Gold Royalty Corp. Is Set To Issue Dividends Less Than ONE YEAR After Going Public

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Headline News | 3 comments

David Garofalo, CEO, and Chairman of Gold Royalty Corp sat down with Marin Katusa to discuss what to expect in 2022. We live in fairly unstable economic times and understanding how to protect your wealth is still important.

Gold Royalty Corp. is also known as Groy and is a precious metals-focused royalty and streaming company offering creative financing solutions to the metals and mining industry. With the economy so volatile right now, it’s never been a better time to perhaps invest in precious metals and learn how they can protect you from both hyperinflation and a possible economic collapse.

As Katusa mentions, this company just went public less than a year ago, and yet is now announcing a dividend issuance, and what else can be expected as we traverse 2022.

Garofalo explains that the reason he decided to issue dividends so early was because he feels the company has a “strong upwards trajectory” in the coming months and years to create income. He also expects the cash flow to ramp up, saying that Groy has gone from “zero to sustainable cash flow from a very diversified portfolio.” The company also focuses on the Americas.

Quebec and Nevada are two of the most prolific gold districts in the world, says Garofalo. He believes gold will go to at least $3,000 in this cycle. He is going to try to position himself in the optimal place to take advantage of this gold price. Producers will face “significant cost pressures,” said Garofalo. Because of inflation, which is being understated, the producers will be under a lot of cost pressure. Cost pressures will eat away at margins. Meaning he’s going to do his best to insulate the shareholders from this cost inflation which is easier to do as a royalty company.

Garofalo says it’s all because his team is second to none in the royalty space. He says they are not bankers or investment brokers. His team is one of “mining guys” and they are prepared to make this endeavor a successful and lucrative one.

The following disclaimer is included in the detailed description of the video and provided for your information:

Disclaimer: Marin Katusa and Katusa Research Inc own securities positions in, and are long on, the following companies mentioned above: GROY. Thus have a major conflict and interest in the stock. This is for information only and for your own further due diligence. Neither Marin Katusa nor Katusa Research is registered broker-dealers or financial advisors.

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    1. Woogie

      In this unstable market, I believe the best things to invest in are commodities which are needed as a raw material like gold, silver, oil, natural gas, metals, minerals, etc and primary agricultural products that can be bought and sold that counters inflation.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget copper and all those other things that will be needed for the coming massive production of electric vehicles as they replace IC ones.

        You have to identify a trend and stay ahead of it to make money with investments.

    2. Darth Skippy

      Without complaining about your stock picks, per se, it would be nice, if private interests were able to own just plain money or different kinds of property, without putting it to use for the public good.

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