Heavily Censored Del Bigtree: “They’re Telling You What Their Agenda Is”

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 9 comments

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    Del Bigtree the producer of the documentary Vaxxed, recently sat down for an interview with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group.  Bigtree laid out exactly what’s in a vaccine, and what will be going into your body, and why this coronavirus scamdemic vaccine is nothing like we’ve ever seen before.

    Bigtree jumps right in when he explains his history of researching vaccines, more specifically, the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) shot that was shown in studies to give children autism. Bigtree recounts how he started to get pushback fro the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) when he was asking for double-blind placebo studies on vaccines that prove they are safe and effective. Basically, those studies either aren’t being done, or they are not showing vaccines to be safe as we’ve been told.

    On top of all f that, Bigtree says the vaccine manufactures and doctors who administer vaccines have no obligation to ensure you are safe when administering them.  If you have a side effect or are killed by a vaccine, the taxpayers are liable, not the company that created the vaccine.  If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear what’s in store for us with this COVID-19 vaccine agenda.

    The coronavirus vaccine will not be undergoing phase 3 trials, let alone double-blind placebo studies, and all of the manufacturers have demanded they be protected from the public if they kill or injure anyone with this rushed injectable product. If you are still under some delusion that this vaccine won’t be mandatory, either by force or otherwise, you don’t understand what’s going on.  Those in power need you to submit and take the vaccine. “It’s really an outrageous moment we find ourselves in,” says Bigtree, summing it all up.

    This is a worldwide issue too, says Bigtree. COVID-19 is bringing in everyone (adults and children) into the forced vaccine program. This should alarm anyone. If any other human can force something into your body against your will, you are not free. But they only need slaves in the New World Order.  He’s been warning people to wake up for years now. “There is going to be something that they use to scare us into an adult vaccine program,” said Bigtree. “You think it’s just the COVID-19 vaccine, but you’ll have to get the catch-up schedule to catch up with the children’s vaccine program,” which includes 72 doses of vaccines.

    Mandatory vaccines have the DNA of other humans (aborted fetal  DNA, worm DNA, cocker spaniel DNA) in them, says Bigtree. It’s time the public is aware of what they are injecting into their children. Not to mention the aluminum, which is a neurotoxin when ingested, yet we inject it directly into the bloodstream.

    So what’s the overall goal of the ruling class? Bigtree says he doesn’t delve into conspiracy theories, but “let’s just take them for their word. They’re telling you what they’re agenda is. When you hear them say, long before ‘our lives will not get back to normal until we have a vaccine, months ago.’ That’s an agenda. Right there, they just told you the main goal.”

    And yet, they’ve moved the goalposts from there.

    They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

    I still have a few questions Bigtree: what is in the new COVID-19 vaccine? Why is THIS vaccine necessary for the entire population?


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      1. My wife and I will NOT be “Guinea pigs” for a poorly tested vaccine. We are old & choose to NOT roll-the-dice with a new vaccine.

        Many of those in governance are ignorant. Georgia congressman, Hank Johnson (D), thought the island of GUAM would flip over (like a tiddlywink) if we overloaded one side of the island. I’m sorry but basic education & common sense should be required to govern your fellow Americans. Who the hell VOTES for these people. Do you really think Ocasio-Cortez (a likely cabinet member for Joe Biden) has sufficient experience and education to govern the rest of us?

        • AOC is a stunningly beautiful woman. That alone would be radical in a high US government post. It would send a clear message America is willing to raise the bar on personal deportment and will stop putting diesel lesbians, obese heifers in senior government posts.

      2. If this or any vaccine protects you why do you need to inject me with it?

      3. I am 75 years old – have diabetes and a bad heart – Prime Target

        I will not get the vaccine.

        What I have been doing is building up my own immune system with various supplements. God gave us this gift for a reason and HE is pretty at handling things that work well – Its your job to keep it in good order!!

      4. For some in this world, you try to inject them with your so called vaccine, They will inject you with a lead vaccine.

      5. She prolly has street smarts from being a bar tender.

        Would she be any worse than WWF wrassler/owner Linda McMahon who was Trump’s Small Business Administrator?

      6. I don’t know or care what is in the vaccine as I will not be getting it. I will however give a free hot lead injection to anyone who trys to give me a vaccine against my will. My injection contains pure lead, antimony and tin.

      7. I have my own agenda. To expose them for the corrupt, evil, conniving, psychopaths that they are.

        I’m right. They are wrong. They are sticking with stubborn, wrong, and evil.

        The truth and righteousness are on my side. Deception, Evil, and Corruption are on their side.

        It’s not me it’s them!

        It is time for them to grow up and face the consequences. Some of them are in their nineties and have never done that.

        Yes, Warren Buffet, I am talking about you, dumping all of your toxic assets onto the Federal Reserve which is dumping them all onto the treasury, which is dumping them all on the tax payer! You are ninety years old, and your six year old diet has given you the emotional maturity of a six year old! You are just like Bernie Madoff! You ran a ponzi scheme! Admit it! The math proves it!

        I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

        Andrea Iravani

      8. Many have been criticizing Trump for giving his RNC convention acceptance speech on the White House lawn for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. The act was later amended to prohibit state and local employees from engaging in political activity. In 1993 the act was amended to allow federal employees to engage in political activity.

        Since the 1993 amendment government employees including teachers, police, and fire fighters have abused the ability to engage in political activity to the extent that the government is no longer functioning in any capacity what so ever. 

        These individuals were hired to serve the public, but have been fully exposed as total tyrants demanding that the public serves and obeys them, or else they will totally destroy America in a scorched earth policy literally burning the country down and refusing to go to work and do their job, or go to work and not do their job, while still demanding salaries for their tyranny, neglect, abuse, and defiance.

        The federal, state, and local government institutions have become so politically active, tnat political activism has become their main goal, and have clearly been proven incompetent to balance the ability to be politically active and do their jobs simultaneously. Schools have abused students, and citizens for non compliance in their political agendas, which have included a wide array of issues that these unelected fascist tyrants have decided and demanded that the entire country capitulates to their litany of demands and adopt their system of beliefs or they will simply throw temper tantrums.of rage and prevent anyone in the country from being able to thrive, succeed, or survive. 

        You are the worst examples in the world for Americas youth! You live high on the hog compared to the majority of your students, yet demand even more for yourselves, and produce the worst results in the industrialized world! 

        You have not even grown up yourselves so you certainly have absolutely no business of guiding children to behave like responsible adults! 

        This includes Tony Evers!

        You really believe that everyone exists simply to serve you! You demand more and more every year and produce less and less every year! 

        Now you are burning the country down and holding us hostage resulting in the destruction of families, individuals, and small businesses, in your Great Leap Forward cultural revolution based on scientific fraud and propaganda! 

        The Great Leap Forward in China resulted in the deaths of 45 million to 50 million Chinese, as fact inconvenient as that bitter pill is for you to swallow, now Kevin Barrett is claiming that this was just CIA propaganda that they died, when even the Chinese government has recently acknowledged it, and other countries intelligence agencies are totally aware of it as well!

        We do not need or want future generations to be brain washed with lies and propaganda! In fact, we cannot survive as a nation if they are! 

        Andrea Iravani

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