Hershey Company Begins Firing Unvaccinated Employees

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Things are getting ugly. The Hershey Company has started firing all un”vaccinated” employees. Those who continue to refuse to be injected with mRNA gene therapy shots are also being asked to sign a nine-page confidentiality and release agreement that would remove their rights to sue the company or talk about their experience – after they’ve been canned.

    You cannot make this stuff! If Hershey actually thought they were doing the right thing, what’s with the nine-page confidentiality and release agreement they are demanding be signed? Signing this agreement comes with a “special separation payment.” Many have not signed the agreement and won’t get the money. Employees say the payment was determined by an algorithm and for some, amounted to just over two months’ pay.

    The separation agreement Hershey gave employees prohibits those who sign it from disclosing the existence, terms, and conditions of the agreement, including the details of their separation from employment. The agreement contains a broad non-disparagement clause and it also releases Hershey from liability for all legally waivable claims. – ZeroHedge

    While office workers must be vaccinated or fired, employees working in food production and Chocolate World, the company’s retail outlet stores, are encouraged but not required to get the vaccination, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    It seems incredibly hypocritical to fire un”vaccinated” employees while pushing products that are known to cause diabetes and obesity.

    Employees have estimated 1,400 workers applied for a religious exemption because the company will not comment on the issue. It is unknown if any were granted, however, others have already admitted they were denied an exemption. Anyone thinking these exemptions would save them was naive at best. The rulers have no intention of giving you an exemption when were have already been told that these shots are mandatory for their agenda of permanent slavery to go forward.

    The Ruling Class Will Monitor The Use Of “Vaccine Exemptions”

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated



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      1. Last candy I bought was Good and Plenty (Hersheys) and just found out they were laced high amounts with nano particles, along with M&M’s (Mars) , Mentos and other confections, like Dentyne gum, and low amounts .05% in CoffeeMate coffee creamer (Nestles) ,. There is no reason for this but to do harm and since the FDA is allowing this confirms their role in it. What it does according to nutritionists is prevents asorption of nutrients in the digestive system and unknown other problems.

        If they are killing their employees with toxins, they are putting it in their products.

        Stay away from these companies. I emailed people this warning and Google took it out of my email records like it didn’t exist. They are controling what you email now.

        • Where did you find this info?

          • Reese Report: Nano Particles in your food.
            https:// rumble.com/vtdd5w-nano-particles-in-your-food-.html

            in case you missed my reply below

      2. ” Those who continue to refuse to be injected with mRNA gene therapy shots are also being asked to sign a nine-page confidentiality and release agreement that would remove their rights to sue the company or talk about their experience”

        How much incentive money is being given to them for signing it?

        Two months pay doesn’t seem like very much when weighed against the potential payout from a legal action against the company.

      3. All of these corporations are all owned (and “influenced”) by Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street Bank and others. But Blackrock and State Street are owned Vanguard among others. But Vanguard is owned by ….. unknown. I believe (through other people sharing their knowledge) these are the people behind all these corporations doing all the evil crap they do.

      4. Reese Report: Nano Particles in your food.
        https:// rumble.com/vtdd5w-nano-particles-in-your-food-.html

        • Thanks Woogie. Similar to the article I read on natural news. Pretty disgusting. I guess this gives new meaning to the phrase “HERSHEY SQUIRTS”. No squirt, no job. I thought that hersheys moved their stuff to mexico? At any rate fook them…

      5. “my email records”. At Google? That’s your problem right there son.

        Anyone still eating those chocolate like products is an idiot anyways. Chemical laden gmo corn syrup is not food. Organic eaters have long since boycotted many food suppliers. Get with the times or get left behind with piss poor health and corporate overlords.

        Real chocolate is good for your health. It tastes delicious, is dense and does not melt in your mouth. I’m partial to the bitty bits and the expresso integration. Anything that costs less than three dollars a bar these days is straight up food fraud. Only buy chocolate if it has a non gmo certified label.

      6. Gonna miss Reese’s but Fuck your Hershey ass bitches! I’m done with your products for life???????!

        • Well said. We just took HERSHEY-Highway off the shopping list forever. Occasional chocolate will be from elsewhere.

      7. Hershey can not mandate the jab(s) in TN.

      8. Sold off my stock and will never buy another Hershey / Kraft product ever again. LET THE BOYCOTTS BEGIN!

      9. It’s ultimately a plant that grows in frost free zones or micro climates of artificial design.

        I would suggest that one single piece of artisinal quality is better than an entire case, trafficked by the govt cartel.

        Consider it a treat, and not a staple, and the stuff at the Chinese boxstore is going to stink. Get the fake stuff out of your systems. Get some Vitamin D as God intended. There will be houses that stink of Communist state rations from the street.

        They can’t even sell all the subsidized waste, and it goes to a rendering plant that befouls the county.

      10. How sweet it is…..NOT!!!!!!

      11. Heard that Hershey told employees who wanted a religious exemption, the pope got vaccinated so you can too. And what about Protestants? Hershey has shown it has no respect for the great founding principle of liberty of conscience. Used to buy a Hershey bar once a week, now just walk past without a glance and will for the rest of my life.

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