“He Has Her Blood On His Hands”: Anti-Gun Liberals Viciously Attack Father Of Florida Shooting Victim For Supporting Donald Trump

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    Hard-left social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news outlet.

    That’s right, in the new America it is apparently perfectly acceptable to attack and even blame the parent of a teenager who was murdered, all because his political beliefs do not line up with the leftist orthodoxy.

    Both Andrew Pollack and his wife were interviewed outside of Broward Health North hospital, hoping to hear from their daughter hours after the attack that left 17 dead and over a dozen injured. During the interview, Pollack committed the thought crime of wearing a t-shirt for his preferred presidential candidate, a fact that apparently gave leftists on twitter the cover to viciously attack him.

    The attacks ranged from actually blaming Pollack himself for his own daughters death, to disgustingly claiming that they did not feel sorry for him simply because he supports Trump and presumably the NRA. Keep in mind that the anti-gun left has spent BILLIONS of dollars to push their agenda while at the same time pretending that the NRA is this all powerful group that cannot be stopped.

    One user even went as far as to claim that Trump, the NRA, and all Republicans themselves were actually RESPONSIBLE for the attack itself.

    Make no mistake, the following tweets are representative of a large portion of the new left which openly hates all their political opposition to the point where they simply do not care if someones daughter was literally just murdered.

    Additionally, the social media giants themselves (Facebook, Twitter, etc) seemingly support the vicious attacks on Pollack as they have allowed them to continue unimpeded while at the same time censoring dozens of conservatives for a variety of fake reasons.

    As I noted above, this is the new America folks, where all it takes is wearing a Trump shirt to be attacked and even blamed for your own daughters murder.


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      1. Of course the leftards can’t remember back that far, but nobody blamed Obama for Sandy Hoax. Ignorance abounds on the left.

        • In other weird news, I woke up yesterday morning with the word “earthquake” in my mind. I checked the news but nothing had happened.

          Again later in the day the word “earthquake” popped into my mind and I felt like it was a “major” quake. Again nothing when I checked for quakes yesterday evening. I meant to mention it here last night and forgot.

          Boom !!! Today a 7.2 mag earthquake in Mexico. Better wire me to a seismograph !!! 🙂

        • I see they are advertising level IIIA backpacks for school children. I hate to break it to them but if someone uses a rifle it will more than penetrate the Kevlar. Just saying. Level III plate would work.

          • Especially useless in schools where children must leave their backpacks outside the classroom.

        • ChuckinBama, thanks for getting to the crux of the matter again. We have many snowflake Americans that want to be thought-police. They think their feelings have more relevance than experienced, educated thought. Unfortunately here-again they want to blame inanimate objects (FIREARMS) and their political opponents that believe in the Constitution. When the libtards get their way and we succumb to a socialist utopia (sarcasm), they will be sorely disappointed.

        • And they are disgusting too.

        • Chuck…Where you located in bama. I am in Talladega Al

      2. There is no hope for these mindless left-brained libtard idiots.

        • No, I think it is a far graver situation than that. There is no hope for this country.

          If you don’t have rule of law AND honest money, then there is no way to turn this around without violent revolution.

          A study of guerrilla warfare reported that such conflicts are successful only in a distressingly low percentage of cases. The government has vast stores of food, supplies, weaponry. I suspect FEMA camps are nothing less than supply depots for the military in such an event.

          The main question I have is whose side will the military be on? Certainly, Trump seems to support the militarty, almost as if he recognizes its vital importance to the stability of the country, even if it means for now that he may have to budget a lot for the MIC to keep them appeased for now.

      3. Hey you assholes on the left or anti-gun assholes period.
        Republicans did not kill you family members.
        Donald Trump did not kill your family members.
        A AR-15 that Armalite Rifle not ASSAULT RIFLE -15 killed your families .223/5.56 rounds killed your family members.

        It has NO brains, NO eyes NO personalities.

        What would you do if it was a mad person used a car or a truck ?

        So shut the F–K UP, and Burial your Loved Ones HEAL if you want to, and MOVE ON.

        Sorry for your lost, now tend to the living.

      4. These people are seriously mentally deranged.

      5. Two words. F#$K Them.

        • SGT,
          Libs live in a tortured world inside their own twilight zone minds. They are beyond help.

          This kid was expelled, which usually only occurs for acts of, or threats of violence. Beyond expelled, this kid was also banned from school property, which tends to indicate a higher level of threat. I believe the normal method for schools is a simple letter sent registered mail, signed by the superintendent of the school system, notifying them of the ban. Legally it has almost no weight other than is a formal notice that the kid can be arrested for treaspassing if found on the property. LEO’s may or may not be informed, the local school board/police relationship can get in the way, especially in minority communities.

          So my question is: if the school is faced with such potential violence, why not apply to a judge for an order of protection, like a domestic abuse case. It has more legal weight, and if the right category of court order is applied for, the target because of existing law would automatically be banned from from buying or possessing firearms for five years. That’s more than enough time for a kid to either straighten themselves out, or have other law enforcement issues that would permanently ban them from legal firearms ownership.

          Am I nuts or don’t we already have the laws on the books that could have stopped this shooting, if only schools would follow a procedure? I know you aren’t a lawyer, but you gotta know more than I do?

          • Your not nuts. Your correct.

          • “don’t we already have the laws on the books that could have stopped this shooting”

            Well how about the law that says you can’t murder people? Seriously, laws are never the answer. When persons intend to ignore them, what good are laws? Hillary doesn’t even follow any laws, so why would the people that follow her do so?

            • ““don’t we already have the laws on the books that could have stopped this shooting”

              In the end that is the point. If laws worked you wouldn’t need law enforcement. The ridiculous concept that a carry permit holder is barred from school property attests to that. If someone had mayhem on their mind a law wouldn’t stop them but it would stop the law abiding protector from being armed.

              This will blow over.

            • CrackerJack
              A judges order of protection for domestic violence gets registered with the National Firearms database.

              This kid legally bought his rifle.

              Had an “order of protection” been issued, the kid would have failed his instant check when buying a rifle. That would have triggered an alert to local Law enforcement that he was technically in violation of his court order, now police could go with a warrant to his house looking for other weapons.

              At most to make this work, the AG office in DC might have to issue instruction that they recognize orders of protection granted to schools as being covered by the existing federal law that affects the targets right to buy firearms.

              I agree that a double dog dare you law slathered on top does nothing, but this approach closes the door to legal gun purchases.

          • twilight zone minds are gun-free zones

      6. Do you know why the insanity defense almost never succeeds in these cases?
        It’s because psychiatrist/psychologist have to cut with the bullshit and admit these mofos are nothing more than pure fkng evil.
        It’s not because their mommy and daddy abused them or they were bullied or they didn’t get a trophy or they were rejected.. no no.
        It because they made a conscious decision to be a evil , murdering, pos.
        The voices in this asshole’s head? They’re all his voice.

        He’s soon to shake hands with Mr. Needle but I so hope he exercises his option for electrocution. Old Sparky will make his eyeballs pop out of his fkng skull. Either method is waaayyyy to good for this pos… he needs to suffer accordingly.
        True to form the same libtards criticizing this father will be there to protest… no doubt.

        • Toto….,
          Re: insanity defense. Psychotic people understand right from wrong. They just don’t think it applies to them, thus Obama had no issue with breaking dozens of laws to spy on the Trump campaign, but darn it, Hillary lost and the coverup is being exposed.

        • We quit hanging Fks like this

        • The legal standard is Mens rea

          Mens rea is a Latin term meaning “guilty mind”. It refers to the criminal intent that is necessary as an element to be proven in a crime.

          You can be nuttier than a fruit cake, worship dog shit, run down the street nude, bark at the moon but if you know what your doing is wrong you can’t use the insanity defense. The fact that he tried to get away precludes any effective insanity defense.

      7. Libs; Nothing you have done or passed has solved the problem. Calling people names or trashing them doesn’t solve it. Banning people’s ability to defend themselves won’t solve it,probably make it worse. Creating safe spaces won’t either.

        • I have stopped calling them “Libs” and used their real name – Marxist Anarchist’s. The Communist just reinvented themselves.

          Molon Labe

          • You can’t be a Marxist and an anarchist at the same time. I would call them Marxist militants.

            • Did not marx claim that the state would wither away?

              Anarchy = no state. . .

      8. These mindless leftists show they have been fully and successfully indoctrinated and propagandized. They are placing ideologically induced reaction above rational thought or action and as such cannot respond except in a unthinking manner, only in a programmed way. These true idiots genuinely believe they have some sort of vindication or proof their ideology is correct, and their feelings are justified when they say a DT supporter deserved to have their child murdered? Did they think that through, NO, they didn’t think at all. it is reactionary. They are mindless puppets.
        Fortunately, in my part of the country we don’t have too many SJW’s, but I have listened to a few. They make statements but cannot present a cogent, rational, clear case for the statement. Rather, they use superficial talking points that may sound good, use emotion, violence, and ridicule. One can easily see they are only responding as programmed, they are useful idiots.
        These useful idiots are the unknowing soldiers of those who really have radical agendas for change. They have been dumbed-down and stripped of any capacity for critical thinking. Many of antifa, SJW’s, BLM, and other groups are students; may of them have committed vilolence, destruction of property, assaults, and so on because their teachers, professors, mentors, and various leftist organizations etc. told them it was the best thing to do. They use violence because they do not have a message that appeals or the mental ability to make a reasoned case. There is a video showing a teacher teaching his college students American culture and values need to be destroyed, there is no such thing as morality, that anything was justified to achieve the goals of desired change, and those that stood in the way need to be eliminated. These dumb kids will without thinking will even act against their own self interests.

      9. I am convinced there is something in the water….

      10. ???

        Weather or not you like Trump, whether you are Democrat or Republican, regardless of how you feel about immigrants, or what you think about abortion or gays, women’s power, racism; never never never be fooled into believing that those in power want to ban guns because they care about the tragedy of mass shootings and deaths in the inner cities from gun violence.

        The proponents of disarming America are hateful power obsessed very evil people. The Second Amendment was put there to protect us. We shall be free only if we continue to uphold the Second Amendment.



        • AMEN B

      11. “How, how, how” can Democrats– whose Deep State so evidently instigates these otherwise inane attacks on our children whom we must, under gun-armed threat of their government, send to their “gun-controlled” schools to be soft targets of these instigated gunmen– continue to blindly follow that Deep State’s narrative to “grab everyone’s (except government’s) guns” “and that will make everyone ‘safe'”? What about the Deep State’s massive arsenals of guns and their governmental passes to supply guns unrestricted and even un-traceable to these “shadowy”, (CIA-drugged?) “disturbed” and, really, only alleged perpetrators of these pro-gun-control shootings? It’s the people’s mindless mainstream media-trained bleating for more “gun-control” that, along with being un-self-armored, makes them vulnerable to these shootings that constitutes the real “blood on their own hands”.

      12. Democrats can be said to be responsible for these attacks by forcing schools (at government gunpoint, threatening anyone who disobeys them) to be “gun-free” shooting galleries at the mercy of anyone who the gun-control government’s Deep State can find to (what would already be illegal for an individual but is considered to be governmentally permissible) arm, drug and facilitate to commit such heinous acts in order for the atrocity to be used by the mainstream propagandists to cheerlead the masses into chanting for even more “gun-control” vulnerability to the Deep State’s ultimate goal of overt, total world government takeover. The Deep State–all of government–is clearly waging war against the would-be free people.

        This is America’s “Assad” (the Deep State) waging a government regime war against “Free Americans” and their would-be “American Spring”, the way the West co-opted “ISIS” in Syria to be used to impersonate the real Free Syrians so the real Free Syrians could then be attacked by the West under the guise of “attacking ‘ISIS'” so the West’s man, Assad, could be kept in power over the Syrians and, strategically, over the rest of of big oil’s Middle East. It’s the same method being used against the would-be free people by the elites in America.

      13. The leftists are so low they aren’t real Americans. What some of them said about the victim really gets me. I would not wish for their children to be gunned down, but rest assured,the people who believe this way are our enemies. I see evidence of distinctive sides forming up for what will certainly be another civil war here that will make the first one pale in comparison. I don’t want it. Only a madman really wants it, but we better get ready for it. Cutting off the head of the snake needs to be the priority and you know who you are that has access to some of these scum. I’ll play my part whether it be small or large.

        • it is not left vs right- it is everybody vs bankers

          bankers have created the tension of libs vs conservatives

          to obscure the (((real war)))

          the banker engendered animosity is spy vs spy

      14. If anyone ever took the time to look they would see that all this began when the government decided not to institutionalize the very type of people who are committing these heinous acts. It’s the people doing it, not the guns. Guns are a tool just like a hammer or an axe, either will do the job.Tools don’t have a soul or make decisions, they only do what the person handling them wishes. Thankfully Trump has the good sense to recognize that.It’s the people who are responsible for the deaths of others not the implements used to kill them. Those people who harassed the father that lost his daughter should be ashamed of themselves.

      15. something very wrong with liberal thinking.

        • Old Guy, hey. As a man who has lost a couple of his own children I feel for the guy who lost his daughter. Been there myself. A son as well. But, he needs to understand that life is not just some b.s. concept of the system’s responsibility. The whole thing is that responsibility is his, was his daughter’s, hell, it’s everyone’s. There are no promises, no securities that are 100% in this world. Blaming I’ve found is a game played when the guilt and grief just become too much for a man to accept at times. I hope he gets over it. Until then, he needs to get out of the limelight and accept the horrible reality that …… it happened.

        • Liberal thinking is an oxymoron.

      16. Twisting your perception of reality to condone or justify violence is the worst kind of deception. The killer doubtless felt justified in what he did. The people who are attacking the victim’s father have the same twisted perception of reality.

      17. I feel for the parents and loved ones. The loss of 17 people is horrific, however it pales in comparison to the 55 million civilians who were disarmed by law and later killed by their own governments in the 20th century. Liberals say “It can’t happen here”; in this respect they are unusually correct. The Second Amendment prevents it.

        • How’s this for a statistic?

          In 3 years
          Cops have killed 450% more people than 4 decades of mass shootings

          Bam ! There it is

          It’s easy to verify what I said
          Just copy the line starting at “Cop” and ending at “shootings”
          And you will see what I saw

          Wake up folks
          A tragity no less , but a huge fking distraction to a huge illegal occupation in this country
          Read your Bill of Rights

          And wake up to the chess board they are winning on due to our inaction

          • I would bet that more people have been killed by lightning than mass shootings too. For sure 1000’s of times more people have been killed my the medical/pharma system. Mass shooting deaths have to be at the very bottom of the list of causes of death.

            • I looked up that statistic at one time and I believe roughly 80 people are hit and 50 killed by lightening per year. The other statistic is that there are approximately 5 million AR-15 platform rifles in civilian hands with I’ll bet another 3 -4 million others functionally identical. Regarding automobiles the carnage from “Assault Cars” here defined with 350 HP or more that only serve the purpose of over acceleration and speed have caused especially in youthful hands. Once again their are overwhelmingly in sane safe hands yet their potential significance to public safety is obvious. The Main Stream Media is conspicuously silent on the non gun dangers which are far more likely. While they are liberal the chain of ownership isn’t public but private. In effect assists promote communists to be the governor of public values and human resource managers.

              • No outcry to ban vehicles or restrict access to them –
                Jul 14, 2016. 84 Killed in Nice, France by Truck
                Jan 20, 2017 6 killed in Melbourne, Australia by car
                Aug 19, 2017 13 Killed in Barcelona , Spain by Van
                Oct 31, 2017 8 Killed in Manhattan NY by rental truck.

              • more “people” are killed by abortion in this country than ANYTHING else.

                • Abortion is a necissary evil. Without it this country would be 60% black and crime would be through the roof. Taxes would be insane and jails everywhere. The resource consumption would be double and pollution too. SHTF would be kicking your door in…

              • Lightning killed fewer Americans last year than any year on record, marking a steady downward trend that experts attribute to more awareness, better lightning-proof construction and fewer people working in farms and fields.

                Lightning killed 16 people in 2017, the fewest deaths since accurate records began in 1940, the National Weather Service said. This broke the previous record low of 23, set in 2013, weather service meteorologist John Jensenius said.

                The number of people killed by lightning in recent years a far cry from annual lightning deaths decades ago: In the 1940s, for instance, hundreds of people were killed each year by lightning. In 1943 alone, 432 people died.

                In 2001, the weather service launched a lightning safety campaign, which included the now well-known phrase “when thunder roars, go indoors.” At that time, the nation recorded about 55 lightning deaths a year.

                Over the past decade, an average of 27 Americans were killed each year from lightning strikes, Jensenius said. “While we don’t like to see any lightning deaths, the continuing downward trend in yearly fatalities is encouraging,” Jensenius added.

                Jensenius said increased awareness prompted better lightning safety policy for outdoor sports and recreational organizations.

                And when lightning does strike, Jensenius said, better medical treatment and access to automatic external defibrillators “has helped save the lives of lightning strike victims.” Roughly 90% of people struck by lightning survive.

                The highest number of lightning deaths occurred in Florida, which recorded five fatalities. Alabama followed with three and Colorado, Texas and North Carolina had two each. The other two lightning deaths occurred in Ohio and Puerto Rico. All but one of the victims were male. On average, 79% of lightning victims are male, based on data from 2006 to 2016.

                The sharp drop in lightning deaths over the past 75 years ” coincides with a shift in population from rural to urban regions,” wrote meteorologist Ronald Holle in an article in the Journal of Applied Meteorology.

                In the 1940s, “there were many, many more small farmers who were out working in fields,” which meant many more chances to be struck by lightning, Jensenius said.

                In addition to better lightning safety awareness and medical advances, all phones were corded decades ago, leading to quite a few deaths due to people speaking on the phone. Additionally, there has been better lightning protection, suppression and grounding in electrical and phone lines, he said.

                [source- usa today]

          • @Redhawk…..

            And ALL the folks that the cops killed were innocent…..right?

            You sir, are either a moron or so morally depraved that you cannot distinguish the innocent from those whose actions necessitated that the police deal with them in a violent way.

            You need to not only wake up yourself, but you need to get a moral compass that works.

          • Red Hawk

            I’m no blanket supporter of police misbehavior and their stedfast practice of protecting their own virtually regardless of circumstances. Its unfair to assume that the majority of people killed by police wouldn’t have warranted shooting with this guy being one of them.

            • Agreed
              Yet , the numbers still show us all something we should be aware of and doing something about

              If not only the fact
              It’s unconstitutional, that alone takes top priority
              Or should if we are as the people to ever run this place

          • What’s the statistic for innocent women and children killed every year by our armchair generals sitting in the Pentagon?

            • I’m sure its another ugly truth they would rather not have you know

              It is things like this we all need to have in mind when the hammer drops on gun confiscation in this country or any state of this country
              Their reasons got nothing to do with anyone’s protection only their own

            • Cracker, Between isrealhell and US it is in the millions. But hey, people sign up to do it. Don’t ask me why, perhaps they are psycopaths because there really is no other reason (maybe patriotic stupidity).

          • That is right. The government is responsible for more death than anyone else justified or not historically right up to current times. Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force and a force that want and need unarmed subjects in order to force all their agenda2030 new world order policies on. A dangerous servant and a fearful master.

      18. It is,it has been reporting through out these school shootings recorded in this country that nearly all the person(s) were on mind altering/anti-depressant drugs?

        How about this one?

        It has been reported that he said he heard voices in his head and apparently he listened to them. Bad decision on his part and any body else.

        And in my profession, I’ve heard that many times.

      19. Smells like another Soros funded attack.

      20. So sad…I don’t use social media at all…never will. But why doesn’t someone who does, ask these liberal scum who support Planned Parenthood how many innocent babies are butchered everyday by their friends?

      21. WACK JOBS!

      22. I know this site must be monitored by these librurds so I’ll go ahead and show now what pitiful creatures they really are. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just some emotional rant or personal attack. This is a thoughtful and objective observation. They believe they are doing something important; in reality their only purpose is to attack those of us that do not agree with their cult. I say cult because if their political beliefs were a religion it would be a death cult. They desire to see society degraded, and personal happiness and self fulfillment stamped out.
        They attack the standard of living and quality of life they depend on and are accustomed to; and could not survive outside the sustenance our society provides them. I heard them say they hate children; naturally pro-abortion. They wish for their own extinction, and for those who do not believe as they do. Indeed, as this article shows, they revel in others misery and misfortune. They are parasitic, takers not givers, they serve absolutely no constructive function in our society and likely in no society, no other viable society would want them. Most have no skills, or have anything whatsoever beneficial to offer therefore they serve no purpose. If we had a choice I would make them leave and go somewhere else because they use resources but give nothing of value in return. The problem is no where else wants them either. If they were to just to leave or die, honestly, nobody would miss them; there certainly would be no sense of loss by anyone that knew them, mostly because they contributed nothing good or important to their fellow citizens.
        If I was a psychiatrist I would say they appear to be motivated by self hate caused by never actualizing any real purpose in their lives. In every day vernacular really just useless.
        Could anyone imagine being one one them on their deathbed, maybe seeing the lifelong futility of their lives, the utter purposelessness, a life devoid of any real value they imposed on themselves. It will be like they were here, and then gone with no sign they were ever here. They must be devoid of an ability for higher thinking or a developed conscience, otherwise how do they live with themselves? Or maybe just really stupid.

      23. I’m pleased to see they’re so vehemently opposed to being armed. It makes for a safer more susceptible adversary. No Guns For Leftists! Legalize it.

        • But I thought the left was arming up? What happened? Did they shoot themselves in the foot too many times?

      24. The only obvious answer is to confiscate all guns and
        terminate all NRA and GOA members.
        My question would be, how many Democrats/Moslems/Liberals
        would be alive in America afterwards?
        I’m rather tired of Democrats/Moslems/Liberals killing people and then I get blamed for it. I would not miss a single Democrat/Moslem/Liberal, both literally and figuratively.

        • They want submission not a fight. They want to demonize un ownership. The best thing to do is take a younger non shooter out shooting.

          • K2
            With the exception of my grandson,
            He lives a long ways away,
            I ran daughter, nieces, and nephews,
            through hunter safety classes
            One instructor wanted me to teach
            the Bow part, because
            I could do it better than him.

            Yes, take the kids out and teach them
            how to be safe with tools( AKA guns).
            More importantly how to be responsible
            with them.
            I got my first hunting
            license at age 12. All Democrats would go
            apoplectic at the thought of a 12 year old with
            a 30 Cal. rifle hunting elk and deer.
            My rifle was a semi-auto.
            I also hunted with a bow and put food on the table.
            You can’t get a drivers license till you are 16.
            You cant buy beer till you are 21.
            I’ve helped raise and raised a few kids, I don’t
            agree with most laws.
            But if you don’t have your shit together by age 12 or so
            there is something really wrong with you.
            I continue to learn even into my 60’s
            I don’t think we ever get it right.

          • they need learn how to shoot rocks. . .

      25. There have been sick people that commit murder since the beginning of time!
        Who’s fault?? The murderers fault. End of story. I am so sick of the blame game! The knives don’t jump off the table to stab…the guns don’t pull their own trigger…hands don’t reach out and choke without a sick mind instructing it to do so.
        The lunacy of the left is beyond understanding.

      26. And just how many of these mass shootings took place under the watch of Obama and other former presidents. Saying that this is all President Trump’s fault is total nonsense.

        Just more hype from the Liberal Left Wing.

        Remember people…Guns don’t kill…It’s the People with the guns that do. Last time I looked there aren’t too many smart guns with AI out there.

      27. Dumb MF’s. Can we just get this inevitable civil war going so we can move on? Should only take about a week (if that).

      28. We have more people in our country that are killed annually in automobile accidents than by firearms..We have had more people die from prescription pill overdoses since 1998 than from firearms..Is the automobile industry and Big Pharma going to be banned anytime soon? High school students can gain access to automobiles and prescription pills just as easily as they can a firearm,maybe easier..

      29. He was suppose to wear his LIBERAL UNIFORM: rainbow coloured “I HATE WHITE MALES” sheer blouse with lace, and his ‘four sizes too small’ bright pink leggings.

      30. so… how do you know these comments come from “valid” people? bet you didn’t check.. you just rather use this to lather up people

      31. They are unpatriotic heathens that are more mentally ill and out of touch with reality that worsens every day.

        • how can they be unpatriotic? they love the federal government. . .

      32. The second most important thing on the minds of the people who started arguably the greatest nation ever on this planet, they believed should not be infringed. And the domestic enemy would be the ones to do so? Why is it so hard for some to believe that many American citizens are what they referred to and every government employee is sworn to defend against? The Domestic Enemy.

      33. What do you do with the so called domestic enemy?

      34. Somethings not right here. These people should be privately grieving with family and close friends. Not picking fights on social media or dragging the NRA and/or Trump supporters. This is all planned for something bigger coming down the pike…

        • Yea, Beans for bullets?

      35. Ultra liberal tolerance, is only for ultra liberals?

      36. Here we have a radical terrorist fascist group who. with every action, continues to exemplify the mental illness, insensibility, and derangement brought on by technology and pure stupidity. Little do they know what lies in store for them as they espouse their immoral, illiterate, and incomprehensible doctrines that only an imbecile could possibly comprehend.

      37. Has every one forgotten about Bill Clinton and Ruby
        Ridge and Waco?

      38. “Cold-blooded murder?” What about the cold-blooded way that anti-gun nuts use every senseless tragedy involving a gun to further their agenda? Don’t they have any compassion at all or are they soulless bastards? The major lesson from school killings is that we have to monitor the students more closely to find the troubled children and help them! Make no mistake;they are in every school. Even if they never act out their repressed hostility, they need as much help as possible. If they’re not helped, they will graduate from high school as socialist as Bernie Sanders. Anti-gun liberals, I know you don’t believe in a soul, but develop a sense of compassion!

      39. This story shows how utterly lacking in compassion the Left and Liberals and Anti-gun groups really are. Not to mention their complete inability (or unwillingness) to think clearly and rationally.

        Despite the constant hammering by the Mendancious Mainstream Media that the AR-15 is an “assault weapon”, that is an untruth– and an intentional lie, at that.

        As has been pointed out for decades, yet which never seems to be within the comprehension of brain-damaged and/or brainwashed Liberals, guns are neutral things. It is the will of the people who wield them that is responsible for such atrocities. And were guns to be completely removed from the society, people of that bent would simply choose some other method to commit their evil deeds: explosives, knives, using automobiles or planes as weapons, using biological or chemical agents– none of which is new under the sun.

        Moreover, the MSM, and its social Agitprop arm Hollywood and the entertainment industry, are detestably hypocritical, because movies, television, video games, and (especially rap and hip-hop) music all glamorize violence employing guns. The ubiquity and, in fact, pornographic extremes of the violence depicted (and tacitly encouraged) is staggering. So when those sanctimonious frauds on the Left stop glamorizing gun violence as they do constantly now, maybe I’ll be less dismissive of their stance.

        These student protests too show how cynically the political Left will appropriate the grief of others(and, in the case of these students, their jejune naivete as well) to get their way. They try to paint these protests as being “grass-roots” and student-derived. Not so! They have been coached and manipulated from the get-go by the Left. It is shameful. Acting as if these callow youths have any real wisdom to share: they are too young to have developed the discriminating minds needed for wisdom (and since the very notion of HAVING a mind that can discriminate has been demonized, they won’t likely acquire any wisdom anytime soon).

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