Health Expert & Vaccine Proponent: Flu Shots ‘Do Little’ To Protect Against Virus

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    A public health expert is warning that this year’s ineffective flu shot could be even more of a risk to health than previously thought, and for entirely different reasons than we might suspect.  Since the flu vaccination will “do little” to prevent the virus, the expert is warning that masks should be worn instead as a more effective way to prevent the spread of the disease.

    Dr. Chris Del Mar, Professor of Public Health at Bond University has challenged the value of influenza vaccinations while speaking at the GPs Down Under Conference on the Gold Coast. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Del Mar states that the influenza vaccine has been “oversold” in Australia and said hand- washing, and mask-wearing should instead be the focus of flu prevention campaigns.

    Del Mar pointed to a review that found seasonal flu vaccines only reduced the rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza cases by between 1 to 2 percent. “Influenza is indeed a true threat to public health and I am not a vaccine skeptic in general, but annual influenza vaccinations do little to protect against serious illness,” Professor Del Mar said. “My viewing of the evidence is that the amount of benefit for influenza vaccine is very, very weak and it makes me think that this is not a great use of our effort in trying to immunize large swaths of the population when there are other opportunities that may be more effective,” he said.

    In fact, studies have even been done to confirm that the flu vaccine not only is ineffective at flu prevention, but it spreads the virus as well.


    Del Mar also points out that the vaccine also leads people to assume they can be laxer on the personal hygiene routines which actually are effective at flu prevention.  Simple hygiene methods such as handwashing, face masks and quarantine should not be forgotten, Professor Del Mar said.  “Perhaps we should be encouraging people to wear masks much more often than is socially acceptable in Australia but is socially acceptable in places like Japan and other parts of East Asia,” Del Mar added.

    “The best way not to catch something is to avoid it,” said Dr. Tony Bartone, president of the Australian Medical Association.  Bartone partially blames last season’s ineffective virus for the horrific toll the flu took on the public. He also agreed hand-washing was critical against controlling the spread of influenza, but he added he thinks this year’s flu vaccine might be more effective.  “We must not overlook the effectiveness and importance of influenza vaccination as part of a generalized strategy to control the spread of a significant disease that has the potential to kill,” Dr. Bartone said.

    So instead of just protecting yourself with the hygiene methods proven effective already, doctors still suggest you inject yourself with whatever they mix up to put in next year’s flu shot.

    Parents are advised to ask for an ingredient list for any vaccine before vaccinating their children. It is a widely held belief that vaccines do not contain mercury or thimerosal. This is absolutely false. Since the mainstream media won’t tell anyone, here’s a list of the ingredients in the current flu vaccine.


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      1. We are still a very primative specie

        • Flu shots are a massive profit center for BIG PHARMA and a jobs program for Public Health Services which distributes that “free” poison to the American people using taxpayers dollars to both buy and distribute the vaccines.

          A very good example of Corporate Welfare and another scam for taxpayer dollars. 🙁

          • Exactly! Flu shots do precisely what they are intended to do … makes lots of money and fill you with poison.

      2. I have never trusted the CDC.
        I have never had a flu shot, because
        I know people who have gotten them
        every year religiously and they have
        had the flu as bad or worse than those
        who never do.

        My immune system is good…. my common
        sense is better.
        stay away from sicklings…stay out of crowds
        and wash hands often and KEEP YOUR

        Got little ones who put every thing in
        their mouths then touch everything ??
        Good luck with that!!!
        Schools are infectious labs for dsease.

        Teach your young ones about germs and
        how to stay well. Keep sickness home in
        bed …. not speading it to others.

        Wearing masks are a great idea! Just stay
        away from places of business. Hiding your
        face could alert the police!! ?

      3. Vaccines don’t work, and if you are depleted of Vit. C, the vaccine can actually make you sick.

        DON’T ever get vaccinated. It is not worth the risk, and since so many other brain dead fools vaccinate themselves and poison their children, that should stop any spread, according to the very same people who push it.

        Vaccines are being used to dumb down the population since the Elite want a stupid population.

      4. The words, ‘University’ and ‘expert’ set my BS detector off every time.

        Especially in Australia!


      5. Vaccines have been hijacked to maim, destroy health, and kill. Any person who would deny that really needs a psychiatric evaluation.

        If vaccines TRULY work, then why would anyone fear the UNvaccinated? Do you see the manipulation going on here to which we are being subjected?

        Look up the documentary/expose called “Vaxxed”. Prepare to be shocked.

        We need to be vigilant because one of several ways the Mark of the Beast could be delivered is through a “vaccination”.

        Bill Gates seeks for the whole world to get one of his vaccines. Right now, his vaccines have sterilized over 120,000 young women in Africa. Who gave him that right? Who died and left you boss, Bill? I’m really disgusted with your coming across all the time as knowing better than all of us, knowing more than all of us. I don’t think so, sir. Being the world’s wealthiest person does not make you the most informed.

        On a related note, the gardasil shot (the HPV vaccine) has maimed, sterilized, and even killed many of our own young women. Bush Jr. gave immunity to any vaccine maker if any of them maimed or killed a person. That immunity needs to be rescinded, revoked immediately!

        I’m not taking any such vaccination described above. I will die rather than take the Mark, or any other deadly/poisonous concoction.

        And a ‘mandated’ universal vaccination?

        Over my dead body.

        And yours, I would presume.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Thou shalt not kill.” – Commandment

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        • The original correct” Thou shall not kill” ONLY applied to those of your tribe. You were encouraged and allowed to kill the Others.

          Thou Shall Not Kill of Your Own.

          • Centurion, you will need to cite a scholarly source for your information.

            Short of that, it sounds hokey to me.

      6. Been getting flu shots for over 10 years. No problem until the last one. They ask you if you are allergic to eggs. If not, you can get the shot. I was not allergic to eggs. Because I am 69 the VA said I should have the stronger vaccine. I am now allergic to eggs. I love eggs. But can’t eat them anymore. I get the screamin’ craps if I eat eggs.

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