Government Assistance Doesn’t Cut It Anymore: Phoenix Mayor Loses 4 Pounds In One Week On “Food Stamp Budget”

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Headline News | 320 comments

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    If you’re dependent on the government to support your weekly sustenance, the money you receive is no longer sufficient to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet – so says Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton:

    Last week, Stanton, a Democrat, took part in a community challenge to live on a food stamp budget — just $4.16 to buy food per day, or about $29 per week for one person.

    Stanton said he was barely able to meet nutritional needs and lost four pounds, according to Fox 10 News Phoenix. He skipped meals and relied on ramen noodles, pasta and coffee, according to KTAR.

    “I’m facing a long, hungry day and an even longer night getting dinner on the table, which requires making EVERYTHING from scratch on this budget,” Stanton wrote on Facebook. “It’s only for a week, so I’ve got a decent attitude. If I were doing this with no end in sight, I probably wouldn’t be so pleasant.”

    Stanton concluded on Facebook at the end of the challenge: “The best ‘program’ for any struggling family is a job that pays a living wage.”

    Source: Huff Post

    According to Stanton, he lost four pounds in a single week on his $29 per week food budget:

    A record number of Americans – 46.7 million – used food stamps in the month of June, and tens of millions more are directly in the sights of an economy spiraling uncontrollably into collapse.

    Food prices have risen 175% since they year 2000 and analysts estimate that this past summer’s drought will force them even higher – as high as 30% by the middle of next year. On top of that we’ve got the Federal Reserve committing some $80 billion a month in continued monetary easing (printing). There is only one direction for food prices to go, and that’s up.

    There is no way out, despite what politicians and experts tell us or what many Americans want to believe. This ends with millions of Americans starving in the streets. There can be no other result. Either the nutritional assistance programs come to a screeching halt because there is no credit funding left for the county as a whole, or prices rise exponentially to the point that $29 will buy maybe a gallon of milk or less.

    This is our future. You can bet on it.

    And the way to ‘bet’ on it is to stock up on essential commodities like rice, beans, wheat, dry milk, and corn now , before things get so bad that they are no longer manageable.

    Make efforts to get prepared now, or pay the price later.


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      1. Tell the mayor to get arrested. He’ll eat great in prison.

        • Things are getting close to shtf. This past week, 5 of the 7 Walmart drivers (dedicated route) were told to take a week off. Walmart products aren’t moving fast enough to require normal restocking. No matter who wins the election, this will be an interesting and very bad Christmas season for the retailers. Wonder how DC will spin a huge retailer loss with the economy is getting better?

          • good to know info DRD

            keep us informed

            I’ve noticed the local Walmart here
            runs out of numerous items
            and it is often weeks before shelves restocked
            they are really getting unreliable

            for example
            I’ve been looking for Coleman fuel for over 3 weeks now

            • Kinda unrelated to the article, but if you want to see a great artist in action, with a great message, this video is worth the six minutes


            • I’ve noticed this for quite a while about Walmart. To me I just figured it was part of their business model. Buy products when they get an amazing deal so they can sell it to you for cheap and still make a profit. Also, by not consistently re-stocking the shelves, you get people coming back to the store repeatedly looking for those items, wandering the isles searching for it.

              I think the economy is in a really bad place, but I don’t think anecdotes about Walmart can be relied on. Although I did read an article that said certain walmart stores get something like 40% of their profit from EBT/SNAP, which is something to watch.


            • You guys need to go to Wally World just before the end of the month. Today and tomorrow would be great. Wal-Mart stocks shelves just before the welfare folks get paid. Go into a Wal-mart on the second of any month if you want to see what these precious little NON-WORKING people do to the store. What is left is normally smashed on the floor. F-ing pigs and their cute little monsters just trash the place. Go ahead and go to Wal-Mart today and then again on the 2nd of the month and if I’m wrong “Thumbs down for me”. If I’m right you learned somthing about people when they are handed everything for free.

            • Coleman fuel is just unleaded gasoline from the gas pump. google it.

            • It is Clear #1 Fuel. Example: Cleanest Kerosene

            • Uncle Lees, Kmart, or Gander Mtn, the highest priced??

            • EPA has issued a new mandate requiring us to purchase a minimum of 4 gallons of E15 gas at any station where it is sold. This alcohol laced “gas” is highly corrosive and bad for engines in pre 2001 vehicles.

              Article at the Daily Crux

              Direct link to follow.

            • The local Wal Mart in York, SC is without the small Coleman or Worthington propane canisters. May shelves in the camping/sporting goods sections are bare. I have been looking to get more of the propane canisters.

            • Re: E15 gas mandate by the EPA

              …”killing off older vehicles eliminates the problem (for the government and its corporate cronies) of people outside the control grid. If you own an older, pre-computer car it is a threat to their plans because it is not subject to easy monitoring and control in the way a new car – fitted with mandatory Event Data Recorder black boxes and (almost always) a GPS receiver tied into its operating systems – is.”

              “Rather than the old frontal assault – an overt ban or even restrictions on their use – the subtler solution is to poison them to death. Feed them caustic fuel – and the “problem” takes care of itself.”

          • The breakdown of our families, culture and society to “get us to this point” was has been going on a long time. Look how many of these “goals” they have accomplished! If you have never seen these, it is worth the time to read them.

            “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals from 1963

            1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

            2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

            4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

            5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

            6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

            7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

            8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

            9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

            10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

            11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow.)

            12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

            13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

            14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

            23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

            24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

            25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

            26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

            28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

            29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

            31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

            32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

            33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

            34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

            35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

            36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

            37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

            38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

            39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

            40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

            41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

            42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

            43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

            44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

            45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

            Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963


            • WOW–Well the communist goals are all accomplished or well on their way to being accomplished. Many people don’t know that the US taxpayer sends millions of dollars to communist countries and muslim countries that hate us. Maybe we could better balance our budget if we weren’t funding other nations budgets.

            • I thought Eisenhower signed into Law Outlawing Communism back in the Fiftys. Or am I wrong?

            • Well, so far it looks likes most of the list has been checked off. But like everyone else here, we know we are in very bad shape.

            • “42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.”

              Sorry Obama, but that cuts both ways…

            • Where did you steal this from ?

            • This list of the Communists Goals For America was discovered by, and published by Congress.

              On January 10, 1963, the House of Representatives and later the Senate began reviewing this document.

              It is part of the Congressional Record.

            • Let’s not forget to give credit for Communism where credit is due.

              “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.


            • There you go. Real Documented and Enrolled in and By the U.S.House reps, after they held hearings on kommies in usa agendas etc. I read this stuf 15 yrs ago, there is also a rather long but easy to read Preamble to it all.

              I believe you can read that stuf at Rense website.

              Ok so now we all MUST ask the Main question. Since we now see most every item listed Has been accomplished.

              The Main question is “WHO” or “WHAT GROUP” actually makes up the Main body of these “Kommies”?

              HINT: They do Not go by names such as “Abdulla”. Nor names such as “McDonald”…Nor”Smith” or “Jones”

              Do the reaearch and you will find 99% has names such as, “Finestien” “Greenberg” “Goldman” “Silverman” “Goldstien” “Lieberman”..

              Orgs like NAACP were Invented and funded and begun in aprox 1909 era. Aprox. 6 Men started and Ran it all till it was Discovered in 1980’s that in Fact 5 of the 6 men came to america from Russia, and were also KGB/Moscow.

              Only One man was actually an african Black man(although a member of the USCP aka usa comie party). The rest All 5 other men were…”Tribe” with similar names I listed above.

              Who Owns-Manages-Runs-Profits-the PORNO industry?(aprox $10 Billion per yr cash cow) Again…”Tribe”

              Example Screw Magazine-owned by Al Golstien..aka “Tribe” aka “Parasites” aka “Kommie-Subversives”

              Time to remove Blinders and forgo former mental blocks, especially religious types from “Wolves in Sheeps Clothings” Pastors so abundant today.(John Haggee types).

              If Americans do not fast awaken to the Real kommie threats we face, and Learn How they took russia by shock N’ Awe tactics…..None of Us will have a chance in Hell.

              Go Read the link J.Q.Public posted(on Value vs worth article Here I think its at)…A Link to Alexander Solizitzen’s recently translated to english book “200 Years Together”

              Nobody can Fight against Or even Survive this if the kommies use same methods done in Russia back in 1918 era.

              Its Not enough to know the Colors of their Uniforms etc. We All must learn how Absolutly Vicious and Insane their thirst for Murderous killings are.

              I Guarenttee you All…If you read even a little facts of whay type tortures and methods of death used in russia by them, you will agree 100%, that Nothing in Known History even comes relativly close to the Brutality, and Mercilessness and Pure Evil of this tribes mentality.

              The Closest you can compare to is Roman Collesiums, when Christains were thrown to the Lions and Gladiators, totally Unarmed and at mercy(really total Lack of mercy) of those who got off on the Entertainment “value” of watching it all.

              Since TV & the 1960’s era, They who own it all have non-stop permeated our Entire culture and society in every sphere, especially todays “Youth” with exact same disregard to human sufferings as we learned of in Roman empire when that stuf occured.

              And Not by accident nor by “coincidence”…But by Pre-Meditated Planned outcome based Phy-Ops methods to Train americans to welcome it all!

              From 1918 till 1990, the Same people, or their Children and grandchildren who Are now Here in usa, Murdered aprox. One THIRD of a BILLION Innocents. Thats NOT counting the two big wars, ww1 and ww2…Killed by Kommie Govnt forces. And the Vast majority were Whites and Christians. Something to Ponder eh.

              Then Read and Learn so we Can be ready for such a devestating Enemy as They truly are. Ruthless, Souless, Evil, Merciless, Devils!….With a religion that Okays it all!…Makes the Koran(as bad as that is!) Tame by comparison.

          • IMO, if Romney gets elected, then the reins will be off and MSM will declare the sky is falling, because they are all in bed with the fascist state. Up till election day, they will continue to spend a fairy tale story of grand recovery.

            We have the power by not buying usless crap. Only buy what you need and forget the rest. Everyday there is a greater number of people that cannot even buy what they really need to live.

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • “””We have the power by not buying usless crap. Only buy what you need and forget the rest. “””

              soapdish, as good a statement as I have ever seen posted here. Don’t vote in the ballot box, vote with your wallet.

            • Only buy what you need … I have had to live this way for the last 2 years due to un/der-employment. Its funny how much crap you dont need when you cant afford it anymore. Last year with the power outages the first 2 days were rough but after that my stress levels dropped like a rock. It was the most relaxing couple of weeks I have had in decades. I now have a greater appreciation for the simpler things in life. I will never go back to excessive spending and piles of useless stuff even if I could afford it.

            • And further see how much you can repair.

              It is absolutely astounding how much stuff people throw out.

              Myself, I got 7 computers, an entertainment system, and a car this way…

            • GC: If we Vote with wallets?…Wont They just Print More Cash as usually they do?…If so, How does not spending Our cash help?…It Dont and it Wont. They also Own probobly vast majority of Gold worldwide also.

              There really is Only One certain method to halt it…I think most here know what I mean!

            • John Q Public- every civilization that has tried to destroy the Jews winds up in the dust bin of history as you will too.
              I will support Israel and the Jews and urge others to send even more support because of racist scumbags like you.Praise be to the Zionist Jew Jesus!!!!!

          • Word is out that Walmart is expecting food prices to triple in 3 months time, they are preparing and helping local law enforcement to get more riot gear so they will be more protected. Has anyone else heard this?

            • And where is this WORD out coming from? If food prices triple in the next few months I will send you a case of Mountain House combo pak.

            • I work in commercial refrigeration (i.e. grocery stores) and I am hearing that prices are going to go up dramaticly. Maybe not triple but way up.

          • due to the awakening, people no longer want to patronise a place of greed and unatural synthetic crap … and sugar is just as destructive as alcholism without the buzz, youll starve to death . then theres christmas .you cant buy happiness but you can make it. sorry obama we thought going green was foraging and making things ourselves.. so much better quality without the price.

          • No spin required after the obum one gets re-elected. It will be a done deal after the dipshits in Ohio and Pennsylvania put him over the top.

            • Ohio here…..we’re not all ‘dipshits’. Thanks for the blanket statement….not!!

          • good, maybe less walmart traffic on my road!. anyhow… maybe NY has a better snap program than other states, but when i go on FS in the fall when work starts to taper off, my family eats better than ever… we stock up, buy fancy oils and organic grains, etc… so i guess i wonder what the fuss is about. we are given twice our normal monthly grocery bill in FS. i think it’s all a scam to take more $ from your paycheck… look you starving fs recipiants are… have you looked around the grocery store in the beginning of the month when FS come in? overweight people buying JUNK! CRAP! diet soda and processed foods, sugary drinks… malnurished and obese…. i think there needs to be a discussion on the national level about our food and the quality thereof, rather than how many people are starving on FS. i know it’s tough being on a fixed income etc… but really, make your taxpayer funded $ stretch, and buy local healthy food,learn to cook take care of you body, and people may find they can eat very well on $29 a week, and support your local economy and keep your local farms in business and off FS. i know food prices are cliumbing, so make the most while you can….

        • Maybe we should make all politicians live on ONLY food stamps for the entire time they are in office. Maybe then they would give half a dam about the real world people live in.

          • Satan’s Creation,

            Why should they give a crap, you don’t. You don’t live in the real world, you live in the “I’m better than you and social cleansing is the answer world.” Why don’t you let God figure all of this out, afterall, you are not God and you sure don’t speak for him. Go feed your cats.

            • Tommy boy- you put the “D” in duche bag. Food stamps, welfare and every other free-be were not designed for a life time. It was designed for a “helping hand”, in a time of need. Not a way of life! pull your head out of your ass and stop whinning and realize the abuse that takes place with these programs…. Now go get in line and get your free shit you asshat!

            • Hi G.C. I think this coming event, as horrific as it will be, will have a tiny silver lining in that the obese, if they make it, will in fact shed those junk and processed nonfood pounds like they always said they would lose.

              T.B. we know who you are and why you do it, nice try! But you failed!

            • SilverFox,

              The only thing I am trying, is to show you Hitler clones how evil you truly are. If only one person sees through your selfish and cold hearted thoughts, then all the red thumbs in the world are worth it. You can not say God is on your side when you have the gall to decide who will live and who will die. You praise this crap like a pagan would praise a false god. I will never give up and I will never succumb to your way of thinking. God lives in those who allow him to speak through them.

              I put you in the same catagory as the elites who want a new world order, after all, don’t you want the same? Shame on you and all of the little sheeple followers that agree with you like slobbering lap dogs.

            • Hey tommy commie. when does charity stop and enabling begin? Will you be happy if all of us are broke?

            • You miss the whole point but hey, you’re so consumed with hoarding guns and food that why would you have the time to hear anything but your little tunnel vision mantra. The entitled as you call them, are the product of you, you pay your taxes and don’t say a word until someone is up for re-election. Your answer is to cleanse the world of these welfare recipients and have you in charge. I say, clean out the teacher’s union, put better schools in these so called ghettos, instill proper education for the minorities and hold the administration to a much higher standard. The answer is not to cleanse by having them die, but lift them up with education and jobs. Like I said, God will sort this all out and I don’t think you will come out on top.

            • King Krazy,

              Who is the commie? Cleanse this country of the socially unacceptable, heil hitler, is that your mantra? You just go ahead and buy all the crap that the elite want you to in order to survive? Gold, silver, freeze dried sea weed, guns, survival gear, books on how to survive and thrive when the stench of human corpses is all around you. Yep, just go to your bug out location and kill a few hundred sub humans, children included, then bake some freeze dried crap and say, aint life great? Suckers all of you who believe this filth. Are you going to shoot God when he comes a knocking on your door?

            • @Tommy boy:

              I get part of what you’re aiming for, but at this point it’s a lot like asking everyone to save the Titanic by getting out the buckets and making a bailing chain.

              IMHO, I don’t think folks in here (with few exceptions) look forward to death and destruction. I hate the idea, but the thing that won’t make that go away is simple math. You have an infrastructure and economy that is getting increasingly fragile and brittle, but are critical to keeping everyone fed. Something somewhere has to break, and when it does, we’re all going to be in for it.

              Your ‘solutions’ involve time scales that we simply do not have, and will meet resistance that simply will not move.

              Every human life is precious. You’re reading a sentence from a guy who is opposed to abortion, legalized euthanasia, and the death penalty. Problem is, when it all goes down, it won’t matter what I approve of or am opposed to.

              I don’t state any sort of die-off out of desire – it simply is, and only requires following simple math and logic to prove. Hell, I could be wrong. To be honest, I fervently hope I am. That said, I’m not going to stop preparing myself, my family, and my community just because someone may think ill of me for doing so.

              And no, I don’t hole up in some cabin. I regularly enjoy all of the good things civilization has to offer. It’s still here, and it would be a shame to not enjoy it. However, I daresay that I enjoy it a bit more than you, as I do so with the knowledge that it won’t be around for too much longer.

            • Odd Questioner,

              You do get it, all I wanted to convey was to not put God in the same context as wanting the masses to die off. Some on this site can not wait for that to happen and say so. I do enjoy my life very much, I have worked hard and now I enjoy the benefits of that. When I read some of the garbage that is spewed here, it just awakens in me a desire to expose the evil that some are spreading. Sure, we are in a fix and one way or another, things will change but there is no need to relish the thought of millions starving to death but making sure that you have everything that you need. We will all suffer for the degredation of this society, no man is perfect but all men can join together and fight for a better outcome. There is so much greed, anger, selfishness and paranoia in many of the people on this site. Thin the herd is something that only God can do with certainty, and he may just start with the elite on this site and elsewhere. As a human being, you have no right to say such a thing and think that God is on your side. Many make fun of the illiterate, have their guns ready to turn them into lasagna as one stated, run them over without tapping your brake once, all in the name of God? Thanks for your comments.

            • Spot on, of course it’s the same thing.

              If this is really going down the elites will use you to clean off all the lower classes and then they’ll clean YOU off after you’re done doing their job for them.

              Because they’re stronger than you.

              And in a resource-poor environment EVERYONE wants things their way and the strong will get it, and the rest won’t.

              I don’t expect to survive this.

            • Tommy Boy: Yes there are some folks here that say some pretty awful things about folks that don’t think and live the way they do, they’re called bigots. Whether it’s racial, political, or religious, some folks here are very intolerant of others. However, Silver Fox and Odd Q. are more on the money; they are darn sure that things will only get a lot worse and as it does many will suffer, horribly. Out of concern for our own families and friends, many of us have been preparing for that kind of future when we may well find ourselves pretty much on our own. I REALLY hope we are wrong, but it’s that same prudence that also tells us to buy health, auto, and home insurance; not that we want a catastrophy, but as a back up if and when we need it. That’s what most of us are saying, “be ready”, just in case. In Aesope’s Fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper, we’re the ants. Peace.

            • Those of you who are decent and want to just live and let live, I will share something special to me with you, if you feel like reading it. My kid is at his first high school dance tonight and I am sitting here hoping he has a great time but I am not sure of the future he has waiting for him. He is home schooled and pretty innocent as far as 15 year olds go. He has friends that attend the school and was looking forward to the dance. This boy is a hulking 6′ 1″ tall and as handsome as they come but he blushes when his Mom tells him that. He opens doors for ladies and says yes mam and yes sir to adults, not because I make him but because he wants to. He has this cat who he treats like a king, and an old horse he loves to show off to anyone who is interested. I love that kid with all my heart and I have to tell you that seeing all these young men now and what they will have to deal with later, is terrifying. There may be a draft in a couple of years, there may be a cataclysmic event, there might be a collapse of the economy, etc. etc. How do I send this gift from God away from me or how do I show him what a hero would do if faced with any of these nightmares? He talks about joining the military and I try to dissuade him but he won’t hear it. I am not a troll, just a Dad who wants more than anything for this sick world to calm down and get better for all the kids sake. God is my hope and I have to leave it in his hands.

            • Tommy boy:(> It does not matter what any body thinks, there will not be anything you can do. When or if the shtf, people will kill you for what you throw away today. Your #1 weapon is your BRAIN yes and keep GOD in your heart. It is not wrong to try to survive. If some people have skills and want to prepare, so what, all the more to them. But people that dont even try and would rather freeload, generation after generation need to get strait, and OFF that government dime. Get your shit together!

            • Tommy boy ; Sorry last reply was a little rough. P.S. Sounds like your son already is a hero. Know the military sounds scary but if thats what he wants to do……

            • Tommy Boy: I am an Ex Marine and decorated Viet Nam Vet, recommended for a combat promotion prior to an early release.

              I believe in America. I do not believe in wars of phony crony capitalism orchestrated by Dual Citizens in DC and NYC.

              Our best and brightest who have returned from Iraq and Iran after many multiple tours, now understand what fools they have been; pawns and cannon fodder for the cowards in government who themselves would never risk their life or put it on the line for this nation.

              If your kid was my boy I would not let him join the military, I would show him what is really happening, and I would move my family to Canada or NZ or Panama and renounce my citizenship.

              These wars are not in defense of America.

              America has become an aggressor under the control of Dual Citizens. When the enemy crosses the Salt River, it will be time for me and to take up arms again.

              Not until then.

            • I would give all you guys a thumbs up but for some reason, the site won’t allow me to register thumbs up or down. Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate it. By the way, the dance was a hit and he said he even actually danced, he swore to me before he left for the dance that he would’nt be doing any dancing. I had hoped he would and he did. I wish like most parents that I could keep him at this age forever, it’s tough watching them grow up knowing that one day they will leave the safety and security of home and start their own life as an adult. I just hope he has that opportunity.

            • @ Tommy Boy

              I think you need to read more of the posts here on this site from way back. If you had, then you would realize “most” here think a lot like you do. We don’t relish in the idea that many may starve to death. We don’t wish for a total collapse so we can say, “Ah, we told you so.” To the contrary, we’re just preparing for the worsts case scenarios.

              There will always be a segment of people in any group that have a more jealous or vindictive nature. Don’t judge the whole group by the comments of a few.

              It’s kinda like a family that has the stinking rich uncle. Everyone marvels at his success and shiney new cars,homes,etc; but inside they want to see him loose it all and come back down to their level. If he is leveraged to the hilt in the stock market and it collapses, very few, if any, will have sympathy for him.

              When the real SHTF, the lazy-ass people will suffer. We ( as well as most regulars on this site) will give away our last bowl of rice to a starving child or old helpless person, but to stock up and then give handouts to scoffers and dumbasses, it “ain’t happening”. Let the chips fall where they may.

              Another point. I commend you and your wife for home schooling. The kid gets to be free of the brainwashing that goes on with the school systems. It sounds like he is getting the spiritual guidance he needs also. Hopefully you haven’t “babied” him too much though. It takes more energy and determination to toughen up a kid than most realize, but they need it; especially in the days to come. Maybe that’s why he wants to join the military? Maybe he needs that element of toughness to make him the man he wants to be; not the man you “think” he ought to be. Just make sure he knows what is coming and help toughen him up, cause Momma and Daddy may not always be around.

            • I used to feel bad about claiming unemployment benefits. Then I realized that it’s really just my own money coming back to me. Not to mention the fact that it’s all meaningless paper anyway.

          • Silver Fox,

            There will be other unintended consequences for the banksters as well. Witness the families coming back together out of necessity.

            And yes, Tommy boy is just a troll. While I toyed with him a bit a few articles ago, he is best ignored. His postings will disappear from view quick enough, then he will disappear entirely like all the others before him.

            • Satan’s Creation,

              You sound a lot like George Soros, you toyed with me? You just get yourself in deeper and deeper, I actually feel sorry for you because you are so delusional and the opposite of everything that God stands for. Keep preaching your poison and I will keep calling you out. Good versus evil, guess what, good always wins in the end. Let’s see, which one is good and which one is evil? The one who wants to play God and wishes for millions to die because they are socially unacceptable, or the one who wants to make it a better world for everyone, even the dependants who evil helped create.

            • G.C. Yes indeed, the family. This, in most cases, will be one of the greatest unintended consequences the banksters never dreamed of. Families will come together again, people will need people and people will help people. People will know their neighbors again. It will be a tough door to walk through but when the dust settles most people will have a new understanding of the value of true love, family and friendships.

            • tommyboy is a troll. please treat him with all due respect you give to other trolls.

            • way i see it,,, if 2 houses were on fire at the end of your block, would you sit and watch tv till every one burned right to your house or would you go out and fight it… its coming

            • So “trolls” are those who exhibit respect for ALL human life now? Is that the message I’m seeing? I’m relatively new to this site, but the “kill ’em all if they get in my way” attitude, from otherwise fine people wasn’t expected. I AM one of those on disability. So I AM one of those on government “handouts” that I worked many years to pay for, for someone else to get.

              I was a Union, heavy construction carpenter who ended my career by having to ride a 30 foot scaffolding into a 20 foot ditch below. I was paralyzed from the waist down for months. God allowed me to stand again, but little more.




              If you believe it was God’s will that I fell on such hardship, so be it…but it is CLEAR that GOD didn’t think I deserved to die because of it…so why do you?

              Tommy boy has a valid observation, and perhaps you all need to rethink yourselves, or admit that what he says is true.

              I think some people may be getting caught up in the indoctrination without even realizing it. The least you could do is acknowledge it and move on. Not everybody can afford thousands of dollars of preps, even on this site, least of all me. But I’m struggling to survive ANYWAY.

              Nice to know I couldn’t count on but a couple of you, if we were neighbors.

            • Sixpack,

              Well said, you are more eloquent in your speech than I am. If I was your neighbor, I would have your back without question. You are just as deserving as the next guy and in God’s eyes you’re one of his children that he is proud of. Best of luck to you and yours.

          • GC, are you nuts? Putting politicans on food stamps? You got to be nuts but I love the idea. Can you imagine their commercials: Will work for food stamps.
            Have a great weekend folks. Keep the faith and keep prepping.

            • Most politicians (not all, most) at that level are independently wealthy. They’re not in it for the money, trust me.

              They’re in it for the power once you get up to those levels.

            • Food stamps? How about hard labor and daily butt kickings. Irrational comments I know but we are just about to go under because of the ass clowns.

          • So everyone should get food stamps that don’t want to work?

        • Unless it’s Sherriff Joe then it’ll be balogna and pink underwear.!

          • typos compliments of my Droid, bologna

            • SI am not the only one. Dam little keyboards. They will end us all.

        • Sheriff Joe would give him a baloney sandwich. That should make the mayor real happy.

          • ….and baloney would be green.

            • Most of the SNAP-card milkers I see in the grocery store, pushing groaning full carts–sometimes two at a time, throwing packaged food into the carts in a frenzy, selecting Bubbaburgers and ribeyes and backfin crabmeat, pepsi by the case, almost never a fresh vegetable–are, almost to a man or breeder female, fat-to-obese–while I’m buying their extravagent groceries , the type I can’t afford(though I wouldn’t buy most of that packaged/prepared crap if I could afford it).
              They are clearly getting enough dole to not be losing weight!
              They also more-often-than-not are showing off colorful tattoos that they can apparently afford–since they have no grocery expenses, and almost always can be seen loading their booty in a much newer and nicer car than the beater that I keep on the road to get to work in as cheaply as possible–it only has to be reliable transportation for me, I have no need for the pseudo-“status” of fancy big chrome wheels and a new car with big monthly car note payments–you can “afford” a big fancy car payment if I’m buying your mutts’ groceries, and subsidizing their “free” breakfast and lunch at school–and their Obamaphone–“now i can call my grandchildren” the tv ad proudly proclaims–and now the local schools are even serving an evening meal to the kids of fooddstamp mamas, and we send them home every weekend with a backpack of food “care package” too!

        • I have to call BS. If the mayor lost 4lbs living one week on the “food stamp budget,” why is there a weight/obese problem in the country?

          • I think the key is the mayor was trying to buy “healthy” food… The poor generally buy alot of pasta and other cheaper food, which might load them up with calories, but not alot of nutrition.

            • BS is right. The mayor is showboating, and like all politicians, full of shit. He is like Brewer, too addicted to federal dollars to buck the system. If Brewer really cared, she would close the border and dare Obama to do something about it. Think he would order a drone strike on the governor’s mansion?

            • This mayor is an open borders puke who has been involved with the Feds going after sheriff Joe.

        • Be Informed – Did you write this? Link to follow:

          Big Quakes Signal Changes Coming To Earth’s Crust

          by Richard Harris

          www. npr. org

          • @ Another Comment. I could not link to this, but that was not me that wrote this, my name is not Richard Harris. I guess someone else has the same idea as I do, or they read what I wrote. Maybe someone else can help figure out how to predict earthquakes better than me, that would nice.

        • Kinda suprised fox would run this story…!

        • At least a $20 hooker still costs $20!

          • You can still get serviced in many cities for a $2 cap of crack…

        • At least a $20 hooker still costs $20!

        • Well if he only manages to get some jail time, Sheriff Joe’s lunches are not known to compete with Olive Garden.

          Green baloney sandwiches to go with your pink underwear, gives a new meaning to the phrase:

          “love pink”.

        • “Requires making EVERYTHING from scratch”– Is there no God? People getting free food should be able to get processed, microwaveable meals. Minimal effort should be required.

        • Look at the math: $4.16 per day x 7 days per week x4.3 weeks in a month =$125.21 for one person to eat for a month. How is that a huge hardship unless you eat out 2-3 meals per day or eat at expensive restaruants. Does this “servant of the people” even know how most people live? Clearly not! And his comment about needing to cook from scratch to make it through the month pretty much outlines the mindset and health problems of this nation.
          For a family of 4 this would work out to $500 per month just for food. How is this a hardship? I can feed a family of 4 really good food AND buy petfood for 2 cats and 2 dogs and cleaning supplies for the home and basic hygiene items for the family for this amount of money and not using coupons. Yes I do cook from scratch because it is healthier and cheaper. I do serve leftovers and take them to work for my lunch the next day. And I do not buy all name brands unless they are better than the store brands.
          When did this nation decide that everyone must live a caviar lifestyle to be happy or for things to be fair? If you make that much, share generously with charities and thank God generously and then do as you please but NEVER has everyone shared equally in the worlds wealth. And those socities who claimed to try are now called Russia, China, Cuba etc. Would you prefer to live there?

      2. What’s he going to eat when we collapse? This guy is a fool.

      3. Toro doodoo. As if food stamps were ever thought of as the only source of charity a person might receive. How ’bout local food banks or churches? If the mayor of this “sanctuary city” thinks the federal program is insufficient, let him make a case for taxing his own residents to pay for food or other give away programs. I doubt making the issue local would get much support. But no, like the opinion of the lady (?) with the “free” phone in the anti-Romney demonstration, it is all about getting something paid for by somebody else.

      4. Ramen noodles, pasta, and coffee? In college I lived on ramen noodles, potatoes, and tea. Coffee was too expensive. Bought a $5 pizza each Friday with money from my university job, where I made $1.30/hour. You do what you have to do. It motivates a person to make themselves marketable and EARN a better lifestyle.

      5. Israeli Zionist War-Monger Jooo’s are running a Nuclear Bomb Protection Racket against the Entire World , including against AmeriKa who were dumb enough to gave the crazy israeli zionist jooo’s nukes to begin with !!! They get paid bribe money Protection Money from all over the world just to stop them from going NUCLEAR ON A COUNTRY’S ASS !!!



        see below …

        • ISRAELI POLITICAL INSANITY. THE SAMSON OPTION: Israeli Letter-poem to Grass: If We Go, Everyone Goes

          “Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away—unlike the Armenians, Tibetans, World War II European Jews or Rwandans—have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

          The phrase the “Samson Option” is used to describe Israel’s strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against “enemy” nations should its existence as a Jewish state be jeopardized through military attack. Israeli leaders created the term in the mid-1960s, inspired by the Biblical figure Samson, who destroyed a Philistine temple, killing himself and thousands of Philistine enemies.

          Israel refuses to admit officially that it has nuclear weapons – a policy known as “nuclear ambiguity” or “nuclear opacity.” This despite government officials inferring repeatedly – and occasionally admitting – the fact. And despite Israeli nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu making public smuggled photographs of nuclear weapons and production equipment in the 1980s.[4] Israel now may have as many as 400 atomic and hydrogen nuclear weapons, as well as the ability to launch them via long range missiles, submarines and aircraft. It can use them in a second strike even if its military is devastated.

          Originally a strategy of last resort retaliation – even if it means Israel’s annihilation – it has developed into being a nuclear bullying strategy to further Israel’s territorial goals through threats and blackmail. Israel has bullied not only Arab and Muslim nations, but the United States and Russia with its Samson Option threats. Mordechai Vanunu has alleged that Israel uses for purposes of blackmail its ability to “bombard any city all over the world, and not only those in Europe but also those in the United States.”


          “AmeriKa gave the Zionist Jooo’s Pucking Nukes !”




            • Run, run, everyone, the Red Queen’s off her meds!!!

            • they don’t call the day the foodstamps arrive “mother’s day ” for nothing–the day the street dealers love, because everyone in the ghetto has magic-money or its equivalent in a SNAP card to swap for whatever kind of dope is your preference for 50c on the dollar….

          • Pase post where you base your conclusions. Where are you pulling your facts from.

            • Facebook, I can tell you from personal experience. I accept EBT at my store. Have been approached by EBT’rs to purchase a share of the booty on the card for cash. Hell it’s easy to do. All you need is the PIN # and away you go. Have tried to notify the Dept. of AG on their fraud hotline but after sitting on hold for 30 minutes, gave up.

              This one will stun you guys here as it did me and my employee who ran an EBT purchase recently. This is no lie and I kept the receipt to prove it. Balance on the EBT card AFTER we ran the purchase…$3531.00!!!

            • In every ghetto city nationwide, the safest person and job is the……Maileman or letter carrier. Nobody ever messes with the Postal mail delivery person becuase Thats who brings the checks every month!

              Although todays electronic bank deposits may cause even the postal person to be in danger now. In the old days it sure was safest ghetto job you can have.

            • @anglo- Remember man, you are an anti-semite because isreal has 400 nukes.

              You are David Duke!

              You are KKK!

              Jesse jackson is a holy man.

              You are an evil bastard! 🙂

        • the way that they get by is buy selling a portion of it. for an example say if a person get $200 worth of food stamps. what some would do is sell half of it or $100 worth of food stamps for half of the cost or $50. then they will take that $50 and eat at MacDonald, or burger king and order from the dollar menu. but then they will also shop at stores that sell food for cheap. another way they get by is by not getting married and staying single but in a relationship making it where they both can get there own food stamp card then then sell one off.

          • OmegaGrayKnight,

            Yes there are multiple ways people abuse the system. I have some of those grasshoppers in my family. An accountant friend was telling me about all the children with different last names that they list on their tax returns. Multiple people are claiming these “dependants” on their returns and it’s impossible for the IRS to track. They get more money back than they ever paid in. I know people who have their kids on Medicaid because the kids father would have to pay more to have them on his insurance. So they pretend daddy is not in the picture. These are all white people I know so no, I’m not a racist when I vote for the candidate most likely to cut all the entitlements.

            • and look at the bright side of people on entitlements. when the SHTF, most of the people on entitlements will roit and most likely attack the government. making it where the only thing that i have to do is set back and watch the show after i hid everything. but just believe that all of the entitlements programs need a major over haul. because if a person truly need help i don’t mind the government helping them. but it is when people are on entitlements for countless years, play the system not for benefit but for there profit is when i disagree with entitlements.

          • Omega, you’re state a fact for a very high percentage of people. There are those that need food stamps and use it wisely.

          • I know know some who have done that. $200.00 a month for each one. 6 weeks old baby, 3 year old, 5 year old and mother. Boy friend (father) also gets them. That is $1000.00 per month and its been going on for over two years. How much can these small children eat? They also get big money back from IRS because taxes are taken out of money they get and guess what, it wasn’t their money to begin with. Its a big rip off of the tax papers.

            • I meant tax payers.

            • We have umpteen people living in a section 8 house two doors down from me (all morbidly obese). They get free rent, free health care, drive two brand new cars (paper plates still) they have new cell phones and my wifes friend is their caseworker. Ten of them in the house are getting 4000. dollars a month in food stamps. This won’t go on long.

            • I have never see anyone getting that amount of food stamp per person. More like $62. per person unless living in Big city might get little more because of cost of living.

            • Notice how many have a bastard about every five years so they can stay on the gravey train.

              Off topic: I saw a commercial for a blanket-like device with velco straps that kept dogs or cats feeling warm and secure, and supposedly made them less agressive. The commercial featured a testemonial by a female veterinarian that since she started selling these, 50% of her “patients” had come off meds (presumably antidepressants). In it’s current form, USA is DOOMED. Dogs are on antidepressants?

            • SNAP varies a bit by state. But for those who doubt the monthly SNAP benefits, here is the actual chart for the State of Illinois:


              Check your own state for benefits if you want to know how much a household can receive.

          • I have no direct experience with the EBT, but all of the fast food restaurants and many of the *family* type chains depend on EBT for perhaps 1/3 of their profits. I know people who work for YUM! (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell)and their marketing people openly acknowledge this in meetings that include their contract employees. The same is true of pricey organic food stores, like Whole Foods.

            AFAIK, I have known one older couple who got EBT during a very rough patch. Husband is a custom carpenter used to making $100k/year (don’t forget there are costs to this income, so that is the gross)and his wife lost her job. They received $350/month for the two of them and were aware it was a lot of food. She found a job and he does odd jobs, now.

            AS for discount groceries, I know people who work and are comfortable that shop there and I am including the salvage stores. You can find gourmet items at these stores as long as they are packaged. I check them out regularly. You do have to watch the expiration dates.

            I do not live where there are these hordes of leeches people write about. In the nearest medium-sized city, there are some and there are minorities of all sorts among them, but out here,most folks on benefits are really in bad shape and through no real fault of their own.

            There are working folks out there who have had their wages cut, have kids and have lost their homes. There are people who were so thrilled when their kids went to school for Green technical jobs that then never materialized.

            I am also told by the LEO that a plurality of the people grow their own recreational drugs. Knowing isn’t enough. They must catch people in the act or with the product.

            If we even could find the time to read all the details in all the laws, we would find that we are all criminals at some time.

            We are 300M people in this country. There are that many stories. If people live in areas full of dependents and addicts, perhaps they need to move. Knowing the human race, likely in neighborhoods full of cheats, there are people ready and willing to drop a dime on each other for personal reasons.

            It sounds like Hell on Earth.

          • Kevin…Nice to see we got aprox 3 or 4 folks aware and awake to the Yid issue!…Baffeling how we see 200+ persons here who know and are so wide awake to most everything….EXCEPT This issue!

            Proof solid how swell a job was done by 50 yrs of conditioning, from wolves in sheeps clothings type Pastors nationwide eh…..Once it begins they Will change minds fast I rekon. Them in Ukraine and russia and poland sure did!…Way Too late…But they did finally awaken to the True threats of the worlds worst Parasitic class of devils ever to inhabit planet earth….Tribe worship will end then!….Tic-Toc…

            • Tic-toc

        • * ISRAEL’S secret desert NUKE BOMB MANUFACTURING PLANT EXPOSED … must watch video … learn the truth of ZIONIST Israel’s nuke bomb manufacturing plant hidden in plain sight .

          Nuclear Threat is from Israel NOT Iran

        • Red Queen,

          PAID Zionist internet “talkbackers” are hard at work suppressing knowledge of their Master Race creed and plans to depopulate the earth of goyim.

          Of course the useful idiots will never spend time reading the Zionist press:

          The importance of the truths you reveal is shown by how feverishly they try to erase you.

          • Thank You @ John Q. Public

            Israel hires NAIVE college students and RETIRED ex-IDF soldiers as private Internet Propaganda Soldiers to Hide the Truth about Zion Israel .

            18th July 2009 | Israel

            Straight out of Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry: a new Internet Fighting Team! Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The effort is meant to fight the “well-oiled machine” of “pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets… with content from the Hamas news agency.” The approach was test-marketed during Israel’s assault on Gaza, and by groups like Give Israel Your United Support, a controversial effort to use instant-access technology to crowd-source Israel advocates to fill in flash polls or vote up key articles on social networking sites.

            * Ya’ just Gotta Love dem’ Jooo’s !

            They Receive 800 B as in Billion $$$ Dollars a year from AmeriKa in USSA to Israeli Jooo State Financial Defense AID TO NUCLEAR BOMB TERRORIZE BULLY THREATEN THE WORLD AND AMERIKA !


            sometimes … when i’m alone and no one can see me … ;0) … I LOCK MY DOORS … PULL MY SHADES DOWN … AN i then like too pretend UN NWO GLOBALIST ILLUMINATI BANKER ZOG FREEMASON JESUIT MORMON ENSLAVED carbon credit vat tax debt enslaved AmeriKa is really a … “Free Country” !

            ;0P pssszt da’ NWO ZOG FREEMASON homicidal genocidal Jooo’s of Israel .


            • Yoyo Dawg, Queen or Cocopuff or whatever you call yourself nowadays. You might get your point across better if you stopped writing like a 15 year old texting his drunk friends political crap. I have tried to read what you write but after about 2 lines my eyes cross and I move on. You may have something real or truthful to share but you are your own worst enemy bro. Even public education teaches better wrting skills than you exibit. Facepalm Eyeroll…

        • Please post where you base this statement from.

          • Statement came from…AintJoMomma…InnapankakeBox!

        • Go away you moron.

      6. ““I’m facing a long, hungry day and an even longer night getting dinner on the table, which requires making EVERYTHING from scratch on this budget.””

        WAH, WAH, WAH, maybe if people prepared more meals from scratch and ate less prepared, preservative laced, boxed crap we would be healthier.

        • Fortunately for his sake, he only had to be responsible for one week. Society thanks you.

          • VanMom, recently(here in west Texas) a young man, single, was in need. A rancher offered him a job with free room and board plus $180.00 a week. The young man lasted 1 day then left. Reason:His- not enough money. Real reason-he didn’t want to work.

            • That’s clearly a bottom-of-the-barrel immigrant-class job and pay level, but a step up from unemployed and homeless.

              It’s interesting to see as many migrant workers return to work in improved economies at home, how many of their former jobs will be taken by those who claimed to need those jobs. In this case, the guy was ‘too good’ for it, after all.

        • Mordecai
          So totally agree. If you look at the picture in the last post, most all of them were chubby butts. They seem to be eating OK with all there free stuff. And I’ll bet none of them cook from scratch or even know how.

          • Still livin of the old man huh ?

      7. Maybe the Romney campaign could turn this into a challenge for all Americans not living on food stamps and show people what it’s like to be on food stamps, and show what so many Americans are experiencing since Obummer was elected, and since Michelle is now in charge of our children’s nutrition.

        Check out more hipocracy at this link especially starting at 0:35 into the video when the steward takes his order.

        • SNAP= SUPPLEMENTAL Nutrition Assistance Program

      8. This is the problem; food stamps were never meant to be a primary benefit. Food stamps were meant to subsidize your food cost for people in need. The main problem is now its viewed as just another link in the entitlement chain. No matter how much they get it will never be enough and that’s just the entitlement mentality!!!

        Let me put it in a simple way. In America today we have a ratio of 2 citizens supporting 1 entitlement person who may or may not be a citizen. Entitlements, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are simply unsustainable. That’s the cold hard reality of America today.

        No matter who becomes President they can’t stop what has to happen. I’ll warn you though, what has to happen is not going to be pretty.

        Good luck to all, it appears the crash is speeding up.

        • Unfortunately, you can not get food stamps if you have a job. So it is relied upon as a primary source of food. And it is hardly enough, unless your diet consists of Ramen noodles and hot dogs.

          • That is untrue. According to his state, as an individual Mr. Mayor could have earned up to $1,816 a month and still qualified for food stamps which are actually called SNAP which means SUPPLEMENTAL Nutritional Assistance Program. They are not intended to be ones primary source of food.

            Supplemental – a : something that completes or makes an addition
            – Webster

            • Thanks GG I usually don’t comment back on stupid comments. I’ve learned you can’t fix stupid.

            • My daughter goest to college full time and works at Wallyworld part time and has an apartment and STILL doesn’t qualify for food stamps!

            • That may be fine and good on paper…I live it, however. And I know several people in the same boat.

          • I work minimum wage and I don’t qualify for food stamps because I make to much money. At least, that is what the bitch on the phone said during the “interview”. I had to get a roommate just to survive. I can’t prep at all with my income. But hey, losing a bit of weight won’t hurt. People in 3rd world countries survive and so will I.

        • @ Patriot One,
          EXACTLY – subsidize or supplement what people were spending. Kind of like Social Security is supposed to supplement what people have saved for retirement, not be the primary source of what people live on when retired.

        • How is social security an entitlement? Every paycheck I have ever recieved has had a deduction for social security. Working people have paid into that system. They are “entitled” to what they paid for.

          • So when a farmer in his 60s back in the 1960s who never paid a dime of Social Security was able to pay the government a few hundred dollars to buy into the system, he is “entitled” to draw a check for the next 25 or 30 years?

            If I live to be 90 like most of my family, and the system still stands, I will draw more Social Security by far than I ever paid in. My estimated monthly check will be more than my total salary for half of my working career.

            It has always been a Ponzi scheme, designed to keep working as long as birth rates kept increasing as they were in the 1930s. It was meant to be a supplement to help an old person’s children pay for his upkeep. But people today feel entitled to be completely supported by Social Security. That’s how it’s an entitlement. Any government program that by law is forced to distribute money to people when there are not enough revenues to cover it is an entitlement. This includes Social Security, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid. People are really only “entitled” to draw out what they contributed, which, for most people is much, much more than they contributed.

            • Archivist: you will draw more USDs, but the value of those USDs is far lower than that salary you earned in the early part of your working life.

              For those on Medicare, they receive statements after using medical facilities. Medicare pays the provider nearly zero. Supplemental insurance, which is paid by the recipient, will cover _some_ costs. The ER or hospital eat the rest. In my state, Medicaid will deduct $$ from a disability check in any month where the recipient earned over the allowed amount but used any care at all. Since the disabled usually need medical care, this is a Catch-22.

              It just isn’t as cut and dried as stated.

            • When the program was set up the retirement age was three years higher than the average life span. It has always been a scam. Had the criminal in the govt. put the money in individual accounts at even six percent there would be no social security crisis. Instead the stole every dime that was deposited. All that are left are IOUs.

          • JoeinNC: It is an entitlement because we are all entitled to the money we put into the system once we get our minimum of 40 quarters. Most of us have a lot more, like me, I’ve got 159. But here’s the problem Joe; go online with SS and get a list of every dollar you paid into the ‘fund’, and I use that word loosly, multiply by 2 because all of your employers matched it. When you get that figure then divide your monthly benefits into that amount. That will tell you how many months you are living off of the money that was put into your account. For most folks that’s anywhere from 6-8 years, after that you’re living off of other people’s money; working folks like our kids. I say the government should cut us all off after we reach our maximum imput into the system because then it would be a form of welfare and not an entitlement.

            • You have no concept of what was supposed to be done with the money. Even two thousand a year between the ages of twenty and twenty five would have grown into almost a half a million dollars even at a modest six percent interest. Had that been done the wealth in this country would be fantastic.

          • And you will collect every cent you paid in in the first three years of drawing “benefits”–after that, my grandchildren are subsidizing what at that point is welfare..

            • My father don’t even thank me for paying his SS. He told my brother (51yo) to his face that people HIS age should have to work until at least 75. Dad started receiving SS at 62. He is now 77 and well past getting everything he paid into SS.

            • CURMY..Is that like folks with zero kids pays school taxes so Your grandkiddies go to school?

          • my husband’s mother and her husband have close to a million dollars in stocks and own a piece of property that is worth over a million dollars. They both receive social security and medicare. Disgusting. New hips and knees for mom, her husband hasn’t worked since he was 40, and he inherited most of it from his mother. I have no problem with their wealth, but they shouldn’t receive more than they paid in – ever and definitely not Medicare.

            • If the SS deducted by the government were placed in a personal savings account that compounded; not even invested in blue chips … the money in it after 40 years of work would be very significant. Eroded by inflation, yes, but still worth more than SS.

              Do the math.

              Don’t complain about what seniors are getting, recognize that the government stole that money from them and have not given them a decent return for their money. Your indignant reaction is misplaced.

              The latest FIASCO about retirement was apparent to me in 1987 after the S&L Debacle that was created by Congress specifically to benefit the GB’s.

              I looked around and said: “What’s next?” and I realized that pensions were where the rest of the money was, and I recognized then that “retirement plans” were a scam created for Wall Street Fund Managers.

              I decided not to participate. Engage your employees or be impoverished by them. Its your choice.

            • What is wrong with you people? The money was supposed to have been invested and earned interest. It did not because the politicians spent it as fast as they got it. Truly sad the level of ignorance in this country. No wonder the politicians consider Americans morons. Because they are.

          • My mother gets about $500/month in SS after not working for over 50 years.

            • Thank God she does Melvin or you would be picking up the tab. Wouldn’t you?

            • Melvin, your mother may be getting a spousal benefit based on her husband’s SS. She could be allowed 1/2 her spouse’s benefit or, if he is deceased, all of it if his was 2x what hers would be.

      9. there are numerous examples of people who have taken “the food stamp challenge”

        here is just one

        check out the grocery lists

        grocery prices have skyrocketed

        eg milk at $2.99 ?
        we’re paying over $4 a gallon here

        potatoes 5lbs for $2.49 ?
        I wish
        I’ve seen them as high as $5 a bag

        carrots 79 cents
        try $1.99

        romaine lettuce 66 cents a head ?
        try over $2

        I’ve gotta stop
        I’m getting depressed

        • We raise everything you listed. Our only cost is for goat feed. And our labor.

          Can you grow food in a garden? You won’t become depressed if you control your food.

          • Zoltanne; it is liberating and an antidepressant! You are right.

          • Oh, pooh, that is not necessary.
            I don’t grow my food and used $3.00 to eat today, and ate well.
            Count it…
            An apple, two boiled eggs, can of Libby’s green beans, half banana, and lasagne(made from scratch)w. garlic bread(garlic powder on old white bread {waste not, want not}).
            I don’t count water and tea.

        • What area of the country are you in, Satori?

          • North Carolina

            • similar to Central Texas. I work for a grocery chain.

            • Where? Care to name a county? City?
              I’m close to Sanford.

            • Burnet County

      10. Like we can’t see the political side to Mr. Mayor’s stunt with his self-imposed, make-believe food stamp budget.

        If Mr. Mayor is implying that his weight loss is attributed to the lack of free food and free money to keep him fat-and-happy, then he needs to tell the majority of those fat, lazy food stamp people how he did it. We need a few less fat people on the dole — he could help Mooch lead the cause.

        But no, conversely, Mr. Mayor is going to be the mouthpiece for increased funding for SNAP. Why not give out more free food? We give away free phones, free electricity, free housing, free medical care.

        Mr. Mayor needs to challenge real people who eat and cook REAL FOOD because we could take on that $29/day challenge and do it. Let all things be equal — no home-grown foods and no stored pantry foods — it can be done. But most people don’t cook from scratch, use coupons or store specials, or shop wisely. And since it’s all for free, no one worries about waste.

        Disgusting. I am SO ready for the Reset-button.

        • Amen to that Z.

          From the viral “Obama-Phone” moocher yelling about SS, disability, “fwee fwone”, well…all that fat did not come from Ramen noodles.

          As there is no way out of this madness. I predict the reset button is on auto trip in the next few months.

          The Reset is all that is left.

        • Yeah, here you go again. How nice for you that you have been able to live in your little box your whole life. Not sure why you’re an “angry middle-aged (I thought you were older) woman” as you seem to have everything figured out. Not only that, you want to shove everyone else into the same little box you’re in.

          Newsflash: Not everyone can walk the same narrow, bigoted path you do. Even if they want to, sh!t happens. Maybe you should get off your judgmental high horse and get out more.

          It’s too bad there can’t be more preppers without the attitude and religious aggression.

          That “reset button” will not work out like you expect. You may not like when your little box crumbles and you get to see what it is like for the majority.

          • Hullo troll, are you having fun chasing me down for those insipid red-thumbs and negative comments? Maybe you can take a minute to evaluate what you’re doing here churning that attitude of yours. Don’t you think it’s time you face the truth and get a grip? Maybe some morning exercise or an hour spent with some food preparation? You really need to get prepared. Your anger will work against you when your energy will be needed to survive.

            • Thank you for your concern. I’m going to bet that mental agility with preps will out-do your need to have everything lined up in little boxes, like Rainman, if there ever is a SHTF scenario.

              Why am I on this site? It was for the wonderful prep ideas and help, for the non-preachy commenters (who many have been drowned out by the likes of you), etc. And you come out of nowhere and attack on THE WRONG THING just to give yourself a soapbox one day. And your prattle just doesn’t stop.

              I’ll give you 10 points for using the word “insipid” and spelling it correctly though.

              Have a nice day.

            • ROFLMAO….”non preachy commenters” like Another Comment? LMAO!

              Were you planning to contribute to this site, or just troll around looking for a negative angle to attack from? Get off your own “judgmental high-horse” — none of us here will waste much time on you — we have more critical issues to deal with.

              DO SOMETHING POSITIVE for yourself — add in some foods, become knowledgeable with growing medicinals, practice how to forage, learn to shoot (not shoot your mouth). It’s going to take more than that “mental agility” you claim to have honed if you want to survive the coming years. Maybe it’s time that you learn how to get everything lined up in little boxes, like Rainman. WTF that means…. ROFLMAO!

          • Another, bull? This lady wants others to support her life style. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Most here can see through the BS.

          • Great point. All thesepeople feel so high and mighty. Just wait until the are the ones being movked for their peasant eays…wait, they already are by the elites!!!!

        • The mayor could have $300 left over from his food stamps on a calendar year just by taking advantage of Costco’s current special – $1199 for a years supply of kibble.

          Hope the link works; if not its not a bad deal if you have the money to spend, its usualy $1499 on special now for $1199 and includes everything a person would need for 12 months. A $29 a week he’d get $1500 plus a year so this would leave him with $300 in change to spend on a Ruger 10/22 and some ammo.

        • jayjay says: September 28, 2012 at 9:26 pm
          Please read; great post, Zoltanne.

      11. Patriot One, you’re absolutely correct. None of the programs are sustainable thanks to Wall St. and government. All politicians come from priveleged backgrounds instead of the real world like you and I. They have no clue as to what we go through on a day-to-day basis and don’t care. When TSHTF, it will be horrific and tragic for all the nonpreppers whether they were working or on the public dole. If you haven’t already prepped, your days on this earth will be numbered, a very small number. Going shopping again this weekend. Take care and keep prepping.

      12. if anybody can put together a food budget thats even half way healthy for $29

        by all means post it

        • Beans (Pinto, Red, White)
          Corn Meal (Corn Bread, Corn Tortillas)
          Bell Pepper
          Canned Meat (Optional, Meat on Sundays only)

          At least 50 different delicious dishes from the above. Ate this through the 70’s and was still healthy enough to enter the pro wrestling circuit in the 80’s.

          • Bayou Bob, I agree with your list. And speaking of the Bayou, the poor folks of Louisiana, black and white, have created some of the greatest cuisine in the world, and it involves the phrase “first you start with a roux.” So you should throw some flour and lard on that list too. With a light roux you can make a big mess of ham and beans, so throw in a pack of ham hocks, and with a dark roux you can make gumbo or dirty rice or jambalaya, so throw in some chicken gizzards and liver. And a bottle of hot sauce and Cajun seasoning, a bag of onions and some garlic. With the lard, you can also make a fabulous pie crust and refried beans. I would take spinach and cabbage off the list because you can forage wild edibles for your vegetation, although cabbage is very cheap and can go in a soup. one may ask if life is worth living with free range chicken, rich golden fatty stock, and the kind of andouille that makes you weep in your gumbo, but hey, thems the breaks.

            Satori, rather than building the budget around the weekly amount, you need to remember that they are getting their credits on a monthly basis, so you can build a more effective plan buying bulk of larger quantities. And a lot of food will last for several months, so you are carrying things over. This dude is probably going from scratch every week, which is probably how a lot of SNAP recipients live anyway, if they are not schooled in the virtues of prudence, frugality, thrift, and old school cookery.

            I am a Yankee but I do love me some soul food.

            • I had the privalage of living with my great grandmother for a time when I was in my teens . She was the master of old school cookery and wasted nothing . I learned so much from her just keeping my mouth shut and my ears open . Her and my great grandfather moved the family from Oklahoma to Oregon during the depresion . Too bad almost all that lived through those times are gone now . We could all learn a lot from them

            • Dead on Mama

            • I can’t grow enough cabbage for my need. I eat a LOT of cabbage and homemade sauerkraut. It’s a super food. Literally.

              Spinach I can’t seem to grow at all. 🙁 I keep trying though.

              I’m on a paleolithic diet these days, no carb. No white flour. I kept rice on the list but I don’t each as much as I used to. But hey, jambalaya is a way of life!

              And the lard I simply don’t admit to in polite company. 🙂

              But lard and pork fat send signals to your brain when they enter your stomach giving you a full sensation so in reasonable amounts they can contribute to eating less, if your cholesterol is within limits.

            • You are making me hungry, Mama Bear!

              I am a Yankee, as well, but learning Cajun cooking was a revelation in my life. Food is nearly a religion down there and I know folks who will even post pictures of their plates at a family reunion. Gorgeous!

              You are so right on about roux! It draws everything together and somehow, a small amount of any meat and any vegetables becomes a gallon of goodness.

        • Heck, a 2 pound bag of beans is less than $2 at a supermarket. And a small bag of rice is about the same. Oatmeal is around $3 or so for one of those large cardboard rounds. What’s the cost of 5 pounds of sugar, about $4? A dozen eggs are about $2.50 or so. A 5 pound bag of flour is $3?

          I don’t buy foods in small quantity so I have to approximate, but this a start for a basic group of ingredients to cook. Of course, it doesn’t include those processed foods, expensive treats, or the chef’s salary. lol

        • Rice and beans. Beans and rice.

          • put together an actual menu

            and it has to be healthy

            ramen noodles,white flour
            beans and rice day after day may keep you alive
            but it is FAR from a healthy diet

            • Not only have they given you some nice recipes but you can also forage. Where I live wild berries are plentiful. Fishing can also be done in most places. The point is these people have given you the REAL number in $ you get in free food and we ALL know how to stretch a $. Well everyone but you.

            • @ satori if you go to hillbilly housewife dot com she has a menu for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for a family of four @ approx 90.00. it is 2009 prices, but am sure you could probably do it with 116.00.

              if you truly have to divide this by 4 ‘coz you are cooking for one, we will pray for a sugarmama, aunt bea, or a good cajun to come your way!

            • for some reason, i can’t post the link. to hillbillyhousewife dot com /tag/70-menu. sorry for the spaces, but you’ll figure it out.

          • Yep that’s our “main” staples when SHTF. We have been canning and drying for five years, but our dry beans and rice are stored in glass jugs,jars and bottles. No mice droppings to worry about.

            We usually buy in bulk,(the largest bags at grocery store or wally’s) unless we get coupons and find on sale.
            I guess you could order larger amounts or get a membership at a Big discount club, but we cant’t afford it since we live paycheck to paycheck.

            Our maximum prices we will pay per pound are, $1.00 per lb. for dry pintos and .50 cents per lb. for rice. For the last six months our FLion grocer has had 3 lb. bags rice for $1.56, and about once every week or so we get a .75 cents off via the coupon dispenser at the entrance. We both have MVP cards so we usually get one and sometimes two coupons, so we get rice for about .28 cents per lb.

            There are still some bargains and ways to shave off a few dollars here and there. These deals and bargains will most likely be a thing of the past “if”, WW3 breaks out in the next six months. Not to mention the “food shortage” the media is talking about coming.

            Maybe we need a food shortage to stop some of the wastes that goes on. Just in the USA there is enough food wasted each day to feed a huge African village/town for a year. When will it all stop?

          • 0352: Reminds me of the Month Python sketch on Spam. Eggs and spam; spam and eggs; eggs, spam and spam; spam, eggs, and spam, etc. Thanks!

          • Excellent!!! Here you go Satori…………………………..

        • I’m not going to be exact here, but…

          Oatmeal (no milk)
          Banana (from a store that no hablo ingles, not Ralphs… you wanna blow your budget, buy produce at Ralphs…)

          Chicken thigh from smart and friendly – $0.99
          Refried beans – (1/3 can)
          Vegetable from above mentioned store

          Dinner: pretty much same as lunch. Plus like 1/4 of an orange again from above mentioned store.

          Please note: if you can get a fruit tree and a veggie garden going, cost goes down. Raise rabbits, cost goes down again.

          And your beverage of choice shall be water.

          It’s awfully close to the $120 number. I think it comes to a hair more. Maybe $40 more.

          • Wow! Here is another great example Satori…………….

        • I ate for $3.00 today..check it out..above @9:26pm

        • I eat healthy for less than that every day
          For breakfast oatmeal 1.99 a for a big box at woodmans
          no milk just honey an cinnamon, honey I buy when on sale 32 oz. for 5.00
          For lunch I put a small amount od olive oil in pan
          slice one small onion in pan , then one small potato . then a few slices of a sweet potato . then 1/2 a carrot ,then a few slices of green peppers or red peppers , then slice some cabbage on top of that , then some broccoli , I season with a sprinkle of salt and sprinkle with oregeno . basil leaves , crushed red pepper , garlic powder , cayenne pepper , black pepper , put a ear of fresh corn on the top and 1 small 4 oz can of salmon. simmer for 30 minutes . I like my onions a little brown . When I get done eating this I always say it.s the best meal I ever had . I eat at about 2 in afternoon at night have a bowl of popcorn no butter. Total monthly grocery bill $100.00
          Try it and you will like it healthy and lose weight I sometime use fresh fish instead of canned fish
          Cabbage is normally 1.20 for a nice sized head
          Broccoli .99 a pound
          onions sometime .99 for 3 lbs
          red potato’s just bought 5 lbs for 2.39
          sweet potato’s .69 a lb
          carrot’s 1.29 3 lbs
          green pepper’s .50 ea
          all seasonings .99 each at Aldi’s
          I am 67 years old and never take any vitamins or supplements and never go to the doctor

          • Jimmy:

            You seem to have your cuisine down fairly well. However, check out

            You may be amazed as I was by following the suggestions. I’m only 86 yoa, but maybe in another 20 years maybe I’ll start feeling old.

      13. Maybe all those scum bags who rely on all of us who DO go out every day and work be cut off ..perminately .. I bet they would be forced to work or just lay down and die..

        Unfortunately – self preservation would kick In.. And they would have no other choice than to get up and work..

        1- BIG Problem solved.

        On with the negatives!

        • No thumbs down. We just need to cut off the banksters first. If we did, there’d be enough jobs that few would need food stamps or welfare.

          Also, tariffs on foreign crap so it is made here. It is not “free trade” when American workers compete against people making $2/day in countries where our corporations pollute & destroy the land. Why don’t we outsource the CEOs too & pay a Chinese CEO $100,000 instead of millions?

          • Tariffs on cheap products, so poor people will have an even harder time getting by? Yeah, great idea!

            • LvM,

              Do the math if we start making products in America again then more people will have jobs and be able to afford to buy a slightly mor expensive product.

              I would rather have a job and pay a little more for a product than be on welfare and be able to buy cheap junk from Wally World that is made in China.

              Initially, prices would be a little higher but after a short while companies would catch on to the fact that it is not a smart business model to build something in China for $1.00 then pay $1.00 to ship it back to U.S. then pay another $1.00 in tariffs when you could build it right here for $2.00 in the first place.

              More jobs here at home would mean more dollars for people to spend in my store so I could then go spend more dollars in their store.

              Americans supporting Americans! Instead of Americans sending all of their money over seas for cheaply made crap that we could make better here in the first place!

            • And the extra federal income COULD be used to pay down the national debt and rebuild or infrastructure.

              (Although the politicians would most assuredly blow the extra cash by giving themselves fat raises.)

            • Someone is just looking at kick starting hyper inflation that’s all.

            • LvM

              A lot of what comes from China is not a necessity. The US did fine when our goods were made here.

              Regardless I would tax any profits made through investments outside of the US at 50% to help defray the cost of lost employment and the subsequent demands that puts upon us.

        • I like your way of thinking. Problem is those F-ing poloticians won’t even make them take a pee test. Shit, I have to take one to work and they can sit around and use the system all day and do what they want.

      14. When one has a low income, he learns to follow a strict budget.

      15. & people think food stamps & welfare is bankrupting the country? It’s needless wars, inflation/debasing the currency by the counterfeiters in the Fed, & sending good jobs overseas aka corporate wage arbitrage.

        The government & corporations caused the problems when they become fascist, & the latter ran the former…into the ground. The 2 political parties now bow to the same fascist masters (except for Ron & Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich).

        • What is bankrupting our country?

          A.) Too many people on welfare

          B.) Needless wars

          C.) Corrupt banks & politicians

          D.) ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

          • While all of those cost money, I agree, it’s the entitlements that are bankrupting us. What’s bankrupting the country?

            In FY 13, the feds will spend:

            A) Social Security – $820 billion

            B) Medicare – $523 billion

            C) Medicaid – $283 billion

            Other mandatory programs too numerous to count cost another $600 billion.


          • D. final answer….

        • 47% of Americans get benefits from the government. Social spending in all its various forms is bankrupting the country.

        • Econman

          And Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are no longer in Congress after this election. Paul is retiring, Dennis lost a districting issue.

      16. I know several people on food stamps and I’m not saying it isn’t a challenge, but they go hungry only if they manage them poorly. I eat better when visiting my food stamp recipients than anyone else. He probably has less financial acumen than those on food stamps who shop at off-brand stores like Aldi’s and only buy name brands with double coupons.

        Am I to believe the average food stamp recipient has no children? They get the same allotment and eat half as much on average so a couple kids would increase his food intake by 50%. I did not waste bandwidth watching the video, but how many times did he visit the food bank?

        I must admit the last time my family left for the week I spent a little more than him. It was about $5 a day, but I drank a lot of pop and prepared foods and ate a lot of junk food.

        • A young mother I know of who has 3 kids under the age of 10 receives $800/month in food stamps. That’s more than my family of 4 spends with 2 teenagers.

          • Holy cow – what I could do with an $800 a month food budget!

            • Two adults one child almost 600 a month in WA. I see this every month at the Vet center. It only lasts 3 weeks. Every month they are begging at the food bank and other agencies.

        • Great point P.P.

          Food banks and WIC are just a part and when combined with EBT…

      17. you know what, go collect cans on the side of the road, do something to help yourself, get a fkn job and stop sponging off of hard working people.

        • ya talkin’ about welfare recipients?
          the Wall Street types ?

          oh wait…
          they’re all kinda one in the same aren’t they ???

          • I think he’s talking about the mayor

      18. $29 x 46.7 million on food stamps equals $1.354 billion.

        Money stolen by banksters that destroyed the American economy:
        $29 trillion.

        Now, did the food stamp people cause the meltdown or did the banksters contribute to the job loss that causes the people to need foodstamps. When the USA had manufacturing, these people lived in areas that had good paying jobs through which they could support a whole family. People say, “Just get a job”. When the people that say this become disenfranchised, will they be as callous? No. They usually start screaming about how we need “programs” to help them.

        • Before you go all high and mighty. How many of these people USERS prepared? Don’t mix subjects here to serve your point. We all do not trust the bankers and are aware of their part. We are discussing feeding people here.

        • So, who gave the bailouts to the banksters?
          wasn’t Obama in the Democrat-controlled Congress that approved “Bush’s” bailouts?
          And Plugs Biden too?
          Did those Dems in Congress pass any bills reining in the MBS/Fannie/Freddie bubble that Bush vetoed?

        • Econman, that quick tally is way off. The actual SNAP annual cost for 2011 was $78 billion !!

          The figures are found through CBO or USDA websites.

        • Econman

          Your correct but your using different scales of week verses total. $29 per week per person is $70 billion per year.

          Therefore it’s 29 trillion / 70 billion = 414 years for food stamps to equal the theft of the banksters

          I just wanted to put it into perspective.

          • Food stamps got “Privatized” so now J.P.Morgan(ziobanksters) gets Paid either $1.50or it is $2.50 Per reciepient of ebt card.

            I imagiane it takes One worker at jp morgan with One computer per month to re-load all 47-million cards for a fresh months bennifits eh.

            While ziobankster heads of bank earn a whopping aprox. $125 Or More million Per month!..On Top of usual-usuary fed gov and citizrns pays em.

            After 100yrs now of Them owning banks and charging usuary intrest…I think it is high time to switch to new IRISH Bankers get to charge Trillions in usuary for next 100yrs.

            How about We offer current banksters a Running Head start, in exchange for next hundred yrs IRISHMEN owns banks?…

      19. Save your money and don’t buy corn, soy, or any food that contains these false foods. More often than not, they will be GM. Corn cannot be properly digested by humans – that’s why it is pig food. Soy can make you sterile – ask the Japanese.

        • Oh, I am pretty sure I can digest both pigs AND cornbread. Sorry about your luck if you can’t, but beans n ham n cornbread is the food of the gods. GET IN MY BELLY!

      20. Comedians in sit-coms would often joke about getting some nice government cheese if they had to, as this was to make the food aid program look inept as it is. I have met people at the store though that have made it work for them using every coupon imaginable. Others have used food stamps on day old bread and vegetables and fruits. At Safeway and other markets you can get 50% meats that they have to sell for the day.

        People that are not on food stamps or any government assistance should really consider ALWAYS saving as much money as possible at the market like those that have to. There are many exceptional deals for those willing to look for them. The more money ANYONE saves can be used for extra food, water, ammo, anything for the survival stash. This is excellent training for survival when times force everyone to skimp for what they can, just like those that have to right now.

        • You are right. The first week or two is probably the toughest assuming a completely bare pantry, but if you cherry pick you can begin to stock up on discounted items and supplement the new sales/coupon purchased foods. As PP said, it probably does get easier when averaged across more people, but my food budget is $27/week/person and we eat really well from the grocery including occasional splurges (when on sale, i.e., steak @ 4.99 l/b, not $12) and some convenience foods.

          • You guys are right. However 3 mouth breating welfare non working sit on the couch and play video gamers don’t think so. Please give these guys your green thumbs.

        • @ kimintn. I have been over talking about this since April and how the mega earthquake affected other plates around the world, which was an article on Yahoo recently. It was just so obvious, and just like the slowness of the government, it took 5 months before an article was approved for the world to see on the major news sites. Oh well.

          Please check out what I sent on the article yesterday “Founders in the near future…….” about 2/3 of the way down I gave the proof behind how polar earthquakes of 5.0+ mean bigger earthquakes are on the way of 6.5+. I have 39 years worth of data, which is very long and I did not want to bog down the site with it so I included 1997 as one of the most typical examples of this here.

          There has been no polar or sub-polar activity other than on Sept.15 and 17 which was ONLY 4.6 and 4.8, which looks like it lead to the earthquakes of 6.2 in Baja Calif. and the 6.4 in Alaska. Look for polar activity of 5.0+ and the narrow band of 55-56.99 degrees south of 5.0+ to indicate of earthquakes of 6.5+ to come about 80% of the time. This is one system that has 39 years worth of proof behind it and patterns that continue to follow the same parameters. I sent Mac the whole 39 years worth of data and thankfully he has it stored and saved for future references.

          • Thank you, BI. I don’t know if you read late posts, but I look for your updates that show up in the most obscure articles. Your info always brings a fresh focus in the midst of the rah and bah! If you have a web-site devoted to your musings, I would happily be an avid reader.

            Side thanks to Mac, in case I haven’t said it lately. We should vote him a National Treasurer. All hands say ‘Aye’.

            • @ WeeVoiceInTheWilderness. The only reasons I have not been doing much updates on earthquakes is the lack of activity. Yesterday there was an earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands which is within that narrow band of 55-56.99 degrees south in which a 6.5+ comes after a 5.0+ in this ring around the planet. It was ONLY a 4.7 so everyone can expect something under a 6.5, probably in the low 6 range. Watch for this ring as 78.2% of the time when there is an earthquake of 5.0+ there is an earthquake of 6.5+ within 15 days, normally within 7 days.

              The widest area around the planet is of course at the equator, and at 55-56.99 degrees south there is much less area covered it would be more than double the same 2 degree ring amount of land covered towards the equtor. So to have this tiny ring 78.2% of time lead to an earthquake of 6.5+ means that this area is almost certainly a precursor to large earthquakes. Not the cause as so much just a pretty valid indication of what is to come later.

              Watch this area on 55-56.99 degrees south for 5.0+ quakes. Watch also 68.5-90 degrees north and 58.5-90 degrees south for earthquakes of 5.0+ for earthquakes of 6.5+. The earthquake yesterday was at 56.2 south and was 4.7.

              As myself getting a web site, I think I will let the expert (Mac) handle this. My own web site would be something I don’t think I could handle. Maybe as Mac modifies this site, like a type of forum much can be discussed outside the base articles. I have seen this where people have a lot to talk about and how the general discussion of the main topic article curves away. I try out of respect for Mac and the web site keep to the subject when possible. However, when there is an important issue such as a major disaster coming off the topic of the article, I will discuss it.

              It is rather frustrating when I have predicted earthquakes in the past and got thumbs down for it, mainly because it is not the topic of the main article. I just don’t know where else I can put something of importance to many people other than in the main section of a new article to alert people to something coming. I absolutely feel that a very destructive earthquake is coming to the eastern portion of the Caribbean plate and there are people that live in this area and I would like to try to help them get ready for it, perhaps even save a life or two or many.

              Anyway on August 12 I gave 14 locations to watch for very big earthquakes, and I still say that these areas are primed and ready. I think that many people here rah and blah because of the way the world is. It is an extremely confusing time for all of us. I was very pleased to see RICH99 offering some sound advice the other day on firearms, so there is hope for everyone here. What I cannot stand is when these trolls come on and have absolutely nothing to offer but trying to irritate people and disrupt everything and everyone’s train of thought. I think if they understood the severity of the situation of the world, perhaps they would be more contributing to the well being of everyone that visits this site. We can hope. All of us have much to offer as suggestions and opinions and maybe more people will chime in as times become more perilous. Thank you for the nice comments.

      21. Propaganda. This is a democrat trying to defuse the food stamp issue. If this is true, why are the poor overwhelmingly obese in the US?

      22. $4.16 per day…

        1. drink water-even with your water bill the amount consumed daily by humans is negligable in your payment.
        2. 1 lb. rice-96 cents at local discount grocer.
        3. 1 lb. dry lentils-$1.19 at local discount grocer.

        I could go on but it would get boring. food fatigue? sure. starvation? not even.

        • I have tried to like lentils. In fact, I felt it was my duty to like lentils, everybody says how healthy and economical they are. I even went to the health food store and bought some yellow lentils. Tried them with rice, alone, in a homemade soup, and even with copious quantities of hot sauce. It didn’t help. I just don’t like lentils.

          So instead of lentils it’s split green peas for me. I’m sure there are plenty of folks that feel the same way about dried peas as I do about lentils.

          If you get food stamps, are feeding only yourself and have access to a discount food store (Aldi, Save A Lot, etc) you can put on weight for $29 a week. Eggs, tuna, canned chicken, rice or pasta side dish packets, canned or dried beans, whole wheat bread, desserts of pudding, gelatin or fruit cups.. No it’s not gourmet. But it’s damn close to what I take to work for lunch.

          • dried split peas have roughly the same nutritional value as lentils, a bit lower in protein though.

            rice and legumes combined create a complete protein.

          • People just need to put forth the effort. Really. Build a pantry over time. It’s not that hard. Watch the sales. Have a set price. I won’t pay over $2 a pound for boneless skinless chicken breasts. I do without until they are on sale again. Stores run on cycles. Look for the “loss leaders” although I expect there will be less of them in the future. A little over time adds up. You get out of it what you put into it.

          • Forgot to mention the lentils. I’m with you, YUCK. I have tried several times. If hot sauce can’t fix it, I better find something else to add to my preps.

          • old radio nut

            You obviously have not had Italian lentil soup.

          • Actually, I like Lentils. Also,they are one of the few dried legumes which have vitamin C. On the other hand, my “Eat Right for Your Type” diet menu tells me that Lentils are not beneficial for me so I don’t eat them.

            Probably your taste is telling you what my diet menu is telling me.

            Try things like black-eye beans. Very good and very beneficial.

      23. Hey people! Look this! (from minute 6 the police attack inside the Train Station,unbelieble for us)

        The situation in Is-pain is becoming worst so fast than you can imagine, is like a movie. I couldn´t imagine before that changes go so fast.

        Now in catalonia, one region of Spain,they are planning the independence, and it can finish as in Yugoslavie.

        Everything is going to hell so fast…and Spain is an european country! this kind of things ever happens to others countries, my God….Be ready, couse the collapse can arrive more soon than you imagine.

        From Barcelona,still Spain.

        • Thanks for the link, and the reminder JH. Yes, it can happen anywhere. And once it starts it can go pretty fast. Keep us posted on what’s happening there. And stay safe. -okie

        • Coming to a town near you soon.

        • Viva Barcelona, Viva Catalonia, Y Viva Messi!

      24. We are a family of five and live on about $50,000 a year (I realize that’s a lot to some, a little to others). All 3 of our kids have special needs & medical issues. We receive not one DIME of help. Everything we do is on my husband’s salary.

        I only spend about $200-250 a month on groceries for a family of 5. We grow our own, raise chickens, can our food, and make do. We barter produce with eggs. We grow what we can on our 1 acre. We have a cow butchered and eat off the meat all year long. While I do not want to be on food stamps and certainly would not want to make the $29 a week sound “sexy” there is way more you can do besides eat ramen noodles.

        This is why people seriously need to learn the meaning of SELF-sufficiency.

      25. I have had two recent experiences in the grocery store where people were using their SNAP cards. One was buying steaks while I was purchasing tuna fish. The other bought $200 worth of frozen cookie dough and cake mixes. From what I have seen, not many people are actually living on food stamps – they are using them to buy foods that I can not afford. Some people need a legitimate helping hand, but most are just exploiting the system.

        • I make a suggestion–maybe the dept of welfare needs to mandate cooking classes to qualify for food stamps!
          Why not??

          • Since these people evidently can’t take care of themselves, why not declare all of them “wards of the State”, then bring them into compounds where the Nanny State can do everything for them? They can’t work (won’t work), can’t find the $ to buy a phone or pay the electric bill, won’t cook, won’t maintain good health. In essence, these people simply do not want to (or cannot) make it on their own. So if they can’t maintain independece and have to rely on Nanny, let them live with Nanny. Round ’em up! Maybe if they’re looked-after by the government, it would get some of these ingrates off their butts to take on some personal responsibility.


            • I think we shall soon see the day where this scenario plays out. Those totally dependant upon the gov will be required to do many things to continue to receive goods. Some of those things required won’t be too pretty or christian-like. When a person becomes unable to “perform” or is too old and/or ugly, they are “disposed” of.
              Word of advice to “dependants” of the state, stock up on petroleum. Not the liquid kind; the other, you know the kind that has jelly in the name.

            • Hmm.Soylent Green maybe.

      26. This guy was making propoganda for the more government and more government hand out community meaning the Democratic socialist that run our nation. Clearly they aren’t getting all the 47% of those on public hand outs votes in November so they need more of them.

        This won’t take long, but I’m mad about it and need to vent. I sold a business 3 years ago, and it was a national franchise. I met another franchise we became friends. He owns two of the stores (easily worth about $750k), one is paid for and he even owns the land on that one. He gets $700 a month in food stamps, his wife $900 a month in disability for “pain killer addiction) and his kids (18+) rotate on unemployment with one working at his stores and one not. He under reports his income because it screws everyone (franchise corp/govt) to his delight. His taking EBT/disability and unemployment is his “joy of screwing our government.” He actually called me to go with him an obama fund raiser in CA. I’ve turned him into the disability hotline and unemploment complaints I called in against his kids. There is no online system for reporting EBT fraud so I called and the person told me if he’s not reporting any income there is nothing they can do. He is getting away with it and laughing at us while doing it. Meanwile I’m retired and pay taxes on my rental incomes (which I now live off). It really gets under my skin and there is nothing I can do about it.

        I actually figured if SHTF he’d be calling me as he knows I’m a gun lover and active shooter. Yeah he’ll see my guns; the wrong end as they tell him to get lost.

        • “friends”? You dimed him out.

      27. 200 dollars of SNAP benefits for one person to feed themselves for a month is enough if you are not a meat eater or big sugary snack eater. Just go with healthy basics like legumes such as lentils, peas and varied beans. Add brown rice for a complete meal. That’s good eating. Have spaghetti often. Don’t need meat at all. Human teeth are made to eat vegetables and grains. Meat eaters have more heart related health issues. The way animals are raised, injected with growth hormones and slaughtered is disgusting. Pink slime in beef products for 20 years. Now we have genetically modified organisms in our food crops to sicken us secretly. We can’t win for losing.

        • Mostly, I don’t eat food my food eats. Rabbits, squirrels, bears and from time to time a chicken and hog and that’s where flour comes in – makes good gravy. Might as well throw in a tater.
          Leave out meat? You gotta be kiddin’.
          Vegans look like scare crows in green camo.

      28. What a lie. 4 lbs is 14,000 calorie deficit. He would have had to be running everday. If the weight is correct, he lost intestinal volume. My weight changes more than that in a week, dependant on my bathroom visits.

        • I don’t consider that a big loss either. I can weigh 5 lbs more in the evening than I do in the morning.

        • Ramen has almost no food value or calories. he could do much better with some pasta and a little spaghetti sauce with some burger added. For less than a buck a serving.

      29. People that are on food stamps are not concerned with nutritional values. They buy lots of processed foods. Heck they can even go to McDonalds and Taco Bell. And if you have looked at the people in the grocery stores that are using their food stamp cards….they are all clinically obese. So the Mayor lost 4 pounds? Sorry, that theory doesn’t hold water.

      30. Liberals, progressives and socialists have always been held in contempt by conservative capitalists, the eternal and infernal defenders of Corporatism.It’s their religion. Anything that benefits society as a whole, will cut corporation’s profit. Any drop in profitmargins is a sin. To a conservative corporatist, competition is sin, exploitation of others labor, a virtue. That’s why conservative corporatists form committees to rob the social programs of any unspent funds and turn these funds over to corporations for “research and development”, corporate welfare, if you will, or vote to defund the social programs altogether.

        Our “Democracy” was set up to ensure rule by a plutocracy. The elite rule by owning the majority of the wealth with which they buy the majority of candidates. Those ordained by our political duopoly are always wealthy. None but the moneyed have the chance to rule in a Corporate nation. The workers of that nation suffer austerity while the elite party on.

        Free market capitalism worked well in America until 1913 when Congress made the mistake of allowing a private banking corporation, the Federal Reserve Board, to gain control over our currency. This blunder destroyed free market capitalism by putting the control of our economy into the hands of corporate Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System. Through fractional reserve lending, the charging of interest, and the debt cieling that has been hit and raised continually by government borrowing, they have financially enslaved our nation, indefinately. While claiming they scientifically prevent depressions and recessions, in reality, the Federal Reserve bankers scientifically create them by manipulating the volume and value of our currency and our credit, thus profitting on the upswing and down of our economy.

        The social reforms that strengthened our Republic came from groups that corporatists call the assassins of capitalism and democracy. (In reality, it is corporatism that is the assassin of democratic constitutional republics.) The elite corportist’s only concern is that these social gains cut into their profits, indifferent to the fact that these changes greatly improved the lives of workers and thus improved our society, as well. Organized labor by socialists, liberals and progressives brought big changes for workers by strengthening labor laws, improving safety in the workplace and expanding worker rights. Workplace safety laws have saved many lives and livelihoods and have prevented lawsuits by lowering job related deaths and injuries. Children no longer suffer the loss of their childhood by being forced into the labor market way before adulthood. These changes were achieved under enormous opposition from corporatists and conservative legislators who guard corporatism with questionable and unconstitutional lawmaking. Many social reformers in the twentieth century were jailed by conservative or wartime legislation or mugged by corporate thugs while struggling for these changes. Some were killed by police orthe military at protests and strikes. More recently, polititcal activists have been jailed and investigative jouralists have been suicided by authorities for bringing forward the truth abuot corporations and federal agencies. The authorities’ crimes are simply covered up, their corruption absolute.

        Change usually doesn’t come unassisted or uncontested. Destroying human culture and poluting the ecology of the earth for the purpose of avarice and for the love of power must be contested or our demise is certain. Greed is diabolical.

        Truth tends to enlighten. Absolute Truth enlightens absolutely. Corruption is deception; keeping the truth veiled with lies concocted in private meetings by men whose only goal is to assure that corporations maintain absolute power.

        We either stand in defense of our humanity and free will or we’ll lose both and be ruled forever by a corporate monarchy.

        To be clear, I am not a liberal. I believe charity should have remained in our churches and communities
        and not become part of our government. That is how all this entitalmentality came about. By the same token, I am not a corporatist. I believe corporations should have never been given “person” status. So I have wound up here stuck in the middle, pressure from both sides. I’m getting very tired of it all. I know I am not alone in this. It’s gonna be time, real soon, for the middle to blow the hell out of both sides and get some relief.

        Start over. Reset. I’m ready.

      31. I could do it….it only takes planning, coupons and determination.

      32. If I only had $29 dollars a person per week in food I could make it work. I cook and my husband is a chef. Something that is forgotten is, most obese people are malnourished because all that is eaten is crap. Real food people!

      33. You wouldn’t lose weight on a $29 a week food budget. You eat plain oatmeal for breakfast with no milk. You eat beans and rice for breakfast and lunch. You buy dried peas and potatoes. You make pea soup without ham. It wouldn’t be fun but you could survive.

        • Barn Cat

          I see chicken on sale for less than $1 / lb . Chicken and rice ain’t too bad either.

      34. My family of four makes it on about $70-$80 of groceries a week, and that includes toiletries. Plus, it’s mostly vegetables and fruit..

      35. I bought a can of Campbell’s condensed reduced sodium tomato soup. It was $1.79. The regular full salt version is $1.39. When did something so simple and cheap like soup get so fucking expensive? It wasn’t that long ago that a can of soup was $0.69.

        And most of the Summer, except for maybe one or two weeks, peaches and nectarines were $2.69 or $3/lb. For a few weeks they went down to $0.99/lb, but most of the Summer, Summer seasonal fruit was well over $2.00/lb in the markets. When did fruit get so fucking expensive? I can go to my local farmers market and pick up tree ripened fruit of much better quality for $2/lb or less, straight from the grower and I go to the farmers market when I can and buy what’s in season for cheaper, but prices for fresh fruit have gone through the roof.

        • .79??? They still are .79…just not Campbells…SAV-a LOt or Aldis; generic brands.

          I got huge chicken noodle cans of soup, family size, for $1 at savalot.

        • Planting three pear trees this weekend. A fellow prepper taught me to plant three in one big whole and they’ll cross pollinate plus I’ll have 9 weeks of fresh pears instead on 3 in a couple of years. Will do two peaches the same way in Jan. already have oranges, figs and almonds. I love that I can count on my back yard for 33% of my food requirements. Would like to reach 50% maybe when these trees mature….

      36. Hate to break it to you but I already live on this food budget.

        Noob was buying pre-packaged crap.

      37. Three different places I have lived had some form of a farm produce box.

        For $19, prepaid, I purchased a box of produce fresh from local farms. Now, I did not get a fancy lettuce mesclun mix or baby carrots or anything like that. I got things like yellow beans, turnips and rutabegas. These boxes of produce saw my kids and me through some very hard times.

        I tried to promote the Good Food Box, as it was called in one city, at the local social services office. I put up posters and included recipes and instructions for the foods offered that month. There were hardly any takers because apparently people have no interest in preparing food from scratch any more. It was very disappointing to see those on such a tiny budget turn down good healthy fresh food at a great price.

      38. The food stamp program should be ended and that money could be sent to food kitchens, churches or warehouses where low income people could apply for a food chit and the kitchen could buy in bulk. The money would go much further and corruption would be greatly reduced.

      39. He is NOT a good shopper. I live in Connecticut, high cost of living, esp. food. I went on line and found a nice grocery store in Phoenix, one of MANY, and found on sale WHOLE chicken for $.68 a lb. (Cutting up a chicken is easy). Dozen and half eggs for $2.49. Orange Juice in 64 oz. carton $2.50, sales on fresh vegetables and greens. Organic bread, big loaf $3.00. Add in container of store brand oatmeal, some frozen vegetables, can of tuna, DRY milk, peanut butter, and one can have a balanced diet. Cook up the chicken with onion, water, salt and pepper, add some frozen mixed vegetables, and one has chicken stew for days. Boiled egg, oatmeal and milk, piece of fruit for breakfast, along with glass of juice. Say NO to any processed food, not healthy and overpriced. Eggs, cheese, and some vegetables in a pan on the stove makes a great fritatta (spelling?). I learned to cook from scratch, which most people do not bother to learn. Those on food stamps should be taught how to shop and cook simple healthy meals.

      40. Some people sound like they are pround about being poor. What the hell’s the matter with them? I was poor a long time ago and slept in a car. Forget that noise. I got a decent job and saved up. Now i have plenty of money to blow on anything I want. These young punks don’t want to work. That ain’t my problem. Work or starve I say. if you try to steal you should be shot! These slimy little shits get tattooed everywhere and have those rediculous giant earlobe rings and wonder why they can’t get a job. I’ll tell you why, you look like a fool! Life ain’t easy and the quicker these freeloading bums figure it out the better. I’m all for cleaning out the deadwood. Lazy sons a bitches.

      41. I must agree stop buying the junk and buy only what is needed. Don’t drive, fly, boat or what ever that is not needed. Take the vacation at home prep’n, fix’n your home’s defense’s. STOP THE $ IN PROFIT AT THE DAYS END. We will then see TPTB start to sweat alot. Just don’t fill their wallets. Keep it up for as long as we can. Like the old saying “JUST DO IT”

      42. I tried that $29 budget and didn’t get ANY food. I barely got half way down the beer aisle and didn’t even make it to the cigarette counter when the money ran out! This obviously ain’t gonna work! How about some gubmint sponsored Obama Beer? You know, just to keep a buzz going til November…

        Here’s my weekly menu for the financially challenged:
        Day 1
        Breakfast- 3 marlboros, half cup of cold coffee from night before
        Lunch- 2 Zanax and a nap
        Dinner- Chicken soup made with leftover KFC bones boiled in 3 cups floridated water, 1 (GMO) corn tortilla, and another marlboro for dessert

        Day 2
        Breakfast- slept through it
        Lunch- 5 hot dogs and 6 cups coke from car dealer having a ‘Customer Appreciation’ sale (I would have had more, but they made me leave)
        Dinner- Helium from 3 balloons taken from car lot (not very filling, but I sure sounded funny mocking the people on tv)

        Day 3
        Breakfast- Orange juice and a cinnamon roll (free with each blood donation)
        Lunch- Skipped it (tried to donate blood again, but they recognized me)
        Dinner- Magazine scratch-and-sniff sample for Skippy peanut butter (a little chewy, but it tasted great!)

        Day 4
        Gave up on the diet and committed a class 3 misdemeanor. Not enough to keep me from running for president someday, but it got me 3 squares and a cot for the rest of the week. The only down side was the strange people I had for room mates.

        Next week I’m calling Michelle Obama and see if she’ll let me weed her garden (on the halves).

        • Next time do day 4 at a hotel. Hell they don’t know your not a guest. You can have the anytime breakfast and fruits. Just be nice in the morning and grab a paper from the front desk and say good morning in a polite voice. They are so used to people pissing and moaning in the morning you will be like a breath of fresh air in the morning.

          Day 5 go to a friends house.

          Day 6 and 7 go to the beach. The red cross and all the churchies want to give you food. It makes them feel better.

          Now if it is raining go back to your original plan and stay at the 3 hot and a cot and just play cards with your new pals for the weekend.

          Peace out!!!!

        • thank you for the early morning laugh… i visit a number of “lik-minded” websites but your post has presented far and above any the best AM Entertainment i’ve had for a very long time… it was simple, yes, but that’s what gave it the boost – for me anyway…

          prep, pray and be vigilant…

      43. Hey Oak, we may just see this very thing in the near future.

        What If? Mittens gets the vote. He has already laid out an agenda to appease his base. Remember what he said last week while secretly being videoed. The entitlements/freeloaders need to stop. If he gets in there will be a mad rush to reel in the “entitlements” and “loopholes”. That is easier than creating the 12 million jobs he boasts of. I see a reinstatement of foodstamps/EBT back to only being available for three months in a three year period. What better way to appease the base/wealthy/working middle class and at the same time take care of that little issue coming about in early 2013…. Food shortages.

        All of us here, that have common sense and know what’s coming; know that both parties are after the same goal.
        We just want some more time. We, the prepared and walking in the light, will be OK either way. We just want more time to get others ready, and possibly shore ourselves up a little better.

        Those relying solely on a gov check/EBT/SS/SSI/Disability/stocks & bonds/trust accts./dividends/gold & silver/ etc., will need to keep an extra paddle in their pocket; cause they sure enough are gonna be up shit creek.

      44. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a small note on food costs…
        “Whole foods” has a great price on steel cut oatmeal(bulk)
        To buy via boxed can range upwards from 3.49 to $7+
        The bulk version is priced $1.69 per pound(less than half)
        I’m getting as much as I can before they catch on…
        Or prices rise from QE(free banker money) series 3,4,5,6,7,8..You catch my drift.
        All the Best,

      45. sorry mayor on food stamp budget just does not know how to shop and cook…29bucks a week is actually pretty good even considering todays food prices. people today eat too much, spend too much money on food and things they do not need. anyone on here who does their own grocery shopping-if they are prepared with the knowlege and know how can do, it aint fun-cause you might not be able to buy that steak or those fudge cookies..but i can prove that a week of three nutritious and good tasting meals a day can be had for 29 bucks and no coupons either.

      46. side note
        the daily sheeple is devoid of comments

        is everyone here

        What did i miss???

        the Watcher

      47. KY Mom,

        You spent some time and effort on that post. Well said.

        Food stamps are the new soup lines. Federal school meals have been thinned down because they don’t have the same resources of yesterday. The can has hit the end of the road. Example: The US Post Office has missed two back to back payments to its retirement account. It would appear that they could not come up with even one payment two months later.

        Good reading article and I only have one comment. I cannot find dried milk in any supermarket of warehouse store here in Northern California. I don’t know why.

        I just want throw out one more thing for all you that are blaming the banks for the mortgage mess. Don’t be fooled. This was and is the making of and by our government. It is very simple: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Housing Authority all are the major carriers of primary mortgage insurance. They are also the people who wrote the rules for qualifying for a loan. No PMI, no loan. The banks just took advantage of these rules, probaly lobbied for them as well. And all those bad loans are insured by these govt.? entities? for about (it varies) 95%. Do you see why no holder of these mortgages will modify a loan. Why should they. The government owes them at least 90% of the balance loaned. The worst part is the government is paying these insurance companies/investment companies/ pension plans who hold these derivitaves interest because they can’t pay up. Now we are coming to the point where these holders of the mortgages want thier money. These government agencies are really not part of the government. It has just been implied all these years that the U.S. Govt. would back them.

        It is coming and it is coming fast. They can’t print money fast enough to cover their ass’s. Prepare hard my friends and hope they (TPTB) don’t confiscate it.

        ***New Calif. law signed by Jerry Brown today says you cannot carry a rifle unless you have a hunting license or are a law enforcement agent.****


        • WTF
          Need a link please

          No Hunting license no gun?

          the Watcher

          • The 9th and 10th Amendments are your hunting license.

            Guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my

        • Thats why they call it the ” Peoples Republik of Kalifornia ”
          Thats one place the constitution didnt think about ……… some states should be kicked out of the union .

        • Rifles are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my

      48. That would force people to learn how to actually cook . Pre packaged food costs money , but bulk items can be had rather cheaply for the same price . Rice and beans as they say , but it will go a lot farther than pre packaged . Knowing where to go is also key to any budget . Asian markets will have the cheapest rice , pasta , and other bulk things generally speaking .

      49. well they may as well get used to it!
        because they can be in a SHTF senario just as well as any one else.
        at the rate they are going, soon this could be a reality for this man

      50. case of top ramen- $17.00
        12 cans of corn/pees-$6.00
        5 pack of mac-cheese- $5.00
        box of pop tarts-$2.50

        Total- $30.50

        THATS what I was living on back in the day(with inflation its about right),I didnt starve to death, I just had to watch food stamp fat mommas with full carts, while I was counting out change to eat.

        Let them all starve.

        Fuck them!

      51. As long as we keep sending money to isreal for their defence, who cares if our people are starving.

        The evil iranians have been months away from a nuclear weapon for 20 years.

        Isreal has hundreds.

        Let the mayor eat cake.

      52. I don’t understand why the gov can’t track fraud in food stamp welfare programs. Seems I read everywhere that they are watching us…
        In 1980 thru 1984 I made around $9000 a year. Had 2 kids. No help whatever. Paid for daycare. Kids wore clothes from Goodwill. We went out to eat at Bonanza on Tues. because kids ate free, I had a burger and ate their leftovers. We made potpourri and sat on a street corner trying to sell it. One day I actually broke down crying in the grocery store line because the lady in front of me was buying steaks and other goodies with food stamps. She had a gold ring on every finger, was all dolled up, her two kids had name brand sneakers on. My moms cousin and her family have abused the system so much that I can’t stand to be around them.
        So I have become very biased about the gov programs, as I see it still going on.
        Dollars to donuts the system won’t go down for the users.

      53. No wonder this site has been more and more off topic. There has been no change to food stamps and food stamps are more than enough based on how much your income is for food items alone if you are low income and have family. The data has be comp.

        • 3 people in my house hold. We get 150$ PER MONTH. By the end of the month we have kicked out another 200-250$ And we rarely are able to fill a cart unless there are a bunch of buy 1 get 1 frees. That is hardly enough.

          • What is your internet bill?

            Pasta Fazole is the answer. My dad and uncles ate it almost daily. You can make a vat of it for real cheap.

            • 30$ a month. Not much at all. And I don’t even pay that. I shouldn’t have to live like a 3rd world country and eat the same meals every day. This is America.

      54. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is not doing it correctly. Free electricity, cell phone, housing, food stamps, free medical at ER, give blood, sell drugs, five carpet trophies, lease Day Care, watch family/friends carpet trophies and purchase new car.

      55. And on a lighter note…

        A little girl goes to the barbershop with her father.

        While her dad is getting his hair cut, the girl begins
        eating a “twinkie.”

        While she’s eating, she walks over and stands right
        next to the barber’s chair.

        The barber looks and says, sweetheart your gonna
        get hair on your “twinkie.”

        I know, the little girl replies. I’m gonna get boobs, too.

      56. Patriot One is a jerk. Have some compassion for others. If I make a statement, it is because I am or have experienced it first hand. It is insulting to call me stupid because of a statement that you believe to be false based on circumstantial hearsay by a government official. I LIVE it and I should not be kicked while I am already down! You might want to learn to be a bit more pleasant. That is a skill you will need when the SHTF. If you start making enemies like you have of me, it will bite you in the butt during a crisis. However, if you remain supportive and nice, that person you were kind to might just end up helping you one day when your in need.

      57. if oil goes to $300 a barrel

        we’ll all be on food stamps !

        “Want to see oil at $300 a barrel?

        To see $300/bbl oil, or to watch the news as Saudi troops attack Tehran, or to see a stranglehold on US oil imports, watch what a failed succession battle in the House of Saud that ends up destroying the whole family and ushering in an Islamist age in Saudi Arabia would do to the price of oil.”

      58. food stamps are not gonna be available forever .

        we had all better quit bickering on blogs and figure out just how we are going to get by when the trucks stop moving. soon the mid-east will explode and diesel will shoot up to 6 or more a gallon and most of the trucks will have to sit idle .
        if that aint enough our current administration seems to have an “agenda” to bring the U.S. to its knees .
        go visit a local farm today and support it .

        • Can you buy bullets with food stamps?

          • Indirectly, I’m sure you can.

      59. Hey we know that the government spends our tax dollars on B S program’s, so let’s get some of it back by going on food stamps and using that to prepare with. After all they are buying bullets to kill us with.

      60. Our tax dollars at work…$450 million for the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt.

        The Obama administration notified Congress on Friday that it would provide $450 million for Egypt.

        Apparently, we need to provide aid so the “Moslem Brotherhood” now leading Egypt … so they can “transition to democracy”.


        also posted on Drudge Report

        • Their idea of democracy is to vote in the worser of the two evils, ours is the lesser.

        • Democracy is the worst form of government ever known, where two wolves and a sheep decide what’s for supper.

          • That’s why we were meant to govern a Constitutional Republic.

        • Speeches delivered at the B’nai B’rith Convention in Paris explain Luther’s changed attitude toward “Jews”:

          “As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come . . . And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be.

          One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World . . .

          We have founded many Secret Associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honor, a great honor, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations (such as Masonry), which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever.

          “CALVIN (nee Cohen) was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation.

          MARTIN LUTHER Yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends unknowingly, and again, by Jewish authority, and with Jewish finance, his Plot against the Catholic Church met with success.

          But Unfortunately he discovered the Deception, and became a threat to us, so we disposed of him as we have so many others who dare to oppose us . . .’

          (Phillip II, by William Thomas Walsh, p. 248: ‘The origin of Calvin’ (whose real name was Chauvin). See also: Lucin Wolf, in Transactions, Jewish Historical Society of England, Vol. XI, p. 8; Goris, Les Colonies Marchandes Meridionales à Anvers; Lea, History of the Inquisition of Spain, III, 413).

          -(London Catholic Gazette, February, 1936; and in Paris Le Reveil du Peuple

      61. I see this as a good thing. We as a nation need to lose weight in a lot of places. Now those receiving assistance will be just lazy instead of fat and lazy.
        Winner in my book.

      62. WH begs defense contractors not to issue layoff notices…

        Obama doesn’t want to lose those votes. Let those folks find out AFTER the election.

        “Obama budget cuts will mean layoffs in January 2013. The law mandates those employees affected be given adequete notice. To comply with the law, notices need to go out in late October.”

        Companies “could be liable to compensate employees who were laid off if the companies don’t issue the notices”.


      63. If I was used to eating like a politician, I probably would lose weight on a $29/week food budget. However, I often eat beans and rice and greens (probably for less that $3/day) so I’m sure that I could survive nicely. But it wouldn’t be eating “high on the hog”!

        The major may not be checked out with nutrition and food economics.

        • Wow..your rationale is really screwed..I bet you blame guns for deaths..and not the shooter!!!
          Yeah, I thought so.

          • That was for Canadrea–not Hey You

            • Thanks for the clarification, JayJay.

              Actually my take is that gun “control” laws are responsible for gun deaths. – – And people who make such have really screwed up reality values simply because they have yet to figure out cause and effect.

      64. Isn’t Communism looking like a good alternative for you folks in the USA?
        Sorry, but we (the rest of the world) can’t help but laugh. When the world’s bully gets the crap kicked out of them (economically) it’s kinda funny. Like when the schoolyard bully finally gets his due, the rest of the school snickers behind his back.

        • This country is already full of commies.

        • It is just so hilarious to hear those totally dependent on our economy cheering us when we’re down. Ever hear that when the US gets a cold, Canada gets pneumonia?

          Also quite amusing to hear the very people we protect yucking it up when their own security is being taken down.

          We share the longest, most porous border in the world. Have fun guarding it by yourselves. Oh, that’s right: the US has decided to beef up Canadian border security. I guess the US PTB have decided you can keep all those refugees you are so smug about taking in.

          You haven’t a clue about *the rest of the world*. As a semi-democratic socialist society, currently run by right-wingers and defined as Western and Anglophone, I guess you haven’t gotten the message that you are considered an enemy, too. Laughing? “Trailer Park Boys” is your national face to the world.

          Newfoundland Steak and mash, boys!

          Good thing you all are so totally self-sufficient w/a strong military capable of force projection and all.

          google: “Canadian Declining Safety Net

          Your country doesn’t even have a food stamp program. Instead, people have to go to the local food bank and hope there is something there.

      65. Wha-ha-hahaha ha ha hee hee hooo!

        I live here in Phoenix. Mayor Stanton, half of the population in this d*mn city can’t survive on your budget – $4.16 to buy food per day, or about $29 per week for one person. And yet, we the jobless and disadvantaged, are expected to do so. Can ya feel me now?

        My suggestion: Move to Avondale, Arizona. It’s even worse there.

      66. Mayor Stanton:

        “Stanton wrote on Facebook. “It’s only for a week, so I’ve got a decent attitude. If I were doing this with no end in sight, I probably wouldn’t be so pleasant.”

        How do I respond to that? Well….
        “tiosdioavnaszjxczhcohvzhc, sir! F you! You only have to live this reality for a week. For us, it’s every single day.

      67. Like it says in Revelations: a day’s labor for a loaf of bread! It’ll happen soon, we are well on our way there.

      68. no shit ! ask any senior citizen , how social security has been a joke for the past 30 years …..not to mention how the government keeps dipping into it .

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