Gov Criminalizes Self Reliance: Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Headline News | 335 comments

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    SHTF Plan Editor’s Note: As Rob Richards of Off Grid Survival points out in the report below, the government is rapidly moving towards dismantling the very activities that made this country great. From classifying preparedness minded individuals as potential domestic terrorists for storing food and emergency supplies to attacking local community farmers who share or barter their produce, Federal and local authorities are clamping down on individual freedom. Becoming self reliant and depending on yourself, neighbors or local communities for survival is rapidly becoming a criminal activity akin to armed robbery or murder – with SWAT teams often raiding suspects in full militarized police gear. The government, with the help of brainless myrmidons on local city councils and modern day storm troopers with policing authority, is making every effort to ensure that they, and only they, become the sole provider of food, water, energy and essential services. Soon, everything will require licensure or approval from a self appointed authority.

    A woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma is suing the city’s code enforcement teams after they illegally cut down her entire survival garden. Denise Morrison, who started the garden after becoming unemployed, had over 100 medicinal and edible plants in her front and back yard.

    She told local Tulsa reporters that she started her garden, after becoming unemployed, as a way to feed herself and treat a variety of medical issues. Instead of relying on government handouts, this woman took matters into her own hands and decided to become self sufficient. She filled her yard with things like, fruit trees, berries, nut trees, and a wide variety of edible and medicinal herbs. She used these herbs to treat her diabetes, high-blood pressure and arthritis.

    Is the Self-Reliant Lifestyle Now a Crime in America?

    All her hard work ended when the local code enforcement team showed up to her house and forcibly removed her entire survival garden. before after code enforcment teamMorrison says that she tried to explain how everything in her yard followed the local code enforcement rules. You see, she had problems with these people in the past and this time she was determined to do things by the book.

    She obtained the local ordinances and followed every rule to the tee. She made sure that everything in her garden had a purpose, and that her garden looked its best at all times. Local ordinances stated that no plant could be over 12-inches tall unless they were being used for human consumption.

    Morrison made sure every plant in her garden could be eaten, but that didn’t matter to the city. They could care less about what the law actually said, they were determined to take out her garden. “Every word out of their mouth was, ‘we don’t care,’” Morrison said.

    Over 100 plant varieties were removed by the code enforcement team leaving her with no way to feed or medicate herself. They took almost everything, including a number of her fruit and nut trees. She told local reporters in Tulsa, “I came back three days later, sat in my driveway, cried and left.”

    Government Crack Down on Liberty

    Uncle Sam Propaganda PosterWhile this case is extremely sad, it’s also becoming more and more common throughout the country. From “nuisance abatement teams” that have beenforcing Off-Griders in California to hook back into the grid, to the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, this country is making it harder and harder for self-reliant people to live on their own land.

    While some dismiss these cases as localized issues, I believe they’re part of a larger movement to control anyone who dares to live a self-reliant lifestyle. I think evidence of this can be seen in the federal governments attempts toregulate small farms out of existence, their use of the EPA to seize private land, the formation of theDepartment of Homeland Security’s Green Police Force, their attempts to seize control of the Great Lakes, oceans, and waterways, and their use of organizations like The National League of Cities to take control of local governments.


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      1. Time for a pitchfork party.

        • Say “when”

          • NOW!

          • When

        • Barlow: You are on the money-People are on the edge and if local government officials keep these kinds of tactics up I fear things will get ugly. Not only will people begin to destroy property of the city/county/state agencies that people perceive are hurting them, but go much further. My greatest fear is that others sympathetic to these victims will use this as a reason to retaliate against the actual officials and their private property. Angry folks could start posting the names, addresses, and photos of the government workers and lable them as ‘thugs’ who should to be delt with. A lot of innocent people could get hurt in this process. I hope cooler heads will prevail, but I believe it’s only a matter of time before someone snaps under the pressure. But I could be wrong.

          • Gregory8 says; ” the names, addresses, and photos of the government workers and lable them as ‘thugs’ who should to be delt with. A lot of innocent people could get hurt in this process.”
            Who are these innocent people you are talking about? The government officials who enforce these laws? Let me tell you something. The “Government” doesn’t show up at your door to harass you, arrest you if you don’t comply with the harassment and kill you if you don’t comply with the arrest. People show up to do the evil of an overbearing government which knows no limit on the exercise of its monopoly on violence.

            These government official & employees are NOT innocent. They are the enforcers. Personal retaliation is exactly what these people deserve. “just doing your job” is no longer an excuse. The guards in the concentration camps were “just doing their jobs” . If you do something, you are personally responsible for your actions-PERIOD. If you participate in the oppression of your fellow citizens, THEN YOU ARE AN OPPRESSOR. You should reap what you sow.

            >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect Us. <<

            • Legion911: At the end of WWII, we refused to accept the excuse of “I was just following orders”, and it’s as valid to day as ever no matter who you are. And I too have no love nor sympathy for any heavy-handed government fluncky. But if people feel that it’s absolutely necessarty to “get even”, I would caution them not to. The last place anyone needs to be is in jail WTSHTF. Now, the innocent people I was refering to were the family members, neighbors, and possibly just bystanders should someone feel it necessary strike out against these folks. Harming those that are not involved is wrong-period; the excuse of “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt them” is just as lame as the excuses at Nuremburg and will be delt with as severly. Revenge may sound delicious, but it pleasure won’t last long, and TPTB will just replace your ‘flunky’ with a new one. Be smart, stay below the radar, in fact, be invisable if possible to everyone.

            • This is the realm where I live. I am LEO and can’t help but agree. Attention to all who ENFORCE: A free people have the means to repel the crushing of their throats. An enslaved people have not the immediate means but the spirit of the man cannot be quenched (except by dulling with drugs-meds). So, no matter what man you stand before, be aware that you are navigating treacherous waters. Like me, you have the benefit of both perspectives. You exercise “power” over the ignorant because they lack the intellect to command their own ship. Yet, you are a man like the rest of us; sailing in league. You know of what I speak. We get pulled over by the blue lights. As our “brother” approaches, we deftly identify ourselves as kin. But what if it is a State Trooper? A little more tense?

              As govt becomes more outright oppressive, men dig in their heels. We will stand beside the Nazi guards in judgement unless we acknowledge our oath to protect The People. Listen, man will judge you in the here and now if you oppress the wrong man, and go too far. And if not that, God will be your Judge. Just because there is a statute, ordinance or policy… That will not protect you. We are held to a higher standard, but have NO rightful authority that a non-leo does not possess. If you don’t agree with that last sentence, then you are not educated (YOUR responsibility to learn) or you are truly a useful idiot. You are most dangerous, you fool.

              You must obey the law? Really? Tomorrow, a federal law will be passed that requires all thirteen year old children to be submitted to the state for requisite molestation. Its the law now. You gonna meet the Official at the front door with your daughter? No. With a 12 GA? I think yes.

              Hey, cop-deputy-MAN, when you realize the God given self governing power of The Individual People… Only then will you free yourself and know who YOU are. Be a sheepdog or you are a wolf. The Sheep are fashioning claws from the bones of their fallen Brothers. We are training for the war that is being brought to us.

              Watch the video that relates to self governance and self ownership. It will be an excellent start to re-educating yourself. Cleanse your mind from the imperial training. Remember that you MUST refuse to follow-enforce an unlawful order. Trouble is, do you know the difference?

            • You have a very dangerous mindset. In a lot of communities you don’t have the legal right to turn your entire property into a huge garden. That’s not being anti-prepper. It’s just the laws as they are today. The police who enforce the law are doing the right thing.

            • Barncat, a fitting name for your views…

        • ”Soon, everything will require licensure or approval from a self appointed authority.”

          I appoint myself, and accept no authority other than that of the God of Nature.

          When there are enough of me, there will be no more of those code enforcers. All that is needed is a for a few to make the initial sacrifice and instill in these enforcers that they CAN AND WILL be shot on site when acting unlawfully under inapplicable codes on private property.

          • I thank God everyday that I live in the country. The road that I live on is about 1-1/2 miles long with only 5 homeplaces on it.

            I still believe that there will come a time when even “I” will feel the pressure of all the food regulations that this govt is putting into place.

            God be with us!!

            • This has riled me to want it at the beginning of this topic….OOHHH!!!! Link below at end of comments!!

              June 20, 2012 at 3:17 pm


              June 15th, 2012
              WWII Veteran Being Forced Out of Home and Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body: Needs Your Help

              Attorney Christy Brandon
              Brandon Law Firm, PLLC
              P.O. Box 1544
              Bigfork, MT 59911
              Phone: (406) 837-5445
              Fax: (406) 837-5420

              [email protected]

              PUH–LEEZE read this, make it go round the world via email.
              Email this christy, a spawn of Satan!!!

          • RIGHT, like you will actually do anything. LOL.
            Complain all you want, pretend and talk like you will do something about this, and then go back to your life of social obedience.

            • @Larry

              A sign of a man rotting inside due to his inabillity to comprehend his own life?

            • @ Larry

              A sign of a man rotting inside due to his inabillity to find meaning for his own life?

            • Show us by example Mr. Petersen, by all means. No? Et tu, Brute? If you are not willing to “do anything” about this tyranny, then DO NOT call out others who in all likelihood WILL be the ones who WILL do something, once the time is right!

            • ive gotta agree with larry.
              the reality is that very few people will do anything about this…or any of the other injustices we see and experience every day.
              there is very little unity and even less coordination among us.
              vague, empty threats are the most powerful munitions we seem to be willing to unleash on our oppressors.
              we deserve whatever is coming to us.

              there will be no pitchfork party.

            • Larry P say: “pretend and talk like you will do something about this, and then go back to your life of social obedience”.
              He speaks the truth and sometimes (like now) the truth is painful. The vast majority of people obey. They don’t want to risk losing their comfortable lifestyle, their dwindling freedoms or perhaps their lives.

              I put myself (painfully) in that category (at this time). But I am somewhat prepared for when the day of reckconing comes. And when it does come I hope & expect I will have the cajones to walk the walk.

              >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

          • The Indianna state legislature has just passed a law that says to the people to flip off the safety if the authorities unlawfully enter or try to enter a person’s home.

        • Pass that point Barlow. The enforcement code gestapo is going to pull up in front of the wrong house one day and a bloodbath will ensue. As Paul Harvey use to say, “Standby for news”!

          • One of my most fond memories as a child. And it imprinted me at an early age.

            Dad was replacing rotten wood steps to the front of the house. He placed a footing, and was installing a safe, timeless set of masonry steps. Building inspector drove up, and placed a “Stop Work” order on the house. Told Dad to cease and desist until he got a permit. Dad explained, I’m replacing old steps with new, in the same location, etc.,etc. To no avail.
            Then Dad took the stop work order, crumpled it up, and threw it on the ground. At which point the inspector wrote and posted another. It ended up along side the first. As the inspector was writng the third copy, Dad politely stated, “your going to eat that one, if it touches my house”
            The inspector, wisely, got in his car and left, never to be heard from again.
            Trust this, when Dad said something, wise men took him serious.

            Best part; I build for a living, know the Codes in and out, and take no chit from these bullies. I’ve beat them at their own game so many times, they do not mess with me on the job. They will bully anyone who lets them,period.

            • Same thing happened to me Rick. I had a new sign put up to replace an old one. When I went to wire it the inspector came by and placed a sticker on the sign to stop work till permit was issued. I scraped the sticker off and ran the wire anyway. I have always lived by the axiom, its better to apologize later than to ask permission. I never paid for that permit and haven’t heard a word in 10 years now.

            • I’ve been in situations like that before. I just tell em to keep watch in their rear view mirror when they go home every night for the next few months, cause somewhere, sometime we’re going to meet again, on my terms, and then smile and say “and that’s not just my PTSD talking”

              It’s a bummer though when their too stupid and have to ask what PTSD means. You’ve beaten them at that stage of course ….. But they’ve taken all the fun out of standing up to them.
              Bullies are utter cowards. They hate being belittled or mocked, and normally freak out when they realise the person there challenging doesn’t take crap from fools and they’ve just meet the person that’s going to make their time with me quite miserable.
              Ahhhh ….. I so miss my Drill Seargent days!!! I’ve developed so many new ‘one liners’ to launch at “desk munching fulchers” since ‘retiring’ A bully for lunch every week I say!!! Bring em in – bring em on – and preferably on their knees!!!!!

            • I was selling my first house. Every time an inspector came out to sign off on the necessary work they added a new item to the list. One day a fellow said he needed to look up some standard and I had had enough. He looked at me, said “Aw, nevermind” signed the paper and left. It was a very wise choice on his part because I had been thru the same scenario over 6 times and I was effin thru….

        • Here’s what I ran into.
          Location: Amherst, NY.
          I bought a lot with a garage on it.
          My electrician ran electric to it…the town issued a permit. Then I showed up to get a roofing permit. They did not have the garage on their database. So they were issuing permits on a building that physically existed but did not in their records. Then they gave me crap about the building being too close to the line…”Non Comforming” buidling.

          So I decided to sit on the lot the next twenty years as an investment. Took the garage down. Now the fucks are not getting maximum tax value.

          Yeah…. the local govt. and services really suck.

          They screwed me out of $1,100 for the electric and would not pay up.

          I say, fuck the govt. local, state and feds.

          Start non complying. Stop spending money. Let is all collapse.

          • “Start non complying. Stop spending money. Let is all collapse.”

            I think, as simple as it sounds, this is the Holy Grail of resistance right now. It’s not necessary to “go out with a bang”, you just have to resist in all the ways you can. Talk about IRS oppression, if everyone would just use their right to take any case to appeals level the system would collapse in six weeks. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS: The system is set up to run with our COOPERATION. It CANNOT function when we are resisting. They do not have enough flunkies with guns to make it run.

            This is not about a violent revolution, this is a QUIET revolution. Use some of that brain power, and a lot of that rage, and figure out how your are PERSONALLY going to screw the system. Don’t tell anyone, don’t get a gang together. Just figure out how actions you alone can take will screw the system. Treat it like a hobby. It is simple, easy and for those of us–like me–that don’t relish facing a SWAT team kicking down my door, a lot safer and smarter.

            If you’re on a jury, NO to every government conviction that is for BS law enforcement. NO NO NO. Be willing to sit there until hell freezes over but sink their conviction.

            There are as many ways to eff things up for them as there are people who hate everything they stand for. Don’t talk about it, don’t draw attention, just have the quiet satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to bring this abomination to its knees.


          • You got it, What. The ONLY way to kill Fedzilla is to starve the mofo… and it lives on money.

        • Reason #34,289,078,906 as to why I’m glad that I no longer live in the limits of anything that could be called a city.

          The sad part is, in order to get any justice, she’d need an attorney – thus money. With a little luck, enough outrage can be generated to set things right, and perhaps even to punish those who failed to follow their own actual civil duties.

          Something completely missing from the story, though – who called the code enforcement chumps? *someone* had to have dropped a dime on her, given Tulsa’s size and complexity (while not as large as most big cities, it is pretty freakin’ large). They normally don’t act without a complaint being filed, since snooping around would only garner them universal hatred by the population at large.

          The only way any sort of fascist system can possibly work is by way of informants… so who brought the plant cops in on her?

          • Didn’t mention it, but could have been an HOA (Homeowners Association) you know they are often community gestapo, or it could have been the same crap we have around here: See it, Suspect it, Report it.

        • Tell me about it… and the local code enforcement nazis, town council dictators, and zoning board royalty are a lot closer and more exposed to the pitchforks than the fed criminals are.

        • Half of you bring the tar, the other half the feathers. I’ll show up with an insultingly thick rope

          • LOL, STOP making us laugh!

            • Who are you referring to “us”? There are not many on here who apparently that agree with you.

            • mr. petersen,
              Who is “US”??? The only laughing I am doing is at you for doing a very bad job of instigating. instead of instigating, put forth some idea of what your ass would do. Or were you sent here for the purpose of instigating?????
              I agree with @ what I ran into:
              “Start non complying. Stop spending money. Let it all collapse.”

            • You know, Larry?

              The one thing I like about my little town is that when someone in the local government does something stupid, they usually get fired.

              When someone does their job or does it right, they get rewarded by getting re-elected.

              I really don’t want to know what would happen to the schmuck who tried to pull some code violation stunt on an innocent lady. We’re a long way from the big city out here…

            • “us” my friends refer to his ilk… “TROLLS”!!!! Ignore his ignorant ass…

        • Take names and record faces….

        • Time for a pitchfARk party.

        • Time for a pitchf AR k party.

        • Let the Redcoats hit the floor!

          • Take it easy Iowa!!

            • Oops, sorry! That’s funny though.

              I still hate commies and redcoats.

            • “I still hate commies and redcoats.”

              Yep… and watermelons… green on the outside, red on the inside. BLAM! SPLAT!

        • Nobody wants to be the spark to ignite the fire.

          Seems like everyone is the equivalent of a wet match.

        • and just whom are the pitchforks gonna stop..?

          Better be carrying legally and then question the “authorities”..ask for court orders etc..

          everyone has to stand up to them..always..don’t cower

          and always ..always..opsec..

          hide your gardens from plain view

          this ain’t Kansas anymore..



        • Personally, I’d like to read about some unidentifiable blokes who snuck in under the cover of darkness, and destroyed every single bit of landscaping at all of the city buildings there…everything. Then we could listen to the little city piggies squeal about the awful VANDALISM…well folks, THIS is nothing short of vandalism, carried out by thugs who think they are above the law.

          THIS COULD BE ANY ONE OF US…NEXT? How many lonely old ladies are we gonna watch them pick off, before we rally our efforts?

      2. It seems the war has begun and TPTB have drawn first blood. Question is, ‘how to fight back?’

        • I dont think that should even be a valid question, did these goons have a warrant? If not,they’re to be treated as home invaders, and the home owner should act accordingly. No, accordingly is not calling the police either…

          • Peteropolis

            If she has this done to her for growing food, they would have shot he on sight for anything more.

            Poor woman.

            Take care

            • Possibly true Burt. Which tells us it is probably time to be the first to shoot. Aside from taxpayers funding these thugs, can someone tell me the difference between these mindless drones and an “armed robber”. State sponsorship is not a valid answer.

            • If she has done it “all by the book” as she claims then she must ( and I do mean must) file suit against the city and force them to stand up in public, in a court of law, and clearly state exactly why they felt they had the legal right to take her property. If she does not do that, they will do it again. It must hurt them or they will repeat it. And they will only understand the legal action, the light of day and loss of money.

            • C – If I understand correctly she is indeed suing the city over this. I hope her “i”s are dotted and her “t”s are crossed!


            • @C-F^CK that.

              Reposted from below–

              F^CK THAT!!

              This lady needs to be sueing these PEOPLE!!!

              GO after THEIR PERSONEL property NOT the state(because WE pay)

              SUE and take THEIR houses,auction off their personel belongings if their house does not cover the damages won. I’m talkin their cars,boats,motorcycles,rv’s and even their kids toys!!!! EVERY LAST THING THEY OWN!!

              THEN FIRE THEM!!!!

              These cities don’t give a $hit if they get sued, its OPM!!!

          • I have re-read the article and watched the video… I think her first mistake was inviting them SOBs on her property in the first place. Bet she won’t make that mistake again!

            • you are wrong. I believe in code enforcement as to inspect for not to infringe on thy neighbor. she wanted a record of acceptance.. psh, never mind. I cant even respond because codes have gotten so out of control. You need to take names and record faces. Live by the sword/…

          • yeah, but these cowards came in while she was gone…

        • The PTB are pushing and pushing, hoping for us (the American citizens) to fight back with our weapons inorder to out law the 2nd amendment. What spark will it take for us to be up in arms and to finally fight back?
          Notice, they are going after individuals because they know it won’t cause as be a stir as if it were groups of people. This is how nazi germany began: one person at a time, then two, then a few more, then whole groups of people (i.e. Jews, handicapped, X-war vets, the elderly, panhandlers and so on.
          It is coming folks. Stay in his Grace and fight in prayer.

          • to be honest if we fought back with our only self defense (2nd amendment) capable of getting the job done we may go down in a second history of how the war was won…. giving that they stay for a whole round 1…

            • agree

          • Oddly enough, the Revolutionary War broke out almost immediately upon the Colonials discovering that the British troops had just received orders to confiscate all private arms. Seems as if the government types never read or understand history.

            • they just know we don’t have anybody to yell “the British are coming, the British are coming”

        • guanoman,

          Two solutions for me:

          1. Keep a very low profile, don’t talk, don’t show, and live away from civilization.

          2. Organize in like-minded communities, and defend when necessary.

          Be safe guys.

          • Oh Manos….It’s you. So glad to hear from you. Please tell us how things are today, post election.

          • Happy to hear from you!

            God be with you and your family!

          • Well, how do you feel now the Syriza is probably shot?

            Tom Buchanan always wins, Gatsby always loses.

            Soon only Tom and his garden-keepers (whom he has to keep alive to be fed) will survive.

            • the elections revealed the rotten system in all its glory.

              The same assholes who brought us here, terrorized the people, and manipulated their votes.

              The SYRIZA made one serious mistake. Being a coalition of leftist parties, they were not actually professional polititians. They couldn’t handle the fake tongue of the system. So they lost.

              What i believe is that the system will feed itself for another couple of months, and then we will elections again.

            • @manos- did they hit you with that 2nd 28% pay cut you were talking about?

          • Manos, Happy to see you’re able to post & pass on info. The best to you and yours. BG

          • Good to see you still burning oxygen on your own!

            Correct on both counts. What you want to present to the world is the quintessential image of Joe Sixpack. Share only with those you implicitly trust.

          • MANOS! Sending big hug to you! SOOO very happy to hear from you. Pray all is well as can be for you and yours. Take care friend and I will keep praying for you. PLEASE take care of yourself and hang in there!

        • guanoman: I don’t recommend fighting in sense of an actual confrontation with the perceived violators. Everyone must try and stay under the radar of all government officials. Time is getting short I think, and the last place anyone needs to be is in jail WTSHTF. Now is the time to get crative and find alternatives to our current lifestyle: a smaller, mobile garden; and a few off-grid products/appliances, etc. We can’t afford to draw any unnecessary attention from government officials or even our neighbors who may or may not be that friendly, especially if it’s TEOTWAWKI time. Do any of us really want people in our community to know that we have fresh food and some power if the worst happens? OPSEC is a must in any survival situation. Good luck everyone.

          • agreed, the tar will patch my roof and the rope, well I will just hang on to that.

        • This story makes me want to cry but I’m also angry over it.

          City “officials” almost always answer to County government, as well as a Board of Supervisors. The way to get-back/get-even is to either go before them at a public meeting and wait until the floor is open for new business or commentary. Then she should present them with her issue and present a line-item bill to replace everything (including labor) or take the matter to Court. By law, they will have to address her request which means they must recognize the issue and it will be recorded on the books/minutes.

          If she decided to take them to Small Claims Court, she can represent herself but the claim must be under a certain $$. Yes it all might be ‘rigged’, but either way she will gain further public attention.

          Cities and residential areas that have ‘condo rules’ and association regulations will be the bane of our existence because there are rules stacked onto rules and there is no chance of being independent or ‘free’. This is why it is so important to get out from these places and move to an area zoned “agricultural”!

          Wouldn’t it be something to see a return to quasi-vigilantism where We The People righted the wrong and took matters into our own hands? Wouldn’t it be grand to see 20 people appear at her home to replant her garden, then stand guard day and night, perhaps with a Code Book present at all times???

          • She would be laughed out of any court in the land. Justice, especially in civil court, is so far out of reach for the average citizen, it’s ridiculous.

          • Hows about we find out the names of the heartless SOBs who cut down her plants AND the scumsuckers who issued the order, and publish their names? They sound like they’re proud that they’ve “done their duty”…. lets tell the whole damned world who they are

            • Sounds as if creating a new web site is in order… call it something catchy, like American Gestapo or some such. Hey, if the shoe fits…

          • Code book and loaded weapons, which are actually OK as we’d be guests of a lady on her property. Also gift her a weapon, a shotgun at least, and training.

            We need a “radical gardening” movement in the US.

            This is how we know the Stalinists won, in WWII when we were citizens, we were ENCOURAGED to grow gardens!

        • Every American that believes in the word FREEDOM, knows what will be the end results, when that time comes.
          The way to control is through how one feeds themself. You control the power, the food, and the water, you control the masses. Thing is, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.
          Look at Monasanto, they create hybrids to be harden against disease and insects, but the insects have adapted and overcome. Illinios crops are being destroyed by root worms right now. Nature will always find a way around the controlling mechanism. Humanbeings will do the same, but it apparently is not at that state yet? As time slowly shuffles along, it will arrive and then the awaking will be in full fruition!!!!!
          Every little news piece out there about these atrocities against humanity is going into the world’s boiling pot. TPTB like to kick a good person when they are down, it gives them that dosage of being almighty. they get a rush from it, you can say that destroying the lives of free people is a drug to them.
          That drug will be their downfall!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • They give INPATIENT drug treatment in PRISON, ya know…the best place for traitors and thugs.

        • Do what Breitbart and Drudge do: get their names, get their ugly mugs on camera, record the proceedings, show the whole world what scumsucking pigs they are and point out who they work for, and where. Not everyone in government is bad, and maybe if they get the cold shoulder from some of their own, that’ll be a start. Maybe when their neighbors won’t cross the street to shake hands with ’em, when their children or spouses are ashamed to be part of their family, maybe then they’ll start wising up. And if all else fails, when John Q Public actually can attach a face, a name, an office and an address to the outrage, that is also when it will begin.

        • These goons are just waiting for someone to fight back. As soon as someone does, they’ll have the excuse they need to implement everything against the people.
          Question: how do you fight against drones and satellites with pitchforks?
          Seriously!!! How??

          • Fork the operators “just doing their jobs”

          • We don’t need to kill anybody to make a point (this time).

      3. Makes you think – what the hell is next. Sooner or later the rest of the sheeple will wake up, after it’s too late..

        • That’s what happened in Nazi Germany.

      4. Being fro the great state of Oklahoma, I am outraged!!!! Guaranteed the city of Tulsa will hear my wrath in about 5 minutes!!!

      5. this is why community covenants should be illegal…

        • Yes, but until then make sure you know what the covenants are before purchasing a property. I wanted to buy land once and covenant said NO POULTRY, or other “exotic” animals. Only dogs and cats allowed. I don’t want to eat dogs and cats in event of SHTF, so I pass on that property.

          • a “covenant” should be for the benefit of the people it applies to, not just for a handful of petty tyrant busybodies who can only build themselves up by tearing others down

            • a “covenant” is a private contract and shouldn’t be enforceable by “code enforcement” either, it’s a CIVIL matter of breach of contract that should’ve gone before a civil Judge.

      6. Yikes this is scary. Government controls getting tighter and tighter. Feel terrible for Denise.

        Stay ready friends.

      7. Help us all….

      8. I just got off the phone with a Tulsa Zoning Officer and laid into them after they were hem hawing on knowing anything about this story. Here’s the # tel:9185847526, a d I think EVERYONE needs to call and inundate them with our outrage!!

        • I just called the number. I got a lady who was falling all over herself to disavow any connection with what went on …. ya know, just following orders … good little Nazette…

          Anyway the number we ALL need to call is 918-596-2100 it’s the Governor’s Action Line.

          We ALSO need to put that governor’s action line number everywhere we can, spread it around and encourage ppl to call.

          I have the cheapest, dumbest, pay as I got ghettofone imaginable, and I was able to do it! You can too.

          • just out of curiosity, did you get her name? Because when we call we should ask for her; then we she passes the buck upwards, get that person’s name. They cannot be allowed to use our tax dollars to hide behind the terrorist ski mask of anonymity, and wash their hands of what they have done.

            Remember, there is “NO SUCH THING AS THE GOVERNMENT”: its just a bunch of guys who wanna spend your money and run your life

            • SonofSam,

              Nicki, Natalie, something with an “N” if I remember correctly. Sorry, I didn’t really care WHO answered, I just wanted to let them know ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!!!


              Thanks for calling! And, thanks for the other number. Tomorrow, you can guarantee I will make that call!

      9. When is enough , enough ?

        • YESTERDAY!!!!

      10. Evening all

        This is repugnant, disgusting and downright wrong. What in Gods name has this woman done to deserve this?

        The before and after pictures show what is clearly a well kept garden, far more useful, and far more attractive than a bare brick wall.

        How on Earth do these jobs worthy find out that people are growing food and such anyway?

        Take care

        • “How on Earth do these jobs worthy find out that people are growing food and such anyway?”
          They find out from your not so friendly neighborhood Nazis. Heck, we live outside city limits, and were replacing a hail damaged roof on our barn. The code enforcement officer that stopped by was polite, agreed we were within our rights, and claimed he only came by because a neighbor called in a complaint.
          Now, the motivation behind this “reporting” baffles me. We don’t even know their names, and have never had any complaints to or from them. We are far enough away not to be a bother to them, oh well, I guess some people get satisfaction out of being jerks.

          • A FEMA camp might change their attitudes quickly—getting along with neighbors is preferable to a camp, at least it is for me…

      11. This is just on reason why I plan to remain an expat…..

      12. That’s why I’ll never live in towns or cities, and certainly not where signing a “covenent” is required.

      13. This is an out of control government at a grass roots level! every one in the Tulsa govt., code should be fired, and brought to justice! Back in the old days,”wich werent so long ago” we used rough justice,public humuliation! when we used to call out these criminal pricks, at the voting booth! Now with voter fraud, we are left,DEFENSELESS,with our first and fourth Ammendment Rights removed!I love my country,I fear my government! may God bless!

        • Steve,

          You forgot the Second Amendment that gives us our defense. The question is how long will the people stand there and take it before they pull out the guns and start shooting.

          These people do what they do because they feel protected by their criminal masters. A few bullets whizzing by their ears may make them feel otherwise.

          • understood! Its only a matter of time now,…Don’t shoot until you see the the whites of thier eyes!

            • this is serious issue gang, it will be very soon before a group is attacked by these police or swat teams and a few groups say enough is enough and then a temp ban by bitch obama is put in place and then all hell breaks loose. that is what i think going to happen.

            • If you’re wating to see the whites of their eyes sunshine, you’re already dead!

          • Please don’t waste ammo “whizzing by their ears”. Triple tap or head shots. The thugs are going to create enough “collateral damage” without defenders adding to it.

          • This is the Problem. they do not fear the Citizens, they have the force of Law and the Puppet Masters, to back them up..Until such a time when they will be FIRED upon, nothing will happen, its about to reach a boiling point, and the JBT”s will be stacked up on the Front Lawn..its way past the time for Voting….

          • Shoot low. Most shots that miss, miss high. Shots that miss low often bounce up and end up as hits.

          • INFINITY!

          • You MUST fire a warning shot—at some point.

        • “Now with voter fraud…”

          When the time comes that honest elections become impossible, the time for polite political discussion via the electoral process will be over!

      14. This is absurd and a bunch of BS. I’d say we all flood the inbox of Tulsa with complaints about this atrocity.

        • And… the inbox of Tulsa turns out to be reachable at 918-596-2100, it’s the governor’s action line, the number first cited above just gets some good little Eichmann’ette who knows NOTHING. nothing …!

          Call early, call often, and spread it around.

      15. This is tyranny, plain and simple.

        From the movie Beyond Rangoon:

        Patricia Arquette: “Isn’t that illegal?”
        Tour guide: “In Burma, everything is illegal.”

        The US is becoming Burma.

        • ScoutMotto,

          The whole planete is becoming Burma.

          They will even tax the fucking air we breathe…

          Take care. I pray for you guys.

          You are the last line of our defences.

          Be safe.

          • Manos

            I hope you and your loved ones are well. My friends in Macedonia keep me updated all the time an Greece. We are watching with great concern what is happening in your country but most of my people think it wouldn`t happen here, though it nearly happened in Iceland.

            As a matter of fact my next car will be a Japanese one and certain products from certain countries are not in my shelf anymore.

            Be safe and all the best to you and your family and all the brave people in Greece.

          • manos you dont know who i am and clint is not my real name. got a bachelors degree and did 6 years in navy with swcc and seal community, I won’t let gun rights ever be taken away, they will target people on sites like this and let them, what they cant see they cant take. we will be at a point in a few months when a breaking point happens and a outbreak will happen either in another country or here in the US. You be good and hang in there, many of us care about good people like you. some are talkers on here but im a do’er and will not let the government go there on 2nd admendment. wont happen and many others will not either.

            • Got a bachelors from Maryland, and served for 2 years in the Greek Navy.

              Be safe, and be proud.


            • I totally agree with you all,they will not take our rights away from us.I live 2 hours away from this harmless woman and I think she needs to sue the fuck out of them for this. ……STANDING BY FOR THE REVOLUTION TO BEGIN………………………………………..

            • I agree with this guy here,I will not let it happen.I live 2 hours from her and I would sue the fuck out of them to. …….STANDING BY FOR REVOLUTION………..

          • “You are the last line of our defences.”

            At some point, the last line of defense becomes the 1st line of offense!

        • And the Burmese military won.

          Even if the Suu Kii woman wins, she will hold little power since the military will still be strong.

          They will still rule Burma long after ‘american democracy’ wanes.

      16. Please do not let this happen to you. This is a violation against human rights and should not be taken lightly. The only reason they can get away with this is if we let them on our personal level. No matter who they work for, what clothes they wear, or what they think (or dont think…) they should be treated as what they really are, intruders. Although we like to think we live in a more civilized world and shouldnt have to defend ourselves and property with force, the truth is we really dont, this story makes that very clear. Only you cant prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Be responsible, turn the table, defend yourself.

      17. Just when I thought that the concept of private property might actually still be viable…

      18. Make no mistake, in order for the New World Order to come into power, and it will…the United States government will bow! Life in the United States has come to a comply or die policy…I will fight!

      19. Now, if that was a Monsanto test plot… This is the same thing the family farm is facing, for the same reasons. They always test their methods on the helpless who cannot or will not fight back. Then they escalate. My money and support, however, is on the farmers and gardeners. It has to be. Big red flag here.

        • The house always wins. Back the house.

          • The house eventually collapses. You don’t want to be in it when that happens.

            • No. They would have multiple house built before that.

            • 1) You hope…

              2) They likely won’t have room for you in house #2 due to “the need to prioritize protection of critical personnel.”

      20. This seems somewhat suspicious. I am aware of code enforcement telling us what to do in the front yard, but I’ve never heard of them bothering the backyard unless she planted on a utility easement. I lived in OK for 4 years and my experience was that they had better things to do than cutting down your trees. I’m going to withhold judgment until more facts are available. There is nothing on LEXIS about the suit, and the best info so far is on YouTube.

        • Im pretty sure the facts are there, someone wanted to grow some plants, no matter the purpose or what kind, they wanted to grow some plants on Their property, someone came in and tore the plants out (not their property) all violators should be shot. Yes, it is that simple.

          • I agree with both comments above. I think we need more facts to make a sound judgment about this, as it has to do with zoning/community and laws/ordinances. If the “authorities” acted illegally as it appears, then they should have to pay. Personally it smells of the homeowner pissing off the wrong person/persons. Anyways this should come as a lesson to all, especially those living in a city/housing development type setting. Get all your ground work on paper before actually doing any ground work. Make sure each step is actually observed and approved or else you could find all your time/effort/expense/labor has been done for nothing. Keep the faith!

            • They’re damn plants DT, if you cant grow plants (of any kind) on your own property then this is not a free country.

            • She did. She has documenation and everything, so she has a pretty clear case.

            • It’s not a free country any longer! Where you been lately? When you live inside any area that has ordinances and regulations, you are living by the rules set by people of authority. Try planting hemp in your backyard and see how free you will be.

        • Here is a direct link with pictures and a video of the incident. It’s from the local News KOTV…

          www .newson6. com/story/18802728/woman-sues-city-of-tulsa-for-cutting-down-her-edible-garden

          Take out the spaces, and true link to follow….

      21. I’m glad that I don’t live in the city, out of site hopefully out of mind. These folks were intruders plain and simple and should have been treated as such. Show me the papers that say I am involation of what code?

      22. Thats why I wouldnt advise anything like that in a city. You stand out too much and then they come and take it. In the country, you should be okay.

        I’m keeping a low profile, stocking up on prepackaged food, water, candles and lots of knives, pepper spray and baseball bats.

        They might come get my guns, but we’re not required to register all purchases yet.

        • Why would you let them take your guns?

          • Exactly. Any SOB coming to take MY guns is really not here for them. He is here for me and I will object to that MOST strenuously.

        • Stand out? No, stand up! Your guns should never be surrendered. Stop thinking like you’ve surrendered, as the sheeple have.

        • I live in a city, Lee, and my backyard is planted down to the last inch. Heck, I have food and herbs in the front flower beds too. I will ABSOLUTELY NOT forgo my right to make my family more self-sufficient because of some government thugs.

          If this were to happen to me, the first thing I would do is raise a media stink about it that could be smelled from one coast to the next. Next, I would re-plant. And I would keep replanting and keep raising hell until they decided I was too noisy and obnoxious for them to bother with.

          This lady is not giving up – she is pursuing her legal options.

          I am not able to relocate to the country right now but I will make my suburban home the most self-sufficient and safe place that I can.

          Remember, to give up is to die.

      23. While it is a trend, this case in particular is a local issue. She chose to live in the CITY of Tulsa ran by those put into power by her an her peers. She claims to have been within the code established by her duly elected representatives, but we have not heard the other side of the story and will not know for sure until the case is resolved.

        Whether one is foolish enough to move into a city or into an area governed by a homeowners association, they agree to submit to the rules established by the majority. If your state has code enforcement outside cities, MOVE – Today!

        Yes, we live in an increasingly disfunctional society, but at least in this story it was she who changed her behavior and not TPTB.

        • So! When is it a crime to change? Isn’t that what Obama ran on? There isn’t a good enough reason for the city to do what they did, period.

        • Wrong GG! She was there before the elitists, progressives and libtards morons took over Tulsa. Unfortunately Tulsa has been taken over now for a few years by the Marxist-loving, alternative-lifestyle accepting and the US Constitution-hating demons! Oklahoma City is becoming just as bad.

          We live in a totally non-zoned area that has NO covenants. There are some drawbacks to those too, especially with certain White Trash, and others, who like to live like pigs, and produce their Meth. But we are our own law out here, as it were, so we “take care” of these scum. Yet, I wouldn’t change it or move. We are still free to do ANYTHING we see fit (at least at this point). However, just because one lives in the “city” should NOT mean their rights and freedoms are, or should be assumed as, automatically thwarted! To even ALLOW that type of mentality is simply surrendering to TPTB and cannot be accepted nor condoned!!

      24. WTF is going on in this country it’s going to hell in a hand basket! It is time to stop this. Post warning signs- No Trespassing Deadly Force is Authorized-. Sign a complaitent with the Sheriff to have the trespasser’s arrested. I bet a dime to a hole in a donut nothing with be done. The goverment as a whole is totally out of control. Run for election to all boards, For Mayor, Sheriff, or what ever, you will get a little press time if you do, tell all the people what is going on. Don’t be affraid to get elected (lol). A few of us in my neck of the woods are planning to do just that. Get in their faces at the meetings, make your voice heard. Again don’t be affraid to draw attention to yourself. If we stick our heads in the sand, we get what we deserve, and have no right to BIT-H. Thats just me
        Live Free

      25. Unless you own a huge tract of land, you stand no chance.

        The uniformed brigands will come, clean out your yard, and go to other lucrative targets.

        Similar things happened in China hundreds of times. One bandit after another stole farms and granaries, and let people starve.

        The communist bandits did the same thing, and called what they did as “The Long March”. And look at where they are now!

      26. Government bureaucrats make me sick. Here is a video on the story.

        http://www.newson6 (dot) com/story/18802728/woman-sues-city-of-tulsa-for-cutting-down-her-edible-garden

      27. manos,

        Other than your family were there any people you found (like minded) on internet sites like this in your country?

        My reason – there are so many here that are like minded but I feel we are not united as a cohesive group by country, region, state or county.

        Maybe some direction could be offered by those that know.

        Y’all Beware! Good Luck manos and God Bless

        • Like minded people exist here, but the prepping movement is not strong yet.

          People laugh and ridicule everything.

          Neighboors are not as they used to be. Bonds are not strong, and in the crucial moment, each one will fight for his own butt.

          I’m prepared to pass this path alone. Are they? Time will tell.

          • Bonds are not strong, and in the crucial moment, each one will fight for his own butt.
            So true That is the biggest issues. I attend a large “Sportsman” shows regularly. (Opsec observe the alphabet club already know me). I see 10K plus a weekend and few are prepare, few are starting. Many talk few walk the talk. Mostly I have a gun types. I always tell them that I am the type person they will run into if they have that as there long term idea. That has change a few minds. But some are just to stupid to think it out.

            It is a shame we must do this as loners. I have tried to fine serious people and have found few. Mostly say I will come to you. My response is do not come up the drive. I will use force to stop you. Luckily few know where my true retreat is. They can have my house I live in when I am in XXXXXXX.
            Unless you are blood family. Only ones that get a free past and they are only 2 in my family of age and they even have basics. And supported a few big buys.

            We need a way to be more open to each other. Hat at shows and other marks are just like other gangs notice quickly and dealt with harshly.

          • @ manos. I knew someone that went over to Peloponese last year, the Megalopis area and it was a mess back then. The power companies had problems along with the phone lines and generally not like when this person use to go over there years ago. I have been keeping track of the tectonic activity all over the world and Greece is like southern california with earthquakes.

            I have longed felt that a major widespread disaster can and will trigger the collapse of the U.S. The state of california has the 8th largest economy alone in the world, and WHEN the San Andreas snaps it will pummel the state like no one has ever seen. Those in the U.S. government want everyone to believe that ONLY a 7.7 or so will hit, yet this is pure garbage as the southern San Andreas has not gone off in more than 310 years and built up enough stress to more over 12 meters or more than 39 feet. The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 ONLY moved about 6 and 1/2 meters or 21 feet. The southern portion breaking would annihilate los angeles. The central portion is also overdue as it has not broken since 1857.

            That Indonesian earthquake afew weeks ago was the largest strike slip, horizontal earthquake ever recorded in history at either 8.6 or 8.7 with an aftershock of 8.2 or 8.3. This would have been a 9.6 or 9.7 in terms of these mega thrusts. 8.0-8.2 on the San Andreas would be more realistic. IF San Francisco is spared still the destruction to southern california will likely collapse the economy here in the U.S. I have estimated that 600 to 900 billion in loss to resident homes alone, and that is in the low range. Trillions in loss to businesses.

            The past 4 days have had earthquakes along what I call a fracture line in which the plates connect with each other. TO EVERYONE: Take a cloth tape measure tape or flat wide string and take it on a world globe from the northern most point of the Gulf of California and stretch it as flat as possible north and south at both a 45 degree angle, keeping the tape as flat as possible along the world globe. The curvature of the planet takes it in a totally different direction than most people are familiar with on a flat map. The place along this line are where earthquakes could help trigger the San Andreas.

            Much like when someone gets a small peeble in the windshield of your vechicle, the cracks follow a pattern with the contours of the windshield, as so does the faults of the world. For a long time I thought the Mid Atlantic Ridge only affected the Caribbean, South America and the New Madrid fault in the Midwest of the U.S. It also affects the African plate that in turn affects southern Europe and the Indo-Australian plate and the Pacific plate. Past earthquakes are pointing to stress build up that point to the San Andreas. Earthquakes in the Azores, the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge, the Indian Ridge, Oregon and Alaska today, Austrailia today, especially northeastern Russia, and the South Sandwich Islands.

            I have calculated out the strongest focal points based on plate drift direction and along the fracture line that extends north and south of the San Andreas that everyone can watch for as a possible precursor to the fault breaking. Much like small explosives [placed inside a to be demolished building there are points that will cause the maximum amount of stress to the San Andreas.

            Juan de Fuca plate and Cascaid fault in Oregon and Wasington area.
            Southern Alaska, especially Kodiak Island and central Aleutians.
            The Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.
            Eastern Bhutan, northern Myanmar (Burma), and the area north in China.
            Sri Lanka.

            These areas provide a release of mass for the San Andreas to kind of move into.

            Areas south to watch as pushers of the San Andreas are:
            A tiny area about 50 miles long north of Acapulco, Mexico.
            Just southwest of the Revillagigedo Islands off shore of Mexico.
            Southern Peru and Bolivia, and Northern Chile.

            Other points along the line I described can trigger an earthquake, but these points are the strongest of any of them. I would say minimum a 6.0, more likely a 7-7.5 in size to trigger the San Andreas. The bigger an earthquake here on these points the better chance it will trigger the San Andreas finally breaking, which it MUST at one point. The longer the wait the more catastrophic it will be.

            For Greece, I would look at earthquakes in the Middle Atlantic between about 10 degrees to 35 degrees north as possible precursors.
            I would also pay attention to the Ethiopia region and even the Gulf of Aden.
            Also possible central to northern India as possible future earthquakes to indicate that Greece earthquakes are coming. For this I would look for even smaller ones in the 5.5 range or larger.

            Manos, I think you are right, I think we are in more trouble over here in the U.S. in the not too distance future than most countries. There are so many different ways the cards can fall on us.

            For EVERYONE, please keep tuned into earthquake activity, especially along these points as warning signs of more to come. Please everyone bookmark the USGS earthquake site to check out what is happening.

            • Be Informed:
              Thank you for sharing this information with us!

      28. Are these elitist officials so arrogantly delusional as to believe their bureaucratic position endows them with the total and absolute protection of the Gods of Mount Olympus, immune to the actions of common men????

        Being much more ‘down to earth’ and reality based, I would be concerned that some righteous man who ‘doesn’t care’ either, and not in possession of a four inch clitoris, would, on the next dark rainy night, run up and down my property with two perforated 5 gallon containers of Monsanto ‘Roundup’.

      29. Dear real Americans of Tulsa: Take your best plant to this lady, plant it, set out your lawn chair and don’t move. Seems she’ll need a couple hundred plants and the city will need backup, plus a very, very good national PR person.

      30. Those MF’s. Oklahoma is SUPPOSE to be one of those free states that is still left. You would think with all the tornadoes that rip up trees and destroy much each few years that they would encourage people to have nice gardens. Just another example of the state going after the innocent that are just trying to live. I guess living your life free of purchasing goods at the market is now a crime. I just hope the other so called free states don’t follow this.

        • Tulsa is a bit different. Things like logic and common sense tend to stop cold at city limits there.

          • @ Odd Questioner. You bring up an excellent point about city limits of so many places. I know some people that live in california and inside the city limits are the most strictest most suffocating laws there are. Literally you cannot breathe and the law enforcements there squeeze you like a python does. We are talking about the slightest imperfection of anything and someone is fined. Of course california is bankrupt and they have to milk every last dollar out of everyone.

            It is amazing though when someone gets out of the urban areas, even in california, the code enforcements and the law are much more relaxed. This is why before SHTF people should consider a much less “congested” life area from urbania if they possibly can. City life to the most part sucks.

            • I happen to know about Tulsa because I’d been in and out of the town so many times.

              But yeah… it’s amazing how much more easygoing the local codes/laws/etc get when you;re surrounded by woods.

            • @OQ-off topic. I came back from the sticks about a week ago, and a couple days latter, I was catching up on survival blog. guess what I forgot to do!!(I lost all my firearms in a swimming kitten induced boating accident on the colorado river near rifle, so I only have a slingshot and blowgun now).


              Thanks for reminding me.

      31. This in important. Everyone with a globe should take a tape measurer or a flat wide string of some sort and from the Gulf of California take it north and south at a 45 degree angle around the globe, keeping the tape as flat as possible. When you follow this line you will see that the earthquakes for the past 3 days are indeed following a pattern as they just had a 6.0 in Alaska:

        This line along the San Andreas follows north up through Alaska, right past where the 6.0 just occurred, then up through northeastern Russia, through China, down through Burma, or Mynamar, right to the plate boundaries of the eastern African plate. Further observations show that the earthquakes of the past 3 days are following this line from the South Sandwich Islands all the way up to Alaska and Oregon that both had good shakers today.

        Simply put, the San Andreas finally moving is based on either release of pressure to north, or a good enough push from the south. A good jolt from NORTHERN CHILE or offshore cnetral Mexico could do this from the south, or enough of release to the north. Watch this line along the globe for any further earthquakes, I sure will be as this could be the precursor to warn everyone of the earthquake that will one day, maybe soon, that slams the U.S. economy like it has never been hit before.

      32. When I hear these stories about code enforcement, I always remember that the Bind Torture Kill serial killer in Wichita KS worked for codes enforcement.

        • I guess this lady got off easy then. You think this is bad how about the 90 year old guy in Wyoming who is being tossed out of his house. Inside deal between the trustee and the judge.

      33. My first and only question?? Who are these people enforcing these codes?? these barbarian, anti-liberty codes?
        Don’t they get it??

        ~~~First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

        Then they came for me
        and there was no one left to speak out for me.~~~
        Eventually, code enforcers, you are not exempt–you will be on ‘a’ list somewhere, some time, some how…or one of your loved ones will be.

        • People that even the TSA would not hire.

        • First they came for the communists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

          Then they came for the trade unionists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

          Then they came for the Jews,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

          Thank God I kept my mouth shut, for it was at this juncture that the shit came to an abrupt end!

        • “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

          Sadly, all too many people do not recognize when the time for talk is over.

      34. And don’t forget New Mexico grannies and such staring down feds attempting to stop their farming rights.
        They stopped the interference with farmers in trucks armed.
        Can’t find the story.

        • JJ-I remember that story, due to the sherrif that county has(he is fighting the feds power grabs, and is an american hero in my eyes)

          • Yes, and at that time, another state stopped feds’ interference..I was smiles reading about both states in the same week.

            • I remember these ones. Thanks for the refresher.

              (lvrj. com/opinion/putting-county-s-last-cattle-rancher-out-of-business-148424355.html)

              (ppjg. me/2011/11/10/new-mexico-law-and-local-sheriff-trump-the-feds/)

              The Lord is Righteous.
              Standing by in Texas.

      35. Sick fuckers

        Judgement day will not be kind to those who destroyed anyones property like these people have, and its on its way folks..hope yer ready.

        Never forget..Never back down!

        I bet if she is smart , she has names and will never forget who did this to her..her day for justice will come..
        hope she lives long enough to pay them back

        • After she is dead, all comes to naught.

          Those who did that will retire to their gated community well-guarded by those with police ties, and the governmt will make sure THEY get fed since if they don’t get fed they will turn nasty.

          • they cant stay behind the gates forever.

            • No, but they only have to stay there longer than their lessers.

              The noblemen who f*cked up Rome fled to Consantinople, and didn’t get out for 1,000+ years. Only the heavy cannon, which was like the nuclear weapon of the era, pushed them out. Some of them then fled to the Kremlin at Moscow where they stayed for another 450 years.

        • The day will come. The Lord says “Vengeance is mine.”

      36. I totally disagree with what the government did here but it was NOT what this article claims it was. The law required that front yards be cut and not allowed to grow wild. I saw the pictures of this woman’s front yard and it looked very reasonable to me but it did not fit the letter of the law. So the city used the code enforcement to cut it back. It was NOT a food or survival garden it was mostly flowers. She claimed these flowers were used by her medicinally but that was clearly an attempt to get around the code. Again I say the lady should be allowed to plant and grow the flowers but to claim this was a survival garden is inaccurate.

        • The claim of it being a survival garder or not isnt the issue. The issue is that it is her property, she may do as she pleases with it. All that are in favor of “zoning laws” have no comprehension of the word freedom.

          • *garden

          • But, wait a minute…unless she inherited that property or another reason, she knew it was what it was with all codes, etc. before she moved.
            When dh and I moved here in 2007, the first thing we asked when viewing a house was is it one of ‘those’ communities.
            If yes?? We looked further.

          • So you think all zoning laws are bad? Maybe you would change your mind if you neighbor twenty feet away started a toxic recycling business in his backyard.

            • W. *your* neighbor probably has a toxic meth business 20 feet from your backyard. But that’s OK right?

            • I would shut it down myself or move, I dont need masked socialists that I end up paying for to do it for me.

          • The claim of it being a survival garder or not is most certainly part of the issue because if you saw her on TV she used this as her excuse for her garden. She knowingly used this ploy in an attempt to get around the zoning laws. As for it being “her property” I tend to agree BUT in fact we all are subject to zoning laws and the city has the authority to make these laws. You would not want your next door nieghbor turning his backyard into a feed lot with 1000 smelly cattle would you? So while I would prefer the government use more common sense and as I said I actually thought this woman’s flowers and plants looked good the regulation/law was clear.

        • GoneWTWind, if she is growing medicinal plants to use for her ailments and chronic medical problems, she has a “survival” garden. If this woman has no medical insurance, pharmaceutical drugs may not be affordable to her.

          I don’t have the legislation/code to refer to but if the letter-of-the-law specifies “front yard” and states that it must be maintained (‘mowed’), she would be exempt. A crafty attorney could use that wording to their benefit. A garden is simply NOT a “yard”. I hope she has a good attorney, pro bono, who has the ability to play these idiots for what they obviously are.

          Eventually this will settle out of court and she will be the one who benefits. This is getting attention on Twitter, complete with a donation stream. Gotta love the Internet and social media!

          • Exactly! A “crafty” attorney could get around the law. This is what she was trying to do; get around the law. And you favor this???

            As for “growing medicinal plants to use for her ailments and chronic medical problems” I think if she really believes this she is in need of psychiatric help. Do you really believe some Camomile tea is going to cure anything? This is all voodoo for the ignorant.

            • GWTW ~

              Are you really serious? I can think of a dozen different medicinals that anyone could grow in their yards that have real, positive effects that can help manage symptoms of many illnesses. If you do not believe hundreds of years of medicinal use validates this, then YOU are the ignorant one.


              I’m sure there are many more but those come immediately to mind.

            • The real question here is: Gone WTW, do YOU even grow a “survival” garden? Do you tend to or harvest from ANY of the plants/herbs listed by Daisy? Do you even know HOW to use said herbs?

              The answer I bet to ALL of these questions is…
              A RESOUNDING NO!!!

              So, until YOU actually grow these plants/herbs and see that ALL plants have flowers (how do you think the seeds are produced genius??), and that most medicinal herbal flowers are what you use for teas, salves, ointments, etc…. keep quite about a subject you know NOTHING about.

              Good day to you…

            • Pure voodoo. What, exactly, will chamomile tea “cure”???

              Have you heard of doctors? They use science to cure illnesses not voodoo. I can’t help you if you think a few weeds and a magic potion will cure you of anything. Good luck with that theory.

            • Oh dear. You really ARE serious.

              Instead of taking Big Pharma toxins for every ache and pain, many people prefer to use herbal teas. I’m not saying that you are going to drink a cup of chamomile tea and suddenly be cured of ALS or cancer. I seriously doubt that you think I believe that either – you are just trying to belittle the beliefs of others.

              Chamomile, for the record, has anti-spasmodic properties. Because of this it can help to relieve gas and intestinal distress, it can soothe nausea and it can calm anxiety. A weak chamomile tea can even be given to colicky babies. Some cancer patients, for example, sip chamomile tea to help deal with some of the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

              Many of the pills that you tout so highly were derived from herbal medicine. White willow bark -> Aspirin, Foxglove -> Digitalis – I could go on and on but you don’t really want to hear it.

              If you would prefer to ignorantly spend your money on Big Pharma poisons and literally PAY the medical and pharmaceutical establishment to kill you, be my guest. You are exactly the kind of willing victim they love.

            • Sounds to me he fancies himself as a doctor…
              “I can’t help you if you think a few weeds and a magic potion will cure you of anything. Good luck with that theory.”

              If the good “Dr.” is truly a doctor, then he/she is unfortunately one of the problems in health care today. Another “pill pusher” with no belief in self-healing (holistic) alternatives. Including herbs, prayer (God), eating right, etc…

              Hopefully, if he/she is a doctor, his/her patients know what his/her evident beliefs are!!

            • GoneWTWind, When a law is too generalized or a law is just poorly written and used for ulterior motives, a lawyer — especially a crafty one — will have a great day in Court.

              The majority of medicines are derived, or synthetically produced, from botanicals (which includes herbal plants). While herbal medicine may appear to be “voodoo” to you, plant medicines (and the phytochemicals from them) are on the store shelves or grown in someone’s garden.

              Ever take aspirin? Ever use Aloe? What about real Ginger drink or Peppermint tea? If you’ve had a root canal, chances are, oil of clove was added into the drilled tooth before capping it.

              Would you like more examples of herbals and how they are used in medicinal ways? Or do you just want to remain ignorant?

            • @ Daisy and Zoltanne. You both bring up fantastic points about herbs. Thyme, basil, and rosemary have been used for thousands of years to help preserve foods also when refrigeration has not been around. What people need to do that have doubts about how well herbs work, need to experiment with them when they have an ailment and see how well they do work. Besides all this herbs make foods taste a lot better, without the chemical crap that processed foods are loaded with. When SHTF, herbs and nature are ONLY what we will have to work with, the more we all know about what nature has to offer the better off we will be. Again, both of you real good information, could not have said it better myself.

            • I don’t “tout” pills but I don’t ignore real science either. Those pills you call toxins save millions of lives a year. To my knowledge chamomile tea has never saved a life. Your belief in these fantasies is not harmless. Every year thousands of sick people are mislead by quacks to try some “natural” cure instead of “big pharma” and they die. In my opinion quacks like this should be jailed. You are promoting a pseudo-science, perhaps you have been “spasmodic”.

            • Gone ~

              You are only seeing what you want to see in my posts. I did not claim that chamomile tea would save a life. I said that it could relieve symptoms, then I listed what those symptoms were.

              I am not anti-medication, entirely. I believe that modern medications definitely have their place. However, before taking a lot of chemicals, I’d rather consider other alternatives first. My child has severe allergies and you can darn well bet if she is having a reaction that is affecting her breathing she is getting medicated to get it under control. But if that same child has a tummy ache, she is getting a cup of tea and a hug, not a pharmaceutical.

              I’ve explained my side of it, and I think I have been most clear. If you want to continue to pick and choose little excerpts of what I say and add a few of your own, go for it. I stand by what I’ve said and my viewpoint is spelled out in enough detail I don’t need to clarify it further.

            • Gone WTW, thanks for the clarification. I’ve always believed in allowing a fool to continue to talk because it takes little time for the proof to surface.

            • GWTW. Medication sometimes saves lives, but it also kills many with side effects. That is beside the point. The question I ask is what does someone that is actually totally dependent on some form of medication going to when SHTF and there is no more of their life dependent pills left? Someone MUST find some form of alternative medication, and this is from NATURE, or they will die.

              In all fairness, you are on a site that is entitled SHTF PLAN, if you don’t believe that one day SHTF then why bother to comment with all those that feel that SHTF big time? When shtf, there will not be any synthetic medicine, nature will likely be the ONLY source. Why not have a secondary plan is which you can get your medication from the outdoors IF and WHEN you have to?

            • Indeed what does someone who depends on real medication do after the SHTF? Do they drink Chamomile tea? There are no viable alternative medicines. Almost all of what you hear about them is based on 2000 and 3000 year old superstition not fact. Most of these so-called natural treatments and herbs have been tested and found useless at best and harmful at worst.

              There is no doubt that many modern medicines have serious side effects. You have choices. I have choosen to nat take a medication that was prescribed because of the side effects. You can too. Most seriously ill people who die in fact die from complications of their disease and not from their medication. Many who support natural healing tend to conflate these two seperate issues to pump up their beliefs. If your faith in natural healing forces you to lie about science based healing then you really should re-evaluate your belief system.

            • GWTW, normally I really appreciate you comments, but now you’re just being a hard headed dumbass. Please do us all favor and get a copy of the Physicians Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines. That way you can read to your hearts content about all the randomized, double blind peer reviewed medical studies that have been conducted on different plants. Many work. Many do not. Many need a lot more research. Get some education and figure out what is legit, instead of braying on about chamomile tea and setting it up as a straw man. God, I hate logical fallacies almost as much as people who blaringly trumpet their ignorance. After you peruse it, feel free to come back here and offer a mea culpa.

            • Mama Bear: I actually think what I am saying is useful. I have spent a lot of time researching nutrition and “natural cures”. There were some plants that had legitimate medical value but for the most part what was useful has been incorporated into scientific medicine years ago and what is left is the superstition. One of the problems with any plant taken for a medical purpose is “how much” and is it stronger during the spring, summer or fall? Is the plant you come across in the field or forest stronger or weaker then plants tested in the past? Do any of these natural cures kill people (yes!)? Do any of them even work (not according to scientific studies)? Perhaps Chamomile tea will calm an upset stomach but so won’t pepto bismol and I know how much is appropriate for a child or an adult. If you truely believe that natural cures have any value then I challenge you: Name one natural alternative medicine that “cures” or alleviates a serious illness (not a tummy ache) where the science based medicine doesn’t perfrom better. I can’t think of any but I’m open minded so give it a shot.

            • GWTW! I actually agree with you 100 percent (almost) on the above post, which is more nuanced than just saying it is voodoo for the ignorant.

              I have just started studying herbs in the past month with a retired ag researcher from one of the major ag land grant universities…we have several chemists and a retired veterinarian in the group as well. So I have been reading quite a few books on the topic, but don’t have much hands on experience at this point. And I would certainly not forsake the medical care we get with our very robust insurance.

              But to give you a personal example of where a herbal remedy is better than the pharma option is with anxiety. I am normally an even keeled person but I have the bad habit of waking up early in the morning in a kind of panic…even though I have absolutely nothing in my life that should be causing me stress. It would be entirely ridiculous for me to get a prescription, as the only inconvenience I am facing is losing a hour or two of sleep. But I have been taking valerian, which so far has worked very well for alleviating the anxiety. No side effects, no prescription, and a lot of european research to support its effectiveness. This is just one example, and it is completely not scientific as it is just anecdotal. But in this case, for me, the herbal remedy is far better than some kind of freaky suicide inducing drug or whatnot.

              And I don’t think modern medicine has the lock down on all the plants. I think they threw a lot of the babies out with the bath water back in the day, and it is worth while for scientists to go back and take a second and third look. Scientists, and I am married to one, can be just as dumb as the rest of us, for example with some of the nutrition recommendations of the past century or the whole attempt to push mothers onto formula rather that nursing back in the day. The USDA and the FDA deserve rigorous skepticism.

            • The number one problem with the study of herbs is that there is a mountain of information out there that is pure propaganda and intentional scams. You can actually walk into a health store that pushes these herbs and the clerk, possibly a high school dropout, will tell you which herbs and supplements will prevent cancer and which ones will cure cancer. If this is how you want health care to be delivered then you are in the right place. But in fact it’s illegal to do this and immoral as well because it is pure unmitigated BS. There are no herbs or supplements that will cure or prevent cancer. However it is quite possible for those who believe in this hocus pocus to defer real treatment (Steve Jobs) for cancer and other diseases until it is too late for science based medicine to help them. In my opinion the lowest kind of person on earth writes books claiming that herbs and supplements can cure or prevent serious illness and equally low are those who make and sell these herbs and supplements. So where will you and the ag researcher find any real science based information on herbs and how will you differentiate between good information and the mountain of pure BS propaganda out there?
              Europe lacks laws strong enough to prevent the hucksters and snake oil salesmen from defrauding naïve people. You can still go to a Swiss “clinic” and treat your terminal illness with coffee and wheat grass enemas as long as you cross their palms with silver. Everything from Europe on this subject is suspect.
              I don’t have a problem with scientific study of plants. I too think there is a lot of potential there, especially plants from the far reaches of the earth that haven’t been studied. I support this 100%. But make no mistake this is not the same as your aunt or grandmother reading a book by a suspect author and suddenly becoming an expert on herbology and playing doctor. There is real harm caused by this mythology and it is the right thing to do to call it into question whenever it rears it’s ugly head.

            • GWTW, again, I agree completely with your above post and your moderated position (except the part where you attempt to set up a straw man by saying this is how I want medicine to be delivered…in fact , I said the exact opposite) and again, I would refer you to the PDR, which is aimed at medical professionals and provides a good overview of the research. the propaganda is pretty much a moot point for me, as everything I am using or researching grows in my garden or in the woods. I am also pretty good at weeding through all the propaganda and BS that comes out of big pharma as well, despite the incredible resources they throw into selling the yokels on itchy leg syndrome and such.

              Elder is one plant that I have been researching. The superstition part is pretty obvious…you are supposed to ask permission of the Elder Mother before you cut an elder plant, and promise that you will pay her back for the wood with your wood when you die. That part is obviously not scientific. What IS supported by peer reviewed research is the use of elder flower tea in reducing the effects of the flu and other such illnesses. In one study users saw a significant reduction in the time they were sick versus the control group, three days vrsus five or more days.This was a study in the Journal of American Medicine. So that is enough to warrant me tramping through the woods to harvest elder flowers, now in bloom, and mark the plants later for the berry harvest. I now have a large quantity of flowers drying, and will proceed to test them with my family as they get colds or flu. Hopefully it works, but the worst that could happen is that they have a nice hot cup of a delightful tea packed with all kinds of micronutrients. Plus the kids and I get our butts off the couch and out into the woods for some exercise and natural beauty, and foraging for some extremely healthy foods. We would have a much healthier nation if everyone hiked and gardened to this extent.

              Obviously it needs more formal research, but it’s not like Eli Lilly or Monsanto are going to sponsor such research. It is foolish to assume that scientists already know everything about a given plant, especially since we now have the relatively new discipline of biochemistry and the ability to take a more sophisticated look at things.

              If someone has cancer and they are treating it with herbs, that, to me, is manifestly stupid, but not every medical problem is cancer, and you set up a false dichotomy between chamomile tea and cancer. There are snake oil sales men in many areas of medicine, whether herbs or big pharma. In what I have read thus far, I don’t see any remedy for curing a MAJOR illness…cancer, heart disease, etc. But I see a lot of potential for minor problems and for overall healthiness, especially if they are getting outside themselves and taking a wide variety of greens in different forms.

            • Well indeed you are correct that we do agree on many things. Regarding elder and “studies” that show it reduces the length of a bout with the flu; Most/all of these so-called studies are not studies in any sense of the word. In general there are two kinds of these suspect “studies” out there:
              1. simple data dredges where a special interest group uses computers to find some small statistical artifact in the data and then they use this as “proof” that their favorite bigotry is in fact truth. In general this is in accurate in multiple different ways but that means little to someone who is a “believer”.
              2. A layman study (as opposed to a scientific one) where the outcome is already known and the layman is simply trying to bolster their bias. Kind of like when a mom tells you that if her children eat sweets they become hyperactive. (I use this example becasue a actual scientific study refuted this AND because most parents believe this. A perfect example of how sperstition trumps science).
              So which “study” do you put your faith in? Which group out their publishing studies is unbiased? For example “The Center For Science In The Public Interest” has a high sounding name but in fact is run by and a front for vegetarians. Their unpublished purpose in life is to push vegetarianism and denigrate eating meat (and most everything else typically subject to food biases). They are at least consistent in always being wrong. But this never seems to stop them from releasing the results of the latest “study”.

            • GWTW, I am afraid I am going to have to add “significant lack of reading comprehension” to your sins of frequent logical fallacies and general pig-headed dumbassery. In my very first post, I specifically stated that the gold standard was “randomized, double-blind peer-reviewed medical studies.”

              Obviously you are not a very good researcher, either, if the “studies” 1 & 2 you cite above have been all you have been able to find. But have no fear, as scientific research for undergrad science majors was one of my specialties, back in my good old days of academia, before I sold my soul to the corporate world. So Mama Bear can give you a schoolin’ in how to GIT ER DUN, even without the handy-dandy med school library at my fingertips.

              Here is a good starting point. dot pdf

              Notice that it is short, with a small demographic, but the research is impeccable, as is the call for more studies to verify their findings. Once you have read this, your next step is to track down all the works cited and read those.

              Now that you are done with that, here is your additional reading list. Track down all these articles, and agian track down their works cited. Unfortunately most of these are behind a firewall, but you can find some of the abstracts at PubMed. Or just access your local medical school library.

              Barak V, Halperin T, Kalickman I. The effect of Sambucol, a black elderberry-based, natural product, on the production of human cytokines: I. Inflammatory cytokines. Eur Cytokine Netw 2001;12:290-6.

              Bitsch I, Janssen M, Netzel M, et al. Bioavailability of anthocyanidin-3-glycosides following consumption of elderberry extract and blackcurrant juice. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther 2004;42:293-300.

              Cao G, Prior RL. Anthocyanins are detected in human plasma after oral administration of an elderberry extract. Clin Chem 1999;45:574-6.

              Kong F. Pilot clinical study on a proprietary elderberry extract: efficacy in addressing influenza symptoms. Online Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics 2009;5:32-43.

              Roschek B, Fink RC, McMichael MD, et al. Elderberry flavonoids bind to and prevent H1N1 infection in vitro. Phytochemistry 2009;70:1255-61.

              Zakay-Rones Z, Varsano N, Zlotnik M, et al. Inhibition of several strains of influenza virus in vitro and reduction of symptoms by an elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra L.) during an outbreak of influenza B Panama. J Altern Complement Med 1995;1:361-9.

              This research, combined with your reading of the PDR, will give you a very good education in how herbal research SHOULD be done. And then of course, there is the field research and testing, which is what I have moved onto.

              Plus it’s just a darn tasty tea.

            • Dammit, I tried not to make the link live and got moderated. Make sure you add the .pdf to the kick-off journal article when the post shows.

            • The study you linked was interesting but I have two problems with it. First it is a foriegn study. Did I mention that most of Europe allows questionable medical practices that would never be allowed in the U.S. You can today for a mere $10,000 a week have your cancer cured in a Swiss clinic with teas and herbs and massages. It’s a good deal if you have the money. It won’t cure you of course but in Switzerland they don’t really care about that little technicality.
              The second problem is that the results weren’t statistically significant. That doesn’t mean their conclusions aren’t true it merely means that their conclusions weren’t proved beyond what could have occurred by chance.

              Here is “my” bottom line on things like this. If there were any truth in it, any real possibility that elderberry could be effective (I repeat “effective”) then half a dozen pharmaceutical companies would be all over it. If that happens, then you have my apology in advance. I’m betting elderberry never makes it out of the super market tabloids and scam health books. Ten years from now some legitimate study will be made (as they did with echinacea and numerous other herbs that were touted by the quacks) and it will found to be useless. But as I said if it turns out to prevent/cure/stop virus infections you have my apology and I’ll buy dinner at your favorite restaurant.

            • You know, I am wondering if you have had a loved one die or something that would cause some kind of emotional blind spot. You are obviously not stupid, but you are unable to take a nuanced, thoughtful position on something that has a lot of shade of gray and unknowns, and that causes you to use language like: needs psychiatric help, voodoo for the ignorant, magic potion, pseudo science, spasmodic, etc. as well as your contnetions that there is NO benefit to ANY herbal remedy that hasn’t already been exploited by Big Pharma.

              I have presented you with serious, substantial, wide-ranging research (which has really opened my eyes, as I hadn’t yet looked into elderberry) and yet you still refuse to say, “hmm, maybe there could be something to it and it is worth exploring. My bad on all the earlier insults; I overreacted.” Which is what a reasonable person would do.

              Regarding your most recent post, your problems with it are EXACTLY why they call for the need for further research–that is how the scientific method works: someone produces a promising study and other researchers seek to replicate it. What is your analysis on the half-dozen other studies I posted, all in highly regarded, peer-reviewed academic journals? (Also, you keep referring to the Swiss–this is yet another logical fallacy known as a non-sequitor. Do you have examples of peer-reviewed Euro journals with studies advocating the value of the $10,000 wheatgrass treatments, that would cast doubt on the abilities of Europpean academics to conduct basic science? No. Does the fact that I could legally open a $10,000 prayer-and-elderberry cancer healing center in the US cast even a shadow of a doubt on US journals? No.)

              I can 100% guarantee you that elderberry is being analyzed by numerous pharmaceutical companies. The problem for the “little people” is: 1) they are not going to advertise their proprietary research, and 2) they won’t develop any medication unless it is a significant improvement (and will make lots of $$$) over what people are able to gather themselves from the woods. So they could discover that elderberry is awesome, but we will not hear about it unless there is a way for them to PATENT it and MONETIZE it and EXPLOIT it (in a good way, of course). That is just the nature of business, but it seems a curious gold standard in discerning the truth.

              Interestingly enough, Fed Gov via the NIH is willing to invest MILLIONS into researching promising plants. From NPR yesterday:

              “The National Institutes of Health has given five universities a total of $37.5 million for a five-year study exploring possible medical benefits of elderberries, wild yams and other herbal and dietary supplements. One of the recipients is the University of Missouri’s Center for Botanical Interaction Studies, where researchers are in the early stages of studying the antioxidant-rich elderberry’s effect fighting prostate cancer.

              “You’ve got 5,000 years of human lore that says this plant is good for human disease,” said biochemist Dennis Lubahn, who operates the center. “This is an extraordinarily rich area for research.”


              “Lubahn, the university researcher, emphasized it’s far too early to know whether elderberries have real medicinal benefits. But intuition tells him the early settlers and ancient cultures that relied on the plant — Hippocrates is said to have referred to the elderberry bush as his “medicine chest” — were on to something.

              “You have all these cultures around the world using herbs to treat diseases,” he said. “Forty to 50 percent of prescription drugs are originally derived from plants. … The idea that there aren’t any new (treatments) to be found in plants is silly.”

              [end quote]

              I appreciate the offer for a potential dinner, but really, I have gained enough pleasure from eviscerating your original bullying arguments, strapping them to the hood of my truck, and mounting their head on my wall. To quote Conan the Barbarian, what is best in life is “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!” Along with the more sedentary pleasures of conducting a smattering of interesting research. 🙂

            • Nope! No family members died in the formation of my beliefs. I am a skeptic. I have spent many years looking at alternatives and when you look at them with an unbiased mind you discover that there is nothing there. There simply are no viable alternatives (viable meaning that they actually cure, prevent or substantially mitigate a disease or infection). There is mountains of claims, opinions and scams but zero actual effective alternatives.

              I’m open to any legitimate studies and discoveries and I eagerly await to be proven wrong on elderberry. In fact I would be overjoyed if medical science were to discover some real cures for some of our serious illnesses. But I will wait for proof before I celebrate.

              I think you over esitmate your powers of debate. I might point out that simply listing studies as “proof” or trying to win by the sheer volume and weight of your references is not the same as proving your case. So take another look at your trophy perhaps you just hit a dog while driving distracted patting yourself on the back.

              I offer instead a gentleman’s wager; if sometime in the future elderberry does prove to be medically viable Then I will apologize profusely in print in this venue. If on the other hand nothing ever comes from it then all I ask is that you become more skeptical of what passes for science today.

            • GWTW, sorry I have not responded sooner. I have been up in the wilds of Michigan and for the most part free of technological distractions.

              I am a terrible debater, of course; if I were any good I could have very elgantly trapped you with your own comments using Socratic questioning. And as I said, I agree with about 85% of what you say–what I am arguing against are your contentions–in fact, flawed premises–that people who use herbal medicines need “psychiatric help” and that it is “pure voodoo” and a “pseudo-science” for “spasmodics.”

              You make a lot of good points, but your arguments are also rife with illogical contentions, which if you are going to claim to be a skeptic, you need to clean up, because that 15% destroys your credibility. My argument is that it is a legitimate source of scientific inquiry, that with the advent of biochemistry, everything needs to be retested, and that Big Pharma is an inappropriate gold standard due to their needs for monetization (intersting that you are just a skeptic of herbs, but appear to be 100% behind Big Pharma, based on your comments…wouldn’t it be appropriate to be skeptical of them as well?)

              I am certainly not looking for an apology–I am just interested in whether you have moderated your original position at all, which I have requoted above in condensed format. And I would likewise encourage you to be more diligent in your skepticism for “what passes as science these days” from a scientific establishment that 20 years ago was touting the health benefits of margarine and is making god knows what kind of crazy claims today, based on flawed research.

      37. Publish(on the internet) the names and address of the city workers that removed the plants and trees.

      38. This is part of the PTB strategy. They are picking on a few to do “Shock & Awe” for right now. Soon it’ll be a total brutish “overwhelming” of some unfortunate family; Scorched Earth tactic. It’ll be wildly publicized to instill skivie filling fear into those that are even contemplating resistance. Yes, they even will resort to “False Flags” to incite rebellion.

        I’m just giving a more of a heads-up as to one of their tactics. I have no answers. I already have planned for such. I am sure my plan will not work for anyone else.

        As for the gal in Tulsa; she’ll hit the courts there. I’ve been through Tulsa governmental grinder with lawsuits. The City of Tulsa will either pay her off with minimal damages or will prolong the case in court where it will bleed off all her funds. It’s a plan of where the government uses YOUR own money to defeat you. It would be interesting to know what criteria the used to target her.

        • She will become a homeless, probably die in some freeway curb, with none of anyone noticing.

          The system always wins.

          • In regards to your recent comments Comenius, I believe you’re on the wrong site…

            • No. I am only tellin’ the truth, based upon real historical events. No amount of prep will be enough to prepare for ALL contingencies.

              The Preppers in Belgium on 1940, for example. Some of them fled to France when the Germans invaded, thinking the war would be over in weeks. After the Germans overran France, they came back to their homes. They had to go to work, tend their farms, etc.

            • Comenius it’s a good point. That’s why she should not let them root her out of her home without taking a bunch of ’em with her to Valhalla!

          • The fact of death is part of living. Don’t remember who said “Cowards die many times before their death, but the valiant taste death but once”. For me, dying is low on my list if I can make a dent in this evil system that plagues our Nation. Surviving to fight does. Pin whatever label on me you will. I know Homeland Security already has. Good luck with your endeavors.

            • Bert Gummer,

              Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way. – Blackfoot

              Great post Bert.

            • Shakespeare is given credit for it, and very good words they are. Just like the montana man who is losing his house, he should be waiting for the corrupt lawyer and sheriff with 12ga, that way they can find out first hand about the struggle for freedom.

          • Comenius, you are certainly a ray of sunshine. Where is your fighting spirit? What about “right” vs “wrong”?

            • For me and my ancestors, “wrong” is anything which reduces the probability of survival. “Right” is anything that enhances a chance of survival.

      39. Agenda 21, soon coming to a neighborhood near you.
        Get out of the neighborhood.

        In my county, they implemented county wide zoning, in the dead of night after the voters struck it down 97% against. Now you have to have a business permit, IF, you are on their list of ‘approved’ businesses, no waivers. It boils down to running the old timers out of business and having a piece of paper that says you can put up a sign… so we took down the signs…;-) The economy is rapidly headed underground…

      40. Man’s law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same. – Crow

        Where I live, you could probably grow something illegal if you want, because the town will not take anyone to court due to the cost to them. Most town budgets are just about broke and there is no money to implement strict rules. It all boils down to where you live for now. Many have huge gardens, myself included and there are farm dinners that you can pay to attend. Everything grown on the farm and provided by the farm. In my neck of the woods, it is still allowed and encouraged. Down the road, who knows.

      41. It would have been game on for me. That would have been my line in the sand.

      42. It’s the same old $hit!!!
        A so called leo or a government worker oversteps their bounds, get sued, and the tax payers end up payin, so it happens over and over!!.

        F^CK THAT!!

        This lady needs to be sueing these PEOPLE!!!

        GO after THEIR PERSONEL property NOT the state(because WE pay)

        SUE and take THEIR houses,auction off their personel belongings if their house does not cover the damages won. I’m talkin their cars,boats,motorcycles,rv’s and even their kids toys!!!! EVERY LAST THING THEY OWN!!

        THEN FIRE THEM!!!!

        • Your singing my song.

          If this were me, i would be going after all of thoose who stepped foot on my property with civil suits

        • Law suits take too long. The government keeps lists, so it must be legal, so we should too. Then when the SHTF, make EVERYTHING right and whole again by dealing with those oppressors who screwed with you. Most will be within your own community and will probably have forgotten about their wrongs due to the immediate urgency. Be courteous, remind them a second or two before their dirt nap.

        • Yes sue them! But will you win, how long before those in power say’s you can’t sue? How many people have the deep pockets to go against a machine that prints it’s money.

          “When ever any Form of Gov. becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, ant to institute new Gov.”

          This is the Peoples legal means, we vote & the vote is corrupt, we voice our Grievances & it falls on deaf ears.

          We need to stand with our neighbors when UN Constitutional law is pushed on them, the Declaration of Independence is our legal document. It is not a document of fiction but of truth.

      43. Isn’t there a garden at The White House? Maybe the First Lady can get involved.

        • Yes & it’s supposedly contaminated with lead. This First Lady (?) is busy complaining how hard her hubby has to work. Campaigning for commies & playing a hundred rounds of golf is a gruesome chore ya’ know.

          • Right? I was being totally sarcastic with my remark. They have time to pop in on stupid TV shows, that’s such hard work also.

            • Was wondering & You’re right. I forgot the T.V. stuff they were doing. I don’t use the boob tube much anymore. Been using Shortwave to monitor the English speaking stations in Europe.

            • LAG
              Your comment reminded me of a quote by Groucho Marx: “I find television to be very educational. Whenever someone turns on the set, I go into the next room and read a book.”

      44. Code enforcement and DOT officers are cut from the same tree..

        The world needs laws, rules to keep good order.. but these officials e are ultimately born losers.. and think they are GOD..most are uneducated and interpret the laws with pure prejudice and ignorance..

      45. Code enforcement and DOT officers are cut from the same tree..

        The world needs laws, rules to keep good order.. but these officials e are ultimately born losers.. and think they are GOD..most are uneducated and interpret the laws with pure prejudice and ignorance..

        IF we lived in a free and no rules or laws type of society anyone could go to the local deli and piss on the cheese..

        GO try it and see what happens to you!!

      46. I’m not exactly a fan of Ayn Rand
        but when your right
        your right

        “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

      47. Greetings Everyone!(esp. Manos,long time no see)
        Before we get too up in arms on this one,notice what was written:She planted veggies instead of grass in her front yard.Local authorities(such as they are nowadays) usually have certain “codes” for front yards.What one person calls “food” another calls weeds.Most locals want their neighbors yards to look about like theirs(or better!).Most gardens are a untidy place.I’ll bet she didn’t get a variance in writing BEFORE doing her gardening in the front from TPTB.The majority of the time the local “enforcers” couldn’t care less what you have in the back UNLESS it hangs over the fence/boundary or is illegal in some way.I suspect she may have brought too much attention to herself one of these ways even in the back yard.It seems way over the top(but eminently possible!) for them to take ANYTHING legal out of the back spaces unless there were some ordnance she didn’t meet.A good legal opinion could be had for free and all else being equal,a most lucrative lawsuit for damages could be had if her case is a sound one.not to mention all the spotlight attention from the media and pressure therefrom.She might even be able to run(and Win!) for local office on this one.Still,this is part of the sign of a “failure mode” system of things desperately trying to squeeze the 98% to support the 1%ters lifestyle.To not get too far off topic,read this: JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy at blacklisterd news.Makes one pray that God steps in real soon with “Judgment Day”.This wonderful planet of ours needs a good housecleaning!
        Just a few personal thoughts,no doubt there are other different ones out there.
        Best to All

      48. These code enforcement, or elected official, or bad cop, or corrupt this or that, are not above reproach, these people have homes, they are vulnerable at some point, i remember reading stories of tax collectors, being tared and feathered. A hundred neighbors get together, grab one of these criminals, transgressor of the constitution, and either put them on trial, or tar and feathers! Im sick of this type of crap! Injustice!

        True religion of God, is to take care of widows and orphans. These miscreants are hells demon spawn with no compassion. 🙂 have a nice day!

      49. With apologies to Robert Burns and the Scots:

        Men, wha hae wi’ Patton bled,
        Men, wham Clark has aften led,
        Welcome to your gory bed,
        Or to Victorie!

        Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
        See the front o’ battle lour;
        See approach proud Barry’s power-
        Chains and Slaverie!

        Wha will be a traitor knave?
        Wha can fill a coward’s grave?
        Wha sae base as be a Slave?
        Let him turn and flee!

        Wha, for America’s Land and Law,
        Freedom’s sword will strongly draw,
        Free-man stand, or Free-man fa’,
        Let him on wi’ me!

        By Oppression’s woes and pains!
        By your Sons in servile chains!
        We will drain our dearest veins,
        But they shall be free!

        Lay the proud Usurpers low!
        Tyrants fall in every foe!
        Liberty’s in every blow!-
        Let us Do or Die!

      50. Whatever happened to live and let live?

        I guess if your life just sucks to high heaven,
        Then you need to go fuck someone elses life up to make your small pathetic life feel not quite as pathetic, instead, leave other people alone, put the muzzle in your mouth and do us all a favor, save oxygen for the rest of us. Just trying to make their life/job, relevent, they need to prove they deserve their paycheck. Losers!

      51. This reminds me of a few months back when a group of Seattle cops using their bicycles as shields to push back angry crowds . One gentleman yells out “Kalashnikov beats bicycle”

        • Extra points if he then pulls one out and punctures a bunch of pigs, just sayin’.

      52. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

        The parasites have nothing short of your demise in mind. The tactics used in this case are just to scare people, show force, and instill fear of non-compliance.

        Time is running out…

      53. Like it or not, they are bringing a war against you and me, they are bringing it unsolicited to our doorsteps and drawing first blood.

      54. The “I was only doing my job” defense didn’t work for the Nazis at Nuremberg, but it works here in civil court every day. The “qualified immunity-I was only doing my job” defense continues to work wonders in the courts for police and various code enforcement nazis.

        I hope everyone considers the difference between the federal and local governments when it comes to stuff like this. Don’t get me wrong, the federal swat teams raiding the raw milk folks is bad, but these local code violation things are your neighbors, not federal attack dogs from far away. Someone here wrote about terrible retribution that would visit the various code nazis in a SHTF situation, and that message seems harder and harder to ignore as people have less and less to lose.

        • That’s what some “advisers” I know say. When SHTF, they figure feuds & wrongs with most all traitorous public officials & their families will be settled promptly. Tar & feathers would be the least of their problems. One problem with such a vengeful mob would be a question of when and at what point it would stop.

      55. Mr Molotov is your friend!

      56. Here is a good one. My grandma just recently passed. My mom is in the midst of cleaning out her house to sell and tying up all loose ends. My mom called the county court house for some legal matter in re of estate and they informed her she can only be executor of estate after she has a credit check and score meets the requirment. So if you are poor with bad credit you can not be in charge of an estate…..WOW! A new way for “them” to step in and take charge of a family and financial matter. It just keeps inching in a lil more all the time. They are worms inching in slowly, knawing at every thread and fiber of our lives. Sad sad pitiful way that we are going and really have been in. Terrible times are ahead. May God keep all of us that have half a brain left and can think for ourselves.

        • Justincase:

          You may want to suggest your mother speak with a probate attorney to confirm that the information is correct in this instance. I’m not sure if the credit check differs from state-to-state, but that’s the advice I would give my loved one. Or, they may know if there is a way around that requirement.

      57. Code enforcement meet my friend MR.COLT. You may as well make a stand somewhere and this seems to be a good place to start. I would rather die than give-in to these gov. goons. Stand up for the RED,WHITE&BLUE!!!

      58. I’d be in jail now ic that was my garden. And at least one of those badge weilding fucks would be re-thinking his life priorities.
        Such bullshit.

      59. Time to go Henry Bowman on these thugs. (I refer you to John Ross’s novel”Unintended Consequences.)





      62. 1. Only buy gold and silver.
        2. Be prepared.
        3. Challenge anyone that calls you a racist, so much that they fear you and will never try that shit again. You listening blacks? White boy is tired of being socially bullied and will get in your face, peacefully. But will back it up by force if you start something.
        4. Focus on family. Make sure your children are never debt slaves to the bankers. You know who I’m talking about.
        5. Invest in yourself. Read all you can. Learn.
        6. Ditch corporate loyalty. At my place, after slaving for these guys for over 20 years, they hired an affirmative action hire, a nice black gal for get this…5 figures more than me. Turns out she could not do her job and they had to fire her. In my case I threatened to walk and got a 5 figure raise and a title change. Lesson…stand your ground. I run the place!
        7. I think it’s time for the folks to band together in a peaceful way. There’s NO shame in being any flavor of white, black or whatever. But I think we’ve had enough liberal brow beating. All the bad shit that happened to the slaves…wasn’t us fuckers!
        8. Get angry when you have to.
        9. Government…fear us! We are hundreds of millions of armed people. We will NEVER turn in our guns. We are free hard working, tax paying Americans. You fucked up and got us into debt. Fuck the dollar, let it collapse. We’ll start a new one backed by metals.
        10. OIL. There’s fucking plenty in Alaska.
        11. NWO boys and gals….better think twice. There are more of us than there are of you. That’s all I’ll say.
        12. Live in peace, vote and be free.
        13. Boycott the airlines. Let them go under….all this patting down a 90 year old lady and kids is just wrong.
        14. A message to the minorities…remember that we the whites are being polite. But that fuck who said to “exterminate the white folks” is just wrong. Better not get any ideas.
        15. Live in peace with everyone.
        16. Just cause I want safety, security and happiness for my family does not mean I’m a racist. I will always stand my ground when it comes to my family, home, job and country.

        Ammo up!

        • I like your rules!

          Remember the number to call in Tulsa to complain about this is 918-596-2100 and spread it around, this needs to go nationwide.

          • As above, tomorrow when the office opens, I make my call!! How about the rest of you? Will you make a stand with us on this? Or are we truly all bark, and no bite?

        • Regarding: Some of My New Rules …

          “… Challenge anyone that calls you a racist, so much that they fear you and will never try that shit again….”

          As a person of color, there are several of your rules I’m in agreement with including Rule 8 “…Get angry when you have to…” Then again, when I read a post that singles out blacks and minorities and is out of context, well it’s that duck thing – you know, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Let’s see. Rule 3. “…You listening blacks? White boy is tired of being socially bullied and will get in your face, peacefully. But will back it up by force if you start something…” Rule 6 “… they hired an affirmative action hire, a nice black gal for get this…5 figures more than me. Turns out she could not do her job and they had to fire her…” Rule 7 “…All the bad shit that happened to the slaves…wasn’t us fuckers!..” and Rule 14 “…A message to the minorities…remember that we the whites are being polite. But that fuck who said to “exterminate the white folks” is just wrong. Better not get any ideas…”

          Quack! Quack! Those rules sure sound racist to me and racist, like ass holes, come in all colors. Just like the “one” asshole of the Black Panther Party that’s garnered all the press with his exterminate the white folks comment. Should blacks be posting warnings to white folks to not get any ideas when Skin Heads and White Supremest threaten the community?

          “…Rule 5. Invest in yourself. Read all you can. Learn…” Wish that was the case when it came to the history and issues of race. “… All the bad shit that happened to the slaves…wasn’t us fuckers!…” Really??? To those of you that have posted that the Civil War was unnecessary because slavery was on it’s way out. Maybe, but not the culture or attitude. After the War when slaves were freed and integrating, that all changed when whites enacted Jim Crow Law’s.

          Jim Crow was alive and well into the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Isn’t that the generation of many of the posters here? I lived under Jim Crow. It wasn’t just about riding the bus or eating at Woolworth’s. It was about employment, housing, property ownership, education, voting, gun possession, justice access to name a few- all benefits, then, which were exclusive to white people and their families.

          Least you forget, white folks had affirmative hiring. If you don’t remember, then ask your folks on how they got those good paying exclusive to white people union jobs. Who were on police and fire departments. The teacher’s and medical associations. Yes, there are unqualified minorities in jobs, but I can say the same for whites too as I’ve hired and fired both. I was one of those affirmative hires, a first in several major industry’s which were all white male enclaves. Failure was not an option and I was damn good at what I did. I never got the money or title of my white male counterparts, yet I did the work of two or three people. That’s what us affirmative hires had to do to show we were qualified – over achieve.

          Why are there inner city ghetto’s to this day – some of it is because of redlining, laws and covenants prohibiting blacks from property ownership outside certain areas- this was going on into the 1980’s. Wasn’t us fuckers??? Then who benefited by Jim Crow??? Will there ever be any honest discussion on what happened and why we are where we are on race today?

          “…White boy is tired of being socially bullied and will get in your face, peacefully…” There are parts of me that are in agreement with that statement. I can fully agree with Rule 12 “… Live in peace, vote and be free…”

          • @ladyhawk- The problem with all that with me is-

            It doesn’t piss me off when I am called a racist.

            I LAUGH AT THEIR IGNORANCE!!!!!!

            When I am looking at the REAL racists and see their hate, I feel sorry for them.

            The prison their minds are in, and the shackles of debt slavery they wear, and the ignorance of their beliefs(the race baitors and those who follow them) and ONLY seeing skin color(they accuse others of only seeing skin color because thats the ONLY thing they see)

            The white man keeping you down? NO, its themselves, and they like having a fall guy, and the race baitors like getting RICH!

            Jesse jacka$$ got a million dollars once, because someone said the “n” word at an oil company. Remember? That company paid out 75 million american pecos!!

            • @ kevin

              “…It doesn’t piss me off when I am called a racist…” As someone that is a 30 year prepper, independent thinker and voter, gun owner, believer that O J did it, “birther”, anti amnesty for illegal immigration and entitlements as a livelihood and right, I can say me too Racist’s is one of the milder epithets slung my way.

              “…The white man keeping you down?…” I’m not one of those that believe that ALL the race and black’s problems get laid at the white man’s feet. There is enough blame to go around these last fifty something years. When LBJ waged his War on Poverty with the expansion of the welfare system from a safety net to an entitlement, at the tax payer largess, it was/is just another form of slavery. This time, it’s class enslavement of both white and black people and they are not blameless. Choice is involved – drop another baby, get another pay check and no work requirement.

              My remarks were directed at the original “rule” poster who seems to think because he hasn’t and didn’t own slaves he has no culpability or skin in the game. That this is all about ancient history and should be water under the bridge. (“… All the bad shit that happened to the slaves…wasn’t us fuckers!…) I’m trying to point out, not so fast. Slavery ended in 1865, but the culture and traditions of slavery remained and were enforced by rules and laws for another hundred years into the late 1960’s.

              Even then, whites were comfortable with their privileged and exclusionary status. It wasn’t whites that wanted to change the status quo, it was blacks, yet again, protesting conditions and laws. There are many, many black people alive today having experienced and survived under Jim Crow rules, laws and conditions. Without the last civil rights movement, would there be a difference in black status. I think not.

              Regarding the Jessie Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s, et al. I do blame the white community and media for that one. Those buffoons get trotted out as the spokes person for anything to do with the black community – yet they do not represent or speak for ALL blacks. It would be like the media always going to David Duke as spokesperson for the white community.

              @ peteropolis

              “…I believe the only reason racisim survives (such as government) is in acknowleging its there and that it has power. SOMNR is obviously not too bright in all areas. If no one said a word about his words, or others words and just flat out ignored the subject of racisim, it probably wouldnt be brought up that often, or at all in time…”

              Thanks for the smile – peteropolis

              With no disrespect intended – my first thought in reading your post was “what color is the sky in peteropolis’s world” I think it’s about human nature – it’s the black race now. I remember time when it was a nationality – Italian – French, Irish or English, there was also issues over religion. It seems always to be something to hold against another.

              When I first read SOMNR’s post he had 10 thumbs up and +1 post. There are many whites that buy into the crap of – wasn’t me – I had nothing to do with slavery, so why should I have to make room at the table for them. Yet, they have no problem with the generations of whites, including their families, that have benefited from having blacks denied constitutional and basic human rights. Completely ignoring facts, history and consequences.


          • I believe the only reason racisim survives (such as government) is in acknowleging its there and that it has power. SOMNR is obviously not too bright in all areas. If no one said a word about his words, or others words and just flat out ignored the subject of racisim, it probably wouldnt be brought up that often, or at all in time. I understand words can hurt sometimes, but what really hurts the worst and seems to be most effective is when something/someone isnt acknowledged. Try it sometime, I think you’ll like it. Oh yeah, and please invoke this power if POTUS (or any government goon) ever says hi/anything to you, they’ll more than get the message.

        • I don’t get pissed when “my kind” is called “cracker” or “racist”. I consider the source.

          I especially like Rule #7: “I think it’s time for the folks to band together in a peaceful way. There’s NO shame in being any flavor of white, black or whatever. But I think we’ve had enough liberal brow beating. All the bad shit that happened to the slaves…wasn’t us fuckers!”

          The Progressives have propelled a race war, a conquer-and-divide strategy and it is a tactic being used to create angry divisions amongst Americans. It is part of their strategy. Do not take the bait!

          One issue I refuse to partake in is being “color blind”. Progressives preach all of this diversity nonsense but then they are the first to categorize and quantify (and then create derision) with race, minority, religion, etc. We humans have similarities and we have differences. I pay attention to skin color. And I’ll never change. Am I a racist? Not at all. I also pay attention to hair color, eye color, height, weight, intelligence, and the personality. I will judge everyone — it, too, is human nature, only now the Progressives call it “profiling”. lol I’ll like you for what you are, not for your color. But if you’re from de gub’ment, you don’t have much of a chance. (That’s where Rule 9 comes in.)

          Just sayin’….

      63. Those stupid govenment fucks! Always taking away peoples liberties and right to choose how they want to live their life. They should execute those piece of S%*# government a$$ holes. An yet those political maggots say that your free in this country. What a crock.
        God Bless America and may he execute vengenance upon those lying, cheating b@$t*&^?$.

      64. When fighting back, at whatever level you are fighting on, the whole point is to be effective. This is a crazy story and the idea of this poor lady being harassed like this is wildly out of control. With the help of outraged people like you and me, pounding the city office with letters and phone calls might help, but the goal is to cost a bunch of people their jobs. There could be a time for noisier retaliation but these kind of creeps would win if someone took shots at them. Look at how the media handles violent reactions. Suddenly the victims become the bad guys. Losing their jobs and public humiliation is what is actually effective at this level of battle. Make it really noisy for the City Council, get reporters involved and almost guaranteed some people will lose their jobs. These kind of creeps get public jobs harassing people because they believe their faceless local government hides them and there is no personal comeback. The target is not some nebulous “government” but the individuals. One at a time this is the way to pay them back. Most small time government thugs wouldn’t have a chance in hell in a real job. Each one that gets kicked out gives the others a reason to pause; and they get a lot more polite to the rest of us.

      65. some one needs to send her a Dont Tread On Me Flag..

        watch there be an ordinance against flying a flag on her property..

        come and try to take it down! you dam commies

        • GREAT IDEA!

          I elect you to send her one, since it was your idea! Show by example….


      66. Fire this off to any of your Lib friends..if you have any
        I pretty much stay away from those types

        A father and daughter talk

        A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be very liberal, and among other liberal ideals, she was very much in favor of higher taxes to support more government programs, in other words; redistribution of wealth.

        She was deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch conservative, a feeling she openly expressed. Based on the lectures that she had participated in, and the occasional chat with a professor, she felt that her father had for years harbored an evil, selfish desire to keep what he thought should be his.

        One day she was challenging her father on his opposition to higher taxes on the rich and the need for more government programs.

        The self-professed objectivity proclaimed by her professors had to be the truth and she indicated so to her father. He responded by asking how she was doing in school.

        Taken aback, she answered rather haughtily that she had a 4.0 GPA, and let him know that it was tough to maintain, insisting that she was taking a very difficult course load and was constantly studying, which left her no time to go out and party like other people she knew. She didn’t even have time for a boyfriend, and didn’t really have many college friends because she spent all her time studying.

        Her father listened and then asked, “How is your friend Audrey doing?”

        She replied, “Audrey is barely getting by. All she takes are easy classes, she never studies and she barely has a 2.0 GPA. She is so popular on campus; college for her is a blast. She’s always invited to all the parties and lots of times she doesn’t even show up for classes because she’s too hung over.”

        Her wise father asked his daughter, “Why don’t you go to the Dean’s office and ask him to deduct 1.0 off your GPA and give it to your friend who only has a 2.0. That way you will both have a 3.0 GPA and certainly that would be a fair and equal distribution of GPA.”

        The daughter, visibly shocked by her father’s suggestion, angrily fired back, “That’s a crazy idea, how would that be fair! I’ve worked really hard for my grades! I’ve invested a lot of time, and a lot of hard work! Audrey has done next to nothing toward her degree. She played while I worked my tail off!”

        The father slowly smiled, winked and said gently,”Welcome to the conservative side of the fence.”

        • Hope the thumbs down ate fat finger errors.

      67. If you think this story is bad – do a search on Andrew Wordes+Roswell, Ga. This man was terrorized.

      68. They did this in Florida awhile back with the citrus trees in peoples back yards. They made up a mythical canker sore problem and came to peoples houses and cut their trees down. It was hurting the citrus growers of Florida, people growing their own citrus was cutting into their profits. They don’t want you growing your own food because they need you (that means you too) dependent upon them.

        • Citrus canker is not a myth. The 2004/2005 hurricanes spread it all over south Florida. The state decided a tree with canker needed to be removed so that the canker wouldn’t spread. People with their own citrus trees are not a problem for the growers since the growers export all their fruit.

          • It is convenient that they only cut down private growers trees and not the trees of commercial growers. They cut down my family members trees and THERE WAS NO CANKER.

      69. All this shit is happening because people are too afraid to pull the trigger or fight back. Give in to a bully and always be his bitch. Time to kill, by our Constitutions own admission, we are past due to take out the trash.

        • Akvalmet. The people of Ukraine did that on 1930. Stalin then just let all Ukrainians starve.

          (Most people in Eastern Ukraine are not Ukrainians. They are various Slavs dropped there after the ethnic cleansing was complete. Even now, Eastern Ukraine tends to lick Putin’s behind, while Western Ukraine wants to stay away from Moscow’s rule)

      70. That’s not it at all. A lot of cities won’t let you grow crops or plants in your yard. That’s not being anti-survival. Your neighbors are concerned with their property values being lowered.

      71. Thinking of Manos..I see this story today

        web search..
        Greece to form new government, reports say

      72. Exercise all of your rights on a daily basis

        I especially like my I exercise it every day, If im not naked, Im armed

        • duct tape.

      73. Why the hell aren’t we SHOOTING, yet!?


      74. Even after a great upheaval, things tend to get worse, not better.

        In China, whenever a great rebellion sweep the country, the Emperor tended to rely on his eunuchs even more, since he felt only the eunuchs, who by definition couldn’t and wouldn’t form families strong enough to challenge the throne, could be trusted.

        So in many cases eunuchs ran the empire. They had absolutely zero concern about future generation since they won’t have one, and became incredibly corrupt with the Emperor’s blessings.

        Such will be the future. The likes of Bernanke, Geithner, Dimon and Blankfein will probably enslave all of America, and a lucky guy would be someone who get to work in their manors. He would get to whip the serfs there.

        The Russian nobles who fled with jewelry didn’t do badly after running away- remember that.


        June 15th, 2012
        WWII Veteran Being Forced Out of Home and Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body: Needs Your Help

        Attorney Christy Brandon
        Brandon Law Firm, PLLC
        P.O. Box 1544
        Bigfork, MT 59911
        Phone: (406) 837-5445
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        [email protected]

        PUH–LEEZE read this, make it go round the world via email.
        Email this christy, a spawn of Satan!!!

        • ~~~But despite the well established fact that Mr. Bodeker was in the hospital, the trustee, Christy Brandon, opposed the motion to continue the hearing. And even after knowing that Warren Bodeker was in the hospital and that he was set to undergo a competency examination which could show that he lacked the capacity to enter into the stipulation, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, the Honorable Ralph B. Kirscher, denied Warren’s motion to continue the hearing and granted the Trustee’s motion for an order for Warren to vacate the property. The trustee, Christy Brandon, then emailed Warren to tell him that she would be there at the home on Monday, June 18, 2012, accompanied by a Sheriff’s deputy, to kick him out of his home and have the locks changed.~~~


          • It is Bodeker’s fault to be in a hospital.

            Yes, in today’s world, getting sick is a crime too.

            He will join the armies of homeless and die at some shelter, but Brandon and Kirscher will die a happy and comfortable death in their gate community houses.

          • My heart breaks for Mr. Bodeker. It sounds as if his attorney failed to do his/her job in representing him. The attorney is who needs to be reprimanded.

            The author of this article didn’t have or has mis-quoted facts. A bankruptcy trustee is not employed by the Bankruptcy Court. The Trustee is not employed by, but reports to the Dept. of Justice, not the U.S. Court System.

      76. Committee votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious

        Now they have to put his ass in prison for murder, and running guns across international borders..

      77. She should have opened fire on the jackboot scum. That way they think twice the next time the attack a citizen and make no mistake, this was an attack.

      78. Obama invokes executive privilege as Holder faces contempt vote

        and now its time to get Obama out of office ..impeach this traitor

      79. How did all these fuckers get all this power in the first place? Who appointed them authority over my life, what I grow, what I eat, what I build, whether I decide to buy their power or their water! Are we who have posted above the only ones with any backbone and common sense? I almost wish the SHTF because this country’s so far down the wrong path that sometimes it feels like we’re so lost that we’ll never find our way back to what we were. God, it’s so depressing.

        • With a heavy heart, I agree.

      80. I’m from Tulsa. Haven’t lived there for more than 30 years. Tulsa OK is a scum sucking over grown town.
        Tulsa cops are dirty. We followed them one night and observed them smoking pot on duty.
        I have talked most of my family out of the rotten little village. Just leave and leave the place alone. But I do hope all the scum stays there with it!

        • Brothers from a different mother!! Fellow Oklahoman here. We need to be in comms. Especially in the day in which we find ourselves….

      81. In the Title there is a word used..”Authorities”

        we need to start calling them what they are..Thugs and Terrorists

      82. This makes me sick.

        If I were in this situation, I don’t see it ending without me either being in jail or dead, because I think I’d of shot these people before they touched my second plant.

      83. dirtbags, they ain’t gettin mine

        • More than vermont.

          New Hampshire

          just to name a few

        • hahhaaah, perfect, I need to remember that move.
          lucky the guy didnt have a belt on

        • Awesome!!!!

        • LMAO!!!

      84. Just dig me up and roll me over. I’m buried in the garden. Bring me an un-recycled drink too.

      85. Greetings!
        Just a short aside that I found at ClubOrlov:Fragility and Collapse: Slowly at first, then all at once .
        Makes sense!
        Something that we can use…
        Best to All

      86. Off topic(again)

        Why did we attack libya?

        1-jp morgue loses 99% of libya’s investment
        2-libya’s leader puts hit out on dimon
        3-we attack
        4-libyan central bank created
        5-we “win”
        6-libyan gold leaves libya

        Below is legalized plunder, and the reason for our wars!!

        Thank god foreign nationals pulled off 9-11

        50 USC § 1702 – Presidential authorities

        (C)when the United States is engaged in armed hostilities or has been attacked by a foreign country or foreign nationals, confiscate any property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, of any foreign person, foreign organization, or foreign country that he “DETERMINES” has planned, authorized, aided, or engaged in such hostilities or attacks against the United States; and all right, title, and interest in any property so confiscated shall vest, when, as, and upon the terms directed by the President, in such agency or person as the President may designate from time to time, and upon such terms and conditions as the President may prescribe, such interest or property shall be held, used, administered, liquidated, sold, or otherwise dealt with in the interest of and for the benefit of the United States, and such designated agency or person may perform any and all acts incident to the accomplishment or furtherance of these purposes.

        If country A(or B,C, and/or D for that matter) tells our president who did what, and he “DETERMINES” they attacked us

        We can take their stuff.

        If the “news” reports WHO attacked us, and the president is watching, and he “DETERMINES” what he is watching is true

        We can take their stuff.

        If one of the many PRIVATE companies with inteligence gathering capabilities tells our president who attacked us and he “DETERNINES” its accurate (hell, no private company would lie to make profits would they?)

        We can take their stuff.

      87. Why is it that my comment from yesterday hasn’t been approved of when comments from this morning have been approved? Is it because I disagree with the article?

        • Feds probably deleted it

      88. Two guys showed up at my place today and since I was outside, they told me they were going to install a smart meter on my home. I told them that I refused to allow it and they said no sweat off their backs since they were just independent contractors. They told me they would throw it back to the electric company. I have no idea what will occur next, but this will be a fight if it must. They also told me that if I was not home, they would have installed it without my knowledge. Big brother, agenda 21, what a sick country we have.

        • Ohcumgache – install, wire, bolt or do what ever you can to put a wire cage, (even an old metal dish drainer works) over your meter NOW!
          They can still read it but not move it.

          • HalfKin,

            I have also bolted and locked my gate, therefore they can not enter without my key!

        • you mean you dont have a smart meter installed yet? i live rural and yep, they come out and do it whether you want them to or not…you may find your power cut off eventually or find one installed when you are not at home. watch your meter…if you see a blinking red light it means it got switched while you were not looking.

        • You will assimilate, you have no choice…..

          On a positive note, my power bill has been about 10% lower since they assimilated us on to the smart meter.

          • Mr. Blutarsky,

            I have read that I can send a certified letter to the electric company demanding that they do not install a smart meter, or they will be charged with trespassing. I will take this a step at a time as I am determined to stop this infringement on my private life.
            Perhaps it will be to no avail, but I will not just sit and allow anything that touches my personal life to happen, without my voice being heard loud and clear. I have no fear of rocking the boat, I sometimes like to just sink it.

            I do have a full house generator that runs off of propane, perhaps I should start using that.

          • http://
            The bottom line is that the public never opted in to this dangerous, ill-conceived program. Now that the hazards of installing smart meter mesh networks have become all too clear, with thousands sickened, hundreds driven from their homes by health harm, appliance damage and fire, and a Pandora’s box of surveillance options now opened to law enforcement and corporate interests, a wave of smart meter rebellion is growing daily. Visit our contacts page and see what’s going on where you live. No one listed in your town? Start your own chapter and let us know so we can post your contact info so others can find you.

            Why all the fuss? The root problem is that we were never asked or consulted, despite the fact that written permission is required of any resident or property owner before any such device is installed on private property. Literally, there is no legal mandate to install these devices. The utilities argue that they have unlimited rights to install whatever they want on your home. Taken to absurd extremes, that would mean they could install a nuclear power plant in your backyard and you couldn’t raise a finger. Obviously this is absurd, but the utilities are panicking at the scale of the resistance, and now overreaching. With trillions at stake in the worldwide deployment, a little thing like democracy and choice can’t be allowed to get in the way, after all.

            • jayjay,

              Thank you for the information, I will visit your contact page. I agree with you 100%. This is sickening and must not go on. I will fight it any way that I can.

            • we tried to “opt-out” and were told that the manager of our local elec company had declared no one could opt-out. we were told that many people had called with the same request. our only choice was for the contractor to take the old meter off and not have any elec vs having the smart meter installed. this sucks. we are adults, and are made to feel like helpless (for now) children without any choices…

      89. these things taking place are awful to the homeowner who is following the rules and respecting the laws…home owner associations and groups are also now sticking their noses in independent living apartment complexes for the elderly…they have made so many changes that my own mother says it feels like her home has become a prison. now, the latest change made was anyone visiting any resident must sign in and out..and the “organization” has many residents in fear of losing their “homes” over any infractions and residents fear retribution if they complain. when government or organization comes onto my property making demands i am gonna be mighty pissed off about it and i will make a huge stink they would never forget.

      90. I have Farm Bureau Insurance on my property. After a couple of months they sent me a letter saying they were canceling my insurance. Seems when they looked at my property with Google Earth my above the ground garden was yard debris. My agent had to come out and make pictures. They then reinstated my insurance. But it made me very aware of how much Big Brother is watching and controlling us. I give them the finger everytime I walk outside “just in case they are watching”.

      91. As I read this, there are 289 posts. Lets organize and show up in Tulsa at this ladies residence. Rebuild her garden with food bearing plants. And then lets set and wait for the jack booted thugs to show up to take it down again.

        Count me in.. What about you?

      92. Lol, make a comment, get tracked, tagged, taken out and bagged. Granted it you saq my FB page, you’d know I am no coward. But really, stuff like this is a honeypot. Now that lady if it were me, well, I’d be angrier than the devil in hell.

      93. It’s time for people to just start shooting.

      94. Go and listen to the song by Mike and the Mechanics titled “Silent Running” it is prophetic of what is going on in our country now and what will be going on within a year I think. ARM UP White people..

      95. I used white pages to find the address and google earth to find the yard, 510 E 49th Pl N Tulsa, OK. In 2008 it looked pretty crappy, with a huge dead branch in the yard.

        Nonetheless, I wish the neighbors would help her, rather then sic the code folks on her.

        I can’t imagine there are no OTHER buildings in town without any plants over 12″.

      96. When the Law no longer protects Us from the Government

        Then the Law no longer protects the Government from Us

      97. And this was perpetrated by LOCAL ‘authorities’…the very same people who we share the community with. Can you imagine how disconnected and uncaring the state and federal authorities are?

      98. Might as well get started with the revolt now or soon. The longer we wait, the stronger the government forces will get.

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