Ghost War in Syria: Russian Spetsnaz Facing U.S. Army Special Forces: “There Is Bound to Be Shooting”

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    spetsnaz-novorussia(Image: Russian Spetsnaz troops reportedly operating in the Ukraine region, March 2015.)

    Syria is about to become a battleground between the United States and Russia, with the forces of NATO and the forces of Syria, Iran, and China backing the two powerhouses respectively.  Now there has been official announcement from the White House that Special Forces teams will deploy into Syria to coordinate and lead the efforts of “resistance forces.”  Such means a U.S. sponsored side that would (if equipped and capable) undertake a coup d’état of the Assad government.

    The media nebulously labeled the deployment as “50 Special Operations advisors,” however, this means the U.S. Army Special Forces (Airborne), the only Special Operations units capable of deploying for long periods of time and conducting the training of foreigners as a force multiplier.  For those unfamiliar with American rationale behind the Green Berets (the SF teams), direct action and strike missions are not the primary forte.  Unconventional Warfare training is used to train indigenous (U.S.-goal) supportive military as well as civilians as a fighting force in operations that are insurgent or counter-insurgent depending on the foreign country’s status in relation to U.S. policy.

    The locals are trained to conduct guerrilla warfare and unconventional warfare operations to the level of an American infantry unit.  By so doing this, the host government (or the government we are propping up to replace the current government) assumes the liabilities for its assets and an indebtedness to us (remuneratively or politically/foreign policy).  The Washington Post just released a small “blip” to characterize the mission for the deployed SF teams:

    “The latest deployment will involve fewer than 50 Special Operations advisers, who will work with resistance forces battling the Islamic State in northern Syria but will not engage in direct combat, Obama administration officials said.”

    Such a figure would equate to about 3 teams, with each team capable of training anywhere from 1,500 – 2,000 foreign personnel.  Here’s the thing: for every team you know about that is deployed, 2-3 more teams will deploy without any announcement.  Tony Cartalucci penned a piece that was posted on characterizing the U.S. planned division of Syria in order to fragment and destroy the Assad regime, and the insertion of SF begins it on the ground.

    Now the overall bottom line is such: the aim of the U.S. is to topple Assad and emplace a puppet along the lines of the one the U.S. replaced Yanukyuvitch with in Ukraine.  By making such a “transition,” the goal is to turn Syria into another vassal state of the IMF and NATO.  Syria will then be forced to submit to the Western Consumer marketing hegemony that has gripped Europe and turned it into a hodgepodge “Frankenstein” union where each nation’s economies are plummeting.

    All of this I mention to give the readership the current situation and a little background on what the U.S. Special Forces (Army) are designed to do.  Now here’s an excerpt from the UK Daily Mail that clearly shows the stage is being set for the upcoming Ghost War between Spetsnaz and the U.S. Army Special Forces, as such:

    Vladimir Putin‘s crack Spetsnaz units are said to be preparing a ground assault on rebels fighting the Syrian President – most of whom are backed by the West.  They have been ordered to wipe out opponents ‘by any means’.”

    In their own words, here is “the fight card.”

    The Blue Corner: The U.S. [Special Forces] “will work with resistance forces


    The Red Corner: Russian [Spetsnaz] “preparing a ground assault on rebels

    The two sides have been placed on a collision course in which there is bound to be shooting. The Russian operators are good: they’re very good, and they are masters of assassination and counterintelligence missions.  The last time the U.S. came up against them definitively was in Bosnia in ’93 and ’94 where the Spetsnaz boys were supporting the Serbs.

    For more information on Spetsnaz and how they work, you may wish to read Viktor Suvorov’s (V.B. Rezun’s) works, Inside Spetsnaz, as well as Inside the Aquarium (the latter is about the GRU, but it entails Spetsnaz as well, and how in modern times the two are oftentimes merged into units).  The books are very detailed about missions performed as well as equipment, strategy, and doctrine.  The latter two components are virtually unchanged from the days of the U.S.S.R. to now.

    So there we have it.  Word has come to me from a source who must remain anonymous stationed and serving with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), in Ft. Carson, Colorado, that the United States “is prepared to commit a much larger element [of Special Forces] than the one currently deployed, in accordance with the changing situation.”

    Ghost Wars lead to all-out/conventional wars.  Now we have a situation where the two main heavyweights are positioning themselves to conduct such operations against one another.  The ending, ladies and gentlemen, is almost certain to escalate into a full-blown war… the one that can very well blossom into World War III.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. In for a dime, in for a dollar. Its coming folks!

        • I agree it is coming. I hate to say it, but, our troops will be considered expendable and they will use them as human shields. This illegal alien occupying the People’s House does not love America, and has even less love, appreciation, and respect for the armed forces of this country.

          The world is in turmoil as we speak, even if we are in a relatively stable and peaceful situation. It will reach our shores before it is over. They are now talking about civil war in Germany.

          For us in the USA, this is an opportune time for prepping and stacking. The drills will soon be a thing of the past. Any number of scenarios, war games, are possible. It is hard to prepare for every scenario but the basics should get folks through until we can figure out the next move. One month, three months, six months, 12 months worth of basic supplies and food?? Don’t forget to rotate and replinish food and supplies as they are consumed. Circumstances vary from person to person, family to family, community to community and thus needs will need to be planned accordingly. Many will need to resort to scavanging. Tough times ahead folks!

          • This is exactly how viet nam fired up…Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and USMC Force Recon all spent huge numbers of man hours training little viet nam gookers, in the end, none of it mattered.

            • Far worse here.

              1. Russia is invited in, we’re not.

              2. US and Russian combat units are in the same country on opposing sides.

              • Amazing that we cannot just leave well enough alone. Let Russia deal with the mess we started. People are so fucking blind. Even Ben Carson is FOR troops in Syria. The US could just ride this one out, but they are itching for turmoil of some sort. This is what the blank check is for that the Congress just gave Obama for the next two years. Unbelievable. Oh, did you see Voice yesterday? That Blake Shelton is something else isn’t he?

                • At what point is a war a war? What constitutes war? Korea was a “Police Action”. I never read a single word of State Troopers being deployed there. Vietnam? A conflict. I would say if two groups are shooting at each other they’re in conflict. 550,000 US military people, 59+ thousand US dead but its not a war; nope it just a conflict. Let me say one hell of a conflict.

                  The above has both Domestic and International legalities. One the US Constitution that even in its most liberal interpretation requires Congressional Approval. The second International law. The US, the bastion of, “The Rule Of Law”, is following neither.

                  • Interestingly how the use of the word War is used to define things that aren’t war.

                    1. War on drugs
                    2. War on crime
                    3. war on poverty

                    And now my all time new favorite.
                    1. War on war.

                    Its also interesting that its use as a descriptive word is absent when military force is used.

            • The WAR PROFITEERS got rich.

          • Europe is embarking upon an epic struggle.

          • I only know a couple people who are receptive at all to the idea of stocking up; and those folks cannot envision any necessity for keeping more than a week’s worth of food in the basement. I’ve tried to suggest a three month or six month supply and they think I’m nuts. The normalcy bias strikes again.

            I often recall that AFTER WWII ended, Britain had rationing and shortages of consumer goods (including some foods) for another TEN YEARS. My dad had to pay $100 for a tire in 1947 (a phenomenal sum of money at the time) because he was traveling cross-country and blew a tire (in Missouri) Spares were very difficult to find and hugely expensive. This was a full two years after the war ended.

            I’ve stopped aiming for supplies based on a finite amount of time. I truly believe that there is no such thing as ‘too much’ — especially food. Your only limits should be storage space and shelf life.

        • TransCanada has asked to have the keystone XL pipeline review ‘paused’. They are probably finishing up plans for the pipeline to their west coast. A big F Y to USA.

          • The US wants China to get that oil on purpose making them dependent upon a source that the US can cut off.

            All we’re seeing is ostensible excuses to make the above happen. The “environmental” movement is funded with deep pockets. They like everything pushed by MSM is in their pocket. Tree huggers are too blind to see that they’re being used.

          • Lol yup that’s the plan I work and live in northern Alberta.I work in oour oilfields and I see that 62″stainless pipe being trucked all over and yes the word is its going west and east. Blame big ears and his buddies that own the railroads.he held up that pipeline so his cronies could reap massive profits. Lol we sat on this project long enough. That’s why our country is still in relatively good shape. Our government has not been completely bought off.

            • Canada is screwed because the brain dead electorate gave the dimwit Justin a huge majority.

        • The Russian Spetsnaz troops are among the world’s best soldiers, possibly the best. In sufficient numbers they will wipe out the so-called rebels no matter what advice/guidance/training they get from American special forces. The Russians are using fighters and bombers which the rebels do not have in which case the rebels will inevitably lose and who cares since no one knows what will be the result of a rebel victory. It could be another Iran or ISIS quagmire.

      2. May I ask a dumb grandma question??

        If “Ghost Wars lead to all-out/conventional wars” and we have seen many conventional wars in the past century; What were the ghost wars preceding each of those?

        Thank you.

        • Dear Grandee,

          The term “ghost wars” encompasses unconventional actions by special military units or clandestine service operatives (the former being the Green Berets, and the latter being agencies such as the CIA, etc).

          Ghost wars to precede large-scale conventional wars/conflicts stem all the way back to the beginnings of recorded history. An amazing example was with the Romans during the second Punic War. The Carthaginians disguised themselves as Greek merchantmen, yet were carrying out intelligence-gathering as well as sabotage operations prior to the two sides colliding.

          WWI saw the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, and this was a contrived operation initiated by the German/Austro-Hungarian factions to commence hostilities. More recently, Iraqi Republican Guardsmen (in the First Gulf War) in ’90 were conducting sniper operations preceding the invasion of Kuwait.

          ’93-95 Russian Spetsnaz units faced off with American Special Forces teams; this began prior to the bombing campaign by Clinton against the Serbs.

          Ghost conflicts place pressure militarily (on hard targets) and economically (by destroying civilian infrastructure and elimination of key personnel). Look at all of your major wars, and you will find elements in each nation conducting operations prior to “actual” declared hostilities.

          Have a good day, and thank you for the question: it was a good one.

          Respectfully Yours,


          • JJ, another great article. Most people don’t know that the Serbs were our ALLIES in WW2. They were fighting the German occupation forces and pro-Nazi factions in Yugoslavia. The Serb partisans helped rescue hundreds of US airmen who the Nazis shot down on bombing missions to the oilfields at Ploesti, Romania during the war. Those airmen were able to avoid capture by the Germans, reach Allied lines, and get back into the war. We owe the Serbs a real debt of gratitude and looked what the commie POS Bill Clinton did to them. Now they hate us forever thanks to Billy Boy. If Russia had intervened, I would’ve supported that. The US should’ve stayed out of that. The Serbs were only defending their country against Muslim barbarians. NATO took away an entire province from the Serbs in violation of international law and handed it over to Muslim invaders from Albania. Kosovo is not a legally recognized nation. Now we’re headed toward another illegitimate war in the Mideast. I don’t want a war with Russia or China if it can be avoided. Anyone who thinks I’m wrong can kiss my ass.

            • I go with you on that. Everything that this illegal has done to our country is treason. There has to be someone in the higher echelon with enough balls to do something. But I pray there is none. NADA!

              • Another good article. I make it a point to read JJ.

            • Ma jebise

              • i was going to define this
                i think i won’t

            • Correct Braveheart. The West burnt the Serbs big time!! During the Bosnia conflict, western media portrayed the Serbs as the ‘bad guys’ during the Bosnian war. Serbs got all the blame for ethnic cleansing the Croat and the Muslim sides during the conflict. There is very little mention of the atrocities committed by Muslim and Croat forces. It’s my opinion that that the Muslims were the worst of the worst.
              When IFOR took over from the UN in December 1995, Serbs were universally blamed for just about everything.
              The objective in former Yugoslavia was for NATO and the US to smash the country to pieces along ethnic lines. This is where the term “Balkanisation” comes from, with the creation of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia, by breaking up one country.
              It’s all about ‘the West’ controlling everyone else in the world.
              A war with Russia and China is inevitable Braveheart. The one thing the US, the West and the Banking elite can’t stand, is the thought of someone else being the ‘big boy’ on the block. We’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top.
              It’s 2015 now. In 2035′ twenty years from now, the world won’t recognise itself.

              • Cede, I remember that all too well. In WW2, the Bosnian Muslims, Croatians, and Ustashians were the pro-Nazi factions, all trained and equipped by the Germans. The Bosnian Muslims snatched up all of Yugoslavia’s Jews and handed them to the Nazis to take to the death camps. No mention of their atrocities back in WW2 or the 90s. The Bosnian Muslims were personally given awards by Hermann Goering himself. I’m not so sure there will even be a world in 2035.

          • OK JJ. Sorta like this kinda thing:

            In the summer of 1944, a handpicked group of young GIs landed in France armed with truckloads of inflatable tanks and a massive collection of sound-effects records. Their job was to create a traveling road show of deception on the battlefields of Europe. From Normandy to the Rhine, the 1,100 men of the so-called Ghost Army conjured up phony convoys, phantom divisions, and make-believe headquarters to fool the enemy about the strength and location of American units.

            • Dear Grandee,

              Absolutely. These actions have UNBELIEVABLY profound effects on the overall situation. The operations you described were a forerunner to “psychological-ops,” and deception operations. All the way back to Sun-Tzu: “All of warfare is based on deception.”

              A really good book to read if you’re interested are “Green Berets at War” by Shelby Stanton (Former A-team commander). It really outlines not just actions taken, but the mindset behind them and ties unconventional operations into the overall (big, if you will) picture.

              Thanks for the comments and input! I hope to hear from you again.



              • JJ, “Green Berets at War” thank you for that.

                One more question if you don’t mind,

                What would be your suggestions for a type of Ghost War for the home front? House/neighborhood. Maybe a bit more involved than just the gray man approach or recording of a big bad dog.

                There is an elderly lady (70’s) who posts here. She could use some good but easy deceptive ghost war tactics. Things she could put together on her limited budget and physical level.

                Thanks again JJ. You’re approachable for info.

                • Dear Grandee,

                  I’ll present two possible answers for the Home Front Ghost War potential.

                  1. With a Foreign Invader
                  A. Supported by the Regime/Administration

                • Dear Grandee,

                  I propose/present three ideas with sub-parts for a possibility

                  1. Foreign Invasion
                  A. Supported/encouraged by the U.S. Regime/Administration
                  B. Opposed by the U.S. Regime

                  2. Domestic Tyranny/Totalitarianism/Full-Blown Domestic Communism
                  3. A Combination thereof

                  With any foreign invaders, the regime will be hard pressed to press Spec-Ops into service in conjunction with the invader. Training Russians in Ft. Carson is one thing; a full-blown “Red Dawn” scenario with SF/SEALS/MARSOC etc., helping is not going to occur. The same with domestic tyranny; the “AWOL’s/Desertions” among the elite units will be akin to dominoes.

                  What will most likely occur with any of the above is that the command will declare all actions of the president and the administration completely unconstitutional. There is a provision in the U.S. Code that provides for a takeover of the country by a communist element that specifically provides for a circumvention of normal channels in order to save and safeguard the Republic…martial law as declared by the highest-ranking general officer willing to act.

                  Upon “the room being cleared,” so to speak, the general would lay down command as soon as elections were feasible and the country restored to order.

                  The best thing that can happen neighborhood wise would be for all willing civilians to link up with like-minded veterans and allow for the vets to task organize in a military fashion.

                  From there, it’s all Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox), and Rogers’ Rangers, just as in the Revolutionary War…citizens who task-organized and acted. The elderly lady can function as Madam Defarge…knitting in code the names of the guilty during the French Revolution for witness later. An elderly lady can function as intelligence-gathering and also support/safe houses for those taking up the cause. In return supply her and safeguard her…protect her at all costs, just as a good soldier or good citizen would safeguard any noncombatants and stand for them.

                  Hope this gives you a few ideas.

                  Have a good day, and thanks for writing.


                  • Thank you Sir !

                  • ❤❤❤

      3. Using our troops as human shields for the rebels. sooner or later some will be killed and the Shit will hit the fan. This is plain stupid.

        • You are correct, “this is plain stupid”… us commoners.

          But; to the industrialized war machine it makes perfect sense.
          Create more propaganda for the sheeples to follow, that will eventually ignite a fire of passion because of seeing American lives lost. Then the disapproval of moving more troops, and weaponry, into the region, will be squelched from the majority of the citizens.

          They need to escalate the war machine while things are in a holding pattern with the economy and jobs. Look for an intensification in the Syrian front, soon after the holidays.

          Nothing puts a damper on Holiday gatherings like the sites of body bags being flown back to America. And, btw, we won’t be getting those scenes except on the Al Jazeera network.

      4. Syria, Ukraine and the Russian “devils”are misdirection IMO.
        ISIL seems to be funded and supplied by the USSA, as was similarly done in Libya and almost done in Egypt.

        The only “war” I care about is here in the USSA, as the ProgreSSives will continue to over reach in their tyrannical quest to Control and Enforce Obedience on the populace.

        • GenEarly, spot on. I dread it, but I know it’s coming. My prepping is still continuing. We don’t have any other choice but to fight now.

        • “The only “war” I care about is here in the USSA, ….”

          Well, it is coming and more and more evidence is building to support my interpretation of Ezekiel 38/39 as to being more better in alignment of taking place in Alaska/USSAG/house of Israel, than the nation of Israel/house of Judah, across the pond.

          I have predicted that it would happen here, and it is in the SHTF archives from many, many months ago. Now, there is more evidence that the stage for such an event is being set in just that area.

          Don’t take my word for it, check out this report:

          ht tp://

          This Gog/Magog event will set the stage for the Antichrist(if not already on the scene by then, as some believe), and will also, more importantly, set the stage for God to show that He is still on the Holy Throne, and controls events and timings.

          When 5/6ths of the Military forces are crushed by those hailstones weighing as much as 180 lbs. it will get the attention of believers and non-believers as well. There is not 1/1000ths of a percent chance that it will “not” happen. If all my calculations and understandings are correct, we will see this before the end of the next decade. Heck, we might see it before the end of this one. There is at least four major worldly military events that are foretold to take place before the Lord returns. None are given much precedence over the other, by chronological order, except the final of course..Armageddon.

          There is nothing that will cause a revival of spiritual conviction and repentance like the scenes of death and destruction. The churches, cathedrals, and synagogues were filled to capacity after 9/11. They will be filled again.

          There is a big revival coming upon the earth and it will blow the minds of the liberals. Their feeling of dominance to squelch out Christians will be just a sinking feeling that just maybe they are facing judgment ahead. Not all that many will make a change because they are too prideful like Lucifer was. They had rather go down with that sinking ship of fools, than admit they were wrong…about anything. Just keep killing babies and offer them for a sacrifice to their heathen gods, and keep the sexual immorality running full blast. “everyting is gonna be ok, mon.”

          Wrong! Not for all you libturds. Your little run is soon coming to a screeching halt. Billery and the obominable one, is riding high right now, but before too many years, they will be screaming with pain.

          So be it. They will have a short period of a revival of their own when their leader comes in for his little jaunt at the end. They will all swell up with pride and be welcomed in to his ring of fire, with it, as he and they try once more to snuff out us true Christians. Sorry, Charley two face……we win.

      5. Word has come to me from a source who must remain anonymous stationed and serving with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), in Ft. Carson, Colorado,. Okay now that we know from which state, garrison and unit we can commence with the interrogations as to who leaked the info. Really? As close as this information got why bother to keep that person or person anonymous. Such information compromises the health of these individuals.

        • Dear WarHorse,

          It is not that the information is classified or that it will have any effect on the overall missions; it is merely unavailable through normal channels but is not sensitive. It does not compromise mission integrity. The reason for the anonymity is because to reveal his name would tarnish his assignments in command’s eyes. It’s nebulous in this way. You have two battalions to choose from. Take your pick!

          SF command doesn’t “screw” with operators that do not give away anything vital. Command would not waste the time. The wives know (and are authorized to know, mind you) more than the media when it comes to deployments. I “bother” to keep it anonymous because he asked me to do so, and I’ve known him for more than 20 years.

          This doesn’t merely protect him from command; it protects him against some would-be James Holmes or another maniac with issues that might attempt to hurt him or his family.

          Hope that addressed your concerns.

          Respectfully Yours,


          • Jeremiah
            It addresses my concern for identity safety but I still feel like it was too much information. A bit here, a bit there, and before you know it you can put the puzzle together and identify the individual(s)enough to bring charges against him/her/them. But I do appreciate your work. It is not an attack per se on you desire to inform us here.


            • Dear WarHorse,

              I’m “trackin” in understanding to your concerns. With all of my heart, I promise I would never let out anything that would compromise my brothers, my fellow citizens, or our country.

              I appreciate your comments and candor, and love the venue to be able to exchange information with everyone. You keep the thoughts flying: it is that exchange of ideas that helps all of us sail in the right direction and avoid the rocks. Drop me a line anytime.



      6. Awww look they’re trick-or-treating…

        Nice to see someone who takes their killing seriously 9_9…


        (Sung to the tune of that old Nerf football commercial)

      8. Are you allowed to be criminally insane and still make war? O ya, now that I think about it, yes you can. In fact, it seems to be a requirement.

      9. The sad part is the so called US Special Forces are protecting the savages named ISIS or the Free Syrian Army while Russia is killing these savages. Vote is clear as who should win.

        BTW, why our boys are being sent to the slighter house and not the IDF as the army of the banksters? I know since the blood sucking tribal forces are only good at killing stone throwers and not able to deal with the real war fighters.

      10. The Ruskies tells their men to “win by any means necessary” we give our men 100 rules of engagement.

        • U.S. soldiers can out buttfuck the Russians any day.

          • Ha, ha…always one plonker that has no clue.

          • You are naive and a stupid yank.

        • ANY…means?

          I dunno, I can think of a lot of “means”. Like… quite a lot of rather instantaneous and permanent “means”. They involve nuclear submarines.

          Somehow… I’m not taking that order all that seriously when you’re sending in foot troops with small arms…

      11. Where is Cyndy Sheehan and the hypocrite leftist press when you need ’em?

        • Test

          Conspicuously absent.

      12. WW3 WW3 WW3

        I hear the Russians are about to train their civilians for nuclear war

        Dumb Americans have no idea. Flash, Boom then Rumble, Rumble.

        Most will die from fallout puking their guts up.

        • “puking guts out”…don’t forget the EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!
          I read that in some Radiation Fall Out literature once. The writer did a very good job at scaring the shit out of me medically describing EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.
          Thought I might have been able to deal with the teeth, fingernails and hair falling out but the EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA would do me in within days.
          After the blast your guts are literally cooked. 1/2 hr to an hour later you’d get the EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA, way before the teeth hair fall out. After that first episode of Explosive Diarrhea consider your life expectancy to be about 2-3 days. That is the ‘goner sign’ EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.
          Have a Nice Day!

          • markinaz.

            I appreciate your post. When we talk about the possibilities of war. Especially a nuclear war. You should be real. How many people have had a dose of tear gas or pepper spray. How many have seen a disfigured dead body. All the death and destruction on T.V. is fantasy. The weapons they used may be mock up but I do not know many that can run away from a mini gun on an airship.
            There are times that all this talk about WW3 and very little is discussed about what can happen to you or how to prepare. And if the Russians start preparing their people, You know damn well they have shelters in place. When was the last time you have seen a fall out shelter sign? Yet we are between 20 and 40 minutes until the first one hits
            So if you are going to write a piece about WW3 to scare up the profits. Why not write one on the effects.

            According to the fire fighters at Chenynobyl. The high dosages of rads is extreme thirst and the field of vision turns from white light to blue light.

            Those Men Faced the Dragon for sure.

            • White phosphorous like what Israel uses against Palestine is second only to radiation.

          • Explosive diarrhea and puking guts out.
            I hear you can get that at Chipotle’ anywhere in the Northwest.
            I need more coffee.

            • Chipotle openly declares a ban on GMO and now suddenly the MSM begins full coverage of the “outbreak”. People puke their guts out everyday after eating a Whooper, and you don’t hear a peep.

              • No, you can’t say the truth about whoppers. We have a guy here who goes to Burger King to get his Whopper salad at a location that gives him free extra lettuce and tomato and thinks he’s really something because of it. Jesus, who would want to eat ” extra” portions of that wilted slimy lettuce and the sorry assed pink mushy shit they call a tomato in the first place? He admits he doesn’t know what’s in the meat but happily gobbles it down because it’s cheap. He also loves his Dinty Moore beef puke in a can when he can get it cheap too.

        • Back when “W” was the Pres, Putin invaded North Georgia. It was reported that when Bush confronted Mad Vlad about it, Putin’s reply was , “The War has started”.

          I just wish that we had a real man/American/military guy in charge instead of Barry the Fairy.

      13. Is that a go pro camera on his helmet? Their gear is sh!t. Exactly what I would expect from the ruskies. Bulky gear, heavy looking gear.

        • USMC1982

          I seen that too! A GoPro cam. Hahahaha!

          • Slingshot and USMC1982, those AKs they have aren’t junk. Hell, I would take an AK over an AR any day. You can take an AK through sand, mud, and dirt and it will still fire. Try that with an AR and see what happens. My old M1 Carbine will outperform an AR.

            • Braveheart

              I also like the AK.

              I went back to wooden stocks on some weapons. Durability, when if I needed it to strike a target. Plastic doesn’t always hold up.

              • Good point: I have lost count on the times I have seen plastic stocks crack and shatter in combat. Totally unreliable. You have a handful of barrel and trigger mechanism and that’s it.

                The Russians have always gone for durability and simplicity over sophistication and unreliability. Most warfare is not hi-tech, sanitized; it is grubby, and a dirty, a bloody grind. Americans seem to think warfare is flying in a helio from DC smelling of shampoo as you deploy into a techno digital screen of bright lights and stupid targets who never fire back. Reality is you get hit by the RPG you never saw coming from behind the shack; and then your helio gets raked by a 50 that pops up from an underground hide you thought was just a bunch of chickens. The guys in DC just get to watch a black screen and hear the audio of screams and grown men crying for their mothers.

              • Sling: My everyday carry is the VZ-58, I consider it one of the best. I have others, my nigh time rifle is a rock river, night vision scope with a smith vortex hider, no flash with that bad boy.

              • Slingshot, I confess that I recently bought a plastic stock for my Ruger 10/22 and installed it along with a new red-dot sight. I still have the original wooden stock just in case. My M1 is still in its original wooden stock.

            • Keep your AR/M-4 well lubed and it will run as good as an AK.

              • nowhere near the truth.

            • Loved the M1 Grand we had, qualified with the m16.all the rest is a blur…
              SSG USMC 1966-72

        • But their gear keeps working. Contrast Skylab with

        • U.S. soldiers wear $2K helmet cams.

        • Whatever, they will still kick your apple- pie fed “Airbourne” wankers across the desert.

      14. Someone told me that they see sabotage of the grid and other critical systems of civilized society. This will be the facade everybody talks about coming down. Sabotage happens by people who have access to these things it could be the guy cleaning the bathrooms or anyone really. We all know how ugly it is under the facade. the us gov is more evil than Russin IMO. I remember growing up during the Cold War and being told how evil the Soviets were. It was a total lie no one is more evil than our gov. If I was in military I’d get out fast. I don’t want to be a pawn in their chess game.

      15. nobody mentions what happens when the US forces request aerial support – and Russia tries to stop it ….

        • I seriously doubt there will be any need for aerial support for this “supposed” training mission. If it is actually a training mission for the rebels, it is time and $$ wasted anyway. I think it is more likely that it is a recon mission, to see what is actually taking place on the ground.

          The last bunch that got “trained” by USSAG forces, dwindled down to four or five, All but one dropped their weapons when confronted by ISIS and switched sides, and the one that didn’t….he was in the shitter the whole time.
          Millions more down the crapper.

      16. It would be a pretty even fight, I think, except that our boys will have one hand tied behind their backs – because of the politicians!

        • Some U.S. soldiers have been sent on marches wearing women’s dress shoes so they would ‘know what women go through’. How many Spetznaz guys have marched in pumps?

          Where are the feminazis and queer groups demanding to get into the SF?

      17. This is one that scares me. More than most. The fact that ww3 is literally around the corner. Can trump and Clinton be our experimental shields along with Obama?

      18. It would be a shame, but I’ll bet lunch that US soldiers have been given the most bizarre and dangerous rules of engagement anyone could imagine.

        I hope they at least gave these soldiers ammunition, and not just empty weapons.

        Obama is psycho.

      19. NorseMan says: “except that our boys will have one hand tied behind their backs”

        Keyphrase: “our boys”

        They’re not, “our boys” they belong to the empire now.
        Did you learn nothing from Vietnam? If so, don’t feel bad, most people didn’t either, not even some of the suckers who willingly signed up to go there got wind of a clue.

      20. Yes, our men have been given a new rule of engagement. They are supposed to walk backwards into combat. That way the Russians will believe they are leaving, and they’ll all go home thinking the battle is over. Obama just signed the executive order stating so.

      21. OBummer has got to come up with a good reason to declare Martial Law, so that he can complete his “fundamental transformation” of America. Plus, he does not want a Conservative like Cruz/Paul etc. to undo all of his damage to The U.S.

        Ferguson like riots+ economic crisis+ massive immigration+ gun grabbing civil unrest+ naval war with China+ ground war with Russia = MARTIAL LAW.

        Washington Free Beacon today has a good piece on how Russia is spreading propaganda world wide through RT, and other sources. DON’T LISTEN TO INFO WARS or RT!

        Now, watch out fur dem hogs!

        • 2nd.

          Hillary will not get out of the race but she will lose, so obama needs a fallback to stay in and complete the transformation; enter a world war.

          “For the good of the country” he will remain in office to see the nation through this tough time and the usa comes out the other side full socialist or communist.

          I never thought the decline would go so fast but the majority of the people, who are center right; are just too apathetic to reverse it and when texas flips to purple by 2024; the final nail is in.

      22. The U.S Special forces are what you call human sheilds and they hope it will stop Russia from bombing in the area to protect it FSA/ISIS forces who want to seize Syria so Israel can exspand it’s borders.

        Putin has shown that the USA had no intention of stopping ISIS so do spend another $500m just to train five men on the ground to fight for the “Moderate Rebels” in Syria and pass the bill on to the public who don’t have the balls to stand up to Isreal over 9/11

        The only ones on the ground fighting ISIS that are not Russian are the Kurds and Turkey will throw a fit if russia or the USA give them any weapons.

        Again tell me just why has ISIS have never gone after Isreal if they all hate jews or is it because they don’t have any maps of the area 🙂

      23. i read some of the dumbest shit here. Its no wonder we are in the mess we are in, americans have become idiots

        • Ya’ll might be right. maybe Barry is trying to make the Crats look “butch”, to take a “issue” away from the Repubs.

      24. War on oil. Sad to see America just a tool for the Saudi’s.

        • Actually the Saudi’s are a tool of the banksters as is the US.

      25. Who has time to worry about things like this. I’m way too busy.


        ——————-TODAY’S TO-DO LIST——————–

        1. Go to methadone clinic for daily dose.

        2. Gather ripe apples from the vacant foreclosed homes on my block.

        3. Take break with Egg McMuffin and large coke and check for Facebook likes.

        4. Visit pay day lender.

        5. Go to rent-to-own store and pay 43rd payment for couch and big screen.

        6. Send wife and kid to food bank.

        7. Settle in to watch “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”.


        Unfortunately, I forgot about my list after completing #1, so I skipped right to #7 and called it good.

        Life is great.

        Signed…The New Middle Class.

        • 2nd, when you see the voice beat out the presidential debate by millions, you know this country is lost and the majority will be lead by its nose to its own slaughter.

          i’m think that you can call that obamacare. eventually medical costs are going to spike so high that surgeries and medicines considered feasible today, will be unfeasible in the future and anyone that isnt in peak health will just be told to accept things rather than burden the entire county and they will be stupid enough to do it.

          i’m guessing morphine manufacturers will do quite well while america does some major medical cost cutting.

      26. The Russian troops’ hearts will be in it to win it so to speak. The US, not so much. Our morale is low and rightfully so. Wussification of America continues. What are we fighting for? Oh yeah, that’s right, bragging rights and a paycheck. What will the Russians be fight for? A better, stronger country and for a leader that they at least respect.

      27. If you spetsnaz come in Texas and F…k with me again, i am going to take drastic measures and i am going adjust if you f….kers threaten me again. Got me. Any russian soldier walking in to my city with a mask like that, dressed like that, you better watch what your doing here.

        I am not supporting the cabal, infact f…k the cabal. But in this case i hope our Special forces shot up those….g sons of bitches. Putin is in public talking crap about the problems that America has created while they are busy invading countries, Poland, Eukraine, annexing countries, shooting and killing Generals and captians at point blank range, In Ukraine, attacking Georgia, etc. cold blooded killing and executions, yet the smooth Leader is calling out the American leadership and putting it into questions. And then annexed Cremia, just like that, gee. So Eukrainians dont have a say on thier own country, after being invaded by over 200 times by russia in the past, only to see them take over the country. Are they taking over America next?

        Putin is killing out isis, but has spetsnaz deployed in Houston and other cities of our country, barging into pulic businesses demanding to see who is tying what on facebook about russian occupation. I guess they must of forgotten about the chapter on veteran and red necks in their training manual.

        Who is Putin, and who is allowing him to bring in these f….ks, to fight who, Patriots? and out military..


        David Hodges and Steve Quayle have been bitching about this for the last 3 years and then one of them was up in my face, then the security in the Galleria of Houston noticed the insurgency. Then 4 or 5 of them threatned a patriot in Austin, and Austin PD arrested the fu…kers in the city. And yes, they told the American citizen to shut his mounth in a public place, so how dare we even question those f…ks.

        Any of you American Special forces reading my post. You go my support. Bomb the fu…k out them in Syria, and shoot down their jets. F…k them. And one more thing, clean out those f…ks form my city because i cant tollerate russians scaring the crap out of women in my city and talkning crap in to my face. I have a problem with that.

        Let General Milley explain a few things. The general is still in the military, so we know he signed the litmus test to say that he will fire on Americans, however, when the man it right in explaining a few things about Russia, then i have to back up the General.

        General Mark Milley explains Russia behavior on the world stage. Since Russia and China wants to calapse the dollar to create the desired effect, uprising in America will be blamed on our government, at least certain factions, “muslim” factions to say the least. Milley explains, how ” intent” works.

        Let Milley explain how things work at that level. Russia and china must be contained at all cost. I am not supporting him, i know he is cabal, but i have to admit, his take and constuctive thinking makes sense. I should know of all people, i have had some experience with Russians and i dont like them.



        F….K putin, F….k china.

        • Yeah hcks, you keep on fighting those battles of the imagination, Dave Hodges and you will repel all those Spetsnaz Russains, AND the heathen Chinee, AND the derdlock zombies, AND the monsters on the secret bases on the dark side of the moon, we have no need to worry when we’ve got two ” Aces” like you guys on our side, Hell, I’ll bet you two can just get out there and push ” Niburu” out the way before it gets all of us. Yepper, we can all sleep better knowing you two are on the job, life’s great in a comic book world, isn’t it?

        • You might want to consult your doctor regarding your medication.

      28. Brave, no comment on your post from me. Your comment is and in alienable fact of life. That did happen, i have read about. The russian that was fighting Natzi Germany had changed alot in the current century. They are so confident about being in the US,that they can now barge into peoples business and tell them what to do. I am sure other comply, but i am little difficult to deal with at times. Any troll of ass clown who does not like my comment can, do the same and Kiss my ass.


        Agency ass clown super moderator.


        And here is more evidence that russia is going to attack us. Awhile back, some CIA papers were released and leaked by the KGB stating that the russians were working around the clock to develope a plan to make the American leadership look like the bad guys and to make them and china look like the good guys. The plan is to use it to make the American people distrust our government, to then forment civil revoluatinary war, then the russians and chinese would then calapse the US economy to trigger the event, then American people would think, that our own government did it, then the war would start, the people then rise up to take up arms, then russia and china would invade, china from the south from Mexico, and russia from the north. We are being set up. Now we see it all the time about Putin fighting the NWO, and frauds like Benjamin Fulford, the Jap lover, of his Geopolitical report with nothing but lies, after lies after lies, reporting literal false info.

        Who ever brought russian and chinese soldiers to the US, are traitors in our govenment who have obviously taken over. Since Donald Trump is married to a russian woman, i no way in hell trust this man. I do not believe he is working for our insterest. He called Edward Snoden a traitor that should have been killed according to him. The elites are running to bunkers in mass for a reason.

        He says that he wants to make America great again. Great for who? for the people who are destroying it? To keep the rat bastards in power. Who do i support thats running? None of them is my answer. If its not Rand Paul, then f…k the rest of them. The We, that the elites and running presidental policians are talking about is them, not us. We are going to do this, we are going to do that. And what do we the people keep seeing, nothing getting done, you then loose your job, and end up out in the street. Prepping is making sense every day that i think about it.

        They know that because he fusion centers are reporting knife and dagger sales of epedemic proportions, and redicoulous numbers, like the East Texas red necks who i met randomly at a local academy telling me that they are purchasing the knives to do some carving, according to them, that when they capture soldiers, foreighn or domestic, that they are going to carve them up, and torture them horrifically, and all other sorts of insane crap, much less them catching elites. A buddy of mine, watched me take out a critter in the woods 6 months ago, since the critter kept eating my organic garden and it had to stop, and critisized my brutality, since it was a 25 yrd bullet to the head kill shot, and i explained to him, the treatment that invading armies will be giving us will be much worst. And for all you agency ass clown dumb asses posting on here talking crap, keep going at it, it will never change the way i see things.



        • Of COURSE it won’t change the way you see things, only mental health professional are equipped to deal with people as disturbed as yourself. Now get out there and start pushing on Niburu, dammit!

      30. In 2001 there were a FEW thousand terrorists, mostly just barefoot illiterates with small bases in Afghanistan and Somalia with NO presence in Iraq. Now, thanks to the superior war fighting skills and knowledge of the Military Geniuses in the Pentagon there are tens of thousands with strongholds in Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, Syria/Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, etc.
        Thanks to Abu Graihb,Guantanamo, Secret Dungeons out of the Feudal Dark Ages …. Hillary Clinton bringing chaos to Lybia which spread weapons everywhere ….. ISIS is putting hostages in orange jumpsuits because the U.S. put tortured Guantanamo detainees in orange jumpsuits. And because the U.S. waterboarded Arab detainees, ISIS is waterboarding Western hostages.
        Nobody gets up one day and decides to be a terrorist for no reason. They don’t hate us for our freedoms. They hate us and commit acts of terror because one day, as they are going about their normal lives, there is a horrendous blast and people they have known all their lives are lying in bloody shreds at their feet, mixed in with shrapnel stamped “Made in the USA.”
        Thanks to mental defectives that these “military geniuses” HIRE . such as “Prince” and his mercenaries of Blackwater/XI/Ademi….he has to change his name every few months to HIDE from his own actions. These Child murdering MERCENARIES are CREATING terrorists.By the way ……. the rate of HOMOSEXUALITY among “mercenaries” is very high …. they like being in a “MANLY” environment………
        Asof January 2015 America has $18TRILLION acknowledged debt.
        Now, after 5,000 dead,50,000(acknowledged) massively injured and 50% of the Vets applying for “disability” The largest category of veterans on the compensation scale is at 10 percent disability ($123per month), with 782,000 veterans at this rate at the beginning of fiscal year 2009 among the total 2.9 million veterans receiving disability compensation. There were 884,500 new and reopened claims requiring a disability rating received from veterans in fiscal year 2008, an average of nearly 74,000 claims filed per month.
        America finds it has created a far worse organization than AlQueda/Taliban. ISIS ismore motivated, dedicated,and focused. America has burned an estimated $5TRILLION in Iraq/Afghanistan ……. burnt out many of it’sTroops and equipment ….and now finds that the fight is JUST BEGINNING.

        Terrorism is CRIMINAL not “warfare” and must be handled as criminal in order or it will matastise. This is proven by the complete and total failure of America’s “war on terror”
        The entire purpose of terrorism is to provoke an OVER reaction by the target … order to create sympathy and allies for your cause. As we have seen since 9/11 ….. they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We have created terrorist recruits everywhere thanks to Abu Graihb, Guantanamo,torture.
        (1) Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. So terrorists exaggerate their destructive abilities in order to increase intimidation and push their aims (2) The more damage people believe that a terrorist group has inflicted, the more donations and funding they will receive from radical extremists. Specifically, radicals are more likely to fund terrorists who are “effective” in inflicting damage than those who can’t pull off murder and mayhem
        Terrorism works especially well when we have so many people with a vested interest in it’s success. Politicians, intelligence agencies and law enforcement reap far greater rewards than a meagre 72 virgins and apparently it is also for eternity. I promise you there are some very rich people now that have plenty to show for it. Every “War on (whatever)” builds profits for somebody, and that’s why those wars never end.
        The true Terrorist’s are the governments that use this shit to justify the sacrifice of YOUR rights at the alter of Politics.

        That LITTLE POS W-rong Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf (Jewish), to advise/design Homeland Security He was followed by “dual”citizen creeps Chertoff and Napolitano. Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people. You are surprised that you are being treated like Palestinians ……. when your GUARDS are trained by their OPPRESSORS ?
        FEMA-CAMP-GAZA is a PREVIEW for all “PREPPERS/PATRIOTS/OWS/TeaParty” …. ALL independent thinkers.
        just WHO is training your FEMA police/guards? it is the mindset and brainwashing your police have received.
        Wake up and smell the DONUTS …. you are NEXT.

      31. All of this ‘blood and treasure’ for a Saudi pipeline? These elite psychopaths must be put down like the rabid dogs that they are before the whole world is sucked into a ‘black hole’ called anialation.

      32. Yes but you americans need to fight because Russia is bombing hospitals in Syria.

        Sorry i was going to put my youtube link here but it’s been pulled and won’t work unless you log in.

        Youtube censorship strikes again.

        Anyway it was some dick-head in the state department talking who could not even name a single hospital they claim russia has bombed. He looked like a two year old who’s trying to lie about the chocklate he’s just eaten whilst it’s all over his chin

      33. The Choom gang leader is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He will save us.

      34. The quiet before the storm. Canadian media shows have been very hush about Russia and Syria. Total war wagers Bell Media and the CBC have been disinclined to mention the Syrian crisis only because most Canadians won’t believe the reports anymore. Now they constantly sell the story about some Canadian soldier (American style hero; John Gallagher) killed in Syria. I’m guessing they will soon try to sell a war against Russia.

      35. U.S Tier 1 SF (Delta, SEALs) vs Spetnaz in say, small unit tactics? U.S advantage due to better technology and arguably better training and tactics.

        Remove the technological advantage however and things would get a lot more interesting.

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