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    According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution riot police were dispatched to East Point, Georgia as 30,000 people gathered to apply for federal Section 8 housing benefits.

    A quick look at the scene in East Point:

    Over the last year we’ve seen similar crowds, though not as large, gather across the country in cities like Detroit, where thousands stood in line for food vouchers and federal assistance.

    This morning, we learned that over 2 million New York food stamp recipients will be adversely affected because of new legislation that will divert some of the state’s funds from the food stamp program to prevent the layoffs of, or rehire, up to 8200 teachers.

    For now, the majority of those affected are of the lowest income classes in the US. Demographically, these are more than likely minority Americans. However, you can be certain that we will soon see similar situations spreading to those who currently call themselves the “middle class,” a demographic whose majority make up is Caucasion. As they lose jobs, savings, their homes and the way of life they have become accustomed to, they, too, will take to the streets.

    As Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute has oft been quoted as saying, “When people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

    We’re seeing thousands of Americans living in tent cities after losing their homes to foreclosure. Food pantries across the country are running out of food, as private donations are down significantly. Even those who want to donate can’t do it anymore.

    What happened in New York today proves, as we’ve suggested in prior writings, that the Federal government is going to have to begin cutting essential services. In this case, it was politically driven, because the poor are not as powerful and organized a force as teachers’ unions. Soon, we’ll see even more cuts. We can expect state health care programs, food programs, housing programs and utility assistance programs running out of money.

    Benefits and entitlements will be cut.

    The uneducated in our society, people like Peggy Joseph, will soon realize that what they have been told is a complete fabrication:

    The people will riot.

    What we see in Georgia today is quite mild to what we can expect in the near future. These types of gatherings in major cities across the US will become larger, likely turn to riots, and become very violent. The people will turn on eachother – whites against blacks against hispanics against muslims against jews against christians against democrats against republicans against tea baggers against gays against straights against the rich against the poor.

    All the while our benevolent politicians and their contributors will sip fine wines and dine on filet Mignon during a junket on Nancy Pelosi’s customized 757 C-32.

    Division is and will continue to be one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal.


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      1. “For God’s sake, they’re looting the Food King” or Foot Locker, now days.     Animal House      Where’s my chicken McNugets?  26 Billion and we will tell you how to spend it.

      2. Comments…..I have seen this coming for over a year now.  When the President of The United States Of America, calls a legal gathering of Americans, who have organized peaceful protests across America, a sexual name with the intentions of being insulting and dividing this group from the rest of America for the purpose of closing them down,  He is using the strongest fight he has…..The Race Card.

        He ignores the fact that this group was formed by joining groups of people from different backgrounds, economic levels and cultural levels.  But insists that they are nothing but a group of White Racist Red Necks.

        But I’m here to tell you, it could be that the red necks of all races throughout America are the ones who will be  able to keep food on the tables of Americans if the shtf.

        Our strength as a Nation has come from our ability to join together in times of trouble, and fight unitedly to reach our goal of freedom and prosperity.

        The Democratic Party is using the wise and oft used ploy of “Divide And Conquor”.  They are pitting Americans of different race, cultural background and economic levels against each other for their own purposes.   I believe, they would like to weaken Americans so that our power, freedom and prosperity will be easily taken from all of us.  And we will be left little choice in the future direction of America.

        I am a woman who will stand with any American willing to defend the Constitution Of The United States Of America!


      3. It will be easy for the government to pass out the koolaid when it comes time.  Anything that’s free the fools will take.  I recommend Peggy drinks hers first.  What a bunch of morons.  I’m glad I’m a redneck if that’s the case.  Pass me a Busch!  Anyone gotta smoke I can bum?

        Mona – I’ll stand right next to you.  Thanks!

      4. These people aren’t behaving any differently than Michelle Obama who uses tax payer money to rent 30 rooms in Spain for her and her friends.   The black plague has come to the White House and it’s spreading across the nation.  Did anyone expect anything different outcome from a man who was born in 3rd world Kenya?

      5. too many people. too few jobs.

      6. Looks like any other turmoil scene in a African village.  All that’s missing are the blue helmets handing out bags of rice from flatbed trucks. 

      7. Comments….. I find stories like his amusing myself. Right there in those pictures is what’s wrong with America.  People believing that they are entitled to other people’s money.  With the food stamp program being cut back, can’t we already say that too much money was being put into it in the first place?  Teachers are educated and vote, cocoapuffers do not vote.  Hell, they don’t crawl out of bed until Oprah is on.

        The only thing between us and the rioters  is a S&W 357.  Home invasions are on the rise.  I guess I’ll break out some more firearms and get them ready.  The time is quickly approaching.  I heard a talk show host today say that the Revolution has begun.  I think he’s right–and so is Gerald Celente.  Stay safe people!

      8. We played cowboys and Indians and won, next up is cowboys and taxeaters.   It will get bloody.

      9. 19th century America, back when the laws were actually  enforced and no one got a free meal, they took care of the mooching problem by debtor prisons, and work farms. 

        Enacting actual sudden death for all felons that use any weapon in any crime would go a long way in cleaning the streets of the trash.

        Enacting actual sudden death for all for all those with more than $100 of drugs in their possession would also be welcome.

        Moochers: I say cut them all off.  They are free to leave the country on their own, be it Africa, Latinaland, Asia or Europe.

        Moochers mooch, ought to see the city when FEMA comes after the rain storms, funny how all these inner city blacks all have flood damage.  Funny how FEMA just hands out the money and doesn’t check any of the claimants for fraud.  We the working legal citizen American taxpayer are being screwed royally.

      10. Bahahahahahahaha!
        What useful idiots!


        AND NOW we find out about cuts in Food Stamps!!!

        More riots and more chaos.  Yes, folks line up and watch on YouTube the NEW American Civil War.

        IN FULL COLOR-especially the color RED.

        By the way, where is Oprah?  Where is Rev. Jackson?
        Where is Rev. jeremiah Wright?
        Where is Hollywood and their African American heroes?

        NO WHERE….safe..and watching …but doing NOTHING! 

      11. The collapse of society is inevitable. The only question I have is how fast until marial law kicks in? As of right now it is accelerating though still slowly. Society as a whole is still operating in an orderly manner although as these videos show there are cracks opening up in society’s foundation.  Things are progressively getting worse. I think that maybe it will be like the snowball effect, where it will continue to pick up steam. I still am calling for complete collapse and complete anarchy by end of 2012. Gerald Celente’s crash of 2010 will happen although it might be early 2011.

      12. No doubt things are getting worse.

        I serve on a local government board and I can tell you everyone is worried. Businesses are shutting down, there are no more major building projects, fewer building permits, and foreclosures are on the rise. I think by now anyone who has half a brain knows that things are about to get worse, again. This is in upstate NY, close to the land of FDR.

      13. This is excellent!.
        The more giveaways,the more freebies thrown at the parasites,the better as that will hasten the collapse of this once great nation and in the end we can form a more perfect union that does NOT ALLOW anyone on public aid (including SS) to vote!.

      14. it’s the end of the world.. prepare.. and pray…

      15. Wait until Obama kicks in his reparations scheme.

      16. Dave – you must be fairly young, to comment about SS like that. My husband collects SS – he’s 70 – and paid into the SS fund for over 50 years. It is not an entitlement giveaway! I saw an article not long ago that calculated the amount that SHOULD have been in the SS fund earning interest. Had our fearless leaders not plundered the fund over the past 30 years and used it for OTHER giveaway programs, SS would have enough money to last for another 50 or 60 years with no problem. SS is NOT welfare – no matter how TPTB try to make it seem so. The fact that the SS fund is bankrupt isn’t the fault of the over-65 group who have been forced to pay into it all their lives – it’s just one more example of the abuse and break of trust by our untrustworthy and abusive government officials!!!

        With you all the way Mona – the time for firm resolve and a willingness to stand up and be counted is fast approaching!!!

      17. Yes GrannyB…..it IS welfare, even though you paid for a part of it.  ( And I’m 60….right at the doorstep ).

        Google: Ida Mae Fuller.

        She was the first person to collect a SS check….and the poster child for WHY social security WILL NOT WORK.    She paid in something like 25 bucks, then retired and collected 20,000 over the years that followed.  WHERE did the rest of the money come from, Granny ?  There is NO investment that can turn 25 bucks into a pension of 20,000, so the rest is OPM….other people’s money…..like your husband paid in….a Ponzi scheme….use OPM to pay current benefits….which, even by your own admission, ( you said had they not touched it, it would have lasted 60 years ? ) HAS to come to an end SOMEDAY, because, like all Ponzi schemes, you simply run out of new fools to pay in.

        The social security administration itself will tell you the average recipient gets back every dime they paid in within a couple years….unless your husband was in the top income bracket during his earning years, he has probably already drawn ALL of his original “investment” back, plus a reasonable rate of return….the money he gets NOW and down the road is: OPM…..other people’s money.   Most SS folks DON’T like to hear that….they just about ALL fall back on the “I paid into it for ‘x’ number of years” argument, but the facts are the facts.

        In two years, I also plan to trot on down to the SS office and “get mine” too….even though I earned the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM I could, especially in my later years once I understood the system, by deriving my income from “unearned” sources like rental property that is NOT subject ( so far ) to SS tax…..for the last 10 years, my SS earnings statement is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO !!!…..I HAVE beaten the system….ahahahahaaaaaaa…I’ll get back ( assuming this whole thing doesn’t fall apart ) in a year or two what I paid in back when I was a dumbass kid working for wages ( before I figured out the tax laws ), and from then on, I’ll be just like your husband….getting OPM….other people’s money.  OR more likely, money they are simply printing up, since OTHER PEOPLE are tapped out.

        Heck, I used to be like a lot of you guys….rant and rail about welfare/food stamps/social security…..but NOT ANY  MORE….GET ALL YOU CAN GET, PEOPLE….the sooner we crash this thing, they sooner we can hit the reset button and return some sanity and control to our lives.

        Man….I gotta switch to De-caf……..

      18. ……social security trust fund and medicare trust fund. what kinda crap is this trust fund scam’?

        the trust funds we really need are a politician salary trust fund and a politician healthcare trust fund and a politician benefit package trust fund and a bankers salary trust fund.                           

         i wonder if our friendly representatives would be talking about trust funds running out of money then???

        any bets ! ! ! !

      19. Comments….. I work in a drug-grocery chain and have made some interesting observations over the past 35 years… the majority of folks who are on food stamps are the most overweight folks that shop our store… just an observation… make your own conclusion… oh, also by the way they are also on medicaid and have lots of kids… many times each of the kids have different last names meaning they have many different ‘sperm don0rs’.
        Just want to inform you  it is good to know where your tax dollars are going.

      20. Gimme… gimme… gimmie!!  More… more… more!!  I’m entitled… blah… blah… blah.  I’m just sooooooo frickin disgusted with this mentality!!! 

        This country once prided itself for the hardwork… morals and ethics that it stood for.  Now this welfare/gov’t assistance mentality is the majority of what this country stands for & it piss’s me off to no end!!  I was born into poverty… literally born into the welfare system as neither of my parents had a high school education.  However… my mother got divorced immediately after I was born and went onto welfare.  She NEVER abused the system and used every last penny to provide the necessities us four boys needed until she remarried and was able to get us off of the system.  I joined the military right out of high school… I put MYSELF through school using G.I. Bill money that I paid into.  I paid the difference that the G.I. bill money didn’t cover out of my own pocket working full time while going to college full time.  I was on the Deans list… I graduated with honors and every last one of the students who were on the free ride gov’t paid program failed out.  They didn’t work while going to school… they didn’t pay a dime into the program.  It was MY hard work and ethics that got me where I am and I’m proud to say that I did it MYSELF!! 

        Welfare was meant to be TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE… not a lifetime of entitlements and handouts.  I’ve been in the medical field for almost 18 years now and many times over I’ve seen welfare babies (11,12 & 13 year olds) having welfare babies which then creates a whole new generation of welfare junkies!!  EVERY DAY I see medicaid/medicare junkies (not the elderly) use the emergency room as their clinic because they’d actually have to pay a private physician money for treatment.  “My baby has been sniffling for three days” as they bring their baby into the ER at 2 a.m. in the morning in -9 degree weather and/or twelve inches of snow.  Yet they get pissed when you have to poke the poor kid for an IV or blood draws for a lab work up so things can be either ruled out or confirmed so the necessary treatment can be taken.  I see abuses like this day in and day out… every frickin day of the year!!  Yet these are the same people who bitch and moan that “the man is keeping them down”!!  Free food… free medical… free housing (section 8 recipients)… lunch vouchers for school children… discounted med’s from gov’t assistance and other miscellaneous “entitlements” they recieve and it’s never enough!!!

        And now those of us to bust our ass’s day in and day out for a hard works day of pay have to give more so Obama can “redistribute the wealth”? 

        ok… I’m really getting so frickin piss’d I’m gonna stop now.

      21. As HyperTiger said on goldismoney years ago, “You all are about to enter the annihilation of all opposition to the annihilation of all opposition loop”

      22. Mac, the fedgov doesn’t have to cut services. It only needs to print more money, and it will. When the foreigners who supply most of our oil decide that they’ve had enough of our Monopoly money, the S will HTF. The timing is beyond the control of any American.

        By the way, I’m with TnAndy on the Social Security issue, although I’m still a dumbass who works for wages. It’s probably useless to mention that Social Security (like all other federal income transfer programs) is unconstitutional, our Constitution having been observed mainly in the breach since 1933. Nothing in Article I, Section 8 authorizes Congress to  create an old age pension program for all Americans, or to take one citizen’s money and simply give it to another. The 10th Amendment therefore forbids Congress to do so. You can either defend the Constitution or collect Social Security, but you can’t do both. Of course, I’ll grab whatever I can get from Social Security. Why not? The bastards have been robbing me all my life.

      23. Mark your calendars!!! NOV 2nd  TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!

      24. Comments…..  The actions of the low income people in Atlanta, waiting for their handout, is so predictable.  This mob scene is just an example of what’s coming in the very near future.  A simpleton can see this. 
             Any group of people who have lived on the ‘gubment” all their lives, better get used to being on the street.  The federal government is going to give what money they do have to give away, to those that vote, and more especially unions. Osama owes the unions, and he needs their support.  Who do you see getting the bailout money??  The low income people will be first to get the shaft, and then Osama will work on the baby-boomers as he works to take their 401k’s, and force them to buy useless t-bonds.
             alll of us near the age of receiving Social security benefits might as well get used to the idea of getting screwed. it’s coming.  Either you give the government control of your 401k, or you pay penalties.
             If you don’t work to get yourself seperated from ‘their” system, you might as well put yourself in the same boat as those in the Atlanta mob scene. The government’s plan is right on schedule.  they know exactly what they’re doing.
             I think I’ll order another case of freeze dried food, and pick up some more ammo. Something tells me I’ve no way got enough.  And when is enough -enough?? never , I say…..

      25. BLACKS!  Thats the problem. DELETE the blacks and overnight things will elevate.

        I know, Im a Racist……just an old ‘redneck hillbilly’ (RACIST!!!)..that speaks the truth, when the rest are scared to.


      26. :  AS long as we allow THEM to do the things they do and we do nothing about it (except write letters, make phone calls, demonstrate etc)  Nothing will happen. This country was founded on individuals that got tired of being pushed around,  so  they did something about it.  Until that time comes, nothing will change and we will continue to read articles and  watch you tube videos of THEM doing things to us and us doing nothing

      27. I don’t want to sound like I’m profiling, but it seems to be one race in the videos. I’ve also noticed that many of the homeless living under bridges and pan handling seem to be white. Is the systen skewed that one gets a home and the other gets a bridge? One gets food stamps and the other gets to beg? Its just an observation, but do you see the same thing?

      28. most of you have been suckerbaited and distracted.

        how come you’re concentrating on uneducated poor folks chiseling a few bucks here and there while the banking upperclass that intentionally caused this mess steal TRILLIONS.

        get real folks. get rid of your economic tunnel vision.  -you’re being hoodwinked by people who are masters at hoodwinking. the real problem isn’t poor folks -it’s goldman sachs and j p morgan and their wall street cabal buddies thats stealing trillions while your bitchin’ about peanuts…

        they’re pretty clever aren’t they.

      29. Comments…..Thanks to great sites like this one, those of us who are aware of our surroundings have been preparing  for a good long time.  As Mr. T used to say, “I pity the fool who tries to take away what I got!”  I have mountains of bullets for hordes of looters.  Let’s get this thing started!

      30. Disband Federal Reserve Bank.
        President must have served in military.
        His or her children must do a hitch in the military (past or future).
        If President enacts war, his or her children goes first if 18 or older.
        Welfare people must do drug testing & cannot vote while on welfare.
        Work welfare.
        No more undeclared wars.
        Bring military home from overseas.
        Keep navy deployed to keep seas open.
        Deploy National Guard to OUR borders.
        Document all illegal aliens.
        Two terms for politicians with VA benefits at retirement age.
        Cut pay on politicians.
        Audit Fed.
        Disband IRS, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy as a start.
        Enforce the Constitution & Bill of Rights.
        Capital punishment on white collar crime & crooked politicians.
        States cannot balance their budget with Fed stimulus money.
        No more payment of moneys to foreign countries without tangible products in return.
        Reform prisons and work prisoners.

      31. Remember Rhodesia ( now, Zimbabwe) and South Africa under white rule?  They exported food, now under black rule they can not feed their own people.  Anyone see a parallel here?

      32. Comments…..Nothing new here really…I’m reading “A People’s History of the US by Howard Zinn.  Sounds like the 20’s & 30’s all over again.  Difference is the Gov’t reps, ie cops and military haven’t begun to use the billy clubs and bullets although it will come to that eventually.
        When 80% of the wealth is controlled by less than 10% of the population, you have a powder keg looking for a fuse.  It’s a recipe for class warfare and government will take the side of money, as it always has.  The middle class will be caught in the middle. 
        Please watch Jon Stewart’s latest as he reveals the hipocracy of some politicians: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/12/stewart-exposes-gop-hypoc_n_679694.html

      33. I fear war is in the cards, the IMF needs to erase a billion people off their liability ledger.  After the war, regardless of winner, a single world debt electronic currency (paperless) will be enforced.  I fear the exchange rate, even for the gold bugs, will not be favorable as the IMF will be paying only pennies on the dollar as billions of people exchange their gold for the new currency just  in order to survive the first winter after the horrendous war. 

        The chosen one will lead the world government.  hint: BO

        Last year, over 70,000 pages of new legislation (most drafted by foreign multinational corporations) was enacted into law.  It is becoming impossible to obey their laws.  At the time of their choosing, and if you are an agitator, they will arrest us all citing these obscure laws.

        Don’t rock the boat in the new Union of Socialist States of Amero.


        The above comment by “TOM” is right on target….Hey Tom, want to be President?

      35. For 30 or 40 years the Gov. paid the underclass to breed. And they did a great ‘job’.
        A society that punishes the productive members by inflicting heavy taxes and rewards the unproductive by giving them free money is the ultimate ponzi scheme. It’s only a matter of time before the ratio between the producers of wealth and the useless takers of wealth is so skewed that it collapses.
        And what grinds my a** is the fact that the takers, the users, the worthless who live on my tax money hate me. They hate me and resent the fact that they aren’t getting more.
        I long for the day when all those imbeciles are sitting in their own filth, starving, completely helpless, wondering what happened and who’s going to feed, nurse, house and entertain them now.

      36. Scar,

        It makes me think about the Longivity of a Democracy article & just how MANY lazy &  dependant people live among us with no intentons of helping themselves.  They go through life with thier hand out and expected (and did receive for numerous years) perpetual freebies from the gov’t & those who paid taxes, but the time for free hand outs is quickly approaching a dead-end and maybe this harsh reality of life will finally wake them up, because if it doesn’t, they will perish.  I truly feel sorry for those who lost thier jobs & house due to no fault of their own and who have always been productive tax payers over the years.  I will pray for these people who always gave it their best and did what they were suppose to in a civilized society, and now are completely stranded. 

        The following quote attributed to Scottish history professor Alexander Tyler in 1787, seems to portray an accurate reflection of what has occurred during our 200+ years of existence as a democracy.
        “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”
        The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

        From bondage to spiritual faith;
        From spiritual faith to great courage;
        From courage to liberty;
        From liberty to abundance;
        From abundance to complacency;
        From complacency to apathy;
        From apathy to dependence;
        From dependence back into bondage

      37. The reason SS is broke is because illegals and unproductive taxeaters that never paid a red cent in are draining it.

      38. Comments…..Send them all to Detroit, plenty of houses there that have been naturally pre-conditioned to be in some state of destruction or disrepair.  Make them feel right at home.  Put a wall around it and throw a few bags of beans and rice over every once in a while or let them eat themselves like they did and still do in the old country.  Maybe BO can be the main menu item for the next Kwanza dinner.

      39. I pulled myself out of poverty..nobody helped me, and I still am not too proud to pick up a penny off of the sidewalk..I save em for my own retirement, since I am never going to rely on anybody else for my life… Social Security reciepients…Figure out how many dollars you ever paid in..it was not much.. The purpose of SS was initially to be a safety net for the poorest couple of percent of the elderly, so we would not see little old ladies dying in the streets. It was never planned to be a pension check for everybody. If you have savings, that is your retirement. Use your own money first. Trust me Warren Buffet really does not need his SS check. You should have been smart enough to save for yourself, if you ever trusted any government to care for you, you were a fool. You should have been saving  from the time you had a paper route.. If you starve, its your problem..remember all the money you pissed away for that extra sized Mcmansion, those trips, and a new SUV in the driveway? How about all the clothes you bought and never even wore? That WAS your pension you pinheads!!  OK welfare and food stamp reciepients..yup..the program was initially planned as a temporary form of assistance, not a generational legacy..Medicare…Crap another hand in my pocket! … How come I am expected to take care of your illegitimate babies, feed the retarded, feed the elderly, pay for somebody else to go to the doctor and still pay for the banksters too? I have my own family to take care of and I am madder than a wet cat..I take better care of a bunch of bums, crackheads and parasites than I do my own wife and kids!! I do not like it one bit!!  The good news is that there is a simple solution where everybody is happy…Obama can pay for everybody, all promises we have made to the elderly, the poor and the lazy can be kept…HYPERINFLATION…Granny you can get your $1200 a month check forever!! Sadly, when bread costs $500 a loaf you are screwed..Welfare mom…you made the babies, now its your turn to figure out how to feed em..If you are not able, perhaps those after you will remember your suffering and keep their legs crossed if they do not have the money to bring life into the world.  Kids, you are about to figure out that playing video games and texting has no marketable value in the world..You never learned to pay attention or to read and do simple math.   The birthrate is about to collapse in the USA and a lot of you are going to die of starvation, cold, or violence.  However, this will be a really wierdly quiet collapse… There will be no riots, if the Cost of Living adjustments for all of these government programs stays a few percent lower than the real inflation rate. The poor will just sit there and get more and more poor until they simply blow away..kind of like putting a frog in a pan of cold water, then putting it on to cook..if you cut off the tit now, the useless eaters will riot and break things..if you just let them fade away into nothing by 15 or 25 or 50% a year they will go quietly.

      40. Mickey, thats a lot of relevant points about society today and I cant disagree with anything said–just need to make one point. The beginning of the end started with social programs like medicare ,SS, medicaid and the PERCEPTION that they were replacements for ones own self-sustaining responsibility. Maintaining that  responsibility to  self , family and neighbors would be as commonplace and as natural as washing your hands and brushing your teeth.  The Feds sold everyone a bill of goods and then proceeded to bankrupt us and now we are to trust those lying sack of shits!!

      41. Oops.   Too many cocktails and too much heat.   The above link and the one at the beginning are one and the same.   My stupidity.

      42. Oops.   Too many cocktails and too much heat.   The above link and the one at the beginning are one and the same.   My stupidity.

      43. Comments…..  I’m just wondering how long it will take before the class warfare starts.  The vast majority of those at the Atlanta event are low income , section 8 housing, basically those who are already on welfare. The so called middle class has been fighting, and losing control of their homes through forclosure, and are being forced into the same arena, to an ever decreasing pool of available entitlements.
            As shown in the recent bill passed through congress, in which funds for food stamps programs were cut to provide a bailout of the teachers union. They mattered more to the Osama administration, as they usually vote. Low income people don’t usually vote, except the one time for Osama.
            I think the PTB plan to get some class warfare going to further extend control over the masses.  Class warfare works to their advantage.  if people would just realize that we are all victims of a corrupt banking cartel, run by a few key private banks for the profit of a few, and while they make the American taxpayer pay for their fowled up plans, and tell us we will have to be taxed more, and get less benefits, while our Congress does nothing to stop this. That why ALL of congress needs replacing.
             The only class Americnas need to worry about is Americans. We are all victims of a corrupt system that plays us against each other, while they laugh on the  sidelines.
            Pardon me if I sound brutal or insensitive, but when violence comes, I’m hoping it’s the low income, lifetime entitlements, never really worked very much, allways on the government dole waiting for a handout crowd , that riots first. That way, we get to see just how the Feds handle civil disorder, and it will cull some of those off the roles.
                I feel very sorry for those that have worked all their lives, and lost everything through basically no fault of their own.  There are many of these folks..  Our situation is a ticking timebomb.  As I see it, our government has demonstrated that they are willing to cut benefits to all, to bail out unions, and other too bigs. I’m just waiting for someone to throw the first rock.  You know it’s coming.

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