Hamas Leader Says The US Has DECLARED WAR With Jerusalem Decision

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 51 comments

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    Hamas leader Ismail Haniya has said the United States decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a “war declaration against Palestinians.” And Haniya has called for a new “Intifada”, or uprising because of it.

    Haniya said in a speech in Gaza City on Thursday that President Donald Trump‘s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has “killed” the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”This decision has killed the peace process, has killed the Oslo [accord], has killed the settlement process,” he said. “The US decision is an aggression, a declaration of war on us, on the best Muslim and Christian shrines in the heart of Palestine, Jerusalem. We should work on launching an intifada in the face of the Zionist enemy,” Haniya said.

    Hours after his speech, Palestinian protesters took to the streets of the occupied West Bank cities, including Ramallah, Hebron, and Nablus, as well as in the Gaza Strip, to violently vent their frustration at the decision.  “Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, is ours,” said Haniya. “We are here today at a critical point in the history of the Palestinian issue and the core of the issue is Jerusalem, a critical point in the history of the Arab and Muslim nations following the provocative decision, the unfair decision adopted by the US administration.”

    Ignoring warnings from the international community Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the US formally recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will begin the process of moving its embassy to the city.  On Thursday, in response to Trump’s announcement,  Mustafa Barghouti, the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative, speaking to Al Jazeera from Ramallah, said that Trump was “joining Israel in the war crimes and in confirming the annexation of the occupied Palestinian Territories. I hope that the Palestinian Authority will not accept to meet with this American team anymore,” he said.

    “Israel decided it wants everything. They want everything? Fine. We will also fight for everything,” he said. “We might be talking about a popular wide uprising but non-violent one, similar to the first intifada. That’s what we need. Israelis should see the Palestinian resistance everywhere.”


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      1. All I have to say to the muzzies is this: BRING IT ON! Plenty of bullets for them.

        • Crusades 2.0 needs to commence. I have been inventory weapons, ammo, spare parts. armor, medical supplies and everything else that will be necessary. I truly hate the scum islamic savages and will not blink an eye after I have killed them. I’ll probably laugh with joy.

          • Crusades 2.0 started in 1990…

            • We’re doing a piss poor job then. There ain’t but a billion more pieces of muslim trash left.

            • Your timeline is just a wee short of being right. The barbarians never stopped their war on Christians since 7th century. They started up with this nation in 1983 in Beirut bombing of our beloved marines compound. They are experts at waiting until they reach critical mass to institute their murderous ways. They have nearly completed the take over in europe. With the help of berry sotero they have amassed into ever institution in our federal government. Trump is running the Art of War to combat this infiltration. The deep state is on verge of collapse and will trigger a tet offensive attack very shortly. God did not allow our 2nd amendment to be removed. Over 300 million weapons in the hands of a pissed off nation of citizens is still their worst nightmare. Stay strong and never surrender any weapon at any time. Feed them every grain of ammo they can soak up.

              • You peeps have it all wrong, Trump is Brilliant. First, piss off the entire Muslim World, This lets all the Muslim Nations join together in a comon cause to destroy the entire nation klan of Squatting POS Land Thieves once and for all, as they too are occupying the US Government, Banking, Courts, MSM and Pedophile Hollywood. Kill them all good riddance. Brilliant!!! Once the land squatters are destroyed they will evaporate and become impitent. Trump plays Chess.

          • Menzo, you ain’t shittin’ about that one. I’ve been checking out my ‘liberty tools’ also. Gun show in my area 2 weekends from now. Got get more ‘food’ for my babies, LOL!

        • Another promise President Trump carried through with that past Presidents failed to do. A Monumental Moment in History! Hail The Chief. Trekker Out.

          • Since Trump was only doing what the executive is supposed to do, that is, execute laws passed by Congress, it will take an act of Congress to change the law back to recognizing Tel Aviv as the capital. Trump is, in effect, pointing out the blatant hypocrisy in Congress when it comes to Israel. In effect, he’s telling them, “Don’t pass laws you don’t want to see enforced.” The pitiful impeachment effort against Trump is based on, “But…but…we didn’t mean for you to actually do what you’re supposed to!” Well, tough scheiss…

            • Frank,
              Well stated. Trump is enforcing the law, instead
              of dreaming it up.
              We have way too many Laws and many should
              be repealed(like the gun control act of 1968).
              Congress had better figure out how to adapt
              to modern society, if they don’t, after 8 years of Trump
              and possibly of 8 years of Pence actually enforcing
              all the laws, a significant percentage of
              Democrats will be in jail.

          • and thats why its being painted as bad: the sitting president did as promised.

            we truly live in an Orwellian land of Newspeak and doubletalk by the media and the Left when a promise is kept or progress is made and its immediately discounted because they dont like the person making it.

        • but the NRA only allows small registered peashooters?

          • Ya if ya want some real firepower ya gotta make it yerself….

        • well if hamas or isis trained a squad of squirrels to attack. NRA members will easily be able to repell the dastardly rodents and stop their viscious onslaught with their registered trusty Ruger 10/22s. as long as they bought a hunting license.

          • Gandhi, I own a couple of trusty 10/22s but they’re not registered and never will be.

        • As far as I’m concerned the whole damned Middle East is nothing but a bunch of fruits and nuts waiting for a big-ol glass bowl to happen for them to be put in. I read a response on an earlier post. Old Guy – in defense of his 3 properties. I ask what it is that makes one piece of land worth more than another? My answer – to whom it belongs to and the price they’ll pay to keep it; and, the price they’ll exact on those who try to take it. As the time for whatever the hell is coming nears closer and closer, we all need to consider who are our real allies/friends and who are not. Personally? I don’t have a single one in the Mid-East. What is the antonym of ‘friend/ally’?

        • Muslimes becoming violent? Who could have forseen THAT ?

          “The decision enraged muslimes”–What doesn’t?

      2. Fuck these sand-ape savages! Bring it you filthy bitches, bring it now.

      3. Wow. Muslims declare more war, hate and violence. What a shocker. Haven’t seen them do this since at least… er…. since 2 minutes ago.

        Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.


      4. Good?

      5. They never declared war on us. Nope! Oh no of course not.

        You don’t get to be a butthurt little shit about this. You’ve been trying to kill us for at least 16 years.

        Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion. It might be different if you’d been an actual religion of peace…

      6. Did I miss something? What peace process? You can’t kill something that doesn’t exist.

        I guess the Muslims weren’t told Islam (and Palestinians) didn’t exist when God gave Israel and all of Jerusalem to the Jewish people. Their false prophet, MuHamHead, never set foot in Jerusalem but yet they continue to falsely claim he ascended into heaven from the city (when he really descended into Hell). Just another bunch of lies from the religion of peace.

        • Didn’t the U.N. try a ‘Two State Solution’ in 1948?

      7. Frank, good points. Trump is simply acknowledging a historical fact. Neither the muzzies nor EU nor UN nor anyone else tells the US what the f#$% to do.

      8. “Hamas Leader Says The US Has DECLARED WAR With Jerusalem Decision”

        Still another example of the irrational and violent behavior characteristic of a follower of Islam.

      9. Israel has slowly been absorbing the West Bank since the 1967 War. The lands owned by the Palestinians is a shadow of what it once was. With their wall in place, the Israelis are better able to deal with any intifata than in the past. The Palestinian state is dependent on handouts. If they are going to fight, it is because they feel trapped. Fighting and winning are two different things.

      10. I wuold be very careful threatening Trump if I were Hamas

        • Israel is the biggest useless welfare queen of degerates sponging off the USA Taxpayers. $38 Billion reasons this is a fact.

      11. Crusades 2.0, let it roll! Haniya, the pork lover, and his hooligan, followers need to be very careful what he/they wish for. When it comes to real life issues, and threatening the United States of America, better understand we the people will defend family, country, and what is right. As we the Irish Catholics understand, “Tiocfaidh ArLa”(Our Day Will Come). Well, here it is, and, here we are!

      12. Hamas Leader Says The US Has DECLARED WAR With Jerusalem Decision

        As I write this – there are 9 comments, between 5 people that I find disturbing. All of them do not realize the damage that has occurred here with Jerusalem.

        There is a reason why World Leaders do not approve of this move, even the Pope himself! There is a reason that all 5 of you fail to see, because you rather put your feelings first against these so-called sand ni66ers.

        Jerusalem is a place for Christians, Muslims, and J3ws.

        Granting Israel the power to claim Jerusalem their Capital in this Holy City between faiths is a slap in the face to other religions.

        Israel will have full control of a Holy City and it’s sacred landmarks to do with what it pleases.

        Mind you … these so called J3ws are not the J3ws that you read about in the Bible … They are descended from Khazars in central Asia, near present-day Russian Georgia, who converted to Judaism in 800AD.

        None of them are descendants from the 12 Tr1bes that is written in the Bible. DNA Tests have proven this to be a FACT!

        All Trump did was anger more people against the USA … and We The People will end up paying the consequences for more of the same failed policies.

        • FTW,
          Israel is a secular country.
          Generally through warfare, or threat
          of it, countries set their boundaries.
          Jerusalem has been traded back and forth
          in war for centuries. Today Israel owns it up
          to the “Green line”. If Palestinians really
          want it, let them conquer it.
          It doesn’t really matter what world leaders want.
          If you can’t use force to backup your demands
          you aren’t for real.

          • Jerusalem is to be shared between the 3 sects of Religion – this is a holy land that is not supposed to be owned by one or the other. This is the agreement that was decided eons ago between these religions.

            Ownership now belongs to Israel – when clearly ownership was never suppose to happen to the place of Jerusalem. It’s supposed to be shared land between the religions.

            • Try reading the Holy word of GOD. It belongs to Israel every inch of it.
              Read the last book of the Holy Bible. God foretold of this time of sorrows. Your denial of his word puts you on the side of Lucifer the deceiver. You still have time to repent and come into the protection of Christ. Hurry time is short before his return. If you really are in Israel then you know not a day goes by that the Bible is proven 100% correct historical and future fact. Search your heart you know this to be true. Stop defending the deception of Lucifer.

              • Rev. 2:9, 3:9 , John 8:44.

            • I don’t remember anything about anybody ‘agreeing’ to hand any of Jerusalem to muslimes. I always thought they took it by force. The dome of the rock was a victory mosque.

        • FTW, even without this Jerusalem issue, those same world leaders and pope you mentioned attack us on everything all the time and think they can dictate things to us. They can all go to hell. Muslims have proven to the world nd us time and again that they and their religion are not to be trusted. They proclaim every day what they want to do to us. There’s nothing good about muslims. Muslims don’t have any legitimate claim to the city. The city was founded by Jews for themselves.

          • Pope Francis is a far-left politician. I don’t see him as Holy in any way.

      13. Palestinians can’t even take care of themselves, they depend on the world’s charity. They are merely a proxy army for several countries. I say disarm, isolate, cut their water off, and let natural selection run its course. If “Palestinians” want to fight and terrorize, then Israel should engage in total war( in the historical sense such as “Der totale Krieg”) and leave no enemy combatants alive.

        • There was a time in History where some people of German ethnicity felt the same way you do about another ethnic group.

          As it turns out – horrific things were done in a unimaginable, inhuman way to these “classified” undesirables. — Very much like how you feel about the Palestinians.

          Anyways … as it turns out … these atrocities that had occurred found it’s way around the Globe, and if you can believe it … people were very, very, very mad at the Germans for their behavior.

          It appears in today’s world that ethnic cleansing is ok … unless you are a J3W … is this correct … or am I fucking missing something here?

          • FTW,
            I wrote ” If “Palestinians” want to fight and terrorize, then Israel should engage in total war”
            J3W’s, Kulaks, and Chinese citizens did not engage in fighting and terror, Palestinian Moslems do. You figure it out.
            If Moslems played “nice” I would not have a problem with them.
            I have been educated by, gone to University with, and worked with lots of people from the middle and far east.
            I don’t do well with radical Moslems.

            • There is only islam. Radical islam is a deception of lucifer. Erdogan made this very clear. He is truthful in this matter and thinks he is the mahdi. Do a little home work on mahdi. It is a perfect description of the antichrist.

              • I’m dancing around not discussing religion too much on this site. I try to keep it secular, solar, and prepping.

                • Never forget 9-11 and the 5 Dancing J3ws that were sent here from Israel to film the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. The enemy from within. Never Forget who the real enemy of America is. And that POS NET&YAHOO. Who said Hit America again again and again because that is what they do to Countries they hate.

            • Rellik, same here about Muslims. I refuse to have anything to do with them.

          • Yeah your missing a lot. Willful blindness to evil.

            • Ya I don’t like arabs at all, in fact they disgust me. But do the math, how many people have our brave troops killed compared to arabs in the last 100 years? Who is the most evil? The US Military killing machine… a force for good ha ha ha ha.

        • Rellik, good points about the Arabs. The ones that come to the US get straight onto the programs. They refuse to work. they’re total barbarians. Totally useless as people.

        • Don’t the muslimes keep talking about driving all Jews into the sea? If I was Jew, I wouldn’t be very motivated to negotiate.

      14. Please remove me from your list of participants. Better that than censoring!

      15. Why do I think that Trump’s declaration did NOT cause Muslim nations to despise us …. am I concerned that they now HATE us? Nothing has changed. Hate is hate and has been going on for centuries …. this is another bit of internet click porn.

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