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Contributing Author
March 8th, 2021
Future Money Trends
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This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

We don’t think investors get it yet. FED Chair Powell didn’t “bomb” his latest speech; in his mind, he believes he did a great job and that the economy is behaving exactly how the central bank would like to.

If anything, Jerome Powell is saying that the FED’s easing won’t have to be extra-aggressive since the economy’s free-market forces are strong enough to drive it forward for the first time in a decade.

In other words, the FED isn’t worried about you or your portfolio dropping in the short-term. Instead, they’re celebrating America’s bullish recovery and are even pushing back against the market’s appetite for another stimulus round (monetary policy), saying that we have enough of it. Of course, the government is expected to continue on its fiscal pro-active approach, but the central bank wants to take a backseat.

What’s actually important to keep in mind is how right they are!


As seen in the chart above, real yields are still at -0.6%. The FED is saying that we’re nowhere near a world of balanced-out yields, where bonds are worthy of people’s attention if they’re searching for income, so don’t expect them to suppress the natural rise for now.

Don’t forget that Janet Yellen is running the show at the Treasury. She is the former chair of the central bank and I’m certain she has a relationship with not only Powell but all of the governors on the board.

If this appointment of Yellen to the Treasury ends up being a sophisticated one, it is because the Deep State is thinking they want a full collaboration between the FED and the government. While they were shouting at Trump for intervening with the FED’s job, what they really meant was that he wasn’t in line with them. The bottom line is that they always wanted a consolidation of power.


All of the signs are pointing towards this last Friday’s crash and rebound being the end or close to that, but not quite. Use the next 30-day period to position yourself in the markets. There will be volatility and I assume one last puke coming from the last of the heavy sellers coming towards mid-April.

The conclusions we’ve drawn here are:

  1. The FED isn’t going to do anything about this wrongfully-presumed market crash, which isn’t one at all – it’s the air leaking out of the SPAC bubble and is actually really good for markets.
  2. The FED is actually content with the way the recovery is evolving.
  3. Investors are now realizing the FED’s 2.0% inflation target could become true and they’re shuffling their holdings accordingly.
  4. Real rates are still negative, even after all of this.

So, what’s the deal with gold, then?

* Gold is now down 18% from the highs, which is right in line with what we wrote in August.

* The Senate just passed the $1.9tn stimulus package, which had a 70% chance of going through, so there’s definitely going to be volatility around that!

* Yields remain negative. The government remains extremely indebted. The populous is still pro-MMT and pro-UBI, so Biden will keep spending.

HOLD YOUR GOLD. Others may think this is the end for it but they are missing the big picture.

Gold has been left for dead since November’s vaccine announcement.


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    Author: Contributing Author
    Date: March 8th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Why don’t you mentally incompetent mother fucking asswipes focus on the obvious threats! The social costs of corruption, the scamdemic, and 9/11 instead! Do the world a favor! Commit mass suicide! There would be a tremendous social benefit to the world if you did! You can all wear purple capes and OD so that the mother alien spaceship that the government wastes billions of dollars a year searching for will locate you!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Anonymous says:

      The pump and dump master strikes again. Steer clear of Future Money Trends and Wealth Research Group.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      There is really no hope with all of the serial criminal psychopaths that are not merely on the lamb, but are controlling the reigns of power in government. They really have lost all credibility now with the scamdemic, 9/11, 7 false flag wars, total loss of liberty based on blatant lies, and $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon, and all of the other high crimes and treason.

      A few years ago, I thought that perhaps ending the Fed might solve the problem, but trusting these corrupt governments with money would be like trusting a kleptomaniac to guard a jewlery store.

      They are incapable of being trusted. They prove it everytime that they talk about covid, everytime that they accuse Russia of problems based on blatant lies, everytime that they accuse Iran on problems based on blatant lies, etc…

      They just keep going from bad to worse. Entrusting them with more power, responsibility, and assets would be just plain stupid at this point. They are a den of thieves. They are guilty of multiple control frauds. Richard Black said that control frauds are control freaks.

      They have been exposed as control frauds.

      Andrea Iravani

      This comment was censored by Unz.

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:


      It is a really lengthy topic, however, to better understand the issue, I recomend reading “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Treasury” by William K. Black who was a prosecuter of the S&Ls in 1989. Right now, we have what Black referred to as a criminogenic environment and countless control frauds all over America. 

      It would be idiotic to trust kleptomaniacs to guard a jewlery store. Although both the financial sector and the government sector are equally corrupt, granting more power, authority, and control to an undisputably corrupt body of governments including local, state, and federal governments would be the same as trusting kleptomaniacs. 

      These government institutions have made clear that they think so little of us, that they are willing to kill us, whether through war drafts, radiation experiments on Americans across hospitals and universities during the cold war, including on pregnant women, newborns, and children, as well as others, MKULTRA mind control experiments that followed those at universities and hospitals across America, the inside job by InfraGard of 9/11 and the seven false flag wars that followed, and now with the scamdemic, lock downs, and lethal injections referred to as vaccines are just some of the acts of high crimes and treason that these governments have perpetrated against American citizens.

      As you may know, Kissinger said that if you can control the money supply,  you can control nations, if you can control the foid supply, you can control people. 

      If the governments that are guilty of these acts of high crimes and treason were to control the money supply, they will also end up controlling the food supply, and everything else. These are governments that have proven with almost every action that they must not be trusted.

      The Aztecs enslaved populations and paid them 16 beans for a full day of hard labor, if you wonder how it may end up, that is one example of absolute power and what happens to those that end up with it. ( They were probably fava beans, which are quite large, I guess,  but still. )

      I wish that we had honest governments in America thatcould be trusted with the money supply. Not long ago I supported that, and have changed my mind. The corrupt psychopaths must face the charges and be prosecuted.  

      Most people have zero confidence in the governments. 

      People are calling for public banks claiming that governments will not have to borrow at higher rates from banks or bond holders for infrastrastructure projects with community banks or state banks run by and owned governments. The Grafton government spent $7 million to replace plumbing at a high school for 700 students, which is insane! These mentally incompetent psychopaths cannot be trusted to even do the jobs that they already have. Giving them more responsibility, power, and control than they currently have would not make any sense. Pension funds are mismanaged. Government employees are already living high on the hog compared to most people, so much so that they have bankrupted the states that they live in. 

      Andrea Iravani 

    5. really liked the article that you published actually. it really is not that easy to discover good text toactually read (you know READ and not simply going through it like some zombie before moving on), so cheers mate for not wasting any of my time!

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