Got White Privilege? College Students Flunked for Using “Oppressive and Hateful Language”

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 150 comments


Free speech has officially failed.

Reports are pouring in that the politically-correct politics surrounding the term ‘white privilege’ are gaining traction at many universities.

Plenty of professors at various colleges across the nation are confronting students with racial and ethnic issues, and decimating their grades if they aren’t sensitive enough to the use of delicate terminology.

Campus Reform reported on political correctness gone too far:

Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” “male,” and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.”

At another school, a course in comparative ethnic cultures docks students who fail to recognize “white privilege” and use terms like “illegal alien” to describe people who circumvented immigration laws and came to this country without permission.

According to [Professor Rebecca Fowler’s] syllabus, students will lose one point every time they use the words “illegal alien” or “illegals” rather than the preferred terms of “‘undocumented’ migrants/immigrants/persons.” Throughout the course, Fowler says, students will “come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions.”

“The socio-legal production of migrant illegality works to systematically dehumanize and exploit these brown bodies for their labor,” Fowler continued.

Washington State University professor John Streamas takes it even further in his detailed syllabus:

• Consider others’ views. Reflect on your own social location, your privileges and power.
• Learn a historically informed definition of racism, and challenge all racist discourse.
• Reflect your grasp of history and social relations by respecting shy and quiet classmates, and by deferring to the experiences of people of color.
• Finally, understand and consider the rage of people who are victims of systematic injustice. James Baldwin wrote that people of color have an obligation to feel rage over this nation’s history of racism.

Streamus even mentioned controversial host Glenn Beck by name, suggesting that Beck would have to “endure 500 years of racism” to “earn the right” to use the N-word.

A lawyer for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education questioned the hypersensitive approach towards multicultural learning – with frequently changing “acceptable” code words that are sometimes dizzying and cloudy in their meaning:

How are students supposed to approach these sensitive and controversial materials at all, let alone to keep an open mind, if they have to fear that a misconstrued statement, or one that unreasonably offends a classmate will lead to a grade reduction or even removal from class?”

As Infowars reported, past proposals for dealing with sensitivity towards race and gender have included bizarre suggestions that students wear a “white privilege bracelet” to remind them of their privilege and to speak out to others about the issue.

Why have things shifted from tolerance and equality to an atmosphere of white guilt that is somehow supposed to be transferred to individuals who have no part in the centuries of racist institutions?

Are these policies seeking to end racism, or to point it in a new, brave direction?

Surely, these are examples of political correctness gone too far, and not part of a proper education…

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    1. Stan522

      Even in the most liberal schools, there are some conservative professors… not many, but they are there. There should be a forum that lists them all. College is the number one indoctrination method by Libs and the PC police.

      • Old Gringo

        Failed for Hateful/Oppressive language?
        Simply the logical consequence of young people being taught by children with arrested emotional development.

        • javelin

          Sorry, but I must admit to “white privilege.” I am privileged to be a member of a race which has a 25 to 40 point higher IQ than the average black man–privileged to come from the race that invented and designed pretty much every modern invention/amenity; privileged to be of a race full of industrious folks with deeply held work-ethic and mostly independent thinking people who find government to be intrusive and an anchor-not a surrogate father or provider for my family.

          I could go on and on–but make no mistake, I am quite thankful for the privilege of being born Caucasian, without an over-emotional, violence fevered brain, without a lifetime mentality of victimhood and lack of discernment to understand that the oppressors of my race have continually fooled me into voting for my own dependence/slavery.

          Twenty trillion dollars in welfare and wealth transfers, every special exemption, quotas, “affirmative action”, mandatory hiring and enrolling in the finest schools and guess what???? The grand experiment is an abject failure–they are not equal in an advanced society. Every effort and special consideration has been afforded to them financially and educationally ( even over-paying Federal govt jobs are given 40% to blacks who are less than 14% of the populace and they still fail)….It is time to end the experiment–we need to return to segregation—blacks look at whites as PREY.

          • Karma

            “…deeply held work ethic?”

            Then why didn’t your forebears pick their own goddamned cotton, genius?

            • Hector

              No one picked cotton for me, you fool. yet another brainwashed left wing loser.

        • Mr Reynard

          Children being taught by psycho-scums Trotskyists !

      • Marcus

        “brown bodies”?? isn’t making a reference to skin color racist and referring to a person as a “body” dehumanizing?


        • sixpack

          …and they’ll all be stunned when the next college student brings their guns to class and goes postal on the teacher.

          These people are messing around with people’s grades, meaning their success, livelihood and wasting the money they paid for this trash class, all in an effort to impose their views on others.

          Colleges should just be shut down if this is the best they can do—they’re useless. Students should make it very uncomfortable for these idiots in teacher’s clothing.

          Save their money and take the text books home. Study and learn the material without the crap.

          • Braveheart

            Six pack, I believe they should leave college altogether and go learn some skills that are useful in this economy. Colleges should be eliminated.

            • John Q. Public

              Face it. Language has been weaponized by the culture destroyers. Fight back with clear speech.

              “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.”
              Matthew 5:37

            • Sailing Jim

              BH, I have to disagree. I grew up in a southern town in SC, got a chance to go to college on a Div-III scholarship up in NY.

              That experience changed my life and opened my eyes to so much more of what the world is like outside my little town.

              I’ve since traveled the world working for the military, and it’s made me appreciate home that much more, but you can tell quick sometimes who is more open to excepting other people, everything from accents to religion, going to college made me appreciate being a southerner, not out of mindless heritage, but out of experiencing other peoples views and cultures and finding the one I like the best.

              All that aside, this subject if this article is ridiculous, or better shameful of anyone trying to promote higher learning when in fact they’re really no better than those their “trying” to oppose.

        • PWYPreach

          Don’t know if anybody is aware, but the Chinese have a word in their general daily use vocabulary that sounds exactly like neggar. They will say it several times in a row. I can’t remember what it means, but it cracks me up every time I hear it. They are actually warned about the use of the word when they enter America.

          I can’t wait until the blacks finally reach actual awareness of how they have been used for the last 70 years to further the globalist agenda…shock value priceless.

          • taxdn2poverty

            PTW: Neggar is the Chinese word for ‘mutherfu**er!

          • NOBODOY

            That word is Negga, at least that’s how it sounds. It means “from” or “of the”.
            I have a friend who is Chinese, and her English is a little choppy…I live on a mountain, and she calls me Mountain Negga John…Literally translated as John from the mountain.

            It’s almost as good as Niggardly…Paying close attention to deaatil or being overly obsessive about something.

            I am from The Late Great State of Washington, or Kalifornia del norte…It is sad that the students do not all rise up and use the “F” word and just walk out!

            • PWYPreach

              My personal favorite: Reneger (to go back on a promise).

              • Nobama

                It’s “renege”, pronounced “re-nigg”. I thought it meant a shift-change in the cotton field.

          • ENFP

            And blacks, communists and Muslims are being used right now to bring chaos and division in America so the elite can take complete dictatorial control.

        • Hunkerdown

          Evidently, not when using the two words in conjunction. A person is racist and insensitive if they say ‘brown’ or ‘body’ separately. However when co-joined as in ‘brown body’, then this is perfectly acceptable, if the person speaking is a Libtard PHD a##hole teaching in a socialist oriented college. Liberals are the inbred result of what happens when someone actually does go fu*k themselves. thanks

          • Right Said Fred

            Who the hell cares what happens at WASU? It’s a lowly ranked college out in the wheat fields of SE (Pullman) Washington. It’s a few courses in a school that barely qualifies as an “Also Ran” amongst other colleges. It’s acceptance rate is 82% which means they take nearly anyone who’s breathing, and that includes staff and faculty. Talk about a tempest in a teapot! Move on folks, nothing to see here.

            • CaliforniaArchitect

              The problem is that this hyper sensitivity isn’t exclusive to WASU. WASU is just one example among many.

      • Gregory8

        Still waiting for that great big Jade Helm 15 roundup. It better be soon because it’s officially over in 15 days. Yeah, I’m sure some conspiracy theorists here will say it never really went away that way anything that happens can be blamed on JH15. I called B.S. at the beginning, the middle, and now, here near the end. I’ll be back to laugh at all the “Chicken Little’s” on the 16th of September.

      • Sinnie

        We have to fight the political correctness and bring back our Freedom of Speech.

        Enough with this PC, BS it does nothing good but to divide the country.

      • Hugh Janus

        Just adding to the list of reasons to skip the ‘college experience’, stay out of debt, and learn a trade.

    2. ChuckInBama

      If you signed up to take those classes for your “Liberal Arts” degree, don’t cry about the course requirements. You are being programmed and you are mortgaging your future to pay for it. Wise up!! Learn to weld or something useful. I’m telling you kids, there ain’t much future in being a “community organizer”.

      • Phil

        Kind of like that chick who’s trying to sell her degree on ebay for 50K. She Majored in “THEATER” (!!!) and wonders why she cant find a job…

        I guess if you’re stupid enough to major in a hobby (at best) then you’re stupid enough to not figure out the root cause of not finding a job.

      • Zero

        Well, saying scum illegals, islamic savagas, fags, monkeys, gooks, and anything else is my right.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Yes! It is your right. Some time it is hurtful to tell the truth. Don’t forget White Trash. The only difference is All White Heterosexuals are White Trash there are no good ones right? (LOL)

          • Braveheart

            Sarge and Zero, I’mright there with both of you. Brave heart says whatever he chooses and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. It used to be that you had to go to college to learn how to be a communist. Now you can start learning about it in grade school and now college is nothing more than “advanced studies” in communism. The kids need to drop out of the communist cesspools called colleges and universities and go learn something useful. The colleges better be glad they don’t have me for a student. I would be at war with those professors every day.

            • hee har

              You tell ’em cuz! Them perfesser’s would be dodgin’ all them lead nutrients cuz would be a’ servin up! Ole’ cuz would be makin’ Columbine look like one o’ them carny games ’cause he uses his 12 gauge as a can opener!

          • Zero

            No doubt!

        • California Resident

          Don’t forget about the “Fagroes”.

          You know, like the asshole that shot those reporters last week?

      • passinwiththewind

        Oh btw, does anyone know who paid off all of Odrama’s college loans?

        The Saudis.

        Now. for the rest of the story….

      • Kulafarmer

        Liberal arts, freakin useless in the real world.

      • ENFP

        Oh Chuck, the community organizer in the white house things he’s in line to rule the New World Order.

    3. Phil

      This is why my kids will not be caught dead in anything other than a Math/Science/Engineering based career. Even though this BS has started to infect those areas (especially “mainstream” science), they are still relatively clean.

      Any of that crap in the article would have been thoroughly laughed off of the campus where I went to college.

      There ain’t no gray areas in math…it’s either right, or it isn’t.

      • Kevin2

        The only jobs open post degree in these type courses is teaching others these type courses.

        • lolzngiggles

          Yup, I got my B.S. in biology, and had to move to another city just to find a decent paying job. It took a little over four months to find one too afer 100’s of applications and a dozen interviews. Luckily I am debt free, I can only imagine the compounded stress of having student loans as well.

          • Kevin2

            Biology is a science. Along the way you get the math and chemistry. One can apply that to a different field.

            A close friend of mine had his oldest son got a BS in the study of insects which fascinated him. He excelled academically but was only qualified to be a lab tech for DuPont. He wanted better so after some biology courses he applied and was accepted to Medical School. He is a MD and although a GP he practices in Tenn and insect born illnesses are common. His undergrad degree with tweaking got him into Med School and helps to diagnose patients.

            Science & Math………

            • Hugh Janus

              B.S–we all know what that means

              M.S.–More of the Same

              PhD–Piled High and Deep

      • Braveheart

        Phil, the worst part of it all is that ONLY white students are subjected to this BS. No minority students get treated that way. Colleges and universities have been turned into “hostile environments” for white people; GOOD white people, I should say. HAHA I just used a PC term to describe their situation.

      • sixpack

        “There ain’t no gray areas in math…it’s either right, or it isn’t.”

        Not in COMMON CORE math. There, you’re answer can be dead wrong, but it’s okay if you spent enough effort on it and told how you arrived at the wrong answer…

        • Phil

          Which is why we homeschool our kids. Common Core will NOT be in my house.

      • ENFP

        The campus where I went to college was WSU and it would have been laughed off there also except that was in the early 60s.

    4. Stan522

      Liberals were all for questioning authority until they became the authority… Now through political correctness free speech is forbidden……

      Catch wind of this, then drop the class kids. Go find someone reasonable….

      • Hugh Janus

        White students fail the ‘course’, but we keep their money.

    5. truth is evil

      Separation is the only solution.

      • Hugh Janus

        USA will be The Balkans on steroids.

    6. Sgt. Dale

      This PC BULLSHIT has gone far enough!!!
      Blacks & Whites don’t burn down your Cities and Towns when you riot. PLEASE BURN DOWN COLLEGES!!!!!

      • Braveheart


        • laeagle

          Sarg, Kula, BH,

          It is sad that it has come to trashing and bashing higher education! I studied linguistics and languages and went on into the sciences. I do not regret any of the courses I took. I am a better person and better off as a result. Now I am learning many things from all of you and I believe my education has helped me to appreciate and understand the many topics discussed at this site.

          Thanks to all for the many insightful and useful articles and ideas.

          Louisiana Eagle

      • hee har

        Why don’t YOU all start the big burn thar agt?

    7. Satori

      anyone foolish enough to sign up for those types of courses
      will find themselves asking “would you like fries with that?’ in a few years

      • Kulafarmer

        Na, there will be plenty of jobs for them on Hillaries administration…..

      • Hugh Janus

        The engineering majors can keep in touch with their friends who majored in the humanities. The humanities majors will serve them their latte on the way to work.

    8. aljamo

      White is a color too.

      • Ralphy

        …and a minority in many cities.

        The only thing these so-called professors are teaching is how to incite racism and hatred, which by law is a punishable offense. In the NWO they’ll likely get promoted to the Language Police Squad.

    9. Anonamous says

      Do not participate in this arena of discussion, if your grade or your class standing will be
      Reflected upon. For a long time it has been a viable way of dealing with people by avoidance.
      This could mean dropping the class, transferring classes or schools, but get out of that situation.
      Vote with your feet do not $support , feed the institutions that further a lack of freedom. That is a
      Slave type mentality do not feed the beast it will eat you……….

      • Hugh Janus

        Nothing new here, just more brazen.

    10. Russ

      Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness…” (Isaiah 5:20)

      Its a coming on like a train

      This just about sums it up…

      Peace to all my brethren

      • Nopittypartyhere

        Amen! My friend is Messianic in faith, and he has a gift. Since I’ve moved to MS, we’ve talked about the harbinger, by J Cahn. He’s been doing a lot of reading and praying. His wife and also my best friend, called me yesterday. She said she thinks he’s ‘gone off the deep end”. He’s in almost panic mode. Says the Holy Spirit has given him this sense of urgency. He’s got to be pared before the end of year. And they are just starting. We’re geting together this weekend to talk strategy. They live about 50 miles away, just outside of a town with known gangs. We’re going to offer the. To come here to bugout if gets that bad. 50 aces a lot of real estate for the two of us to cover alone.

      • passinwiththewind

        Thanks Russ, as many can tell you, I have been saying that for years now.

        It has come time for the proverbial rubber to meet the pavement, in a few days.

        The days are ticking off and we are now getting close to the times when the energies of positives and negatives start crossing like sparks from an old engine with bad sparkplug wires.

        As a kid, I remember an old fart that had a truck that never seemed to run right and was always smoking and spitting and sputtering. late one evening after dark, he pulled into the local country store and fill ‘er up station, and made the comment that he didn’t think he could get her back home she was running so bad. “Must be some bad gas”, he says. Old timers always used that excuse when they could never figure out what the problem was.

        A local shade tree mechanic was there and pulled the hood latch and said fire it up. Fire it did, there was so many sparks going from all the cracked wires, it looked like a wild lightening storm display.

        Well, those economic and spiritual fire works will soon be streaking across the TV screens and possibly throughout cities, if all signs and markers are correct.

        Otherwise i will just shut the door and go fishing, while i eat some crow. But, i seriously doubt I will be eating anything more than the turkey pot pie I am fixing for supper. Thanks to keeping an eye out for bargains, the whole turkey breast was about a third off of retail.

        The word in the news is that Thanksgiving turkeys will be about 10 to 15% higher this year due to…bird flu.
        Better buy early if you have the freezer space.

        • passinwiththewind

          Meant to say ” a third of the cost of retail”.

          • Braveheart

            Passin, I can see going fishing, but nobody makes me eat crow unless they can prove to me why I should.

            • passinwiththewind

              good point, Brave.

        • sixpack

          Chicken and rice stew here, with big chunks of chicken, fresh onion, celery and mixed vegetables (corn, peas, carrots and green beans). Seasoned with wild sage and oregano, and freshly ground pepper. I like to throw in a diced jalapeño for a little zing. Add some fresh made corn bread and iced tea.

          That’s how I like to eat.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Can I come over to eat? PLEASE!!!

            • hee har

              dale, somehow you always manage to sound like a six year old when you say anything.

              • Braveheart

                A new troll named here har. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. (Sarcasm)

                • laeagle

                  Six, I made some great Jambalaya this evening. The children loved it and I took some over to the neighbors. Jambalaya is a great teotwawki dish! It is not that difficult to make either. Your dish sounds tasty too! I’m with Sarge.

                  • sixpack

                    I ADORE Jambalaya! I’m just usually too poor to buy the shrimp, but crawdad tails work too!

              • Sgt. Dale

                hee har
                Nobody was talking to you. I was talking to Six. It sounded like it would be very good, and I would be proud to Break Bread with Sixpack

                Just another moron troll!!!

                • sixpack

                • hee har

                  like I said sarge, you always manage to sound like a six year old.

            • laeagle

              Sarg, Kula, BH,

              It is sad that it has come to trashing and bashing higher education! I studied linguistics and languages and went on into the sciences. I do not regret any of the courses I took. I am a better person and better off as a result. Now I am learning many things from all of you and I believe my education has helped me to appreciate and understand the many topics discussed at this site.

              Thanks to all for the many insightful and useful articles and ideas.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • sixpack

              Sgt Dale, you’d be welcome at my table any day.

          • Kulafarmer

            That sounds pretty good, gave me an idea for dinner,

          • Braveheart

            Six pack, that sounds just like my cousin’s cooking at the BOL. On my last trip there, I had some of her homemade beef stew. Ain’t nothin better than home cookin.

            • hee har

              Whatcha’ talkin’ bout there cuz? You knows how ya’ll loves that canned beef stew, ’cause it’s lossa fun when ya’ll opens the can with yer 12 gauge!

            • Anonymous

              Now that they have all your stuff, and they know you will never make it out of Memphis when TSHTF, they will give thanks in your name.

              • Braveheart

                Anon, go f$&@ yourself. You don’t know my family so STFU.

        • Walter

          Hey PWTW,

          What’s this about ” shut the door, go fishing, and eat some crow.” It sounds like you’re trying to hedge your prediction of doomsday in September just a little, you’re already giving yourself an ” out” just in case September doesn’t go the way of your spiritual ” predictions”. The way you’ve been talking about it lately is you’ve had this spiritual guidance that September was the time frame for the beginning of something really bad happening, and now you’re hinting around that it just might NOT happen? Either your spiritual guidance is right or it’s not, and if doesn’t come to light in September like you’ve been claiming lately, than it only makes sense that any future claims you make about the time for the beginning of the end of everything should be ignored. I’m not trying to be rude personally, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too, if you’re indeed wrong in your predictions this time, you can’t expect people to believe it next time.

          • passinwiththewind

            Walter, you don’t know me very well, and that is truly evident by your words.

            As i have said many times before, Everything is now on God’s timetable, not ours. I don’t need an out. I believe in what i see and say about it. The timing is in God’s hands and i don’t care what you or anyone else says about that.

            I have made many predictions and have always put God, my Heavenly Father in the equation, or else i would be a fool.

            if my timing of the falling of the first dominoes for September and October are not coinciding with God’s timetable, then I will be the first to stand up (not lay down and cower away fishing), and say that i missed the timing of events by what i have put together for the past four years.

            You can’t prove me wrong even if i were to give you all my various monikers that I have used here over the past six years and, so ever many months.

            I was saying the part about fishing because i do most of my trout fishing in cool weather. Unless it is unsafe to travel, I will be at Cuz’s place this fall with my fishing gear and working the streams and rivers.

            I will keep my word and say I missed something in my predictions if need be. I am not worried about credibility because I speak truth. I only say these things about spiritual preparedness for those that need to open their eyes or for those that may need, and want a little support. It is not for mine own ego as some like to think. I have real compassion for my fellow man, especially the innocent children and feeble elderly.

            So all the naysayers and mockers come on out and say your piece, it doesn’t bother me any more. I learned a few things while being a regular here many years, and that is growing some thicker skin. That doesn’t mean i won’t stand my ground, because as a Christian, I am “not” a second class citizen as the world wants me to be.

            • Walter


              I understand partly what you’re saying, but not completely. You have said that you had some kind of “spiritual” vision that told you that something big was going to happen in September. Now my point is this, if this vision told you it was September and nothing happens, then this ” vision” itself MUST be flawed somehow. I think everybody knows something is going to hit someday in the future, but if people trust, and more importantly, post, their visions they’ve received and nothing comes to pass with it, it simply has to cause these visions to be suspect somehow, after all, if they are incorrect, it makes sense they’re somehow flawed then, doesn’t it?

              • passinwiththewind

                Show me where and when i said I had a spiritual vision about September being the time of something BIG happening.

                I have said I have heard of others visions and dreams, and that I have had these “feelings”, because of all the indicators. I think i also said that i “sense” something big coming this fall, but i have never outright said i had a vision about September.

                I have had an out of body experience and a vision about other things, but not about September.

                Whatever you believe you heard, then that is on you.

                I stand by my predictions that something big will happen Between Sept. 11th and Oct 31 that will cause panic and fear, and possibly result in many deaths.

                I did not say the deaths would happen immediately, in either of these two months, but they might.

                This prediction is based on many factors and from many of my sources, but not from a vision that i had, or that i said i had.

                So, Walter, please show me when and where I said i had such a vision.

            • Anonanon

              Pissin, nobody believes oicu812 is your ‘ cuz’ anymore so you can stop playing your juvenile game.

              • passinwiththewind

                wwti, go back to your swamp, and get over yourself. Nobody gives a shit about you or any of your crap.
                Well, it does appear eppe has taken a spell of showing you kindness.

                Until you have a change of heart about Christ, you are a dead man walking, and you make no difference to me.

    11. buttcrackofdoom

      further proof that america is the stupidest nation of them all!

      • slingshot


        But being the most stupid nation on earth, does have its privilege.

      • Them Guys

        Indeed this is what happens when White America has been fully mesmerized and Kosherized thur marxist PC Tactics.

        This also applies to every euro White nations. While in No other Non-White nation do you see even a slim hint of the mass flooding of non whites into those nations.

        The anti-White tactics and policy is now so open and “in Your face” daily in everything from TV shows-Movies-Politics-and the totaly jewish owned MSM in all forms…That only an abject fool can somehow miss this fact.

        You can spot such fools asap quick upon the meere mention of how ONLY USA and every other White Nation suffers these PC Marxist policies….And watch the fools go balistic when they project their mindless whitey-Guilt and rabidly object at such mention of this eras largest and Most deadly problem for White Folk globally.

    12. Anonymous

      Professors need to start facing personal lawsuits for the oppression of their students with normal behaviors and social adjustments.

      Something like PTSD would seem to be grounds that could be considered valid.

    13. Kyrathyel

      If the white kids quit coming, the Professors would find themselves out of work. Maybe not, there might be enough Spanish, black, Indian, and Asian people attending to Universities, but they would object to white Professors. Karma.

    14. FTW

      Political Correctness = CONTROLLED SPEECH

      The 1st Amendment has officially died in America!

    15. slingshot

      I don’t care how far your travel. Build whatever fortification you can. Prepare for whatever issue you may encounter.


      Why? Because the only way to do it is to Kill Them. You can not beat it out of them. They come back like weeds. Being Politically Correct is socialism and as Nikita Kruschev said, “We will bury you”. And they mean to do so.

    16. NMFW

      In case no one has seen it, fourth Gen warfare has already started. #blacklivesmatter have put the call out (along with New Black Panthers and other black radical groups) and it is being answered. Assassinations of police and white people have begun. A war has started, and seems the majority of people are still unaware. “Wrong hood bitch” is their rally cry. How many cops and random white deaths will it take until everyone wakes up?

      • Sgt. Dale

        I have said once Obullshit got elected that he would start a race war. I didn’t believe at the time it would take this long but with good Black Folks and White folks working together they have slowed it down.

        Now that the Black Panthers, Farrakhan, and other calling for the killing and murder of Whites, and don’t forget Latinos (which they hate as much as Whites). The calling for the killing of Police. Things are going to get very hot in the very near future.

        Just a question. What do you think would happen if all of us Cops would get the flu on the same three days? You know it could happen. But it will not, because we wouldn’t do it to the people in our communities.
        It is my belief that the Major Cities would burn in less than 6 hours.

        • slingshot

          SGT Dale.

          hahahaha! I know what would happen.

          Once the news media picked it up and put on the airwaves the Line of Blue is down with sickness. They would be out on the streets. Emboldened by the Lack of law enforcement. As for me Sgt. Dale, take the Vacation.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Thank I’m thinking about!!!!!

            • NMFW

              I want you to know
              I respect you, and I respect what sacrifices you have made
              I too have made many. I can tell the era of policing you come from , and how foreign these police of today must feel to you

              your family comes first. and if anyone disrespects that choice , tell em they can kiss yer ass


          • NMFW

            agree with Slingshot for the most part

            although I do not subscribe to that way of living , so with the cops gone , I’ll do whats right for me and my family

            Im not the type that calls 911 anyways Sgt. I’ll call to have them clean up my mess if they want to , but I’m not gonna call them to help me make it.

            Now , I understand that many folks do not understand that they have just as much right to defend themselves as a cop does , I am not the type to wait and see if someones coming to help . I’ll do what i feel is right , and let 12 people decide if i was right once they get a true feeling of what it woulda been like if those 12 had come to help .. because if they dont have any concept of my 2nd amendment rights and my right to defend myself and family ,, then they would not be 12 of my PEERS

            and as for coming down with the flu when the shit hits , do what you will
            as a family man i cant call in sick

          • Braveheart

            Sarge, you forgot to mention that the new attorney-general doesn’t care about NBPP, Farrakhan, etc, making death threats against white people. They get a free pass because they are leaders of the black criminal elements in the US.

            • slingshot


              “They were stoking the fires and oiling up the machinery”.

              By John Henly.

              What you said you can see miles away.

              • Braveheart

                Slingshot, you said a mouthful. I hope to be at the BOL before they can get any closer.

        • passinwiththewind

          hey Sarge,
          If people remember correctly, one of the first things to come out of Obullshit’s mouth was a sign of what the agenda was and has been, a war against freedom loving Christians, black or white.

          “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” Obama said.

          So, as he puts it, he already knows what makes people tick, and get ticked off, so he has played against that, or tried to play that to his leaders favor.

          There was a whole lot said in that one sentence in early April, 2008. To me it was a flag up of what we were to expect.

          I often wondered how he could be so charismatic and intelligent sounding, while pulling the rug out from under so many, especially his own kind. Then it became obvious that he gets his power and authority, from the beast and through the evil spirit of the leader of the beast system.

          In all actuality, he is a silver tongued devil.

          • slingshot


            Obama and his administration has called me a Traitor, Terrorist, and a Coward. I only hope I can live long enough to PISS on his Grave.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I would take a dump on it.

        • Anonymous

          the donut shops would go bankrupt.

      • slingshot


        I checked out it out and this article is worth putting up here. Lots of info as to what the Black Community is gearing up for.

        Info Wars.

        • NMFW

          Big Time

          I have given up asking Mac to post what i find

          I even had to change who I am here because of some stupid BS on the censoring of my posts and some troll that wants to attack everything i say against my true meaning

          You Know who I am if you read carefully, So will Sgt Dale

          • passinwiththewind

            I hear you, loud and clear. I saw the constant badgering.

          • Anonymous

            Well NMFW, let’s take a wild guess at this one. You wouldn’t be the Enemy of the State, would you?

            • Enemy of the State

              I dunno
              Maybe not
              Wasn’t really addressed to you , now was it ?

              • Anonymous

                You know, you’re right, it wasn’t addressed to me. You have to forgive me because I was unaware that you have control over who can post a comment on this site asshole.

    17. The Prophet

      Hey Sarge, the savage that brutalized that women in Willowbrook has abandoned his car in Brookfield. Not far from me. I’ll be looking for him in the forest preserves over here. There are a lot of junkies in Brookfield now. Section 8 ruined Willowbrook and Brookfield.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Man please stay safe.

        If by some chance you have a run in with this piece of shit, and you have to take him out. Say nothing until you have your attorney with you. Just give them your name, and tell them you will take to them only with your attorney there because what you might say you might misinterpret, then say no more.

        Don’t forget you will have to surrender you firearm.
        Remember this will help You and Law Enforcement. I can guaranty you that the guys in blue want a piece of this piece of slime.

        If it wasn’t for Sec. 8 bullshit I might not have anything to do when I go to work.


        • The Prophet

          Used to do this for a living, without backup.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Then you know what I’m taking about!!!!

    18. lolzngiggles

      fu*k you mac, how about you post my comment in enough time to make it relevent to the conversation?

      • Them Guys

        You first Must pass the Censoring “Test” of the Kosher-PC-Kwaps here in order to actually see your reply posted up.

    19. stu johnson

      My mother was born in Norway. I am a vanilla. Vanilla is a color. I am a person of color. I am not invisible.
      Those pricks that keep on saying “people of color” are RACIST!
      Respect is EARNED by actions and attitudes. The positive kind. Lots of blacks have crappy attitudes and have earned NO respect, only distain. Then they cry racism but it’s all about actions and attitudes. When they, anybody, pulls the race card it’s racism.
      There is no good excuse for crap attitudes and actions, even ones race. Dem dar prosfesers are jes plane nuts.
      Have a nice day Stu OUT.

    20. stu johnson

      I really really would like to see the thumbs up thing back again.

      • Anonymous

        Thankfully they will never return, They were just a big waste of time when trying to pull up an article. Facebook still has them if that’s what you’re interested in.

      • slingshot

        White Boy, White Boy.

        Whatcha gonna do. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you.


        • Afonse Giacotti

          I’ve got a couple thousand rounds, that will surely keep the monkeyshines away..
          White boy, white boy, he has the skill, dropping apes one shot, one kill.

        • E Company

          got chemistry?

          this white boy is going to use his childhood chemistry set to make a few home brewed claymore mines, shrapnel rockets, molotov cocktails and frag grenades as welcome wagon gift for the new muslim neighbors if they reach my neck of the woods.

    21. TEST

      Leftist here Herbert Marcuse popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

      Freaking leftist fascists. And yes, “fascists” is the correct term, specifically denoting the merger of the socialist state with big biz. The “founder” of fascism, Mussolini, Fascism,” writes Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Lew Rockwell, “is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society.”

      Mussolini himself “All within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” He also said: “The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, its functions, and its aims. For Fascism the State is absolute, individuals and groups relative.”

    22. For What It's Worth

      America is done it’s over. The carpet-baggers of the world has all but picked the bones clean and soon America will be feed to the wolves. The few PATROITS that will fight to their last breath will leave a legacy soon not forgotten, but alas the end is near. As it is said I’m still breathing so it is not over yet!!! The immortal words of Lt. Murphy to Marcus “Never End the FIGHT”. RIP AMERICA!!!!

    23. Thor

      I wonder if cracker is ok ? Constitutionalists is also bad, patriot too. Most colleges are satanic indoctrination and anti American anyway. Stick to votech schools for education at least they will teach a skill. Just a thought.

      • Braveheart

        Thor, AMEN.

    24. gilliesuit

      a race war would be terrible, with many deaths, but certain problems would be solved.

    25. Jim in Va.

      I’m done with PC. I call it like I see it and the truth will be included.

    26. zerojr

      no such thing but there is black jew priviledge

    27. White and no Apology

      Selena Lester Breikss is just a Graduate Teaching Assistant.
      I agree there is white privilege.
      Whites have a much higher IQ’s than Negros.
      That’s the true white privilege .
      There is nothing that the race baiters can ever do about it.

    28. hee har

      Ya’ll gots to luvit! Mac just puts this ole’ stuff out like bait on a hook and the same ole’ dumb ass carps come and hit on it ever time! Shoewhee, They’s gonna never git ’nuff of it!

    29. Afonse Giacotti

      Nothing more than the kikes subverting more of our esteemed American institutions.

    30. sarah

      There are so many online schools, I think it’s time for parents to encourage their children to get involved in online learning and mentorship programs with people they trust,as the schools in the USA and all the western countries are little more than indoctrination centers now, this includes all the grades from pre-school through university level now and I would add that it is the same in the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand etc. There is so much to learn online, there are so many schools with online extension classes, including Harvard. I would say that unless you are becoming a doctor/dentist most or all of your learning can and should be done online and in the marketplace.

    31. Tim

      “Learn a historically informed definition of racism, and challenge all racist discourse.”

      Claiming a white person has “White Privilege” who is apart of the 99%, IS RACISM!

      The ONLY people in this World that are enjoying “White Privilege” are the 1%!

      I’m white and for the last 50 years of my life, I’ve NEVER experienced “White Privilege.”
      Where is this “White Privilege” store at? So I can get me some!

      This is just another form of racism directed at white people to make us feel ashamed of our skin color and the history of our culture.

      And if people would research the TRUTH about the white mans involvement with slavery, people will find out that the white man BOUGHT African slaves that were ALREADY in-slaved by their OWN people and brought them to America! The white man in-slaved NO ONE!

      You haters of white people had better get with the program and realize we are ALL THE SAME inside our Hearts. It’s just our bodies that are different.

      And when full disclosure happens and our True history is revealed, most people will be shocked to the very core of their Soul when they find out that they were once other races and genders in their previous lives. If you are a black man in this life, guess what? You was a white man in a previous life and a white woman in another. That is why racism is so stupid. We all were each others races and gender as we journey through multiple lives on this World.

      I can’t what for the day when the Truth is known and all you haters of any race will be brought down to your knees of realization that you are WRONG to hate anyone for any reason.

      Live and let live in Peace.


    32. LLeclair

      I’ll take that F with pride, thank you………..and then beat the hell out of that professor.

    33. Nels

      I didn’t read many posts because I’m a surviving racist. I know there are dangerous places to go, even within a “FREE” country, that because of the tone of my skin, it could get me killed or shot! I feel PITY and Anger against those that would do me harm because of my skin tone. “Birds of a feather…” you know the rest and recognising a belligerent racism action against yourself (color or religion or class…) deserves a just reply. At leader equal to protect yourself and loved ones. So, if one cannot walk away, and must fight against racism, is he himself a racist?

    34. OhSoTired

      I am white–I am proud–give two shits about black lives matter– REALLY–if you were not a piece of shit thug fuk–we would not have to SHOOT YOU–If you were not a raghead piece of shit trying to kill us–we would not have to SHOOT YOU–YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE–contrary to popular belief–we built this place we call the US of A. You EVER get the urge to visit some place NOT like here–go to Africa, the middle east, Mexico–MOST Asian countries-the REST of the world for that matter. They all do a good job of NOTHING–PERIOD–Black Leadership–what a laugh–Detroit, Flint and Saginaw MI to name a few–ADD the HEAD MUSIM IN CHEIF–you get my picture–people don’t get their heads out of their ass and call it like it is–we are doomed–PERIOD–gotta go–ammo on sale some where’s to cure this problem.

      • E Company

        Zionists are the Puppeteers

        False Flag War’s
        Financial Crashes
        Women Power
        Black Power
        Brown Power
        Muslim Power

        Are all distractions deliberately set into motion by the “Order Out of Chaos!” Zionists so they can feed off the destruction of the Goyim.

        International Zionists are the Real Threat not their Goy Gentile Pawns!

        • Anonymous

          Ok e company, we’re all with you so go ahead and lead the charge!

    35. Foxie

      All of this cr@p would end if alumni and major donors would close their pocketbooks because of it. The leftist professors and the school estabishment that supports them would be shown the door.

      Alumni and major donors should also be discouraging parents from sending their children to these schools.

    36. Steve

      So let me get this straight… the white side of me has to wear a white bracelet (why don’t we just call it what it is, a yellow star) so I can be defined. Why don’t the liberals just get it over with and start demanding we get the tattoo to go with it?

    37. GGB

      The easiest solution is to stop attending these institutions, boycott them

    38. FLBob

      I started college and realized I was wasting my money pretty quickly (2 semesters) So I became a Welder/Ironworker much cheaper and a WAY faster return on your investment…For all the younger people out there,LISTEN UP…all these tradesmen are OLD I am the youngest person by far on every jobsite. the jobs are ripe for the picking, just do the schooling…I still plan on finishing my degree, just put it on hold for now. State Colleges aren’t much better when it comes to PC, but I went to school in the South so it wasn’t too bad.

    39. CaliforniaArchitect

      People should understand that these colleges indoctrinate their students in the required, general education courses. Every student who wants to graduate must take these stupid courses. Furthermore, the course title and description may not make it clear that such indoctrination is in the course.

    40. WEric

      More excuses from the do nothing, accomplish nothing, black population.

    41. Nappy

      You think this white-shaming trend is alarming my now? Just wait until we are the hated minority. They’ll be tattooing our wrists next. We need to stop it now while we still can.

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