Gun Ownership Surges In Europe Over Fears Of Terrorism And Crime

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    Europeans are increasingly turning to guns to protect themselves against terrorism and crime.  Women and men alike are becoming gun owners as a way to boost their method of self-defense against violent attackers.

    Nine days after the attack in the Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg last December in which an Islamic terrorist killed five and wounded 11, a Washington think tankreported that similar attacks were likely to continue. The terrorist, Cherif Chekatt (who was killed in a subsequent shootout with police), had previously pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq.

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think tank, declared that European citizens would face a continuing “significant threat” of similar attacks: “The threat of attacks from groups like the Islamic State and al Qaeda to … the United Kingdom and France is at one of the highest levels [since the 9/11 attacks],” adding that the number of such attacks — foiled, failed and successful — surged more than 700 percent between 2007 and 2017.-New American

    This has put the everyday Europeans at the highest risk of becoming a victim to a violent crime.  And those very people are figuring out that having a gun as a tool for self-defense will increase their chances of surviving an attack on their person or property. In spite of all the laws regulating guns in Europe, including strict gun laws often requiring a year of supervised training as well as psychological testing, there’s a growing sense that local police can’t protect the people from violent attacks. Many are turning to themselves for safety and the ownership and use of personal firearms is growing rapidly across Europe.

    “Legal” gun owners have a much more difficult time acquiring a gun for protection than a criminal does for a violent attack.  But that doesn’t seem to be stopping those who need the insurance of self-preservation. Self-defense is, after all, a basic human right.

    But many aren’t going about getting guns legally because it’s just too difficult, if not impossible. So as the demand for gun ownership has grown, so has the supply, mostly through the “Deep Web,” also known as the “dark web,” the “invisible web,” or the “hidden web,” writes The New American. This is the part of the Internet that is off-limits to traditional search engines; where illicit trading takes place at such locations as the infamous drug bazaar Silk Road. According to the Rand Corporation, “Europe represents the largest market for arms trade on the dark web, generating revenues that are around five times higher than the U.S.” America’s gun industry generates in excess of $15 billion in annual sales, while the dark web is responsible for upwards of $75 billion in firearms sales annually in Europe, as citizens increasingly look to themselves for their personal safety. And they are defying government laws to do it.

    The flood of illegal (non-government-approved) firearms is exploding. The Small Arms Survey estimates that there are nearly a billion firearms held in private hands, with almost 100 million of them in Europe.

    This is far from a new trend.  In August of 2016, Reuters pointed out that Europeans are increasingly taking control of their own safety and choosing to own guns a means of self-defense.


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      1. Stupid is as stupid does. They let liars in who claimed to be Syrian Christian refugees in, who actually were hostile Muslim and economic migrants who were largely abandoning military service and abandoning their families. In fact, their families are asking them to come home.

        And so since sociopaths and psychopaths hide within populations, then these lash out within this cohort. They extort, assault, steal from each other…as that has always been the case and is easier than working. Or they do this to their hosts in the new locale.

        Well, what do you know…you still need to protect yourself with weapons in the 21st century. That means skills, training, and ammunition.

        • Maranatha, the Europeans are finally learning what we’ve always known concerning gun ownership and crime. Now they need to learn lessons about letting people with bad intentions toward them into their countries but don’t hold your breath on that one. I still say Europe is doomed.

      2. The Europeans used to be peaceful non violent people and thought others would be the same when they came to Europe.

        So they let massive migration of violent aggressive people from violent and aggressive areas of the world bring millions of people into Europe somehow believing they would become non violent and non aggressive like themselves.

        They’re finding out those people won’t change, and they -the ones who have awakened first- are changing accordingly.

        There is no going back, the only protection from the violent is the ability to respond with greater violence and this is what we are seeing beginning to happen in Europe now.

        • Who wants to bet the European Courts who give Muslim terrorist a slap on the hands will crucify anyone who uses a firearm to protect themselves? When that happens the judges, politicians, and “journalist” should be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

        • Anonymous, How can you possibly say that Europeans used to be peaceful non-violent people after the carnage of World Wars 1 and 2 (basically European in origin that spread to encompass many other countries because of European colonialism and the struggle for Middle Eastern oil, etc.) Not to mention all the wars before then relating to Napoleon and the struggles between Catholic and Protestant countries, etc?

      3. About time…..America leads the way again. Now kick those unwanted groups out.

        • Jim in VA, ya got that right. I’m a hillbilly from about 30 min west of the Blue Ridge Parkway. God’s country up there. A few states south now, but we are all thinking the same thing.

      4. Since owning weapons is so restricted, the next thing to happen is use common ordinarily items to improvise a usable hand weapon and a ranged weapon like homemade shotguns as that is way easier than making a zip gun and has more lethality and requires less aim. Also expect making improvised inexpensive deterrants that passively protect property.

        This is going to break up the EU as nations realize they do not have a common interest and citizens don’t want to be overrun by foreign invaders. History repeats itself.

        • It honestly will happen all along the southern border in the US as there it is illegal aliens and not recognized economic migrants.

          Goofy soft as cheese politicians and satanic globalists have different political goals than the man and woman in the street. Face it, the Europeans do not historically resist tyranny and invasion like Americans, but they can when outraged.

        • A guy named Philip Luty anticipated such developments in England years ago and set about to provide a solution.

          A simple one almost anyone with basic skills could employ if it became necessary.

      5. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.
        You can almost hear the pressure rising.
        It will not be long before the world rips apart again.
        I fear for my beautiful innocent Grandchildren.

      6. Saw a report today that says the white population in the US has a birth rate too low to sustain itself. I’ve been saying that for years. It was the Marxist strategy since the 1920’s. It’s called feminism. Get the white women out of the family and into the work place. Thus they will have fewer children. Then the white population can be replaced with non-white immigrants. These are your replacements. This was part of the strategy from the 1920’s. Brought to you by the communist Frankfurt School. The report went on to say that the black population in Maine was increasing due to an increase in the foreign born birth rate. The report incorrectly assumed the migrants went to Maine because whites have a better economy. Wrong! The DOJ, HUD and the Census have a policy of sending African migrants into predominantly white northern states. Thank you Eric Holder and Obama.

        • It’s evolution of the species, the survival of the fittest, the strongest and most fit survive and increase in numbers while the weak and unfit die out.

        • That’s because the only real movement for them is from the front door to the mailbox.

        • The US government under FDR created this monster called Rosie the Riveter.

          • Where did this subversive idea come from? The UK.

            Where did Feminism come from? Progressives like the disgusting satanic Margaret Sanger.

            • Malevolent Margaret Sanger discussing kill babies in an interview.

              Aha…this is precisely why we have low birth rates in Western Civilization and idiots like Merkel importing subversive elements and invaders to bolster flagging birth rates!

        • Yup, its called Hud Vouchers, Marxist bureaucrats are doing it to very Red State, to turn em blue. This is why we need not call them back to work. Hoorah for the shutdown.

          Most of these unelected bureaucrats are radical white feminists who hate their own race. Insane.

      7. Pointless. In most EU countries, self defense especially by firearm is not permitted. Sure, there may be some wording allowing certain self defense but, it is weasel worded to the point that it would make an American lawyer/legislator jealous. Also remember that European law is based on Napoleonic Code, which is much more strict on the defense. There is no “Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

        If someone has made certain decisions as a practical matter, and has an unknown weapon, that’s a different story. But, applying for a license, with registration, puts one on “the list.”

        • That’s what shovels are for.

          Shut up.

          No permit needed.

      8. Ah, that explains the Somali colony in Minnesota. I couldn’t imagine why people from an African climate could even stand such a cold one.

        In a perverse sense, taking a long view of history and government attitudes, such action makes some sens. It’s just a surprise that those two were behind it: I wonder if they realize it brings home the consequences of Union attitudes and actions.

        • The lesson of Little Mogadishu is that the people will put up with it. This informs the thinking man that voting will not change the outcome.
          Fifty years from now people will ask; why did nobody say anything? Why did people allow it? – just like they did after the Holocaust.
          Prepare accordingly.

          • Have you ever been in the Little Mogadishu at night and you can actually hear the males howling like wolves. It is meant to frighten their enemies, white people. Recently the Somalians terrorized a mall of america there, rampaging and beating up the elderly and children.

        • You can thank the officials of the Minnesota based Evangelical Lutheran Church for the influx of 100’s of thousands of brutal Cave-Man Somalians. They ‘sponsored’ them, but the US taxpayer paid for it. Big ol’ goofy grins on their faces, back slapping each other, as they import muslim murderers to slay their own peoples.

      9. why havent the politicians who caused these problems been arrested and executed ?

      10. The directly above reply is to “Him.”

        • Capt., what they don’t don’t tell anyone is this; every single “refugee” gets $3000 per month,plus EBT cards (food stamps), free medicaid, pharmacy, housing assistance, free education. Your government at work. For who’s benefit?

      11. I can’t even imagine myself visiting never mind living in Europe now. With all the terrorism and crime and the ploice unable/unwilling to enforce the laws,I’ll take my chances here,armed and somewhat free

      12. Southside, same here. There’s really no other place for Americans to go anyway. The whole world hates us.

        • But wants to move here.

      13. Cry for Australia,

        it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on a firearm here, either legally or illegally.

        • Learn to make them.

          It isn’t as hard as you may think.

          Ammunition is more of a problem than is the firearm for those that actually want one and is willing to make their own. Buy ammunition while it is still readily available, even if you don’t currently own the firearm that uses it.

          • Ammunition is more of a problem than is the firearm for those that actually want one and is willing to make their own. Buy ammunition while it is still readily available, even if you don’t currently own the firearm that uses it.

            Solid advice. And prepping of any kind would help also.

      14. People like Angela Merkel and George Soros are traitors who deserve to be treated like traitors. Europeans need to clean up from the top down. A firing squad. Take back Europe. Deport on the basis of race. The problem
        is racial. Face facts. Save self and your descendants. It is your duty.


      15. The old saying that there are no atheists in foxholes seems to hold true for anti-gun ownership people. If things get really dangerous, people reevaluate gun ownership.

      16. Today Senator Finestein introduced a new gun ban bill. Ths Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. Included is something called assault pistols weighing 50 or more ounces unloaded. I kid you not.

      17. America has been called ‘that shining city on the hill’.

        In order to survive the onslaught of Islam, western globalists and progressives, and the enemy within we need to make sure we are ‘that shining fortress on the hill’.

      18. I look forward to the day when antigun politicians are physically removed from their offices and beaten to a bloody pulp.

      19. The latest state legislature in Kentucky (in yesterday’s paper)is easing restrictions on what few firearm restrictions that exist so that practicaly every Kentuckian could just about always bear firearms.

        So if you are living in some restrictive place like Europe or some US states, I have to ask why?

      20. htt ps://
        Get out of Boston and probably Massachusetts before your physician rats you out for owning and or bearing a firearm.

        • Unless you are inviting them to go shooting, why would any sane person tell their Doctor about their guns?

      21. Oregon is trying to pull a fast one severely limiting how much ammunition you can buy over a month period.

        htt ps://
        Capping at 20 the number of rounds of ammunition a person could receive in a 30-day period, exempting shooting ranges.

        Requiring firearms be stored with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container when not carried or within reach of the gun’s owner.

        Gun owners would be required to report the loss of a firearm within 24 hours.

      22. Feinstein’s disgusting gun control bill.
        ht tps://

      23. What parts of “Europe” is this primarily referring to? In most European Countries, owning a gun period is prohibited. To own a weapon one would have to purchase and carry it “illegally” [black market], risking serious jail time in doing so. Good luck with that EU Socialism. For most citizens in many of those Countries .. it is far too late.

        -Dr. Palerider-

      24. Sorry, but i have little sympathy for those in the EU. They allowed the EU to disarm them BEFORE they began importing all the towel tops in. Also disarmed em before raiding private bank accounts a few years ago and replacing the confiscated cash with worthless govt bonds! Notice that didn’t happen until AFTER the EU collected all the guns? Poland and Cyprus come to mind on the govt bank robberies and coincidentally, both of those nations have the LOWEST averages of gun owners in the entire EU!
        These euro-douches did this to themselves! All these violent uprisings in France? Don’t mean dick. Why? Because Jean-Paul and Pierre HAVE NO FIREARMS TO BACK IT UP WITH!
        Nice going…

      25. How sad our country has become, I live in the UK, I left school at the age of 15 in 1960. My first job required me to have a shotgun. I went to the post office and bought a gun licence (no form filling required) for seven shillings and sixpence (a little over a US dollar at the time). I went to a local gun shop, bought a shotgun and used it on a daily bases doing pest clearance. Nobody took any notice of it (remember I was only 15). Now due to the influx of undesirable foreigners the laws have been tightened to the extent that you cannot walk down the street with a screwdriver!

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