‘Gun-Free’ London’s Murder Rate Surpasses New York As STABBINGS SURGE

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    In a nation that’s a gigantic gun-free zone, stabbings have surged to the point that the capital has surpassed the murder rate of New York City.  The British city’s surge in violent stabbings has seen the murder rate also spike as citizens have been denied the right to defend themselves from attacks.

    A massive decline in crime has helped to transform New York City, where London is facing the opposite effect. The total number of murders in London has fluctuated over the years, but it’s risen by 38 percent since 2014. And now, deadly stabbings in England and Wales are now at their highest levels since 2011, rising by 12 percent in the year ending December 2017.

    In 1990, of 2,245 people were murdered. Last year, however, that number dropped nearly 90 percent to 290 murders. The Sunday Times reported 15 people were murdered in London in February while 14 were murdered in New York City. Both cities are very diverse with large populations. London has over 8.7 million residents and New York City has about 8.5 million.

    But the surge in stabbings hasn’t stopped in London. The numbers for March have come in, and they also show London as surpassing New York in murders. In March, according to the British publication, there had been 22 killings in London versus 21 in New York.

    According to Fox News, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said websites and mobile phone applications such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram were partially to blame for the increased bloodshed. However,  The Evening Standard reported that London’s murder rate has grown by nearly 40 percent in just three years, NOT including deaths caused by terrorist attacks. 

    “What’s scary about London is the randomness of the crime,” said Jacob Whittingham, charity head of programs for Fight for Peace. “With young people in London, you have no idea if and when you may be the victim of a violent crime — that’s why they feel the need to carry weapons.”  

    Not to mention self-defense is a basic human right. Those who understand self-preservation want the best and most effective tool at hand to save their life. and those in the UK are being denied that fundamental right by the very law the government promised would protect them.


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      1. Tough shit. They have asked for it. It can be fixed by changing the laws but they won’t do that.

        • otc: the problem is though, they are trying to pull this garbage right NOW here in the U.S. They want to take our guns and all of this anti constitution ideas, anti-rights, anti-freedoms, etc, etc. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

      2. Time for knife control, Start with pointy knives, then pointy knives with sharp edges, then butter knives. And don’t forget screw drivers and chisels.

        • No, it’s time for liberal control.

      3. Time for some serious knife control.

      4. This is what happens in a country that has no 2ND Amendment.

        • blame: And low and behold, look at the feces that is trying to be pulled within the US right Now!!!!

      5. That’s what they want to happen here and why they desperately want our weapons. Too fucking bad. I’d rather kill the vermin muslims and traitors in our home.

        • Crooked Killary Twat: Yes, you are correct my friend!! They want guns gone and then really drop the hammer on us ALL!! Folks, I don’t think you realize how serious and alarming these times Are!!!

          • They’ve pacified (civilized) the English ever since 1066. The American Revolution was supposed to have repealed that–at least for Americans, though for the English too by the American example. However, since the foisting of the Federalist U.S. Constitution on just-liberated Americans–the Bill of Rights Amendments of that Constitution notwithstanding, since those have been misinterpreted out of existence ever since by the Federalists–Americans too have been gradually pacified to be like the English have been made to be. Both, however, have the heritage of self-liberation in them–if they wake up to it.

        • Hillary’s @#$#@

          Have you considered a name change?

      6. Off topic. Some serious sh*t is going on with the stock market today. The DOW has now fallen over 550 points. These kinds of wild swings to the up- and down-side are exactly what we saw prior to the Crash of ’08 – ’09. Remember?

        • Yep. Do you have safeguwrds in place? We do.

      7. Look at who runs the city and there is your answer. Look whose population has ballooned since the 1990s and there is your answer.

        • I don’t believe they are still in operation….

          Too bad.

      8. Forget Great Britain. I really don’t care about it. We need to worry about our own country. It is time we attended to our own and the loss of our rights that is intended for us. Time too to end all immigration. We don’t need anymore people from anywhere else. And furthermore, if we don’t stop those on their way at the borders we will be over-run. I guess I’m just sick of the words and no actions.

        • Heartless: You my friend, are 1000% Correct!! God where to even begin. Look what these filthy, vile mutts are doing! They are pulling all of these false-flag, b.s. events and then get as many fools and liars as possible and go hardcore Anti-Gun and the simple-minded “Teens” and their so called protesting, etc. Folks, please open your eyes and use that brain God gave you and see what is happening right here in OUR Nation, forget other places and countries – look what in the world is going on in OUR backyards! We are under attack and an inch away from going very HOT! I knew things would be bad but I have to say I didn’t think things would actually go from 0 – 100mph so damn quickly.

        • Heartless: And yes, no one seems to be doing anything, except all of the damn anti-gunner scum and the Left-wing jackasses!! Guys, we have got to get our $hit together and like yesterday people! If we sit here with dick$ in our hands, we are going to get $crewed in a big, bad, ugly way. If we sit here and don’t do anything, well, forget it, this country is finished and more importantly, so are WE.

          • I”M a left wing, concerned citizen! And I couldn’t sleep last night so afraid and the only way I could go to sleep was thinking about taking gun shooting lessons!!

            PS– TRUMP– your super duper hero– just signed bill to allow government to take YOUR GUNS and then later decide if you have a right to get it back… DID YOU FORGET??!! TRUMP– RIGHT WINGER… GET IT//!!!

      9. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in that shithole England. The headchopping will commence. Oh yeah I forgot the stupid statement as well. As well, is that moronic or what? I farted as well. Also and too are one word. It gripes my ass everytime I hear people say as well. What are we, a bunch of limeys?

        • Aljamo: WE have way more serious concerns right now, than grammar and words…

        • See how the snowflakes pissed on themselves? Dude was making a point, thats all.

      10. They voted for Brexit, they could get the G*d given right to self-defense if they get off their arses and go for it. I’d never count any group out while there is still a chance. Encourage them any way you can. It won’t hurt, and it may help. And we have so many problems here, we can hardly point fingers.

        • Sean: Guys seriously, we need to worry about WTF is going on here with these United States. Not only do they want gun control, they want guns GONE, SEIZED, ALL is going to be BANNED – are we all going to sit around and do nothing and all this garbage to take place?!?! I am a firm believer in the US Constitution and especially the 2A!

      11. English people built a great empire. Under Churchill’s government, Winston Churchill gave away or traded away the empire. Churchill was no good.

        The King of England was forced to abdicate under threat of death. A failed assassination attempt proved to him the wisdom for personal survival via abdication. His love affair with an American was simply a cover for the real reason.

        The real King of England would never have allowed England to be dragged into war, never would have allowed England to be destroyed.


      12. What they need is common-sense knife control. Universal background checks, close the kitchen utensil loophole, mental health screening, a way to court order removal of knives from people deemed a danger to themselves or others.

        Who wants to organize the march? The media is going to need new fodder for when the gun marches wind down

      13. Never, Never, bring a knife to a sword fight…reminds me of the scene from Brave Heart after Longshanks outlawed swords in Scotland, and William Wallace pulls his claymore out of the thatched roof.

      14. Other day on the bus, I heard guy exclaiming how some guy was killed by a knife stabbing but the perpetrator stabbed the guy about 17 TIMES!!! And the guy on the bus was obviously upset talking about it– how someone could do that to someone??!! 17 times??!! Me and this other guy were talking about guns and how if the guy had a gun, he could have defended himself… really horrible!!!

      15. Yeah, Blake!! And while they’re at it, make sure they do if for dog owners as well!!

        HOw is it that people can buy vicious dogs whenever they want and yet I can’t buy a gun TO PROTECT MYSELF FROM THEIR VICIOUS, AGGRESSIVE DOGS??! (unless I go through a bunch of red tape??!)

        You hear all the time about some dog attacking someone, taking off a hand or ripping someone’s throat out– Yet NO PERMIT REQUIRED to own them??! Well, if people can buy dogs to “protect themselves” and occasionally their dogs attack people, then I should have a right to have a gun– without getting a permit!

      16. the Jews in Israel were facing alot of stabbing by the terrorist muslims – they’d pick out a busload of elderly people that couldn’t defend themselves and start whacking away – even doing suicide stabbings against armed troops & police …

        with the PCing running full speed for the muslims I’m wondering what % these London stabbing are muslim oriented ….

      17. And in a land famous for its medieval heritage of chainmail armor! How pacified have the English been made to be! Even good 4-in-1 mail can protect from knifings. Good 6-in-1 can even slow (and therefore take out much of the lethal force of) projectiles too. As a Faraday cage, even radiation could be made more garbled and less lethal if having to get past chainmail armor. Good scale armor goes even further than chainmail in offering self-protection. That’s what modern powers-that-be don’t want the masses to ever get wise about. That would let the wind out of all the sails of the powers-that-be that keep their gun-control ship sailing. Their victims would then be more self-protected by personal armor from the massacres that are used to foment the non-sequetur clamor for gun-“control” that only disarms–and therefore makes defenseless and powerless– the law-abiding public.

      18. The sad truth is that this is a violent world where your best defence against violence is to be able to deal out violence of your own. Taking away guns won’t take away the violence. Guns are a tool which makes violent people more proficient at killing and maiming others. When an emotionally unstable person goes off the deep end, he or she will try to hurt you with what is at hand. Knives, guns, motor vehicles, rope, bottles, or just his bare hands are all weapons. I would prefer to have the advantage in weapons. The second amendment is not so much about gun ownership but rather about the right to defend yourself and your family against violence and tyranny!

      19. Welcome HCSLRS you remind me of Acid . Bring some new life to our site and please don’t tell us how you know what Hillary’s crotch smells like.

      20. To my British friends, well done. You have established an unarmed victim Zone for the worst of humanity to harvest. Many ladies, small people of all genders, old people and others are prevented from defending themselves from brutes. A small firearm allows the little old lady, or others, to protect themselves from terrorists, rapists, & other sociopaths. The Bobbies (police) can put chalk around the bodies but rarely can they show up in time to prevent an atrocity.

      21. The Brits used to sneer at us colonials for our “racist, wild-West ways” because we were suspicious of foreigners coming to our shores with incompatible religions and cultures, and for our belief in a God-given right to self-defense which we enshrined in our Republic’s founding document as the Second Amendment.

        We tried to warn them but, as usual, they ignored us. After all, we’re just a bunch of dumb colonials; what could we possibly know?

        Well…they’re not sneering much now.

      22. How silly. Declare the area a knife free zone. That will stop the madness.
        Pity those neutered Limeys.

      23. More shot dead today. It is open gang warfare. Just as in the US, this is an imported problem.

        Most cities have seen substantial increases in their black and Muslim populations since 2000 and a corresponding increase in gang warfare, violence and terrorism. Name it and you can solve it. Hide it and it will get worse.

        Sadly it does not matter where in the world these communities rock up, the same results appear. Even Israel and China have had the same problems and both countries have started to deport the problem.

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