Governor Brewer: ‘We Will Not Surrender Any Part of Arizona’

by | Jun 27, 2010 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    A few days ago we opined that It’s Time to Deploy the National Guard.

    Now, Arizona governor Jan Brewer has a message for the American people, Congress and the President.

    Washington says our border is as safe as it has ever been. Does this look safe to you?

    According to Janet Napolitano, “our border is as safe as it’s ever been”. While Arizona’s families have to deal with drug smuggling, crime and the second highest kidnapping rate in the world, we wonder if President Obama would let his children play in the vicinity of our border like many ranchers who live in the area have to.

    According to Jan Brewer, the warning signs posted across parts of Arizona are Washington’s solution to the illegal immigration problem.

    Now that’s comprehensive immigration reform!

    Watch the video:


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      1. I think obama is just playing with Arizona.  I agree they need to take it into their own hands.  The majority of Americans are with them.  obama sure is pushing the wrong buttons.   Almost like he’s double dog daring them.  I hope they tell him to shove it.

      2. Brewer in 2014!

      3. Comments…..Washington is too busy chasing the $.  We need to take care of our own problems.

        Arizona has taken steps to curb the illegal ailien situation in their state.  We, as Americans, need to stand with Arizona and give them our support.

        Better yet, let’s send Arizona some $.  That seems to be the only way to get our Federal Government interested in any issue.

      4. All of our other border states need men with balls as big as governor Brewer’s ovaries are!

      5. Comments…..I agree take back AMERICA from the illegals & drug smugglers send them home or in a body bag don’t take prisoners to feed make examples out of a lot of them the others will get the whole picture. The feds won’t do anything to control this We must act Now to protect our possessions. 

      6. Obama needs the Mexican vote in 2012.  

        He could give a damn about the states bordering Mexico.

        Brewer is doing a great job protecting her states’ sovereignty. 

        Obama is has no courage whatsoever.  He’s proven that he’ll  kiss anyones’ ass to stay in power.   He’s a pathetic leader.  Maybe he’ll run for election in Zimbabwe the next round.  He’d fit right in there.            

      7. We can all support Arizona by counter-boycotting the other stupid states that have forsaken them! I was going to spend big $$ for a Disneyland trip, but when I saw what CA did, I canceled the trip! My money will be going to another state that support the Arizona’s fight with this no-brainer stance in border control. Stand up Americans and take the fight to them!!

      8. Comments…..Obozo’s goal is destroy America as we know it. He should be impeached for not enforcing the laws on immigration. Jimmy Carter should be happy now. He’s no longer the sorriest president in we’ve ever had.

      9. Barkie Obungle is in for a real shock and surprise in the very near future. He promised the American Public everything when he was running for the office of President ……….. but he has delivered on very few of his promises.

        Health Care Reforn? – My family and I still don’t have any form of medical insurance to cover our health care needs. We do have Biblical Health Insurance however; we hope and pray like crazy that one of us doesn’t get sick and need to go to the hospital. Hell, I can’t even find a job after 10 months of being unemployed!

        “Support me for president, help me to be elected and the very first thing that I will do is to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home where they belong!” That promise turned out to be a huge lie. Now the little idiot seems hell-bent to invilve our poor country in another war with either North Korea or Iran.

        Barkie needs to get the 20 million + illegials amnesty and voting rights by 2012 to insure that he has at least a chance of a second term in office.

      10. I totally agree with all the comments. Mona The government isn’t chasing $$$ they are chasing our money. The government doesn’t have any money except what they take from us. Its all our money not theirs. Ask yourself what has the government done that you, could not have done for your self if the government had not taken your money?

        How much would you have now if you just invested in your own private social security & medicare account at 15% of your income? If you only made $10K a year and put in $1500 per year for 30 years at 6% interest you would have $118,587.
        Think about it!!!

      11. wow if Obama isnt going to do somthing about this atleast autorize civilians to shoot any foreigner without a visa

      12. Solution….  Have open target practice in no mans land….anyone who sets foot trying to cross is met with civilan lead.  I know I’d spend a few hours drinking beer watching to pick off someone.  Ha

      13. I’m hoping we have someone stand up and organize the entire nation.  First we’ll all default on our credit cards.  Then we’ll all stock guns and ammo.  Then we’ll all show up one day at all the state houses and toss all the bums out.

      14. You know, the US Constitution says that states that are invaded may wage war without consent of congress.

      15. BREWER 2012

      16. Since the “Federal Government” has (and continues to do) reneged on its obligation to protect the citizenry of the States from the serious threat posed by “OPEN” borders (Mexico & US), it is up to States like Arizona to take up this obligation that the Feds refuse to undertake. Failing to protect the nation’s citizens is tantamount to treason, an impeachable offense.


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