Government Data Shows The “Unvaccinated” Are Less Likely To Get COVID

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    The Public Health Scotland has released data from the past four weeks and it shows that the un”vaccinated” are less likely to get COVID than those who have been injected with two or three doses of the mRNA sludge. The ruling class has been straight-up lying about this being a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as well, considering those who took the shots are more likely to be hospitalized or die than people who are unvaccinated.

    The data showed a rate of infection of 866 per 100,000 people for the double vaccinated and 481 per 100,000 for the boosted, or triple vaccinated. The unvaccinated had a rate of infection of 413 per 100,000. The death rate from COVID is drastically different too. The death rate of those who have had two shots is about 12 per 100,000 which is more than 50% higher than the rate for the unvaccinated.

    Mainstream media is finally leaking information here and there telling people the truth about these shots and the CDC has admitted they don’t stop transmission.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    Earlier this month, the European Union’s top health agency warned that getting boosted every four months could harm the immune system’s ability to fight off the disease. The European Medicines Agency advised countries instead to mirror the seasonal influenza vaccination strategy tied to the onset of the cold season. -WND

    Public Health Scotland isn’t the only ruling class that has released data on these shots. The United Kingdom released damning information showing that these mRNA shots are destroying the human immune system to the point of complete degradation, or AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

    Data from Canada has now surfaced as well showing just how much of a lie the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” has become. Recent figures from the province of Alberta show infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID all soar in the days and weeks after people receive their first vaccine dose reports former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

    Data from the U.K. from Aug. 16 to Dec. 5, 2021, showed people who had been vaccinated accounted for four of every five COVID-19 deaths, the Gateway Pundit reported. Further, a U.K. “technical briefing on SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern” found that as of Dec. 29, the fully vaccinated make up 74% of hospitalizations due to infection from the omicron variant that now dominates Western nations. -WND

    A lot of data is coming out right now and the mainstream media is only trickle reporting on it. We have had the “vaccines” for over a year now. If they worked like the ruling class said, wouldn’t deaths and infections be lower in those who have taken them?


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      1. The biggest risk factor that affects the most people is obesity. And Americans are the fattest people in the Western world. That’s why the high death rates.

        What they should have done from day one is this: mandate reduced calorie intake and mandate every fatty had to get up early and do a community workout under the supervision of Marine Corps gunnie. It takes just 6 weeks to get all fat people back down to a healthy weight and to hardwire in the healthy habits for them to stay that way. This would have been good for people on so many level (less heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer etc.).

        Instead they told people to not do anything, order high-fat food deliveries, and only go outside for urgent business. I see the result all around me: obese fat f#cks wobbling around or needing a cane to stay upright.

        • If swiping fingers on screens of electronic devices got people into shape there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic in America.

        • Seriously? I’m not vaxxed and I’ve had it twice. When it first reared it’s ugly head 2 years ago and a few weeks ago. I’m guessing I had 2 strains. They don’t tell you anything other than you have it or not. The second time around, I got it from my wife, who is vaxxed and a booster. It’s harsh and painful but after 2 weeks, it’s gone. The funny thing is, I didn’t get sick at all for 2 years after I got it the first time. Not so much as a runny nose but then I got it again. Hopefully I’m good for a couple more years. Stay safe and healthy

          • When you finally realize it comes from your own body…

            You need to get your wife on ivermectin and assure she does not continue to accept the shots, or every time she does you too will share in the joy of prion infection. The vaccinated are shedding prions.

            Also helpful is pine needle tea, mixes of black and green tea, new vitamin regimines to include elderberry, higher C dose, better quality D, more easily absorbable zinc, lots of B, higher quality oils.

            The bright side is ‘boosters’ are necessary because the human body is doing a good job at cleansing the prior creation. The down side is it’s too soon to know if this can be naturally cleansed over time when people stop taking boosters. Additional therapy to reverse the initial therapy may be required.

            Keep us up dated on your family subscription to experimental gene altering modifications in humans. If she took it, you’re getting enough exposure to have taken it too. If you get enough prions you could start manufacturing them yourself as the rnma resequencing command could enter you too. That’s always been a valid fear of genetically modified substances be that animal insect or food; transmutagenic spontaneous cross over to different hosts and different species. For the next year or two minimum you should focus on airing out more, cleaning fabrics more regularly, non stop vitamin & at home prevention, better physical health in general to hopefully accelerate your bodies natural mechanisms which seek to purge foreign toxin. You should consume mountains of garlic and cilantro at every possible occasion to perform a natural chelation of your blood and tissues.

            • Absolutely everything you wrote is bullshit. Congratulations on being a first class idiot!

              • It’s absolutely amazing to see so many doctors, scientists, virologists, immunologists,etc; posting comments on this board.
                Posters with decades of experience studying infectious diseases inside the comforts of their own homes.
                It’s a tiny bit concerning none of the medical experts here are willing to reveal their identity.
                For whatever reason that’s not an issue for all the doctors, scientists, virologists, immunologists,etc; out there in society, but it’s a huge issue for the “Internet medical experts”.
                Go figure

              • You aren’t going to enlighten us with the reasons you think it is bullshit and supply some facts yourself?

            • Hi
              A study identified that when the immunity reduced after taking the shots, it was the human immunity that reduced, and the vaccine kept on going, unfortunately it was shooting at the wrong target.
              Go here to find it.

        • So, you’re solution to the “tyranny” of government recommended masks and vaccines is a government mandated boot camp run my the military? Tell me again about all that nanny state shit you morons are always going on with…

      2. As more and more jabbed folks start dropping dead, it will become almost impossible to maintain the facade that the unvaccinated are the ones dying, thus, the genocidal agenda of the “vaccine” will become more than obvious to even the blindest of the blind. Maybe this is the real reason they want EVERYONE vaxxed
        with their poison.

        • It’s a shame you’re so fucking stupid.

          • Make sure you be a good Borg and get your 5Th booster to truly win your Darwin reward retard! In case you missed the memo da shots don’t stop or prevent disease! Doooohhhh! Did you get duped? I think so! Now piss off!

          • You seem really nice. Are you single?

        • I bet you pick peanuts out of poop and eat them. I’ll leave a gift on your doorstep after a visit to the circus sideshow where the they feature your mum.

          You’re welcome.

          • Wow, thanks…”Boogers”. Tell your wife “Phlegm” and your kids “Dingleberry” and “Skidmark” that Mr. Darwin says “howdy”! Have a Covidful day 🙂

          • @Boogers, great comment.

      3. As you accurately mentioned,
        we’ve had these “vaccines”
        for over a year now and yet nothing has substantially changed. The alleged pandemic continues (according to the psychos).
        Since these shots have not
        altered the course of this alleged pandemic (again according to them) then it
        makes you wonder what the hell is the real intent behind these “vaccines” – doesn’t it?

      4. Well, to start off, I got the vaccine shots (3 ) at the insistence of my son and daughter in law, as they both work in the health care industry, if I hadn’t, then I could have or would have been able to be with wife of 48 yrs again. She passed away of cancer 4 1/2 yrs ago, but saying that, I’ve had stroke almost a year ago, according to the Doctors, it is only 55 to 60 %. But still it is something to think about. So is this vaccine going to do me any good ? Other giving me a sore arm and a case of the rear end.

        • Copy and paste.
          Copy and paste.
          Copy and paste.
          Copy and paste.
          Copy and paste.
          Copy and paste.

          I think this is at least the sixth time this idiot has posted this.

          • What is his point? That it’s important to bow to peer pressure?

            That self affirming delusions need to be shared?

            The darwin awards are presenting themselves these days.

            Alfie, just go with ‘the other brand’, and you’ll be fine.

            Keep trying maybe the heart attacks will stop. Geesh.

            • Speaking of Darwin Award winners!

              ? Bob Enyart – Denver pastor and RW radio host, DEAD from Covid. This piece of shit made fun of AIDS victims as well.
              ? Caleb Wallace – Anti-vax, anti-mask rally organizer, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Phil Valentine – RW radio host, anti-vax and anti-mask Covid denier, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Dick Farrell – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Robert David Steele – QAnon sh!thead, anti-vaxxer, and former Federal Spook, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Marc Bernier – RW radio host, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Irvin Baxter – preacher who said sex out of wedlock causes coronavirus, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Pressley Stutts – Republican “leader” who fought against vaccinations, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Veronica Wolski – QAnon sh!thead and Ivermectin lover, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Gregg Prentice – Florida “election integrity” official who railed against Covid mandates, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Dusty and Tristan Graham – Anti-vax “Alabama Picker” couple who made numerous social media posts and videos decrying vaccines and dismissing the virus, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Bishop Gerald Glenn – Evangelical nutjob who said “god is bigger than Covid”, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Marcus Lamb – Anti-vax televangelist (aka, jesus grifter), DEAD from Covid.
              ? Doug Ericksen – Republican state senator who led efforts to oppose Washington State’s Covid-19 emergency orders and vaccine mandates, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Maurizio Buratti – Grease monkey, frequent radio talkshow caller, and Self-proclaimed “Plague Spreader”, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Kelly Ernby – Orange County (CA) Deputy District Attorney who opposed vaccine mandates and spoke out against them at a Turning Point USA rally in December, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Doug Kuzma – Anti-mask, anti-vax, Covid conspiracy nutjob podcaster, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Bogdanoff Twins – Freaky looking monsters and Nobel Prize thieves, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Kelly Canon – Anti-vax idiot who contracted Covid from at an anti-vax symposium, DEAD from Covid
              ? Cirsten Weldon – QAnon sh!thead who said, “Only idiots get vaccinated”, DEAD from Covid
              ? Hana Horka – Un-vaxxed Czech singer who got Covid on purpose, DEAD from Covid.
              ? Meat Loaf – Terrible “rockstar” who rallied against max mandates, DEAD from Covid.

              • Shut the fuck up. You’re not going to change anyones mind here. Go play somewhere else.

          • Six? Maybe about a hundred and six times over the past year.

            He also said he had a stroke last year, so it’s possible his memory is not the same as it once was. Just pass over it if it bothers you.

      5. Also less likely to get heart attack, blood clots, mycarditis, aids, and every other disease.

        • Basically presenting a baseline measurement not subject to data manipulation regarding the lack of health risk benefit.

      6. DAAAA !!!

      7. No surprises; the unvaccinated get COVID myth is driven by hospitalizations that seem to show a disproportionate numbers of unvaxxed getting sick, even if their overall numbers are far smaller.

        However, the vast majority of unvaxxed are healthy young people, whereas the hospitalized unvaxxed are the few with pre-existing health illnesses like the hospitalized unvaxxed.

        Being vaxxed, can almost be a pre-existing medical illness; dying of bad vax reaction with COVID would invariably be classed as a straight COVID death if the person survived the 2-week to one month cutoff from being jabbed to be considered vaxxed.

        • “From being jabbed, to being considered vaxxed.”

          You have adopted the propaganda very well, good boy.

          On the matter of ‘2 weeks until considered vaxxed’, a post from another site today; For your reading consideration.

          Thank you for detailing some of the statistical manipulation specifically. Survivor ship bias, I’m going to pick that up, provides a good simple explanation. Just on it’s face, a 2 week data blackout after any event is bound to be a complete fraud. People with the capability to think clearly and discern fact from fiction must have immediately been able to discredit the illogical notion that; ‘you are not vaccinated until 2 weeks after you have been vaccinated’. I immediately rolled my eyes; “What idiot came up with this, in this long line of continued bureaucratic incompetence.” This obviously creates the possibility for fraud deception and plainly incompetently gathered data rendered to have meaningless results.

          As the ensuing weeks and months followed where this ‘the first 2 weeks does not count’ newspeak was parroted on every channel in every location, constantly re iterated and re affirmed. The illogical standing was purposeful to take others off of their resistant positions. How is less chocolate more chocolate? We know it’s not true, but how can we prove it? Rats trapped in a maze. Clearly a manipulative process. Clearly a coordinated process. Clearly a deceptive process to mis attribute statistical data to make the vaccine appear safe. Everyone rolled with it nobody objected up front in those magical first few days where we could have vanquished this fraud before it ever grew legs.

          Before any results on vaccine safety came in we already knew it was going to be dangerous. Because that is the inevitable conclusion which explains why they had to manipulate safety data from the start and utilize newspeak to affirm the validity of the data manipulation. Obvious is obvious. Up to that point in time the majority of people died due to medical malpractice, there was already massive data mis attribution, and the yearly average death rate had not actually moved, despite the public being whipped into a cases count trance like frenzy of never ending fear that death was imminent. They were actually in more danger at hospitals than at home.

          And then the vaccine hit and it prolonged the pandemic for profit, as predicted the vaccine would do just that. Everyone whom mentioned such a point was summarily censored and slandered. The pandemic was actually almost over, until the majority of the populace accepted genetic manipulation substances which turned them into walking prion factories, shedding like cats and dogs everywhere they go. Becoming more susceptible to disease. And then the central planners manipulated effectivity and immunity measurement data of the vaccinated too. Like domino’s falling, now it’s completely obvious; covid wears no clothes. Data manipulation experts such as corporate mouthpiece news and corporate funded ‘fact checkers’ were keen to make sure people did not learn the truth.

          Case count manipulation was done to create room for this upcoming long awaited vaccine. To create space for what they knew ahead of time was going to be a vaccine product which would have a much higher danger rate. But this particular vaccine product was worth it to bring to market, because everyone was going to take it. They were not just stepping into the adult market for vaccines, they were breaking into it with a full force blitz to guarantee maximum sales. The marketing plan remains in place; we all need to take vaccines as adults regularly for life. Hell it worked so good for the children, as literally 95% or a greater rate of parents were willing to subscribe their children to this excess vaccination program without question. The industry needed profits, investors had been made promises, the youth market was over saturated, the adult market was basically untapped in the first and second world. This is a multi billion person market which could be exploited and mined for breath taking profits, while still expanding the youth market. And that’s exactly what happened.

          In a direct way, this is just one of many consequences of ongoing censorship. The people whom had solutions were silenced. The people whom could have sounded the alarm did not, or if they did, not enough people were able to listen to them. They have been silenced or had their reach limited on the matter of vaccines for decades now. Most people are just now starting to understand, having had but a small glimpse into the scale of the fraud as they perform ‘independent covid research’. Companies and people whom would otherwise be held in check are now virtually above the law. Censorship is one of the most dangerous deceptive tools imaginable, it’s ability to be more destructive than war itself should not go un noticed. If you get too close to the truth they’ll give you a brand new run around and will continue to be in charge of the most important factor, time.

          The very last place we turn to for health advice is the government. If you play their game, they win. We said no, we meant it. Stop pushing us around over vaccines and masks. No means no and it does not mean anything else. We opt out on principal because good ideas do not require force.

          You don’t need to even understand one lick of science to be able to make an informed conclusion that there is fraud and there are deceptions, which is why big industry now constantly turns to mandates and silencing opposition. It plays out that way every damned time, which is why the founding fathers installed constitutional rights and declared no man can take these away. Restraints on governments are necessary to prevent this. Article I Section X. Pharmaceutical companies have been granted unconstitutional privileges of ‘Nobility’. They are now issuing letters of marque and reprisal to those whom do not buy their products and subscribe to their noble status which grants them control over our lives. They interfered with contracts on a broad scale currently and retroactively expost facto. Every single taxpayer funded ‘free’ vaccine came by way of coining counterfeit debt based fiat currency. They have aligned in confederation with state and federal government departments like.

          The American public is not going to be able to dig themselves out of this problem with simple data extraction and explanation. We need a resurgence of liberty, and we all need to demand it right now. That is your path out, our constitutional rights. We do not need to justify why we said no. We do not need anyone’s permission to say no. We do not need to prove anything statistical or otherwise. We do not need to listen to these people, they are not in charge of us. Public health is a fallacy, individual health is the individuals responsibility. You’re going to have to opt out of the entire vaccination program until such time as these companies no longer have liability protection, or this expanded market base approach where all adults and all children are constantly coerced into taking vaccines will never ever end. Unless there is a radical change of mind set it will be easy for most to eventually accept this demand of adults, as they have long since acquiesced to that demand of mandatory vaccinations having been placed upon children. “I support vaccines, just not this particular vaccine.” Repeat after me until you too are able to believe; Safe and Effective.

      8. Of course the vaxxed are getting ‘covid’ – since ANY REACTION THEY GET FROM THEIR INJECTION is counted as ‘covid’.

        Unvaxxed? No ‘covid’. But since they’re ALSO now counting a cold as ‘covid’ in the unvaxxed…….

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