Guess What Happens In States Where Food Stamp Recipients Have To Work

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Headline News | 115 comments

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    Leftists are constantly reminding of us of the merits of welfare. They tell us that without the help of taxpayer funded handouts, millions of Americans will starve or be left homeless. There’s no doubt that some people really do need help, but this black and white view of welfare doesn’t paint the full picture. Conservatives and libertarians have suspected for decades that many of the people on welfare are actually mooching off of the system. So to reconcile the need to help people who are helpless with the very really problem of people abusing the system, they’ve come up with a great compromise.

    In regards to food stamps, they’ve suggested that we offer food assistance on the condition that the recipients are working. Or at the very least, that they volunteer or community service or are making an effort to train themselves for a new job. So what happens in states that have work requirements for food stamp recipients?

    Alabama began 2017 by requiring able-bodied adults without children in 13 counties to either find a job or participate in work training as a condition for continuing to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

    According to, the number of those recipients declined from 5,538 to 831 between Jan. 1 and the beginning of May – an 85 percent drop.

    Similar changes were implemented in select counties in Georgia and by the end of the first three months, the number of adults receiving benefits in three participating counties dropped 58 percent, according to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that in 21 additional counties that restored the work requirement, there was a 62 percent drop in SNAP participants.

    Of course many leftists will try to shoot holes in this data, by suggesting that perhaps many of these people were working unofficial jobs that paid under the table. Because of that, they were already doing the best they could, and the government cut off their benefits when they couldn’t prove that they were working. The only problem with that assumption, is that we know exactly what happens to people who have to choose between getting cut off from food stamps, and finding a job. Statistics show that they choose to find a job, and their incomes go up drastically. They really weren’t working in the first place.

    In October 2014, LePage announced that able-bodied adults would have to find work, spend 20 hours per week in a work program, or perform community service for six hours a week.

    Food stamp participation declined 14.5 percent from 235,771 in January 2014 to 201,557 in January 2015, according to the state.

    An analysis of a group of 7,000 Mainers who left SNAP in 2014 found their total earnings increased from $3.85 million in the third quarter 2014 to $8.24 million in the last quarter of 2015.

    Kansas saw a 75 percent decline after implementing work requirements in 2013. In addition, nearly 60 percent of former beneficiaries found employment within 12 months and their incomes rose by an average of 127 percent per year, according to the Foundation for Government Accountability.

    The left will never admit it, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that many of the people receiving welfare benefits are able bodied, and fully capable of finding a job. We know this, because when they’re given the choice between losing a couple hundred dollars per month in benefits, and finding a job that will earn them enough money to not need benefits, they choose to find work. We’re subsiding millions of people who just don’t want to work.

    And the other detail that the left will conveniently overlook, is that these people are basically siphoning off money from folks who are genuinely in a bad financial place. There would be more money for people who are actually poor.

    This is money that could be spent on those who work their hands to the bone every day to provide for their families, and still can’t pay their bills. Or it could be spent on people who simply need to make ends meet while they’re between jobs. If not for these welfare queens, the government could provide more benefits to people who actually need help. That would lift them out of poverty faster, which could reduce the taxpayer’s burden in the long run.

    In short, there’s a lot of people taking advantage of welfare programs like food stamps, which takes money away from the people who really need help in our society. And the left’s welfare policies are enabling them.


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      1. While I find this encouraging,,,, I still want the recipients drug tested.
        1st fail = 1 month, no benefits
        2nd fail = 3 months, no benefits
        3rd fail = no benefits ever again.

        • There’s one problem with that.

          In states where that have implemented drug testing for welfare. . . they’ve spent millions on drug tests to save thousands in welfare costs.

          Turns out, people on welfare are no more likely to use drugs than the general population.

          Let me guess – you base your ignorant statement on “If I have to drug test for a job, people should have to drug test for welfare?”

          Instead, ask why you’re being considered guilty until proven innocent based on the results of an invasive search of your bodily fluids without cause.

          • BS, BS and BS. Drug tests are not that expensive, Quest Diagnostics runs pre employment drug screens for many companies, the costs are minimal.
            Unemployed people who can afford drugs don’t need our money. They picked a ounce of weed over a weeks worth of groceries.
            Employed people can pay for their drugs and are pulling their weight, so who cares what they are doing.
            You sound like a typical millennial Cuck….

            • You seem to know all about drug testing. So what were the test results in the states that have tested the EBT crowd?

          • Dragon your thesis sucks !

            All should be tested when applying to begin with as well as test all already on the roles. I would increase the penalties a bit harsher.

            And yes I speak from a lot of experience smoking dope back in the day, far too much actually. I got lucky and realized weed and cigarettes are not good for you and a horrible combination for your health. As far as medicine claimed these days ? what about all the toxins in the smoke ? And of course you will say vape ! And that may prove to be a good point. Personally I smoke occasionally for shamanic reasons. The real issue is many people let weed control them just the same as alcohol or any other substance. And most people today are already so fucking stupid the last thing they need is weed to make them even dumber and more docile ? How many brain dead zombies do we already have walking around ? If you are on assistance you cannot afford weed anyway and it opens the door to all manner of fraud that we know already exist. If you are not on assistance I agree it is not even close to any white dope or heroine. The give away/freebie thing is out of control and much of the funds are spent on drugs. Can you deny that simple fact ? that is the real underlying issue. And realize for those that test OK, they lose nothing at all so no harm no foul for anybody except those on drugs of any kind ! And what do you think about people on SSI because they are drug addicts or alcoholics ? That too is a sham and stupid fucking idea that is rampant !

            It all pisses me off because why should these people get all manner of benefits yet veterans die waiting to get treated ? As well illegal aliens and supposed refugees get treated far better than vets that actually deserve some help, fuck that ! I have seen this a lot and it seriously pisses me off. Not many things torque me quite the same except maybe rapist and child molesters.

            • Yes, and drug test politicians and doctors. They are the worst abusers.

          • Actually Dragon is 100% correct. They tried drug testing in Florida and found just a small minute less than 1% were found with drugs in their system, and it costed the State more money implementing the drug test that they saved by doing the testing.

            Do your research DownToEarth Moron. You ramble on like an idiot.

            Now if you want to drug test every politician running for office and all of those actually in office I would be all for that, Random testing.. and anybody who takes corporate welfare and all these CEO’s taking Billions in Government money, and all their employees, all need to be tested as well. Drug test every government employee and all the Cops also, for sure, lets weed out the weed smokers on the Government dole first.

            Thanks for your thoughtful post Dragon for the facts. You presented it well.

            • You said it all CSS.

            • Skulls, your idiotic comment does not change what is common sense ass wipe. Show me a link to those valid conclusions ? or shut your pile hole dimwit big mouth.

        • As I understand it, you’re not far off, Templar 1.

          The first issue here is that for over 20 years; the Federal government mandates States to administer the jobs/works program operated and enforced by the County. When the guidelines are not in compliance, the participant faces a sanction rendering ineligibility of benefits. The guidelines are required to be eligible for any benefits utilized as statistically incurring participants into contractors, self-employment, or otherwise kind of like an Uber employee in governmental statistics.

          Non-compliance incurs a sanction that doesn’t expire like a ticket:
          1 Sanction=1 month cash-food ineligibility
          2 Sanctions=3 months cash-food ineligibility
          3 Sanctions=6 months cash-food ineligibility and may include medical ineligibility.
          4 Sanctions=6 months cash-food-medical ineligibility.

          So, what are these guidelines?:
          1). The participants per household determines the number of hours a participant must fulfill to remain in compliance:
          1=20 hours
          2=30 hours
          3 or more=35+ hours and may be expected to work over without time and a half if over 40 hours. This cannot be refused if refused is non-compliant.
          2). If the appointed jobs/works program doesn’t recognize the religious holiday, neither do you.
          3). Cooperation with Federal agencies, LEOs, or public-private partnerships are mandatory.

          And, there are like another 15 guidelines if able; I’d recommend getting a hand on a copy.

          Jobs/Works programs often is used to fill part-time public and private positions for example TSA, FEMA Corps, and etc. The programs also tie into CARF International and other NGOs.

      2. I already know the answer. They don’t show up for work, work training, or anything else.

        • But … but … Americans should have a basic income, free medical care, and free tuition for college or University !!! 🙂

          • “Forgive student debt!” Ignore the fact that 1 out of 3 people with student debt admit they financed their spring break trips with student loans. They’re actually screaming “YOU should pay for my vacations (that I could otherwise never afford). Oh, and make me your boss when I graduate (after several years of “working my butt off in college” AKA, playing beer pong).

        • When I read articles like this it makes me very disappointed in conservatives. Conservatives still fail to see the truth.

          Liberal’s use of food stamps has absolutely nothing to do with helping people. It has absolutely nothing to do with saving hungry families who are out of work.

          The Liberal’s use of food stamps has EVERYTHING to do with control.

          SNAP is nothing more than buying votes to keep liberals in power.

          The problem is that Conservatives will ALWAYS be outbid in a bidding war with Liberals. The are more than willing to destroy America to keep that power.

          • Yup,,,
            Thats why ill be damned if i will contribute one thin dime to fund any of this or them,,,
            Who is John Galt!

            • You don’t have a choice, they just take your money and give it away to no good clowns. Every time you pay one of the numerous taxes out there, guess what, YOU are supporting and donating to that garbage…give you something to think about.

            • I learned how to pay zero federal and state taxes last year and am on track to pay zero again this year. I am John Galt.

              • Wesley Snipes said the same thing, and did some time in prison.

              • Drug trafficking?

            • I am, we are. The ones who demand, are the ones who cannot produce. The ones that say they need, have no desire to produce. Those of us that can produce, should…. Only we should make OUR lives better. Leeches and ticks only fall off when they are bloated to the point of being unable to bear their own weight. I think it is time, to quietly …..stop the wheels of “this” world, and motor our own. Life is precious, but only if it is cherished.

          • J Stiner, and how many times have you seen people on assistance and the kids did not get fed properly or taken care of at all ? I have seen it all many times and it is bullshit. Nothing wrong with cutting out some of this crap and especially illegals and SSI drug addicts and alcoholics. Beyond stupid and wrong for many reasons and it is NOT being mean or in any way unconcerned or lack of empathy. We need new rules and a bunch of common sense going forward ! The worse part is we are spending trillions and not really helping the right people. That is just stupid and wrong.

            • By far the most common reason an American kid goes hungry is because mom sold the EBT freebies. We all know these programs are 95% fraud.

              • This not even close to Trumps idea. You have your head squarely up your ass and it becomes more obvious with time.

        • This Work for Welfare was Trumps Idea. And the States climbed on board. See, Trump knows what he’s talking about. I also think, that you should not be able to get get single parent welfare, and you need to be married with 2 adults in a household in order to qualify for any help.

          This single Baby Momma benefits is another (((Lefty))) Commie idea to Reward failure, and to make America the Biggest Welfare Country on the planet. There is NO incentive for women to be married when they can make more money being single and popping out as many kids as they can, creating more welfare babies. This is the Plan by the (((You know WHO’s))) to break up the traditional American family culture to create a welfare state. Its all by design and the Race to the bottom. Obama was trying to load up as many people as he could on the welfare rolls.

          the 1960’s and 70’s Women’s Liberation Movement was also designed by the (((You know Who’s))) and (((Gloria Steiem))) to break up the traditional American Family Culture. To keep women independent, they will not have white babies and not producing more White race. It was a program designed to create conflict between the man and women. SO much so, that nobody knows what role to play in a relationship and there are less relationships and less White people making babies. So they break up the white working class, and reward the black welfare queens. They worked bot ends of this equation and this is why America has rotted from the inside out. Then the welfare Queens and their offspring sit around all day watching (((ESPN and Jerry Springer))).

          Welfare benefits should be limited to only 2 children Maximum, so that there is No incentive for getting pregnant beyond 2 babies. Hell, you can have 15 kids and collect a lot more money for being irresponsible. We see this disaster every day 8 to 10 kids and they are all on welfare and single parents pregnant from 6 Guys. Its out there and they get paid well for being failures and single rather than as a family unit with 2 parents. This are the (((Lefty Commie socialists))) who designed this.

          As a single White Guy paying lots of taxes, and school tax on my property. In the city 52% of my Property taxes went to pay for public schools, and peoples reckless sex lives. Why do I have to pay for idiots reckless sex lives popping out more welfare babies, and I am then required to educate them and feed them?? That’s what commie socialism is and does, its a race to the bottom. ALL BY DESIGN BY THE LEFTY COMMIE (((YOU KNOW WHO’S)))

          • I would have to agree. You see this in Europe: the only people who get the full bells and whistles welfare are blacks and Muslims. It is so that they actually complain if they are not given free apartments in the best areas of cities. At the same time, you can walk down the main streets of European cities and see mostly homeless white men everywhere sleeping in doorways. These people are the real poor but they receive no help because, you guessed it, they are white men. Homeless and poor white men are the bottom of the heap for any help. That’s not an accident: they do not tick any pity boxes so they receive no help.

            • I am so sick and tired of all the no good for nothing muslims and niggers and all the rest of the pond scum that needs to be exterminated. Bring Hitler back and turn his ass loose on this trash around the world.

          • CSS, that was one of your best posts ever.

            • Thanks DBH, We are looking for solutions, not creating more problems and first we need to recognize the problem and identify the problem, and that is the problem. Then we can try to solve it. Reward for failure is a race to the bottom and it is all by design by the leftys.

          • Work for welfare business was around long before Trump – just saying. I am a huge Trump fan but this was before his time.

          • I’m shocked to hear that a miserable prick like you is single!!!

          • My nephew and his girlfriend were to get married. Then she finds out that she is pregnant. They went to the justice of peace to get married right then and was told by the county clerk (at the counter) that if they DID NOT GET MARRIED that the girlfriend would qualify for wic, food stamps, subsidized house etc. Guess what???? they DID NOT GET MARRIED. and now I am paying for all 3 of them with my tax dollars. I AGREE COMPLETELY, the government has stacked the deck by “encouraging” broken families not “building” families. What a Bunch of CRAP.

            • I have a similar story about a former coworker’s children. She encouraged her daughter to get married and do the right thing but the kids found the same thing–better off getting the freebies. Now the young woman’s boyfriend is still hanging around the house only occasionally getting low paying job in retail or some such. The boyfriend has a college degree but seems to be having a hard time getting his act together. I’d have tossed his arse out the door and said come back when you have a real job and a ring to put on the daughter’s finger.

              I have had to work hard for everything I have. I have little sympathy for able bodied lay-abouts living off my taxes. I’d like to see the vets taken care properly and real help to Americans with a genuine need. We should take care of our own house (nation) first before handing goodies out to anyone with their hand out.

          • Skulls, it also keep the legs wide open and ready for more with who knows who for a daddy !

          • Welfare to work Was Bill Clinton’s and the Republican idea you know when they actually worked together. Read a book read up on history. The only thing Trump has been doing lately is playing golf and scamming his uneducated.

          • workfare is NOT Trump’s idea. It has been done numerous times, and is wildly successful every time it is tried.

        • Haha the article stated that if people were taken off welfare that don’t deserve welfare then The goobermint could give the money to those who need it. Well how does that help me? I am tired of other people deciding who I should take care of. The writer of this article is just as rediculous as any snowflake. The writer can KMA.

        • The problem is not the useless eaters and breeders. the problem is the government that forces you to support them. Get rid of the CONTROLLERS, the other problem latterly dies out or learns to be useful….Just saying. You rail at the symptom, but not the REAL problem, knuckling under your FREEDOM to the corrupt controlling government. But these are useless comments wasted on people stuck in a paradigm they do NOT choose to change. Choice means accepting responsibility for their condition and requires them to actually do something about it.

          THE SOURCE of the problem is the ELITE, the controllers, TPTB.

          If you wont exterminate them, you tacitly approve of what they do to the you and the rest of us. To kill COMMUNISM, you have to go to the power and eliminate it. lacking a will to do that, well that tells the whole story. The illusion of representative government is what keeps people from actually doing anything purposeful and useful about the situation.

        • Yes and idiots like skulls thinks drug testing welfare/food stamp recipients is a bad idea ?

      3. Start with the freeloaders at the top and work down.

      4. Training and tax deferment benefits for employers are the real secret to the success of the welfare to work programs.

        __ ?

        __ The man rises in her eyes when he is needed as a provider. This helps the children in the long run.


        • BCA, training sounds good, but how many hoodies in say Chicago or most of USA would even show up if handed to them ?

          Reality check. We have a problem that has been allowed to ruin several generations and they will never get a job no matter what and they are the majority. We need new rules and boundaries for a seriously broken system

      5. Taking advantage? My leftist neighbor is on disability and I regularly see her out jogging a mile or two, yakking with friends at the gym, etc. Yes, really and truly.

        • Disability is the new welfare. Soft tissue injuries are the most common excuse used when applying, because soft tissue injuries are hard to disprove, like “mental disabilities”.

          I hear some military personnel are encouraged to claim PTSD when leaving the military because the payouts are larger and PTSD is hard to disprove.

      6. I know what happens, they change their name to moohamid or Sanchez and start over getting welfare.

      7. End all welfare and phase out Social Security. Once people realize they can vote themselves gifts from the treasury, the republic is over. Why did our Founding Fathers warn us about that?

      8. It’s high time they were giving freeloaders the boot. I’m sick to death of my tax dollars going to support parasites who won’t lift a finger to do anything for themselves. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Just like the Good Book says.

        • Those that do not work, do not eat…

        • Saw this quote on the net today. Thought it would fit right in here:

          “When misguided Liberal politicians treat people like they treat animals in a zoo, by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them, taking care of their medical needs, then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal like violence? After all, part of the human experience is to take responsibility for one’s actions. When the government takes this responsibility, you no longer know how to behave.”

        • I have noticed something that I think is very peculiar in the area where I live, and I’d like to ask if anyone else has noticed similar happenings in their area of the country.

          There is a Wal-mart that is a few miles from my neighborhood and I do quite a bit of my regular shopping there, both for groceries and for non-grocery related items. I live in a military town – with several military bases in the area, and the military and the government workers on those bases usually get paid every two weeks. So, the first of the month and the middle of the month are usually days where this Wal-Mart store is crowded and there will be long lines at the checkout registers. I try to factor this into when I make my visits to the store as much as possible, since I hate standing in long lines.

          Anyway, here is what I’ve noticed. When I stop by this Wal-mart on days that do not coincide with the 1st or middle of the month – so as to avoid large crowds, on certain days of the month, the store will be literally crawling with black shoppers, while on the regular payday days (1st, 15th) – I generally only see very small numbers of blacks in the store. Standing in line behind grossly obese black shoppers who’s shopping carts will be overflowing with multiple cases of soda pop and assorted other junk food – I notice that they will be paying for their booty with those EBT cards that are now given to people who are on the public dole.

          I see this time and time and time again, and it seems like it fits a pattern. It seems to me that whichever day of the month it is that the government will ‘refresh’ those EBT cards with new money is a day that is intentionally selected so as to not coincide with the same days of the month that working stiffs receive their direct deposited paychecks.

          It is as if the powers that be are trying to reduce the chances of lots of White tax payers visiting a store on the same day of the month where swarms of EBT card wielding black shoppers converge upon the store – and I wonder if this being orchestrated for the purpose of trying to conceal from the White shoppers the number of free loaders that they are carrying on their backs?

          Has anyone else noticed this peculiarity in their city or community?

          • Not to mention, while dragging my wife and kids with me while I worked in upstate NY, I noticed another FU to all us working idiots. While buying some groceries at a local place in Utica, I pulled out my cash to pay, but asked the cashier what that “other” number was on the total. “That’s the EBT discount”, she said. “So, if I was using an EBT card I’d get this stuff at a discounted price?” “Yes, sir.” Nice to know, I could’ve saved $14, but I have a job and family to pay for with my earned cash. Save more, be a worthless bastard!!! So you can TAKE more!!!

          • My wife calls it “mother’s day”…Don’t know if it is intentional, but everyone with a paying job knows to avoid those days due to the type of customers…

        • The problem is not the useless eaters and breeders. the problem is the government that forces you to support them. Get rid of the CONTROLLERS, the other problem latterly dies out or learns to be useful….Just saying. You rail at the symptom, but not the REAL problem, knuckling under your FREEDOM to the corrupt controlling government. But these are useless comments wasted on people stuck in a paradigm they do NOT choose to change. Choice means accepting responsibility for their condition and requires them to actually do something about it.

        • Absolutely correct! My wife is from Thailand, and I ask here how does the Thai government help feed and house their poor and homeless? I get the real answer, “government don’t give no shit if you eat or where you sleep. You have to work to live.” But, here we debate how to take care of worthless fucks. She thinks we are all stupid here in America. I can’t argue with that.

          • Bubble I agree with your wife ! People who know what real poverty is and why it exist do not do what we do here in USA !

      9. I’ve never had any problem with people who genuinely need help, and then only on a temporary basis, get some help. My biggest gripe is there are white people out here who really need help and can’t get a damn thing anywhere. You have to belong to one of the minority groups to get anything. And if you’re an illegal alien, you receive even more than blacks in benefits. And especially the ‘welfare queens’. Might as well just shut down the whole thing. The people running the programs know all about the fraud and never cared about it.

        • I agree BH. What Daniel Lang dances around but won’t come out and say is that there is a race / culture involved here that for political correctness purposes cannot be stated.


          • BigB, well I’m NOT PC so I DON’T have any problem speaking the truth. If someone doesn’t like it, TOUGH SHIT!

          • And speaking of WELFARE, the Defense budget was passed, and the MICM – “Military Industrial Complex Mafia” won big with a nearly $700 Billion annual Budget. Trump wants to build more US military bases in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Like what the Fu@k for?

            • Skulls for such a dimwit, I agree on this issue. Been drinking today or smoking pot ?

        • More than you know. I know several white friends that became truly crippled and applied for social security disability just to be turned down.

          One had both arms cuts off in a tractor accident and told tough shit.

          All the blacks in my town are running around getting “crazy checks” all the while smoking crack, robbing and burglarizing everybody and ……getting their SNAP benefits.

          • Sorry, but I call Bullshit on your friend with no arms getting turned down, did he even go in for the exam, the doctor would of verified it right then and there, or go into the ss office so they could see, he also has the right to fight their decision if he was indeed turned down the first time. Most of the time the reviewer looks at age, if your young they try to rehabilitate you so you can get back into the work field, but with no arms it makes it a bit hard unless prosthesis is a viable option.

            • Sorry eyes Wide Shut. I know a female who was gutted by a crazy boyfriend. She survived but had a lot of complications from the attack. Tried for years to get disability. The gal finally got accepted and was going to receive her first check. She was found dead with a heart attack and complications from medication before her check arrived.

              • Anonymous, so because she hooked up with a maniac we are responsible some how ? Much of your thinking is left leaning whiney bullshit ! Are you in a union or just a whiner ?

            • They told him he could still be a greater at walmart so he would not get any help.

              • Bullshit John stop huffing the paint thinner. Your making a fool of yourself. Eyes wide shut is correct.

        • The qualifications for Medicade (FREE GOVNT HEALTHCARE) are 65 or older, single parent with dependent children or Minorities or Illegal Aliens.

          Basically an incentive for being a failure.

          If you are White, less than 65 and working little or out of work, with no children because you choose to be responsible in life, you do NOT qualify or get any help for medical problems.

          Ready to whip out the revolutionary tools and take our country back from the Communist Village Idiots?

          Hillary Clinton’s, “It takes a Village” is a Commie Socialist Program to reward failure and to Tax to Death responsible people. Its a program to take down America in a race to the bottom. The lowest common denominator is Master / Slave program.

          • So why not drug test freebie recipients if you believe what you say ? Or we are you just flicking me shit because you are really just a fat guy talking shit and I hit a nerve ?

      10. Kinda off topic, but that fucking Sessions as AG is a deep state loser. He has now announced that they are going to increase civil forfeiture. I guess they don’t understand the 5th ammendmant. If you were driving to pay cash for a car (like Braveheart and the rest of the wise people) and got pulled over. If they search you and find your 4000$ cash, or whatever, they can say it could be drug money and take it. This is very common. I had hoped Sessions would be going after Clinton, Wasserman Shultze and Lowrenta Lynch, but NNOOO, he goes after us. Fucking piece of shit. The jackboots will use the money for their own retirement fund and to reload the gimmedats EBT cards.

        • i owned an auto wrecking yard. One day I was in my company tow truck heading to an auction where I had bought a bunch of cars to go pay for them and bring a couple back with me. I had a bit over 20k cash on me. I got pulled over by dot for inspection. And then more cops came and they took my money. The only way I got it back was to have the auction people bring a invoice for all the cars I had bought to show them it was legit.

          somehow they didn’t find my .45 in the overhead compartment or I would have been screwed (Cali)

        • Dave in Idaho, agreed about Sessions. His predecessors all supported civil asset forfeiture so he’s in the same sewer as they are. Too many LE agencies now depend on forfeiture as a source of income. It’s the biggest shame what LE has turned into. When the department’s budget depends on stealing from people like us then I HAVE to look at them the same way I look at common criminals. And when THAT happens, you know something is VERY WRONG in this nation. No honesty or integrity left in LE.

          • The biggest problem with civil asset forfeiture is this:

            Civil asset forfeiture is based on “preponderance of evidence” or, tip the burden of proof scales at 51%.

            Unlike criminal court where it is based on “beyond a reasonable doubt”

            When you are seizing someone’s money, that is criminal punishment. It should be based on the stronger standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

            You still have to have probable cause to seize the money, basically some type of evidence that the money is the product of a criminal offense.

            For example, find money in the car along with some crack cocaine. or the person confesses that the money was gotten from drug sales.

            If they have probable cause to seize the money, then the also have probable cause to arrest you for money laundering.

            • The biggest problem with civil asset forfeiture is this:

              They take all your assets before you go to court, so you cannot hire an competent Atty to defend yourself, and they win their case and your assets. Its a scam.

              And, If you are stupid and lay $5000 cash open and on the seat of your car, you deserve to be robbed. You better find a better way to hide the cash in your car from prying eyes. This stuff is common sense folks. Be smarter than the average idiot.

        • Sessions is just another one of the swamp things bud,
          Every last one of these fucking turds needs to take a hit to the cantaloupe with a 210g jhp

          • EASY…..easy……

        • The country is fucked, destined to shit. I wish it would all just happen now, I am ready, fuck it, nothing to loose anymore. Take take take is all they do to us and provide nothing.

        • Very unhappy with Sessions. He has done zero of what I’d hoped. I don’t care about marijuana busts. Expanding forfeiture is just another money making skeme of our tyrannical government.

          How in the hell cant everyone see this. This can’t be constitutional. Yet the clintons are walking free. Bullshit.

          Also, moving to your state soon.

          • What part are you moving to? If north, I can give you a hand.

      11. Charity is not one of the constitutional duties of the federal government. All of it should stop. Then we would have more money left from our paychecks to support our favorite charities who could give to those who really need help. The government always screws up anything it’s involved in anyway.

        • Agreed! But those who support or benefit from our favorite charities will not necessarily vote to keep Liberals in office. So, sadly, the snowball will likely grow in the future.

        • It was in the 14th Admendment:

          “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, All non-white persons shall receive entitlements and benefits at the expense and burden of persons of Caucasian decent.

      12. Try to implement law like this in States like PA, NY or CA and you will get a real civil war in couple days. Although it is an excellent law and it should be implemented across the country long time ago.

      13. “requiring able-bodied adults without children”

        You think their solution will find a job? NOPE… It’ll be to pop out a kid… because every welfare recipient knows you get more money the more kids you have.

      14. archivist, agreed about govt. We’ve got a senior manager [SO-CALLED] in my company who screws up everything he touches. He would fit right into any govt. job. Wouldn’t even need training. Sad.

        • The government does not have any screw ups.

          To screw things up they would first require the desire and ability to do things right.

          There is no desire or ability to do the right thing, therefore all the problems created by the government are intentional acts of tyranny and oppression.

      15. This is basically why you should do whatever you can to legally reduce your tax burden. With taxes being wasted on warfare and welfare, it is your duty to pay as little as possible and to use the money saved to raise healthy white families. The government hates that.

        Establish a domicile outside the US and get a second passport. Pay your taxes (a small amount) to that second residence and this means you can claim that as your main residence, thus reducing what you have to pay to the IRS. Use a family trust to keep wealth in your family and pass it on to your kids. Create several loss-making businesses somewhere and hire minorities. Use this to further reduce your tax obligations. When the IRS check, you will look like a nice guy giving minorities a break and they will give you a pass.

        To recap, domicile outside the US, use loss-making businesses, keep the smallest residence you can in the US to reduce property taxes and instead keep your big pile somewhere like Argentina, set up a family trust to keep wealth in the family. Use the money you are saving to send your kids to private school and make connections with rich white people. Rich white people will be impressed with your big pile in Argentina and will want to visit with their kids and hang out. These connections will prove very useful when you need to get your kids jobs.

        Don’t waste a minute of your time dealing with the crap the PC crowd put out.

      16. So, more people with jobs, whom have more money to spend, creates more demand for goods and services that creates more jobs in the end.

        What a vicious cycle, eh? 🙂

      17. I wonder if all the illegals are afraid to sign up for work because they think they will get deported? And by the numbers given . We must have way more illegals then we realize.

      18. A few states have changed the laws concerning civil forfeiture making a conviction needed to seize citizens assets. The fact that Trump chose Sessions as AG is telling that the bought off criminal government will plunder innocent Americans to boost their first line of defense. Left vs right BS, there is no difference, it’s the people vs the entire government ripoff scheme. Read an account of a American woman visiting Germany who slipped and broke her femur, total cost was $8,000 out the door compared to the over ten times that much here in the states. US healthcare massively gouges higher with no end in sight. All monetary gains going to the top while the majority of people are reduced to extreme poverty. Capitalism and communism are created by the very same people.

        • Aljamo, yes they are all the control freaks we call governments

      19. In states, where foodstamp recipients have to get a job, the employer has been co-opted with corporate welfare. Putrid heaps of human wreckage get the hiring preference, because there is a subsidy attached, to every impediment or disability.

        One generational Satanist bragged that he would test dirty, on purpose, during employee reviews, and request their rehab program, to go from full to full-time.

        The only explainable business model, with thin or non-existent margins, is to farm these people, for the payoff.

        Either, work the system, or quit covering for that. Don’t be such a sucker.

        • You just don’t get it.

          Employers expect you to tip because they refuse to pay their employees a living wage. If you can’t make a living wage you die. This is truth, from the bottom all they way to the top.

          Actresses saying how their male counterparts should give them a portion of their pay so their is equality are demanding men pay for what their employers will not. That is like your waitress demanding you take the food in your mouth and put it in theirs.

          Now the homeless and those on welfare get preferential treatment in the workforce, just so society can judge and hate more, not less.

          Don’t you see?

          This is the same thing everywhere. You just don’t get it.

      20. The makers of the original welfare states at the end of WWII never imagined it would turn into the decrepit farce it is today. We see fat/obese black women living high on the hog in multigenerational welfare households, while we see white men homeless and begging on the streets, and white women turning tricks to pay the bills.

        Welfare was intended to be something that would tide you over between jobs or illnesses. Not a multi-year lifestyle. The architects of the welfare state felt work was the best thing for people and so felt that would be what most people would seek to do: they could not forsee an hispanic man drawing welfare and running corner boys peddling drugs. Most welfare states at the time were majority white European and there was a cultural assumption that people would have ethics and morals that would drive them to seek work and purpose and support their families and communities.

        Radical change is required so that ALL this money goes to getting the real homeless off the streets and help them to re-build their lives. As for the welfare lifers, they need to be kicked off the scheme and made to work.

        • Nailed it!

        • yeah they did, this was the purpose of the jews, to destroy america, they knew exactly what they were doing

        • I remember when having to be on welfare was considered shameful if it was for more than a short period to get over a “lump” in the road dealt to you by life.

      21. Ft, spot on. If the welfare lifers refuse to work, let them starve.

      22. I knew it. SHTF is just MSM with MSM propaganda masquerading as alt-media.

        Here are the facts.

        Anybody who tries to live on Social Security? They starve. People trying to live on food stamps? They starve. People on welfare? They die. People on public assistance of any kind? They live in Chicago Projects and they get murdered. People unable to get any public assistance what-so-ever? They become homeless. What happens to the homeless? The police show up and confiscate their cars and trucks, cut their tents up with box cutters, shove one-way train tickets in the hands of the homeless, to the next state, and the cops call ahead to the next state to warn them what is coming. I kid you not.

        It would be one thing if we lived in a society where you either worked or you starved. It is quite another when society and the economy collapse and their is no work and you starve period. Everything else is a lie.

        It is just plain lying for sites like SHTF to pass themselves off as your friends.

        Wake up people.

      23. Im 66 and have been drawing from the social security Ponzi scheme since it turned 62. I draw $1175.00 per month. And we can easily live off of it. In fact we save a couple hundred dollars per month. Of course we haven’t any debt. grow most of our food. and don’t have a lavish lifestyle. And I would and could find something to do before I resorted to welfare & foodstamps. There are too many parasite takers. The government cannot give to a taker anything unless it was first robbed from some maker. I didn’t approve of Robin Hood. I don’t agree with Jessie James. And don’t approve of the government doing the same thing.

        • You must be a troll.

          Social Security was originally established by FDR in a time when there were no pensions (versus today where there are no pensions). People were reaching the end of their working years broke, but too old, or sick, or infirm, or used up, or exploited, to work any longer. Retirement was a death sentence. Today, even with Social Security, retirement is a death sentence. $1,175.00 per month is below the poverty rate.

          Social Security is tax. You paid into it every year that you worked. It is not an entitlement. You earned it. Social Security was established as a blind trust. The only Social Security became a PONZI scheme was because the professional politicians broke into it and spent all the money. Now Social Security is broke — just most people are.

        • You must be a troll.

          Social Security was originally established by FDR in a time when there were no pensions (versus today where there are no pensions). People were reaching the end of their working years broke, but too old, or sick, or infirm, or used up, or exploited, to work any longer. Retirement was a death sentence. Today, even with Social Security, retirement is a death sentence. $1,175.00 per month is below the poverty rate.

          Social Security is tax. You paid into it every year that you worked. It is not an entitlement. You earned it. Social Security was established as a blind trust. The only Social Security became a PONZI scheme was because the professional politicians broke into it and spent all the money. Now Social Security is broke — just most people are.

          • Poverty? You make the mistake with equating money to wealth. I own acreage in three counties. I have thousands of dollars of timber I could sell at any time. What I do is cut a dozen or so loads of logs every fall. It takes about thirty trees to make a truck load. Sell the logs and make firewood from the tops. I also sell hunting rights. The trouble with most people is that they live too high on the hog and are lazy. (they are as fat as a hog also)! Fat obese fast food eating culls. Couldn’t even follow on my old asses tracks for one day. Let along perform any labor. A great culling is needed.

      24. If Bernie Sanders had a band they’d call it Bernie & The Moochitarians.

      25. In many [but not all] metro areas, roofing companies are pissed as work Visas are being delayed. Roof companies can’t hire people legal citizens off the street because the $18 starting wage is too low to get the entitlement people off the couch. When a roof company actually hires an american born male, the employee comes in late, drunk, needs his hands held even after 90 days, and gets pissed when asked for overtime. ATTN WOMEN!! You women that complain about unequal pay, get a roofing job, and if you are as physical and as good of a worker as any man on the job, I bet you’ll get equal pay. SJW women love to compare the average woman pay (REGARDLESS OF OCCUPATION) against the average male pay. They demand a woman secretary or Walmart greeter get equal pay with an NFL QB or oil rig worker. NOW HIRING, but you are too fat to get off the couch.

      26. Meanwhile Amazon keeps on steamrolling.

      27. Years ago it was called “Workfare”.

      28. John Steiner is right about liberal politicians building a political base by Government hand-outs. This goes all the way back to the Roman emperors who handed out bread and entertainment to the people of Rome. (Bread and circuses). The worst part is having to listen to some politician pretending to show compassion for the poor. If someone says “I feel your pain”, feel free to kick him in the n*ts.

      29. Who writes this crap, the “New York Times,” the “Washington Post,” CNN? This is article is a lie. This article is propaganda. Its sole purpose is to spew lies, stoke blind rage, and foment hatred.

      30. One the surface this idea of working or going to school to be trained for a job sounds good and fair. But lets dig a little deeper shall we. If a person is able-body and can work, then this system is up their ally, providing that they get pair for going to school to learn a trade and that they are guaranteed job placement after they complete their training. Just remember, as of 2017 it is difficult for able-body men and women to get jobs and they are not even on food stamps. So how is a person with such disabilities even compete in the job market with those that are better qualified?

        When trying to survive what are the your basic needs? Shelter, food, employment and a lot of Hope. If you need to go to school or training you will need some sort of help paying your bills. You can’t pay your bills while sitting in school, now can you? Next, you need to eat. If you don’t how will you survive long enough to complete your training or schooling? Finally, what good is it to complete your schooling or training when you can’t even get a job? Then you have to look at all those people that go through this hoop only to get passed over because they didn’t have a clean background check? Most people that are on food stamps usually don’t have what it takes to pass a background check in the first place. Failing to jump this hurdle, automatically makes them second rate citizens.

        If the system is designed to lend a helping hand up and do what it takes to keep these people from sitting on their butts; then and only then, will we begin to see productive people. If you tie Food Stamps and Welfare together and make people earn this hand up then you will see fewer and fewer people needing this kind of help. As it stands now, people that are phased out of the program for failing to get a job or complete their training for one reason or another just fall through the cracks of society never to be properly counted or heard from again.

        The only way to fight this is to help the pressure on our government representatives and make sure that they see what we are talking about. Make them spend a week or so in the shoes of the people that are on food stamps. Then you will see changes.

      31. The fire rises, dont you get what is happening, there is a force behind the jews, a force that wants to be emperor of the whites. His promise will be to eradicate all the subhumans and jews, his price will be for us to give up all freedom and serve him as emperor. The jews dont realize they are being led to slaughter by the very same force that have allowed them to become ascendant. I for one, will serve an emperor who eliminates the subhumans and jews and commands the earth as an emperor. I will give away the constitution for emperor who will free us from the parasites and allow white civilization to spread among the stars.

      32. Have always thought if govt would structure assistance so that yes, welfare would be cut SOME if they got a job, but they would still have more money job + reduced welfare payment than welfare alone. And make welfare alone painfully low enough that at least some will try to get a job.

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