Gordon Chang, China Expert: The Country “Is Preparing To Go To War”

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Headline News

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    Gordon Chang, a renowned expert on China says that the country “is preparing to go to war.” Their war could possibly be over Taiwan and it could start anytime.

    Writing on the 1945 blog, Chang said Communist Party is ordering businesses and entrepreneurs to convert their production over to manufacturing equipment, a sure sign that Beijing is stocking up for war.

    “Last month, a Chinese entrepreneur making medical equipment for consumers told me that local officials had demanded he convert his production lines in China so that they could turn out items for the military. Communist Party cadres, he said, were issuing similar orders to other manufacturers,” Chang wrote. “Moreover, Chinese academics privately say the ongoing expulsion of foreign colleagues from China’s universities appears to be a preparation for hostilities.”

    “The People’s Republic of China is preparing to go to war, and it is not trying to hide its efforts. Amendments to the National Defense Law, effective the first day of last year, transfer powers from civilian to military officials,” he added. – Natural News

    Chang says that China is using the military to force industries to begin producing for the military now instead of making their own products for sale to the general population. As Zeng Zhiping of Soochow University told Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post:

    “The CMC is now formally in charge of making national defense policy and principles, while the State Council becomes a mere implementing agency to provide support for the military.”

    Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post summarized Chinese ruler Xi Jinping’s first order to the military of 2019. In January of that year, he gave a major speech to the CMC on making preparations for war, and the address was then broadcast nationwide. “Be ready for battle.” 

    We Were Specifically Warned About This Coming War With China All The Way Back In The 1990s

    China: UK and US Interference In Taiwan Means WAR

    The Party, as it readies itself for combat, is leaving nothing to chance. In March, its Central Organization Department issued an internal directive prohibiting the spouses and children of ministerial-level officials from owning foreign real estate or shares registered offshore. The ban also appears to apply to such officials themselves as there are reports of their selling foreign assets. Moreover, such officials and immediate families are not, except in limited circumstances, allowed to open accounts overseas with financial institutions. -1945

    It looks like it is unmistakable: Xi and senior leaders are getting China’s citizens ready for war.


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