Hackers Take Down Largest Survival Web Site; Threatening Email Sent Prior to Attack

by | May 27, 2012 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    [This report has been updated below]

    SurvivalBlog.com, the most widely visited survival web site on the internet became the target of a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack which rendered the site inaccessible on the evening of May 26. According to an email published at The Orange Jeep Dad Blog,  Lily Rawles, the wife of founder and author James Rawles, says the attack “appears to have been a “pinging” DOS attack.”

    The Survival Blog main server, which is located in Sweden, is unavailable by using its www.SurvivalBlog.com URL (uniform resource locator) or direct IP address

    As of Sunday May 27 @ 21:30 efforts are underway to redirect the domain name servers to the US-based mirror web site at the following currently available IP address:

    A threatening letter sent to the web site anonymously this week via email demanded that the site remove all hyperlinks to various other web sites that were interlinked from Survival Blog. It also threatened to openly publish James Rawles books on pirated web sites. The email, in what appears to be broken English, called for Rawles to immediately cease the interlinking within 5 days and threatened to attack unless Rawles complied with demands to publish a racist headline and post on his web site.

    It is uncertain whether Survival Blog’s refusal to meet the demands in the email are related to the flood of access requests that took down the web site over the weekend, but it’s believed that the anonymous sender traced to Texas may be directly involved.

    A copy of the threatening email sent to Survival Blog is sourced via Prepper Website and made available by The Orange Jeep Dad Blog:

    Update from (Avalanche) Lily Rawles (21:48 MST):
    Apparently  there’s a racist in Texas that has threatened JWR’s livelihood and attacked SurvivalBlog.  The following is a quoted excerpt from the threat as sent to me directly from Lily. She asked that I leave out the cursing and I will happily oblige:

    It appears to have been a “pinging” DOS attack, most likely instigated by the man in Texas that anonymously sent me this little missive, last week:

    You “N” (word removed)  lover you have five days to take all links and any metion for links below off your site. If you dont do it I will post everyone of you crappy books on prirate sites and kiss your “N” (word removed) loving income from them good by. I can and haved posted privated books up screwed up a company before They are almost dead kiss www.survivalbooks.com good f***ing good by they could not take our hacks after relating to you f***.  We even take their 4000 books off kindle. Don’t believe watch their books all go by by after Monday we have people work at amazon we can get their books off watch yours go to to. You must post I hate “N”s on your site or it happen to you to to. Time u feel our power see jewish hate on your site to. we hack good ,

    F*** you them all u
    www.safecastle.com www.everlastingseeds.com
    www.survivalebooks.com www.cheaperthandirt.com

    [Note: Orange Jeep Dad Blog] I left punctuation “as is”. They hope to get the site back up by “Monday afternoon”. Please pray for the Rawles in hopes that God will continue to bless their family and deter this miscreant down a different, less harmful path and keep all the loyal advertisers/friends of Survival Blog safe from harm.

    Survival Blog name servers may be in the process of updating, as accessibility seems to be in the process of being restored and or redirected to the US based IP address at

    If the site Domain Name Servers have been rerouted then the site should be available once the US based address propagates across global servers, a process that normally takes from a few hours to two days depending on end user access areas.

    UPDATE: MAY 28, 2012 @ 12:03 AM

    Accessibility to SurvivalBlog.com has been restored to the U.S. based mirror site.

    Via Survival Blog:

    This past weekend, our server in Sweden was put under a “ping flood” Denial of Service (DOS) attack that at times resulted in 65% packet loss.

    The attack was timed for a three-day holiday weekend, no doubt because the miscreants expected that the staff at our ISP would be unavailable to help us reconfigure.

    OBTW, the attack initially did not include our dotted quad backup address: (Which is explained here.)

    At least this provided a good test for our Continuity of Web Services (COWS) defenses. Obviously, we are now going to need multiple mirror sites as well as an adaptive cloud server that can handle any future DOS onslaught.

    Due to the nature of name server updates Survival Blog accessibility via direct URL (www.survivalblog.com) may remain intermittent. Direct access is now available via

    Related: The SHTFplan.com COWS defense calls for accessibility via dotted quad backup address .

    This web site is Powered By Liquid Web Managed Web Hosting services and is highly recommended for quality and truly heroic support during digital SHTF events.


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      1. It seems the technology of the world is becoming the means by which the chosen ones will decide what we can and can not learn. Who knows if these hackers are terrorist or just our own government censors.

        • My first suspicion falls on The Powers That Be. And haven’t they recently established the principle “guilty until proven innocent”?

        • The letter posted was a computer translation of another language. Most probably Chinese by the sytax of the words. But it could have come from anywhere and just been run thru a translator a few times.

        • 1) It’s likely a bunch of kids trying to justify their little troll/prank/whatever.

          2) The problem with a DDoS attack is that they have to keep it up. The problem with that is that the ISP can simply ‘blackhole’ the source IPs of the DDoS attack. Eventually, the DDoS fails.

          The reason why DDos is effective at first is that for sites which rely on traffic for their income (e.g. gambling sites, porn sites, etc) lose money for each minute it’s down. The pressure is on to get the moneymaker back up.

          In Rawles’ case, his site is widely known enough, and not as reliant on uptime, that a day or two of downtime is no big deal, really. He can pass along copies of the site and DB to mirror sites, and word can get out to other prepper sites as to where those IPs are.

          He’s doing that now, but too slowly.

          Now, if I were to design a prepper site that was redundant? I’d include a little file on my main sites that would include a small script that dedicated users can run as often as they like. That script would do a couple of things:

          1) check against a known/existing trusted mirror site for an auth key, to guard against hijacking

          2) once confirmed, it downloads a modified list of IP addresses as an HTML file.

          3) The user can then click any of the links in that file and get the site they want.

          I may have to do a bit of work this week… 🙂

        • Irony of taking down a prepper website….hmmm….isnt that what we are all planning for eventually? sounds like we just got a practice run……keep prepping!

        • I believe this is a poorly-coordinated False Flag. When you want the populace to follow a particular agenda, you introduce propaganda in some form or another.

          In this case, I feel as though the current “Cyber War” mentality of the US Govt is needing a bit of help, and by someone “attacking” a website such as SurvivalBlog, it will instantly gain the support of a large percentage of his readers.

          It brings a renewed fervor in support of funding and legislation that will STIFLE your free speech on the internet. Expect more of these “attacks” on websites until TPTB are confident that you will allow them to pass CISPA-like legislation and even more backdoor surveillance.

          • Never trust the govt……the american indians did.

            • C And B: That is my favorite Mark Twain Quote: “Sure you can trust the Gov’t, just ask any Indian”.

            • As a Native American I’d like to say one thing to ya all…Welcome to the Rez. LOL. When my tribe gets together we often talk about what the US Government is now doing to its citizens and the similarities between what they did to our Nation and what there now doing to the average American. Unfortunately they (US Government)are not to fond of teaching the truth or an accurate depiction of what the truth really is. Sad really. The model of “assimilating the Native American” has now become the new standard in assimilating people all over the globe. But that’s why I like this site. The people here have there eyes open and like the braves of many moons ago, people here DON’T assimilate….See ya on the battlefield.

        • “the chosen ones will decide what we can and can not learn. Who knows if these hackers are terrorist or just our own government censors.”

          FROM ARTICLE — ‘It also threatened to openly publish James Rawles books’


          wouldn’t making his books public do the opposite of controlling whom learns what?


          Rawles is an opportunist.

          if he was so worried about peoples’ survival the turd wouldn’t be so worried if those most in peril of survival (poor people), could access his info..

          But, Rawles is a b#$ch (female dog), and chooses to be a doom and gloom opportunist huckster!!

      2. black swan ???

        • No…. Liberals.

          • I hope no one believes this is the work of some racist group, because it’s just a cover to who they really are, Socialist that want to force you to post something racist so they can use the media against you.

        • “Asian Dawn”

      3. JWR has had a BIG target on him for quite some time. He’s a good Christian man, and Patriot.

        The hell with the hacker! Some good Patriot out there KNOWS who it was, and should take care of the “problem” with all prejudice!!

        Keep up the good work JWR, and don’t let’em get you down!

        Thanks for posting this and letting us know…

        • I once got an email virus that gets into your contact list and spreads by sending them all infected emails…I took the IPv4 off of the header and sent their own virus-laden email back to them. All 11 of their proxy servers “disappeared” in a matter of hours. I suggest everyone gets the free software “sam spade” and learn how to use it… learn how to use it well.

          • Cool. Thanks for the tip

        • wouldn’t a “good christian man” choose to give the books to whomever he could??

          he wants to PROFIT from his books..

          charity is christian!!

          and he is worried about loss of revenue!

          i guess in today’s world of people thats christian!!

          • He gives a whole ton of info and advice every single day of the year on his site for free.
            Should we begrudge him an income from his novels? If you are a good Christian, should you not give all of your labor for free? Your boss will love that! Or if you are still in USMC….your country now thanks you for donating your paycheck back to the “cause”

          • It is apparent that you are not the brightest bulb in the box. I have never heard of marine that driveled. You do it well. This makes your affiliation doubtful. You’ll have no influence on visitors here. Minds like yours is why the slinky was invented.

            • I have the scars, uniforms, ptsd, and dd214 to prove it.

              you are one of the many keyboard commandos whom probably never had the courage or flat out didn’t measure up to what it takes to serve your country. STFU

              pointing out that a “good christian man” is so worried about lost revenue through his books being online for free really takes the cake.

              dozens of others have no quams about offering their wares for free along with allowing people to pay.

              HUCKSTER.. plain and simple..

              followed by a bunch of armchair warrior who together couldn’t fight their way out of he nearest senior center.

              example of whom charges but ALSO offers everything for free..ALEX JONES!!

          • Do you have a job jackass? or do you work for free? His books and website are his JOB! You couldn’t possibly get any dumber!

            • Jackass — YOU actually.

              Others can offer their works for free and DO.

              Ales Jones is one example..he proves the message is to help people by encouraging people to watch his work, and pay if they can..OPTIONS!!

              Rawles is an opportunistic huckster, a lame one at that.

              And nope, no job here.. just a pension from Uncle Sam.

              thats what real men get, because we served our country.

              others are wannabe cowards.. like you

          • Ace “USMC”
            Dumbshit, it’s not about the book……….

      4. I am just going to have to take a wild stab at this one.

        “Alcohol” was involved somewhere in this story.

        Unless you are a competing prepper web site, and you happen to live in Texas, and you were drinking heavilly,,,,,, Hey wait a minute, Mac? is that you?

        • 🙂 Made me smile. But seriously it takes skills and intelligence to take down a site.

          I expect that someone with a poor vocabulary, poor grammar, who is also a racist would not have the ability to do it.

          Obviously an impostor with other motives.

          • I disagree. These hackers tend to get as good as they are because they tend to let every other subject in school hang while they study obsessively about computers.

            A lot of ’em don’t sound intelligent, but don’t let that fool you. The elite core of them study computers like Linus Pauling studied vitamin C. A larger group knows how to use the tools that are developed within the hacker community even if they may not be up to writing them from scratch.

            The racism angle is kinda out of left field, but it’s even more likely a personal vendetta would be in favor of veganism or PETA or something, that’s even more wack-O

            DDoS attacks are really hard to fight.

            • They’re not *that* hard to fight – you can even script the response that blackholes the offending source IPs. Small ones can be taken down in less than an hour. Big ones can be taken down in a day.

              Only the *really* big ones are the ones to worry about (e.g. one involving millions of bot/source IPs).

          • methinks the hacker is doing a piss poor job trying to “cover” his tracks…. he probably thinks that if he says stuff that all us “bitter clingers” would “naturally” say — cause ya know, we are just HATERS, didn’t you know? — then he can throw us off the scent. Personally,it seems that it would either be a clumsy attempt by our own government at censorship, or a sad pathetic attempt by one of the OWS groups — you know, Obama’s Witless Stooges. Either way, censorship of any kind is UNAMERICAN.

            OK, I have to go remember my grandfather now…Pacific War veteran and all around funny SOB. And call my dad, USAF when they were still calling that place IndoChina, and my brother, Gulf War 1.

            stand strong until freedom dawns,

          • You are thinking too linear. For this person it may be enough to successfully take down a major site, the politics are irrelevant to them. It’s a social hack (racism+poor grammar), if you will, combined with a technical hack (the DDOS) and is designed to mislead. The overall message of the note is clear even if the writing is poor. Thus it serves the same function as something well written without using the writer’s normal writing style which would possibly give away their identity in a forensic analysis.

            I also would not confuse culture with intelligence. Culture is a learned trait while intelligence in innate. Culture and environment shape certain traits like racism and proficiency in certain parts of language while intelligence is more hard wired into the brain. Thus, a person can have a very high IQ but still cling to views that the rest of us who live in a different environment find ignorant.

            • The “poor grammar” is intentional, as you say, but it doesn’t require too much in the way of intelligence to do it.

              A common trick is to write down the spew you want the target to read, then rinse it through Google Translate a few times (say, English -> Chinese -> Hindi -> English) to obliterate any potential ‘fingerprint’ or distinguishing characteristics in your writing.

        • i had a feeling this would come up given my location!

          In all seriousness though….

          The fact is, I have never thought of James Rawles or Survival Blog as a ‘competitor’. i’ve always believed we are collaborators, contributors and colleagues. Wthout Survival Blog we would not have as a great a community here as we do – on many occasions he has been kind enough to direct his reders to shtfplan and i am forever thankful for his willingness to do that for me and the hundreds of other folks he brings visibility to.

          I’m sure they will get the site up within the next day or two, and hopefully his web hosting provider will be better prepared for such an attack in the future, though from my understanding it is very difficult to prevent such an attack and anyone out here is susceptible to the same.

          Best wishes to Survival Blog… I am confident it’s going to take a lot more than that to silence Rawles and his community.

          • Mac and Everyone. The survival “TEAM” as I call it all have one purpose, that is to survive and try to better inform everyone so they are not stuck in the situations that those that don’t prepare will be in. I so much agree with you Mac, that other preppers and survivor oriented individuals all have a common “kinship” with each other. Competition is not what it is about. Everytime someone from the “TEAM” adds their little bit of what they know it benefits ALL of us. Information is so essential to being able to make it through this that is almost certainly coming.

            Whether it is on this site or other survival sites, EVERYBODY should want to contribute to all of us that feel the same way about survival. Those in control, secret government or whatever, want us to squabble and fight amoungst each other. “WANT TO REALLY PISS OFF THOSE IN THE SECRET SOCITIES AND GOVERNMENTS?” The more that each of us helps out with good ideas on survival and preparedness and all work together to add what we know the more irritated “THEY” will be. “THEY” don’t want unity within the survival community. “THEY” don’t want new ideas about not depending on THEM after the world goes into the gutter.

            This is just an idea of mine for each of us to share something we personally know about survival and prepping as often as we can. Teamwork is something “THEY” hate and everyone wins when the team tries to all add what they know. “THEY” lose 🙂 when these attacks don’t work and it makes those that prepare just that much more determined to help each other get ready.

            • Well said.

          • I feel like an amateur among all the professional bloggers out there, but I want everyone to know that James Wesley Rawles has been an encouraging mentor to me. He has never declined to offer help or advice when I have asked for it, and he wants us all to succeed. Through his unselfish guidance, all our voices are being heard, and that is nothing but good for the country.

            I know that this will not keep him down, and I’m looking forward to how he comes roaring back. He knows that we must persist in the face of Evil, and he will be an example, once again, for all of us.

            • @ Belle Ringer. Don’t think of yourself as an amateur, your opinion matters a lot. What you personally know that can help others to better prepare matters a lot. The more people that contribute to trying to figure out what is “really” going on matters a lot. 🙂

          • It’s certainly possible this was the work of some racist idiot(s). However it seems to be a waste of time. I would think an actual racist would spend their time attacking sites that actively support minorities instead of sites that are essentially color-blind (doesn’t mention for or against, considers race irrelevant to the message.)

            This could very well be an attempt to discredit the survival community. I’d consider myself to be wearing a tinfoil hat right now except for the fact that somebody released the full list the DHS uses to determine if they should be monitoring your online discussions.


            Here’s the thing, if the DHS is really out to combat terrorism, this list is valid…UNTIL you get to the section listed “Weather/Disaster/Emergency.” How is a weather event in any way linked to DHS? How are people discussing a weather event potential terrorists? Simple answer: They aren’t! However, the kind of people who discuss weather events along with other “keywords” on that list are preppers. In other words, the kind of people that won’t be reliant on the government when the next crisis is manufactured…whoops, I mean comes about entirely on its own.

          • Hey Mac. I doubt anyone here would actually think anything bad on you. Seriously. Now, onto hackers. I once arrested a hacker who had an 8th grade education but was a self taught computer genious and counterfeiting expert. This idiot could probably do that to JWR. He is somewhere in protective custody now. Oh wait, it night have been him!! All BS asside, for the most part, everyone on your site and survivalblog’s are great people and I would be honored to survive with them!!


            • God help us all if we have to survive with a half wit like you… If you had a badge and arrest authority at any point in your life. We are doomed as a nation. , you have no concept eng. Grammar , spelling or syntax ..

            • Realifemechanic says “We are doomed as a nation. , you have no concept eng. Grammar , spelling or syntax ..”

              Ummm….you might want to edit before criticizing someone else’s grasp of the language. At the very least make the critical sentence correct.

        • It was the Bush’s again. And their cousin Obama.

        • Agree that this email does not fit the level of sophistication needed to take down a site like this.

          It smells of something else entirely. Something that is not out of the realm of possibility.

          Yet another thing to prepare for.

          • Don’t be surprised that it was done by someone in Acorn. Ever listen to some of the Acorn members talk?

      5. The broken english sounds too obvious, too contrived.

        • An educated person could purposely “dumb down” their English.

          This DOS attack could be someones idea of a “grand prank” for a power trip. Odd that they would chooose Survival Blog as their target.

          There have been computer viruses released just before holidays. They hope to infect as many computers as possible and assume those with the skills to fix the problem will be out of the office.

        • Whoever did this wants to deepen the rift between Whites and Blacks.

          It wouldn’t suprise me if the federal government did this.the Obama administration admitted that they were using White guilt to get him reelected. Their spelling seems a bit to correct for their grammar. It very well could have been ordered by obummer himself, make him and his race look like victims and demonize preppers, Bam! he killed two birds with one stone. Of course we know Obama is far above something so low and petty.

      6. Good luck to Jim, a excellent source of all things preparedness. Only question is did the Obama boys help the racist hacker?

        • This doesn’t sound like the modus operandi of Anonymous…

      7. Could be psyops since Survivalblog.com has been around along time and is a mainstay for survival and prep info. Not mention his books. I wouldn’t put it past the Obama administration.

        • I hope it’s BO and Co. cause it’s real stupid, and I hope they are that stupid. But I doubt it. No Need for conspiracy issues, there is plenty of stupid around for this type of thing. I read S. Blog all the time, nothing on it the Gov cares about. If the gov is spending any amount of time and money worrying about us it’s doomed. Yes I assume they look in from time to time but the people here do pay their taxes and aren’t planning to overthrow the GOV. We are here trying to survive the mess when they ruin themselves; we don’t figure we have to do anything. This Gov is going to commit financial suicide

      8. Thumbs up Jim, you are doing a fantastic job.

      9. Any takers on a bet of whether or not our esteemed Attorney General Holder will choose to go after these perpetrators of “hate crimes”? Buehler? Buehler?

        • Holder may be occupied at this time with more pressing matters–like trying to eliminate Sheriff Joe, who is keeping the banker fraud with HSBS(HSBC?) information for Jerome Corsi till he airs it in June to our sheepled nation.

      10. This is something you absolutely hate to see, hopefully this shtfplan will never experience this. Whenever someone says something that hits a nerve that some character in the government didn’t like, this can occur. It seems like this is happening more and more often whenever someone out there tries to get out the truth on something. Could of course be someone that gets their sick kicks off of crashing popular sites. It would be interesting if this site had posted something that could have upset the “balance” that those in control are trying to maintain. Stan Deyo and Rense have had similar events happen to them also.

        This seems like someone trying to place the blame on someone else. “THEY” don’t want people to be prepared. “THEY” don’t want people thinking for themselves. “THEY” try to keep “FREE” information as under the radar as possible.

      11. Still down as of Sunday evening, unfortunately.

        • OOOOOOOHHHHH that is sweet! I don’t agree with the oil concept though, only because TPTB have not informed me of such! This is worth watching and applying whatever your SHTF scenario applies too. Nice work Sid!

      12. That folks is what is called a script kiddie. Not a real hacker someone that has down loaded a piece of hacking software.. this is a no brainer.. if you want to impress me hack into the site and change it around.. that is the real art and skill… Just a bunch of punks in their parents basement with nothing better to do than spew hatred, in my analysis I would say this is a very low rent thing to do.

        • Wish I could give you +5000 racerx

      13. It doesn’t take skill to take down a website. Any idiot script kiddie with a copy of LOIC and a good connection can knock a web site offline.

        • I’m sure I’m really out of date, I remember the release of software called “back orifice” with the “butt trumpet” add-on.

          I’m sure L0pht and cDc (cult of the dead cow) are ancient history now.

          • Wow – not quite the olden days, but way back there.

      14. I’d lay you dollars to donuts that this was executed by one of our “stellar” alphabet governmental agencies (with sufficient cover of course for plausible deniability of course). Take a wild guess as to which one. (Does it really matter?)

        TPTB are getting desperate and frantic.

        Expect more of this kind of harassment.

      15. Hey, anyone wonder if NinaO is the hacker’s Mom?

        • @DomesticTerrorist … ;0P pssszzt … jog on ya’ used crusty “depends” granny panties scratch -n- sniffer licker !

          it twasn’t me … rawles books DO suck ASS… and i’m peeved i actually bought the damn things , especially the last one WHICH REALLY SUCKED swamp ass … but it twasn’t me honest injun !

          i’m too preoccupied writing PUTER HACK code for a new linux program to take down the pentagons nsa darpa fbi carnivore program and take over the pentagons remote control of the drones so i can use them to coordinate a DEFENSE SYSTEM WIDE attack on and destroy THE TRAITORIST CORRUPT zionist VIPER BASTARDS in their thieves lair washington dc. ;0p pssszzt

          ;o) BWAAAAHAHAHA … I was born to be a Arch-Evil NWO DHS Domestic Terrorist , Thank You MURDERIN luciferian freemason dick cheney for making me the man i am today.


          • I noticed some similarities in the grammar, etc.

            There’s one thing the Survivalism movement does, and that’s sell books. The only other place I’ve seen such compulsive book-buying is among murder-mystery fans, romance book fans, etc.

            I think Survivalism/prepping is useful, but it’s also the perfect religion for hoarders (I don’t mean “hoarding” food either, I mean saving-every-used-snot-rag type hoarding.)

          • get em nina , get em.

            • Whip me, beat me, call me Shirley, NinaO!

              As all luvs ya

          • @Ninao OK i am almost afraid to comment to you becuase I am not sure if you are just fed up with everything and it has driven you mad or highly intellegnt. I know it is a fine line between genius and insanity so I am not sure which one you are. BUt at the risk of you cutting me to the wuick I am hoping for very high intellect so that somebody will do SOMETHING!

            • Nucking Futs they are.

      16. come on that post is someone tring to play that they are an uneducated (possibly a racist black person) stereo typing white southern person.
        they are alot of people trying to divide races and religon ane any other defferences,its called divide and conquer,its one of the oldest tricks in the book.
        if you cant take over alot of people you have them turn on each other,make them into smaller groups so you can take them over.
        we are living in bad times and there is some kind of end game being played out,if you dont use your head and not be lead by false propheits of all type(even goverment figures)the game is already over and were just going through the paces.

        • or perhaps jw,r himself, to boost his archive sales maybe? or maybe the arrogant butthead picked on the wrong ‘little” guy? karma’s a vengeful biotch, LOL.

          • River Rider,
            My husband and I are genuine born-again Christians! We would not bow to such evil to boost our sales. We have honest-to-goodness integrity. We guard our tongues and our actions with the help of the Holy Spirit to not commit sin or spread dishonest information. If we are wrong we are quick to correct or confess.

            I’m tired of you speculating on our lives with such evil insinuations. You and Jarhead are wrong about the way we live or conduct our lives. Furthermore, Jim’s novels are depict an ultimate level of survival/preparedness situations, but they don’t necessarily reflect our personal situation. We are ALL in the process of Prepping for whatever may come!

            Do you know Jesus Christ as your savior? Preps don’t matter in the end! There are only two destinations when we die: Heaven or Hell! Where is your soul going? I hope you have chosen Christ or that you will soon, because then you won’t be attacking people and bearing false witness, instead you will be building people up instead of tearing them down.

            Over at Creekmore’s blog the info you posted was about twenty years out date. The US Army has spent $1.3 billion dollars to destroy ALL of the chemical weapons at the Umatilla Army depot. They are GONE! Meanwhile the DOE has spent $12 billion dollars at Hanford Nuclear Reservation and all of the gross risks have been mitigated. (They will be working there another 20+ years scraping up every last little bit.) There is no longer any nuclear fuel stored in ponds there. It has all been encapsulated and safely buried.

            In the future please research before you post. And please refrain from character assassination.

            We stand by our well-founded assertion that the Inland Northwest is the safest region in the continental United States. However, we believe that God leads His people to the regions He wants them to live for His purposes. So your mileage may vary.

            • Avalanche Lily,

              It’s always hard to decide if you should refute incorrect or mean comments, or not give them the dignity of replying at all. I find myself on this fence often and usually move on without replying. This time I think you did the right thing to defend your husband and yourself. The accusation above was definitely a low blow. Hope everything works out with the site, I read it daily, it was the first survival site I found when the Lord opened my eyes 4 years ago. God bless your family and give your husband my thanks for his many years of helping others become prepared.

            • Wuz just gonna say, Survival Blog Dude and his latest wife have much better things to do than this. You get a business of any size, and you’re just too busy taking care of practical things to pull silly pranks.

              (Disclaimer: I basically think all Christians are bat-guano crazy and wish ’em happy hell in their bleak “redoubt”; I think the tougher of ’em will do fine, like the Afghans in their own bleak redoubt. I regularly cite Rawles’ site as the go-to prepping site because well, it’s the best single site to get up to speed on prepping. Takes no shared kooky religion to know who’s the best. I’ll stick to the “church of nature” and well, maybe I’ll get to thin out some of that Golden Horde so less of ’em make their way out to Rawlesville.)

            • lily, if preps don’t matter in the end, why prep? wouldn’t it be better to meet your lord sooner and avoid the suffering? yes, my info was out of date, but wouldn’t a good christian point that out in a respectful manner rather than attempt to humilate the “mis informed” in that manner? i respected your husband a long time as he returned me to the prepper fold. lately i just think he missed the sermen on humility. maybe i’m wrong, wouldn’t the first time…..see, thats called humility. here’s some more…. i apologize for responding the way that i did.

          • Betcha weren’t expecting to get slapped down right from the source, River Rider. It’s a little different talking trash about someone when they respond,huh?

            • thats real mature. what are you 5 years old?:)

        • Great article, Giurza!!!

          That is some REALISTIC survival info!

          • Thank you Daisy. Just doing my part.

        • Giurza you got my appetite going!

          Yep we “grow” sheep, and yes, don’t let those “parts” go to waste!

          With chickens, heart and liver are great fresh, just sautee, and my own personal preference is to save the blood and sautee that too, it’s yummy.

          • We do blood soup in Lithuania, yummy as well!
            DT, I wish we could have some good old fashioned redneck party together!
            damn pity it’s that pond separating us.

      17. nina-o you nut , an ounce of .999 gold it was nina-o , she’s a crazy bwoitch , a racist , hates religion blacks and jews , always trolling on every site posting her racist anti-religion filth , and definitely likes playing with peoples web sites.

        nina-o you crazy bwoitch don’t you know tricks are for kids?

        the dhs is gonna track you down , we got your ip address , an get your racist wicked evil fat ass!

        god will punish you nina-o for your wickedness!

        your days are numbered!


        • A.) NinaO is a dude.

          B.) Although we’ve all read the anti-Jewish stuff, when did you ever hear him use the “N-word” or say anything bad about black people?

          C.) His beef is with the government, AIPAC, and the UN, not a simple survivalist website.

          It’s not NinaO.

        • @gods gift of life … YOU pork eatin’ jesus christ was a friggen crazy goat mountin jew BIBLE BOOK stroking humping pie hole fingerin prodin anal suppository dirty bloody crusty puss tampon SMOKER!!!

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          it twasn’t me fake ass luciferian satanist freemason zionist bible lovin pedo boy !!!

          ;0p pssszzt


        • I know …. she’s great, isn’t she?

          We WUV her!

      18. Recently watched a streaming interview with a “Commander X” of Anonymous. He claimed Anonymous was sitting on a huge amount of hacked govt intelligence info.Said they were trying to get criminal indictments against officials so they weren’t releasing any of it.True or not I don’t know. Hopefully something will come of this. The corp criminals will only be taken down from within.

        • i agree jrs, sadly its our only hope , its out of our hands.thats why i wish either they can get the arrests done or else we need to see the next phase of their evil plot. so which is it PTB?

      19. Life is a video/game to these hacker punks..

        Drive around your community.. See how many young people are playing in their front yards, building forts, climbing trees.. Not many these days.. They are all
        Either on facebook, playing nintendo, or on the internet in chat rooms exposing themselves to the few rotton apples.. Thus the bunch now is rotton to the core.

        We need to go back to the simple life.. Away from
        Big corp, govt handouts, and take care of our Own-selves.. By our own means of doing so.

        Blacks, whites, yellows, – are just colors.. We all carry the same color blood inside us.. Its just our upbringing and beliefs that set us apart from one another!!

        The world will drastically change.. Like it or not..

        We as humans will be the cause of it..

      20. If you think it originated in TX, because of an IP, chances are your looking in the wrong place.

        I can mask an IP to look like it originates from anywhere depending on the program and what area it redirects my IP through… and most are free programs

        Sorry, but TX, as well as IA PA IL and FL have many common servers that IP masks route through.

      21. Thinking about it now the governmental probably lost the first list they had when they went after SB so they applied for and got a 100 million dollar grant to do it again, the blank page that came up was very similar to the blank stares and empty souls of tptb, maybe just trying to help further the race war a lil more so they can steal some more money?

      22. Rawles is called the “Father of the Patriot Movement” and the “Father of Survivalism” in the press. What better website for the government to attack?

        That email is so utterly lame that it’s obviously not legit.

        It’s a jackboot to Patriot morale, that’s all. It’s nothing more than a scare tactic, sadistic mischief, although I cannot fathom the actual goal of it.

        • I left a post above where I think I may have found a possible motive. Discredit the prepper/survival movement. In the 80’s, when most survivalists were building nuke bunkers, they were mocked until they became a joke to the general public. Nowadays they are trying to mock preppers…and a lot of the general public are instead saying “Good idea!” and starting to prep themselves. Preppers, by definition, tend to support freedom and individualism. To the Big Brother crowd, that’s more frightening than any overseas threats.

          • That’s a good theory, Dante. 🙂

            But why not Infowars or something more high profile? Only the more hardcore preppers are really into Rawles.

            I’ve been mulling this over all morning; whatever it is, the whole thing reeks of deceit. IMHO the attack has nothing to do with what it purports to be related to. Either Rawles is being set up or his readers are, or both, but a deeper look must be taken at the motivation of the attack.

            This would be really time-consuming, but if I understand correctly the way it’s done, it wouldn’t actually be that hard. Any high school kid with enough time on his or her hands could do it with no special equipment or high-tech knowledge required.

            • Funny how the “attack” brings ALL kind of attention not only to SB but to his advertisers,,,, ya’ll be sure and go there now and click on all those perty little ads so Jimmy and The memsahib…oooops… avalanche lily…. guy names his chicks like they were dogs or something… whats up with THAT?

          • I hope they are good at it (Convincing people it’s foolish), last thing I want is a lot of uncommitted “johnny come lately” messing up my paranoia. I’d rather be in the smart 1% than the dumbed up majority.

        • Daisy – that’s hilarious! The fathers of the movement are either Kurt Saxon or Mel Tappan depending on who you ask.

          I have a personal fondness for Kurt Saxon. Such a light-hearted, fun-loving personality. His “Wheels Of Rage” is a great laff and I recommend it if you’re feeling down.

      23. Speaking as a freelance IT – an DOS attack requires a botnet in most instances. So…. who has infected enough pcs to mount an assault from enough sources to bring down a Swedish server? That is the question. Too, the length of time for a DOS attack – the longevity of this attack, running over 24 hours implies that governmental assistance and/or ‘looking away’ is part and parcel to it.

        In short, this isn’t some brain-dead uneducated effort; rather, this is being done with the full cooperation of international mechanisms.

        • My spyware detected a virus about a week to 10 days ago.I ran the cleanup, however not being a tech,I’m not sure if it would still be in my system. I frequent JWR’s site among many others and the download times have gotten longer and longer with 404’s and incompatability views being the norm rather than exception. I attributed it to my ancient equipment and dial-up service but for the last couple years the connect times seem to get longer and longer.I guess I’m cheap. If I have to upgrade I’ll just go out and play with the dog and plink a few targets and say the hell with it.

      24. Hey Mac, how does shtfplan.com rank among survival websites?

      25. went to the orange jeep dad? and read the story, near the bottom something interesting caught my eye…”now might be a good time to get Jim’s CD of his entire site, for just X dollars”…..Sorry but the “Trust NoOne” in me sees this as a fundraising hoax….hey stranger things have happened.

        • That’s nuts. OJD is as honest as they come.

      26. Its my understanding that purchasing a botnet’s services via the Russians is fairly straight forward.

        Squarespace servers are resistant to sick amounts of traffic…I’d check em out Mac.

      27. Gov. 101 someone who is very smart is trying to act like a dummy!!!1 Panic to the preppers!!! A show of power !! Another warning to all in a way really nothing is safe Move to the country and be a scout get preppy!!

      28. THE Goal is the same of any terrorist organization- FREAK YOU OUT!

      29. I spent some time this weekend trying to access survival blog and couldn’t ever get it. Then I finally got the site up last night in a different format than normal. I first read on Patrice Lewis’ blog Rural Revolution about what had happened and she also had the link to Orange Jeep Dad’s comments. Hope they have everything back to normal soon.

      30. I have read that in several other places online. Can’t claim originality on that theory. But how interesting. The chatter about him possibly working with the government increases and then he gets hit. Well, he CANT be working with them! Not if he were a victim! After all, you’re either with them, or a victim (of an illiterate hacker)And if you show yourself to be a victim… At least I can put that silly little notion behind me now…

      31. Need a little help here: 🙂

        What is a BLACK SWAN EVENT?

        I have an idea what it is.., but, I could use some clarification .

        Thanks in advance.

        • It’s a staged disaster used to bring about the perpetrator’s agenda.

          Many believe that 9/11 was staged by the US to enact the Patriot movement, the NDAA etc etc.

        • “The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs”

          ~ Wikipedia

          A black swan event is set up specifically to bias the public towards or against something.

          • Matt @ Daisy., thank you.

            I was also thinking it was to try to get something passed the public to see if it would be recognized and if it was not recognized, this would be a set up for a bigger event later.

            My perception: One black swan is in a gathering of 200 white swans, and will anybody be able to see it go swim by.

            Daisy, I might have put it in a different meaning, but kinda of like your definition.

          • I was under the impression that a black swan event was something no one could predict or foresee happening.

            • yes I thought a black swan event was something like the madrid fault or something that could happen but very slim chances of it happening…hmmm i guess i may be wrong or there are variables in the defenition

            • Yes indeed you are correct. Man plans God laughs, along those lines.

        • With all due respect to my fellow preppers, what they are describing is a “False Flag” attack. JRS is correct. A “Black Swan” event is an unpredictable event that takes everybody by surprise. A natural EMP would be a Black Swan event, because even with knowledge of sun activity, nobody knows what the effect will be until it hits the Earth.

      32. I have two servers at different providers and would be glad to host a mirror if needed. Just lemmie know. 🙂

      33. sorry that should be “Patriot ACT” not “Patriot movement”

      34. you guys need help. whats the end game of the gov crashing jw,r’s site? he’s no saint that he’s made out to be. he arrogantly hammers anyone dissenting from his godly opinions. isn’t it a little suspicious that some hack crashed his superduper swedish site that was supposed to be untouchable, meanwhile “you better buy my archive before its too late”….i think jw,r is a teenager in his momma’s basement myself. one thing for sure he shouldn’t have called me the most misinformed ever on the blogosphere 😉 sic semper tyrannus motha.

        • U-R-A Dork

        • I said the same thing a little earlier about what I saw on the Jeep Daddy blog..

          “went to the orange jeep dad? and read the story, near the bottom something interesting caught my eye…”now might be a good time to get Jim’s CD of his entire site, for just X dollars”…..Sorry but the “Trust NoOne” in me sees this as a fundraising hoax….hey stranger things have happened.”

          ….Was Mr. Rawles posting this same thing?, about “get my archive before it’s too late”

          Sorry but it’s been awhile since I hit his site(SB)


        The psychological biases that make people individually and collectively blind to uncertainty and unaware of the massive role of the rare event in historical affairs.

        The term “black swan”, as it applies to finance/economics, was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book “The Black Swan”.

        When you think of a swan (as in the bird), what comes to your mind? If you are like most people, then you probably envision a graceful, white bird that floats on the water.

        Most swans are white, but some, in fact, are black. The existence of black swans is a fact that takes most people by surprise.

        Now let’s apply this to the theory of “black swan events”. A “black swan event”, to start, is an unexpected surprise (just like the bird, the black swan). In addition, black swan events also have these traits:

        1. They have a major impact on society.
        2. People, in hindsight, contend that they were not surprised that the event took place.

        So a “black swan event” is an unexpected surprise that has a major impact on society. In addition, people look back on the event and contend that they were not surprised that it took place.

        That’s a “black swan event”.

        Some examples of “black swan” events?

        1. The creation of the Internet.
        2. The earthquake in Japan.
        3. The fall of Russia.
        4. 9/11.
        5. The financial collapse of 2008.

        • Thanks. 🙂

          So, it’s not to see if you can get something past the public for a future , bigger impact.., but something that breaks our normal bias in our regular day by day life.(?)

          • @eagledove … ;0) yes … but at the same time … it is also widely easily assimilated by society , quickly adopted socially accepted psychologically by the masses as being normal , almost “unnoticed” later as a major event that changed the very course of global society , that it forever changed societies direction in mental physical development.

            that too me is very scary … that so many billions 99% of people … are so easily controlled duped by so few 1% and their trained minions of the media and hollywood !!!


            • *** it’s the 10,000 sheep of the flock “herd flock mentality” in perfect unknown ignorance by all the “sheeple” of the world , so barely a ripple is seen in the flock of 10,000 sheep as they graze upon the valley floor great field below you on its sweet spring grass. as a eagle on wing swoops in and steals a new born lamb from its mothers side and a pack of wolves hunt on the flocks exterior outer exposed weaker sheep. barely a ripple amongst the 10,000 sheeple signals each event upon the herd flock of sheep !!!

              that is a black swan event.

              guess who the eagle and wolves are ???


      36. It’s hard to imagine an individual or group of individuals so pathetic that they would devote their time and energy to try and sabotage survivalblog.

        Even if you think the survivalist movement is a bunch of crazies – why would you care? I mean, if some people want to store extra food and supplies in their homes, so what? Unless you’re a complete loser, with no life.

        • @ David. Sabotage of any web site such as survival blog or others like Rense or Stay Deyo often occur because someone does not want anything to get out that can influnece the millions of other people that are on the cusp or crossroads of actually beginning to think for themselves. Sometimes there is an article or even something said that can sway many people into waking up. It goes beyond survival and people stocking up on food, water, and supplies. It has to do with altering the thought pattern of people.

          On many survival web sites as well as other non-survival sites there is an occasion when someone brings up an idea, or a whole set of ideas that all of a sudden rings the bell of many, many, many people. When you can start people thinking for themselves or even opposite of what those in control want them to think, the person and/or web site all of a sudden becomes a problem. The more people that are influnced, the more of a nuisance they become, and sometimes a real aggravation, even someone that has to be dealt with.

          I wrote an article almost a year ago about just what a government can do to someone that becomes a problem to them in varying degrees of force exerted against the problem. http://modernsurvivalblog.com/communications/10-ways-a-guvment-may-shut-you-up/

          This may seem like some to be an exaggeration to some people, but even a “perceived” threat to someone in control can and is acted upon many times. When someone hits a nerve, there is a reflex action. I am not just talking the U.S. government either, I am talking about ALL governments, especially those that have no checks and balances and those especially corrupt.

      37. A false flag from where else? Holder’s DOJ most likely.

        Take up the flag of some Southern racist – use that against preppers.

        After reading JWR’s books and listening to him for years I can’t imagine anything he could do to anger your average American.

        He has done plenty to anger the powers-that-be in the National Crapitol Region by teaching people to be independent, not government-dependent.

        Who has the Motive? The Federales. Who has the cyber resources to pull this off? The Federales.

        Occam’s Razor: First look at the Federales.

        Note to Holder: False flags are so 2001. Wake up.

      38. A false flag from where else? Holder’s DOJ most likely.

        Take up the flag of a racist – use that against preppers. The broken English was a nice touch.

        After reading JWR’s books and listening to him for years I can’t imagine anything he could do to anger your average American. Most Americans would agree with him.

        However, he has done plenty to anger the powers-that-be in the National Crapitol Region by teaching people to be independent, not government-dependent. Just two months ago the FBI was caught sniffing traffic to Survivalblog. Obviously Holder has put this website on his hitlist.

        Who has the Motive? The Federales. Who has the cyber resources to pull this off? The Federales.

        Occam’s Razor: First look at the Federales.

        Note to Holder: False flags are so 2001. Wake up.

      39. JWR’s site has helped MANY people. If you have issues with him, you are NOT the norm!! And Mac, I’m one of those examples of finding your site through his. It’s good to know how to survive, but it’s also good to get the news of how fast you need to get it done! Thanks James and Mac for what you guys do to keep us prepping!!!

      40. I told him like a year ago to look into the free service offered by http://www.cloudflare.com and it would keep his site up even if something like this happened. Nobody listens to the geeks until it’s too late. =)

      41. I’ve noticed a great many “regulars” have stopped posting. Maybe it’s time to say good-bye? After all, we now have an assassination Czar and David Barton and Frank Gaffney are listed as terrorists along side of the Black Pussy Cats, by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

        “If you are reading this, you ARE the resistance” John Connor.

        • @ My Bible. I hope the regulars come back, the more survival minded people helping out each other the better. Want a fun way to resist those that would enslave us and try to take away our free speech? I read this on Modern Survival Blog about key words that send DHS into “action”, here’s the link for the article: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/current-events-economics-politics/the-words-that-dhs-patrols-for-on-websites/ The more of these key words that people put into their online communications, the more work those at the guv’ment have to flag them down.

          After all if someone from the government enjoys crashing good informative sites like Survival Blog that are trying to help people better prepare, IF they are behind it which I am suspecious of. Then let them have everybody flood them with what they deem “bad” words to be flagged down like the two key words; “National Preparedness”. Art Bell the radio show commentator did this years ago by suggesting to every once awhile while talking on phone to say a “key word” to overload their monitoring and policing of good honest citizens and try to force them to go after the REAL criminals.

          • Here is one just for them, let them crack themselves on it:

        • my bible,
          yes , that time has come to say goodbye, if not is coming closer daily. this cant go down 100 percent smoothly regardless of what happens. i would reccomend being on extreme standby if not total retreat at this point.depending on your circumstances.

      42. God Bless America

      43. be patient …

        fear eventually turns to anger … anger turns to hate … hate turns to violence.

        in time those who will dare fight … will fight.

        give it time.

        it has only just begun … the nwo globalist luciferian satanist freemason zionist jesuits and their black pope… still have a major massive global false-flag in the works planned out for the world.

        it is coming … prepare.

        p.s. puck john holder he’s a known murderer drug gun trafficking criminal corrupt traitor commie to once free now enslaved america , he’ll get his in the end. they all will. for now prepare for their planned global false-flag attack. we’ll deal with them all after it. once those still asleep see what they have done , what they plan to do and finally get angry.

        prepare for a man-made well planned freemason zionist executed global fale-flag Armageddon event.


        • Attorney General Eric Holder have no credibility whatsoever. puck em’.

          FIGHT THE POWER !!!

      44. notice to barack obama, go to hell you treasonous commie!

      45. notice to john mccain, (and lindsey “war piggy” graham “cracker”) go to hell you treasonous commies!

      46. notice to republic services (RSG-NYSE), the ministry of transportation of ontario (MTO) and the miller group, go to hell you treasonous fascists!

      47. Personally, I don’t believe the alleged authenticity of this story.

        I’d like to see the server logs for verification.

        The story of “racist blackmail” doesn’t pass the bullshit test.

        Funny how everyone is jumping on this without questioning or even understanding who stands to gain here.

      48. What if this is only one in a series of such kind to sway public opinion towards gov controls on internet content. I am only thinking out loud here but what if this wasn’t aimed specifically at this community, what if there is these types of things that happen to all kind of sites so sheeple ask for gov legislation to help ward this off.
        I realize this may be far fetched, but what if the gov themselves did this to a great number of sites, sports survival news social media and then announced they were considering legislation that would help track and prosicute such criminals. Would this not be a backdoor for them to monitor everyone?

        • @Saddle Up … ;0) excellent synopses … this is a obvious fed.gov psy-op false-flag event against “Preppers” main to go to site , just as is the israeli developed “Flamer” stuxnet like virus attack on Irans computer systems and internet!

          a USA FED.GOV planned executed Reichstag Fire like FALSE-FLAG operation meant to disrupt confuse divide and conquer psy-op by our own illegal freemason fascist zionist controlled fourth Reich nazi fed.gov!

      49. LOL

      50. Greeting Everyone!
        Another DoS attack…
        Not all that unusual these days.
        I can recall a teenager in Wisc. who did the same thing more or less.Continued to do his childish hacking even after being caught and “convicted”,and supposedly to not have access to ANY computer as part of his sentence.Daddy was a criminal lawyer.You get the scene.
        Without parents who care(read aren’t secretly proud of little Jimmy’s exploits)this sort of thing will continue to happen.Blacklisted New had a article on what the “BIG BOYS” are currently up to.Magnitudes more powerful and harder to detect/remove.God has his own timetable,and there will be no “safe areas” when SHTF begins in earnest.Putting the “prepper” advice we get here to use may be the best “non-sheeple” we can do.As it was said at Matt.10:23″He that endures to the end is the that will be saved”.If you don’t prep,you most likely won’t have the things necessary to give you the strength to endure.
        I expect a massive “black swan”/”false flag” event to happen fairly soon.When? If I knew that friends,I wouldn’t spare any effort.An example comes to mind of the book of Jeremiah.He warned the Jews of his time that God’s judgment was coming upon them for their “lawless ways”.It only took 40 years to come to pass.But WHEN it happened as last,Jerusalem was destroyed,it’s temple built by Solomon ruined and it’s people either killed or enslaved for their wickedness.Things ARE getting worse on a world-wide scale,it’s as if things everywhere are being “prepped” for TEOTWAWKI.I suspect that’s why we’re seeing more and more obtuse,obfuscatory and extremely fractious postings here(and else where!).
        Just a “few” words from my viewpoint,make of them what you will…..
        Best to All
        Hope you all have food to eat and a safe place to sleep(esp. you Manos!)

      51. AmeriKa’s Chocolate Oreo Hitler – Nazi

        barry soetoro aka osama barack obama our Freemason Illuminati muslim Illegal-alien CIA weather.underground commie zionist fascist ISRAELI controlled mk-ultra puppet “DOPE” pillow.biter drone.child.murderin harvard.class.dunce prezident … and his Evil chicago rainbow (gay) mafia henchman Eric Holder.


        Just over three weeks after the passage of the Reichstag Fire Decree, Hitler’s National Socialists further tightened their grasp on Germany by the passage of the Enabling Act. This act gave Hitler’s cabinet the legal power to decree laws without being passed by the Reichstag — effectively making Hitler a dictator.

        The Reichstag Fire Decree remained in force for the duration of the Nazi era, allowing Hitler to rule under what amounted to martial law. Along with the Enabling Act, it formed the legal basis for Hitler’s dictatorship. Thousands of Hitler’s decrees, such as those which turned Germany into a one-party state, were explicitly based on its authority, and hence on Article 48. This was a major reason Hitler never formally abolished the Weimar Constitution, though it no longer had any substantive value after the passage of the Enabling Act.

        FIGHT THE POWER !!!


      52. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama administration is responsible. They went after Romney’s donors and got other people to harass them. Obama is capable of anything.


        This is who will be Enforcing Martial Law soon on Your Towns Main Street , at the AmeriKan state local highway DHS ARMORED check point in your own state soon … very soon.

        Arm Up … not to protect yourself from criminals , but to protect yourself from DHS Gestapo Nazi Thug “TYRANNY” on once free AMERIkAN SOIL !!!

        PUCK THE NWO !!!


      54. Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship) The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a U.S. Navy intelligence ship, USS Liberty, in international waters about 12.5 nautical miles (23 km) from the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, north of El Arish, by Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRZSzdQuOqM&feature=related

        • Yeah! The first couple waves is Iraeli planes refused to engage because it was flying the Stars and Stripes.

          Your tax dollars at work through psychopathic leaders.

          The most dangerous thing. Can it get any worse?

      55. Hey, wasn’t Survival Blog the site that was being tracked by the feds a couple of months ago? Could it be linked?

      56. Prepping and survivalism, despite supposedly growing popularity, still can’t be a terribly popular subject if the “biggest” site of it’s kind has a U.S. Alexa rank of 6,511.

        In my opinion, many (but not all) prepper blogs do more to turn off potential new preppers (with political rants, conspriacy theories, endless commentary, and other things) than they do to appeal to them. This is definitely true of many gun blogs, most of which turn off potential new gun owners (with political rants, techinical jargon, and other crap) more than they appeal to them.

        Sadly, most websites devoted to a lifestyle or movement evolve in such a way that educating and attracting “newbies” becomes secondary to pleasing the existing members and catering to their “community”, views, and personalities.

      57. There are a few on this site that are destroying the integrity of it. I think many are just leaving because it is becoming so biased against certain religions and beliefs. I also think the attitude to say anything that you want, is rampant and done without feeling for anyone but themselves. It is becoming mean spirited and scary to many. The doomsday scenarios are just too much for some, especially when they are referring to events that we have no control over and can not stop or even prepare for. This is not the site it used to be. In time, all things change, for the good or the bad.

      58. God bless Mr. Rawles and his website crew…he’s an amazing man who does so much for the Prepping community. I’m glad they have overcome this attack and that the preparations they have made for their website to continue in spite of difficult circumstances have been successful!

      59. im sure it was all over what someone said..hit too close to home, its that simple, or that complex..how ever you want to look at it

      60. HAhahaha! This is hilarious! These aren’t hackers. Hackers don’t do things like this. You insult hackers by mistaking them for random internet vandals.

        Like the world “law”, people don’t understand “hacking” or “hacker”. Please, excuse me, but these guys are just a private version of the DHS site downer criminals.

        …and, I since Rawles’ site is one of the most successful, it would not surprise me if the extended event string mirrored that of 9/11: LIHOP… I’m betting there isn’t much help in tracking people down to prosecute for this. Somehow I just think that DHS wants this site gone (along with many others that teacher independence and self reliance) but they just can’t figure a legit way to post their jackboot thug advertisement page.

        Basically, the corporation see him and his ilk (Us!) as the enemy. …as they should. We are all about what they are against. In the end, the corporate government is all about what is says they are against. After all, why would they want to fix a problem? If they fixed it, they’d be useless. Do you think DHS wants security and safety? No way! They want destabilization so they can get public support to buy more drones, bullets and toys. Anyone that can’t see that is too far gone to even discuss the problem with.

        When the most dangerous thing has its sites set on you, the situation is most dangerous.

        • DDoS is the simplest type of attack, in most cases. There need be only a few conditions satisfied. Besides, that, the tag “DDoS” really doesn’t tell us much. They could have been Smurfed or it could have just been a raw ICMP flood.

          I know this because I protect my employer (and my own sites) from it. I recreate scenarios on my own sites during off hours to test my countermeasures’ effectiveness.

          Had I have been given the chance to debug this for Mr. Rawles, it would have been a “Check *THIS* out!” moment. (In GeekSpeak, thats the same as a “Here! Hold my beer…” moment.”)

          In fact, it is REALLY easy to build a specialized firewall to pinch guys like this off. I’ve actually done this multiple times for my own and other’s use. Maybe Rawles should contact me. I can keep this from happening again.

          How about it JWR? Your door is unlocked. How about you let me put a deadbold in for you? Already got most of the code written. Just need to change the tolerance numbers.

          This sounds a lot more serious than it is. The best thing to do is let people talk about it but keep it quiet on your own site. The attackers will get more and more brazen to the point where they’ll practically send you their GPS coordinates. One of the things that shake up vandals the most is that wall that their spray paint just won’t stick to or the people that just clean it off right after they do it and don’t care.

          The less ruckus thats made about it, the less chance of it happening again. Vandals want attention. Its one of the main difference between hackers and vandals. Hackers only care about being able to do it. Once they climb that mountain, they don’t really care that anyone knows. It was about climbing not about fame or fortune. Calling these guys “hackers” is like calling an illegal drug dealer a “pharmicist”.

      61. I think this was a shoddy government attack, or leftist pro-government dependence/anti-self sufficiency group behind the attack. Here’s why:
        1) They demanded that JWR post racist stuff on his blog. Had he done so, the blithering idiots and journalism school drop outs in the MSM would have plastered it all over CNN for a 48 hour “hate the haters” marathon against preppers.
        2) I think the people behind this support CISPA. Look at the threatening letter as evidence. They threatened to take down the site and pirate his books if he didn’t comply. What better way to get more people on board with the internet crackdown, then to attack one of the higher (if not highest) ranking survival sites, and hopefully getting his endorsement. In turn, he would infect others with the bad idea of supporting CISPA all in the name of cyber security. This is most likely the motive, and since corporations and the government (mainly the gubmint over the corps.) have the most to gain, they’re the number one target for accusation. Isn’t Fascism bliss?

        Whoever wrote this was probably an ‘independent contractor’ that could get away with using the N word. Since the gubmint has disabled themselves from writing one racist word, they would have to contract it out to a corporation who is better insulated from being attacked when they’re discovered. Or, some people from Infragard have taken it upon themselves to start attacking in hopes of eventually saying the words “I’m a federal agent”. Either way, it’s likely this is an op originating from the government, but sent out to an entity that they have loose affiliations with; this makes it easier to deny, deflect and insulate “their own” when it gets exposed.
        The schmuck who wrote this out didn’t think this through too thoroughly. The idea that ‘racist white people’ are all of a sudden terrible at English, are awful with grammar and relegate everything to a racial slur is very stereotypical and is an obvious ploy to frame them. After all, Barrack Obama has shown us personally that a racist with white ancestry can be very articulate and well educated. So their ruse of the racist white guy, is another epic fail in this short lived tale of failure and is a terrible smoke screen for those trying to shield themselves.
        Also, the mention of other sites and the demand to remove links to successful blog or book sites is another piece in the puzzle of ‘what’s the motivation?’. It would appear that whoever this is, demands that less people be informed of how to live without the Federales, and their precious grid system. The idea that people can live without the federal government is sickening to them. They despise it and want less people informed to maximize the future body counts in future tragedies, all in the name of budget share and mission creep.
        Now that we’ve identified the motivation, it’s easy to find the ones most responsible. I’m saying that this is a Federal Gooberment operation, most likely with the help of an independent contractor to legally/politically shield government employees, all in the name of supporting CISPA, and attacking preppers. At least, that’s my synopsis. I’ve been wrong before, but this is how it looks.

      62. Greetings Mac!
        Just a few thoughts….
        Perhaps we could have a “RANT Wall” on this site.
        If you get say,a 25 to 1 neg. vote ratio it gets put “on the Wall”.
        Still accessible,still comment-able upon and all the rest.And perhaps a numbering system for regular comments too?It would make finding our own comments perhaps a tad easier to locate in the stream.
        Just a few thoughts.

        • GFG, thanks for your feedback. I have been trying to get a forum launched on here for the better part of 2 weeks. I am currently in the middle of a cross-country SHTF bug-out move which should be completed in about 14 days… Once done, It’s on! I definitely want a place where everyone here can drive the conversation, as well as to follow their own threads and such. Since I will be out of touch for the next couple weeks it would prove difficult to follow along a new launch of this forum and keep up with moderation and all the bugs it will no doubt have. Setting this up is my priority for the month of June.

          I’m on it. Please bear with me folks while we get this feature built out.



      63. CyberCom…..

      64. Shtfplan, I am same guy that tried to hack/infect Survivalblog site. You too, Shtfplan, must post racist and racial tension inciting articles and your posters must post racial rants and threads or I will hack and infect your site also.

        Wait a minute, all that (racial tension inciting, racist comments, “minority” bashing) is already taking place on this site.

        Nevermind. As you were folks. You are making folks like me very happy. 😛

      65. Being fairly new to the prepper community and not IT literate, I understand that someone took down a well liked site. Having been born and raised in Europe and therefore being multi-lingual I can assure you whoever sent those threats tried to cover up the fact that they are English speaking and American. Their attempts to “dummy down” their English are obvious but they are using too much American phraseology to be foreigners whose 2nd language is English. Glad you were able to do whatever to restore your site and prepare for another attack, which I hope won’t come. It however shows you how fast even unsophisticated “hackers” (as it was suggested) could take down survival sites, should they so desire. I am certain should there be ever an economic collapse, or the need seen by take down survival sites for “national security” most sites would collapse, all at the same time, as the ability to communicate or disrupt communications is basic military and counter insurgency planning. In the event of a collapse the ability by the population to communicate rapidly and freely has to be neutralized. All these logs and their subscribers will also give any opposing force a great directory of who is who among the survivalist or prepper community. Always write/post with keeping in mind that everyone reading your posts may not necessarily be men (or women) of good will. I would therefore be very careful about anything I discuss on the Internet, especially with reference to weaponry, tactics and the collecting of questionable items, such as that prepper who was trying to build grenades and mines and ended up in prison for the possession of destructive devices. Having grown up in Europe I am very familiar with the govts. attempts to infiltrate any organization they feel is a threat. Many times the only radicals in an organization are the infiltrators. During WWII there was a slogan in my country (as I am sure there were also many in this country too) “, Psst, Feind hoert mit.” These maybe old wisdoms, but they apply today as much as they did yesterday.

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