to use 14 billion of drug Kingpin Guzmon confiscated dough. Pelosi objects. Trump wants to tax Mexico 2% for wall, take our tax money and get started, so drugs stop coming in and to make it easier on border patrol. Trump expresses his wish to fulfill his campaign promises. Sounds like a plan. “Build That Wall.”


      • Joker

        How is this suppose to stop drugs from coming in when there are tunnels thatndo the job from California to Texas?

        • B from CA

          Joker the plan is for a large substantial wall with detectors beneath which would detect tunnels. This will make the job of patrolling the border by the border guards easier.

          It is a worthwhile goal and will improve the quality of life for people on both sides. People’s fears will be found to be misplaced and an unnecessary emotional response to something that will benefit both Mexico and the United States. And yes, the plan is for a wall, not merely a fence.
          I think you will be happy when it is built. Hopefully, soon.


    16. JCLincoln

      Now THERE’S some smart high-schoolers. Ahhh, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel……and it’s not a train.

    17. Joker

      It isn’t a wall. It’s a fence. It won’t contain anyone. Joke is on you

    18. Reinhard Heydrich

      What was the point in learning to read or write if you are not allowed to read or write? Here is a quote for you. YOUR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OFFENDS ME. Try to worm your way out of that one.

    19. Roger D

      Government schools are evil institutions of mass indoctrination and bastions of moral depravity. How can parents allow government to control every aspect of their child’s life for 8 hours every day? I gag every time I hear a parent defensively parrot, ‘But our public school is a good one.’ Yea right, different cafeteria, same poisoned food.

      To some folks we homeschooling families may be backward, rural, old-fashion people. But we know child abuse when we see it and refuse to allow it!

      The two greatest gifts that parents can give to their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home.

    20. Concerned-Citizen!

      I bet you that anything and everything Liberal is completely allowed and promoted but if you are conservative and on the Right, well, you know that answer. This country is very, very disappointing. I am so sick and tired of these left-winged mental midgets!! Wake up folks. . .

    21. aljamo

      Statistics show that since Trump was elected Mexico manufacturing has surged while American manufacturing has continued the slide downwards. Mexico will have to build a wall to keep unemployed Americans out.

    22. threefeet

      so, what happens if you refuse to give back your yearbook ???
      just say NO

    23. kirk

      intolerant, demeaning and stupid…yep, that’s the ‘teachers’ at the educational gulag annotated in the article.

      i wonder if the taxpayers of NC pay those ‘teachers’ to be the way they are?

      from their actions, just WTF are they ‘teaching’? bad manners? intolerance? stupidity? that we no longer have a first amendment right to speech? WHAT?

      i would tell them those teachers to stick their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, but see their heads are already there.

    24. Skip Fanning

      Look Troopies, As I have to live here in Cornfield, ..er ..ah, Richmond County I do have to tell you there is a lot more involved than what was reported in our local fishwrapper!
      It is my understanding that our school system handled it correctly. When the less than objective editor of the Daily Journal buggered the story, it came across as the school system was not a friend of The Trumpovians. No no no. It seems the school system, which, unfortunately, had no grown-ups in the room when the Yearbook went to press, went to bat for the “Build that Wall” student. It apparently was put on social media by the local snivelweenies who proceeded to go full Alinsky on the girl- complete with their obligatory threats etc. The recall was also because the unreviewed yearbook was additionally eaten up with less than flattering immature wise-cracks! pay attention here. Richmond County has its faults but, for the first time in, like forever, went Republican in November!

    25. Skip Fanning

      I dunno what happened to my missive , but The school system was protecting the girl as the lefty snivelweenies went full Alinsky and were threatening her. The less than honest local paper buggered the story!

    26. Joe Shephard

      How can it be confiscated once it is in student hands? Anyhow, they should put their copies up for sale in ebay.

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