“He Is Aiding And Abetting The Enemies Of The United States” – Obama’s Use of Taxpayer Money to Arm our Enemies is Treason

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    President Obama appointed James Clapper as his Director of National Intelligence in 2010.  As of January 2016, the Obama administration paid Iran over half a billion dollars, unfroze Iranian assets, paid the Iranians interest on their previously-frozen accounts, and through the remainder of the year will give the Iranians almost $12 billion in aid.  Such activities bear close scrutiny, and we’ll begin with a quote from Clapper:

     “Iran continues to be the foremost state sponsor of terror and exert its influence in regional crises in the Mid-East through the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force, its terrorist partner Lebanese Hezbollah, and proxy groups.  Iran and Hezbollah remain a continuing terrorist threat to U.S. interests and partners worldwide.  Iran’s supreme leader continues to view the U.S. as a major threat and we assess his views will not change despite the implementation of the deal, the exchange of detainees, and the release of the 10 sailors,” Clapper said.

    (AP report by Adam Kredo, 2/25/15)

    Basically Obama has ramrodded a deal through Congress (just as complicit as Obama for enabling his actions) to give funding to Iran, our avowed enemy.  Now treason is a difficult charge to make stick against a sitting U.S. president; however, the one committing it now actually enabled it to stick himself.  Here is the part he likes:

    National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, Pub.L. 112–81. This NDAA contains several controversial sections, mainly §§ 1021-1022, which affirm provisions authorizing the indefinite military detention of civilians, including U.S. citizens, without habeas corpus or due process, contained in the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), Pub.L. 107–40.

    (Source: Wikipedia, NDAA)

    By signing the NDAA into law, Obama’s wording in a nutshell made the entire world a battlefield in the “War on Terror.”  As such, Obama the Commander-in-Chief is outside of the UCMJ.  A Commander-in-Chief is (regarding a Chain of Command) sort of akin to “Captain Crunch”, but with eye-teeth….no accountability to anyone…. yet as captain of the ship, able to send the legions marching for at least 30 days without congressional approval.  The supreme military commander without any true military oversight to guard against his actions.

    Obama only appears to be a bungling clown.  His true mentor was not Sun Tzu, but Saul Alinsky, and the tactics he has been using have been sound…soundly resounding a death knell for the U.S. military and bringing the country to its knees.  Every single action he has taken has been calculated and with true, deliberate purpose.  His plan is Cloward-Piven, and his playbook is “Rules for Radicals.”

    What more is needed?  The NDAA permits any citizen to be grabbed and hauled off by the Cheka/NKVD/DHS for “indefinite detention” just for suspicion of complicity with terrorist activity.  Look at this guy sitting on the throne that was once the leather chair of the Oval Office!  No accountability whatsoever.  The payments were made with no strings, just flat out given to Iran, the banker of Hezbollah and also funding its own terrorist activities, such as atrocities carried out by Iran’s Republican Guard.  By aiding and abetting the enemies of the U.S., the President has deliberately and with knowledge aforethought committed treason and can be impeached, plain and simple.  They wanted the entire world to be labeled a “battlefield” of the “War on Terror?” Well, then, the rules for treason and aiding and abetting an enemy…especially one committing terrorist acts and enabling them…apply to this sitting Commander-in-Chief.

    Oh, but the State Department “conveniently” instituted Obama’s open arms policy and removed the Republican Guard from the watch-lists of suspected terrorist organizations.  This was done in 2014 to precede the outflow of the cash to Iran in 2015.

    I’m not pulling any punches here in this article. President Obama made comments to Medvedev prior to the 2012 elections regarding the deployment of ICBM’s and also missile defense systems in Eastern Europe.  His “hot mic” picked up the conversation…in essence, “Tell Vladimir that I’ll have more leeway [with the missiles] after the election.”

    There you have an instance: a sitting U.S. president talking about reducing the size of our nuclear arsenal, the defenses of the United States, unilaterally and without Congressional approval.  Now you have another instance: Obama has enriched Iran financially, enabling it to arm itself militarily.

    All of this enabled by the uncomprehending public, the masses, and their tax dollars.  They have the right to rise up and shake this petty dictatorship from their throat as a lion would swat a hyena away; yet, the public complacency allows the hyena to feed….and off of them.

    February news reports revealed that the Iranians are spending billions of dollars acquired under the release of funds by Obama under the nuclear deal.  Guess what they’re buying?  Su30SM fourth generation fighter aircraft, the S-300 air defense system, and the T-90 tank, Russia’s newest design.  John Kerry specifically stated that the UN veto the United States holds will not be necessary.  He was asked pointedly about it by a Congressional Oversight committee that plainly declared the sale of arms by Russia to Iran was in violation of the UN Security Council mandates.

    And the Obama administration?  They acknowledged the illegality of the sale by Russia to Iran under Security Council Resolution 2231.

    With malice aforethought, and completely aware of what they are doing…. they are taking the orders directly from Obama.  And he’s Teflon…nothing sticks to him.  But it is clear: he is aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States.  He has committed treason on numerous occasions.  It has been long past the time for the American people to stand their ground and have him removed from office.  The grounds: treason, against the people of the United States of America.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Can politicians be “siezed” under the NDAA? Whisked away like us common citizens?

        • Agree 100% with this article.
          O’Traitor arms & finances ISIS.
          He has sold out America to the NWO.
          When will one of our Generals grow a set of balls and Arrest this this TRAITOR?

          • We all know he and others are piece of shit muslim trash and traitors and they will all burn in hell. The question is how do we get them there before our country is too far gone?

            • As such, Obama the Commander-in-Chief is outside of the UCMJ.

              Reminds me of the Lincoln assassin co-conspirators:

              Tried, convicted and hung by a military court martial. All were US citizens, All were civilians, none were in the military, and the war was over.

              The US wiped their asses with the Constitution on that trial.

              But, might makes right.

              • Blows, doesn’t it

            • He and others are not muslims; they are communist socialists. Muslims don’t believe in communism. The ones in power are giving the country to russia and china. What about russia and china? Still the good guys? How about Putin? You like him?

              • Obola is certaily a muslim POS and no I hate them all.

                • CERTAINLY

              • The muzzie in power is a commie. His mother, from Kansas, was a commie. His grandparents, mother’s side were commies. He associates with commies. Bommie and many on this site are commies.

                Lets hear it from you commies.

          • Also agree 100%….

            PS: Valerie Jarrett is Iranian –explains a lot.

          • You seem to have forgotten that Obama, a man ‘groomed’ professionally to enter into our government and then progress to POTUS …has eliminated EVERY high-ranking officer from the military that ‘stood their constitutional ground’ and denied to fire upon citizens of their very own nation. So, the “officers with balls all got discharged dishonorably …meaning it will be decades before the damage inflicted MIGHT be corrected. We, the people, must remember that the officers (officers are in charge of enlisted soldiers who are lower in rank and assigned to them), called “The military Chain-of-Command. We now have a military with officer who do not mind firing upon American citizens “in the least.” Needless to say these ‘bastard’ officers would not hesitate to ‘justify’ to their troops why they have to shoot Americans …and who knows what percentage of them actually will? (And what percentage will not)? So there you have discovered another instance of ‘division’ (division so effective soldiers can not trust the man who has their ‘6’ to not shoot them in their back). Obama has introduced ‘division’ into every corner of this nation, racism has been ‘amplified’, no border is remotely secured and the only way to see the truth is to take a trip down there (ANYWHERE on our Southern Border) and be taken aback at the sheer numbers of illegals FLOODING our country …and of course since this is destructive to America, our POTUS is doing everything possible to ensure the open borders and illegals continue to swamp us knowing damned well that ‘such a thing’ will bring MOST of our ‘systems’ to their knees (if not destroy them completely).
            The time to ‘fight back’ reared its ugly head years and years ago …but it’s never too late (especially when we are looking at a situation that WE HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED AND THEY WANT TO SEE ALL OF US DEAD OR ENSLAVED – THEY WANT AN ALL MUSLIM COUNTRY UNDER SHARIA LAW (NO MORE CONSTITUTION OR RIGHTS IN THE LEAST OF WAYS). This could only mean that EVERYONE in DC and (I assume) senators, governors, representatives and all others “in the beltway” need to be ousted and the only conceivable to pull it off would be via a ‘full public outburst’ (and we are in no way lacking for firepower or the-smarts to pull it off).

          • Three generals on the staff of the group of them who work in the White House (sorry – too little sleep lately and can NOT remember what they’re called) of five who began the attempt to have him arrested for High Treason and impeached were murdered before they could act some months ago I believe. Having trouble locating that story now, but they were STOPPED, attacked and murdered. before they could get to wherever it was they needed to be. I’ll see if I can locate that story, and if I do I’ll bring the URL back here to the comments section.

            • Something I meant to add here: if it comes to the U.S. military being ordered to kidnap Americans en masse, separate families and haul them all off to the FEMA Camps, I believe enough of them (excluding many if not most Special Forces) it will shatter the military into a million pieces! Any such orders are criminal – they’re unconstitutional, and enough military KNOW IT well enough, I think that not only would many refuse to obey such orders, they’d fight to prevent them from being carried out, knowing that it would begin the last part of the utter destruction of America! The U.S. military was never intended to fight Americans; We the People are a part of what they were intended to preserve. A military who is turned against it’s own populace, against the very people they themselves came from and to whom they anticipate returning in honor one day would know better – especially the older ones and the higher-ranking with better educations.

          • Three of the tried; I THINK they all had “accidents” before they could be charged with anything though. At an rate they were stopped on the way to the White House. And O’b has FIRED over three HUNDRED other high-ranking military who showed signs of trying to bring charges. It’s not that people haven’t been trying to get rid of him. The “elites” know their plans for the final destruction of America wouldn’t – COULDN’T – work without him, so he’s being carefully protected. Apparently he can’t be arrested if anyone with the authority can’t get close to him. Looks like the NSA and the CIA are watching very, VERY carefully to make sure nothing like that happens. That makes THEM complicit in High Treason, but then they knew that going in I think.

        • Forget the ‘NDAA.’ If you have the means to get to them, by all means, do so.

          The law no longer matters.

            • Interesting; it says, “That page no longer exists”. I wonder what happened to it..?

          • Thats for sure, there is no justice

            • Kula,
              YUP, there has been NO justice for a LONGTIME and just hope the scumbags in politics will be thrown out and a new set of DECENT people installed, I am NOT very hopeful that it will happen BUT better to wish than not!

              • “…just hope the scumbags in politics will be thrown out and a new set of DECENT people installed”

                By WHOM? Three generals with a security detachment TRIED. They were stopped on the way, and if what I’ve read is correct either they’re no longer among the living or they’ve been arrested and sequestered. And as long as Obama has the power of the Office of the President he can sick the Secret Service, the CIA and NSA and for all I know the White House Chief Chef on anyone who makes the attempt to arrest him! And what do you suppose happened to those 300 or so other high-ranking military who were fired? They were fired on the flimsiest of reasons, and at least some lost their retirement benefits after a lifetime of honorable service!

                It’s obvious O’b is being closely protected, and people who have any access at ALL are as well, and they can’t get to him, or so much as plot to make the attempt without being caught and stopped.

        • Fast and Furious Gun Running comes to mind as well. Hitlery and Obama let Bengazi take place and both should be making licence plates in prison.. Arming and training ISIS is a crime and treason. Using tax payer money is theft to aid and abetting terrorists. Can you say Tyranny and Treason? Yes we can. Maybe Trumpeter can get the trials on fast paces. Hang the bitches. But they want to disarm patriotic Americans. Insanity come to mind.


          • They arm more than our foreign enemies they arm our DOMESTIC enemies too! Every alphabet agency is armed to the teeth and trust me they ARE your enemies a hell of a lot more than any foreign asswipes. Figure out who the real enemy is before you cry about some oversea pickle smoochers. THE ENEMY IS RIGHT HERE WITH US! Probably some of your relatives too….


            • Agreed Genius. ALL alphabet agencies are NOT in place, nor were created for ‘the good of the people’. They were created to ensure that all parts of the federal government would ‘endure’ and thus such (and all) ‘abc agencies’ are 100% against we, the people.

              The sooner EVERYONE opens their eyes to the fact that we have been infiltrated and that NOTHING is being done to ‘favor us’ (ie; attempting to disarm us). Nothing is being done for us because why provide assistance to those you intend to kill? We are at war and WE will cease to exist (as a nation and as a race …meaning whites and christians ) as long as everyone remains ‘complacent’ while waiting for “a miracle” from a presidential candidate? Ya think “they” would allow him into the system as POTUS (which would destroy everything that many have invested billions into)? lol… Pah-leeeeze, spare me. 2016 will be “the year it all became obvious to those who would not see nor hear.” The aftermath? Time will tell (in-as-much ‘time’ is also the best teacher man knows of …and yet, just like Rome, we are going to ‘rest on our laurels’ and get creamed considering the number of trojan-horses extant throughout all ‘key’ positions. Jade-Helm POSITIONED military equipment ALL OVER THE COUNTRY (correct me if I am in error, yet I’ve seen nothing that suggests that ANY of these tanks, APCs and other heavy-munitions (on miles long train/flatbeds and boxcars), that states they have been moved back from whence they came).
              Consider that an older program designed to place unused military hardware into “weekend warrior’ facilities (I speak of “reserve forces and armories” across each state) is now taking away everything a town could use to stave off large-scale attacks. In light of this, it could well be truthful to state the we, the people, (in the spotlight of unorganized/organized militia), at this time are more of a concern than The Reserve to those seeking to overthrow America (and by exclaiming that all of we, the people who are “armed and in the know” are no different than ISIS Terrorists. I refuse to allow myself to be ‘smeared’ with illegal antics such as that when I only seek to do my sworn-and-oathed duty. Protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
              Given that the greatest part of our legal system has become corrupted and therefore, useless, it is best that we, the people ignore any and all laws that are corruptions of The Constitution or just unconstitutional. (Such as gun laws …”shall not be infringed” and everything else has already been VERY well spelled out at the time The Constitution and Amendments were written). Thus, if ‘whatever’ you run into is an infringement on The Second Amendment …feel free to ignore it as it truly/legally isn’t a law at all (because it fails to comply with Common Law) …and if we, the people, take everything in that ‘light’ and STOP “doing what the news says is best PLUS “GET THE DANGED WORD OUT” …we’d actually have a wonderful chance. (Which is “their” worst nightmare and the reason that the feds are covering everything that happens across The USA …when the issues they are covering are legally supposed to be conducted by The State

              • Bud, welcome aboard, and that was an excellent post you made.

              • Bud, I couldn’t have said it better! Welcome 🙂

              • As far as I understand it, D.C. is NOT the legitimate, legal government! That was never officially changed over to D.C., for one thing. For another, it’s been orchestrated so that for the most part, candidates for higher-ranking office are either “elites” or wannabes. Thing is, the ten-miles-per-side D.C. area was the repayment to the Central Banking system (owned by the Rothschilds) for the loans of wealth to BOTH SIDES in order to fight the Civil War! If you check out the architecture and the layout of the city of D.C. you’ll find Luciferian symbolism EVERYWHERE! Also, Congress is no long constituted the way the Constitution prescribes, and now we have a “President” who is NOT qualified from any of several directions and how is breaking the law and ignoring the Constitution with almost every move he makes! He also has a rather long list of dead people behind him on his way TO that office… SOMEONE with a LOT of power really, really wants him in that office no matter WHAT it takes! But a “government” that is unreachable, unalterable by us, that grabs off power after power to use AGAINST US – to spy on us, kidnap us without any official records because someone with some authority (likely much more than s/he should have) didn’t like something we said or wrote… From the behavior of THIS “government”, We the People HAVE NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER! They still fear us due to our sheer numerical superiority, but what with all the various types of poisoning we’re subjected to, the mind control via TV, cell phones and other things, we’re growing weaker fast. Too fast…

            • Commies everywhere, Genius. That includes commie preppers on this site.

        • Yep, its called a Citizens Arrest. Been tried a few times on that War criminal Dickhead Cheney. Aka Gravy Face Cheney. That’s why he rarely shows hi mug out in public. GW Bush also war criminal can not travel overseas and many other Countries have him indicted. So he is pretty much confined to house arrest and force to paint pictures of his of his dogs all day. Bush is probably the most hated person on the planet for his War crimes on humanity. Obama once out of office will be in hiding like a criminal always looking over his shoulder. And why he claims he will remain living in Washington DC. Due to the Secret Service Protection Army. Oh but you and I can’t own any guns to protect ourselves. Hypocrit.


        • BAHAHA can politicians be seized. Pffft. What do you think?

        • The Declaration of Independence already made that case with a resound hell yes.

      2. AGREED!

      3. And this is now news ? This has gone on since day 1 of him taking office.

        • Are you all aware that Mittens Romney filed papers to run for President? Yep and his VP is Paul Ryan. The Neocons are going to try and pull an end around on the GOP at the convention and nominate their own shill canidates. Out Coy try is full of domestic terrorists that need to be shot by firing squad.


          • i cant find anything verifying mittens filed papers.

            link ?
            Its easy to believe though .

            • I found this:

              and this:
              ht tp://www.inquisitr.com/2858500/mitt-romney-recently-filed-papers-with-fec-to-run-for-president-names-paul-ryan-as-his-vice-president/

              • Bishop Romney for president? Reid, the Mormon Nevada avenging angel, his VP.

                Commies everywhere. Several on this site.

                • Commie, you would not know one if he bit you on your ass……..

                  • You must be a Mormon, or a commie. But then I repeat myself.

          • WWTI, so Romney’s giving it another shot? Yep, the GOP leadership is REALLY desperate to stop Trump.

            • Utah will dig up Brigham if they have to.

      4. Nothing sticks to the Clinton’s also. Treason is putting it mildly. Apparently Odramaliar was a part of the Bush-Clinton Crime Cabal all along. Hillary must be having orgasms drooling over the prospects of executive orders she will set a record for declaring as blood drips from every orifice of her body. Osubterfuge set her up to continue laying waste to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The powers that be won’t allow her not to be planted as next liar and murderer in chief. The Clinton Foundation, the ongoing destruction of America has all the bases covered. Enough voters and tampered voting machines brings a sharp elevation of the decline. Woe is us.

        • As far as I know nothing glues us to the Corporate Law, Law of the Sea, Administrative Law etc. paradigm instead of Common Law. And as far as the Constitution goes it’s very clear about how the Congress is to be formed and what the citizenship requirements are for certain offices, one in particular especially! And Obama not only was NEVER qualified – officially – but he presented more than one forgery during at least the first campaign. Then there are all the times he’s violated the Constitution, assumed and used powers the Office of the President has NEVER HAD. And in fact, Isn’t he a murderer several times over, having given himself permission to ORDER illegal killings and acted on it as though it had been legal hen it plainly wasn’t… This list of violations of the Law, and there should be instance after instance after instance of it! – ought to be MORE than enough to put him and those who aided and abetted (and then there have been incidents like that low, low bow to an Arab authority (don’t recall who it was) placing America far below him y custom, which he he knows very well, harmed America’s status in the Middle East… As soon as the truth is out there, published everywhere on the Internet, on ink-and-paper newspapers and in glossy mags and tattooed on the paperboy’s butt if he’ll hold still long enough, then American need to start pushing HARD for n arrest and a preliminary hearing leading to a trial that includes every possible charge against him; we should also be able to bring charges against those who helped to fabricate evidence, and those who twisted the Law and so on! Put it ALL everywhere it CAN BE put! MAKE people see it all, and DON’T let them forget ANY of it! There HAS TO BE a limit to how much breaking of the Constitution and illegal murdering of Americans and other breaking of the Law of the Land by him that even Liberals will tolerate! Doesn’t there..? As long as it finally gets out to the populace, we have a major monkey wrench to throw into the gears! I also think we should include a very PUBLIC warning that the sudden ill health and terminally damaging “accidents” of those involved in the legal effort to expose an unqualified FRAUD holding the highest office in the land – or the family and friends thereof – will also NOT BE TOLERATED!

          I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve had enough of lies, cheating, bribery, threats, murders, various cheats – and these are all in our elections as well as the preliminaries running up to elections… and it ALL MUST CEASE!! I will NOT live in the Land of the Fees, home of the slaves!! My family has always joined the military when dictators and their wars reared their ugly heads and disturbed the peace of this beautiful planet! Now it turns out those wars were for profits, as well as to bend to breaking the ethics, morals and other necessities that helped keep us unified and strong… ALL of them, all of the poisoning of our food, air, water, medicine and pretty much everything else we come into contact with ALL emanates from the same groups of so-called “super-wealthy elite” families starting with the Rothschilds. Our law is twisted, our food poisoned along with everything else that can be, liars, thieves and murderers occupy our highest offices as We the People, for whom this country came to be as it was in the first place, are being enwrapped with chains for trying to keep our country lawful, for speaking Truth and demanding it in return! They’ve built what are clearly Concentration Camps for us while preserving a mile or more below-ground in “luxury shelters” the criminals who have almost destroyed the U.S., who HAVE destroyed the economy and demonstrably caused tens of millions of needless (but very profitable for them) deaths, and who have committed crimes and Evil acts beyond counting! Meanwhile most of us say little or nothing lest they be annihilated like others have been – for speaking the Truth, never mind demanding lawful redress! Time has almost run out, folks. They’re not about to treat us any BETTER as what time remains passes.

      5. since GH, the CIA has been at war with the US military. More and more articles here are BS. This site is being comprimised with misinfo and disinfo and no longer credible or worthy… buh-bye

        • geez: Show me a site of similar topics that has NOT been infiltrated with ‘divisionists’ (such as yourself).

        • Commies everywhere, geez. Lots of luck finding commie free info. If you want to read what commies are up to read this site.

          • Oh for fuck sake, give the commie shit a rest…..it is SO 1985…..

            • You sound like a commie. Sticking up for commies.

      6. Another episode of “Fear Mongering” by an Bitter, Old, tired, man who keeps on trying to live off his memories.

        Jeremiah Johnson is still trying to increase his personal wealth, and fame, by plying his old stale dreams on the Preppers, and survivalist of the USA.

        Nothing of substance or help here, move on…

        • Arming Isrehell with US Taxpayer monies for these cockroaches to commit mass Genocide is more Treason and violations of Basic Human Rights. Isreal need to be bombed and flattened into a sheet of sand glass as well. Do that and 75% of the Worlds problems evaporate instantly.


          • I never knew the Rockefellers were jewish.

            • I believe the rottenfellers work for the rothschilds.

              • The Rockefellers were originally name “Scherf” or something like that, and were at LEAST Germans, and were likely German-Jews. The other super-rich so-called “elites” are likely of Jewish descent as well. I don’t see that it matters. For what it’s worth, however, Orthodox Hebrews have NOT returned to Israel to live, though they may visit. They say that God has not yet spoken and told them that they may return, and they WILL NOT even ATTEMPT to go back there to live, to abide there as Orthodox Hebrews like their ancestors until then. These are Hebrews, unlike those occupying Israel, who are Jews who are actually just converted Khazars with NO Hebrew ancestry at all as I understand it. And as far as I understand it, ALL of the “elites”, or the “Illuminati” or whatever you want to call them, are ALL Luciferians who are descended from the Old Testament (the Pentateuch) Hebrews originally. I imagine that’s a part at least of the reason for the “elite’s” terrible hatred of Christianity and their ambivalent feelings (going by their behavior) toward Israel. I think they’ll preserve Israel until the moment they finally allow someone to annihilate them. If I had any money, I’d bet most of it that the Likud bugs out before before the place is rendered into the Middle East’s glow-in-the-dark nightlight… and now that Arabs have nukes I see no possibility whatsoever that this WON’T happen.

                The map of the Earth is about to undergo some major changes again. *sigh* maybe ten or thirty thousand years or so hence what there is of humanity – or whatever creatures take our place – will have another shot creating a true technological civilization. After all, the word only means the art of living in large groups, basically. If we can’t clean out D.C. before it’s too late, our turn at bat is over with.

          • WWTI, correcto mundo! There is a reason the gooish peeps have been kicked out of over 100 countries. But fools still can’t believe it lol.

      7. I read that the International Order Of Hubertus were present at the getaway in Texas where Scalia was murdered. No info has been released as to who was there when and where he died. Capitalism sure is morphing into a monster to be feared, no competition allowed. TPP is a further morphing, beyond Romney’s “corporations are people too” mantra. No progress for those outside corporate control. I pledge allegiance to the NWO of corporate corruption, for which it plunders, with no dollar left unaccountable for. The slapdown of solar power in the Sunshine state is criminal.

      8. He will be leaving in January next year…
        One way or THE OTHER.
        If we need a million white mans march,
        so be it.
        I would show up for that party, if I had to walk.

        • PS: Not a ‘racisss’ statement, just the opposite of other kinds of marches. Since we white folks only show up for ‘rallies’.
          So maybe, a million man armed rally?

          • The reason the million man black march was possible is because only 2 people had to miss work, the whites would all have to miss work 🙂

          • Much as I hate to say it, a group that big would just make a GREAT target – likely one that the “elites” couldn’t resist. Unless you really want to see a million people annihilated and fried where they stand, I’d find a better strategy, and maybe a few useful tactics that have a better chance of working! You’re still thinking that a big bunch of voters all working together might at least gain Obama’s attention – other than just presenting an irresistible target, I mean. Personally I can’t figure out what they’re waiting for; they already have everything lined up and ready to go as far as I can see. They can shut down the Power Grid any time they want to, irradiating the entire East Coast and at least a full 1/3 of the states in the Union if they work it that way. It’s no coincidence that pretty much ALL of our nuclear power plants are at the end of their working lifespans without major overhauls. We’d have – what – hundreds? – of Fukushimas, and least SOME will have a catastrophic failure. Most of the soil will be toxic, between glyphosate, radioactive particles, plus all the chemtrail crap with 75% or so nano-aluminum and God only knows what other nano-devices and toxins they care to add.

            Our food growing and distribution system is designed to be able cut off entire GROUPS of states, especially when there will likely be troops not just American, but from other U.N. countries for rounding up large numbers of us. Most of us just aren’t that organized, and they know exactly when most will be asleep, when most people are out of food, water, needing medicines, needing other help because the entire infrastructure of the country is designed to break down almost immediately if certain vital links in the chain that keeps us fed, hydrated, keeps medical attention available, sanitation working (that’s a BIG ONE here – too many people won’t know how to avoid poisoning their own yards, gardens, water, etc.)…

            If people keep their wits about them, even small towns could easily be organized to make sure everyone gets fed, more food is grown, bought or traded for, medicine is used carefully to stretch it, that herbal meds are used where possible, that those who NEED electrical power have it when it’s necessary and so on… Just as important, they can be organized to repel unwanted “help” and defend against invading troops who are “just here to help out” – by separating families and “giving them” “free transportation to camps with food, water, medicine and ample room…” – AND guillotine rooms in the back with walls studded with pinhole cameras because the “elites” are just FASCINATED with beheading. Just FYI, Mom was Army at the tag-end of WWII; she was a photographer, and she showed me what a concentration camp looks like: JUST LIKE A FEMA CAMP. I’d not be surprised to learn that half the floor plans were in German.

            Washington D.C. is a fake Capital run by the tools of the so-called “elites”. You’ve seen over and over again how they lie to get the positions, and then do what their owners – NOT us! – tell them to do! D.C. was the repayment to both sides of the Civil War to repay the Rothschilds (owners of the “Federal Reserve”, which is just as “federal” as Federal Express, AND in the same way) – for the loans to North and South to fight the Civil War. D.C. is saturated with Luciferian symbolism and a lot of magical relationships and geometry. I’m sure there’s lots about it on the Net, and much is likely on YouTube. Check out an overhead view of D.C. sometime if you can find one.

            We’re on the very edge now. If they wait much longer that many more people will be as prepared as they can make themselves. Remember to help others in the mess that’s rolling down on us, people! We’ll need each other in this, and they’ll be doing all they can to turn us against each other. DON’T ALLOW IT!

      9. America has shown him that he is free to do what he wants! And, it’s far from over! They all are! What part of the federal government acts within the Constitution? They are lawless! A tyranny free for all!

      10. We need to arm Mid-east cos of Russia is our biggest Enemy. Think before you write an article or speak up or open your mouths. Better stay shut and just look much closer.

        • Wishmaster, your biggest enemies are in DC, Wall St., City Of London, i.e., the NWO/GLOBALISTS. Lay down the crackpipe.

      11. I say again:
        We need to arm Mid-east cos of Russia is our biggest Enemy. Think before you write an article or speak up or open your mouths. Better stay shut and just look much closer.

        • I don’t think Putin’s Russia is a danger to us unless he has to defend some country he’s obligated to protect, and the “elites” have ordered Obama to take us against such a country. Obama is now following NO LAW whatsoever except self-preservation. He’s attacking anyplace the “elites” tell him to, and meanwhile he’s still working on setting up Americans for being disarmed and run through the FEMA Camps, which will kill off about 90% of all they take in. Actually, I think he’d help us if he could, but he knows any such attempt by him would be misunderstood, either truly, or due to orders. Our military has been SO damaged at this point, I suspect we’d stand a good chance of losing. Washington D.C. needs to be cleaned out, or just plain IGNORED while we move the Capital back to Philly and legally elect a real POTUS and Congress. NEITHER was put together as the Constitution requires, and D.C. is three for-profit corporations, NOT the legal Capital City of the united states of America. D.C. was the fee of the Rothschilds for loaning the money to fight the Civil War – they made loans to both sides, as usual

      12. It would be an HONOR to be allowed to carry out his execution.

      13. wake up people! obama this, obama that. on the THINGS that MATTER, congress, all 535 members are all bought and paid for. have sold out this country and gave obama a blank check. the 2 party system represents the continuity of government will screw America until congress is replaced with honorable people who will uphold the constitution and put the interest of the American people first and foremost. otherwise America is screwed for good! fuck the elite and long live the 2nd amendment!

        • You STILL don’t get it, Henrietta. Trump MIGHT “live long” – as long as he follows the orders of the “elites” – and they’ll see to it before he sets foot in that office that either he WILL follow their orders or his V.P. will get a chance. Washington D.C. and probably 99% of that entire crowd of “public servants” are corrupt as Hell! It’s three corporations, NONE OF THEM having anything to do with the legitimate government of the united states of America. Philadelphia was the Capital before the Civil War. I’m not at ALL certain how the gaudy, overblown marble MESS of city D.C. ended up the Capital afterward, but it’s LOADED with Luciferian symbolism, statues and other tributes to “elites” and their tools, and even the layout of the place (find an overhead shot of D.C.!) is full of pentagrams and so on.

          America has a long way to go in order to heal and recover what it was intended to be, and I don’t really know how much of a chance we have. What I DO know is that there are a LOT of stubborn old farts and plenty of young ones who’ll die before they’ll – before WE’LL – allow America to become what the so-called “elites” want it to be! They want the soul of this place DEAD, and they’ve done all they could to make it diseased, confused, tired and ill. Some of us, however, are just no more capable of giving up on this country than we are of breathing in fire or swimming in air. The words of the Founders are some of the strongest magic there is – because it’s rooted in the free spirit of men who were whole themselves, and they refused to accept a life that is anything less. I know that I CAN’T accept a life like that, and I know a great many of us are the same! My entire family, those who were whole and hale, have always joined in times of war; none were ever drafted because none ever waited that long. That’s as it should be; a country whose young men won’t fight to preserve it doesn’t deserve to live and it won’t. It’s missing something; something VITAL. I won’t even try to name it, but the Rothschilds and their evil followers have tried hard for a long to destroy it, and they almost succeeded. Almost, however, has NEVER been good enough!

      14. Fuck them all I wish the world for the dead. Aliens and Gods make it happen by sending 10 big asteroids targeting planet Earth and that it won’t even hurt if you destroy the Sun also.

      15. Most people seem to think the new World Order is some future plan. I see it as a present reality, that is, we presently live in a world under the control of an organized international elite, who worked for this objective for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They continue to perfect and tighten the grip of power, but the power itself has been theirs for years, only now more of us are awaking to this reality. The best slave, erroneously, believes he is free; and works hard for the master, thinking he is working for his own interests; which of course, he is not. That is the situation here. What happens in government is mostly a show to give us the illusion of power. I believe that no matter who goes to serve in the House or Senate, the pressure to conform to the will of the true rulers is practically impossible to stand up to, no matter how good and decent the individual may be. But let’s not give up. Win or loose, it is a good fight. Die standing or die on your knees. That may be the ultimate choice. As for now: Let’s keep educating each other. The greatest threat to the Master/Slave relationship is an educated, informed, analytical would be slave with keen intelligence. Kryptonite for tyrants.

      16. I wish people like JJ would shut up. Obama will never be ‘arrested’ by anybody.Congress has abandend its constitutional duties for whatever reason,and we just have to stick it out for a couple more months and hope the damage done is not too bad. It probably will be. There will be no ‘rebellion’ or revolution,because it is not in the American way of doing things. We are destroyed as a country. The People are responsible for it by electing the shits they do. Over and over and over again

        • The reason is communism, southside. Congress abandoned its constitutional duties because congress is communist, most of its members commies. Been so since Lincoln. Karl Marx published his shit in a NY newspaper owned by Horace Greeley. Greeley published many articles by Marx in 1846. Lincoln bought into it. Paid Marx $5.00 per article.

          Do your own research.

          Commies everywhere.

          f ’em

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