Going Deep: “It’s Entirely Possible That Nowhere in North America is a Safe Redoubt”

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    Some friends have been actively talking about their Exit Plans – about getting out of this country before the curtain goes down. While there is still time. They believe the situation to be hopeless. That despite the upwelling of liberty-mindedness among some, the vast majority of Americans are not liberty-minded. That Americans – tens of millions of them – are stupid, unreachable, mean, irrational, authoritarian-minded Babbits and poltroons. People who always speak in “we” – and lust to control others.

    Reluctantly, I have to concede the point.

    I have had exhaustive (and exhausting) conversations with countless people – some of them probably a lot smarter than I in terms of raw IQ – who just can’t connect the dots.

    Or – much worse – don’t care to.

    The problem is as much psychological as it is intellectual. There may just be a defective sub-species of human being, homo servilus, who – much like a bee in a hive – is programmed to crave the collective and therefore accepts its corollary – coercion – as the natural and right order of things.

    It’s very easy to get these “bees” to reveal their true natures. Their core antipathy to individualism – and its corollary, liberty. Just let them know, for example, that you find sports/celebrity worship disgusting. Or that you don’t subscribe to any particular religious doctrine – or much care what doctrines otherssubscribe to, so long as they leave you be.

    Let them discover that you don’t feel obliged to pay more taxes for “our children” – only an obligation to take care of your own children. Criticize war.

    Make a negative comment about cops… .

    So, I don’t disagree that jumping ship is probably a smart move. Nonetheless, I’m reluctant to leave the country, for many reasons – high among them just orneriness. This is my country, dammit. I hate the idea of just giving it to … them.

    That said, I am beginning to wish I’d “gone deep” when I selected our fallback redoubt. We consciously moved to very rural SW Va. from the Northern Virginia area (near DC) about eight years ago to a great extent to limit our exposure to what’s surely coming. But I am thinking now that we would have been smarter to have moved to rural Idaho or Wyoming or Montana (like Chuck Baldwin did) instead. There are too many Clovers here.

    And signs of sprouting continue to worry me.

    For example: Several recent “letters to the editor” in our small community newspaper go on and on about how “we” need to raise taxes on real estate so that “our schools” will have “adequate funding.” There is one school – an elementary school in a far corner of the county – threatened with closure because of limited “revenue” and not enough students to justify keeping it open. So the idea was floated to close it and consolidate it with another. “The children” would then get bussed a little farther to their new school. This is an outrage to the parentsites of these children, who believeothers should be compelled to provide the necessary “revenue” to keep the old school open for their children.

    Everything discussed in terms of “we,” of course. It’s never my children need you to pay for their school.

    If I were to speak at a public hearing about this and ask why don’t people who chose to have children bear the responsibility for raising their kids – which includes educating their kids – as opposed to their kids becoming an open-ended claim on the property – on the liberty – of other people who had nothing to do with it… I’d likely be the victim of a mob beating. At minimum, I’d become a community pariah – regarded as “selfish” and “anti-child” (as well as “anti-education”) … because I am troubled by armed men threatening to kill me and take my property so that it may be given to someone else’s kids – kids I’ve never even met let alone had anything to do with bringing into this world. It is no defense, either, that such a policy makes it that much harder for people who’d like to pay their own way to do so.

    Other people’s kids take  precedence. Over everything.

    It never occurs to these “freedom loving” Americans that freedom can’t exist when you are no longer free to say no to being forced to hand over your rightful property to other people to whom you properly speaking owe nothing – other than goodwill. That if “the children” becomes a justification for theft, then any other reason is just as good a reason.

    But don’t dare say it out loud…. these freedom-loving Americans will very quickly show you just how much they actually believe in freedom… including even the freedom to speak your mind, if your mind differs in any meaningful respect from  the parameters of orthodoxical Republican or Democrat parameters.

    The only cardinal sin is to commit non-authoritarianism. To state that you don’t want anything from anyone except their respect for your rights – and are willing to extend the same courtesy in return.

    It is a thought increasingly foreign to Americans – even here, in a rural southern farming county 35 miles from anything in most places and often a lot farther than that.

    Another example:

    In our tiny, literally on-stoplight county, the same government that moans about not having sufficient “revenue” for “the children” recently spent probably several thousand dollars painting at least six “pedestrian crosswalks” in town, complete with “safety man” icons imprinted into the pavement plus signage. Apparently, people cannot cross the street unaided here, either. I have no doubt that tickets for jaywalking are right around the corner. Tazerings for the non-compliant.

    Signs of the apocalypse.

    There is talk of writing zoning laws – which this county has never had – and which will surely mean The End of everything that made moving here worth doing. People will no longer just be able to freely buy and sell their land, to be used however the new owner wishes. There will instead be restrictions on how a lot can subdivided – and what may be “lawfully” constructed on said lot. I can already see a time when BTK-type “zoning enforcement officers” will be knocking on people’s doors, threatening them with onerous fines (and ultimately, county seizure and auction of “their” land) if they don’t mow it, or have too many cars parked on it or a “not approved” shed built upon it… .

    Clovers. The god-damn bastards are here now, too.

    It only took them eight years to find this place – and ruin it.

    It’s entirely possible that nowhere in North America is a safe redoubt.

    What happens, ultimately, depends on the character of the people. And the character of the American people – by and large – is one that reflexively defers to authority – willingly, worshipfully. That happilysubmits to the most despicable degradation if it will “keep them safe.” And which never fails to speak in terms of we.

    So, where do the rest of us – the remnant that still believes in I – go to get away from we?

    That, friends, is the question of our time.

    Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.


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      1. Crazy, crazy crazy….
        I hope we all will survive, at least the 500 million who are left.

        • “””It’s entirely possible that nowhere in North America is a safe redoubt.”””

          There is no “safety” in the world, and never has been, so long as you look to someone else to provide it.

          The corp sells an illusion of safety to the masses, then destroys the freedom and rights of those who buy into it. It unlawfully attacks those who do not buy into it to reinforce the beliefs of those who do.

          Most of those attacked have no skills to defend themselves against the legal and financial fraud. Those who can defend themselves and demonstrate that fact are left alone, for the time being at least. I have proven that on more than one “encounter”.

          There is safety to be found, but not in any country. The safety is found in recognizing what the corp is, what God is to you, and what power you have been given by Him.

          The corp fears that power. The people who force questions the corp criminals do not want to answer will be left alone.

          Those who stand upon the Laws of Nature and the protection of God by honoring those laws can find safety and peace within their soul.

          These things are true no matter what your geographical location may be.

          • I figure trouble will start in small pockets of society, and small towns will likely band citizens together for the most part and deal with things in a “not always democratic” manner like the showed on series like Falling Skies and Jericho. The government will be hard pressed if they want to put out all the small fires of patriotism. Get involved in your schools is all I can say. If you pay attention and discover the children are being fed a line of heavy conditioning in either direction (right or left), homeschool if you can. The war begins in the minds of the younger generations, and it’s a lot easier to fight when the kids have been indoctrinated to particular agendas.

            • Andi,

              I work within a neighboring county’s school corp. Had I known what I know now about government schools, I would NEVER have let my kids darken the door. So, it was too late to start. I do the next best thing: I debrief my kids. Yes! I actually talk to my kids about whats right and wrong and what they are teaching them. One thing I have found out: they’ll teach a partial side of a story (such as the history of the civil war – that wasn’t. It was a war between two countries, but thats another post…). They’ll leave something incomplete so that the the full information doesn’t get to the kids. They leave it at whatever point serves their best interests.

              If the full story is taught then truth, justice and freedom are usually nearby. To TPTB, truth, justice and freedom are the kind of language a terrorist speaks.

              I am constantly trying to get my kids to understand that government is nearly always corrupt with hidden agendas and is not “for the people”. Its all a ruse.

              But, essentially, I agree as far as your “pockets of resistance” goes, however, as the article states early on, most people are “are stupid, unreachable, mean, irrational, authoritarian-minded Babbits and poltroons.”

              If we could find a new America that was overlooked, a continent with about the same resources and such and we shipped the current Americans there, they’d all die in a year leaving us, the 3% that know what life, truth, logic and freedom is. I hope the 3% figure is wrong but I don’t think it is. Even in rural areas, its may not be a lot higher. Maybe people will change suddenly and surprise us. I hope so. But, I’m not banking on it.

            • Yes!!!

              Net Ranger, I use the same strategy with my kids. We discuss everything they learn, in particular the politically correct, hug-everybody brainwashing they inflict on the students!

              I still believe in the value of public education but if you are not involved, you are not influencing your children’s ethics!

            • NetRanger-
              You’re absolutely right, I will be a senior this year and I have seen the indoctrination at work. In history we talked about how the Fed was a great, “constitutional” thing, how fdr was the greatest president ever, the U.N is a greater accomplishment than the Bill of Rights, the Brady Bill was completely constitutional because it doesn’t interfere with the National Guard which is what the 2nd amendment said, and lbj was a hero. I was called a monster by a friend of mine because I stated I would have supported the Confedacy during the War of Northern Aggression.

              My younger siblings are in elementary school and I have seen much more of this. They have told me: it is wrong to eat meat, the USA killed thousands of Indians (bs the USA paid tribes to attack other tribes and the army just provided support.), the Whites were evil because they captured blacks and sold them as slaves (more bs, the blacks sold other blacks doesn’t mean the Whites were right but proves history books wrong,)

              If they are working this hard in Wyoming, than I would hate to see a blue states school. Holy cow things are getting bad

            • Daisy and Jason,

              I also believe in public education to a point. I see a tendency in government to over-extend, over-barrow and over-stay.

              I think my local, rural, midwestern public education system is very good at teaching the basics: reading, writing and math. But, the problem becomes when they start trying to social engineer your kids into thinking the way they want. They don’t want them straying off into the land of truth and justice. That wakes them up and will forever turn them against the system. No, we must feed them a steady diet of pre-chewed government mush from about 12 or 13 years old, on.

              A quick history lesson:

              I too would have supported the Confederate states and their union instead of the north. I would have done this while also fighting their system of slavery. Essentially, the education system tries to tell us that because these people (the rebels) kept slaves, they were evil and thats why they separated because they wanted to keep in their evil ways. What they never tell you is that the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the south and was simply a political maneuver. The fact is, the people were starting to wake up to the real reason for the war: Northeastern greed. So, in the last year of the war while people were waking up and support was waning, Lincoln had to DO SOMETHING. So he did what most presidents do. He took something highly controversial and created a distraction to keep people from dwelling on the core problems. This distraction, sensationalized, became the core and they perverted the goals to be the same goals as the original “loot the south” goals. We see this today with the continuing education of government schools’ students and the continuing lies.

              Understand, I was born in the north but when I read about the civil war, I see through the lies and feel like I need to get a rebel flag tattoo over my heart. To date, I consider the War of Northern Agression to be the largest propaganda event in the history of the uSA. Its a perfect example of co-opting core values and using the misdirection and support for an agenda far removed from the surfacial agenda. …and it makes me ANGRY that the people of the uSA bought it, mostly, hook, line and sinker.

            • Its not necessary to pull your kids out of school as long as they are raised to see through the BS in the public school system. My kids come home and tell me about the propaganda they were fed each day. I raised them to see through the bull and do a little critical thinking. I believe my efforts (an the efforts of my beautiful and strong charactered wife) have paid off.

          • GC, as usual, I salute you for your wisdom and your excellent ability to verbalize it.

            Your sentence, “Those who stand upon the Laws of Nature and the protection of God by honoring those laws can find safety and peace within their soul.” is so intensely true. Once you understand how it all works, even when you are attacked and even if you lose, there is peace within. Because, you know inside, that even though the world may see it as a “loss” there is really no loss at all. They are still criminals and they will pay for their crimes.

            Job knew. I know. You know. There will, someday, be a reckoning.

            The reason our society is in such turmoil is that they do not have the inner peace that we speak of. As such, they wish to push that inner turmoil onto others. The phrase “Misery Loves Company” is so true.

            The corp criminals shy away when you start asking them things like:

            Did you take the oath to hold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land?

            Asking the officer things like, “Sir, is your request a lawful one? What lawful responses are available to me?”

            Those kinds of things and encounters usually turn your POLICE (POLIC[y|e] enforcement) officer into either very careful and courteous POLICE officers or into peace officers.

            BTW, did you ever get your carried document refined to your satisfaction? …and if you did, may I read (and/or) use it?

            • Thanks Ranger.

              I am not getting a lot of keyboard time right now. I have an eye problem (identified and minor) and my vision is blurry and I get headaches if I try to work too long so making money is the main focus.

              I have condensed it all in my head to a short affidavit signed by two common law witnesses, a single page praecipe for the Clerk of Court of the state Supreme Court, and a bill for the money stolen with a DEMAND for payment within.

              It should be easy to complete once I can put my mind to it and sit at the typewriter for more than a few minutes at a time.

              I’ll let you know when they are ready and, yes, you can look at them.

            • Proverbs 27:12

              A sensible man watches for problems ahead and prepares to meet them. The simpleton never looks, and suffers the consequences

            • USA has never had a civil war. The southern states weren’t trying to take over, they just wanted to leave. Had they known what awaited them, many states would never have joined the USA.

          • I know lots of preppers are pretty religious, but I’m getting tired of reading all this “trust in “Him,” “Revelations says blah blah blah about the end times,” “the Antichrist is coming…”.

            I just started becoming a regular reader not too long ago, and looked past the religious commentary for awhile now, but I can’t help but ask how it is that so many people in the prepping community can label the non-prepping world as “sheep” for going along with mainstream society’s views on life, while at the same time being super tied into this over the top religious stuff that basically takes away all one’s free will and hands it over to “God” or “Jesus” or whomever via Biblical “prophecy” It just makes no sense, and is the epitome of hypocrisy.

            I’d just love to read through the comments one day without seeing Christian mythology littered throughout. I mean that both literally and figuratively.

            • If you don’t like other people’s point of view, then either ignore it, challenge it, or leave.

              Don’t tell me I can’t be here because I don’t believe mankind derived from cosmic chaos.

            • @
              Dan. Sounds like you have more of an issue with God, instead of Christian preppers. You rant about people using words of faith and biblical teachings concerning these times we are in, yet you haven’t added anything positive from my perspective on reading your posts. Maybe you fit into the group of “site visitors” that just wants a “bitch” forum.

            • Dan,

              I totally agree. I don’t feel this is a “bitching” forum and don’t feel that is what you were doing. You were stating a point that has become very prevalent in the prepping circles. I read Survivors a few months ago and I must admit I was extremely turned off by a reference to “God” every second or third page. Is that really necessary when discussing the plight of mankind and our deteriorating social state? I have no problem with Chritians expressing their beliefs, however I do not feel it has a place in these forums. Stick to the subject and do not quote God or some type of divine intervention. The problem we have in the US was created by man and man will ultimately be his own downfall just as other great civilizations of the past…Romans, Ottoman Empire, Mongols, etc…etc…We are on a collision course that we created plain and simple. So…to sum it up, stick to the facts of prepping and what we can do to fix this problem. If your comment is not directly related to the topic, do not impose your beliefs, whether pro or con against religion on me. My concern is how like minded individuals in the prepping community will survive what is yet to come.

            • Read the Urantia Book then……..maybe you will find some truth? You can find it online at Urantia dot org……if you dare that is…..the truth will set you free!

          • you said it brother, so true

          • “Most of those attacked have no skills to defend themselves against the legal and financial fraud.”

            GC the financial fraud is lead by the useless fiat currency plastered with the words, “In God We Trust.”

            • would it be better if it said “In Government We Trust”?

          • @ Net Ranger….

            30+ years ago, I could see where the U.S. educational system was headed. Much of the decline can be laid at the feet of SEICUS (the Sex Education and Information Counsel of the United States) and it’s heralded head, Mary Calderone. (And yes, I am that old to cite this corrupt nut job) This indoctrination was being forged and forced down the throats of administrators in larger school districts in our state. We moved our young family of six to a smaller community, and bought a small main street business. We were both raised in small towns and our children learned work ethics. I have always been the “lead, follow or get the heck out of my way” personality and subsequently was asked to fill a vacancy on the local school board..filled that vacancy and served another four years. At that time (in the early 80’s) Even in this small rural school district, I found myself fighting required reading of Huxley’s Brave New World and Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. My objection was these works were REQUIRED reading, there was no book banning here. I did not object to these books being in a school library. Issues didn’t end there. We had a male member of the faculty who was allowed to teach a ‘Family Life” class, which dealt with birth, death, marriage, RESPONSIBILITY etc. This guy was co-habiting with a woman who he had impregnated while still being married to his wife. We also had a Samoan football coach sexually involved with a high school junior. This was 30 years ago. In five years, we cleaned up the district, fired a superintendent, hired administrators who cleaned up curriculum, conducted aptitude and progress tests that had positive results. The last year of my tenure as a director, our middle school students tested out in the top 10% of the nation and made USA Today news. I would encourage anyone/everyone to not stand by and watch things happen in your school distrists, make things happen, get involved…run for a school board position, if you do not have the option of home schooling and public schooling is your only choice. I also have to admit, that as much as I have been a proponent of public education in earlier years, I am not today, and I would encourage any parent today to home school or if financially capable get your children into a private or religious school. What is happening in our schools is nothing short of criminal. There is no discipline or respect. The achiever is mocked, and the well behaved child is often made fun of. Many school grounds are literally battle fields. The NEA unions have made it impossible to reward good teachers and dismiss failing ones. I applaud those of you who take the time and have the courage to counsel with your children and challenge the sinister indocrination they are faced with in the public schools today. I pray they listen.

            • We’ve not been menaced by what you’re relating here. At least not to the extend where it became the norm.

              I’m very proud of my children. They are independent thinking yet not rebellious.

              Your statement:

              “I applaud those of you who take the time and have the courage to counsel with your children and challenge the sinister indocrination they are faced with in the public schools today. I pray they listen.”

              While my daughters (I have two, one a delayed freshman in college, the other high school senior) are independent thinking and go their own way, my son is the one who really makes me pop my buttons! He’s nearly self debriefing. He knows to come home asking questions when things don’t compute. Not only that, he goes back and OPENLY CHALLENGES the teachers! I mean, it just brings tears of joy to my eyes when he comes home and tells me about the questions he asked in class. I’m no mental giant but I’m brazen and I know how to ask good questions, you know, the kind that will make you squirm. My son is following in my footsteps.

              Recently, he asked his history teacher why they teach that the War of Northern Agression was all about slavery, why slavery didn’t even enter the picture until the very last few months of the war? …and, since that is the case, what was the WoNA about for the first 90% of the battles? It dumbfounds them. They can’t answer. When they say they don’t know, HE TELLS THEM!

              While many of you don’t agree, we will straighten this mess out. Enough of us are waking up. The people inhabiting the land of America are not stupid sheep, though they act like it. They are simply asleep. They been put to sleep, purposefully, by a corrupt government so they can profit and manipulate.

              I know many of you extoll your disdain upon the general populace. I am guilty of the same, often agreeing with Henry Kissinger and his “useless eaters” comment. But, in reality, they’ve been asleep and turned into that. I know its painful, but, PLANT THOSE SEEDS! Let them think you’re crazy. Eventually, they’ll start looking at things and think “Maybe he really wasn’t crazy…” It takes a long time but I have awakened several and most of them, in the first stages were antagonistic to the message.

              Good luck. Godspeed.

          • Wow! Profound truth!

        • Finding a safe place is still somewhat possible, but you do have to look hard and be sharp about it:

          * Anywhere in Alaska that isn’t Juneau or Anchorage should be good – just have to account for the climate.

          Western US is still good pickings for bug-out palaces, though water is a concern in the drier areas (OTOH, if you have a good local source of it, no problem). The only places that would be hazardous post-collapse would be:
          * All of California south of Redding. Just write it the frig off.
          * Las Vegas, Reno
          * SeaTac (WA)
          * Portland-Salem corridor (OR)
          * Boise (ID)
          * Ogden-Provo corridor (UT)
          * Anything within 200 miles of Phoenix
          * Denver to Colorado Springs corridor (CO)

          That still leaves a ton of room.

          Midwest? It starts getting tricky. NoDak/SoDak is great pickings. Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri are a bit weird… the population is sparse, but due to farming have a low population that is evenly spread out (except for maybe Northern Minn.) Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma stand up well for bug-out zones in their western half, but it starts getting crowded the further east you go in any of those states.

          Texas is a world unto itself, and I don’t know enough about it to get precise. I suspect it’s a lot like Iowa: a couple of really big cities, but with an evenly-spread rural population throughout all but the western and panhandle bits of it.

          Arkansas and Louisiana? A bit tricky, but you should be good outside of Little Rock, Fayetteville/Springdale, Baton Rouge, and of course New Orleans.

          The Southern US? It gets tricky. There are huge mega-cities and huge populated areas (e.g. Atlanta, most of the Florida east coast, Norfolk-Richmond-D.C. corridor in Virginia), but then again there are a lot of empty places in Dixie where a man could bug-out and hold up fairly well, if he were sufficiently clever.

          Great Lakes and Appalachia? Great Lakes states would be the same as Iowa, but with bigger cities and smaller rural areas – it would take some serious looking. West Virginia would be a great place, though.

          Northeast US? Good Effing Luck. Here, it’s not what to avoid, but where to actually look. Only Maine and (maybe!) parts of upstate New York stand any chance of becoming a decent bug-out home. If I had the misfortune of living in the Northeast US, I’d shoot for Maine, or say ‘screw it’ and make plans to bug out entirely to Canada (would just have to find a place to sneak in if I’m bugging out before civilization collapses completely).

          Given all of that? I’m glad I found the patch I did. 🙂

          • We’re in Florida with LOTS of bullets. Sometimes you just can’t move. But our BOL is solid and our tribe is ready… At least we can grow LOTS of food and water is abundant!

            • Mom,

              Your “lots of bullets” and the fact that the area is familiar to you and you to it are a trade off for a much safer place.

              The fact is, bugging out is an emergency measure. Unless you live where its safer, moving to where its “safer” may have trade offs that make it less safe.

              That a place more isolated is safer is not an absolute. There are factors. Since we’ve all discussed that you can’t do this alone, moving to an isolated place means you don’t knwo the neighbors and you may not know the area that well.

              For instance, I’ve lived in my area all my life. Not only do I know every nook and cranny it every rock for miles, I know the people and they know me. I have backup bugout locations for my backup bugout locations. …and I am the same for several. We know and trust people because we have a 40+ year history. I’m not real remote, but I am rural.

              A few acres in a relatively remote area of florida (and there are those places, especially in the north end of florida) might not be a bad choice to stick it out. The growing season never really ends, does it?

              The top of a mesa in western Oklahoma might be “safer” in some respects but there is not much there to live on.

              My place, for instance, is not all that remote, but its “tucked in” and somewhat hidden. Don’t toss all your advantages with a place you know just for remoteness. The unfamiliarity to you and you to the surrounding people are big trade offs.

          • Southern Maine is just a suburb of Boston now, you’d need to shoot for north of Bangor. Then you need to deal with -30 temps in the winter and six feet of snow…. Most of the land is privately owned by paper companies, you’d need to sneak in an work hard to remain undetected. It has changed a lot since the ’70’s when most of the logged timber was run down the rivers. Now that it is trucked out, there are logging roads everywhere, no truly remote places left.

            • Stick to within 10 miles of the coats; MUCH more moderate weather.

          • The Best places are: Texas Hill Country / area’s with water/ more than 3 hours from major metro’s.


          • @OQ
            Juneau, AK would actually be a safe place to go to. There is no road in or out, and is located in a relativity mild part of Alaska weather-wise. Assuming that you can still hunt and fish, I would find it ideal were it not for the presence of useless State Legislators 90 days out of the year.

            • Morning all

              Many have no choice but to stay put, bugging out, for whatever reason is not an option for them.

              I am one of those people, and have set about making my current location as safe and secure as I can. Having bug out mentality even if you plan to stay put can be very useful. I know now where rainwater naturally collects, have located a small brook, have located a rubbish disposal area, found a good supply of wild berry bushes growing on waste land and I have access to almost unlimited wood for fuel.

              In short, I have listened and learnt what those who bug out look for, and found it in my current location. This is not ideal of course, I cannot have the isolation that they have, but I feel a great deal better than I did before about staying where I am.

              Take care

          • I would think twice about Alaska. We have lived there. They are less than a week in access to provisions if shipping (air & sea) becomes an issue. You better have very serious prepping provisions if that is your plan. Fishing and hunting are at your disposal and berry picking in season. To any of you out there who have a parent who was born in Canada, Canadian law passed in 2009, allowing you the option of Canadian dual citizenship. You can find the info on line. My sister and I have just acquired Candian citizenship. It took us about seven months, numerous communications with the Canadian consulate, but we have our certificates. My children are not eligible, but I can sponsor them.Canadian passport is next.

          • Single mom living in the Phx area. No choice but to bug in – any family lives 1600 miles away. Getting stocked up as well as I can but it makes me nervous for sure…

            • Welcome!

              You’re lucky! Arizona in a good state for self defense and gun ownership. Got shotgun? Get one. Go practice. Stay safe.

              Are you in the inner city? That could be a sausage grinder! Stupid people like to set things on fire and blow things up. Really, I hate the city. I ride into one every day from my 30 acres. I’m only 13 miles out but it like another world in here.

              Hope things go well for you. We still have some time. I’m getting predictions of a major failure late in the summer. (September?) so, if you’ve got some extra cash, save it in food. Beans, rice, canned meat/veggies, peanut butter, flour, sugar… It sometimes seems like your spending a bunch but, in reality, when you buy that extra stuff its purely a savings that actually pays you back over pure cash. You get to skip the inflation.

              Good luck!

            • @imnotoldjustolder
              i get where ur at, living in az also. I wanted to relay some poss. Point though (assuming i’m actually correct).
              1). Az is definately buggable!
              az has ALOT of water!, all the streams are under ground (learned that when i went to real este school, check with a geological site.). I see streams out here that just appear, then disappear so many feet away, thay makes me tend to believe what i was told. they are also concentrated centrally to the state.
              2). In my opinion, do not plan to stay anywhere near where ur at. Phoenix is gulog central for az. Being from there, u would know where to go better than i, but plan a way to leave! Where i’m at can poss. Be a concern when screws set in, but i know enough that whoever is out there, can’t cage me. Phoenix is huge, and the gov’t is full of lazy retards, so go back to when u were a curious teenager, and locate escape routes. Nothing wrong with walking make sure u leave phoenix though! Pack light! Go out hiking with your childern! Learn how! A simple thing like knowing how to traverse a loosely rocky hill out here will make all the difference!
              I’m kinda screwed. I bought a house in a community. Will have to go if shtf, but answers are all around.
              3). Most everything else is already posted, Like personal protection, that before food!
              in short, prepare, but scout out a destination, cuz u ARE going to have to flee to a safer location.

              GOOD LUCK!

        • Where can anyone be safe from the chastisement that is coming?

          ANSWER: NOWHERE.

          In a series of apparitions consistent with Biblical revelation, Our Blessed Mother warned us that, because of the wickedness of men, a chastisement is coming. At La Salette (1846) and Fatima (1917) she begged that mankind return to God so that the chastisement could be averted. At Akita (1973) Our Blessed Mother warned us that it was too late to avert the chastisement, that “the greater part of humanity” both good and bad would be killed by “fire from above,” and—most chilling of all—that “the survivors will envy the dead.” She warned that there will be NO PLACE TO HIDE.

          What then does one do?

          Certainly prepare. Prepare for this life and the next. Be baptized, believe, and behave as God commands, then, whether you survive or not, you will have eternal life.

          “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” Galatians 6:7

          • Spot on, John Q! I have been aware of these same private revelations for 25 years now and in that time seen all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. There is nowhere to hide from God’s justice. Cant remember where it says in the New Testament but Jesus says that they will run to the mountains but the mountains will not hide them etc, etc. All we can do is prepare spiritually, be in a state of grace constantly and do all that we can to prepare physically, then, if it is God’s will that we survive, we’ll have the means at hand to do so. I don’t believe that is fatalistic, I just think that it is prudent. God bless everyone here in their endeavours

            • Thank you.

              Is one of these the verse you had in mind?

              “And they say to the mountains and the rocks: Fall upon us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth upon the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb:” Apocalypse 6:16

              “And you shall be hated by all men for my name’s sake. But he that shall endure unto the end, he shall be saved. And when you shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not: he that readeth let him understand: then let them that are in Judea, flee unto the mountains: And let him that is on the housetop, not go down into the house, nor enter therein to take any thing out of the house: And let him that shall be in the field, not turn back to take up his garment. And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days. But pray ye, that these things happen not in winter. For in those days shall be such tribulations, as were not from the beginning of the creation which God created until now, neither shall be. And unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.” Mark 13:13-20

            • JQP knows I am a Protestant, but I do have to say I have a ton of respect for Mary, and based on the Bible, think she does play a special role and is worthy of devotion. (I am also a huge fan of St. Francis.) But Barncat has a good point as well. Especially in the Middle Ages, a lot of Marian devotions among the peasantry were just a thin veneer of Christianity laid over pagan goddess-worship that stretches back through the ages. (exactly like voodoo). So… discernment is crucial.

              JQP, you may be interested in “Our Lady of America,” a vision of Mary that appeared to a cloistered nun in the 1950s in Indiana, at a place called Kneipp Springs (now Sylvan Springs). In addition to the multiple visions, there have been many conversions, healings, odd floating cross- or mary-shaped lights in photos, and olive oil mysteriously dripping down the wall. And….multiple messages specifically to Americans warning of destruction. Interestingly, these springs were also sacred to the Indians. So…Mary or evil spirit? Or just a crazy nun? You decide. It has not been recognized by the Church beyond the Bishop of Cincinnati. The site does have a powerful presence to it.

          • If you believe that Mary appeared to anybody you’ve already been deceived. Mary was just a woman. She didn’t write scripture. She can’t hear your prayers. The Bible doesn’t say to honor her. On the contrary,

            (Luke 11:27-28 NIV) As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.” {28} He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

            The Catholic Church has made Mary a goddess and has followed deceitful spirits who pretend to be her.

            • “And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God….And it came to pass, that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: And she cried out with a loud voice, and said: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.”

              I don’t know about your expurgated Protestant “Bible,” but my Bible has those verses in Luke 1:28-42.

              We Catholics give honor (Greek: “dulia”) to Mary and the Saints. We give worship (Greek: “latreia”) to God alone.

              The devil has tried to imitate Mary. Most amusingly he tried to do so at Lourdes, but the Blessed Mother looked in his direction and he disappeared.

              Why do you disparage the Mother of God who will crush Satan’s head under her heel?

              “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” Genesis 3:15

            • Folks, before you thumb down Barn Cat, do your homework on what he has presented. He is correct. Revisionism isn’t cornered by gov’t ed systems, it has happened to christianity long ago.

            • I find it odd that anyone believes much of what is in the Bible. The constant revision of the English versions infuriate me! I certainly will not take sides in this, though, I can see where the many sects of many religions have done manifold revisionist maneuvers to contort and pervert spiritual texts to make them say what the want (…usually to put more money/gold in their coffers…). I’m a baptized believer in the saving grace of The Son of God. I am not a “protestant”. My faith comes from the original. I scoff and laugh, often, of the religiosity that flows in our world. I frankly, don’t really care what your religiositical view are. As long as you worship The Creator and realize that he sacrificed for you, you have my respect.

            • Exactly…….read the Urantia book folks……you will be able to better understand the History of Urantia and also better understand who we are and what we are here to do…..in essence we are simply here to do what LOVE would do……..since that is exactly what God would do…..God doesn’t “punish” anyone, he is a Loving Father, however he does set up “natural” laws that do not bend to opinions or religions of men…….I dare you folks to check out the Urantia Book online and see what you think……while you can.

          • ::thump thump thump::


            • More like BraneFart
              What are you gonna do if she’s right ?

              Yeah, BraneFart.

        • WE cannot run. WE cannot hide. WE must fight. WE must oppose tyranny, authoritarianism, and the erosion of OUR liberties. And WE must do it here, in America, where OUR Constitution empowers US and gives US the authority to do so.

          America is an ideal.

          It has been the light of personal freedom and self determination to an oppressed world for more than two centuries.

          It’s up to US.

          It falls on this generation of Americans to stop the slide into socialism for the poor and fascism for the rich at the expense of the middle class.

          If not US, who? If not now, when?

          90 million gun owners in America hold the future of this nation in their hands. WE must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for a NEW party of Patriots to replace the corrupt political parties that have been infiltrated by the NWO.

          It’s easy. Say what? It’s easy.

          A $100 donation to a NEW political party by every gun owner in America and an army of volunteers (many of whom are already active for Ron Paul) can elect enough New Patriots to office at every level of government.

          WE can take control of the direction of this country once again and roll back the unconstitutional legislation and treasonous practices that has been passed by TRAITORS at the behest of Lobbyists for the dual citizens that run this country.

          WE have the numbers. WE have the power. An informed, enraged, vocal and active electorate is what the NWO PTB fear. Remove them from office and you have removed them from power. Then they can be prosecuted for their crimes.


          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • I was reading with enthusism until,

            Ron Paul!

          • Ron Pual has turned his back on americans and the people can’t see that he has done so.I don’t care what people say,ALL POLITIC A__HOLES ARE FOR THEMSELFS………

            • I am trying to make sense of what has happened here with ron paul. i am still holding out hope that something will go down and isnt as it appears, however my better judgement tells me pauls a traitor. it sickens me. but we must keep on fighting by going completely over the head of congress and the presidents head. these people are of zero use at this point. i think some of them realize and you will find those are the ones that arent seeking re eletion. maybe thats what ron paul has said, effectively “the hell with it”, also hes an older man. i am haveing a difficult time comprehending all of this.

          • after the brutal betrayal by the paul gang to self respective liberty folks..

            all bets are off..imo

            trust no one in the political arena

            supposedly the Ron Paul gang..aka revolution has swallowed the bitter pill as did the hope and change Obama fools.

            wake the f up


            • Posse: There was no “betrayal” of the liberty folks by the “Paul gang”. That’s BULLSHIT being offered by a disgruntled, former paid supporter who no longer has a job with the organization.

              Romney had the delegates, pure and simple.

              It was a good run by Ron Paul. If he were a bit younger he could consolidate his forces and go at it again if Romney loses, like Reagan did.

              He’s not.

              By facing the reality of a Romney win in the Primary and supporting the Party nominee, Rand Paul positions himself to run as a Republican for President in 2016; or 2020; or even later depending on who wins now and what happens between now and then.

              The first liberty movement took twelve years to win the revolution. It will take the second liberty movement as much or more time to win the second.

              Opposition to tyranny has no end date and to suggest that Americans should give up before they win their freedoms back is a sure sign of a loser.

              The North Viet Namese didn’t give up after they kicked the French out of SE Asia, they hunkered down, built more tunnels and dug them deeper to escape American B-52’s, while they toyed with Kissinger politically.

              History is steeped in similar stories of individuals and groups who refuse to accept less than victory.

              If you are in a “posse” it is a posse of fucking losers. You need new friends with a winning attitude. Get some.

            • @durango kidd –

              Per your statement:

              “By facing the reality of a Romney win in the Primary and supporting the Party nominee, Rand Paul positions himself to run as a Republican for President in 2016; or 2020; or even later depending on who wins now and what happens between now and then.”

              Man, I admire your optimism. You are supposing that there will even be elections in 2016, 2020, or even later.

              I sure hope you’re right.

            • Also, as far as watching some “prez race” and voting, it has done and will do as much good as watching most anything on MSM, I think I’d rather watch jersey shore or the kardashians. At least I can half laugh at their stupidity.

          • DK,

            Will have to disagree on your opinion of what the constitution “gives us”. It only gives us an idea of what has and might work. You may only give to yourself what you want in life, no man/woman/paper can give it to you, it is not an almighty flawless document, as has been taught to most of us. Good ideas, a good start, absolutely, but not an “end all”. A good place to start thinking outside the box would be Strike The Root. Just like prepping, most arent ready to read the writing on the wall, but it is there.

        • IMHO If America isnt safe from whats coming then i wouldnt think anywhere else would be safe other than swits.

          • NOWHERE is 100 percent safe. it is ridiculous to ever think it is. there is a boogeyman around every corner of this earth.

        • Zoning. So it begins. So many hare seem to ignore the drug use and .gov dependancy in rural America.

        • Should have moved out here to Wyoming dude!

        • A little humor early in the morning:

          Why do rappers hold thier pistol sideways?

          Because that is way it came out of the box.

          • Good job!….. People on here are starting to sound like they are whining. Like the humor. Today i was gonna say i have three buckets of food.

          • I not so sure that is a joke.

        • I work at a county courthouse and have direct contact with the citizens entering to do business all day. The majority are savages. Dumb as rocks and breeding like rabbits. They have a cellphone in their hands constantly and cannot comprehend simple instructions. Most are from a third-world country, so they have some excuse. But most are just techo-tards that lead me to believe that the future of America is doomed.

      2. Mac; these pictures are covering up the text…

      3. Sorry it seemed fix itself when I

      4. None of us are safe from the hordes of zombies..

        that is why every self sustaining prepper and survivalist have serious plans for defense..

        and that is why millions of us are purchasing self defense weaponry and ammo..

        keep stacking


        • In the “end” there will be no where to hide. It will not matter how far “off the grid” you think you are…. satellites can and will find you. As I have said before….in the beginning of this crisis things will be disorganized. Everyone for themselves and there will be little to no authority but that will be short lived. Things will get organized and the govt WILL take control of the situation….meaning they will find you.

          to make sure that you deserve to be here (and to be able to buy or sell) they will force you into making a decidion…..to accept the “mark” or not. I mean how else do you expect the govt to be able to keep track of everyone that deserves to be here and take advantage of all the govt programs……(I say this tongue in cheek)

          The decision will be yours….you do not have to accept it….please do not accept it. There are thing much worse than death.

          • 99% of people won’t be forced to take the mark. They will be falling all over themselves to get it. They will LOVE the antichrist.

            (2 Th 2:9-12 NIV) The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, {10} and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. {11} For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie {12} and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

            (Rev 13:8 NIV) All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.

          • Tina – not just satellites, but also armed drones….

            • You mean very expensive trap and skeet targets?

            • Err, most military-grade drones cruise at 35,000′ AGL. That’s a bit out of range of any rifle smaller than .50, let alone a shotgun. 😉

              Hell, that altitude is SAM territory.

          • Honestly? No.

            When feces meets HVAC device, satellite tracking of every last guy who may have a cabin and a can of beans? Seriously? I promise you that it’s not going to happen like that – the government will be too frickin busy trying to keep itself alive, and will most likely fail miserably.

            A full society/civilization collapse will mean that any large, centralized organization will also collapse with it. Take a good, hard look at the Roman Empire for a study guide… first it split east/west, then the west split into factions, then the whole thing began breaking down entirely.

            • We cannot find people now with those same resources. Eric Robert Rudolf finally gave himself up after five years in hiding while being questioned by a LEO about dumpster diving. Most marijuana growers don’t get caught. IMHO, they will put the smack down on larger cities and expect the rest to comply out of fear.

            • OQ, “Honestly? No”

              Agreed. At that point there will be so many “barbarians at the gates”, the gov’t will pick a few choice locations to lock down and leave it at that. Of course they have satellites and drones, but that only works to handle a small set of issues/targets, not 300M + of them.

            • OQ, Anyone who reads about the breakup of Rome, should see the similarities, bc there are many!! And after the pinacle of the Roman Empire, we got the Dark Ages.

            • This is in response to Govt Guy below….all they have to do is give their names to the local COLLECTION AGENCY….they have their ways of finding those hiding people….trust me….LOL

              We received a phone call the other day from a collection agency. They were looking for a (very distant) family member that lives in another state and we have not been in contact for years. Not even sure how they got our name.

            • After the collapse the federal government will concern itself with fighting gangs in the cities, guarding supply routes through the US, and guarding wherever it is the ruling elite will live. At first. After most of the population dies out the government will gradually regain control of the country. They’ll take care of all the dead bodies and identify where people live. That’s when those who survived will be subject to tyranny.

            • @Tina,
              The fact they are calling you shows how desperate they really are and how little success they are having. If they were calling about student loans, the feds require the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three relatives on the application.

              I know people who have not made a student loan payment since they graduated from college twenty years ago. Get a PO Box in another town and pay cash until it drops off the credit report.

            • ….”Take a good, hard look at the Roman Empire for a study guide… first it split east/west, then the west split into factions, then the whole thing began breaking down entirely”.

              But the Roman Empire didn’t have DUMBS and underground tunnels. All these guys have to do is go underground to wait it out.

            • ” At first. After most of the population dies out the government will gradually regain control of the country. ”

              Good luck with that. Without a massive logistics infrastructure, they’ll run out of fuel before they got even 200 miles out of the nearest metropolitan stronghold. I can say that with confidence because most of the heavy military equipment (tanks, aircraft, etc) burn fuel at some very embarrassing rates. What few refineries exist even now will become quick and easy targets for every wannabe tinpot dictator out there.

              For every modern soldier out in the field, there are 17-25 personnel backing him up, and everyone in that chain needs and consumes resources.

              I also sincerely doubt that there would be one central government. Such a crisis is an irresistible temptation for anyone wanting to rule, and I doubt that any leadership structure would last very long, if at all.

          • I disagree, I have some excellent and rural farmland with excellent water in Chile. I have a beautiful home and several means to get their should air travel become restricted. Additionally I have perfectly legal US, Chilean, Russian and Brazilian passports so getting out of the US is not a big deal as I have a second home with the means to house and feed myself and my family.

            Think about this for a moment, when the Nazis were taking over in Germany many saw the hand writing on the wall and left. They go out while they still could.

            Fighting is great “if” you are young enough and healthy enough to do so and I firmly believe you will. But for many of “is” older Americans there is not much fight left. And yes you can run and hide while living a quality and full life when America burns itself to the ground in a Second American Civil War.

            • megayacht
              sorry but running isnt a option, yeah you might be rich and can afford a house in chile but what about the rest of us that cant.
              nope, wouldn’t miss this for anything.most of all because if everyone runs and hides that means that “they” win and thats bullshit
              i may not be young anymore but life expseriance has a way of making up for that

            • Megayacht
              I could run away tomorrow too. But I wont. Ill fight. I wont be fighting for myself. Ill be fighting for my children and grand children. I dont really want to fight and Im old too. But I want my decendants to have liberty and freedom.

        • Posse whats up brother?

          With millions buying weapons, perhaps there are not as many sheep out there as we are led to believe.

          With the ndaa, other laws passed,low msm viewership and the low turn outs to elections(and the election fraud) perhaps the awakened are 60% now.

          Unfortunetely, NO ONE is 100% self sustaining, we will have to rely on neighbors and family also. In my case I am F^CKED, I hope you and many here are not.

          Peace brother!!

          • It doesn’t change the fact that very few people are preparing. What it means is more and more people can try to kill you and take what you have.

          • This may be a little off topic but I would like to mention something. Please Please Please put as much effort into your personal relationships as you do into your “prepping”.

            Divorce rates are through the roof.

            At a risk of sounding too mushy to all your testosterone toting men, I have been married 30+y to my soul mate. Yes….I believe in soul mates. If we are not doing stuff together we at least support the other in what the other wants to do.

            We have not always seen eye to eye on everything….this includes prepping. I remember the first time I mentioned that we needed to change our lifestyle and start to prep for our future, he was silent for a long time, and just stared at me like one my marbles came loose. I know he was thinking I needed to see a professional….LOL. I realized that I had just blindsided him and he was actually speechless. Over the last couple of years he has since come around and now he is on the same page. As he watches the news and sees what is going in the world he thinks back on that first conversation I had with him and I KNOW he thinks I am clairvoyant….I LOVE IT!

            You can “survive” without a companion but it is hard to really “live” without one. Make time to live………..

            • Agreed. I wouldn’t have been able to do jack without my wife’s full consent and cooperation.

              Besides, not only is it a lot more fun having her help me along, but she’s learning skills that I have been too busy with.

              I’d much rather survive with the two of us working together, than as someone who has to drag her along post-collapse. It’ll be work enough having to organize select non-prepped neighbors and helping them along.

            • Kudos, You’ve made some very nice posts today. =1.

            • Thats a +1.

          • KEVIN

            What’s up?..still prepping and hitting the local range as often as possible..
            Since my newest weapon of choice is a year out in back orders nationwide from keltec.(sub2000 40 s&w)semi auto rifle…searching for viable alternatives..

            Most likely purchasing a used S&W M&P 40 CAL for self defense concealed carry..and then..who knows?

            As far as neighbors here..forget it..they are all koolaid drinkers for the left and right obamney idiots..

            and the Ron Paul revo..lution just got betrayed..

            go figure..that was predictable..

            nothing will save us now..

            nor would it ever have in the first place..

            circle the wagons..get ready

            what’s happening in the e.u. will spread here soon enough.


            • Kevin Keltec are showing up at the gun show a lot lately because of all G22 being turn in. LEO have been changing their personal items to go with there new issue caliber. Its the Kel Tec 9mm that you cat find private

            • Got that right posse(the paul revolution!!!) I hear he was threatened(as perot was) but thats no excuse!! Andrew Jacksons example is who Ron Paul should look to. I would give my life right now for the littles ones to have REAL money and a future/life better then mine!!

              I bought a sub-2000 about 8-10 years ago(9mm, glock 17 magazines fed it), was not to happy with it.(I think I got a lemon) great design for a BOB though.

              I think facebook page red thumbed you thinking it was me(because how you typed my name), he left a responce to me under your post.


        • I agree, Possee. The phrase, “Praise the Lord AND pass the ammunition” comes to mind in times like these.

          I read a lot of alternative (real REAL) news on the Internet and also view some pap put out by the usual media outlets just to see what BS they are feeding “the public”. One thing that I do not see in a lot of prepper articles is that we must all have all of the strength of character and conscience that we can if we are to endure great hardship. For many of us, God is our source of internal power, so we should all try to maintain a close and personal relationship with God, no matter what happens.

          While I am a religious person, I am fully aware of the fact that there are many paths that lead to God, that all men and women of good heart and conscience seek Him, and that none of these paths are superior to any other. I have my ways and others have theirs, which is fine with me and, hopefully, with them as well. Peace, All.

          • Thankfully, my wife has always wanted farmland and plenty of animals to boot so it wouldnt be that hard convincing her to revert back to horses and cavalry if need be :D! lol, anyways, as to possee’s original statement, I am glad that many people are taking their safety into their own hands, 3 million preppers is a good number, roughly 1 out of 10 Americans. However my concern is that they do not do a statistics to show what percentage of those gun owners are flaming liberal hypocritical gun control fanatics who only own a firearm because of fear of victimization, and or already being victims themselves, it’s they who I probably fear the most, as they are of the ‘entitled’ class and will do whatever it takes to take what they feel is theirs, aka the necessities to continue ‘the right to live’… any thoughts on this?

          • MagMan

            Though not a practicing religious man of 60 years..I do believe that relationship will benefit those who do..myself included.

            But given the history of man..and the lack of divine intervention so far ..every man woman and child must protect themselves for what is coming..and lead is my answer..along with canned and others..

            take care


      5. We were all kids once, and did likely benifit at least little bit from the public education system, so I will contend the point raised that one should not pay taxes for schools. Schools are a neccessary part of civilization, as are roads and emergency services, which are only paid for by taxes, not out of the goodness of people’s hearts.

        On the other issues, well, there really is no-where left to go. I cannot see going from the frying pan into the fire as being a wise decision.

        Sadly, we must accept the fact that most people have been conditioned to accept the slow decline to slavery, and can only hope that enough of them snap out of it before it really is too late.

        • I received no benefit from public education. If anything, it hindered me from obtaining a worthwhile education on my own. Anything worth knowing in this world I never learned in a public classroom.

          Roads? Really? The “we” always go on about the fucking roads. First of all, the taxes on fuel pay for roads. Secondly, all roads lead to Rome and those assholes were the first to start that line about how government must exist to maintain order and of course, roads. Fuck the roads.

          Finally, people should ask themselves what government really is. Government is nothing more than a parasite that ends up controlling the host. It started out in this country as a small, insignificant tape worm that didn’t consume too much. Over the past two centuries it has grown throughout both the small and large intestines, starving it’s host, the people, of any nutritional prosperity. This is the true nature of government and some of the founders had a good sense of this.

          The answer is not to end the fed or end one alphabet agency over another, no. The answer is the end of government. There is no need for it, at all. Leaders are nothing more than lazy, worthless swine that get a free ride on the backs of others. They achieve this by promising other lazy, but less ambitious people, free stuff, stolen from those that are not lazy.

          To add more danger, these lazy, ambitious, worthless swine are also psychopathic. Once in power and surrounded by other lunatics, they crave more and more control. Until eventually, they convince most of us that we need to leave our homes, families, professions and so on, so that we can go to some distant land and commit murder against a pretend enemy. Yes, be careful of these filthy low-life bastards. They ruin everything they touch.

          If you want to fix this mess, fix yourself and stop thinking you “need” anything like government. You don’t. You don’t need a damned thing from someone that would tell you how to live, how to act and what to believe. Sadly, for every thousand hacking at the branches, there is but one attacking the root.

          • “Over the past two centuries it has grown throughout both the small and large intestines, starving it’s host, the people, of any nutritional prosperity.”

            I love it!

          • when the carrying costs of the society exceed its output, the whole contraption collapses The political adjunct to this systemic implosion is that the productive people just stop supporting the Status Quo because it’s become too burdensome.
            There are no “solutions” that can fix those defaults. The “solution” is collapse, as only collapse will force everyone to go do something more sustainable to get by.

            • Agreed, Jayjay. One need only look to the recent history of the USSR to know that this is so. The USSR flaunted economic law for 75 years before economic law decimated their economy. This is marvelous proof that, no, politicians really can’t ordain economic via fiat. Decreeing that up is down and down is up does not make it so. It only causes people to repeat the gibberish that it is so.

              That said, Russia today is FAR better off than the USSR was back in the 1990s. Yes, collapse is a messy and painful business but eventually all unsustainable systems arrive at this point.

              Got food, water, family, friends, shelter, tools, fuel, meds, ammo, and silver? Those who do will weather the coming crisis. Those who do not will become angry, desperate, and dangerous.

        • Some things are necessary for any functioning society.

          Schools, roads, a fire department, a small police force, and a militia. These are the minimum that any functioning society needs to provide. Why? Answers are simple enough:

          * A society without some form of basic education for its citizens becomes an ignorant society, and in turn becomes easily led by the first person that can take advantage of that ignorance.

          * A society without roads ends up becoming isolated – from the world and from each other. Google for the phrase “Get Iowa Out of The Mud”. Research the results if you want a damned good reason why roads are not only necessary, but why they should be built and maintained by a local or state government.

          * A fire department, and a small police force are necessary for safety. The former I hope isn’t arguable. The latter is a point of contention, certainly. Yes, I’ve heard the phrase “I’ll protect and defend myself” – Hell, I prefer that method myself. On the other hand, do you want to spend all of your time chasing criminals down and feed/care for jailed inmates, or would you prefer a small professional team to do it? As an added benefit, that team (nominally) isn’t driven by petty revenge, and can mete out justice fairly, w/o emotion.

          Certainly, there are cops who abuse their authority. Yes, there are way too many laws, and a huge chunk of them are stupid beyond belief. However, only a complete idiot would say that cops are unnecessary. It’s like saying that garbagemen are unnecessary.

          * The militia is necessary for defense. This is nominally done today via the National Guard, but post-collapse, you’ll definitely need to organize one.

          Technically, in a (very!) small society, a lot of this is not needed (outside of the education and the militia). However, if you have any hope of going beyond a tiny subset of stragglers slowly dying off? You’ll want to implement them at some point during rebuilding.

          • For all the things in your list, no government is required. All could be met on a cooperative level. Huge difference.

            • Ah yes, a true believer in the human spirit! A true optimist! Joe for you the glass is always (at least) half full, and your mind to be of and for yourself should not be looked upon as that of a selfish one, but a broad and bright example of selflessness. The rest of the world, no matter how prepped or alert to the global situation at hand, is still sleeping in this sense. But I thank you for voicing your thoughts, and I share in your belief of every man is his own master.

            • Joe, I think you have a point that a cooperative can establish this. This works on a small scale. As people rebuild, it will come to the forefront again. And again. And again. Hopefully, we’ll start learning our lessons and not letting corporations/money/big businesses run our government/ruin our environments/enslave the masses.

            • “All could be met on a cooperative level.”

              …and all have been tried in our own history, often to failure.

              Private schools become too expensive for the average citizen, leading to high rates of illiteracy, and being easy screwed because you didn’t know basic mathematics or how to read a contract.

              Private roads that were worth a damn required exorbitant tolls, which in turn took a sizable chunk out of your harvest before it eve got to market.

              Private fire departments required paying high insurance rates to those departments in advance, and often two or more private fire departments arriving at the scene of a fire wound up fighting each other instead of putting out the fire. Sometimes a fire department would arrive, hang around watching you try to put it out on your own, and their asking price would go up dramatically for each minute that you didn’t pay them to put it out. It also led to a duplication of effort as each department had to get and keep up their own equipment. This in turn is a waste of resources, which are going to be in rather short supply, post-collapse. On a cooperative level? How’d that work out for Chicago in 1871?

              Cops? Yep – they had private police forces, which could be easily bribed and turned into a private mob enforcement group, far more easily than today. After all, what are you going to do about it – call the cops?

              I could certainly go on, but you get the point.

            • @ Odd Questioner:

              The government is the new mob, better organized, thoroughly bought out, using force to control you, me and everyone else. How about this? You leave me the fuck alone and don’t tell me what to do, how to live, what to eat, so on and so forth, and I will oblige the same in return. We’re all capable of this. The founders knew it and it worked quite well for a time.

              Since then and somewhere in the midst of the nineteenth century, society, the cancer that it is, has been brainwashed into accepting controls where none are needed. No rules, except one, is all that is needed.

              Universal Prime Law #1) Cause no harm to another person or person’s property.

              It’s written within the confines of the Constitution. Yet, rather than read it, most blather on with thoughts that don’t even belong to themselves about some horseshit machinations they were brainwashed into believing. Accepting to be controlled and demanding that others be controlled. Leave me the fuck alone is all I ask.


              You are one that completely understands what I’m saying here. We all have this ability within us. I also think that the next phase in social evolution is within the mindset. I think we’re in the middle of this phase right now. One day, when it all falls apart, I think we may see this to fruition. I require no leader and have no desire to lead anyone, exactly!

            • Sure is, Joe… on paper, anyway. Trying to get a diverse group to agree on much of anything, especially these days, is a lot like herding cats… possible but extremely difficult. These things COULD be met on a cooperative level but my questions is, would they? Probably not.

        • If you ask how much a public school system needs, they just answer “more”.

      6. Texas and east to NC to Florida secede? We will be the USA the rest can join Canada or Mexico?

      7. “They” really mean well, why, just the other day I read where ‘They’ paid $6,000 for iPads which the general public could buy for $499! Don’t worry, none of them will lose their ‘jobs’ we give them.

        ‘They’ really love children, at least they really love to say they really love children while they whittle away any promises of a bright future with debt to their hidden masters.

        ‘They’ are a different species and Evolution is about to drop them on their heads!

      8. During the great depression, when the banks showed up to auction off farms, neighbors would show up armed(and block outsiders from getting in to the auctions) and not allow the price to go that high, and family and neighbors would pitch in, buy it on the cheap and give it back to the rightful ownwers(atleast in my families neck of the woods(western missourri))

        It would be nice to go back to that kind of behavior but with swat teams, bulkanization, and the destruction of the family, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!

        • After the SHTF, and provided enough patriotism is sparked in the “survivors” along with enough common sense, one law enacted will reverse so much of the grief that brought us here:

          “Corporations cant own land”

          Y’all keep that in mind.

          • Jaun, actually, that is already true. They cannot own land. Only a man can own land. A corporation can’t own *ANTYTHING*. A corporation is a fiction. Oh, no, thats not right. A fiction can own another fiction. This is why they created the term “real estate”. Must like the federal reserve not being federal, real property is fiction. It was created so they could fool you into believing that corporations could own the land. It is a lie. …for which most of us have fallen for our entire lives.

            • Nothing that is taxed can be owned. Think not? Just try NOT paying the tax on it and see what happens to it and to you. Only the things that you have that are not taxed (yet) can really be “owned”.

            • Where did you come up with that? Corporations most certainly own property.

          • Corporations aren’t the problem. The problem is crony capitalism and the Obama administration that refuses to prosecute the corrupt banksters. Like John Corzine who stole a least a billion dollars from MF Global customers. He hasn’t been prosecuted because he’s a big bundler for Obama.
            The corrupt heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac didn’t go to prison either. They went to work for Obama.

        • We did the same things in the Midwest during the 80’s, it was what started the “Farm Aid” concerts and stuff that helped the farmers. We didn’t use guns though, just wouldn’t let anyone bid on the property until the price was so low that the neighbors could buy it from the bankers and LEO just stood there and laughed at them wringing their hands. Then the farmers just bought it back after harvest.

      9. No place is really safe, just some places are safer than others.

      10. Move while you can. You’re still too close to the pollution of D.C. and its neighboring cesspools of liberalism. These ‘genteel’ country folk are the same kind of liberals that ruined Vermont. They can’t stand the crime, corruption, taxes, traffic, and general over-crowding that their progessive policies have created, so they move to ‘paradise’ and try it all over again at the expense of the locals. They bring with them their collectivist virus and infect the new area with it, and once they become a majority, the area sees a dramtic increase in taxes and regulations the mirror they hell-holes they just left. As long as they remain a small segment of the community, they are just an irritant. But once they become the majority, they will be very dangerous. When TSHTF, the can then use their new power to enact all kinds of draconian edicts such as local restrictions on firearms, food production, and possibly even confiscation of certain goods ‘until the crisis passes’. Liberals by their very nature are morally and phyically weak, that why they seek their strenght in the ‘collective’, so if the coming crisis is a long term one, many of them will not survive becasue they don’t know how without government to help them. If the ‘new arrivals’ are still a minority, they will probably remain so given the current economic situation. If not, then anyone living in one of these new liberal bastions could be in for a hard time until they die out. Good luck, and keep your preps to yourself and keep your lips sealed about most stuff (OPSEC).

        • They ruined Maine and NH as well!!!

      11. Yes, where does one go? Anywhere in the U.S. is still subject to an ever-growing Leviathan Statism that is crushing liberty and the concept of private property at every turn. Yet, looking at all of the standard options put forth by Simon Black/Sovereign Man and the like, they are even worse (or, at least, have greater risk to become much worse, due to their respective historical records (e.g., Argentina, Chile, Estonia . . . ). If you think fleeing to Singapore is a great idea because of its “liberty” try chewing gum or spitting on the sidewalk in public. Or, more importantly, think about what Singapore would have been had it not been for the U.S. Navy in 1941-42. Same with Australia. Today, the threat is not Japan, but China. Anywhere in Asia is at risk given the Chinese penchant for growth and tyranny. Europe is on life support. South America has such a long history of banana republics and tryanny it is too scary to contemplate. Africa? Seriously. Canada? Check their gun laws and Statism lately? No, the U.S. is still the “last best hope.” THE KEY IS FOR LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE WHO LOVE LIBERTY, PRIVATE PROPERTY, AND THE RULE OF LAW to restore all of that as the thread with which our national quilt is made. WE, THE PEOPLE, have to take it upon ourselves to RESTORE the U.S. to its fundamental state of limited government based upon a balance of powers. It starts at home, in Eric Peters’s Western VA county, and in your home city and county. YOU, who are AWARE, must take back your town, your city, your county. RESTORE liberty and private property locally. Do that in enough cities and counties, and the State follows. Do that in enough States, and the nation follows.

        • I live way up here in Clallam County, WA, right across the strait from Victoria, BC. The morons here are just as stupid as the ones I left behind in Los Angeles County. You get right down to it when talking to people and you will soon find, at root, that they’re really socialist at heart. I’ve been railing against the mess this monkey house is in since Looney Lyndon was pretending to be “our” president. We’ll be at war in the near future and all I and my closest friends can hope for is that the missiles the Chinese will be sending towards the I-5 corridor have enough gas in them to clear our place.

        • BRAVO! Well said.

          Yes, it is easier to turn tail and run but staying and fighting the bastards has a lot more appeal to it, at least for some of us. When the time comes, hopefully, a lot more of our fellow citizens will stand with us than against us. If not, then so be it. It really is better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees.

        • The oil, natural gas, food abundant states with low populations and a rural flavor would probably be the most likely to respect they’re citizens rights. Wealth allows them options that are unavailable with dependency.

          • Until mass immigration legal and illegal from the Turd World is stopped it is just a matter of time until it is game over.

            • LOL it’s too late. We’d have to stop it and reverse it to get anywhere. We are already a banana republic. Only difference is, for now the coffers are full, and the parasites can live a life of ease sponging off of social services.

      12. Barack Hussein Obama will lead his people!!!!!

        • If he loses the election, Obamney will continue to lead them.

        • YAH to HELL!!!!!

        • Right into the gas chambers! Socialism fails every time and ends up with LOTS of dead people, 300 million in the last century alone, how many this time?

      13. I know people who have already left this country. One went to New Zeland, but most went to Central and South America. Everybody has their reasons for leaving, but I cannot and will not. If America succumbs to the globalists, the whole world loses.

        I am staying and I am going to fight. I am not only going to fight, I will be organizing others to do the same. I am one of those rare individuals that is willing to sacrifice my life for Liberty. Like Thomas Jefferson, I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.

        • Jeff, you’re a rare individual alright!! You can’t be a Military man then though. Only a dickhead gives his life “bravely and willingly” for Liberty bullshit. You don’t give you life away for any c****t, you make the bad guys give their lives up for their cause.
          You sound like a romantic civi. Soldiers don’t fight for Freedom, Liberty or their Country, or their sweethearts back home. Soldiers fight for the other seven or eight guys in the Squad or their extended family up to about Company level. That’s it. None of this stupid nonsense. If Thomas Jefferson was in my Company, I couldn’t care less what he swore to uphold. But he better be rockin and rollin in tune with the rest of his Squad or he’d wear a size 11 boot in the head.

          • Better to pick your fights yourself, than be mercy to the whims of politicians.

            If you have to be in a situation whereby people are trying to kill you, it best be for a cause you believe in enough to die for it.

        • That’s nice. You’ll last about 5 minutes. We’re going to have a one-world government after the collapse. Those people will make the Nazis look warm and fuzzy by comparison. All they have to do is make gun ownership illegal after the collapse and make it subject to the death penalty. Not only for you for your whole family. You cause them any trouble or refuse to allow your home to be searched they’ll wipe everybody out. Just send an Apache helicopter. They’ll kill you and your family. It will be a lesson for your whole town. Everybody else will fall in line. You’ll have died for nothing.

          • Barn Cat, et al. : And just where are the NWO types going to get the means to monitor every citizen? Have you been reading up the last few years on economics. Hell, even the lame-stream-media has finally caught on, these folks are just about out of money. And when they go down, so will we because all of the banks, their’s and our’s, are joined at the hip. Be patient-Greece will go first, followed by Spain, and then Italy. In which case we are all doomed unless the IMF prints more money out of thin air like Bernake is planning to do. And in that case we’re also screwed through hyper-inflation. So, it’s going to be either no money or way too much money. The bottom line is no NWO if it can’t be paid for. The world, and perhaps even our country, will most likely look like the fuedal kingdoms of the Middle Ages rather than some super world government. But hey, I could be wrong. But then my good economic senses got me out of stocks and into bonds months before the 2008 mini-crash. I actually made money while my friends and co-workers took a bath. And yes, I tried to warn them but was called a ‘doomer’. I laughed all the way to the bank while most lost as much as 50% before they switched. My economic senses tell me again that we are in big trouble. But no NWO, only chaos at all levels of the society, so get ready. There will be no calvary coming over the hill to save any of us, we’re on our own. Everything will be local, not national, and certainly not international when it comes to government and economics. Better get your preps ready and training too. Good luck to everyone.

          • Well, Barn Cat, if they get Jeff and his family, they better have that Apache loaded down with ammo because my family is right behind his and there are several more lining up behind mine.

            Simply put: There isn’t enough ammo.

            Fall in line? Hehehehe. It may be that way in the city. Its not that way in the rural areas. You don’t kill peoples’ families (such as mine) to make me “fall in line”. That phrase is foreign language spoken by sheople and CoCoa Puffers.

            Puhleeze. Is this the same government that helped people during katrina? …or the one that is fighting the “war” in Afganistan? Yeah, they’ve really cleaned that place up! They sure have fallen in line.

            Is chicken little your cousin?

            They wont do anything. They won’t care. They’ll just leave it be, except the cities they will attempt but then, it will be like Katrina only people will be WAY wiser and they’ll get resistance.

            In Indiana you now have a right to protect your person and property using deadly force against “public servants” that you believe to be committing unlawful acts. Do you think the rest of the country won’t do the same? Killing a family with an apache copter sounds like an unlawful act. Is it arguable that those pilots are public servants? …could it be called the “Hangfire of Justice” because the bullets were delayed?

            It was just a thought.

            • The government hamstrung the military in Afghanistan because they don’t want to win. Think about it. Do you think a government that will deliberately cause an economic collapse and starve two hundred million citizens will care about murdering anybody who gets in their way? You can talk about how you can fight and win if you want but you won’t get anywhere. When all is said and done more will be said than done.

          • Tina and Barn Cat: You’ve been sucked in by a lot of dystopic novels and movies. I must admit, they are my guilty pleasures too, but they are not real. There is NOT going to be a NWO. For those of you who have not been paying attention, the EU and the USA are going broke-no money-no NWO. Greece is on the verge of collapse into chaos. Spain in next to go down, and Italy may not be too far behind them. This matters because our banks and theirs are joined at the hip and if they go down, so do we. The banks have run out of money due to a lot of bad investments. No money-no NWO. The only other option is for the IMF to print money into existance to bail out the banks in Europe. Bernake will have to do the same here in the USA. If they choose option B, we will have hyperinflation-too much cheap money. Useless money is as bad as no money-but either way, no NWO. It’s that simple people. My economic good sense kept me out of the 2008 mini-crash. I actually made a little money while my co-workers lost thier shirts, after calling me a ‘doomer’ when I foolishly tried to warn them. My economic good sense tells me now that we are headed for a major financial shit-storm. We may actually see the opposite of a NWO, something more along the lines of fuedal Europe in the Middle Ages after everything comes crashing down. There won’t be much of a national government let alone an international one. Politics will become very local as will our economies as they shrink. Get your training and other preps ready folks. But hey, I could be wrong and this will all just blow over, and boy will I look silly.

          • Barn Cat,

            Someone understands. Since many states have gun registration a simple phone call from the school informing you that you have the choice of bringing in your guns or not getting your kids or wife back. Pretty simple really, and there are other ways such as roadblocks where they can keep you from your preps and guns while they take your keys and search your home. People better think a little more about what they will be up against.

          • Boat anchors and chain dont mix well with propellers… MHO

          • Is Afganistan “conquered” yet?

        • @ Jeff– perhaps you and the entire US. should read the book of Isaiah ( especially ch.9 ) to understand what happens to a nation when disobeying the commandments of God. These events of disobedience took place shortly after 9/11/2001, when the declaration by none other than Tom Daschle and John Edwards to disobey God and rebuild the “hallowed ground” of ground zero. Both of these men have been severely punished for their actions. You may not think their punishment was severe, but they certainly do! Their jobs and possibly Edwards’ freedom has been compromised. As promised by God, our entire nation is compromised at the moment, due to our reluctance to obey and our tendency to be self serving. I don’t know how to post a link, but if you choose, youtube has a great video of a rabbi lecture called ” The Harbinger” — 5 part vid worth seeing. Very chilling and informative. I understand the reluctance of many here to accept God as a credible source, so I do expect this comment to go into “hiding”.

          • I have no idea why you could possibly consider rebuilding ground zero to be a sin against God. It makes no sense. How about America murdering 40 million unborn children? When King David had Uriah the Hittite killed God repaid him 4 for 1. If that happens to America we lose 160 million people.

            • @ barn cat- You state that America kills 40 million unborn… absolutely! This is only one example of America and the world for that matter, being deceived by the fallen archangel Lucifer. Remember, Lucifer is the Great Deceiver. Through lies and deception, he has fooled or lulled the populace into compliance to him and not God. Lucifers’ goal is to take souls away from God using any method at his disposal.
              I believe that we are in the end times and NOTHING can stop or alter the decisions of God. That edict is true and certain, as declared. WE, as man, have been deceived to believe in many false religions, hatred and then, violence being the only solution to our problems.
              Our “disobedience” to God has been ongoing since America became a debtor nation and failed to follow God.
              King David had God’s approval and declaration to destroy Uriah… we didn’t have that declaration from God to rebuild our “temple”.

            • Curious George, you need to take a basic Sunday School class. Uriah was a righteous man whose wife was either raped or seduced by David, who then proceeded to have his loyal servant sent to the front lines where he was killed (after he refused to sleep at home while his army was in the midest of battle). David lost his first born baby over this, and the rest of his family (Absolom, anyone?) was an absolute mess, due to the judgment of God for David’s profound sin.

        • Hey Jeff! Some may ridicule your romanticism, however, I’ll cover your six if you’ll cover mine!

      14. I would never consider leaving (fleeing) this country because of the coming upheaval, for many reasons. First, it is my country. I fought for it once and will do so again. Second, while I haven’t seen the whole world, I’ve seen enough to know most places are poverty ridden and the people hate us. Third, here in America, I am armed. In a foreign land, as an expatriate, I probably wouldn’t be allowed a gun, even in the rare country that allowed them. Fourth, this coming upheaval will be world wide. In short, there is no where to run. So, man up, get some steel in your spine and fight like a cornered rat against the scum who would install a dictatorship. ANY member of the praetorian guard who comes against we-the-people, is sub-human filth and should be dealt with, with the compassion you’d show a cockroach.

        • I don’t know if you’re whistling past the graveyard or if you’re really that foolish. You want to die quickly? And leave your family without a protector? Just by definition, dictators are ruthless. Do you think they’re afraid of men with guns when they’re fighting back with tanks, helicopters, drones, and all the latest equipment? It would be like taking on the Russian mafia or the Mexican drug cartels. They’ll welcome it. It will be like in boot camp when the DI says, “Anybody here think they can take me?” and some idiot goes out to get stomped in 5 seconds.

          • Barn Cat, please. You must be a yellow barn cat.

            Every hear of shoot and scoot? No, you can’t take down and apache or kill a tank but there are other things that can be done. Besides, you’re not considering this:

            Do you really think the people won’t have copters and tanks?

            No, really, those are *OUR* tanks and copters. Do you think nobody will steal one or thousands? How many OathKeepers will stand on their oath? I’ve heard its as high as 80%?

            You’re just fear mongering or simply a coward, I’m not sure which. Just wait until one guy with balls the size of the moon does a TSM (Tieneman Square Move) and gets martyred. You want to be the military that opposes that?

            • Anyone with any military experience at all will readily recognize a number of facts. First, the USA is a HUGE place. The US military cannot patrol and keep order here because there simply are not enough of them. It would require troops in divisional strength to maintain order in a single large US city… and there are hundreds of medium to large US cities. Second, a lot of military folks simply will not follow a dictator. Third, any situation dreadful enough to collapse economies and national governments will surely fragment the military as well. It is not monolithic. Not even the Soviet military wanted any part of firing on their own people. Why on God’s green Earth would the US military do so when the Russians would not? While a few might, many more would not. All US military folks are taught the UCMJ, which specifies that an illegal order can and should be refused. The very idea of firing on US citizens would be completely foreign to most of our troops, and rightfully so.

            • That figures. You can’t win the argument so you have to insult me. I’m a realist. You people can dream about fighting the second American Revolution but it won’t happen.

            • I’m pretty much with 41MagMan on this, however in terms of the division, it was for that reason that the military decided to reform into brigade sized maneuver elements. anyways, as for the troops turning on their own, we would not do so on an all of a sudden basis, it’d take a gradual crack down caused by a catalytic event (I.E. a prepper bombing the white house because Obama was reelected, and called on a prepper crusade against the president and all who stood with him…just a scenario I’d imagine would be sufficient), it’s only by causing a wide enough pre-divide and enough slow warming up to the idea that preppers/common defense folk such as us are evil, that it’d be EASIER for the military to have its own turn against fellow americans (keep in mind i said easier, it’d still be closer to a cold day in hell, a reason for my Call Sign.)

            • Barn Cat is wise. You are stupid, one of those who thinks red Dawn was a real event. A 25 MM cannon shooting from a mile away will kill you before you even know it. Get a clue. Stick fram houses like in the US will not stand up like the concrete houses in Iraq. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

          • Not in my boot camp. I can still remember with complete clarity that Benjiman Moui, a Samoan and squad leader with me, asked the most brutal DI of the three if he would step into the head for a “private conversation” if front of everyone.

            The DI declined.

            It only takes one man to make a difference, and one hombre doesn’t need a possee.

            Just saying. 🙂

            • Bullys are all the same, biggest p….ys of the bunch. Fold like lawn chairs when someone stands up to ’em. Watch out for the little, quiet muthaph…r.

          • Will it really matter at that point, will you want to ” live” in a one world Goverment under a dictator anyways? Either way your screwed, resist or not resist they might kill you anyways, just make it count if you plan on resisting.If you don’t plan on resisting enjoy that last train ride to the furnace.

        • SWIFT, I’m with you on this. I’m staying to fight and I too have seen the world. I’ll stay, as long as God allows me, to help/assist others. I was never taught to run.

        • You are right, I’m from “rural” Europe and sadly, we’ve seen this so many times, when the times get rough it is about RACE once again. So the ovens (Auschwitz) will be heated up, and people will rally around their “race.” That is too damn bad, I thought we had already evolved past that.

          Here in Europe it means we are going to have bloody and merciless religious wars, moslems against christian; and fights between colors. If you move to NZ, I think you are all right, but moving to Asia, Africa, S.America anywhere else just makes you a very defenseless minority ready to be blamed for everything.

          I think you will follow the european pattern with the civil wars and annihilation between race lines.

          You are right, Americans are not loved anywhere in the world (tell me a country that is really loved in the world once money or resources become scarce – none.)

          Oh, by the way, once the SHTF in Europe with all the bloodshed, be prepared to get a cry of help from us again. Just this time, please don’t come. We don’t want to have those “depleted” uranium rounds contaminate our continent. But most importantly, it’s our job to clean our own mess we have been deliberately making for years.

          Take care!

          • …it seems that when we come, we tend to overstay our welcome.


            Maybe we won’t have the resources to this time.

          • “Just this time, please don’t come.”

            Not a problem. My grand father shed his blood for Europe in 1918. My father shed his blood for Europe in 1944. Somehow, Europe managed not to f***-up when I was a young man. My family has already shed enough blood for Europe. Neither my son nor my grand son have any interest whatever in shedding any blood for Europe. As far as we are concerned, you folks are all grown up now and can stand or not on your own. What will be will be.

          • That would be my fondest wish for America to turn its back on Europe. The only group of people i dislike more would be Canadians.

          • I sincerly hope that Americans will retake hold of the Liberty and libertys God and pay attention to Washingtons admonition to stay out of europes affairs and pay attention to our own problems…not the worlds…europe has had a 50 year break from its wars and fighting,thats about to end I fear…they had their chance,not one more drop of American blood or treasure to prop it up….

        • One other bit: Unless you’re bugging out to Siberia, Australia, or Antarctica? You’re going to find yourself in and among even denser populations. I won’t even have to mention that in most of the third world, bribery is required for daily life, kidnappings for ransom is a viable career path, and you’d better shut the hell up and take whatever leadership they give you (yes, they say it’s a democracy, but no, it really ain’t…)

          • Speaking of Antarctica, about 50 years ago I remember they buried tons of dried eggs somewhere; does anyone remember where they put them?

            • Yea it was about 50 yards south of that big glacier – you know that one the seal is always sitting on?

            • Speaking of buried food, didnt they bury a seed vault in the north pole ^_^? anyone wanna lead an expedition when the shtf comes up?

      15. Although I hear what you are saying I take issue with the premise that liberty=individualism. I mean am I not at liberty to be a collectivist? Don’t worry I am not, but I do believe my liberty is endowed by my creator SO THAT I can seek the true God and worship Him by means of true religion. I am also concerned about my neighbors faith and general well being and sm not quite such why I shouldn’t be free to be concerned. Also things like zoning laws do not necessarily need to be anti-liberty. What about your liberty when your neighbor decides to put in a toxic waste dump? Just like other laws zoning laws should be used to protect persons and property, not to engineer a utopia. I am completely against federal education (cause its unconstitutional) and I 100% agree that it is a natural right for parents to educate their kids, but I don’t see why local communities can’t be free to choose to assist them. Particularly when education is limited to the three Rs.

        My point is this, rather than attacking a single emotionally charged proposition why not speak on principle with your neighbors about how you want to organize your county? Why not discuss the scope of county or local governance and it’s form and its limits and put that into written form. Personally I think that the tendency toward big goverment needs to be combatted not by no government but by limited small governments. Limits on taxes as a percentage of income, limits on the rate of increase, and limits on the agreed scope of Government are all essential for liberty, even if they are not strictly speaking amenable to individualism.

        The debate has to start with the concept that the powers of any government come from the people they represent and that the best government governs the least because it only touches those things most (a supermajority) agree needed to be addressed by the community.

        If men were Angels we wouldn’t need government, sadly we are not, and we do, the constructive thing for those who are liberty minded to do is not to instinctively attack all government but to fight centealization (which is the biggest danger) snd to engage your neighbors in a principled discussion about how and what we should govern, and what naturally should be left to the individual…and even then not to the individual as a family is another smaller form of government to which you must submit.

        • …simply put there is no govt that can be trusted to remain small and not seek to empower itself to expand beyond the original mandate,no matter how well contained it may have been when first conceived…evil will always add to itself and eventually you will find yourself exactly where we are today,asking how we can defang and stop the beast…govt is nessesary only as a last resort to stop the evil amoungst us…sadly govt will alaways gravitate towards evil itself…then its back to square one.

      16. I was born here.
        I’ll die here.

        • “I was born here, I was raised here and dad gumbit I’m gonna die here. And no side winding, hornswaggling, bush-whacking, crooker, crooker, is gonna make me use my biscuit cutter” – Gabby Johnson (Blazing Saddles)

      17. Canada is pretty country and some of it is very isolated; but taxes are high and the restrictions on firearms ownership are MUCH worse than they are here.

        There just aren’t that many places in the world where immigration is quick and easy, unless you have a whole lot more net worth than most of us here probably have.

        You are probably much better off right where you are; in familiar territory, where you know people and they know you.

        God Bless and good luck to you and yours.

        • Markie –

          Unfortunately many of the very isolated parts of Canada have such inhospitable climates that you’d be hard-pressed to thrive there without power, etc.


        • “There just aren’t that many places in the world where immigration is quick and easy, unless you have a whole lot more net worth than most of us here probably have.”

          For sure. Just for giggles, I checked out what is required for emigrating to New Zealand. Among several other things, they require an “investment” in their country of $750,000. This does not have to be in any single property and can be invested in their stock market or other potential investments but clearly, average folks are not being encouraged to move there. In spite of the high price of admission, it is a beautiful and tempting place to live. Not perfect by any means but then what is? Would like to visit there one day just to see it.

          “You are probably much better off right where you are; in familiar territory, where you know people and they know you.”

          Yes, and being fluent in the language is also a HUGE plus! In addition to English, I also speak decent German and a little Spanish but am nowhere near fluent in either language. I probably know just enough foreign language to get myself into trouble!

      18. Ive been to other places..I come back.
        I could live just about anywhere if I put my mind to it..
        thats not really a big problem for me , i adapt quickly.

        Problem is..Im not going to, so they can K.M.A.!

        Dont tread on me, and I wont bite..deal?

        • VRF: deal? Good one. Knowing our history is the deal.

      19. SWIFT

        Well said. I totally agree with you. The interconnectedness of the so called global village precludes anywhere being totally safe.

        I have never fought for my country in the military sense, but in other ways, yes I have, it has made little difference because of indifference on the part of most of my countrymen.

        The time will come when people have to stand up for what they believe, and fight tooth and nail to ensure it comes to pass.

        Take care

      20. Mac, this is a great read. His statement “freedom can’t exist when you are no longer free to say no …..” Sums up our un-American society and gov’t. Basically the answer, to what Eric has written, is that many think nothing is wrong with having others pay for their life styles. All the entitlements and taxing are what Obama said “redistribution of wealth”. Which is providing others to keep up with the Joneses at our exspense.
        It is sad but true, all levels of gov’t(state,local,fed.) do nothing but throw money at problems instead of holding people accountable.
        Locally, our mayor stole the votes of our voters. Because of all the legal fees he has had to pay and the back and forth of the legality of recalling him, the mayor thinks everyone else should foot his bill. He is even trying to sue those that sought a recall of him. He needs to be held accountable, which he will come the next election.
        Stay in Grace, great article.

      21. People want services. So what? People want schools close to where their children live. Doesn’t everybody?

        No bug-out location is safe because the bigger and safer it is the bigger target it becomes. It also comes down to random chance. You could be in a cabin in the north woods with two feet of snow on the ground and you could still be confronted by a dozen men on snowmobiles.

      22. I moved to a third world country without leaving the U.S.A. when I came to Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. We have a low population density, low property taxes, plentiful water, game, and natural resources. We have the highest percentage of toothless senior citizens and car/deer collisions. Property owners are not required to buy hunting licenses. We can open carry firearms even in a car and concealed carry without a permit is only a misdemeaner.

        Critics point out that it is within a one tank drive of major population areas, but forget city folks are not going to make it to the homes adjacent to wilderness areas in an AWD Subaru because they lack sufficient ground clearance.

        The U.S. Census Bureau named us the ‘least typical’ of any state in the union. Maybe that is because the average person in my retreat community already heats with wood, gardens, and harvests as many deer as they please. I have been a missionary in third world countries and would rather make my stand with my neighbors in our geographically protected holler than try to survive alone where I don’t even speak the language.

        • Are you saying I need to get my passport out if I want to visit WV? hahaha

          • No, but like any third world country bring your Imodium. My brother visited in April and contracted Giardia because he didn’t filter water he drank in Monongahela National Forest.

            He was in Charlotte when symptoms appeared and it took them a while to figure it out. He recently got a call from his state health department asking him where he had been.

            • every one knows the old saying..”dont drink the water”

              when Im in a different country I either drink beer, or bottled water..if not , the water gets boiled..no exceptions

            • He had a Kelly Kettle with him. I’m not sure what happened. It’s unrealistic to carry a week’s worth of water hiking through the back country.

            • well than..going a week without packed in water here in one of our national forests..he could easily get Giardia or other parasites drinking even from our rivers…so even at home in those conditions I would be filtering and disinfecting my found water source, so his event wasnt nessecarily because he was in a “3rd world” country..it was solely that he wasnt treating his water source..same shit could happen here if he neglected to do so

            • Do you not realize this entire thread is about West Virginia being basically a third world country? You’re starting to sound like one of those people who talk about what other people should be doing when you have no actual experience.

              He sounds to me like an experienced backpacker who took safeguards, but got sick anyway. Shit happens and sometimes it get in the water.

              Know it alls seldom do.

          • Tina, just be ready to meet down to earth people. No pass port needed. Being there is pricesless, for everything else there is…. And be advised, you may not want to leave.
            PP, been in and thru WV a few times, it’s a slice of heaven.

        • I could bug-out to West Virginia but I don’t speak the language there either 😉

        • I don’t live in WV, but I know that many strong Patriots live there. I have friends in NC whose relatives live in WV, so I know how they roll.

        • God bless you, Pastor. You folks are wealthy in community beyond measure.

      23. This is exactly how I feel about it all, and yes, Idaho or Montana might have found the author more agreeable company.

      24. I for one keep my faith in my God, Bible and the 278 million guns legally owned in America. I have heard the 80 million Citizens own those guns and trillions of rounds to go with them. That my friends is the largest Army in the world. So speaking in the collective; if “we” allow them to nullify the second amendment in any way, we are collectively stupid.

        The process has already started with registration of fire arms in some states. We the people need to put a collective end to career politicians via the ballot box.

        “We” is a double edge sword! Lets us it to our advantage..

        • Just watch the Holder – Fast & Furious charade to see the lengths these people will go to to get rid of the 2nd Amendment.

          They are willing to accept the MURDER of an American citizen to further their cause!

          Beware of a second term without any re-election concerns. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

          • I think you are wrong. In my opinion I think they would be willing to murder all 80 million of us gun owners.

            • Yep, and it started with one. Only 79,999,999 more to go……

        • PO, thanks. You’re not alone in your faith.

          • Yeah the self reliant, preppers make for a strange group, don’t we? We have everyone; all sizes, shapes, colors, political beliefs, fiaths and no faith. Oh isn’t that what founded America?

            I get scared a lot, but I only fear my God.

            • “I get scared a lot, but I only fear my God.”

              For the life of me, I cannot understand this expression. My God is a God of love, patience, and understanding FAR beyond that of any mortal. I can no more fear my God than I can fear my beloved Earthly parents. I trust my God to do that which is right in all things. He will not truly harm me in any way. If He punishes me, then I deserve it and accept it. In any case, there is no reason for me to fear Him.

            • Mag, to fear the Lord isn’t as in being scared. To fear the Lord, contectually, is to revere, honor, respect, adore Him. As in He has priority in one’s life. You work as unto the Lord for He is the judge of your toil, same as in your earthly father, he too judged but more as a teacher.
              “To fear the Lord, is the beginning of Knowledge”.

      25. If things got bad enough that we had to start leaving America, the rest of the world would see the influx of people and slam their borders shut or start charging huge fees for citizenship – like in the Cayman Islands.

        There would simply be no where to go.

        Plus the logistics of leaving would be a nightmare for most people. Do you leave and leave your adult kids & possibly grandkids behind? Do you take all of them with you? What if you want to go and they don’t – could you stand being apart from them – possibly forever? Can you afford to leave? Where would you go? How would you earn a living?

        The best we can hope for is for Romney to be elected so that this madness slows down to 20mph instead of 100mph. Then we can regroup and systematically try to “re-educate” Americans on how to be American. It’s a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

        • Mr. Blutarsky, please dont vote in another puppet, you’re only asking for more of this Sh*t, wake up… nap time is over…

          • I will vote for Romney. Obama must be stopped.

            Sorry, it’s that important. This is not a Clinton vs Romney or Kennedy vs Romney, this is MARXISM & COMMUNISM vs Romney.

            Romney is the man. For now.

            If you want to stand for your principals in 2012, then vote in libertarians and Tea Party candidates at a local level.

            • Sorry, it’s that important. This is not a Clinton vs Romney or Kennedy vs Romney, this is MARXISM & COMMUNISM = Romney

              fixed it for you.

            • I dont vote, its a most vile enemy of true freedom. But, with all that aside, I’ll agree Obama must go…

            • +10 To putting the brakes on long enough to check the map, make course corrections and haul balls away from the unstable cliff edge.

              Lesser of two evils is still less evil… my humble opinion.

            • Continuing to participate in a system PROVEN to be a corrupt “illusion of choice” is why the CORRUPTION still thrives.

              It doesn’t matter which puppet “puts on the suit of strings”, the same “forces” are still pulling those strings.

              THE SYSTEM IS NOT SALVAGEABLE…IT MUST DIE AND BE REBORN. The lesser of two evils is still EVIL. But that is still an acceptable pseudoCHOICE? Fantastical thinking.

              The solution will only work from the BOTTOM UP, not from the TOP DOWN. City, county, and ultimately state level is where WE stop the insanity. Time for STATES to exert their constitutional supremacy over the “Federal farce”.

            • @ Mr. Blutarsky

              Obama and Romney are no different! Romney will keep this thing going just like Obama did after Bush left office.

              I used to be a Republican as is most of my family. I woke up and saw the truth. Those Democrats AND Republicans we (or the illusion of choice) put in office all have the same puppet master. Both party’s pit us against each other to keep us divided while they play the shell game. They are on the same side behind closed doors. With respect – WAKE UP!!!

            • How is it people are still looking over their shoulder for communists when fascists have almost completed seizing power?

              You know, someone else back in history used the false threat of “communists” to herd a bunch of sheep.

              Try to see past the distraction. Romney is running the same playbook as obummer. It’s the only one they’re given.

            • Peter, not voting? Vile? Don’t be a quitter. Most elections might just be rigged, but I’ll always vote as a form of protest against the PTB. Will my vote count? To be it does and I’ll continue to exercise my constitutional/bill of rights freedoms as often as possible. The PTB want the majority to be disillusioned enough to forgo as many of our rights and freedoms as possible. Not voting to me is a form of compromise and I won’t allow them to make the choices for me. What’s next; health care? more debt? loss of freedom of speech? how about gun laws? how about body scanners at the airport? You can add a bundle more but hope you get the point.
              Finally, will we get an illegal as a president? Should he be tried or even arrested?

            • Mr B ~

              Romney = Obama

              Neither is better or worse than the other. Romney was at Bilderberg, and for me, that says it all. You know the Bilderberg agenda – to them we are cockroaches, they said so!

              Voting for Romney is giving your stamp of approval on what he stands for.

              Boycott the vote!

            • Complete ignorance

            • @ Mr. Blutarsky. The choice between BO and Romney is kind of like choosing between Hitler and Mussolini, one is just slightly worse than the other. It is too bad that some really good third choice is not available. I truly do not know if there is even going to be an election. Each month the Middle-East war gets closer and closer. Each month the period of 5 days before and after a new moon is prime for Israel to strike Iran. This month the danger period is from June 14-24. Israel will probably wait until after their Sabbath that occurs each week. Wouldn’t it figure if Israel finally attacked Iran on Father’s Day this Sunday?

              I also think that something totally out of the blue could happen to stop the election also. Can anyone say false flag? I still get this eerie feeling that something is so close to breaking, and I just can’t get it out of my head. I wish I knew.

            • Daisy, I tried to read as much as I could about that meeting and not ONE article said the Romney was there… That makes sense bc if you think about it, how the hell can Obummer be reelected? There’s stupid and than there’s REALLY stupid…LOL…

              I’m with you, no difference, the only difference might be their timeline, under Romney the collapse may take longer…=(

            • I agree Mr. Blutarsky, I had planned on writing in Ron Paul to make a statement. I will hold my nose and vote for Romney. The primary reason that if Obama gets re-elected, we will see an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights that will be unbeleviable.

            • PSM ~ Infowars carried the story about Romney at Bilderberg. 🙂

            • Romney will protect your 2nd Amendment rights. Obama won’t. Ron Paul can’t, he won’t be elected.

              That is the pieces in the ‘game’ TPTB play. They want the right-most choice, but the people want the left-most.

              Romney had a Michagan state patrol uniform given to him by his father, the governor when he was high school age.

              Keep your radar on Romney. He said he is a ‘progressive’.

              Just sayin’

              Hope it ain’t so! but Romney’s veneer troubles me sometimes.

              (Ron Paul!) lol jk(not really)

            • @Denver Slave… I agree that when confronted by two evils, choosing the lesser of them IS a viable option. A lot of people reject this idea but if asked whether they would rather spend the night in a jail cell with a known butt-rapist or an embezzler, they will choose the embezzler every time!

            • Do some research on Romney…Obama and Romney are twins of policy.

        • Going over the cliff at 100mph or 10mph won’t make a lick of difference for the death & destruction at the bottom. Too many for too long settling for the ‘lessor of two evils’ has got us here, but as history has shown, most people usually end up with the kind of govt they justly deserve. So will we.

          • as long as your voting for “the least worst choice”
            you are still playing the game
            personally speaking
            I’m done with that

            sometimes the only way to win
            is not to play the game

          • And another choice is…? Not liking Romney or not liking Obama is a moot point at this stage. All that remains is to either vote for one of them or not vote at all.

            Yes, I would FAR rather have a REAL candidate to vote for but if one is not available, just what is my choice? I suppose that I could throw my vote away via some write-in candidate that we all know will not win but is that a “viable” option? No, not really.

            The best option seems to be to vote in people who love liberty in the congressional elections. Whoever is president at that point will not matter as much because their wacky ideas will not get through congress to become law. The US House is in that position now, thanks to the 2010 elections. No, they can’t control anything but they make a helluva good blocking force against any more dumb ideas becoming law.

            • You really don’t get it. The good news is, your are not alone. The BAD NEWS is, you are not alone. CONTINUING to PARTICIPATE in a process that gives you the choice BETWEEN a “rapist” or “embezzler” for the “highest office in the land” is the REASON that ONLY those choices exist.

              Stop participating in a system so corrupt the “stench” can still be detected in an outhouse on a hot summer day.

              An indoctrinated mind is a difficult “nut” to crack.
              How about returning the choice to the level of “the best of the best” instead of “the lesser shit-on-a-stick”! IMHO.

            • In my state, I don’t see much in the way of liberty loving candidates. The Zombie Republicans have taken over and annointed Romney as their great leader. (They all appear to be in search of brains- having none of their own.) I already know my vote doesn’t matter. My state will go to Romney no matter what happens. I will write in Ron Paul. It may only be symbolic but I refuse to feed the beast.

        • I guess I’m just not hard core right enough give up my right to vote. That’s just not right.

          Romney at Bilderburg? Seriously? Because Alex Jones said he was?

          I like Alex most of the time but sometimes he’s just waaaayyy out there – he thinks they eat gold covered babies at the Bilderburg meetings……. enough said.

          • Mr B – The gold-covered baby thing was an off-the-cuff sarcastic remark he made that was picked up by Glenn Beck, who is known to be hostile to Alex Jones. He didn’t say that seriously, eye-witnesses to the comment have verified this.

            And yes, I do believe Romney was there, not just because Jones says he was but because it makes sense – Obama is losing his credibility with the PTB, so they have to annoint a new leader that will fall in with their line of thinking.

            • Daisy, I heard him say it. The cops were laughing at him and he went on & on & on saying “that cop there is laughing at me, I’m serious!”.

              This was not a single line, off the cuff remark. It was a monologue.

              We’ll agree to disagree, but there is NO WAY I’m wasting my vote and getting obama re-elected.

          • Multiple sources said that Romney was at Bilderberg. That AJ comment was tongue and cheek.

        • What I don’t understand is why leave? Anyone that wants to try to root out 80 Mil gun owners is welcome to come. Here in Wyo people think it’s fun to shot prairie dogs at 500 yds; Criminals who want our guns won’t last an hour. My eyes aren’t good enough to do that these days but I hope to be able to hit a blue helmet at 400.

      26. Spot on.. keeping my shotgun loaded

      27. For those who truly want something different in their lives, there is a web site Robert Ghost Wolf he passed in 05 but his lifes work is still there, there is a book He Walked the Americas by Hansen open your heart and mind and you can find want you trully need.

      28. We live in a “rural” community. A lot of folks there are trying to be something they aren’t, that being said I don’t mind being well know as the “Crazy Redneck” among them. When the time comes there will be very little charity from me and mine.

        Standing by, Out

      29. Not to bash anybody but i think alot of people are missing whats really going on here. The U.S. is being gutted and for what? Death from within is the only way to kill a giant. But Why,why, why??? Some of you really need to take the Bible much more to heart. It tells this story in full detail from start to finish. And please believe me you dont want to be here for the last chapter. To all you unbelievers out there, all im asking is that you look into it and make a real choice based on a flawless historical record. The Bible tells you with 100% track record what will happen to the T… Please look into it. all the best.

      30. Anyone with a gun better be thinking about the UN small arms treaty they’re trying to push through once again. Do you want the UN to tell you to give up your legally owned gun? Every few they try to pass a treaty to get other countries to force registration of guns and allow for global gun control. I have heard most of the wording of the treaty is so vague, it can be interpreted to give power to do all sorts of irritating things. It looks harmless, but so did a lot of other things we now are dealing with due to governmental stupidity (not reading bills, allowing loopholes, permitting unclear bills to pass.)

        • IMO, any UN or international treaty does not supersede the US Constitution.

          We can always tell them M0L0N LAB.E!!!!!!!

      31. If all those who do not consent to the present actions of our gov’t would not vote and stop paying income tax, that would wake up the sheeple. As Soltynietzen said,” if the KGB knew that every time they went at night to arrest someone, that 2 or 3 of them would not be coming home, the arrests would have quickly stopped”. All of us need to find like minded neighbors and watch each others backs. And deal harshly with any ‘informers’.

      32. I don’t see any place in the US as 100% safe from people who will be desparate for food and water. May just have to bug-in.

      33. I think the best place will always be your own country. There you know the language, culture,low, you can have/organize a community formed with family members and people who think like you. The important thing is to be in a place easy to defend, where the community can be self-sufficient (as much as possible), and big enough to survive.
        The key to survive is not to be alone in the forest up in a Mountain somewhere. We have to think and discover how people lived 100 years ago… and we should start now !!! It will be to late to wait until the big events happened, we are not going to learn how to make fire (and cook with it) in one day, our vegetable garden will not grow from one day to another!!. In my opinion Prepared Pastor has found the right way. The only thing is that in USA to may people have arms, and when people get scared do stupid things. I don´t think either that it will be a question of “saving the own country”: it will be a question of surviving with your family and community.
        And we do not have to forget that we are humans and as human being we should try to help as much people as we can. we have to “wake up” others, it doesn´t matter if they think we are crazy !!! and in our plans we always have to leave a space for new people to come, that´s why the community idea is better. A couple of extra workers should be consider as a benefit for the community. Unfortunately we can not save everybody. but if everyone helps one person we can make a difference !!!

      34. If there’s still enough time, i’ll be in the mountains on north carolina; you can live there year around without electricity. But currently, that’s at least a year away; for me.

        If I don’t have enough time, its lake conroe Texas as I live in Houston. It’s close enough to get there in 1/2 tank gas, has national forest and a lake bordering it. Sure, there’s a lot of Houston that knows about it; but i’m betting those too lazy to prepare are too lazy to do anymore than they have to as far as making a lake conroe home a survival area. I think most Houstonians head to Galveston and live on the beach that have no other choice.

      35. Why run? Why allow yourself to be on the defense? It often takes boldness and courage to stand up for your principles.

        Being forced into silence out of fear is no different than compliance.

        If you do not agree with the masses and their template-formed ideology, challenge it. Debate them — challenge others and ask them pointed questions. MAKE THEM THINK.

        Autonomy isn’t a board game.

      36. Ummm… You don’t want to come to Idaho, or Wyoming or Montana. It’s ugly here, flat and barren with no water and no food, and WAY too many people who heard stories and now regret moving here. Everyone is rude and unhelpful and will take your stuff. The weather sucks; always hot in the winter, and cold in the summer.

        Seriously, one should only consider moving somewhere else after you’ve actually been there, you know people there, and you have a reason for going. Not being where you are is not a solid reason for going somewhere you’ve never been. Anyone who has been to Idaho will learn quickly about the antipathy Idahoans hold for “Californians,” which means any former urbanites who buy up land, fence it off and put up “No Trespassing” signs that block historic transit routes and hunting grounds. And the schools… Don’t get me started on the schools.

        • He’s right, and we make you take a bath every week and ware funny clothes and do bad things like work for a living, so by all means stay away from Wyo.

          • Forgot to mention we still have Indian problems

            • Lol. Yah, that would be me…

      37. There is a time to fight and a time to hide. I like to say that those who fight and run away live to fight another day, but Sun Tzu, in the Art of War put it like this:

        ……When ten to the enemy’s one, surround him;
        ……When five times his strength, attack him;
        ……If double his strength, divide him;
        ……If equally matched you may engage him;
        ……If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing;
        ……And if in all respects unequal, be capable of eluding him,
        ……….for a small force is but booty for one more powerful.”

        So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.
        – Sun Tzu

        • If we stand for the Constitution. We are not the weak, they are. I’m not going to go blow up our local Post Office and I doubt you are. And I really doubt anyone is coming to get us. I don’t think they are stupid enough to even try. They don’t have the man power and they know it. I’ve sat drinking coffee with my local police chief. I can tell you he’s not going to go out and arrest people for having guns. He and my brother shoot at the range together. The issue is what happens when the country goes bankrupt and the cops/army cannot be paid, not multimillion dollar drones everywhere.and large forces.


        • Exactly. Success in war comes from throwing your strength against the enemy’s weakness, not in facing his strength. This is why a guerrilla army is so difficult to defeat. It attacks when and where it chooses, does considerably damage, and then melts away as the heavy counter-attack is organized.

          Also said by Sun Tzu, “In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight.”

      38. I was just talking to a friend the other day about the 2nd amendment and she replied that taking away the 2nd amendment in the US would never happen. WOW!! I proceded to explain to her so many of the things this administration has done that begs to differ, “That would never happen here.”

        My husband is a high ranking Special Ops officer and he says we’ll need to worry about the drones. Scary bc you can’t fight them.

        And I don’t think any place is safe, but how long do you think the sheeple will survive?

        • “My husband is a high ranking Special Ops officer and he says we’ll need to worry about the drones. Scary bc you can’t fight them.”

          Yes, drones are a significant problem but they can be fought. A Barrett .50 caliber rifle WILL bring down a drone or a helo if they are flying below about 3,000 feet and any number of patriots own such a rifle.

          I am not minimizing the danger that drones present but am just saying that it is possible to counter them. Failing this, putting sugar in the fuel tanks that feed these beasts will also do a job on them.

      39. Very good article. No where to run and you can hide only for a time.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

      40. Just an observation:

        “I have had exhaustive (and exhausting) conversations with countless people…” (about SHTF issues, I assume)

        “Or that you don’t subscribe to any particular religious doctrine – or much care what doctrines others subscribe to, so long as they leave you be.”

        An awakened prepper should exhort others, but a religious believer should not? Aren’t we all free to try to persuade others of our beliefs, and therefore not “let them be”?

        • Indeed so. Freedom should be available to one and all and not just those who think and believe as we do. The only freedom I do not support is the freedom to harm others for your own benefit.

      41. Look most of us will have to make our stand at the old homestead. Use layers of defense’s around your home make them work to get to you and yours. If and when it go down or should I say when, make your stand, if it means to die, for me and mine so be it. We will not go with out a fight, and what is left, well the fuse will be lit and no one will get a damn thing from us. You can do the same thing in a city also, but will be more difficult but can be done. Take out as many of the bas-ard’s as you can so someone else won’t have to. I feel it will never get back to the way it was before the SHTF, but that is just me.
        Remember live free or die standing

      42. There are countless reasons why someone leaves an area to be safe, and ultimately this is true survival, finding the place that will give you the best chance of survival. Predicting the future is the problem with being able to find the best place to be. After a global nuclear war about 700 miles north or south of the equator is one the best places to be to guard against fallout because of the convection of the planet’s air masses. Towards the equator the air is constantly rising and spreading out away from the equator. Also the area towards southern Argentina and southern Chile, and of course the Antarctica region.

        If you are trying to escape the total abomination of the medical system of the U.S. then practically any industrial country is better. Obama care or what I call BO care is not going to solve anything. Right now most of the medical quacks are tied into the dope industry that they call the pharmaceutical industry. Most quacks don’t even know all the side effects of dr. quack’s dope and only give more dope to counteract it. People’s bodies become chemically toxic. Grubby little parasites are the pharmaceutical firms. Most in the medical field have turned into turn vampires that only want their palms greased with more cash.

        Lawyers have ruined the U.S., but unfortunately whereever you go, you are going to run into corruption and problems, just like what that American over in Italy found out before she was finally released.

        Escape from the true collapse, really and truly the best options is to get as far from the density of population as you can. The more competetion for the remaining food and other resources are going to be more intense as the number of people per square mile increases. This is true on all 6 continents that have population. Even in the Antarctica the penguins that have to compete for fish and krill sometimes goes hungry when there are too many penguins.

        This is rather cynical, but when you have more people, the more likely people are going to act like savages and try to take what you have. Dog eat dog world. I have read on other survival blogs how important it is to have the whole community working together towards a common goal and how you need others to survive. This is true to a point, but not at all realistic in larger populated areas. Small little towns do have advantages and you can make a go of it with your fellow neighbors.

        I personally rather try to survive alone though than trust the population of bigger cities as the notion of working together is a lost concept and that is where the highest number of mind dead zombies are. They say that 1% of the population is preparing, and I truly believe out of that 1% that most of them are in rural areas and smaller counties. I think that if you were to know the number of people prepping in the urban areas it would be more like 1/10 of 1%.

        There are still areas in North America that are wonderful for survival and before leaving it people should look around and see if there are still places that can suit them. IF I had unlimited dollars to work with I would have a shelter bored into the side of a mountain where there was a good reliable clean water source and plenty of year round food sources. Probably it would be above 6000 feet in elevation and be more towards the equator and inland from the ocean. I still think those too close to the ocean are in dangers of Earth changes.

        To each person, it is determining what they want and how well can they survive. Anyplace should have clean water and someway of either cultivating food or gathering wild food YEAR ROUND. Other considerations are too broad to mention in the comment section. Simply put whatever works best for you is where you need to be.

        • As for the most of us it’s stay put. Well if the #4 building goes it’s game over. Like your comments Be Informed.
          Live Free

        • As I medical professional, I can say with out a doubt that you are full of shit.

          • Hey they ain’t doing X-RAYS DOC.

            • @ copperhead. Yeah really!

          • @ The Bible. If you were part of the small minority of true medical professionals that care for patients and see the healing part of getting people well, then you would have to agree at the utter failure of the medical system. For someone that uses the codename of the Bible as their alias, as Christ ONLY want to heal and help others, you would think that anyone could see the vampire nature of these dr. quacks.

            I understand the malpractice costs and all of that, but I also understand that tens of millions of people cannot get decent medical costs because dr. quacks put greasing their palms with cash than that of more importance than their oath to do no harm. Bankrupting people and sending bill collectors to get paid at all costs does plenty of harm, like people that needed help committing suicide because of medical bills. Happens all the time while dr. quack lives in a mega mansion and drives aorund in $100,000+ vechicles and has plenty of other wealth.

            The medical industry does plenty of harm by putting money ahead of helping those in need. These quacks have a dema God opinion of themselves that God and the universe needs to pay them twice over for all the “good” they think they do. They want to be paid huge amounts of money then gain sainthood. Then these “pharm” dope dealers make enormous amounts of money on quackery dope that causes a list of more side effects than someone can imagine. Keeps the lawyers in big business from all the quackery multi-class lawsuits that keep popping up all the time.

            Only someone that supports this evil and is part of this evil rape against all Americans could ever say anything positive about what the medical industry has done to people. Sure you keep them alive a little longer, like walkjing and talking corpses. By the way the U.S. has one of the lower life expectancy at 75.8 for males and 80.8 for females. In Japan it is 78.9 for males and 85.7 for females. Just the mere fact that the medical jobs are booming, in a very poor economy is a sure fact that more and more people are sick and not being healed. Explain that one!

            I see absolutely beautiful souls that God is so grateful to have, they are angels, that actually try to help the sick because they want to heal. Then I see these grubby little parasites that thrive on people being sick and destroy the stability of the country’s financial well being like the drug runners from across the border that poison the youth and other people. Everyone can see what happens when they get sick, they are terrified of the bill. This is not healing, it is blood sucking the country’s people to death.

            Only a medical “professional” that is part of the devastating problem could ever support such utter leeches upon the American people, and such utter ANTI-GOD activities. One of the seven deadly sins and the meanest of them all is GREED.

            Sorry Mac for my strong opinions on this but we just had one of those angels that only helped the sick tirelessly recently pass away and this person is solely missed, all angels are, amoungst the other “medical” parasitic leeches that ONLY see profit in those that need medical help.

            • @ BI – as one of those angels, i can attest to the fact that most of the “hands on” medical professionals do not want/need their palms greased (note that i did not say “all”; there are always some in any field that give the rest a bad name). the money issues come from the non-medical bean counters, etc that run the day-to-day business and feed into the government managed insurance scam. more money flows into the hands of these non-medical decision makers (MBA’s) than into the hands of the true providers (Dr.s, RNs, EMTs).

          • The Bible

            I am also a medical professional and I can say with certainty nobody is full of shit. If they were, there would be no room for all the other bits our body needs to work properly.

            Any decent anatomy and physiology book will confirm I am right about this. Okay, I grant you that a perforated bowel could partially fill a person with shit but it would never make it past the diaphragm would it?

            Take care

            • @ Burt the Brit. Very funny. All kidding aside in the United States the medical field has become a nightmare and Obama or BO care won’t fix it. In the United Kingdom when someone asks why do they want to be a doctor, paramedic, or other medical personal the most likely response would be because they want to help and do good for others that need them. In the U.S. this “use to be” the response, but now the most likely reply is it is excellent money and complete job security. This sounds like someone getting a business degree rather than someone wanting to help society.

              In trying to keep with the theme of the article as respect for Mac and this site, it is so frightening over here about the medical quackery that goes on and the financial burdens of them that many people flee the country on that sole reason alone. The costs in the U.K. are of course made up with higher taxes, but at least those taxes reap some benefit. Over here the taxes people pay are now paying the interest of the out of control debt. In other words people’s tax dollars are flushed down the drain here and the debt continues to explode exponentially.

              You should see how these miserable dope dealers that they call pharmaceutical representatives go into doctor’s offices and offer all sorts of incentatives to get the patients hooked psychologically on these chemicals that have more side effects than street dope. I knew someone that was one of these reps and they got out of it because it was just pure evil, tons of money in it, but pure evil.

              In to what kimintn says above, I say that true medical professional that practice what they preach are beautiful people that want to heal and make those sick well again. I also take a logical approach to doctor quacks that ultimately run their own office and they are the boss. Most of them have very vicous bill collectors to make real sure they are fully paid no matter what. They have interest rates that credit cards companies don’t even have 18-24% or more. They control what goes on in their own “practice” and most of them are totally heartless without any compassion or empathy for those that they are suppose to be helping and healing.

              I know several of these “vampire bats” that have garished people’s wages in small claims court and totally act like it doesn’t matter, it is just business. Yeah, and they took an oath to do no harm. It is not enough that they want to be paid, but these parasitic vermin want to be paid mafia level interest also. I have personally asked some of these pieces of filth how they can do this and even look at themselves in the mirror and how they act like God still owes them some sort of favour, they respond that they went through all the schooling and they deserve to be paid $500 a hour or more for their trouble and they are helping people, yeah helping people into financial ruin.

              When people leave the U.S. solely on the debacle of the medical industry it truly shows how rotten it has become. This was my point to the theme of the article about people actually going someone else to get afforadable health care by health care professionals that are actually interested in healing. Not like over here in which there is more profit in keeping someone “hooked” on medication or like like what they call it over here “meds”. Not like where it is more profitable for someone not to pay their bills straight up and let the high loan shark type interest kick in.

              I don’t even want to get fully into what most veterinarians do to people’s pets over here. They over vaccinate dogs and cats to the point in which they end up with totally compromised immune systems and die from leukemia or other cancer. I have known at least two dozen people that have lost their pets because of this long before they time. Vets get a lot of money from over medicating and vaccinating against everything.

              Vets don’t like what is called a titer that will show that an animal is actually still quite immune to the disease 3-7 years after the initial vaccination and does not require yearly vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are totally different and must be done on a yearly to a 3 year basis on depending on how much of a threat some area is to rabies.

              Really, there are vets in town, not all of them of course, where these drug dealers from animal pharm. companies come in and give them all sorts of financial incentives like trips to the tropics for pushing their dope and using it on people’s pets. People’s beloved pets that these vets will try to make it seem like they are terrible pet owners if they don’t over medicate perfectly healthy animals to death, literally all for profit. There has to be a special place hopefully in the deepest regions of hell for these pharm dope dealers. Some vets don’t know any different, most of them do know and are bitten by the bug of evil greed.

              Burt the Brit, it upsets me so much because I see exactly what is going on. I observe much in a cynical fashion true, but I have seen firsthand what has happened to so many people and to people’s pets because of the medical industry over in the U.S. and it is beyond the horrors that anyone over in Europe or any other continent could ever believe. Someone has to experience it firsthand to see what a total nightmare it is. The U.S. has many good points to it, the medical field is absolutely not one of them, overall it is easily the worst in any developed country. No one should ever be afraid to have someone treat them to get well again, but this is exactly the case over here.

        • @beinformed,

          Very well thought out. I already live in a rural, farming community, however the thought of improving my self reliant environment, as well as a first grand-kid has got me thinking/searching for better.

          Like you say, there are so many reasons, and many focus on the standard few sophomoric requirements. It’s very difficult, since things change; i.e. “Blue Plague Gulf”, and surrounding states, or west coastal fallout from Fukitshima. I’ve been researching since before the Gulf Oil Spill. The more I discover about past bad installations/policies (104 nuclear power plants in the US that are old and rickety, with NO real mitigation/deconstruction plans; hundreds of VERY old coal fired PP’s currently exuding–and decades of massive fly ash storage w/no barriers to contaminate leaching toxins; Ramifications of water contamination from petro-chemical farming/CAFO operations, etc..etc..).

          Just when I think I’ve found a possible “lesser of evils” location, the Gulf blows up. Then I find an acceptable alternative, and Fukitshima starts spewing all over the west coast, and generally, the northern hemisphere.

          I am going to check out your inference to the equator (1400 mile belt, centered at equator?). I’ve thought about, and have been to Ecuador and Peru, searching for “REFUGE” property. Didn’t like Peru, but Ecuador was possible. Especially outside of Quito, or Cuenca (more insecty, tho’). We hesitated because it’s a long distance away, and with fuel prices going nuts, might have been difficult to “just fly home to visit family” as often as we’d like. We are going to Costa Rica this fall to see what possibilities are there; as it’s a little closer to home.

          Anyway, thanks for your well thought out comments; there-in lay a hint of further research for me.

          Very best blessings to all.

          • @ roccoco. I cannot tell you the number of times one of the best teachers I ever had in college kept telling the class that after a nuclear war you will want to be at 0 to 10 degrees north or south of the equator because the air is constantly rises and spreading outward away from the equator towards the mid latitudes and the poles. This is what is called convection of air currents of the planet. It fluctuates with the seasons a bit as the sun travels from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn each year, but that 1400 mile belt is pretty safe. This teacher was one of the most renowned climatologists and meteorologists during his time in the whole country.

            I again would try to get elevated always in altitude and away from the ocean just in case there are these Earth changes that so many predict.

      43. “the vast majority of Americans are not liberty-minded. That Americans – tens of millions of them – are stupid, unreachable, mean, irrational, authoritarian-minded Babbits and poltroons”


      44. Boycott the vote!

      45. This will be an unpopular opinion, and I don’t much care.

        I am a supporter of public education. I don’t like the way the education system is working right now, true, but we will be in even worse condition with a bunch of illiterate bums than we are right now.

        I strongly believe that the parents should do what they can to educate their own children, particularly morally, but every kid deserves a chance, and public education provides the basis they need. Whether the child grabs the opportunity and goes with it, of course, depends on a wide variety of circumstances.

        My kids are publicly educated because a.) I can’t afford private schools and b.) I’m a single mom and don’t have the luxury of a partner to pay the bills while I homeschool.

        The fastest way to turn North America into a third world ghetto is to stop requiring that children be educated.

        • @Daisy

          Sorry….but the educational system is producing illiterate bums.

          Public education is a joke.

        • Nothing wrong with public education at all Daisy, it has served me well; even a public university.

          The problem with supporting other people’s kids are when those other people’s kids are illegals (by the tens of millions) who are milking the system.

          The teachers support illegals because the feds pay the schools per child in seat, whether that kid is a citizen or not; or whether their parents are legal and taxpayers.

          This is what vouchers are all about.

          In principle it sounds good for kids to have a CHOICE where they want to go to school, but in practice (and this is the intent behind the law) the Catholic Church has pushed for vouchers to have tax payers underwrite their schools which are filled with the illegal kids of illegal immigrants.

          • One of the big problems with vouchers is that shitty parents will think that since their kid is going to a private school, they (still) don’t have to do anything. A lot of the problems with US public education can be traced to shitty parents. They raise kids just like themselves.

            There are very many shitty public school teachers, but they can be rooted out if parents are willing to make the effort. My parents NEVER went to a parent-teacher conference, opened one of my textbooks, or asked me what I was doing in school. Not exaclty sure how I have stayed out of prison and off the Springer show.

        • I agree, Daisy. When my son was in high school, he had a lefto-communist instructor. My son and I had many discussions about what this fellow was trying to “teach” his students. My son knows better than to believe the BS that this guy was shoveling but I told him to do what he had to do to get a good grade. Doesn’t mean that he has to believe this BS, just work with it and get a benefit for himself. He did, got into a good college, graduated, and is doing just fine these days. We often talk about politics and various news items. He turned out to be a fine man and I am proud of him. His public education had its good and bad points but the main thing is that I helped him learn how to think and evaluate information critically. We often agree on issues but not always and that’s the way that it should be.

      46. Very Jungian start to your article, a line of thought I appreciate and we need to see more of. You are correct about the intellectual and psychological points being much of the issue; intellectually many people are detached from almost all aspects of human history and this leaves them ungrounded as it is man’s history that anchors us to reality.

        From a psychological point of view being ungrounded means these people are walking on air and attached to nothing real, they lack a soul by intellectual choice and without all the information.

      47. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
        He makes me to lay down in green pastures
        He leads me besides still waters
        He restores my soul
        He leads me down paths of righteousness
        For His name sake

        Psalm 23:1-4

        • Yeah, well, OK, If you say so, On the other hand of the millions of people slaughtered over they years, lots of then went while singing to their Lord for protection and didn’t get it. As for me and my house we will trust in John Browning, Sam Colt and MR. Smith. I may go down but it won’t be alone. And the next guy won’t have as much problem

          • @ Paranoid,
            All men will die, some fighting the inescapable,some at peace. Which will you be?

            Trust in the Lord in all your ways and lean not on your own understanding,or John Browning.

            I’ll be praying that God open your eyes.

            • @ Paranoid,
              Sorry to bother you again, but which Christians are you refering to that got killed singing to their Lord?
              The Christians who fought on both sides of our Civil War, maybe the Christain troops at Valley Forge, or how about the Christian troops in the 3rd. and 4th. ID that took Bagdad?

              Please fill me in on the millions of my fellow brothers- in-Christ that died that way! (Try reading Augustine on “Just War” sometime)

            • @Paranoid
              Just one more thing. The Psalm I quoted was written by King David. You know, the kid who killed the biggest meanist soldier the enemy had. He did it with a sling, then cut off the bastard’s head with his own sword.

              Later David became King of Isreal, where they sang a song that went, “King Saul killed his 1,000’s and David his 10,0000’s.

              So beware when dealing with those psalm singing “Believers”….just say’n

            • The Bible

              God gives us the ability to make our own decisions. He may walk with us but will not step in and stop a bullet hitting my head.

              Not fearing the evil does not mean it is not there.

              Stop preaching and check the history books, from supposed witches burned at the stake to churches and barns full of believers, hundreds of thousands have died whilst singing hymns and praying for salvation.

              I will not quote you cases, you find them, they are there.

              Take care

          • “On the other hand of the millions of people slaughtered over they years, lots of then went while singing to their Lord for protection and didn’t get it.”

            How do you know that they didn’t get it? The Lord works in the spiritual realm. He protects and nurtures us there. Here, human free will reigns and anything can and will happen. What happens to our physical bodies is not all that important compared to what happens to our souls. Just my opinion, yours may vary, and that’s fine.

            • The Bible

              If you have sound knowledge that He will save you, give us your address we will all come to your place when the shtf.

              I know many devout believers, none advise going into battle armed with just a Bible. Yes they believe the Lord will be their ultimate salvation but they also want their children to live and know that they will fight for thatid they have to.

              Take care

        • Thy rod and thy AR 15 comfort me.

      48. -EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the, of all persons, Postmaster General to operate a national registration

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

        -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.
        923 and growing.

        • Thank God I don’t need any of these resources. If they are relying on the Post Office to find me they are going to be disappointed because my retreat has neither an address nor a driveway. It can’t even be seen in standard satellite photos.

          I know they have enough resources to find anyone they want, but hopefully public servants will decide wandering through the forest looking for stragglers is not an efficient use of their time.

          • good call pastor, I enjoy what you say and believe im similiar to you but not as many preps as you as of now. I got over 20,000 rounds of everything from .338 laupa about a 1000 rounds which was a lot to .22 to 12 gauge. set for guns and water and filters but canned stuff have a month of food as of now. as things get closer thats when im going to make my move. I got money stashed etc with silver and extra gas but im going to take my chances and if need food can kill a lot of deers in my area if need to do so. Love that you dont have an address or post office. wish i had a property like yours.

            • Sounds like you’re making good progress. Beans and rice are very cheap and make a complete protein so you might start there when you are ready. Deer may be scarce in some areas after a while as they were during The Great Depression. Consider asking for some free canning jars and/or a canner on Freecycle (Google it for your area) so you can slaughter a lot of game at the outset and can it for later.

              After a year of looking, I found my acreage on a gated former logging road for only $5,000. I simply did not apply for an address or building permit so the county doesn’t know it’s there.

        • i didn’t know this, but i am not suprised.

          anyone who thinks the federal govt cant do anything and everything it wants and has had this ability for at least a decade is kidding themselves.

          the US is a democracy(or representative republic) in name only; it really is a soft tyranny.

          when the type of things going on in europe(like banks runs and bank closings to its customers) start happening in the US, the people will find just how little the govt cares about you; which is the exact opposite that has been preached for the l;ast 54 years.

        • And my order says they can K M A. If my country need my stuff it can have it. Those butt heads in DC will have to sort through the ashes for rocks

          • My wife and I decided this Spring that if anybody tries to take what we have, we’ll burn it all before we all it to be handed over to thoses who did not work for it. Then eat our Glocks.

            • I would think someone with your user name would:
              Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. – Jesus (Luke 6:30)

            • The Bible

              May I suggest you use the Glocks against the bad guys and think carefully about suicide, I believe this is a Christian no no, and I say that genuinely with no sarcasm intended.

              I get the burning down before handing over bit btw.

              Kill myself? Not a bloody chance. If dying is my destiny somebody else will have to do it or I will wait for the ravages of disease and age.

              Take care

        • Good luck with THOSE.

        • are u trying to show examples of what the gov’t can award itself as far as rules they make for themselves? I believe all those executive orders have been revoked since Kennedy put them out there. I’m curious cause when i read through the list of executive orders it is an endless trail of revocations and amendments to previous EO’s

        • You forgot the most important one…anti-executive order #1861 allows me and y’all to ignore and damn to hell any/all of the above…just sayin…

      49. To all the nutjobs who have given me thumbs down on my analysis of our situation need to read the first article on THEECONOMICCOLLAPSEBLOG which explains CLEARLY my position.

        • Thanks for the info. Just read it. Pretty scary stuff but at the same time makes sense if people would just pay attention.

        • To RICH99, I am sure most of the regular posters here do read a number of prepper sites.

          After reading your recommended THEECONOMICCOLLAPSEBLOG I have a little more balance to what I fear will happen.

          So I’ll add my recommendation to ge there and read the articles. It may take a while to load. Read the comments also.

          In the end, we individually will make decisions based on all information available to us.

          Be well from high in the Rocky Mountains where it is still SPRINTER (MM)

      50. Question….why do some names show up in red and the others in black. At forst i thought the red ones (like Daisy abd Brit) were contributors but sometimes their names are black…..why and what does the color mean?

        • click Daisy’s name in red, she has a web page.

      51. The zoning restrictions and re-zoning laws sound a lot like the global SmartGrowth sustainability plans.
        Passports to cross state lines, permission to sell land, ‘the chip’ that will follow when the dust settles…I read about it in Art Bell’s book in the 90’s but it read like a novel. Now it reads like today’s headlines.

        I am a 16th generation American and will stay put in the land that I love (stand beside her and guide her) no matter what.

      52. I’m not stranded here in the city with “them”, they’re stranded in the city with me. I hunt them.

        • Ah, you do know the pelts aren’t worth anything. And after you clean all the S##t out of them there’s nothing left?

      53. A wall is just a door waiting for you to open it. No obstacles in our way. They have no place to hide.

        • 50 BMG will open that wall nicely 😉

      54. i for one am going down with the ship im not leaving america…

        • Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

          • Land of the well armed, home of the kick ass!

            • Land of the oppressed, home of the Kardashians. The only thing separating us from other places right now is that we don’t have lead flying at us yet.

            • Bwhahahahahaha mike, love it

      55. “I ain’t hidin’ from nobody and nobody’s hidin’ from me”. “Awww….ain’t that’s way its suppose to be”.

        Lynard Skynard, “The Breeze”

      56. East Texas Big Thicket area, from North of Houston to the Louisianna border. There is extreme density of vegetation and plenty of wildlife.

        Most of it is considered poverty areas as lack of work, thus low density of peeps ‘cept for the original familys who settled the land and those too poor to move.

        We have family land there. It is our refuge when hurricanes come. It is close enough but also far enough off the beaten path with a good “lay of the land”.

        I work in Houston for a major engineering company. I asked a fellow yesterday if he hunted, he replied he rarely was outside the 610 loop around city. I pretty much see that same mentality, gotta love them, cannot be a bit like them….lol

        I just hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Hurricane season is upon us, first storm may be forming atm. I’m not too worried about anything but the Catagory 4-5 storms. Everyone can live without electricity for a couple of weeks, but months? I know I can and family will grumble, but we will be alive and fed. Will not have to owrry about going to work for awhile and if the storm is bad enough, maybe not ever. Which is ok by me as I do have some skills and can produce needed commodities after the shtf. Someone just told me a short time ago, if you have a product or production or skills that are important to your area, YOU WILL BE PROTECTED.
        And of course, the good Lord protects those children of his. What more can we ask for. I still put one foot in front of the other…..lol

        God Bless
        Terry Reed

        • Big Thicket and around lake Caddo used to be home and stompin’ grounds to Cullen Baker, Bill Longley and Bob Lee. All three confederate partiots who killed as many carpetbaggers and turncoats(Lee-Peacock feud) as they could get their hands on.

          • @ Terry W. Reed & PO’d Patriot:

            I’ed welcome you both under my roof anytime, as well as a few others on here. you will find me well beyond the beltloop.

            • North of Woodville, if you ever need a contact, see website, lnlprotekt dot com, it is advertized in banner on this Macs site here and you may contact me through the email or I believe my cell is listed…I’m not tryin to sell u anything, lookin for post shtf friends and like minds, I have all the business I need and can hardly keep up….

              Y’all are welcome anytime…and if you love shooting, precision accuracy, sometimes, when not messin up…lol…I can put 3 shots through the same hole at 100 or longer, with handloads and sand bags and my favorite mauser action sako bull and burris scope. Lets have a paper hole punchin party…

              I can load for rifle, pistol and shotguns in most common calibers and guages, do minor gunsmithing, very good at mounting optics systems, even the real oddball foreign stuff…many other skills, including making fuel, antiseptic as well as water purification…been in engineering and design of plants for 30+ years…

              holler at me

              Terry W. Reed

        • “Someone just told me a short time ago, if you have a product or production or skills that are important to your area, YOU WILL BE PROTECTED.”

          Indeed so. I make good tasting beer and wine… also gunpowder, glass, soap, matches, etc.

          • 41 mag

            Can I come to your house? Lol

            Take care

          • Chemistry, blacksmithing, 6 years as a Nuclear Mechanic (hence MM2Nuke), reloading, bowyer, fletcher, canning, hunting, fishing, I make my own nets hammocks gill nets and lures, plumbing, electrician, carpentry, but I suck at farming and gardening (my wife’s domain). She grows it, I cook and preserve it. I have many more talents and abilities and am learning more each day since I have not the resources to purchase what I need for what is comming I make it or learn skills to trade for it. I know how to brew beer and wine, make shine for fuel and “fun” but living in town (for now) I don’t think it would be a great idea to do that.

            And a note to everyone who is thinking of not voting… vote! Even if Romney isn’t the guy you wanted its a hell of a lot better than Obama. By not voting you help him stay there. Change your state and local people, get the people in the school boards, local seats changed to those that you agree with. Start LOCAL, then County, then State, Then National! It took the libs/progressives/commies 100 years to inflict the damage on US. It won’t change overnight but by working to put ETHICAL people in place and HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE we will win. Just my 2 pennies

      57. Here I make my stand. If I am going out then I intend to take some of them with me. It’s the bottom of the ninth and the fat lady is about to sing!!!

      58. Once again, thank you (Mac) for another great post/topic to cover and all the other contributors to this site far as that goes.

        I will start off with saying I am deeply grateful for every person who has made personal sacrifices for this (ONCE) great country. As have I and most of my family. Far back fare as American history goes. One should know the history of the country in which they fight for.

        I am deeply drawn to the period of time in America. As many in my family are, I have a passion for the 17-th century American history. My family played a big part in it and we can trace our family back five generations before Gorge Washington was born. William Benge who came over on the Marigold.

        Please for give me for such a long note: But, I though a man such as yourself would appreciate the history. My family name is Benge, there was a time in history when that name would scare the hell out of anyone on the frontier.

        The following entiries were obtained from my Hotten book 8a from the Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625 chapters, pages 201 thru 265, which lists the muster captain, and what ship the individual arrived on.

        Alnutt, Mary, wife of Thomas on the Gift.
        Benge, William, 1619 voyage, muster at Treasurors Plantation.
        Biggs, Sarah, May 1618 voyage, aged 35 at muster, wife of Richard on 1610 Swan.
        Browne, Robart, 1618 voyage, aged 25 at muster Elizabeth City, servant to Thomas Spilman, listed with Rebecca on Southampton.
        Comes, John, 1619 voyage, muster at Treasurors Plantation.
        Cranich, John, muster at Mulburie Island.
        Crocker, Henery, muster at Hog Island.
        Davis, Nicholas, 1618 voyage, aged 13 at muster in Elizabeth City, servant to Thomas Willoby.
        Doughtie, Thomas, 1619 voyage, wife Ann on the 1621 Marmaduke.
        Edmunds, Robert, 1619 voyage, muster at Treasurors Plantation.
        Evens, John, 1619 voyage, muster at Treasurors Plantation.
        Guy, James, 1622 voyage, aged 20 at muster. Servant to Richard Biggs.
        Hill, Marmaduke, May 1619 voyage, aged 11 at muster, listed with Rebecca Rose.
        Hill, Jane, on May 1619 voyage, aged 14 at muster, listed with Rebecca Rose.
        Hitchcock, Thomas, muster at Hog Island with wife Alice.
        Old, Susan, 1616 voyage, aged 10 at muster. Cousin to Richard Bigg on the Swan.
        Parsons, John, 1619 voyage, muster at Treasurors Plantation.
        Price, Judith, 1619 voyage, aged 24 at muster. Husband Hugh on the 1618 William & John.
        Rose, Rebecca, May 1619 voyage, aged 30 at muster.
        Turner, Thomas, 1616 voyage, aged 11 at muster. Cousin to Richard Bigg on the Swan.
        Wilkines, John, 1618 voyage, aged 26 at muster Eastern Shore, wife Briggett on Warwick.

        Bob Benge was also called Captain Benge, or The Bench. It is thought he was born around 1760 in the Cherokee village of Togue. This village is thought to have been on the Little Ta ni si River. Bob Benge’s father was John Benge, one of many Scottish traders living among the Cherokee. His mother was a full blood Cherokee named Wurteh.
        John Benge had lived among the Cherokee most of his adult life and was trusted by the Cherokee as a man of his word. His mother was from a family influential Cherokee.
        It is said that later in life Benge’s mother had a child by a man named Gist. This son would become known as Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet. This would make Robert Benge and Sequoyah half brothers.
        The reality of this is not sure. Young Robert grew up as a Cherokee. All his training was in Cherokee ways and he grew up to be one of the most feared Cherokee warriors. His reputation was so fierce that mothers would tell their children if they were not good “Captain Benge will get you.”
        A description of Benge is as follows, red hair; he could pass for white and had a great command of the English language, not your typical Cherokee warrior. He had a great dislike of white settlers and spent much time dedicated to their removal by any means necessary.
        In about 1777, The Benge family moved into the territory of a Cherokee chief named “Dragging Canoe”. The aim of this chief was to clear all whites from the frontier, as they moved in he burned them out and killed many. A small group of Shawnee warriors had come south from Ohio to join Dragging Canoe in his efforts to remove whites.
        On a raid into the upper Holston River area in Northeastern Tennessee (Ta ni si) and lower Virginia, the leader is thought to have been Robert Benge, a half Scot-half Cherokee leading Cherokee and Shawnee warriors. Benge earned great respect among all native warriors because of his ability to lead, his unquestioned courage, and his ferocity in battle.
        From 1777 until 1794 Robert Benge and his war parties raided in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Alabama. Robert Benge had a legendary status among white settlers. Many white settlers hearing that Benge was headed their way would abandon their homes and farms, never to return.
        One must remember that Robert Benge for all his ferocity was defending his land, his country. Those he attacked were to him invaders, a foreign group of people trying to conquer his country and push out his people, his way of life. He did what Wallace and The Bruce did, defend his country as he saw it.
        Robert Benge was finally hunted down and killed by a militia led by Col. Arthur Campbell. This was April 1794. Benge had been shot by Lieutenant Hobbs. As Benge lay dieing Lieutenant Hobbs scalped him and his body was hung for all to see.
        Col. Arthur Campbell sent Benge’s scalp to Virginia’s governor. The letter to the governor states as follows: The scalp of Captain Benge, I have been requested to forward to your Excellency, as proof of Benge’s death and the good conduct of Lt. Hobbs. A reward of a neat rifle to Mr. Hobbs would be accepted.
        The General Assembly of Virginia sent Mr. Hobbs a silver mounted rifle. Benge was seen as a savage by his enemies. But, was seen as a hero by his own people, much the same as William Wallace

        Bob Benge: Chickamauga Warrior

        Dragging Canoe, founder of the Chickamauga Band of the Cherokee.

        In 1775 the Cherokee Indians had been making treaties with the United States for 55 years. They had already signed away a significant portion of their land when a white man by the name of Richard Henderson convinced Cherokee leaders to sell 20 million acres spanning part of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. It turned out to be the largest private real estate deal in the history of the United States. The selling price was 2000 pounds of sterling and 6 wagonloads of trade goods, about a quarter cent per acre. Among the negotiators was Attakullakulla, a prominent Cherokee chief. A young chief named Dragging Canoe vehemently protested the transaction. Bitter that his people had given up almost everything they owned, he feared this would bring about the extinction of the Cherokee. The land that sold was Cherokee hunting grounds, lands that they depended on for survival. Dragging Canoe warned that he would fight and he told the white men they were buying “dark and bloody ground.” He deemed the deal illegal as Cherokee law dictated that land cession must meet with unanimous approval among the tribe. Shortly thereafter Dragging Canoe moved his people to Chickamauga Creek, near present day Chattanooga, and formed the Chickamauga band of the Cherokee.
        The American Revolution erupted just a month after the Henderson land deal. Most of the Cherokee tried to remain neutral, but Dragging Canoe took the opportunity to strike out at the encroaching white settlements. His forces were small at first but he continued to gain followers over the next 20 years as he and the Chickamaugas fought to preserve their heritage.
        Among his cohorts was a young half blood named Bob Benge. Benge is believed to have been born sometime around 1760 in the Cherokee village of Toque. His mother was Cherokee and his father was a white trader of Scottish descent who had lived with Indians for most of his adult life. The older Benge was known to stand by his word. He was so highly respected among the Cherokee that Dragging Canoe once sent his own son to defend Benge in battle. Bob Benge was raised as an Indian along with his brother and sister. He was also related to Sequoyah, who later invented the Cherokee alphabet, and some sources say they were half brothers.
        Around 1777, Benge’s family moved south to live among the Chickamaugas in a town called Running Water. Here Benge met and befriended a small band of Shawnee that had come to contribute to Dragging Canoe’s cause. Several Cherokee, including Benge, joined the Shawnee in raiding white settlements. Benge quickly rose to leadership as he established a reputation of being a courageous and swift warrior.
        In 1785 Bob Benge led a war party northeast to the Holston River area of Tennessee and Virginia. The Indians came upon a cabin owned by Archibald and Fannie Dickson Scott. When night fell they broke down the door and rushed in shooting and killing Archibald. The four children living in the cabin were killed with tomahawks and scalped. After looting the house, they set it ablaze and rode away with Mrs. Scott to present day Kentucky, where the loot was divided equally among the warriors. The chief then divided the group sending nine warriors to steal horses from nearby Clinch River settlements and four men went to hunt with Mrs. Scott in tow. She was left alone with the oldest of the group and escaped to a white settlement. Benge’s presence on this raid is only assumed by Scott’s testimony of hearing Benge’s name spoken several times.
        Shortly after the raid a notorious militia leader by the name of John Sevier used the dark of night to surprise the Cherokee settlement Ustalli Town on the Hiawassee River. Sevier’s militia managed to capture a young Indian boy and kill five men acting as a rear guard, but they found the town abandoned, fires still burning in some of the houses. Sevier ordered his men to torch the town and then gave chase to the fleeing Cherokee, whom Bob Benge had led away. The militia was met with an ambush from Benge and his warriors giving the Cherokees time to reach safety, but the young boy captured earlier was brutally murdered during the fray.
        In another incident during the summer of 1791, Bob Benge led a war party of six to southwestern Virginia. On their first raid they killed two white adults and kidnapped a woman and a boy of eight. The next raid ended with four dead and a nineteen year old girl captive. They quickly returned home with their prisoners and the scalps of their victims. Such raids made Benge notorious for infiltrating and ravaging well guarded enemy territory leaving only ghosts.
        Bob Benge reached legendary status among the white settlers of Virginia and Tennessee. He took on the nicknames of “Captain Benge,” “The Bench,” “Chief Benge,” and “Chief Bench.” Mothers in the region commonly warned their children, “if you don’t watch out, Captain Benge will get you.”
        A well known Indian killer by the name of Moses Cockrell liked to brag about what he would do to Bob Benge given the opportunity for engagement. In the Spring of 1793 Benge and a war band set up an ambush in the Holston River area when they saw three men approaching with a pack train. Benge identified one of the men as Moses Cockrell and, knowing of Cockrell’s slanderous talk, decided to kill his companions and take on Moses one on one. So Benge dropped his firearm and leapt from cover, tomahawk in hand. Cockrell immediately turned and ran when he realized it was Benge. The pursuit continued for two miles until Cockrell came upon a settler’s cabin and took refuge. As a last ditch effort, Benge hurled his tomahawk and missed, leaving Cockrell to suffer in his own embarrassment.
        Though notoriously brutal and cruel to white settlers Benge occasionally showed mercy to his victims. He and a group of warriors once encountered a party of whites traveling to Nashville. The first shot was fired by a Cherokee, and all seven white men hastily fled the ambush, abandoning the four women to meet their grim destinies. Benge captured a horse that escaped from the women and tied it to a tree. He then gently assured each of them that they would be spared, built them a fire for warmth, and left them safe.
        Benge joined a raid led by his cousin John Watts near Knoxville. Benge’s Uncle Doublehead was also present and was determined destroy and rob as much as possible. The group came upon Cavett’s Station, a small outpost. Although the whites were severely outnumbered, they chose to fight anyway. Watts took pity on them and offered them a chance to surrender peacefully. Since Benge spoke fluent English, he was chosen to negotiate with the whites. He told them they would be saved and exchanged for Cherokee prisoners. Doublehead watched and grew furious feeling that no whites should be spared. As soon as the white men opened the gates, Doublehead flew into a rage, attacking and killing the settlers with his axe. Benge tried to protect them unsuccessfully. Another Cherokee warrior, James Vann, picked up a little boy to save him, but Doublehead lunged at the boy, smashing his skull. Benge left Cavett’s Staion infuriated with Doublehead for killing innocent people after leading them to believe they would be spared. He vowed never to fight with Doublehead again.
        Once on a visit to the Cherokee settlement Nickajack, Bob Benge overheard negotiations for a prisoner exchange between the Cherokee and some white settlers. Three white children had been captured from a river boat, and their father was trying to arrange a trade for some Indians whom had been captured by militia leader John Sevier. The “owner” of the youngest white child lived in another town and was not willing to relinquish ownership to the white father. Upon hearing this, Benge announced, “I will bring the girl, or her owner’s head,” and galloped away on his horse. He arrived back at Nickajack the following morning with the young white girl. There is no evidence of what transpired when he retrieved the girl.
        Benge conducted his final raid on April 6, 1794. After a short farewell to his wife and children, he headed out with seven warriors toward Virginia. The war party ended up at the house of Peter and Henry Livingston. The two brothers were outside working when they saw smoke rising from the area where the house was located. As they rushed toward the house they found that their mother and a black child had been tomahawked, killing the child and mortally wounding the woman. Their wives and children had been taken. The brothers rallied help from other settlers before pursuing Benge and his war band. They were afraid an ill prepared chase might jeopardize the safety of their captive family. The local militia called upon all members to aid in the rescue mission. Having dealt with Benge before, they suspected he was responsible, and they knew where he might be headed.
        Confident that he wasn’t being followed, Benge slowed his pace. He and his warriors took their time breaking camp the following day, and Benge spoke easily with his prisoners. He told Elizabeth Livingston that he was taking her to an Indian town, and he asked her for information on various settlers. He said that within a year he would have stolen every Negro in the area.
        As the Chickamauga war band made their way through the mountains they were ambushed by the white militia. Bob Benge was shot dead. His scalp was sent to the governor of Virginia, and the offender was rewarded with a new rifle. To the great relief of white pioneers, the most feared warrior of the Chickamauga band would fight no more. It’s difficult to imagine killing innocent people as a means of fighting. Though their tactics were objectionable, Benge and the Chickamaugas were lashing out against a force that rendered them all but powerless. Their freedoms and possessions were gradually taken away so that didn’t even notice until it was too late. A violent uprising was all they had left after broken treaties and back room deals had stolen their livelihood.
        Benge’s death marked the end of the Chickamauga resistance. Dragging Canoe had been dead since 1792 and there was no one left to lead them. The Cherokees continued to yield to white colonization until they had nothing left to give but themselves. They were finally removed west in 1838.

        • I have heard these stories….my people were the Cherokee/Seneca and Irish/Scot…thanks for posting,history is there to learn frm,sadly most wont…

      59. The mindset of “the people” is the scariest part of this whole thing. I despise it, I fear it and I’ll never understand it.

      60. Off topic but I’m curious.

        How is it that some comments get moderated/approved within mins while others go into limbo for hours without being moderated/approved?

        • The Great Guru; The Complete HMFICC has told us that if we use the same name and address the great machine God will eventually recognise us and allow us to pass unmolested into the haven of the post

          • ROFL @ Paraniod!

            I’ve always used the same screen name but have only posted 4 to 6 times. Perhaps one day the great machine god will find me worthy. 😉

          • @ Samrat – Paranoid – Mac:

            I have heard that excuse as well but, I have been coming to ((www.shthplan.com))for close to two years under the same name and same other info. Yet I still get suck in moderation purgatory for hours and at time days,..Yes days. I love checking out all the great posts and what is being chatted about. However I fine it is impossible to carry on a conversation here with other parties and that is frustrating!

            Sorry Mac, I know that you got other irons in the fire but, the situation/reality is you probably lose a bit of traffic due to the moderation problem.

            P.S. I’m also sure you’re sick of hearing about it to…LOL!!!!!! 🙂

            Thanks for you time!

          • Mac says adding your email address helps it get verified and than keeps it on file for the next time you post. SEems to work faster that way.

            • I have the same problem and my email address is ALWAYS added. Same info with evrey post but I am still moderated and by the time I am posted it is no longer relevent.

        • I second that Samrat. I posted something (completely innocuous I might add) over seven hours ago and no sign of it on here.

      61. “People who always speak in “we” – and lust to control others.”

        Dipshit, this website is the king of generalizing people. You generalized Americans two sentences before. Shove it up your ass idiot.

        • Hiya no balls /omegaman

          How are you today?

        • @ omegaman

          He’s baacck! Off your meds again, are we???

      62. So sick of the writers here who love to generalize everyone else as being dumber than they are because they have a different outlook on life than they do. Shove your arrogance up your ass you morons.

        • ummm there’s an easy answer to this mr aint got no o’s….stop coming to this site! duh.

        • “force is the first refuge of the savage. profanity the refuge of the ignorant.” You seem to have both covered.

      63. Make a negative comment about cops… . <—Such as? More generalizing from a lazy non-thinker it appears.

        • One of the bad things about this site is also one of the good things. People can come in here and thrash about irrationally and Mac puts up with it. Let Omegaman spew his opinions. Challenge him back. He’s looking for a fight, engage.

          Just remember guys: you learn far less from someone who agrees with you than someone who challenges you. I don’t agree with much Omegaman says but I still value his complaints. At least he’s not just sitting on the sideline accepting things he doesn’t think is correct.

      64. Haven’t been here in a while (internet issues at home) and I’m limited to reading, not commenting time, in other places.

        This is a thoughtful, well-written article. There has been such a “dumbing-down” in this country and that’s exactly the way the government and corporations want it, and get it, with the help of their media-minions.

        I liked the graphics! And at the risk of showing my jargon-ignorance, is “clover” a reference to that plant that seems to take over everything and keeps blossoming no matter how often you mow? Very apt analogy, though I think they (the plant, not the clover-people) only have three leaves.

        Keep prepping. It’s getting closer. Misneach.

      65. You have to admit, though, SWVA is far and away better than, say, New Jersey. I feel a heck of a lot safer here than anywhere else I can afford to go, relatively speaking. 🙂

      66. Pro-Romney shills like “Blutarsky” aside……the PTB are just laughing their collective asses off at us for still buying into this whole “rah rah my team” phony 2 party false choice….ain’t no difference between the so-called “2 parties…” both are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the banksters and the corporate oligarchy……so every time you hear crap about how one party or the other will “save” us, just discard the input…just know that is cheap Machiavellian divide and conquer claptrap….in 2012 our “choice” is Rombama…or…OBombney……same old crap…..yet another evil of 2 lessers false choice…

      67. I hope most will stay the hell away from Montana. I want everyone to think it sucks so bad here that nobody will come! Sigh wishfull thinking….

        • Wyo is much worse, whole state full of liberals, some of them are so bad they don’t even keep their truck gun rack full. It’s awful, stay away from here; I hear we are due for a bubonic plague epidemic any day.

          • And you wouldn’t believe all the lions and tigers , and bears.

          • Not to worry. Libs can’t shoot, don’t hunt or fish, and will starve out in a few weeks after the SHTF. After that, WY is nothing but lots of open spaces, baby! lol

          • We got buffalo and Jackalope stampede’s here in Nebraska, the Lobs (liberal=lobomotmy) took over and we got hosed. King Ben Nelson is moving back after leaving congress and is going to take over… Oh woe is me.

            “IF PROGRESS IS TO MOVE FOREWARD AND CON IS THE OPPOSITE…. someone explain CONGRESS to me”- Mark Twain

      68. No worries. The way I see it, however simply, is that we are divided among two groups in the USA – the “producers” and the “takers”. Right now, the “takers” have the upper hand. Yet when the Great Default actually occurs, what happens to the “takers”? They will have no cover to run to – no Uncle Sam to bail them out. For once in their pathetic lives, they will have to get real, or get out. When all gets tough, it will be the “producers” who dust themselves and eventually get things back on track.

        Economic down cycles are as natural as a sunset. Every so often, a great cleansing needs to occur. We are long overdue. The first few years will be tough – but tough for who? Those of us who have known hard times, who know how to survive, will do just fine. I’m not worried. The weak will either adapt and cope, or will be culled forever. Eventally the re-set button is pushed, and we will slowly emerge to build a more sane world. Hey – economic collapse can be a good thing!

        • Right. These two groups are often called “Makers and Takers”. Without government to buy their votes, Takers have zero to offer their fellow human beings. Makers, on the other hand, can do and create useful things, grow food, hunt, fish, and generally not need any help to keep them alive.

      69. things in Greece going from bad to worse
        bank runs accelerating
        people stocking up on food


      70. yep, ralphieboy the “takers” do have the upper hand…the Big War/Big Pentagon/Big Military Industrial Security Complex takers indeed have the upper hand….and no matter who is in the White House, be it Rombama or Obamney, this is the obvious forward scenerio…more endless TRILLION dollar phony baloney war….more debt serfdom for “the little guy” while we still run the scam of this ridiculous worldwide Empire of over 700 military bases in over 130 countries….I hear lots of yakking on sites like this about the evils of “big government,” yet funny how few of realize that Big Pentagon/Big Empire is indeed Big Government

      71. As long as the government holds some key locations and key junctions, it will win.

        The Byzantine Empire often had only Constantinople and very little else. But because of the key location of that city, it remained (barely) alive for more than 1,000 years.

        The Brits just arrested EVERY boer “women and children)they could get till the Boers surrendered.

        Trust me. The government holds the ace and the joker. Very little else matters.

      72. Reply to Be Informed. Something close to breaking? TRY putting LONDON OLYMPICS into your thinking.Regards Crafty.

        • Agree. Just read an article about who’s been hired to provide the security for the Olympics.
          G4S …..!!! Probably doesn’t mean jack to anyone. G4S brought up Armor Group a couple years back. Amour Group were a very significant security firm providing Armed Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. They still work in hostile environments like Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, just under the G4S name. Basically a British version of Blackwater ….. (Blackwater are crap, gungho halfwits though. I wouldn’t hire them to guard latrines)
          So the Olympics will be ‘secured’ by armed body guards, and guys more used to providing the guns and muscle to protect convoys in war zones??!!
          So, take from this what you like. I just think its a little bizaar to hire Mercs to guard the worlds biggest sporting event.

      73. you folks still don’t get it do you ???

        ya puckin morons …

        its game over time …

        you lost ameriCa to /from shear ignorance and greed …

        ameriCa land of the once Free is now Gone …

        say bye bye …

        none of you sodomite pillow biter carbon credit vat tax debt slaves will ever be free again …

        except it …

        you are ALL slaves , nuthin but dumb sheep ready for slaughter …

        to fight it is pointless .

        they’ll just kill you quicker if you fight it .

        your all nuthin but ignorant fools to dumb to realize …

        the game is over !!!

        an you LOST !!!

        THE NWO WON !!!


        *** AS FOR THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE IN THE WORLD to be when they destroy the world .

        TRY ICELAND !!!

        • One of those whose outlook is the glass of water is half full or it’s omegaman

          • OPPS! Half empty

            • Nope its time to add SCOTCH

          • Nope. It’s just Nina O. But I got a big LOL at the new name–Shadow Whisperer!!! I think he’s the newest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical character. Or maybe it’s a new “look” to replace Blue Steel in Zoolander. LOL! Sorry, Nina, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty funny.

        • And it’s amazing how the Shadow Whisperer rides into a commercial website using the connectivity between electricity, a satellite, and an IP node to attach with. And as if that isn’t enough, Shadow Whisperer dares to use a brand-name computer and some level of public education to communicate in English while scoffing at everyone else.

          Man has dared to invent and create, yet there he is, the Shadow Whisperer, feigning power we mortals cannot conceive of!

          Oh, ya gotta love the Progressive’s lunacy….

      74. Excellent article.

        I see examples everyday of the group-think stupidity that seems to be pandemic.

        Example….our local school district is always complaining about how they need more money….more money for this….more money for that. And of course…..”It’s for the children”.

        I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they just tried to foist some new bond issue on us every election. But now….they’ve even got the little rug-rats in on the program.

        How so?

        Well….every school year, I get what seems to be dozens of the crumb-crunchers showing up on my doorstep trying to sell me something (at an outrageous price I might add) in order to help the school pay for “stuff” for these kids education. Apparently, if we don’t buy whatever it is the kids are peddling (cookies, gift wrap paper, discount coupons, books, magazines etc.), then the school won’t be able to buy the “stuff” they need so they can then indoctrinate these young impressionable kids with their Marxist drivel.

        But what is really interesting is how the district decides just what is a priority.

        This past year, they tore down a nearby elementary school’s perfectly functional sign, to install some state of the art, lighted contraption that allowed them to announce all the days that the kids didn’t have to go to school. I watched as it took a work crew of 3 or 4 guys a week to tear down the old (again, perfectly functional) sign, and put up the new one.

        Yep….a great use of taxpayer dollars.

        And I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface.

        But if you complain about this stuff, you’re considered some kind of curmudgeon.

      75. Part of living in a small, rural community is being part of the community…go to the town meetings, participate, be involved, volunteer. Over time you gain social capital that can be put to use, but you also improve the community for all – its kind of core to the entire originalist concept of “America”.

        It is also the primary flaw to bug out scenarios. Unless you are a known, accepted, participating part of the everyday community you and your insular, handpicked, armed survival group are considered “other” and are a danger to the locals. You had better be really, truly, totally cut off, self sufficient and inaccessible if your plan is to just show up.

        On the other hand, wildly rising property taxes when most people in hard times are a good way to get land CHEAP.

      76. Rural Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota are areas we’re currently considering. For us its low population density and states that aren’t imposing all kinds of BS laws on average citizens. To each his own.

        • beware bugging out to , moving to Montana .

          there is a growing resentment amongst locals in the state towards outsiders . even none locals ” out of stater’s ” are are showing it .

          call it montana state ” natural born ” nationalism .

          if you bug out to nw montana / n idaho you might end up on the dinner table .

          just a warning to all you fresh fishy’s .

          two legged predators are on the prowl in montana .

          watch your six .

          travel below the skyline .

          off the beaten paths .

          walk in the forest stay inside the tree line .

          only cook during noon hours .

          and sleep up in the trees .

          are you’ll be prey .


        • And then there those of us who live there in what some people call the Empty zone I grew up in Westren south and north dakota and have been all over eastren Wyoming and montana. I have a feeling when people start fleeing the citiy there gonna meet alot of armed rural folk who know whats going on. Were already seeing it here in north dakota the opsition to the newcomers brought on by the oil boom. yeah there bringing mony but there bringing alot of other stuff to.. The only other weapon we have againsts a vast majority of people is our winter climate. I’ve talked to alot of rural folk and were starting to grow more gardens reinstall wood burning stoves and fireplaces into our house and thers been alot of runs on Ammo up here laitly..

      77. I am stayin’ put.

        Ain’t goin’ nowhere.

        No Sir !!

        Kill three, be free…

        …nuff said…

        sidenote….gunwatch.blogspot.com… has an article about a three barrel 16 gauge shotty (side by side by side) from 1891….SWEEEEET!!…

      78. I was at a weekend get together and was appalled that people my age were so out of shape, developing diabetes, having knee surgery, were overweight or arthritic and totally clueless to the things we know and prepare for.
        These mid 50 yr olds are going to be sitting ducks.

        Can’t eat money-I went out and spent more $ adding to my shelves-it’s people like that and articles like this that motive me…and scare me!

      79. “If today I had a young mind to direct, to start on the journey of life, and I was faced with the duty of choosing between the natural way of my forefathers and that of the… present way of civilization, I would, for its welfare, unhesitatingly set that child’s feet in the path of my forefathers. I would raise him to be an Indian!”

        “We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of its indomitable spirit.”

        -Tom Brown, Jr., The Tracker

        Everyone has something to share about their forefathers; people were strong and resilient long ago, we can learn and teach from their example.
        We must not forget the children and their future. They seem to be getting lost in the chaos and fear. I have taken my stand and I will continue to teach the young ones, as long as they will listen. I will not abandon the children that feel comfort in the fact that I am not far away from them. I am speaking of my Grandchildren and children. I could never leave my home without transplanting all of them as well. This will not happen, so therefore I will be here for them as long as God allows it. We have been lucky as a family in the fact that we have all made our lives within reach of each other. Not one has had the urge or wanderlust to leave. For this I am truly grateful. We will stand together.

      80. just purchased a Mosin Nagant…..very affordable SHTF weapon……don’t need that big a firepower array once the shiznit falls apart…get a good .22 rifle, a Mosin, a home defense shotgun……

      81. Other people’s children provide benefits to you that you might have overlooked such as joining the military. If we had no armed forces do you think you would be free to speak as openly as you do? I agree with a lot of things said here and I have many opinions on this as I am a parent of 3 children but opt to pay for them to go to private school (meanwhile paying taxes for other children to go to public schools). I’m not happy about that but acting like an educated child provides no benefits to you is a little short sighted and ingnorant.

      82. This article struck a chord with me because I’ve always been a weirdo. I was treated like garbage in the public school gulag; to the point where here I am out of school for 23 years and I’m not very interested in being social. That ship sailed for me sometime around 1987.

        I’m tired of people treating me like I’m mentally ill when they find out I don’t like football, baseball, or any sports.

        I’m tired of being called evil and wicked by holy rollers when they find out I’m not one of them.

        I’m tired of people being suspicious of ME when they find out I distrust the police and government.

        And it makes me bitter to no end to know that all the crap and abuse I endured in the school system was pointless. I have a high school diploma. It’s a worthless piece of paper. It doesn’t mean anything. It never will mean anything. I should have dropped out and just got a GED and saved myself a lot of grief.

        • Agreed!

      83. All these doom and gloom comments say basically the same thing. Everyone knows what is happening, and why.

        But no one seems willing to talk about what is going to be required to change directions. Of course with all manner of undercover types from an alphabet soup of agencies wandering around, reticence is certainly prudent.

        That being said however, violence IS coming. We have seen hints in the recent past, and folks like the Black Panthers are frantically fanning smoldering fires trying to start a full on race war. So, in some fashion, violence is coming.

        I wouldn’t worry too much about local level bureaucrats trying to expand their power. Those people will quickly revise their outlook after a funeral or two.

        Whatever may come, you can be sure it will be ugly. Beyond anything ever seen in this country before. Modern weapons will see to that.

      84. The question of our time, you say? Well, the answer is the same as it was the last time fascism reared it’s ugly head: We fight on the beaches, we fight in the country, we fight in the hills… we shall NEVER give up.

        Today, the equivalent is that we shall fight on the internet by disseminating information, we shall fight in the media by writing editorials, we shall fight in the streets by leaving informational flyers on our neighbors mailboxes, we will fight in the schools by joining PTAs, local councils, etc. We shall NEVER give up.

        Next question!

      85. You sound like a worthless POS. You hate church, you hate children, your neighbors, community, basically everyone but yourself, and just want to “be left alone.” Well, fine, get off the internet and get a cabin near the north pole and die a cold lonely death. The rest of us (“we”)care about our institutions and our nation’s children. Children are our investment in the future. Without them, people don’t give a crap what happens tomorrow. The current borrow-and-spend culture is a direct result of a childless, Godless, people with thinking like yours.

      86. People I am going to say this ONE time and ONE time only,If we set back and wait for them to go through with there schemes for there own play turf then we are SCREWED.Now if we go forth before they do this shit then we might have a future for humanity,they have already fired the first shot and yet everyone stands down and still waits,what’s up with that?..WE NEED TO GET THESE ASSHOLES BEFORE THEY GET US..{So if we start first by going after them then I see all gun ownwers of the second amendment participating in the gun protest movement whitch has not been done yet}What are we scared of people,RISE AND TAKE A STAND AND MOVE FOWARD FOR OUR FUTURE…………….

        • But I see that is not going to happen,so I will just stop posting on here.I SEE NOTHING BUT COWARDS IN AMERICA.Only if our four fathers could see us now and see the world as it is,I bet they would roll in there graves because America is loaded with cowards.So you TALK THE TALK,but will not WALK THE WALK……..!

          • Really poeple WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?………….

            • I will march with others when we have a gun protest, that will be the day I participate.Maybe then will we get somewhere finally.

          • @Earth man

            Something like this? There is some good from Constitutionalist like these joining together to protect each other from tyranny.


            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

          • I’d reckon the fathers would have dramatically strenthened the Constitution. Oh, if they only had long term ‘technical’ vision and foresight.

        • Hmm, now which is it? FBI,ATF,DHS…?

          Remember, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Hammers hurt.

        • Earthman: Where is the mighty NRA no where in site are they you say we are all coward’s, well I say the NRA is the coward. It will take a group like them to lead the gun owners to march on the numbn-ts running this place. I don’t belong to NRA for they have done nothing that I see to stop alot of the BS if any. They talk big but down deep they are pus-y’s. Like all the groups out here all they see is the $$$, so prepare and when the SHTF, they will all have a great big surpize. It is coming.

          Hold fast and Live Free

      87. As Davy Crockett once said, ‘They can all go to hell. I’m going to Texas.’

        • I believe it was Gen Sherman who said if he owned both hell and Texas; he’d rent out Texas and live in Hell? Been to W Texas several times and agree.

      88. Well, I guess we’ll just have to make our redoubt right where we are then. We live in communities with hundreds or thousands of decent, hard-working people, there is nothing stopping us from getting together and building what we will need to build to get along. We can deal with the thieves and gangs in about three weeks, in my opinion, then put our energies to security, agriculture, and keeping each other alive and well. In the event of a political collapse, the government will be powerless against it’s own people, we don’t have to be concerned about that.

      89. Accept God 1st.. Prep 2nd.. Pray for absolution of your sins 3rd.. And live and enjoy your life like there will be No Tomorrow..

        Your Life will feel like you’ve just ate your favorite food and your Full as a tick.

        remember this- “One just has to be Alive to Die” – so make the best of the time your here on earth..

        Banks, Goverments, rules , laws , taxes and $ are all the Mark of Evil.. And at the End we will see All that defeated by God. And it will be 100% clear that we need not to have assets – just seek sustainably.. Peace And harmony..

        I am concerned and will fight for the continuation of my family.. But that is it.. I will leave it to God to punish the wicked and corrupt.

      90. Executive orders need to be toned down quite a bit. What is the use of congress if the president can bypass it, appoint czars and do as he sees fit with no moderating faction? The states are starting to show some backbone, as Alabama blocking agenda 21 from the UN. Take back the country a state at a time. We are real close to a dictatorship, we need to vote the right people in at the state level and for senate and congress as a buffer. If you don’t like Romney, hold your nose and vote for him anyway, we need change.

        As to a safe place, I like a small community with good land and water, and wood for fuel.

      91. Peter,
        I’m right below you in Surry co. North Carolina. Like you said.. it’s my country. I don’t fit in with the collective …never will.

      92. @ Mac:

        why have all my post been taken down from this page??? I have been coming to your site for nearly two years. I have always been respectful is this censorship??? I would really like to know why?

        • Bf, my apologies — i have not moderated/censored any posts, however, I have been on the road lately so the queues have stacked up a bit. will try to stay on top of it.

          thanks for your patience with me.


      93. my oldest is 20 yrs old. In 5th grade I remeber dropping her off at school. God I remeber the day vividly as ut was chilling to me.We were late and the bell rang. That bell was followed by announcments. Now I myself was young at the time late twenties and a lil ditzy but I re;ized something was very wrong that day. The announcments were luch menu where to buy a flower for moms day and then…the chilling moment. It was the word for the day….”tolerance” I asked my child if they did this all the time and my child respondes simply “yea” I had a flash of Hitler and how he did this sort of thing. I am not going to tolerate alot of things in this life and make no apologies for it. That day I was damned sure to tell my child about this bull crap. My child since has read almost every book on the Holocust. Ny child puts up with no B.S and understands the canned answers to give them to make em happy but clearly knows right from wrong. My chold went all through public school and clearly knows how THEY want ya to conform, child clearly does not. I now have a 3 year old that I will teach the same thing to. I may even home school still deciding that one. But you can put a child in public school and have then posess a healthy perspective on life and give them a healthy distrust of the machine. My child would be a poster child for this that is for sure. Just talk to em and when you are done talkin talk some more…..I thank God for that day in a strange way because if I never had that moment I would have never raised my chold with a different way of thinking. I would never have taught my child the importance of being an individual and thinking for themselves. Not to the extent at last as I have since that moment.
        Stand for something or fall for anything

      94. Anyone who is a citizen of this country and leaves because things get tough don’t need to buy a round trip ticket (in my opinion).

        Any American citizen who will NOT vote for or FIGHT to preserve what is in our Constitution/Bill of Rights, (those God given liberties) will some day wish they had not been so stupid. After they are lost – it will be a lot harder fight to get them back. Much more blood will be spent getting them back then. Spilling our nation’s blood needlessly is being stupid. Ask any vet.

        I have watched American society decline in the moral, ethical and religious areas. Not to mention the lack of personal responsibility for their own actions. Parents who did not teach children right from wrong and hold them accountable for the child’s actions.

        Where did they get these wayward tendencies? Taught by the liberals in elementary, Junior High, High School and College. You know, those highly educated people with all those college degrees and no Job or Real World experience, because they were the “professional student” going after that “Masters Degree”. After which they were hired to teach our children that there were laws against parental control, and what could be done to that student.

        Oh don’t forget the nonconformists since the 1960s until now. . . . OWS jerks who own nothing, earn nothing, yet want those who are earning a wage to share the wealth with them.

        Sorry. You have not earned being on the public dole.

        Grow up.

        If you want to get ahead: get a job, work your way up through the ranks, earn your stripes (so to speak) before any of you deserve anything from the working man on the street.

        Ya gotta pay in before you deserve to get anything out.

        Okay, I’m done.

        • I’m not….Don’t forget the ‘earned income credit’…how does that work when the recipient DID NOT WORK A DAY that year for that??
          GEEZE..call it ‘stealing our taxes’ for real a description!!!

      95. This Peters fellow sounds an awful lot like one of these infantile, self-centered, selfish, radical individualists who seem to gravitate towards the Libertarian Party.

        Don’t misunderstand me – I, myself, have very strong ‘libertarian-like’ impulses. And, I also share a great deal of Peters’ disgust and contempt for the typical, ill-informed, short-sighted and intellectually lazy, Faux News and sports worshiping, gullible and easily snookered by the criminals in blue-suits inside the beltway, nose picking American moron. So, let me be clear: I am a hard core radical when it comes to my liberty and freedom – and I do NOT trust the clowns who currently sit atop the rapidly collapsing ‘American Empire’ up in Washington D.C. I view every single member of the US Congress and the White House – and all of their associated police-state agencies, as my mortal enemies.

        However, having said that – I remain highly critical of this ‘radical individualism’ mindset that Eric Peters seems to promote in this article. Here is why: No one individual has a snowball’s chance in hell of facing down the evil monsters who have hijacked our nation.

        There is no such thing as a single ‘soldier’, a.k.a, Rambo – no matter how well trained or equipped he may be – who can face an organized army on the field of battle and expect to survive or prevail, despite the horse manure that the creeps who own Hollywood like to constantly crank out in their fantasy world movies. In fact, I believe that Hollywood – in conjunction with the beltway criminals – deliberately promote that very theme, i.e., radical individualism – as a means of brainwashing Americans into not thinking collectively, and then organizing themselves based on their collective individual group interests. The objective of the aliens who’ve hijacked our nation and who are currently trying to resurrect the USSR here in North America – is to divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the playbook of these Internationalist nation wrecking criminals.

        This is why they detest and fear ethnic based nationalist movements, which consist of people who share a common history, a common language, a common set of shared values, the same language, descending from the same ancestors, usually having the same religious beliefs and who view their ethnic group as part of their extended family. This is what the Internationalists lust to destroy, in their maniacal and psychopathic pursuit of their Luciferian New World Order.

        Peter’s resentment towards the idea that the society, as a whole, is being taxed to help provide for the children’s education of their neighbors is clearly a sign that he is not focused on the long term survival and prosperity of his own demographic group.

        Granted, it is a well known and often admitted fact – that multicultural, multiracial societies are seldom suitable environments for the imposition of socialist types of ideas or programs – and many of our most well known ‘elites’ have stated as such. The reason why this is true is seldom mentioned by those same arrogant elites, because these individuals have an ‘agenda’ and that agenda is virulently hostile to the legitimate ethnic specific interests of the White European majority – and this applies to literally every historic White European nation on the planet; only White nations are being targeted for ‘multiculturalizing’.

        The agenda is income redistribution, plain and simple. Transferring financial resources away from White, mostly middle class tax payers – into programs that are most heavily, and often exclusively, used by minority groups. Thus, it is easy to see why Whites would resent being forced to subsidize the upkeep and maintenance of people with which they feel zero ‘family or genetically linked’ bonds. And, I assure you – Mr. Peters and all who think like he does – that were the situation reversed, and whites were demanding that the financial resources of non-whites be confiscated by the government and redistributed into programs which benefited primarily whites – those non-whites would be screaming bloody murder and resenting these thefts of their scarce resources. This is the ugly little secret as to why multicultural and multiracial societies have never, ever, worked in the entire documented account of World History. They are unnatural creations and they are products of very stupid, very short-sighted elites who believe in social engineering experiments – because they are trying to create an impossible ‘Utopian world’.

        Thus, peering into the future that these evil and anti-White elites are planning for America, I see nothing but a nightmarish world unfolding on the North American continent – and the biggest nightmares will be foisted upon the aging White European, former majority. Mark my words, folks – when and if America becomes a majority black and mestizo run nation, all of those aging White people who are expecting to receive their earned Social Security and Medicare benefits are going to be in for a very serious shock. With the deficits that these criminal ruling elites have piled up – when these minority rulers are faced with a choice of funding the Social Security checks for a bunch of wrinkled old white geezers or reneging on
        those promises and spending the tax money on themselves and on programs which benefit their race of people, we all know what the priorities are going to be.

      96. In America , we have a long standing tradition of working together for the common good. We built schools to educate all of our children. We crafted laws to be fair. We declared all men to be equal under the law. We fought together , died for these principles and build infrastructure so that we could enjoy progress. So that we can live in civilized society. The roads you drive on were build by your neighbors , our fathers. The airports and the armies are these same people. They are our brothers, and sisters. These people work for you and your family. There are some, who cannot help themselves or are otherwise indisposed of means regardless of their culpability. They are just people. They dont require much.
        Your idea of a perfect world does exist . Its call ,India. Maybe you should look into that.

      97. It is no surprise to me that since I retired from the Armed Forces that behind me were many other patriotic Americans who did their duty and have since left the service.

        America has millions of vets who probably don’t like the current President or Congress – however – when it comes to maintaining or Constitution/Bill of Rights FREEDOMS will rally around that great American Flag and fight to ensure their children or grandchildren enjoy those same freedoms.

        Right now vets are attempting to ensure the Iraqi and Afghanistani have a shot at establishing their own idea of freedom.

      98. @ omegaman
        You seem specifically versed in telling people where to put it,” Shove it up your ass idiot. Shove your arrogance up your ass you morons.”

        And who could ever forget “STOP GENERALIZING PEOPLE.”

        So, to be more specific and not to generalize, one definition of Sphincter is – A ring-shaped muscle that encircles an opening or passage in the body.

        Is that what closes when you stop talking!

        Y’all Beware! omegaman – the Trolling Sphincter.

      99. The Army Internment/Resettlement Manual states they will bring you back to the US if you are caught, and identified as s US citizen. They will then bring you up in a military tribunal to identify whether you’re a threat to the US and have escaped to a foreign country to avoid prosecution.

        This is all documented whether you like it or not. Their plans are all laid out for apprehending us whether in the mountains, bunkers or a hut in the middle of the jungle. Why they are doing this I have no idea, but the idea is to offer rewards, cash or food to ultimately turn us in.

      100. “the vast majority of Americans are not liberty-minded. That Americans – tens of millions of them – are stupid, unreachable, mean, irrational, authoritarian-minded Babbits and poltroons.”

        My experience exactly. The revolution is over before it happened. Might as well shut down this site, nobody cares, and I’ve given up. I hope the apathetic morons get what they deserve, let it burn…

      101. The Second Coming
        by W. B. Yeats

        Turning and turning in the widening gyre
        The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
        Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
        The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
        The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
        The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.

        Surely some revelation is at hand;
        Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
        The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
        When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
        Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
        A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
        A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
        Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
        Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
        The darkness drops again; but now I know
        That twenty centuries of stony sleep
        Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
        And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
        Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

        I think it sums up what is about to be.

      102. In all actuality there is no way short of an EMP and complete Global Cooperation to stop the American People. They will have to cut us off from each other, no power, communications and bring in a conquering army composed of all nations to pacify us. There are more armed americans than there are soldiers in the world so that makes what they want to do a little difficult.
        Work to change the system, elect people that are held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, TERM LIMITS (12 years max combined house and senate), and CUT the government by 75% and ALL welfare spending, grants to “ART?”, spotted chicken toads,etc. Above all “COMMON SENSE” IS THE NEW REQUIREMENT.

      103. well leaving the US is not acceptable to me as home is where the heart is and my heart is American. If they try to take my home I’ll defend myself and let the chips fall where they may. One of the things I am certain of is my biggest mission in life is to provide a future for my children that is acceptable to me. I intend on doing that in the US of A.

      104. I see a lot about “indoctrination”. What commentors fail to realize is they, too, are attempting to indoctrinate. Call it “debreifing, or what you will. Any attempt to persuade is nothing more than an attempt at indoctrination. Any attempt to persuade is also social engineering. You are merely attempting to indoctrinate and persuade and engineer in a direction you find more appealling. This is your right, but be honest about it.

      105. Remember one thing: “If you shoot it you are supposed to eat it.”

      106. Take your money and gold and run. I suggest selling off any property and holdings in the US. When we set things back on track, there’s no guarantee that anything you leave behind will still be there for you when you come crawling back in.

        Assuming we let you.

      107. Moving from one part of America to “escape” is like moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. There’s nowhere to run. I left the country years ago for a place that has more freedom and humanity than America has ever had but that doesn’t guarantee anything either except for a little extra time to live free and in dignity because the global tentacles of the world government will eventually leave no place on earth untouched.

      108. Go to another country ? screw that ! I would rather participate in another civil war to set things right . Better to fight than run to another country and be at the total mercy of what that nation wants to do with you …….most refugees are not treated well .

      109. my uncle cussed out this asshole animal control officer once and even chased him down the street after he threatened to take his gf dog from them. the code officer was an asshole so my uncle let him have it (my uncle was also drunk off his ass at the time. the code officer left without incident. years later he figured out that the code enforcement officer that he cussed out and chased down the street was the BTK killer. (im from wichita where dennis rader is also from, i remember the city lived in fear of him for decades when i was a child.) so my uncle drunk off his ass cusses out and chases down the block one of americas most notorious serial killers. man was he lucky i guess, i mean hes still alive!!

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