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    Get Ready: The New “Delta Plus Variant” Is Now A “Variant of Concern”

    Mac Slavo
    June 24th, 2021
    Comments (15)

    The ruling classes of the world are not stopping.  This delta variant propaganda scam is going full speed ahead. The Indian government has now labeled the new “delta plus variant” a “variant of concern.”

    The real question is:

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    Speaking at a press conference, Federal Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan urged regional authorities to increase their Covid testing, noting that the new variant (B.1.617.2.1 or AY.1) appeared to have increased transmissibility. Well doesn’t this just fit in perfectly with the official narrative? The new “delta plus” strain is a mutation of the Delta strain first detected in India back in October 2020. It had previously been flagged as a variant of interest by the central government.

    The Delta Plus strain has been detected in several countries to date, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

    Another question:

    What are the rulers going to do to us next to keep the fear alive? Would they pull off something that could really sicken and harm us this time? Would they just lock us down again like the slaves we act like? Would they more aggressively push newer “vaccines?”

    What’s really going on here? We can all observe with our own eyes that there is no pandemic. We had better continue to prepare and stock up on the things we may need.  This ridiculous narrative will continue, and those who think they own us have told us when it ends:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    So what’s coming next? Obviously, something is on the horizon. Stay alert and continue to hone those critical thinking skills. Life could get very interesting as we slowly inch our way through 2021.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: June 24th, 2021

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      1. Bigmouth says:

        As you correctly mentioned
        we can all see with our very eyes that there are no signs of any pandemic whatever.
        The only pandemic is the nonstop pandemic of lies that these evil satanic creatures utilize to continue this phony 19 stupidity going on forever and ever!!!

      2. Again?? says:

        It figures they’d call it the
        Delta “plus” Variant because they’ll just keep”adding” on
        the variant bullshit to keep this absolutely absurd
        “non pandemic” going.🤔
        Watch the following,
        it is worth the watch:

      3. clear haze says:

        This pile of variant bull💩
        spewed out by the evil elite on a regular basis gets higher and higher everyday.

      4. Personally I do not blame the elite or the government – They have an agenda that they do not hide
        I blame the individual American that CHOOSES to Obey like the dumb sheep they are. Go get the Jab – hope it works out for you.
        Do you know the long term effects? no because nobody knows.
        None of my children or Grand children have gotten the experimental gene therapy nor will they.
        I have many does of Ivermectin ( hope by naming this safe drug) Mac will let it get posted this time!!!

        • Genius says:

          But we do know the immediate to short term effects. Death, paralysis, inflamed heart, heart attack, sterility, blood clots, etc. Much better than getting covid with a 99.9% survival rate! You are 6 times more likely to die from the vax than the BS covid scam.

          Your right, they don’t even hide it. Tells you what I have said for decades… PEOPLE ARE F***KIN STUPID! I hope they all die, I’m sick of being surrounded by idiots….

        • Anonymous says:

          “Long term” effects are relative, someone in their 70’s or 80’s is doesn’t need to be concerned about long term effects 20 years from now, but someone in their teens or twenties should be.

          It makes far more sense for old people to take the risk of an experimental vaccination than it does for young people.

          • Yeah but often it kills them in short order says:

            “The ruling classes of the world are not stopping” yes the doctors will never stop and are drunk with their never ending and expanding authority.

            Sadly, many seniors die soon after getting the doctor recommended poison injection stabbings.

            Seems sort of gormless to call these poison injections “jabs.” When I think of a jab I think of the punch a boxer throws or maybe somebody jabbing another person with their finger. Amazing how successful the medical industry and doctors have been to pervert language. Like if you call it a “jab” somehow it does not sound so nefarious when in actuality it is. I think we should call it what it really is, “a stab.” And after all these years they have been stabbing the children until the rate of autism has exploded. Yet the doctors deny their stabbings do any harm. Sort of like when seniors keel over and die after they get the poison injection stabbings. It seems all the doctors have to say is; “you can’t prove it. Just another coincidence.”

      5. Jocko says:

        What about the Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, and Indiana variants. I hear they are spread much more easily and kill more people!

      6. Thank you for the great updates!

      7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Businesses, academic institutions, and individuals really should immediately end all ties with InfraGard which links all of those intitutions to the FBI and all intelligence agencies.

        Nobody needs to be a member of InfraGard in order to report crime or suspicious activity to the proper law enforcement agency, and despite InfraGard existing, with over 180,000 businesses as members, the fact that the Nashville Christmas bombing occured while Warner was parked in a camper in down town Nashville all night on Christmas eve in the business district, directly across the street from AT&T and the first person to alert police was a woman in an apartment that woke up in the morning and probably thought, what the fuck is a camper parked on the street in the business district on Christmas day for and called the police, is proof that InfraGard is a colossal flop, and 9/11 proves it is a collosal flop, all of the mass shootings prove it is a collosal flop, the Boston marathon bombing proved it was a colossal flop,  the 1/6 staged fiasco organized by the FBI and police proves that it is a colossal flop, the scamdemic proves that it is a colossal flop, and so do so many other incidents. At&T has security guards and they even have cameras with street views that security guards are supposed to be monitoring
        for exactly that type of thing. 

        So, it is obvious that InfraGard is an organized crime ring filled with predatory psychopaths on the hunt for vulnerable victims, because psychopaths are predators, and predators only choose vulnerable victims as a rule, and the predators are perverted freaks, thieves, retards, and serial killers, and all of the evidence proves it. You are not James Bonds, not by a long shot, you are more like perverted corrupt versions of Maxwell Smart and Inspector Cluseau. You are making absolute asses out of yourselves. Your lifestyles are cri,es against humanity. 

        Leave InfraGard or be considered the scum of the earth! 

        I will not respect the lives of those who will not respect my constituional rights. Death to the Surveillance State! MAGA! 

        I do not care if you are assassinated by a Chinese or AI drone, 
        “vaccines”, vault7 hacking tools that make your home or car explode while you are in it, a drive by shooting, or get run over by a truck. You have absolutely no sense of right and wrong and are completely without consciences, which is standard for psychopaths. The entire world would be better off if you died, because you are predators that have absolutely no respect for people’s constitutional rights, which is also standard psychopathic philosophy. You prey on the weak and the vulnerable. You are evil monsters, and all of the evidence proves it! All of the ebidence proves that you are Peeping Toms, thieves, retards, and serial killers! Do the world a favor and kill yourselves! You are not serving anyone but yourselves and all of the evidence proves it! If you are so God damned fucking retarded to spy on people just to do your job, then you are obviously just too God damned fucking retarded to do your job! You illegally enslave people by spying on them because you are lazy, retarded, and perverted! You do not deserve to live! You are low life, low IQ losers! You are scum! You are evil, destructive parasites! You are the invisible enemy! You are disgusting and grotesque monsters! What you are doing is also 
        100% illegal, which is why none of you come right out and admit it in plain English, in addition to the fact that everyone would know what useless, worthless, wretched scum you are if you did!  Your crimes are unforgiveable! You are sick as hell! 

        Andrea Iravani

      8. Jocko says:

        Please prepare for the Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, and Indiana variants of the covid virus. Never ending viruses and lock-downs coming your way!

      9. I had gotten the vaccine orginally just to shut my son and daughter in law up, as they both work in the health care field. I if hadn’t , then maybe I couldn’t have been with my wife of 48 yrs a lot sooner, she passed away 4 yrs ago of cancer