Google Ramps Up Censorship Once Again, This Time Silencing “Climate Change Deniers”

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Just when you think that the censorship in the land of the illusion of freedom can’t get any worse, Google announces they will censor a whole new crop of thought. Google and YouTube will no longer allow any ads with content pushing “climate change denial,” saying it “contradicts scientific consensus.”

    Silencing dissent has never once proved the dissenters wrong.

    Many are upset, however, others have suggested simply moving their content to platforms that are open to ideas and offer the free exchange of them.

    The Big Tech giant announced the move in a Thursday blog post. The company is updating its policies on ads and monetization in order to “ensure a brand-safe environment” for advertisers, and to “protect users” from “unreliable claims” as well as “fake medical cures or anti-vaccine advocacy.”

    “Our advertising and publisher partners … have expressed concerns about ads that run alongside or promote inaccurate claims about climate change,” it said, noting that this is not only bad for business but impacts content creators as well. That’s why today, we’re announcing a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators that will prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.”

    While the company did not offer a detailed definition of the proscribed content, it cited a few examples, including posts that deem climate change “a hoax or a scam,” as well as “claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.” –RT

    Google added that even though YouTube’s algorithmic decision-making system is not exactly known for its high degree of accuracy, resulting in numerous bans by “mistake” over the years, they still intend to censor people who don’t go along with the official narrative.

    Google and YouTube’s updated ad policies come just one month after the latter platform declared it would censor anyone who doesn’t bow down to their master and willingly take the “vaccine.”  All “harmful vaccine content” (or, anything the ruling class doesn’t want you to know about) is to be censored. The move was part of a broader push against so-called misinformation and has supercharged an internet-wide censorship campaign.

    Has that illusion of freedom finally dropped yet, folk? If you somehow thought you were “free” before COVID, you’d better think again. If there’s a ruling class of any kind (the sheep like to call it “government” because it sounds better to them) you are not free. Let’s evolve beyond the need to be slaves and be our own masters. Until we open our eyes and face this illusion, we are destined to stay enslaved to anyone who claims they are now our overlord.

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” -George R.R. Martin


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      1. A shame there aren’t any viable alternatives to Google and YouTube.

        But without them the internet and modern life would not be possible.

        • I found a couple of good search engines.
          1. Swiss Cows

      2. Oh there is climate change…and His Name is Yahweh….the Lord God…

        Psalm 147:15-18
        New American Standard Bible

        He sends His command to the earth;
        His word runs very swiftly.
        He showers snow like wool;
        He scatters the frost like ashes.
        He hurls His ice as fragments;
        Who can stand before His cold?
        He sends His word and makes them melt;
        He makes His wind blow, and the waters flow.

        And there are many others I could point you too…such as the prophet Elijah….pronouncing drought in 1 Kings 17, where Elijah quoted what God would do as spoken in the Deuteronomy

        Or when the Lord says He brings rain on one city and drought on another and the people will stagger like drunken men to the city with water and not be satisfied….

        Sin and rebellion against the Lord God has mighty consequences….Psalm 9:17

        Thank the Lord I am of His sheep, for He is a good Shepherd…Psalm 23

      3. The jump-to-confusion by the Climate Change Cult reminds me of historic cults. The Flat Earth Cult punished “deniers” for centuries. The Earth-Centric-Cult punished those that suggested our solar-system was configured in a different way. The number of examples knows no bounds. Rest assured “Real Science is NEVER Settled”.

        The environment on Earth fluctuates constantly. Study the NRG required for phase changes of water. Study the minute percentages of our atmosphere for CO and CO2. Study the magnetosphere. Find out how solar flares affect our world. Learn that our historic environmental records are tiny. After all this background study – get back to me if you snowflakes continue to think you have a case. For those few well-educated cultists that can make a case above my paygrade – I’ll refer you to my highly accomplished scientist wife.

      4. But how can you become an “influencer” millionaire if they de-monetize you?

        Maybe you’ll have to get a real job.

      5. I watched a travel show, this evening, blaming you (yes, you) for the warm water bleaching a tropical reef. Then, they hiked a boiling volcano within eyeshot.

        I believe that the weather changes, except, less than 1% of greenhouse gases are manmade, in the bigger picture.

      6. Fight back, BANKRUPT these companies, They WILL bow to taking their money away.

      7. It is just a money making SCAM and nothing more!

      8. As a young man I watched on TV the Mount St. Helens volcano erupt in 1980. I remember a scientist saying that one eruption put more sulfur compounds in the atmosphere in two days than mankind has done in thousands of years.
        Let’s be honest, the push to eliminate all and every type of emissions is really all about crippling our modern economy, and destroying our standard of living and quality of life. Those who want to eliminate emissions should go to China and India where more than 90% of the world’s air pollution is created, and do something about it there. Apparently, only emissions from nations where the majority of people are of European heritage is bad.
        If the marxists can’t eliminate the technology and machines that use some type of fuel, the next best thing to do is reduce the availability of fuels, and increase the price of fuels until most people can’t get the energy needed. Remember our illustrious prez shut down the construction of new pipelines from Canada to the US in his first week in office. Does anyone think that fuel source will just stay in the ground. No. Canada will just find another market and sell it to, that market is China (besides, the progressives in Canada are even more progressive than here in the US, several have openly stated how wonderful the Chinese brand of authoritarianism and communism is).
        Since the installation of the new prez in Jan. ‘21 we’ve seen gasoline prices increase about a dollar a gallon. And there’s a vast assortment of new energy policies in the making, all designed to make it scarce and drive up prices to prohibitive levels. The health of a nation’s economy is directly tied to the cost of energy supplies, so as fuels and energy increase in cost and decrease in availability the economy suffers.
        Either A – the TPTB are so stupid they don’t understand what they are doing, or B – they are doing this on purpose and it is just part of a greater plan for control of every part of our lives. Take your pick. I’ll help you make make the right choice – the State absolutely despises you. Now you can decide.

        • They pull the wool over the eyes of all the cucked guilt-ridden white people. I urge those white people to take a trip to Africa, China and India then talk to me about pollution and wrecking the environment.

          The cleanest, most orderly places in the world happen to be where white people are. The filthiest places are where the darker people are. I have been to most major cities. I had to laugh the other day driving through the clean streets of one Canadian city until it suddenly turned really dirty and shabby. Well guess what? I was driving through the black neighbourhood: and it showed. Those shops with the peeling paint, the garbage on the street, the crack dealers, all of that is what the third world is like EVERYWHERE.

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