Going to the Extreme: Euro-Preppers Get Ready for the Worst *Video*

by | Jul 18, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 239 comments

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    It’s not just in the USA that a growing number of people are preparing for far-from-equilibrium scenarios resulting from economic or geo-political collapse.

    Many Europeans have also taken note of the troubling signs all around them. In the following report, RT visits a man who wished to keep his name and location anonymous. Like many Americans, he is preparing for all hell to break loose and has spent the last few years gearing up his home and supplies for the worst.

    Like most preppers and survivalist, he has modified his lifestyle to become more self reliant and less dependent on the grid and existing government infrastructure.

    In addition to generating  two thirds of his current energy consumption with wind and solar power, he grows his own food and raises cattle to supplement his diet in the event grocery stores run out of food or prices get so expensive in Euros that no one can afford to buy it.

    As is this case for many of his like-minded counterparts in the United States, for this Euro prepper it’s not a matter of “if” the collapse happens – it’s only a matter of when. And when “when” finally happens, he’ll be ready for it.

    The worst case scenario that we’re preparing for is a total collapse of the economy. There will be problems with food, electricity, water supply… so, I want to make sure we can wait out this time when money will be worthless.

    There are no new steps, no new solutions on what to do about this whole situation. The rude awakening is coming. We all hope to postpone it, but eventually it’ll come.

    The smart money in America and Europe is betting on a total implosion of financial markets and the economy. Even those of us who don’t have the riches or know-how to make money in stocks, commodities or precious metals in the event of such a collapse are taking steps to protect our wealth and insulate our families against scenarios where the world as we know it is transformed into madness and chaos.

    We may not be able to buy leveraged contracts or commodity Exchange Traded Funds, but we do know how to buy low and sell high. And for many who have taken to putting away larder for hard times, this is exactly the investment strategy we’re implementing. A ten pound bag of rice today may cost just $10, but if the US dollar and Euro continue to lose value that same rice may be $20 or $30 just a few years from now. That’s a 200% return on investment if you pack that rice (or wheat, or corn, or any number of foods that last a lifetime) properly for long-term storage. The benefit of such a direct investment strategy: You have no counter-party risk, as you are in possession of the hard commodity at all times, to be consumed or bartered as you see fit.

    As we noted in Green Acres is the Place to Be the economic crisis has forced many people who were once office workers or service industry personnel into more productive roles working their own farms or ranches. Many of these people came to realize too late – once their assets were wiped out and they lost their jobs and homes – that becoming more self reliant was one of the few strategies that could help them survive this crisis. For others, like the anonymous Euro prepper featured in the report above and the 3 million Americans who have taken their well being into their hands, getting ready before tragedy strikes is an investment and continuity of life contingency plan that will certainly payoff when hard times befall us.

    Hat tip Pappy Slavo


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      1. Boom goes the dynamite!

        • Tried to send a message and got an error 405. So here goes again. Preppers no matter where they are all share a commonalty of being ready and not being caught off guard. So without further saying: “LONG LIVE THE PREPPER, YOU, WE, ARE THE FUTURE”!

          • I wonder how these Europeans are going to protect their preps? They have completely disarmed themselves

            • i agree and this is why obama and the left is so desperate to disarm america. i don’t think the military will turn on americans but foreign troops might but god help them if they try. they have not seen americans fight as they would if fighting on our on soil to protect our families and country. god bless all you patriots out there for if need be we will show them there is still some george washington left in us!

            • Incendiaries.

            • gopher-chucks

            • US Centurion says:
              July 19, 2012 at 6:24 am

              “I wonder how these Europeans are going to protect their preps? They have completely disarmed themselves”

              You are misinformed. In my country, if you join a gun club, you are allowed to keep your weapons at home. There are also many avenues to buy ammunition. Those who aren’t in gun clubs buy cross bows – deadly.

            • In Austria, where the guy in the video lives, every law-abiding citizen has the right to obtain a weapon’s license for two handguns for the purpose of self-defence. For rifles you don’t even need a license.

          • be informed the last article I said you were dead right, I just said you were dead wrong the first line playing a reading joke then I switched it to you were dead right on the next sentence just to get a reaction out of people, please read again I complemented you! Then I ripped into finx. No you were dead dead on about finx’s comments. Nobody seems to read before they comment sometimes. Im a bad writer so sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

            • I jike jims articles, daisy, prepared pastor, macs, be informed, kevins, iowa, durango, which ones stick into my head. all I ever comment on are guns because that’s what I know the best of, economy stuff I dont know. But I love to read most of these people and others each day, it makes sense and people are not full of crap on here you can tell that makes sense. reading the posts on here you can tell you know a thing or two, if i sounds uncredable I wouldnt be here but people on this website are good caring and smart people. The dumb people are the ones that continue not to take steps to protect themselves like finx, that article what he said about us not having guns pissed me off, maybe he wanted to get a reaction I dont know but you can tell what he wrote and sounds like a male, is clueless and when a collapse happens his kind will be the one 1st in line for begging.

            • @ clint hospo. Anyone like finx that is so against gun rights should be ripped on, a lot. Time after time I have seen these frail innocent people victimized because they did not have a means of self defense because the state made it impossible or very difficult to have some means of defending themselves. I live in a free state that understands that guns are a tool that are useful. I live in california and it was awful when all someone wanted to do was carry pepper spray. I have looked at the restrictions of states on TASERS, but especially stun guns and stun batons. It is disgusting.

              Many people have used stun guns to save themselves from being mauled by a vicous dog, but in many states it is illegal to have one. This is one reason I am so suspecious of romney because of the vast hoops that one had to jump through to be able to own self defense in massachusetts that he didn’t do anything to help curb. Romney is better than BO, but not much, and we should not expect much if there is even an election and he should win.

              By the way, my writings skills were not too good and I even got a “F” in English in junior high school. I found the more you write the better your skills improve if you are concerned about your writings. Something that I do that I need to improve on is that I am already on the next thought before I have finished a sentence because I have so much to say. I many times will have a brain freeze and have to use the spell checker to make sure I spelled a word correctly. The main issue here though is that we all get ready for what is coming. Each of us has extremely valuable insight about their speciality, and all this information will help us much. You know about firearms, I sure want to hear about it, the more information on guns for everyone the better. We all contribute much to this excellent site and thank Mac for having this site. 🙂

            • Be informed- I just read your post about grammer and romney, I feel exactly the same way Obama is a complete idiot and needs to be removed and romney is a kiss ass, better than obama but not that much better I totally agree with you. I know your state has to really drive you nuts and I would have a hard time trying to follow the laws in that state. I read these posts each day from Mac and love them and reading all these people’s posts and yours as well. I live in pittsburgh Pa but from cedar rapids iowa which i lived there most of my life. but yep anything on here that relates with guns I will post thats for sure and good hearing and reading your posts.

            • @ clint hospo. I am most thankful that I live now in a free state that really appreciates guns. It is nice to have so many around you that understand the pure value of firearms. Where I lived before it was awful, and I have not gone back to california, not even to visit. It is frightening to think of federal gun restictions in a state that is so laid back with firearms. I have seen so many tiny little women that are under 5 feet that were scared to death to even walk anywhere after dark because of the element around them in california, and that was back in the 90’s.

              There are so many totally responsible gun owners, yet those that want to take away any self defense will ONLY focus on some of the nut jobs that use guns in criminal violence. The criminals though will get the firearms anyway and use them against the good citizens that have no way of defending them. In Switzerland where almost everyone has automatic weapons the common criminal does not dare try to break into someone’s home.

              I have told people this, that I don’t actually want to have to defend myself, but I have that right and as well as anyone does that is attacked. These terrible individuals that either think that gun control is the answer to crime or they just hate firearms, totally empower the criminal by passing laws that prevent people from the right of defending themselves. These are the same creeps that try to take away our gun rights that want to take away all of our other freedoms.

              Here is the kicker of them all. Back in the 80’s there was actually lunatic individuals in california that were actually against people “hoarding” food, and were trying to get a measure put on the ballots to make it against the law to store up a certain amount of food. They were going to use the idea that too much stored up food gather vermin, rats and other rodents, and was a health hazard. I don’t know if other places in the country ever tried, even successfully, to pass such a Nazi measure, but it shows just how far some of those that hate personal freedom will go to imprison those in their home.

              I always said that those that want to take away your firearms also want to take away pepper spray, TASERS, stun guns, baseball bats, knives (even Swiss Army), and anything that you can defend yourself with. To totally empower crime and make people terrified to leave their homes that are too small or old to defend themselves. I imagine we can probably learn much from Burt the Brit just how frightening it is to not have the right to defend yourself with any weapon over there in England. Let’s hope and pray that the U.S. never loses out right to self defense. I know politicians like BO sure want to take away those rights.

            • your right on again on your last article and burt the brit I like hearing and think he is straight shooter as well. good to hear more from you on here. Later man.

          • being a prepper is just being a good American. The Boy Scouts are as all American as it gets, and what, pray tell, is their motto? Be Prepared

            stand strong until freedom dawns

      2. When I was in high school my dad told me I had three choices. Army, Navy, Air force (Marines he considered Navy). After that he said I had two choices (work or college) and I opted for the later knowing the former would happen anyway. Now people have three choices to make:

        FEMA, Dead, or Free

        • TRUE.

        • My pop came home with 5 brochures, he said for the 5 branches of the military. The problem was all 5 brochures were from the Marines. The rest is history.

          • The BEST choice you could make! SEMPER FI !

            • Sorry bros… Army all the way 😛

            • Ooh Rah! OEF vet,

        • fema, dead, or free…i choose freedom!

          • I deferred my choice to God, and He has lead me to Peace and Freedom.

        • The first and second are about the same thing and the third often leads to the second. I’d say we are still at the 2 choice level.

      3. Although RT is a propaganda arm of the asshats causing much of the up-coming collapse even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        This video shows one thing, people around the world are worried, many work hard and want to be left alone but they know our politicians have failed us because they chose power over people and believe they know best.

        We are heading for a new dark age, how long it lasts will be up to us.

        • You win the grand prize! Good post.

        • You said the politicians failed the people, but look at the Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21, Bill Gates comments on health care, abortion and immunizations decreasing the population etc. They did not “fail” us, they sold us out to the highest bidder. They wanted to be part of the 10% who live rather than exposing what was happening or trying to stop it. They CHOSE that we would die so they can live.
          If there is a nuclear war, they go underground and we die. If there is global economic meltdown, violence etc, they go underground and we die. Ditto any major scenario that you can think of. They go into those underground cities that we paid for and have been built,literally, all over the world. Did you ever wonder about those northern seed vaults? The elite eat from organic farms way out in the boonies so their foods won’t be contaminated by GMO pollen. The vault is for later. To protect all the true, nonGMO seeds.
          Agenda 21: reduce the world population by 90%
          Ga Guidestones: reduce the population by 90%
          It goes on and on from so may sources. NAFTA was their signal that all was in place.
          Bird flu H1N1= manmade according to CDC virologists
          Aids = ditto
          Ebola= ditto
          Many are just followers. They go along for their job or money but others are pure evil. They have planned and executed this against 90% of the people of this planet.
          Slow death by disease so THEY can sell us medicines. Fast death by war or radiation.
          10% organized, wealthy and evil vs 90% without any organization or money and asleep or prepping for their own seperate “survival”. Do you plan to live underground for a couple years too?

          • H1N1 is SWINE flu…I think you’re thinking H5N1. 😉

          • And while we are being plagued with these cancers they make, they earn billions with their BIG PHARMA chemo treatments–it’s a win-win…for them.
            I know a power higher than theirs–we win in the end–I read the end of the Book.

          • As I said politicians chose power, when so many of the wealthy are swaying the people who swore to serve us something is bound to go wrong.

            We are and have been under attack for many years, to many of us blinded by our own humanitarianism naively allowed an evil infrastructure to be been built around us, they want to pile people into anonymous units.
            If you’re a concrete individual who is organized and grounded in something you are 2 things.
            1. Undesirable
            2. And dangerous
            Be prepared!

          • @c….

            When “they” go underground, “we” find the locations and plug up their air vents. And then “we” pile boulders and debris over their entrance/exits.

            Not disagreeing with you…..just saying that their choices will have consequences.

      4. Anyone been reading Ecclesiastes recently?

        • Iowa: Why, is there something new we should know about, an update perhaps?

          • No, his point I think is, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

      5. something is coming folks i feel it in my bones…

        • A little chondroitan a few times a day and the feeling will go away Wally.

          • Lol
            But given the state of the world that feeling will come right back.

          • A little Jack Daniel’s and he won’t care.

            • I prefer Jolt cola, but they no longer sell that king of all caffeinated beverages. I’m going to do some research into making my own, rather than the slop served up by the GOP and the Dems…err I meant to say Coke and Pepsi 🙂

        • I feel it too. I look around and wonder if others feel it. They do not appear to.

          • That’s because it is not going to happen in your lifetime. The food you’ve stored will not help your kids. Start prepping with items that will be there for them, and prep for emergencies for you!

            • So true. You need to be self sufficient as best you can, and not just a #10 can collecter. I try and teach my daughters different ways of growing fruit, veggies, canning, smoking etc. not to mention fishing and resource gathering. For each science project we did somemthing like water purification or wild food vs processed food so that they could use thier skills. Do you know there are so many kids that have never tied a hook or used a bow to start a fire? This would include their parents. Some times they think I am nuts because tthey can buy it at Wally World faster than smashing the berries, cooking them and waterbathing the jars, but in the long run they will benefit more by making stuff like this.

            • Well said scott. It seems that a lot of we ‘preppers’ see this cataclysmic event happening tomorrow. It may happen then, for none of us know for sure. Yet it seems that logic would propel this into at least the next decade or two. If so then folks like me will be almost too old to fight it out, and will only be interested in surviving. But it will be our kids and their kids who will be the ‘patriots’ of those times and if we are not preparing them now, we all lose!

            • My own take on this is that it doesn’t matter whether a huge SHTF disaster hits soon or not in my lifetime. I used to be a history teacher, and one of the things you learn about history is that when people are living it, they seldom know that they are. As far as I’m concerned, the shit has been hiting the fan for a long time now, and those Americans who went before us would be shocked to see how much bullshit we’ve become all too accustomed to putting up with.

              I’m not prepping: I’m fighting a war for my own liberation
              I’m not a prepper: I am an AMERICAN

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • That’s because arthritis doesn’t affect everybody. 😉

      6. although i disagree on a total collapse, i’m prepping for periods of the following – power outages, food shortages at store, banks holidays limiting access to your money and being able to defend your home from intruders looking for food and money; this article did bring up one thing most anyone can do.

        if you believe the stock market is going down by 50%(like it did in 2008) again; you could buy some market short etf’s that would short the dow, nasdaq or s+p. if you believe that and have and extra $1000, that could turn it into $1500. i wouldnt do that with money that you think you’ll need access to quickly, but if you can let things ride for 6 months; it might be worth it.

        just an idea.

        • I am on board with you Lee on the shortages.

          I see a shortage of most if not all things, so in return there will be a lot of trading going on for things you dont have for those things that others have.

          I have been picking up a lot of items at yard sales for trading purposes. I kind of have a very small general store…, you could say. 🙂

          • Good morning

            Figures released yesterday say that in the UK inflation is now 2.4% due to lower food and fuel(motor) prices. Now, petrol has dropped a couple of pennies a litre. Food….no way it is skyrocketing, decent food is becoming more and more unaffordable, pure crap, and I do mean crap is staying about the same. I have noticed an explosion in overweight people in my locality during the last few months, particularly in women. This is not me being critical, I am built for comfort not for speed myself and my doctor would be quite happy if I lost 20lbs but I am talking about large weight gains and it is obvious why this is happening.

            Although originally brought to add to my long term preps I now routinely add VTP crumbs to any ground beef dish in order to stretch the meat, put extra pasta or rice with meat based dishes and have cut down one vegetable per meal in order to carry on being able to afford fresh vegetables every day. A joint of meat sees a couple of slices less on each plate so that we can have decent meat another day and fresh fish is now a once a week thing instead of twice. ALL fresh meat and fish is brought when it is on special offer, never at full price.

            Fresh fruit and veg is becoming a big problem. The bowl of salad usually on the table to accompany meals appears every other day now and there is one portion of fruit at a time instead of the free access, as much as you like situation we have always had in this house. I am dreading the price rises that will come from the six weeks of rain that has ruined the crops this year.

            Now this is how it affects an household with a decent income and no debt payments, except the mortgage.I can see why people are piling on the weight when it is so very much cheaper to buy cheap, high fat food. Maintaining decent food standards means less meal planning, we eat the veg that is cheap that day, veg being one of the few things i try not to store for too long, the meat and fish that has been purchased on special offer is what we eat regardless of ‘fancying’ something else. I genuinely cannot remember the last time we had lamb it is more expensive than best beef and has been for sometime. The worry is, and I can see it coming, is that the special offers will become less and less affordable. Of course the weather here and elsewhere that supplies us with food is going to affect even the cheaper end of the market over the next few months, and what happens when those buying the cheapest now find even that is out of their reach?

            Take care

            • “Built for comfort, not for speed” , Love it!

            • I got a good laugh out of the “built for comfort” comment too–thanks, Burt! Has your garden recovered at all from the ridiculous rains? Or are you still getting flooded out? Are you going to try a second round of lettuce, carrots, beets, and other quick-growing veggies into the fall?

            • Burt;

              I am also built for comfort, and the speed thing .., left me as fast as it came. 🙂

              How is your child experiencing all these changes?

              Also, have you considered growing rice in the wetlands of England ? 😉 Sorry, poor joke.

            • It’s the same Here in Florida,In my opinion. I planted peach and dorsette apple trees last year to offset the prices. (i have 7 peaches and 4 apples growing horray!!) It may take awhile for the trees to provide a substantial amount of fruit, as they Were mere twigs when purchased and fairly expensive.But as the saying goes, a penny saved…. one good fruit tree can supply quite a bit of produce.I always always buy as much as I can of whatever fruit and veg is in season. I think a person stays healthier that way, as a wider variety of veg and fruit is eaten year round, as opposed to eating ONLY apples or Only grapes.The family eats all they can and I process the rest for later in the year. Right now it’s cherries and watermelon and (gasp) beef. Canning is a stand by, as is dehydrating and freezing. (less of the freezing because of power concerns down the road). Unfortunatly Burt< the sheep are going to keep on sheeping (to coin a phrase of another poster). AS for you and yours: I find that in my area the second the new ad goes out, I high tail it to the gorcery to beat the masses to the punch. And I'm not the only one doing so, lately.

            • Burt couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been prepping for the last two years as I’ve watched food prices rise. Our weekly food bill has increased by 20% this year alone.

              I’ve also noticed how fat people are getting, your right about the crap being eaten. Places like MacDonalds and these cheap chicken takeaways are full all the time.

              What’s going to happen to food prices when the corn and soya crop failures in America take hold. India is about to declare a drougt and their rice crop is severly damaged because of lack of sufficient rainfall. It’s monsoon season in India and they aren’t getting the rain they need for the rice crops.

              The constant rain here in the UK is damaging our crops and if it continues the crops will rot where they stand as farmers will not be able to harvest and will not be able to dry out the crops they do manage to harvest. Silage will not be available for winter feed for cows, sheep etc.

              We are looking at some serious food price increases in the coming months because of the world weather problems.

            • Burt: Thanks for telling us what it’s really like in your country. My heart goes out to you and your family. And you don’t even use the dreaded Euro!

              I think the most interesting part of this blog is reading first hand about what day to day life is like in other parts of the world; makes up for all the inane bickering that goes on here.
              Take care.

        • Lee I think I agree with you. Yes there are hard times coming and yes I think there is a great depression coming that will make the 1930’s look like a church picnic and even the mentioned shortages. But I also agree I don’t think we will get a total mad max collapse just like you say. But you do still need to prep and as I am unemployed it makes it real difficult for me to do so. I am now stocking of on clothing as my wardrobe was in paltry shape mainly getting good rugged clothing that will hold up like levies jeans and basic Tshirts and lots of Underwear and socks and comfortable shoes and staying away from dressy items and anything that need to be dry cleaned except for wool coats as I think a good warm wool coat will be a very nice item to have in hard times especially on a cold winters day. Also have stocked up on personal care items and am doing food as much as I can and if I had more money would get soap making supplies as well.

          • Personally, I do not care for homemade soap. It is harsh and doesn’t rinse out properly. Adding vinegar to the rinse helps, but distilled vinegar is also a modern commodity. It takes months to make the homemade sort and then, it needs to be strained to remove the *mother*. I also do not care for any process using lye and while we produce a lot of wood ash each winter, I don’t relish making my own lye, either.

            Instead, I have closely monitored our usage. A container of laundry detergent that states “96 washes”, lasts us for 3 months and costs around $7, sometimes less on sale (we use the *free* type). So, under $30 for one year’s supply and it doesn’t go bad. Similarly, body wash that costs under $3 will last us 3 months, also. So: less than $12 for a years supply. On and on. You can stock one year’s worth of these products, including shampoos and dish detergent for around %65 or so in today’s money.
            Breaking it down over a few months, it is about an extra $20+/month to stock a year’s supply. For us, that is doable.

            I do not think these items are going to disappear. I have been monitoring prices and only the laundry detergent has gone up over the past year. In fact, the dish detergent has gone down for some brands because there is a lot of competition. Similarly, shampoos and body wash are very competitive and there are frequent sales.

            Likely, in a SHTF situation, we will also be using less of these products.

            I do not recommend the Dollar Store varieties, as they are thinner (watered) and don’t go as far.

            I suppose, if one wanted to be really frugal/self-sufficient, you could stockpile bar soap and washing soda. Or, you could search “No-Grate Homemade Laundry Soap” (not posting the URL to avoid the dreaded moderation time). Boric acid, washing soda and 2 Tbls. Dawn dish detergent and water= 1 gallon. 16-32 loads of wash per gallon. There is also a link in there for a homemade stain remover and the photos are impressive, using ammonia, baking soda and Dawn. Lots cheaper than the commercial stain product. Pretty good blog for anyone trying to save money and most products use either baking soda and peroxide or ammonia, baking soda and dish soap. Warning: peroxide is only good for about 2 years.

            As I’ve said in the past, there will be disruptions and times when some things cost more than we have or are in short supply. But I do not think we are going back to the 1800s.

            • I have sanitizer hand soap, laundry soap, liquid dish detergent, shampoo, body wash…and from what I read from several sites, most have the same base ingredients.
              I read that dishes may be washed with shampoo, and all of us have used dishwashing liquid and body wash for shampoo..so??
              Whatever is at hand will work.
              I have $1 detergents and my dh is a logger/trucker and gets dirty..no complaints here.
              And, the cheap has less suds–a definite plus when hand washing.
              And no, I’m not a chemical engineer..but I did get the ‘Betty Crocker’ award my senior year?? Does that count??

          • I think the Depression is already here: we just don’t see it yet. WE don’t have bread lines, we have EBT cards. We don’t have millions of unemployed who have run out of unemployment: we just don’t count them anymore. We don’t have higher prices, just smaller packages. We don’t call it government sponsored counterfeiting, we call it quantitative easing. We don’t call it mind numbing propaganda, we call it the news.

            And if you somehow manage to succeed and either get a job or start a business and hire people, you didn’t do that: Obama made it happen

            stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Rick,Mama and Eagledove

            Well I call a shovel a shovel not a digging implement, no point in lying about it, in truth I am not actually overweight, just under height, if I was six three I would be a skinny model lol.

            Nope the rains are still falling, had my fourth flood yesterday, no point now in planting again, sodden does not even begin to describe the ground, it is waterlogged in the extreme. It may sound like a bad joke but you may have a point about the rice lol

            My girl is coping well thanks for asking, she asks and I tell the truth, we can’t afford that right now. She’s a happy kid but she is, like many kids picking up on the vibes that all is not well in the world. She is 7 and can get why people blow each other up etc. I no longer shield her from the news, I don’t push it on her but I won’t turn it off because it is bad. I think she, and millions like her may have to grow up a great deal faster than is ideal, better she realises young that not everyone is good, friendly and means no harm.

            Take care

            • Major typo

              Cannot get why people blow each other up. Sorry.

        • Amazing isn’t it Lee? All the replies agree with you, yet the ‘red thumb’ brigade is attacking. Go figure!

          Fact is, you are right on, bro. A total collapse will only happen when the good Lord lets it happen, and not before. Will it be tomorrow? No. Will it be next week? No. Will it be in a few months? Very doubtful. In the next few years? Maybe, but not probable. In the next 10, 20 or 30 years? Yup, I’d bet on it. Prepping is good as long as there is a long-term plan that provides preps for your kids and grand kids.

        • lee..I still believe in the sure return…groceries bought now against all price increases in 6 months; no worries about losing or being robbed by bankers.
          It’s in my sotrage room and pantry.

      7. There is a great shit storm coming down. Keep up with serious prepping. Crafty

      8. An impressive list of accomplishments :

        1 First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student,
        Then deny he was a foreigner.

        2 First President to have a social security number from a state he
        Has never lived in.

        3 First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date
        Nights and╴ Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends
        Paid for by the taxpayer.

        4 First President to preside over a cut to the╴ credit-rating of
        The United States.

        5 First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded)
        For his╴ wife.

        6 First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for╴ $102,000 a
        Year at taxpayer expense .

        7 First President to repeat the Holy Quran tells us the early
        Morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most
        Beautiful sound on earth.

        The First President to violate the War Powers Act. .

        9 First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally
        Obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

        10 First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease
        Implementing the Health Care Reform Law.

        11 First President to require all Americans to purchase a product
        From a third party.

        12 First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’
        Jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

        13 First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control
        Of companies to his union supporters.

        14 First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act
        Through executive fiat.

        15 First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped
        The deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including
        Those with criminal convictions.

        16 First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one
        Of his political appointees.

        17 First President to terminate America ‘s ability to put a man in

        18 First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without
        Being present.

        19 First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law
        Unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it!!!!

        20 First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly
        Spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

        21 First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which
        State it is allowed to locate a factory.

        22 First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an
        Oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

        23 First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had
        Been properly issued years ago.

        24 First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri -Corps for
        Catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

        25 First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials
        In his office.

        26 First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a
        Half years in office, 90 to date.

        27 First President to hide his medical, educational and travel

        28 First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to
        Earn it.

        29 First President to go on multiple global ‘apology tours’.

        30 First President to take a 17 day vacation.
        31 ╴
        ╴Forwarding this is an option I hope you will take.

        U.S. Citizens need to be informed of the damage this president has
        Done, and will do….. Till he leaves office!!
        If you looking for HOPE and CHANGE, this is your opportunity to
        Finally get it. VOTE your conscience.

        • I did a search on the SSN issue, Snopes claims it’s not true, so not too sure about that one, you may want to be careful including it your list.

          You did leave out the most important, and damaging things of all: The Executive Orders, which read in order they were signed, gives one a pretty good idea we are enroute to tyranny.

          The one signed 7/6/2012, is for taking control of all communications:
          Executive Order: Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

          The day they do that will be the point of no return for them. That day everyone must choose…

          • Forget Snopes! They are bought and paid for by the libtards.

            Go here instead:
            truthorfiction DOT com/rumors/o/Obama-SSN.htm

            Here’s a partial quote from that site (and it has all the info you need and can trust):
            “…the number in question did not match the number in their records belonging to Barack Obama.”

            • I totally agree…FORGET SNOOPS. In the past I would always “fact check” through Snoops but now they have things listed as FICTION when I KNOW FOR A FACT that it is the truth or at least parts of it are true.

              Maybe they are a set-up, there on purpose to skew you view into what is really real.

              Now I am starting to sound like a nut…arent I?
              Something to make you do….Hummmm

            • Just because Snopes says so doesn’t make it so. The Social Security number Obama claims as his own could only have been issued in Connecticut, and he has never lived there

          • The husband and wife team who run snopes are liberal and support Obama. Keep that in mind.

            The social security number Obama has been using “had previously been issued to another person,” one who lived in Connecticut between 1977 and 1979 and who was born in 1890.

            Obama never lived in Connecticut.

            ICE Agent Explains Obama’s Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants with Peter Boyles

            • And from what I read, the grandmother in Hawaii banking business had access to this Connecticut number because the man died in…you guessed it–Hawaii.

            • This is what we know so far. We get more info on Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, had CT SSN obtained in 1976 and died in HI around 1981.

            • KY Mom,

              Thanks, will continue research. Without access to the actuall gov files, how will we know the truth? My geuss would be that Obummer’s people have been scouring all records to cover for him.

              And, even if this does come out as true, do you think the American people will care? Forgive my cynacism, but at this point, I doubt it.

          • obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/07/video-pi-susan-daniels-sues-ohio.html

            Private Investigator Sues Ohio Secretary of State
            Over Obama’s Social Security Number
            ~~~To become the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama engaged in fraud. He has been using a fraudulent social security number since the mid-80s.~~~

        • Even if only 1/3 of the above list is true the guy should be impeached…That he has not, means that our Congress is complicit. That they allow him to get away with this crap, without cutting his budgets, without taking away his ability to write hundreds of thousands regulations just blows my mind….

          How in the world this could happen tells me that powers we do not understand are opening doors and paving the way for this guy….The left absolutely love this clown and think that any of us who oppose him must be racists…With All of his Marxist mentors, terrorist friends and still Congress does not oppose. He is not who he says he is and why do TPTB let this go unless they want it to????????????

          • Congress is owned by the same parasites that own, and brought you Obummer…

        • With any luck at all and with a determined citizenry, O’bummer will be the first President born in Kenya to spend time in TENT CITY.

          Lock this FRAUDULENT bastard up Sheriff Joe!

          • @DK-I was drinkin with a cop from down there last week. Joe is VERY popular with the cops.

            Of course we did not see eye eye on every issue discussed, but we agreed a hell of alot more then not.

            Liberty shall be victorious.

      9. Though I agree with most of the premises of the article, the “investment strategy” is ludicrous! If something is $10 now and $30 in two years, you haven’t “made” any money if you sell it but to replace what you now sell for $30 for COSTS you $30. What you HAVE done is “maintain” purchasing power since presumably you could exchange that $30 today for what WOULD have cost you $10 two years ago. You really haven’t “gained” anything….but you didn’t “lose” either. So, the investment strategy detailed here is NOT a “gain” of something, unless you define “gain = no purchasing power loss”. The only way to truly “gain” is to choose what will rise the most in price relative to today so that you can “sell” it and purchase something you want/need that has not risen as much as what you sold. That’s a much trickier proposition.

        • Three things that will skyrocket in value in a shtf scenario.
          Ammo, seeds and books (specifically about wild edibles and other “survival” topics).
          Of course when tshtf no one will be selling.

          I have spent 15 yrs learning to live “off the land” here in the desert sw and am quite confortable knowing that when tshtf no one in their right mind will be running to where there is less than 9″ rain/yr, no running rivers and what looks like an environment void of any of lifes necessities.

          Everyone else can enjoy fighting over their favorite water source.
          Remember the Fremen from the dune series?

          • You got a spare Still Suit?

            • Unfortunately, no.
              Just an excess of common sense.
              Strange how uncommon it seems to be these days.

        • What you have gained is the $30 you need to obtain the replacement. You’re confusing profit with value.

        • I don’t think people have the concept of value everyone tries to tie value to the dollar. the dollar goes up and down in value it is not a good indicator of value or how much something is worth. in the 1970’s an ounce of gold would buy a colt a r rifle. today an ounce of gold will still buy a colt a r rifle. the value of the gold did not increase the value of the dollar did decrease. we need to get past thinking about the dollar as a value unit. I only used gold to prove the point now I’m not advocating buying tons of gold. you will not increase your “money” buying gold bars, but you can secure your purchasing power. if I buy something today that cost 10 dollars and 2 years down the road the same items cost 30 dollars the item did not go up the dollar value went down.

      10. Props to your pappy. He didn’t run across this looking for Lauren Lyster did he?

        • I can think of worse ways to spend time.

      11. I agree…something coming thats for sure..the million dollar question is WHEN and WHAT…..

        • Let’s make it a million pieces of silver, that way after the collapse the answers worth something.

      12. Okay, it’s nice and all that he has land, and animals. He has an advantage right out the gate. But for millions of us who live on less than 1/8th of an acre, we can’t grow food (much), raise animals, etc. We can only do what we do, store food, water, etc.

        Let’s hear from preppers who live in the real world.

        • I live on the standard lot. I produce about 400 pounds of veggies a yr also get 6 eggs aday from the hens, and can cut up a rabbit whenever, the only thing that holds you back on a small lot is thinking that your held back! Grow up not out, I still even have some useless grass that everyone thinks looks so nice.

          • I live in the ‘burbs, all have the standard 0.25 acre lot. It’s ludicrous to think we can grow the tons of vegetables, fruits, and protein to feed a family on the 3-4000 sf of land available suitable for a garden on a lot like these. We’ve got about enough for a big kitchen garden, but that’s it. The house, outbuildings, driveways, etc., take up much of the lots and sun exposure limits garden placement. However, there is 60 acres of fine pasture 1/4 miles up the road that will do quite well for a community garden. Put a dozen folks to work there each day and we’ll feed the whole bunch of us.

            • @ Smokey, you’re gonna have to protect that community garden at night.

        • With respect I have to agree with DD on this one…Ive spent years teaching city folk(and country) how to raise lots of food in a small space and have seen many do so,(anyone remember the name of the guy in Ca.(?) who does a ton on like a 1/4 acre?)even though I have some land I experiment with small space production and have great results(mostly)just to see whats possible and be able to use the knowledge to help others(use that internet to look for info while its still here,might even hear lil ole me on one of those vids showing how its done…the old saying that “cant” died in the valley of “tried” has alot of truth in it…looking at what someone else has(percieved/real advantages and allowing that to cripple you aint cool….you can do whatever you set your mind to do,thats to everyone…good luck! “Live free or die tryin”

          • Jules Dervaes and his family. They are in Pasadena, and their web site is urbanhomestead dot org. A very impressive set up.

            • Addendum: they produce 3 tons of organic food on 1/10 of an acre.

          • My experiment this year is weighing the organic heirloom produce brought in from my 30×6 garden. That is nearly every inch of space in my backyard. I have tomato plants shoved between the deck and the fence, I have peas and squash crawling all over my front flower beds. I’m taking careful notes and have plans to expand this even further next year.

            Things like growing vertically and succession planting are really increasing my harvest. Today I have the pleasure of canning 12 pints from the garden. No, this space won’t feed us for a year but it’s a step towards it. The only thing holding you back from producing a percentage of your food…is YOU.

            • Keep up the good work, Daisy!

            • Wrong..in Ky, ask my neighbor about our rock soil.
              We’d need to actually bring in truck loads and truck loads of topsoil to have successful gardening here–he has resorted this last spring to plowing up the hay field connected to our property line.
              So, IF you have decent soil, go for it.
              The only tomatoes I grow are next to my porches and 4 tomato plants a garden DOES NOT MAKE.
              Next spring, if we get to one, I am making a 10 X 20 raised bed garden.
              It still will not feed me and dh..for that, there’s Aldi’s.

            • 🙂 ..now thats what Im sayin…you go girl!!

            • might i have a taste of your Juicy Shaved Roast Beef ?

          • The Dervaes family get 6-7000 lbs of food off 1/10 of an acre. AMAZING

        • nkawtg
          Do you have friends you would trust enough to let you raise animals or start a garden on a large piece of property? You need to network with those you trust for this collapse thingy or you will be toast. You can not go it alone no matter what you might think. So in summation you need to find a trustworthy person with land or hope you can find an vacant farm prestocked with everything you may need. Regardless resigning yourself to “I can’t do something because…” will not help you so work on a solution. 😉

      13. Meanwhile Steven Tyler and J Lo leave American Idol! OMG It IS the end of the world! (sadly this is most americans attitudes to whats goimg on in the world today, but can you imagine when the power is shut off and theres no more sports, reality tv, movies, ect?)

        • Good news is sheeple have a hard time doing anything since their hands are permanently cramped from holding a remote control or a game controller. They will be zombies if the supermarkets close. I doubt they even know what a farmer is or where food comes from.

          After society breaks down there is a chance we may hear of people eating their computer screens thinking they can actually harvest food from FarmVille.

        • Grab a few cams goodslave, the best reality tv will hopefully come after SHTF. Keep recording without dying and you could be the next big TV producer!

      14. While it hasn’t happened on this article YET…I must say, I really don’t understand the ignorance that accompanies the personal attacks on preppers. I mean, when I run into a friend at the grocery store and we get to talking and I know they refuse to prep, I don’t get all angry and arm waiving and insults and name calling. I just got an email contradicting my beliefs about the prez. In the subject line were a string of insults, name calling and that they expeceted this video to “straighten me out” Of course, I laughed my A off. Whatever. I dont’ get spun up, I just sit astounded at the cretan/caveman mentality. “You said something I don’t like so I’m going to call names and throw a fit till you see I’m right! What the hell ever.

        • Do you have something against people from Crete? The Cretans that aren’t cretins, I mean.

          • lol no. The genically mishapen, room temperature intellegence kind. Shows how one little letter can change things! lol

        • the best way to gain credibility is to be rational and understanding to the other sides beliefs. I have never found myself winning an arguement while behaving like a 3 year old thats been told NO. If you would like to convince someone they should start prepping then you need to cite instances in their lives where it would have come in handy. Everyone has experienced things that prepping would have helped them out with. It would also make a nice point to say to them “is it worth the cost of not being prepared if i’m right about this?” There are many factors working against enlightening people about a collapse or the possibility of it even. People have been conditioned mentally to believe in the gov’t will bail them out and its not only the gov’ts fault but also their parents fault for giving them stuff and not making them work for stuff. My kids will be working for an allowance and i’ll make it a pay per a chore situation so they learn that you get more if you work more and nothing more or less. We have to uncondition those around us through example and results. I got my best friend of 32 years to finally plant a garden if for no other reason than its kinda fun and the food from it is way better than the store.

      15. yes, prepare to batten down the hatches at a moments notice…i am seeing things everyday that i do not like and my gut feeling aint from eating something bad..

      16. I’m sorry. I do not wish to get off topic, but about the arms treaty that they are looking to sign. Anyone know FOR SURE. Has it been signed yet? When they do sign it, are they going door to door right away? Really scary shit man!

        • I believe queen Hillary will be signing it on or around the 27th. It was a 20+ day summit!

          • And that bitch almost became the candidate for 2008..geeze.

        • there is no way they could get all the guns they are looking for, people that live in apts move to new locations so that would be confusing, many have guns bought and the background checks what they might go off of would cause them a lot of work. think of all the houses there are not enough time and people to do. it would take so so long to do. then what would happen if they didnt answer the door, do they have right to break the door? you know what i mean. it would be very very hard. make sure you bury half your stuff and other half have ready to rock and roll and with a shotgun shoot to the face if they are wearing body armor with buchshot.

        • Have you not seen this?

          washingtontimes dot com/news/2012/jul/16/demint-says-law-sea-treaty-now-dead/

          • The LOST Treaty is not a “Done Deal” – It is Just One Vote Short of Passing

            “The reports of the “LOST treaty no longer at issue” are patently false propaganda from a socialist media.”

            “All it takes is for Mr. Obama or Mr. Kerry to convince ONE, just ONE, of the people on the fence over this disastrous treaty to flip-flop.”

            “Americans must keep the pressure on ’til the very day of the vote and pray continuously that our elected leaders don’t fall for this ploy to fund a stand-alone United Nations armed force complete with hydrogen bombs, ICBMs and Navy.”

            “Senator John Kerry, who is in charge of the LOST senate committee, has vowed to keep fighting for its passage until he is successful.”


        • Once signed, it’s supposed to through the Senate for ratification, which they would probably do. But, failing that, Obummer will use EOs, and bereaucratic regulation anyway. It’s coming, people who think otherwise are fooling themselves.

        • “Hillarious the Horrible” is still working on it at the UN.

      17. A lot of times when people visit this site they think of prepping American style, but all over this planet there are people that are not going to listen to the media or those that try to convice everyone that everything is all right and going to be that way into the 22nd. century and beyond. It can be someone in the U.S. that puts away, or in European, New Zealand, Australia, South American, Africa, Asia, outer Mongolia, or someone that lives on some remote island or on top of some mountain top, they all share a commonalty of being ready and not being caught off guard.

        Instead of going into much over this I am going to leave everyone with this: LONG LIVE THE PREPPER, YOU, WE, ARE THE FUTURE!

        • They usta call us hippies or “back to the landers” or just plain nuts :)…nothing like sitting down to a full course meal thats delicious and knowing that most or all of whats on the table you grew yourself,makes asking the “grace” over the meal that much more to be thankful for…

      18. We lost power after the derecho wind storm for 5 days during 100+ degree temperatures. Cold showers weren’t too bad, but the girls couldn’t stand to shower and shampoo at the same time in the cold water. Bought a coleman solar shower bag and it worked pretty good. The girls loved it. Ordered a solar oven today. And BTW, those solar yard lights are great for bringing indoors at night to light up the house.

        • Those solar lights are great. Mount some PVC pipe here and there to place the lights. One of the best small items you can have anytime not just when things get tough. Saw a milli amp plug in LED system at IKEA the other day. Would be ideal for getting days of bright lighting from a deep cycle battery and an inverter.

      19. Yes I agree things do seem afoot thing are unraveling on a daily basis if you are not seeing it you are already done for wake up I feel thine time is upon us .
        Stay frosty ,stay awake ,stay prepared and stay alive !!

        Live your life don’t look back twenty years from know and be upset at the things you did kick yourself in the ass for the things you didn’t titian up and watch your six.

      20. Something bad is coming, that much I’d be willing to wager on. I just hope you can all survive it.

      21. Everywhere, people are consumed with the almighty dollar. They should be consumed with the Almighty. Then, when SHTF and the dollar,euro, or yen, etc. goes belly up and is worthless, they will have a back-up that can’t be manipulated by TPTB. My Good Book says “The man that puts his trust in man is cursed”.
        It doesn’t matter where on this earth you live, you will be affected one way or another. Even the little Pygmies in New Guinea. This age is coming to a close whether we want it to or not. The stage is set and the final act is about to commence. I for one am ready, cause I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have a new grandbaby and don’t want to see the shit we are seeing passed on to my flesh and blood. Or for “any” of the innocents, for that part.
        All we can do is prepare for the next few years and watch it unfold. I know I will get thumbs down from all the folks that want positive, warm and fuzzy thoughts; but, we have past that period unless it is just for “fleeting moments”. This is reality time. Laugh when you can, pray for friends and family and their comfort and carry a “Big” stick.

      22. Well another coherant, logical reporting from russia today. us news? If you prep your a tin foil hat wearer.

        We have the today show and the view. Our news is pethetic.

        On a personel note, I want that lady in the begining to talk dirty to me with that russian accent. I prefer portugese broken english brazilian accent but russian will do right now.

        Sorry ladies, I post what I think.

        • Classless, very classless.

          • Thank ya.

            I did green thumb you, or waite, it might have been another finger, hmmm, but it was green.

            Ok, I will start respecting the today show and the view, and I will also start eating exclusively gmo to kill the drive.

            “nothing compares to the beuty of a woman”

            “be fruitful, and multiply”

            • No smart ass, and you know what I referred to.

              Women aren’t just ‘eye candy’ for you to ogle, or demean with stupid ass comments.

              Grow up!

            • God intended women to be candy(beutiful) to our eyes.

              I demean no one, if anything I believe women are one of gods finest creations, above almost all other creations.

            • I once asked my wife how she could be so beautiful and so stupid at the same time. She said that God made her beautiful so I would love her and he made her stupid so she would love me back. Maybe she isn’t as stupid as I thought.

        • Not you you are always polite and thinking of others. Look I have been converted I post nonsence whats next.

          • @page- taxes, gun registration, and gun laws. What does that have to do with shtf anyway, and its up in WA, why would we care, laws started in other states do not effect anyone in other states. We live in a free, constitutional republic, where the rule of law reigns supreme with a small federal government.

            And start leaving links, if I am interested in your topic and have to type your key words into a search engine, I will consider EVERYTHING you type as bull$hit and non sense.

            Not recognizing the corps authority during non shtf times, prepares people for a shtf collapse event. Refusing to show ID, and gun registration card to a zombie madmax highway patrolman during shtf WILL increase your survival percentage 10 fold.(sarc off)

        • I get that (Russian) every day. Call me classless. I resent it, but I can’t deny it.

      23. When my Son was little, he would ask me questions about many things, as all children do. If it was a simple question then I would give him a simple answer that would satisfy him. When my Son would ask me a question that I did not know the answer to, I would tell him to ask me in the morning when I first wake up, that is when I can give you the best answer. After he went to bed, I would research his question and give him my answer in the morning, when I first woke up. After years of him not asking me many difficult questions, I was recently taken aback when he asked me a specific question about what was going to happen with the world and what will happen to us specifically, I told him to ask me in the morning when I first wake up, then I can give you the best answer. The following morning, my Son called me and I had my answer for him. You see, my thoughts are the most clear in the morning before all the influences of the day can distort feelings. I told my Son that all signs point to a change in the world and in our lives. I said that we will take each day as it comes and conquer our fears and the unknown with faith, perseverance, preparation and eachother. My Son then asked me how I came to be so wise, I told him to ask me in the morning when I first wake up.


      24. I was recently thinking about all the folks who lost electricity the first week of july.

        I wonder how many of them learned anything from that experience?

        I bet many of them did not.

      25. WTF

      26. Tensions are high on all fronts out there down in the streets. The ‘children’ are restless and super irritable; they sense that something unpleasant is headed their way.

        A friend on the local PD told me the other day that they had started putting two officers in each car in certain neighborhoods; something that they hadn’t done previously. Better to have half the cars out there in the increasingly dangerous areas than to have individual officers at risk.

        I don’t know what’s happening in your community, but things have started to suck big time here in South Central Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area. There are neighborhoods just a few miles to the East of where we live where the crackle of gunfire is a nightly occurrence.

        The wife isn’t really happy about it ……. but there is now a loaded rifle between the night stand and my side of the bed. God, but we do live in interesting times.

        God Bless and good luck to all. Time may not be on our side in this one. I would urge you to tighten up any gaps in your preps as quickly as possible.

        • Guns – They are the best tools for defense. I’ve been a shooter/trader/reloader since I was 12 (I’m now 50) much like my father before me.

          You need four guns for adequate self defense against any threat. This is a REVISION to my YONTG: You Only Need Three Guns revised – YONFG: You Only Need Four Guns. The revision comes about as a result of my realization that the average person cannot bridge the gap in the need for a small, quiet, utility rifle for small game and fine tuned self defense and a longer range, higher power rifle for longer range self defense, larger targets and larger game. So, SHTFPlan, here it is. YONFG – You Only Need Four Guns:

          Shotgun, 12ga or 20ga, break action OK, pump is better, 400 rounds of ammo, 50 slugs / 50 00 buck / 50 #2 / 50 #4 / 100 #6-8, learn to use it.

          Pistol, 38/357/9mm/40/44mag/45, revolver or autoloader, 1000 rounds, 500 standard cheap stuff (hardball, practice, whatever) and 500 hollowpoint hi-perf stuff.

          Rifle, 22, 2000 rounds of ammo. 1000 high speed hollow points, 500 “CB” or low speed/low noise, 500 standard speed

          Rifle, 223/44mag/357mag/30-06/others, scoped bolt, autoloader, levergun – 1000 rounds of ammo

          It is beneficial if you can choose a pistol/rifle combo that has common ammo, though, the need is longer ranger so choosing a rifle can with only ammo commonality in mind can be shortsighted. This can compromise your rifle’s capability and should be considered only with terrain and location also in mind.

          Your opinions may differ. Just be safe and be protected.

        • Guns – They are the best tools for defense. I’ve been a shooter/trader/reloader since I was 12 (I’m now 50) much like my father before me.

          You need four guns for adequate self defense against any threat. This is a REVISION to my YONTG: You Only Need Three Guns revised – YONFG: You Only Need Four Guns. The revision comes about as a result of my realization that the average person cannot bridge the gap in the need for a small, quiet, utility rifle for small game and fine tuned self defense and a longer range, higher power rifle for longer range self defense, larger targets and larger game. So, SHTFPlan, here it is. YONFG – You Only Need Four Guns:

          Shotgun, 12ga or 20ga, break action OK, pump is better, 400 rounds of ammo, 50 slugs / 50 00 buck / 50 #2 / 50 #4 / 100 #6-8, learn to use it.

          Pistol, 38/357/9mm/40/44mag/45, revolver or autoloader, 1000 rounds, 500 standard cheap stuff (hardball, practice, whatever) and 500 hollowpoint hi-perf stuff.

          Rifle, 22, 2000 rounds of ammo. 1000 high speed hollow points, 500 “CB” or low speed/low noise, 500 standard speed

          Rifle, 223/44mag/357mag/30-06/others, scoped bolt, autoloader, levergun – 1000 rounds of ammo

          It is beneficial if you can choose a pistol/rifle combo that has common ammo, though, the need is longer ranger so choosing a rifle can with only ammo commonality in mind can be shortsighted. This can compromise your rifle’s capability and should be considered only with terrain and location also in mind.

          Your opinions may differ. Just be safe and be protected.

          Posting problems, Mac?

          • Spot on.

          • A good concise list.
            I noticed that my cowboy action shooting guns fill that list pretty well. 12 gauge double barrel, 2 .357 revolvers, a .357 lever action. I am used to shooting cas level lead bullets at .38 special velocities but the switch to magnum rounds would be easy. I am quite comfortable with these guns and out to 100 yards KNOW I can hit what I aim at quickly. Longer ranges would be more of a problem but my old eyes are not so good any more for that.(for that I would want to dig out the scoped bolt action)
            a typical monthy match is 5 or 6 stages with 10 rounds pistol, 10 rounds rifle, and 4-8 shotgun at each stage so we get a lot of practice. ranges vary from around 10 yards to 75 yards. A single action revolver is not the best choice for self defense but if I am facing 12 pissed off bikers, I dont need a bigger gun, I need a faster car. 🙂
            One thing cowboy action shooting teaches you is how EASY it is to miss with a shotgun, I blew a clean match on the last stage with a clear MISS on the last shotgun target.(GRRRR)
            to learn more about CAS enter “single action shooting society”into any search engine

        • MadMarkie,

          Just wait till deliberations.Be safe 24/7.

        • In the Tampa area, think it’s because of the coming RNC..?. I go to a prepper meeting and we have a few cops in it who talk about it and shake their heads…

      27. I guess baseball bats and steak knives are flying off the shelves over there. Or have they been outlawed now?

        • Southron, can’t speak for Europe but in the UK it depends why you have an item, a woman stabbing someone with the pointed end of a comb for instance has the defence that she carries the comb to comb her hair , in law the comb is not therefore a weapon. A bald man…or woman doing the same has no reason to carry the comb therefore can be prosecuted for carrying an offence weapon. Mad but true.

          Within the home it is a little easier of course, knives etc are in every home, I have my 30 year old hockey stick for sentimental reasons and of course every English woman should own a cricket bat. The sharpened at one end broom stick is so I can fit paint rollers on the end to decorate the high bits of walls and the wood with nails through it I use to aerate the lawn….stops the moss officer. I have a child, so the baseball bat is okay and so on.

          Whoever said the law is an ass was insulting the intelligence of the average ass.

          Take care

          • Sorry that was me, must have forgot to put my name in…it’s my age lol

            Take care

      28. Back in the 1960’s I was warning people on the street about what we are now, they said I was a hippie and crazy. I was telling people on the street that the SHTF was about to happen with our governement and the politicians that our monetaty system was about to go off the gold standard. I was told I was smoking pot and therefore delusional. I was there and no one believed me. Now 45 years later people are saying that the SHTF is about to happen? It happened along time ago and it is petrified, and has been falling on us since back then. I see that the younger people of today are opening there eyes unlike the people of back then, the old were to good for their own good. They believed that our politicians were like Gods on earth and would never do anything to harm us! Back then the young folk like me were blind and swaying to the times that they were living in, going with the flow. Now people my age our opening their eyes 45 years later and the younger people of today are much more aware of the B.S. life that we live here in the old USA. I personally think it is to late to do anything about it and the communist have taken control of most of the world. I no longer warn people or say much about anything because the errors are to many to number and to speak against would be time consuming and one could die from exhaustion. I fear that we are living our last days and we wont see life in America another 10 years. I think that the nukes will fly soon and we will stand and watch our demise, until our eyes are consumed in their sockets, while we stand. People around the world will remember us and shake their heads in consternation and speak about us and the greatness that we were and how we errored and left the right hand path and chose the path that lead us to our own disaster. It was written a long time ago.

        • Olden…you are wise

      29. The presenter opens by saying, “…going to the Extreme”??? Now there is some main stream media B.S. if I’ve ever heard it. What people call extreme today will be common place tomorrow as the global economic meltdown accelerates. In fact, what is ridiculed as ‘extreme’ today most likely will not be available or obtainable at any price tomorrow!

        • The “I gotta see it to believe it” mentality rules the day.

          Preppers see the dominoes lined up but the majority refuses to believe a domino even exists.

          • +1

      30. Well, my solution is just to chant “Yes we can” until Obama’s government people arrive. I may also try chanting “Yes, we have no bananas.” Will be just as effective. Fricking Obama

      31. Madmarkie….praying for u and ur family…dont know whats coming on the horizon but im very worried..I keep going to the store everyday with extra cash and stocking up feeling like a nut, but i get home watch the world events and know i did right.May GOD bless and watch over us all..in Jesus’s name AMEN

      32. I live in South America and since we had a really hard earthquake some years ago I cold convince my family to store some food and necesary things in case of such situation… Now, with my close family have organized an “end of the world room” with necesary things for a SHTF situation. My parents have a lot of experience with that subject.. and we have been trying to get good friends and family to preper a bit more than “just for an earthquake”. Even down here we get the feeling that something big is coming our ways and there will be no place in the world that will scape to the consecuences. Sorry to say this, but I thing in countries like ours will be easier to survive because our way of living is no so depending in the “modernities” of the first world countries (we all use wood for heating and cooking if necesary, lots of people do gardening, fishing, etc, etc,etc) and, even more important, moust of us have gone through events like hearthquakes, tsunamies, economic crises, political crises… so the population have a knwoledge of “surviving”. Advice, you can not survive alone, you need to be part of a comunity.

        • I was just thinking about the norther climate as your were saying that you use wood heat. Can you imagine the respiratory disease in say an Edmonton Canada if everyone used wood heat in the cities on a -30c day with no wind? That smoke would be so thick that many would die from it. How many people even know you should season wood before burning and how many would start burning plastic? Toxic much?

          • Perhaps if you live in a valley or a city with concrete canyons, you might experience smokey air. We live in a rural valley, a hilly area at around 44 degrees N. Probably 80% of us heat with wood. Wind can be iffy, but we don’t even see the filthy snow you see around city streets and on the Interstate, let alone a polluted atmosphere. We all live 1/4 to a 1/2 mile from each other. However, there is prevalent wood heat in the villages nearby and their snow isn’t dirty, either, except near the roads. You learn to watch the smoke from your chimney to judge combustion. It should be nearly invisible. If it is very cold, the smoke will be whitish from condensation and then the smoke becomes colorless as it rises. At -30F, there is such a strong draft that your wood will burn down to nothing quickly and send your heat up the chimney unless you use thick logs that hold the fire. You need an alternate source of heat in the Spring and Fall, because the fire just won’t draw when it is above 40F-45F, but the air is still cold.

            The grime in the past came mostly from burning coal.

            If you don’t know about seasoned wood and if you think you can burn anything at all in a wood stove, you will burn down your house before you are a threat to the environment. An exception is the outdoor wood boiler. It needs a tall stack and should be in an isolated area, because people will burn everything in them. Do that and the neighbors will have a talk with you. If you are trying to burn plastic inside, you, yourself, will be the first to suffer from the fumes and you won’t do it again, even if your house and stove survive. It is Darwinian.

            If you burn wood, even hardwood, you need a masonry chimney, not just a pipe that goes out the wall. A tall pipe that exits the ceiling gets very hot and can cause a fire, as well, especially with those cheap little box stoves. Even with a masonry chimney, you need to take the stovepipe out once a week and with a plumber’s torch, burn out the creosote, then brush well to remove the resultant ash. The pipe is in sections and this is easy to do. The opening into the chimney and the opening for the pipe in the stove itself also need to be brushed out weekly. Every couple of days, you must also remove the ashes or else the stove will not draw.

            Burning pine or soft maple and some trash trees produces a lot of creosote. Not all trees produce adequate firewood.

            Fire is the major hazard, not pollution. Another major hazard is in the actual wood cutting. You need safety equipment and well-maintained chainsaws and you should have some way of sharpening your chains. Don’t try and cut in the heat of summer and don’t do it alone, either.

            • BlueH2O- excellent points. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to start a house fire with a wood burner. And many don’t know how a moment of distraction while cutting wood can cost you a finger- or worse. Thanks for the comment.

            • The rule is you cut this winter’s wood last year.

            • Absolutely right. My point is if power ever goes out people would burn anything. Every year you hear about someone who kills themself by using a propane heater indoors, or a BBQ. Its not just the bungalows I was referring to. What about apartments where people may think they can have a controlled fire and in fact kill people on other floors.

      33. just make sure you have access to water people that do not prep, a pump, water purifier etc. you wont be able to shower if the pumps go out so when you wake up and you feel oily, you will start to smell so you gotta stay clean and many will get disease and die. so try to have water and stay clean and always make sure you have a backup weapon to rock and roll once your main weapon is empty or misfires or you run out of shots, you wanna always be putting lead down range or on the bad guys, so carry a pistol and practice senerios in your home with different guns. My biggest help to some. When you shoot a gun without earplugs it causes hesitation for many and that can effect your speed to shoot and be on target, so have earplugs in and you will shoot much better. you get the idea and think about the earplugs with and without when shooting. I think that will give you a slight advantage even if the police throw in a teargas container and a flashbang which is like 160 db and some have pressure. I would get some smoke gernades to fill the area that you know well with smoke and when they inter there will be mass confusion on the guys at the front door that are in a swat team. Or imagine they kick the door in and your behind a 1 inch steel barrier, they would be confused and their .223 or 6.8 spc round will not penetrate. Or set up clutter like marbels all on the floor and or boxes filled with junk, they wont be able to come into the house quickly and confuse them. you got the idea, you could have your front door boobytrapped with gasoline anything. get creative.

        • The simplest and easiest method for a front and back door that I have heard of is painting the entrance with old motor oil. It would be so slick that they can not ram the door or push it open. Mind you they could always put something over it, but at least it would buy some time. And perhaps give you time to react to the situation from a different vantage point.

          • or even the surface of the floor in the front or back door. I know its a mess but could save your life, good point! i know the house would be on fire but, if a swat team entered the front door might boobie trap it with a wire that once the door opens egnites 15 firework morters scattered all around the ones that shoot in a tube into the air all light and go off. can you imagine the sparks and the boom from that with 15 going off, the house would or could be on fire maybe not but would cause mass chaos for the swat team comming in. you get the idea.

            • I always thought a trip wire near the entrance with a 4X8 sheet of ply with 4 inch nails coming out from in once there is a breach. Trip on the wire and eat nails. Maybe a little out there but I am thinking a grown up ‘Home Alone’ type deal.

        • My mother used to wash me and my sister in an old galvanized wash tub out on the back porch in the summertime. I don’t think my fat ass is going to fit in one of those anymore. Guess I’ll have to ride in to Tractor Supply and see how much a new galvanized “stock tank” runs for.

          • Let me know how much. LOL. I bathed the same way but in the winter in front of a wood stove. No way to fit in one now. Grand kids maybe.

            • It’s not us. They’re making those washtubs smaller these days.

            • Mom put us in the kitchen sink..we had no bath then; that came later.

      34. … i feel like a kid on xmass morning I SO PUCKIN PUMPED – ITS GO TIME PEOPLE ;0) thswhtf 27 july 2012



        WW3 – THE nwo freemason zionist fascist commie satanists EUGENICS GLOBALISTS STRIKE BACK !


        BET ON IT !


        ;0p pssszzt

        oops … puck … i just sheeit pee’d an ejaculated on myself i’m so excited ;0) !


        • The Square Mile should be “false flagged” if you get my drift.

          • JRS

            Do you mean you want London blown up or you think they will use London as a false flag?

            Take care

            • Okay,

              For the record I am against wholesale loss of life. We all know a false flag is coming, where and when we don’t know, I agree there is a good chance it could be London. For anyone to be excited by that possibility is in my mind deranged and shows total disregard for the lives of millions of people.

              I am, in short a little pissed by the above comment, and might I add not because it refers to my country. For millions to be killed and injured in order that TPB are able to instigate global warfare is deplorable, for someone to we jumping up and down with delight and quote ejaculating with excitement is beyond contemptible.

              Take care folks you have a maniac in you midst.

            • No Burt I am not advocating blowing people up. The corp Square Mile is not part of the city proper.It has it’s own laws and police force.London is approximately 700 sq miles in area. The Square Mile is the banking and financial district and the center of the western world’s financial terrorism. I am merely suggesting that this would be a more appropriate place than the Olympics to take your frustrations out on. If you think I am a tin foil conspiracy nut…fine. Do a little digging and the curtains will be pulled back and you will see the criminals in all their nakedness.The corp Square Mile is the financial arm of the globalists. The DC corp is the military arm.The corp Vatican City is the religious arm.Whether you are a sovereign (wo)man or not these entities control the majority of the western world.They have been in control for hundreds of years. Do you think it is a coincidence thatour lawmakers do not prosecute and jail these people for their crimes? No,it is the plan.The criminals must be routed out of their hidey holes and strung up for their crimes against the common man. You may not approve of NO’s comments but I fear he has a better grasp of the real world than many posters do.

        • You guys remember this (I posted wiki because a key word the dis-info spooks posted)

          The 2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident occurred at Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base on August 29–30, 2007. Six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were MISTAKENLY loaded on a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot and transported to Barksdale.

          See that word? MISTAKENLY!!!!



          “The problem with this explanation for the first reported case of nukes being removed from a weapons bunker without authorization in 50 years of nuclear weapons, is that those warheads, and all nuclear warheads in the US stockpile, are supposedly protected against unauthorized transport or removal from bunkers by electronic antitheft systems-automated alarms similar to those used by department stores to prevent theft, and even anti-motion sensors that go off if a weapon is touched or approached without authorization.

          While the Air Force report doesn’t mention any of this, what it means is that if weapons in a storage bunker are protected against unauthorized removal, someone-and actually at least two people, since it’s long been a basic part of nuclear security that every action involving a nuclear weapon has to be done by two people working in tandem-had to deliberately and consciously disable those alarms.

          Since the Air Force report does not explain how this hurdle to unauthorized removal of the six nukes could have been surmounted by “mistake,” the report has to be considered a whitewash, at best, or a cover-up.”


          Alot more then is stated in what I just pasted.



          Why hasn’t the Air Force or the FBI investigated the 6-8 untimely deaths including three alleged suicides, one of a Minot weapons guard, one of an assistant defense secretary, and one of a captain in the super-secret Air Force Special Commando Group, as well as alleged fatal vehicle “accidents” involving four ground crew and B-52 pilots and crewmembers at Minot and Barksdale?

        • Nice to know you are so excited by my destruction Nina

          • Burt

            Perfectly put..

            There’s been way too much attention speculating a false flag event at the olympics..

            therefore..probably nothing will happen..

            just because there were precursors before 911 in many ways..don’t believe the PTB are giving you clues this time or anytime soon.

            TPTB are way ahead of us…

            and too many theorists out there predicting these events

            stay safe Burt

            e mail when you can..keep us posted.



            • Hiya Possee

              Will do, if I get vaporised I would like you to know it has been a pleasure chatting to you

              Take care

          • Anonymous

            I was just enquiring what JRS meant. I understand perfectly what a bunch f low lives make the square mile their centre of operations, but sadly nuking the City of London would not just wipe them off the map but a whole heap of innocents as well.

            Nina has made many good points in the past, and will probably do so in the future, but there are ways and means of doing this, of getting you message across without showing quite so much pleasure at the prospects of huge loss of life.

            Take care

            • I must have forgot to enter my handle when responding above.I have my cookies,etc blocked so I have to log in every time.

        • Nina

          Tell me, why does the destruction of so many people excite you so much? Are you hoping the knock on effect gets over to you so you can start firing your big bad guns at people?

          Get a fucking grip, what are you, sick in the head, or just plain stupid?

          Actually don’t bother answering, I have already made my mind up.

          • I hear ya, Burt! I have good friends over in Canterbury….would hate for something so awful to happen to millions of people! Also, for these people who are always saying, “Bring it on already, lets get this *#*%# going…let’s shoot em all”….What in the world is wrong with these people? They actually want to see their friends and family members….DIE?? Seriously? The more time we have to prep is better for ALL of us! I hope and pray that we have many more years left….I myself could use more prepping time!

            HEY MAC!!! A question? The advertisements on the blog….how well do you know the people behind them….I’m interested in the antibiotics posted on there…but I don’t want to send 250.00 to just anyone! Has anyone here done business with Dr. Vince? Please let me know…thx!

          • ;0( awwwwwww shucks carolie uk … its only a few 100,000 or so british cockroaches goyim gentiles useless eaters being killed by their “very own” zionist jooooooo freemason brit red coat lobster bankers .

            this is all planned out by your very own illegitimate bastard queenie and prince of the illegitimate german royals family ruling over england , amerika , canada , australia , new zealand etc etc the english serfs and their true owners the family of jooo german banker lord rothschild’s !!!

            its All planned out by your own freemason luciferian rulers military and royals .

            besides its really not fair how england has killed million ( s ) with an S , of poor brown folks around the world and only a few thousand english have died so far . in their false flag terror global domination nwo push for a one world fedgov .

            fair is fair at carolie uk … its now londons turn to burn from a nwo zionist joooo fedgov false-flag nuke attack !!!

            ;0P pssszzt

            Toodles cheerio and all that british proper bullsheeit

            ~N.O .

            • Nina

              One can always hope that when the bullets start flying you catch the first one…right between the eyes. BUT the difference between you and me is that I do not hope for that Nina. I don’t feel that you are any more responsible for the people killed by your government any more than regular Londoners are responsible for the amount killed by mine.

              Excreting various bodily fluids in excitement at the possibility of yet more mass murder is not a normal reaction and it is sad and disappointing that you feel that way.

              As you said, fair is fair, but fair to whom and by whose standards…yours?

              By wanting these things to happen for your own gratification you are no better than TPB you are just like them in fact. Ironic that you share the views of those you say you despise.

              Well, you may get your wish you may not, but I’ll tell you my wish, I would really like to meet you, look you in the eye, and give you a smack in the mouth the likes of which you would not forget.

            • 1st AMENDMENT BWIATCHES ;0P pssszzt

              they are only just letters and words I’ve choose to put on a piece of paper or a computer screen … why are you all so angry ???



              … and my being bi-polar has nothing to do with the simple TRUTH of what is very soon to become the hard reality of the nwo’s globalist “end game” GLOBAL EUGENICS DEATH MURDER KILL CLEANSING plans for all us COCKROACHES on planet earth .

              .. being bi-polar just means my mind works at a higher spatial thought level than norm , an i get to take my own personal mind warping mental trips without the assistance of alcohol , pharmaceuticals or natural weeds … jealous ???

              ;0P pssszzt


            • @ninaO- Where you been? You crazy mofo!!!

              Its getting closer. I have to go 4 states over, and I’m not liking it bro.

              I have to go because I can still trade my federal reserve notes for what matters. I hope “it” doesnt happen when I am over in that $hit hole.

          • Thanks Burt. I wish there was a way that Mac could block Nina……Tired of reading those rants.

            Rarely do they ever bring anything new to the table….just the same ole shit

            • Tina

              I disagree, freedom of speech is right and proper. I vehemently disagree with Ninas post, but he has the right to say it just as we do.

              I really believe that censorship of free speech is wrong. Sorry but it’s what I believe

              Take care

            • Nina

              I didn’t know you were bipolar, to me that has nothing to do with it. All these references to everyone else being to blame for everything, should it not say “we” instead of “you”? Because unless YOU are actively and consciously working on a daily basis against what it happening you are as much to blame as everyone else. Being bipolar does not make you psychic, but I suppose if you name enough dates you will be right on one of them.

              As for it just being letters and words on paper or computer screen. The same could be said about the Constitution, the Magna Carta and all the laws written to protect a people and their freedoms.
              Words are powerful, and you know this very very well. To an outsider it looks like you use words to fire people up. To incite them. Get them to have a go at you so you can show your supposed superior intellect in the answers, and that’s what this is all about isn’t it? The segregation of you from everyone else, the lack of the word ‘we’ in your posts, always blaming everyone else, you think you are above it all, better than everyone else, of superior interllect because you and only you can see what lies ahead.

              Once again the similarities between you and TPTB are striking, odd that you hate them so much when you are in many ways so like them.

              Take care

            • Burt…you are right…forgive me. Of course they have the right to say it. Just so tired of them trying to hijack the threads ALL THE TIME. I’m call a BS!!

              I guess we could just thumbs down everything he says so it will be hidden….I’m just not sure it is worth my time. Probably best to not even respond…just adding more fuel to their fire.

              I’m here to learn…

              Beginning to feel like I need to look someplace else. I need more “how to’s”. What I don’t need is some testosterone toting “my gun is bigger than yours” replica RAMBO that can soley save and repopulate the world….with every article written.

          • Just ignore the moron. Hopefully nothing will happen there. Be Safe.

            • He actually makes MUSHROOM look like Van Diesel…..remember Ole’ MUSHY?

        • What a fruit cake!

          • just keep drinking the fluoridated coolaid everyone you will be just fine … nothing to see here … move along .

          • I depends which way the pendulum swings in his mush brain. Sometimes the meds have the desired effect and some of his post are rather intelligent. Recognizing the symptoms of manic depressive/bipolar is very easy.

            • It depends….

        • You are obviously not mentally prepared for anything you mention.

          Your name however I find funny and amusing.

      35. Stock up on beef,if you have the means to store it. The price should be fair right now ,since the drought is forcing ranchers to sell their steers early ,because of the upcomming corn shortage. It’s also a real eye opener on the water situation.
        Stock up on ammo ,who knows what will happen after the election..What if they cut off private sales of ammo ?
        Prepping is a win win situation. I can’t remember how many trips to the store, for some little unforseen item that I had in my pantry , saved me a trip . I just have to remember to replace those items.
        Cast iron pots and pans to cook over an open fire if needed, and some sort of stand to set above a fire so your food don’t burn up. Sorta like camping.

        • I was waiting in line yesterday and there were two farmers behind me talking.
          First they discussed their corn crop. The famer on one side of town thought his crop was doing OK. He had good access to water, he said. The second one said his crop was gone. He couldn’t get enough water to it and there were few, if any, ears.
          Then they talked about the local livestock auctions. At the last sale, six ranchers were selling off their entire herds. With their crops dying, they couldn’t afford to feed them anymore.
          Our temps remain in the 100s with no sign of rain.

      36. Prepared Paster ; With all due respect ,If there is anything that you don’t have , just let me know and I’ll
        E mail it to ya .

      37. Omg its coming again …..maybe before I turn 90

        • Happy 89th birthday!


      38. Here is a nice stove to have.

        Portable light weight Volcano II Collapsible Stove $139.95 burns Propane, Charcoal and wood.Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 11”; collapses to 5 ½ inches.Has its own carry bag. Worth every penny.

      39. You knew it was coming, just the start.

        The Postal Service repeated on Wednesday that without congressional action, it will default—a first in its long history, a spokesman said—on a legally required annual $5.5 billion payment, due Aug. 1, into a health-benefits fund for future retirees. Action in Congress isn’t likely, as the House prepares to leave for its August recess.

      40. @madmarkie. Down here with ya. I agree this is not the place we knew for decades. You can see the difference every where you go. Hardly go out locally any more. It feels as if something could happen at any time. Carry everywhere I go. Never felt that I needed to in the past. You kind of knew where to stay out of but now it’s all over. Good luck to you and keep the preps going. When it hits there will be 2 types out there…predators and victims…don’t be the latter.

      41. Greetings Everyone!
        Good article about Euros waking up to the slogging down of a failing world-wide Civilization.We are truly in for more changes.I suspect(and don’t take it as cast in stone)we’ll see things here in the U.S. like ALL private retirement plans “folded” into S.S.(untill it finally is reduced),our paper money “restored” to a value of about 10% of what it is today,and foodstuffs rising in cost on a daily basis.We can go on and on about this.The bottom line is:CHANGE is the new reality.The good times are gone and ain’t comin’ back.PERIOD.Now for the Good news.Even after the Roman Empire broke up,a few smart people survived and even prospered.Folks like people here with “common sense”.Most others who lacked such didn’t.Most folks today won’t either.Sad,but that’s how nature works.
        Best to All
        hope you have food,water and a safe place to sleep

      42. it’s good to see there are still some people in europe with some sense. it’s only a matter of time before tshtf in the eu and maybe here simultaneously. except for switzerland, all those people will have for self-defense will be baseball bats, steak knives, etc. clint hospo, you’re right on target about them not being able to take all the guns from us. i’d be surprised if they were able to take just 1% of the guns in usa. on the arms treaty, that’s supposed to get signed on july 27, a friday. ironically, there is a gun show in my city that same weekend, july 28 and 29. time to get some more ammo and other goodies. take care and keep prepping.

        • im just using common sense. think about all the swat guys and cops and national guard. how many homes are there with a gun, then think if all the cops were busy looking for guns crimes would go up. people are not stupid. they might have lists of people with over 10 guns or something etc, they could point into something like that but still people move from apartments to others and guns are stored and friends neighbors, grandmas etc so it would be a waste of time and very hard. and if you didnt answer the door what are they going to kick in all the doors etc. you could have them hidden, too much time to waste. braveheart I have a .338 laupa with a nightforce scope and its going to get used. I will use my benelli m2 with extended mag tube first with buckshot and slugs every other round chambered, then will pull out my ps90 that shoots fast, for backup got 50 rounds with that with pinpoint accuracy and will booby-trap all front and back doors. I will not lay my weapons down, Im a fighter and always questioned to my mom why do we have be treated like 2nd class citizens while government gets more and more power. im 39 and I know older people on here have seen their freedoms stripped, we used to be able to shoot anywhere and if cops came they would just ask you to shoot somewhere else or go away, they didnt arrest you and take your guns and label you a terrorist etc. its getting out of hand and we will fight for our freedoms and follow the real constitution not added bullshit or sections a fraud president adds thats illegal. obama is the threat not us who care about others and want to live free and do not need government for a damn thing. Let us live if your reading this. we are good people with no criminal records and honest caring people. finx I still think your either confused, or a smartass trying to rial us up or you really believe obama is god. I dont know. in my pasts post I told you to burn in hell. I dont wish that on you but I was pissed when you said we should not have guns, i think your confused and dont believe getting mad at you will make things better, theres only one person that I want to feel the pain, you know who that is

      43. You can never be too prepared. Are you all prepared for an asteroid hitting this planet? Ha.

      44. Not only that, but you all coward against a tyrant. Just because you think you have enough bullets and guns doesn’t mean you yourself could hold against this giant as they come looking for YOU! I don’t understand how you people sit here and post on a forum when we all have the best capability of taking this in our own hands, not saying a huge revolt or revolution, but I’ve seen how intelligent people are on this website, a few of you could honestly start something that could spark a nice calm negotiation between the people and Government, I think we all could agree on a smaller government, there are ways to fix it, yeah debt is a problem, but I think every country is in the same boat, not just ours. Remember in WW2(if you’ve studied enough wars) the people actually started to grow their own produce in VICTORY Gardens, yeah a lot of people don’t have land themselves in a tight city or an apartment, but the people with land should be able to supply themselves with enough produce to sustain them from having to go to the grocery store. Woah, One solution down! Another thing to get off the grid with electricity are Magnetic generators, that you could build yourself!

        • Hippie

          ” a few of you”

          The word mate is US…a few of US. People coming on here and telling everyone else what to do whilst not being prepared to be included themselves is becoming irritating.

          Take care

      45. daum..I found .223 ammo for .25 per round..all I can carry

        • now thats a hell of an investment..anyone wanna make a bet it will doubble before just about anything else on the market before too long?

          Ammo..the new currency

          • soon there will be signs posted on doors of homes, cars and trucks..

            Warning: due to the rising prices of ammunition, the owner will no longer fire any warning shots.

      46. USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation

        “USDA has an agreement with Mexico to promote American food assistance programs, including food stamps, among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.”

        link on Drudge Report

          • This pisses me off so much. There should be no money AT ALL allocated to advertise the use of food stamps. NONE. Why on earth is there even concern about people NOT knowing about the program?!?!

            *gets up, takes a walk, comes back to the keyboard*

            If nothing else in our society scream out corruption, look at the difference in food stamp usage/advertising since it was taken over by JP Morgan. Finocracy. And it’s disgusting.

        • KY Mom- I think the bomster (and his puppet masters) are desperately trying to get a large enough permanent underclass in America. That’s the whole reason for our open borders. Get another 20 to 30 million people here who are willing to work for peanuts, easily led by media manipulation, and (most importantly) pre conditioned to tolerate a socialist government (since that’s what they came from back home). This will give the PTB what they think is a dependable voting block of folks who can be led around by the nose.
          What they underestimate is the WILL of the millions of us who don’t want that. We already have way more of their socialist crap than we want. They also grossly underestimate the pent-up fury that’s waiting to boil up from the citizens of this nation. When the rule of law breaks down completely, it will be they who swing from the lamp posts, not us!
          And we’re much closer to that point than the gangsters in DC realize.

          • And a hugry populace is a controlled populace.
            The hope is that bringing in more to compete with our resources, whether it be food or food stamps, will lead to a civil war or race war.

          • SmokinOkie and Jay Jay,

            I agree. They want the open borders to get the desired voting bloc they want to keep them in power. Closing the nine border patrol stations across four states is just an another indication to me.

            We certainly live in unusual times.

            Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

      47. NOTE: The drought in the American mid-west, coming high prices for food, animal feed, and energy reminds me of the Third Seal in the Bible:

        Third seal (Rev 6:5)

        Rev 6:5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

        v5 – “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. – Black could indicate dried up vegetation or even burned vegetation, see Lam 5:10. Scales are used to weigh food (Ezek 4:16). The scales can also be thought of as representing injustice since the rider only affects those who are poor.

        v6 – Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” – This indicates famine or shortage, a quart of wheat is enough good food for one person not his family, poor food (barley) is available, luxurious items such as oil and wine are not hurt. Olives and vines are deeper rooted and are therefore able to withstand drought. Walvoord comments that famine is the aftermath of war. This is the situation with the western and third world today which takes the luxurious food for itself leaving hardly enough basic food for the third world (famine and justice). Babylon is condemned for her excessive luxury Rev 18:3. The merchants traded oil, wine and wheat with Babylon (18:13), but Barley is not mentioned because it is poor mans food and not a luxury. Famine is also one of the conditions leading to the end times, Mat 24:7. Famine can also lead to political instability which is also a cause of war. The poor people who could only afford barley are Christians.

        The U.S. economy is going into the dumper last half 2012 and first half 2013. More unemployment, higher prices, a Congress that is confused and refusing to work together for the good of our nation equals DISASTER.

        I hope I am wrong. . . .But I don’t thing I am.

        Continue to prep, store food, prepare your house and family. God Bless us all.

      48. All who read this daily know what I have, well, most of what I have; I’m not prepared as well as many, but more than most.
        Today, the VA appraiser came to appraise our house, and he wanted pictures of EVERY room.
        Yep–I got nervous. I asked him if he could pass on this one(meaning the storage room–he already photoed the pantry), and he said no, every room is to be photographed and if it was really dirty, he had photographed above beds before.
        I said, nah, that’s not it—and I opened the door.
        He said, “No problem–I have one of these–but it’s in my basement”…and I’m sure he saw the puzzled look on my face, and then said, “We never have to go to the store”.
        We are not alone..and he lives 40 miles from me–whew!!

      49. @finx…you don’t see the world around you going straight to hell? Have you ever seen anything like what is happening now? The flash mobs robbing stores, the face eating zombies, the pedophiles at penn state running a giant child rape ring (I promise you thats not the only university doing that), The insane weather caused by extrordinary sun activity that is causing a drought the likes of which we have never seen. This drought will lead to massive food shortages that will be noticed right away. How about our massive debt? Does the 1.5 QUADRILLION derivatives bubble worry you at all? You think we can pay that off? Lets not forget the national debt that the liars claim is 15.8 trillion when the real number is 76 trillion+. You must be aware the only way we can even pay the intrest on these massive debts now is because the intrest at or near zero…when they raise the intrest rates ( which they will have to ) it will be mathmatically IMPOSSIBLE to pay even the intrest on the massive debt. Cities all over america are BANKRUPT. The postal service will default August 1st. War with Iran is on now due to the bus bomb attack in Bulgaria of Israeli youth. Of couse we haven’t yet seen any evidence it was Iran…but who cares about evidence right? Just bomb the shit out of them.
        Finx…after reading your posts there are only 2 possibilities……1) you are a disinformation agent that comes here and you yourself don’t believe the garbage you post or 2) you don’t have the intellect ( which lumps you in with most of the american sheeple ) to see whats going on or maybe you can’t face whats going on like most can’t.
        You might want to take a look at the history of every single empire that has existed since the dawn of time. Where is the Roman empire? The Greeks? The Ottamans ? the Egyptians? etc…. I’ll tell you where they went….into the trash bin of history…they also believed they were indestructable as most americans believe we are indestructable. You will find out the hard way thats not true (like many will) unless you pull your head out of your rear and face reality.

      50. i posted this on the last article for finx….i dont think he or many of you saw it it’s above

      51. The Postal Service just announced that it won’t be able to make payment on future retirees health care (5 billion) thats due(required by law) on August first. They also won’t be able to make payment of 5.5 billion due on Sept 30th unless congress acts now. So far Congreece has only shown interest in the upcoming August recess.

        • Shoot, just saw that Brian already posted the above info.

        • The $5.5 billion payment, which was deferred from the 2011 fiscal year, is due Aug. 1. The Postal Service is also scheduled to make a $5.6 billion payment for 2012 in September. A spokesman for the agency said that barring intervention from Congress, it would default on both payments.


      52. VRF,

        Due to the rising prices of ammunition,
        the owner will no longer fire any warning shots.

        Y’all Beware! That’s a good one!!

      53. If you want to survive in a life threatening situation … remember …

        “Don’t Talk
        Just Shoot !”

        … over thinking it , will just get you injured or killed .

        Let Gawd sort em’ out after .

        Your job at ” Go Time ” … is just to arrange their meeting with their Gawd or Lucifer !


        • Nina

          Now that I can agree with….

          Take care

      54. I see some of you are still debating about the coming elections, like that will make any difference to the powers that be. The whole political system is under the control of the world bankers. It matters little who is in office if they are controlling all the money, the majority of all the food and energy etc. They now own 80% of the world assets. It was stollen through the fiat money systems.
        These Banksters decide whom will even be in the race and it doesn’t really matter who wins because they control them all. I’m thinking even Ron Paul is there to give a voice and for one group and them hope and so they’ll be brought out into the open and can be indentified. I have to wonder, JFK was killed for trying to end the FED and so was his brother, if Ron Paul really were able to do this just how long would he live? Besides all electronic voting is rigged.

        • Welcome, Sue..you voiced my concerns.
          The voting system is rigged.
          Even if there were paper ballots, ‘they’ would find a way to control the outcome.

      55. Will the “ticking time bomb” explode next week to set the orchestrated collapse in motion? Go to link below and see what I mean……………. http://www.stevequayle.com/

      56. @ don’t tread….wouldn’t shock me one bit to see London go boom.

      57. This fella certainly protects his property and privacy by putting his home and face all over the media and the internet! Smart man!

      58. I’d personally also like to say that most people who find themselves with no health insurance are typically students, self-employed and those that are not working. More than half with the uninsured are under the age of Thirty-five. They do not come to feel they are requiring health insurance simply because they’re
        young along with healthy. The income is usually spent on property, food,
        along with entertainment. Most people that do go to work either full or not professional are not supplied insurance by their work so they go without
        due to rising cost of health insurance in the usa. Thanks for the
        ideas you share through this site.

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