Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting in a Church, Cops Show Up and Shoot HIM – Media Silent

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Headline News | 112 comments

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    A potentially deadly mass shooting in a church of 100 people was foiled this week by a hero citizen who then became the victim of trigger-happy cops who shot the wrong man.

    Amarillo, TX — As news of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida dominated the airwaves this week, a massive hostage situation—which was quickly turning into a mass shooting situation—was foiled by a hero in a church. That hero, however, is now in the hospital after police showed up to the scene and shot him.

    The situation was well on its way to becoming one of the deadliest shootings in history as the gunman took over 100 people hostage inside the Faith City Mission church on Wednesday.

    “They said there was a gun in the building everyone started running all different ways,” said Clay Murdock, a student at Faith City Mission.

    According to WLOX, Murdock said he tried to get as many people inside their sound room as possible.

    “We’re standing in there and everyone starts praying,” said Murdock. “I went outside to see what was going on if I could get more people in there and right when as I went outside the guy was standing right in front of me with the pistol.”

    Murdock then ran outside.

    According to the Amarillo police, the initial call came in around 8:45 a.m. and indicated that there was an armed suspect inside who was holding 100 people hostage.

    Sergeant Brent Barbee told reporters that when officers breached the building, they encountered an individual who had a handgun.

    The officers fired shots that struck the man,” said Barbee. “After some additional investigation, they’ve learned that the man that [had] the gun may have taken the firearm away from the original suspect in the call. The man who originally had the gun has been taken into custody.”

    Later that day, police clarified that they indeed shot the wrong man.

    “The initial investigation indicates that the man the officer shot had originally been in a struggle with the original suspect and had taken away the gun from the suspect. The initial suspect has been taken into custody and is not injured. No other persons were hit by gunfire. This is very early in the investigation and more details will be available at a later time,” read the report.

    As Amarillo.com reports, the hero of the story is a student at Faith City Mission church. After he and the private church security officers wrestled the shooter to the ground and got the gun away from him, one or more Amarillo police officers opened fire on the student.

    “Members of the security team took the gunman down and one of our students was able to wrestle the gun away,” she said. “Our thoughts are with our injured student and we praise God for his protection while honoring the heroic actions of our security team, students and everyone else involved — which prevented the situation from becoming far worse.”

    The student was taken to a local hospital. The gunman, Joshua Len Jones, 35, of Amarillo was taken to jail unharmed.

    Faith City Mission Executive Director Jena Taylor said the student, who was not identified, had surgery Wednesday but was in stable condition and remains hospitalized, reports Amarillo.com.

    “One of our staff members visited the student that was shot and he is resting well after surgery,” Taylor said.

    Predictably, this story received no coverage in the mainstream media as it is showed brave citizens in a positive light while highlighting the fact that cops shot and nearly killed the hero.

    Please share this story with your friends and family to spread a bit of good news in what has surely been a tragic week of reporting.


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      1. My god, how horrible. I think I am going to be sick.

        • Sick? Ya it’s too bad the guy got shot but damn man. Even if I had a gun on me in that situation I sure as hell wouldn’t have it in my hand when the cops showed up unless the criminal was still loose. Why didn’t security go outside and wait for the cops to tell them they had the criminal subdued? The road to hell is paved with good intentions and dim thinking….

          • We don’t have any protocols for this kind of thing any more. Everybody is a mass shooter. The propaganda narrative has become so twisted by Hillary Clinton, the Libtards, MSM, the Democrats and the anti-gun lobbyists that the prevailing opinion out there is that nobody but a mass shooter would own a gun. Essentially, the 250-million legally owned guns out there all belong to losers, lone wolf psychopaths, white males, malcontents, despicable, deplorable, crazies. See the problem?

            • Blame-e, that’s what the libturds, especially the antigun lobby, would have you believe. But I know better. The standard procedure for cops to follow in that situation is tell that student to drop the weapon and get on the ground so he can be secured while an investigation takes place. A properly trained cop would have done that instead of just shooting the first person he sees with a weapon. I hope the cops in this case will get retrained for a situation like that.

                • Whoa! Judge Jeanine was on a roll and she wasn’t having any of Hogan Gidley’s pusillanimous politicking either.

              • The Cop needs to be put on trial. Cops are trigger happy, and get all pumped up with adrenalin, and can’t think strait. To know the difference between a GOOD GUY and a BAD GUY is to see which way he points his gun. Either away from you, or at you. Any more F*cking questions? The Cop deserved to be demoted and go back through training and give up $50K of his income to the Guy he shot and his family.

                • Its more than that … ops are criminals.


              • It is too late for “re-training”. The coward should be charged with attempted murder, illegal discharge of a weapon and everything else in the book. Running in with guns blazing – this is not “serve and protect”. This is “us or them” training/indoctrination and total cover of invincibility result – down with the deplorables.

              • I was being sarcastic. I was holding up the anti-gun thingy for ridicule. Geez.

              • Deplorable. You have read enough of my comments to know that I am not a liburd.

            • That’s certainly true! Government does own lots, and lots of guns. That makes them and their cops the biggest mass shooters ever!

          • Monday morning QB.
            Just what the world needs.
            Basic Firearm training:

            First, Identify the threat.
            Simply holding a gun, not being pointed at anyone is NO threat.

            The cops kill with impunity. Republicans cheer.WTF?!

          • A H

            You weren’t there so stfu.

          • ok, genius, i’ll take this one…..
            WHY would he still be holding the gun?
            #1 he had just wrestled it from the hands of the perp 5 seconds before the cop shot him, giving him no time to drop it, or even think about what had just happened
            #2 he had never even held a gun before
            #3 he hasn’t HEARD that cops across america kill innocent citizens, nearly EVERY DAY.
            #4 he was now holding it on the perp, so he couldn’t try anything further

            i can come up with some more, but let’s just wait to see what our hero has to say about it.

        • Save your strength; it is going to become a lot worse than this as the jurisdictions continue to hire less and less mentally competent officers. We have a chief-of-police who will hire you if you can breathe just so she can remain invisible to the public. Come on elections!

          • Haha you must live in Stillwater Sum Ting!

          • “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”
            Benjamin Franklin

      2. If they had the guy subdued why the fook did the (hero) not throw the gun down when cops arrived? I probably would have shot him too. Glad no one was killed but man, that guy ain’t too bright…

        • Maybe he was afraid it would go off when it hit the ground and kill somebody. [kind of sarcastic, but not much]

        • Genius, you ever been in a gunfight? It is a hard thing to drop your weapon afterwards. You don’t see yourself as a bad man, a threat to anyone else but those you just defended yourself against. You stay ready for one hell of a long time afterwards. Seriously guy, it is not natural to drop a weapon immediately after a battle.

        • They (the Police) are not to use deadly force unless they fear for their life. Unless the hero was pointing the gun at them or someone else this should not have happened. At the very least, this officer should be charged with careless discharge of a firearm.

          • i agree, send the cop to the WITLESS protection program.

      3. Trigger happy or nervous nelly?

      4. Seems possible no warning was given to drop gun?

      5. I read a statistic once that said when responding to a breakin, police shootings hit an innocent person 30% of the time, yet homeowners only shoot the wrong person 3% of the time, and likely a large part of that 3% is some yahoo trying to coverup an intensional murder they just committed, or they just shot their child’s invited boyfriend/girlfriend, who was sneaking around the house

        We talk here about training for home defense, selecting weapons, ammo etc perhaps we should also discuss how not to get shot by police as they respond to shots fired by a neighbor, or even you requesting a chalk artist to draw a line around some idiot that just broke into your house.

        When police arrive do not hold or posses a firearm, in fact put it in a corner and cover it with a rug, or coat, any visible firearm could trigger their training. Consider removing your shirt, so they can see you have no firearm in your belt.

        When talking to police dispatchers on the phone, describe yourself, how you are dressed, encourage them to look you up on their computer. If the bad guys fled, describe how they were dressed. If you discharged a weapon at a badguy, be sure to include the phrase, “I was in fear of my life”.

        If you did discharge a firearm, or even if a bad guy just saw your firearm and ran, when police arrive just repeat two things, I was in fear of my life and I want a lawyer. Say no more than those two things without your lawyer.

        These days it’s all computerized. They can bring up your DMV photo before arriving, encourage them to do this. Confirm to them, yes I’m the homeowner and you live there…..

        When police arrive expect them all to be wearing body cameras that will record everything you do and say. They will ask lots of questions, if a firearm was involved, you risk jail. Get a lawyer.

        My state has a castle law, but you aren’t protected by it unless you are in fear of your life. If it could be argued that you even just displayed a firearm, without an obvious threat, you could be the one going to jail in my state. Assume a bad guy will know the law and will lie to exploit the law to avoid prosecution.

        I’ve told the story of a friend who as a teenager heard noises, got his shotgun and upon seeing a small gang on his second story back deck, ready to break in. He turned on the lights, leveled the shotgun at the head of the one he thought was leader, and watched them all run. Several were so panicked they went right over the side 15 feet to the ground. Imagine if one broke their leg, and claimed we were just driving by and needed directions, we were knocking when this crazy kid pointed a shotgun and WE WERE IN FEAR OF OUR LIVES. Who would have gone to jail then? Especially with five or six people with a shared story vs. my friends word.

        What’s the magic words…… I want a lawyer.

        • And the magic action (if you can help it) DON’T CALL THE COPS!

          • Definitely don’t call the cops when seeing any crime, get out of the area and move on. The FBI is useless,wouldn’t call them either. Churches and school teachers instead need to pack a pistol.

          • Agreed

          • Gen,
            Good advice!
            Never call the cops.
            Don’t talk to them if someone
            else called them.

          • Three rules to live by: Keep your wallet in your from pocket, dont’t talk to the man and don’t stick it in crazy.

        • “You got to show them (the police) your badge. That way they know your not a criminal.” — quote from the bad cop in “LA Confidential.”

        • Don’t call the stupid ass cops.

        • What training?

          If these idiots are trained, they don’t open fire without thinking. The problem a massiv lack of training. Other countries train the police officers for 2, 3 or more years and not 3 month or 6 month.

          • Obama had his FED LEO’s overhaul their rules of engagement, remember, Obama had American gun owners and even unarmed citizens reclassified as the enemy, and then for 8 years they pushed these changes down to local LEO’s.

            The rules of engagement LEO’s now operate under are inappropriate for a civil society, they are appropriate for Fallujah and Mogadishu.

            This is an issue I’d love to see addressed, but it fruitless unless the deep state (CIA, FBI, DEA etc) is taken down. The deep state runs the narco trade in the US and Gun running. As long as they are dropping off cases of illegal guns to inner city gangs and drug cartels we are screwed.

            These clowns behind the drug trade are doing their best to turn inner cities into Mogadishu clones, which will effect LEO tactics. The violence in Chicago, Detroit, LA and Baltimore is no coincidence. Drugs and gun running are how the deep state finance their shaddow government and their efforts to install a globalist government.

        • Agreed with the lawyer. Better too be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Where I live, If the cops don’t show up, you just might get buried and never reported or we could always go fishing.

          • Someone I know used to live in Miami. A body dumping ground was and still is the everglade swamps. No evidence left as gators eat the bodies.

            • That is funny. I was born and raised in Miami. Still have family down there. We loved the Glades and the Keys. We was at one place or the other every weekend. I caught my first grouper at 10,000 islands. When TSHTF that is one of my go to places. Most folks can’t handle the mosquitos.

              • Fishandmud, I was down there from 1975-1982. It started going down hill during my last couple of years there. There used to be fights between the Cubans and Haitians all the time and still are as I understand it. I always heard rumors of Haitians who have been in fights with Cubans disappearing into the swamps. There was one Haitian who was giving my in-laws a lot of trouble for a short time then one day he was gone. Never saw or heard from him again. No love lost between any of those different groups down there. I used to love the Keys but the LGBT freaks have ruined them.

                • DB, ya that needs to happen to a lot of folks. Haitians are good candidates for post birth abortion. That reminds me of a funny vid, Amos being a Haitian lol…


                  • Genius, LOL. Thanks for the video. I always enjoyed Jerry Reed’s music. I used to get into fights with Haitians myself. They’re totally useless as people, something like our own blacks are.

                • DB, I heard that a lesbian group built an entire neighborhood of homes in the Keys. They didn’t use any nails in the construction. All tongue-and-groove!

                  • CJ, LOL. Good one.

        • Plan: You are 100% Correct boss man!! No matter what, you CANNOT trust the cops and that in and of itself is terrible but utterly the damn truth. Keep your ass shut and say: Lawyer, the end!!

      6. Genius is right. When the cops arrive don’t have a gun in your hand out at the very least have your hands in the air.

        God Bless,

        • FFS. You people are America’s worst enemy. And then you wonder how we got here. The man shot by the po-lice did nothing illegal. Nor did he do anything stupid. He did nothing other than exercise his NATURAL right. Cops listen to people like you cop-suckers and that is where they learn their pussy complex.

          Wow. A citizen exercising his natural right to not only defend, but to bear a firearm, and the first thing a cop can think off is… GUN! SHOOT!

          And dumb-ass cop-suckers vilify the man, rather than the cops. AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR TOO!

          At 59 years, I’ve watched America come a long way into a nation of pussies… because cops. And national security. And 9/11. And safety. And…

          • Amen, brother!

          • Curt, This sin’t la la land where everything goes right. Whether him holding a gun was his right or not doesn’t matter one bit. You should be smart enough to know what the expected outcome is going to be when the cops kick the door in. Ya the cops should have handled it different but anyone knows that it most likely won’t be the case. Evolved into this? NO , the cops would have done the same thing 100 years ago. Ya this nation has become pussified but people evidently have ALWAYS been stupid….

          • Curt, you make some good points and we all believe in self-defense, but as you know we don’t live in a perfect world. I’m not vilifying the student at all and I also agree the cops could have and should have handled it differently.

              • Live with the naggers, die with the naggers…

                ht tps://www.express.co.uk/news/world/919422/christian-persecution-nigeria-islamic-Nasarawa

              • I’m glad you brought this up, Genius…
                This is a PERFECT example of the difference in thought processes between different ends of the black spectrum. You see, I can’t fcukin RELATE to this African mentality of having MORE kids when they clearly can’t afford to care for them in the first place, let alone a water crisis.

                I would characterize myself in the Middle America/Middle Canada group with classical free/fair market Conservative thinking more in line with the Founding Fathers’ Constitution – a brilliant document at that.

                There are MANY blacks in Canada and the US who also think along these lines. I admit, we are not that vocal because a lot of them (not me!) spend countless hours in church being hypocrites when they should be out educating their own flock about the NWO bankster monstrosity that has done serious damage to AUTHENTIC black America (ie. conservative, educated, hard working, marries their own kind, assimilates well, etc.). That’s just my opinion though.

      7. ?
        If that’s him in the picture, I wouldn’t doubt his appearance played a small part in the cops subconscious. He is pretty raunchy looking. Could be the nicest guy in the world, but standing there with gun in hand; the cop jumped to the most obvious conclusion. Unfortunately, cops make mistakes just like the rest of us.

        If the guy shot by police was an African-American it would be a big deal. If the victim is a middle class or poor white male (or female) news people just bury the story. Local news might cover it, maybe.


        • He looks like a former Blockbuster Video worker. A little scary when you first see him, but he ends up knowing everything about the store, movies, and the movie business. Also has a lot of tattooed but gorgeous women stopping by “just to chat.”

        • I wondered if the hairy fella in the picture was the hero or the culprit. Like you said though, human nature is to be more suspicious of someone with an unruly appearance no matter what race plus our protectors get to shoot first and sort it out later. Glad the bad guy was stopped and the good guy lived to tell about it.

          • Maybe that was Jesus himself? Jesus comes to save you, and cops shoot him. Ha, classic.

            • I believe you just might be right about that CJ.

      8. guns guns guns. always guns on this website. GUN-mania! Yeah, I wish I went to a church with a crazy gunman and a student gunman to boot. Don’t mess with Texas, cause someone will shoot yer be-hind! LOL

        • Stormy, if you won’t a ‘gun free’ website, go to MSM, especially huffpost.com. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home there.

      9. sorry – but this one seems to have a whole lot more justification going for it than most of the recent ”cops shot the wrong guy” stories …

        don’t be standing with a gun – don’t be standing period – use the damn gunman as a shield if nothing else – let that a-hole get holed …

      10. not in regard to this specific shooting – just cop shootings recently in general …

        some of these guys must half believe they are still in the Middle East – arrive on scene and start putting down suppressing fire – God help anyone in the general area of the crime scene – not work being a spectator down the street and across when that “friendly fire” starts tearing up the neighborhood …

      11. Don’t have a gun in your hands when the cops show up. And don’t have a cell phone or anything that might be construed as a weapon. Especially if you’re in a vehicle during a traffic stop. Great way to get shot or searched.

      12. This war we are in has many fronts. It is a war against our faith, our family, our friends and especially our children. To turn them into sexual deviants and fill their heads with legal and illegal drugs just makes their targets softer. If you aren’t ready to fight in every aspect of this war prepare now!

      13. I noticed a common theme in
        the comments on this post.
        Perhaps it is because we
        are an independent bunch.
        Sgt Dale being the exception we
        don’t trust cops, nor should we.
        Cops used to “protect and serve”,
        now they “spray and pray” that
        they get home safe.
        It is not due to cops that
        America today is a far safer
        place than it was 50 years ago.
        It is safer because we have locked
        up so many Black culture practitioners,
        coupled with the fact people are
        segregating themselves from that

        • You mean Sgt. Don Quixote.

          • Curt, Sgt. Dale is NOT a Don Quixote so watch it.

        • I would disagree that the US is safer today than 50 years ago. Respectfully.

        • I would disagree that the US is safer today than 50 years ago. Respectfully.

          • Him,
            I suppose it depends on where you live,
            how well armed you are, and what you
            are willing to do.
            We used to have a Meth problem.
            We still have drugs, but the Meth people
            for the most part are gone.
            I guess you could call it community
            I know that is nearly impossible in a big city.
            With all due respect.

            • OFF TOPIC: I have several gas powered chainsaws but you know what is really handy? An electric chainsaw. I got a 14 inch bar homelite from home depot for 50 bux. My 14 inch gas saw won’t fookin start because I hardly ever use it. Electric saws are great for trimming branches, cutting lumber, any small job. With a gas saw I have to make at least 1 gallon of gas mix (and usually use 1 pint or less) the rest goes to waste. Besides the gumming up (I use stabilizer) and BS of trying to get a gas saw going I just plug this little guy in and go to work. For 50 bux it is a wunderbar tool to have!

              • And not to mention a lot quieter for when you need to chop up trespassers 😉

                • Genius, thanks for the tip. I need to get me a new chainsaw anyway.

                  • Genius, BTW, I’ve also had the same trouble with gas chainsaws. I just recently threw one in a dumpster that was just as useless as some of my co-workers, LOL.

                    • Brave, ya if you don’t use one on a regular basis is a lot better (and more economical) to use an electric saw. Co- workers? Ha ha ha I know what you mean! I’d like to throw some of them in the dumpster!

              • Genius,

                Use your gas powered chainsaw until the gas is almost gone. The run the small amount out. Pour the excess back into your gas container. No wasted gas.

            • ** We used to have a Meth problem.
              We still have drugs, but the Meth people for the most part are gone.
              I guess you could call it community “policing”. **

              Great idea, Relik! Meth pushers are lower than scum. It would be great if a majority of good sensible American black folk would wake the fcuk up & CLEAN up the sh!t of useless gang-bangin n!gger thugs in their own (ghetto) backyards. I mean REAL community vigilante policing that targets black society’s most ruthless elements who are directly contributing to these outrageous violent crime stats: Round ’em up AND eliminate ’em! No mercy!

              Let God sort ’em out because our Criminal Justice system is corrupt beyond repair. Is there an app for this?

        • Any there a many, many more that need to go away for a good, long spell…I do NOT think this damn country is safe at all in my personal opinion. If it is so safe why are so many armed to the teeth? Alarm systems? Dogs? And on and on and on. The U.S. is a very dangerous place.

        • relik, you date yourself. That was about the most ignorant comment I’ve read in quite a while.

      14. its a shame but its real good advice to avoid cops whenever possible.

      15. Something doesn’t add up here..Something doesn’t pass the BS test..How many people had their cellphone on them and could easily have alerted police dispatch of the situation before police entered the building and shot the hero? Unless everything happened within mere seconds,why didn’t someone walk outside after the culprit was subdued and alert police of the situation inside? Something isn’t right here..

      16. Holy shit.!!!! Has our country really gone to hell that you cant tell a good guy from bad? But yeah,the man should have put his weapon down when the cops came. The cops should have warned him to drop the weapon before dropping him. I’ll leave this up to Sgt. Dale if he wants to chime in

        • Southside, good points but I’ll add the guy would’ve been better off laying down the gun somewhere before the cops arrived. I’d also like to hear Sgt. Dale’s take on this.

      17. I don’t know who is training these monkeys but they are not doing a good job at all. When I was a kid, the cops were seen as good and you could trust and go to them for help, now look how things are. Seems cops will fuck you faster than some piece of trash on the damn street. And you definitely cannot truth any of their asses, thugs or piglets…they seem to be one in the same folks. We really need a “purge” or something to start over or were are Doomed.

      18. I was driving home from work years ago when I noticed police watching me. When I turned the corner they hit their lights and pulled me over. I noticed they had their hands on their guns. I turned my dome light on and then kept my hands in the open. They were looking for someone else. The dome light helped them realize their mistake and they went on their way. Help yourself stay alive. Dig around under your seat or jump out with your cell phone in your hand and get the wrong result. All the bad guys have guns now. I don’t like what’s going on but you have to be smart.

        • Many of the bad guys with guns also have badges.

          • Bad boys Bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
            Just imagine that scenario in reverse…. 🙂

      19. Why am I not amazed? In my hometown, a police officer decided he wanted to be a Sheriff’s deputy but couldn’t pass the psychological evaluation….no need to worry though, the town kept him on the payroll. Another “accident” waiting for a place to happen.

      20. Wouldn’t you much rather have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone or even worse, on the way. Remember your line when asked any question by them upon arrival; “I have nothing to say.”

        • Sum,
          I really like your Moniker.
          The only people that died in that crash were
          run over by Union Democrats in fire trucks.
          A B777 is one hell of a good aircraft,
          but I’m biased.

          To my point;
          First thing you say is;”Am I being detained?”
          Second; ” Am I free to go?”
          if you are still there,
          Third thing to say is ; “I want a lawyer”;

          Now obviously if you were driving you have to provide papers,
          but you don’t and should not say anything.

          Unless you are doing first aid on someone, don’t talk to cops.

          • Ever wonder what lawyers refer to as the BAR is? I’ll tell you.. “British acredidation registry) Allegience to a foriegn power. The first allegiance of a lawyer is the court. A court of commerce. Sorry for my shitty spelling lol. Ask any lawyer what BAR stands for lol, I have and none of them could answer me!

            • Gen,
              Interesting observation,
              I’m not so sure I agree, with the
              “British accreditation registry”.
              I generally hate lawyers.
              I have a second cousin
              that has a JD and is a JAG
              in the USN, he is a really good
              For grins I took a bar exam,
              Oral exam part I failed.
              Written parts I passed.
              I never spent a day in
              a law school.

              I have given up on it,
              but I wanted to have a law
              degree in addition to
              my science degree, so I could
              make environmentalists
              and Democrats miserable.

            • Genius:

              You think a lawyer doesn’t know?

              They know.


          • I stand corrected and thank you very much for your astute advice.

      21. Lucky for our hero and new owner of Amarillo, Tx.,
        The cops were not only stupid, but poor shots as well.

      22. If there is any question that your life is at risk, shoot to kill. Do all you can to avoid finding yourself in that situation. Security alarm systems in your home, secure doors and locks, taking care of trees and shrubs to remove hiding places. The sad truth is that even if you kill someone and are not harmed, you are not out of the woods legally.

        • That’s what shovels are for.

      23. Monasteries have always been in danger of being attacked. They were always assumed to be weak, by the faithless who only trusted in their own puny earthly might.

        The original orders of knighthood in medieval Europe were monks who had prior military experience. That’s why so many orders of knighthood are church orders.

        The code of chivalry also, therefore, embodies many Christian virtues of mercy, service, and honor, along with personal strength. Those are things very, very out of line with the modern Godless Liberal humanist Statist narrative.

      24. Seems like when folks aren’t bashing Jews on this site, they’re bashing cops.

        Some of you need to take a little time and learn what the police protocols are for active shooter situations before you shoot off your mouths about cops being “trigger happy”.

        • Tell that to the many victims of cop shootings.

          • The vast majority had it coming.

      25. To call the police served no survival need.

      26. Talking from experience, I personally know some really screwed up police. I also know some realy good police. They come from the same applicant pool that you and yours come from. They are human. They have the same short comings and good points as any other profession. Most of the bad police come from the politically connected applicants. Some of the bad come from the under qualified affirmative action folks. I have been through the training. There is a lot wrong with some of the training. I feel the training over emphasizes cop safety. Some police applicants have never seen any danger. They actually can get too much fear intilled into them in training. Then there are locations where the threat to police is very real every day. Just a little perspective for you. Not justifying bad deeds by bad cops.

      27. I would never call the cops if I come under attack. My experience when calling them, is that they keep treating me like I am a criminal when I call them for what ever reason. A lot of good cops are out there, and I know some of them and have one as a good friend, and damn trustworthy, but most cops according to him are trigger happy. I know cops who do not want to work with certain cops for certain reasons, and this is one of them. If I get attacked I will win the fight, witnesses will lie, and I will be killed on site, so its better for me to lay flat on my belly till the cops show up, after that fight, and hopefully I don’t get shot in the back. If might just be a knee, but I will post bail and I will sue the fuck out that cop and those involved, this is when the fun starts.


      28. I train for this once each week, 48 weeks a year. My colleagues run the course a little faster – I focus on never hitting a hostage. That requires the split second extra to determine who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. A bad guy with a handgun mostly will be a mediocre or bad shot, so that split second is unlikely to get you killed, IMO. If he is holding a hostage, he has become a circumstantially lousy shot and you can take a better aimed shot at him if you feel very sure you won;’t hit the hostage. What went “most” wrong, I believe, is that whomever called 911 did not describe the good guy. I would always yell for the caller to describe me. Ditto for the good side’s sentry who should be outside waiting for the arrival of the police – the group apparently didn’t have one. These things are not hard to train. What often is hard to master on the LE side is adrenaline management and “head on a swivel” – these require regular practice and I suspect there is far too little of that in many jurisdictions.

      29. I know this is off topic but I have to ask whether it is just me or is there an ominous lull in the activities of fascist, anti-American organizations like antifa, BLM and others? I think I’ll visit the range tomorrow to empty some brass.

        • Oh you’ll see them pipe back up as soon as Hillary is in the spotlight again. She always uses them as a distraction, but the school shooting gave her some relief.

      30. If I was the one shot I’d be finding out the very best lawyer for this type of lawsuit. I’d be looking at a lawsuit in the 8 or 9 figure area.
        They had to violate his civil rights by not requesting him to put the gun down, and surrender. The FBI should investigate this if they can drag themselves away from the phony Trump Russia collusion case.

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