Global Propaganda: Like Hitler, Climate Deniers Will Lead to “Ecological Holocausts”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.

    Editor’s Comment: The agenda setters and propagandists behind the most nefarious global government think tanks – like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) will stop at nothing to push control of every sort upon society. It makes no difference to them whether the explanation holds water, or makes any sense. It just needs to work…

    But that is tyranny at work, and this bunch will not stop working until Americans and other wealthy nations are brought to their knees and made to comply. Oh, why not throw in a little Hitler and Nazism with it?

    Ecological Panic: The New Rationale For Globalist Cultism

    by Brandon Smith

    Faith in an ideology based on a desire for power over others and the need to feel personally superior without any legitimate accomplishment is perhaps the most dangerous state of being an individual or society can adopt. I would refer to such a mindset as “zealotry,” an integral element of cultism and an extreme result of the elitist side of faith.

    Zealotry and cultism are not limited to the realm of the religious. Zealotry is a clever devil hiding in the woodwork of any political or academic construct, and this includes the scientific community when it strays away from empirical logic and honest data into a world of pseudoscience and social engineering. I cannot think of a better example of zealotry feeding scientific cultism than the highly propagandized climate change/global warming movement.

    Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is quickly becoming the overarching rationale for almost every policy toward global centralization, as well as a scapegoat for nearly every major crisis from mass shootings and the rise of ISIS to geopolitical shifts in economic structures. Global warming has been projected as a magical force deviously underlying everything. It is presented by climate scientists and activists as an all-encompassing behemoth of cause and effect, yet nearly all of this frantic pontificating is supported by faith, rather than hard data.

    The issue is one of transparency. Without transparency of experimental data, climate scientists and think tank operatives become immune to examination. That is to say, if climate scientists and organizations, many of which are funded by public tax dollars, are not required to reveal the raw data behind their claims on global warming, then their claims are no longer a matter of “fact” or scientific process. Rather, the assertions of climate scientists now become edicts from on high, messages from high priests with a private line to the god of science — a god that no one is allowed to question. Their words become gospel: carbon footprints in the sand.

    Climate research institutions like the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have refused for decades to release the raw data behind their experiments, which they say prove the existence of man-made global warming. For many years the CRU refused to release any data that was not first processed to reflect its own desired outcomes and still refuses to release emails that might prove that climate scientists had rigged data in their warming models.

    Professor Phil Jones of the CRU in charge of maintaining data sets famously told an Australian climate scientist in 2004:

    “Even if WMO agrees, I will still not pass on the data. We have 25 or so years invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it.”

    When opposition became more intense in reaction to the CRU’s secretive data, the organization had this to say:

    “We are not in a position to supply data for a particular country not covered by the example agreements referred to earlier, as we have never had sufficient resources to keep track of the exact source of each individual monthly value. Since the 1980s, we have merged the data we have received into existing series or begun new ones, so it is impossible to say if all stations within a particular country or if all of an individual record should be freely available. Data storage availability in the 1980s meant that we were not able to keep the multiple sources for some sites, only the station series after adjustment for homogeneity issues. We, therefore, do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (i.e. quality controlled and homogenized) data.”

    Whenever the data issue becomes mainstream and pressure builds, climate scientists simply “lose” the original raw data, and once again we are asked to take them at their word.

    Now think about that for a moment. Only in the past few years have climate scientists been pushed to give up raw data to the public, as well as to other unaffiliated scientists, for review. They have enjoyed almost complete immunity from scrutiny since the global warming farce began while acting as the CORE drivers of political and economic policy models by international organizations like the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Future laws and taxes that could affect the entire globe are being written and established on the word of a handful of unaccountable scientists who see their claims as sacrosanct and above investigation.

    Despite the assertions of some global warming enthusiasts, little has changed since the release of the hacked “climategate” data and emails or public pressure on climate research institutions. These organizations continue to dismiss data requests made through the Freedom Of Information Act.

    Recently, the NOAA released studies which it conveniently claims refutes satellite data proving that there has actually been NO global warming for at least 19 years. When asked by lawmakers to release research papers pertaining to the experiments that supposedly back the assertions of the NOAA, the NOAA refused.

    Eventually, apologists for the climate cartel are forced to admit that the raw data is not available to the public.  Climate scientists seem to be the only scientists in the world who get away with presenting theories and conclusions without being required to back what they say with hard data.  Instead of admitting this is an absurd standard, apologists often defend the act of scientific secrecy, claiming that “average people” are not smart enough to interpret the data even if it was made available to us.  We the “profane” public are too unclean to examine the holy books of climate scientists; we are expected to simply bow down to them and globalist entities like the UN as mediators between us and the gods.

    Again, there is no available raw data that proves that overt global warming or “climate change” is even occurring, let alone that it is caused by human beings or carbon dioxide. There is far more hard evidence suggesting that changes in climate are determined by the SUN; you know, that massive ball of heat and radiation at the center of our solar system the size of 1.3 million Earths. This was outlined expertly in a Channel Four documentary on the global warming hoax.

    Until climate scientists are willing to present their findings including all raw data in a legitimate and transparent manner for independent review, NOTHING they have to say on global warming is relevant. Period. They are not high priests. They are not infallible. They are not even particularly honest. Every chart you see in the mainstream showing warming corresponding to human carbon dioxide production is based on hearsay from these pseudoscientists, not hard evidence. Thus, all current and future laws and regulations based on said hearsay are ultimately erroneous and dangerous.

    Unfortunately, corruption within climate research is not where the problem stops. There are people within the halls of power that see the climate change ideology as the perfect vehicle to promote a new kind of social order — an order in which collectivism and centralized governance are “scientifically” indispensable.

    The Club of Rome, a globalist think tank with close ties to the climate change agenda stated on page 75 of its publication “The First Global Revolution” in 1990:

    “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself…”

    The passage appears under the subhead “The Common Enemy Of Humanity Is Man.”

    There is a particular genius in the strategy of essentially uniting humanity against itself. We have heard arguments from politicians in the mainstream about the infinite threats caused by global warming. We have heard many political leaders from across the world demand centralization under the oversight of the U.N. to stop said threats. From Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin, there is considerable geopolitical consensus that the idea of climate change is real (yes, Putin in his last speech at the U.N. demanded action on climate change and more power to the U.N., proving once again that he is not anti-globalist).

    Secretary of State John Kerry, among others, has even suggested that ISIS was caused by climate change. This political rhetoric is meant for the masses who consume 15 minutes or less of news per day from the worst possible mainstream sources.

    There are, however, more clever snake-oil salesmen writing what I would call “refined propaganda.” These are the think tank analysts who turn lies into highly reasonable sounding treatise built on complex but always circular logical fallacies. If you want to know how future history texts will be written if the globalists get everything they want, simply read the papers and books of the think tank agents today.

    Years ago, I wrote about one of these elitist analysts in “The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses.” The article focused on a member of Rand Corporation named John Casti and his propaganda mechanism called the “Linchpin Theory.” Casti presented the false idea that “overcomplexity” was the primary cause of global crisis’ leading to minor incidents cascading like dominoes into worldwide catastrophes. Casti’s solution is, of course, simplification (Translation: globalization and centralization under a streamlined one-world system). This argument conveniently gives a free pass to the organized criminality of international elites — as if these men and their engineered disasters do not exist or never mattered, and all the fiscal pain and endless war we suffer is merely a product of random chaos.

    I have come across another think tank elitist peddling a similar propaganda mechanism called “Ecological Panic.” Timothy Snyder is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations and the writer of “Black Earth: The Holocaust As History And Warning.” I highly suggest readers listen to this interview with Snyder on Reuters to get a sense of what I mean by “propaganda.”

    Snyder conjures a vast array of disinformation in that interview alone, but I was particularly intrigued with the idea of “ecological panic,” which, I believe, is the next phase (or a more carefully defined phase) in the climate change agenda. Here is a summary:

    Snyder presents the foundational theory that crises — more specifically, “holocausts” — are a product of resource scarcity and unrealistic ideas of proper living standards. He blames these unrealistic standards on his own conceptions of free market systems, which supposedly encourage societies to demand more access to resources than what is practical (keep in mind that the elites want to be the people who have the power to determine what is practical and what is not). Snyder offers up the notion that Hitler himself, in a way that is not exactly made clear, was a promoter of a brand of free market greed, which lured unsuspecting Germans into the mentality of war and genocide for profit.

    At every turn, Snyder and the Reuters interviewers attempt to link Hitler’s philosophies and actions back to current principles that are original pillars of Western culture. Snyder suggests that Hitler’s social Darwinism is related to the free-market mentality of competition, which he seems to think means competition at any cost. He argues that the German ideal of high living standards was derived from ranking themselves against American standards. The interview leapfrogs into a comparison between the German obsession with high living standards at the onset of fascism and the American conception of high livings standards today.

    Ostensibly, the hint is that high living standards lead to totalitarianism and holocausts.

    The final thrust of the discussion revolves around the key idea that state conquests for resources along with global warming are today’s “linchpins” for further war, mass immigrations and genocide. Snyder directly relates Hitlerian genocidal philosophy with resource conquest and Hitler’s refusal to take science into account as a warning or a solution. Snyder links this to “ecological panic,” the claim that a lack of resource management and practicality lead to amoral thought processes and genocide. He suggests that global warming is a new catalyst for ecological panic and that the U.S. and much of the world are diving headlong into the same pattern as Nazi Germany out of greed for resources and a refusal to acknowledge the “wisdom” of climate science.

    So, if you were wondering where the root source was for the argument that climate change skeptics are the same as “holocaust deniers,” this kind of thinking is it.

    Snyder constructs a narrative of moral relativism in which people cannot be saved by enlightenment or moral compass because, according to him (and I am paraphrasing), resource crisis removes all morality from the situation and automatically turns people into monsters.  This is yet another elitist attempt to discount inborn conscience as a factor and elevate collectivist control of environment to mold society.     

    For someone who claims that understanding history requires “undoing the things we think we know implanted in our minds by nationalist history,” Snyder injects a rather ridiculous abstract regurgitation of mainstream history with vast voids of space in his information.

    First off, as shown above, Snyder’s primary thesis falls apart if the ideology of man-made global warming is a lie, a lie generated by false data provided by climate scientists who keep the raw and real data to themselves like some kind of occult knowledge.

    Second, true free markets did not exist in Germany during the Great Depression or World War II; and they certainly do not exist in America today. I’m getting a little tired of socialists and globalists constantly blaming “free markets” for the problems they created.

    Third, Snyder, like Casti from Rand Corporation, completely skips over the historical record when it comes to the influences of internationalists in the creation of disasters or totalitarian governments like the Third Reich. I highly suggest anyone interested in the REAL history of the Nazi Party read the well-documented works of Antony Sutton, including “Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler.”

    While consistently attempting to connect Hitler’s fancies and genocidal tendencies to his admiration for American history, Snyder utterly ignores the fact that Hitler’s ideas on genocide were directly affected by the philosophy of eugenics, a philosophy which was launched by global elitists like the Rockefellers in the U.S. in the early 1900s — the same elites who later funded the Nazi infrastructure. Resource entitlement and “ecological panic” had little or nothing to do with Hitler’s eugenics background.

    It is documented fact that the success of ISIS in Syria and Iraq is due to the openly admitted support by covert government agencies, including U.S. agencies, tied to internationalist interests — NOT due to global warming, which is perhaps the most insane connect-the-dot theory I have ever heard.

    What we have here from this CFR mouthpiece is a carefully crafted rationalization for globalism. Look at it this way: If ecological panic is the primary trigger of collapse, war and industrialized death, the elites escape all blame. They are the ones, after all, trying to “save us” from ourselves by introducing carbon emissions controls, not to mention the idea of population controls.

    Global warming becomes a catch-all bogeyman, a Frankenstein monstrosity created by humanity and plaguing humanity. Those who deny the existence of global warming or who question the legitimacy of its high priests (climate scientists) are not exercising their right to skepticism; they are contributing to inevitable genocide. Therefore, climate denial would have to be punished by governments, as climate scientists have been publicly suggesting.

    Climate change and Snyder’s world of ecological panic would naturally facilitate the development of population controls and institutionalized eugenics. I have no idea if Snyder is aware of the irony that his ideology is actually more closely related to Hitler’s ideology than free markets ever will be. Being that he is a member of the CFR, I suspect he is aware indeed.

    If you want to know why internationalists and collectivists have been force-feeding the climate change agenda to the world despite considerable opposition and well-publicized incidences of exposed fraud on the part of climate scientists, consider the prize at the end of the game. If climate change and ecological panic become ingrained “truths” within our social framework, literally any horror can be justified.

    Under ecological panic, human beings must apply social Darwinism in order to survive. Amoral rationalizations must prevail. Pseudoscientists and the establishment become the purveyors of life and death, prosperity and poverty. It will be the elitist class, given license by the power of blind faith rather than hard data, that will determine every aspect of existence from resource allocation, to production, to labor, to relationships and birth, to child rearing, to an individual’s very life span and access to healthcare. Globalism, if allowed to continue in the name of climate defense, will become the most pervasive and powerful cult in history.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website.


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      1. Anyway, be of good cheer! Despite the obvious darkness gripping the world today, there is a force in control of every atom and life. Max Planck correctly concluded that force is controlled by a “Conscious and intelligent Mind”

        Max Planck, “The Essence of Matter,” from a speech Dr. Planck presented in Florence, Italy in 1944, entitled “Das Wesen der Materie,” Quelle: Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Abt. Va, Rep. 11 Planck, Nr. 1797:

        Season’s Greetings &
        Best Wishes for 2016
        ~ Oliver K. Manuel

        • Game Changer!!!!!!!!!

          US agrees to let ASSAD to stay in power in Syria.

          From the Sheeple.

          • While this site is stuck worrying about this bunch od crap, there’s something falling down the chimney for Christmas,, and it ain’t Santa.

            How about A GUN BAN FOR CHRISTMAS? Maybe we could discuss something that means something?

            ht tps://

      2. I wish there was global warming, it’s freezing here dammit!

        • You must live close to me….
          I track my energy usage every year for the last 22 years. It has slowly gone up. It has risen about 5 percent even thou Ive upgraded insulation, windows and heating equipment.

          • It is an early winter here so colder than usual. Snow doesn’t help any either. A good investment for saving energy is a small grid tie solar setup. Just a 1kw system will save you hundreds per year and you can do offgrid with the panels too for backup. DIY for about 1500 bux.

            • I have 20kw of solar power. However it is kept covered for emergencies because between the Snow, hail, freeze and thaw wind and animals I usually suffer a 25% loss every year. Most of the damage occurs in the winter. I have wood heat but someone has to be there all the time to keep it going and that is not usually possible.

              • Ed, I am curious. How do you suffer 25%loss? Damage to your panels? Most ground mounted systems have a fence around the array just for that to keep animals and kids out. 20Kw is a lot to have just sitting idle. Most modern panels can take a pretty good beating by the weather. Let me know please, Thanks

                • off the subject here, but i got a couple pieces of info…a few tanks on a side-road next to I-15 near the 15/215 split near san bernardino today…no bigggie, but in the middle of the week??…this follows a report from same person saw a marines convoy YESTERDAY….and the other is a report of “several”(not just one or two) ospreys landing at the local airport today(apple valley, ca) county-run airport, and i aint never heard of ospreys landing THERE before….not to mention i got a report of two DIFFERENT office buildings a hundred miles apart today not able to dial out on a landline(served by two DIFFERENT phone companies)…some funny stuff happ’nin’ in so cal today.

                    video of armored vehicles wed afternoon on I15 near devore, ca…my friend tells me the nat guard parking lot in apple valley had more cars than normal today, so we think they may be from there.

                • Oh goody it’s 5 degrees and 8 inches of snow and I have to make a 180 mile trip. See you all tonight 🙂

                • Hail is the # 1 problem.
                  # 2 is between Wind blowing who knows what up onto the roof or blowing sand or snow causing the panels to become opaque and Frost heave from beginning and end of winter where melt gets into or under the panels and expands when it freezes again causing problems. Then I have eagles thinking that the panels are a good place to drop and eat a meal.
                  Found a deer carcass on the roof one time. Probably mountain lion. Broke 3 panels

          • Paul lien’ is completely different than jon Boner. He rarely cries on the floor. Don’t care too much for the Paul Bunyun look though. He is getting tough on the dims–he steadfastly refuses to give them more than 150% of what they want.

          • Off Topic: SHTF Must now employ a form of Afirmative Action like Blacks enjoy having only here its enjoyed by wheoever, like Frank & Passin in wind posters, write a reply against those here who speak or write Truth…

            This new form afirmative action policy allows their scathing remarks to be repidly posted up to influence readers..While some here must endure their Reply back and self defense of various false acusations by said posters, to remain Stuck in Moderation Limbo or Purgatory for 24 to 48 or More hours.

            What else can explain how Other replies by Same stuck in moderations persons, wrote just 15 to 30 minits apart be it prior written or later wrote…Those get posted up NO problem!

            Just the replies which dares to counter the falsehoods or personal attacks by those who Toe the Taboo Line here…Those replies remain in Limbo-Holding pattern…They then either finally get posted up after 1/2 dozen New articles covers over the prior article posted at….Or simply get totally deleted and disapeared into thin air….

            At least Here afirmative action rights “extras” do Not depend soley upon a Darkie skin color as does the regular Fed Govnt. Policy eh…

            Okay well if my Replies to Passins nonsense and Goofy Frank aka deluded soul, get lost in moderator purgatory, I will RE post it on a newr article so they won’t miss my replies…Especially Frank who accuses me of refusing to Answer his crap attacks Back.

            I can now see why Frank believes such idiotic thoughts of me since Frank is one who Does enjoy benefit of SHTF-Afirmative Action-Extra Special Rights regardless how badly his posts attack folks on a personal basis eh…

            Hang in there foolish one frank hopefully soon, maybe by Next January 12th My reply back to You shall get posted up.

            • Oh for Christ’s sake already, will you PULEEEEEZZZZ stop your whining already? That’s why anybody who’s a reasonable ADULT will never take you seriously. If you’re not bitching about Jews you’re bitching about how mac runs his site. Here’s a clue for you, it’s MAC’S site, not yours! If you don’t like it, then leave! Or better yet, start your OWN site, then nobody can censor you. Either way, knock it off or find someplace different to act out your second childhood, you’re just making an ass of yourself now.

            • You aren’t going to cry, are you? The man explained to you last time why some posts get deleted and some don’t. Are you not capable of reading? For somebody who complains about being censored it certainly seems you post quite frequently without any problems. Maybe you should go back and read again why Mac runs his site the way he chooses to. Seems to me he’s pretty lenient about what he allows people to say here, so maybe you should just put your big boy pants on and stop your sniveling.

          • AE;
            You once mentioned Krav Maga. I have been trying. What a work out!

        • Every year the winters get warmer and warmer here. I haven’t been able to ski in many years because there is no snow. It used to snow in piles years ago. Just an observation.

        • “Climate Change” by the NWO Globalists is a scam for more taxes, and specifically for taxes to be paid to the UN. And, in the case of the Third World, transfer wealth from the wealthy nations to the poorer ones. Why are the poor nations so poor when they have all the natural resources they need, and have had them for hundreds of years?

          But make no mistake. Yes the weather is changing. Yes the climate is changing. This is obvious from the retreat and/or disappearance of glaciers, notably in the United States and in Africa with the snow cap of Kilimanjaro. This is happening because the Poles are moving, have moved. The NMP has moved 900 miles NW since its discovery in the early 1900’s.

          The rate of movement has accelerated from 25 miles per year, to 40 miles per year. The coldest spots are at the Poles. The Poles reverse on average, every 200,000 years. It has been more than 750,000 years +/- since the last reversal. Additionally, there is volcanic activity in the Arctic and Antarctic melting ice, as the Ring of Fire has become more active. The Sun also plays a dominant role in climate and weather patterns.

          Three million years ago Greenland was free of its ice sheet and had been that way for the previous 50 million years. Someone could argue that the End of the Ice Age 12,000 years ago, is still ending. 500 million years ago the earth was much warmer and wetter, with most of the world covered in water.The earth vacillates between warmer and colder epochs as it cycles and recycles itself over the millennia. All of this data is locked in the rocks, and well known to science.

          The only difference now is that humans are here to observe and record the changes. We cannot stop the Poles from moving. We cannot stop volcanic activity. We cannot stop the Sun from waxing and waning. We cannot stop the earth from cycling and recycling itself over time. Right now the changes in weather patterns and temperatures are releasing voluminous amounts of methane gas locked in the Arctic regions of Asia and North America. Methane released into the atmosphere is a much, much greater threat that CO2. We must adapt or drown.

          Have you paid your Carbon Tax today? 🙂

        • A clear sign of climate change!


        Just another way of robbing & looting the working class – in the form of unregulated Taxes.

        A Tool, to control a populations behavior – in the form & use of a regulated Authority.

        CLIMATE CHANGE = Global Compliance [NWO]

        • Or like the holohoax deniers, sent to the gulag.

        • FTW you can buy carbon credits cheap right now. I’m not kidding, a lot of corporations have bought them. Sell them at a later date for profit or use them as payment. Might be a better investment than gold. Get in on the ground floor and get rich (maybe). Sell them to neocons and liberals to offset their flatulence lol.

          • What you say is very much true. It is how Corporations who pollute, are able to stay in business. Technically, there is no difference between the I.R.S and the E.P.A.

            The motto is: “you pay to play, or we’ll shut you down”

            The small town that I live by has an outfit that emits Sulfur Dioxide into the atmosphere. This is a big “no, no” for them to be putting this dangerous gas into the ozone … but … if you “pay to play” … then everything is ok and they(epa) look the other way.

            Sick and Twisted World on all fronts

            • Yep, nothing that making the richest even richer and the poor poorer won’t fix for sure! I think I will stoke up the woodstove and smoke a cig and release some flatulence so it will warm up around here. Mash puts out CO2 also maybe that will help some. Im trying man, I really am 🙂

              • A neighbor is burning leaves almost every day. Yesterday I could hardly see in my back yard because of the smoke and ashes floating by.

                • Offer to take them and use them for mulch!

                  • I have plenty of pine straw.

              • Wow! I should get massive tax grant Cash$$$! For just Now I took a One dollar us bill from my pants pocket….And grabbed my Bic Lighter and Lit that dollar bill on FIRE!

                Yet despite all the Heat and Smoke it emitted into my Living Room areas….My Thermostat shows a definate DROP in overall room temps!!!

                Eureka! Them Guys to the global rescue folks!

                Instead of paying to the scam swindle bogus scientists and fed gov or United Nations swindlers a Carbon Tax, which is supposed to somehow Drop Global Temps to a better Lower temp…We can simply set fire to our Tax Cash dollars as I did now!

                Ergo: after 25 years contemplating of setting fire to one dollar bill…I took that Plunge! and right Here at Global HQ of “Them Guys” (however remember folks…Them Guys, they is everywheres! Them Guys is them what Your momma should have Warned you about long ago when a small kiddie!)…This great New experiment to Lower Temps has proven a vast huge success!

                IE: MORE Fire= Greater HEAT= Lower room Temps!

                Picture the healing of earth global effects if enough folks globally simply at same time of say, High Noon on Jan 1st 2016…Step outside to front poarch and Light on Fire a One dollar bill!

                Not only will we totally waste spendable Cash to a tune of, globally, 7+-Billion Dollars in one giant Flashfire!

                But unlike Carbon Tax paid that always ends up in a tiny small Few Pockets…This, Them Guys HQ plan shall COOL planet Earth to a more livable resource!

                I tell you This Day shall go down in Hostory as one of The Most Important discoverys of ALL time bar none period.

                PS: Folks who wish to remain anonamous (opsec) or fear cold outdoor winter temps, yet still wish to Partake in this global Cash-Burn of dollar bills to Save the planet!

                Can foreward Their dollar bills to a soon to be set up US Postal Box address number by Yours truely at Them Guys HQ here in Lovely Northern Mich where the folks is as white as the Snow!…And We at TG HQ shall do that dollar torching For You and at NO extra costs nor fees! Wow! what a true Merry Xmass gift from Them Guys to the Worlds folks!

            • Worse yet is that the developing nations are for all practical purposes exempt as its voluntary. So the developed world (thats us) pays more for energy which is a catalyst (fancy word for speeding up) the transfer of wealth from the developed (thats us again) to the developing (like China). Just so interestingly China in 2010 became the greatest user of carbon base fuels and they’re de-facto exempt. How blatant, how much more obvious can it be?

              In the end our standard of living drops while there standard rises and the homogenization occurs.

              • Nevermind homogenizing, we need to pasteurize the planet and kill all the bacteria infecting govt. and money.

              • Very good point! The green hoax has two big lies: one is the developing world, with the likes of China and India now the world’s biggest polluters and who refuse to control their emissions; the second is the deliberate plan to move hundreds of millions from the developing world to the rich West to take up Western lifestyles: that is not very green. Even worse, they are being put on welfare to live a Western, consumption lifestyle so it is not even ‘sustainable’.

                Also, we have war and conflict rising everywhere, how is that green?

                The world needs population control and also needs a capacity limit placed on all territories so that migration is not allowed to balloon populations and create habitat-destroying overcrowding. For example, many European countries are already overcrowded (the UK, Netherlands, Germany etc.) and need fewer people, not more and certainly not millions of Africans and Arabs and Muslims who want to have five kids or more. Most of Africa’s problems are related to over-population and population outstripping the ability to manage communities and the environment, thus they migrate. If you are not talking about these things, then you are a green fraud.

                • Free birth control to all men and women planet wide would be cheaper than this mess of 7 billion and growing. No other aid. Taking BC optional. The drop would be substantial and immediate. Don’t say religion, most would use it.

                  • Perhaps if all the too many to count “Save them Childrens” TV ads for donated Cash to Feed African kids and their momma whom has on average 15 to 20 chillins.

                    Would also, besides provideing daily ham sandwhiches and bottled water to them Billion Plus so hungry starved childrens, simply TELL them Ignorant jungle bunnie dwellers that since being a Jungle means everything Grows wild and super fast…

                    That if veggie and wheat and corn seeds were also provided to african hungry starved kiddies they can just litteraly Toss the seeds into air and wherever it lands is bound to grow FOOD fast!

                    THEN: once TWO more decades pass by, and finally ignorant africans comprehend how seeds grows etc…

                    guys like Franklin Grahms Org can teach africans How to Dig a water well and get fresh good drinking water too! That project should only take another Three Decads for ignorant baby factory moms of africa to understand eh.

                    THEN: Frankiln can go Buy another private jet Plane that absorbs aprox $50-Million of donated feed hungry kids of africa Cash!…A Win Win plan if ever was a plan!

                    Has any scientists as yet figured out just exactly what african dweller blacks has ever invented or made or done besides to be worlds baby factory females?

                    So far in 45 years personal research I have found ONE thing to credit africans jungle dwellers for…

                    Makeing entire villages out of a large mixture of their Own human excretment+raw dirt+dirty filthy pond scum water…Then once properly mixed, it is then shaped by hand into round Huts enough to fill a village with which africans can dwell within.

                    However so far each years Monsoon Rains always Melts the entire village of huts and the process begins anew…Tisk, Tisk and Tic Toc….10,000 years in same jungles and one major invention! Mud/Shit Hut homes!

                    My favorite TV ad to feed africans is the one with Host of ad former actor played Adam Cartwright on TV’s Bonanza series western!

                    He states and shows some little Chubby starved african boy carrying his daily get water to drink bucket…Then “adam” whines how “Look at little tyrone darkieboy! He’s Forced to daily Lug his heavey water bucket SIX Miles each way! Just so his family (of 18 siblings and lone mommie) can have necessary water…just LOOK how Nasty-Filthy Dirty his pond scum water is folks! What a cryin Shame folks!..Forced to drink parisite infested water that has already made his Older sister so damn sick!”

                    GEE adam of former Bonanza fame…Ever think of telling poor thirsty chubby starved tyrone to FIRST Strain debrie OUT of said water and then to BOIL IT before cunsumeing it?!!!

                    yes it may still look or taste nasty but at least zero bugs or parasites remain once BOILED eh.

                    I wonder if at least one in each Thousand tv ad viewers in usa “gets it this way yet”?…I bet that tv ad creates such massive whitey guilt that the donations $$$ floods in….I also bet most such orgs are huge swindle scams that actually provide 10% if that for named cause.

                    WE here need a TV shtf ad! to recieve donated $$$ free…Mac keeps 15% as site owner and we all divy up the rest equally eh…I want a Velocity Yellow Jet to match my Z-06 Vette color!

                    • Hey tg, what’s wrong? Did your parents take turns dropping your head on the concrete for fun? Tell you what, I’ve read some posts here from some bitter people, but you win first prize champ. I would say get some type of mental health counseling, but it’s way too late for any medical people to help you, you’re going to die bitter and alone, there’s nothing that can save you any longer, I really pity your poor excuse for a soul.

                    • TG, agree with you. But you are dealing with an average IQ of 70 so….. Probably the same IQ as anon down there as I see he has no points to make just the usual drivel. Sam Kennison said it well… MOVE TO WHERE THE FOOD IS!

                    • TG, Now if there were ads on tv for 20 a month to sterilize these primates I might donate. Giving them food does nothing but make it worse. But then here we go with the anti-truth police I’m sure…

                  • Probably the best thing we could do for humanity is to get as much porn as possible to the third world as we can. Maybe Ron Jeremy should be made head of USAID (he should certainly get the Nobel Peace Prize)? The more we can keep these horny, young men beating off rather than raping and impregnating women (and spreading AIDS), the better.

                    Another thing is the leaders of these countries: I have met many and they always tell me their goal is to boost their populations to overwhelm the West. They make no bones about it. And they LOOVE getting all that money from the West to pay for their ballooning populations, which they then want to export to the West (as they are doing right now). So, change the leaders and get some people in there who can slap a condom on their men and get some birth control pills down the mouths of those ignorant baby machines called women.

                    This would go a long way to dealing with the environmental catastrophe and also slow down the spreading wars, crime waves and chaos. At present, there is not a snowballs chance in hell the UN or any of the ‘green’ hoax spreaders are going to get a grip on the problem.

                  • Open a shitload of sterilization clinics. Here’s a sandwich just have to agree to do it. Best thing that ever happened to them.

                    • Genius: You are one who gets it. And also realizes that despite what Mac complains of, what makes Real logic is as he admitted if zero censoring occured here his every article will be full of over 90% anti-cannot name taboos- replies.

                      And common sense says there sure is alot of folks whos finally awake on the real true problems in america and the world eh.

                      But as for the troll types that keep following a few of us and make nasty name call replies without any substance etc….Thats just proof whats really wrecked this site is them which are nothing other than a combo of Shabozz goys and Hasbaratts…That Hate facts or Truths which touch upon their Two main favorite sub-groups…Ie: #1 fav group african savages, and #2 cannot name Taboo bunch.

                      Any other discussion and these trolls Slither past like a viper snake in the grass….But any mention of the two main favorite they so worship…Its curtains for truth tellers! of a lonly bad life eh?…To be sorrounded by them two groups and filled to the eyeballs with whitey guilt must be the absolute worst life possible eh.

                      Just hang in for soon so many folks shall awaken fully the troll types will find none left to blather to.

                      Help make America-#110 and Never again!

        • @FTW

          Was listening to NPR interviews at the climate summit in Paris,
          What stood out to me is how ALLLL these small third world countries are saying that the US etc need to pay them $ for climate change or setting up renueables etc,,,,
          Fuck me is all i could think,,,
          I didnt pollute anything so why he hell should i have to pay higher taxes or fees or whatever so some assholes in timbucktoo get a free ride?….
          Worst part is that the damn government pricks are on board with this crap,,,
          Im glad im getting old,
          I dont really like what the world is turning into and just want out

          • Well said! What the f are they on about? As if they deserve a free ride and for what?

            It smacks of welfare for countries. They don’t need free money they need to get their sh#t together. Countries have shown over and over again it is possible to work your way out of poverty; just sadly some countries don’t like that dirty word, ‘work’.

      4. Eat more beans the world needs the gas!! Absolutely so sick, just makes one want to puke. These brain dead greedy bastards.

        • They are certainly greedy, but rest assured, they’re not brain dead. They are very very good at being very very bad.

          • They are my evil twins lol (sarc). I do have to hand it to them, they are TRUE evil geniuses. I think that is one of the problems people have with believing anything outside the MSM box. They simply can’t grasp how absolutely evil these bastards are and how much control they have over everything! Most people are good so they can’t grasp what absolute evil is. The apocalypse is happening right now (apocalypse= unmasking/ unvieling) they are being exposed more all the time. The great unvieling (unmasking) of the man behind the curtain. Occult knowledge is becoming known too. Occult just means hidden nothing else. The curtain is going down on the Grand Illusion show and the smoke is clearing and the mirrors shattering. So people need to get their face out of their phone and see it for themselves….

            • Who is behind the anti-white agenda?

              ht tp://

            • Genius

              They’re reach through various vehicles like Foundations steer the academic sector while the MSM broadcasts the results. The general public scoffs in disbelief because the size and scope is so great it appears too large, too coordinated to exist. When things don’t, “add up”, its presumed to be random. With even a casual observation looking at the results that always facilitate globalism that random now points to orchestrated. The common person reverts to, “thats impossible”, regardless of evidence.

              They been at this in earnest for the last hundred years. Given unlimited resources a lot can be accomplished in that time.

              • There are only a few at the top now. I don’t know if it is coordinated in a perfect way. To a great extent it is that they are “in agreement” with each other. The details fall in alignment due to agreement.

                While at University, I saw no research other than what was bought and paid for by corporations. Ditto at our national labs… which is another corporate welfare program.

                • I wonder how much infighting there is within these organizations. I think of them like the Mafia Commission. In essence criminals overseeing a criminal organization that are individually very ambitious. I just can’t imagine so many with non existent ethics not infighting.

      5. Then there is that idiotic 97% of scientists agree horse manure. Not that the ignorantleft has ever heard of Galileo, Copernicus or Hitler publishing “100 Scientists Against Einstein” (to which Einstein famously replied “Why 100? If there facts are correct, only ONE is needed”); nor have they heard of Ignaz Semmelweis being drummed out of the medical biz in th 1800s as he insisted that his doctors wash their hands before operations (this was before germ theory, and the consensus was that germs were hogwash)

        Truth is, the former director of the University of Delaware’s Center for Climatic Research David R. Legates, examined the evidence, and came to a very different conclusion: “…’only 41 papers–0.3 percent of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.0 percent of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1 percent–had been found to endorse’ the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming.”

        Not only that, but several of the scientists surveyed, including Dr. Craig Idso, Dr. Nor Shaviv, Dr. Richard Toll, and Dr. Nicola Scafetta, complained that their work was being misrepresented. Popular Technology interviewed Dr. Idso, and he said: “It would be incorrect to claim that our paper was an endorsement of CO2-induced global warming.” They also interviewed Dr. Scafetta, who said:

        “Cook et al. (2013) is based on a straw man argument…What my papers say is that the IPCC [United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] view is erroneous because about 40-70% of the global warming observed from 1900 to 2000 was induced by the sun.”

        In essence, the study upon which the climate change alarmists at the Sierra Club base their idea of a 97% consensus is utter BS. A final nail in the coffin of a “consensus” is the Global Warming Petition Project, which bears the signatures of over 30,000 scientists, over 9,000 of whom hold PhDs. The petition states, in part: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that the human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing, or will in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the earth’s climate.”

        • Test–save it. To paraprase Stacey: “They could give a shit”

        • There is far more than “one” fact against Einstein, but you wouldn’t know it from his cult of fawning adoration.

          Einstein was a fraud and a plagiarist. “His” General Theory of Relativity contradicts “his” Special Theory of Relativity about the presence of “the ether” in space and the constancy of the speed of light. Attempting to resuscitate “his” theories from the ever-more-refined interferometry evidence against him, Einstein simply added an unquantified and undefined fudge factor to “his” equation. Both “his” theories were confounded by Sagnac in 1913 and by Michelson-Gale-Pearson in 1925. Amusingly, Einstein was eventually forced by the evidence to grudgingly admit that geocentrism fits the scientific observations at least as well as heliocentrism. Some genius. Not only did Einstein plagiarize the errors of others, he was a despicable human being who beat and cheated on his wife and abandoned both his children to their early deaths. Of course, all that is ignored by the mass media—probably just a coincidence 🙂

          Leave it to TEST to champion such a misanthropic fraud.

          • john Q.,

            You REALLY can’t help yourself, can you? Everything is the fault of the Jews, they all lie about everything, they never become doctors or scientists, it’s all a big ” false flag”. There’s nothing left in your empty, dismal little existence except to find somebody or group to hate. You even stooped so low as to call Anne Frank a liar and her diary was false. I hope you get to find out when you die someday how false it all was, maybe you could be put into similar circumstances for eternity and then tell God how right you were when you were alive.

            • You can’t help yourself from name-calling and straw man instead of addressing the facts:

              Einstein was a plagiarist and a wife beater who abandoned his two children to die.

              Einstein required that there was no ether in space and that the speed of light was constant in his Special Theory, then required that there was ether and the speed of light varied in his General Theory. Sagnac and the trio Michelson-Gale-Pearson proved Einstein wrong… and eventually Einstein had to eat crow, that geocentrism fits the actual scientific observations.

              Deal with it.

            • Damn Jimmy, instead of saying some afterlife god shit why don’t you TRY and refute him? Got some FACTS to backup your retarded comeback? Didn’t think so just like the rest of the no fact, no knowledge, no research idiots. The only thing you can say is some stupid bullshit lol. Get a brain and don’t try replying with yet another stupid comment, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACTS! If you can’t supply some the short bus leaves in 1/2 hour, be there.

              • Genius,

                I don’t give a flying fuck WHAT you want, can you understand THAT you little prick? It’s too bad you didn’t crash and burn in the snow yesterday, that would have made an EXCELLENT Christmas present for EVERYBODY!

                • I guess you took the short bus eh? Much easier that facts or truth lol. Very informative post too 🙂

                  • Think whatever you like you little prick but rest assured it’s the TRUTH. Nobody in this world will miss you once your gone and THAT is a fact. Do everybody here a favor, take your gun, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger. But please make sure it’s loaded first, ok?

                  • Genius,

                    It’s guys like Jim Davis, the guy who just wished you were dead, who think they have the moral high ground. Oy veh!

      6. Science facts for intellectually dishonest leftists:

        What is the actual presence of CO2 in the atmosphere? 390 ppm, or less than 0.04%, up from 320 ppm, or 0.032% 50 years ago. Of the remaining percentages, nitrogen amounts for 78%, oxygen 21%. Of the 1% that then remains, 90% of that is argon, with less than 4% of that 1% being carbon dioxide (these percentages exclude highly variable water vapor, which is usually around 1 – 4% of the atmosphere – and a much more major contributor to global warming, estimated at being 50-90% of the greenhouse effect). Of course the logarithmic effect of CO2 means each additional increase has less impact that the prior, same sized increase. Even more, about 96 to 97% of carbon dioxide comes from natural sources, such as animals, plant decay and volcanoes.

        In fact, relative to volcanoes, former FDA investigator Dr. Arthur Evangelista, noted that the 2010 eruption of Eyafjallajokull in Iceland emitted, in four days, enough CO2 in four days to negate every single effort mankind made that year to reduce CO2. But this volcano was a piker compared to Mt. Pinatubo, which when it erupted in the Philippines in 1991 “spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire 40 MILLION YEARS on earth.” And this doesn’t include that fact that, as he notes the “bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.”

        Bill Nye, the poster child for the left on AGW – and who has ZERO meteorology training. Perhaps not the brightest gazelle in the herd, is he…. 29 seconds. Here the guys gets the Arctic and Antarctica mixed up, something that would have flunked me in jr. high. But hey, he’s a BIG GREEN MONEY hero!

      7. I’m fortunate.
        I live in a place where I can get away with
        obeying only the laws I feel like obeying or
        are in my best interest to obey.
        I never violate any Federal, state ,
        or local laws.
        Make them spend resources they don’t have to
        watch and try to control you.
        Holocausts occur because sheeple comply with bad laws.
        If they are going door to door, History tells us
        they are going to kill us. If they are running prices up
        so high, we exhaust our resources to survive, they are
        going to kill you.
        If every Jew in Germany had killed one policeman, eg
        walk up behind him on the street and blow his brains out,
        you are going to die, but they will run out of cops
        before they run out of Jews and I’d rather take one
        of them with me.

        If Moslems/Liberals demand you convert, cross your fingers, convert, and spray shoot them as they pray in the mosque or
        Hollywood/K street party.
        God knows what is in your heart, you are under no obligation
        to fellow man outside the ten commandments. It is an
        act of love to save lives from evil animals.

        Fanatical Moslems are animals.
        Liberals are animals.

      8. Global warming? If so who gets the blame for that? It’s the big corporate polluters who have free rights to filth up the environment to their greeds content. I doubt the global warming BS, just a income and control grab as others suggest.

      9. Al Gore invented Global Warming.

        • PO’d, have you ever heard of adding lemon juice to mash?

          • No, I haven’t. What’s the benefit? Help keep the worm clean?

            • I guess it helps break down sugar idk.

              • I’d be a little concern about possible harm to yeast. Any particular ratio per gallon of mash?

                • 1 TEASPOON PER GALLON oops

                  • Guess: acidifies the water… making it soft water.

        • Al Gore invented hypocrisy. Al Gore’s recent tidy little purchase, wan an $8mm property in Montecito, CA. which IS ***BELOW*** his projected sea level rise. or

          Maybe those Paris protestors should drop by carbon scofflaw Al Gore’s Italian-style house, which has energy wasting high ceilings, six fireplaces (where’s Nancy Pelosi and her “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory… of how we are taking responsibility.” gendarmes when you need ‘em?), five bedrooms and nine bathrooms in more than 6,500 square feet of living space. At least he should be putting up a number of Syrian refugees (along with all his Hollywierd Learjet leftist buddies and their zillion room mansions)… right?

          • Al gore is a hypocrate asshole,
            Preaches about everybodys carbon footprint while flying around the world with his security detail,
            Just another eliteist asshole

      10. All the radio and microwave tech. Military tests to control the climate. Cell phones, sonar, radar, GPS and concentrated unshielded Power Grids.

        We are Microwaving our planet. Not CO2

      11. I believe that the perfect storm is coming up very soon!
        All of the NWO attacks are speeding up,as though these Megalomaniacs in business suits see their Central Banking empire blowing up behind them & need to hurry their last roll of the dice! They want to secure their objectives before the Global Economy goes down & takes them with it!
        Hitler’s ‘Operation watch on the Rhine’ repeated 71 years later by central bankers instead of Nazi armies!
        My question is this,
        Will these evil people destroy us in the near future or will the next Great Depression destroy them first?

        The great political thinker,John Dalberg-Acton,..Lord Acton saw all of this over 125 years ago as he commented,”The issue which has swept down the centuries & which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks!I believe that battle is beginning now.

      12. Call me Hitler. Global Warming Climate Change is Bull Shit.

        Illinois has climate change every day. Shit we can have 4 seasons in one day.

        • Just like out here, if you don’t like the weather wait an hour, it’ll change.

          • Sitting up in the deer stand last Saturday I was hoping the deer wouldn’t smell my suntan lotion (72 degrees). Thank goodness I’ve got the walk-in box to hold them. Freezer count now is 8.

            • “P”
              Only two in the freezer and one to a family down on their luck. (3 so far).

              Monday there will only be one in the freezer the other goes to get sticks made.

              Our opening day was around 8 Deg.. Second season was 50 Deg. I just checked the weather canal and they are saying that we will have three days in the lower 30’s and then the rest of the year in the middle 40’s Damn I love climate change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Merry Christmas to you and yours.

              • Sarge, just finished up our two week shotgun season this past Saturday. Our upcoming two week Muzzle loader season comes in this Saturday. Temps supposed to be in the low 60’s through Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and family. Hope it is a good one and relaxing. Stay safe while out in the woods.

      13. Yavoul Sgt. Hitler! It is called seasons lol. I know what you mean about 4 seasons in a day. Our retreat is in a place we call the ________ triangle. The weather is crazy just in that area. Global warming hasn’t heard of that place either 😛

        • If you don’t like the weather in NC, just wait until tomorrow. It’s been pretty warm here the past few days, wasps flying around, roses blooming, etc. But it’s going to freeze Saturday night.

          The only “_______ triangle” I know about is a little ways south of Hagers Mountain. I hope you’re not in the middle of that triangle.

      14. Very Interesting.


        • Ooops

          Laugh In. Hahaha

          • That was a great show lol. Veeeerrryy interesting….. but DUMB!

      15. This climate scheme has made it hard to develop a piece on land because stripping the woods kills an ecosystem they claim. A puddle on your land makes it wetland. I feel it’s to change behaviors and attitudes about the environment. This sells shit like solar panels and fuels these industries putting $ in the libs pockets through their green corporate donors. It’s the same game as the republicans play just oil and gas is their scheme. I was in homedepot the other day getting ice melter and a shovel and there was a guy selling solar installation through a local solar dealer. He says are you interested in solar I said no. I deliver these components to the dealers and they told me you gotta hook into the grid. Forget about it. I like my oil burner heating oil is under $2.00 gal why would I wanna pay more for solar. Not against it. It’s cool if you like it. Gotta be sensible though. Soon you won’t be able to have a fire in your backyard. It’s coming the climate nazis are gonna get their way. Oh and your neighbors are being trained to see something say something. Rats.

      16. Global warming can be real but, the solution to it is individual, not governmental. Laws and taxes to “solve” global warming will be for other, nefarious purposes and global warming will be left unsolved. Then, we’ll have both global warming and tyranny.

      17. What are everyone’s thoughts on anarcho-capitalism?

        • I am for it! It is free market capitalism all the way. Anything that is govt. free is fine with me.

          • In fact I practice it all the time lol.

            • Lol gotta love counter economics I wish more people practiced it everybody needs to try to starve the giant gorilla on their back

              • How do you starve the beast when it creates its Own free food out of thin air?…IE: They can orint $50-Trillion at once for own bail out cash…and already Did so!

                I never recall anybody that promotes us to starve fed govnt beast by not pay taxes or deprive huge corps our cash spent etc…But none yet explains How that can work as long as corps can get fed gov to issue free cash bailouts?

                Example: Hobammy invents usa govnt “Czars”(russian word for Kings and kings that NO others can dare question!)

                Then Hobammy creates a Czar to head new job creation policy…

                Then usa congress agrees to issue $200-BILLION Grant Cash never need be repaid back!…TO…

                Hobammys neww czar which just so happens to also have position as Head CEO of G.E!!!

                GE head and usa Job Czar, Then takes that Grant cash of $200-Billion TO CHINA to Build brand New GE factory and Hire for job creations, several Thousand Kommie chinamen!

                TO:…Manufacture those new congress of usa and EPA mandated use of, Squigly Twisty type Mercury filled Light Bulbs to replace incadecant type edison bulbs which works better etc!

                oh yeah that GE head guy and new Jobs Czar is also a proud member of the zio, cannot name Taboo, bunch of dual citizens!

                So Now GE has all that FREE cash of usa tax payers will Owe it forever….GE makes costly replacement bulbs made Law to use by fed EPA at behest of dual citizen Czar and GE Ceo guy!

                Tell me How to starve such a beast please?…It is simply Not possible in such a system as we live under.

                • TG, We starve them by not using their phony money! BOOM they lose all control overnight! But the likelyhood of the masses doing that are about 0.0000%

      18. It was not mentioned why the global warming cult started. It started as a way to get money for the elites. AL Gore was to make 4 billion $$ if the Cap and Trade Bill passed.

        The only danger to life on this planet is the pollution coming out of the mouths of global warming cults.

        • Woggie: what was posted info by Test, is fact of how it started. But it goes back way farther than the 1990 article test quoted…it first began at a Private UN NGO meeting between Canadas Morise Strong, multi Billionaire like George soros aka leftist Kommie and member of Taboo to name bunch…With aprox 4 Others similar to Mr Strongs creds…

          Back around early 1960’s era!….Their main concern was this, I am paraphraseing it…”Ok guys We Must invent something that can work to demolish Lands, Buildings, and Peoples! To create Mass global Fears, as swell as World War II did!

          BUT do so withOUT the need for more world War on that scale…So Gee what oh what can we come up with that can so affect folks worldwide in same manner as WWII did…Yet Not require bullets or bombs to do so?”

          One other guy there, and all present were typical leftist loon libs and REAL actual Kommies, spoke up after a brief pause of dead silence by all present..

          His fantastic idea was…”The WEATHER”!

          How so others asked him?…Easy answer to what else can so affect every person globally at same time frame besides Massive World War as in WWII events?

          one and ONLY one other thing can do so…Weather also affects all peoples everywheres in exact same ways..

          IE: a tornado has same affect in China as Pakistan or usa right?….buildings gets ruined and folks dies off etc.

          So they invented as their new global controls plans “Global Warming” and it was the Same guys who invented or Paid to invent “Global ICE AGE SOON” fear tactics we all Now know was faked too.

          So back in 1960’s at the united nations NGO Org headed by Strong Et Al panel of 5 or 6 men is whom and when and where it all first started.

          But today 99% folks believes global warm fear tactics is Real and just recent started…Because none takes time to research any phony claims, if aired on TV news shows and done by very wealthy folks, then it all Must be truth right….Cause what else can it be?

          Well yes it Can Be and Was another slick swindle scam invented by you know who’s and quite a long while ago then placed on Hold untill they was ready to Use it as todays swindle scams…For 100% total dictatorial controls over all goys planet wide…The entire 5 to 10% of goyim still Allowed to remain Alive once Strong and Pals gets the plan into Overdrive gear.(thats very soon if they gets their way).

          Al Gore just tried to capitalize on it to make free $$$ based on what Gore Knows is a giant swindle scam, because of course Gore so Loves all peon little guy folks, and wishes to assist the peons in fast becoming flat broke and very hungry! So Al Gore can keep Paying His $30,000 per year Tenn.Main Mansion homes annual electric Bill!

          Thats a correct documented elec bill of thrity grand per year too!..How al can spend so much on just his elec usage? I can’t tell you as it sounds absurd…but its documented true so I go with that.

      19. Phuck the elites and phuck the all. And for what they stand for. We are transitioning from a type zero civilization to a Type One Civilization.



      20. My shtf today Personaly when a beloved family member died suddenly.I have no words for the
        Loss and sadness I feel for him.He was a huge integral cog of our family here and the loss of
        Knowledge and expertise in all things is irreplaceable.We are the poorer for having lost him
        And will be hard pressed. To all out there things can change in the blink of an eye, tell your loved
        Ones each day how much you care,it may be the last time…………. Godspeed……..

        • Amen. So sorry for your loss, especially this time of year.

        • BIG SAD FACE.

          I know what you’re going through and sympathise for your massive loss.

          Death sucks.

          Hope you can feel just how close your loved one is to you even though they’ve now gone.

          Nothin’ anybody says will help. It’s a friggin rough ride but it does get easier with time.

          Allow yourself to grieve… In any way you seem fitting.

          I’ve just lost my most favorite Uncle and my mom is dying from cancer.

          Hope you’ll get through this and come out the other side better and living all the knowledge that your loved one has taught you.

          They still love you and don’t want you to be sad.

        • Anonamous

          Sorry for your loss. It’s especially difficult this time of year.

        • Sorry about your loss. It is hard to lose family, harder to lose someone who is so important in many ways. My parents had so many skills I wish they were here with me… and just to have that level of love and support. No, you won’t forget this man, but carry him inside always. You were lucky to have someone like that. Most people don’t, and why they are dumb.

      21. The earth will puke us out!
        And who can blame it?

        Global warming aint nothin’ to do with us pathetic humans.

        The earth naturally has its cycles that come and go… They remain stable for a while then, hey-ho they change. Nothin’ to see here folks. Move along now.

        If humans are as smart as we like to think we are then we will learn to adapt one way or another.

        The environmentalists sure do love spending other peoples money on their planet saving projects. Cunts.

        I call BULLSHIT on their global warming apocalypse scare tactics.

        Time to throw another log on the fire BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • And I call bull—- on your “Lesson #1” from the “can’t bomb ISIS” thread.

          According to your “principle,” Skinhead, nobody here should be complaining about what our bosses are doing to us. Carbon tax, chemtrails, GMOs, financial crimes, etc.—All of it, forget about it because our bosses are the perpetrators.

          As for me, I reject your unprincipled “principle” of abject submission.

          So, Skinhead, bark like a doggie. Roll over. Now beg.

      22. Anon

        Sorry for your loss.

      23. What is with these FUCKTARDS and climate change. Is it just control over us sheep or is it to siphon off some more of the middle classes money to give to other countries or people. Or maybe there just setting up a new equivalent to the massive military complex with almost unlimited funding. BINGO probably all of the above. I cant believe so many people buy into there Bullshit.

      24. Switching subjects.

        According to what I’m reading John Kerry met with Putin and Kerry agreed to Assad staying in power. Thank God for this as it was way too far out of hand and getting more dangerous daily. This is the first time a line has been drawn in the sand (literally) since the breakup of the USSR. I call it as I see it regardless of flack from other posters so here goes.

        1. If McCane for sure or possibly Romney was in charge I doubt if this would have happened. Obama made the right call.

        2. Unfortunately the mindset of the US and with the urging of MIC the US now probably start an arms race that the world does not need.

        Let Russia hold off the Islamic crazies in their area.

        Don’t use Islamic religious nuts as a tool of foreign policy. Isolate the bastards as much as possible physically curtailing immigration and financially. If TPTB weren’t pulling the strings these goals would be quite achievable. These kooks are only dangerous if they’re funded and over here.

        No I did not vote for Obama and disagree with a lot of what he does and how he presents the Presidential Office and the USA. However I give credit where credit is due and I believe that we have just stepped back from WWIII.

        • Hear hear.

      25. What is in the prophecies will happen, what is not in the prophecies will not happen.

        Man is not in control of it, he just lives it out.

      26. Kevin2: I agree on all you said…the ONLY one thing I think Hobammy deserves good credit for is rejecting former crys of more war in syria last year or so ago.

        All else he does is crap and wrong and un const at best.

        But Now the momentum must be kept going and next DEFUND usa cash to Israel…let israelies and their brood of viper snake banksters brethren fund it fully or go broke and admit they do not deserve a nation state just based on their “Claimed” DNA at birth.(they are actually Khazars without any claimed dna of what cant be named here).

        Just watch! Next up will be neocon campaign constant talks of how usa folk voters Must elect a repub to do more mid east war against syria and Iran or else poor israel and its habitants will get puched into the Sea!
        (funny in past 15 yrs now Alciadah/ISIS has never yet attacked israel nor jewish folk eh).

        Of course its ALL Bunk…But it sure sells to aprox 1/3rd of white folk voters who are willing to litterally DIE for that rabid nation state of vipers…Deluded yes massivly…But can still create much distress and national Harm for us all if they fail to awaken to it all soon.

        watch Rubio try to out do the rest now on that issue since rubio is now the New Jeb replacement for sheldon addelson free tens of millions campaign cash contributions…And besides being a rabid israel firster dual citizen addelson is a Rabid faom at Mouth zio-War Hawk big time…his/Theirs Main Goal of mid east war and refugee creation is “Greater Yisrael” project.

        IE: They deamand to Own ALL lands first mentioned 4000 yrs ago in bible about Abraham etc…and Must achieve that goal Prior to more folks wake up to facts that even dna evidence now proves they are Not who they claim to be period…Their Own jewish almanacs back in 1920’s era admit that they are of Edom aka Esau and Not of Jacob 12 sons/tribes.

        They wil never achive their main goal to rob mid east lands if folks wakes up as has been the case for some while now. Internet is about the Only thing their master planners overlooked!…Its reason they now cry for internet controls too!

      27. Like Hitler, climate change true believers will put us dissenters in concentration camps if they ever get the chance. They don’t care one iota about climate. What they’re about is control over us.

        Anthropomorphic climate change has all the trappings of a religion. It has a god (their favorite “scientist” or two.) It has a clerisy class … lesser technogeeks who agree with the agenda. It has a holy book (writings of same). It has a church (wherever progressive statists gather in large numbers) It has a dogma not to be questioned upon pain of nasty things happening to you. Such as no tenure in the colleges they control. Or to the ovens with you, if they ever have the power over us.

        Just as soon as their hired thugs the government disarm us and they needn’t fear reprisal.

        So fuck you, progressives. If you want us disarmed so badly grow some balls. Try disarming us yourselves. That ought to be amusing.

      28. Dumbest article I’ve read in a while on this subject.

      29. The world’s best, most intelligent and honest Scientists universally agree there is no such thing as global warming, that it is a hoax.

        It is a ruse, a lie– aided by the HAARP machine in Alaska– to control, manipulate the masses into subjugation, control, enslavement, and even (more) “taxes”.

        Hurricane Sandy was one such storm created by the HAARP machine as many scientists measured and published the weather signatures that particular invention by Nicola Tesla makes (used for evil purposes)– prior to weather pattern disturbances.

        Hurricane Sandy enabled Mr. Obama to look “presidential” and assure his election a few weeks later, while making strange bedfellows of him and NJ’s Christie, which all but assured Romney’s defeat.

        And no doubt they will use HAARP to take over our country and attempt to weaken those who will defend it.

        So our trust needs to be– not in the world’s controlled elected leaders who lie and deceive– but in Almighty God.

        And as Gandhi put it so well, “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.”

        Amen, Mr. Gandhi, Amen.

        – the Lone Ranger

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