Health Ranger: America Is On A Collision Course With MASS CHAOS

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has come out saying that the United States is on a collision course with mass chaos and civil unrest. History has proven that there’s only so much oppression human beings can stand before they cease complying with those who seek to control them.

    The Health Ranger is refusing to go quietly after YouTube censored him by deleting his channel and the 1700 videos he created about health and wellness and government tyranny.  Using a new platform, Adams says that the country is on a collision course with mass chaos and there’s little we can do about it except hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    “It will very likely erupt into widespread social unrest,” Adams begins.

    Adams says that the vast amount of political infighting is going to eventually spill over and affect us all.  He’s right of course, but that begs the very question: what do we even need the government for anymore? They don’t really do anything except limit our rights and devalue our labor and money by selling our freedom to the highest corporate bidder or global elitist.

    “We’re gonna have an eruption of social chaos no matter who gets to the finish line first. Let me explain. If the Democrats get to the finish line first, and they manage to fabricate some kind of crime and attribute it to Donald Trump or fabricate evidence that quote “proves that there was collusion with Russia,”…and they call for impeachment and there is an actual impeachment effort underway, middle America will erupt. The people who elected Donald Trump will not stand for a political coup to take place in Washington DC.

    On the flip side…if Obama and Hillary Clinton are named in the corruption, guess what? The left goes berzerk. The left goes insane…the left is just waiting for an excuse to engage in mass chaos.”

    Adams is not calling for mass chaos, he explains that he’s simply predicting that all of this will happen because of the polarization in politics at this point in history.

    Adams bravely refuses to be silenced and censored by political adversaries at YouTube and Google.  Not long after YouTube banned him and deleted over 1700 video, he got several up on the side par of his website. He has videos such as this one posted on Vimeo on his website, Natural News. 

    “I don’t see how America gets out of this without social chaos,” Adams said.


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      1. It’s all accelerating so quickly. Honestly, the speed with which we’re going downhill into chaos is mind-blowing.

        A few years ago, I was always posting on blogs about how I “felt something was about to happen” due to the uptick on tyranny. Well, today’s state of affairs makes that “feeling” feel like a boring Sunday afternoon fishing for perch.

        Stay prepped, locked, & loaded. Keep your head down.


        • There’s more of us out there that think like you than you could count Grunty. Combine the moral decay in our society with the political divisions we have and it’s pretty easy to feel something big and unpleasant on the near horizon. That feeling has gotten stronger and stronger over the last few years.

      2. To be honest with you Mr. Adams, I’ve come to consider that the chaos oncoming is a necessary evil. Evil, because it is indeed that when a nation is torn asunder by its own citizens. Evil, when men and women, old and young, are hurt, killed or worse emptied of hope by one another. But how can evil be thwarted in its schemes? Good alone without a force to defend it; to act in offense against the greater evil of the loss of freedoms and what could and should be, something other than simply stating one’s opinion becomes necessary. Actions eventually must be taken to stop ….. evil.

        • Heartless, agreed. I’m sorry to hear about Mike Adams being censored by the libturd youtube. Keep stacking because civil war 2 is getting closer.

      3. I disagree most americans are wussies. I voted for Trump but he isn’t worth fighting about. I think the better quality smarter folks many are prepped and mind their own business. They are realist and know there wasn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. Unless directly attacked they will not do anything. They would not waste time & money and risk their lives go on the War Path for Trump. Especially now after he made the anti gun uncounstitional statements after the florida school shooting. Now the libs might riot if soros pays them or they can loot and burn stuff.

        • Old Guy

          I agree. Trump supporters are of the law abiding group. It will take far more than Trump being removed from office to have them behave even remotely like the left. Trumps “on again off again” direction in both domestic and foreign policy gains no support from the globalist left (and globalist right) but costs him populist support that put him in office. The left certainly is financed from far above. They’re as “grassroots” as an indoor potted plant fed chemical fertilizer.

        • I second your comments..

        • Agree, anti gun statements isolated him form his base.

      4. I really like Mike Adams work, to bad he’s a hypocrite. He needs to quit censoring Natural New’s web site comments section. When people respectfully offer a slightly different view on an issue and comment on it, he removes the post. Censorship is censorship. You cant have it both ways Mike!

        • I agree. I’ve had a comment removed that very politely pointed out a discrepancy in his article. That was the first and last time I commented on his site.

      5. Agree or disagree, There is a fight coming, and you had better be ready for it.
        It might not be over Trump, or BLM, or ANTIA. Might be over Guns. But mark my words there is a fight coming. I believe it will be in 2021. After the next election.


        • Sarge, the libturds are on a collision course to meet someone’s gunfire. They better back off for their own sake.

      6. Old Guy & Kevin2:

        I agree.

        However, as much as the global elites would like to see mass chaos with a Democrat vs Republican and or a full out race war, I don’t think so. What is less certain is whether or not individuals or small gangs, groups, self appointed militias will discard any hope for preserving their own lives or that of their family and friends; and just take it upon themselves to execute, assassinate, just plain murder the globalist elites, their support team at the highest level.

        If this starts, and it may, the globalists will retaliate by releasing bio-logical warfare which they have been developing for years.

        According to some internet reporters, the largest fire in USA history, the fire in Northern California was caused by arsonists, Rothschilds who owns Pacific Gas and Electric as well as Edison Electric in Southern California. They are land grabbing by making false claims of archeological discoveries on private property.

        There is already a 21st. Century smart city, resilient city, in Northern California. The hunger games to follow. Control of water, water scarcity is a lie, the criminal elite wish to make water so expensive, most will not be able to afford it.

        To understand the depth of depravity of these folks, watch the documentary “Harvest of Despair” on YouTube. Revisit WW1,2,3. The criminal elite paid both sides during these wars. They instigated these wars. They are still instigating for war, civil unrest.


      7. My biggest fear is that while we are infighting and taking side, some outside force will use the oportunity to attack us. Not only will civilians be polarizing, but our troops as well will take sides, leaving us volnurable. Our enemies would love nothing better than to see us have a civil war.

        • don’t you worry about THAT. when america is attacked from outside, we UNITE! always have, always WILL.

          • You mean when the CIA attacks America?

            • Amen. I can see a sudden EMP or cyber hack causing the grid to go down. More than 72-hours and the result would be mass chaos. Keep it down for 14-days and imagine what would happen.

              Not hard to do. I could totally see that as a false flag / operation conducted by the deep state / CIA.

      8. When the state governors decide which federal laws they will enforce and get away with it, the federal government is finished. When bureaucrats and politicians flout the fact that they have broken the law and nothing is done to them, stick a fork in the republic.

        • Brian: state governors and legislatures are supposed to determine which federal laws they do or don’t follow. That determination of what to follow should be based on the constitutionality of the law, not on the preferences of the factions or parties. That is part of the concept of nullification. The problem is not the tool but the way it’s used. Immigration is a federal jurisdiction constitutionally, therefore needs to be followed by the states. However states let the federal government get by on many things that are not part of their constitutional jurisdiction.

          Toss in judges that make up law and jurisdictions out of whole cloth; federal agencies that make laws they have no authority to make; states should be ignoring many laws they don’t.

          You are right in that bureaucrats and politicians flout laws, that would put any one else in prison for a long time, without any repercussions or accountability.

        • Brian has a valid point. the federal government is supposed to keep the state and local goverments in check. Its the Federal Goverments duty to enforce federal law’s. And its also the federal goverment’s job to force the state and local goverment’s to adhere to the US bill of rights. The federal government is guilty of nonfeasance when they let state and local goverment’s get away with violating the citizens God given rights or break the federal law. Give politicians a inch and they will take a mile.

      9. Let’s talk reality about our LEGITIMATE government instead of about political parties.

        Why does our legitimate government NOT mention creating “political parties”, what they called “factions”? Go do a quick listen of this video, read of the comments – and what is the discussion really about? Political parties, factions. Here is why we are NOT supposed to allow them to exist.

        Alexander Hamilton: “We are attempting, by this Constitution, to abolish factions, and to unite all parties for the general welfare.” (Debates in the Convention of the State of New York on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, Tuesday, June 25, 1788. In: Henry Cabot Lodge, ed., The Works of Alexander Hamilton (Federal Edition), Vol. 2, New York, 1904, p. 57.)

        George Washington, Farewell Address: “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

        Alexander Hamilton: “Nothing could be more ill-judged than that intolerant spirit which has, at all times, characterized political parties.” (Federalist 1, October 27, 1787)

        John Adams: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

        John Adams: “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.”

        James Madison:”Hearken not to the unnatural voice which tells you that the people of America, knit together as they are by so many cords of affection, can no longer live together as members of the same family; can no longer continue the mutual guardians of their mutual happiness…. No, my countrymen, shut your ears against this unhallowed language. Shut your hearts against the poison which it conveys; the kindred blood which flows in the veins of American citizens, the mingled blood which they have shed in defense of their sacred rights, consecrate their Union, and excite horror at the idea of their becoming aliens, rivals, enemies.” (Federalist 14)

        Thomas Jefferson: I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. (Letter to Francis Hopkinson (March 13, 1789). In: Merrill D. Peterson (ed.), Letters of Thomas Jefferson, New York, 1984, pp. 940-42. [PL Ford, Writings of Thomas Jefferson, vol. 5, pp. 75-78])

        Plus Jefferson said: “The happiness of society depends so much on preventing party spirit from infecting the common intercourse of life, that nothing should be spared to harmonize and amalgamate the two parties in social circles. (Thomas Jefferson, To William C. Claiborne, July 1801)
        again Jefferson: “You will soon find that so inveterate is the rancor of party spirit among us, that nothing ought to be credited but what we hear with our own ears. If you are less on your guard than we are here, at this moment, the designs of the mischief-makers will not fail to be accomplished, and brethren and friends will be made strangers and enemies to each other.” (To James Monroe, March 1808)

        Because political parties allow foreign influence into our nations highest levels, because we start fighting and blaming the “other party” instead of creating a stronger and better USA; because we allow parties to SELECT the candidates (unLawfully) we choose from, our nation is in peril.

        I know it is easier to allow a party to decide how you vote, but did you notice that the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution was not/is not mentioned anywhere political discussions rage? Only political parties which cause great divides – deliberately I believe, as it is the best way to destroy our nation from within, are discussed.

        How many here have even read the US Constitution small pamphlet, let alone the US Constitution? How about your own state’s Constitution? Since those are the contracts that those who serve within our governments are serving under and Oath bound to, do you not think it a wise thing to know what they are allowed to do, and forbidden to do (when not mentioned)?

        You are discussing the very things that work to destroy our nation from within from such an early time in our country’s creation. Political parties are another way to divide us, one of the first devised by those wanting an end to this nation (besides war).

        Mike, I like much of what you do, consider you extremely intelligent, yet you too have allowed political parties to raise to the top of political discussions instead of the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution. You give political parties, the biggest cause of destruction of our nation from within too much consideration and none to what is REALLY important to our nation, to our freedom.

        Please reconsider.


      10. Didya ever notice that the ones that cause all of the chaos and terrorism don’t have jobs because they refuse to work.

        • It’s never been a great mystery to me.

          Please also notice that conservative thinkers don’t march or riot over every little thing. Most of them have jobs (or looking for a job) plus home and family to take care of.

      11. Like the bill to give wall street and the big banks another potential bailout and 15-16 demonrat Senators flipping their votes to assure passage. Why even bother with elections, it does not give the freak show winner any validity. In reality a lewd x-rated porn extravaganza.

      12. I consider ALL Lefties (socialist, SJWs, BLM activist, progressives, open border and illegal alien advocates, feminists, to name a few) to be evil and domestic enemies. They are NOT my fellow countrymen. They are the enemy. I have nothing in common with them. Civil War, like Winter is coming. I do not expect that I will survive (Oh well, shit does happen) a Civil War 2.0. Just waiting for them to start it all. They do get to make the first swing, after that, it IS self-defense. For the record: I do NOT want war.

      13. I stopped complying during the dot-com crash when I did a study of the DOL h1b database and saw that with all the millions of Americans being laid off, companies were applying for and getting foreign workers on any number of a dozen work visas, to the same numbers of those laid off. ~3 million laid off, ~3 million visa requests! Now those databases require a FOIA request! Which is amusing since the DOL was supposed to safe guard American workers, and make sure companies were following the laws!

        Fedgov no longer is of the people, for the people! They do not represent us! But we pay for all that they are and do!

        • Also in the dot com crash is when many high tech jobs went overseas; one example is Help Desks were answered by some person in India. People did vote with their “feet” and some of those jobs were brought back. Don’t know the percentage and now I’m wondering; have to look that up.

      14. Just learned the other day from the book _And the War Came_ (1950)on the political-social climate in the years just prior to the US Civil War that people who knew the issues and where the nation was inexorably headed were known as the “Wide-Awakes”. Sound familiar?

        • Plenty of people knew the score before the Revolutionary War, too, and prepared. There are always those who don’t want to know about such ill winds blowing and will refuse to acknowledge the political climate. Phooey on Climate Change (which has happened since time began); political climate change is what will bite us in the rear.

      15. My two cents: it his entirely likely and even ordained. According to New Testament theology this planet is a garden, and humanity in all its various expressions, is the sown seed, with wheat and tares growing together until harvest. There’s alot of allegory I guess but ultimately every crop has to be harvested. There’s no easy to know for sure but I’m pretty sure wheat doesn’t plan to become harvested threshed and ground to be our bread. Assuming humanity is the top of the food chain is absolutely foolish and naïve. This particular garden hasn’t seen a harvest for some time. There’s always another hand manipulating the hand that manipulates us.

      16. I don’t believe the US will experience “social chaos” because of the political soap opera being performed in Washington DC and pumped through the mind control machines into American living rooms. I can’t see Snowflakes causing much damage, regardless of how much money and arms Soros and kind invest in a Snowflake brigade.
        Conservatives may challenge the government with arms if it continues to deny US citizens their rights. The lower economic class will loot and riot if the government does not pacify them with handouts.
        Social chaos will occur only with a crash of the economy. Then the poor will go hungry and turn into Venezuelans, the government will go martial and patriots will load their magazines.

      17. Oh and for good measure, I’d like to add that though most Americans seem to be “pussified” this is an absolutely changeable phenomenon. I’ll admit that I’m my darker moments I too lamented the lack of will among what I considered to be my own people. Indeed there are certain protocols to insure apathy reigns among certain people groups. Nevertheless, there are many variables that, due to the interconnectedness of the reality we seem to be and are living in that can short-circuit even the best laid plans. Perhaps it’s best described as outlying influences of a celestial nature which fulfill the mandate written into the cosmos at the expense of every futile plan of a mere segment of the greater whole. Contend, however, because it is contention which is a sign of life, an exhibition of the spark that reflects the glory of the Creator. And all that just to say pray for the best and prep for the worst but don’t be disappointed if you end up…

      18. Patriots will load their magazines? and just who is going to lead them? And just what goal is the end object of the loading of those Magazines? I don’t think they want a civil war or a Race war. I think they want just exactly what they have already told everyone. Its actually Written in stone. The Georgia Guidestones tell us what they desire. Its wholesale reduction of population. They have a end object goal. Reduce population by any means necessary. I once thought they would simply turn off the electric grid. But the problem with that is those who die would be the culls. and the survivors would be those who are healthy self reliant and have know how. That kind of person doesn’t make a good Peon or slave. And if they are well armed are a force to be worried about. So the attack on the 2nd will be relentless. Of course the weak culls will give up their firearms. The Self Reliant will either die fighting or be starved into submission. Not a very optimistic outcome. But I will never rule out Divine intervention.

        • I don’t think that there is going to be one “magic” bullet to carry out population reduction. It’s likely a multi-pronged approach same as one thing doesn’t get rid of all bugs in the garden.

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