“Hell No”: Garner’s Wife Won’t Forgive as Protests Mount Over Choking Death

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Aftermath, Headline News | 198 comments

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    Tackled and ultimately choked to death by police, Eric Garner begged for air in his final moments. “I can’t breathe,” the 43 year old man stopped by police for selling “loose” untaxed cigarettes said repeatedly in his last words while alive.

    The slogan was used on the streets by massive protests in New York following the grand jury decision not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for his death, ruled a homicide by a coroner.

    Ultimately, the rather clear case of excessive force and abuse of power by police – who were after Garner on a tax matter – will be mixed up in the larger national wave of increasingly racially divided politics.

    The controversial decision comes only a week after the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case, which led to riots, outrage and a media storm in Ferguson and beyond. However, the Brown case was much less clear cut, while video makes clear that Eric Garner was a victim who didn’t not deserve death. He did not resist arrest, and his alleged crime was too petty to cost him his life:

    Broadcast and cable news outlets once again made spectacle out of the reaction to the grand jury decision in a high profile case with underlined and highlighted racial overtones. They featured protesting crowds carrying signs with messages like “Black Lives Matter,” as well as plenty of individuals from the black community.

    The widow of Eric Garner appeared with Rev. Al Sharpton, making the larger focus on race – not just Garner’s particular case – all too clear. Mrs. Esaw Garner reacted to an apology issued by Pantaleo, who stated:

    I became a police officer to help people and to protect those who can’t protect themselves. It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner. My family and I include him and his family in our prayers and I hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss.

    Of course, Pantaleo’s lawyer and the police union backing him blamed Garner’s death on his poor health, which included asthma, obesity and high blood pressure, while side-stepping the culpability of excessive force.

    Mrs. Garner defiantly did not accept the apology, instead pursuing a lawsuit and civil rights violation claim:

    Appearing with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem, Mr. Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, said she did not accept the officer’s apology.

    “Hell, no,” Ms. Garner said. “The time for remorse for the death of my husband was when he was yelling to breathe.”

    She said that while she mourned, the officer could go home to his family.

    “He’s still feeding his kids,” she said, “and my husband is six feet under and I’m looking for a way to feed my kids now.”

    While there is clear injustice in the tragic and unnecessary death of Eric Garner, there are obvious larger designs at play, and Garner will be used to that end.

    The Department of Justice, now working in tag-team fashion with Attorney General Eric Holder and his replacement Loretta Lynch, slated to become the first female black Attorney General, is seeking to file a civil rights case in the matters of both Garner and Brown.

    Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday night that the Justice Department will review all the evidence from the city’s investigation and will conduct its own civil rights probe into the death.

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at an evening news conference in Staten Island that Holder and U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch told him the investigation would be “done with a clear sense of independence” and that it would be “thorough.”

    President Obama, who weighed in on the Ferguson decision last week against a backdrop of ensuing violence and rage, has also already spoken about the Garner decision:

    In Washington, President Obama alluded to the Garner case as he spoke to a Tribal Nations Conference. He said he had been briefed by Attorney General Eric Holder and reiterated his administration’s commitment to strengthening the relationship between communities and police.

    “I’m not interested in talk, I’m interested in action. We are not going to let up until we see a strengthening of the trust and a strengthening of our accountability that exists between our communities and our law enforcement.”

    Post-grand jury Ferguson is now amplified by post-grand jury New York, with a larger narrative scripted mostly in Washington still playing out. Whatever happens next, this isn’t going away.

    Consider the pot stirred.

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      1. sad for his 6 kids, sad for his wife, sad for him.

        sad way to die choked to death over 6 cigarettes by the hands of badly trained nypd cops.

        the man should of fought for his life, not just stood there blabbing.


        “if a cop threatens your life, kill them.”

        it’s better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6.

        and i’m not just talkin’ sh*t here.

        i conceal carry for a reason.

        i’m going out with my boots on AND I’M TAKING SOME OF THEM WITH ME.

        wink wink

        • Wanna Know where the Moral Racial Divide is in America:

          794 Law Enforcement Officers have Fallen in the line of Duty since Barak Hussein Obama took office, with NO Recognition from the White House ever.

          A Black Man Hyped up on drugs, robs a convenience Store, assaults the Owner, then assaults a Cop, and the White House sends three representatives to his Memorial service.

          Obama is a Race Baiter in Chief!

          • You nailed him perfectly! Social unrest and race tensions lay directly at barry’s feet aka obama

            • ‘cuse me? The only dumbfuck I see is you dapturd. Anyone and I mean anyone can write out and post an article on wikipedia. Those previous posts are correct in what they are saying. I’ll write a wikipedia article that proves why we shoulda picked our own cotton.

          • I do not see black or white when I see a cop. I see hatred towards most of them thinking they are the law rather than enforcers of the law.

            • Alwaystomorrow, you’re an idiot. Most (and I did say most) cops are not on power trips and are not all about control. They are just doing a job. Stay out of illegal activity and your chances are very rare to get into a fight with cops. Have I seen cops abuse their power and be on power trips? Yes. But they are almost always weeded out quickly by their own departments.

              When they were teaching choke holds (they are now called “upper body control holds” for PC) it was taught that blacks have a genetically weak resistance to the choke holds. Is it true? No idea. It was taught, but who knows? I am not a doctor or coroner. Many departments refuse to use the choke holds because of the deaths, and they use metal pipes (batons) to beat people into submission. How many people die in UFC fights from being choked out (now granted, there is a ref there that tries to stop the choke before the fighter goes all the way out).

              There is no good way to handle this. But the lawless and violent protests that are happening are nothing more than a “let’s get free shit” run. These lootings and riots can spiral out of control quick. We can shoot and defend ourselves, but a civil society doesn’t hamdle themselves like this.

              The more cops in a society the more totalitarian it is. We don’t have that many to be labeled in that category, but one could argue that if you add in the alphabet agencies we do. I believe we are close if not there, but the 2nd amendment is the only thing standing in the way of a total dictator and total control.

              No good answers to this topic. Just, as always, keep your powder dry, teach your family to live right, and don’t break the law.


              • Obviously you are not a minority.

          • Race baiter in chief. Bingo.

            I find it interesting that blacks have rallied around two people who were participating in criminal activity. They got tangled up with cops and consequently died. The bottom line here should be, don’t participate in acts that will get you in contact with the police cause they might just kick your ass if you get out of line. Real simple. Very reminiscent of the Rodney King riots.
            So now blacks are all up in arms ’cause a cracker cop killed a black man. Blacks sure know how to pick their heroes. Protests all across the country over two people and yet 50 will die tonight over drug turf wars and will get 0 attention from the same people doing the protesting. One of their war cries is “Black Lives Matter”. Apparently not so much. It makes me wonder why blacks won’t spend any time protesting the black on black crimes that are so rampant in their community. If they would spend a tenth of the effort they are spending over the two “egregious” killings, their communities would probably not even need cops. Just a thought. All the protests are about is stirring up enough crap to get more freebies from the government. Period. To stupid to know your stupid.

        • Had he fought back, the rhetoric would’ve been that he deserved to die for resisting arrest or assaulting a cop…it’s a no-win argument. Just ask Chris Dorner what happens when people fight back against police.

          The sad part of it is, IT FLIES. The public at large just eats it up.

          • Both Blacks and Cops are to Blame: The Problems today are that Cops think they need to always throw somebody on the ground to arrest him. This was a big guy and he most likely would have had to have 2 sets of handcuffs together to restrain him. If you would have asked him to submit or else.

            Cops love to get their Adrenalin pumping and hog tie every body on the ground. I would have loved to see that black guy start swinging and knock every cop out. Of course the Guy was selling cheap illegal cigarettes stealing that stores business. He is an idiot too.

            This plain clothes cop jumped on that guys back like a horse and choke hold. I am surprised on this one.

            Hey Blacks and Cops beating the hell out of each other. Perfect!!! Why stop it now? Keep both of them busy.

            And this is what I have said many times in the past, when SHTF ALL LEO’s will be busy fighting these people, as we regular folks tip toe out of town, with our bug out bags and preps in tow.

            • Lets go to the source of the problem and it has nothing to do with color, it is all about respect. When people don’t respect themselves or others this is what happens. If Garner had done what he was told to do by the cops, then that would have eliminated the threat to the cops and Garner would be alive today. He did not respect the cops and he was a threat to the cops. Garner dying over cigarettes is stupid. The cops should go after Garners parents and arrest them for not teaching their son about respect. That is the problem.

              • He didn’t “respect” the cops?
                You mean he didn’t “Fear” them right?

                Because selling a couple cigarettes on the street is totally a justifiable reason to arrest/murder someone, right?


                Crawl back in your hole filth. You deserve to be hung along with the rest of enablers.

                • I said respect and I mean respect. It is simple, follow what the direction of the cops. If you can’t follow simple commands then it is on you.

                  If you read my statement, I said that selling cigarettes is a stupid reason to die.

                  Again, if has complied with what the cops, he would be alive.

                  Very simple

                  • “Follow police commands”…like the Jews did in Nazi Germany! NEVER AGAIN!

                    • martin niemoller <……
                      When the Nazis came for the communists,
                      I did not speak out;
                      As I was not a communist.
                      When they locked up the social democrats,
                      I did not speak out;
                      I was not a social democrat.

                      When they came for the trade unionists,
                      I did not speak out;
                      As I was not a trade unionist.

                      When they came for the Jews,
                      I did not speak out;
                      As I was not a Jew.

                      When they came for me,
                      there was no one left to speak out.

                  • I said crawl back in your hole and I mean crawl back in your hole.

              • This has nothing to do with color, it has to do with control.

                The police want complete control of that situation and the dead guy wanted to exercise his control as well. It ended bad all around.

                I had a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine. Retired detective from a major city (not ny). Prior to the non-indictment he was 100% certain this was going to go to trial. He stated it was clear the cops used excessive force for the encounter. And that force contributed to the death of this guy. Regardless of his health etc, the choke was the deciding factor.


              • I’m sorry, but his offence was attempting to feed his family without paying homage to the local government. How dare he not be rich enough to rent a store front, or pay off the police.

                Why should he have respect for a system that does not allow him to support himself? That taxes his efforts and sends out their enforcers to make sure he is marginalized?

                This is not about race, it is about poverty.

                • I am sure that the local McDonalds is/was hiring

                  • Waiting,I have no respect for armed tax collectors,minions of the puppet masters,and seems the country to a large degree is starting to feel that way.I would do fine without a police presence enforcing dumb laws as long as populace was armed and willing to help others in need.I have lived in remoter areas where if you see a cop once a week a surprise and yet crime against others seems very low,that,and folks seem willing to help each other out.

                • @ Uncle Mike,
                  Attempting to feed his family? You are shitting me, right?
                  This asshat has 31 prior arrests! Yea, I’m sure he was trying to feed his family selling loosies.
                  Let’s get something straight here, WE feed his fuck trophies, and house them, and school them, and always have!
                  This useless eater/breeder has ZERO respect for ANYTHING including YOU or his “family”.
                  Quit lying to yourself, else you suffer the same pathetic life.

                • Eric Garner is Americas Tunisian Street vendor. There will be more be until the final match is lit. When that happens many will be scared to death never having anticipated that people woul finally rise up. Those that prepared mentally will fair the best.

              • You see this is the slave mentality and it has nothing to do with color or race. “Do what he was told” What is he a dog? A slave? Only animals need tag I.D.’s or slaves do, this system is so twisted it has everyone groveling to some idiot in a costume with a badge abusing everyone for the greater good.

                How about this, all systems of government have FAILED miserably. This ingrained statist mentality has been taught to us.

                We’ve all be institutionalized, conditioned to think the implemented governmental systems are beneficial…to whom I ask?

                The rhetoric of “If we had no government their would be anarchy” is the same asinine argument as those who say “If everyone were armed we’d all be killing each other”

                We all have lost our sense of responsibility, reason and respect (consideration for one another) That’s what is lacking, not some goof politician or police.

                All we get is taxed, beaten, coerced to death and for what…some illusionary semblance of order?

                So what if we have technology, better health care what good is it if we’re unhappy, enslaved, greedy, selfish and lack empathy towards our fellow human beings. We get to live longer so we can work to death while bankers, politicians, cops…etc have good paying jobs and retirement pensions. What do the lower tier get, to kill each other over scraps.


                • @hard just us

                  Your rhetoric is taken straight out of the Cultural Marxism handbook. You tear down what’s in place by stating illogical statements and fully expecting people to believe them. Doesn’t fly here bud.

                  Rule of law is what keeps our country intact. Without law we fall apart. There’s a reason the USA became the most powerful nation in the world. Our laws work. The police enforce the laws. Blatant and complete disrespect for law enforcement is exactly and precisely why the two black guys who made the news lately died. They did it to themselves.

                  Seriously…”All we get is taxed, beaten, coerced to death and for what…some illusionary semblance of order?” Effin hilarious. Why don’t your try to live in some other country. Try Mexico, Sudan or maybe Syria. You’d fit in well there. Or die trying to pass off your manure to them.

                  • The U.S. became the ‘most powerful country in the world’ largely because of historical timing and geographic isolation.
                    Not to mention a previously underutilized continent to rely on for resources.

                    Learn your geography rednek.
                    Our greatness never had anything to do with the enforcement of petty laws.

                    • @DMC:

                      How do you think a country of 300MM citizens and 20MM illegal aliens can maintain the largest economy in the world? China has 2 billion citizens and yet most of them live in abject poverty. Communists by the way. Answer: It’s because the philosophy and laws laid out by the “founding fathers” works. We have problems in our country because uneducated or internet educated people stray off path.

                      “Learn your geography rednek.” Uhmmmm, I think you meant history. No wonder your comments are so skewed from reality. Put down the bottle dude.

                    • Sorry rednek it’s hard to listen to what you’re saying over the stench of your own bullshit.

                      Anyone with an once of reading comprehension (because obviously you’re a hillbilly) knows the difference between the constitution and petty harassment a.k.a “law”

                      You are a disgrace to rednecks everywhere.

                      While I’m sipping on jim beam, maybe you should lay off the welfare and public education.

                    • Name calling, slander…all tools of the week minded commy.

                      Petty harassment. They were breaking the law son. Plain and simple. One just did a strong arm robbery the other a 31 time offender that just didn’t get it.

                      Keep on posting. I’ll rip you to shreds commy boy. Your kind come and go because you find over time you BS doesn’t fly.Commy boy!

                    • “name calling, slander, all out of the commie handbook..”

                      says the guy calling others commies…

                  • Awww crap……here we go again with the “ism” addiction.

                  • Rule of Law? I seem to remember in school the history books telling something about a law taxing the tea. and a group of protestors dumping the tea in the harbor. today,s Leos are the goverments tax collectors. anyone have some tar & feathers? The fact is you can only tax ,rule & enforce a people to the extent that they will allow themselves to be policed. We are at the breaking point. Sometimes terrorism is the only thing that works. There isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. the government be it federal -state or local has gotten to big for their britches. Its unraveling and the civil war & ethnic cleansing will begin. The USA like Rome is headed toward decline.

                  • I would like to rebut part of this.

                    The rule of law used to flow both ways. Bad cops went to jail, and good cops turned them in. Now the thin blue line covers all, and we see over and over where illegitimate police actions are covered over and smoothed until the public forgets.

                    Do I care one whit what happened to the 2 guys who fought the cops and lost? Nope. They deserved what they got.

                    On the other hand, the cops who tossed a flash bang into the crib of a baby… Why aren’t they already facing the death penalty? No one single civilian, had they made a similar mistake, would be freely walking around right now.

                    Why, in a nation of laws, are some BLATANTLY above the law? That’s where your arguments fall short, even though I agree with the premise. If all laws applied EQUALLY to everyone, we would once again see the amazing prosperity enjoyed by previous generations. What is in effect now is preferential law enforcement based on skin color, sex, color of uniform, financial means, or political affiliation.

                    Your argument stands firm if the police were actually held accountable for their bad actions, yet more and more every single day we are faced with instances wherein the police blatantly overstep their bounds and are let off scott free.

            • AMEM. Well said.

          • “chris dormer is a special case – he didn’t have the right equipment, nor proper defensible hardened structure, nor secured innocent hostages as a shield against a murderous police department to buy time and get access to the media, to fight back properly.

            his only desire was deadly revenge against the very corrupt lapd nothing more. once he killed off those he wanted payback on he had no other plans past that point.

            he probably didn’t think he’d last as long as he did.

            when fighting for ones life … there are no rules … there is only ‘the quick and the dead’.”

            to each his own … you wanna punk out, be a bitch of the police, that’s your biz @six-puss, i though prefer doing the killing, than being killed.

            wink wink

            • The Black guy was just standing his ground, who me selling cigarettes, Uh, who me? Idiot.

              If I were the Cops I would have said look, come down town and lets talk about it. But Cops these days, fail to communicate as a first line of defense, and just resort to using their badge and Gun to uphold the law. This is Lack of Proper training.

              But I know being on the streets and front line of this scum You get your fair share of these con men every day, BS, excuse liars just trying to get out that they got caught.

              I once tried to sell some of my left over Ski lift tickets out in Lake Tahoe Heavenly Mt one week, and got busted when selling them near the lift ticket booth. The Cop just said give me the tickets (Forfeit them)or else. I handed over the tickets and got out of there, and took my licks. About $90 in Tickets. And he probably gave the tickets to his buddies or resold them himself. I told the Cop that I hurt my foot (TRUE)and that is why I couldn’t use them. I was honest and said I didn’t want to take the loss.

              So selling Cigs right in front of a place of business that also sells the same product hurts the store owner’s business. I understand that as well. And the guy should have just been fined and had his cigs taken away. Not choked to death from an ego maniac cop who served up his own justice. Selling illegal Cigs is not a death sentence. The Blacks do have a point on this one, but not burning and looting in protest either.

              • No the problem is police who treat non-victim crimes as life-or-death situations. The problem is cops who act like that there are only two options in an encounter, either total-bootlicking-friendly-submission or shoot-to-kill-hostility.

                The problem is that police kill with impunity.
                Because they know, if anyone else had this kind of track record, there would be multiple capital murder charges–but not for the fine folks in blue, and the ‘occasional bad apple.’

                The culture itself is rotten. Not a ‘few bad apples’.
                Thats what we call a pattern..one that represents a LONG ass train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evincing a design to reduce u.s. under absolute Despotism.

                The police state is enforced BY THE POLICE.

                You should not have been fined for selling tickets. Your rights are not ‘privileges’ that can be regulated away by scumbags in suits whos words say they represent us, but whos actions mostly indicate they only represent themselves.

                Fuck the police unions, and the whore-politicians they rode in on. They all deserve the hell that they will invariably bring down on their own filthy fucking heads.

              • This situation could have and should have been handled differently. The chokehold was totally unnecessary. The cops had other means at their disposal to take this man alive. The issue is not what the man was accused of doing; it’s how the situation was handled. That cop should have been indicted on some kind of charge.

                • Glad to see this post from you RBH. 🙂

                  Did you happen to notice down the page the post from our resident cop?

                  • BJ, I just got home from work and just now getting back online. I’ll take a look at it.

              • If I was the cop, I would’ve told him to take it somewhere else, the owner of this business also has rights. If you don’t move along, I will arrest you…your choice.

        • Your chances of being judged by 6 if you decide to take the life of one of these psychopaths from the most violent gang in america are slim and none. Most likely they will hunt you down and take your life long before any court proceedings. Eric Frien is an exception to this rule, but a very rare one.

          Truth is stranger than fiction, but those awake need to mount and army against this evil gang.

          • *judged by 12*

          • Thumbs up BJ. I won’t instigate the fight, but I’ll finish it to save my life.

            • BJ, good afternoon. I’ll never instigate a fight with anyone, but I will finish one to save my own neck against any perpetrator and I don’t care who the perpetrator is. Everyone has a right to self-defense, period! Take care.

          • But when the option is be killed, or, be killed while taking a few with you…

            A confontation w/ the police in this day and age is almost like a death sentence.

          • That’s right, someone finally gets it. It is a gang of terrorists. How can anyone feel safe with these uncaged animals on the loose with a badge that gives them the license to murder anyone who opposes them. The corrupt courts to advocate their actions to add to the fraud of rule of law.

            To all the corrupt police supporters, I wonder if the actions of the these badged goons would be o.k. if it was one of their family or friends being abused and murdered.

          • THUMB UP BROTHER

        • Grand jury will be proven correct. There was nothing done that directly caused the death of the criminal, except by the criminal. He was in poor health, check. He decided to fight the police, instead of getting booked and have his day in court. He had been arrested before, should have known the drill. Commit crime, get caught, be found guilty, pay fine, go home, repeat. I feel sorry for the police, now it seems some morons want the police to check the health records of scumbags on the street before they engage?

          Police: “excuse me sir, I notice you raping a girl, but I have to ask have you any health problems that would exclude me from pulling you off the victim?”

          • Last I checked selling loose cigarettes doesn’t make you a scumbag.

            Disrespecting the dead because they were trying to make a living…that makes you a scumbag.

            It’s only a crime because some scumbag like you said it was, and some other scumbags with badges and guns enforced it.

            History will prove, that among the phrases most responsible for the greatest evils perpetrated will be..

            “I was just doing my job.”


            “It’s for your own good.”

            Both of which police, and scumbag enablers chant to themselves on a regular basis.

            Keep on chanting, while the house is burning.
            Cause the truth already died.

            Everything afterward
            is the shit you people
            have been shoveling.
            And let me tell you,
            the smart people call it the tide.

            And it is coming in–with a vengeance.

            Can’t make war against the sea, unless you live in the roman empire. And we all know how that clusterfuck ended.

            RIP U.S.
            It was a good run while it lasted.

            • @devil may cry

              Your name says it all. Whining ’cause you can’t get you Marxist agenda to get any traction. Communist dumbass.

              • The first tactic of a communist is to accuse everyone else of being a communist.

                Keep on working hard rednek.
                Or more likely, hardly working?

                • Yup

                  I am confused, so are you a communist or a marxist….LoL

                  I have noticed lately, we have gone from everyone wanting freedom being a libtard, to a communist, to a marxist to now a corxist 🙂

                • @devil may whine:
                  Apparently you don’t have much education either.

                  A little help for you “Marxism, first developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, has been the foremost ideology of the communist movement.” Try educating yourself. It will work wonders.

                  As far as you attempt to belittle me with your “hardly working” statement….I do work very hard but I make sure my labor doesn’t support your kind.

                  • Try educating yourself. It will work wonders.”

                    That depends entirely on where one gets their education.

                    • +1 BJ

                      rednek fails again at reading comprehension. The only person who would believe and/or point out there is a qualitative difference between marxism and communism is someone who follows one or the other.

                      In theory there is no difference between practice and theory.
                      In practice there is.

                      Thats socialism writ-large and any state run by a small group of violent thugs. Crawl back into your hole hillybilly.

                    • @ BJ
                      You are right on with that comment

                  • @DMC
                    Users of ad hoc claims generally believe the excuses and rationalisations serve to shore up the original hypothesis, but in fact each additional speculative term weakens it. This is both due to the speculations being based simply on the faith that there might be an explanation, and because each additional term makes the hypothesis weaker according to the principle of parsimony.

                    Prove it…Cite this…
                    “The only person who would believe and/or point out there is a qualitative difference between marxism and communism is someone who follows one or the other.”
                    So I’m a red blooded capitalist pig. Don’t follow the teachings of Carl Marx or any other commy doctrine. Your statement is false.

                    Absolutely nothing you wrote has any validity.Nada,zero, zilch. Cya.

                    • I don’t usually respond to posts this old, but I’ll take the bait.

                      Your first paragraph parses well enough, but could have been summed in a sentence. Your being intentionally vague and wishy washy.

                      You forget, saying “prove it…cite this.” Dismissing something out of hand, doesn’t magically make it go away.

                      Everything you have said up to this point, including accusing numerous people of being communists, is a favorite tactic of communists.

                      Not saying hes a communist (for anyone who happens to be reading this). Hint-hint. Wink-wink.
                      Just saying if it quacks like a goose, and goose-steps like a goose…

        • That’s bullshit. Your anti-government sedition is nothing more than pathetic pandering to anarchist types. You can take you cop hating bullshit somewhere else.

          These cops do a dam good job and risk there lives to keep us safe.

          This jackass wanted to resist arrest then died of an asthma attack.

          Your stupid comments make me think you are a federal agent trying to bait survivalist with you anti-government rantings.

          Screw you.

          • Keep us safe? From untaxed cigs?

            • DumbDude;
              Don’t tell anyone but I used to buy cigarettes in PA and smoke them in jersey. Holy shit I could be looking at serious jail time. Sarc off.

              But seriously, that simple action I used to do violated like three fucking laws. Same with alcohol and a bunch of other items.

              It boggles the mind.



              • Ghost Rider, I carry several different non-lethal self-defense weapons in my truck with me everywhere I go ever since the Clinton era. Possibly violating several different laws there, but I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period. I won’t follow any policy that can leave me 100% vulnerable to the animals out there.

          • The world is safer now that this cigarette dealer is dead. We can all sleep soundly now…whew!!!

            You’re a genius.

          • Sorry, but the cops dont follow me around, arresting and shooting all who transgress upon me. They are nowhere to be found until its time to extort mony for going 4 miles per hour faster than THEY think i should. As others have said, I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy…

          • It’s interesting how only AFTER the thumbs up/down system was removed, we see a flood of small-dicked fuckwits like this appear out of thin air.


            Fine. Call us all terrorists. I’d rather be called a terrorist than a cop. You people have *only* killed what, 5k? And thats only the states that *have* to report. Loose statistics. Lets play it safe, say 10k, since 9/11.

            You know what I bet? If a crowd of a million pissed off people armed with pens and papercutters flooded over washington, and trampled 5-10k of you people, lawmakers might start looking
            at murder committed by officials as something to be
            treated with the same scrutiny as murder by citizenry.
            And thats the exact sort of situation your looking at 10-15
            years down the line. Congratulations. I won’t shed a tear
            when people finally get sick of the bullshit.

            That last line? Thats just bait for the one or two paranoids on here, and I don’t think, considering the above average IQ on this site, that your line about federal agents is going to be met with anything more than dry derision

            I rank you chest-thumping tin-badge wearing/supporting losers at right about the same level as ass rapists, thieves, violent felons, and hardcore gang members.
            Scum, your all scum. And the American public is about ready
            to take their ball and go home.

            But all comedy aside you do have a small dick.

        • Look at the videotape, and study it. The choke did not kill this guy! It was only for a few seconds! Trachea was not damaged. I could have lived for a minute or more even with an inability to breathe. Once he was on the pavement the choke hold was let go, and nobody was on top of him. He obviously was breathing or he couldn’t have said “I can’t breathe”. He went into some sort of medical episode (probably due to asthma or something like it) due to health reasons, and stopped breathing after he was subdued. That was not foreseeable. That’s why the cop got off.

          • Coroner report says “Homicide due to crushed trachea”

        • So if you intentionally break the law (arrestable offense in this case) while carrying a concealed weapon and a police officer approaches you to arrest you, you will shoot that police officer?

          If so, then you my friend have no business carrying a concealed weapon!

          • Why do you say he should not be carrying?

        • That’s right, all this nazi police brutality non-sense has gone on way too long. Political correctness will one day have all of us fighting for our lives aswell.

          Absolutely disgusting how they justify these badged criminals actions. Had it been the other way around, citizen’s coming to the aid of this dying man, they’d all be charged with attempted murder on the cop.

          “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” ~ William Shakespeare.

        • If you can say “I can’t breathe”, you can breathe.

          • At least for a few more minutes huh? Then never again.

            Yep, the dude was makin’ it all up.

            If you need to switch screen names just let me know.

            • Your screen name is perfect, don’t change a thing.

        • Law enforcement does need to not only pay up for what happened to that person, but also kick the police officers ass and fire him over it. And any of his buddies that participated, are backing him up, etc.
          I hope this doesn’t end up being another racial issue, as I’m getting really tired of that shit. It’s supposed to be the blacks wanting things made right with the police. Not the blacks hating whites over it.
          The rioting shit needs to stop also. Yes, it is a bad thing to see someone killed when it isn’t necessary. But rioting and stealing tires, burning buildings down and destroying everything is really stupid, and it doesn’t do anything except make the blacks look bad. So I hope this isn’t another ferguson situation……….

        • Had he fought for his life, this crime would be justifiable homicide, the unfortunate consequence of resisting arrest.

          As it stands, the cop in question needs to go to jail for manslaughter for 20 years. Life with Bubba on Ryker’s island will give him a new perspective, even if that is small compensation for the loss of a husband, and father. 🙁

      2. It is time to revolt not for a pos like Garner but at the Gestapo like methods of the NYPD, the NY Mayor and the NY Govenor. Thias is a classic case of oppresion by the government. Killing someone for selling cigarettes? WTF?

        1/1/14 both the Mayor and the police chielf said they would be cracking down on selling “loosie”. This guy’s death is on your heads you f’n liberal turds.


        • B,agree with you excepting the part of Garner being a pos.He was just doing what millions do daily to starve the beast but also try and take care of himself and his family.

          • “Eric Garner was a victim who did not deserve death”

            No one deserves death from the hands of another man that isn’t attempting to harm a person or their property and clearly has the means or ability to do so.

          • Warchild—>


            ..and in Garner’s defense:

            “..at least he wasn’t robbing/mugging others, to make a few bucks.”

            His real crime was denying the state its mandatory cut…of any/all monies earned.

            Thus ‘guilt-by-extension’…lies at the feet of the ultimate parasite…government / the state!

            • –addendum to above–

              ***Thus ‘guilt-by-extension’…lies at the feet of the ultimate parasite…government / the state!

              …and the worshipers of the “Mammon-tribe”..who control them.

        • B,agree with you excepting the part of Garner being a pos.He was just doing what millions do daily to starve the beast but also try and take care of himself and his family.

          • I didn’t support any of the Michael Brown stuff. I will support all of the Garner protests, but not any looting. Ill support protestors AND any shop owner who shoots criminal looters. American citizens have the right to protect their property and their life and limb.

            • DumbDude;
              I agree with you on that


            • Not so DumbDude I agree too.

        • Poor cops, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They couldn’t help it, they were called by the store owner because this terrible huge black thug was standing in front of their store and having the audacity to sell single cigarettes without TAXING them. This was putting the poor store owner out of business, who may have been a Jew.

          sarcasm off

          • BJ:

            You are a moron. Think the cops didn’t know about this “poor thugs” long rap sheet. Or perhaps, with all your expertise BJ, you still did not know that?

            If the businesses who called the cops were told “we aren’t gong to do anything about your call” what would have happened then?

            Perhaps it will be karma come back to bite you if you ever need their help and they do not respond.

            I would hope you are out there marching and protesting and not just sitting on your keyboard. You are so fervent in your stand you certainly need to at least send some $$$$ support to the likes of Sharpton.

            • There you go again, obfuscating irrelevant facts with the case in hand. Try sticking ot the case and point for once. His rap sheet means absolutely nothing in regards to him beign choked to death by a cop. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling us all about his wife and dad and what a POS they are.

              Why in the world would I ever want or need the cops??

              • BJ:

                Get your marching boots on BJ or shut your piehole.

                • Nice Junior High comeback instead of actually stating something intelligent to further your point.

            • Only an idiot would call the cops, anyone with a functioning brain realizes they do more harm than good at this point in time.

              This isn’t an isolated incident of police hurting someone by accident because they were unruly, this was murder as the man was not being physically aggressive toward anyone.

              Justifying murder for illegal cigarettes is so beyond rational, anyone who justifies it might aswell start wearing arm bands and have a Judenrat revival and start swearing allegiance the coming NWO global police.

              I will NOT compromise my life for any thug, and that includes the police goon squad.

              Live on your knees if you will, but don’t advocate for others to do so.

          • BJ…

            Why do you seemingly project such a hostile animus towards “ALL” law-enforcement/cops?

            ..I understand that there exists a shitload of ‘bad apples’ in that profession nowadays…yet, there are also, quite a few decent guys…employed in the mix too.

            ..I’ve met / had encounters w/ both types. Yes, I’ve been given a hard time, by the asshole brand…I’ve also been cut some serious slack, by the (decent) human ones.

            In my opinion..lots-o-them turn sour/rancid, due to dealing w/ (ofttimes)..the scum of humanity, on a daily basis, especially in the big metropolises/cities, where scum-dom exists as a sub-culture, ..and in abundance, mind you!

            ..I think many of them have a shitty job..that ultimately..short circuits their reasoning / compassion.

            ..I couldn’t deal w/ alot of the shit they deal with…I’d end up wasting to many scumbags that deserved such!


            I do know that suicide, per their profession, tends to be somewhat robust..relative to other career fields.


            ..and, I have noticed that our “resident cop”, as you define him…has gone dark lately…which IMO, is most unfortunate.
            I liked Sgt.Dale..I enjoyed his posts and agreed w/ much of what he had to say…I think he is ones of the “good” ones..and hope he returns to these threads one day, ditto for the few others who’ve posted also.


            ..per your side of the coin…maybe you should consider looking into the “grey area” side of things..because that’s what cops have to wade thru frequently…and sometimes they’re right….sometimes they’re wrong.

            …its a distinctly human condition!

            • Hunter;
              excellent post!


            • Hunter,
              I am against anything so unconstitutional as the organization of police. They are the government up close and personal as in your face, in your life. They are the included in the ones Jefferson and company spoke about in regards to power corrupts…………

              There is nowhere in the constitution that justifies this organization. There is a reason TPTB Illuminati, refer to the military and law enforcement as their dogs.

              I accept an elected Sheriff and deputies.

              Being decent or a good guy is mutually exclusive from being a cop….especially one who “thinks” he follows Christ.

              How did they cut you a break? Seriously. For what speeding? Not having a piece of government property in your pocket and mandated insurance. Where did the constitution give them the right to force you to pay for permission to do these things? Why does everyone bitch about bo care? We were mandated to buy vehicle insurance years ago…..that is where the bitching should of started.
              They didn’t cut you a break, they gave you the illusion of giving you a break.

              I have no sympathy or compassion for some cop whining and bitching about their job and how hard it is…blah blah blah. I wouldn’t sell my soul and the sell the constitution out to be a cop and no one made them do it either. They serve the CORP and protect the elite and political ruling class. I don’t buy your reasoning for turning sour either. If that was the case then they should have retired or quit. If you can’t do your job and remain professional, then quit or you should be fired.

              If you are under the illusion that the doctrine of Romans 13 means obey your government no matter what, try reading ‘Romans 13 The True Meaning of Submission’ by Baldwin.

              You’re doing the same thing the media as a mouthpiece for the government do all the time with different subjects. You’re chasing red herrings and not getting at the root. Example; Faux News Entertainment will have a segment on taxes with an asswipe form the right and an asswipe from the left….as if we don’t know already what their argument will be….LoL And they argue over what Federal Income taxes should be and for whom and what they make annually. When the argument shouldn’t be how much Federal Income taxes should be paid by this person or that person, but that there should be NO Federal Income taxes being stolen from any mans wages by the IRS to support the Federal Reserve and their corrupt lies and phony bologna loans. I hope that made sense. TPTB do this all the time, and that’s what I hear from you when you make an argument for the police because of this or that, when there shouldn’t be any police per the constitution. And there shouldn’t be all the laws there are either for that matter. When they instituted this evil organization, it was a slippery slope. Now we are in the pit and will never be able to get back up that slope, without an unimaginable amount of violence.

              Sorry to hear that a smart man like yourself was so easily fooled by the likes of sgt dale. His posts as of late are starting to show what I have been trying to tell folks here for a while. And I work in his neck of the woods and know things and people that aren’t information on this board that support what I knew all along………nuff said.

              There is NO gray area IMHO. I won’t apologize for not selling out, compromising and finding gray area.

              Good day Hunter 🙂

              • Wow!

                Thanks for clarifying your position BJ..and its supporting / underlying reasoning.

                ..and “we” agree per the sheriff & deputies as acceptable..as its been the deputies, who’ve cut me serious slack..in the past.
                ..and “no” it wasn’t for speeding/drinking or a minor drug charge.

                ..it was for putting 3 rounds of .308(AP) “black-tip” thru the engine block, of a drunken(& high on meth) beaner’s(illegal alien) & crew, F-150 pick-up truck.

                Yes, I got my ass chewed out royally..was even threatened somewhat…yet I was never hauled to jail..nor was I charged..nor was my weapon / ammo confiscated!

                The beaners were arrested(save one, who ran off)…their truck towed and impounded…as they were busted for drugs/meth & drinking/open containers, no insurance etc.

                ..I call that “serious slack”, per my part..!


                Ditto..like you, I am no fan of the city-badges..or the State’s super-troopers(by-n-large)..although most of them, seem a bit more professional/polished.


                ..and per the ‘Sarge’..well, I don’t know him personally..never met the man..yet his posting has been consistent here..and his opinions..reasonable(IMO).

                ..he doesn’t strike me as a “steroid-hyped’ sociopath w/ a hard-on for violent confrontation…and a ‘badge’ for legitimacy!

                So, I tend to ‘cut-slack’ myself..per judgement of the man.



                ..ok, let’s sans the “grey area”..and stick to purely black-n-white outcomes.

                ..what is the alternative to law enforcement? What is the compromise? Is there even a working/functional model of such..or a viable replacement?


                I understand your reference to “the corp” and the evil/wrongs it entails.

                ..so let’s play..let’s pretend:..

                Imagine “we” do have a 2nd revolution..and “we” win..and thus, its out w/ the old paradigm..and in w/ the new!

                —-for the record, I do think the current system(in the Macro-sense), is beyond repair / redemption..so no argument from me on that score—-

                ..back to pretending: ..one would assume that a new form/system of govt would be created/established..and new laws enacted/passed for whatever “we” deemed important..yes?

                ..who or what..will be tasked w/ enforcing said laws?


                I’m all for eliminating / banning..over-reaching federal power..along w/ +90% of its ABCD agencies..plus the (mis-named) federal reserve and the income tax system.

                While were at it..let’s eliminate property taxes too!
                ..at least once the note / mortgage has been retired / paid-off.


                In the end BJ…I think our differences of opinion are quite minor..I think they basically reside, in the realm of…misunderstanding..due to lack of data / info..or the opposite party’s conception of such.

                That said, if you’re into the “anarchy” thingy…then we’re miles apart!

                Good day to you too!

                • Hunter,
                  Sorry for sounding do crass…the cop thing just boils my blood….actually a lot of what we discuss here makes my blood boil and makes me really sad and afraid….for my kids, wife AND ME! Plus I was trying to finish up a detailed investigation at work (Causal analysis ((Tap Root Cause)) immediate actions and corrective actions) before leaving for the weekend.

                  It is time to get a fire going in the fire place and listen to some more of ‘Swamp Robber’ in the Sugar Creek Gang series by Paul Hutchens. Kids love it and I tell them this is how my grandparents probably did it way back when before tv.

                  If I don’t respond to your post tonight before I go to bed, I will tomorrow.

                  • BJ–>

                    Screw the answering (me) timeline/mandate.

                    ..get some rest..charge the batteries of your soul, by spending quality time w/ the wife & kids..as they are of “CORE” importance..

                    ..our discussion is merely minor semantics..and in the end, nothing more than a mental exercise to clarify…an opinion!

                    ..submerge yourself and wallow in the goodness/blessings, per that “CORE”..and forget about the peripheral things…like posting here…responding to me.

                    Enjoy..& blessings to you/yours!


                    ..per the boiling blood syndrome..I can relate whole-heartily..hence, my temporary lapse into insanity, per pumping 3 rounds into an occupied vehicle, late at night.

                    ..been there, experienced that,…sir!


                • It depends on your definition of “anarchy.”

                  If your definition is the modern day media twisted version (much akin to what they have done to words like conspiracy and militia) then yes we are worlds apart. If your definition is more akin to the founders beliefs and idea of anarchy….then we are standing side by side.

                  One thing in your post that jumps out at me, and maybe I am reading too much into it, is that the first thing you allude to is a “new form of government” “new laws” and “who will enforce those laws?”

                  What happened to “Man was born to be free and independent” & “Man is to govern himself?”

                  Some time back I was for NO laws, and after thinking A LOT about this, the growth and evolution of the world in 230 years…..I have come to the painful realization that this isn’t possible…..I’ll have to wait for heaven for this. I do still believe that over 95% of the laws passed in the last 230 years should be erased.

                  As far as the natural man is concerned…..natural law only. If I haven’t harmed another man or his property, I have broken no law.

                  Now when it comes to business, banking & markets, the environment and the extremely small and truly limited government, there needs to be some regulation and laws.

                  And we go back to the founders idea on foreign policy and militia for defense.

                  New government would be 5% or less the size and scope of today’s.

                  The Sheriffs in each county enforce Natural Law against the Natural sovereign man. The people and militia enforce the laws on government.

                  • For the sake of brevity…again, our differences are miniscule.

                    • I miss Dale too. Even for all my venom towards officials, he seemed like a decent guy.

                      Reality is, when you have people who sweat bullets each time a cop drives by, despite having committed no crimes, what you have is a public living in a state of fear.
                      That is a police state. Not the black boots in the street, martial law variety no. Something much more ordinary but just as terrifying. Regular dudes making trying to scrap by like anyone else, and thoroughly ingrained in a tight-nit, closed community all doing the same thing, with incredible pressure to perform, even at the expense of integrity. Those situations lead to very bad things happening. This definition veers dangerously close to the definition of a gang.

                      And thats why it is terrifying. Because a gang isn’t ever made of one member, but many, and when you’re in it, you don’t see it for what it is.

                      Like Sgt. Dale said himself, the culture has changed.

                      Short of some apocalyptic collapse, or ww3, the institution of police officers aren’t going away. So I encourage *everyone* decent that I meet to join the police.
                      Otherwise you end up with football lackies and military-wannabes who self select for the police.

                      People have to take on shit jobs, or shitheads will take those jobs and do bad things in them.

                      Hunter I applaud you for encouraging concrete solutions, instead of, as I have in the past, simply wanting to tear it all down.

                    • DMC—>

                      Very well written & truthful post!

                      Thank you!

      3. Never forgive! Never forget!

        • NO compromise!

      4. recommended reading

        Worse Than Slavery
        by Oshinsky

        Christian nation my ass

        • @Satori,
          Gods Creation used to say, “The Emancipation Proclamation did NOT free black men, it enslaved ALL men.”

      5. It has well been said that ‘unforgiveness is like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.’ What better pagan way to oppress a people group than to teach them to hate. It looks like the ‘top down–bottom up’ strategy boasted about by our V.J. CNN commentator is finally maturing. Congrats to all the hard work and many long hours of our community organizers!

      6. Very sad, sad case of police excessive force…and very unlike Brown’s case. Comparison: Permanently expelling a student who threatened a teacher and then attacked, punching her in the head (Brown), versus permanently expelling a student who sold a sugary cookie she had bought at the store to another student (Garner).

      7. Cops won’t quit killing until they are instilled with the same fear of death at the hands of those they SHOULD serve are forced to endure. Me thinks the tactics used by the police should be returned in kind, 10 times 10 over….n’uff said.

      8. Opening day of hunting season fast approaches. In this one there will be no bag limit. Soon my friends very soon. Just prepare and be safe. To all the good LEO’s out there; for your and your families best interest loose the badge. We know your hands are tied to try and correct any thing so please be safe.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      9. Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.
        The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.
        From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.
        General Bill Gann’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
        The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…
        During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

        Senator Obama replied :
        “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides.” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression…” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”

        Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to ourMiddle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ….”

        When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts.We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.

        “Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed,CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America.”
        Yes, you read it right.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America

        • Obama said that?! Is there a youtube of that?

          • FreeSlave:

            There is also a youtube of the questionable mrs? Obama looking at an American flag and you see IT mouthing the words “that damned flag”.

            • ht tp://www.barefootsworld.net/uscivilflag.html

              I’ll take the civil flag over the war flag any day.

        • Well, things are going great with Barry.

          Ironic that the period associated with the birth of the prince of peace may be overshadowed by riots.

          Definitely need to give him 4 more years, he’s rolling now !

      10. Now THIS poor guy i can get behind,
        Really, your going to put him in a chokehold for selling improperly taxed cigarettes?
        Where are the looters? The arsonist?
        THIS is an unjustified killing.
        I have a friend over here who got arrested on a DWI
        Had an asthma attack while in the holding cell, cops didnt do anything, he went unconscious, he now has brain damage and has been institutionalized from it for the last 35 years. His family is poor and he had 0 $ since he was 25 at the time of his arrest. How much do you think his upkeep in a state facility has cost for the last 35 years?

        • I read that the NYC Police sent out a mass text after the Grand Jury verdict was released in this case.

          It said, “WE HEAR YOU!! NYCPD”

          I guess that did not go over too well in the community.

          I’ll have to do more checking on that story about the validity, and how is it they can control mass blog texting shout-outs to every cell phone? Some pricey technology Psyops there going on.

          • Here is the Story of the Tweet, not a text:

            The #NYPD is committed to rebuilding public trust. #Wehearyou

            NYPD Tweet #WeHearYou Immediately Backfires After Eric Garner Ruling

            Twitter exploded with criticism of the NYPD following an incendiary tweet by a top New York cop.

            The tweet, which said the department was “committed to rebuilding public trust” and hashtagged #WeHearYou, was sent as the public learned that a grand jury voted not to indict the officer involved in the death of Eric Garner.

            A grand jury in Staten Island decided not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Garner, a 43-year-old black man who died in July after being placed in a chokehold.

            Joanne Jaffe, chief of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau, tweeted Wednesday afternoon, shortly after news of the decision broke:
            Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/03/nypd-tweet-wehearyou-backfired-_n_6264648.html

            Go to the link to read the comments posted in outrage.

          • Yea, NYC is just another commy stronghold, just like Ca and a few other places,,
            the same tech that allows the gov to send your phone emergency messages for weather stuff can be used to send you “public advisories”

      11. Good God !!! Our country is a nest of crazy shit! How can you kill a person for selling a smoke!!! Other countries can see that the land of the Free is a whole lot of bullshit propaganda why would anyone in their right mind move to country with killer militarized cops just waiting to beat the shit out of you for no reason black, white, oriental or native American our jails tell the true story of how our country has fallen so far…..I just pray these idiots are the first to go….

      12. Good God !!! Our country is a nest of crazy shit! How can you kill a person for selling a smoke!!! Other countries can see that the land of the Free is a whole lot of bullshit propaganda why would anyone in their right mind move to country with killer militarized cops just waiting to beat the shit out of you for no reason black, white, oriental or native American our jails tell the true story of how our country has fallen so far…..I just pray these idiots are the first to go..

      13. Off topic…

        Update on the ‘recovery’

        The Baltic Dry Index shows the true strength of the global economy. The Baltic Dry Index is the barometer that gauges the shipping dry bulk commodities around the globe.

        June 2014…
        The Baltic Dry Index Is Down 60% Year-To-Date; Worst On Record

        “has collapsed over 60% year-to-date”

        “worst first-half of the year on record”

        December 3, 2014 – Baltic Dry Index is down to 1,079 points.

        For comparison…
        May 20, 2008 – The Baltic Dry Index reached 11,793 points.
        -Port News

      14. I feel for his kids and his wife for their loose, but this just another TURD that fought with the Cops. and lost. OH ya I almost forgot he has a rap sheet as long as my arm.

        He had High blood pressure, diabetes, smoked, over weight.

        He wasn’t being choked to death. The info I have is that the cause of death was him being sick with the above things I have all ready mentioned, and fighting with the cops.

        You can’t talk if you can’t breath PERIOD!!!!

        I have heard this hundreds of times just like you are breaking my arm. Never choked anyone one to death and have never broken an arm. Turds us this so that you won’t make them give in so you can cuff them and take them into custody.

        It is a ploy used by turds so they can take advantage of the arresting Officer.

        She is a moron. She has no frigging Idea what she is taking about. AGAIN IF YOU CAN’T BREATH YOU CAN’T TALK!!! If he said it 11 times like she claims he was breathing.

        Boy I know if we still had our thumbs up or down how many downers would get for this one. These are the facts live with them!!!


        • That’s right dale, the cops are ALWAYS right! Don’t EVER question what a cop tells you, don’t dare to think for yourself, just be a good little sheep and do what the cops tell you to do. Too bad it isn’t 50 years ago when people didn’t have access to instant information and video to view for themselves, that just makes it sooooo much harder for the po’ policeman to do his job PROPERLY! Thank God we live in an age where information is available to the public to make their OWN decisions and not have to take a cop’s lying word for anything. BTW, is it a coincidence that you almost NEVER read about a cop getting a DUI? Must be because all them good honest cops NEVER drive after having a few, hell, they don’t even DRINK alcohol do they?

          • Anon
            Hell we arrest every body even judges where I’m from.

            • Right sarge, SURE you do!, I suppose you can offer some proof of this via arrest records of ” where you’re from” and show me just how wrong I am can’t you? I know there won’t be any reply from you here but crickets chirping..

              • Here is one this last April. BUT this is 1. in Ottawa, which is not the town he works in and wasn’t him arresting.
                2. It is not a pig, just a two bit judge, not a brother in blue.

                ht tp://illinoisduilawyer.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/la-salle-county-judge-arrested-for-dui/

        • Ok, I’ll remember that the next time a cop is killing me, I’ll make sure to take the time to say “Your chokehold and weight on my chest are putting me in extreme respiratory distress and will kill me.” I’ll make sure I don’t state a factual error and suggest I can’t breathe, when the clear truth is that I’m only having trouble breathing and slowly feeling my life slipping away.

          I hope you are never surrounded by too many of us TURD citizens who still believe we have the right to life when you and your buddies in blue decide to act in the state’s interest and kill us on the street. You might find out how important it is for everyone to believe human life should always be legally protected. If you convince us otherwise, you might just find you are seriously outnumbered by folks just as well trained and armed.

          • “I hope you are never surrounded by too many of us TURD citizens”

            God, please forgive me, but I wouldn’t frown.

          • D.D. simple don’t fight with the cop[s and it won’t happen!

            • Sarge,the cops are enforcing/getting violent over dumber and dumber laws being passed,folks are going to fight back and soon like the guy in Pa. will have daily retaliation.To the good cops out there,get ready to retire and leave the back door with as much supplies and information as you can,right or wrong soon anyone in a uniform will be the target when things get real ugly.

              • There are so many videos out there of people being beaten, kicked, battoned, tazed and shot by the police who were not resisting or fighting the police, it is amazing. Yet the good ole boy gangster in blue here will tell you a line of shit. Because he was brainwashed and only knows now how to keep up the lie and to protect the false sense of dignity he thinks he has and to protect the lie that keeps his brothers in power.

                Garner wasn’t fighting, Tamir Rice wasn’t fighting, the guy in an Ohio Walmart wasn’t fighting. Watch the video called “this is what happens when you call the cops” for a whole slew of good examples of psychopathic police.

            • Dumb Dude,

              Right! Just do as your told a be a GOOD little sheep and don’t ever question what a cop says! Now lick my badge before I drum up some bullshit charge against you and open fire!

        • I am glad you chimed in on this…….because the more you post, the more you show your true self & the norm cop think and talk.

          “The info I have is that the cause of death was him being sick.”
          SO you are privvy to information no one else has? Why because you are special?

          The info I have is from the medical examiner, which over rules pig speak and pig rumors.

          Tell us again please, what it was you said about the 12 year old bot being shot in Cleveland. You support that death by cop as well don’t you?

          • BJ,

            I really doubt there will be any further posts from the good ole’ sarge on this one. There’s too much backlash for him to overcome for this OBVIOUS case of death by cop, so I suspect he’ll quietly slink away from the conversation and disappear.

            • Actually this is his normal modus operandi as of late on articles of this nature. He slinks his way in, makes a post and then slithers out.

              This man is a fraud, a real wolf in sheeps clothing. I work with some who know well OF him and he is not what he poses to be.

        • SGT:

          Just wait until we have “martial” law declared. That is a state of “LAWLESSNESS”. Thugs will run wild at that point and you will be on your own to save yourself.

          It will be Chicago everywhere in America. No one will come to your aid as they will be busy defending their own.

          Loss of respect for the law/authority is in the Marxist playbook and the Sharptons of America are riding the wave.

          I know there is problems with law enforcement. I also know, in my town, I sleep better at night knowing they are available.

          We do not know (and don’t want to) know the history of posters and law enforcement) that posts here at SHTF. I have never had an ass up with law enforcement; that probably colors my view of them.

          • POG,

            Yes, you ” know” there are problems with law enforcement. However, you decide to ignore them and lick the boot of the police state. Is that what ‘GOD’ says we should do?

            • Would that you could spend a night patrolling Chicago with the cops. Might be a real awakening!

              Any theory on why protestors in NY didn’t begin looting and burning?

              • POG,

                NOBODY asked them to take the god damned job now did they” NO, these guys CHOOSE to be cops. If they wanted a job where they’re gonna be loved, they should have gone to Hollywood and become a movie star. Christ all mighty, you will use ANY excuse to lick a badge, won”t you? Of course, if the protesters were WHITE, now that WOULD be police brutality now wouldn’t it? To suggest killing people as a way of crowd control PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re nothing more than a boot licking slave to the police state, perhaps even a slave to the ” tribe” that controls everything perhaps.

              • POG
                None of these guys have ever had to walk a mile in a Cop’s shoes and have no idea what they are talking about.

                I’ve had to fight with little people big people, White people black people, brown, people and yellow people. male and female. When you are trying to get them to put their arms behind their backs to be cuff they will cry and say anything to get you to stop. Then they will try to get the upper hand over you. I hate to have to fight with people because I don’t like hurting people. I will win the fight no matter what it takes.

                So all of you guys that what to fight with the LEO’s go ahead make the scum of the LEO’s day so they can really hurt you. Then you can also piss off the good LEO’s that just wants to cuff you and do the paper work and take you to jail or release you.


                Fight with a Cop and resist arrest and you will get your ASS KICKED. AGAIN YOUR CHOICE!!!

                • Well,so be it,as I said before,cops attack people they in turn will be attacked,just what the powers that want to be desire,one more way to divide the people.

                • Well,so be it,as I said before,cops attack people they in turn will be attacked,just what the powers that want to be desire,one more way to divide the people.

                • Well, the sarge’s TRUE colors have EMERGED here folks! Just another stinking Nazi prick with a badge on a power trip. You can almost see his tears staining the page as the poor little thing isn’t getting the respect that he thinks we OWE him, AAAAWWWWWW, don’t cry now dale, your mommy will dry your eyes with her apron hem.

                • Thank you dale!

                  You have made me smile for the first time ever. I don’t have to do much anymore to get people to see you for who you really are…..you are finally letting all that cop attitude oooze out and all on your own.

                  Let me tell you though, you have been misled on Romans 13 and one day the payment will be great for you. The legislators who pass unconstitutional laws answer to the people AND the constitution. If a law is unconstitutional it is NULL AND VOID. You as a cop work for the Executive branch of the local government and answer to the people AND the constitution. A peace officer (an oxymoron in todays times) is below the constitutionally (natural law) innocent natural man and answers to him. This is the way it was set up, even though that is not what is happening today and not what you were indoctrinated with, will not render you innocent on that day.

                  So keep spewing that cop attitude against your fellow man……..I know the truth and how God views ALL this.

                • Wow Dale…

                  Just wow.

                  True colors showing now.

                • You’re in dreamland copsucker. The gang in blue is one critical event away from shedding their clothes faster than two bit whores on Chicago’s south side. You don’t have the manpower, will or means to tackle the most armed citizenry on earth. Law enforcement unfortunately has lost it’s legitimacy from illegal actions, corruption and the gang keeping their mouths zipped when actions like opening fire on citzens with no prosecutor filing charges a la the Dorner effect. The bootlickers, unions, police organizations are all guilty and there will be unintended consequences for such a devastating loss of trust.

                • Great post sgt. There will be people that will even fight the truth of that statement . I would rather the police deal with people that don’t act civilized than them attacking my family. It just happened here in michigan a black man stabs 4 unarmed white women on a train . I wish a cop would have shot him or choked him out instead of the elderly being brutally and savagely attacked while on a train going to a church function. Eye for an eye, the bible states..

                  • Hey lazy nanny state loving fool…I wish another man would of stepped up and fulfilled his duty instead of wanting the govt to come bail their ass out. Lick a boot and fade away….you are a disgrace and a eunuch!

            • Her hate closet is too full as it is with Jews, there is no room for the most endangering evil to American citizens in this police state.
              Nor is she smart enough to draw the lines connecting the two.

              Truly a one trick pony….dress n all 🙂

            • um, actually, yes, that is what God says. Honor (non lick).

              I know the book of Romans has been vigorously debated by many on this form before, so I’ll just mention it in passing.

              • grandee,

                So God says we should ” honor” those who are about to kill us? If that is the case, then I guess you would have to say that Jesus should have ” honored” Pontious Pilate?

                • One of the most dangerous usurpations on the spirit of freedom and liberty that the risen Christ gave us, is the mis interpretation of Romans 13 and the false doctrine of “obey your government, no matter what” that has been spoon fed to the sheeple.

                  Break free from that lie people, it is a flasehood, a false doctrine just like the rapture.

                  Read ‘Romans 13 The True Meaning of Submission’ by Chuck Baldwin

            • She’s a judenrat, a useful pawn for the oppressive system.

          • Pissed off Granny you’re suffering from a severe case of Stockholm syndrome and double speak, it must be from the vaccines and fluoridated red pills that you mindlessly took as a child and adulthood. Keep supporting the oppressors you make for good flag wavers of fascist regimes.

        • Typical answer from a psychopath, which most cops are.

          Every dog has its day.

      15. I think the evidence shows he was not choked to death. It was either his asthma or his heart condition that killed him. Knowing he had these problems he would have been wise to submit to arrest rather then force the fight.

        • So even thought the medical examiner ruled it a homicide due to compression of the neck and chest while in a prone position…with contributing health factors, your going to proclaim that evidence shows that he WASN’T choked to death.

          face palm

        • Exactly.
          And don’t live in a shit hole like NYC.

      16. As a health care professional, one thing that bothered me the most was the fact that none of these police attempted to do any first-aid. Cops have to be CPR certified and I would assume some would even have defibrillator training. You can clearly see that the man is not breathing and has no form of movements whatsoever. A CPR certified person would have at least checked for pulse and do chest compressions. The man lay motionless in excess of five minutes before EMS arrives. Without oxygen our brain is gone in six minutes. Imagine the outcome if someone would have at least attempted to help the man.

        • It really bothered me that no one uncuffed his hands from behind his back. Clearly, he was not a threat. Having his arms pulled behind his back combined with his large chest and abdomen along with lying flat would just make it more difficult to breath. I was shocked at how little was being done by police to help Mr Garner prior to EMS arrival. Sad situation.
          Thinking back on recent stories involving the NYPD, aren’t they the ones that frequently shoot innocent bystanders and chase down the mentally challenged for pointing their fingers like a gun?

      17. The piece of shit pig who put him in a chokehold until he was dead should likewise be put into a chokehold until he is dead. That would be justice.

      18. Wow ! Well here goes. Don’t break the law and avoid a confrontation with the police. Seems really simple doesn’t it ? If you get confronted by a person with a gun,taser,night stick, pepper spray/mace don’t puff up and try to act all Billy Bad Ass. Even if you are in the right, by getting all aggressive,you couuld end up hurt really bad if not dead. As screwed up as that sounds it’s just the way it is. Become the grey man. Don’t stand out in a crowd, don’t draw attention to yourself and practice OPSEC at all times.

        • “Even if you are in the right, by getting all aggressive,you couuld end up hurt really bad if not dead. As screwed up as that sounds it’s just the way it is.”

          So forget about one’s inalienable/unalienable rights, just forfeit everything including dignity to appease a nazi asshole with a badge.

          How pathetic and cowardly you are. So much for the good citizenry sticking together to address the current situation worldwide, that cops are psychopathic maniacs with no morality or semblance of the rule of law.

          Its not the way it is, these systems of government are corrupt all on their own without the help of any law abiding, sane citizenry.

      19. OT
        I am interested to see how your new post notification system works out.


        • Yeah, I noticed that last night, but haven’t tried it yet.

          • I’m on the fence about it. When I first read the part about follow up comments I thought it meant follow up comments to just my post. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m getting follow up comments to all existing posts.


      20. Maybe we could re-enact the crime – only this time we could get a burly black guy to apply the choke hold to the cop until the cop’s trachea is crushed. Since the grand jury said this is not a crime, it should be OK to do this. Right?

      21. I guess Randy Weaver’s family got what was coming to it to. After all he was a man resisting arrest by staying on his ranch. Folks have to understand this attitude of the police goes back a long way and Black folks have been putting up with it for a long time. When it hits you good white folks like at Ruby Ridge all of a sudden it is Gestapo police tactics

        • Mumbo, well stated man!. POG and sargy dale need to read your post!

      22. Using a choke hold is one thing, but to see someone unconscious and nobody offering to check his vitals and start CPR is inexcusable. Especially for police officers who are supposed to be trained in first aid.

        • “To serve and protect” LOL

          To serve and protect the current governmental system of corruption and ensure they get their paychecks.

      23. Brown in Ferguson – as much as I rue anyone’s death – was a thug high on drugs, aided and abetted by communists and others crashing the city to make a cause celebre out of this. In contrast, this one in NYC was police brutality, and evidence of a militarized police environment sweeping the country.

        We certainly are on the twins horns of a dilemma! I think Brown attacked the policeman in Ferguson while on drugs, after committed a crime, and thus paid the price. On the other hand, this guy in NYC was clearly a victim of police brutality.

        Gone are the days of Officer Friendly. The question is, WHY and HOW did we get from there to here. The answer is obvious.

        Thanks, leftists, radical feminists, radical gays, communists, campus speech and thought police, ad nauseam.

        • Great post, TEST.

      24. ” He did not resist arrest, and his alleged crime was too petty to cost him his life”

        Sorry Mac, the video clearly shows Gardner resisting arrest, telling the officer “Don’t touch me” and trying to throw his arms away from the arresting officer. If he had not resisted, he would be alive. Gardner had been arrested many times with this misdemeanor, selling cigarettes in front of the stores, so he knew it was wrong.

        I do not side with the grand jury on this one. He clearly said he couldn’t breathe and he was ignored with the excessive force to suffocate him. The officer(s) should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, and it wasn’t just one officer that caused his death. This incident angers me that they all got off, and looks bad for the NYC police department.

      25. I don’t like the way this arrest turned out. But have you noticed that the juries are sending a message? If you resist arrest and die, it’s your own fault. Don’t resist. Last time I checked, 60% of all arrests are resisted in some manner. Welcome to the real world.

        • People resist because it is a natural human reaction. Someone (anyone) puts their hands on you, you are going to react.

          I would have liked to see the 5 minutes leading up to this video. Get a better idea of the entire encounter.


      26. I think law enforcement must find a more effective, non-lethal way to restrain an uncooperative person. Society cannot permit a person to ignore police, but it’s barbarian to think it’s ok to escalate a situation where a non-violent misdemeanor ends in someone’s death. We should be able to do better than Hitler and Stalin would do.

      27. Why don’t they do the same to the wall street thugs? Or the political thugs? That have done a lot more damage than any common man on the street. Selling cigarettes? Really? This is bullshit! This is wrong and if anybody deserves a riot and mass chaos it’s this case. When will these cops be held accountable? They don’t need to be hotheads and trigger happy, they are supposed to protect and “serve” to serve someone is to listen to them and then figure out a plan. They could have talked, whatever happened to just talking. These cops don’t seem interested in talking, they just show up and want to kill someone. So the moral of these stories is, if you want someone dead or seriously injured, call the cops. They can legally kill someone and you won’t be charged for their murder, you can just sit back and watch them kill your enemy. What a horrible Police State our nation has become.

        • Wow;
          I don’t post a lot here but I still drop in and read the bickering among posters. There appears to be a hell of a changing of the guard in progress. I recognize almost none of the screen names and it is sure getting ugly. By the way, does anybody learn anything here? I don’t remember having a lot of Ah-ha moments.

      28. One of the “classic” ways Communists destabilize a nation, before a revolution, is to turn the general population against the Police. Think about that! My Daddy once told me, nobody say’s that life is fair.

      29. Tobacco kills

      30. the choke hold was illegal, it was cold blooded murder, they didnt even try to revive him, that even adds to the murder in my book.

      31. It was not a chokehold!!! Let’s look at the facts: Holder was 350-400 lbs. asthmatic with a heart condition. Any EMT’s out there will tell you he was not a candidate for the Olympic team. Possible stress of being tackled set off an asthmatic attack,possibly leading to a respitory arrest,which leads to cardiac arrest. THIS was a tragedy.And no, I was not there.

        • So, if you had jumped on him with you arm against his neck, knocked him to the ground, with six of your buddies standing around. Then next you stand up and watch him die. It all gets caught on camera.

          Then you, southside, would be pretty confident you wouldn’t have to face trial, because “Heck after all he was sick”. An accident… a tragedy…

          Nope, you’d be facing a very tough situation in front of a judge. But wait you say, “Police are allowed to use this type of force to protect the citizenry.” Who were they protecting? Was their life threatened? Someone else? Were they being assaulted? The police have no more right to kill an unarmed man on the street than you do.

      32. Who’s responsible for Garner’s death?
        Want some FACTS about this case?
        NYC charges nearly SIX BUCKS for a pack of cigs IN TAXES.
        NYC makes more money per pack than maker of the cigs.
        NYC has a police force that goes door to door of businesses checking to see if they are selling non-taxed cigarettes.
        NYC has created an environment where the Garners of the world will use the black market to sell non-taxed cigs in NYC.
        Garner was arrested NINE times BY THE SAME OFFICER for selling non-taxed cigs. He was NOT arrested for selling “loosies”.
        Garner was arrested THIRTY-ONE times previously.
        Garner KNEW the routine of being arrested.
        Garner RESISTED being arrested.
        Garner was RESPONSIBLE for his own death.

        Those of you that cannot see these facts or REFUSE to see them, GET OVER IT!

        You want to blame anyone for Garner’s death, blame NYC Mayor Bloomberg. He’s the one responsible for this calamity on cigarettes….and a lot more in NYC!

        • Silly reason to get yourself killed.

        • Maybe when it comes time for your widow to bury you we can remember and say something similar. He shouldn’t have been driving that late… He looked very threatening… He was participating with subversive groups on the internet… He refused to provide the DNA sample… or to say his pledge to press O… Whatever it is, he made his mistake and clearly forfeited his life. Who’s to blame? Its certainly not the men on the street that have the terrible responsibility of taking such criminals off the street.

          Just curious, will there ever be a case for you where it will be inappropriate for the authorities to take a life because the infraction was too minor? EVER? If my son dies because he jay walks on his way to school will I hear from you that he just shouldn’t have done that. The mayor should have put in more cross walks? Will you ever think the system is broken when the supposed “free” and “brave” citizens of this country get killed over stuff that 100 years ago no American would have ever imagined would become illegal?

      33. The behavior of Garner was wrong, as was the level of physical force, but the discussion is muddied by the idea that he choked to death.

        Garner died of positional asphyxia, like many obese people, he couldn’t breathe when he was on his stomach. The “choke hold” didn’t kill him, forcing him to remain on his stomach with his arms cuffed behind his back killed him, especially with someone on his back holding him down.

        This means that every NYPD person there failed to recognize the situation; likely they weren’t trained to recognize this as a concern and took his “I can’t breathe” as proof that he had enough air to talk.

      34. I have a friend who routinely tells me how he’d shoot the cops ( funny, I am one), shoot the feds; hell shoot anyone he basically disagrees with… And I just shake my head and laugh at him…I hope some of these wild eyed pistol wavers are just emotional and kidding. Yup, as I’ve said before on this site, some police basically suck. That much said, the alternative, martial law, is far worse. Some ” shoot the cops” types would indeed take some cops and soldiers with them…but for the most part they would just get slaughtered by military heavy weapons. An earlier post said to sneak out of town with your preps while the police are busy with the rioters…that’s one of the smartest things I read on this thread, because after a few days the surviving police will indeed mostly take off their badges and look after their own families. Back to the beginning of my comment, myself ( a vet) and my 2 sons who are Marines chuckle at a couple of locals who have bunkers and some small arms and brag how they will shoot cops and federal agents…maybe so, but one TOW missile and their clubhouse is gone. Best stay on the down low, and head for the hills when you see armored vehicles.

        • Old Cop:
          welcome from another old Cop. Some of these folks have no idea what is like to be a Cop! Stay safe.

        • Martial law can’t happen in USA unless you bring in foreign troops. Just stay true to the Constitution, law and your oath and everything will be peachy, otherwise doctrine of one hundred heads, 4th generation warfare is at the backdoor with the most armed citizenry on earth. This isn’t Afghanistan son.

          Guess some people didn’t learn from Bundy Ranch when ex-Marines showed up as counter snipers to the Gov’t special ops snipers.

      35. There’s also one very important consideration to be made in the non prosecution of these bad cops…if the prosecutor or the grand jury foreman are threatened with violence if they don’t drop the case. It would be understandable that a prosecutor would drop the case is his life was threatened, or possibly blackmail.

      36. you cops murdered this man, your rigged grand jury may have gotten you off, but you wont be able to hide from your karma,

        • Bulldog yes you cant excape KARMA. Everyone eventually gets what they deserve & they deserve what they get. If not in this life maybe the next.

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