“Healthcare Is Completely Overpriced and Out Of Control” Four Free Market Alternatives To Obamacare

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    While President Trump may have run on a platform of repealing and replacing Obamacare, it is becoming clear that neither Democrats or Republicans are prepared to fix America’s failing healthcare system. As Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple explains in the video report below, insurance costs for a family of four are now comparable to that of a monthly home mortgage, making it nearly impossible to afford for most.

    Even major insurance carriers are now dumping Obamacare because, like the rest of us, they know the system is completely flawed.

    Citing a recent report from Activist Post, Joseph details four Obamacare alternatives for struggling families who need health coverage:

    Healthcare is getting absolutely, totally, completely overpriced and out of control.. More and more people are getting left in the lurch with serious health ailments that only a few years ago were commonly covered and easily affordable and now are out of reach for a lot of people…

    You have options to save money on healthcare… no matter what bill gets passed… This is the important thing to understand… doctors are actually moving away from insurance because it’s a racket… but there are some free market alternatives to Obamacare.

    Watch the full report:

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      1. Obama Scare was a devious plan to bankrupt the White middle class as we have to subsidize the non-white losers in our society.

        • I was with you all the way until you said non-white.

          What the fuck difference does that have to do with anything? There’s obviously plenty of white losers too.

          • CA Res: CSS makes category mistakes all the time. I ceased reading him months ago, tho I do read responses.

          • cracksumsculls makes a lot of sense when you don’t stop and THINK about it. karl denninger has been harping for ten years now on how CONgress, insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, drug companies are COLLUDING to drive prices HIGHER, instead of forcing competition to drive prices LOWER….what other industry in america could get away with forcing prices UP, without gettin’ hit with racketeering charges under the RICO act….and that’s exactly what trump SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT EFFEN NOW! forget about obamacare lite, or trumpcare heavy, whatever you want to call them….let FREE markets work. THAT is how you fix healthcare!

      2. I went to Medi-Share 2 years ago and I’m spending less than half of what I paid with Aetna Obummer-care. For me the real savings is about $760 per month. Unfortunately Share plans don’t allow you to have an HSA because it’s not insurance. The bottom line is I save $9,120.00 a year over traditional health insurance and I’ve reduced my deductible from $10,000.00 to $3,750.00 so even if something bad happens i’ll still save another $6,250.00 over traditional insurance. No bureaucracy, no compliance and its private. I’ve been very happy with my plan. In case you’re wondering I’m a 59 year old male.

        • Patriot1 – I am with Liberty Health Share, and I have the exact same experience. Identical coverage for less than half the price. Why people don’t check out health sharing plans is beyond me.

        • Patriot One, I’m 60 and in good health. I’ll look into medi-share.

          • Score again! I picked up 7 cases of freeze dried pasta and meat entree’s for 5 bux a can. Out of biz preparedness store selling stuff cheap. Got to love craigslist.

            Justice, glad you liked the periscope, I love mine. Helps you keep your head on straight lol.

            • Amen brother!

          • With Aetna I used to have a $40 co-pay on Rx now using the MyRxprice.com I pay $11.53 for the same Rx and quantity. Oh did I mention I really do get to keep my Doctor too.

            • i’m 62 now, and healthcare costs were killing ME…..then i went to VA….i had no idea that my healthcare would be ALL PAID FOR….i aint had one bill yet for ANYthing…and i’ve had several fairly expensive procedures/tests…look into it vetchens! free glasses too.

          • Bravephart you’re not in good health, you’re a tubby blob!

        • I’m on VA which is OK since I go to civilians for care, as we don’t have a medical center nearby. I looked into Medi-share for my wife, but since she smokes and that violates some sort of biblical rule(which I haven’t found yet), they won’t cover her.
          If you need medical care for something that is deemed un-Christian, Medi-Share will not pay it.

          • Rellik-it’s a precept, not a written rule.

            the precept being, that smoking isn’t good for your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

            Through scripture we know that God values our bodies. Our bodies are said to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, and we are called to take care of and honor God’s temple. God’s word leads us to use our bodies and the gifts He has given us to achieve the will of God.

            One of many scriptures that tell us of this precept:

            1st Corinth. 6:19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

            That would be the way we also work out our brothers and sisters health care within our church setting.

            As I mentioned earlier about my own sister-tho not of our church, or any church for that matter…

            She has been deliberate in misusing her body and now her body is shutting down. She made zero effort to take care of herself or get herself some health insurance, choosing instead to continue her abusive behavior, smoking being one of them. No church based health care would take her on, even my own. Sounds harsh? It is. That’s why I, personally will help her as far as I can, but in the end, she made her choices. Hospice will be where she ends up. At least she has that.

            This is not a judgement or condemnation of your wife’s smoking. My own mother also smoked and died from colon cancer. She tried many times, but could never stop smoking. Addicted to it. She smoked from the age of 9yrs old until a week before her death at 74yrs.

        • I work at Aetna, and Aetna is my company provided health insurance, and it is costing me an arm and a leg! To the tune of about $20,000 a year! No insurance would actually be cheaper. I have multiple chronic illnesses all auto-immune (diabetes, thyroid, etc). What they offer their employees sucks, but it is what you would get via
          Anti-Christ care / obummercare. With a $7000 deductable, and what would amount to $400 a month for single person. I am already at $12,000! The meds my doctor would put me on would be close to $1000 per month with insurance. I only get the meds that I can’t live without (insulin, thyriod replacement, etc) at the tune of $300 a month. That’s another $3600 a year! Doctors, labs, hospital visits are at $70/30 so forgetaboutit! What used to be $20 copay is now 20% of my income!

      3. CSS, damn right. I never signed up for Obamascam and never will. I don’t give a shit about the penalties. I’m the only one who decides wtf I buy.

      4. Doctors. Helpers of death.

      5. The healthcare debacle will only get worse. I remember telling a healthcare salesman over 40 years ago that healthcare should be available to all regardless of income. He shot back that will never happen. He was apparently right. Basic healthcare is needed, safe to say the majority now support a system such as Medicare for all despite strong pushback from monied opponents. The existing medical establishment is grossly expensive. The AMA, FDA and Pharma basically have little reason to lower prices. The best healthcare money can buy, bought by legislative payoffs. I imagine emergency room non payments are covered by the government even though the cost just walking in is through the roof.

      6. Never have bought a penny worth of health insurance in my life. Shunned the obummer care. Just paid the fine. When I turned 65 I turned down the Medicare part B. They wouldn’t let me opt out of the Part A. They claim its Free? Then I received a letter informing me that I was no longer a criminal because Medicare part A is a qualified plan. I despise insurance companys. They are nothing but parasites. They produce nothing. I would jump for joy if we have so many natural disasters that every insurance company on the planet went bankrupt. Only insurance we have is the required minimum liability on our vehicles. None on the house or anything else.

        • old guy: May you live to be 120, and Never suffer the worry about a personal or property disaster.

        • You’ve been lucky. Luck is not a option for public policy.

        • I don’t see a word about a Consortium driven Single Payer system.

          Why not?

          NOBODY wants to discuss it.

          Why not?

          Big Insurance will go away and they fund many of these criminals in congress on both sides.

      7. Every once in a blue moon, I find myself in a poor, little townlet or village, when I am on the road. Every single person is feeble, unwell. They are surviving on some kind of medical subsidy, and entire complexes are built around that.

        If I go to some hospital, with a friend or elderly person, I will never see a competent, normative doctor or nurse, anymore, ever. These are all quota cases, with the possibility of a rare exception, maybe, possibly, somewhere?

        The most valuable substances, in the world, I have found, are not metals, but exotic, chemical, medicines.

        To the best of my reckoning, neither the treatments, nor the technicians, nor facilities, nor towns, surrounding them, are competitive, in the sense of a free and open market.

        You don’t have to like bathhouse Barry, but this problem is much bigger than him (or even Michael). It’s not going to be fixed, by putting a bandage on the socialist healthcare system.

        “doctors are actually moving away from insurance because it’s a racket…”

        The doctors and speculators have grown rich, from that racket. And, the poor see no benefit in independence.

        I stay well, to the best of my ability, having skated through some freak accidents. As a matter of Murphy’s law, they will eventually happen, to all people, who get off the couch. I do not imagine myself going in there, under my own power, or leaving the place, in good repair. It is possibly a healthy instinct, to be a pajama boy, like self-preservation.

      8. None of these four, even taken together, would make a dent in the problem. Closest thing to “free market” is something like the Swiss do, but even they have a mandate.

      9. my sister just had a diagnosis (from blood in stool) that will now require her to get a colonoscopy.

        No money.
        Hand to mouth existence.
        No family of her own (3 divorces).
        No children.
        No health insurance.
        Never signed up for the (UN)Affordable Health Care plan.
        Never paid the penalty tax (called “Your Fair Share”) required.

        We are looking into cash up front services, including facilities listed in Healthcare Bluebook ht tps://healthcarebluebook.com/page_ProcedureDetails.aspx?cftid=72&g=Colonoscopy%20(no%20biopsy)&directsearch=true

        We can help financially through the colonoscopy. But if there is cancer, surgery, chemo, radiation–we can not help.

        It’s hard to tell your own sister she will just have to die.

        However, she lived her life wasting every $ she ever got on booze, drugs, and an UNprepared lifestyle.

        Eat. Drink. Be merry. and tomorrow she’ll die.

        So sad really. So sad.

        • If she has no/not much money wouldn’t she be eligible for Medicaid?

          • she is only 61, so i don’t think so.

            she makes too much to go on TNCare

            makes not enough to be able to pay for private ins

        • Grandee, my prayers are with your sister. I hope it turns out to be nothing. Let us know if she’s going to be okay.

        • Grandee, sorry to hear about that. I’ll pray for her.

          • Grandee,hope your sister turns out ok health wise.

            I am not trying to be a dick,but,even with insurance seems many end up broke to things like cancer,there are cures,just no monies in them(those assholes).Hell,rather have spent my monies on food and wine then give it to the govt./insurance cartels just to fuck me some more.

            When I get the termoninal notice with certain amount of time left,hmmm….,all the chains are off and leaves one a lot of options.

        • thank you all for your prayers for her.

          those who will, pray for me to have wisdom in helping as far as I can and grace to see her through to what ever end God gives.

        • Grandee, so sorry to hear of your sister’s problems. I will pray for you and your sister so that God’s will is done. It’s never an easy thing to deal with–insurance or not.

        • Not really, sounds like she’s had an exciting life, life should be about quality not quantity, don’t judge a persons life style

      10. Health care costs have been out of hand for a while. Must be controlled by a powerful group. Have not seen anyone with the courage to confront them yet.

      11. Grandee I don’t care about your sister. She appears to be a taking parasite. Just one of the millions that need to be culled. I know I sound heartless. But why must the productive be held accountable for the lowlife parasitic? Everyone eventually dies. Tell me this if your sister recovers is she going to start being productive and self reliant? Of course not we know she will never contribute her fair share. Get her into Hospice and let her die.

        • Yes Old Guy, there is Hospice and I expect that will be where she will end up.

          There are so many like her, some w/o even a family member to care about them.

          One of my hubby’s friends from grade school ended up in the Nashville, TN potter’s field-not even a name on her grave site. Just a number. Addicted to drugs and died in her early 50s.

          • Grandee:

            Sorry for your sister and you. But cheer up, she isn’t dead yet. Sounds like a case of hemmorroids to me. Cancer is not that big of a deal. Chemo and radiation cause more Cancers than they cure. There are many natural alternatives. Sometimes Cancer saves these drug addicts. When they hear that word CANCER it snaps them out of their suicidal apathetic self indulgent self pity. And makes them realize how little appreciation they have given to what all they do have, not the least of it, life itself.

            Good luck and God speed.


        • damn, it got CHILLY all of a sudden…..did somebody leave a WINDOW open?

      12. The fact is many folks live just for the moment. they live their entire lives in pursuit of having fun or the next high and a commonly when things don’t suit them feel sorry for themselves. Some people seem to live a cursed life. I simply don’t have any solution except to say they made their own bed now they will have to lie in it or not? The choice is theirs.

        • I hear you, Old Guy. It’s really too bad that those in pursuit of the next high never found the satisfaction of accomplishment. That satisfaction is something you can relive anytime you want. A house that’s paid for is one such satisfaction you can feel every time you walk in the door. Building, gardening, sewing, or other hands-on and often creative pursuits are truly the gifts that keep on giving. There are so many more than I can list. The endless chase after fun and thrills is so short-lived and never fulfilling. Glad I learned this when I was a kid.

      13. What about medical co-ops? I would like to try them out

      14. You have two choices in the psychopath controlled collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America:

        #1)Continue to be a dumbed down toxic dump coward and disgusting parent, who drinks tap water, soda poison, and consumes poisonous toxic GMO filled processed FAKE FOOD garbage, and feeds the same toxic horror mix to the children you could give two shits about…then you and your children you should of NEVER had will be disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, obese, addicted to everything toxic dumps, who die a slow painful death from chemical poisoning…exactly how the psychopaths planned it!!!

        #2)You can stop being a coward pussy New Babylonian, murderer of your own children, and victim of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling by consuming and only allowing your children to consume:
        ***Lots and lots of fresh ORGANIC ONLY vegetables and fruits(hopefully from your own easy to do Organic Garden)
        ***Free Range Grass Fed Beef
        ***Free Range Chicken and eggs
        ***Pastured Pork
        ***Wild caught seafood ONLY-NO FARM RAISED GMO TOXIC HORROR

        and STOP CONSUMING:
        ***All processed disgusting FAKE FOOD garbage even in so-called “moderation”
        ***Big Pharma toxic hell destroying your good gut bacteria and prescribed by the Oathbreaking drunken bum disciples of Joseph Mengele and genocide supporting American Filth Doctors
        ***Booze-Nobody and I mean Nobody in New Babylon America consumes this DEPRESSANT garbage in any kind of “moderation”

        and get out in the SUN for Vitamin D, and off the I Idiot phone playing Candy Crush



      15. When half OR MORE of society gets FREE CARE (EMTALA means we can’t say no to them) then the other half must pay ludicrous prices to cover the costs. Factor in the costs that are caused by the never ending fear of being sued by some shyster looking to get rich and it gets worse. And where else can you walk into a building, hire the services of half a dozen or more HIGHLY TRAINED PEOPLE using MILLION DOLLAR MACHINES and only pay a deductible. The number one cause of high prices is meddling by the government and collusion by the third party insurers. End EMTALA, require EVERYBODY to pay for their own care and prices will plummet.

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