Grime Wave: Tide Detergent Thefts Sky Rocket; Masses Turn to Black Market For Essential Goods

by | Mar 14, 2012 | Headline News | 193 comments

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    With real unemployent approaching 25% of the population, 50 million Americans on food stamps, and the prices of essential goods rising every month, it’s no surprise that black market peddlers are turning to new product offerings to make a buck.

    In What Is Money When the System Collapses? we highlighted some items that would take the place of traditional currency in the event of a catastrophic financial and economic collapse – things like food, fuel, firearms and footwear.

    But for many, the world as they know it has already collapsed. Unable to afford retail prices for home essentials, these people will do what they need to in order to survive, and that includes the bartering and exchange of goods similar to what will happen in a complete economic meltdown. As Brandon Smith of Alt-Market recently pointed out, when the totalitarians squeeze the masses, those rebelling against the system because they have been left with no other choice will turn to the free (black)  market to make ends meet.

    These most recent thefts have law enforcement officials ‘puzzled’, but the reasons behind them are pretty simple to understand if you consider the bigger picture:

    Law enforcement officials across the country are puzzled over a crime wave targeting an unlikely item: Tide laundry detergent.

    Theft of Tide detergent has become so rampant that authorities from New York to Oregon are keeping tabs on the soap spree, and some cities are setting up special task forces to stop it. And retailers like CVS are taking special security precautions to lock down the liquid.

    One Tide taker in West St. Paul, Minn., made off with $25,000 in the product over 15 months before he was busted last year.

    “That was unique that he stole so much soap,” said West St. Paul Police Chief Bud Shaver. “The name brand is [all] Tide. Amazing, huh?”

    Tide has become a form of currency on the streets. The retail price is steadily high — roughly $10 to $20 a bottle — and it’s a staple in households across socioeconomic classes.

    Tide can go for $5 to $10 a bottle on the black market, authorities say. Enterprising laundry soap peddlers even resell bottles to stores.

    “There’s no serial numbers and it’s impossible to track,” said Detective Larry Patterson of the Somerset, Ky., Police Department, where authorities have seen a huge spike in Tide theft. “It’s the item to steal.”

    Source: The Daily

    While detergent soap, in this case Tide, may be the item of the day, it’s only a small part of the expanding black market for home essentials and critical goods.

    Nutritional assistance benefits are another example of a black market that moves millions of dollars of goods monthly. Those receiving benefits – often times through fraudulent means – will utilize government issued EBT cards to purchase meat, cheese, milk and other products at retail grocers, only to redistribute those items at 25% to 50% discounts on the street. In this case, both parties win. Buyers stay ahead of food inflation by getting items at discount, while sellers are able to make a living in an environment plagued with job losses. Everyone’s a winner – except, of course, the taxpayer who has  to foot the bill.

    So long as the economic situation in America continues to deteriorate, these black markets will continue to expand. This is exactly what happened in crumbling economies of the East Block, where cigarettes, alcohol, food and Western goods became hot commodities in underground circles.

    This, and the crime that will come with it, is an inevitable outcome of a nation that has bit off more than it can chew.


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      1. first

        funny this came up, I just read about it yesterday

      2. I am trying to store meds for shtf. Does anyone know where to get good antibiotics that are made for people, not animals? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

        • Ginger,

          Hi! Go to Youtube and search for videos by the Patriot Nurse. These are good!

          Here are my favorites.

          Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

          The Role of Dental Health in Survival

          The True Shelf Life of Drugs – What the FDA isn’t Telling

          Medical Kit- A Nurse Gets You Ready! Part 1

          Medical Kit- A Nurse Gets You Ready! Part 2

          Take care.
          KY Mom

          • KY Mom,

            Thank you, but whee do I get the antibiotics from? I have watched the patriot nurse and she is great. I have a list. Just not sure where to buy from.

          • You can order antibiotic survival packs here:


            • I bought my antibiotics from…and I HIGHLY recommend them!!

          • Use your US prescription to order from Canadian internet pharmacies.

        • warning: ginger is a fed looking to burn … folks illegally selling human antibiotics which is a known control substance!

          wise up folks … not every poster here is a prepper … some are feds , LAW ENFORCEMENT and israeli mossad agents.

          wake up preppers… protect yourselves!

          be aware of possible fed traps setups! STINGS!

          warning warning warning WARNING! PROTECT YOURSELVES!

          • Actually, I’m a single mom who is scared out of her mind that I won’t be able to take my child to a doctor when shtf.

            • you soliciting a known controlled substance online… putting good solid shtfplan prepper peoples lives in danger for your ignorance.

              wise up. or go elsewhere… i’m not buyin your sob story.

              this site is known to be trolled by feds…

              go burn preppin people some where else!

            • Download a copy of “where there is no doctor” from the internet (do a quick google).

              Then learn and grow/forage your own herbal remedies e.g aspirin comes from the willow tree. There are many herbal guides out there.

              Big pharm stuff will eventually run out so the more you learn NOW about good nutrition and safe herbal options the safer you’ll be come crunch time.

            • Ginger: It’s the IMF NWO guy who’s the federal mole feeding people disinformation. We had a group when I was in the military called “Psyops”; their job was to confuse and mislead people with various claims, casuing them to move away from what they wanted to do and start getting them what WE wanted them to do. Distrust of friends and neighbors is the Psyops guys best friend. Continue to offer help; people are on their own to do dilligent research and check out ALL claims for themselves. It’s called being a responsible adult.

            • NWO.CFR is the agent trying to incite violence.

            • Duh. Antibiotics are RX. Not comtrolled like CI-CV. That means prescription not databases. no feds care/ There is enopiugh people selling fake oxycontin, chinese made lkortabs and shit on the web they do not have time tio worry about Erythroymycin.

          • In other countries (not controlled by pharma corp) basic antibiotics are sold over the counter.

            • Yes. Mexico for example sells 800 mg penicillin OTC for cheap; which is why there are drug resistant bacteria.

              Mexicans get cheap antibiotics and use them for the common cold. Then bring those germs to America.

              Just don’t try crossing any borders without a valid prescription. You will be visiting that FEMA Camp sooner rather than later.

            • Don’t blame the Mexicans, DK.
              Our doctors prescribe so many antibiotics unnecessarily that we breed our own super bugs without any outside help.
              Patients are partly to blame too as everyone wants a magic pill and instant cure for every little problem. So the doctors (who receive incentives from big pharma) are happily prescribing right and left.
              Ever been to a doctor with a flu? I bet you got Rx for antibiotic (even though it will be useless against flu virus).
              Based on history, I believe we started breeding OUR super bugs in Vietnam when our soldiers were given a pill of Penicillin every day as a prophylactic for venereal diseases.

            • 30 million illegals in this country, mostly from Mexico and Latin America ARE to blame for the “super bugs” resistant to antibiotics that is a FACT!

            • Where did you get your information? I didn’t find anything about Mexicans being the cause of super bugs in the US.

              “The widespread use of antibiotics both inside and outside of medicine is playing a significant role in the emergence of resistant bacteria. Although there were low levels of preexisting antibiotic-resistant bacteria before the widespread use of antibiotics, evolutionary pressure from their use has played a role in the development of muiltidrug resistance varieties and the spread of resistance between bacterial species. In some countries, antibiotics are sold over the counter without a prescription, which also leads to the creation of resistant strains. In human medicine, the major problem of the emergence of resistant bacteria is due to misuse and overuse of antibiotics by doctors as well as patients. Other practices contributing towards resistance include the addition of antibiotics to livestock feed. Household use of antibacterials in soaps and other products, although not clearly contributing to resistance, is also discouraged (as not being effective at infection control). Also unsound practices in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry can contribute towards the likelihood of creating antibiotic-resistant strains.

              The volume of antibiotic prescribed is the major factor in increasing rates of bacterial resistance rather than compliance with antibiotics.[17] A single dose of antibiotics leads to a greater risk of resistant organisms to that antibiotic in the person for up to a year.
              Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics has been attributed to a number of causes, including: people who insist on antibiotics, physicians simply prescribe them as they feel they do not have time to explain why they are not necessary, physicians who do not know when to prescribe antibiotics or else are overly cautious for medical legal reasons. For example, a third of people believe that antibiotics are effective for the common cold and the common cold is the most common reasons antibiotics are prescribed.
              A large number (22%) of people do not finish a course of antibiotics primarily because they feel better (varying from 10% to 44%, depending on the country). Compliance with once-daily antibiotics is better than with twice-daily antibiotics. Suboptimum antibiotic concentrations in critically ill people increase the frequency of antibiotic resistance organisms. While taking antibiotics doses less than those recommended may increase rates of resistance, shortening the course of antibiotics may actually decrease rates of resistance.
              Poor hand hygiene by hospital staff has been associated with the spread of resistant organisms and an increase in hand washing compliance results in decreased rates of these organisms”.

            • The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration – Facts, Figures and Statistics

              “Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States.”

              “Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien. This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces.”


            • KY Mom, while I agree that certain number of infectious diseases can arrive to the US through illegal community, one cannot blame ONLY Mexicans and South Americans for all infections and drug resistant bacteria in the US. I followed your link and feel that the article you are referring to is poorly researched and is fear and hate mongering. The diseases this woman writes about are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades. Certain “exotic” infections are extremely rare. Morgellon’s, for example, is linked to an environmental pollution and has NOTHING to do with migration and everything to do with harmful chemicals runoffs. One person cannot transmit it to another. Sorry, but, in my opinion, this woman is just twisting the facts for her own agenda.

              I can write an article too and say that you infected everyone here with KFC disease :D. I won’t be able to back it up, but I can write it 😉

            • ZM: Mexicans have been abusing antibiotics for generations. They take penicillin for everything as if it were aspirin for God’s sake! This is not about race. This is about where and how antibiotics became overly abused.

              As the Mexican population overdosed on penicillin the bugs they got had to adapt. Read MUTATE!

              Illegals then brought these super bugs, no, BRING these super bugs to US.

              I will not disagree that Americans may abuse AB’s but NOWHERE to the extent that Mexicans have for several generations now.

              800mg of penicillin is as cheap as aspirin in Mexico, and over the counter! You do not have to be a rocket scientist to add up 2 and 2.

            • Zen Monk: Yeah, and it’s in these countries were superbugs originate; I know, I lived in a third world country were you can buy anything at the local drug store. A local yahoo is sick, so he walks into his local drug store and buys an antibiotic. The problem begins here because this clown doesn’t buy the right drug for his illnes. And what really makes matters worse is that he only takes the meds until he feels better rather than the longer time that doctors say is necessary to actually kill the bacteria. More often than not, all the guy has done is supress the disease, not kill it. The surviving bacteria are now resistant to the drug and can spread to a new victim that will have a much harder fighting it off. I hate Big Pharma as much as most folks but meds, especially antibiotics, should always be prescribed and monitored by a doctor to ensure effective results.

            • durango kidd and Gregory8, I agree with your posts.
              My point was: we cannot blame just one nation, we have to take responsibility for our actions as well.
              Otherwise it’s business as usual: we tell everybody what they are doing wrong and how it should be done better, while our own back yard is in disarray.

          • What’s worse is some freaks like your psychotic self that spew all sorts of fucking nonsense day in and day out.

            Assholes like you give REAL preppers a bad name.

            Go back to alex jone’s and david ickie’s blog and leave us the fuck alone.

            • First post I’ve read that sounds like a Goverment agent. No one doubts Alex Jones and Icke probably is right too.

              Your use of bad words and that cheerleader thing as though you were put in as spokesperson without a vote is indicative too…

              Thank God for Gov agent feral socialization…

        • Ginger: Antibiotics for animals are ok for people; no rx needed get at pet supply. Check out this website: Amageddon medicine. One survival blog had info on it too. For ex: this one is rated best for people amoxicillin 250 mg also used in fish tanks, used for people every 6-8 hrs. ampicillin 250 mg. also, another is a sulfa type. Maybe a veternarian is on this blog who can help.

          • Have you used them before?

            • I’ve used fishmox and lived to tell about it. 🙂 no problems whatsoever. It’s way cheaper too.

            • Be careful – penecillin and it’s dervatives could kill my son and several of his relatives due to a serious allergy.

              If it’s for your child learn good and well what he/she reacts to & then stock up on epipens if needed.

              People use anti-biotic sprays to clean their kitchens daily and then wonder why superbugs are breeding/blame “Mexicans”? Pah!

              Good sanitation (with hot water and soap) and simple stuff like cooking meat properly, handwashing is your best insurance against disease come shtf, along with a decent diet.

          • Something to consider:

            While yes antibiotics for animals are essentially the same chemical, they do not quite pass through the same tests and sterility requirements. Certainly, it will do the job, and the labs that make/ship them have to insure the product is clean, and they have to insure that their product isn’t deadly or contaminated. OTOH, the requirements are a bit lower there than for a lab that makes ’em for human use.

            All that said, I personally don’t see the problem with using it in a post-SHTF/TEOTWAWKI situation, for two reasons:

            1) there will be a lot more of it available (especially in rural areas, since they can be easily bought at local feed and farm stores).

            2) using it and gambling on recovery still beats dying of {insert disease here}.

            • Not always true intact some animal and fish antibiotics are held to a higher standard then human meds. Also ginger almost any bodega in a city has antibiotics for sale, just have to ask. Be careful if you take them and don’t need them you can really hurt yourself, they are not a cure all pill cleanliness and sanitation is more important than any pill will ever be. Lastly tell your doctor you are going on an out of the country extended trip to a third world country and they will normally write you one!

            • I have a fact for everybody wondering …i am diabetic and get infections (recurring-same location) a little more than regular people, so I just ordered some Fish-Mox(500mg Amoxicillin) …when it arrived I compared to same drug I had previously gotten from a doctor and guess what ….IT’S THE EXACT SAME PILL !!!I mean exactly, same dosage, markings and type (shape/color) I’ve taken the same amount/dosage without any issues !! So after a week and my infection going away, I turned right around and ordered 2 more bottles for future use. I would recommend everyone picking some up, especially worried that “our masters” will shut this down soon enough. Just be sure what you’re taking would be the same thing a doctor would have given you and pay attention to dosage and frequency of ingestion.
              Now go save some $$ !! 🙂

          • ginger, when I was younger I worked for a vet. When my leg got messed up I had to take antibiotics so I got them from the vet I worked for. Same kind…. a lot of the meds for dogs/cats are same as for people, even lasix (fluid pill). They won’t hurt you….

        • Get the tape/CD of ‘dead doctors don’t lie’.

          • DRD5508:back in the 90’s
            somebody in my Hometown
            was leaving random acts of
            ‘Dead….’ on casette in odd
            places around town.Just
            thought i’d share

        • @Ginger, why “for human use”? Is there something you know that you would like to share, if you don’t mind.

          • No, not at all. I’m just unfamiliar with unprescribed medication and afraid to use something I never have.

        • Amazon.

          Fish-mox, for example, are exactly the same pill they give to humans; they just put it in a different bottle.

        • Just got 2 bottles of 100 of 100mg Doxycycline for $32 FRNs after shipping, to add to the stock Amoxicillin (7.99 for bottle of 50 500MG + Shipping) that I already have.

          That is enough for 10 full cycles for most infections for less than the cost of one at a pharmacy, not to mention the pharmaceutical pusher that would charge $50 more FRNs to write the script.

          http://www.aqua-mox dot com

          Get them while you can, as much as you can. You will find them far more useful than silver or gold if you have an infection, and far more valuable if you sell them to someone who has an infection and gold but no antibiotics.

          Point is, get things that can save your life now, that may not be available later. I will die of something, but not an infection because there were no doctors to give me permission to take antibiotics.

        • These are provided by a real doctor. I purchased from this site, the meds are close to the expiration date. This does not matter though as an armed forces study concluded that if stored properly most medications (OTC and prescription) would be good for up to 15 years. The expiry dates are so Big Pharma can keep the money coming in.

          • Anyone who is trying to cash in by selling “medicine” that pharmacies would have to throw out can hardly be considered a “real doctor”. He is nothing more than an opportunistic drug dealer working for the pharmaceutical/medical industry as a cover.

        • No but the canine versions are exacty the same in most cases you can also get them from places that sell tropical fish yes I know there for fish but it is the exact same thing hope this helps

        • I have said this before but here it is again. Go to your doctor and let them know you are going on a world wide vacation and that you would like some just incase there is no hospital and you don’t die in a ditch from a finger scratch. Mine gives me enough to last 90 days of 4 different …cillins and if I want booster shots for various illnesses that are in dirty environments. SHTF hygiene will suffer and boosters will help keep you safer from the now rampant bacteria.

        • Try looking into natural products….there are many spices, herbs, etc. that have antibiotic properties. Also, silver is a natural anti-biotic….turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, meadowsweet, olive leaf, etc.

        • I’m looking for a qp of bud and some blow. Can anybody help me out. Any help would be appriciated.

          • I got mine from Barack before he went off to DC. Who says he doesn’t have any private sector experience!

        • We’ve gotten antibiotics from pedmeds. THey are designed for fish but are the same thing! You can go to Doom and Bloom, they have it on their website. Also, you can get meds from Canada. GOOD LUCK!!!

        • Nearly everything you want is over the counter in Mexico and Canada. Lots cheaper. You can get it on the net better to go to a drug store in Mexico. Border guards don’t care if it’s just for you.

        • give big pharma the bird, two words, colloidal silver

        • Ginger, Go to this layman’s website that is written by a doctor and a nurse (his wife). They have a series on antibiotics and OTCs and it’s the best I’ve read:

          • I’ve used fish antibiotics on myself, decades ago, worked fine.

            Had the same thing prescribed by top flight doctors later, worked fine.

            Recently (year or two ago) I had what was probably strep throat, took pet antibiotics, fixed me up (and I was fairly sick) what’s funny is, since I’m on the Humanure system, I was able to see how the “lively” stuff passes through my system: my poops developed a fuzzy green growth on them. Fascinating.

      3. I want to be the first to say that they All got a “Clean Getaway” ararar

        • And the guy they caught, he’s all washed up.

          • Seems like the Tide is turning for the worse. Better clean up your act before the bubble(s) burst.

            • I can’t wait unti the Tide comes in. I’m gettin’ tired of this sand in my shorts.

        • I am sure it is just for,

          wait for it,

          wait for it,,,

          good “CLEAN” fun!!!!!

      4. .22 rounds, lighters, matches, duct tape, lint, barbed wire, any soap, tp, paper plates cups, charcoal, lighter fluid, sleeping bags, 10 guns, 10,000 rounds, fuel food, water, and a partridge in a pear tree.

        • id like to add on that 10,000 rounds, think if one round killed one person and assuming many will miss, you might want to go a lot higher than 10,000 rounds. a firefight at a distance might eat up 100 or more just then and there doing it fast. so make sure you really have a good amount and there is no magic number was just trying to add in or get you to think differently than me. yes from iowa too assuming you are as well. i just think if we had to shoot at a dozen people outside a area how many shots just that conflict will eat up, hopefully only a few, but what I was thinking of was the robbers in Ca who robbed the bank with auto ak47 and went thru thousands of rounds quickly. thats all. take care

          • Thats what telescopic sights and practice are for. Although I would personally prefer a buttload of assorted primers, powders, and some scrap lead. Then you have the ability to handload for any weapon you happen to come across, or reload someone else’s ammo in return for food and supplies.

      5. Is it wrong to wish the collapse would come now? I guess that’s easy for me to say because I don’t have kids and I have most of my preps in order. It’s obvious it’s gonna happen eventually and I don’t want to be 60 years old when it does. Selfish? Crazy?

        • No matter how prepared you think you are, I guarantee you that you’re not sufficiently prepared for every eventuality.

          I’ll be the first to say that I’m not, and I’m halfway to my goal of keeping the missus and I fed for a year post-SHTF.

          You may well be 60 when it hits if you’re 40 now. Even rapid collapses in societies this large will take a lot of time (barring an asteroid strike or something similarly huge). This is because of inertia.

          There’s also the human cost, and honestly, that’s going to suck no matter how gently the crash comes.

          • @OQ,

            I cannot imagine how the game can be kept going for that long. I think it can be kept going past the election; maybe a short reprieve when Europe tanks and investors transfer their holdings into US Treasury bonds. However, we are one gas price spike away from a depression, and the strain placed on the budget by SSI and Medicare is only going to get worse since there is no interest in dealing with the insolvency. There are several wildcards in the pot too; namely what is China going to do, and how much oil is left which can be economically recovered. The police state being implemented before our eyes will lead to armed rebellion sooner or later if none of these other issues get us first. My money is on less than five years remaining before TEOTWAWKI, with a high probability of less than two.

            • I call it somewhere between 5 and 15 years, with 20 on the outside.

              OTOH, I think we’re using different criteria. I’m counting the final collapse of a coherent federal government, no matter how ugly/fascist it may get before it dies.

        • Wicked One, why in such hurry?

      6. Ironically, people using the black market now will have useful experience that many others will be forced, by necessity, to learn when the SHTF!

        • I raise rabbits mainly for a hobby but to eat too. I had clogged arteries and couldnt afford the surgery so my doctor said to try rabbit. It seems to have reversed my problem.
          Every year I give away many bunnies. I couldnt sell them if I tried. But starting last year there are suddenly people wanting to pay for them. It is no longer the parent and kid showing up for the rabbits. It is adults only and they always want breeding pairs. Not just a bunny for a pet anymore.

          • Joe, do you have any recommendations for breeds that make good pets, but that could be a back up plan if things get tough?

            • I have Californian Rabbits,

              Good pets and lots of meat.I know people who keep them in Apartments too.

            • Mama Bear, the first mistake in growing animals for meat is by making them “pets”. You can enjoy your meat critters while you are growing them out (it’s the decent thing to do anyway). Just don’t make the mistake of seeing that cute little bunny as a pet — it’s 2.5 lb. of meat.

              Why not ready yourself, get (or make) a few cages now, and get a trio — two does and one buck. Meat rabbits can have very gentle dispositions but they’re not the tiny little pet bunnies that most people want. Meat rabbits are large for a reason — more meat on a larger skeletal frame. Meat rabbits that are the easiest to find are New Zealand (all white) and Californians (all white with black points). There are other large breeds like the Flemish but imo they are a bit too large.

              I handle my does all the time and they’re pretty tame. If you don’t handle your rabbits, you’ll have problems if you need to inspect them or treat them, or even just a quick exam. HTH.

            • Thanks for the advice. I’ve really been struggling with this. I am 100% certain that any critter we own would quickly become a pet (even a pig….especially a pig!) I think it would tear my heart out to have the babies butchered. But I am also 100% certain that, if SHTF comes to pass and my own babies faced going hungry, I could butcher them myself.

              At least having a couple of does for pets would introduce us to the basics of caring for them. I was thinking Rex rabbits might be nice…they are a little smaller, but they just seem like such nice all-around rabbits, and the smaller size would make it easier for the kids to handle them. I think the California rabbits are really pretty too.

              We told my daughter about the kid in the book “My Side of the Mountain” who made rabbitskin underwear. She was not amused…especially when I pointed out her own rabbitskin “Barbie rug.” LOL!

            • South Alabama cane vutters. They are 3 feet long! Swampy/low ground rabbits.Rabbits are not really good long term protein. I would supplemt them. I ate a lot of then growing up; squirrels too. Lean w/o sufficient norishment. Better for supplemental meat but still MEAT.

            • C–u-t-t-e-r-s Cane Cutters Rabbits, Damn old fat fingers!

        • Well, yes and no.

          A good black marketeer will know how to work the system to get, deliver, and sell the goods. Problem is, they only know how to work the system they’re in, with a steep learning curve if things change by too much.

          A guy who can shuffle around stolen goods and sell them in today’s world may have an impossible time of doing that when there are government patrols, road blockades, and curfews to avoid.

          Some of the skills are transferable (concealment, some smuggling aspects, keeping things on the ‘down-low’, etc). On the other hand, as societal dynamics change, so do the types and quality of skills you’re going to need – just to avoid catching a bullet in the back of your head from the first soldier to catch you doing it.

          Personally, if you *really* want to learn how to do a black market post-SHTF, I strongly suggest looking up the stories of those who did their smuggling in occupied Europe during WWII. They had to do it under conditions where one mistake would have the no-shit actual Gestapo torturing you, then sending you off to a death camp. Even most modern drug dealers would get caught and disposed of pretty quickly under those conditions.

          Another example would be black marketeers in what used to be the USSR. Screw up there, and you wound up in the Gulag, or simply executed in the street. One of the few things the USSR had going for it was the incredibly low crime rate – and for damned good reasons: Nobody wanted to end up in Lubyanka, or shipped off to be worked in some Siberian camp until dead or starvation, disease, or hypothermia.

          The few who thrived under these conditions had a knack for procurement and smuggling yes, but also for successfully identifying officials ripe for bribery, for identifying trouble-spots and avoiding or covering them with corrupted officials, for pre-screening ‘customers’, and most of all, for keeping things so damned far under the radar that their activities simply did not exist in the eyes of the (uncorrupted) local or regional cops.

          Long story short, even if you’re an unknown but rich drug dealer, you’re going to need an education if you want to do the black-market thing post-SHTF.

      7. As the economy progressively gets worse, expect these types of stories to greatly expand. So, as the media and politicians continue to tell the recovery lies, eventually, the reality of the depression will become so obvious that there will be no more denial for anyone. You cannot recover an economy by creating more mountains of debt.

        I also expect to see a surge in crime against individuals like muggings and robberies. This is why I carry and sleep with a weapon. Invade my home and expect maximum resistance.

        • Come on doc, this is the obvious. People are tired of hearing and seeing what’s wrong with the united States. They are looking for answers. They want to know what the hell to do about.

          Then wake up! We need a new vision for this country or we’ve had it.

          OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

          • MM, your 1st 3 lines are right. The antidote isn’t. It isn’t a new vision needed, it is the return to the original vision governed by the constitution. That is the obvious.
            Holding gov’t people (state,local and federal) accountable is the start of returning us on the path to recovery. Till then, everything else is mute. It can only get worse.

        • I’ve heard that in some of our cities it’s dangerous to wear a diamond wedding ring or gold anything. I guess pretty soon hungery people will be jacking folks in nice cars for any money they might have on them as well.

          • Aunt T: About ten years ago, a lady from a major city told me (about the same time two women were robbed at my local mall for their jewelry, rings)not to wear even fake gold or fake diamonds. Wear something that looks like costume jewelry and wear the real stuff for certain occasions only (dinner parties, church, weddings, etc).I got rid of my fake gold chains from the 80’s and 90’s. I still wear my fake pearls all the time. Ditto for designer purses.

          • True,
            My wife is from south america, she will not wear her rock or her band in her home country..
            and she has started the practice here after realizing it could be an attactant for theifs here., as well as it is in her native country
            If we go out someplace nice and she knows she is with her armed husband, than she will risk it. I dont even wear my watches anymore.., hell with cell phones and clocks every dam where you look , I see no need to sport around an expensive watch, just to have some one stalk me to try and steal it.

            low profile, dont look like you have nice stuff..down play your wealth, even if you think its not “wealth”

            also, fancy cars are nice, but stick out like dollar signs in a depressed economy

          • You are way behind. Already doing it in Downtown Detroit. Get your concealed carry permit

        • Me too. Just remember there is no such thing as a mugging. That was coined ny yankees from NY, Koch, Bloomberg et al to minimize the reality that it is robbery and in anywhere but the rectum of old Dutch and Brisitsh civilation on the Hudson it would justify deadly force. If you don’t b’lieve that shit some below the Tennessee reiver and “mug” somebody. They will be bringing cakes, pies and KFC to yo mama’s house!
          Hippies from NY NY ever’body else on the planet calls ir robery and throws lead for it..

      8. How about that. Those tiny boxes of Tide would make a nice alternative currency. I may just have to try and get a box of them.

        No expiration date. Dry and lightweight. Somewhat durable. Easily divisible. Easily recognized. Desired by many. Difficult to counterfeit.

        Good to know.

        • A couple years ago I read in a women’s magazine that laundry detergent and other cleaners that are several years old sometimes don’t work as well as newer ones.

          I don’t remember which magazine that was in or if that applies to only certain items. (liquid cleanser and/or in dry powder)

          Anyone have more information on this?

          • Oh boy, and I’ve got 7 years worth–it’s the cheap stuff..Dollar Tree, Dollar General, K-mart $2 brand.
            I’ve used it for years–works fine with Purex bleach for colors.

          • Yes, the EPA, responding to a flood of six or seven complaints from Chicken Littles in a small part of Washington (state) banned trisodium phosphate from laundry and dishwasher detergent formulae. It is still possible to buy TSP in the pain section of your hardware store. Expensive, but a level teaspoon in your dishwasher will give you clean dishes again.

            Another useful substance for cleaning is washing soda, which thanfully they haven’t found an excuse to ban yet. It counteracts the calcium in hard water, making soap lather much better.

            • That should be PAINT section!

              When will we get an “edit” button for our posts?

            • Welcome to the PAIN section of your hardware store
              special today on nine inch nails for your bed of roses
              run for your life it’s the Black & Decker hour

      9. Mr. Slavo, I just reread your title, lol, “GRIME WAVE” very nice. T first glance I thought it was a typo….







        ‘0) wink … GOT .45-70

      11. Meanwhile our piss-ant President plays golf.

        • Hell, I would be happy if that was all he did. It would be a bargain for the taxpayers if we could put him along with all of Congress on a permanent golf holiday.

          • I agree completely Moon. When people complain about him going on vacation and it costing 1 million dollars a day, i tell them to just leave that S.O.B. on vacation. If all we lose that day is 1 million dollars we are still coming out way ahead than if he is in washington wasting billions. I figure a million a day is a bargain.

        • I’m hurt. Only one dimtard?

        • thats ok, if hes out on the green, then he isnt in the W.H. fucking us up more then he already is. keep him busy anywhere but in office

          glass half full

      12. beware of the slippery thief, lol. Oh my.

      13. How often over the past several years have you heard “Oh. That could never happen in America.” or “You are just a fear monger.”?

        Hay! It is IN America and living “High off the Hog!” if you ask me.

        We all have experience in bartering with friends/family/neighbors whether we recognize it as bartering or not.

        Now is the time to put more bartering into practice, just so that you have a good system set up with several avenues to barter with. It will be a valuable asset in the future that is barreling at us in high speed.

        Our govenment has used funny math to keep us in the dark for far too long. The light of day is going to hit like an eclips and a lot of Americans are going to come around to what has been happening while they have been sleeping like mushrooms.

        It wont be a pretty site/event when the angry crouds of sheeples, just waking up, find that they had been led to the slaughter by their own govenment. They will be looking for ways to keep from being turned into “soilent green”.

        It might be best to have a few items that will help you corral some of these newbees into your prepping arena and on your side.

        I know that a lot of us are saying, “I’m not putting my family at risk helping any sheeple.” But you might be putting your family at MORE risk by not helping and converting these sheeple to your side.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • It’s Tuesday! It’s Soylent Red day!

        • Mona wrote, “soilent green”.

          Reminded me of the news story from the UK, they use the heat from the cremation process to heat a public pool, and they want to go nationwide with it.

          Creepy and disrespectful, imho.
          I don’t want to think what’s next.

      14. The Fed’s Brand New High School Propaganda Course…

        Fed To Take Propaganda To The Schoolroom: Will Teach Grade 8-12 Students About Constitutionality Of… The Fed


        • That says to me in my way of thinking that they are afraid too many people are realizing the FED as a illegal entity and they feel the have to respond…they act all cockey ang cool but theyre afraid!

        • Fu*king unbelievable too! Either way. This is over the top for me.

          Nancy Hurlbert, chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party is trash too. nancy pelosi wantabe


        • A stripe for each bill of the bill of rights destroyed. What kind of idiotic f*cking moron would even THINK of making that flag, let alone flying it. I’m surprised they didn’t put it higher then the american flag. WOW!

      15. The antibiotics sold for use in aquariums are exactly the same as what you get in any drug store by prescription. You can check on the pill/capsule identifier. The only difference is the liability insurance paid by the manufacturer and the packaging. I stockpile and have used these antibiotics to good effect with no problems.
        Case in point, my grandfather used to have a sporting goods store and sold a brand of stainless steel wire fishing line. The rep from the manufacturer told him it was also sold under a different name as a surgical suture material. The medical use version cost $1000/ft due to the liability insurance.
        Blame the ambulance chasing lawyers for this kind of thing.

        • I found this out when I needed some for a cat having problems. Walk into a aquarium store, say you need some for a “Cat” fish (har har) and off you go. Beats the hell out of paying the inflated vet prices for a simple condition

      16. When are we going to have to start showing identification and giving a thumbprint to purchase laundry detergent? How about a new cabinet level czar to combat the growing tide of cleanliness? Maybe Eric Holder will be forced to divert some of his ATF goons from selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug gangs in order to ensure we are not cleaning bloodstains off of our execution clothes with illegally purchased detergent? Of course we will know it is bad when a black market develops to sell necessary government permission items like vehicle registration tags, fake parking permits, property tax computer hacks, and proofs of insurance of all kinds. I forsee a time when health insurance cards will be copied and sold on the black market along with the necessary ID to those who are unable to afford the real thing.

        • “When are we going to have to start showing identification and giving a thumbprint to purchase laundry detergent?”

          Here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois, we have to show ID and sign for DRAIN CLEANER!!! The fucking animals in Shitcago throw it on each other and the state calls law-abiding gun owners criminals! Stop the ride, I want to get off.

        • Moon mistress

          There’s been a black market for fake ID’s ever since school kids discovered alcohol ; )

          There’s been a black market for passports/driving licence’s/social security numbers etc ever since border controls were invented.

          I’d be very suprised if fraud and insurance scams (from health to property) aren’t on the rise already in this economy.

          BTW – has anyone ever seen the Brtish Sitcom “Only fools and horses”?

          • No, but I loved the British sitcoms “Keeping Up Appearances”, and “Red Dwarf”. The British know how to do comedy, Americans don’t know crap about what a good sitcom is!

      17. Read the Diary of Anne Frank. (I don’t care it’s real or fake; even if it’s fake, it was probably written by her father, who DID survive the war.)

        The Franks and the other family survived because of a black market, but right before when they were arrested, the black markets closed because there were no longer anything to sell.

        Black markets were dime a dozen in postwar Tokyo; the source of most merchandise was the stores set up to sell goods to American soldiers stationed in that city.

        In the areas without American soldiers, there were few black markets because there was NOTHING to sell to begin with.

        When transportation is blocked, soon there will be nothing more to sell, and black markets will also disappear automatically.

      18. Also, the immortal movie “The Third Man”. There was a black market of penicilin in postwar Vienna, even though that thing had been just invented. Obviously most of the people who used black market penicilin died.

        Black markets only benefit those gangsters, often in the pay of TPTB, who set up them to separate the sheeple from their few remaining cash.

        • I seem to remember a patient telling me that when penicillin was first available it was quite rare. When they received doses, the hospital collected their urine to have the penicillin purified out to be reused. I haven’t ever seen any medical publications on this. It does leave me wondering whether this might work in an absolute worse case scenario.

          • The only problem is, most of today’s microbes will be immune to 1940s Penicilin.

            There are now a host of antibiotics and a bunch of bugs immune to them, and nobody really has done a study about how all these antibiotics from urine would be effective.

            Many municipalities will have to make cruel decisions. I remember that when there was a typhus outbreak in the 1930s in an Asian city whose name I forgot, the patients were ‘quarantined’ in the police station and sprayed something like DDT (which was available, having invented during WWI). Obviously the fatality rate in the ‘quarantined’ area was something like 70%, but it kept the city from a wide epidemic.

            • Pre antibiotic sulfa is being used very effectively on MRSA. Sulfa was considered obsolete and used very sparingly so there are less strains resistant to it. Dosages are extended to 30 days because it is by it’s nature less effective then the mold spore drugs that replaced it.

      19. Wait till ammo is a REAL premium.

      20. I don’t understand why they are buying it on the blackmarket for 5-10 dollars when I make my own for 1-2. However, I see a profit to be made here… market here i come.

      21. The best investment you can make is in anything EXCEPT fed corp paper. Spend it as soon as you get it and your investment will “grow” in value at least 10% per year.

        Oh, wait a minute. The prices are not going up, the value of paper is plummeting.

      22. I don’t get this. I buy my laundry detergent for a $1 at a dollar store, and the detergent is made in the U.S. Why would I want to go on the street and buy Tide on the black market for more? It makes no sense to me…

        What is interesting though, is reading about Argentina’s currency woes and how black market bizarres sprung up all over the place. This “Tide Laundering” could be a sign of this, as Tide and many other goods are hitting the black market.

        • Its all about normalcy bias. Some people know only how to wash their clothes using “traditional” methods, and Tide has become the industry standard (because of the giant advertising/brainwashing campaign). These people that buy black market tide are just ignorant (I’m not being condescending) about the reality of clean clothes (i.e. hand washing, wearing something for more than a day. etc.).


        In light doses, cinnamon can protect you from illnesses like the 1918 Spanish Flu (which actually started on a US military base).


        • Yah, cause everyone that has ever gotten the flu and would do anything to get better just takes a little cinnamon in their tea, and within seconds they are 100% cured.

          It even works better as an anti-psychotic and anti-spasmodic. You can see how well it works for imf.nwo.cfr.

          Oh, and look imf.nwo.cfr you and the spanish flu have more things in common you both make people sick, give them nausea and diarrhea, and started out in pigs in a military base!

          • Hi mommy ;0P slurp, I miss our After Sunday Services S&M bedroom sessions… kisses… cinnamon really does protect humans from the flu… proven fact.

            • You are wrong again, that was your dad you had sessions with. The only way he would pay attention to you was when you SUCKED up to him, yet he still abandoned you. The only smart thing he did, but it wasn’t because he was smart, he was just a coward, like you.

              There is no medical evidence cinnamon will protect you from the spanish flu or other H1N1 flus like it. Try to site actual medical literature. You can’t because
              1. You are WRONG
              2. You are an IDIOT

        • It can also be a dangerous stunt. listen to 54-55 hr1 3-14. Signs are everywhere, I see signs, I hear signs. I think “it” is getting closer. I think we are all in deep shit.

      24. Very odd that it is one brand. There are rumors that is being used as currency in the drug trade.

        The bottles also don’t have serial numbers so they cannot be tracked.

      25. Law Enforcement is puzzled,lol.Wait till their pensions are cut in half if their lucky to get one at all.

        • doubt.
          they thought they were above the layoff possibilities.., they found out that isnt the case.
          wait until they “investigate” their own union..hahaha yeah its gonna happen, they will find out what it feels like to be treated like , well.. like most of them treat the average citizen.

          cant wait to see it trickle up to the court types and mayors pensions too..

          its a fact, you cant pay people when you have nothing left to pay them with.

          another good reason to act as if you have NO money..and be able to prove you dont.
 bank account, and very few if any assets..
          the court will not have any reason to fuck with you.
          Because its a system that is founded on greed of other peoples money and misfortune.

      26. Everybody knows that LA is famous for its police pursuits. This reminds me of one that happened about 8 years ago. Some crackhead ran off with a JB Hunt rig out of the TA truck stop in Ontario Ca. They chased that shit head all over southern California. The range on a truck is about a thousand miles; this could have gone on for days. I can only guess he thought he hijacked a good load of something. When they got him stopped they opened the back doors they found it was stuffed full of Charmin toilet paper. Do you have any idea of how much TP can be stuffed into a 51’ trailer? He’s probably in prison having to hang his head and admit he was convicted of Grand Theft toilet paper.

        • Hey!

          That toilet paper was as good as CASH!!

      27. The masses aren’t turning to the black market for essential goods. Dishonest people are buying stolen property.

        • You’re dead on Barn Cat.
          Most of this detergent will end up being sold from little no-name dollar stores, convenience stores etc. This isn’t a new problem, boasting has been going on for years. Used to be that razor blade refills and multi-vitamins were their favorite targets.

          • You mean “boosting” which means, shoplifting 🙂

            Makes me laugh when I see the Boost Mobile (cellphone) place in the ghetto part of town next to where I get my hair cut.

        • When the Honest are EnSlaved by the DisHonest IMF NWO.CFR BILDERBOYBUGGERS thievin Bankers and corrupt bribed Politicians of AmeriKa…

          The Honest will soon Learn , to be Dis-Honest or they will not SURVIVE in the HARD Dark Ages years to come!

          An Honest Fool is soon separated from his property in the IMF NWO.CFR Globalist U.N. Government run Prison World!

      28. I’ve seen an explosion of firewood for sale in upstate New York over the last few years. Much, much more than I remember as a kid. And not only rural properties but in towns and the burbs. It seems every other property has firewood stacked on their lawns. It must be a huge underground black market .

        • So far it’s not a black market because it’s not illegal, but around my area more and more people are selling firewood taken off their land (or someone else’s) for cash because they’re out of a job and broke, and on the other side more people are heating with wood because they’re out of a job and broke.

          • Bingo Ol’Coach.

            I ought to cut some and set it up to season to sell next Fall. Not because I need the money *that* bad, but because I have some “oversized weeds” (oaks and walnuts) that gotta go.

      29. My guess is this has nothing to do with the ordinary black market, SHTF or anything of the sort. What would seem more logical would be that all the tide is being used in some form of a homemade/designer drug or for other nefarious purpose.

        Like @infocyde mentioned above…this stuff is “dirt” cheap at dollar stores, etc. Why would anyone pay $5-10/bottle on the street for something they can get a block away for a dollar?

        Seems to me there’s a whole lot of things in most any store of much greater value on the street (which are also much less conspicuous/easier to steal and also can’t be tracked) than Tide.

        Maybe I just have become so cynical I take nothing at face value anymore but it seems to me maybe there’s something I’m missing between the lines here. Or maybe this story is 1 of many similar to follow in order to lay the groundwork for the next way the PTB have devised to box us in?

        • @TwiceBitten:

          The laundry detergent at Dollar stores & Aldi’s is watered down. It doesn’t do the job as well and ends up costing the same, for the amount needed. Same with the dish detergent.

          Interestingly, I read lately that Procter & Gamble is considering producing a cheaper dish detergent to compete with Ajax, which is the best quality for the best price, at the moment.

          It is pretty much a given that no matter what happens in the economy, most folks will have to continue living as frugally as possible. Nothing is going to go down, much. However, people still crave the various items from back when we had a higher standard of living.

          IMO, this is a real story and it is being sold to women who miss their Tide, but cannot afford $15/bottle. We don’t use Tide, but do need to purchase laundry detergent w/o all the brighteners and such, as the additives are irritating to our skin. So, we spend 1/3 of what Tide costs and 2x what the cheapest brands cost. When $ is tight, notice how many low cost brands are scented with lavender, all of a sudden. It is a calming scent associated with higher end products. They are also adding purple colorant to products. A lot of product designers have always known that purples, violets, lavenders and blues will outsell most other colors.

          I do understand your skepticism, though. Probably a good attribute in this New Normal. Americans are getting an education in the reality well known to other nations and are going to become a lot less naive in general, as things deteriorate further.

          • I grew up watching my mom use Tide and for years on my own nothing but Tide would do. In fact, dear old Mom used to dump in the detergents *after* putting the clothes in, it’s supposed to go in first! And I have a hell of a time not doing it that way also, which often means soap left on the clothes. And I’m not as hidebound as most people.

            Think of Tide as being the Marlboro of detergents.

        • Having purchased the cheap stuff before (name slips me, but you can get it at kmart, etc further down from the tide) there is a definite difference in them. It leaves a harsh scratchy feeling in the clothes when you put it on, so maybe people will only sacrifice so much? $15 is a joke for laundry detergent.

          Costco years ago ran a thing about how their supplier used to mix up laundry soap in concrete mixers, then it was off to the store…

          Probably has changed some, but when the layers of the onion are peeled back, people are not happy with it.

          Wasn’t it said centuries ago when mass industrialization and mechanical devices got made products would be cheaper?

          Today everyone is seeing the blow back that they have to carefully craft a onion of lies to protect their profits, when it breaks down to some minimum wage slave monkey is just tossing some water, perfume, detergent and dye into a 300,000 gallon tub and calling it a day….

          No one is going to buy why it has to be $15 for what probably amounts to a buck (or less!) of a scented liquid!

          Enter the blow back. Think of products you use, and the outrageous prices charged for it! Hell, the company itself is stupid to tell you sometimes “pfft, we make those for a quarter each, oh shzz… did I say that? I mean by the time we make it, package it, ship it and stock it… We are barely breaking even!”

          Walmart did this once, they had a article in a trade industry magazine about how they use chemicals to make their meat more appealing (pumping a gas mixture into it that was then “activated” at a store by ripping the thin plastic sheet off the top, causing it to “bloom”, actual word used!) and then a customer saw a red steak, even though it was black and blue before…

          Saw them doing this at many stores even! I tossed the magazine like a fool, and when trying to find it in their online archive, it vanished… Not that surprising!

      30. If anyone has connections–not that I’m saying we’re of that type here–I mean we WILL do what we have to–right?
        Uh, those Gillette Fusion blades are really a bugger to get….so, if you know of anyone…just saying.

        Seriously, at Dollar General, you must ask at the check out; they don’t keep them with the other blades.

        • Check out a local flea market/ trade lot. Most goods pilfered through employee theft are sold locally!

        • don’t need no stinking razors! I’ve had a beard for almost 40 years. ever since I could grow one. all I need is a pair of scissors to trim every now and then. if I hadn’t had a beard, my wife probably wouldn’t have married me. she loves it. AND it makes me one good looking sob.

        • Speaking of razor blades:

          I’ve come across many YouTube videos on how to sharpen razor blades in order to prolong their use.

          The videos advise using denim and stropping the blades ten or more times in two directions – i.e., ten up and ten down.

          I believe that it works. I stropped my blade (Gillette Mach 3) and it definitely felt sharper.

          I enjoy saving money whenever possible.


          – Stoosh

      31. Wait until Tide doesnt sell at all for the price they ask for it..and the company has to either rethink its cost, or go out of buiz.

        when no one is buying things like this, because it has been determined in a SHTF seenario that it just isnt a prioraty anylonger.

      32. The cost of the stolen items will also be passed on to the consumer as well. I guess you’re a dope today if you Pay your Taxes, don’t ripp off some Government progam, and don’t shoplift. Who ever said that Honesty was the best policy.

        • Someone trying to get ELECTED while obscuring the history of their own “policy” that got ‘them’ where they are.

      33. the bartering system works pretty good around here, no cash in sight, just trades.

      34. It’s a wake up call for anyone with “eyes to see”. I am afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the big dark lurking titanic killer is soon to come. Strap on the protective gear folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

        • you are totally correct. the strange stories we read now everyday, are just a primer of what is to come. take note, as these stories will increase with each passing day. the black market will soon explode. the lame stream media will scratch their heads as they try to figure out, or explain away why these events are happening. but to regular people, this will be business as usual.
          the good advice of the day still seems to be, to stock up on everyday items that seem trivial now, but will soon be as good as any money out there. this trend is such a no brainer to figure out, but the ignorant sheeple out there will continue to prove why they are called the ignorant sheeple. good luck folks–the times are changing quickly..

      35. As the group Blondie used to sing:
        “The Tide is high, but I’m holding on”.

      36. Make your own laundry detergent:
        1/3 bar Fels Naptha Laundry Soap, grated
        6 cups water
        1/2 cup washing soda
        1/2 cup borax

        Heat 6 cups water and soap in a large pan until dissolved. Stir in washing soda and Borax. Mix and heat until dissolved. Boil 15 minutes. Remove from heat. (It will have the consistency of honey.*) In a 3 or 5 gallon bucket, add 1 quart of hot water, then add the soap mixture. Mix. Add enough cold water to make a 2 gallon mixture. Mix until well blended. Let sit 24 hours. The soap will gel*. Use 1/2 cup for each load.

        Makes 2 gallons. (Approximately $ .40 per gallon)

        *If the detergent doesn’t gel or reach honey consistency it will still work.


        Stir before each use as this soap does separate. Detergent can be stored in a liquid detergent bottle. Just shake it up each time you use it.

        This detergent will not suds up in the washer, but it is still getting your clothes clean.

        If you have extra hard water the soap may not clean as well. Add 1/2 cup borax or washing soda to the load and that may help.

        If you do not like this laundry soap, you can still use the Fels Naptha bar for spot cleaning and to rub on stains. The Borax and Washing Soda are great to add to your regular detergent for extra cleaning.

        • I skip the borax as it’s toxic to babies. Any plain white soap will do. (Castille when you are feeling flush.)

          Google “laundry gloop” for recipe variations and leave the commercial chemical detergents on the shelf.

          Use a slosh of white vinegar instead of fabric conditioner (add a couple of drops of essential lavender oil if, like my son you insist on posh smelling sheets). It removes all detergent build up and is slightly sanitising – handy for those washing baby diapers, or that have sensitive skin.

          Or try soap nuts.

          • Lonelonmom:what are soap nuts?

      37. Ok maybe I am an idiot but I love the “brand” name detergents BUT when times get tough around here I am NOT thinkin how I can get my hand on Tide ir Gain…I almost LMAO when I heard of this because I have went throughht some financial hard times and I worry about rent/mortgage light bill and water PERIOD. I will use whatever is CHEAP or improvise what is WRONG with people. Shoot when things were bad I never even thought wher can I get some laundrey soap on the black market I am laughing at the thought of me standing in some shady part of town late at night with some scruffy person with his trunk open selling me “tide” ROFLMAO, I would risk that for food maybe not a name brand soap

      38. Don’t “show” your rich, to reduce the risk of robbery,
        buy one or two second hand cars which can be use,
        your house not too big n looked a little bit messy,
        make a good relationship with your neighbours, so that we can co-operate to fight the thief together,
        when bad guys come to loot, just shoot…
        our US is in big big problem, the 15 Trillion debt needs 7500 Trucks to load, with EACH truck load Two Thousand Million ( 2 Billion ) full of cash, would cause a 137.609 Km long queue.

      39. when the price of precious metal dropped,
        redeem your ETF paper silver to get more silver coins,
        redeem your ETF paper gold to get more gold coins.

      40. Just one more thing I never would have imagined, Black Market laundry soap… Tide is kind of spendy these days…

        As with all such under the counter purchases, beware of imitaion goods, especially if it’s a food, or other consumable items. It may one day come to pass that we have to rely on such a system, as many countries have for a long time.

      41. All of the things to talk about, Odumbasses face on the flag and you headline tide thefts, ok???

      42. Just thought of this, but with black markets there are going to have all sorts of stuff including drugs like pot and coke etc. we get it from the south lets say and lets say all the roads are wrecked like mad maxx, There will be drugs that get delivered all the time vs goods from the government I guess. so what im saying is that the drugs will find a way to get delivered from mexico to minnesota or something but the government wont be able to deliver food and water. does that makes sense and does anybody know what im saying? just watch and see if this happens. bet you they can and do.

        • We can only hope you are correct. Since I’ve stocked everything else…the “mind candy” just might come in handy. While not a current user or advocate, (100% truth since ’74’), I can see “the need” in the potential reality that could soon engulf us.

          Perhaps a “journey-in-place” could prove quite useful. Only you can prevent the dreaded “cabin fever”. And yes, “cabin fever” can be fatal if prolonged.

          Even “preppers/survivors” need a vacation once-in-a-while. So “bring-it-on”…I have begun an “affair” with “the RED thumbs”. Oh yeah, you know what I like.


          • I “was” a functioning pot-head for twenty five years; so I can say with honesty, it can cause damage to your lungs and brain. I really didn’t want to believe it was wrong, until I got my head clear and realized the damage I was doing. Yes, there are a lot of things that are worse, and I never wanted to hurt anyone while on the “grass”, but, It can change your personality and cause laziness in most people. To stay stoned when the SHTF is a bad idea! You’ll need to be sharp and have a clear mind for making rational decisions. Besides, the foodstuffs you have stored up won’t last long with many episodes of the “screaming munchies”.

      43. KNOW YOUR ENEMY:

        The private TSA Airport Check Points NATIONWIDE are now Forcing “OPT-OUT Passengers” to give up THEIR DNA!

        PROTECT YOUR DNA when around the TSA!




        … look it up!

        Don’t be a sheeple preppers, the IMF NWO.CFR U.N. FEMA TSA DHS eat sheeple!



        and you will WIN!

        • Come on NinaO, you know this is for your own good. Should the TSA “accidentally” rip-off your “jewel bag” in a brutal “pat down”…at least THEY will have your “blood-type” available while they place an order for the “WRONG blood type” as you bleed-out on the floor. And should you survive long enough to receive the “wrong type transfusion”…that will double THEIR pleasure and double THEIR fun.

          Have you gone Anti-Amerikan on me. TSA: T-he S-uper A-merikans. Come back into the “fog”…it is cozy and has a very limited “line-of-sight” in here. All of your troubles will melt away with just one piece of the “ignorance is bliss pie” that is cooling on the window sill. I’ll even put some Cool Whip on it…NO CHARGE.

          • please post this mac and crew…

            @yental … sheeesh dude … i can’t hide from you guys no where huh! ‘0P pssszzt

            Was up Keeemo Sabi! ;0)

            @YENTAL ;0( AmeriKa is dead… ;0(… sniff sniff

            she turned FASCIST an died in 1913!

            when the federal reserve act was signed on xmass eve in secret by a bunch of greedy illuminatti bankers!

            AMERIKA IS A LIE!


            which is very TRUTHFULLY real… and it is these phuck sticks who own you and every other ameriKan irs tax debt slave in the UNITED SOCIALISTIC STATES OF FASCIST AMERIKA!

            and i’m not anti-american … I’M ANTI (at war with the) IMF, new world order NWO.CFR, UN, BILDERBOYBUGGER, CLUB OF ROME, TRILATERAL and every other secret society and think tank of globalists who dare to threaten my U.S. CONSTITUTION and my BILL OF RIGHTS AS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF FREE AMERICA!



          • Remember MasterBlaster from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome? AmeriKa is the huge, armored retard (Blaster). ZIONIST run Israel (Master) is the midget who runs Bartertown and rides Blaster around like a donkey. When Blaster went down, things didn’t work out so well for Master.

        • While DNA pat downs serve as a criminal database function, the real value is the potential commercialization of some strands of DNA from some individuals that could offer promising therapies for certain diseases and aliments that would generate BILLIONS: without your consent and without your financial participation.

          Imagine the studies that could be run (and the BILIONS of dollars generated) by matching your DNA to you personal dat located in the Fusion Centers.

          Follow the money.

      44. Hell Tide is nothing. Today in Jacksonville, Fl. two crews dressed in black took down 2 BestBuy stores in a coordinated theft attacks of laptops, ipad’s and TV’s.

        What do you think will happen to retailers if they start getting hit with coordinated theft attacks and big losses?

        Oh don’t worry I forgot, we’re in recovery.

        • Electronic sale in the hood.

      45. On the good side of this, at least the crooks and free lunchers will SMELL ok. I take that back – no amount of detergent could make Obama money bagman Jon Corzine smell OK>

        • Or all of his descendants to the kingdom come.

      46. How long before some bright spark decides to drill into a gasoline pipeline like they do in Africa?

      47. Since when does laundry detergent need a serial number? What, are we going to get an extended warranty or something? Just wondering…. bar codes I get for inventory purposes but not serial numbers on detergents. This will be a cause for more regulation of course which means prices will probably go up more in the future….

      48. The popular acceptance of the black market as a bad thing has its uses to the powers that shouldn’t be.

        An update on former Marine Jose Guerena’s family, if you’re interested or didn’t know:

        “Interestingly, although the charges assume the existence of marijuana, no mention was made of the discovery of such contraband as a result of the arrests.”

      49. Other items to be stolen are: Toothpaste, dawn dishwashing liquid, excedrin, tylenol, energy drinks, vodka, neosporin

      50. In eastern Europe (Russia) you can buy anything you need at the local pharmacy. The exception are narcotics or addictive substances which can only be prescribed/filled by a doctor.. Guess what.. People go to their doctors and find out what they need, and how much to take, (medical visits are free for the people there because the Russians were not stupid, and they kept ownership of their oil/minerals and sell more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia..using that money which is a public care for their citizens healthcare)..anyway, educated people can take care of their own needs and do not need a nanny state that forces you to go pay a doctor for a piece of paper to take to a pharmacy so that you can have permission to buy ANYTHING.. For example, one of my relatives has been taking the same dose of insulin and monitoring her condition carefully for 20 years. She would notice any changes and seek help if needed, but she has to go to the doctor, pay him a fortune every month or two to get a damn piece of paper that says what meds she needs and how much..I think she could handle this herself and save paying off the middleman..
        As for all the fear of the Mexicans bringing in GERMS…give it a break…they said the same thing about the Irish, the Polish, the Italians, the war brides, the Vietnamese, ect…get a grip, lots of white rednecks also have nasty germs. Guess why all these “immigrants” had nasty germs?? Its because they are poor and can’t afford basic medical care here which is run for a profit for big businesses. Why should access to healthcare not be considered a basic human right all people are entitled to because we live in a decent, compassionate civilized Christian nation?? NOPE the money boys in suits have it down to a science, they set the system up to milk us, the dumb stiffs who pay the bills, pay the taxes and pay for insurance out of total fear and terror of the financial catastrophe getting sick really is for people… (It does not need to be that way by the way) You Mr. and Mrs. Amerika are simple cows who the wealthy hold in debt slavery, poverty and hopelessness. Your world is set up so you run as fast as you can all your life on a treadmill getting nowhere.. every step of the way a law or obstructionist company taxes you, steals from you, threatens you, and forces you to bend over and take another one while they empty your pockets.
        Damn itiots don’t even know we are already slaves..only difference is…modern slavery is more profitable than old style slavery. You see back before the civil war, a slave was a damn expensive investment, you had to feed it, care for its clothing, housing and medical needs, you had to care for it if it were injured or sick or disabled and the slave kept on running away so you had to have elaborate security built into the system. Today its totally make your slave believe he is free, while you tie your slave to mortgages, car payments, insurance payments, taxes, fees, utilities, surcharges, sales taxes and income taxes, then you add in traps along the way…a visit to a hospital which will take away any savings they still had, an occasional tax audit to empty their accounts, a economic system where loosing a job is a punishment that often forces the working stiff to loose everything and start over from nothing or deeply in debt, and a final retirement to poverty living on a pension or social security check which will not keep up with inflation if it is actually ever paid out at all…yet, these stupid slaves think they are free??? Totally amazing…they are just money pumps for the oligarchy, to milk at their leasure…

      51. Enterprising peddlers??? Even if I’m a prepper, I’ll help law enforcement catch these CRACK HEAD SHOPPLIFTERS NOT AFTER THE CRASH EUNTREPENUERS!!! I manage a dollar store in Ohio, Honest people can still buy much cheaper detergent and not receive stolen goods. Normally this blog site has a ton of good articles but this aint one of them. One thing though, you did report on the decline of morals which goes hand in hand with the decline of civilization.

      52. I wonder if this is what I saw at a food 4 less one day. someone came into the store, walked all over stocking up stuff in the cart, then just beelined and ran out the door. didn’t get too far, as they panicked and abandoned the cart, then cycled back for their car and sped off…

        inside the cart was probably about 10-15 bottles of you guessed it… Tide!

        probably makes sense seeing this article now, and I’m kinda erring on the side of too bad they didn’t get away with it!

        • I should say also I see this at walmarts, but not with tide. senior citizens hiding a few cases of water/soda underneath the cart, or making a “fort” out of soda cases/etc in the cart and filling it with merchandise… think about it for a second, and you may understand it

      53. That’s interesting. My car was broken into and the only thing taken was my laundry detergent. I was wondering what was going on. Maybe this is it. Two hundred dollars to replace the window. Hell, they could have had the soap.

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