Here’s What CNN Recommends You Do To Prepare For Collapse: “The Key is Getting a Good Investing Plan That Includes a Lot of Stocks, Some Bonds…”

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    In mid January of 2016, just as global equities got hit with the biggest New Year’s crash in history, CNN made it a point to assure investors everything was fine when they noted that America’s Economy Is Still In Good Shape.

    They’ve since changed their tune, but only slightly. The economy is apparently not doing so hot anymore, and with markets in turmoil and investors around the world panicked, CNN asks, is there anywhere left to hide?

    Here’s the better advice right now: take a breath and really, really really think hard before you sell stocks.

    It’s easy to worry about losses. The human brain is programmed for that. But smart investors don’t panic, they stay invested and look for opportunities in times of turmoil.

    It’s easy to worry about losses. The human brain is programmed for that. But smart investors don’t panic, they stay invested and look for opportunities in times of turmoil.

    Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty for investors right now. Brexit, China, what the Federal Reserve will do with interest rates, the 2016 U.S. presidential election, where oil prices are headed. And that’s to say nothing of terrorism or the overall belief that the market is overdue for a big pullback.

    For the rest of us, the key is getting a good investing plan that includes a lot of stocks, some bonds and maybe some commodities (like gold) or real estate. The goal isn’t to make money every day, it’s to make a lot money over time.

    “You need a more diversified portfolio, not less, in a world of uncertainty,” says Masters.

    In short, as mainstream financial pundits often recommend, buy more stocks. Lots of them. Because, with some of them trading at upwards of 300 times their price-earnings ratio, there’s no better time than right near the all-time highs. And to further “diversify” your porfolio, buy government bonds at near zero interest, and oh, don’t forget real estate, because that market, just as it was right before the sub-prime crash of 2008, is on fire.

    Stocks. Bonds. Real Estate. Maybe some gold.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Call us crazy, but when we look at the current environment of a dollar that’s being digitally printed to the tune of trillions of dollars, stocks overbought near all time highs, bonds with a flattening yield curve, and absolutely no legitimate solutions being presented to fix the fundamental economic problems facing pretty much the entire planet, we’ll consider a slightly more contrarian diversified portfolio.

    CNN did get one thing right. With gold prices at current levels, many have suggested a new bull market is upon us. That, coupled with the historical case that gold sky rockets during times of panic makes it a solid portfolio bet. It is, after all, real money that has been a godsend to those trapped in collapse situations like that of Zimbabwe, Greece Argentina and most recently in Venezuela. When it hits the fan, gold and silver are assets that can be used immediately for barter and trade.

    But outside of these traditional investments, if we are preparing for market turmoil and the possibility of a debt collapse that some have warned could lead to the deaths of millions of people worldwide when it pops, we need look only at the collapse of Greece and the hyperinflation of Venezuela to help us determine what assets will thrive when the whole system breaks down into anarchy.

    In Greece, people were literally fighting for food and life-saving medicines were impossible to acquire. Similar circumstances played out in the streets of Venezuela, where people stormed grocery stores and in some cases were literally killing animals in the streets so that they could feed their families.

    Thus, perhaps a truly diversified portfolio given the circumstances would include not just CNN’s recommended stocks and bonds, but physical assets that you can hold in your hand without counter party risk that could wipe out your investment if someone defaults down the line like, say, a major financial institution.

    CNN hinted at it, but we’re fairly certain that when they recommended investing in commodities they didn’t mean things like long-term food stores, toilet paper, guns, ammunition and other critical supplies that will be necessary for survival should the system as we know it crash. 

    So, while we agree with CNN that we need to run for the hills and hide, we may have a completely different idea of what that strategy may entail and why.

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      1. The sheeple cheer and obey. Poor dumb bastards.

        • Dont feel sorry for any of em

          • Nope. We’ve told them and they called us fools.

            • Bingo! “We’ve told them and they called us fools.”

              Frankly, with all the criminality from the top to the bottom, I’ll be glad to see it croak. At least the mid level minions will be screaming bloody murder as they’re thrown under the bus. That will be way better entertainment than watching either my chickens or movies.

              Few know what I have or where I’m from. I’ll simply go there and not leave. Anyone who breaches the perimeter better be waving a while flag and come forward alone.

              Lets hope it goes down slow. If its a fast collapse, blood will run in the streets. I don’t look forward to that. Of course, the nearest “street” is nearly a half of a mile away from where I will be, so maybe I’m just too “foolish” to care anymore.

              When the dust settles, I’ll be starting a new career.


        • Yea I don’t think I’ll be takin any financial advice from CNN. Next.

          • “Stocks and bonds”?

            I prefer stocks and barrels.

            • I have purchased stocks in Ruger, Winchester, Remington, Marlin, H&R, Ithica, Savage, etc.

              I’m weak on bonds, though. On most of my stock, the recoil pad is screwed on, not glued.

      2. If you don’t have it in your hand….you don’t really have it.!!!

      3. FWIW,

        The “smart money” in the late 1920’s got out of both stocks and real estate and went cash before the market crash. After the crash they bought back the surviving good stocks and real estate in larger quantities at reduced prices and fortunes were born from it.

        FWIW, cash at the time was gold, I’m not sure our fiat cash today would accomplish the same thing again.

      4. Stocks and bonds? Is anyone really stupid enough to belief that? I guess they want to dump their garbage. I read that the relief agencies say . The fastest way to put weight on a starving person. Is mixing flour powdered milk and clean water . They just spoon it up and gain weight fast.

        • LMAO! I’m all in!

      5. Don’t panic. good advice. The rest, no.

        If you can, plant your food. Build a wall around your property. Make it high and wide. Keep the animals out. Keep your livestock and family inside protected from those who would wish you harm.

        If you want wild game, set traps outside your wall.

        • Traps ??? Get those preps at Cal Ranch Stores. 🙂

          Solar oven, buy or make. Solar generator/inverter and panels. Hot plate, dutch oven, crock pot, and dehydrated food. Charger and rechargeable batteries.

          Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

      6. Oh no, not SNYDER again! [JUST KIDDING, MAC]

      7. Just kidding!

      8. Take a guess.

        • There goes that imposter again.

          • Why doesn’t Mac have the feature where once a screen name is taken it can’t be used by someone else?
            Is that really you Braveheart? 🙂

      9. Have to prepare months ahead of time. Not “On the day”

      10. NOPE!!!
        That’s my investments.

        Stupid sheople will believe this carp. Stocks and Bonds. NOT!!!!


        • Sarge, I’m also heavily invested in the same items and still stacking myself.

        • Sgt. Dale

          At this juncture in time it would behoove us all to get the simple over the counter drugs and bandages. Asprin, Hydrogen peroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Muscle pain relief creams and antacids to name a few. They are now cheap and plentiful.

          Some is better than none. Then “Know” how long your meds last after the expiration date as to their effectiveness and their toxicity. Some meds have dual purposes.

          If you read the dates you will find that the expirations are as far out as two years.

          Do you believe that something is going to happen within two years? Is that a Good Bet? I think so.

          Bet you Benedryle won’t last on the shelves.

          • Anon
            Very good advice. I have some but, you are right I should have more.
            Again Thanks…


            • Repeat, a doctor told me once that aspirin is stabilized and will last many years.
              Willow bark, etc.? how do you know the dosage? I’ll stay with aspirin, thank you.
              And remember the No Doz (or Stay Awake generic) caffeine tablets for the times you need to stay awake and alert. Plant based caffeine alternatives?
              Again, unless you’re an herbalist, how do you know the dosages? Sometimes a half a caffeine tablet is enough for me for several hours.
              Your mileage may vary but these items are cheap now and may not be available someday soon.

        • I am all for stocks and bonds, silk stockings and bonded whiskey!!

      11. People taught I was talking crap about the future… we are in for one hell of a ride..


        • HCKS

          Why am I in this basket and where are we going? ;0)

      12. I have lots of stocks, locks, and barrels.
        does that count?

      13. Sorry Rellik,but no.It only counts as lock/stock/and barrel!

        Someone said they saw rise in ammo prices,well,so far have not been to stores but plenty on the net,same prices at moment as always.I do not believe at moment will see a huge rush as folks for most part stocked up,a few more boxes while leaving some for others will never hurt though.

        • Warchild I must admitt, I was the one that made that comment. SGAmmo had 1200rds. of IMI 62gr green tip at two different prices, why I don’t know. But there sight shows longer shipping delay due to heavy demand. Trekker Out.

      14. Sure put your $ in the Ponzi scheme they rigged in their favor. Nope and I’m not spending any of my$ in the economy. Gonna live like a freegan sew the holes in my clothes. Not spending a fucking dime. Fuck corporations. Gonna invest in some barb wire sand bags and a pile of sand instead. they know the floor is about to fall out of the market and are looking for suckers to put up capital to help bail it out.

      15. Tell everyone the market is fine to get them to invest or tell them it’s fucked and have everyone cash out and the market implodes. What do you think they are gonna say. Jump ship now folks.

      16. Like in Venezuela, as in America, the poor will suffer the most. In this day and political climate those are the majority.

      17. Puerto Rico failed in their attempt to restructure their debt. Puerto Rico is bankrupt. It’s going the way of Venezuela, people there are having services cut off and food is getting scarce.

        Anyone with the cash to pay the fare is bugging out.

        • I’m not bailing completely out of the equities mkt. How about you Mac? I would appreciate your input. Thank You.

        • Plan, food is not getting scarce. We know of no one getting services cut off; maybe for non payment.
          Life is very much normal as usual, the government ineffectiveness and corruption is unchanged!

          Power out yesterday 24 hours due to fallen tree on lines. Good practice for the real thing.
          We see small and medium sized businesses closing but that is not new; has been ongoing for 10 years. New ones are opening but a lot of business is seasonal.
          The # of tourists from eastern US grows every year and they spend a lot of money.
          All things considered I am glad to be where we are. In shtf it’s possible to thrive here. Food grows everywhere and there is no winter.
          Very few middle easterners here if you get the drift. No Mexicans or Salvadorans, etc. A few illegal Dominicans but they’re off to Fla. asap.

      18. I’m not bailing completely out of the equities mkt. How about you Mac? I would appreciate your input. Thank You.

      19. Ketchup On Demand;
        What do you have to report on Puerto Rico situation? Sorry about my double post earlier.

        • skeptic ^^
          will update after the next payment default or local shtf!

      20. My 70 years alive on this earth, it has been pure hell the last few years,,,, been prepping for years, at least 2yrs for my dog and i, lots of bullets ect,,, come and get it!
        SGT USMC 1966-72

      21. Sure, everybody buy stocks and bonds, drive up the prices, so the elites can SELL theirs, crash the market, and buy all that the panickers have sold for pennies, and they’re richer while you’re so poor that you will HAVE TO BEG for the government to save you in the fascist New World Order.

      22. In other words, please keep buying stock because the fed is going to have to cash out all it stock, and when it does all the false growth will be shown and if you all sell your stock it will drop to 1923 levels. Then the Chinese will lap it up with all the reserves they have amassed and own everything.
        Cause we f.ed up big time!

      23. I agree stocks of bullets ,guns ,food, other useful items in your home.

      24. Sounds like a good plan for them, for me, not so much. I think I will try something a little different.

      25. CNN is a joke but i hope all the fools that listen to this state propaganda station takes the advice and stacks up on bit of paper that will become worthless.

        After they have taken your money and pensions then they will come for your property that sits on rented land that is owned by the state and they are contrlled by the bankers.

        A can of gas and a lighter might be a good investment in such cases and the price of seeing there faces as you hand the keys back in to a house that has turned to charcoal would be priceless to say the least.

      26. Invest like it’s 1981, plus get guns, gardens, and goats ready. This place ed no looky to goot.

      27. By all means, listen closely to Jim Cramer.


      28. Doesn’t CNN stand for Comedic News by (leftist) Nutcases now?

        Just asking

      29. Please stop using the term ‘anarchy’ when you mean chaos. Anarchy has nothing to do with chaos or turmoil, merely the absence of a ruling class.

        • That is what communism is supposed to mean too. Just like a theoretical pure state of anarchy, a pure state of communism has never existed on Earth either. Neither is truly achievable though, as it is not the nature of man to be content with what he has and not strive for power over others. Thus, these utopian ideals that so many naive individuals want to think are possible simply aren’t and so we are left with trying to put checks and balances of the great evil that is the nature of man. Thus, there will always be a need for government of some sort, the only debate is what kind and how much power it should have.

          • The only utopian thought here is that government can limited. Any system that requires the “right” people to be in power is doomed for failure. And you are absolutely wrong in that anarchism (real anarchism, not that anti-capitalist shit that many “anarchists” advocate) is not possible. Ultimately, government is a provider of services and it is absolutely possible that private industry can provide those services in a voluntary manner. And with the introduction of decentralized and encrypted technologies, it’s not only getting easier, but it’s actually inevitable.

        • SOSC

          Yes, Embrace the Chaos.

      30. With the exception of Ron Paul, I can not think of one person wearing a suit whom I trust. Sad but true.

      31. Years ago we embarked on the trail to obtain the 4 G’s as well as other necessary items for what is coming. Anyone foolish enough to listen to the blathering from the communist news network an follows their suggestions at least you are getting in a supply of TP as you will need it when you find that it is worthless and you have nothing to eat or defend yourselves with. Oh and don’t come knocking on my door you won’t like what you get.

      32. My broker is ** ****** and he says to invest in lead and canned goods.

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