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Severe Flu Alert: Young Mother Dies Of Flu, Vaccine Is Only 10% Effective

Mac Slavo
December 4th, 2017
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As health officials warn that this year’s flu season could be one of the worst we’ve seen in recent history, they also have stated the vaccine is less than 10% effective.

In just a matter of days after contracting the flu, a young mother died from the disease. Alani Murrieta became sick and was diagnosed with the flu only one week ago. The 20-year-old mother of two was given some medicine and sent home to recover. One day later, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and tragically, just hours later she died. Her family says the young mother was perfectly healthy and hardly ever got sick while the CDC is reporting three states  (Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina) with high levels of flu activity, and numbers of new flu cases continue rising every week.

The vaccine that the health officials are pushing on people is only 10% effective against this year’s probable troublsome flu strain too. According to the World Health Organization, the United States typically sees 140,000 to 710,000 influenza-related hospitalizations and 12,000 to 56,000 deaths each year. The very young, very old, and people with existing medical conditions are most at risk.

According to Quartz, the annual flu vaccine development process begins several months before each flu season. When developing a new vaccine, researchers meet at the World Health Organization to identify the strains of the influenza virus they think will infect people in the northern hemisphere. Their findings are based on what made people sick in the southern hemisphere’s most recent flu season. This approach usually still provides mediocre protection (40% to 60%) from the flu.

But it’s a compounding problem because so many are getting vaccinated without understanding what’s in the vaccine, or that their risks of contracting the flu in later years are higher than those who have never been vaccinated. It is, however, very easy to follow the money trail:

With all the evidence pointing toward not getting the shot this year, government agencies and most doctors still suggest that everyone get the flu shot – even though it’s effectiveness isn’t even worth mentioning and the toxic ingredients do more harm to the body than good.

Make sure to be well-informed when making decesions for yourself or your family when it comes to the flu and this year’s vaccine.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: December 4th, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Phoenix says:

    Was the young mother vaccinated? Seems to me to be an important piece of missing information considering the point of the article.

    • Illini Warrior says:

      doubt it – or they would have played that aspect to the hilt – just using the unfortunate incident as a panic tool ….

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        Flu vaccine is 100% harmful. 0% safe or effective.

        • Rebel In Idaho says:

          Correct. It’s easy to confirm this, just type “confirmed flu deaths 20xx” into your search engine of choice and see what the CDC reluctantly admits each year.

          Hint: it’s around 4000 flu associated deaths a year. I’m too drunk to go into the scam of the terminology of flu-associated vs flu related but it’s a total crock of shit and will take you less than 5 minutes to see this.

          Oh and I reluctantly administer these worthless vaccines every year and hear all about the side effects from the dumb bastards I couldn’t talk out of it.

    • durangokidd says:

      The “fillers and binders” used to make vaccines are POISONS like mercury; and much, much worse. Google vaccine ingredients and then check those chemical sounding names.

      You are better off taking massive doses of Vitamin C every day (which is TOTALLY non-toxic) and large doses of D3 with a 100% vitamin and mineral supplement. A small addition of zince a

      • durangokidd says:

        The “fillers and binders” used to make vaccines are POISONS like mercury; and much, much worse. Google vaccine ingredients and then check those chemical sounding names.

        You are better off taking massive doses of Vitamin C every day (which is TOTALLY non-toxic) and large doses of D3 with a 100% vitamin and mineral supplement. A small addition of zinc and iron will go a long way too.

        The ingredients in vaccines are PROVEN to cause autism in children and DOZENS of natural paths who discovered the truth are dead. 🙁

  2. Jack Wolf says:

    Hal Turner says it was diagnosed was PNEUMONIC PLAGUE after the first diagnosis of flu ???????????

  3. Braveheart1776 says:

    I quit taking vaccines many years ago. They are totally useless. I use other methods for dealing with flu and they’re more effective.

    • laura ann says:

      As I said on other postings elsewhere Vit D, C and basic doses of Zinc, Magnesium, etc. lots fruits and veg. fresh or fz. Glad nurses are standing up against these shots.

  4. Heartless says:

    remember the 1976 Swine Flu vaccination program? More people died from the vaccine than the flu. Yep, again, our government has this covered.

  5. Deplorable Neal Jensen says:

    Save your life, look up cytokine storming (the real cause of FLU killing people through dry land drowning. It is controlled by…..
    wait for it….

    Benedryl, to retard the bodies over reactive immune response that floods the lungs with fluid.

  6. Traitor Hator says:

    Our wonderful nurses are giving hepatitis B shots to infants. As our wonderful doctors look on. Does Satan not rule this planet? The terrible tribulation is the only way out? The Tares must burn. As in soddom and Gomorrah. We all will suffer. Even so Lord come soon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The whole flu vaccine is a scam. They rake in billions from the easily misled who mistakenly think it will protect them from the flu when the numerous side-effects clearly outweigh any possible benefit. Anyone who gets the flu vaccine really needs their head examined.

    I take daily probiotics and eat a healthy diet consisting mostly of fresh vegetables from my sunporch and outdoor garden. I buy grass-fed meat, chicken and eggs and also grass-fed dairy products from the local farm co-op. I don’t eat fast-food or processed junk food.

    I don’t need a flu shot and have only had the flu once when I was in high school many, many years ago. Keep your immune system strong. Strengthen your immune system and keep it strong, and don’t buy into their lies and line the pockets of these greedy, evil bastards.

  8. anticom says:

    News flash: everyone dies. Flu is a product of the world being overpopulated by degenerate weaklings. The more people die from infectious disease the stronger the ones left behind will be.

  9. Tennessean says:

    Time to get out the N-95 or N-99 masks and wear them in public. And, yes, vitamin D is very important. But please be aware, there are toxicity problems with overdosages. There have been double blind trails with gram dosages of ascorbic acid and there was NO statistically significant protection.

    What none in the media mention is this simple biological fact: suppose there are three flu strains entering the US this fall. Assume that one strain (say 5% of the viri) is not covered by the latest vaccine. And 95% are. Guess what? in a matter of a month the covered strains die out due to the folks who have taken the vaccine, and the predominant strain is that not covered by the vaccine.

    I recommend the book “The Great Influenza” about the 1918-1919 pandemic. This came in three distinct waves, the deadliest was the second wave. The deaths were predominately among healthy 20s, due to the “immune storm.” Folks would literally drop dead walking across the street.

    The flu genome is seven separate pieces of RNA. The error rate in RNA replication is about one base pair in a million or so. If a cell is infected with two (or more) strains at the same time reassortment will occur, with the generation of flu virions with all different combinations of the seven RNAs. And there is good evidence for recombination events also. Like RNA piece 5 from one strain crossing over with RNA piece 5 from another strain, with the combination of different characteristics. All these facts mean that the flu virus will mutate quite rapidly, leading to new strains which are more infective and not covered by the current vaccine.

    The FL case is quite scary.

    When the Korean War resumes I expect bioweapons and grid attacks by NK sleeper cells.

    About a decade ago Australian experiments with mouse pox (a close relative of smallpox) with an added gene coding for Interleukin 4 was tried in mice. The researchers thought that the expression of this gene would enhance the immune response. In fact, it was far more lethal, and even in vaccinated mice it was 90% lethal. This is the ultimate bioweapon in my view.