Going Postal: USPS Stocks Up On Guns and Ammo: “It Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense”

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    Going postal just took on a whole new meaning.

    Earlier this year Kit Daniels reported that the U.S. Postal Service is joining other alphabet federal agencies in stocking up on ammunition and firearms. It’s an alarming trend that has swept the nation over the last several years and one that Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, calls “highly unusual.”

    Conspiracy theories abound over the stockpiling of some two billion rounds of ammunition to date, leaving many wondering what the US government has in store for the American people.

    Just last week, in the wake of the most recent Fort Hood shooting, mainstream media issued a report claiming that shooter Ivan Lopez was stockpiling weapons and ammo, when in fact he had purchased a single firearm and perhaps a few hundred rounds for it over a couple of visits to the gun store.

    If his meager purchases are supposed to raise concerns with the American public and instill a sense of fear, then should we not be absolutely terrified of what our government is doing?

    Earlier this year, the USPS posted a notice on its website, under the heading “Assorted Small Arms Ammunition,” that says: “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition. If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register. This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals.”

    Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said: “We’re seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time. To be honest, I don’t understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.”

    A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point” bullets.

    Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture requesting 320,000 rounds. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security raised eyebrows with its request for 450 million rounds — at about the same time the FBI separately sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds.

    Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, asked: why exactly does a weather service need ammunition?

    “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” Gottlieb said. “The amount of ammunition they’re buying up far exceeds their needs. It far exceeds what they’ll use — they’ll never use it all.

    (Newsmax via Steve Quayle)

    It certainly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you, as an individual, were to purchase a thousand rounds of bulk ammunition you’d be flagged, according to Senator Rand Paul, as a domestic terrorist.

    Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements. There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

    Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    Perhaps what the government is afraid of and what they are preparing for… is us.

    They may have bugged out of Bunkerville, NV last weekend, but you can rest assured that they are licking their wounds and reorganizing. They no doubt learned a lot during this incident, and they will be fully prepared for the next one, likely with military personnel and stockpiles of ammunition in tow.

    While we’d like to agree with the notion that the government will “never use it all,” all signs suggest that they are building these reserves in the event that they do, in fact, need to use them.

    It’s apparent that elements within the U.S. government foresee a set of events in the near future that will require them to raise up arms against the American people. If this is the case, then the stockpiling of two billion rounds of ammunition, firearms, tactical gear, and coffins across federal agencies that all have specific guidelines set out for “national emergencies” and martial law scenarios makes perfect sense.

    They are planning for something big and they are doing so at an accelerated pace.


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      1. Gotta protect all of those stamps!!

        Not to mention the mailboxes.

        I think the USPS is about to go postal.

        • 🙂

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            • Just like a $2000 hammer, or a $1500 toilet seat, monet spent somewhere else draws attention away from where it is really going. Transparent crap this government is. Other than some postal workers that have to go through gang areas, most postal delivery people are usually only armed with mace for dogs. I just see this as just another department being used to stockpile ammunition under the radar somewhat. If this government wasn’t so evil and going to use this against their own citizens I would say they are just like preppers. Wish I could say that, but tyranny is too engrained in their black souls for this.

              • Maybe they’ll have to have someone riding shotgun for delivery in certain areas. You can speculate on where certain areas may be.
                Or maybe its just a cover for the “private army” who will be using it to eliminate “nonconformists” aka those who despise the road we are on now.

              • I think you’re absolutely correct BI. USPS doesn’t need ammo, but it can get it with their budget and “re-appropriate” it to another govt agency, with nothing more than the push of a few keys and a swipe of a pen.

                It’s the govt version of “caching supplies”.

                • They will try their best to not use the bullets they have stockpiled until we no longer have ours. They will have a long wait…

                  • Just another coincidence, for the “coincidence theorists.”

                  • Yup, nothing to see here … Move along

                  • Just wondering if they were planning a mass suicide? They tend to kill each other at alarming rate and have been killing their business model for years.

                • Didn’t USPS lose about $5B last year? Yet they have money for this. They have something evil in mind. Governments ALWAYS turn their guns on those being “governed” (ruled).

              • BI, good evening my friend, and once again, a spot-on analysis. We all know they’re going to act against us. It’s only a question of when.

                • @ Shootit,

                  So true. LOL very hard. Thanks for the laugh.


              • @BI “$2000 for a hammer, 1500 for a toilet seat.” Must of just watched Independence Day for that reference! LOL.


              • Exactly what I was thinking.
                I knew their couldn’t be that many dogs for carriers to shoot.
                The Weather Bureau is also piling on ammo.

              • The U.S. Postal Service is not hoarding ammunition. This standard purchase solicitation is for the the Postal Service Inspection Service, our law enforcement agency. Its Inspectors carry firearms which require ammunition. Periodically, the Inspection Service must purchase ammunition for activities like firearms training, required annual firing range qualifications and for duty.
                As the Postal Service’s primary law enforcement arm, the Inspection Service is a highly specialized, professional organization which performs investigative and security functions essential to a stable and sound postal system and the security of the U.S. Mail. The Postal Inspection Service has a proud and successful record of fighting criminals who misuse postal services and products to defraud, endanger or otherwise threaten the American public.
                David Partenheimer
                U.S. Postal Service Media Relations

                • The postal service also has been delivering mail to every household in the US. Who better to keep an eye on whats going on all over the country. In every neighborhood and small business.Think about it every neighborhood and every household thats occupied gets mail.Hell I’ve seen some houses that are not occupied get mail! The FEDS are up to something and it AIN’T GOOD!

          • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says:

            “We can’t have American people that violate

            the law and then just walk away from it. So

            it’s not over.”

            Does that maybe give us a clue ……

            • “The Postal Service isn’t the first non-law enforcement agency seeking firearms and ammunition.

              Since 2001, the U.S. Dept. of Education has been building a massive arsenal through purchases orchestrated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

              The Education Dept. has spent over $80,000 so far on Glock pistols and over $17,000 on Remington shotguns.”

              Gun Permit Center dot com

                • Going postal on Gentiles…

                  “Question: Is it appropriate to not love, or to hate, a gentile?

                  “Answer: A Jew is intrinsically good. A Jew is a part of God above. Even if at times he strays it is not because he has become evil. It is only that there is evil within him that he has to cleanse.

                  “However, to separate with a million degrees of separation, a gentile is an impure thing. The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure. …”


                  • JQP, let someone try to ‘go postal’ on me and they’ll get a dose of 00 buckshot.

                  • I saw a movie once where only the .gov had firearms…it was called ‘Schiendlers List’

                • This must be so the purchases are scattered across many budgets and bureaucracies. Perhaps they are for another organization? Like UN troops?

                  • About that satellite imagery and IDing protesters— does anyone else think they may have been trying to identify people who “legally” should not own firearms”

                    After initial identification, they can cross-reference across their databases and tag people as having PTSD, is on meds or any other angle that might make the patriot crowd LOOK dangerous to the sheep, or LIKE a bunch of felons with guns? That would’ve given THE FEDs the “moral” ground to use force against the crowd.


                    I think that’s what they did, and are still doing right now.

                  • Now that schiendlers Wife bashed Spielberg for so many Falsehoods, fabrications, outright fanatical holoHoax claims in that Movie….The movies name need be changed to “Swindlers List”…If I recall correct the Wife has even sued spielberg or recieved a huge cash amount to not sue? One or the other….One can probobly still locate online info about that issue and what transpired between that guys wife vs spielberg.

                    Also this is from memory and I may be off on whos wife she is or was?…Either Schiendlers wife? or an important character in the movies wife?…Either way the women is a jewish woman whos pissed as hell for so many false claims etc by spielbergs script and movie.

                    If can locate Link to articles I will post said link.

                  • @ Them Guys

                    Thanks for calling out the lies in Schindler’s List.

                    Here is one particular fraud from Schindler’s List.

                    Spielberg pretended that the Talmud is so magnanimous and universalist that it values the life of every human being, but, a verifiable fact, the Talmud is quite clear that only a Jew’s life is valuable.

                    “Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as if he had preserved a complete world” (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a).

                    Quite a bit different from how the lying sack Spielberg bowdlerized the ‘quote’: “He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.”


                  • Your wasting your time telling or complaining to those so called elected officials whom care about nothing but getting elected again. In their eyes you are a peasant that is too stupid to control and make your own life decisions.

              • If anyone can ever Remember When, This Government has Armed ALL of the Feds and related agencies, let us Know, I think you have to be a Fool to not See their Intentions..With this Nevada Incident, things are going to go Hot sooner rather than Later…
                They have demonized Preppers , Patriots and Constitution lovers without Mercy…and now it gonna take on a Whole new track..People they have declared WAR on the Citizens of this Country..we just failed to Hear the First Shot!!!

                CMTMF NOMI

                Semper Fi

                • WE DON’T NEED THEIR BRAND OF “MERCY”…

                  • Sample Letter to a Rep or senator:

                    Location: Senator Finestiens main DC HQ office….

                    Senate AIDE/Letter reader: “Madam Senator, seems we have recieved a Large 53 ft long 18 wheeler Trailer load of Pro 2nd amendt and pro gun owner letters that are ALL against current attempts to further restrict their Rights etc”

                    Sen. Finestien: (and ALL such Kommie bastards in office):

                    “Screw all them stupid Goyims! How Many times must I remind you that all such letters if from Goyims of any type pro or con 2nd amendt or 1st amendt etc…BURN them ALL ASAP!…Must I again Remind you that all Goyims have ZERO rights as, Only Our Master Race “Tribe” members count or have rights! and MY tribes Main right is to Rule over, Control the govnt Of, ALL such worthless Goyim gentile animals!”

                    Next sound heard U.S.Senate Buildg FIRE ALARMS Wail! Indeed once a bon fire to torch a 53 ft long Trailer load of such Letters to senators and reps is started it tends to spread out of control eh!

              • well with the way the government wastes money on everything
                I bet those amounts bought maybe
                two glocks and one shotgun ?

              • They are going to need them.

                • When all hell breaks loose and the shooting starts, remember it’s those wearing uniforms who are the anti-Freedom oppressors.

                  • @ WhoWuddaThunkIt,

                    With respect for your opinion I don’t know that I agree with your statement. First of all I know several LEO’s who would never dream of firing on Americans. (Don’t think I know one that would). Then there is the case of those whatever they were, Park Rangers???, over in Nevada who from what I saw did not look real eager to even point a gun towards the crowd.

                    In fact it is my believe, although I have no facts to back it up, that there was a mutiny on the part of the LEO’s who were there that led to the government backing down. I deduced this hypothesis based solely on the fact that the government never has backed down from a situation such as what we saw. That and again the apparent reluctance on the part of those LEO’s involved one of which actually asked a reporter / documentary maker to please notice what he was or not doing.


              • KY Mom and Sixpack: The USPS actually has over 1000 armed uniformed officers that watch mail at the major airport and seaports and well as over 1200 plainclothes Inspectors who work fraud and smuggling cases. The two sections are federally sworn officers and get 20 year pensions. And yes, they go to the range and qualify just like all other LEOs. The ammo mentioned in the story sounds like duty ammo because most federals use fmj for practice because it’s a little cheaper. I know these things because I have friends in low places. Crazy as it may sound but even HUD, HHS, and even Social Security have armed criminal investigators. Most folks have no idea how many agencies have an armed wing. Until last week, how many folks knew that the BLM had armed people? We’re up to our teeth in agencies, and they ALL have some guns!

                • Don’t confuse anyone with facts, now, the conspiracy theories are just too much fun.

                  That would make it less than 100 rounds per each of the 2200 inspectors you mention, provided all of them are armed and have to qualify each year, which, if any agent is armed during duty, even if just one day a year, he has to run the qualification course.

                  • Facts? I’ll give you some facts. I was a part of a Combat Arms unit in the USMC and went to the rifle range (2) times in 7 years. Deployed three times (two times to Iraq and AFG). We did do table III before deploying. I managed to get the courtesy of being permitted to qualify with 50 rds on the POS M9 yearly. How many rds total over all that time was I allotted to shoot. Answer: not that many and even less to remain proficient. Look at the facts on how many rounds were expended at the height of the conflict in Iraq. You are telling me that the govt needs all these rounds? These agencies have to qualify more often then someone deployed to a war zone? No my friend, the American people have a right to be concerned with these massive agency stockpiles. Looks like you need to get your facts straight. You have no clue what you are talking about.

                  • What does the fact that you were in the Corps have to do with the Postal Service? What does the fact that you qualified with your service pistol twice in five years have to do with what the requirements are for armed agents? What does the fact that the M9 pistol is not an M4 carbine have on how often you qualified?

                    Facts may be facts, but still meaningless to a discussion.

                • So if everybody has their own in-house armed investigators, what to we need detective divisions for? Wouldn’t the police just need a couple of tokens here and there? I thought there were already CUSTOMS investigators who handle smuggling, and fraud cases is the jurisdiction of regular LEOs…I guess the tag of the day is double-half-flip-tripple-summersault-redundancy.

                  We need 50 of every kind of private investigators to get the same nothing done.

                  • Sixpack: Yes, CPB which use to be just plain old fashion U.S. Customs, before they were removed from Treasury and put into the new DHS, do make the smuggling cases in passengers, cargo, and their vessels coming from foreign. However, mail coming from foreign then involves both agencies, CBP and the Postal Inspectors of the USPS. The Postal Inspectors also investigate claims of fraud and theft within the U.S. postal system. It gets better, if the CBP agent, also known as ICE, doesn’t want the smuggling case, he hands it over to the local PDs. And if it came through the mail then the Postal Inspectors and the local LEOs get the bust. Why you may ask, it’s simple; ICE has guidelines as to the size of the cases they’ll take, too small and the locals get it-period. ICE only wants the big cases. This is also part of the assets sharing program between the Feds and the locals. When a package is tracked to the home or business of a smuggler the Feds or the locals, sometimes both, split the assets such as the building/home, all the furniture, tools, equipment and the motor vehicles used in the actual pick up and the on the premises. This is all part of RICO, which is a license for the government to steal. All these are then sent to auction and the proceeds go to the participating agencies . They love it because this is ‘found’ money that isn’t part of their budget and the PDs keep the Rolexes and hot cars for their undercover work. You can find these items for sale at auctions in the bigger cities such as Miami where I use to live. A few warehouse companies are contracted by the government to hold and then auction these items periodically. It’s a whole subculture industry. ICE/CBP, the Marshal’s Service, the Secret Service, The FBI, and other federal agencies have these warehouse contracts. I know because, as I said, I have friends in low places. And yes, I’ve been to these warehouses and seen the goods. You can Google these sales and usually get a list of the goods for sale. No one believes it until they see it like I have. It’s totally insane!

            • Only the important people like Reid and friends can break the law and laugh about it. I wonder when these pant loads will start wearing their SS or Stasi uniforms?

            • Mich, it sounds right to me. Of course, the politicos would never let something like “the law” apply to them. the reset can’t come soon enough.

            • But Eric Holder says politicians don’t have to enforce laws they don’t agree with…
              Hypocrisy or what?

            • “We can’t have American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it”

              Maybe Reid should’ve thought of that BEFORE he spear-headed those illegal land grabs and sweetheart deals to China…He’s right—he can’t just walk away from it.

              • Point him to the illegal immigrants, as well!

            • So Harry’s offering to turn himself in?

            • in regards to Harry Reid’s comment about citizens can’t break the law and then walk away from it….BOY HE SHOULD KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT!!!! The hypocrisy of people like him never ends

            • Translation: We can’t have Americans thinking they can defey their overlords.

              • It sucks, don’t it Harry.

        • Who is this dildo bar, Gottlieb, and what kind of stupidpills is he taking, to say “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories..”.? Does that mean that he believes all events that require two or more people to act in concert to commit a crime are always impossible? What a dumbsheep.

          • D and R Nelson, Alan Gottlieb and his group are just as bogus as the NRA. The only TRUE pro-2A organizations out there are Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, and Second Amendment Sisters.

            • Those that voted this comment down do not realize the NRA SUPPORTED the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

              Now.. Where does the NRA loyalties lie? People whose only concern is over and under shotguns or what the Constitution really says?

        • It sure gives new meaning to “going postal”.

          • Monday morning mail delivery, rural America:

            Farmer sees mail truck coming up the drive and meets him at the mailbox…

            Farmer: (raises rifle) “drop your weapon, son”
            MM: “But I’ve got your mail, Sir.”
            Farmer: “That’s nice, put it on the ground too.”

            WTF is this govt doing? Are they completely crazy?

        • I am not condoning the post offices actions but consider this: When things start to go off the rail, the postal employees will need to protect themselves when delivering mail. They go into some really dangerous sections of cities and deliver all sorts of things/packages. They deliver precious metals, food, electronics, money, checks, etc. When people begin to get desperate, they may begin to rob/steal from the delivery people. Nothing any different then the old days when horse and buggy delivered mail. The Pony Express guys were armed too. Mabey the post office figures that is time for the mailmen to be armed again. Hell, in my neck of the woods, the pizza delivery drivers are always being robbed and that’s just for 20 bucks or a pizza or both. Just a thought.

          • Ngph, I have no sympathy, nor do they have a reason for the USPS to have guns or ammo. Where I live, I have no option for home delivery of my mail, so I must go to the Post Office to make my mail pickup. And as I have commented before, I open carry at all times and the Post Office is the only place that I have ever been warned about carrying my sidearm. So if I can’t be armed to protect myself at the Post Office, what do I care whether they are able to protect themselves when delivering the mail. Trekker Out. Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander!

            • @ Mountain Trekker…in the city, some areas are so bad that it doesn’t matter day or night, they are always killing each other and it’s usually gang or drugs. There is crime in the country but not as much…I think we could agree on that, yes? Here in Pittsburgh, we got the Hill District, Manchester, Rankin, Homestead,gated Northview Heights. (as examples of our neighborhoods) that are really bad, and really ghetto and lots of pit bulls/rottweillers. All are Obama supporters (see where I’m going here?) Well, these areas have white mailmen. You just don’t go into these areas unless you have too…and the mailmen do. I come from the belief that every citizen not convicted of a violent crime should carry. Mailmen too. (by the way, I carry my pistol concealed to pick up my mail and have not set of the metal detector yet;)

              • Npgh, how stupid can those people be? Who do those idiots think is going to deliver their welfare check. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Trekker Out.

                • Before EBT and Direct deposit of welfare or fed checks etc….NO white mailman ever worried of a job in inner city ghettos…Because even the dumbest idiot ghetto ape is smart enough to know that one does not ever phys attack nor shoot he who monthly delivers the welfare checks!

                  ALSO: Many folks aint aware of it but Untill Two months before 9/11 events, Most if not All commercial Pilots were always allowed to carry concealed guns in airports and on the plane they flew, due to at times they may carry US Mail or Mail packages etc.

                  Some, “Coincidence” eh? ALL pilots disarmed couple months prior to worst ever terrorist attacks on 9/11, and it was Airplanes used to commit that act!

                  A few armed pilots, as they used to all be, and zero 9/11 would have been possible if indeed Box cutters were used eh. “Coincedence”?

            • Why should your employee tell you what you can or cannot do?

          • ***When things start to go off the rail**

            Mail will be delivered?? 🙁

            • @jay jay…normalcy theory…things and life will stay the same until they cant anymore. But for now there are still some places where you’re attacked (knockout game) or killed because of the color of your skin (black or white) or what you represent by the clothes/uniform that you wear.

              • Correction: When issue is Knock Out “game” it is ALWAYS a situation of Blacks against Whites..IE: Whiteys the Victim. Why do you think NO Major TV news ever reports these Ongoing almost daily events.

                They cannot report such crimes against white folk since the true agenda is and Has been for some time now, to always portray whitey as the loser, fat ass bald bimbo idiot etc, while the african savages are portrayed as the Educated supervisors, the be all and end all of prime concept of what a proper adult male should consist of and be.

                To actually report and With vivid color video of the white victim with their entire face bashed in due to several 5lb Bricks or huge Rocks slammed into said Face 18-20 times before being felled then rapidly stomped and kicked into oblivion…Well that sure wont be good for the MSM kommie anti-whitey agendas eh..

                May even stir Up a few tens of millions of whiteys who probobly are the main Owners of all those firearms pervading usa society eh!….Stir em Up enough to clean house once and for all time!

                However! we All are in Luck! Indeed as a great website that profiles as many such anti white attacks and “chimp Outs” as possible even with full size color phots of Savage afrcian Perps as well as white innocent victims is available for Your reading and viewing pleasure or research studies!

                www dot incogman dot net Warning! very explicit photos of whites with such a messed up bashed in face, and you may feel kinda sick in stomach when viewing!

                Worse even yet is the Photos of the Perp spooly headed Savage ape monkys doing such victimising attacks against White Folks. That for certain will curl your stomach to view!

            • Banks sending me junk every day. Who cares?

        • Yes, stig–first place I’m going when TSHTF is to steal stamps–yep,yep. 🙂

          • See….

            It’s people like JayJay that the USPS needs to protect against.

            Now it makes total sense to arm them. 😉

          • stamps ARE currency, afterall…why WOULDN’T people steal from the PO during rioting?….and besides that, there’s all kinds of stuff in that post office that’s made in china, that is soooo valuable to U.S……..sarcasm OFF(for now)…who knew “made in china” would be a warning label?

        • As seen in the past, you know the postal service has no plans on their employees bringing guns to work.

        • I better keep my dog inside the house……

          • that’s what I thought…

        • 5000000 Preppers with an average of 2000 rounds each equals10 billion rounds. another 95 million hand gun owners with an average of two hundred rounds each equals 18 billion rounds. I am not that worried. Many in the government will not turn their guns on civilians but will do like the scene in the Winter Soldier and turn their guns on the tyrants. weather you agreed with the Bundy rancher or not what you did see is a few people from America stand up and say enough is enough and that will continue to grow. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • Considerig the cost of stamps nowadays? I could imagine

        • Open and read that junk mail…or else!!!

          • Always… Then I jam the lot back in the prepaid envelope and let them pay twice.

        • Nah, they just issued a Charlton Heston stamp, so now they’re buying guns and ammo. Perfectly reasonable to me, they finally saw the light.

        • based on what I see working at my post office, none of them are any threat armed or unarmed. If americans haven’t figure out yet what is running this country now, they never will, you have to wonder if American fools still think their leaders are looking out for their welfare. Lets see if you can vote your way out of whats coming for ya

          • A pussy with a gun is still a pussy.

        • I wonder if it has something to do with the USPS foraying into the banking industry…offering small loans. Gotta swat team those debtors, you know…

        • Now we know were to get guns and ammo when we need them.

        • The government knows how they’re fucking us, know that we know it, and they’re scared shitless.

        • Do you understand the postal service employees over 3000 postal police and over 2000 postal inspectors, all of who carry firearms as part of their jobs. If you take into account qualifying and practice the ammunition being purchased is very low. Every government agency mentioned in this article has employees that carry firearms as part of their jobs. I find this article really funny.

        • My take is that these different Government agencies are not actually physically receiving this ammo, they are putting in requisition requests for the ammo that could be fulfilled at any time. This means that the ammo companies need to have this amount of ammo on hand in case the Govt Collects their order. This drives availability down and prices up. It’s a scheme to control the amount of Ammo in circulation.

        • they are worried you will find out they are reading your mail maybe not all but using a selective process on a per person basis in my opinion – I think they opened some on of my mail

      2. B.S. on this report.
        Stamps only! Poor service without so much as a smile or conversation! everytime! Cant wait for a private enterprise to do this (horse)and rider)! No shoots the messanger do they? By the way First!

        • Today my letter cost me 49 cents at the post office. UPS or Fed Ex would be charging me $5. If you think a private company would be great, you are delusional.

          • Letters are cheap to mail because the US Postal Services has the vast majority of the market. That’s why they can charge the same price for mailing a letter across town as they do across the country. The postal service employs government workers getting union wages and benefits. How could it possibly be cheap or efficient?

            • Because it is. No private company would even take on the business model they have. They need to go to more in office mailbox pickup/delivery and get rid of Saturdays for starters. Service varies depending on where you live. Here is San Diego it is usual to mail a letter one day and get it the next in the local area. Not so in most areas where it could be three to four days.

              • I could live without junk mail and bills on Saturday…

            • Problems & inefficiencies inherent to the USPS (& govt in general), is directly proportional to “Affirmative Action” hiring programs only.

              • Howdy, Hunter, and truer words were never spoken.

              • if they didn’t hire those poor simps that work at the post office, they would be soaking up welfare….just like the DMV and social security office. those miserable wretches wouldn’t be ABLE to get a job elsewhere.

              • HUNTER: Heres an Ebonics Lesson for today just for You!

                What has Four legs, and screams out “HODEDO! “HODEEDO”?

                Two African male apes running frantically down a building hallway, Yelling for Other folks to “HOLD…THE…DOOR” Hold the Door! on the Elevator!

                • The mating call of the female coon: HEA I IS!!!!

          • Only government can offer something for a loss and stay in business….. When you solely judge success on how large your budget becomes and how many people you serve, there is no room for efficiency…. (all the alphabet agencies are the same)

            • Post office would actually run in the black if congress would get their noses out of it. It’s a long story, but look up fully pre funded pensions for postal workers. It’s what’s making them in the red.

              • Yep, Congress is requiring the USPS to front load their pension fund, even though it is not in arrears, so the surplus will show on the books and eliminate the need for an equivalent cut in funding somewhere else, like in welfare or something.

          • Except UPS and FedEx aren’t billions of dollars in debt and they function on actual market prices? It’s economics man. I don’t know what world you’re living in.

            • The USPS is required by Congress, via two separate bills, to double fund their pensions for the next 75 years in advance. That’s why it’s in the red–thanks mostly to Republicans who are trying to privatize everything including your Social Security and Medicare. Can’t remember which one (Fed Ex or UPS) pays no pensions at all and calls their employees “contractors.” As I have said before, would be nice if some of you folks who are ignorant of facts would check things out before you post.

              • Imagine a business fully funding their pensions! Madness!!!

          • sharonsj: You are somewhat correct. We have one of the cheaper postal systems in the world (postage). However this can a be a bit misleading because like all government postal system around the world, ours is subsidized, so the overall cost is hidden. The next question then becomes should anything be supported by the government, or should everyone pay as he or she goes under a system run like a business (total free market capitalism)? If you go to a national park you pay a fee, but there is also a lot of tax dollars going to pay for it as well. Should we privatize parks? And more importantly, the cost of our food is relatively low as a percentage of the average American’s budget when compared to almost all other nations. But many of our foods are subsidized by our tax dollars to various farm products from corn, wheat, and dairy to beef and other items, so it actually cost more than just what we pay in the stores. It’s a very important question that we should all be asking ourselves-should we be willing to pay the actual costs of all goods and services, but pay for only those that each individual wants and get rid of nearly all government agencies and their regulations? We’ve been slipping into a socialist-democracy Europe for nearly 100 years. Do we stop it and turn it around by heading towards a complete free market? Tough question because the answer isn’t as easy as it may seem. Any thoughts folks?

            • The Postal system and national defense are just two things you have to pay for, whether you like it or not.

              FedEx and UPS would go broke handling the mail that USPS handles. They would need another million trucks and drivers just to visit each address once a day, like the USPS does. No one will pay $5 to send a flyer or a postcard across town, they would have to handle it at a loss and subsidize it with the rest of their revenues.

              If you want to compare USPS to private carriers, first to have to compare what they do, before making ridiculous blanket statements about how one or the other can do it better or at a profit.

              It’s not the function of the USPS to make a profit. Their function is to provide communication and commerce from one end of the country to the other, to every citizen, at the same price. The private carriers function is to carry cargo from one sender to a recipient and make a profit doing it.

            • “should we be willing to pay the actual costs of all goods and services”

              Well, if we were to get rid of all of the over-regulation, the costs would come down a lot. They don’t just charge us for the product, we have to pay the overhead costs of business, like federal bureaucracy…and the bureaucrats are adding more red tape every minute.

              It costs more for the red tape to run a business today, than it takes to just process and sell the product.

              • sixpack: Yes, that was my point, to a point. Things are not always as cheap as we think they are when we pay for them. None of us gets a bill for travelling except on a few toll roads. We pay it in the form of federal and state income taxes as well as excise taxes on gasoline at the pump. So gasoline may appear cheap compared to most other countries but the true cost is hidden in the various taxes that we’ve already paid. The same goes for the food we eat. We have some of the cheapest food per income spent in the world. At least that’s what it appears to be when we’re paying at the checkout. But there are those pesky taxes we’ve already paid which some when to subsidize farmers and ranchers. So the actual cost of the goods: gasoline and food, must be the sum total of the actual prices we paid along with the percentage of taxes we also paid to get the real cost of these goods. If everything were privatized then many things would go up in actual price because they would reflect the true costs, but then folks would only buy those goods and services that they actually needed without subsidizing all the others for the rest of society that they don’t want. In a totally free market system the federal government would almost disappear along with those costs and they would, in some if not many cases, be shifted to the actual consumer of and good or services-a pay as you go system. The Republican Party has abandoned this ideal decades ago and are little different from the Dems. The Greens and Socialists want more control. The only group espousing true free market solutions is the Libertarian Party. You should take the political matrix, compass, or ideology tests and see where you land on fiscal and social issues, you may surprise yourself.

            • The Post Office is provided for in our Constitution. We are not a socialist democracy, we’re supposed to be a republic. Instead we are an oligarchy run by big corporations and billionaires. The push for privatization, not to mention governmen subsidies, actually benefits big business and not us.

          • I worked at FED EX and they now deliver 40% of all overnight freight for the USPS. They do it better and cheaper. UPS handles about 25% of it and the airlines move the rest. If privit companies moved mail a lot of junk mail would stop and service would improve and in the end what little people do send by mail would acuualy get there.

        • USPS is just lame. They couldn’t on a good day ever out run FedX, UPS, or DHL. If you had to get a, say a mortgage pack out to a lender, no miss and on time. Would you put it with the USPS? Not a flipping chance. It’d be fine if the USPS went out of business today, what would we miss? Junk mail, worthless parcels and bills that we pay on-line anyway. So what’s the point?

          • Off Topic…

            Changes to Census Hide Obamacare Data

            McCaughey: ‘A Million or More’ Obamacare Subscribers Will Default

            “You’re also going to see a million people or more default. In other words, they have paid their first premium, but when they discover what it really means to have a $3,000 or $5,000 deductible on their plan, they go to their doctor again and again and have to pay full freight, even though they’re paying a premium, they’re going to stop paying their premium.”

            “Another big problem ahead is the 25 million to 30 million people who currently get on-the-job coverage are going to lose it in the coming months, when their employers realize that they’re not going to be able to renew those old plans and they’re stuck between the very costly Obamacare plans or sending their workers and their families on to the exchanges.”

            “According to McCaughey, the CEOs of Aetna and CareFirst-Blue Cross/Blue Shield have warned about double and even triple-digit premium increases in the next few months.”

            • The more painful to the sheep, the better. Maybe they’ll wake the flock up!

              • Sixpack-

                Per today’s social/economic & political realities on display everywhere.

                ..I think the only thing capable of awakening “the sheep” at this stage, is when they’re staring down the muzzle of a govt jackboot’s select-fire MP-5.

                ..amid the roundups, of course!

                • better them than us…

              • Sixpack I wouldnt hold my breath, thinking the sheeple will wake up. How many people around you have you been trying for yrs to wake up and wont. Like Ostupidcare they’ll just accept it. Look how they vote Reid, Pelosi back in yr after yr.

                • Maybe that would change if we could get more living people to vote…the dead voters seem to be fucking things up royally…

                  • sixpack: Don’t forget about the dog that got summoned for jury duty. Guess he’s on the voting list too.

            • I’m covered under bcbs where I work. If that premium gets to where I can’t afford it any more, that’s it. braveheart will do without health insurance before going without anything else.

          • Hammerun, you are a dumbass. Who do think delivers about half of the ups and fedex packages to your doorstep? The USPS. I am a rural carrier at a small post office in a small town, and they drop off anywhere from 100 – 200 packages a day for us to deliver for them. Some of the bigger towns do over a 1000 a day. And we would run the others out of business if our previous Postmaster General hadn’t made that deal. Oh by the way, he is a ceo for fedex now. imagine that. If we didn’t deliver those for them, they would have to hire hundreds more carriers, and they would have to raise their rates. I suppose you are one of those ignorant bastards who thinks your taxes pays my wages. Stop letting your ignorance show out of your butthole. And by the way, I call BULL@#@# on this story

          • And if they would hand out guns and ammo to me, WHOOOHOOOO

            • After reading your thought-provoking post, I am forced to agree with the hammer.


              Not really.

            • A couple thoughts, 1st in the argument between FedEx ups and usps, can anyone say who actually got packages to destinations on time for xmas this yr? That should help the argument. 2nd part is this, as a carrier I have sworn to uphold and protect the constitution of the united states from domestic and foreign threats. All I have to say is I for one take that oath very SERIOUSLY. Thats all im saying.

      3. or third!

        • Damn it…..

      4. thats all fine..we all know where our local post offices are.

        • Don’t assume that all those guns and ammo being handed out to postal workers will be used for Obama and his minions.

          I just mailed a letter (in Wyoming) and the clerk mentioned that she had been planning to drive to Nevada and stand up with the Bundys. Her boss (the postmaster) was standing right there. I assume he feels the same way or she wouldn’t have talked in front of him.

          • @ Daisy
            I wouldn’t be so quick on that, could be she was ‘told’ to say that. get a flavor of what people (and who) were thinking. just my friendly paranoia kicking in, but you know, only if it isn’t true.

            • No, DB. This is a small town in Wyoming. I know her.

          • It’s not over by a long shot down in Bunkerville. I was on the phone last night with someone who was just (as in a couple of hours) contact with people he knows on the ground there- the Militia and others have largely NOT left- they’re still arriving, as have ~150 DHS thugs. If you were considering going there but were deceived into thinking the feds retreated- think again. It was simply a tactical retreat to regroup. They probed the defences, got the intel they thought they need for the next phase and are adjusting accordingly. I’m leaving for Bunkerville Friday evening.

            • CW: do you know of any groups that could use donations for their efforts? I have given to oathkeepers but am looking for others in need.


            • that’s what my oathkeeper friend that was just there last night said too, cwinor….he also talked of the chemtrails all over the sky above the ranch, and how most there were sick(presumably from the spraying). i’m down for donating food and water to oathkeepers, but they haven’t taken me up on it yet. good luck to you ALL that go there to support the ranchers.

              • You can donate money for food and water to Oathkeepers through their website

            • UPDATE-
              I just got off of the phone from a contact from Operation Mutual Assistance (Jerry Bruckhart at 717-682- 8073). He said that there are now enough Patriots at the Bundy’s Ranch. They would prefer people from more than 3-4 hours away NOT make the trip right now and save their resources for Round Two. So, unless things on the ground change (and they very possibly may due to how fluid this is), I will not be going down Friday evening as originally planned, however all my gear will be ready to go. Meanwhile, I’ll bide my time by loading more ammo up!

              • CORRECTION-
                The name of the org is Operation Mutual Aid…NOT Operation Mutual Assistance. Sorry. I’d link to it…but then it’ll get stuck in “moderation” so long the info will be useless.


                  • CWinOr;
                    I have a link in moderation right now… its to the oathkeepers site asking for volunteers to continue to stand watch at the Bundy ranch


                  • Argh!
                    That’s one of the confounding things about this situation down there- comms suck! I’m going with what I heard from my contact last night as that was breaking information.

      5. Stock up Stock Up

      6. The fat woman that delivers our mail from her car couldn’t figure out how to shoot a gun let alone pick it up. No worries here.

        • Hi wrong.

          I am so glad that I live out in the middle of nowhere. The gov workers out here have to be nice to nearly everyone, since we all know each other.

          Having said that, there are some real winners out there. A lot of those winners wouldn’t expend the energy to pick up a c-note, so why would they even want to carry a weapon? Heck, they might lose weight, can’t have that now, can we?

          The state of the country is sad sometimes.

          • I will admit she is friendly. If we ever get a pkg I have to go to the po to pick it up. She’s so huge she can’t get out of her car. Sorry, I just find that sorta nasty.

            I agree with others. They have to be purchasing it for someone else. When they start training down at the post office I’ll start to get worried.

            • Yeah Wrong

              Couldn’t you just see Clif Clavin from the sitcom

              ‘Cheers’ pullin’ down on ya with a Glock 40 in one

              hand and a draft beer in the other. He would likely

              point the beer at ya and try drinking the Glock.

        • Maybe she’ll trade it in for a fork.

          Then she’ll fork you to death.

          • You’re talking about the eating utensil, right?

            I’m hoping it isn’t another f-word. 😉

          • Maybe she’ll need to stick the fork in the triggerguard since her fat fingers probably couldnt fit inside also

            • This is just an observation from these “fat” comments; not intended to be combative at all. May I assume that nobody on this forum has a weight problem?

      7. It’s very clear really, all federal agencies

        are being incorporated to pull the net that

        reins in so-far free America.

        The “Coup of ’63” continues.

        • Yes!!!

          And when they reinstitute “THE NEW DRAFT”…
          They’re gonna need a whole lotta guns and ammo… 😉

          Think about it… the ndaa…all those freakin’ eo’s…

          This is a no brainer…

          • Plus, whatever the govt buys, they keep away from US.

        • Mich, question. Didn’t you use to post as “OutWest”?

      8. Being OK with our current government in this day and age makes that person a traitor to the rest of us.
        We’ll be dividing that ammunition up among the survivors by next winter if any of my personal predictions come true…

      9. Make no mistake there will be more to come at the Bundy Ranch. Their assault on the populous will be swift and hard from all angles but if the resistance can keep it together and not be scared into submittion the people can once again take back the USA. They are counting on the masses of parasites to not put up a fight, hell I dont expect them to either but I for one will not lay down and be run over buy these ass clowns.

      10. One would think, given their track record, that the USPS administration would NOT prefer to have arms and ammunition at head in the office?

        That whole origin of the term “Going postal” and all that.

      11. What if the ammo is not really for their use but the federal government is just spreading out the spending and actually stockpiling it around the country for some other nefarious purpose? I would assume that there has to be some sort of training to use this stuff. Has anybody heard about the various agencies (like the USPS) going for training?

        Could this be similar to all the military equipment that being passed around to law enforcement agencies? Can they be ‘called up’ as part of the conditions to receive this equipment?

        • You got it right, zelmer

          The gov is just stockpiling ammo

          at various alphabet warehouses

          around the country to have instant

          access no matter where they feel

          the need to gun us down.

          • When Kliton was Prez he did an exec order or prez order to allow ALL fed workers of ALL agencies and positions of job titles to get Trained by FBI gun train standards and be issued fed paid for .40 Cal handguns, Sigs if I recll right,and a 12ga remington shotgun like cops carry in the cars.

            When that was a hot issue stroy on websites back then, I think the total fed workers issued training and guns was 80,000 and klintons goals were to at least double it.

            But his desire was for as Many fed workers as possible to get armed. And NO solid reason answers back then were provided either.

            So perhaps this recent Push to buy massive ammo lots etc is a continuation or Expansion of the orig klinton Kommie admin. plans eh? Hobammmys also a Dem and Kommie right…Maybe its another case of…Monky SEE, Monky DO!

        • Apples and Oranges type argument. The MRAPs are surplus. The military ditched them so they go to police. The ammo on the other hand, those are new orders from what I understand. Not surplus. The clincher in this whole argument is this: Why have they purchased so many HP/JHP? Well, to a normal dumbass who is completely brain dead, a “bullet” is a bullet. We all know that you train with ball and shoot people with the JHP/HP. Even the military is forbidden from using JHP. This observation is VERY alarming. Even if you had one officer from an agency, and that officer was allotted 1,000 rds a year. Would not that officer have 95% of that ammo ball, and the remaining 5% “carry” HP. These numbers don’t add up when they say how much of that ammo is JHP. These aren’t conspiracy theories as the purchase orders are a matter of public record. Most people are either too lazy or too ignorant to put 2 plus 2 together.

      12. The PO isn’t buying the ammo for themselves, they are buying for another agency which doesn’t want the public to know about. So the PO is bascially a “straw agency” to throw off the scent.

        • Maybe Obutthole’s partner chimp in crime will walk those guns down to the Post Office.

      13. I always make it a point to walk by the ‘so-called’ ammunition cabinet over at my local Wallley-World. You will sometimes find some .223 and even some 7.62 x 39; but NEVER do I find any .22 cal. The goobermint isn’t buying that up! What gives? Is it just where I live or is .22 cal. lr in short supply, at a reasonable price anywhere else???

        • 22’s are very hard to get in IL, i work at a sporting goods store and we very rearly get them in and if we do it is just 50 round packs

        • Idiots are hoarding it. Guy at Wal-Mart was bragging that he had over ten thousand rounds yet there he was first in line to buy more. There are a lot like them.

        • just got a brick of 500 for $45… 9cents a round wow…

          I remember a similar brick for under $10…yea, those were the days…. We thought they’d never end…

          Let’s have a sing along… 🙂

        • They still produce only about a box of .22, maybe 50 rounds, per person per YEAR. So it doesn’t take a lot of folks lining up at WalMart and buying it all up to cause it to disappear from the shelves.

          We’re doing it to ourselves.

        • Yes, at our local Wally World, 9mm is usually thin on the ground, too.

      14. Maybe those postal employees need lotsa practice. They can’t hit the mailbox with the mail.

        • Maybe the government knows there will be social chaos in a year or two and are planning to arm the mail carriers in order to protect them from theft. Relatives will be sending each other emergency supplies and desperate people will want to get their hands on them.

          • Mail theft is a big problem in many areas. Narcotics are also now delivered by mail. Makes for a nice target. I don’t imagine many run of the mill mail delivery people are to keen about having to use a gun to defend themselves.

          • Cali Girl, could be something in that I think. Gubbermints NEVER let you know what they think is happening a few years or more ahead (unless it is good news for them!).

            News like this creeps out into the MSM and generally it is ignored by 97% (the Sheeple) who couldn’t care less.

            Look at the bigger picture and try some crystal ball gazing. Why would the Post Office need guns and ammo? Answer is, they don’t – NOW!! But what about when what we all know is coming, happens?


          • If you’re sending supplies to relatives in a time when postal delivery workers are armed with said ammo and firearms, its probably too late in the game to be sending such items. The sense of normalcy will be gone when that happens, and I doubt the carriers would even continue showing up for work. Regardless, it will be ugly to see where these bullets REALLY go…

            In unrelated matters, what do you think about the State Of Jefferson movement? It seems to be pretty popular north of communist held Sacramento. I am not living far enough north to benefit from this movement, but I wish it well, not holding my breath…:-(

            • I live in Jeffferson, and it’s definitely gaining a lot of momentum as well as a lot of notice. What the final outcome will be is anybody’s guess, but I’m glad that there’s enough noise to make Sacramento to hear that they don’t seem to represent the people at all.

        • “They can’t hit the mailbox with the mail.”

          More often than not, my mail was placed in the neighbor’s mailbox and we have their mail in ours

      15. Part of Obama’s “Civilian Security Force”? You know, the one that’s just as strong, just as well-equipped, etc.

        KySSG . . . out.

      16. Again the double standard. Buying spree for any and all dotFedGov, weapons and hollowpoint ammo, nothing but the best. And STFU, you rabble!
        BUT at the same time, the public for their own safety must be disarmed, and THEIR guns and ammo confiscated.
        Make even thinking about firearms a federal thought crime.

      17. Look at the collective purchases, across all of these agencies. They’re probably being used to camouflage the ammunition acquisitions of a third party – presumably DHS.

        The obvious question is: Why is DHS preparing for a war?

        • AC-

          Because the Obummer regime & his attorney general has told us….

          We’re the enemy!

      18. Does anyone have any data regarding any similar activities from government agencies in the 1960s? One would think that those times might have prompted a similar reaction because of Vietnam and Civil Rights movements fueling civilian unrest.

        If there were no such activities back then one may logically come to the conclusion that whatever the motivator is for these purchases Uncle Sam expects it to be far worse.

        • In those days they called in the Marines to police DC. Just saying, I was there. 🙂

          • And BTW, bayonets, but no ammo. 🙁

      19. More guns and ammo for US to acquire from THEM,,,
        Harry Reid,
        Your a parasite
        MOLON LABE

      20. Thanks for the post Mac. I’ll check with my delivery guy if he can come up with some .22’s.

      21. The federal government is obviously preparing for civil war. They know that the dollar is about to die. And as Gerald Celente says, “When people lose everything, they lose it.”

        Jim Willie expects rioting at grocery stores, gas stations, and ATM’s once the dollar starts to die and prices go out of control. Things will get interesting when gas is $10 a gallon and a loaf of bread costs $4. But that’s just the beginning. Weimar Germany experienced hyperinflation so severe that prices went up approximately 10 fold every month once it got going. Think about gas going from $10 to $100 to $1000 over a period of just a few months.

        • Bread is about $3 now and the new “downsizing” is taking place on the grocery store shelves as the previous one pound box of pasta (as an example) is now 13.5 ounces. Actions like this remind me of the statement from President Lincoln.

          “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

      22. goin postal! Delivering Pizza now. Check your mailbox

      23. I think the reason for these purchases is very simple! This is a backdoor plan B of gun control!

        If they can’t ban guns, then the guns you have will be useless without any available ammunition!

        The useless Congress needs to put an end to this B.S. The Govt continues to buy up all the ammo on one hand and then donate new million dollar MWRAP armored, mine resistant vehicle’s to city police departments (Michigan City for example)!

      24. Seems to me that many government agencies are getting ready for some MAJOR civil unrest. Now just what could bring on a civil unrest of this magnitude that it would be necessary to stockpile on ammo like this? Let’s just say our nation seems to be THE ONLY developed nation that’s pretty much 100 percent dependent on it’s power grid. There’s been talk lately – especially on shows like Fox News ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’ of just how vulnerable our power grid is. All the experts agree. Anyone who doesn’t believe that terrorist groups are aware of this is simply being ridiculous.

      25. On another quick note:

        Am I the only one who is pissed about the tax burden on hard working Americans?

        Based on a 40 hour week (trust me, I wish I only had to work 40 hours to succeed in my career)but based on 2,080 hours, I paid $10.89 per hour.

        That is just wrong!!!

        What did I get for my money?

        Not a darn thing, but more debt, oh wait..I got Obamacare..yipppeeee!

        Am I alone?
        I would love to hear if others took it in the shorts as bad, and feel the frustration!

        Stay thirsty my friends!

        • WallyDog

          I figure they won’t be done skinning us

          till we look like a dried out piece of

          beef jerky hanging from a fence rail.

        • WD…Why should I be pissed, I quite participating in that scam, long ago. I would be a hypocrite, if, on the one hand I was bitching about senseless wars and ruthless Fascist Feds, like the BLM, and, on the other hand, supporting those same corrupt enterprises, if, on April 15th of every year I volunteered my hard earned fiat dollars to their cause.

          I may have not been actively involved (in person) at the Bundy Ranch, but at least my money wasn’t used in the purchasing of some BLM snipers ammo. Sorry, I drew that line, long ago. I don’t think I’m alone, in that regard, on this blog, either.

          • Alright- EA. And work for the Amish–cash all the way.

        • Wallydog,
          You are not alone my friend,,,
          It sucks, work and work and work and then they tax away 1/3 of it right off the top, plus alllllll the other taxes, FET, sales, vehicle registration, general excise, and the list goes on and on,,,,
          Going Galt has benefits

        • WallyDog, I paid about the same per hour federal taxes last year.

          I know about $2 an hour is for defense, and a few pennies for the post office, parks, meat inspectors, forest rangers, scientists, that kind of stuff. Maybe $3 an hour in total. Another $0.50 an hour for pork projects tacked on to every spending bill.

          The rest of it, about $6.50, goes for entitlements of all types, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, SSI, SSA, EIC ‘refunds’, etc., etc.

          Wait for Undocumented Democrat Amnesty, that $6.50 will rise in short order to over $10. So they’ll cost us the equivalent of another US military program, and the entire executive branch of the US government.

          I don’t think we’re going to put up with that very long.

      26. Yeah, because putting mail in a mailbox is so dangerous. On the other hand, more military movement in my area. 2 vehicles and supplies along with them. 5 blackhawks 3 days ago. Looked as if they were doing a holding pattern for dispatch of troops. Not a good sign.

        • Fed Tax Paid in mainly goes to Pay jewish banksters for usury intrest fees, $2 Billion Per Day aprox and riseing.

          Whats left over funds rabid aparthied Raysis state of Israel, and a dozen or more Bogus Wars that also mainly benifit jewish banksters and jewish israel.

          Once they get finished useing white soldires to kill off all darker skinned enemys of jewish israel and zios, I always wonder Whom will they then be useing to kill off those white folks?..Which Are the Number One major enemys of zio jewish and israel.

          About the Only whites left they may use would be 50 million jewdeo christian zionists with Pastor John Hagee as their New 5-Star(six pointed star, Natch!) General of all newly armed jewdeo zio christians, to be cut Loose against all the rest of white america…

          European white nations may pose a different problem as far less such deluded folks are there…Euro folks are Far more wized up to zios and israel and the potentials they pose against Us. A True delma for the Jwo Master race tribe eh.

      27. I feel the Government is pre-stage’n equipment, supplies and ammo, firearms all around the country, for the event that is coming. Only the big P O’s will ever see any of the stuff. Keep a watchful eye out my friends

      28. How dare they buy ammo?!?! I prefer the Postal Inspectors just form a gun shape with their fingers and yell “bang” really loud.

        • I’m a conspiracy theorist nut–does someone need to check all employee’s checking accounts for hefty deposits??
          I know–I admitted I was a conspiracy theorist nut!!

        • would be less worried if they were the intact virus and not already broken-down-ready-for-mutation-insertion-into other germs. the story tried to alleviate fears by saying they weren’t whole and therefore not contagious. seriously? thanks satori for your diligence on the superbugs.

      29. The problem is that the government plans 10,20,60 years in advance

        • Like hell they do, they run from one budget cycle to the next. If they are planning 5 years out it’s remarkable. Long-range goals and plans are just statements to focus short-term budget restrictions and priorities on, certainly not a plan.

          The military does look ahead, though.

      30. These types of reports have been debunked by no less than the NRA. Why do you idiots insist on dragging them out? You really are pathetic.

        • NCjoe, The goal is to drag you out idiot.

        • You’re the poster child for “Pathetic Progressive Inc.”

        • NCjoe

          “Why do you idiots insist on dragging them out?”

          Maybe because its on the US Postal Service web site.

        • ncjoe, I think you better take it up with Mac. He is the one who presents these articles for our consideration. I DARE you to call Mac idiotic or pathetic and see what happens to you.

      31. Though not one of us knows what is to come our way down the road to Perdition..

        It would suffice to say that we best be prepared for all and everything they are preparing for..and then some!

        They’re acquiring ammo at rapid rates.
        They’re arming all local pd’s with military hardware.
        They’re acquiring mre’s and all sorts of survival based goods by the millions..

        It is obvious that they are preparing and we must counter that by ten fold individually..

        Just keep on preparing,storing, purchasing ammo and all goods for sustenance..

        And when at the local range…follow SGT Dales advice..

        Aim small

        Miss small

        We use 1/2 dollar sized splatter targets @ 25/ 50/75 and 100 yds for accuracy practice..

        I follow the USMC training exercise…tape a quarter on the bullseye at all distances..


        • The snow is gone and finding brass is possible after a run and gun session again. Practice…practice…practice. I was pretty rusty, and in horrible winter shape, but I can still hit the small plates. Goin shootin with the group this weekend!!!
          I have 2×2 and 4×4 paddles on one swinger and 1×1 and 2×2 on another. That 1″ square at 100 yds is the best I can do in the backyard.
          I cut out some 1/2″ steel man plates late last fall and now I have to get them hung in the 500 yard pit. I put a 2″ circle in the head and another at center mass. We were ringing some last fall with 147 grain white box ammo. Other guys were screwing in the steel penetrators out of their M4’s.
          I worked up a few custom loads this winter with some Sierra 162 grain open tips in Lapua brass and I hope to do better than just hitting center mass. I will settle on my favorite at the pit. I have a few Barnes loads to fire as well.

          Need a spotter to call trace and splash.
          Have gun…will travel.

      32. They gotta be putting in those orders to dry up the supply for the civilian market. I mean really 40 cal handgun ammo. What good is handgun ammo in a firefight where rifles will primarily be used this 40 cal ammo is worthless to them. Manufacturers are using up all brass powder bullets to fill these worthless rounds for government age cites that will never use them.

      33. Sorry meant government agencies. Darn spell check

      34. Everyone can make fun of people who were killed by using “going postal”, but who remembers those postal workers who died after 911 anthrax? I’ve worked as a letter carrier for over 20 years. Worked in some neighborhoods that you’d shit a brick just driving thru. Your opinions on service aside, the PO has postal inspectors which are trained along side of FBI agents and postal police which patrol large facilities. They do buy ammo, BUT NOT THAT MUCH! This is clearly a purchase for dhs plain and simple. I’ve told people for years they will use the facilities, not the blue collar workers, in their grand plan of moving commodities around for troops under martial law. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that the poor sob that’s putting a letter in your box is packing. They’ve taken away every sharp instrument there is so there’s NO weapons at all. None of the workers will be given guns to enforce anything. They maybe, at gunpoint, be told to deliver supplies to certain places but they won’t want to. This is a Big brother purchase. And please, please, no going postal jokes….fell brothers and sisters have died and continue to out on the streets of some of the toughest cities. Would you deliver in Detroit? God Bless and keep prepping my friends. Mailguy out…

        • USPS stopped accepting cash for delivery in Registered Mail because of the robberies.

      35. The LAST thing I’d ever want to be these days is a Federal Employee. I mean think about it: when this thing comes off the rails and peoples check don’t cash, EBT goses down and Pensions ,social security payments ect fail…they KNOW their(GOV. and Bankers) asses are going to get stomped !

      36. Btw, management treats us like dirt. We’re lower than whale shit. Postal inspectors are scary people and have forced carriers to deliver to known drug house for evidence then force the poor bastards to testify in court, showing their face and giving their address of where they and their family lives so the dealer knows all without regard to our well being. You want your job? Do it! Please have respect for the men and women (many veterans) who are just earning a pay check and want to get home in one piece

        • Get some sack and tell them to go to hell.

          We have to cough up our money so you can have a job.

          I have less than zero sympathy for you. Just remember who has supported you and the rest over those 20 years.

          The US taxpayer and US small businesses…and don’t give me that shit that you pay taxes also. It is those of us in the private sector that are being taxed again. You get paid every week or 2 without fail. You still have your paid vaca, your sick days, your 401 obamamyra, your healthcare, etc.

          Many of us are hanging by a tread and yet they continue to tax the hell out of us so that you can “get home in one piece”.

          Your last sentence is fucking pathetic.

          • Usps doesn’t get funded from taxes or govt. All $ is from stamps and postage learn ur shit or shut up. I dont get 401k or healthcare. I get paid half as much as older carriers because of a restructure of contract. The pay is decent but its not great. In fact I had to take a 30% pay cut to keep my job. Like I said know ur shit. Btw there are better ways of making your point clear than just sounding like an ass. Just sayin…

          • You retard, USPS gets ZERO tax dollars!

            • Where you do think that the 7 or 8 or whatever billion dollar loss comes from every year so you can keep your “job”?

              Do you realize that monies to build all of your facilities and purchase all of your transportation come via the gub?

              Who signs your check?

              Zero tax dollars…think about it.

              • Ill tell u like I tell my daughter, dont waste ur time arguing with people you know are wrong. Chances are they know they’re wrong too but dont want you to know it. Look it up. Have a good day

      37. Fort Hood soldiers have no guns and ammo; post office stocking up on ammo.
        What’s wrong with this picture?

      38. JayJay slaps head!! 🙂
        Postal workers are going to protect soldiers at Fort Hood!

      39. These agencies are NOT stockpiling. The govt. is stockpiling. These supplies of ammo are being strategically placed all over the nation.
        Can’t have the little soldiers run to bum-fu**-Egypt and no ammo there.

        • I live in bf_egypt and I see no pile of ammo here.
          The armory (or Post Ofice) can’t be far though 😉

      40. I think the post office already went “postal” without firing a shot. I don’t mail many packages except on special holidays like Christmas, my last trip there I was shocked at the price to mail a small box. It has at least doubled from my prior visit. WTF!. The asshats in D.C. wanted the P. O. to prefund pension guarantee’s into the future, so the plan was to end Saturday mail delivery. They even set a date to do just that. Instead they hiked package rates way up and kept Saturday delivery. I wonder now how long the forever stamps will cover 1st class mail delivery. To roughly quote GW Bush, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, we won’t get fooled again.

        • It has gotten so bad I stopped shopping online–puritanpride has free shipping and I buy all I can there.
          Gas may be $3.50 and those argue it’s cheaper to order online than pay gas prices…NOPE–not if you list your errands and do it in one drive!! 🙂

      41. Little fact for ya, on 911 we were given orders from the top to just go out a drive around, that when people see their mail carrier they’d be relaxed and think everything was normal. Having worked for the govt, I know they lie everytime they move their lips. We all wanted to go home to our families, but were forced out on the streets even though we didn’t know if we were under attack or if customers would freak!

      42. Your only as strong as your supply chain, and it is a smart move to have extra ammo around the country at all the alphabet agencies. No need to go far for ammo. Yet what are they thinking will happen? This is the question…

      43. JayJay, you are correct!

        • Even a broken clock is right twice a day!!

        • MailGuy: Or any Other us Postal workers here: Can anyone tell me Why most always when I remove my us mail from mailbox, I see at Least One or more NON-Utility bills type or private letters has a Torn Flap on Back side of envelope?…Either left or right corner of fold over glue flap of envelope has a visible Torn section, as if somebodys trying to Peer into the letter and see whats inside.

          This has been an Ongoing thing for a long while now too…Like at least 5 yrs or more!

          One package i got in usa mail was when I phoned an arizona gold sellers co. To ask about his gold sales deals etc…He sent me a combo package of paper ad materials with a typical Cassette Tape like you use to listen to music in Car etc included it it.

          It was so badly torn open I had to use Both hands to hold pieces of envelope together to stop items from Falling on ground as I walked back to my crib!

          maybe THAT Particular package with his GOLD Sales co name visible was too tempting as the cassette tape inside looked like a small Box that may hold a gold coin etc..

          But that don’t explain so often reg avg letters has Torn flaps on backside as described…ANY Clues as to why or what if anything this means? Thank You in advance if You can provide a reasonable answer…Them Guys

      44. It has always been them against us, from your great grand parents till now, the difference now is they are declaring war on us now. We as a group here can come up with thousands of things that dont seem to be for are benefit. Just to make it fair, I double dog dare anybody to show me ONE thing that this administration has done that would be to our benefit..

        • I guess he awakened a sleeping giant and that’s a good thing. The ONLY good thing I can seeand I cede that grudgingly. We were going to be forced to wake up one way or another.
          It’s too bad we fell so deep asleep in the first place but now he has to deal with us.
          Too bad…so sad…sucks to be him. Especially if you look at his “significant other”.
          WOW…it really sucks to be him.

        • PA…the only thing that this administration has done so far is to keep US on high alert….and the “double dog dare” made me laugh! I remember that from long ago….

      45. Why in the hell dose the USPS who is broke and running on a deficit. Need to buy bullets and weapons.

        Jay Jay I agree with you. The government is just using the agencies names to stock pile ammo some where and they are going to use it on us, I’m afraid!

        What would be nice if we could start finding out these location where they are stock piling these items, and put it on the news. (like Alex Jones, John B. Wells, Hagman and Hagman Ect.)

        I was just thinking you can’t have a gun or ammo in a post office. Just look around the next time you are in there and you will see signs telling you so. It is also against the law to ship firearms through the USPS. So how are they going to get this stuff? UPS, FED EX?

        Keep buying a storing as much ammo as you can, this goes for food, water, meds, and ECT.


        • AND while I’m here..they are stockpiling?? What happened to the police departments lack of??

          • Jay Jay
            That is a good question! We will find out next month when we have to qualify again.
            I can tell you right now that they are not offering anything to the PD.’s in my area.

        • No, don’t put the stockpile locations on the news. They will just move everything. Keep it a secret among ourselves for “future reference.”

        • Sarge,,,
          Its going to be a bumpy ride my friend,,,
          The way Reid talks, i know 120% within my heart and soul that we will see a revolution soon,
          American Spring? PFFT”””””‘
          We ain’t no un armed euro trash, or middle eastern camel jockeys,
          We are kick ass Americans, most of the wussy pussy whiners are progressives so im not going to be broken hearted when these a$$ Hats numbers start dwindling and the only people they can find to replenish the ranks are flower children and foreign nationals.
          Slap, pull, tap, double tap, music to my ears. We all gotta die someday, might as well be fighting for something that pissing ourselves in a retirement home.

          • Kula:
            I have to agree with you 100%. If I could I would give you 100 Thumbs Up.
            As for dying in a retirement home I have to agree with you! I don’t want to die, but I can’t think of a better way as to go. Dying to restore the Constitution and Liberty to the Good Old USA. If my death gives my kids and grandkids their Liberties, then so be it.

      46. Really? Then why is it a felony for Postal Workers to even have a gun on Postal Property? The actual wording of this article is about as vague as can be about the headline itself. If this is true then it is probably an ammo buy by the CIA or some other alphabet soup agency under the radar. After all, as a rural letter carrier…..who am i going to shoot…people stealing boxhholders……or other peoples bills to pay? lol

      47. I wonder why no one hasn’t come out from these organizations that are purchasing all the ammo and “leaked” information about their intentions?? I would think there are still some good Americans in these groups who will stand up for our Constitution.

      48. Georgia guidestones. That’s all anyone needs to know. They’ve made their intentions perfectly clear. They intend to murder EVERY White man (and most of the non-Whites) in EVERY White country, leaving only jew scum and a few other primitives that can easily be controlled, and culled as zog thinks fit.

        I don’t understand why that obscenity (the stones) hasn’t been synamited yet, but I’m in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), so there may be factors I’m not aware of.

        The Bundy family, unfortunately, will be gunned down when they least expect it. I just hope the bastards responsible will share a similar fate, and that America will soon be zog-free.

        We White People are a peace-loving race, but history shows we can be fearsome warriors when necessary. Nobody wants bloodshed, but from where I sit, it looks as if that tree of Liberty is dying for lack of sustenance.

        As somebody said, be prepared for anything … and then some.

          • Barney: Nice to know folks in Brit land are awake!

            If you have time check out a website that contains Many forum commenter folks from Many euro and Global nations that are also jewized up and wide awake! Folks from 40+ nations post replies at this website and most all are wide awake!

            www dot realjewnews dot com Bro. Kapner’s website that Names names! names Zionists and the website is Owned and run and articles written By a Former lifelong Born and bred NY Manhatten jewish man, that 20+ yrs ago converted to Orthodox Christrianity…If Anybody knows jewish and zio and israel issues better than back of his hand?…He sure Does!

            Facts and Truth and names Names of most all issues or events from A to Z listed at Right side of Main web page!

      49. Hey! Is that my mailman packin a 9mm on his hip with a shotgun in the rack of his delivery vehicle. Nobody will mess with him now! And I mean nobody!

      50. My kid wanted rice tonight.
        I was out.
        So.. down the basement.
        I pulled out some dated 2010.
        Mylar and oxygen absorber.

        The weekly rice container had just a little in the bottom.
        The stuff from 2010 looked and tasted just like the recently bought stuff.

        Best thing I bought was a sealing machine… oxygen absorbers and mylar bags.
        Then you pack away beans and rice. Dried goods.
        Date them

        Peace of mind.
        A safe full of silver.
        Some fiat paper on hand. I keep rolls of $1k in 50 bills. with those big veggie rubber bands. Nice seeing all those rolls in the safe. Yeah…paper money..but it works for now. I keep the silver for bad times.

        A pallet of beans and rice around. And some cans of freeze dried meats. Good for 20 years.

        Folks we’re entering the glactic dark rift or in it.
        So picture the milky way galaxy. In the center is a super massive black hole, spinning at a crazy rate. It sends out a big gravitational disk.

        The milkyway galaxy is rather like a spinning coin. It’s rotating and wobbling as it nears the end of it’s spin.

        We are in an arm of the galaxy coming up into this gravitational field.
        The sun excites and gets hotter.
        Ice caps melt.
        The cold fresh water changes the ocean gulf stream.

        My Horror… What I am concerned about.
        Say it’s Mid July.. The corn is knee high plus.
        We get a freak weather change and all the corn is killed off.
        We have a JUST IN TIME FOOD SYSTEM.
        Think about it. There will be no recovery from this.

        I used to be a contractor in some VERY wealthy homes.
        In the corner of each home was a tarped set of pallets with
        dried foods for longterm emergency.

        So the wealthy have their shit together…do you?

        Tip: To afford some preps.
        Cancel your cell phone or TV for a few months.
        That alone will get you stocked up.
        Buy in bulk.
        Note… soon you will NOT be able to.

        Seems the govt. is preparing for domestic war when they crash the currency.

        WE all see this coming.

        Note…when things get bad… you will also need to more your preps if you posted anything on line ..they must have a list.

        Good luck.

        Be ready, be prepared and sleep well.

        • I Am Ready in Mind and Spirit….and I sleep well…and I don’t have any of the stuff you have..or what you claim “the wealthy” have….I WILL survive because I know HOW to survive with what lies between my two ears…And, you may well be using those bills as tp soon…Braggarts rarely actually have/or have done what they lay claim to….

        • Rice doesn’t need anything special in the way of packaging ..it’s good for 30 years in a bucket with a sealed lid…the kind you hammer on.
          I have stored years of food since 2008 and have not used one mylar bag or one absorber packet.

          ***The corn is knee high plus.
          We get a freak weather change and all the corn is killed off.**
          Now you’re talking.
          Let me tell you a story. My neighbor, another neighbor
          (I use those nouns loosely) and I had tomatoes—beautiful and produced like rabbits!!!
          Until about the 4th and 5th weeks.
          A virus started killing our plants–we learned we all 3 bought from the same nursery..farmer in our community!!

          Well, now think about that virus for tomatoes and what if it hit all our produce? All our farmer’s crops too??
          I would use this example for my neighbors, but they would just look stupid,,duh?/!!?? Crickets!
          Maybe your community will get the point.

          ***Cancel your cell TV for a few months.***
          How about indefinitely??? And that will go over like a lead balloon too–crickets.
          I did it and saved so far $4500 and you think I am feeding the community…NOT!!

          • Interesting that you should note that you and your neighbor bought your tomatoes from the same place and they all died….last year my sis and I each bought plants from our local wallys and we live several states away from each other, and the same types of plants from the same grower/distributor….all died. And these were mature plants…

            • Our plants were mature pretty much.
              I researched and the conditions for this virus are warm for a few days, then rain, then cool again, then warm with moisture again.
              Which is what happened but I say BS; that happens every season here!!

              I think it was bad seeds.

      51. Off Topic, but I found it rather amusing:

        Fred & ol’ Butch

        Fred was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young ‘pullets,’ and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.

        This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

        Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.

        Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

        Fred’s favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch’s bell hadn’t rung at all!

        When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.

        To Fred’s amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring.

        He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

        Fred was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Brisbane City Show and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

        The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the “No Bell Piece Prize,” but they also awarded him the “Pullet Surprise” as well.

        Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention.

        • FOB pullets are the baby chicks and so yes, old butch is like a politician.

          • LOL…..sir, I am not a chicken “mama”….thanks for the info….just wished to share this amusing tale… 🙂

        • FOB one of the differences between a rooster and a hen is that a roster will say “Cock a Doodle do” and a hen will say “Any Cock Will Do”

          • Yep, Rick, there are indeed some “chicks” who say that…:)

      52. Cost me $19.80 for two books of stamps today!

      53. Relax, I’m sure they’re just filming The Postman 2.

      54. I would like to amend my former statement about 40 cal being worthless. Rock river sells A4 platforms in 40 cal with 30 round mags. Might be awesome for urban warfare

        • O.R.
          I agree I’m not impressed with the 40.
          If you are going 40 go 45.

          Now as far as a 45 in an M4 NOW YOUR TALKING.

          9mm=35 cal. just 5 down from a 40. 45 is 5 up from a 40. so yes it is like the 16 Ga. stuck between the 12 and 20. I think in the near future the 40 will be the unwanted red head step child.

          Hell I have 40 brass and I can’t give it away.

      55. FYI-In the event of martial law/national emergency the USPS is tasked with collecting data & census info. Amount of occupants, firearms, food storage, preps, bank accounts, energy consumption, medical conditions etc. etc. etc. from local residences, then this gets compiled for local/state fusion centers and forwarded to dhs. (they don’t know all, yet)
        The delivery personnel will be forced to participate in this data base collection. Your local PO delivery person may know more about you already than you think. In a time of ML this could be a very hazardous job/life threatening as people that are aware will not want to give up personal information so freely.

        Get ready

      56. It is gun control, not FEDs out of control. If the FEDS buy up all the ammo then there is none left for the little guy. It is gun control at it’s purest form, supply and demand.

      57. FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People talking about Big Government”
        Some of these trigger behaviors are: Payment in cash or someone else’s credit card. Reluctant or unwilling to produce valid I.D. Large purchases or unusual inquiries into buying in bulk Lack of knowledge involved in firearms or product usage Hints at illegal or misuse of explosives New or unknown customers Nervousness or evasiveness
        – See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/fbi-visiting-gun-shops-to-investigate-people-talking-about-big-government_042014#sthash.nFCeiWHs.dpuf

      58. 😉 I think those Fedex and UPS fellers best be on their guard. USPS don’t like being #3. Their going to take back their turf with a vengeance.

      59. Hey Sgt. I just trying to figure out a way to make those 40 cal rounds useful. Folks here tell me they use their hand pistol to fight their way back to their rifle. I just can’t imagine Barry sending his civilian army out to do battle armed with pistols and without rifles. They would be vulnerable and at a disadvantage against patriots armed with rifles.

        • Okie Rebel.

          It’s a “Gangster Thing”. Like wearing their pants low. Waving a “Forty” in the air demands Respect.

        • O.K.
          You are correct the would be. But if they where armed with MP5’s in the 40 cal. & a hand gun then there would be a problem.

          Remember the cowboys carried the same bullets in their rifles as they did in there pistols.

          It may sound strange, but I have a loaded pistol and rifle or shotgun in every room. (police response time to my house is over 5 minutes.)

          Still having a good hand gun and knowing how to use it is better than a stick in the eye!


          • SGT. Dale

            Various ammo and weapons. That is half the problem with all Patriots. No standardization. You need, .308 and they give you 30.06. All those SWAT teams have the same equipment and weapons.
            The Tactical side? They got us by the balls. I see a long learning curve for us.

            • Just to put this out there.

              If you get into a firefight are you going to take the time to put those spent magazines in your pocket?
              Do you have enough Magazines to support an operation without having to reload your mags in the field.

              • Slingshot:
                I try to have at least 15 mags for every one of my firearms that takes a mag. They are not fully loaded. Like 30 Rnd. Ar. mag has 28 rounds.
                I have had mags loaded of over 10 years that way an not one has failed me.

            • Slingshot.
              My good friend. You have a point.
              Here is how we have it set up. This is the reason. We know that there will be just about everything in the world out there after TSHTF. So we are going to have firearms to use the ammo & mags people leave.

              As a group every one knows that if they are sent out on patrol there will be 2 AR’s (223 or 6.8) one 308, and one shotgun 12Ga., All will carry one type of handgun.

              If a sniper team goes out they will have one sniper rifle (308) and Ar10 for back up. They will carry the same handgun. Now if they take the 300 or 7MM mag, they will take a AR in 223 or 6.8.

              The above was just an example as to the way we have it set up.

              Our Group has 9mm, 45ACP, 44 mag 7.62X25 for combat.
              ” ” ” 357/38, 44mag, 45LC 22LR. for hunting. (use last resort in combat)
              Our group has 223, 6.8, and 308, 300, 7 Mag, 7.62X39 for combat.
              Our group has 7mm, 8mm, 308, 30-06, 30-30, 35Rem, and 300 Win Mag, 7mm Mag 357 Mag, 44 Mag 45LC., 22Lr. for hunting. (last resort combat)

              We set aside different firearms for different task.
              Like the Desert Eagle I carry for combat, I also carry a USP 45. (one is none two is one) I’m not a little guy, a smaller person might not be able to.

              Some bolt action we use for Hunting and the ones we have set aside, the most accurate ones for Sniping.

              When TSHTF every firearm will be used in self defense if needed. But if not need they have a place in our arsenal.

              Slingshot, they don’t have us by the balls. When TSHTF they are just like you and I. They are going to be worried about their families and will be back at home with them in a short period of time.
              The only reason it looks that way is because they have to arm their armies that way. So they can fight as a team.
              Now they have the M4, SAW, and Pump 12Ga. Sniper rifles are mostly Rem 700 308’s, yes I know they have 300 WM, 338 , and 50Cals. during WW11 we had 03-A3’s M1’s
              M1 Carbines, 45 Thompsons, 45 Grease guns, and we kick ass.

              So after writing all of this. I guess I’m saying get good with what you got.


              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      60. LOL, looks like the U.S. taxpayers are funding their own demise!

      61. Yahoo just “fixed” my email issue…of course, they waited until after the “stand-down”. I’m going to open another yahoo account and subscribe to the Bundy updates page, then unsubscribe my original email from it. When the SHT Bundy F again, I’ll see what they shit down. I think they were trying to stop anyone from getting updated info from the inside. Much like shutting down the cell towers in the area of the Bundys.

      62. Glad this came up for discussion. People need to re-read the below quote and understand the ramifications as told by me- someone with the years of special training in that field.

        “A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point” bullets.”

        Key words in that statement are:

        For those of you who don’t know, not only is that some of the MOST expensive ammo you can buy, it also specifically designed for one main purpose: To allow the bullet to pass through barriers, (denim, glass windshields, light metal, etc…) and retain it’s form while passing through first said barrier, to expand largely intact before opening up fully on second layer or barrier. That second barrier is most likely a person and they will be hit hard even when behind a first barrier.

        There is NO GOOD REASON why ANY agency would train with bonded jacketed hollow-point bullets, period. NONE.
        Not only is it a gross waste of tax payer dollars the bullets are extreme overkill for paper targets, period.

        That’s what Full metal jacket Round nose ammo is for- it loads uniformly, costs less and does a perfect job on paper targets. There are no gun ranges (police included) that allow a pistol round like the .357 SIG to be shooting at windshields, metal or denim targets. If you want to say otherwise, post the location and name here and I’ll call you a LIAR. Plain and simple.

        A good overview of the whole out of control ammo ramp up of Federal stupidity in regards to ammo purchases is located here:
        h t tp://prepperpodcast.com/history-dhs-ammunition-purchases/#axzz25V1Ce7zn

      63. ” Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements. There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

        Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.”

        News flash: Our own Government is the terrorist in the closet!

        • 300
          I’m proud to say I have all of that, and then some.
          You can call me a TERRORIST!
          They call the FOUNDING FATHER TERRORIST! I am proud to be put in the same category as them.

          • Good evening, Sarge. I also have all of that and then some. go ahead and label me that. I’m honored to be in such fine company. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS ASMS braveheart

      64. When it goes hot. You should know where all your local Demoncrat and RINO Republicans live.

        Will be time to clean house.

        It’s just a lot easier to go after the head of the snake and change IT then the professional LE and Military traitors who willingly follow illegal anti-Constitutional orders. Just for a paycheck.

        If we thinned out the bad Politicians and Bureaucrats. We would be on the track to recovery right away instead of a civil war with millions dead.

        • Actually, I do not think we need to wait for things to go hot, there is no time like the present. We want to leave BHO alone though, he is so lacking of talent and experience, he is his own worst enemy and strategically, my greatest ally. My choice would be to start with Reid and Boehner, then work my way through the scum like Pelosi and Cantor…

      65. I believe that We can no longer change the course of the events to come…that, at best, we CAN survive them….to even state that “doing away” of some, is Wrong…and will go against YOU in the “END”…..do not ever act out of anger to “re-claim” this great Republic…for in anger, you lose your light….Fight the “GOOD” fight when the time comes….and I believe it to be coming soon.

        • I don’t know, Anger and rage seem like good tools in the toolbox when involved in a violent life and death confrontation. No hate however, lest it may consume you.

          When Jesus was angered by the money changers, Well it seems to me that he had Righteous anger and rage But no hate.I hope that you all understand what I am saying.

          The Grand Awakening Is Happening, It Can Not Be Stopped.

          Hate, I believe Is Not Of The Lord
          Righteous Anger And Rage, Well I will let you all
          SEARCH YOUR HEARTS AND SOULS on that….

          You all be careful out there in Nevada.
          Mind Set, Mind Set, Mind Set…

          What was that Star Wars line ?
          Beware of Hate because it leads to the dark side.

          Sorry memory is not what it use to be.

          • There is such a thing as Righteous Anger. These government people who knowingly betray us have it good. Good pay, good benefits, good retirement. Yet they have to screw over the taxpayers that pay their wages.

            They will get what’s coming to them.

      66. Just another “front” for DHS, OweBama’s private army.

      67. Really Mr. Slavo? You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

        Why has not one media source asked, “When and why have BLM and the Park Service been authorized SWAT and Paramilitary units, when they are supposed to be stewards only… hmm?”

      68. I wonder how the postal clerks feel about being the tip of the arrow for Obama’s domestic army? I really do not think we have a lot to fear here because it will be very simple to take these clerks ammo and firearms away from them once this thing gets started. I almost look at these fed types as a store room full of goodies waiting for me to liberate them.

      69. To All,

        Off topic subject. Topic: Food storage.

        Note to ones self: Mini peanut butter cups do not store well. One warm day and you have a bag off what looks like poop.


        • LOL!

        • Big B
          But I would guess, because I have never tasted POOP, it would taste better!!!
          Not everything that looks like shit taste like shit!

        • One warm day and you have a bag of mini PB cups that looks like poop.

          That’s why they made spoons. 🙂

      70. Take it with strain of salt but Bill Clarke is some big whig and Indy DHS. He’s a 35 year Indy metro cop and he told me they are buying it up to make it scarce. End of story.

      71. I guess the mailman noticed the number of small but extremely heavy boxes he’s been dropping by my house and let someone know…

      72. Where they getting the money if they say they are going broke?

      73. Hello? The collapse of the dollar, the dollar not being the reserve currency will send prices to the moon & cause widespread rioting. If the dollar loses reserve status, the population will want every politician’s head on a platter.

      74. Have you seen your local armories? Check out their 4 inch thick windows on the basically-tanks-on-wheels.

      75. People, people, calm down. There is a simple explanation for this.

        The USPS has been losing money for years now due to increased internet usage. They are simply implementing a new fiscal policy to assassinate anyone who sends email. This will quickly return their revenues to previous levels and they will again become your friendly neighborhood postman.

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