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CNN Reassures Investors: “Don’t Panic… America’s Economy Is Still In Good Shape”

Mac Slavo
January 16th, 2016
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Forget for a moment that U.S. stock markets have seen their worst start to a new year since the Great Depression or that some $2.5 trillion in wealth has been evaporated in less than two weeks.

CNN says it’s hardly the time to panic:

Time to panic? Hardly.

There are plenty of reasons to relax, especially if you are a U.S investor. Here are the top two:

1. America’s economy is still in good shape.

2. Staying in stocks pays off. Since World War II, investors who remained in stocks for at least 15 years made money

Right now, the U.S. economy is growing. It’s not rock star growth, but 2% to 2.5% a year is good, and the Fed is being very cautious.

More importantly, businesses are still hiring. Over 2.3 million jobs were added last year (the latest data on hiring comes out Friday and it’s widely expected to show more jobs added).

Pay no attention to the fact that last week not a single cargo ship was transporting raw materials in the South China Sea, the first time in history that it has happened. The economy is is great shape and this is not proof that global commerce has literally stopped.

Worry not that Walmart, Macy’s and scores of other retailers had an abysmal holiday season and are now set to lay off tens of thousands of workers. Unemployment, when calculated using models that were used during the Great Depression and that were defined out of existence by the government in 1994 show that some 23% of Americans are out of work. But we don’t calculate like that anymore, so we actually have an employment rate of about 95% in America right now.

And though the economy is officially growing at 2.5% per year based on the government’s trustworthy data, we should absolutely not look at the inflation numbers, which according to Shadow Stats are running about 4% per year. If we did, however, go totally fringe and consider inflation within the context of the economy we might notice that this purported growth is actually negative 2% if not worse.

In fact, we’re doing so well that just 45 million of America’s population of 320 million people are on food stamps right now. By all accounts, a really good sign of not just economic growth, but more jobs and an increase in personal incomes.

And with oil trading at under $30 per barrel, we can see nothing but blue skies going forward because, hey, we’re all paying a dollar less for gas now. We’re sure this will have no effect on the domestic real estate market in places like Texas and North Dakota. Nor will this collapse in oil prices cause debt burdened domestic oil companies to close up shop, potentially leading to a domino affect across the entirety of the U.S. economy. Nor will it have any impact on periphery businesses that service those companies, including all of those restaurants that saw below-minimum wage job growth explode last year.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about. The notion that an economic and financial catastrophe of historic proportions is playing out right before our eyes is the fantasy of internet conspiracy fanatics.

At this point, we encourage our readers to take no action to prepare for the coming calamity, because there is no coming calamity.

Carry on. Everything is awesome. It really is different this time.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 16th, 2016
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Mountain Trekker says:

    Boy this is great to hear. First thing Tuesday Morning I’m investing everything in the Stock Market. Right after I celebrate Martins Birthday! Trekker Out.

    • I know, right?

      Folks on this site, including me, are often vilified for posting negative information and being “doomers”.

      I thought I would go with the positive for a change.

      All is well folks. All is well.

    • Acid Etch says:


      “In the 1960s, so-called apartheid South Africa was still considered such a desirable place to live that 500,000 Britons emigrated there, fleeing socialist Britain.”

    • Cellar Spider says:

      The economy collapsed in the fall of 2012…when the fed admitted total loss of control by implementing QE3.

      The collapse is logarithmic in nature. At first it wasn’t felt but now, more and more will be feeling it.

      The 2nd indicator of the collapse was the inclusion of the Yuan, a communist currency in the special drawing right…the weapon of Western capitalism this last august. How bad must it be to be forced to allow a communist, government controlled currency.

      The “good / manipulation” recently witnessed in the markets was the last ghasp extraction of wealth from the U.S. economy. It was last call. Closing time.

      The good thing is that now what one is going to get is real commerce. It isn’t that great cause no one has any money. And of course, eventually, the current “money” will loseit’s value and a new form of barter/currency will result. It’s just the way things go.

      • Anonymous says:

        The war for our freedom can not be won by fighting issues. There are way too many issues and when you win an issue many more pop up to replace it. To become free and stay free we must fight this war at its roots. We must be aware at a depth not just the surface. When you only look at the surface of things you will only see what is presented to you.
        The one thing necessary for the enslavement of a people is a society of organization minded people. And those minded people will always organize until totally enslaved and even extinct.
        Every organization no matter how benign at the start, will, if given time exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization.
        Sovereign individuals and organization are mutually exclusive. The Valorian Society explains all this.
        To see how organization progresses to loss of freedom just look at the USA from beginning to now.
        Any society that accepts government or religion will soon be a mind controlled enslaved nation of fools who think they are free. And it only gets worse.

      • durangokidd says:

        “The 2nd indicator of the collapse was the inclusion of the Yuan, a communist currency in the special drawing right…”

        Not true. No relationship whatsoever.

        Inclusion of the yuan and the integration of the Chinese economy in to the world economy has been the GOAL of the NWO since GHW Bush sent the first defense factories to special economic zones in Shanghai. It was not “forced” upon the USA.

        The yuan is weighted at only 10% in the SDR basket which is still controlled by the voting rights of the US, while its economy is No 2; and such inclusion is CONDITIONED upon China making the yuan fully functional: no capital controls, float to FX market value; and fully convertible.

        If China fails to do these things by July, the probationary period will likely be extended another six months. The financial crisis in China now, fueled by too much debt and FUNDAMENTAL systemic weaknesses makes it all that more difficult; evidenced by their disappearing FX reserves, totaling almost a trillion USD dollars this year.

        Where are all of those financial geniuses who said the dollar would collapse overnight after China liquidated its dollar holdings ???? LMFAO !!! You know who you are !!!

        China’s alignment with the WEST is essential to One World Corporate Government, and since the CCP owns the largest corporations in China, they will benefit from that global governance.

        But it will be difficult to challenge the USA with a yuan that will look more like the Russian Ruble than the Euro before the smoke clears. 🙂

    • Acid Etch says:


      Being a white farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous profession in the world.

      The black communist government has made it almost impossible to get guns.

      They banned citizens from organizing independent security patrols.

      Then they murdered the whites by the tens of thousands.


    • Jacknife says:

      One of my closest friends went dark a few nights ago. This guy knew more than anyone I’ve ever known. He has family members connected to alphabet types and confidential, classified top secret stuff. He doesn’t tell me anything and only speaks in generalities, but he’s been antsy for about a year or so. I know he’s ok cause I know he is but it leads me to believe that this is really the point where the train is at terminal velocity and the brakes are out. It’s gonna get really nasty folks, probably worse than any of us even think. I know my friend can handle ugly stuff, I guess I just hope I get to talk to him again. I have been lurking on this site for a couple years and only commented just recently but I think I’m gonna get quiet now. I’ll still read but won’t be sayin anything. I wish the best for you all and please take care of yourselves and families. Out.

  2. Jim in Va. says:

    Our military is number 1,plenty of jobs,cheap healthcare,no inflation,borders secure,crime down,no debt and everything is skittles and unicorns……….not! Ready up gag,can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming!

    • Jim in Va. says:

      Ready up gang….sorry bout the spelling

    • Kevin2 says:

      Jim in Va

      Actually some of that is true. The US Military is the baddest SOB on the planet. Its the only power with truly effective global conventional reach having 12 nuclear fleet aircraft carriers while the nearest rival is France with one. This comes at a very high cost to buy the best equipment, the words best armor, the words best aircraft. The US spends roughly 10x of Russia. It spends as much as the next 10 nations combined friend and potential foe. Crime? murder is roughly 1/2 of what it was in 1994.

      • The aircraft carriers wont last long in a real conflict with a real enemy. Someone who can fight back I mean.
        They will be trillion dollar reefs in no time.

        • Kevin2 says:

          “The aircraft carriers wont last long in a real conflict with a real enemy. Someone who can fight back I mean.”

          Quite debatable, but regardless I wouldn’t want to be the nation that did it as the response would be ugly. Name me another country that can put effective conventional air power anywhere in the world virtually immediately. No other nation has that reach.

          I’m not “Rah, Rah” USA use of the Military but just pointing out that any thought that the US is ‘weak” is laughable as it has more, and better woop ass at its disposal than any other nation. This being said China owns the area it can walk its Army to and pretty much likewise with Russia.

          • I got to see a CLUB K Anti ship system in operation for the Indian Navy. The thing is mounted in a shipping container on a little boat. They attacked a Big Russian ship of some sort that had antimissile Gatling guns. All 4 missiles hit the ship and sank it in just a few minutes. You could hear the Gatling guns run for about 2 seconds. That was all the time they had for a missile coming in at 2000 ft /second Russia has sold 10’s of thousands of these to everyone and China makes their own with a much more powerful warhead.

            About the air power. We have the same problem there. Lots of antiaircraft systems are available with the big boys. Our aircraft cost too much and take too long to make. We will run out of them quite quickly in any general war.

            • Kevin2 says:

              The aircraft carrier won’t allow a hostile ship anywhere close to it. They move in a battle group. That in time of war (a sucker punch is always possible) is not an easy space to violate.

              Regarding aircraft the US has the undisputed best. The track record is stellar. An F-15 (now obsolete) has never been lost in air combat by any nation flying them.

              ” Lots of antiaircraft systems are available with the big boys”

              Where can these “Big Boy” aircraft be deployed? Where are their bases? The US has 360 degree around the world coverage.

              Once again. China & Russia owns the area it can walk to. That is as far as it can reach, provide air cover and supply.

              • Havent lost an F-16 but we haven’t fought anyone who can fight back in a long, long time.
                My point is missile technology of all types is much better than you can imagine and has range that far exceeds the treaty limit of 185 miles.
                We as in the US are way behind in this respect because the small tech firms are generally excluded from the engineering and bidding processes these days but Both Russia and China Encourage it.
                Both Russia and china are ready for a fight. It wont be a fight for victory it will just be to bloody our nose and make us look weak. Then politics and economics will take its toll
                By the way. A carrier air group has a effective combat range of 1600 kilometers. Many anti ship missiles have ranges that exceed 2000 kilometers. Then of course there are the subs.

                • Kevin2 says:

                  As I have read both Russia & China have copied US designs like the Sidewinder Missile. From laser guided smart bombs of late Vietnam through GPS the US has been ahead of the curve. They should be as they damn sure spend enough. I don’t understand the significance of small tech firms being inherently superior to General Dynamics, Raytheon and the like. Aircraft Carriers facilitate global reach that is unavailable to either China or Russia at present.

                  I sincerely hope all of the major powers fear each other to the point of inaction because the probability of it going nuclear is very high if they directly confront each other militarily. If a US carrier ever went down duck and cover because, as Warren Zevon said in the song, “The shit has hit the fan”.

                  MIC hypes the threats and the US taxpayer signs the checks.

                • Braveheart1776 says:

                  Ed, uh, don’t know where you’ve been, but the muzzies in Iraq and Afghanistan have already proven they can fight back. The Soviets occupied Afghanistan for 10 years and lost 15,000 men trying to keep it. Even during their withdrawal there were a few convoys that didn’t make it out of there. Bush Jr. and his psychopathic neocons just couldn’t get it through their thick skulls that it was a MOTHER of all mistakes to go and challenge the muzzies on their own turf. All of those lives lost and the ones who were maimed for life for such a useless cause.

                • Kevin2 says:


                  I think TPTB desire two things. One, fragment, essentially destroy governments with oil resources by whatever means to ensure that their is no true cohesive government to effectively dictate financial terms. Second, in nations that have pipeline distribution potential control those governments and have them do the bidding of TPTB. Part one has been accomplished in Iraq and Libya and is currently being prosecuted in Syria but Russia has thrown some sand into those gears. Afghanistan was invaded by the USSR to secure an oil pipeline to warm water ports bypassing Turkey. The US is there for the same reason to bypass Georgia. Its secondary purpose is to establish a skirmish line between China and the oil fields by having bases and a military footprint.

                  The US is really set up to fight conventional major powers. The low intensity warfare is difficult.

                • rednek101 says:

                  Missiles are yesterdays weapons. Still effective…unless you have LAWS. To think public knowledge of weapons is 10 years behind what we actually have….wow.

                  Good stuff starts at 12:00

              • TEST says:

                Kevin, anti-aircraft. As in S400 and 500. Those ain’t popguns. And the point is, thanks to Clinton selling our technology to the Chinese for money, if those anti-ship missiles have a 2k mile range, that’s not good. But, the other side is that most of the AC groups are most important for posturing

                • Kevin2 says:

                  The missiles have to fly their way through one hell of a defensive arena. In a sucker punch it could work as a carrie transverses some bottleneck like the Straights Of Hormuz (spelling?). After that the screen would tighten on a war footing. Those Navy assets can enforce a blockade too anywhere in the world and under those condition it would.

                  When it gets to this level of hostilities one false move, one accident, one misjudgment and its WWIII.

                • Frank Thoughts says:

                  The problem with this technology is easy to decipher. If WWIII is like a child’s video game, then this technology could be effective, but WWIII tactics (as devised by Russia) are not framed around making the use of lasers easy.

                  What does the laser system need? In short, energy, lots and lots of energy. With one or two hostile targets, then enough energy can be marshaled to bring down the missile. But, if a warship is facing a barrage of missiles coming from 360 degrees and in the hundreds or even thousands, then the laser system would hit tilt and be overwhelmed. Throw in an EMP prepatory strike to bring down ship-board systems, and the warship would be blind and struggling to muster the energy to laser strike all the targets. Another rather simple way to mess with lasers is to envelop a warship in a ‘smoke’ cloud containing nano particles of aluminum. This creates a shredder that nullifies the laser.

                  So, imagine an attack by Russia on an aircraft carrier equipped with laser defenses. First, an EMP flypast shuts down the shipboard radar systems. Another flypast explodes a diffusion cloud over the ship. Seconds later a 360 degree missile assault is on its way: inexpensive missiles in the thousands are coming at the carrier. The laser defense system tries to lock on targets but it is all too little too late.

                  Out of the thousand missiles, 100 are destroyed by shipboard gattlings, 5 are hit by the lasers and the rest get through. Each missile has a light charge but the kinetic impact of so much high explosives and fuel-air explosives hitting the ship from all sides, rips apart the landing deck, the con tower, and renders the carrier out-of-action. Psychologically, word gets around the US fleet that they are all vulnerable and sitting ducks. Morale is damaged and the fighting effectiveness reduced: the Admiral goes into risk avoidance mode and pulls back from the theater.

                • Cinderella says:

                  Thats what I was going to say. Maybe china shared what ole Bill shared.

                  And @Braveheart1776
                  Bush didn’t make a mistake sending usa to muzzie turf. That was planned. Send them l over, get them killed, send more. Get others to get patriotic, send them, they die.
                  See a pattern here? Elimination process. So, when they are needed in our own backyard, guess what? A lot of them dead already. They were sent to die. And if that didn’t get then tour after tours after tours got them. Then back home, va system gives them hell and keeps track.
                  This war will come to our backyard. And, around the whole world. They think they are almost at checkmate. Not quite.The world does have one ace up their sleeve. ( yeah I know. I switched games. 😉
                  I don’t know why I bother telling things to people. They never listen anyways. And i’m pretty much ignored here anyways. IDC.
                  It is what it is.

            • rellik says:

              Agreed the Aircraft carriers are limited. But if you unleash our submarines, the guys and the society that order that carrier killer launch will cease to exist in a matter of minutes. I’m prepped for a nuclear winter. I really don’t give a damn about Chinese, Russian, Moslem, or Democrat lives. A country boy will survive, especially when you live in an area where all that fall out will never hit you.

              • Kevin2 says:

                In the end, if that occurs we’re going back to the damn stone age. It would take decades upon decades to come back to where the world started from prior to that madness. If one thinks that a single Trident Boomer can drop a 120KT warhead on 196 independent targets and destroy all that had been accomplished in science, medicine and engineering it would make a sane person cry.

                Multiply the above about 100 times over and madness doesn’t even describe it. There would be no winners and few survivors.

                • That thinking is why there WILL be a conflict. Not a big conflict but a conflict all the same and we will lose high value targets such as aircraft carriers and wont do a thing about it. We wont use our nukes and they wont use theirs. Because if it happens, that is that for all involved.

                • Kevin2 says:


                  The world came within one vote out of three necessary on a Soviet Submarine of them firing a torpedo with a nuclear warhead against US ships in October 1962. We were all one vote shy, on a communist ship, from people that aren’t well known for voting, from WWIII. Thats how close we came.

                  Your view of a conventional military exchange remaining as such between rival nuclear powers was shared by General Curtis LeMay when he advised President Kennedy to bomb and invade Cuba. Kennedy replied quite rightly, “If your wrong there will be no one left alive to tell you so”.

                • Anonymous says:

                  “Canticle for Leibowitz”.
                  I really liked the book.
                  It may be in my personal
                  Country boy and church will

              • Kulafarmer says:

                Yea, no fallout, but you live in an area that has more people on public assistance per capita than anywhere else in the country, think tey wont be a problem?

              • slingshot says:


                No fallout for you? Guess again.

                If there is a large enough of a nuclear exchange due to the earth’s rotation, fallout can accumulate between 30 degree’s N latitude and 30 degree’s south latitude. Like volcano ash only deadly. It will take time but eventually get there.

            • Proud Islamaphobe says:

              At $1B/copy, how many B2s can we afford to lose? F35s, carriers, the list goes on. Even during the USSR days, the Soviets knew they could take out a carrier by swamping it with missles.

          • Kulafarmer says:

            O in his speech said the US spends more on its military than the next 8 countries in line combined, thats a lotta corn

            • If you go back 80 years all the same can be said about both Japan and Germany. It was all about high tech, the Militarily industrial complex and greed. We all know what happened to them. Our policy was make as much as we can as cheap as we can. That is what won us WW2. Not the uber expensive flag ships that we have today.

          • I am not calling the US military weak. People who do not want them cannot be dominated. It is why terrorism is effective… we used it during the revolutionary war against the superpower of its time, great Britain. It is used against us now.

            • Kevin2 says:

              Guerrillas never “win”. They make an area ungovernable like misquotes on an elephant. General Giap said, “I will loose 10 of my people for every one of yours but you will get fatigued and eventually leave”. “I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”.

              “It is used against us now.”

              And the CIA / MI5 have been backing terrorists as proxy forces to overthrow nations. Splinter groups of them ISIS is going after us too. Its acceptable collateral damage for TPTB. Zero Hedge had a very enlightening article about it.

          • Hilldweller says:


            Yeah, but if you have a comrade in chief that is too pussy to us it, it is all scrap iron… Need I mention Bhenghazi?


            • Kevin2 says:


              What makes you think that wasn’t the goal? Think they care about the Ambassador that knew too much?

              They are playing global chess and everyone on the board is a pawn. Look at the end result and you will find that it 100% of the time serves the banksters. What appears as a loss is actually their victory.

          • Woogie says:

            Our Strength and Fight has to do with the presidents’ policies, and there’s no fight when they tell the enemy to evacuate a building before it is bombed.

      • The Spartan says:

        And we still can’t win, we are too busy dropping to our knees on the decks of our ships. Sincerely, I want my money back.

      • Proud Islamaphobe says:

        Bullshit. You’re kidding, right? Buying rediculsly priced trash like the F35? The other nations of the world get much more bang for their buck.

        • Kevin2 says:

          All aircraft have bugs initially. In the end the hardware they have is the best.

          I’m just not a fan of where and why its used.

          • One reason other countries get more bang for their buck is they are not innovators. Reaser check and development is pricey, and has to factor in failure as well. I do not like how we use our military as backup for corporate expansion and outsourcing. Every military aggression floods the US with the latest invafers. Muslims have been invading the US since Kuwait. We bomb, they immigrate/invade.

    • CuzzinJim says:

      Hope your in the mountains of Virginia! And of course CNN always tells us the absolute truth. (cough/gag) And yes CuzzinJim here is a native Hillbilly from the mountains of VA. Don’t live there now, but still own land there.

  3. JustMe says:

    The numbers just don’t seem to add up…


  4. Infidel-2 says:

    All I need is look at the source CNN (MSM), enough said.

    We The Few!!

  5. TEST says:

    Haha… great news from CNN…communist news network.

    What they didn’t tell you is that 95% of the new economic activity is all built around Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama’s uber luxe vacations. I hear she is renting out the whole country of Liechtenstein next month for just her and 800 of her Chicago socialist thugocrats

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Walmart has just announced it will close 269 stores worldwide. Yup, the economy sure is booming!

  7. Desertrat says:

    There are freighters at sea. They lack the locator beacons of the ships shown in ports. The map of ships in harbor is only correct for ships with the beacons.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I’m sure there are. It can’t be denied. However with China’s slowdown there has been substantial decline in shipping. This had been going on way before the market’s slide. Everybody is paring down inventory. Inventory gluttony is a business killer.

    • still playing in the mud says:

      Most of the ships are tied up with crude oil, no where to unload.

  8. TnAndy says:

    CNN has turned into the comedy channel.

  9. When I was a kid in the 1980’s there were about 3 major things happening at the same time that could bring it all down. I am now 51 and I can honestly say that there are now at least 20 things happening that could easily bring it all down. It used to be that I would have to pick up the paper or turn on the tube to see them, but now all I have to do is look out my window. I have come
    to the conclusion that that the only thing holding it together is ignorance of what is actually happening. Maybe I will start listening to Lawrence Welk music like everyone else. Thanks, God Bless.

    • slingshot says:


      I remember Lawrence Welk. How about Mitch Miller.

    • Kevin2 says:


      If someone went into a coma in 1960 and woke up today, excluding all the technological advancements the social / political changes would be beyond shocking.

      Your post is extremely insightful.


      • passinwiththewind says:

        Shocking is right. Here is a tidbit of info that i find shocking.

        Saudi Arabia was allowed to buy about 11,800 acres of land in California and Arizona, near the Colorado River….to grow Alfalfa hay on.

        It is grown by waters pumped out of the river, and then shipped back to Arabia for their Dairy cattle. The Saudis admittedly said the purchase and production in the US was in order to keep from depleting their own fresh water reserves.

        When the taps go dry on So. Cali. residents, they should take a hard look at how much is going overseas, via their Alfalfa production.

        So much for American resources and protections of such. They have sold us out. “We” the people have allowed it, and “We” the people will pay a heavy price for it.

        Not doom and gloom, just a taste of more reality.

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Hey pal, can you spare a spoonful of Geritol?

    • rellik says:

      Sundays at Grandma’s,
      Lawrence Welk was after dinner
      Now wonder I’m 60 and still love
      Linkin Park.

    • Frank Thoughts says:

      Agree: you only have to look at the population today. We have legions of people who are on government benefits and without skills or work ethic or morals. Then we have scumbags: just pure trash who wander around all day doing drugs, trying to rape, enmeshed in gang culture or the underground economy of illegal migrants. Then we have millions of fifth columnists: radical Muslims and others who would bring down the country if given half a chance. None of these people are of any use even in minor social or economic breakdowns. Imagine if something very serious actually happened?

      The former mayor of London admitted he was told in such a situation the only thing that can be done is to gun people down at the exit points from the city. The countryside just would not be able to support such a population for food/water etc.

  10. Kevin2 says:

    Its interesting to see what the tax brackets were in the, “Good Old Days”.

    h ttp://web.stanford.edu/class/polisci120a/immigration/Federal%20Tax%20Brackets.pdf

  11. Mac from T.O. says:

    All day CNN yaps about the release of Americans from Iran. It is past the point of being called “breaking news” as their station has saturated the airwaves all day. Where was the coverage of their detention prior to their release? Smoke and mirrors folks. You focus on the “breaking news” and never question the CNN so called “experts” when they say all is fine.
    It makes me want to puke. There really should be a big push to publicly call out and berate the “talking head” so called journalists
    They are a MAJOR part of the problem we face as a society. Their misinformation is treasonous.

  12. Justonemore says:

    I guess I am one of those Internet conspiracy fanatics because when I get done cleaning these squirrels I will be ordering more preps with my year end bonus.

    Besides when someone is known to be untruthful you can generally take the opposite of what they say to be the truth right?

  13. 1vet says:

    I spent the morning watching Dennis Leary you tube videos…

    Better to laugh than look the world with no filters…

    We are up the creek and there ain’t no paddles…

    Maybe the demorats will draft biden and I can just keep laughing???

  14. Stolz Vorfahren says:

    CNN Also Reassures that Anderson Cooper is only gay 50%.




  16. Seminole Wind says:

    Jesus loves me this I know, because The Bible tells me so, all the rest is fuel for the fire.

  17. Stars & Bars says:

    Hey, come on, Forrest Trump says that he is going to “Make America Great Again” and we all know that people with “New York Values” never-never-ever lie!

    Mrs. Clinton told the whole truth on Benghazi, didn’t she?

    The NY Times is a beacon of Truth, isn’t it?

    Wall Street/ Big Banks?

    So I think we can trust all of our fellow Patriots at CNN….not!

  18. aljamo says:

    Kevin2… so you are saying the US controls the world militarily. The reports that Russia has superior technology are wrong? I’m referring to the USS Donald Cook incident where reportedly this ship lost all control of all systems as a Russian jet made multiple passes over it. The reports were that many service members on the ship quit after the incident. Does America have unbeatable might or is that just a lie?

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I don’t think that a service member could just quit without severe consequences.

    • Kevin2 says:

      ” The reports that Russia has superior technology are wrong?”

      The CIA reported for decades that the USSR outnumbered, outclassed and was just plain better than the USA in every category. In the end it did little more but fuel excess “Defense” spending and profits for MIC. It was all nonsense.

      I assume that they are getting some very high quality weapons being so much is being spent. The F-15 & M1A1 tanks set the world standard.

      • Proud Islamaphobe says:

        I’ve heard pictures of badly damaged M1A1 tanks in Iraq were tightly controlled. The U.S. navy hasn’t come under serious fire in over 70 years. In the next major conventional conflict, aircraft carriers will go the same way as battleships in WWII; formidable weapons, but overly expensive and no longer dominant.

        • Kevin2 says:

          Aircraft Carriers allow a nation to project power as its impossible to dominate ground without controlling the sky. No carrier, no ground forces of substance. In 99% of Military operations carriers are untouchable. When going up against a varsity team like Russia or China its probability of going nuclear on the lass of a carrier is high, so high that it tends to deter such an action.

          Regarding the M1A1 Tanks. They engaged at longer ranges and even if the real stats were “massaged” it is without question the best tank across the board in the world. US aircraft are the same. Hell they spend 10X, you do even with our screwed up system get some unbelievable weapons for that money.

  19. 2isone says:

    They will pretend evrything is rosy, until… they… can’t.

    They remind me of that guy on TV in Baghdad, swearing that US troops were not in the city during the invasion.

  20. Translation: “We still want to unload this worthless crap onto anyone stupid enough to buy it – so, please hold onto your stocks while we sell everything.”

  21. Captain Crunch says:

    It happens TUESDAY. ebt cards go down late in the afternoon , panic sets in , shelves are bare within 24 hrs , banks do not open Wednesday morning due to runs and it all falls apart.

    This could be the 72 hour window for go time

  22. We have been in serious decline these O,BS years. Everything will start to escalate now. I am not looking forward to having to try to live through this shit storm. A lot of good people are going to lose everything and many more will lose their lives. The darkness is coming over the U.S. now. Sorry for being such a downer, but here we are. SGT. Dale says aim small, miss small. This is the reality of what is coming. Take care everyone. Believe it or not, but God is in control. This is Satan’s hissy fit against God and his people as it says in the Bible. Pursuing God with all your heart will matter the most to us all.

  23. Captain Crunch says:

    15 days without food and people resort to cannabalism.




    • durangokidd says:

      CC: Do you have the link to the video, or can I find it on “Before Its news” ??? 🙂

      • Captain Crunch says:

        Hahaha those people bat shit loco man

        For real though the army did a study on it back in the day and it was something crazy like 95% resort to cannabalism after 15 days with no food.

        In North Korea baby meat is sold at the markets.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          and that should make us think…all those preps we got and we THINK we are going to “barter”, or “sell” stuff to people that aren’t prepared….i got to ask the question “what the HELL are those people going to HAVE that we might WANT to trade for?”

  24. Liar says:

    all is well nothing to worry about here. The economy is fine.

  25. Asshat says:

    If one submarine can incinerate the earth is there a reason to build more. Insurgent guerrilla warfare is the future. It’s clear to see. With the economy being as good as it is I feel like a sucker for putting stuff aside for hard times. What was I thinking. The economy is good for investers but bad for workers. I’m a worker so I’m fucked IMO. Americas glory days are over there are stronger nations like Iran.

  26. rellik says:

    350 degrees @ 30-40 minutes per pound. Need 170 degrees internal meat temperature, to kill all bugs and destroys AIDS virus. Don’t eat any internal organs eg. liver, brain, or kidney. Humans are really nasty food. Back strap, and Hams are you best bet.
    Want to go camping with me?

  27. Infidel-2 says:

    How many can hear the gears turning at all the round tables of TPTB with what is happening with the world markets. Oh to be a fly on the walls. We all know that the scams will ratchet up in the coming weeks. Hang on the ride just may become very bumpy.

    We The Few!!

  28. angry beaver says:

    I’ve been hearing a rumour that’s been going around for about a week now seems everyone I talk to at work has been saying oil will go back up this spring to 60-65 U.S.
    has anyone else been hearing this? I hope to hell its true.
    When it became apparent the NDP was going to win a lot of our investors shelved a lot of big projects. Basically shutting us down over night.
    The oil companies (many American) have billions invested they are starting to put pressure on that bitch Rachel notly. Most people migrated back home to the maritime provinces. There is still gain full employment to be had if your willing to take a bit of a pay cut. Check out kijiji in around the Edmonton Area there is work for truck drivers and some trades.
    Still lots of food on the shelf it is getting a bit more expensive but not excessive.
    Crime is up with drugs and petty crime. Break&enter, car theft. Bankruptcies are up or folks are just handing the keys back to the banks.
    Its most definitely getting tighter but for those that are prepared not only with material things but good skills myself I’ve worked oil field as a rig hand welder and truck driver class one licence and a red seal welding ticket.
    So I’m lucky to still be working.
    God bless

    • angry beaver says:

      Many younger guys in oil field who started 4-5 years ago came in when oil was $120 and they bought everything houses quads skidoos campers boats trucks and on and on. And they all thought that would last forever. Us older guys with experience are the ones still working.
      Was talking to one of the younger drivers a day ago he’s complaining he’s not getting his (share) if hours he’s got bills shit to pay for. He seriously could not figure out that he’s got 3 years behind the wheel in some of the most dangerous driving conditions there is don’t get me wrong the kids good but who do you want driving your 250,000 oil tanker up and down the hills valleys and forests. Guy with 15 years or 3 years. This is where its down to. Just another way to be prepared

      • My work is on the front end. I got out a year and a half ago when things started to drop. I have a house I rent to a pumper who was making 100k per year and today all he complains about is that he cant make the $900 rent. He was working for 5 years. I cant imagine what he did with all the money.

      • TEST says:

        Hey Beav – I’m an old Alberta boy now living in the US. What are housing prices doing these days? I’m thinking of buying a rental property – where would you suggest? Have prices dropped enough, or are people still holding on for better prices?

        • Captain Crunch says:


          I have a rental hom for sale in Roosevelt UT. Heart of the Uintah Basin oilfields. 2 bed 1 bath custom kitchen new plumbing granite countertops new electrical. Plus Roosevelt city has a new aquatics center down the street one block over , usu , ubatc


        • smokey says:

          Don’t come to western Washington, prices have just passed the 2007 highs. $600,000 bungalows in Seattle that need the 1920’s utilities ripped out and replaced.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            yup, a reckoning is coming….since 2000, we make a LOT less money, but our houses are priced DOUBLE…and more in some places…if interest rates EVVVER go back to “normal”…and they WILL, home prices fall to half of what they are now… BANK ON IT!..read patrick dot net’s housing crash page if you don’t believe me….google it

        • angry beaver says:

          Depends what area south around medicine hat not to bad around Drayton valley still really high I’m currently renting around the whitecourt area for 800 + power and gas

        • Kevin2 says:

          I suggest Florida as warm, sun and ocean always have a value. SW Florida by Cape Coral is pretty reasonable and rental laws (eviction) are more favorable for landlords than most states. A very nice home can be had in a good area for about $150K.

          • Beavis says:

            Do you expect another Florida real estate crash? I wouldn’t mind picking up a rental unit if values plummet to “blood in the streets” levels again.

            • Kevin2 says:

              “Do you expect another Florida real estate crash?”

              Who knows but they’re still available well below the cost to build new.

              Homes can be had for $90 sq/ft. Cost to build them is $180 and Florida labor is relatively cheap. The largest ethnic group in Cape Coral are Germans to the tune of about 30,000. Its actually more common to hear it spoken in the isles of Publix than Spanish.

              One concern is that the area is pretty aged. Its a lot of pensioners that made money in big industry. The West Coast has more people from Chicago, Detroit and the like who in the day received pay checks from the since eviscerated manufacturing. When they pass who replaces them?

              • Cinderella says:

                Hey, I did some woodworking for a resteraunt there in Cape Coral.Some 3d hanging fish. I didn’t like cape coral then. Still dont. Are they still running bicyclists over?? Place sucks…florida I mean. It’s like a third world country…oh wait…we are too almost.
                I would NOT buy a home there again. (Anywhere in fla. ) Older people love to measure your grass, check for oil spots on the driveway..even at 2 am. Dont buy in a deed restricted area. We didn’t thank goodness. And people love to argue and shoot the finger. I was glad to GTFO of there.
                When SHTF…there is just a couple of ways outta that hole. Fun time is hurricane time. Try leaving…we didn’t. Just rode it out.
                Liked the plants, but not the people.
                As far as German communities go, Albuquerque N.M. Has taken over pretty much. Even their own schools…everything.
                Looking at places to live, I cannot get too excited about any place. Each has a drawback. Depends on what you want to settle for. I’d settle for a desert except water is a problem.
                Think I’ll just stay here.

    • Nopitypartyhere says:

      Last I heard , I forget what site, Saudi is running out of money and it’s funny, be cuz the more they pump the lower oils goes. But an analyst said they can’t afford to stop pumping. On the other hand this could be an attempt to make Irans oils worthless, but on that same front it doesn’t matter because lifetime sanctions will free up $150billion for them to buy Nucs with to bomb the hell out of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Confused yet? I am.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the Saudi’s can
        afford to stop.
        They are playing chess.
        We are playing checkers.
        The America’s without
        Democrats, socialists
        and the EPA could be energy
        We have more resources
        here at home, than all the rest
        of the world combined.

        • Anonymous,
          But is no longer OUR oil, it is the world’s oil. That $1.1 trillion budget is ours. That is what Paul Ryan and the Republiturds just pushed through. Don’t be so focused on the Democraps that you miss the game.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          think of it this way. we used the world’s oil reserves at cheap prices, and when it gets real scarce ELSEwhere, we still got some left…by THEN, oil will be much much more expensive…CHECKMATE!

        • Winston Smith says:

          Whether we have the resources or not is not relevant in a global economy. What is relevant is who can supply those resources to the global supply chain at the lowest cost.

          The other factor you have to consider is the consumer. Most consumers are like drug addicts and will use themselves into trouble any time they can. Oil is a drug and we are it’s addicts. If this were not true then why would so many people who do not need a large truck or SUV be running out to buy them now, when prices have temporarily dropped, in full knowledge of what happens to them any time the dealer decides to tighten the supply in order to increase their profits? It’s because people act emotionally rather than logically.

          This is an advantage to those who think logically rather than emotionally. Right now the cost of energy saving technologies are way down. It would be a great time to prepare for higher oil prices at a steep discount by buying a very fuel efficient vehicle to use for basic transportation when prices go back up. You can also get good deals on solar electricity systems today in part because of the slowdown and in part because the Chinese entered the game and slammed down the price. It won’t last so now would be a good time to consider investing in resources that lessen your dependence on stable energy prices.

      • Woogie says:

        These oil companies have to pump because they thrived on borrowed money to keep their businesses started and to keep going here in the US.. a bad deal, it is wise not to borrow a lot of money for your business, especially with oil being so volatile.

        Saudis can pump until they run out of oil.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, Beav! Those Einsteins in the NDP govt there in AB will fix everything, right along with Boy Wonder Trudeau

  29. Ketchupondemand says:

    I know how bad it is but I see so many people vacationing in this area, spending a fair amount to get here and eat out every meal. It’s as busy as ever, thousands of people come thru this area every winter, from Europe as well as US.
    Very few, I’d bet, have a clue as to the meaning of the real economic numbers. Or, maybe they do know and decided hell with it, might as well ring it up on the card.
    Point is, it gets busier, with more people every year.
    Cruise ship co.’s did well last year, as did many amusement park operators.
    Pockets and areas of prosperity, surrounded by decline.
    See it here, too. The pockets will get smaller.

    • Nopitypartyhere says:

      I know, it’s odd. Store parking lots around here have been packed since October. It’s odd. Everything points to low sales. I’ll be paying closer attention going forward with the current conditions out there.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Same here KOND
      Lots of tourist, etc, etc,,,

    • Mountain says:

      I live in a touristy area near Glacier Natl park. I’m about 3 hrs from it, but people come through here every summer and stop at the lake. Usually there are boats out on the water from June – September. Last summer? Barely two boats during a nice sunny hot July afternoon during the 4th. Two local restaurants had to shutter their businesses up because they took such a loss from the lack of people coming last summer. They built a brand new Red Lion last spring in anticipation of taking in summer travelers, but they had only need for two house keepers for the entire hotel… because they simply were not getting the business.

      Walmart in our rural area reported drastically low sales over Christmas. My husband and I had to pick up something four our daughter on Christmas eve, at 4:00 pm and we were in complete shock to see the store mostly emptied out, where before it was always crowded. It was so bad this year for our Walmart, that they had to let go all of the holiday seasonal workers that they hired up in mid December, because no one was buying up stock.

      If we do not get our regular influx of summer tourists this next summer (and I’m predicting we won’t) it’s going to economically impact all the small businesses in town that heavily rely on tourism. You know it’s bad when they are thinking of not having farmers market this next year… because no one could afford to come last year, and that’s another commerce that relies on tourists.

  30. Heartless says:

    Ah what the heck!!! Gotta believe in something, don’t we?


  31. Our stores were empty since October. Even so, Walmart shutting down two dozen stores in Texas with a better and keeping all open Iin New Mexico.

  32. 123456 says:

    And look……they say it’s because of a mosquito?
    I say fukushima! !!!! Radiation! !!!


  33. angry beaver says:

    Who here is familiar with big bore revolvers? I am wanting to know if the .44 special ammo can safely be fired from the s/w model 29-2 ?
    I usually run factory loads 240 gr JH. Ive noticed on the cylinder walls there is a slight groove cut to accommodate the 44 mag with the 44 special the casing is slightly shorter creating a longer distance from cylinder to barrel. I’ve asked my local gunsmith and a few other guys but get mixed answers.
    I was given a box of 25 .44 special ammo for Christmas oh about 4 years ago I believe they are 200 gr jhp.
    If I can run them what can I expect for performance and recoil ? 6.5 ” barrel

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      Yes you can safely fire 44 special ammo through your 29. What can you expect? Less muzzle flip and better accuracy due to the milder recoil. Still one helluva defensive round for the house.

      • angry beaver says:

        I’m concerned that ridge in the cylinder wall might catch or scrap the bullet as it comes out the casing.
        Lol its not for self defense at home. Our gun laws here don’t permit that
        Here in Canada you can not store a loaded firearm even in your home the weapon must be under lock and key separate from its ammunition. They cannot be stored together.
        So to legally use a firearm for self defense is have to unlock the weapon then go to a different lock box for the ammo.
        Not to mention the only place you can legally carry or use a handgun is at a government approved firing range.and in order to legally use said range is.
        1.) Call local law enforcement
        2.)inform them of your intent to travel to gun range
        )3.) ThEy give you a time limit to be there
        4.)upon Arrival at gun range contact the cops tell them you have arrived and how long you plan to stay
        5.)when leaving gun range call cops to tell them you are leaving you are given a time limit
        6.) Straight home no stopping or detours
        7.)arrive home call to inform cops you are home
        8.)store weapon and ammo separate
        That’s the only legal way to use a handgun in this country
        Now if I want to move

        • Mountain Trekker says:

          Beav here in the land of the free, my 44mag is right by my knee. Kinda Rhymes don’t it. Anywho I just checked my 44 mag and I’m not sure if that ring was there before I shot it or not, it may just be a ring created by powder burn, but I ran a pencil through the cylinder and its not really raised, so I say you can safely shoot 44 special through your mag. I know from experience that when I took a conceal carry class in another state I was required to shoot a pistol and a revolver a certain number of times and the revolver I used was my 357 so I used 38 spl. and shot 50 or 100 rds can’t remember which, anywho after shooting the 38 spl. I couldn’t hardly get 357 mags in the cyclinder due to the powder ring. Had a hard time getting them cleaned out. I’m sure your bullets out of a 44spl. will work fine. Trekker Out.

        • Green tip 4 U says:

          Mr. beaver are you serious? I can’t believe you have to do all that. I thought I had it bad living here in Commiefornia. Lived in Arizona for 3 years and that’s how gun laws should be every where ask me.

        • PO'd Patriot says:

          Holy shit AB, and here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland I thought I had it bad. I am quite sure as MT stated that ring is only a powder burn ring. My old 629 would get that ring but it was easier to clean and see cause it was the stainless steel model. The cylinder on those are very strong and the .44 special has a lot less C.U.P. (copper units of pressure)than the full magnum load. That entire cylinder has the strength to withstand those magnum loads as well as the specials. As with the .357 magnum, you can safely and reliably shoot the shorter .38 special cartridges through it all the time. As long as your cylinder is locking up when you pull the hammer back and each chamber is lined up with the forcing cone in front of the cylinder, you are good to go.

        • Kulafarmer says:


          And i thought we had strict gun laws

        • Kevin2 says:

          NJ is trying to replicate that in Canada as on has to go DIRECTLY to and from the range W/O stopping.

      • Proud Islamaphobe says:

        44Mag has a reputation for overpenetration on human bodies, except maybe for the land whales. FBI says .357 mag is pretty much as good as it gets for 1 shot dtops with a handgun. That said, a .44 Mag throws a huge slug and makes a big hole, even if there is no bullet expansion.

    • swinging richard says:

      Angry Beaver. I have never heard of any problems with the 44 special ammo, but I have heard of some hot mag loads wearing out the cylinder stops. I think there was a kit made to remedy the problem. Hope this helps. I usually use 240gr hornady xtp’s and have not had any problems.

    • smokey says:

      The Special is my carry round, you go right ahead and load up any Magnum revolver with .44 Special rounds, you will have no problems at all.

      Recoil is about half of the Magnum, and anyone on the other end of it is going to regret being stupid.

      You can erode the chamber wall ahead of the Special case after firing about 10,000 rounds, but it’s not an issue. In fact, the chamber erodes out to the gas seal face anyway, Magnum or Special. Don’t be concerned in the least about it, after 10,000 rounds just get the chambers polished and give it another 50 years of use.

      The Washington State Patrol carried .44 Special for decades, they still regret giving it up.

    • smokey says:

      Forgot to add, once you shoot up that box of .44 Special, you’re going to want to get a reloading setup. It’s like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t like .44 Special.

  34. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Economy is going good my ass..lets see how good it’s going when all the liberals get laid off starting in March. En mass..I just put in another order for more survival food and hoarded up some good tuna fish and caned chicken…it’s going good and the feds just landed a big Chinese military jet in El Paso loaded up with Chinese soldiers just deployed in Texas…things are going good…think this is BS listen to shawl on stevequale.com survive to thrive, radio network.



    • 123456 says:

      Where’s the tuna from?

      Eat NOTHING from the Pacific! !!!!

    • Archivist says:

      That canned chicken is pretty tasteless. You need to have some chicken broth to go with it or cook it into a dish with lots of other flavors.

      When we cook chicken for casseroles or chicken salad, we freeze the leftover broth. Then we can use that with the canned chicken and some rice or noodles to make soup.

      • I make my own chicken canned in broth. Much tastier.

      • PO'd Patriot says:

        Get some ‘Old Bay’ or ‘JO’ crab seasoning to put on it. I always like to eat the oil solid Tuna right from the can.

        • laeagle says:

          Tony Chachere’s (pronounced Sasharay)Creole seasoning is my preference always along with Tabasco Sauce if I want it really spicy, and (whisper) I am not biased ’cause I don’t own shares! I use it on just about all my cooking and it gives it a little extra boost. There are a lot more seasoning mixes they sell but I have not been disappointed by the original Tony Chachere’s products. Food will taste a lot better when SHTF if you stock up on some seasoning, including your basic salt and pepper. Oil and fat (lard) make a big difference in the tastiness of a dish. For those who hunt, there is often a lot of fat that forms the omentum that is attached to the gut/intestines. It may be the only fat you get if you are surviving off the land in a TEOTWAKI situation. I have eaten deer entrails, well cleaned (need flowing water), and grilled. Tasty! Heads/necks that are often thrown away also have a lot of meat and brains that are good to eat. We usually boil them a long time until the meat falls of the bones. The broth is yummy especially if you have some Tony Chachare’s seasoning, but plain salt and pepper will do in a pinch.

          Louisiana Eagle

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      HCKS, if that tuna came from the Pacific, THROW IT OUT! It’s radioactive from Fukushima.

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Yea, about a year or so ago the FDA quietly raised the allowable levels of radiation in seafood

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          i bought a bunch of tuna on sale last year. i resisted for a long time, knowing about the radiation, but i figger it’s the last stuff i eat before my stores run out. BTW, read about testing tuna for radiation. they burn the meat off the bones and crush up burned-up bones and test THAT for the radiation, because the radiation collects in the bones…so it MIGHT be ok to eat it…once every few months i gotta eat a tuna sandwich.BTW, the red lobster chain was sold a year or so ago. how many think the customers finally stopped eating from there because of fukushima?

          • Makemyday says:


            I was at the Oregon Coast in September of this year. Above Lincoln City the seashore was so full of smells/pieces of death that our shoes were so gummy and stinky we had to put them in a plastic sack before getting back in our vehicle. Tourists were appalled at the conditions….no way would they let their kids even play in the water or sand.

            You can bet the truth of what is going on there and everywhere in the Atlantic is being covered up. Don’t want to chase away the tourist $$$$ and for Gods sake don’t awaken the American public about what is happening to their oceans.

            Plenty of real info on the net. Could be a great subject here at SHTF but don’t hold your breath!

            Chemtrails poisoning us from above (Geo-engineering the climate) and our oceans are turning into poisonous death. Heaven help all of us.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      We are going to see layoffs starting march here on Maui too,
      HC&S sugar plantation shutting down, last sugar plantation in the state,
      Supposedly about half of the 800 employees will be off by march, the balance till maybe October,
      Sad days here, that will affect so many more than the 800 employees, many many local business are tied to the plantation in one way or another. Already one trucking company saying they will cease after the sugar is hauled to the harbor, they are a subsidiary of the sugar co, have trucks running day and night moving bulk sugar to the elevator at the harbor.

  35. slingshot says:

    There will be nothing left to eat.

    Bird flu
    Swine flu.
    Mad Cow Disease.
    Fukushima radiation
    GMO food.
    Climate change.
    Bee die off.
    Petroleum Product contamination
    Pesticide contamination.
    Agriculture Fertilizer water contamination.
    Acid Rain.

    Who gives a shit about the economy?

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Was listening on NPR and some turkey farm in Indiana i think had to euthanize 60,000 birds because of bird flu

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        i said for several months that turkeys and chickens would be VERY expensive because of bird flu…last hear they killed i think it was 68 million birds because of flu….but it never happened…eggs DID go up, but not the turkeys and chicken…i DID see prices of chicken at HALF price several times in the last few months, as farmers are sending them to market, rather than total loss them when ONE catches a cold. and you got to wonder, if they are raised in buildings all cooped-up, how the hell do they get the flu?

        • They get the flu same as we do, from each other. As tight as they pack them in, they all get sick… partly because those are poor conditions and they have problems to begin with.

          • buttcrackofdoom says:

            i think you missed the point…it’s a controlled environment. so how did birdflu virus get into a closed building.?…where did that flu come into the building…yes, like humans, it’s from bird to bird…but as soon as the virus gets in there….SOMEHOW, and it’s found out they got it…even ONE of them, they kill/burn the whole flock.

            • PO'd Patriot says:

              bcod, it can be carried in on clothing and even on bottoms of shoes/boots. Most chicken farm operations here have a ‘no trespassing’ sign at the beginning of the farm lane and some farmers will meet you there and are armed. Years ago here where I live, they wouldn’t even allow inspectors on the property because they feared that inspectors coming from a possible previous infected farm would bring the disease on their clothes/shoes and even their vehicle’s tires.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Slingshot, just remember! Climate Change is the greatest danger the world faces today. Trekker Out. My Leader Told Me So!

    • Before Fukushima, I tried so hard to pick up a property on the Washington coast for retirement closer to my family. Now it is covered with Fukushima radiation due to the Japanese Current. Which we were taught about in school but is never mentioned since Fukushima. I wanted to pay cash for a modest place and could not get anything to closing. Bizarre. Now I just say God Loves Me. If you do live on the coast… iodine and potassium will help your body reject cesium and stay healthier.

      I am on not farm land and growing food anyway.

      • markinaz says:

        “iodine and potassium will help your body reject cesium and stay healthier.”
        residing in Arizona and being aware, I been doing the iodine and potassium a few years now. Do what you can but accept the inevitable.

        • Markinaz, since you live in Arizona with lots of chemtrails, I suggest you have yourself checked for Aluminum toxicity. If you have that, a doctor can run you through a chelation. In any event, you can eat cilantro regularly and chlorella, both of which will give you a natural chelation of toxic heavy metals. Takes a couple months.

      • Foxglove666 says:

        Good land to be had in the Skagit River valley.

        • Foxglove666,
          I just took a quick look at the Skagit Valley, pretty nice. We went to the tulip festival up there with the gkids a few years ago. That is about 120 miles from my son’s house, not too bad, except he is south of Seattle. It is a gorgeous place.

    • Slingshot,
      Drought in California’s Central Valley where 1/3 of our fruits and vegetables come from. 90% of our cheap vegetables for poor people.

      • aljamo says:

        I lived in California a couple years, 8 years back. Fruits and veggies were cheap and plentiful. I was told all the agricultural land in Cali is poisoned deep from decades of chemical use on crops. What has the chemical industry contributed to America besides a poison legacy? When natural solutions can replace all this madness.

        • Aljamo, you are correct about the poisons, add in GMOs. Still a slower death than starvation. My suggestion, as always, is to grow your own garden. This is a new garden for me, but this summer should be picking up. When I have a healthy garden, I am healthy. I use heirloom seeds and wild plants for increased nutrition. Really, nothing beats native foods.

          My 14 acres in Texas on former cotton land had arsenic used for cotton defoliation prior to picking. Lots a people in town sick from the railroad station where they always had arsenic dust flying. I cleaned my land up with plant remediation. I read that deeper south they were raising rice on former cotton land, and made people sick. I don’t mind
          being on marginal not farmland. No chemical dumps that I know of. I am creating a food forest.

          The land can be cleaned up depending on what was used. In any event, permaculture techniques are the best for rehabbing land. Good luck with a garde.

    • Makemyday says:


      Your list would make for a string of great headline subjects at SHTF. Plenty of info out there for corroboration.

  36. USMC1982 says:

    Nothing to see here people, move along.

  37. f16hoser says:

    Someone needs to explain the Baltic Dry Index to the morons over at CNN.

  38. Ron Ahrens says:

    OREGON UPDATE: Great press conference today with Lavoy where he showed the press the FBI cameras he tore down. Got in a shouting match with a Soros funded asshole and the mainstream media. My son will upload it to his youtube channel by tomorrow-DALLAS AHRENS- Campers and supporters trickling into the Good Sam RV out side the Harney County Resource Center renamed by the patriots.

  39. csaaphill says:

    WOW has the man gotten to this site too? No stories on the Bundy stand off. None not since last week sometime.’
    you guys been threatened with shut downs?

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      PFFFFTT! ANYthing i hear about OR will be taken with a grain of salt i gotta rent a DUMPTRUCK to get home.

      • Makemyday says:

        PFFFTT Buttcrack:

        Obviously you are not a rancher being threatened by the alphabet agencies who want to steal their property.

        If you can read the whole history of the Hammond family’s harassment by these agencies and still say PFFFTT then go ahead and bury your head.

        Read the REAL reason the feds are chasing ranchers off their valuable land. The minerals lurking there!

        Your dump truck will come in handy if ever enough patriots wake up to the truth of who/what is behind all the worlds misery……It will take several hundred loads just to rid America of the pestilence.

        • buttcrackofdoom says:

          you obviously don’t know who i am and what i’m about. it IS time for the PEOPLE to stand up, but i’m afraid there’s no hope for U.S, if that’s what it will take…most, and i mean waaay over half of americans are just DEAD from the neck up. stuck on stupid…all it would take for a LOT of our “laws” to be overturned, would be for some citizens to start marching with their pitchforks, but they ALWAYS seem to have sumthin’ better to do.PPPPFFFFFFTTTT!!!yes, i consider myself a patriot, and by god, i DO have a pitchfork…and i DO use it for protesting.

    • Ron Ahrens says:

      The answer is yes they have and they are scared to death, but the true patriots out here in Oregon could care less, because when you have the moral high ground and you are not a coward like most in the alternative media-you live your life knowing what you are doing is right and nothing can stop you. I might start my own page now, then you people on SHTF will actually get the true and honest story from someone who is no longer afraid of the most vile, most evil, most genocidal, most criminal, most fascist Corporatist Globalist controlled government in the history of the world.

      • Makemyday says:

        Please Ron, start a page. I will support you anyway I can. When blogs like SHTF make a decision to not carry a story like the Hammond Family and what the alphabet agencies have done to them over the years; it is time to “turn to another page”.

        There are critical stories out there that are being ignored here.

        One of the better places to read more of the truth is at nomorefakenes dot com. Rappoport has no advertisers to fear so he doesn’t have to fear the loss of $$$$ from telling the truth. Refreshing to say the least!

  40. Sgt. Dale says:

    I would say that thy are correct? If the FED hadn’t printed so much money. The Dollar is not worth more than .30. That was and is the only reason the stock market made it to 18,000 points. in 2007 the market was around 6,000. Whit the FED printing more money the dollar is only worth 1/3 than it was in 2007. 6X3=18, or 18,000 now it is falling like a rock.

    So CNN (Commi New Network) You don’t know shit. And stop repeating what the Mulime & Chief keeps saying. That Turd couldn’t tell the truth if it bit him in the ass.

  41. Wilby Daniels says:

    Yeah, everything is going great if you’re a communist technocratic bankster funded NWO democrat republican.

  42. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Beave..good reporting on the retail side of things.. I heard that Canada is just starting to feel the heat…1234, you tuna comment is right about the Pacific tuna..its just that when the food supply runs out I think it’s better to eat than that people..and cans meats are better for strength and stamina versus freeze dried food…I have ran some test and I can tell you something. that most preppers know on this site freeze dry food is really sh….t.. you really can’t live on that for too long.. I did a 1 month test. I felt like sh…T and could not work out or train on it, then I did the tuna a. canned chicken and was able to work, work out and function at higher levels.the military mRE that you can get on readystore.com also works really well, better than the mountain house which is a good one. Back packers retreat is cheap high salr garbage, too much damn salt and maybe be GMO..the oy down side it see to canned meat is the weight if your on the run with a bag pack, if you not big and strong you won’t get far with a 50 lbs bag and I am strong and still that’s a bitch to carry.. this is what I feel that most of us are better of following what Failure of civility recommended that forming neighbourhood protective perineter is the bee t way to go initially.. with invading armies we are completely picked because they will do everything to get in, so that they can get to your wife and daughter.. running to the hills and your BOL is still the best option.



    • 123456 says:

      Hicks…..get over to Honeyville.com and order some big bags of whey protein. They have several grades….get it out of the bag and into gamma buckets……lasted 2 years. ….boys are bodybuilders. You have to have your protein!

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      get yourself a jogging stroller, and increase the weight to 100 pounds(or even MORE), HCKS…it will be easier on feet and back…and personaly, i like food with water in it, but i live in the desert…it’s canned food for ME.

  43. swampratt says:

    Mac are you going respond Damn that’s right we must till your program is updated

  44. Ron Ahrens says:

    OREGON UPDATE: This is the strangeist revolution I have ever been in. Libtards are sending them dildos, so they are making patriot funds off the sex toys…AWESOME IDEA, could give two shits the KEYBOARD COWARDS that is offends.


  45. You think your awake, but you’re really asleep.
    Falling for propaganda, without having to think.
    How convenient it is to pick and choose.
    Who you will follow and who you will lose.
    The reality is that’s how our brains are wired.
    To see us versus them in one thing or another.
    It can’t be helped, and none are immune.
    Not even those whose families think they are loons.
    I wonder if any will truly, fully wake up soon?
    To break from the snares that the matrix has laid.
    Requires a person to search for the truth.
    To take everything learned and examine it for truth.
    No stone unturned should there be.
    In order to finally, truly break free.
    But who has the time, to study and learn.
    all the lies we have been told since we first walked this land?
    If you are willing, the knowledge is there.
    Ripe for the taking for those that care.
    So I ask you today, are you ready to know
    What has been hiding, right under your nose?
    If you say yes your mission is clear.
    Be willing to unlearn all that you know.
    You must shed all your armor and ignore all your fears.
    But there is one warning I feel I must share.
    Once the truth is known it leaves you bare.
    Never to look at the world the same way again, brings about a new kind of pain.
    If you decide you are up for the challenge.
    I wish you well on your quest for knowledge.

  46. Ron Ahrens says:



    My son is also taping for youtube out here on his channel DALLAS AHRENS. He just put up the video of me screaming at the Soros and Agenda 21 funded asshole with a stupid sign in front of the Harney County Resource Center

  47. Satori says:

    God help us if this virus ever gets established in this country

    Hawaii Baby With Brain Damage Is First U.S. Case Tied to Zika Virus

    h ttp://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/17/health/hawaii-reports-baby-born-with-brain-damage-linked-to-zika-virus.html?_r=1

    “The Hawaii State Department of Health said that a baby born in an Oahu hospital with microcephaly — an unusually small head and brain — had been infected with the Zika virus, which is believed to have caused the same damage in thousands of babies in Brazil in recent months. The presence of the virus was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    and it’s back….

    Turkeys test positive for bird flu at nine Indiana farms

    h ttp://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/01/17/turkeys-test-positive-for-bird-flu-at-nine-indiana-farms.html

    • smokey says:

      The virus is mosquito-borne. Time to bring back mosquito patrols in the warmer part of the country.

      Every spray control around here, some hippie ecofreaks sue the government to stop it, result is no control takes place for things like Gypsy Moths, etc.

      They like to rant about the chemical industry poisoning the planet, but seem to forget why it is that folks live beyond 40 years of age now.

  48. Godsoldier says:

    Tuesday will be something to watch stock market wise. We have a site here called hoosier topics and a guy is tradeing silver and gold coins for guns and ammo in the gun section guess he figured out what he is really gonna need that in its self says something hit the store and got the chicken while the price was still good. Remember Ammo is cheaper than gold or silver but worth far more in the long run big picture

    • Kevin2 says:

      Don’t underestimate the ability of TPTB to kick the can down the road a bit further. Really worry when they throw those $100s out of helicopters with a direct injection of money.

  49. Godsoldier says:

    Why is Iran being so nice now quiet before the storm good pr for them Im betting they gonna nuke some one or hydrogen them the UN gave them a hug and kiss

  50. Godsoldier says:

    Anonymous down in s in where you are any good caves close to go to if you had to for deep protection underground here we are undermined with coal mines from way back but have been closed forever and dont know where entrances are besides they are prob full of water anyhow

  51. Godsoldier says:

    Cal vet supply.com. fish mox. Ammoxacillin 500 mg and 250. (Cipro) ciprofloxin 500 and 250mg. Cephalaxin (ceftin) 500 mg 250. Just a reference idea

  52. Godsoldier says:

    Also for the ones that burn easy remember in the old movies when they had the white stuff on their noses for sun block well that was zinc oxide the best to use is desitin diaper rash cream you can also use it if you get chafing in other areas it will block the sun uv 100%

  53. Asshat says:

    I’ve. Worked hard to get my property into shape and transitioning to the next stage should easier to enter. Considering closing the area I have for garden now and moving it to another spot that is in an area that don’t see use for anything. It will be easier to fence off too. I put a door on the potting shed I built finally. Right now got firewood inside it but wanna put some shelves and a vent with solar fan then use the barrels I have to make a rainwater collection system. I cured my sweet potatoe harvest inside there and it worked great. Onions cure in there well too. Gotta build a trellis for cucumbers this year. My little earthwise tiller does a helluva job breaking the soil and I add organic hummus and manure then till it in. Dont have bugs issues really but sometimes the leaves get little hole in them I’m assuming it’s bugs. Thinking about putting a soaker hose in the garden which is down hill from the potting shed where the rain barrels will be and connecting to the soaker hose. I’m not skilled at this stuff but what I have done seems successful. I recommend a tiller to anyone doing gardens the small electric ones work good just remove rocks as they beat the tines up on the small machines had to have my pop weld one that cracked still works fine welded. It’s good to know how to grow your own food.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      Rather than the soaker hose try the thicker drip line and poke holes in it approximately same average spacing of your plants usually, uses less water and directs it better, use ice pick to make holes, if you are low low pressure will work better, drip usually needs 8-12 psi, have found runs out of barrels dont usually have that, and may not be enough for soaker to work right either.

    • markinaz says:

      Now that is Progress! Good for you You Asshat!
      I been messing around with the gardening the last few years and also have been coming out with some pretty good results. Eating carrots, onions and spinach now from my winter garden in Arizona. I will be expanding this spring, square footage and getting a small medium gas tiller. Mid summer with my surplus I will learn how to do the caning thing. Gardening helps me ward off the negative vibes.
      God Bless and keep at it your doing great.

  54. I definitely missed the point. Tens of thousands of birds coming from somewhere. Most don’t breed their own stock, it isn’t a closed system.

    • KY Mom says:


      Reports last year said that wild birds were the carriers of the bird flu virus.

      Here is a quote from an article last year posted on Fox News.

      “Wild birds are thought to be carriers of the virus, which also can be tracked onto poultry farms by people or trucks that come into contact with contaminated feces. It may also be carried into poultry barns by wind blowing in contaminated dirt or dust.”

      • KY Mom says:

        Direct link…

        Worst US bird flu outbreak in history expands to Michigan – 6/9/15


      • KY Mom, thanks. It is not a closed system. It is an unhealthy system subject to disease spreading like wildfire through a dense population. Most chicken farms have the critters in cages too small to move around in, stacked side by side and high. The chickens are sick bred to gain weight so fast that their legs break when they are 6-8 weeks old. The surprise is that they don’t die of flu every time. A few weeks of misery and then hung on a hook, throat sliced, and processed. I worked on a few patents for this “industry.” It is why I want to get a few more heritage chickens and a rooster. I have 3 heritage laying hens now. This country took a wrong turn on these poultry operations. If they lose enough money, they will take a new turn. Corporate monoculture is not sustainable and has poisoned everything it touches. Chickens can be grown in suburbs and on urban lots. Laws against that are pushed by corporate interests.
        Be cautious about Fox News reports. They lost their news license for lying. They admitted telling lies to sway public opinion in a court of law… and lost their license. They are now Fox Entertainment. That is why liberals call it Faux News. It is faux. I refuse to watch anymore. Rupert Murdoch does not have America’s best interests in his un-American heart.

        • KY Mom says:


          We don’t have cable TV anymore. I do read from a number of different sources. I am cautious about all news reports.

          That said, I trust Fox News more than ABC, NBC, CNN or CBS.

          The mainstream media reports the ‘news’ as ‘directed’
          NBC = National Barack Channel
          CNN = Communist News Network
          ABC = All Barack Channel
          CBS = Central Barack Station

          They just repeat the ‘propaganda’ as directed by the White House. Some of their ‘news reports’ are the same – word for word.

          • Makemyday says:

            KY Mom:

            You left out a couple of VERY important channels. The ‘controlled opposition’ ones:

            FAUX and Glen Beck.

            Because today is MLK day (Morons Loving Kommies) be sure to tune in to all the accolades of what a fine man he was at both of those channels. SOB was a communist; but why should that concern any of us?

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        thanks for the replies to my mostly rhetorical question. it may not be a closed system, and they may not supply their own chicks….but maaaybe they SHOULD. if they DO get the virus in there, it WILL eventually spread to all…that’s why they destroy the whole bunch. they’ll HAVE to get tighter controls to keep it out soon, because that virus HAS gone…..well…..viral. thanks to ALL who make shtfplan so informative!…..you’re PRICELESS!…maybe even MORE expensive.

  55. KY Mom says:

    The financial apocalypse accelerates as Middle East stocks crash to begin the week.
    Jan. 17, 2016
    Economic Collapse blog

  56. Nopitypartyhere says:

    Just heard on news tonight manslaughter charges being daughter against a drug nanufacturer who just started human trials on a new canbabis based (synthetic vs natural was not elaborated on) in which 6 men have been hospitalized, 1 dead and 3 with likely severe brain damage.

    On happier note I ordered my 3 nucs Saturday and my 3 bee hives today. Will be in the bee hobby real soon. Nature hills nursery taking early orders fire bare root fruit trees. Will continue adding to our little ‘orchard’.

  57. angry beaver says:

    Thanks guys for that advice on the 29-2. Very usefull. I’m gonna try those specials next time I go to a gun range. I’ll have to find it ( I was there once I think) next question. Has anyone tried the steel ball bearing glued into a hollow point if so what’s the deal my ol,man wwll vet says they will penetrate. Armour (thin skin) visor plates and such. I do believe him. He’s got the medals to prove what hr says. ( Scottish black watch) now I realize armour has made some good advances I don’t think your average 300 or 7 mm would have the same effect BUT would it work on level 3-a body Armour? Both rifles would at least break a rib but would that ball bearing penetrate?

    • PO'd Patriot says:

      I don’t think I’d want to have a solid steel ball riding down the barrel of my rifle or handgun even if it doesn’t come in contact with the lands and grooves. I would however use the solid lead “buck and ball” shotgun shells I bought in my smoothbore shotgun. That shell contains a .50 cal lead ball surrounded by 00 buck. I’m sure it would leave a hole large enough to ride your horse through even while wearing your hat. And if the receiver of that round was wearing armor, I’m sure the blow would incapacitate them so I could walk over and give them one to the head.

    • slingshot says:

      angry beaver

      I do not think it has enough velocity. Look up the protection levels of body armor. Moving from level 3a to level 3 is from pistol to rifle rounds. Level 4 is armor piercing protection. The tricky pony is the 17 cal. hyper round. Might act like an ice pick. Trauma plates do help. Then you move up to AR500 and SAPI.
      I would not use anything that was not designed to go down a rifled barrel. Shotguns you can put all sorts of stuff in the shot shell and cup. There is a video on “cut shells” which are bird shot but the shell is cut in a manner it comes out like a slug.

  58. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Well,Asian markets all down on Monday excepting China which stayed about neutral,1/2% above Friday.So,can I panic now?!

  59. Asshat says:

    How’s the soil in az I’ve heard it’s hard breaking ground. In New England the soil is rich black and full of worms. There is a lot of rocks however so folks usually build stone walls everywhere. For me it should be easier to get water to garden because it’s downhill a bit. So many things to do. I try to focus on my personal power to do things productive for my family. To me it’s better than all the doom. Wanna seperate myself from the worlds problems and focus on self reliance. Right now I’m in the learning curve for most part. I’d rather have my failures now than after shtf. I’m not one of those people that keep making the same mistakes and expect different results. That is madness. Shit no one knows everything so I ask around. Most people I find are willing to tell you what you need to do for success. I do all this stuff on the side of working 50 hrs a week. Being lazy is not an option for me. Wife helps out with weeding and other things.

  60. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    1234, thanks for the website I will be taking a look to see whats available..just read that isis just wiped out and entire village in Syria. Massacreing over 280 civilians..and holding 400+ extra, since they plan on invading us from Mexico, via Judicial watch, then they can expect a stern response from the pissed off citizenry.




    • slingshot says:


      So how probable is an ISIS attack from Mexico? We are not as insulated from the terrors of the world. Considering the drug cartels and a Mexican Army to have a lean towards being paid off. I would say a high percentage that it WILL happen because they could obtain support from Mexico.
      Imagine if ISIS came across the boarder and shot up a border town, then took hostages back to Mexico.

      Crickets, crickets.

      • Slingshot, Mexican drug cartels get their money laundered through big American banks. Investigation was dropped decades ago when Bank of America and others were implicated. It has been a while but I closed my BoA account because of it. I closed my Wells Fargo accounts over the 1.4 million illegal home foreclosures.
        Who knows who their loyalties are to? We are at risk.

        • Kevin2 says:

          Look up Wachovia. They pled “no contest” to laundering between 300 & 400 Billion, yes billion with a B. I guess because its somewhere between 300 & 400 they just gave up counting. No one went to jail, no one criminally charged. The fine? $165 million.

          • Kevin2 says:


            Read This

            h ttp://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2011/04/wachovia-paid-trivial-fine-for-nearly-400-billion-of-drug-related-money-laundering.html

            War on drugs? Laughable, their all involved. The kid with a joint, one state over from where its legal is the target.

            • Kevin2, that is how all bankster crime is treated now. They get caught, confess, small fine, no jail, business as usual. It is the same, Democrat or Republican. My son the recovering bankster started seeing this when his customers were sending him emails. He educated me. These people need put in jail. No one goes after them… then again their drug dealer associates may handle that. There has to be a whip to go with the bribe money.

        • slingshot says:


          Reading about the collapse of the oil price and how it has been affecting the markets. Job loses. Now talk of Oil company bailouts. they make money on the way up and have no risks on the way down for WE pay for it in more than one way too.

          It is nice to know the ins and outs of who is doing what but I gravitate more to the hands on stuff.
          most do not want to engage in conversation about the Bad stuff that will happen.

          I figure all that info will be shared with those that make it through a time span where most others perish. And they will listen then because they Need To Listen to survive.

          ” I am not going to eat that SPAM”.
          ” Good I will eat it for you”.

          No Easy Times or Sugar Coating during the reset till you become Self Sufficient.

          Don’t have the time for it and time is a top commodity when your getting older.

        • sixpack says:

          Rebecca, the only bank I don’t see in the news every other months is US Bank Corp. Not BofA, but USBank.

  61. Ron Ahrens says:

    Me schooling some George Soros funded globalist fascist idiots in front of the Harney County resource Center in Burns Oregon, my son is recording the event:


  62. Anonamous says says:

    Shrimp and fish at red lobster is farmed now, not much is wild caught. Am not sure if salmon
    Is gmo or not. They sold red lobster, got rid of most long term employees, and the good benefits
    They used to have. The company was sold for a pittance of its worth and stockholders fired
    The board that ran it. Funny how what goes around comes around………

  63. Foxglove666,
    Do you think the Skagit Valley is too close to Seattle? Sixty miles more or less, Sedro – Woolly is only 56 feet above sea level. Concrete is higher, about 278 feet. I liked the photos, it seemed very rural, but I only saw the tulip festival then we went to the coast for seafood, yum. I am only 30 miles from Albuquerque now.

  64. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Sling, if that happened, something would happen. At least i am thinking some would happen? Depending on the scale of things. Just saying.



  65. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Buttcrackofdoom, i talked about a stroller recenly to my prepper team and that is the only way to hall your stuff after we the EMP hits, we know it coming, but if are alone and have you sh..t, you will need to move it and the only way so that is with one of those, now you have 1,000 dred lock spotting you at a distance and coming for you. Without a group of at leat 10 of us, we are a sitting duck. I didn’t get to meet with my scientist friend on Sunday, we are aiming for Next week. He says he has more horrific bad news. Just the kind of stuff that gets me my thrills. I plan on giving dates and times this time.



    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      first lesson on shtf moment is you sure as HELL won’t want to be outside…but if you DO find yourself in the midst of the apocalypse one of those will work well to haul yer stuff around..i use one now around the yard to move heavy stuff. good effen LUCK on puttin’ dates on shit! MY timing may be waaay off, but the end result is a certainty.

  66. Diane D says:

    CNN, FOX, NBC… there’s not a dimes worth of difference between these government-controlled media. That’s why we seek truth at shtfplan.com and other alternate media.