Greg Mannarino: “The REAL War Is Against YOU!”

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Gregory Mannarino has been telling it like it is for years. Now he’s letting everyone know the truth: the war isn’t between Russia and Ukraine, the “real war is against you!”

    “Mortgage demand has now fallen 40%!” says Mannarino when discussing what he calls “interesting economic news.” This is because of the rising interest rate environment. Mannarino then says that Biden’s call for an $813 billion military budget while Congress wants to “expand” on that. This is not just happening in the United States but around the world. Militaries are gearing up for war, and we all know who is expected to fight and die in wars, and it isn’t those who start them.


    There are a lot of troop movements, and the world is likely positioning itself for another massive world war. More sanctions are taking place today which will do two things: “higher energy prices, higher food prices.” They are going to make it increasingly difficult to afford to eat. “People, this is all being orchestrated! All of it! And as I’ve explained, forever, if you’re a member of the middle class especially, you are DONE! You are TOAST! The war is on you! The war is really against you. ” Mannarino explains.

    It’s been going on for a very long time, but it is finally overtly obvious. “People, the situation is what it is. And it’s pretty simple to understand. The whole…the whole world is a stage, you know that. And it’s more like a chessboard and pieces are being moved all over the place. And it’s full of distractions, deceptions, and propaganda.  And our job is to look through it all.”

    Central banks are going to continue to inflate and make everyone’s lives more difficult. The blame is all on Russia/Ukraine, and people are ignoring that the banks are deliberately ballooning the money supply an ballooning their balance sheets to cause these issues.

    How Our Rulers Transformed Into “Debt-Based Parasites”: A Repeating Tale of Societal Ruin

    The Federal Reserve and ruling class will create wars, problems, and crises, so they can continue to inflate in order to keep their power. Their power comes from people’s inability to understand that they are being controlled through a system of slavery that offers a thin veil of an illusion of freedom.

    “You’re under attack. And the war is against you.” You haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to energy prices and food prices. Prepare. This is going to be brutal if you don’t have a way to beat the system.


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      1. When we run out of food I say we eat the elites! BBQ Klaus burgers! Better than Zbugs!

      2. Anybody have experience on a freeze dry food dehydration machine with oil-less pump?

        • My family is also looking at this. Wud U PLEASE inform us of your decision and why and also refer us to a provider? Have experience with these machines??
          Things R looking really bad all over the country. My wife and me think this machine is way to help out our whole family.

        • They’re actually pretty easy to make, at least if you’re handy with stuff like refrigeration and vacuum pumps and such (all readily available on the used and scrap market).

          The problem with anything you can buy or make for home use is that they’re like the little home food dehydrators, a few small batches of something is easy but doing a large quantity of something is a painfully long process.

      3. We are already in WWIII, governments are attacking their own populations. This next war starting is WWIV and will last until 2030.

      4. Now there’s an article I can agree with (you should too).

      5. Since we’re all for exposing the grooming at Disney well here is another Disney Clintons soros Rothschild funded cult go to site read hall of fame quotes see who made them qoutes and check this out read who founders are of this cult they need to be exposed also DeMolay International – Wikipedia… these are the future generation of crises actors who pull of stuff like sandy hoax Boston bombing hoax and future generations of law enforcement coroners who claim muders as suicide etc gov officials that would be the one’s too cover-up clinton body counts etc do your research! Disney is a part of this satanic cult so are Clintons soros Rothschild funded etc beware they will try kill you ban your comments block your research etc for talking about this cult go investigate you have the seed here plantit it will grow those of TRUTH God love will see TRUTH on what I say share information! ! For if God be with us who can be against us! No man!! So be it God bless all who see evil and expose it!! Love is only TRUTH!

      6. There is war against the people who are not part of the bloodline of satan since the beginning of Adam and Eve. How do we prepare? The answer is to put on the whole armor of Elohe, because without this we can’t win. The bottom line there is a spiritual battle between good and evil. The problem is the so call elites of the world tried to hide all their works, but now, they are out in the opening telling us it is what it is and we all should accept there agenda. I have started writting books on nursing care, because as a RN people are going to need it due to the failing healthcare system. Yes there is a war on this fake healthcare system, delusion of the satanic education system, war on the food they sell us, and most of all war on the mind, body and spirit. Be bless. I am on Amazon kindle if you search for the book called Shocking Secrets. Be Bless

      7. ht tps://

        This is a video the MSM won’t show, Putin condemning the evil west for killing their populations and says Gods wrath will take you.

        I am against the invasion but he is right like Greg, our government leaders at at war killing off our populations.

      8. Control the food, control the slaves.

        • That Demon Kissinger is proud!

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